Isn’t it nice to have an actual Commander In Chief?

The WH press-kids didn’t even shout questions when he finished. Hee.  (Though Jake Tapper actually had a very good report regarding PBO’s thought process on the issue).

Oh guys, follow Michelle Obama: Turn off the stupid!


151 thoughts on “Isn’t it nice to have an actual Commander In Chief?

  1. Oops! Guess Not – nor did my “face icon” work.
    Love the president’s intelligence.

  2. I thank god everyday for President Obama! I only wish he could be elected for a 3rd term! The US & the world would be much better off!!!

  3. Seriously. Just come here, then go down the blogroll each day. Because we’re in a tantrum-free zone, the signal-to-noise ratio in the comments section is fabulous as well.

    President Obama’s statement was clear and concise: international effort, including the primary involvement of the Arab League against one of its members, we’re providing some support, no troops on the ground. He laid out the steps which were taken previous to this and a goal of allowing the Libyan people to decide their fate without Gaddafi being able to kill off his opposition. Night and day, this WH versus the one previous to it.

  4. thanks bwd for posting this, I was out and missed it.. from the comments made by all of you on the earlier post, I feel confident that once again President Obama is on the right and sensible side of this. Will watch now.

  5. I had to do a double take on the Jake Tapper report. What got into him? I am used to seeing him in the front row of the briefing room with that permanent snarl on his face asking his sarcastic questions. It really is amazing how informative he can be when he just reports the facts.

  6. Yes indeed !! Commander In Chief..Access the situation carefully. Weigh ALL and every options, THEN make a decision..hoooray for PBO !!!

  7. A president who always work with/from a plan! 🙂 Impressive as usual, Mr. President, though you have cheated Don out of his enjoyment of ‘the good old days’ by not ‘going off half-codked’.

    😉 [Yes, I know it was snark.]

  8. Why, why oh why do those talking heads keep trying to out think the thinkerer? SMH The president gets the checkmate everytime.

  9. LH: Dare we hope that the ‘change’ is starting to touch the WH media corp? I too noticed that no-one attempted a question. Are they starting to realize that he doesn’t do questions after these types of addresses? It would encourage me to believe that they can still learn, if they continue to show marginal composure in their deportment AND in their content.

  10. He made himself crystal clear then exited stage left. He confirmed exactly what I thought was happening behind the scenes while the MSM, PL and the rw media were behaving like kids, making stupid demands and reaching erroneous conclusions that most likely would have led us into another ME conflict.

    My score on Libya:

    PBO = 1

    PL, MSM, and rw media = 0

    To: Krauthammer, Doocey, and Kristol, members of the perpetual Fox talking heads club

    How does it feel to be wrong AGAIN?

  11. PoliticalJunkessa just made a point in the earlier thread about not really wanting to hear what Matthews/Sullivan/etc. have to say. So perhaps that thread can be used for media rants and analysis, and this one for pure analysis of the speech and discussing possible reactions by Gaddafi/the Libyan military. What do you guys think, esp. bwd?

  12. This man never ceases to amaze. He is calm, collected and resolute. Every word off his lips is carefully chosen and delivered with preciseness.

    We are lucky to witness and to actually have him leading the world through these uncertain times. Mr. Prez., Godspeed.

  13. A brilliant statement, calmly and clearly delivered. This is exactly how the US should act in this situation, working behind the scenes to”shape” the strategy and standing strongly in support of the action as it’s undertaken by other countries. If people quibble with this they are beyond talking to and beyond redemption. They simply want to pick a quarrel and make themselves look like querulous fools.

    Just think of what this country would be like today if all of our presidents had been of this caliber. It makes you weep to think of it.

  14. I would love that! IDon’t really care what they have to say anymore but I know some of you want to know so they can push back.

  15. I have been recouperating from last night so I missed the update. Thank you BWD for posting the video. It is so great to see someone who knows what he is doing being in charge. All these pundits can never out think this man. There is so much I believe is going on in the universe now. This is the right man for this job at this time. We will keep our thoughts and prayers for this man and for all of us.

  16. THANK YOU, BWD for the posting of this clip. I had missed it live, but am now, because of this, directly informed.

    Not surprisingly, for example, MSNBC had a BIG “Breaking” headline that yelled, in essence, OBAMA TO USE MILITARY FORCE IN LIBYA. They are still saying that, too. If one didn’t actually listen to what the Pres. said, one would think this is the unilateral Bush approach.

    This, CLEARly, is SOOOOO not THAT.

    Annnnd, they’re off to Brasil.

    After this week, the brotha NEEDS to do the Samba.

  17. AlJezzera is reporting that there has already been a cease fire in Libya. I think Gaddafi will continue to try and sting himself to death but maybe the more sensible people in his cadre will wise up and realize that continuing to fire on their civilians won’t be tolerated.

    I just hope people will get their power and water back and that aid workers will be allowed to function as soon as possible.

    It’s hard to predict what will happen with such an unstable person in charge. Murbarak was stubborn and didn’t have the full support of his military but Gaddafi is unhinged and dangerous.

  18. It seems that Obama has laid out our involvement quite calmly and rationally. We have a very limited role in this and the Europeans and Arab league are leading this mission. I am having a hard time understanding why so many have seen this announcement as a declaration of war. What am I missing here?

  19. Somebody commented last week that PBO can’t dance very well but I would sure like to see him Samba. He’s cute and Michelle always makes him look good.

  20. I really think that the media and the Republican Party are just as in awe of President Obama as we are. ( I mean really, he’s a marvel. No one can touch his political acumen.) But they dare not let that be revealed in any way. Their best defense is the filter that they control. They play “look at that shiny object” all the time to distract attention from his brilliance.

    The media firewall continues to be a major obstacle for President Obama. But I see the workings of the wonderful David Plouffe at play lately. If you will notice, President Obama has been doing a lot of traveling around the country and giving interviews to lots of LOCAL press. And the White House message discipline has been remarkable. Clearly, circumventing the media firewall drives the White House Press Corps and the traditional media nuts.

    The American people need to know the facts about the accomplishments of President Obama and his administration. With the focus of the White House and the growing number websites like BWD that strive to get the facts out, the media firewall is being pierced. It’s a good thing….

  21. “Just come here, then go down the blogroll each day.”

    I totally agree. That’s pretty much what I do these days. That and I try to keep up with the bills in Congress, and I read reports from various think-tanks and appopointed committees. I tend to watch Rachel Maddow as well, but I don’t always agree. Oh, and books when I feel like stepping away from the internets.

    Everthing else I watch (movies, TV) is purely for entertainment value.

  22. Remember
    Mainstream media are nothing more than mindless greedy corporate rat-shills.

    Corporate is is what corporate does.

    It’s time we should target the HEAD OF THE SNAKES. The owners of the Media.

  23. I must say though, that sometimes I feel the need to venture out and comment at various other places just to try and clear things up or get things moving in the right direction. When discussing things with dishonest commenters, I always keep the reader in mind, and not nescessarily who I’m discussing things with.

  24. Reading around, I gather that the President’s calculation is not that Gaddafi is going to turn into Strawberry Shortcake, but that this disincentivizes the military from killing or otherwise harming the opposition. They were able to create this affect with the Egyptian military’s ties to the US in terms of helping to urge them against interceding against the protestors on behalf of Mubarak, and want to replicate a similar scenario by letting the Libyan military know that force used against Libyans will be highly consequential. Not an expert and this is not my favorite subject at all, but this is what I can glean from what a bunch of other bright folks are saying.

  25. That’s what I was thinking but since I am not an expert in the Middle East, I thought I was missing something. The issue in Libya is definitely not a black or white one. It’s simple to say that we won’t take a stand and get involved, but then Libyans will continue to be slaughtered. That seems just wrong. However, why is the international community getting in here when they ignored Sudan for so long and are igorning the Ivory Coast now? The one thing that reassures me is that Obama doesn’t think in black and white and I trust him with these complicated issues.

  26. America-centric. They need to feel like we are the center of the universe, all the time. And I also think that there are some folks who can’t watch anything take place without putting the Daddy in the WH into the center of it, as a comfort, even if they’re railing against him.

  27. Because so many of them are double stupid, maybe? I listened to the speech. I heard exactly what he said. I don’t need a bunch of quacking ducks to tell me what I heard.

    Personally, I thought he was brilliant.

  28. It is obvious to anybody seeing this that this is not Iraq/Aghanistan redux. A more comparable situation wouldl have been Bosnia, but even that is different here.

    Let me say I am not thrilled to have our forces in harm’s way at all. But the important thing, and the thing that many people who are criticizing this action fail to see, is that teh President also is not thrilled. He’s not getting any macho reinforcement from this, like Bush did.

    People ask if this is for humanitarian purposes, why not the Congo or Burma. The difference is that we may be able to help without setting foot on the soil, which would not be the case in those other situations.

    I think what worries people is what is Plan B if this doesn’t work? And that is the question that nobody can answer right now. But a do believe Qadafhi’s forces realize that they are no match for any real engagements. A lot of his army is now made up of mercenaries and one has to wonder how they feel about going up against real opposition rather than the somewhat limited type the Libyan opposition can offer.

    Additionally, any pause no helps the Libyan opposition to organize. Right now it has been somewhat disorganized and everything has been done somewhat on the fly. This is important because if either Libya becomes two countries (a definite possibility) or Qadafhi leavges, there will need to be some degree of organization ready to step in.

  29. See my comment below. Neither of those situations could be handled primarily through air power, which this one may be.

  30. I’m happy to turn off the stupid. My only problem is, there is too little of the intelligent, like this blog, to keep this president front and center where he belongs! As long as the stupid HIDES this man from view, he has no bully pulpit. The bully pulpit is how the president LEADS. He speaks to the American people and they can understand his decisions and his work.

    For 8 horrible years, Bush and Cheney could stand in front of all of us and LIE BOLDFACED ABOUT EVERYTHING and we saw and heard their shit every, single day. This president? Crickets. It’s so frustrating and horrible. I’m just glad there are blogs like this to help in some way. Our democracy has been usurped by the corporate media. And yet, President Obama still continues to do his job and get things done. He really is a super man!

  31. And over at The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan is blowing another gasket over what he refers to as “Clinton’s War.”

    Seriously — what has gotten into him? His bluster mechanism seems to have overtaken his sense.

  32. That is best. You will never convince the specific person you are addressing your comment to, but you may be able to influence somebody reading who is still trying to make up their mind.

  33. I’m praying that you are right about this. There have to be some sane people in his military plus some have to have family members in the cross fire somewhere. I’m no expert on these matters myself. It would just seem to me that some of the military people there have to be giving some thoughts to their own personal consequences.

    I also wonder just how much real news people there are actually getting. I haven’t followed to see if there is much information flow from the ground like there was in Egypt.

  34. because the “analysts” tend to look at whatever he does and ask “how is this like bush?” or “how is this like x,y,z event?” rather than actually looking at the facts and the individual situation.

  35. Thanks, japa21. Your thoughts were helpful and I didn’t realize that he had so many mercenaries. A good question might be just how long will they stick if things get very nasty? I would think the world courts would not be kind to them if they continue the carnage.

  36. Japa, I asked this question in a comment above but I will ask again because maybe you know. How much information flow is getting to people on the ground there? Do you know if they are able to communicate in and out like in Egypt? I haven’t seen much but then I have been occupied with other things.

  37. Wow. Jake Tapper finally presents a news report, rather than an opinion piece. It was refreshing to say the least.

    Thanks for everything you do, BWD! Really enjoy coming here.

    TGIF, everybody!

  38. You’re too sweet, gn. Thanks to everyone for replying to that little rant (lol). This was my response….

    I appreciate everyone’s replies. I don’t want to make it seem that I have a problem with people venting (and even if I did have a problem with it, who am I? It’s BWD’s blog :-)).

    I understand the need to vent, it’s just that I feel it becomes very counterproductive to spend 2 sentences reporting on what POTUS said, but then paragraphs on what Tweety or some other paid dope says.

    Think of their lives: they get up every day and talk for hours on end about things they really don’t know anything about. That’s how they make their paycheck: pulling sh*t out of their asses for hours on end.

    Very, very, very few of them are particularly bright or insightful. Most are mediocre, and if they once had any journalistic integrity, those days are long behind them.

    These people are NOT GOING TO CHANGE. I don’t care if they got 10,000 emails a day about their B.S., they are NOT going to change. They’re idiots!

    The only way they may *possibly* change is if their viewership dropped off a cliff and they couldn’t bring in the money. But with people propping them up through watching and clicking — and then getting outraged — they are going to keep doing exactly what they’re doing: pushing buttons.

    Despite all their cluelessness, media whoredom, and idiocy, PBO was still elected President, is still brilliant, is still doing a great job, and will still be re-elected.

    Anyway, guess I just needed to vent, LOL.

    Love all y’all :-).

  39. Jackie, you are so right on this one. He was calm, clear, and exact with every word that proceeded from his mouth. I am so happy that we have such a calm, intellectually careful, precise, and deliberate with compassion and wisdom President of these United States. We are blessed. God’s grace be upon that Oval Office and this Administration. We care, Mr. President and we love you. Thank you!!

  40. I am no expert, but I would imagine that the people in eastern Libya are pretty well informed as there are basically open borders now with Egypt and I am pretty sure that there is a constant flow of info. The people directly in Qadafhi’s sphere of influence I am not as sure about.

  41. Yes, I do agree with you (LH)that the firewall has been, and is being, pierced. I happen to believe that now that the wall has been breached there’s no way our adversaries can stuff this President accomplishments back out of sight.

  42. I know what you mean. I have been tempted on so many occasions to go against my will and respond to some people. But then I remember that in order to have a reasoned discussion with folks, they have to be willing to dialogue without the drama and hysteria.

    If they are not on the same plane, then I tell myself, it is a waste of my time. I see and commend a lot of good people, who try to set the record straight, but end up talking to a brick wall.

    I prefer to take it to the pundits, and folks in the media, who can’t seem to get their facts straight on some of these issues.

    This place is a haven for sanity, that’s why I like coming here. Even when I can’t comment on a regular basis, I squeeze in a few minutes just to lurk and find out what’s going on.

    The news today has been refreshing. President Obama never fails to leave his critics fumbling in the dark. And funny thing though, they never learn. LOL.

  43. Andrew has a really popular blog because people like to see him twist and gyrate to reconcile his definition of conservative with the fact that no other conservative in America would recognize him as such. So he rants about accountability, balanced budgets, social equity, principled leadership and the only thing he can find out there to emulate his hero William F Buckley is that fraud Ron Paul. Sullivan is an intelligent and provocative writer but he is also a man without a party. I also think he has no credibility whatsoever on foreign or military policy.

  44. Agreed…..he was for the Iraq war even though it was very clear that Iraq did not have nuclear weapons and was not involved in 911. HE HAS NO CREDIBILITY!

  45. Thank you, Aquagranny911 !!!! He said it, and they heard it, but they just can’t understand this brillant President. Sad and shame on them. We have a wonderful man in that Oval Office, so let us thank God for him and ask for continued wisdom in handling the business of our country and helping in the world to make it a better place for all of those who are standing and waiting for this type of leadership. Now go and do the Samba, Mr. President. Dance with all your vigor and life, and enjoy our beautiful FLOTUS as well. We know you will take care of the business on your visits. Keep us safe, Mr. President, and always make us proud. We love you!!!!

  46. I did it for a long time. and not only on that famous other site, until i realized that other than a rising blood pressure – i get nothing. Now i feel much better, knowing that I’m not alone, i can just twitt whatever i want – and i don’t have to suffer through the hate and stupidity of people who are suppose to be on the same.

  47. Shirly, thank you for reminding us to listen carefully to our President. Remember, he said that he would tell the American people what he is doing, and he will never send our men and women in harms way without a clear mission. If people will just stop and listen as many of you have stated on this site today, and stop second guessing this President, they would be better off. I do not need the “talking heads” telling me what the President just said, I heard him for myself. That is why I love this site because when we miss him speaking BWD will put the video up and those who can’t hear him when he is speaking can later view the speech. We are in very good hands. I just happened to go to C-SPAN and there I heard Prime Minister Cameroon speaking, and I could tell from his speech that he had been speaking with POTUS. In fact, he said that he had spoken with POTUS last evening. Our POTUS is doing a great job. Chris and those are not doing the American people any good in trying to re-state what the President said, and we know it.

  48. Yes, thanks so much BWD!!!! I can see all of us here sitting on each others patio, veranda, or in a lovely cozy livingroom and just talking about our wonderful POTUS and how we are so blessed to be living during this presidency. You all are so wonderful to just sit here and read your interacting comments and your research being put into active, respectful conversations. POTUS would be so elated to see his (students) supports really listening to him, defending him, and making our change. Remember he also stated that we also need to bring the change that we wanted to Washington. I think we are doing it. Thanks so much BWD!!!! Enjoy your weekend. And to the rest of my dear friends, let us have a nice glass of wine, or sparking cider, a nice glass of lemonade tonight and thank God for our POTUS and family. I love you all!!!

  49. And not only that, but you got to cultivate a community with your own editorial and moderation judgment without having to accommodate people who really are not approving of this POTUS, or are approving, but like to unload on him from time to time. That has created a comfortable (and successful!) place.

  50. ♥ back at you, HZ and you have a good weekend, too. Wonderful comment, btw.

  51. Absolutely. Thank you for that brilliant observation. Not every day do countries get this lucky to have a leader who is equal to the times.

    I love and admire this man. God Bless him.

  52. I used to read Adrew a lot because I thought he was among the few who understood the president’s strategy on taking the long view on things.

    But I also think he sometimes allows his emotions to cloud his judgment on issues he feels strongly about. For an example, he was among those that criticized POTUS heavily about DADT and DOMA. He wanted it to be passed now or else.

    I have learned now to deal with each of these persons based on their writing or punditry for the day. To my mind, everyone almost wants to think that they are right and have the answer to some of these most pressing issues. They seem to think that they know more than this president, who spends ample time methodically thinking about decisions he makes. He is not perfect by no means, but he comes very close sometimes.

    I am grateful to have him as the leader in this day and age.

    That’s why I pray for the safety of he and his family daily.

  53. There is a fantastic app entitled Congress in the Android Mkt that has all the pending bills, votes, new laws, instant contact with Congressional offices.

    It has has floor debates and committee hearings. A political junkies dream app. I highly recommend it.

  54. Although hoping for the best with regard to the press corp, I tend to think the presser was scheduled so fast they did not have time to either be briefed as to which questions to ask or to prepare; and could see that the President was in full command of the subject.

  55. Heartfelt wishes for a great weekend to everyone! Enjoy your family, friends and whatever weather comes your way!!

  56. I think you’ve made some important points. That’s what’s nice about this site. We can safely share our reactions and ideas.

  57. Where is Axrendale? Haven’t seen his posts here in a while. He usually has some deep historical perspective to share. Hope he’s Ok.

  58. Great blog post:

    President Obama needs his own Batsignal (warning: some NSFW language)

    When the thought of this post first rolled around in this bong resin cluttered brain of mine, I was going to call it “Americans don’t want a President, they want a Daddy” – regardless of what actions our current commander-in-Chief takes, the go-to criticism of him always seems to hinge on his apparent inability to make us feel better. The cacophony of wisdom that you hear coming from cable news’ chattering class always begs the question,”Why doesn’t the President show more emotion?”, as if the motherfucker is auditioning for a Spanish novella or some shit. Forget about the fact that if Obama exhibited the behavior that they wanted he would be unnatural for him and look phony, he’d also look emotionally unstable – a fact that would of course be amplified by the media based on his skin color. Only in Politics do we get a collective boner for disingenuous chest thumping and impulsiveness over calm and pragmatic.(see George W. Bush and Chris Christie) No one says, “My brain surgeon is too much of a calm intellectual, who else can we get?”

    Read the entire thing.  It’s awesome.

  59. Thanks BWD for all you do, really. I had faith that PBO would (as always) take his time to do this right. with a little patience (which seems to be a lost virtue) it appears that it was not misplaced in our wonderful PBO.

  60. Me too pinkbunny. Unfortunately I would not want to put him and his family through a third term….this country does not deserve it although those that appreciate him DO!

  61. Gallup approval today is 51% amazing with all that’s going on. I hope more people have faith with this president, learn how he works and support him.

  62. Personally, I would love that. I understand venting, but the positive is uplifting. I KNOW what the talking heads will say, I KNOW what the PL will say, and I KNOW we loathe it. But, with all sincerity, I thank each and every one of you that does push back, particularly EB and TIMT who wade into the heart of darkness on a regular basis, and those members of this blog who have posted that they are in contact with the media. Thank you. I had planned to do that myself during my MLOA, but energy depletion prevented, and next week, I’m returning to work. My appreciation to you for fulfilling an important, albeit unpleasant task. BWD, I know you took fire for your photos, but they have provided bits of grace for me. Gracias.
    Stay well. If you have your health….

  63. Don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but I just read a headline on Huff and Puff post where Bernie Sanders is endorsing the idea of a primary against President Obama in 2012.

    This is the SAME Bernie Sanders who endorsed the idea of a filibuster against the tax cut extensions with Jim Demint, the Senate Tea Party leader.

    Bernie’s ideas would not be treated seriously nationwide. They aren’t bad, but not enough people collectively support them to win any swing states needed to win 270.

    Kucinich, Weiner, Sanders, Grayson… what is up with these UNprofessional left ideologues blaming President Obama for their failures? Where has Sanders been in the big headlines: Libya and the anti-union madness?

    I like Sanders and I appreciate a lot of his work, but he, along with the rest of the UNprofessional left, need to focus on attacking the President less and focus on actually getting things done. It’s been a miracle that POTUS has been able to get things done at all, and now the House Tea Partiers are attempting to undo what he has accomplished.

    Seriously Mr. Sanders, if you aren’t part of the solution, go f**k yourself. Go back to when Ted Kennedy primaried Jimmy Carter and ended up getting Ronald Reagan elected.

    I’ve had it with the nonsense from the UNprofessional left. It’s like they complain about how POTUS can’t do a thing right, yet they call on him consistently to fight their battles; they talk out of both sides of their mouths.

    I’m glad to not only have a stellar Commander in Chief, but a stellar POTUS. The hell with the fence sitting UNprofessional left, let them support Batman for all I care. POTUS has proved everyone wrong time and time again. He needs to continue what he is doing and ignore the yelling loudmouths on the UNprofessional left; they are worse than Monday Night Quarterback!

  64. Boy are they ever right. I get so tired of the pundits asking where is Obama when he is doing what he should be doing. Working on the problem without any fanfare. He is doing what he should be doing. Thanks for the link to the article.

  65. Great article, indeed! This British writer sees and hears what so few of our media folks seem to grasp. Go figure!!

    I loved this part of POTUS’ speech:

    “I want to be clear: The change in the region will not and cannot be imposed by the US or any foreign power; ultimately, it will be driven by the people of the Arab World. It is their right and their responsibility to determine their own destiny.”

    Thanks for the link.

  66. Thank you for your thoughtful commentary/analysis on the complex Libyan situation. You are absolutely right to point out that the President’s action on Libya is not at all the same as what Bush did in Iraq and Afghanistan. While you may be right in seeing some similarity with Clinton’s action in Bosnia I was glad to see you acknowledge the differences between Serbia and Libya.

    With United states already involved in two wars in two Moslem countries, I am also “not thrilled” to see Americans fighting in a another moslem country. But, there were three things in the President’s brief speech that convinced me that the President thought through his actions: (1) His emphasis on Universal Human Rights; (2) His reaffirmation of the importance of the UN and international cooperation in taking responsibility to uphold those Human Rights; and, (3) His reaffirmation of the rights of people in each country to determine their own destiny. The president, as he did in the case of Egypt, was very clear: democracy can only be brought about by the people of Libya and can not be imposed by the United States through the barrel of a gun. This, in my judgement, is a fundamental change from the Bush doctrine.

  67. Is he willing to put his money where his mouth is and be the primary opponent? Of course he isn’t, because he isn’t actually a Democrat, and I doubt he’d want to join the party. Is he willing to mount a 3rd party challenge? I doubt it, since being in the Senate is so much easier. When Ted Kennedy primaried Pres. Carter, he had his own power base within the party that allowed him to take on the challenge. There is NO ONE in the party today that has either the gravitas or the support to primary PBO. And as things improve economically, and as he proves himself over and over again in the sweeping changes taking place all over the world, no one will even whisper about taking him on. Cowards masquerading as manly men, the lot of them.

  68. Thanks LL for the BBC. I had commented earlier to Japa that it was was the President’s emphasis on international cooperation to enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was one of the points that greatly impressed me. Unlike G.W. Bush who tried to intimidate the U.N. and other nations to support his invasion of Iraq, President Obama sought the cooperation of the international community to take responsibility in upholding International Human Rights laws. I am sure the conservative peddlers of “American exceptionlsim” will attack him on this, but the President made it very clear that he believes in international cooperation when dealing with major international crises.

  69. Funny when you said, “I wish he could be elected for a third term.” I thought back to just after PBO was elected. I worked like all of us really hard to convince people to vote for him. I just knew that everyone would be so glad they had an intelligent, caring, careful decider listening to views from all sides before coming to a decision. I knew he would be very popular and everyone would be glad he was President. I even began worrying about who could possibly be the President after we had him as our leader.
    What I had not anticipated was the severe opposition he faced from so many places. I did not anticipate that lies would be made up and take root while media just promoted them instead of disabling them. Anyhow, now I am just concerned that we get him for a second term and don’t have the GOP undoing all the good he is working so hard to do.

  70. I’m in no position to recommend ageism LL, but Sanders would be 71 in 2012, he’d be 75 by the end of four years, 79 by the end of eight years.

    But as you say, he can’t do it, and he most likely wont’ do it.

  71. Thanks BWD for posting the President’s brief speech on Libya. I had to work today so I had no idea that the President was going to speak on Libya. As, always, the first thing I do when I come home is go to your site to read the latest. I was just elated to find this clip of the President’s speech

    The President’s brief speech was brilliant. For me he hit all the themes I value most: Protection of Human Rights, respect for international cooperation, and respect of people in each country to determine their own destiny.

    I also want to thank and commend all the great comments made by many people who posted on this topic. It is so gratifying to come to this site, not only for the incredible news and information you provide but also for the many brilliant commentaries by many people on this site.

  72. wii10, This says it all for me…..


    The problem in a nutshell is that folks on the left who itch to (you know) can’t stand the fact that President Obama has a mind of his own and is not THEIR puppet. They are so resentful that they are willing to propose a primary challenge that has already been proven to elect a president of the other party. Idiots! Maybe they think a President Mitt Romney would ensure their grievances were heard.

    Some of the frustrati/professional left are really starting to sound a bit unhinged. The whining, the pouting, the tantrums are pathetic. There is no logic to even suggesting a primary challenge to President Obama. They might as well join the juveniles in the Republican Party.

  73. What makes me grind my teeth are the comments that go, “well he was dithering about the problem, couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do and then, finally, came to a conclusion.”

    These adolescents need a good smack up the side of the head by their mammies.

    Thinking through his options carefully, speaking with caution and calm, is not DITHERING.

  74. Hilarious! Thanks, that was a very cleaver analysis. I loved the comment about getting cats out of trees. Too funny.

  75. The silence of the ‘press kids’ at the end was truly deafening! 🙂

    As hard as they try, they simply know that President Obama is likely going to be the finest President they are ever going to witness.

  76. Oh, and Muammar al-Gaddafi had best remember 15 April 1986 when he nearly ‘paid his taxes,’ big time.

    We’re much better at it now than we were with F-111s.

    And, I don’t think anyone from Malta or anywhere else is going to phone and warn him, this time around.

  77. I have always lurked at Andrew Sullivan’s blog and always enjoyed his perspective,but since his hiatus, something is different.As a matter of fact I just scroll through briefly now, as we seem to be getting any thought that rambles through his head. AND yes,he has always been an anxiety prone speculator, so it doesn’t surprise me that he is going to go on and on about the Prez, and the war, And, use the extreme language for effect (imperialist?)that only Oxonians can. His Tory outlook does not resonate with modern day conservatism? in the US of A.

  78. You know what I just realized, Japa21?

    I think that when we are all in agreement, that there is nothing more to add accept, “I agree.”

    Now, nobody wants to fill up a board with circle-jerks of ‘I agree’ type comments, but when you disagree with something, you can gripe and moan until the sun loses flare.

    I’m ‘shooting from the hip’ here, but I think this deserves a bit of discussion.

  79. One reason he may have called off the attacks against his own citizens so fast after learning about the UN resolution could definitely be because he DOES remember, Bobfr, but if he has forgotten, I certainly remember when Reagan bombed the h3ll out of him! IIRC, he lost his 5 year old daughter in that attack, too, so that would be something he’s most likely will never forget.

  80. Don’t get me wrong, because I don’t think that this a “circle-jerk” community here. BWD provides stellar information as do the people who comment here, and I love this peaceful environment.

    I’m just contemplating on what is going on elsewhere in the blogosphere and internet community.

  81. I mean think about it. Somebody leaves a comment that is just universally agreeable, but by gosh there are certain individuals will argue their point until the moon doesn’t shine.

    Of course, to add fuel to the fire, their arguments can be backed by monied interests.

    Truly, I am baffled at what has taken place on the internet, but not so much suprised. I’m just trying to understand.

  82. Just to say, on this issue there’s an active disagreement here, not necessarily amongst people, but amongst ideas:

    1. PL-free zone: a space devoid of the utterances of the professional left and reaction to them in any way shape or form

    2. The more traditional blog posture: blogs were created to fact-check the media, and this one should as well

    3. Amalgamation of 1 and 2: we can and should strike a balance between ignoring the PL and critiquing them daily

    4. “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t; PL’s got nuts, bwd’s space don’t” (h/t classic Almond Joys/Mounds candy bar commercial): sometimes people feel like going in on the PL and calling them out; sometimes people feel like ignoring the noise and refusing to let in that toxic energy

    I’d love to see us accommodate all of these viewpoints, if at all possible. I bounce back and forth; sometimes I just cannot handle listening to the lunacy; sometimes I want to hear it to get a good laugh; sometimes I want to hear it to get some insight into the anxieties and fears of my fellow human beings. There’s no easy solution to this, but food for thought may be how we might better help people to tune out content that they don’t want to read without feeling guilty about criticizing other bwd commenters or feeling annoyed with the tone of conversations.

    Just my two cents. That and 800 million dollars will win me a combover, a stank attitude, a delusion that I’m presidential material, and the ability to say, “part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich” (h/t potential presidential contender Donald Trump).

  83. No, I truly do think that it’s a good idea to start thinking about whether it might be nice to have threads, upon major events like that, dedicated to media analysis, and threads dedicated to event analysis. Just so days where people just don’t feel like reading the bs, they can skip it, and days where people feel like holding the PL accountable for what is being said in our names, people can choose to do that.

    I’m presumptuous as hell, I realize that, it’s not my blog and bwd’s editorial choices have been amazing so this is not any attempt to corral the discussion this way or that, but I do think that perhaps brainstorming ways to allow people to opt in and out of PL content as they so choose and as suits their preference or even daily moods is worth discussing. Just my two cents.

  84. How are you, g? I was thinking about you especially. Because I know that you have days where going in on the nonsense is entertaining and fulfilling because it’s pushing back on the nonsense, and days where it’s too toxic and you can’t participate because you don’t want to read it. I think that a lot of people are kind of like this.

  85. Hi My Friend

    I’m doing very well. I think it’s a matter of my tolerance for worrying. Being in a constant state of self-concern, I often find the worrying about matters I cannot control overwhelming and demoralizing. So, I pick and choose. eg, reading about Pres O’s chances 18 months from now – not going there. I’m trying out a new mantra: optimism is a choice 🙂 Another important MD appt Thursday. Wish me luck!

  86. gn,

    Your comments are so full of life. I love it.

    “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t; PL’s got nuts, bwd’s space don’t”

    /sends my love

  87. AMEN! AMEN!

    I just don’t understand it. Stop waiting for The One ’cause – wait for it- we are the ones that we have been waiting for.

    I keep writing this where ever I can: one of the main reasons the people in Wisconsin have so much support from all over is that it is a movement led by the PEOPLE! it wasn’t started by a high profile politician or celebrity. It was just tens of thousands of pissed off people who said they aren’t going to take shit from the GOP!!

  88. Great comment Tigerfist88, it is “Yes we can” not “yes he can” I will be passing that on.

  89. That’s so wonderful of you to say; sending my love back, lookingglass of the beautiful avatar picture and terrific comments.

  90. GN, you had me at the word amalgamation. Anyway, total ignoring is hard to do, an perhaps actually not good, but it is so easy to overdose on th PL. When that happens emotionality bcomes more involved in response than rational thinking. Not that I want us to all be Mr. Spocks, but the key, as you say, is to try to maintan a helathy balance.

  91. Good idea. There is gluten free food, let’s have an occasional PL free thread. And not be snarky, but I do think we need to break away form the PL at times, while at others it is important to know what they are claiming so we can create approrpiate counters to utilize.

  92. Exactly! But some people have a hard time accepting that concept. We’re so used to people telling us what to do, and how to think or feel. We want a superhero to do all of the hard lifting so we can go about life as usual. And btw, I just love Van Jones and Ellison.

  93. I’m for letting this blog evolve organically. When this blog first began it was all about that other blog, page after page, day after day. I described it as a divorce. Come here to talk about the old lover and the break up. Now hardly anyone ever talks about that other place.

    Then for awhile people focused on the Sunday shows. This past Sunday, I think I saw one lone reference to them.

    As more and more content with a positive attitude is made available to people (the blogroll for instance), the less people will depend on commentary from people they used to admire but who have gone off the rails recently.

    Then with the addition here of more references to reasonable news venues like AJ English and the BBC, etc. fewer people will rely on the more mainstream feeds. I should imagine that will add to an even lower blood pressure reading.

    I’d like to avoid much in the way of structure on threads and thread-keeping. Too much of the whole, “You need to post that comment on such and such a thread” policing. We’re all adults here. It’s really civilized and refreshing. Some people tire of other people’s processes. I guess that I’ve developed a knack for scrolling and rolling through the complaint sections. If we just relax, the community will settle into a rhythm that is comfortable for the most part.

    I extend my patience to those who come here and are still learning how to let go of the stupid.

  94. This is what happens when we forget our history. Next Friday, I am going to call the Thom Hartmann show and tell Mr. Sanders if he wants to go back to 2000 – 2005? when the presidency, house and senate were ruled by the Republicans? apparently he must. I will also remind him what happened to Wisconson when they thought about sending the President a “message”?

  95. That video is amazing it should be replayed on every progressive outlet. Great history lessons in it too. On a side note, is Van Jones really that tall or is Rep Ellison really that short? lol

  96. The use of the word “dithering” by liberals…looking at you Joe Sestak…is another example of their willingness to use rightwing framing to make a point- something they always accuse PBO of doing…

  97. You have my fingers crossed, my prayers sent, my good energy your way, my toes crossed, I’ll even cross some flowers for you at the botanic gardens tomorrow during my stroll.

    You. will. be. okay.

    I thought from the first that the spirited g will come through, and I truly truly am praying for this to happen, but let us know, good news or bad.

    I actually am starting to worry about Christin a little too.

    Keep us informed with your situation please, via email or comments, just keep us in the loop as much as you can.

  98. Hi,g:) Just wanted you to know that you have been in my thoughts. Will wish you luck on Thursday’s appt. Hope that you are feeling well.Remember, PMA..positive mental attitude:)

  99. Yeah, and we need delineations in events like this so people can choose according to their moods: “not feeling this today” versus “let me go in on what these “analysts” have to say so that I can fire up some comments and emails.” Why not have spaces here for both to accommodate those moods? Something as simple as “hey yall, this is a PL-free thread” and “hey, you can go in on the national media here if you want;” let people separate and decide what they want to consume. That I think will cut down on the “why are people talking about this???” comments when we’re in a PL-free mood, yet won’t discourage our heroes “why are you ignoring this; don’t let their lies pass!!!” who are really wading through the toxic sludge to present information, and who need support too.

    Just presenting a challenge to solicit some ideas.

  100. What about Christin? Is she ill? Lord, I hope not. If you are just referring to her absence here, I have “known” her for a long time. She does come and go. I hope that is all you are referring to. Email me if you need to.

  101. Hey g.. I would like to add my most positive wishes and hopes for you also.. BEST THOUGHTS going out to you on Thursday. Take care.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  102. Great Video. Should be mandatory viewing for every person who even thinks about claiming they support progressive values and the working/middle classes.

  103. gn,

    Think about what you proposing. You are offering up a division. I don’t want division.

    E Pluribus Unum.

  104. Thanks a lot tigerfists 88 for the link. I wholeheartedly support what Van Jones said: Abe Lincoln did not lead the Abolitionists movement; FDR did not lead the Labor Unions;and, JFK and LBJ did not lead the Civil Rights movement. Nevertheless, these movements, even as they criticized those presidents, still strongly supported them.

    My problem with the PL holier than thou keyboard progressives is their vicious personal attacks of the President. It is true that Frederick Douglass criticized Pres. Lincoln for not immediately moving to abolish slavery. But he also loudly praised him for issuing the limited Emancipation Proclamation which did not free all the slaves. African Americans labeled FDR’s New Deal “the Raw Deal” because of many of its discriminatory features, but they still regarded Roosevelt as a friend of the common man and began voting for the Democrats thus abandoning the party of Lincoln that had been home for them since Reconstruction. Dr King and many others in the Civil Rights movement were critical of both JFK and LBJ for not aggressively fighting to end segregation, yet Dr. King, and many in the Civil Rights community, enthusiastically supported both Presidents.

    What the PL holier than thou keyboard progressives don’t understand is that President Obama can not be their lead advocate. Once he was elected, he became the President of all the people in the United States, including those who hate him. But, because he is a progressive, if progressives organized to push congress to pass more progressive legislations, I am certain President Obama would enthusiastically sign them into law. That is how progress is achieved.

    What really frustrates me, about the so called progressives, now that we have a supporter in the White House, is that instead of exerting all their energies to mobilize the country, and put pressure on Congress to pass real progressive laws, they spend all their energy bashing and demonizing the President.

    Here is my general question to the purist progressives? Is the United States worse off since Obama became President? And, here are my specific questions about the slightly more than two years of Obama Presidency: Are Gay Americans worse off? Is the auto industry worse off? Are college students who have student loans worse off? Are banks that almost collapsed worse off? Are people involved in producing alternative energy sources worse off? Is the world image of America worse off? Are people without health insurance, or people denied insurance because of pre-existing condition worse off? Are children who were without health insurance worse off? Are women worse off because the President vetoed a bill that outlawed gender based discriminatory pay?

    If the so called progressives can honestly answer yes to all of these questions then, I suppose, their relentless bashing of the president is understandable. If their answers are no, then they have to come up with better explanations as to why they are aiding and abating vicious and unfounded attacks on President Obama, 24/7.

  105. The fact is, none of them could endure what President Obama has endured, and they wouldn’t know how to handle even one of the multiple crises that this President has handled. Fools, all of them.

  106. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: President’s Saturday Schedule (in Brazil, All Times Eastern): 6:35am-arrives Brasilia; 9:00-arrival ceremony; 9:25-President Rousseff;

    RT @WestWingReport: President’s Saturday Schedule (in Brazil, All Times Eastern): 9:55-expanded staff meeting w/Pres. Rousseff; 10:40-statements to media;

    RT @WestWingReport: President’s Saturday Schedule (in Brazil, All Times Eastern): 11:35-U.S./Brazil CEO Forum; 12:25-lunch w/Pres. Rousseff;

    RT @WestWingReport: President’s Saturday Schedule (in Brazil, All Times Eastern): 1:55-meets U.S. Embassy staff; 2:30-U.S.-Brazil business summit;

    RT @WestWingReport: President’s Saturday Schedule (in Brazil, All Times Eastern): 4:15-reception hosted by Pres. Rousseff; 5:25-flies to Rio de Janiero

  107. “SCARCELY FIVE hours had passed since President Barack Obama announced he would visit Ireland, but already, in the reception line at the White House on Thursday night, the presidential couple were inundated with invitations…”

  108. Yeah, I see what you mean. But I’m not really talking about dividing up people. Just saying that on big news days like yesterday, perhaps one thread for media analysis in which people who want to really take on the right and PL can scour their remarks and refute them, and a thread for issue analysis, so that people who on that day, happen to not care what the right or PL is saying, or who cannot be around that energy, don’t have to see those conversations.

    Just something to think about, because what I don’t want to happen is for people to start drifting away because they love the community, but don’t like some of the content.

  109. Me too, I just come here for my news! I quit the crap that passes for American journalism and “news” a while back!

  110. I, too, have noticed a negative change in Sullivan’s writing since he returned from his illness. The difference seems marked, and he does seem especially anxiety-riddled and lacking in balance, not only on the subject of the president. So I’m wondering how much of what he’s writing might be filtered through some personal or health issues.

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