Cool, calm, collected and compassionate

 “My heart goes out to the people of Japan during this enormous tragedy. Please know that America will always stand by one of its greatest allies during their time of need.

Because of the strength and wisdom of its people, we know that Japan will recover and indeed will emerge stronger than ever. And as it recovers, the memory of those who have been lost will remain in our hearts and will serve only to strengthen the friendship between our two countries.

May God Bless the people of Japan.”




121 thoughts on “Cool, calm, collected and compassionate

  1. That truly a man for our times always on top of it all. The President is a true man of the people and for the people. HORAH!

  2. See what I mean, BWD. You are the BEST, and an unbelieveable contribution to my personal sanity and I would bet to a MILLION [at least] other peoples’ sanities as well. How else would I get to see these pictures of our fabulous president, hot off the press, without YOU. xoxoxox Your coolness and calmness and poise since the first time I saw your blog has been unprecedented in consistency and goodness. Long may you represent our most inspired president and his leadership and in so doing, inspire us to greatness in our own ways.

  3. We have a very, very thoughtful president of whom we should be very proud. His family raised a wonderful man.

  4. Google is at it again BWD. They are advertising on your site without your permission. I’ve seen the ad before I logged on. Somethings up and I don’t like what google/wordpress is doing.

  5. I know, i talked to them, that’s the “price” of them letting me blog for free. They’ll put ads for a couple of weeks, then take them down, etc. I can get rid of it if I’ll pay them – which is the line in the sand for me, as much as i love PBO…

  6. All the idjits who claim that PBO doesn’t take his job seriously need to take a good look at the third picture from the bottom. Looks so worn down. I’m glad that he has FLOTUS, his girls and Mrs. Robinson to look after him.

  7. I hate Citizens United and I know who is behind those ads and that is Newsmax. The ugly conservative website that needs to be thrown in the trash.

  8. I think his speech and written condolences show what a compassionate man he is. POTUS and FLOTUS are doing wonderful things today. They are such a beautiful pair.

  9. MsKitty;
    If I ever see President Obama, first lady Michelle VP Biden and them, I would give them a huge hug and say thank you.

  10. The excitement grows. Between the 6 pm news and the 9 pm news, PBO’s visit to Ireland now takes up half of the main world news portion. By tomorrow he will have it all. The people in the village of Moneygall are ecstatic. We will take care of the Irish-American vote once again!

  11. Cool, calom, collected, and compassionate …
    is what I want to be when I grow up. On the blogs and off.

  12. Yes, thank you Mr. President!

    May GOD protect and heal the Nation of Japan during this difficult time.

    May GOD continue to richly bless President OBAMA!

    May GOD Bless the United States of America!

  13. What a decent, honorable President. So gracious and adult. Makes me so proud!

  14. After President “Spend a Third of His Administration in Crawford or Elsewhere” even as a “War President” who could even dare to question this President’s commitment?

  15. In a challenge to Republican leaders, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne has asked a judge to void Gov. Scott Walker’s measure to limit collective bargaining for public employees, saying lawmakers violated the state’s open meetings law when they pushed the legislation through last week.

    In a civil complaint filed Wednesday in Dane County Circuit Court, Ozanne alleges that a joint Assembly-Senate conference committee met without providing the required 24 hours’ notice, and that notice of the meeting did not give the public enough information about what would be discussed.

    Ozanne also alleges that the space for the meeting, the Senate Parlor, was not large enough to accommodate members of the public and that people who wanted to attend the meeting were barred from entering the Capitol, also in violation of state law.

    The complaint also seeks to bar Secretary of State Doug La Follette from publishing the legislation, as he has said he would do on March 25, the last step before it takes effect.

  16. According the BBC, the resolution passed. If there was ever a good reason for military action, this would be it.

  17. Well, my family is over, half are libertarians, and they have already started to bash POTUS! What nonsense, socialism, unconstitutional, blah, blah, blah!
    Lord help me!

    What is good is I get corn beef and cabbage!

  18. Probably will start within hours. Maybe give military last chance to dispose of Gaddhafi themselves. I can’t imagine many really want to fight the world on this one.

    I hope there are no American planes in the air though, or boots on the ground. This is primarily a European matter and UK and France should be the point countries.

    With the USS Providence off the coast it means the US will be tomahawking it seems.

    Other US fleet present off Libyan coast includes also the USS Kearsarge(marine assault ship), and the missile destroyers USS Barry, USS Ponce and USS Mason.

  19. Well, I know I am late to the party but here I am.
    BWD — I am with you on calling these folks out and voice my total support. I called Weiner’s office and DNC. I will be damned if I give them $250 a month and they speak ill of my president. Those same $250 a month will go to his re-election efforts. And we wonder why the electorate is confused and thinks both dems and repubs are the same? Words have consequences as does votes!!

    I was going to send you an email last night about this very same subject. I think we need to find a way to fight back by voicing our displeasure and our $. If not, it will only get worse. We keep saying – oh the repubs cant get any lower and guess what – the bar gets lower.

    Lastly, I love, love, love this community. Great points to all!!

  20. SR, remember Bosnia: Europe dithered until the US sent in the bombers. I would think the EU and Arab countries would want at least some US planes in the air, and may not commit without a US presence.

  21. Now with the UN resolution in hand, we’ll have to see how suicidal the Libyan military is. Enforcing a no-fly zone and ensuring that civilians are protected basically means an air campaign to destroy the Libyan military. And, for all our failures, that’s something that NATO is good at. I think Col. Gaddafi’s remaining time as “Leader” will be measured in hours, not days.

  22. SR, addressing your concerns of US planes involved in the campaign, this is from the BBC article: Earlier reports suggested that if the resolution were passed, air attacks on Col Gaddafi’s forces by the British and French air forces could begin within hours.

    It is not thought that the US would be involved in the first strikes, but the British and French are likely to get logistical backup from Arab allies.

    Also, the resolution passed 10-0, with five abstentions, including Russia, China, and Germany.

  23. Thanks, overseasgranny, for keeping us informed about the goings on there. I love hearing what is going on ahead of the visit. Love you live reports!

  24. I have such tremendous admiration and respect for President Obama and the enormous compassion he exhibits so routinely. He always takes the extra measure to comfort those who are suffering. I am so grateful for his kindness.

  25. Notice how smart politicians get the votes lined up first, and THEN table the resolution. Sun Tzu would approve.

  26. WASHINGTON — Over the next week, a large number of progressive groups, health care advocacy organizations and high-profile administration officials and congressional lawmakers will hit the road to re-sell the president’s health care reform law around the one-year anniversary of its passage.

    “You can expect to see officials discuss how the law is already benefiting seniors, small businesses, women and young adults,” said an administration official. “And they’ll be taking the message outside of Washington to communities across the country, not to re-fight the political battles of the last two years, but to highlight how this law is already moving us forward.”

    According to materials outlining the various events, the effort seems impressive in its scope and political star power.

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and SBA Administrator Karen Mills will discuss the law’s implications and reach. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senator Michael Bennett (D-Colo.) will participate in small business events in their communities. The Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, will host an event with faith leaders in New Orleans. Health Care for America Now, alongside AFSCME, SEIU and U.S. PIRG will sponsor everything from “small business roundtables” to workshops for seniors to mock trials of the health care law. Radio and social media advertising will be featured along with a press conference, speeches and town hall meetings.

    The gist, as a non-administration official put it, was to underscore exactly how transformative and beneficial health care reform has been throughout the country.

    Which begs the question: Why, after one year in, does the public need to be reminded?

    To be sure, the notion that the president’s health care law is a burden from which the public begs for relief is contradicted by most public opinion polls.

  27. Sara, I second your comment. Since BWD has started this site, my sanity has been restored. This family here is such a great place to come and share our appreciation for this great President and family!

  28. Obama to headline Chicago reelection fundraiser
    By Daniel Strauss – 03/17/11 05:31 PM ET

    President Obama will headline a fundraiser event for his reelection campaign in Chicago in mid-April.

    A Democratic National Committee (DNC) official confirmed Thursday that Obama will keynote the DNC event, which will honor donors who made large contributions to Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    The event is one of the latest signs that Obama is ramping up for his reelection campaign.

    Holding the fundraiser in Chicago is no surprise: It’s his hometown and is the site of his reelection campaign headquarters.

    The Hill-

  29. Somebody needs to teach the John “Weeper of the House” Boehner and his trusted imp, Eric “Gumby Dammit” Cantor how this works.

  30. Very interesting. The countries that abstained were not expected to vote yes, but there was concern they would vote no, and one no vote is all it would take. The message they are sending is “we don’t like it, but we know how we would look to the world if we stopped it from happening.” I would imagine there were a lot of calls between DC and the various capitals. Not to diminsh France’s or Britain’s influence, but the other countries know we are not pushing somthing just to throw our weight around like Bush did. It makes a difference.

  31. I don’t think the Obama Administration has made a single misstep as far as foreign affairs are concerned. It puts US power behind a multilateralist project, bringing all the major actors into the conversation, rather than blustering like the Bush Administration did.

    Now, the endgame begins. Will the Libyan military go down in flames with the Leader, or will it cut its losses and show Gaddafi the door, in one fashion or another? If military action is slated to being within hours, the Libyan military doesn’t have much time to make up its mind.

  32. May I just say, “I hate Tom Vilsack”? There I said it.

    O’bot that I am, there are two appointments our wonderful President made that I hate, hate, hate. Tom Vilsack at Agriculture and Hillary Clinton at State.

    Tom Freakin’ Vilsack and his ties to Monsanto approved Roundup Ready Alfalfa for general use in this country. Wow, wow, wow am I glad I don’t eat beef.

  33. Wow. Andrew Sullivan has his normal knee jerk re-action whilst questioning the feasibility of a third war…and suggests that Obama maybe even worse than Bush in this regard. (!)
    Well folks, the bloggers world has just opened up for the basher’s Potus paradise re Ghaddafi and Libya.

  34. Jovie, you should ask your libertarian family how they enjoy driving on publicly funded roads, like the protection of publicly funded police and fire departments, depend on publicly funded Social Security and Medicare for their retirements. Then point out that the corned beef is more or less guaranteed to be safe due to govt regulations, and the Irish car bombs they’ll be drinking will contain alcohol rather than lighter fluid due to those same regulations. That should make their heads spin a bit. 🙂

  35. But, wait a minute, weren’t bloggers up in arms because PBO didn’t unilaterally go in and blow crap up? Good gravy, there is just no logical consistency to their criticisms, just plain Obama hatred.

  36. Some bloggers were like Greenwald, I don’t know if Sullivan ever commented on it.

    Of course Greenwald will not comment on it now, and will move on to a new criticism and Sully never said US should stay out of Libya but will certainly join in the fray now.

  37. I see Lawrence O’Donnell opened with his “Did PBO take too long” crap re the situation in Japan.

    I changed the channel immediately. These cable pundits are beginning to sound like a bunch of 6th grade pre-teens with their “I hate Obama” chorus.

  38. No, they sound like stereotypical 6th graders. The real 6th graders are much more mature.

  39. Does anyone actually listen to that guy? To me it always seems he’s saying the same thing over and over, no matter what the circumstances.

  40. I’m listening to Aljazeera. Very interesting and not very political. Obama being praised.
    I just cant hear anymore about the Japan tragedy.

  41. Sara I also want to second your comments as well as MtMarilyn. What a site to find comfort in each day. BWD, you are to be commended for such insigh, intellect, grace, patience, and great research to share with us each day. You are using your gifts to bless all of us. Thank you so much for this sane place to come to each day. I appreciate all of the hard work that is evident here. Thank you for preparing us to get ready for the fight of our lives coming up. Because of this site, we will keep it all together with love, appreciation, calmness, and gratefulness. Thank you so much!!!!!

  42. I know you all have been waiting breathlessly for this one…Sarah Palin is on her way to Israel.

    No, I’m not even going to bother with the link. Don’t ask.

  43. Has she finally given in to her Messiah complex and is about to declare her divinity?? I hope the Jerusalem police have a nice padded room for her — and extra security at the Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif. She’s the only one who could piss off both the Jews and the Muslims.

  44. If she’s packing her gun they won’t let her in…we can hope. She seems to have made it through India without creating a crisis, but maybe they didn’t know she was even there. This must be her “I’m a foreign policy expert now” trip. Do we think she might drop in on Libya? We couldn’t be that lucky.

  45. The left is trying to get a primary. They will destroy democratic chances.

  46. snowbird can you get Aljazeera online. i would love to hear the conversation.

  47. Muammar is in a bind. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If he is wise, he will submit to diplomacy, and step down. If not…

    I’m hoping that the Libyans who wish for justice get their collective heads together and get prepared to step in and govern properly. My heart goes out to the innocent civilians. I hate war, but sometimes justice is ugly when things get too far out of balance.

  48. Why not. They think they “won” in Arkansas with Boozman elected.

    I bet they’d even accept Koch money to fund their primary candidate. This is who they are – deranged and pathetic.

  49. I’m with you on Vilsack, though I like Clinton at State. I knew PBO couldn’t put a radical in charge of agriculture, as much as I would have liked that. I was hoping Vilsack would be a stealth appointment, and turn out to be more visionary than he seemed, while being someone the agricultural sector would listen to. But this move makes me really unhappy. Actually, anything to do with Monsanto makes me really unhappy. I agree, glad I don’t eat beef.

  50. MsKitty
    You are so right that picture truly shows that He take this all to heart.This the first time I see the weight of the job in his face. We should all pray for him as much as possible because the Leadership can take it’s toll.

  51. I heard that she can see Libya from her house, so she must be a foreign policy expert. My gut tells me so. 😀

  52. Coachjdc you are really on point and want to add our President was the one who went to DOVER AIR FORCE BASE to greet the bodies that were coming home if you remember the picture of him in line giving the salute as the bodies past. So that is true commitment.

  53. “Libya’s army said it would halt operations from Sunday to allow rebels to lay down their arms, softening repeated threats by Muammar Gaddafi to crush them, as world powers edged towards adopting tough measures to shut down the strongman’s military machine.” -Times of India

    I don’t think that’s going to quite do it, Colonel. Try again.

  54. President Obama is a really good man!!! America is lucky to have this man at the helm especially in these times!!!

  55. OMG when I called them I said basically the same thing. The guy that answered the phone was super agitated. I guess he had been getting lots of calls and was already frustrated or maybe cause I wasn’t in any mood for long talk with a lackey and I said Hello put Mr Weaner on the phone. *shrugs bad start, maybe*. After he went through the obligatory, “the rep isn’t available but what can I do for you”. I told him what had come to my attention. So he kept repeating read the full article not the sound bite and I kept replying tell the Rep to stop talking out the side of his mouth. Finally I told him where I was gonna be sending my monies and hung up. It felt good. 😀

  56. I’m pray, pray, praying that this Libyan effort is limited, not centered upon the US, and short—just enough to give people there breathing room to decide what they want with the threat of death eased.

    Not gonna lie; I don’t really like this. I understand it and knew it was possibly coming, but I don’t like it.

  57. don’t like it either, and i’m sure your Pres don’t like it. Let’s all pray it’s short and achieves it’s goal.

  58. Thanks be to FSM! To have a cool, collected President like Obama at a time when there are so many points of crisis all of over the world, including here at home, is a gift for this nation. We are lucky to have that cool, steady pair of hands on the wheel right now.

    Other Chief Executives at this point would have had a meltdown themselves, or had just thrown up their hands and delegated their job to opportunistic underlings (see Bush, W. 2nd term, post Katrina).

  59. Hi GN…I saw this for what it’s worth..

    RT @WestWingReport: Sarkozy has been very aggressive in particular w/regard to Libya, calling for targeted air strikes & recognizing the rebel govt.

  60. I am with you.I am sure the administration was hoping that it would end early nad the protestors would have won. Let’s hope it is quick with minimal loss of life on all sides.

  61. Thank you GN for suggesting this eye opening article. I also failed the quiz miserably; but that goes to show the pervasiveness of MSM. Information that is not repeatedly covered by MSM is not only quickly forgotten; but it is as if it never existed.

  62. I know he doesn’t. He’s not a neocon in that he is sooooo much more in tune with human nature; his head is not in the clouds. I trust this WH, please don’t take my comment otherwise. I trust that any intervention will be broad and international in terms of the participation but very focused in terms of whatever military actions take place in Libya, don’t get me wrong. They’re trying to get Gaddafi (the last African leader still rocking a jeri curl-please don’t judge me, I have to lighten up foul situations in order to absorb them) out of power because he turned on his own people and has started to kill them, nothing more. I hate war. Can’t help it. Take me with a grain of salt because in this way I am a frustratus ideologue, and I know it.

  63. So he’s playing politics at the UN—just like me, he knows what needs to be done, but doesn’t like it and has the luxury of not having to participate in it. /deep sigh, pay me no mind on this one, for real

  64. LOL, the Brazilians are ready for this wonderful man. So tickled by this. I hope that POTUS has a wonderful time and has some moments away from the tough decisions which he’s had to make. He’s so awesome in so many ways; like Saint Roscoe, I’ll be happy when he’s back in the US, and I hope that he enjoys this trip. Much deserved. No one can do what he does. No one can take on this load of responsibility and make these adult choices even when they carry such an emotional and spiritual cost. This man is a Godsend. I trust him implicitly.

  65. GN, I know where you’re coming from. However, if there was ever a time for military action, this would be it. Gaddafi was about to unleash the full force of his military on Benghazi and Tobruk, and thousands would’ve died. I think the hope is that the Libyan military is not suicidal, and will take the opportunity presented by the thread of a coordinated air campaign — which they have no hope of defending against — to usher the Leader quickly out of power. Mubarak wasn’t willing to spill his people’s blood — or, I should say, the army wasn’t willing to do it on his behalf. Gaddafi has no such qualms, and neither do the forces still under his control. He and his sons are quite willing to plunge the country into a bloodbath, and the rebels simply have no ability to defend themselves against Gaddafi’s fighter bombers. I read that a good chunk of the Libyan military was uncommitted, seeing where the wind was blowing. The wind just shifted. Perhaps that will be enough.

  66. I share your concern GN. But I think after Rwanda the UN can no longer sit idly by when there is a possibility of genocide. I too hope that any military action will be limited to the protection of innocent Libyans. I am also glad that the President let the UN take the lead instead of arm twisting countries to buy into a U.S. led invasion of Libya.

  67. I don’t think that a ground invasion was ever a possibility. The US has neither the fresh troops nor the stomach for it. But a no-fly zone and a bombing of Gaddafi’s forces to push them back from the rebels were probably the best option to, as you said, avoid another Rwanda. Dictators bow only to extreme pressure. With Mubarak it was his own army that forced him to leave; hopefully, the threat of a NATO air war will be enough to convince the Libyan military to rid itself of the Gaddafi family, if only in desperate self-preservation.

  68. I trust this WH and State Dept. I do. Which is unusual. Because I trust the Commander in Chief to “get it” about the limitations of what the US can do in terms of regime change. If they are just enabling the people to speak out and rise up, so be it. This WH has been brilliant with responses to regime change in Africa. That track record earns respect.

    I am hoping beyond hope that the Libyan military chooses to just stand with the people. Why make this ugly?

  69. God, he needs to go. Can’t hold onto power unless he is slaughtering people who disagree. I don’t like it, but I understand…

  70. We may already be seeing the Libyan military hedging. It’s stopped its advance on Benghazi, supposedly to allow the rebels to surrender. Of course, with the no-fly zone in effect, the rebels won’t. Was this pause on the orders of the govt, or an independent act of the military? It knows NATO can decimate them from the air, or at the very least keep them contained, unable to move against the rebel cities. This weekend will be the tell.

  71. You know, I too have seen an overwhelming tiredness in PBO’s photos around the eyes lately. His eyes are not as open as usual in many of the photos I have seen. It is no wonder though with they myriad catastrophic events he needs to tend to or be involved in within our country and in our world these days.

    I am not sure if it is because I am so involved in keeping informed during his presidency or if there are just more severe events taking place this particular presidency than before. I pray for his safety and happiness along with his family. I thank God for bringing him to our Country to lead us during these difficult times.

  72. I was fortunate to go to Ireland in 2010. Actually I had a couple of hard events to deal with in my own life during the year then the Citizens United decision came about and I felt pretty low when a discount travel postcard came my way by a travel company I have traveled with and like. They were giving single rooms at no extra cost. I usually have a hard time finding a roommate to go with and it is almost a third more money to have a single room. When this postcard came I didn’t hesitate since going to Ireland was number one on my travel wishes list.

    It was a great trip and I know the Irish will love having President Obama there. The Irish tour director we had told us about all of the American famous people and Presidents with history tied to Ireland as we came to each town.

  73. You know, I think Rep Weiner got the message cuz last night I was watching Lawrence O’Donnell and he had Anthony Weiner on asking him all kinds of things trying to get him to badmouth PBO. It didn’t happen. Rep Weiner kept qualifying everything he said with positive remarks about PBO. I figure that was his way of backtracking. Too little too late! I wish these passionate Libs would stiffle their outbursts and think before they speak about the consequences of their own actions. The contrast between them and PBO is breathtaking. PBO is so careful, measured and mature about his decisions. He doesn’t rush into these decisions until he has all of the information which is totally different from previous leaders. I do not think the media or average Americans can see or try to see the benefit of his behavior and the better outcomes that come from this difference.

  74. I noticed that, too. I feel for him. With all that’s going on right now, I have bags under my eyes as well. I hope the President finds the time to get some good rest.

    I’m waiting to see what’s happening in Libya, and it’s keeping me up, but I have nowhere near the responsibility that he does. That he’s tired, tells me he’s working hard and cares about things very much.

  75. I actually think reeducating the public on what is in the HCR now could be helpful one year after all of the noise and lies. Usually when a couple fights it is better to talk about the problems quietly together when each have cooled off so the each person’s questions and points can be heard instead of just having time spent in defending their own views.

  76. I don’t think he does get it.

    “TRIPOLI: Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi said his forces will soon launch an assault on rebel stronghold Benghazi, saying “traitors” would be showed no mercy but those who laid down their arms would be spared.” -Times of India (Mar 18, 2011, 10.29am IST)

    That’s the latest now.

    That would be a bad move, Colonel. Your power-mongering days are coming to an end. Step down, sir.

  77. In light of the UN decisions to do the No Fly Zone I find it interesting that today was the day SOS Hillary Clinton chose to say she will not seek to be part of the Obama administration next term and she will not seek to run for office herself. It was said that it is not unusual for a SOS to only serve one term as it is a burnout position. I thought the timing was strange though.

  78. In many cases, the public may be getting informed for the first time, not merely reminded. The WH has had lots of information, even web sites available, and the Pres has talked about the benefits a lot. Media, not so much, if at all. That applies to most positive things this administration has accomplished. Plus taking up offense while informing people is smart as you know the right will be making even more stuff up as the election gets closer and they fight to cut funds to block implementation of the bill.

    It’s much easier for everyone to jump on a perceived negative, like Velma Hart’s “tired of supporting you” comment in the town hall last year. That was all over the place, but her later admitting on Hardball that at the time, there were things she didn’t know sure didn’t get repeated. Really sad, as I think she’s very representative of a good chuck of the population – and it could have been a great teachable moment. Most polls prove we need more “teaching”, and more attentive “students”.

  79. Resolution says: to protect civilians, anything short of ground troops. The Marines get to hang around somewhere near Crete, at least that’s where they were until recently. Crete is nicer than Tripoli 🙂

  80. Just ask them to define “socialism”. That will shut them up right quick.

  81. When Greenwald suggested that the left align themselves with the Tea Party that is exactly what he was hoping to tap into. The access to the unlimited funding of the Koch brothers. The PL is just as hypocritical and disgusting as the right.

  82. I am so very proud to call this man my president. Our nation is blessed to have him every day, but during times of great sorrow or concern he represents the true heart of American people at their best. May God bless Barack Obama.

  83. From the article you read, did she give reasons for not seeking a position within the administration?

  84. Prayers go out to the people of Japan!

    Nippon wa, watashi-tachi no inori ni aru!
    (Japan you are in our prayers! )

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