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  1. Beautiful, happy photos, BWD. Thanks so much for this mid-afternoon snack!

  2. Was Boehner successful in blacking Mr. Buckles body from laying in repose in the Capital Rotunda? What was his political reasoning for that? Because the two WV Dem Senators requested it?

  3. What great pictures!!!! Do we know where they are going and who is the lady? Who is Mr Buckles? I am out of this loop.

    I love pictures of the President with children. Their faces just shine and you can tell he loves being with them too. This really puts a smile on my face!!!!

  4. In the second picture the president facial expression looks serious. This will be the same facial expression when Malia brings home a boy.LOL

  5. Mr. Buckles was the last surviving individual to have fought in World War I. He was 110 when he died. If you think about it, he was alive when there were still people around who fought in the Civil War.

  6. Last surviving American who who fought in WWI. There are a couple Brits still alive yet.

  7. A little Women’s History Month for ya:

    Before the war, Barton was a teacher and later a clerk for the U.S. Patent Office, an unusual role for a woman. When the war started, she became a battlefield nurse, another position typically held by men. She was instrumental in providing essential medical supplies to field hospitals and, in 1864, became the superintendent of Union nurses. After the war, she spearheaded the search for missing soldiers, founded the American Red Cross, and was an early pioneer for women’s rights.

    In 1869, doctors suggested that Barton travel to Europe for rest. Her passport application for the trip can be viewed on Footnote (see right). While abroad, she learned about the International Red Cross, a relief organization resulting from the 1864 Treaty of Geneva. While pressuring the U.S. government to sign the treaty, Barton established the American Red Cross in 1881. By 1896, when she booked another trip to Europe, she was identified on her passport application as “Head Red Cross Society.” It is interesting to note that while Clara was born in 1821 (see her Massachusetts Vital Record here), she used 1830 as her birth year on the 1896 passport.

    Guess she’d be vilified today for being a public employee.

  8. @MTmarilyn:

    Speaker Boehner was against Mr. Buckles, the last American soldier who served in World War I, being laid in honor at the Capitol Rotunda before he was interred in Arlington National Cemetery. Mr. Buckles had requested this before he died not to honor himself, but to be the representative of all of the Doughboys who had served and had died before him.A spokesperson for Mr. Boehner said he believed the ceremony at the Arlington Amphitheater was sufficient. I just wonder why both honors were not held? Nothing was made of this in the press which I think was shameful. Mr. Buckles was the last World War I American veteran and we will not have this chance ever again

  9. And you know if Nancy Pelosi had done the exact same thing they’d have rounded up a lynch mob from the right in protest. Beyond shameful.

  10. I can’t wait till these republican corporate dictators get B-slapped out of office PERMANENTLY along with greedy republican Corporate lobbyist!

  11. Excuse my ignorance, but who the heck is Andrew Breitbart and why do we care if he writes for anyone?

  12. He runs a hard right conservative website that first “broke” the ACORN fake pimp videos by James O’Keefe, was also the scumbag who doctored the Shirley Sherrod video as well to make her seem racist.

  13. I’m glad both the President and VP attended the funeral, given the shameful behavior from “Speaker” Boehner, who has done nothing so far to honor the office he holds. It’s a disgrace what he did to the family of a man who was willing to lay down his life for this country. And he can’t take that back. This is as bad as the 9/11 relief fiasco in December.

  14. I was aware of Mr. Frank Buckles a couple of years ago after seeing this excellent video about him:

    I was struck with how critical he was about the Republican decisions to invade and occupy Middle Eastern countries. When I first heard about Boehner and the Republicans refusing to properly honor this historic man, I immediately thought that it was because Mr. Buckles spoke out about this. Republicans are that childish and petty, and it’s really sickening these people have any voice in our national discourse, let alone the power to influence our laws. Can you imagine if Nancy Pelosi or President Obama were refusing to properly honor our last veteran from WWI…my god! From the video, Frank Buckles in his own words while he was 109 years old:

    “I think it’s a tragedy, myself. How did we get involved in this thing, Iraq? It was crazy! We have no damn business there! You never get the truth in these things. Eventually you will, but not while the present people are living.”

    Perhaps someone of that age, who is still sharp as can be, might know a few things and teach us….you think?

  15. Don’t know how I missed that interview, but I did. Thanks for sharing and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not the reason Boehner (and the rest)of Repubs made the decision they did. SHAMEFUL!!!!!

  16. tnwoman1948, thank you for the information. I had heard about him but hadn’t followed all the followup. Didn’t know who Boehner had done. How unabelievable that this honor wasn’t allowed. I don’t believe they know what honor is.

  17. It is funny sometimes to see how like minds operate on this blog. I just came online to post the original article –


    It’s really eye-opening to see the interconnection between all their antics to bring the President down. Nobody is going to convince me that it isn’t a carefully planned, and heartlessly unpatriotic strategy. [Must mention that Rachel Maddow shared this information in visual form last week.]

  18. Thanks BWD for the beautiful pictures…Is it me or does VP. Biden and our President are wearing the same exact suit?

    Anyhow…I am really sick of the Republicans…..I swear they are trying to undo everything that President Obama has worked so hard these past 2 years.

    I mean he campaigned all over the country…pleading not to turn back time….and now we’re all suffering the consequences. If.. what’s going in WI and other parts of the country is not a wake up call..I don’t know what it is…We sure have our work cut out come 2012.

    He looks really tired, I feel so bad for him right now, with all that is going on in the world and at home, and still finds time to honor the fallen, smiles when he’s around kids…I can go on….Sorry for my rant. May God Bless him and keeps a close eye on him. Love him dearly 🙂


  19. Sorry, I don’t buy it. They’ve been going after ACORN and planned parenthood for ages. Frankly, I’m not sorry to see ACORN gone. I know a lot of Dem activists who genuinely disliked ACORN because they made a bad name for people going door-to-door and registering voters.

    The Republicans been going after teachers and education for along time, too, and their hatred of Unions has been embedded in the Republican DNA since the inception of the Union.

    Minority voting access? Duh. They’ve been interfering with that since the Emancipation Proclamation. Denying Felons the right to rehabilitate their right to vote…so not anything new there.

    Shock and Awe? That’s an over-reaction. They’re doing what they’ve always been doing. Soften us up so we can’t fight…please. We haven’t even begun to fight.

    Can’t remember when I’ve read a more defeatist article than that one. Everything the Republicans are doing right now is business as usual.

    I’m not one for cross-posting, but I think I will this time.

  20. I agree to an extent. I think they’ve seen the same demographics that we’ve all seen and this is their last hurrah. They’re not hiding or disguising their strategy anymore because they can’t afford to slow walk it.

    It’s now or never – which is why we got to match their energy and then some, which is why the recall in Wisconsin is so important, which is why the ballot measure in Ohio will be so important now, which is why registering new voters and organizing and staying motivated now is so important, while getting President Obama re-elected is of utmost importance – but alone not enough. We NEED to get the House back and hold the senate. Without doing both the GOP will obstruct like they’re doing now.

  21. It’s also brazenly obvious that the GOP’s plan to counteract the demographics shift is to buy elections. Citizens United opened up the floodgates, and now attacking and breaking Unions is being done to go after a major Democrat donor base.

    I hope if Obama is re-elected and Dems do take back the House they make fixing the Citizens United mess priority number 1. Pelosi could gt tough measures passed, President Obama could support it and then Reid/Schumer could take it to the Senate floor and let the GOP filibuster it and take a major stand on the issue because it is a huge winner politically.

    IIRC dumbass unions supported the CU ruling. I wonder if the direct frontal assault on unions is largely or in part because of that very CU ruling. Money will be a huge issue in American politics going forward, and the WI senate majority leader even spelled out that breaking the union will mean less money for President Obama.

  22. Not to keep responding to myself, but I bet this is also why the GOP was so adamant about the Bush extra tax cuts – they feel that money will come back to them as political donations.

  23. Some awful, racist biddy at my eye doctor’s office cornered my husband with her Rush Limbaugh rant. My husband tried to nicely tell her that he didn’t want to hear her bigotry, hatred and lies. If I had been one minute longer, he would have lost it totally.

    As we were leaving, he turned to her and said she should be ashamed to believe such lies. That if she’s shopping at Walmart for glasses (something she told him) for price, she should understand how hard it is for working people in this country. That Republicans have duped Americans into voting against their own interests (she had to be at least 75 years old). As we got to the door, she said “God bless you.” repeatedly.

    And I said, very loudly, “God bless our President. God bless President Obama.”

    God that felt good.

  24. But Democrats don’t show their outrage. So it ‘doesn’t exist’. This was an insult to the men and women who give their lives for their country, and John Boehner couldn’t be bothered. He got away with it. About 10 people know about it.

    We need a few regular Democrats who carry the outrage banner once in awhile. We’re too damned reasonable sometimes.

  25. There was never one case — not one — of someone registered by ACORN who voted illegally. Not one.

    There should be more outrage about how Republicans conspire to keep poor people from voting. THAT’S the outrage. Not a signature from Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse did not vote, by the way.

  26. ‘And I said, very loudly, “God bless our President. God bless President Obama.”

    God that felt good.’ (Faith)

    I burst out laughing upon reading that. Yep, it felt good to me too!

  27. kasai – It’s not a rant in my eyes. I’m pretty sure we all feel the same way you do.

  28. Oh, yeah. That’s it, for sure. Selling their souls and selling out the middle class with each Republican vote.


  29. No wonder Arianna Huffington has been relentless in attacking the President. Now we know which side she has been serving while pretending to be a voice of the progressives. Yes indeed, Faith: “Enough said.”

  30. Thanks Bonkers for sharing Mr. Frank Buckles words about the Iraq war. I watched that interview and was very impressed. It is tragic that fake, patriots, like Speaker Boehner, refused to honor the last request of a real patriot. IMO the speaker’s actions shows how petty he is. Clearly Mr Buckles was a much bigger man. I am certain that history will honor him more than John Boehner.

    My his soul rest in eternal peace.

  31. I am sorry but I respectfully disagree with you negativity about ACORN. I know many people in ACORN who worked tirelessly to empower the poor and the disadvantaged. I assure you if ACORN had been around during the 2010 mid-term elections it would have mounted a get out the vote that would have blunted the massive Republican wins. I don’t know why we Democrats buy into media driven negativity to destroy organizations working on our behalf.

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