So, where is this Liberal hero who will save us from the most Liberal President in 40 years?

No, seriously. From what I read in the blogs, President Obama must face primaries. You see, the entire country is just waiting for a Dennis Kucinich /Bernie Sanders/Ralph Nader/Whatever to sweep into the WH, kick that “just-like-Bush” guy, and leads us all to the era of peace, prosperity and single payer.

So, seriously, where is he?

Please let me know, I’ll be waiting here.


196 thoughts on “So, where is this Liberal hero who will save us from the most Liberal President in 40 years?

  1. I believe there was a song out years ago called “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?”. Don’t know why that song just popped into my head…lol.

  2. Well kucinich might b free cause he’s about to lose his seat to redistricting. Just a note of warning- kucinich won’t even win his home state of Ohio.

  3. I’ve done a good job in not going to other blogs often. Its not that I just want to hear my side, but the arguments are so irrational that I simply can no longer stomach it. They blame PBO for 2010 with no mention of the left’s push to not vote. They blame PBO for G. Bay with no mention that he DID try and was laughed out of D.C. with 60 dems no less. They blame PBO for a small recovery bill with no mention of the Dems who joined with Repugs to keep it small. They blame the guy for the milk that spoiled in their fridge with no mention of how they let it go past the expiration date.

    People say that its ok to criticize, but the left stopped doing that and started bashing him a month into the man’s election…. and he wasn’t even sworn in yet. I’ve had my fill of the left and will never associate with them. John “I don’t care what’s going on” Stewart did the hit piece on G. Bay. You already know right? No mention of the fact that PBO tried, just one more opportunity to bash. F em all

  4. BWD-He doesn’t exist and the ones that have tried (Nader and Kucinich) have failed miserably.

    Listen this is the hard core reality of politics in this country. We live in a partisan divide politically. Half the country are Dems and the other half are Repubs and Independents that tend to swing Republican.

    We have to work our tails off to get the Indies to swing our way and it generally takes a real catastrophe, war or some governmental over-reach to get them to swing heavy to our side (i.e GWB’s entire administration). We all saw how easily they were swayed back to the Republican fold last November. This is because unfortunately that is their comfort zone. This is a center right country and its a hard pill to swallow for us Libs. IMO people think liberally in the U.S. but vote conservatively.

    I am taking a pledge that I am going to work my heart out to ensure that President Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected for a second term and I will ignore the background noise that the left makes to distract me from my mission.

  5. you know what i realized they are losing their arguments instead of pushing for change. Their looking like the back of a donkey, they will continue to find whatever they can and the real democrats will move on and continue to fight for change. I wonder why none of them as lead a march to congress and Bohner about SS. Repubs lead one about healthcare. Why not call out or protest the right. This is why some on the left is nothing but a bunch of know it all phonies.

  6. Ya gotta wonder what or who they thought they were voting for in ’08… or in ’92 & ’96, for that matter…

  7. Remember there was a call from the fringe left to primary Bernie Sanders last year.

    Nothing else needs to be said.

  8. Gonna be a long wait…

    OT-I still just can’t get over this lazy session of Congress. Why are they getting paid the same as the 111th for doing so much less work?

    I tried to find a comprehensive comparison between Nancy’s chamber and the current do-nothings, and found something from last month:

    No Comparison: Boehner Vs Pelosi

    The record of Speaker of the House John Boehner [R-OH] after thirty days of herding cats in no way compares to the 30-day record of former speaker, Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] – emphasis mine:

    “Some Republicans have suggested that the difficulties that Boehner and the rest of the new House leadership have encountered, such as a backlash over spending cuts, are part of a natural learning curve. But when Democrats took control of the House under President George W. Bush in 2007, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) didn’t have that experience.

    Gaveled in on Jan. 5, 2011, Boehner presided over the passage of four bills during his first month as speaker, with a total of just 25 votes. The most notable of those was a repeal the president’s signature health care law — a move that was viewed as a strictly symbolic gesture, as it is not expected to pass or even get a vote in the Senate.

    By contrast, Pelosi, gaveled in on Jan. 4, 2007, led the Democratic Congress in passing 19 bills during her first month as speaker, including all six of the bills targeted in her “First 100 Hours” agenda.

    Why the discrepancy? Well, part of it is that Democratic Congress of 2007 spent more of its first month in session: As of Feb. 1, 2007, Congress had been in session for 16 days, 134 hours, and 50 minutes, according to the Congressional Record.

    By contrast, this year Republican leadership determined the House would be in session for only 11 days, 62 hours, and 5 minutes of its first month, according to the Congressional Record. Some of that time was spent reading the U.S. Constitution on the House floor; original parts of the Constitution that were later amended, including sections referencing slavery, were omitted.”

    You know, this was entirely predictable since Boehner is better known for his nightly visits to his favorite DC bars, and his penchant for working bank hours, then he is for hard work.


    When can we get Speaker Pelosi back to put these people to work?

  9. We know who he is:

    Obama’s not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare.

    You’re thinking of Jesus.

    –Tweeted by John Fugelsang (2nd of April, 2010)

  10. Boehner and Cantor decided to get their new Reps as much face time in their districts kissing babies, marching in parades and attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies in hopes that this personal contact they have with voters will make up for the fact they’re going to do absolutely nothing for two years when they run for re-election.

  11. Less work and more vacation. they only work a week then off i think 2 weeks.

  12. “When can we get Speaker Pelosi back to put these people to work?”

    21.5 months and counting… Hopefully.

  13. Yes, I saw that piece on the Daily Show. He went straight from the footage of him making the promise to footage of him having to break it. No clip or mention of how he got to this point. Just presented it as if he never intended to keep the promise in the first place.

    This morning I went to check my Yahoo e-mail and I saw some article titled “A Listers Push Obama”. I didn’t even read it because I knew it was garbage. Where were these A listers during the mid-terms? or the entire past 2 years when Obama could have used their A-List status to push legislation. F- them ALL!!! I’m tired of them. There are 500+ egos that Obama has to deal with everyday. PUSH THEM for a change.

  14. I remember that report. I had to laugh when I read it because at the time so many people where demanding that Obama should measure up to Kucinich. Embarrassing.

  15. I don’t know if we’re a center right country. I think we’re more of “I don’t have a clue” country. When poll after poll indicate people cannot pick out South America or Africa on a map; when people cannot name the three branches of our government; when people don’t know how many Supremes there are (let alone name them); when people can’t name the Administration’s Cabinet (except for Hillary)- I say we are an uninformed and apathetic country. If memory serves about 40% of people eligible to vote do so. President Obama received more votes than any other presidential candidate – about 66 million. A hell of a lot of people in this country are clueless and seemingly wish to remain so. I am hopeful that WI woke up some people.

    The so-called “progressive” elites never gave a rat’s arse for the “little” people. President Obama is really NOT one of them. He is a self-made man of great statue, but he’s not in their club. People like Jon Stewart, Ed Schultz and other so-called elites on the left don’t really care about working for the benefit of ALL progressives. If they did they would be more careful with their criticism and at the very least be honest and forthright. I stopped going to some of those “left” blogs because frankly the level of immaturity was astounding. They are self-serving and don’t care what harm may come to the entire nation with their inflammatory, misguided and misinformation they spew with their perceived authority.

  16. #random …Wonder what the excuse will be when all those “disappointed” frustrati folks show up booking all the best rooms & hogging all the best spots at the DNC ’12…Bandwagon jumpers…Pffft..!!

  17. Oh, and I forgot. The elite progressives expected that they would say JUMP and THIS President would say HOW HIGH. When he did NOT it blew their minds. These pundits can on TV and TELL the President what he should do and when he should do it. Did they do that to Clinton. I don’t think so. THIS President is judged by a different standard. And MOST of knew that would be the case.

    Thank you letting me vent !

  18. BWD, It is one of some 12,000 anonymous egotistical bloggers each of whom think they can do PBO’s job far better than he can and all want to give him advice on messaging and everything else under the sun. Going to be one heck of a primary race and a very long ballot paper.

    I’ll wait with you.

  19. Our liberal media at work (h/t CarolinaGirl@weeseeyou):

    Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign Is Helping Bullies
    By Paul Campos

    Michelle Obama spoke movingly last week at a press conference about how parents agonize over the pain bullies inflict on children. Maybe she should talk to about Casey Heynes about that. Heynes is a 16-year-old Australian fat kid who according to his father has been bullied for years by classmates about his weight. A few days ago, some of them decided to record their latest attack on a camera phone.

    The first lady would, no doubt, be horrified by the suggestion that her Let’s Move campaign, which is dedicated to trying to create an America without any fat kids, is itself a particularly invidious form of bullying. But practically speaking, that’s exactly what it is. The campaign is in effect arguing that the way to stop the bullying of fat kids is to get rid of fat kids.

    [snip: edited to remove the remainder of this drivel]


    You just can’t make it up. As another wsy commenter noted, a long treatise manufacturing an accusation of bullying re: let’s move, peppered with references to “fat kid” namecall. This just blew my mind, which isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s almost performance art in its creative attack upon such a nonoffensive person and her equally tolerant, nonoffensive initiative to provide guidance about obesity.

  20. Aha, so there’s a method to the madness. I’m hoping that Dems have some plans to offset this. It’s so unfair…Dems spent time away working and delivering help to people. The GOP obstructs and grandstands and are rewarded for it. It’s so wrong.

  21. #random …The operatives/trollz that have
    infested a lot of the so called liberal blogs
    are bummed by the fact that POTUS won’t have
    to waste money on primary fights and will be
    refreshed & ready to take on a bloodied,
    bruised repub…too funny watching them conduct a “civil” primary process..

  22. Funny you said that. Whenever I watch Jay Leno and he has his “Jay Walking” segment on, where he asked passers by things that I think EVERYONE should know, AND THEY DON’T…I’m amazed at the stunning ignorance of the people in this country.When they know who got kicked off “Idol” and can’t name Supreme Court justices…even one, we’re so screwd!!!!If being stupid and uninformed is the new “thing”, I refuse to be “in”.Everyone laughs, but it’s truly pathetic.

  23. Its sad really. They’re pushing him on Gay Rights. I dont mind it though, because its almost campaign season and he will need the A-list money to counter the first Corporate takeover of Pres elections thanks to the conservative sup ct. They are flexing their power because they haven’t really been paying attention and now that he needs them they want to complain. It took me awhile to stop going over there everyday. I drop in twice a week to go to war for PBO. But BWD saved folk like me

  24. I thought the left was against war. But look like Greenwald wants president obama to go into libya. Wow!

  25. lol keep em coming as well as entertaining me these facts need to be out there. *brb sharing the hell outta this to my friends*

  26. Rachel did a segment recently where if you offer up a policy idea without saying which side it comes from Dem ideas are pretty popular. I think 30+ years of attacks and negative branding on “liberal” is at work where folks think being a “Republican/Conservative” means they’re serious and adult where Democrats are the hippies, minorities, absolute peaceniks and college kids who want to spend all of other peoples money on the lazy poor and illegal immigrants.

    Democrats attack the issue to win the argument, the GOP attacks the party – so win or lose the argument of the day, the GOP gets a net win in that the Dem brand has taken a hit.

  27. All they did was cleansed those spaces of the most pragmatic people who understand how to harness emotion, yet not become defeated by emotion.

    I’m an example. My father, who was a wonderful and accomplished person, passed away when I was a toddler. Given that, there’s no way in the world that I’m going to be defeated by even extreme disappointments such as donating a lot or canvassing hard for a candidate or set of candidates who lose or narrowly win, and I’m fairly new to this. It’s just not that serious. You pick yourself up and move on, trying to salvage what you can and leaving what you can’t behind in the dust.

    So they basically ran away pragmatists who have a valuable viewpoint, and are left with people who I really do think are more inclined to wallow in disappointment rather than pursuing plan b, then plan c, then plan d, etc., and never giving up. I really question and disagree with the editors of spaces which chose to allow their media companies to go in that direction, but it is their right to do that, and they should be left in peace IMO.

    I’m just thankful, grateful, appreciative of the editorial brilliance of bwd who made a very different choice and has yielded a fantastic woven tapestry of mismashes, pictures, and a terrific commenting community.

  28. LOL! Love it, BWD.

    Back when I still participated in that “other” place, whenever someone from the Poutrage Posse was calling for a primary challenger, I would tweak them by replying,

    “I hear John Edwards is available.”

  29. Who are those “Masked Men” Blogs who want to Primary my president? CNN 50%; ABC 51%; Gallup 48%; latest job approval polls. Approval/Like Average 70% Unemployment is 8.9%

    Show me a candidate that can bring in numbers like this with the U/E rate this high. These numbers are from R/D/I, not just Liberal Democrats. Even Saint Reagan’s dipped to 35% with high U/E. At this point in his pres., Gallup says he was at 41%!

    Bring this uber candidate forth PL’s! We’ll get them ready for 2016. 🙂

  30. Our current president is making haste to get us removed from Afghanistan, which previous president since before Reagan did that ?

  31. The real problem is that a died in the whole liberal acting as one can not get elected in this country. The problem is not that the country is center right. If anything it ios center left. And in fact, taken as a point by point agenda, a goodly majority of American people would agree with a liberal agenda.

    Rather it is that the Republicans have done such a good job over the last 30 years of making the word “liberal” a four letter word that people only hear the word and turn off without even paying attention to the agenda.

    Probably the biggest mistake Dukakis made in 1988 (not that he was the greatest candidate anyway) was not standing up and defending himself and liberals in general when Bush the elder kept talking about “The ‘L’ word”.

    I wish for the day when somebody will stand up and say something like:

    If being a liberal means caring about the welfare of all people, not just the wealthy, then I am proud to be a liberal.

    If being a liberal means wanting an environmentally safe country for our children annd grandchildren, then I am glad to be a liberal.

    If being a liberal means not wanting to see somebody die because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor, then I am proude to be a liberal.

    If being a liberal means wanting to make sure our elderly, after giving a lifetime of work to make this country strong are not left by the wayside, then I am proud to be a liberal.

    And so on and so on. A very lengthy list could be made. But until the word liberal no longer is a curse, no true liberal who acts and speaks like a liberal can be elected to the Presidency and not enough to make a difference in the Senate or House.

    I do believe that Obama is a liberal progressive, but he understands this and knows that until certain things change, all progress must be incremental.

  32. Remember guys, a lot of neocons from the Iraq War period were actually socially liberal yet they are war hawks. Not all of them were like Dick Cheney or Rumsfeld. There were people like Lieberman who held many socially liberal views (which is why I wasn’t surprised that he helped to repeal DADT), yet they were convinced that they could help people if they took down nasty regimes, reasoning that the collateral damage would be worth it in the end.

    President Obama is upending that notion with varying degrees of success. He’s pointing out that good intentions does not always create good outcomes in this respect, and the people begging you to come take down a bad regime militarily can turn around and blame you for the worse one which springs up. And as well, lots of nasty little hidden agendas from the US can get into the mix, like profiteering. This is why it is ideal for the people in the country to take care of changing regimes in house as much as is possible.

    I expect any Libyan intervention (if there is one) to be internationally broad-based and very focused. We’re heading out of the regime change business, very slowly, but the indication of a change in philosophy is there.

    (long and tedious enough comment for you guys, lol).

  33. “Day in the Life of Joe Republican,” a classic:

    Joe gets up at 6:00am to prepare his morning coffee. He fills his pot full of good clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards. He takes his daily medication with his first swallow of coffee. His medications are safe to take because some liberal fought to insure their safety and work as advertised.

    All but $10.00 of his medications are paid for by his employers medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance, now Joe gets it too. He prepares his morning breakfast, bacon and eggs this day. Joe’s bacon is safe to eat because some liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry.

    Joe takes his morning shower reaching for his shampoo; His bottle is properly labeled with every ingredient and the amount of its contents because some liberal fought for his right to know what he was putting on his body and how much it contained. Joe dresses, walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air he breathes is clean because some tree hugging liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air. He walks to the subway station for his government subsidized ride to work; it saves him considerable money in parking and transportation fees. You see, some liberal fought for affordable public transportation, which gives everyone the opportunity to be a contributor.

    Joe begins his work day; he has a good job with excellent pay, medicals benefits, retirement, paid holidays and vacation because some liberal union members fought and died for these working standards. Joe’s employer pays these standards because Joe’s employer doesn’t want his employees to call the union. If Joe is hurt on the job or becomes unemployed he’ll get a worker compensation or unemployment check because some liberal didn’t think he should loose his home because of his temporary misfortune.

    Its noon time, Joe needs to make a Bank Deposit so he can pay some bills. Joe’s deposit is federally insured by the FDIC because some liberal wanted to protect Joe’s money from unscrupulous bankers who ruined the banking system before the depression [2011 update: and did it again after another unwise period of deregulation].

    Joe has to pay his Fannie Mae underwritten Mortgage and his below market federal student loan because some stupid liberal decided that Joe and the government would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his life-time.

    Joe is home from work, he plans to visit his father this evening at his farm home in the country. He gets in his car for the drive to dads; his car is among the safest in the world because some liberal fought for car safety standards. He arrives at his boyhood home. He was the third generation to live in the house financed by Farmers Home Administration because bankers didn’t want to make rural loans. The house didn’t have electric until some big government liberal stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and demanded rural electrification. (Those rural Republican’s would still be sitting in the dark)

    He is happy to see his dad who is now retired. His dad lives on Social Security and his union pension because some liberal made sure he could take care of himself so Joe wouldn’t have to. After his visit with dad he gets back in his car for the ride home.

    He turns on a radio talk show, the host’s keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are good. (He doesn’t tell Joe that his beloved Republicans have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day) Joe agrees, “We don’t need those big government liberals ruining our lives; after all, I’m a self made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have”.


  34. Watching FLOTUS and the whippersnappers doing the spring planting is just adorable. The kids seem to have an innate reverence for what they are doing. They are handling the plants with such care. Very sweet…

  35. Hee. Yea. And you know what’s been most annoying about Edwards-cult? That looking at what he’s actually done in his career, he was to the right of PBO. But these “progressives” are bunch of kids.

  36. They used to post picture diaries too, and nightly Edwards round-ups. Yet were incredibly intolerant of the same for President Obama. Pretty stunning.

  37. This isn’t even worth taking seriously and we should treat it as such IMO. It’s all bark, no bite.


    Republicans are attacking our schools again: – Chuck Norris is such a tool

    Rand Paul frames Bush V. Clinton regarding their economic legacies: – Interesting and true, you’re still crazy Rand

    Mr Starbursts is cheating on Sarah and now tingling for M-Bach’s possible Presidential run: – He see’s nothing but upside…you sir, are apparently blind

  38. Jon Stewart has officially “jumped the shark”. Funny, a couple of days ago I asked if anyone remembered when Olbermann railed against Pres. Obama about Guantanamo still being open when he knew full well that it was Congress’ fault that the prison is still open. Now Jon Stewart does the EXACT same thing. He is trying his best to make the youth disenchanted with Obama. His totally cowardly and useless rally combined with his snark and disrespect filled interview with Pres. Obama, has made me no longer give Mr. Stewart the time of day. Further evidence of the full court press the PL, MSM and Rightwing radio/TV are engaging in to get republicans elected.

  39. I don’t think there will be a challenge from the left, and if whoever did try, they would getted steamrolled.

    I wish the PL would stop attacking our president and instead use that energy to move our nation forward. While all this attack President Obama loonacy is going on, our representatives in Congress should be having their feet held to the fire for getting a good budget passed. The GOP is being a bit ridiculous in that regards.

    Hey, Boehner! Where are the jobs?

  40. I agree it’s soooo not gonna happen and I truly, honestly think we should brush our shoulders off and keep it movin’. The PL are throwing tiny pebbles at our progressing locomotive.

    We’d be better off theorizing about the Loch Ness monster. 🙂 We might see Nelly before a real primary challenge.

  41. Thank you very much. I think it’s quite a wonderful and fascinating work of architecture.

  42. Totally agree, Sabreen60. If they had valid, fact-based criticisms, I would respect that. But the fact that they have to LIE and MISREPRESENT in order to bash the President, tells me that this is a propaganda campaign by the PL against a sitting Democratic President that I have never seen before. They were careful not to lie about Bush, but they freely lie about Obama. Why have more integrity when dealing with your supposed political enemies than you show toward your supposed political ally? The answer, IMO, is that ALL the branches of the MSM (left, right and center) are in a concerted effort to destroy Pres. Obama and the democratic party. It’s all a con. Thankfully, I believe that more and more people are waking up and tuning these dishonest a**holes out.

  43. Without a doubt. I thought a lot of it was just drama-loving too. You were building something outside of the “cool kids” clique, and I think that there was some degree of resentment that anyone outside of, and not approved by, this childish clique consistently received attention and kudos. That’s why I was so unsurprised when, out of expedience, started tolerating a new picture diaries series when you left hosted by someone better liked by that clique, and thus, with a clean, untrolled comments space (or at least that’s what people here said; I never checked it out). You just can’t make this stuff up. I grew out of that in kindergarten.

  44. Absolutely. It’s not mine; it’s been floating around for years, please get it viral again!

  45. Very true, BWD. It is to the point where one can literally know what the PL position will be on every issue: the direct opposite of what Pres. Obama does. Or if Pres. Obama has not yet dealt with the issue, the PL will promote the most politically stupid position, knowing Pres. Obama will do the opposite. It is childish, petty and sad.

  46. I stopped listening to those dillusional people when they started chanting “Olbermann for President”.

  47. I think where a lot of this comes from are the Clintonistas who still can’t get over that loss.

  48. That would be a shame because Kucinich is a fine man who says things that need to be said, but he is not capable of winning a primary, much less the Presidential nomination. It is a very different matter to run for a Congressional district than it is to run nationally. It is discouraging that the gops always seem to have control when redistricting in on the table, but they weren’t helped as much by it as they thought they would be in 2006 and 2008. Redistricting gave my area Senselessbrenner rather than Tom Barrett, so it can be effective.

  49. He jumped the shark several months ago in my book. Now as far as I can tell they pretty much give equal time critisizing the left as they do the right.

    F him and the horse he rode in on. At least with Colbert he knows who his audience and his schtick does not work unless he is making fun of the right by playing a character from the right so he simply cannot try change his stripes.

  50. Hypothetical candidates do not win elections, or even primaries.

    When someone is actually running, then there is something to discuss. To the best of my knowledge, no one has announced. There’s nothing to talk about at the moment.

  51. Bachmann getting the presidential nod for the GOP would be great for down ticket Democrats as their GOP opposition would either have to embrace her wingnuttery and lose indies/moderates or run from her and piss off her teabagger supporters.

    She raised something like $8M in 2010 which is unheard of for congressional seats so she has a following – basically she’s Sarah Palin without the over-exposure and with a Congressional voting record.

  52. I cannot wait for the time when, after the President’s 8-year term is long passed, that the whiners will be wishing President Obama was back in office.

  53. Now the Huffposters want Weiner to primary Obama because of Gitmo and various other nonsense — it’s like they are completely oblivious to what their inaction caused in Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin — to them, it’s all Obama’s fault —

  54. No, no, the President still polls well with the left. A small group of disgruntled frustrati are not “the left”, and I would wager that were the “leftest of the left” candidate to ascend to the highest office in the land, they would react in exactly the same fashion as they are acting now, not only because such a person would most likely be far less effective at getting anything done than our current President, but also because they would simply move the goalposts so they could indulge in their “righteous” rage. I do admit, however, that I believe there is at least a tinge of unrecognized (by them) racism in much of their blather. Their rage is what they have but there’s no reason for it to infect us if we stay our of their range.

  55. Thanks for making that point, sheila. We’re getting a little bit of a bad rap here in lefty liberal land because we don’t have a huge voice in the media. This space is full of far left liberals, but because we’re pragmatists, we’re labeled as “centrist.” The left, Dems generally, and/or black folks pretty much love the POTUS. His ratings are suffering because of those swing voting Indies IMO. The gallup crosstab has shown this for months.

  56. What a thing of you to say, dannie. Not sure how much I rock, but I love your comments here and at wsy.

  57. the mere fact that they are still on that site, says to me they are far from ‘progressive’

  58. That’s it, exactly, Sabreen. Clinton, the most conservative Democratic President in more than half a century got a pass. It is just impossible for me to believe that people who have exactly NO knowledge of the inner workings of Washington and the personalities involved could possible know what to do in these complex situations. I do not particularly like the way Washington works, or the influence of the corporate/military structure on it, but it certainly is not much different today than it was in Clinton’s, Carter’s, or even Johnson’s and Roosevelt’s times. Deals are cut all the time. If we truly want deep change, we need to change the entire system and empower an engaged electorate. To place the onus for this on one man (and a very fine one, at that) is much like a toddler blaming Mommy and Daddy for everything. In the toddler’s case, it is understandable because a toddler has a very limited sphere and lacks emotional control, but for an adult to do this is absurd.

  59. EicFive, I think you give the media too much credit by attributing any sort of concerted effort to them. That is beyond their thinking and organizational skills. They react in a way that they believe will benefit them and raise their ratings, country be damned.

  60. Honestly, all this bleating about a primary challenge is just noise. These people know nothing about the practicalities of such a thing, nor do they have the organizational skills to pull it off. It’s easy to talk and type. It’s tough as heck to actually accomplish anything. Right now they are pumping up the outrage volume to show how important they are because I honestly think fewer and fewer people care what they say. I haven’t been to a toxic website in months. They’re just gone from my life and I don’t miss them and never follow a link to them. Years ago, I turned off ALL tv commentators, including Stewart. I simply don’t value his opinion enough to care what he says or thinks.

    There’s a long history of anti-intellectualism in this country that seems to value stupidity and willful know nothingness over smarts. It’s bred generations of people who think their gut instincts are always right and that facts are irrelevant. They’re the easy targets for the right-wing propagandists.

    What has to keep us going is that this isn’t the majority. There are people we can reach who have at least partially opened minds and who aren’t swayed by tv and blog propaganda. I intend to keep reaching out to those people, no matter what the idiots on right and left say. Regard them as fleas in the grass, who may nip at your ankles, but can’t deter you from your forward march.

  61. Joe, that makes Dennis the PERFECT poster child for the PL. Ineffectuality personified.

  62. I do think we should give Dennis Kucinich some credit for bringing up ideas and policies that much of the rest of the country ignores. My values are very much in synch with his, though I am fully aware that the establishment’s are decidedly not, and the general public is too uninformed to know whether they would agree with them or not if they thought about them, which they won’t. But he has neither the persona nor the following to ever be a viable candidate. I actually enjoy having him in the debates, but I prefer to have something tangible rather than just the presentation of a principled stance. In a way, a person who is willing to take on the establishment and compromise with it in order to achieve something rather than nothing is a far stronger person than he or she who maintains their “principles” and accomplishes very little.

  63. I guess we disagree on this point. Our MSM is extremely consolidated in a very few corporate hands. It would be very easy to have a concerted coordinated media attack on Pres. Obama and create a political climate favorable to getting GOP elected. I was convinced of my theory during the months leading up to the Midterms. Every MSM outlet was bashing Pres. Obama and dems. You could not escape the drum beat. I don’t think it is about ratings, it is about power. Cable news ratings are slipping, I bet the attacks on Pres. Obama continue unabated. Remember how MSNBC canned Phil Donahue’s show, their highest rated program, when he was skeptical about the impending Iraq War? The long and short of my argument is that propaganda works, the GOP, MSM and corporations know this.

  64. Good points, gn, though I have difficulty believing than anyone who is willing to sacrifice thousands of lives is “well-meaning”, even in their own context.

  65. I loved that line, “we might see Nelly before a real primary challenge.” So funny and so true.

  66. Excellent analysis, japa. I think we might add to it, however, that the sheople are easily “led” and tend to listen to those who shout the loudest, even if they are not telling the truth, and the media, always hungry for ratings, cooperates in this. I am amazed that even when one patiently and politely attempts to give them some facts (e.g. the fact that illegal immigrants do NOT collect Social Security), so many seem unable to relinquish their mistaken beliefs. I always believe it is necessary to gain the trust of your “opponents” so that you both might proceed in a civil manner and actually engage around the real facts, but it’s probably easier to teach a dog to be a vegan in some cases.

  67. I don’t know if you are right, Fred, but I would find it terribly amusing if this were true, as Clinton was the least progressive Democratic President we’ve had in a long time, and if his wife was his co-President, ditto for her. Of course, Edwards was a big populist hero because he said, “I worked in a mill”, and none of his cheering squad much paid attention to the fact that he voted for Bush’s entire main agenda when he was in the Senate, not to mention that he was actually one of the thirteen Senators to draft the war resolution bill.

  68. Someone noted downthread that there is a strain of anti-intellectualism in this country (I’d add sensationalism) which I think cultivates a really infantile view of politicking even amongst some otherwise brilliant, compassionate people. If there’s something gone wrong in the world, we’re going to send the Daddy in the WH to go fix it and punish the people behaving badly. And this applies to numerous issues. Thank God there are some new alternatives in play. I think that there’s a possibility of an international Libyan intervention of some type. But if that takes place, it’s not going to be the cowboy thing, and it’s not going to be the US coming in and saving the day alone.

  69. Nail meet Hammer!

    Absolutely Canuck, these folks aren’t even on the scrimmage squad, no need to game plan for them.

    We’ll be taking on the GOP’s sorry starters soon enough.

  70. The sad truth is that what we’re hearing and reading from the frustrati is a perfect example of marketing, something American corporations excel at. What saddens me is the number of people who remain vulnerable to it – you’d think after years of being lied to about Nike and Exxon and GE and better living through chemistry we’d have a slightly more sophisticated populace – in fact we seem to have become more credulous.

    There’s no point in trying to reach these people. The only hope fort his country, IMO, is that the sleeping giant is being awakened. We can count on unions and working people to get good Democrats elected, not “Progressive” talkers or bloggers.

    I’m going to stay busy locally with the Democrats in my town, county and state. There’s no hope from places like Huffpo, FDL, or Kos. Why are so many of those folks former Republicans, anyway?

  71. I guess they’ve forgotten that when the president expressed his desire to close Gitmo in 2009, the dems lined up with the repubs to kill the bill, that there is a move currently in play in Congress to defund any attempts the president may make to bring the detainees to the mainland for civilian trials, or maybe they’ve also forgotten than all legislation must start in a house of Congress. A short memory isn’t only a rw phenomenon.

  72. I agree with the comment that “There is no one of any substance…” to primary PBO. It is just a stinking waste of time and something for the Corp MSM to gin up faux drama for ratings. I too can not wait until 2017 and everyone will be lamenting on how they miss President Obama and how great he was and still is.

  73. I just read that Hillary will not run for Pres and want serve in a second term in her position now.

  74. I believe you are right. There is a group on the left that has never been and never will be happy no matter who is president. There are a few reasons for that. For the PL it is their bread and butter to keep eyeballs on them. The easiest way to do that is to keep stirring controversy. Controversy sells. They won’t ever let up on criticism, whether deserved or not, because they are afraid they would become irrelevant if they didn’t have it. For the frustrati, there is a combination of the need for attention, just like the PL, with a certain personality type that thrives on discord and needs it to motivate themselves. They can’t be moved to work for slow but steady progress. They need to be goaded and pushed and the only thing that really does that for them is outrage. So they make everything an outrage. They do this no matter what. FoxNews has refined this to an art and many of the chronic complainers on the left follow that same template. Life for them is full of conspiracies, secret transgressions and oppressions, constant attacks on their nearest and dearest values. For the Fox crowd it is secret muslimism, birth certificates, socialism, unions, etc. For the left it is secret corporatism, backroom deals meant to screw the middle class, etc, etc. Both should be ignored because they bear very little resemblance to reality.

  75. Absolutely, gn. I would place my anti-establishment beliefs up against any of the frustrati’s. But, as I said above, I would rather see accomplishments rather than “principled” stances.

  76. I agree, and maybe we should all spend less time talking about them, though I admit it is difficult to refrain.

  77. Alright, I concede that point to you, EricFive. I was thinking more in terms of the commentators rather than the management.

  78. I’ll take it a step further: Dennis Kucinich, with whom I agree on almost everything, cannot lead this country. It may feel really good to say, “Down with corporations!” but corporations are not going to disappear because Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader yell loud enough. I don’t know that Dennis has the mindset to work with a myriad of interests and have them mesh.

  79. Was the “new” series of photo diaries by AlRogers? I know he came back for a brief visit once after BWD left, but I left after that so don’t know if he continued. Anyway, if it was, I find it pretty amusing. He was basically run off the site before BWD with the same type of nastiness. If they are welcoming him back, it must be because they are hoping to get some of the people who left to come back because he wasn’t popular with the same group that despised BWD in the past.

  80. The Department of Peace, for one. His consistent anti-war stance. His desire for universal singlepayer healthcare. Reformation of our campaign system. I also presume, though I cannot point to definite bills introduced, that he most likely supports a fair and progressive tax structure, increased funding for social programs and education, and various other policies that were once considered “liberal” and even feasible. I understand these things are not likely to happen, but I do think it is important to have them out in the public consciousness, and they decidedly will never happen if no one thinks about them.

  81. Exactly, blackwater dog. But he said, “I worked in a mill” and they all fell at his feet. I never bought into him because, well, if your mouth smiles, shouldn’t your eyes smile too?

  82. Shh, don’t talk about reality! They don’t care about polls, they go by their gut and their gut tells them the president is unpopular and no one likes him and everyone is all disappointed and stuff. Just like GWB, the gut trumps the head. Facts are just silly things you should ignore and just go with your gut instead. And in their gut, they know there is a perfect progressive out there just waiting to be swept into office where he or she will do exactly what they tell him to do and it will work miraculously because he will use the bully pulpit to force the tea partiers to go along with progressive policies that haven’t been watered down, dontcha know?

  83. Here’s something I’ve been trying to articulate for some time, so bear with me.

    The now-frustrati wanted inauthenticity. They fully expected that all of the pragmatic, center-left positions of Barack Obama were Republican-like political smoke and mirrors to fool the masses into voting for him. They then expected a fire-breathing radical liberal to tear down corporations — something that this sensible, realistic man never indicated.

    They are so used to Republican lies that they are outraged that Obama didn’t lie like the best of them (or he did, in their confused minds, because they cherry pick what statements to hold him accountable for).

    The Republicans had it easy, actually: Barack Obama was renowned for his ability to not only see all sides of an issue, but lead others to a sensible conclusion. All the Republicans had to do was say “no” to anything and everything he proposed in order to look “strong”.

    If I hear or read one more time about Obama caving to Republicans, I’m going to scream. He didn’t cave to Republicans, he had to do deals with the DINO’s who had absolutely nothing to gain politically by supporting this President (except doing the right thing but that ship appears to have sailed out of Congress. They’d just as soon be Republicans. THERE WAS NOTHING OBAMA COULD DO TO MOTIVATE THEM. All of the concessions were to Blue Dogs, not to Republicans. Without which, we would have nothing. Don’t try to tell me, frustrati, that you’d be cheering for that now and that would have sent your streaming to the polls in 2010. You would have cherry-picked his words again, faulting him for not being the compromiser-in-chief. What hypocrites.

    Newsflash: Obama never had the majorities the numbers said he had. He only had 52 reliable Democrats in the Senate and a razor-thin margin in Congress.

    I love Howard Dean, I really do. But when the books are written about politics in the 2000’s, Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy is not going to fare well. He took anyone willing to put a “D” after their name no matter how conservative they really were, or most important — how conservative the districts they represented were. A Democrat who finds Bob Dole’s health care reform plan too liberal is, well, no Democrat. Never was, never will be. I am sure that Howard Dean never imagined that they would be that conservative and that disloyal to their party but he was wrong. They are the reason this President wasn’t able to get single payer or stronger Wall St. reforms. The DINO’s did this President in.

    Did it make any sense at all that Bart Stupak was asking for an abortion amendment to fix a problem that never existed? NO FEDERAL FUNDS GO TO ABORTION. With Democrats like that, who needs Republicans?

    That’s when I realized how batshit insane DK had become: once Stupak gave in, after causing nothing but grief and watered down reform, he was a HERO. Now I am grateful we got his vote, I really am. But he’s no hero. Not to this Democrat he’s not.

    I wish our numbers had not looked so good (and even at that, they were nothing compared to the numbers FDR and Johnson had to work with, and they had moderate, sane Republicans which Obama does not have). I would rather the Republicans had been called Republicans, and Obama’s razor-thin margins would have been factored into the standard for success.

  84. It’s center left but a large percentage of the left is apathetic about voting…especially in midterms. That is why the votes tend to go center right.

  85. Okay, so how did Senator Obama measure up with Kucinich?

    Barack Obama has sponsored 121 bills since Jan 24, 2005 of which 115 haven’t made it out of committee and 3 were successfully enacted.

    Dennis Kucinich has sponsored 107 bills since Jan 7, 1997 of which 102 haven’t made it out of committee and 4 were successfully enacted.

    As Eclectablog would say…I’m just sayin’.

  86. I have heard that is a problem for him. Maybe that is why he called for someone to primary Obama. He is feeding his mob some red meat.

    I have nothing against Dennis, and it is good that he dreams. But, I fear that is all it is.
    This country was hardly ready for PBO, let alone a guy who would never be able to work with many dems and all repugs.

  87. I believe that many liberals don’t actually know what they want. POTUS delievers Wall Street Reform, and many liberals say that it’s not good enough. He delievers HCR and folks call for the bill to be killed, because they did not get every single thing they wanted in the bill. POTUS repeals DADT, and that was not good enough either. Eventhough, many were screaming at the top of their longues saying that POTUS either, hated gay people, or that DADT would never be repealed. Then, in November 2010, many liberals wanted to teach POTUS a “lesson,” now their lessons has backfired on them, since they are the middle class.

    Also, I think many should not worry about the few celebs that are trashing POTUS in public, because those celebs really weren’t the celebs that publicly supported POTUS.

  88. Anthony Weiner is over at Puffington Post crying about President Obama’s values and leadership. I have never seen a President attacked by his own party as much as President Obama has. It is almost like the Health Care Bill, saving GM, and every other landmark piece of legislation never happened. What does a President have to do to get support from his own party? Maybe he should go the intern route, and then maybe the party will come together to support him.

  89. ^Despite PBHO being elected and b/c of Civil Rights Movement 2.0 (or New Civil Rights Movement), WE still gotta long way to go…

    Before MLK, Jr’s ‘Dream’ IS fully realized… But, some day, WE shall overcome…

    @GottaLaff: VIDEO – #Michigan Protests: “Recall Rick!” #NewCivilRightsMovement


  90. Anthony Weiner is a JEALOUS JERK. And his credibility where President Obama is concerned is ZERO.

  91. Well all I’m gonna say about Dennis is that, after having lived in his district for five years,(I live in Marcia Fudge’s district now), I want a rep who does more than scream his ideals to anyone who’ll listen without doing much to bring substantive change. His district has some very low income neighborhoods and they could use an effective rep who will help bring housing and jobs. For example, the housing crisis has left parts of Dennis’ district decimated but it’s been Rep. Fudge who seems to be taking the lead on that issue. Dennis’ views are fine but Ohio needs a real fighter who will work with the President to bring real change. I will say the folks in his office are nice.

  92. It is time to hold to account those who spend all their energy trying to hold PBO accountable.

    Most of these whiners are people with deep issues with authority. Perhaps they grew up in households with unhealthy authority dynamics, don’t care really because they want a president who gives them stuff but refuses to use his authority to coerce any person to do anything. They want him to shout at limbaugh all day but any use of executive power makes them cringe. Amy Goodman liberals.

  93. I am committed to work as hard as is humanly possible for the re-election of President Obama. At this juncture I really have no time to listen to all those who are promoting a challenge to a President who, since FDR, has been the most progressive President. If, god forbid, President Obama is weakened, and eventually defeated by a Republican, because of the relentless attacks from those who claim to be progressives, I would do everything to hold them accountable for the damages that a Republican president is most certainly likely to cause. The Democratic family must know that people who promote division within the party are just as culpable as Republicans for evil policies such as those being enacted in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Florida.

  94. Thank you, Tien le. I like your gravatar also. It makes the mind think, and I like that. I think donna’s picture of FLOTUS is very artistic as well.

  95. Because if they organized such a protest you would see how thin their actual support is.

  96. Weiner thinks that leadership of the democratic party is all being about screaming at republicans.

    Weiner is dedicated and obviously cares for the poor and the middle class. What’s so frustrating to see is his arrogance and his inability to understand the political philosophy of President Obama.

  97. so-where-is-this-liberal-hero-who-will-save-the-country-from-the-most-liberal-president-in-40-years?

    -Riding that pony that the President allegedly promised The Professional Left…holding a sundae…with sprinkles on top…clutching a tickle-me-Elmo doll (thanks, Miranda!)…

  98. Awesome post, GN!

    I think I’m like you in a lot of respects. I’ve experienced REAL tragedy (although definitely not tragic as some), so a lot of this nonsense doesn’t bother me in the least. I just don’t tune in, click in, or listen in when I don’t want to. It’s not that serious. They are not my reality.

  99. Then he should stick to caring for the poor and middle class and stop using every opportunity to bash the Presdient who is also dedicated to caring for the poor and middle class.

  100. Hilarious line re: his smile. I NEVER bought into John Edwards. He looked fake to me from the jump and I always thought he was trying to be a reincarnated Bobby Kennedy. Yuck!

  101. I agree. I think any intervention will be broad based with the Middle Eastern countries and others heavily involved. I know that ME countries have called on the US to do a no-fly, but if that’s what they want they better be in the front of the line, IMO.

  102. The main point is these people just do not know what to do with a winner.They get so use to playing the victim they can not look up when they win. We had 60 in the Senate and full control of the other parts of government and they still had to fight inside and not back the President.They do not criticize they do foolish talk to hear themselves.Like today on Bloomberg news they had a screen note tell everyone the Treasury Dept. announced that 99% of the TARP has been repaid and the Government will make a 20 billion profit on the loans of tax dollars. But no the Dems do not come out a shout out the good things that are happening.But they sure can bash our President when he does not jump to their tune.

  103. These “progressives” only appreciate the politician who uses agressive language against the corporations and the capitalist system. They were seduced by Edwards because he “talked” like them.

    So sad that they can’t see what’s real.

    For the record, I NEVER bought into John Edwards. And that dates to 2004. It was instinctive. There was something shallow about him. Lack of character.

    In 2008, it was so obvious to me that in terms of knowledge, wisdom, depth of thinking, integrity, authenticity, courage, Barack Obama was in a total different league.

    Hi and thanks, BWD !!

  104. why is they talk so much about GITMO and closing it but nobody backs the President to close it. They don’t fight to have the trials in court to get it over with but can fault the PBO for not doing it. It is so sicking to hear all the HOT AIR and no action to do something.

  105. Well, to be fair that’s only certain parts of TARP that have been repaid.
    “The U.S. Treasury Department said more than 99 percent of bank disbursements from the Troubled Asset Relief Program have been recovered.

    About $244 billion of the $245 billion in total funds paid to banks has been repaid, the Treasury Department said in an e- mailed statement. ”

    $411 Billion was dispersed and only 70% of that total money has been recouped. Even still, you’d think that Congress would be out there saying, “See, we told you it would work.” Republicans, too, since they took the biggest hits for voting for it.

  106. Of course not. Complaining and whining is so much more fun than acting for change. You’d think their fingers would be bleeding stumps given how much they type all day.

  107. Wow, they threatened to primary Bernie? These people are NOT liberals!!! For goodness sakes, Bernie is a Socialist! I mean the real Left….smh

  108. Never expected the netroots to turn out to be idiots, but that they did. I’ve about given up on them and am thankful, at least this little Ft Obot outpost is here. Thank you BWD.

  109. Forget it, already. My mind was made up a long time ago. I voted for him before and he has my vote again. He has had a tremendous amount of opposition. My guess is his second term will have more Democratic support in the House and Senate. Repubs and teapartiers are showing their true allegiances to big corporations. Time to end corporate welfare and the only way is to elect those we know will fight for the people.

  110. Tee-hee, here’s a comment from a blog post about Obama facing a primary challenge;

    “The last 2 weeks have been nothing but drifting-on Libya,on Japan,on Gas prices…”

    Oh yes, why hasn’t Obama declared war on Libya yet? Why hasn’t he annexed the Japanese coast and fixed the nuclear reactor meltdown yet? And why the hell hasn’t he used the bully-pulpit to force down the price of a barrel of oil?

    The crazy is strong in this one!

  111. I couldn’t even watch one minute of Ed tonight before turning….he is an a$$… I’m thru with progressive media other than Rachel, Stephanie and Thom Hartman on occasion.

    Bill press compared Katrina victims to Japanese victims in a way that was unfavorable to the New Orleanians and that was it for me. I’m so tired of these whiney fake progressives. NPR here I come….

  112. I’m a white, middle aged teacher and I really like President Obama and I especially like his quiet confidence and I feel that he’s doing the best he can.

  113. They expected him to be their “boy”, don’t you think? The fact that he’s articulate, intelligent and very much his own boss, drives them crazy. The fact that he doesn’t kowtow to them, that he’s actually trying bipartisanship and that he’s willing to compromise to protect the American unemployed so they can keep getting their checks, disturbs them. They claim he’s not doing enough, but really he’s not doing enough of what THEY wanted him to do and they are stunned that he isn’t.

  114. That was Jane Hamsher as I recall. Because he had the gall to vote for HCR.

    Let’s be clear about one thing: if Hillary had done what Obama has done, or even more to the right, Jane Hamsher and her cohorts would cheer her political prowess.

    A lot of the PL are vengeful children who never got over the primaries.

  115. Hi Faith,

    Thank you for this excellent commentary. You effectively showed the unreasonableness of the so called progressive bashers of President Obama. But you know what Faith, I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter what President Obama does, the people who have anointed themselves as guardians of everything progressive will always find something to criticize him for.

    At this stage, it is really a futile exercise trying to reason with them. Personally I think that they know that President Obama’s accomplishments, in just two years, are historic. I say that because most of these people are quite educated, and I am sure they’ve read objective assessment, by historians and political commentators who marvel at the legislative accomplishment of President Obama. But, for some inexplicable reasons, these so called progressives hate President Obma so much that they will never give him any credit.

    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: the main goal of the people on the left, who bash this president 24/7, is to ensure that he is a one term president. Like their fellow teabaggers, who would have no qualms destroying the country in oder to defeat President Obama, these self righteous progressives have no qualms facilitating the election of a Republican, so long as President Obama is not re-elected for a second term. If I am wrong, I hope someone would correct me by suggesting another plausible alternative reason that explains why these so called progressives are so relentless in their vitriol against President Obama.

  116. Clinton got in hot water plenty of times other than just Monica. He did many things that were considered right winged and has been accused by many progressive ideologues of being a republican. Facts are is the internet is what has been a factor in why so many are hearing and seeing it.

  117. But now they celebrate and hail the same Clinton while bashing President Obama. Something smells fishy!

  118. I am a 65 year old White/Native American retired teacher. I am a big Obama supporter and was second in line at 6:45am for a 9pm Primary Rally in Eugene, OR. I believed in him then and continue to be amazed at how many things on his long list of what he wanted to do that he has actually gotten accomplished under the worst of conditions. I get REALLY tired of hearing the Left and their constant criticisms. I expect it from the Right since they have a different ideology and are seeking to get back in power.

    When I accidentally catch Ed Schultz show I feel absolutely sickened. I had firmly decided not to listen or watch his show quite awhile ago, but have on occasion fallen asleep on the couch watching Rachel only to wake up to Ed Schultz. It only takes a few minutes of watching before he somehow fits in an opportunity to bash PBO. I really do believe he may be purposely poisoning the minds of many against our President.

  119. 2nd in line, how lucky can a person be…… well, I guess you’re blessed for teaching our youth

  120. What about Jimmy Carter… Not to challenge Obama but wasn’t he more liberal than Obama? And some have said that Nixon was more liberal than Obama. Is this true?

  121. well actually many presidents got attacked by their own party. Reagan actually comes to mind of course you wouldn’t hear much bad about him today from his base but back than they sang a different tune. Another one was Jimmy Carter who got bashed pretty heavily on both sides of the aisle. Bill Clinton was one that had to deal with a lot of criticism for being too conservative and accused by many of the progressive left of being a moderate republican. Of course another one where most fellow liberals are in denial about.

    It does seem more wide spread with Obama though no doubt due to the internet.

  122. Darnell, dear, I’ve asked and going to ask again not to quote comments from those other sites. I left those places especially because of this crap and I really prefer not to have to see these comments copy-paste here. Thanks.

  123. No, and hell no, in that order.

    This has been “Short answers to simple questions” 🙂

  124. Ed Schultz has made it his business night after night to bash the President and falsely accuse him of not standing with the unions. His show should be boycotted.

  125. Right! I went to a “Save the Dream” rally the other day and assumed everyone there was an Obama supporter – wrong!
    I got reamed out by this guy who was telling me my wonderful President is just like Bush – give me a break!!
    I may be a progressive but I am also a realist. There is NO chance (as in NADA, ZERO!) of a progressive running as a progressive getting elected in this country!! The entire middle of this country is conservative – a lot of the country would call themselves moderate.
    We progressives are a small minority and since we tend to live in the same areas of the country many of us think there are more of us than there are!

  126. Nathan – omg – your words could come right out of my mouth!

    We shoot ourselves in the foot constantly with our need to have everything be 100% our way or we will turn on you so fast it will make your head spin!

    My progressive friends (I consider myself to be a REALISTIC progressive!) turned the country over to these GOP nutjobs by sitting on their hands and not voting – their attitude was “I’ll show them!” Show who? Everything is being set back decades by these neanderthals!!

  127. My sentiments exactly, Faith, though I think his is an important voice and I would hate to see him lose his seat.

  128. I also think his temperament drives his opponents on both sides crazy. When one has a tendency to fly off the rails, it is very difficult to understand someone who does not, and this might engender a feeling a personal inferiority. Reacting angrily to every bit of ephemera is not a sign of personal strength and the person who does this knows it is not.

  129. I agree with you, Jeff, that the Internet has spawned a milieu in which those who feel somewhat powerless in real life can vent their spleen in a manner they consider safe. The perpetually-enraged seem to be a little like obscene telephone callers, too timid to act on anything (thankfully), but finding it necessary to “express” themselves under the veil of anonymity.

  130. That’s interesting, Dannie, and, truth is, I know nothing of Dennis’s performance in his own district. I only speak to the fact that he brings up issues in his Presidential runs that the rest of the candidates often ignore. However, if he is not acting locally, he is not a worthy representative no matter what he believes.

  131. Well, PoliticalJunkessa, Edwards, madam, is NO Bobby Kennedy (except in terms of their wandering libidos). Kennedy truly was interested in eradicating poverty in this country, and I’ve heard (but, admittedly, my memories are fizzy on this), that he pushed Johnson into his “War on Poverty”.

  132. There is no way that Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders, or any far-left liberal could be elected President.

    President Obama is a moderate-liberal, and you have to be some kind of moderate to get elected President in this country.

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