Wednesday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

10:00 AM PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.Carney convenes an off-camera gaggle with Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs Daniel Restrepo and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes.
11:00 AM VPB chairs a regular meeting of senior officials to assess progress in Iraq.
12:00 PM  
1:00 PM Carney briefs the press.
1:35 PM PBO meets with USAID Administrator Raj Shah.
2:00 PM PBO meets with senior advisers.
2:55 PM PBO accepts an award in conjunction with Sunshine Week.
3:00 PM  
3:05 PM PBO and VPB meet with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
4:00 PM  
5:00 PM PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.


2. This won’t make some people too happy (Just to read the sheer bitterness in which Politico describes this even, is quite hilarious):

PBO to receive transparency award:

…Later in the afternoon, the President will accept an award from a coalition of good government groups and transparency advocates in conjunction with Sunshine Week, on transparency in government.


And here’s one reason for this award:



3.  Yea, the campaign is on:

President Obama Warms Up His 2012 Money Machine

President Barack Obama’s re-election fundraising effort kicks off — unofficially — on Wednesday when Democratic donors pour into Washington for a two-day meeting of the Democratic National Committee’s national advisory board,  featuring appearances by the president, his chief of staff, his 2008 campaign manager and the man who will head his 2012 re-election campaign.

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4. Recovery!

Fed survey: Economy expands throughout US

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy expanded in January and early February in all parts of the country, but businesses reported they are under pressure to raise their prices.

A Federal Reserve survey released Wednesday showed that all 12 of the Fed’s regions reported growth at a “modest to moderate pace” and it pointed to a pickup in job creation in each.

Retail sales picked up in 10 of the 12 regions, while falling in the Richmond and Atlanta areas. Factory activity rose in all districts except St. Louis.

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5. Anyone lives in Miami?

President Obama To Speak At Miami Dade College Graduation


6. Time to start using that pen:

Obama would veto bill killing foreclosure prevention


7. It’s that March Madness time of the year:

President Obama likes chalk for NCAAs


162 thoughts on “Wednesday morning mishmash

  1. Good morning all. Heads continue to explode within the PL as more and more comes out about what this administration is doing and accomplishing. There has always been a negativity there but I am noticing more and more a deep bitterness showing up, as if before they felt they had facts on their side, but now know they are fighting a losing battle.

  2. Something needs to be done with the gas prices or it could stall the recovery as millions of dollars is being taken out of the economy daily going to pay for the gas price increase, money that could have been spent elsewhere.

  3. Good morning, everyone!

    ‘Infrastructure bank’ gains steam

    It’s not exactly what Obama proposed, but “infrastructure bank” proposal gains some steam.

    A bipartisan group of senators appears to be moving forward with an “infrastructure bank” proposal, though it is slightly different from the one that President Obama proposed in his 2012 budget.

    Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), and Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) teamed up on Tuesday with the dynamic duo of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka to introduce the BUILD Act, which would establish a loan fund to leverage federal money for infrastructure investments.

    “We’re here today because we refuse to be second,” Kerry said at a press conference introducing the legislation. “Democrats and Republicans, business and labor are united to support the establishment of an American infrastructure bank in the United States in order to leverage investment and once again make America the world’s builder of roads and bridges, highways and rails.”


    Forgive the slight bit of snottiness towards POTUS in this article; this is Politico, lol.

  4. It is fun to be first. Congrats! Good morning great family. Thanks for the mishmash BWD. Love the part about the award. The PL is exploding. So glad to hear the campaign is gearing up. We have much to keep in front of the people the next 2 years. All that is happening in the Repub states needs to be remembered always. Eclectablog has a great diary up about the protest today in Michigan. We must organize.

  5. Ezra Klein’s wonkbook:

    The House has passed a stopgap spending bill to keep government going through April 8, report Paul Kane and Felicia Sonmez: “The House approved a resolution Tuesday that would keep the government running through early April, even as dozens of Republicans signaled that they would no longer support short-term budget fixes. On a 271 to 158 vote, the House approved a stopgap bill that would cut $6 billion from federal programs and keep the government open through April 8. Senate leaders in both parties have said they will pass the bill before Friday, when the measure that is currently funding the government expires. The new temporary measure would be the sixth since the fiscal year began Oct. 1 and the second this month. It may also be the last, given the fraying support for short-term fixes among House Republicans, as well as from President Obama.”

    The vote puts John Boehner is a bind, writes Brian Beutler: “the 54 Republicans who voted against the stop-gap legislation put him in an unenviable box: Either he kowtows to his right flank, and pushes initiatives that can’t pass in the Senate; or he abandons them, as Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has suggested, and passes consensus legislation. The latter option, however, would require significant concessions to win Democratic votes, and further delegitimize himself with the Tea Party base. If he chooses option (b), he will need Democratic votes. And that would abruptly flip the dynamic on Capitol Hill, where Republicans have been riding high since they trounced Democrats in the November elections. If he chooses option (a) — if he and his party don’t back off their pitched demand to fundamentally reshape the U.S. government — the consequences they’d hope to avoid — shutdowns and worse — will become all but inevitable.”


    Sanity…or the teaparties? Wonder which way Boehner’s going to go.

  6. Good Morning MTMarilyn,

    So true. We need to get started early and leverage off the protests in WI, MI, OH, and Fl. These crazy teabag governors have given the re-election a big boost.

  7. Only good think about this extension is that it will push into the Fox GOP presidential primary debates and make it a primary issue.

    Other than that Dems keep giving in more and more with these two week extensions. Boehner is getting the cuts he wants – I just hope the White House has a plan here and are painting Boehner into a corner so that if there is a shutdown it will be very easy to pin it on the House GOP.

  8. When the criticism lacks any internal consistency, you know it isn’t really the policies they are upset with, it is the person. There are a lot of potential reasons for that, the two biggest being racism and the “Daddy didn’t get me the pony he promised me (even thoguh that promise was never made)” syndrome. Neither of which are very flattering to the person doing the criticising.

  9. We now see how the country was duped into the war of Iraqi. chris Matthews said yesterday its the same one who beat the drum for the wars we are in now. Including Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

  10. I agree, japa, but we might also add that many of these people are most likely frustrated and need self-“righteous” rage to bolster their self-esteem, thus their perpetual search for causes for it. We can’t correct whatever personal reasons are responsible for this so it is time to ignore these people and concentrate on how we can encourage empowerment in those who might be open to it. I think the demonstrations around the country are the beginning.

  11. I must admit, tulips, that Kerry’s and Clinton’s support for Bush’s war made it very difficult for me to support either one of them as Presidential candidates.

  12. “Amid rising gas prices, President Obama said at a press conference Friday that the United States is “prepared to tap the significant stockpile of oil that we have in the strategic petroleum reserve.”

    “Obama later declined to specify the price or supply levels that would trigger the release of the strategic oil reserve. He said the reserve was meant to address a severe disruption in supply similar to the one that hit the United States in the 1970s. There is no such disruption today, he said, though there is “a great deal of uncertainty in the oil markets” due to uncertainty in the Middle East. The message, he said, was this: “We are confident about our ability to fill any potential gaps in supply.”

    “If we see significant disruptions or shifts in the market that are so disconcerting to people that we think a strategic might be appropriate than we’ll take that step,” the president said, adding that “we have it teed up” and it would thus take days, not weeks, to tap the reserve.”

  13. Sheila, as usual you are correct and perceptive. Once people get set into certain belief/behavior patterns, it is very hard to change, be they of the right or the left. I think the Republicans, in their short-sightedness, have done the Dems a great favor.The deomonstrations, even though they are not being covered as much as they should be, are waking people up to what is really happening. This creates openings for us to use in convincing those still able to be convinced, of what needs to be done next year.

  14. The cuts are simply mean-minded and will do little, if anything, to reduce the deficit. Reducing the costs of the war machine and raising taxes on the wealthy would be far more effective. I have enough faith in President Obama to believe that whatever he agrees to is what he believes is necessary to keep the country going (he knows what is happening behind the scenes which hall the would-be Presidential advisors in the frustrati do not), but it is imperative that we get rid of this bunch of thugs as fast as we can. The Democrats may not live up to our expectations, but any one of them is better than any Republican at this point in time.

  15. The Democrats always live up (or perhaps down) to my expectations, just not always up to my hopes. Nonetheless, at the lowest level of expectation they are still miles above the highest level of expectations I have for the republicans.

  16. And as usual, japa, I turn your complement back on yourself. We will be working here in Wisconsin to make sure that Walker’s evildoings are not forgotten by next year, though I am quite certain he will be adding to them, so I doubt if he’ll begin to look better in the next few months. One fight at a time, I suppose, but we really need to change how we elect our political leaders if we are to have better ones. Though I begrudge the President nothing that he needs to get re-elected, I am appalled that he feels the need to raise a billion dollars. What are we doing? I understand that this Supreme Court has made it difficult to change how campaigns are funded, but would it not be possible for Congress to pass a bill limiting campaigns to three months? Campaigns that go on longer than that only obfuscate the issues rather than clarify them. I would think Congresspeople would be happy to be relieved of the burden of prostituting themselves for money to the extent they need to do so now. Sorry for the digression, but I truly believe the system needs to be changed if we are to become the enlightened democracy we should be.

  17. No doubt. Everything that the House voted to cut was projects and such that would be things Dems would support – the GOP House cut nothing from their “pet” programs. I think the plan was to show a huge cut and then have the Dems block most of the cuts and then for the GOP to shutdown the government. I think these two week extensions buy time to hopefully have the media look at the draconian cuts the GOP wants to make (and put them in the GOP Presidential primary). Also the next extension will end in early April, when the weather begins to turn the corner and warm up and folks will be less reliant on heating and the expense that comes with it so if there is a shutdown it might be a little easier to manage in better weather.

    Also the White House will be able to show how they cut and cut from the Obama budget, and the GOP gave nothing.

  18. Can you tell us more, gobrooklyn? I admit, I am politically lazy and do not know exactly what is on the table here. I saw Nancy Pelosi on television last evening and she seemed to indicate disapproval of the bill.

  19. Right now that’s true. It’s cuts from the Obama budget. However I can see a time when Boehner will say “Okay let’s split the difference” and not count the cuts the Administration/Dems have already agreed to. Even if Boehner has pledged not to do that – I don’t trust him for nothing. Have to be around $20B in cuts already by my estimate of three extensions now.

  20. It puts a lot more pressure on Boehner if Pelosi pulls Dem support. It means he’d need to supply all the votes and he can’t do it. I think that is what Pelosi is signalling.

  21. Good morning. If anyone is looking for additional information for their database to provide facts which attest to the negative impacts of Republican/Tea Party policies, visit OFA

    The section titled, Consequences of Republican Cuts, lists a comprehensive state-by-state analysis of areas that will be effected. All you have to do is select your state to see what the results would be, which include the following:

    *health center jobs
    *national security
    *health reform implementation
    *food safety
    *Social Security disability payments
    *family planning and women’s health services
    *nutrition assistance for low-income families
    *environmental protection
    *limit the ability of law enforcement to do their jobs
    *cut funding for first responders
    *lay off thousands of teachers

  22. *********I heard on the news, that wilmington delaware amtrack station, (the one VEEP got 33 million of stimulus funds to re model the station), is being renamed Joseph R. Biden Train station -on saturday!***************

    Just thought you all would like to know.

    And the tea baggers go crazy!

  23. Thank GOD(probably thanks SOS clinton and Yes, this President for his release):

    The diplomatic standoff over CIA contractor Raymond Davis ended on Wednesday, after a Pakistani court acquitted and released Davis, who had been held for almost 2 months after shooting two men dead on the streets of Lahore. But the resolution came only after a deal was reached to pay the victims’ families what the Punjab Law Minister called “blood money” — in accordance with Islamic law.

    In other words, Davis may have been bailed out by sharia.

    “The court first indicted him but the families later told court that they have accepted the blood money and they have pardoned him,” Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah told Reuters. “The court acquitted him in the murder case.”

  24. The system of choosing and funding candidates must be changed but you really can’t expect THIS congress to change it.

  25. The progressive group Americans United for Change will go live Wednesday with a new ad slamming Republicans for prioritizing subsidies for big oil corporations over federal education spending.

    “There is a right way and a wrong way to get our country’s fiscal house in order and Republicans have chosen the wrong path: corporate welfare over the well being of Americans and our children’s education,” says Tom McMahon, executive director of Americans United.

    The ad, which contextualizes GOP budget priorities as a game show in which oil companies win and students lose, will air on CNN nationally as well as on DC cable channels, through the week.


  26. Good morning jojothecat! I can’t believe what is happening in these Reub states. They talked so much about Obama being a facist and then look what they are doing. I sure hope people are waking up at the freedoms that are disappearing! I am so thankful for BWD and this family. It keeps my spirits up. Have a great day!

  27. I have always found it ironic that the biggest supporters of the “free market” principle, the republicans, are also the ones that are working the hardest to keep subsidies going for big business and fight help to small businesses or start up businesses, such as green energy companies.

    If it is truly to be a free market, they shouldn’t need subsidies.

  28. Not to mention,Bernie sanders lied on the bill press show this morning-about POTUS cutting a deal with republicans on SS!!

    NOT! IT is that gang of six, he just does not want to blame the senate!

  29. BONER is NOT getting the cuts he wants(in this CR), he is not getting planned parent hood, ban on epa regs, cuts to stimulus, cuts to HCR, etc….

    Thus, YOu are WRong!

  30. Interesting:

    President Barack Obama’s budget chief, Jacob Lew, said he’s optimistic lawmakers will reach an agreement to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year and signaled the administration is open to more spending cuts in negotiations with Republicans.

    While Republican leaders have approached the budget discussions pragmatically, Lew said, so-called riders in the legislation that would bar funding for implementing the health- care overhaul and for Planned Parenthood and public broadcasting may threaten chances for a deal.

    “They’re more emotional sometimes than the individual funding levels,” Lew said during a Bloomberg Breakfast with reporters today in Washington. “That’s why we were so clear right at the start that it was not acceptable to put extraneous social policy and broad policy directives in a must-fund continuing resolution. It’s not going to be acceptable to us and we’re going to have to work our way through that.”

  31. I think he is doing the right thing but its so painful to watch.
    I have read that the Arab world think hes doing it right staying out until the world buys in. Very important move I think

  32. Here’s a YouTube video of the reactions which resulted from Wisconsin Republicans voting to strip workers of collective bargaining rights.

    If they were confident that what they were doing was “right,” why where they using an underground tunnel and being transported in a bus, in which the lights were turned off inside? It doesn’t appear that they were being led by the courage of their convictions, imho.

  33. No, you are right, Dannie, but I think it is an important issue that isn’t getting enough attention from activists, because until it changes, I do not think it is possible to get a truly populist Congress.

  34. Uranium disposal:

    Workers at the Crescent Junction disposal site in Utah in front of the container holding the one millionth ton of uranium mill tailings that was transported from the pile in Moab, Utah. The container is being prepared to be dumped in the disposal cell. Of the first million tons transported for permanent disposal, almost half, or 490,000 tons, was shipped using Recovery Act funding.

    To see more photos of Recovery projects or add your own photos, visit the Flickr Group.

  35. Thanks for the information, everyone. And if anyone has a dependable link regarding the cuts, let me know. Though it’s useless to write to my Congressman Senselessbrenner. I doubt if he reads anything he thinks might disagree with him, as he consistently shuts down meetings, both in Congress and with the people, if they do not go the way he wants them to go.

  36. Wait a minute, jovie, this man shot two people dead on the streets of their own country? Your link doesn’t give the circumstances surrounding this, and I have a dim view of punishment as an effective way of halting violence, but I can’t get too excited about this person.

  37. I went to Miami-Dade Community College years ago for an AA, then to other schools after that. Miami-Dade was by far the best of all of them.

    Boy o boy, if were there now to see PBO!

  38. Bernie sanders is losing his fucking mind. Now, he is calling for a primary to POTUS! And he went on Bill Press show to lie about POTUS wanting to cut SS!
    Bernie is Demented! Seriously! Time to retire Bernie!

  39. Woot!! Woot!! Other than the daffodils and lilies bursting in my yard, what has come to be my new sign of spring is FLOTUS hitting the soil. I am excite to see what she plants this year.
    March 16, 2011 3:30 PM EDT
    First Lady Michelle Obama hosts a spring garden Planting Event.

  40. By Josiah Ryan
    Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has filed cloture on a bill to fund the government for three weeks after March 18.

    The bill would slash $6 billion in government spending.

    The House approved the same spending resolution by a 271-158 vote Tuesday afternoon despite opposition from a group of conservative lawmakers who called for deeper cuts and the inclusion of social policy riders.

    Unless a unanimous consent agreement is reached, the stopgap bill will percolate in the Senate for about 30 hours before further action can be taken.

    The Hill-

  41. Senslessbrenner (I like that name) was a tea partier before there were tea parties. Even coming from a well off district (for the most part) the fact he has been reelected so many times is a bad statement about supposedly smart people who have voted for him. Of course, I don’t know if any of his opponents have been of any quality. Has he even had a close race?

  42. First of all: From what I know, He probably and most likely, shot a very bad guy(like al qaeda)!
    Secondly, we have many CIA ops going on in pakistan!
    Don’t say I did not tell you this! LOL!

  43. Would not be so bad, about raising taxes, but then he gave his staff raises, as a result of the taxes!

  44. If every one would notice the things the Republicans always want to cut from all budgets; the Department of Education,the EPA,Heath care, Planned Parenthood. They always want a dumb public,a sick an control public.That has been their way always just look at their messages.This is way we must keep up the fight to back the President because wasting a great mind is a crime on use all.Because what you have left is what you see in,Wisconsin,Ohio,Michigan,Florida and don’t forget Texas. In our country we have to keep fighting to get the right information out or the noise over at Fox network will get us all killed in more ways than one.

  45. the anti-Obama beats even the anti-war.

    I’m sorry, they’re like Fox News viewers at this point. With respect to posters like Joe from yesterday, I just don’t consider them to be anything close to rational, nor anyone whom I need to show even a modicum of respect to. They’re literally unable to handle any news outside of their own bubble that interferes with the reality that they have created for themselves. If that’s not Fox News syndrome, I don’t know what is.

  46. This is coordinated with the Conyers of the world! They want a primary and are pushing for it! Sickening!
    Which liberal wants to end their political carrer, by taking on a strong incumbent president?!

  47. Which leads me to believe, that all these stupid comments from bachmann, palin and GW, were for their base… Stupid is as stupid does!

  48. Carney Press gaggle:

    INSIDE THE GAGGLE: President Obama will have three press conferences on his upcoming Latin America trip, White House officials told reporters on Wednesday. Ben Rhodes, a national security aide, said in an off-camera gaggle at the White House that Obama would take questions with each leader of the countries he visits — Brazil, Chile and El Salvador.

    More from the gaggle:

    — Obama will lay out his “approach on Latin America” in a speech in Santiago, Chile, Rhodes said.

    — Rhodes confirmed that Obama hasn’t ever visited the countries planned on the trip, and he said Obama has “looked forward” to going. — Matt Negrin

  49. (Reuters) – Energy Secretary Steven Chu told Congress on Wednesday that federal regulators will learn from what happened in Japan’s nuclear crisis and check if safety measures need to be boosted at current and proposed U.S. nuclear reactors.

  50. Elizabeth Warren, Assistant to President Obama & Special Adviser to the Treasury Secretary on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) said she thinks the President will nominate a director for this new agency soon and added that if it was operational years ago “we won’t be in the mess we’re currently in.” She also said she’s only been offering advice to the Obama Administration involved in a formal settlement with mortgage servicers, but will participate in these discussions when the CFPB becomes operational in July.

    She made these remarks today at a House oversight hearing on the Bureau’s priorities in regulating consumer credit. The Bureau is a consumer financial watchdog federal agency created by 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulations law.

    Elizabeth Warren was the chairman of Congressional TARP Oversight Panel before being appointed to this post by the President in September 2010.

    West Virginia Republican Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, who chaired this House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit hearing, said the new agency will have little accountability to Congress.

  51. Considering the makeup of the new Congress, that isn’t a bad idea. And since the Agency does not create laws, what’s the big deal. It is supposed to be independent in order to do its job for the people.

  52. ..Have a great day too MTMarilyn. BTW, yesterday I was on the Orange Site and there was a really good diary about Yellowstone. I added it to my fav so I can refer back to it later. I hope to make a trip there this year. Do you know what is the best month to go? Is June too crowded or would Sept be a better time to go? Thanks.

  53. It’s excrutiating to watch. But I think that the Arab world is correct; despite noble impulses, sometimes we hurt far more than we help. That must be given the greatest consideration, and the people must feel self-empowered to create the lasting and stable changes which they seek as much as is possible. I think that there’s going to be some type of intervention, but it’s not going to be an Iraq-styled or even Afghan-styled conflict (at least I hope, crossing my fingers against another war).

  54. I agree with you guys that change IS needed in the electoral system as it is way too long and costly. IMO the wrong organizations benefit from all the money ‘required’ to run a successful campaign. However, I can just imagine the ruckus that would erupt if THIS administration tried to change the process! ‘He’s trying to take over our country!’ ‘He’s a dictator!’ ‘Yada. Yada!
    These would be the same people who haven’t yet noticed that there are quite a few republican ‘dictators’ already in the process of taking over the country at state levels. Nevertheless, I concur that ‘the system needs to be changed if we are to become the enlightened democracy we should be.’

  55. So well said: The Democrats always live up (or perhaps down) to my expectations, just not always up to my hopes.

    So utterly true. In such an imperfect context, my expectations for Dems doesn’t match the total sum of my hopes in terms of a vision of utopia. It can’t. Because there are too many people who disagree with my vision and we live in a democracy.

  56. Jovie, you should make your self clear. How about calling Senator Bernie Sanders office and tell him that. I called and got and answer. You need to here it for yourself.

    Here is the Number
    (202) 224-5141

  57. Ultimately, the only way to do this is to remove donatiosn from the process by going to a totally public funded campaign and to have a law stating only candidates can run advertising for their election.

  58. I foresaw this crossroads a few months ago. I don’t believe that the traditional GOP corporate benefactors want a govt shutdown, since govt is such a big customer for their services. Govt shutdowns hurt the general economy as well, which of course hits the squarely in their profits. There’s a difference between the CoC and the Koch Bros.: I believe the CoC just wants the pro-corporate status quo; the Koches want a complete upending of the New Deal and any notion of liberal governance. Boehner is going to have to decide which master to serve, and I don’t envy his position, because whatever route he chooses, there’s an increasing likelihood that his speakership will be shortlived come the 2012 elections.

  59. Good! It’s past time to see how he ‘leads’. Saying ‘no’ in gangstyle uniformity doesn’t call for thoughtful leadership skills IMO.

  60. True, there are too many misguided individuals that don’t agree with my vision of utopia either. LOL

  61. ‘I have enough faith in President Obama to believe that whatever he agrees to is what he believes is necessary to keep the country going (he knows what is happening behind the scenes which all the would-be Presidential advisors in the frustrati do not)…’

    So do I Sheila. So do I. 🙂

  62. I actually *do* think they’re short-sighted and misguided, and hope that we can continue to appeal to these folks, swing voters in particular, to appreciate the positive changes put in place and tolerate more reforms.

  63. It is amazing how they want to solve everything by military strength. You would think they would learn it hasn’t worked!!!!

  64. I do think, as you do, that those who are at either end of the spectrum are definitely misguided, if not worse. The vast middle, perhaps 60% of the country, fall more into the real realm of misguided, misinformed, misled. And that is where we have a chance.

  65. I’ll go check it out. I like to go in the fall because it is less crowded and the weather is usually good. In June it usually more raining and not good weather. The middle of the summer is always crowded and hot. I know you can find a place on the internet that will give you averages for any time of the year. Not sure where it is.

  66. And it’s anti-American. Mr. Boehner needs to decide what type of legacy he’d like to have, for his grandkids reading about his behavior during this period of time which is destined for the history books. Play foot soldier for interests which want to hurt Americans for political gain or because of some psycho far right anarchist vision, or actually come to the table and act like he has some sense and some investment in the long term welfare of this country. I actually am not that angry with conservatives who want to see more spending discipline and want liberals to prove that our programs work. But the flip side of that are all of the companies profiting from federal programs and contracts—let’s look for discipline there, and fairness within the tax code as well. He is in a position to re-imagine what it means to be a conservative in this country in terms of people who provide somewhat of a brake on the dynamism of progressive ideas. Not this dog and pony show of lunacy with “socialist” “communist” namecalling and ridiculous efforts to simply destroy the government. We’ll see if he’s up to this challenge, or simply doesn’t have what it takes to provide leadership at all.

    Either way, looking forward to doing whatever I possibly can to put the gavel back into the hands of a real leader, who helped to save this country from another Great Depression, Nancy Pelosi.

  67. I think ll that was supposed to be framed like they were afraid for their lives from the union thugs.

  68. GN
    The lady says the ss cuts are still on the table. She was also saying about the fiscal budget of 2010-2011 has not been fully funded. It is still unclear to me because I am not familiar with government fiscal budgets. That is why i told Jovie he should call and hear for himself.

  69. Another thing with these CR cuts – they’re cutting areas where Obama/Dems agreed. So when there finally is a stand-off all that’s left to cut will be the teabagger cuts to education, infrastructure, food safety, family planning etc and will make all of the GOP caucus defend and vote for those much more unpopular cuts and shut down government for those cuts.

    Boehner goes far right to get enough votes and it won’t pass the senate, but it will also force senate GOP to vote for those cuts or they vote against them and shows up Boehner and the House GOP as being out to lunch.

  70. He lost over 50 votes on the last CR vote (next one will probably lose even more), so he’ll need at least 25 Dem votes, and there isn’t that many blue dogs so Pelosi can really play hardball with him. Either he comes her way to get the necessary votes or he goes hard right to get them and hopes his moderates hold. And if the GOP moderates do hold then it will be a huge attack point for Dems going after those 60 seats that the GOP took in 2010 that Dems held in 2008. And they’ll be voting to shut down the government based on cuts to education, infrastructure, womens health, food safety etc.

  71. Really great piece at thepeoplesview dispelling the notion that Obama Cares is a 100% equivalent to RomneyCares:

    I knew this would happen: I really see the logic in the WH tying HCR to Romney, because this is going to be difficult for him to explain to GOP primary voters, who have been conditioned to loathe something which is set to help many of them. But this does lend itself to a very inprecise meme/narrative, that Obama Cares is thus nothing but a rehashed Republican program. The peoplesview article does a great job making the case that Obama Cares is a distinct improvement upon MA’s system in several respects, not least, that it massively expands Medicaid.

  72. I like this idea. I like the innovative ways the Administration is approaching American issues that have been neglected for decades.

  73. Awesome! He sure deserves it. I look forward to riding on ObamaRail into the Biden Station in the not too distant future :-D.

  74. Of course, just any of the rest of us waking up in the morning and doing nothing else “shows up Boehner and the House GOP as being out to lunch.”

    Couldn’t resist! 🙂

  75. That was indeed a very fun article. Thanks for linking it. Fascinating tidbit about the culinary Secret Service agent who shadows the chef. I had often wondered about what security measures they take with the food.

  76. gn – Great points. I still see Nancy Pelosi as our Speaker and imagine she’s just taking a little vacation before getting back to work in 2012! Then … look out.

  77. How does you know that SS cuts are still on the table? If they were still on the table it should have appeared in the President’s budget.

  78. The Brazilian leader is a very intriguing man — his comments during the financial meltdown (basically how white folks caused it, lol) were a trip. Also, it will be nice to see POTUS in Chile for the first time since the mine rescue. Should be a great trip over all.

  79. It’s so exciting to be in downtown DC when the President’s motorcade rolls by. He always smiles and waves, too 🙂

  80. How does she know that that the SS cuts are still on the table? If this true it should have appeared in the the President’s buget.

  81. POTUS has clearly stated more than once that SS is not on the table. I don’t care what she said.

  82. This is similar to ancient Irish Brehon Law. The murderer has to pay the value of the life taken to the man’s family. In those days it would have financially destroyed the murderer who would probably have also been banished.

    In this case, the US taxpayers are going to have to pay, and that is not fair and makes me angry.

  83. I just posted something similar on TPV, but no surprise, Amiga, you are far more eloquent 🙂

  84. The same people crying to go to Libya are also crying for us to get out of Afganistan, it doesn’t make sense.

  85. Even though Boehner was voted in and I respect that, I just see him as a “fill-in” Speaker, until we rectify the situation.

  86. DCSandy I told her that but she insisted that it is still on the table. I tell people should start calling their senators to straighten this out.

  87. This issue drives me up the wall. I read Al Jazeera every day. The comments regarding this issue are unbelievable. Because we have not sent troops to Libya, that means Obama supports Ghaddafi. They are nuts.

    They insist that we should be providing weapons to the protester, a no fly zone, and possible boots on the group.

    These are the same kind of people who hated Georgie for doing that kind of thing.

    The world is turning upside down.

  88. So now Bernie Sanders is the latest pol to be hit with “Daddy’s not home” syndrome?

    I swear to God, a lot of these pols and pundits simply suffer from a lack of attention. “Obama didn’t do this.” “Obama didn’t do that.” Wahhhhhh! Damn toddlers!

    They don’t feel better until PBO acknowledges them and puts a pacifier in their mouths. Then it’s all better once Daddy’s home.

    They all need to get a grip. Sheesh.

  89. BWD, thank you for so much great info today. On the lighter side, I am betting against the president as to the winner of the basketball tournament. I am going for Duke.

    I hope everyone won’t be angry with me for finally standing up against the president. lol!

  90. Just want to say how much I appreciate your posts.

    I don’t often leave a comment, but I always read what you have for us.

    Thank you for this.

  91. Thanks creolechild. It is now bookmarked so I can go to it whenever I need critical info.

  92. Lula is no longer in office as Dilma Vana Rousseff was elected as President in 2010.

    She is also the first woman to hold the top office in Brazil. She seems to be much more friendly to the West, even if she was Chief of Staff to Lula before resigning that post to run for the Presidency herself.

  93. I know why they’re doing it, but I hate the meme that it’s a Republican plan because 25 years from now when it’s part of the fabric of America you’ll have Republicans claiming it as their own, that back in that time the party came off the rails a little bit is all, or that they voted against it only as a political strategy.

    Of course it’s all about working the GOP primary and Romney is probably their strongest challenger, so making him odious to the GOP primary voter is the smart move, but I don’t have to like it.

  94. I believe he’s up for re-election this year – no doubt will raise money off of this. Didn’t somebody on the fringe left call to primary Bernie last year?

  95. Every time I think there could be a government shutdown, I’m filled with rage at the heartlessness of the people in Congress who think it’s a good political ploy. It is obnoxious even to threaten it.

    Not only do people count on their federal employee or federal retiree pay checks/annuities – which they earn through blood, sweat and toil for our country – but many other recipients will feel the pinch, especially in a bad economy.

    Also, if we consider the April calendar impact of a government shutdown, we might want to throw in the fact that income taxes are due April 18.

    If Social Security benefits aren’t deposited in April, what retiree who might be waiting until the last day to file their tax return – and send any amount owed – is going to send their check if Social Security checks are held up? Some people live paycheck-by-paycheck. This is just one tiny example of the potential domino effect.

    I’m convinced good citizens don’t mind sacrificing for a good, common cause. But for a political ploy? Not so much.

  96. I seem to recall that Bush filled the Strategic Oil Reserve with the most expensive oil (to that date). He just LOVED shoveling the taxpayer dollars to his cronies in the oil industry.

  97. You and I are totally on the same page with this one. This is a Democratic program with a Democratic imprint upon it. In 2014 when people look up and see subsidized insurance, community health facilities, and millions of the working childless poor accessing Medicaid, I don’t want to hear Republicans taking credit for any of it, because they deserve none.

  98. well i just called and a man answered. I told him of my dissapproval of him trying to split the party and as a AA i would personally advocate other whom the president has a large backing to vote for president Obama in 2012. If he wants a split and let republicans in then the games are on.

  99. Bernie, for all his achievements, tends to believe the latest rumor he heard if it’s anti-Obama. In general he is quite supportive of the President and careful with his criticisms but the pattern is unmistakable. If he can believe that the President is ready to gut SS because of anonymous sources, he is happy to do so. I wish before he appeared on the Thom Hartman show with this kind of b.s., he would put in a call to the WH to see if it’s true. Then Bernie and Thom go on a feeding frenzy.

    Don’t these people realize that the only way we’re going to get to elect the far-progressive they want to see is by supporting this President now? I firmly believe that if Obama had the support that all Republicans have from their base, Obama would be able to be more progressive than he has been. that being said, the needle wouldn’t move that far anyway: I have never seen such idiotic obstruction as I have the last 2 1/2 years.

  100. It’s for money. No other reason. Wars are profitable for Republicans.

    And yes, they have become breathtakingly stupid concerning diplomacy. They are a menace to the world. Every. Last. One. Of Them.

  101. I don’t he’s full of his self. How can you demand these things and don’t have a vote. He is just making things difficult.

  102. We’ll never know the truth, but I’m fairly confident he’s either CIA or black ops. He’s former special forces and I doubt the State Department would have cared if he was Xe or in business for himself.

  103. After the 2012 election, there will be a much bigger push to put the Dem stamp on it. The next election will be in 2014, and as you note, that is when people will really see changes, and the Republican push back will be duly noted and commented on.

  104. Yeah, I forgot about that lol. FDL called for Sanders to be voted out of office for the betrayal of voting for the most significant health care reform legislation in decades. That was a hoot. Should serve as a reminder to Sanders about playing footsie with purists. They spin out of control with emotion and get caught up in whirlwinds easily. President Obama consistently enjoys approvals in the 80s with Dems, and 70s with all liberals of all party affiliations. I don’t know what more they want in terms of a sign that the base is on board with what President Obama is trying to do, and takes a far more measured and pragmatic view of his concessions and compromises.

    President Obama might in fact do well to consider selling pacifiers with his picture on it, “daddy is always here with you and always loves you.” Heck, I might buy one myself. /please don’t judge me, lol

  105. Thanks for commenting, obamafan. These comments of appreciation from lurkers are always such a delight to read.

  106. That’s terrific to hear. Just remembering what they put Dems through to pass this…obstructing as a bloc, thus squeezing power into the hands of our own fringe. That was a really difficult and costly time for the Democratic party. It’s only fair that they receive the credit for it.

  107. Great way of looking at it. As opposed to our current lazy, do-nothing session of Congress, the 111th session was historical in terms of both progress and productivity. Just spectacular. We’re still unpacking all that they managed to accomplish.

  108. Before we start hating on Bernie, we should stop and think about the timing of this–in the middle of the ramp-up on budget negotiations. Sanders is the highest-ranking elected “lefty” in government. If he is making unhappy noises, President Obama can point to him and say, to the Republicans and to the American voters, “Look, I’ve made some serious compromises already, so much so that I’m being threatened with being primaried from my left. Republicans need to make some concessions now; if they don’t, any repercussions from a government shutdown is on their heads.”

    As long as Sanders is not actually throwing his hat in the ring, I think that now is in fact a good time to make noise. And the reporting I’ve seen says that Sanders does decline to run himself, and that other likely candidates refuse as well.

  109. BWD – I can’t wait for the President’s trip to South America. Oh, what will the criticism be?

    From the PL:

    – He should be home helping guide U.S. disaster relief and humanitarian efforts in Japan?

    – He should be in Wisconsin picketing against the idiotic-yet-duly-elected Governor Walker?

    – PBS and NPR may go bust; he should be home to stop it?

    From the right:

    – He thinks he’s a rock star?

  110. Would it be legal for me – an unabashed alien (in full disclosure, I could give you my most recent ESTA application number) – to support someone financially so that s/he could volunteer at OFA for the re-election of President Obama ?

    Given what happened in ’72 this would be a nobrainer, but I decided just to ask …

  111. That’s a really interesting question. Because you’re not exactly hiring someone to work for OFA, but you are supporting their lifestyle which happens to include volunteering at OFA. I would actually put this to the campaign. They have election law experts who can provide some guidance in this respect. / call (866) 495-2004

    Let us know what they say!

  112. I like Bernie. I mean no disrespect. He’s a true Liberal and i wish we had 60 like him in the Senate. Then the professional left would have seen what PBO can really do if he’s got people to work with on the Hill.

  113. As many of you know I am not a huge fan of Ed Schultz, but he was absolutely eloquent on this issue today on the radio. His main focus was how they are still fighting for cuts to regulatory agencies and are vehemently against any review of safety measures of any kind concerning nuclear power plants. Ed then conflated it all with Republican farmers who think it’s a great idea to cut the Weather Service so they have less warning about storms, etc.

    Absolutely eloquent, Ed. Credit where credit is due.

  114. Yes, I agree completely. I had not seen your new top-level post yet and was only posting in response to a few expressions above that were verging on outrage over Sanders’ call for a primary. I just wanted to suggest that what he’s doing may very well be a calculated move that is intended to ultimately help. Sanders knows the difference between strategic criticism and knee-jerk hate.

  115. I don’t think he even had an opponent in the last election. I always write in my husband. He has not been as prominent as previously, but I did note that he had a town meeting which he shut down when the crowd was somewhat hostile to him. He left the room to cries of “Shame! Shame!” which is what I write in an email every morning to my State Senator Leah Vukmir.

  116. Yeah, but one man’s “very bad guy” is another man’s hero. I actually know nothing about this, and, as I said, I believe punishment, in the long run, is ineffective, but I fear that everyone in Pakistan and Afghanistan looks like al qaeda to a certain type of American. And I’m always uncomfortable with someone entering another culture and meting out punishment.

  117. I agree, japa, and none of us see that happening any time soon, though from what I understand, it is in Congress’s power to do this. If not this, why not a law to limit the campaigns to three months? This would, at least, considerably cut back on what they cost and the opportunities for multiple distortions. But I just can’t understand why Congresspeople and other candidates want to have the burden of raising this kind of money. I know that many of our political candidates have a low moral threshold, but one would think that would find it too stressful to grovel for money every time they run for something.

  118. Evenin’ All,

    Thanks, BWD…

    Yea OFA is on, too…It’s open for business: 😉

    A Message to the OFA Online Community

    The blog has a long and vibrant tradition not just as a destination for the latest news and info, but as a place for people to share their thoughts and connect with one another. We wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate you being part of this community, and how much your comments and thoughts each day inspire us.

    In order to foster real dialogue and real conversations, we have always had an open policy that allows people to see comments as soon as they are posted. Creating a space for these conversations is important to us, and it’s something we’re committed to preserving. But occasionally, a handful of people do try to take advantage of this openness, not to create community but to disrupt it.

    In the coming weeks, we’ll be working to improve the commenting features and the commenting experience for everyone. As part of this, we’re publishing three simple guidelines for commenting on here on the blog:

    1. Be respectful of the community:

    Personal attacks are not welcome nor will they be tolerated. By all means, engage in debate and have a strong discussion about the issues, but don’t descend into personal attacks.

    2. Don’t feed the trolls:

    If you do come across comments that are inappropriate, don’t respond to them. Simply flag the comment as “offensive” and we can take action. The more of you who are joining in on flagging “offensive” comments, the faster we’ll be able to respond.

    3. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll:

    This should be a space for safe discussion of the issues of the day, with people who all come from different backgrounds and different perspectives. Sometimes you’ll disagree, that’s OK.

    We hope that these will help preserve the integrity of this community, and continue to ensure that this is a place that you can turn to for important news, good conversation, and fun.

    Thank you.

    Mary Hough

    Yes WE Can…Yes WE Did…Yes WE Will. again!

    FIRED UP & READY TO GO…WeAreWisconsin…WeAreOne!!!

  119. Saint Roscoe, some people may try to
    frame it that way but I think it will be difficult to do it especially since it has been discovered that the underground tunnel was used to bring in lobbyists, who were all dressed in black suits, to provide a “rousing” audience in attendance that stood and clapped when Walker addressed the Senate hearing.

    I’ll try to find that article again and re-post it.

  120. House progressives are ranting like ed schultz now. He has not been standing up for unions. They just look more and more petty.

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