Heads-Up: The President’s statement on Libya at 2 pm.



105 thoughts on “Heads-Up: The President’s statement on Libya at 2 pm.

  1. Thanks for letting us know – the White House FB page doesn’t always announce this stuff soon enough; they should hire BWD 🙂

  2. eclecticbrotha@weeseeyou:

    By the way: the participation of the Arab League in this is unprecedented because they have never called for the UN to pursue military action against one of their members. I also applaud the president and other western nations for crafting the resolution in a way that makes the Arab League take the lead in the no-fly zone so that this cannot be easily spun as a war between Arabs and the West.


    Not an accident. I’m on record as not loving military action and have pretty much no expertise in this regard, but this is a broad-based international, and focused, action. Much better than what took place in Iraq and Afghanistan during the previous administration.

  3. A well thought out international response, including the participation of the Arab League, will make a huge difference in how this crisis plays out. We are so fortunate to have this intelligent and caring individual as our President. His foreign policy, so far, has been flawless and the world’s response to the United States as a partner in solving problems around the world could not be more positive.
    Thank you, BWD, for keeping us always up to date on the latest developments. I totally rely on you and the Obama Diary for news.

  4. I’m getting sick and tired of President Obama not going off half-cocked. The Libya invasion was set, but no, someone just had to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. And now we got the U.N. and the Arab League all up in Libya’s grill telling them to stand down, and apparently Gaddafi is calling for a cease-fire. I miss the good old days when Bush unilaterally called whatever war or invasion he wanted to call against the wishes of the international community. We don’t need no stinking diplomacy.

  5. Now I will have to do the math and figure out what time that will be for me,lol. I don’t want to miss this.

    I had a thought that we have had Presidents who were good with foreign relations and not so good at things in the US and vice versa. But this President is brilliant at both

  6. President Obama is laying out, step by step, the seriousness of Gaddafi’s actions against Libyan people, the steps which the international community has taken to date, and why the international community has chosen to impose the no-fly zone.

  7. Per President Obama, the situation was so serious, that the international community thinks that Gaddafi would commit wholescale atrocity if left unchecked.

  8. As the President was so confidently and properly saying the names of the towns in Libya, I had to laugh imaging how W would have mangled them. Heh. Heh. Heh.

  9. Once again, President Obama shows how it’s supposed to be done. What will his critics say now? I can’t even imagine what leg they have to stand on.

    What was that again you said yesterday, Weiner? Uh-huh…

  10. It sounds to me like the Europeans and the Arab League will do most of the heavy lifting, while the US provides logistics and command and control.

  11. Excellent speech, strong, with actions and projected responses well defined. Having the Arab League involved and standing is a powerful message.

  12. perfect statement from Mr. President!

    May GOD protect the People of Lybia from Gadhafi.

    GOD Bless President OBAMA!

  13. This will be handled just like every other brilliant act he and his team have carried out.

    They will ignored it as soon as they can, it will be forgotten as if it didn’t happen.

    The Brits are now going over what will happen. (cspan) Cameron, No occupation forces!!

  14. It won’t matter. They will still criticize but lots of us know that we have one great Statesman and a strong leader in our Prez.

  15. I would believe that. Gaddafi is completely unhinged. I saw a scorpion sting another scorpion and then its own self to death once. That’s what the behavior of Gaddafi reminds me of.

  16. President Obama is very aware of not wanting it to look like America/The West are invading another Arab country. Much like he made sure the Egyptian uprising was about Egyptians, Libya’s fate is in the hands of Libyans. America used it’s influence with Mubarak and the Egyptian Military not to use force to let the protesters do so in relative safety, and are doing the same thing here, only Gadhafi chose to use his military against civilian protesters, so it will draw a military response to protect the civilians.

  17. Chris Matthews and Col. Jack Jacobs, & David Gregory (MSNBC) are total A**holes. We all just heard exactly what the President said, and yet here they are literally lying about what the guy said. Jacobs infuriates me to no end with his snide comments about “dithering” blah blah blah, and already dismissed the speech saying he’s not sure what the President intends to accomplish when this is all moot.


    Well I blame myself, I should have just stuck to watching the speech on the internet instead of turning on the tV

  18. Yes you nailed it. Once no disaster happens, they will promptly “forget” it ever happened, just like you said.

  19. “Well I blame myself, I should have just stuck to watching the speech on the internet instead of turning on the TV”

    You are a bit of a glutten for punishment. I’m off to see how AJ is presenting it.

  20. I was just on MSNBC watching Tweety Bird’s response to President Obama’s remarks. TB didn’t look none too happy, which means President Obama was pitch perfect going forward on Libya. Is it only me that thinks whenever there’s a situation around the world or here in America the talking heads seem to get ahead of themselves in announcing the President lacks leadership, and then when the President gives his response, the talking heads look so foolish for jumping the gun.

  21. /begin rant

    I totally agree Saint Roscoe. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of tuning in to MSNBC to watch the comments on Libya. Of course the pundits were picking apart every word two seconds after it ended. Chris Matthews says there is a disconnect between the resolution and Gadhafi actually stepping down. David Gregory said the speech just creates more questions. I don’t know how much clearer President Obama could have been.

    Honestly, I just loathe the media in this country. They treat everything that President Obama does like it is a sporting event. Immediately after any speech he is graded on how well he did. Did he say the right thing in the right way. He missed an opportunity to do x, y or z. Always, always looking for the negative angle. It’s infuriating. There are times when I expect the pundits to hold up cards with rankings like they do in the Olympics.

    Anyway, it’s back to the BBC News for me. Right now the only thing I can bare to watch on MSNBC is Rachel Maddow. The rest of the daily lineup sucks.

    /end rant

  22. His statement could not have been clearer. Right after his last word, I hit the mute button until my show restarted.

    A lot of people were rightfully worried last night but man o’ man the comments on some blogs were just……….let’s just say a lot of those people should stay quiet for a while.

  23. let me add that I couldn’t tell if some of these people were actually upset over the possibility of a war or giddy that Obama was about to confirm their lie that Obama = bush.

  24. I have been listening to the brits talking about the plan and how it is to be carried out. The opposition party is expressing such positive affirmation to Cameron that it really makes me so sad.

    To see another government unite to carry out a plan of action. Not attacking their leader but asking good question and paying excellent comments about it all. They are stressing international unity.

    Did American every unite to face a foe?

  25. Nice rant lol. That’s why I’ve turned it off and I come to places like this one for my analysis. There are people with a collective knowledge base which matches or exceeds some of those pundits, so why do I need them to analyze or synthesize any information for me?

  26. tbh i would not have wanted any other nation taking the lead in the Afghan war, after all that is where the 9/11 attackers came from and their followers were based. That said The international community was with us on that one but the dolt court appointed President Bush and his greedy VP decided to put money over justice and started the disgusting Iraq war ignoring the real culprits and leaving the Afghan war to fight itself. I wonder how Darth Chaney sleeps at night.

  27. what’s their problem. Obama has been consistent in his message and his actions when it comes to these protests and uprisings.

  28. You have to consider the source! Especially for military consultants, if they were that good or useful they would have made general or higher, but if they ate a cable news consultant, they aren’t good enough to be wanted to do the actual important work. Just hanger-ons. They are the Kato kaitlins of the military cable commentators.

    It just shows the ignorance of those not in the loop! Because they aren’t there behind the scenes so they have no clue what’s being done or said! So they just make stuff up!!!

  29. God bless our brave military. I stand with our pres and the united international community on this one.

  30. Hello gn, I stupidly decided to turn on Tamara Hall to watch the speech and she Chris M and that creepy old general, who has never liked Obama, were yelling, Oh NO. He is taking us into a third war. “The military is against this”, ad nauseam.

    On one hand you have the frustrati screaming, do something then you have the commentators screaming you are walking into a quagmire.

    I am hoping for the best. My biggest concern in terms of the president being reelected is our military involvement else where.

  31. I wonder if they realize that this is truly leading them into a territory in which positive developments for this country leads to an ego hit for them. That is misaligning incentives in a very counterproductive fashion. For the media to be “right,” this country has to suffer a blow. Not good territory.

  32. LL, That is the way it sounds to me. I think it is so great that he made the Europeans come forward first. Way to go Mr. President.

  33. I think it’s the latter. And they seemed to be DISAPPOINTED big time. The President didn’t give them what they wanted to hear – which would be bad news for this country.

  34. I am guilty too. I have not watched, except for Rachel on occasion, for months. I guess I got tired of looking at the blue screen, waiting for the president to speak.

    Ruin my life for about 1 hour. David Gregory is the biggest behind on television, well but there is also retreaded and lecturerlarry.

  35. I’m not surprised that the national media is spinning like crazy. I disregard their “analysis” because I know that whatever President Obama chooses to do will be spun in a negative fashion. They have nothing to offer to me in terms of my very limited comprehension of these events. This space, on the other hand…

    From last night, tigerfists, in response to my misunderstanding/lack of understanding of Russia’s choice to abstain from voting:

    Hi GN…I saw this for what it’s worth..

    RT @WestWingReport: Sarkozy has been very aggressive in particular w/regard to Libya, calling for targeted air strikes & recognizing the rebel govt.


    Liberal Librarian:

    GN, I know where you’re coming from. However, if there was ever a time for military action, this would be it. Gaddafi was about to unleash the full force of his military on Benghazi and Tobruk, and thousands would’ve died. I think the hope is that the Libyan military is not suicidal, and will take the opportunity presented by the thread of a coordinated air campaign — which they have no hope of defending against — to usher the Leader quickly out of power. Mubarak wasn’t willing to spill his people’s blood — or, I should say, the army wasn’t willing to do it on his behalf. Gaddafi has no such qualms, and neither do the forces still under his control. He and his sons are quite willing to plunge the country into a bloodbath, and the rebels simply have no ability to defend themselves against Gaddafi’s fighter bombers. I read that a good chunk of the Libyan military was uncommitted, seeing where the wind was blowing. The wind just shifted. Perhaps that will be enough.

    We may already be seeing the Libyan military hedging. It’s stopped its advance on Benghazi, supposedly to allow the rebels to surrender. Of course, with the no-fly zone in effect, the rebels won’t. Was this pause on the orders of the govt, or an independent act of the military? It knows NATO can decimate them from the air, or at the very least keep them contained, unable to move against the rebel cities. This weekend will be the tell.


    Just a few comments amongst many brilliant, nuanced, explanations posted here during the past week by a number of people. I need MSNBC…for what??? I’m glad that people still read/watch and ferret out the content of value, then come here to provide analysis and synthesis which doesn’t have all of the noise, garbage and spin.

  36. This website has been my salvation since it was created. I like to call it my haven from a hostile world. Knowing I have a community of like minded supporters of President Obama has been a tremendous comfort to me.

  37. We united with the Caucasian presidents and in the most recent run up to military action our MSM sat back and let the worst president ever declare unnecessary war.

    Lets see how the first president of color is treated. I am sure the “report card” “score card” that gets pulled out only for this president at every junture is hastily being typed up now. Note these disgraceful “report cards” always leave out the facts and are filled with somebody’s opinions.

  38. They’ll move on to the next manufactured “President Obama sucks!” crisis. This is going to keep up, escalate even, until the elections. My hope is that people continue to wise up.

  39. Loathe, is the perfect description of how I feel about them too.. they are dispicable and I stopped listening/watching them during the 2007 primaries, when I’d listen to then Senator Obama give a speech.. and immediately afterward, the ‘media’ would pick it apart and lie about what he said.. I had to quit for my own sanity. But do listen to BBC online occasionally.

  40. Righteous rant! I watched at the WH site. I have totally stopped watching any of our US MSM stations.

  41. Why do people feel the need to bring every link and rehash every report of doom by the pundits over here???

    Is it just that much a part of human nature?

    The last thing I am tempted to do after PBO speaks is run from blog to blog or website to website, or from cable channel to cable channel, looking for a reason to be discouraged or outraged.

    I come here, and the comments are running up and down the page about what Tweety or Andrew Sullivan said, and folks are getting upset over it.

    WTF cares what they say???? They are inconsequential and irrelevant! If any military member is on speed dial with a cable news channel, that automatically disqualifies him from being informed or relevant.

    Is it an emotional hit people are looking for? I don’t get it…

  42. Sullivan says:

    “At least Bush argued that Saddam posed a threat to the US. No one can seriously argue that Qaddafi poses such a threat.”

    The problem with Andrew’s statement is that Bush was lying his ass off when he said that Obama posed a threat to the U.S. Would it have been better if Obama lied and said that Qaddafi poses a threat to the U.S.? Would Andrew have been satisfied with a lie?

  43. That sentence by Sullivan which you quoted is a piece of unvarnished idiocy and pure intellectual dishonesty; debating senselessness with sense is a losing proposition. Let the media lose their minds once again during a period of humongous change in US foreign policy. Wouldn’t expect anything different.

  44. That’s it. I’m done with this guy. He’s turning into a blithering idiot. I’ve been weaning myself off of him for a while, now it comes to a full stop.

  45. A well thought out international response, *including the participation of the Arab League,* will make a huge difference in how this crisis plays out.

    So utterly key.

  46. Absolutely. I truly would have tuned right back out of politics if the sane pragmatic spaces hadn’t emerged. The anti-POTUS spin feels toxic to me, and I would have just dropped my interest in politics entirely. This is just such an important space, and so are the others in pragmatic progressive-land.

  47. Good for you. Sounds like he’s worked himself up into an emotional tizzy which has culminated into a huge tantrum. We really don’t have time for this; time to pacify it by reading it, consuming it, giving it the attention so clearly desired. These are grown adults who at this point will either learn some sort of control over emotions, or they won’t. Those who have deluded themselves into thinking that President Obama is a second coming of Bush when the foreign policy changes have become so stark need to get left in the dust. We can’t continue to waste the entire class’s time repeating lessons to the willfully dense, lol.

  48. ” I wonder how Darth Chaney sleeps at night.”

    They unplug him in the evening and plug him back in in the morning. Simple.

  49. I think that people are in different stages of weaning ourselves off of certain pundits and toxic spaces. Perhaps you might consider going into the new thread and asking people to try to keep that thread full of the actual speech analysis, less media analysis? So people who want to vent about the media can use this thread; people who want to talk about nothing but the speech and make predictions, can have that thread. Good idea?

  50. My read on it is that people were looking to see if any…even one…of these pundits understood what the President said. If I may reference GoBrooklyn’s comment using the term weaning, it might explain part of this process.

    Political punditry and blogs are addicting. Humans are attracted to conflict; we just are. And yeah, watching MSNBC is as addicting to people on the left as Fox is for the right. So are the columnists like Andrew Sullivan. Conflict = ratings and hits = money. And we’re not talking pocket change here…lots of money. Who is more conflict-oriented than Chris Matthews? He lives for this stuff. It would be boring for them to all nod in agreement and say, “You know, the President got it right.” Viewers would change the channel so fast.

    It takes time to stop counting on the media for our dose of analysis and commentary. The process is identical to dealing with an addiction to nicotine, for instance. Some people can go ‘cold turkey’ some people require upwards of 20 attempts to quit to succeed. This blog is a nicotine patch of sorts. It helps people step-down their ‘need’ for conflict analysis.

    Plus this blog attracts new readers on a regular basis and they deserve a chance to learn the difference between what the MSM offers and real news and analysis that can be found here.

  51. I feel the same way. It’s hard to say engaged when there is a constant stream of never ending negativity. Having DK as the only Democratic online outlet after the 2004 and the 2006 elections, I had to tune out for my sanity. There is only so many times you can read endless rage and conspiracy theories and remain sane.

  52. Sullivan is flat wrong. What Obama said was that Qaddafi posed a threat to the stability of the region which in turn could cause a threat to global peace, and THIS is why it was nescessary to have an international! response.

  53. Can I second this ?

    I simply refused buying a television in 1983, when I started to live on my own.

    I have no idea why anyone should have one.

    And, note, that was 9 years before I got Internet at home.

    “There is a ‘brightness’ knob on this device, but it doesn’t seem to work.”

  54. Hey there, askew! Indeed, thank God that there are spaces like this. I’ve never witnessed a media arrayed against a President like this. I refuse to participate in it, particularly when there are such vibrant informative alternatives.

  55. ‘I don’t get it…’

    That makes two of us, but ‘to each his own’, I guess.

  56. Really great analysis (whispers: it’s gn, not gobrooklyn, the fabulous commenter who shares my borough).

    But I think you’re right. I just wonder if there’s not some way to allow people who are further along in the process and don’t want to read this type of content to have designated threads without it. So everyone can have a space during big media events like this which is most comfortable to them.

  57. I understand your point Politicaljunkessa, but we do it to point out the foolishness and folly that the so-called talking heads, PL, and the Blogs make about President Obama’s decisions. This may sound silly, but I love going from blog to blog reading about what is said about President Obama, mainly those blogs that purport to know better how to run the country than President Obama. And I can report back that as of 3:00 P.M. March 18, 2011 President Obama, 100. The Professional Left, the blogs and the talking heads, zero.

  58. Yea, and I’ve been asking again and again to keep this garbage out of here. Seriously, they’re just idiots looking for clicks. Professional left and right. PBO is at 51% today. The country is catching on.

  59. There’s a reason why cable TV viewing has decreased. It’s crap. We get better news and analysis from sites like this one, BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, all online.

  60. I have mixed feelings…I understood why PBO took the initial position of Gates and Donilon – a 3rd war in an Arab nation is unthinkable. But at the same time, if the Libyan people had been slaughtered, that would have been unthinkable as well. Some people are suggesting that PBO’s policy turned so quickly because they don’t want to lose the hearts and minds of young Arabs (Apparently, Hillary Clinton was denied a meeting with the Egyptian youth leaders because the US didn’t show enough support.) Sigh, what to do to show you support the wave of democracy without getting involved in messy civil wars? I’m uneasy about this but I’m hoping for the best outcome…for the Libyan people and us…

    Also, this perfectly illustrates that whatever position PBO takes certain people will always take the opposite. There were conservatives and liberals calling for a no-fly zone, saying that the PBO was not doing enough while the rebels were being slaughtered. Now that the US has agreed to one and more (while France and Britain will lead the charge), conservatives are saying its too late because he “dithered” and some liberals are upset about the prospects of another war (yes, the same people who were saying PBO was not doing enough). As my mama says, you can never depend on some people so just follow your own mind…

  61. I deleted him off my bookmarks when he came back from sick leave. Completely off the tracks.

  62. I appreciate everyone’s replies. I don’t want to make it seem that I have a problem with people venting (and even if I did have a problem with it, who am I? It’s BWD’s blog :-)).

    I understand the need to vent, it’s just that I feel it becomes very counterproductive to spend 2 sentences reporting on what POTUS said, but then paragraphs on what Tweety or some other paid dope says.

    Think of their lives: they get up every day and talk for hours on end about things they really don’t know anything about. That’s how they make their paycheck: pulling sh*t out of their asses for hours on end.

    Very, very, very few of them are particularly bright or insightful. Most are mediocre, and if they once had any journalistic integrity, those days are long behind them.

    These people are NOT GOING TO CHANGE. I don’t care if they got 10,000 emails a day about their B.S., they are NOT going to change. They’re idiots!

    The only way they may *possibly* change is if their viewership dropped off a cliff and they couldn’t bring in the money. But with people propping them up through watching and clicking — and then getting outraged — they are going to keep doing exactly what they’re doing: pushing buttons.

    Despite all their cluelessness, media whoredom, and idiocy, PBO was still elected President, is still brilliant, is still doing a great job, and will still be re-elected.

    Anyway, guess I just needed to vent, LOL.

    Love all y’all 🙂

  63. GN, you make me blush. I think that in this space we just do what anyone with a modicum of intelligence and a desire to analyze a complex situation without descending into despair or drama do: we look at the words, and at the actions, and try to draw conclusions from them, without a preconceived narrative. The MSM has a grand narrative into which it tries to fit everything, to the point that it does violence to the facts and reality. From that colonel on MSNBC who said that the military wasn’t happy about the new mission: where is your proof? Who have you talked to? I’ve certainly heard nothing from either Sec. Gates or Adm. Mullen to indicate that. His knowledge of the workings behind the scenes is as deep as mine: namely, none whatsoever. I almost watched MSNBC for the speech; I’m glad I turned it off and stuck with the WH feed.

  64. I felt the same way, Overseesgranny!!! He makes me so proud. I also believe that the international world appreciates how he says what he has to say, respect those who deserve respect in the internationl communities, and for their people. It makes it a little comfortable to sit at the table with this President especially when he knows that he has given that kind of respect. Respect him and his nation, and he will respect you as well.

  65. Yes, that is how I read Cameron’s statement.(Sorry that I misspelled Prime Minister Cameron’s name earlier. ) If I could prove it, I believe that POTUS was given “perfect pitch” as in a great choir. He stated this in perfect pitch. They(the talking heads) can try to spin this , but it will not fly with us who know better.

  66. Oh, Sonjia Duncan, I watched that and felt the same. How the opposition could stand with their Prime Minister with such great support for the plan was so heart-warming. Oh, how we could take a lesson from that scene. I loved watching it. Oh, how we need to pray for a moment like that from our people here. But we here will give our President support and know that he is not in this for show, but for hard work to make this a better world to live in as the days are granted to all of us. I am proud of my President today as well as everyday.

  67. Ireland – Yesterday RTE’s news website attracted 320,000 unique browsers. Some 130,000 of those were from abroad. It was their biggest video day ever.

    Did people tune in to watch video of the Dublin St. Pat’s Day parade? No.

    The most viewed story was Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s visit to America, which was followed by US President Barack Obama’s announcement that he would visit Ireland in May.

    If Rte’s long news reports on the visit twice yesterday were not enough, they were repeated today just in case there was one person left in Ireland that hadn’t heard yet.

  68. GN, I stand with you. I guess it would not be so hard to think about being involved with the Libyan problem if we did not have troops in two other war zones–Iraq if far from settled. I am a bit cautious on this one.

    I totally understand the brilliance of how our president performed behind the back scenes and got others to lead this campaign.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well.

  69. I also am finding out that they dismiss us by calling us Obamabots because we support the President. It’s hard to believe that people on DKos call themselves Democrats. I read a piece on the President’s polling numbers going down, and went to Gallup expecting to see him at 46/47 and found he’s at 51% approval today. I just don’t get it. I think it’s racism. I just unsubscribed from Huffington Post..don’t want to post there anymore, it’s just going downhill from there.

  70. gobrooklyn- Good ole Andrew was /has always been a kneejerk re-actor, but he can also give perspective even for a conservative.But lately he hasn’t been able to reach me as much. Too much chatter and frivolous ramblings, and, not to mention when he goes off on Obama his choice of words can be a little over the top and extreme. Imperialist,Andrew, really? So what does that say about your beloved Tory Cameron?

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