Winning The Future


22 thoughts on “Winning The Future

  1. Pictures like that are why I’m not worried that much about 2012. Thanks for these uplifting pieces, bwd.

  2. More voters’ remorse. Story from TPM about Ohio gov Kasich’s poll numbers plunging.

    From TPM:
    “As they’ve watched him take on the collective bargaining rights of union workers in Ohio, voters in the state have given Gov. John Kasich’s (R) first months in office the lowest rating of any Buckeye State governor in a long time.

    A bit of background: Kasich won a squeaker of a race over incumbent Gov. Ted Strickland (D) back in November. The final result was 49% to 47%. Kasich pulled off the win thanks to the support of independents, which Strickland had won with 69% support in 2006. Last November, independents broke for Kaisich 52%-39%.

    Now, it seems many of these supporters are less than thrilled. A new poll of Ohio adults from the University of Cincinnati finds just 40% of respondents approving of the job Kasich has done since January when he was sworn in. Forty-seven percent say they disapprove.

    Among independents the split is even worse for Kasich.

    Just 30% say they approve of the job Kasich has done, while 52% say they disapprove.


    “Just 26% of union workers say they approve of the job Kasich has done. A full 68% disapprove.”

    All I can say is I hope those independents have learned their lesson. It’s going to be hurtful two years, but I think we’re looking at a democratic landslide in 2012.

  3. Look, I am a pro-Obama democrat. But anyone who thinks the present discontent with the GOP means we’ll sweep to victory in 2012 is delusional. Republicans are making it harder and harder for typical democrats – minorities, the disenfranchised, and college students; to vote.
    As it stands now, Obama could very well lose states like Pa, NJ, Ohio, and others next time around.

  4. I’m not sure that you need to lecture anyone here, or call anyone “delusional” when discussing the upcoming challenges of 2012. I stated upthread that I’m not worried, because I believe that a younger, more liberal electorate will turn up in 2012. That’s a far cry from claims that the GOP’s problems are going to result in an easy win. Just that I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. We just have to work hard to elect Democrats! I live in VA and will be working hard to make sure President Obama wins VA again! Plus we will have a Senator to elect and it better be a Dem.

  6. I agree with what you said, Kurt. We’re still going to have to work twice as hard in 2012 because there will be bigger money, bigger lies and bigger smears against the president. Plus the “professional left” will be out in full force fighting against Pres. Obama too. I don’t think this will be easy but our task is a little easier because the GOP has done nothing they said they would (JOBS! THE ECONOMY!) and seem to be focused on guns, gays and abortion. So hopefully they have overreached and the people have long memories.

  7. Sorry, I wasn’t aiming the “delusional” comment on anyone on this blog; but I hear a lot of democrats talking like 2012 is already in the bag. Complacency kills. If we all work hard, we can get the job done!

  8. WOAH, wait… what is this comment….Nobody here is disillusion or lost in some “we got this” cloud. In all actuality most of us have long since come to the realization that President Obama is and will always be the underdog. If you have been here with us over the last few months you should/would know this. So no need to try and school us…thanks for the unwarranted concern tho.

  9. Gotcha Kurt; thanks for the clarification and apologies for reading more into your comment than you intended.

  10. Kurt, many of us here do not think or speak this type of negative language. I would save my energies for a more respectful, workable, and positive outcome for 2012. He will win. Count on it.Thank you.

  11. The only explanation I see for those 26% of union workers who still approve of the job Kasich is that they’re probably working in the private sector and don’t show any solidarity for their peers in the pubic sector. Ouch.

    Happy to see that independants are seeing what a mistake they made.

  12. California worked HARD to elect Democrats and we did it! The GOP out spent us but we had OFA and the DNC GOTV canvasing where we talked to people walking the neighborhoods and ASKing for them to please vote. We can do it again! ARE YOU With US!

  13. Is it just me or do the children who meet PBO look more engaged, interested, excited, honored, etc. to be meeting/speaking with the POTUS? Just don’t recall pictures where Bush and children were so engaged. (OK yeah, I know some of you are thinking it’s because the kids were smarter than him hence not much excitement.:P)
    But it’s just so great to see the sparks he’s igniting!! Winning The Future~

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