Monday morning open mishmash

Hi guys,

I’m going to be stuck at work – Monday is busy-busy-busy here – so I’ll be back only later. However, since you are my Internetz-family (!), I do want to say something.

I woke up this morning to the noise of especially heavy flow of nasty mails and comments – All from the Left. It’s always just from the left, I get very few hate mails from the Right. Now, I’m a big girl, i can deal with it, even though it’s gotten worse lately – But over the past few weeks I see more and more comments here quoting posts from other sites – The same sites (not just one) that pushed me into starting this place.

I don’t mind venting: Those guys earned our resentment and we earned the right to say all that we feel – But actually copying and pasting their baseless and hateful anti-PBO posts, even for the sake of making a point – Well, I’d appreciate if we keep it to the minimum.

I’m pretty sure that things will just get uglier as we approach 2012 – it’s already more and more difficult to find so-called progressives sites that I can actually visit without feeling sick – So let’s try at least to keep this place as clean of this vile as possible .

Thanks for everything. I love you. Have a good day.


Today’s schedule:

10:20 AM PBO visits a classroom at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, VA.
10:40 AM PBO delivers a speech on reforming education.
11:00 AM  
11:55 AM PBO meets with senior advisers.
12:00 PM  
12:30 PM Carney briefs the press.
1:00 PM  
1:45 PM PBO holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Rasmussen of Denmark.
2:00 PM  
2:25 PM PBO and Prime Minister Rasmussen of Denmark deliver statements to the press.
3:00 PM PBO meets with General David Petraeus.
4:00 PM  
5:00 PM  
6:00 PM  
7:00 PM  
7:30 PM PBO attends a DNC event.

208 thoughts on “Monday morning open mishmash

  1. Yes – I agree. Things aren’t going as many of us had hoped, but let’s disagree with policy in an agreeable way please!

  2. Absolutely BWD!!!! You have the best site and references to other websites that aren’t PBO friendly in terms of just being Rethuglican like must be kept down.

    Thank you for all that you do and no matter what, I will keep coming here!!

  3. Thanks for all that you do. Let’s emulate our president and focus on what he is doing and what we can all do to continue the struggle for a “more perfect union”.

  4. The first of two new facilities being built with Recovery funds for wounded U.S troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will open soon. Department of Defense officials expect to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony possibly as early as March for the new “Warriors in Transition Barracks” nearing completion at Fort Bliss, Texas.

    Solar Panels at Fort Bliss

    Solar panels provide power for the Ft. Bliss WTB water heating system.
    WTBs are housing complexes designed to help recuperating soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who no longer require hospital care but still need a healing environment before returning to duty or leaving the military. Their families will also be able to live with them.

    The Pentagon plans to build a total 20 WTBs, two of which will be paid for with $73 million of Recovery funds. The second Recovery-funded complex is under construction at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

  5. On a positive note, went to a grassroots organizing meeting in NYC on Saturday, about 150 in attendance. The cooperation and civility was notable, in spite of some very passionate progressive differences of opinion. The result was a dozen or more actions to be taken, beginning now. Interestingly, one of the actions was to address the concerted efforts to undermine Dem confidence and solidarity in online blogs, whether or not this was legitimate or orchestrated by the opposition. The general agreement was that rather than spend precious energy in frustration at this development, we needed to be louder and more dedicated to educating about what we have to be grateful for and what we need to defend. With luck, BWD, the positive voices will multiply.

  6. The U.S. jobless rate will be 7.7% in November 2012, the highest level for a presidential election month since Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford in 1976, according to the average forecast of economists in the latest Wall Street Journal survey.

    Not if the republicans do NOT vote for the debt ceiling! That will screw the recovery! Maybe that is what they want!

  7. “The left” has showed how hateful they can be since POTUS was elected. Anyway, POTUS is currently speaking about education on

  8. ONLY a very small, but very powerful wing of the far left, hates POTUS! The vast majority, though not as powerful, sees otherwise!

  9. *has be showing*


    May you please add an edit feature, which will allow commentators to edit our posts?

  10. I keep forgetting that the Professional Left make up a small portion of the Democratic base. Especially since many of my friends and family are able to disagree with POTUS, without hurling insults at him like the PL does.

  11. By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff

    The state of Massachusetts is making sure former Governor Mitt Romney can’t run away from the universal health care program he signed into law, and his opponents can’t misrepresent it.

    The Health Connector and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, which are charged with implementing the 2006 legislation, sent out an e-mail Friday containing a Top 10 list of facts about the measure.

    One specifically describes the law Romney enacted as the model for the federal universal health care program signed into law by President Obama last year.

    It has become the subject of national debate, as Republicans have derided what they term “Obamacare,” while Democrats have noted it was modeled on “Romneycare.”

    The connection is particularly sensitive for Romney, a prospective 2012 GOP presidential candidate, since conservatives whose support he will need in his party’s primaries have generally opposed both laws.

    Romney has tried to rebuff the criticism by arguing that states should be free to enact their own plans, not be subjected to a single measure imposed by the federal government.

    Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat who is planning to be a surrogate campaigner during Obama’s re-election campaign next year, has publicly highlighted the similarities in the measures. Now his administration is echoing the message.

    “As much is being written about our landmark 2006 Massachusetts health reform legislation and implementation, we want to make sure you have all the pertinent facts at your disposal,” Connector spokesman Dick Powers said in the e-mail.

    The No. 6 point says flatly: “Massachusetts health reform provided the model for national reform. Like Massachusetts, the new national law calls for the formation of (health insurance) Exchanges. The Health Connector’s tiering system, which offers consumers a choice of gold, silver or bronze coverage, was also adopted in a slightly expanded way. Like Massachusetts,the national law sets minimum coverage standards and will include benefits like elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions. A number of the benefits in the Massachusetts law are enhanced under national reform, most notably extension of subsidy assistance for individuals from 300 percent to 400 percent of the federal poverty level, extension of federally-subsidized coverage to legal immigrants and extension of insurance protections to self-funded private coverage.”

  12. Good morning. BWD it’s a shame that you have to subjected to invective from anyone and I agree that keeping that sort of thing off this site is an admirable goal. Let’s keep it about being positive. The vast majority of left leaning people like and admire this president. We can’t let those who represent a very small segment of American society influence what we do and say here. They can rant and rave to their hearts’ content elsewhere. Thanks for providing such a positive, warm and welcoming site.

  13. Yes, the OFA meetings are now the most important and you can be a summer grass roots organizer, now taking apps.
    Also, seeing how the Unions will be spenidng alot of their mony on local races(ironically, that is good for the Up ticket- POTUS), BWD should look into a donation spree from this website! Maybe act blue?
    She could be a mini-bundler for POTUS!
    Same rules appy: No federal lobbysists donates, no foregin entities, etc…
    Then, we could only donate here, and OFA website!
    They will put the money to the best use!


  14. Jim, May I ask what you are referring to in terms of things not going as many of us had hoped? Thanks.

  15. Thanks BWD for this great site. I know I have vented about the other site too and we do need to stop and be more like the President.

    I love it that 100,000 protesters can get together in Madison and there are very few problems. We are a peaceful group.

    We must keep the grassroots protests going. Thanks for all here for all the links and information. On Wisconsin!

  16. Jovie, thank you sharing that info. Solar panels at Fort Bliss. That is wonderful.

  17. Thanks, jovie. I don’t think that many Americans know that the Massachusetts’ state constitution was ALSO the template for the U.S. Constitution. The information about Romney and the MA healthcare law needs to be disseminated far and wide. I’m sick of so many Americans acting as if the ACA is a threat to them simply because the republican liars have said so.

  18. Sec of state of Wisconsin, on friday declared that the law will not be signed!
    This is HUGE, gives the UNIONS time to get the recalls in order, and court proceedings as well!
    They have until the end of april to get all the sigs(540k) to start a new election.
    They are over 25% of the way there!

  19. Please, pay no attention to the haters, BWD. You have much to be proud of because you had the courage to set up your own site which has become very successful. The haters thought they had the upper hand when they attacked you at the other site, but they were wrong, and the success of TOAITR is the proof! Suck on the bitterest of lemons, losers!

  20. Keep up the excellent work BWD. Thanks for encouraging us all to keep the negativity away from this site as much as possible. Have a great day.

  21. BWD, I too hate the fact that people still have the need to go after you. People would not do that if you were not seen as a threat to everything they are trying to sell. Obviously you have become an even greater threat because of the success of your site.

    Have a good one. dr

  22. Is not the entire left its the PL and the unfortunate ones that believe what they read or hear from the PL. Factually speaking most of the left are enlightened and support this administration.

  23. Thanks again so very much BWD (we love you, too!), for weeding through the filth and giving us this place to share positive energy about our president without having the distractions of the whiners… and those who call themselves “progressives”, but who are really trying to undermine the outcome of the 2012 election. I think we all have to dedicate some time to going to some of those “bad” places, to try to refute the lies and spread the truth.

  24. The more we focus on the PL, the more we give credibility to their nonsense. I remember that my focus on them stopped when I realized that they DON’T really have that much influence. And even if they did, we only prop that up by giving them any credit whatsoever.

  25. Good Morning Everyone!

    BWD I think its absurd that you should have to filter through garbage from our own so-called side everyday. I guess the good way of looking at it is that we are getting to them and they just cannot stand the positive information that is being shared here on this site.

    The thread you did on Saturday titled “Wisconsin-14: President Obama was very supportive and we’re glad he didn’t come here” has been shared with 21 (that’s right I said twenty-one) of my facebook friends and as of this morning people are still sharing that link.

    You are making a big difference to us Progressives who can disagree without being disagreeable and can still support and defend this President all the way to a 2012 re-election.

  26. Our country is so divided now, we may as well dig in and do our best(or our worst). We are doomed to Republican ideologues until the end of time it seems…especially here in Arizona where I have lived as a blue woman in a red state.

  27. I agree with BWD totally about the sites that we want to leave behind. I say let’s really leave them behind by allowing them their point of view as we keep affirming ours. By constantly referring to their POV I find that it keeps pulling the discussion towards what we don’t want as opposed to what we do want.
    A spiritual teacher I once had was fond of saying, “what you put your attention on, grows strong in your life.” Let’s put our powerful attention on knowledge, clarity,truth,compassion and love and forget about the rest. I am not saying ignore them but let us move forward in the way that is right for us and just let them be. After all, their influence is really quite marginal; most people have never even heard of these sites.

  28. Have a great day BWD. Obviously the sanctimonious purists are frustrated when confronted with the actual facts they see on your amazing blog. Facts hurts liars feelings, facts cannot be refuted no matter how emotional one gets when spewing totally imaginative info. Keep up the good work.

  29. The vitriol, whether it’s coming from the perpetually irate far right nuts or the far left nuts, is a problem for every website. The vile and braindead comments at our local paper’s website forced the editor today to announce a “timeout” for the next 2 weeks as they contemplate how they can improve the content. They asked for input, and I contributed my 2 cents. It’s always a minority, and it seems to be the same names over and over, who ruin it for everyone else. Anyone with a well-thought comment or who is interested in a civilized discussion finally surrenders and flees in disgust. So many of these angry, troubled souls seem to make posting their uninformed, angry rants their raison d’etre. It’s what they do, they do nothing else, just continually attempt to influence others with their perverted propaganda and spread their vitriol against President Obama and other leaders. It’s revolting and sad.

  30. The way I understand it, law is signed but in order for it to be implemented Sec. of State has to publish it. He is delaying it as much as possible.

  31. BWD, I agree about copy/paste from other sites, but I do want to thank you for allowing us to discuss the issues here. I am grateful I don’t have to wade in some of the “cesspools” for information and dialogue.

    Hope you have a great Monday!

  32. Thanks for taking on all that nonsensical crap on our behalf, BWD. I love this oasis of calm and civility you provide to us with this site. I will do all I can to not speak of those places, online and on cable, of which we do not speak. Of.

  33. Big Hugs for having to put up with crappy emails from some people. I’m sorry you get the brunt of their attacks just so you can manage this blog for all of us. Please remember, we’ve got your back.

  34. I wish we could get an update on the #s for the recall efforts. Apparently, they had a huge turnout this weekend of volunteers to take petitions around. They have to be more than 25% there by now.

    I think the secretary of state is just going to delay the signing of the law until the last moment to give lawsuits time to get through the court system.

  35. The saying in Wisconsin yesterday was: “Wisconsinsites, set your clocks back 50 years; the rest of the country set your clocks one hour forward.”

  36. Thanks for this welcoming site BWD and sorry to hear that you are getting so much hate mail. I’ll do my best to keep my complaining about the PL off this site.

  37. Wow! That’s amazing news – especially considering that it comes from the WSJ.

    And it tells me everything I need to know about why the Republicans are doing everything they can to throw a monkey wrench into the recovery.

    Today, I’m seeing another hostage crisis looming.

    This is the kind of battle we need to engage. The silly rantings of the PL are peanuts in comparison.

  38. I would think one must be a very unhappy person to come here, read what makes one angry, and then write a hateful comment, when one has the choice to stay away. What, exactly, is the point? It would never occur to me to go to the sites I disdain and comment negatively there. There is absolutely no way I can believe anyone who feels the need to do this is a “progressive” who has enough compassion to care about those in need. This is not how a compassionate person conducts herself or himself. These people are sadsacks though I know that doesn’t make it more palatable to deal with them. I can’t believe they won’t give up eventually, though frustrati do seek out frustration so they can keep being frustrati.

  39. That other site has totally gone off the rails. I really don’t know what they believe in anymore. I don’t think a lot of them do either. The fact the majority of them are supposedly white males over 50 who are also coincidentally the same demographic that tends to be anti-Obama probably has a lot to do with it.

  40. So we should listen to those other sites? I stopped going to dailykos because I could not tolerate that any longer. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  41. I hope when BWD sees your wise comments, she re-posts them in the lede of one of her next commentaries:

    “A spiritual teacher I once had was fond of saying, “what you put your attention on, grows strong in your life.” Let’s put our powerful attention on knowledge, clarity, truth, compassion and love and forget about the rest. I am not saying ignore them but let us move forward in the way that is right for us and just let them be. After all, their influence is really quite marginal; most people have never even heard of these sites.”

    So very wise. Thank you.

  42. Staying positive does not just mean to highlight achievements – and the list of this President’s achievements is impressive – but it also means to support the efforts of individuals, institutions and organizations to build on what progress has been made. “Build on” should always be the goal, not “tearing down” because any individual law or rule may not go far enough to please everybody and may not achieve the end goal of anyone’s dream of perfection. I was reminded of this when I read an article in “Audubon” about organic farming. The article by Barry Yeoman makes it clear that the U.S. is far behind the Europeans in promoting and enabling organic farming. However, this author clearly recognizes the efforts made by this administration:

    “For all the buzz about organic foods and agriculture, both in scientific circles and in popular culture, it wasn’t until President Obama’s election that the USDA started taking the sector seriously”.

    No, we have not yet achieved the goal of many environmentalists and health advocates in terms of a healthier, more natural food production. But it is so refreshing and ultimately more productive to build on the positive steps that have been taken instead of railing against a President who has clearly set a goal of improving government on all levels.

  43. Amen, BWD. It’s actually stunning to see how “honest disagreement” slowly morphed into the ever ominous “holding his feet to the fire”, then finally evolving into venomous hate, straight up, no chaser.

    I remember this kind vitriol towards Clinton, and then by extension towards Gore, leading us to 8 years that nearly destroyed our country and our way of life.

    Maybe I’m just too much of a history geek, but I like to judge things using historical context. And by that measure…FACT: compared to his 43 predecessors Obama is doing almost miraculous job with what was handed to him.

    I do think part of what we are seeing is the 10% of “self described liberals” who told pollsters in 2007 that America “wasn’t ready for a black president.” That 10% didn’t just magically vanish on inauguration day, ya know?

    And yet what is mos striking to me is how among the ProLeft and their followers it is perfectly fine to denigrate, insult, and otherwise tear to pieces our sitting Democratic President. But to even imply that the right-wing doesn’t have a monopoly on racism is considered an unspeakable libel!

  44. I am sorry to hear that there are hateful messages being sent to you. I read your posts every day because without them I would go crazy seeing all the negativity in the conversations about our President. I do not understand it. I am not an idiot and I have lived through 11 and 1/2 presidents in office. I admire Obama more than any of them and do not understand where the vitriol is coming from (aside from racism). Keep up the good work.

  45. The same “liberals” will give a big fat “meh” in response to all of the tangible progress Obama has made will turn around, jump up and down and light fireworks over a bombastic speech by Kucinich! (a speech that actually accomplishes absolutely nothing!)

    I think that’s part of the problem as well; i.e. some Liberals love the catharsis of a “firey speech” by an Olbermann more than they love actual PROGRESS!

    Maybe when they voted for Obama they expected him to be their “Catharsis in Chief” and just spend his days railing against Fox and being really, really mean to bankers. Forget actualy legislation, I want speeches like the one I saw in “The American President” and bankers getting arrested even if the charges don’t have a chance of sticking!

  46. I was getting a bit tired of the constant PBO-bashing on other sites, and I’m glad I followed a link (someone posted in a comment on HP) which led me here. I haven’t agreed with every decision PBO has made, and there are certainly things I wish could have been done differently. However, Republicans have made their agenda crystal clear and it’s not about getting things back on track in the aftermath of eight years of W. It’s all about trying to limit PBO to one term. They seem to do a remarkable job of marching in lockstep and staying focused on that goal, I really don’t think they need our help. I campaigned for PBO in 2008, and he will have my support again in 2012. Thanks and best wishes, Kevin

  47. Cable news stations shedding viewers. Gee, I wonder why.

    “-CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News all lost viewers last year for the first time in at least 12 years, a study finds. A Pew journalism group found a combined 13.7% drop in viewership, the largest decline of any news sector, and all three networks fell for the first time since the group began keeping track. Broadcast news, meanwhile, continued its decline with a 3.4% drop in 2010, the Hollywood Reporter notes.

    Cable news was hit hardest in prime time, with median viewership falling 16% to an average of 3.2 million viewers. CNN felt the biggest impact with a 37% prime-time plummet; Fox, meanwhile, dropped 11%, and MSNBC, 5%.”

  48. I agree, such a wise saying. That is what we all should be focusing on. Thanks for sharing!

  49. I want to thank you for your faithful posting of current happenings and links to photos and articles about PBO. I have been a regular reader and a subscriber to your blog and often repost your links. On a group site that I created and administer I too have encountered anger and recrimination concerning the 2012 election and at the time of the midterm when I was urging all progressive dems to vote I got a lot of angry comments outlining Obama’s “failures”…many of these I attributed to Hillary supporters, but the facts are that they are a part of the large group who stayed home on November 2nd. I try not to say “I told you so”…but now the anger is directed where it should have been on 2012: at the Tea Bag groups. Again, thanks for informing me every day.

  50. We love you back, BWD. And I for one promise not to link to anything from the PL slush pile. Won’t be hard because I stopped going there!

  51. We all know why! So glad the numbers are falling right in front of their eyes.

    If this has been happening over the course of a year – and they still haven’t gotten the message – there’s no hope for any of them.

  52. When HCR was being discussed folks on the far left were screaming “force it through” even though the 60 votes weren’t there and Lieberman and his cabal were demonized. When Walker has the votes to force through his union busting bill the calls are now “compromise” and they were desperate to find three State Senators to flip. Funny how that works.

    Of course the vice versa is true.

    Same with the town halls – Fox loved them when the teabaggers were packign them and screaming, but now that the union supporters did pretty much the same thing to the state senators they’re “shrill thugs”.

  53. Hey friend,

    Is anyone helping you vet these PL folks? Anyway they can be “removed” before they suck up air? Just a question.

  54. Truthfully, I thought it would be a lot easier to get the signatures. I mean 150,000 at rallies, how many registered Dems to contact – I thought it would take a couple weeks tops. Maybe I’m just way off on the organizational aspects necessary to pull something like this off.

    Walker I can understand as there would need hundreds of thousands, but for each state senator the number is much smaller.

    Now that it has passed, the key is to somehow keep the pressure up and keep people engaged. I believe there is highschool state championship tournaments each of the next two weekends that will be used for educational supporters as the Walker budget cuts near $1B from education alone.

  55. Isn’t there some kinda legal remedy for threat mails ? I think you should inform the haters of such legal measures and am sure 99% would chicken out and won’t be back.

  56. Please do not mention them by name. Anything that helps their search engine positioning does a disservice to what we are all about around here.

  57. Let me explain it to you. The root if it all comes down to fear. People fear change. Especially older white people who have had it pretty good up until now and have a warped sense of history. They seem to think they are taxed more than ever before. They also fear the lost of programs like Social Security which many will need to rely on.

    Obama, being the first black president. Has become a powerful symbol of change. People fear change therefore they fear Obama and it comes out as hate. Most of them don’t realize their hate comes from this fear. They try rationalize it with all these BS arguments you see them making.

  58. Thanks, majii – and a big thank you to Wisconsin’s Secretary of State for this bold move.

  59. For some reason, the post about cable news declining cheered me up considerably. Thanks! Maybe people are tiring of all the shouting that happens on cable?

    Keep up the good work BWD!

  60. Thanks BWD for the reminder. I come here when I am sick and tired of the bashing. I do not go to those other sites and don’t think it is important to hear about them here. This is our refuge from that.

    I noticed PBO wrote an opinion piece for an Arizona paper about the need for some agreement on some sort of limited gun control. I also remember the Left bashing him for “missing an opportunity” right after the Tucson shooting. I also remember thinking then it would just be dismissed as politicizing a tragedy.

    I think a lot of what is happening is that the media and the Left cannot recognize change when it comes to smarter politics. Getting what you can (pragmatism) and avoiding the pitfalls from the past by thinking out approaches instead of just shooting from the hip emotionally and going for it no matter what the outcome. I see that PBO waited to let the Tucson tragedy cool down before wading into the gun issue. I also think PBO recognizes how the press tries to make a story something else when he gets involved so that shapes his reactions.

  61. “…The thread you did on Saturday titled “Wisconsin-14: President Obama was very supportive and we’re glad he didn’t come here” has been shared with 21 (that’s right I said twenty-one) of my facebook friends and as of this morning people are still sharing that link…”

    Afternoon, Donna…

    @PittGirly on Twitter says, “One of my Facebook peeps just put this out, re: Obama and the union situation in #WI:!”

    What a coincident; it’s a small world…”Friends” on FB?

  62. I would belive that firtst, all the signatures must come from registered voters in the senate districts. Secondly, I am sure they are going out of their way to be careful and make sure that they have a lot more than required so that they will be able to handle contested signatures. Also being careful to make sure the people signing are valid to begin with.

    Woudln’t surprise me to see the republicans do a lot of shenanigans to make the petitions invalid.

  63. I’d just as soon never read about what the looney left is saying on their sites here. I mean isn’t that we all left in the first place? And talking about them here just encourages them to try and leave messages to “defend” themsleves.

    Those sites saying ridiculous, shameful, biased, hateful things with no basis in reality to try and raise a buck is their business model – it’s to be expected. Dog bites man is not news.

    If folks here still want to fight the good fight at those sites then more power to you, but fight it out at those sites. Bringing them here is just makig more work for BWD.

  64. Don’t forget peeps. The far left and the far right are (Paid) seminar callers libertarians, corporate tea party-ers also Larusch,pumas,and Naderites/Edwards.

    the Extreme nut cases in the united states.

  65. I am sure others may jump in and say this, but I am an old white male, my wife an old white female, with older brothers and sisters, all of whom support Obama. I know you don’t want to generalize, but it is easy to do.

  66. You do such an incredible amount and quality of work, bwd. I think that this new editorial guideline is yet another in a series of brilliant editorial decisions. Last night, I indeed followed the latest professional left propaganda and found a story which was full of fluff, innuendo, and some outright lies. Thanks to bwd and to this entire community for being such a beacon in terms of high factual standards and logic. I am thrilled to adhere to this request that we endeavor to keep this place free of the rantings, memes, false narratives and nonstop propaganda present elsewhere.

    Happy Monday everyone, and thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan. Such a reminder to make the best of every single day we’re blessed with on this earth.

  67. Hey if WSJ is projecting that number, PBO should have an easier win. That is a good thing.

  68. I have also worried that the OIL industry will price fix around election time to add to the arguments against re-electing PBO.

  69. Yeah, things couldn’t be better in my opinion. PBO saved this Country from the brink and gets no credit. If it were up to the republicans, the American auto industry, gone. Public employees, none. Social security, gone in the wall street mess. War, Iran, Egypt, North Korea, etc. Sweet lord, what more to we want. PBO didn’t promise that he could bring Jesus back my friends….or maybe I missed that campaign speach.

  70. Things are going exactly as I had hoped. Better. No disappointment here. I don’t disagree with the President’s actions, and understand the sometimes circuitous route he had to take to get anything done. And he’s gotten more done than I would have imagined possible, in such a short time and under such trying conditions.

  71. Yeah, copying and pasting is a bit much. And as PBO would say: we love ya back!!!

  72. I am also an old(er) white male. So it is not like I am coming at this from some other place. For whatever reason, I fall into the demographic but certainly do not share their views on Obama and there are a LOT like me.

    So to be clear I DID NOT say older white males hate Obama. What I was implying is that of the people who do, a lot of them tend to be older white males.

  73. ^Askew, go to this site: 🙂

    Defend Wisconsin…

    And, on your right, you click on ‘Recall The Republican 8’ and/or ‘Sign The Pledge To Recall Scott Walker’!

    You know, if at all possible, the other states (OH, MI, PA, IN, IA, AZ, TX, FL, et al) affected by GOPTeaParty-elected officials (and their extremism/radicalism) need to do the same as Wisconsin…Recall, Repeal, & Replace!

    WeAreWisconsin…GO Wisconsin GO…WeAreOne!!!

  74. You see its gone viral. I am not a facebook friend with this person (I don’t think) but once FB friends pick it up and start sharing it then it gets sent to facebook pages all over the country (and the world). BWD is even more popular than she may even know.

    It would be intersting to know if she got a big spike in hits to her site because of that thread?

  75. Hiya, folks. I’ll be on a liberal online radio show tonight called Virtually Speaking, talking about what’s going on in Michigan these days and how it’s tying into the political upheaval in Wisconsin. If you want to hear Eclectablog coming through your speakers, check it out! The show starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern and I should be on around 9:30.

    More info at the blog.

    Have a great week, my friends.

  76. Too funny! You’ve brought my blood pressure all the way back down after that first comment of disappointment at the start of this thread. I couldn’t be more impressed, thrilled or grateful for President Obama, his Administration and all that they’ve accomplished in the face of unbelievable obstruction.

  77. Love you too.. keep up the good work that you are doing. The haters ate STUCK in a RUT and MUD, and as you can see, unless the info is of a VICIOUS sort, which has NO substance to it, alll empty, they have nothing to say.
    Do not be phased at all by CHEAP, underhanded stuff.
    We will prevail in the end.

  78. You see Sheila you are trying to define them in logical terms and that isn’t possible for the most part. Many (not all) of them are self righteous purist. They have the “their way or the highway mentally”. BTW this is the same mentally that they detested about GWB. Anyone who cannot see that President Obama should be held to their standard and demands is just not a “real liberal” to them and so therefore must be pummeled into submission.

    Here is an example of their nonsensical way of thinking:

    This morning on my Facebook page I had a “friend” announce that as of today he was no longer a Democrat. Then he said that he had joined the Green Party. Up o this point I was okay with this because I believe in the Big Tent of thought, actions and ideas. He then proceeded to let us know that he became a “Green” not because of what they stood for but because both Dems and Repubs were not any good and he decided that he wanted to “waste” his vote from here on out. Now how stupid is that in light of what we are right now witnessing in WI, OH, PA, IN, MI and on and on….

    So you see there is no logic in their thinking. Needless to say I gave “Mr. Green” my two cents and then clicked the “un-friend” button. I just don’t have time to waste on foolish people.

  79. Donna, yeah it has…Viral Away!

    And, I agree it would be…

    If, just recently, BWD’s ‘TOAITR’ site had over a million hits, w/o it, I BELIEVE it’s possible it received a huge spike b/c of it! 😉

  80. Things are going exactly as I’d hoped, with the exception of Rethuglican block and tackle tactics and anti-Obama rhetoric from both sides of the aisle NO MATTER WHAT THIS FANTASTIC PRESIDENT ACCOMPLISHES. If things go well quickly, no mention of them in the press, if they go well slowly, nothing but complaints that they didn’t go fast enough and if they go badly, thanks to Rethuglicans working in lockstep, screams of failure are all we hear.

    I love this president. I love his heroic attempts to take this country in the right direction despite non-stop obstruction. I love his patriotism. His belief in the American dream. His knowledge that he’s already saved millions of Americans’ lives and jobs and the U.S. economy that keeps him going. His amazing work ethic. His intelligence. His calm. His refusal to take threats and hatred seriously. His constant attempts to unite us instead of divide us. He’s been amazing. He’s accomplished more in two years than most presidents accomplish in eight.

    My family, my friends, my acquaintances, my neighbors all agree with me – President Obama is doing a terrific job. None of us are disappointed in ANYTHING, except the obstruction, hatred, fear and non-stop denegration of this great man.

  81. SOS Clinton is right Aljazeera English is the way to go:

    Obama gets it right
    by Ian Buruma
    Barack Obama, the US president, has been much criticised for the way he has handled revolutionary changes in North Africa and the Middle East. Actually, he has not handled them very much, at least not in public.

    That is precisely the problem for armchair warriors watching events unfold on their computer and television screens in Washington and New York. They want Obama to handle things more.

    Instead of taking a cautious approach, and letting the demonstrators in Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and other places do the shouting, they want him to talk tough, or, better yet, to send in the US Air Force and blast Gaddafi’s jet fighters and helicopter gunships out of the sky.

    They want Obama to tell those dictators to quit right now, or else ….

  82. I support your view. But it is puzzling to me that they would come here to fight with BWD. Why not just live and let live?

  83. donna dem, see my last sentence if you think I am defending them. I am wondering if they might simply fade away if we all never speak of them again. I can’t imagine they can maintain any interest in someplace that pays no attention to them. Let’s all try to forget about them. I never meet people like this in the real world. Even the Republicans I know are civil.

  84. Please do not post links to that other site. If I had my way links to that site would be banned. The last think I want to see is backlinks helping their search engine positioning.

  85. “Out of state thugs” to be exact. It’s laughable really but there are obviously enough dumb people who fall for this BS over and over again.

  86. Hola! To all you wonderful people here. My good news for today is that my Sis and I spent part of the weekend collecting signatures for a recall of Miss Muffet Brewer here in AZ. Another signing venue has been set up today at the State Capitol. It will run from 11AM to 8PM, AZ time.

    Both Sis and I have also signed up for OFA summer training camp. We are excited! FIRED UP! READY TO GO!

    This is Granny Power, folks!

  87. I love your comment and quote, Edwina, and couldn’t agree more. In fact, I vote for ignoring them! I feel bad that BWD has to deal with them. Too bad there aren’t filters for the buzz words so common to all these people. I don’t read comment threads even on reliable sites unless they’re moderated. Comments have become a way for people to deal in — perhaps hide in is better — some really dark aspects of our culture.

  88. Don’t forget the Clintonistas. Lots of those still around that other site who cling to the hope she is going to try primary him in 2012.

  89. Fabulous comment. I think that is a lesson that needs to be learned. I can think of many who would benefit from that reasoning. thanks.

  90. Unlike his pre’decessors, this president does not have a ‘cowboy’ mantality or attitude towards other countries. Why have NATO, the UN and all these other bodies? why should US blood and monies be the PRIMARY shed and used? We have alliances, he is using them, they have as much at stake as we do. We went to IRAQ with half-hearted support from others, we have borne the primary brunt, many dead, wounded etc;. In Afghanistan, we are the primary force. PBO is working just like he said, with our friends to get things done, and end thses wars.
    People complain about the budget, yet want the US to establish the no-fly zone, how about France, Germany and Russia and all the others who are alos affected.

  91. I heard about that on Tom Hartman show. A young man that ran against her , who now is a democrat was talking about the recall. Way to go Aqua granny911.

  92. Good for you Donna. No logic what so ever.

    Gosh, I just remembered–if we let the republicans take over again, eventually everyone in this country will rise up and put the Purity Party in charge of the country. LOL!

  93. Sweetie, you are so pure of heart. A lot of people want to utterly destroy BWD and her wonderful blog because it exposes their lies,racism and hatred. Good hearts like yours may find that hard to understand.

  94. This is such great news, Jovie especially about the transition center for our wounded Vets. A niece of mine is a double amputee and she has been volunteering for several years at a VA hospital. She tries to give Vets who have lost limbs some encouragement and hope. She’s one of my heroes.

    Some of the stories she shared were just heartbreaking. This country has spent some of it’s most precious blood. It is well past time that we gave back to those who have given so much.

  95. I am 65 years old. President Barack Obama is the best President I have seen in my lifetime!

    To have a man in the White House who is smart, world traveled, informed on the issues, truly compassionate, a Constitutional scholar who grew up as an average American; a man who truly loves his wife and family and wants the best for this country? What more could I ask for?

  96. Darnell, Do you think part of this negative reaction to PBO is because he is a black man, and the whiners feel they can demand more from PBO?

    Rather like the Bill Maher stereotype of Obama as a gangster? And hence, the disappointment that he is not.

  97. I just wish that people would discuss policy, agreement or disagreement, in a *factual* way. This site is a tremendous example of that.

    And that hopey changey thing is working out better than expected IMO.

  98. @canuck15: Hi..It stands for “Professional
    Left” and it was coined by former Press Sec Robert Gibbs when he referred to paid so
    called “progressives” on cable television
    that think that they know everything, while
    riding high horses.

  99. Wow. I hope this blows up enough that she is asked to explain exactly what she meant with that remark. I bet the spinmeisters are working on an excuse right now.

    “This White House, of all White Houses should Not Be Making Fun Of Boehner’s Tan” Why not Dana? What do you mean by this? Because a black family is in “this” White House? What exactly are you trying to say?

  100. Oh no Sheila I don’t think you are defending them. I just think you are being rational where they are not capable of rational thought when it comes to politics. 🙂

  101. Fred, you are correct in your analysis. Most people are fearful of too much change. Electing a black president probably created a lot of anxiety. I am an older white female, but it is obvious that some of us coming out the 60s have a different view point than those on the right.

    The presidents biggest loses during the primaries and the election were for those over 60 and above–older white people.

  102. Thank you, I agree with your reply so much. I just don’t know where that 1st commentator is coming from. I want to yell speak for your dang self but maybe they worded what they ment badly. I just don’t know.

    For me personally every time I think of where we been, where we are now, and where we can potentially end up, I praise whatever higher being sent our great POTUS Obama our way.

  103. MEDIA MATTERS has produced a detailed report on the Republican Party hypocrisy on job creation.

    Last November, when Steve Benen suggested that congressional Republicans were trying to “sabotage” the economic recovery, former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson responded by calling him an “idiot” on Twitter and lambasting him in the Washington Post.
    Four months later, Gerson is the one who appears, well, lacking in wisdom. Since assuming the majority, House Republicans have focused their attention on symbolic health care votes and divisive anti-abortion bills instead of job creation, which they promised to make their “number one priority.” Their only real effort to address the economy, a controversial proposal to slash spending on government programs, could have a devastating impact on the recovery. The best evidence Republican leaders can muster that their massive spending cuts won’t harm the economy is the testimony of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who actually believes that the proposal will destroy “a couple hundred thousand” jobs.

  104. Laughing my ass of at the CNN drop in ratings. CNN used to be moderate/democratic leaning but they decided they want to join the ‘bash Obama when the sunrises’ train and they lost a lot of ratings. Whomp Whomp!!

  105. your query wasn’t designated to me but I want in on the answer which is hell yeah, imho.

    The deep belief that has been instilled in people’s minds that every black person is inherently “bad”, can never be the best at anything (just basketball, singing, and dancing, certainly not economics, foreign policies, etc),shiftless, have some shady secret, shady past, be the boogey man,a failure. Well none of that was gonna go away with the election of our nations first black president.

    The GOP knows this and has been using this in their calculations to ramp up faux outrage and second guessing right through this man’s presidency.

  106. “…We are doomed to Republican ideologues until the end of time it seems…especially here in Arizona where I have lived as a blue woman in a red state.”

    Hey Shirley ABaker…

    Cheer up! ::Hugs::

    Stop thinkin’ negatively, you can DO SOMETHING about that! You need to “hook up” w/Aquagranny911, who is, along w/her sister, is gettin’ signatures on a ‘Recall Brewer’ petition… (They’re Arizonians!)

    And this summer, they’ve signed up for the OFA Summer Organizer Trainin’ Camp…Why don’t you? 😉

    Organizin’ For America (OFA)…

  107. Hey, BWD, any time the nasty mail spikes, you know you must have done something really well over here. Take it as a compliment and use your favorite swear word every time you delete one. I, for one, really appreciate the protection from the bullies.

  108. I mostly view/comment from my phone or ipad, I can’t find the I am grateful thread. Is it my screen is too small? I am scrolling but can’t find it. 😦

  109. Jim, re the President’s leadership, things are going way better than I had hoped. There is no policy that he has put forward that has not met with my approval. The only thing I disagree with is that the opposition can get paid for virtually doing little real governing. Frankly, IMO there should be a ‘policy’ that docks their salaries when they deliberately make dumb, useless laws (ex. repeal of HCR)and waste taxpayer’s money.

    BWD, I love you too, along with this precious space. I TOTALLY agree with your mishmash comments, and wish that more of us here would leave the nasty, baseless comments on the sites where they originate! I’m sorry that you have to read the trolls, but I want to say again that I really appreciate your strength in doing this tasteless job so we don’t have to. Thank you for this global reminder that we ALL need to nurture the pro-Obama focus of this site, as opposed to increasing the forum for the hatred of the ignorati/frustrati. IMO negativity saps energy so we’d be better served to save ours going into 2012. Hope your day is progressing positively!

  110. This calls for an ‘Amen!’

    I wrote my response before seeing this, but this says it better. Thank you Little Lulu. The President has been doing an exceptional job even with his hands tied!

  111. RW: I like the general agreement that was arrived at. 🙂 The other side really absorbs too much of our energy on a daily basis.

  112. I’m sure that any reputable anthropologist, sociologist or any other type of researcher who might study the topic of race would agree that the President’s humorous comments about Boehner’s tan during last Saturday night’s “roast” were not directed at Boehner’s natural skin color (due to his race), but rather directed at the artificial and “unnatural” aberration of his tan. And as I recall from the transcript, the President referred to Boehner’s skin “coloring” NOT his skin “color.” Boehner’s unusual orange shading is a result of his personal choice which results from hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars spent in tanning salons/on tanning products, and has nothing to do with his biological or genetic makeup. The President’s comments were perfectly appropriate for the satirical atmosphere of the annual black-tie affair, sponsored by the press association.

    IMO, the President often and purposely targets Boehner’s “coloring’ in his candid remarks as an attempt to point out in a subtle way the hypocritical and superficial persona of Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House who seems to ironically have disdain for any legislation that might help “people of color.”

  113. Excellent comment Donna. Thank you for spreading truth. BWD’s site is really making “big difference.”

  114. TiMT, I appreciate your willingness to enter the fray with your lessers, but some of us do not have the temperament. I like nearly everyone I meet, and to find so many unpleasant, pessimistic people all in one place was greatly disheartening. My faith in humanity was even a little shaken. I will no longer visit places that cause such a reaction. We should all frequent sites, here and in the real world, that bring out the best in us, so I will read what you wrote on The People’s View. And, as edwina said, let’s cultivate the positive so it will spread. Sowing seeds of discontent generates — well — discontent.

  115. Good Day BWD:
    You are such a light that is shining for us all, and I will pray that your site here will be a place to come with positive comments for us to read. You deserve the best of what we have to say. It is fine to discuss things, but we must remember we must do it in a respectful manner. I would not want you to start your day off with having to read such ugly comments, so please find a way to eliminate those thoughts from your space. You have the right to do so. You choose this space to be a wonderful place where we can share, but share with decency and respect. We have enough of the ugly and vile things to hear and read in so many other places. ( I refuse to visit, though) because I choose to not have those ugly words invade my space. So I support you in whatever decision you will make. I appreciate what you have done here, and I want to say,”Thank you for using your talents and gifts in a positive way to bring about good change. Be the change that you want on this site, BWD. God bless you so very much!!!

  116. I’ve met two illogical Republicans, and it has scarred me. I really did think that this type of nonsensical thinking was reserved for the blogs, but after meeting people who actually used right wing talking points to defend their position, and continued to argue for an illogical position even when presented with facts – I was stunned. I met another last week who I’ve typically thought was reasonable, and she said she’s Republicans in terms of fiscal matters, and Democratic for social matters. That ignores reality. It’s one thing to have conservative views, but what Republicans are doing is not just ideological – it’s actually breaking the democracy, and ruining lives and the future for the next several generations. Being Republican and being conservative are no longer the same thing. Republicans are dangerous. Conservatives, real ones, no longer exist. Just look at their extremist views, what they want to do to children, women, small businesses, minorities. That’s not conservative. That’s extreme – the opposite of conservative.

  117. My faith in humanity was even a little shaken

    Yep. My sentiments exactly. I would go there and could just feel how the wind is leaving me. I would read about amazing stuff being done by this president, then i would go there only to find out that this is actually bad and it’s another “selling-out”. It really got to me on a level way beyond my PBO support.

  118. This woman is the face of many of the Bush lies. I don’t give her even one ounce of credibility. She’s got a nerve criticizing anyone, given that she was part and parcel of a criminal regime. I don’t know she sleeps at night. What a fool.

  119. What I have to do, is wipe away the lather of emotions. Keeping separate what emanates from me, recognize how it informs me personally, and then let it go. I can’t truly discuss an issue if I am mired in the more volitale and distracting layers of emotion.

    I am going to suggest although the possibility exists, meaningful debate is not usually what is being conducted via the internet. It works here because we tend to have similiar temperments, have shared values, and a shared investment and support for our President. Because we are unique individuals, we bring different perspectives and experiences to the ongoing conversations here, but we also seem to share an emotional comfort and maturity that does not impede the flow of conversation or the exchange of ideas.

    What I think is going on in comment sections all over the internet is emotionally charged,
    immature outbursts, emboldened by anonymity, and the absent dynamics of interpersonal human interaction. Also missing are reliable standards demanding personal responsiblity and civility. With little or no consequences for inappropriate, offensive and sometimes dangerous commenting it is a breeding ground for the most base of human instincts and behavior. And in the absence of judicious moderation the results are an emotionally charged, factually devoid, free for all.

    BWD you have my deep appreciation and gratitude for the community that you have established here. What you have created is a blogosphere masterpiece. I think it’s value and impact are truly beyond measure. So for all the ways you inform, inspire and unite our lives, not to mention all the angry boneheads you turn away at the door, I say thank you, thank you and again, thank you.

  120. You nailed it!..I don’t want to hear what anyone on those sites has to say–I left them for a reason. Their opinions do not matter to me. Let them stew in their own juices and jabber to themselves.

  121. The republicans not only have problems with the tea partiers, they have problems getting
    Americans to believe that they’re doing things to create jobs and promote economic recovery. To solve the problem, they’ve decided to mention jobs and the economy in everything they say in the hope that Americans won’t realize that none of the bills they’ve introduced into Congress have anything to do with improving the economy and/or creating jobs. They don’t have a plan to create jobs, but they want Americans to think that the subject is at the top of their list by repeating “the economy” and “jobs” over and over again. Despicable.

  122. Kelly, please tell me what IDGI stands for? I am a bit limited in that regard.

  123. Aquagranny, I never cease to be amazed by all of the interesting people in your family.

  124. I no longer watch cable news programs, and I haven’t missed them. They deserve to have declining ratings because they’ve chosen to turn news into reality teevee programs. When I tune into a network expecting to hear about current events, I don’t need to hear from some “pundit” or politician who is only there to create a reality show–carnival type of atmosphere. I remember Cronkite and Murrow, and today’s news reporters can’t touch them in any way. I think if they’d return to strictly news programming, their viewer-ship just might experience a revival.

  125. Thanks for your words Kelly. It is important to try to understand all that is happening because we elected a damned fine man who happens to be black.

  126. The People’s View, written by TiMT has a conversation about how to accurately define those who are so destructive. The general consensus is that the sites are not progressive.

    The label of Liberal Regressive really nailed it for me. I think it was GN who came up with it.

  127. BWD I’m so sorry you have to put up with all the hate. I agree with HZ’s excellent comment above, whatever decision you make I will back you up.

    God bless you for creating this site posting all the good things this President and his Administration are trying to do to make our country and the world a better place.

  128. I’d guess that blackwaterdog’s request might be directed to quoting some Rightwing or off-the-charts professional left comment and then refuting it? It happens sometime, and I wondered if we hadn’t wandered off the reservation on that one point.

    I despaired sometimes watching Keith Olbermann and even Rachel Maddow when clips came on with faces and voices I never wanted to see or hear again, or ever, like Palin, O’Reilly, Bachmann. They were using the facts, this is what they said, I’m not making this up, but it sullied the watching for me, at least.

    I may be wrong, but that’s how I understood blackwaaterdog’s opening remarks.

  129. I understood it to mean that lately quotes have been fast and furious about what the pl said, what this and that adverse site said etc,and we all know that this is not what BWD is all about.
    As I said before, what you think and talk about expands, which is also giving these folksies too much control over what WE think,feel and do…and additionally clogging up BWD’s mail with more sheiss. She really does not need this.
    I put it to all of you, we already know what and how these predictable folks think, and how they are going to re-act, so let’s get back to being positive and productive because negative reports have a way of sucking energy and bringing on more negativity.

  130. This is what BWD means. Come on now, why are we talking about the professional left over and over? They are who they are ..and who they are not. Enough already! let it go! let’ em be.

  131. Jessica, the problem with the stations is that they haven’t grown. Same old tired faces, with the same old tired memes, with the same old tired format, and the same old tired opinions night after night. I am worn with the lack of lack! And to boot, not much diversity in this modern day America!

  132. The msm seem to be ‘stuck’in what they know and how they deliver what they know ( or should I say how they speculate). They don’t seem to be able to comprehend that the public needs a different type of reporting that is truth-based. What was working for them so well before is really not working for them now, but they either do not know how to change or simply don’t want to. But, truth always wins in the end and this is where we the people come in, and like a broken record, keep holding them accountable by stamping out and correcting the propaganda! We need to be vigilante and patient and stay on course and stop getting distracted with what others are saying or doing.

  133. Amen Saint Roscoe..Amen! And cheers to the fact that BWD has drawn a line, because I know that I was thinking exactly what she wrote today but it wasn’t in my place to say thus.I just kept feeling frustrated that all the comments seem to be pl,pl, and what other sites had said etc.

  134. I have a big family, Dorothy but I only share about the best of them, lol.

  135. Ye gads. These ‘little ‘people like Dana Perrino et al with their petty inane nothingness. Does she in fact sit at her computer all day and patrol for anything said or done to make a big deal and get high visibility out of?? Poor, Poor repugs. Rock bottom foolishness! A joke Dana.. a joke.

  136. Second that comment! And BWD, please know how much this site means to so many, even those who may just read and not comment.

    I promise to stay positive, to share information and to never let you down or anyone else here who supports our Prez and Democrats.

  137. ^jovie, that’s great to hear…

    It shows PBHO’s carin’ commitment to all our wounded and disabled U.S. military members!

    And, it also reminds me about this: 😉

    Commitment to Lead: Solar on the White House…

  138. Good for you Kevin. I think because so many want to constantly complain about PBO, there is a tendency for us to focus on the good things he is doing.

    I am sure there are many people on this site who have some concerns about what the president is doing. We have talked about the wars and a couple of other issues, but I think this place is a haven for lifting our spirits by talking about positive movement. It is pretty dis-spiriting to listen to all of the hate being spewed.

    No one person could ever make every person who voted for them completely happy. It is just a reality.

  139. Great post, Donna. I look at al Jazeera often, not because I agree with everything I read there, but because I think their standards are getting higher, while those of the msm here are declining.

  140. I left a long comment on that article. I felt I had to because it was Obama is a chicken comment that immediately followed the article. He does not care about these people. Well, you know what? Those people who may take over the government may be just as bad as Gaddafi.

    I would encourage others to do the same. Let’s give those Obama haters some truth serum.

  141. A very good question Dorothy? I just could not figure out what Jim Porter is talking about. I am coming here late and it may be that he has already explained what he meant.

  142. The Wisconsin Uprisin’ has just begun…

    The Jobs Movement C[ame] To Washington

    AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka … joins Reps. George Miller and Keith Ellison, progressive activist Van Jones and other key leaders at the Summit on Jobs and America’s Future [Mar 10th], the effort to TURN THE PASSION OF THE PUBLIC WORKER FIGHT IN WISCONSIN INTO A NATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR JOBS… (Campaign For America’s Future)

    MoveOn’s DEFEND THE AMERICAN DREAM… Host your own Defend the Dream Action or sign up for an event near you…

    Defend Wisconsin…
    Wisconsin Education Association Council…

    @MMFlint: This week’s mission: Bring the spirit of Madison to Lansing… #madnation #madm

    @MMFlint: Letter to My Fellow Michiganders… …Wed. Lansing protest…


  143. If you choose to read at other places, take the words with a grain (or two) of salt, then fact-check.

  144. Goodness!

    Where’s the “ASS” stamp and the “I’m with Stupid” shirt when we need one? :p

  145. Kelly, “Jim Porter” has commented on this site several times, each time calling on Pres. Obama to march in Wisconsin. I guess the fact that the Wisconsin 14 and labor unions have all said that Pres. Obama has supported them is not enough for Mr. Porter.

  146. Great comment Darnell. I too believe that race plays a HUGE role in alot of the vitriol that is directed at Pres. Obama, from both left and right. One’s political ideology often does not affect one’s racial views i.e. there are racist democrats, progressives, socialists, libertarians, communists, etc. The GOP definitely does not have a monopoly on racists. We must keep in mind that Pres. Obama lost the white vote to McCain 45% to 55%. That is where this “I want my country back” mentality comes from, IMO. Our MSM and PL are catering to that 55% of the white population. They are who Palin referred to a “real Americans”.

  147. Many of these people don’t expect anything tangible from the government, so they really do think Pres. Obama’s main job is to provide them with emotional catharsis. Notice how they judge his speeches. Rarely do they discuss content, it is mainly in terms of performance, almost like they view Pres. Obama as an entertainer, not leader of the free world. This could also be why their “purity” is so important to them, politics to them is about self-image, not tangible results or legislation.

  148. Totally agree Overseasgranny. BWD keep up the great work. You are making a big difference, that is why they view you as a threat to their nonsense and lies.

  149. Absolutely, blackwaterdog, and I am so sorry that so many of them have followed you here, and I am grateful that you protect us from them. If they have such contempt for us, why do they bother to read us? I would never consider returning to reading them. I think my major problem when I was addicted was that my faith in myself was also shaken, because I had emotions in regard to people that I never have in real life, or here and the other more positive sites. I suppose it was useful to learn that I can be prey to diseased feelings also, but that knowledge is worth nothing if I can’t use it to move beyond them.

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