“I admire what he’s been able to do so much”

Thanks, Jovie, for this little gem. Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics got to meet the president last week, and it looks like he’s not going to join the PL anytime soon.

I got to meet President Obama a few days ago when he was in town to speak in Dorchester. I don’t get star struck that easily, but man … it was pretty cool!

I admire what he’s been able to do so much. I also had a chance to tell him about my charity program – FitClub34. Michelle Obama’s program Let’s Move has the same goals as my program – to increase nutrition for kids … makin’ sure our kids are eating right, exercising and being healthy.

He loved some of the things we’ve been doin’, which made me feel real good. I’m hoping we will get to work together soon.


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  1. My heart swells w/pride when I read articles/blogs such as this one. Our Prez leads w/a harmonious balance between his heart and his mind.

  2. Maybe Dems could get him to run for the Senate, because Scott Brown is polling 50+ against Warren and Capuano.

  3. I, too, admire President Obama so much. As someone who is working on the issue of gun violence prevention every day, I have, at times, been impatient and a little disappointed about the President’s tepid response to the Tucson shootings and gun violence in general. But his OpEd piece in the Arizona Star on Sunday gave me hope that he will actually turn the tide and begin a national discussion about this important issue. He got it right in what he said in his piece and I know he is on the side of common sense. But he hasn’t said so. Now he has. We can all hope that this will lead to something and get Congress to do something instead of carrying water for the NRA as many of them have done. In addition, everyone is so afraid of the NRA when they shouldn’t be. They are an orgnazation living in the past and their voices are loud and bullying but they simply do not represent what the public wants. Thank you Mr. President for doing the right thing. I am proud of your words and hope to be proud of your deeds.

  4. Thanks for finding and elevating this story, bwd. Paul Pierce’s charity sounds wonderful. If President Obama’s job approvals are any indication, Pierce’s remarks are very consistent with how the base thinks and feels. We just don’t have much of a voice within the media. With spaces like this, that’s changing little by little.

  5. President Obama needs his prop on Nuclear materials. People forgot about his middle of the night project to collect loose nuclear material. I hope rachel bring it up. She did a great segment on president obama being the one president securing Nuclear materials.

  6. Bwd where can you go to find the old clips of Rachel discussing Nuclear Materials and this president efforts.

  7. Joan – Thank you for what you are doing for gun violence prevention.

    I see nothing tepid about President Obama’s response to the shootings. And even if he hadn’t said a word then, or before or after the event, or hadn’t written an OpEd, I think about the fact that this is a man who had to be guarded by the Secret Service earlier than any presidential candidate; a man who knows the history of violence in the world and in our country – and its lessons; a man who understands our Constitution and the process of our laws; a man who cautiously and judiciously does what is right for our nation and its people.

    I think about the fact that his courage, in particular, knows no bounds.

  8. Joan, I want to commend you on your work and daily focus on gun violence and wish you success in attaining your goals.

    Fortunately for the country (IMO), the President’s daily focus covers many issues, and he has been working furiously to get the USA back on track. He will not be able to correct everyone’s issue yesterday, and he certainly cannot do it alone. He is ‘only’ one man. However, honesty and fairness compel us to admit that the President does not have to do anything else to be worthy of our pride. Just check his record. IT speaks for itself. I am tremendously proud of what he has accomplished TO DATE! I confess that I get somewhat irritable when I hear cries for ‘More! More!’ or ‘Fix my issue’ with very little acknowledgement that he has already delivered so much even with his hands tied behind his back legislatively. IMO since his arrival on the political scene this President has had no need to blush for his words nor his actions, and whether he does anything about gun control or not, I will ALWAYS be proud of what he has already done!

  9. Off topic, but I just caught this headline over on the Reid Report:

    “Oops: protest against WI GOPer reveals he’s moved out of the district … and in with his mistress”


    Apparently WI State Sen. Randy Hopper who is being recalled, doesn’t live in his district any more and his wife will be signing the recall petition — the maid already has.

    I love these you can’t make this ish up stories.

  10. Wow. I used to be in the federal public affairs community, with responsibilities not nearly as broad as Crowley’s (obviously!), and just one roundly embarrassing mistake never would have been tolerated from any of us. Sounds like he had a bunch. I’m guessing he was asked to find other employment even before his latest gaffe.

  11. Has anyone noted what Snyder is doing in Michigan? I know Eclectablog has written about it on his blog. But I read alittle more today and it is very scary. He can declare an emergency and go in and fire all elected officals. Michigan is now for sale. This is all very scary. What is happening!

  12. Thank you VC – I’m just going to piggyback on your comments. You said it so well.

  13. Typical of the right wingers to not even want to sit down to a conversation, and then accuse the President of being the one who doesn’t want to do anything. I don’t understand these people. It’s like they’re crazed lunatics. And you can just feel the venom in LaPierre’s statements. I admire the President for trying – it’s a lot more than I would do in the same position. I would have sent the National Guard out to collect the guns… 🙂

  14. This article is just frightening – these are like the Stepford campaigns. It’s like a bunch of people mindlessly marching in lockstep to the edge of the cliff. And they have every intention of going over. I don’t know much about Mormons, but I have to believe that the Tea Party influence is stronger in these profiled people than the Mormonism. This line especially lends credence to that theory:

    ““On a good day, he’s a socialist,” said Darcy Van Orden, a co-founder of Utah Rising, a clearinghouse group, referring to Mr. Huntsman. “On a bad day, he’s a communist.””

    What are these people smoking? This country can never let the Presidency fall into the hands of a “Tea Party Patriot” – ever! It will be the end of the world as we know it. They’re just plain crazy!

  15. For Hatch to be seen kowtowing to the Tea Party – after thinking he’s invincible for so many years – would be laughable, if the teafolk weren’t so awful. Dangerously awful.

  16. Was it this show makesense4tulips?

    Congress adjourned for Christmas, the Senate ratified the new nukes treaty with Russia. That, of course, is a central priority for President Obama, nuclear safety, making sure the future does not have an unintended mushroom cloud in it. It’s sort of his signature issue. It is among the things he most worked on as a senator and that he most wants to do as president. When the president gave his big speech on nukes three months after inauguration, a speech before that huge open air crowd in Prague back in April 2009, in that speech, he not only promised he would get that treaty with Russia done, he also promised this.

    So, today, I am announcing a new international effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world within four years.


    In his first term, in four years, the U.S. will lock up all vulnerable nuclear material around the world. Aiming high that’s what’s on the public record. You may you already know those things. But here’s something no one has known about until now because no one has been able to report this but us. Working in deep secrecy over Christmas time , under high security conditions, we have just completed an airlift of more than 100 pounds of highly enriched uranium out of Ukraine.

    On a secret mission , we have just moved enough weapons grade material to make, I think, two nuclear bombs , to move it from somewhere unsafe to a locked-down secured facility. This mission is complete. Any information about the mission has been deeply embargoed until the mission was complete, because this is potentially the most dangerous thing in the whole world, and fixing it is one of the most important things in the whole world.


  17. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: 2012: #Obama 5.2% over #Romney, 5.5% over #Huckabee, 10.7% over #Daniels, 14.0% over #Gingrich, 15.2% over #Palin, 15.6% over Pawlenty

  18. The Bradley Manning saga gets still more intriguing. Brian Manning, Bradley Manning’s father and himself a military veteran, has told PBS’ “Frontline” that he has visited his son “8 or 9 times” (we have previously been led to believe that Manning supporter David House and Manning’s lawyer David Coombs have been his only visitors) … and that from what he’s seen and heard from his son, the young Army private is “doing fine.” It’s a flat contradiction of the torture claims that have taken hold in the media and pro-Manning online community.

    Other tidbits from the “Frontline” interview with David Manning (which you can watch above or at the foregoing link):

    – The elder Manning says he essentially forced his son to join the military because Bradley was “aimless.”

    – Brian Manning says that what he knows of Bradley’s “humiliation” he “read in a statement from” his son’s attorney.

    – He says he “looked his son in the eye” and “asked him a direct question” about how he was being treated, and was told by his son that he was feeling “humiliated” at having to stand at parade rest while naked, but that otherwise, he was being treated “fine.”


    And yet glen greenwald will be disappotinted! sigh!

  19. Those nos. over mittens and huckster are too close for comfort given the levels of public screwing antics of the rethugs. How could so many be stoopid ?

  20. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: ABC/WashPost: 51% approve of Obama, 45% don’t (2 months ago 54%-43%); Gallup: 46% approve, 44% don’t (month ago 45%-46%)

  21. Pres.Obama will win the popular vote..I read
    somewhere that the unemployment rate might be
    at 7.7% if rethugs fail at sabotaging
    recovery going forward…Those two will end up desperate they won’t resist going birther,
    because they’ll have nothing left..Just like Johnny McPOW

  22. Good Morning Everyone and pardon my rant today but here goes:

    There is no such thing as a moderate Republican in this political environment IMO.

    How can these BLUE states continue to vote in Republicans? This is exactly the problem w/WI today. They took a chance on the other side and look at the results. Stop it ENOUGH! Do you think for a minute a Dem can be elected in Wyoming or Utah or Nebraska. This is the same thing that keeps going on in Maine electing these Republican Senators because they are not adverse to Gays and Abortion Rights but on every other issue they vote with their Republican Caucus for the most part. Maine and now Massachusettes are solid blue state that keeps voting in Republicans to represent them. Stop giving them our votes!

    Even if we are fortunate enough to get a working majority back in the House and Senate we will again have to deal with Republicans who will water down our legislation.

    Why are Democrats not able to see this? This is so frustrating to me!

    This article is what prompted my rant today:

    “Poll: Scott Brown In Great Shape Heading Into 2012 Reelection Campaign”


  23. They seem close but remember its all about where these votes are. 75% disapproval in Alabama is no different than 51% come election day. Didn’t Obama win with the widest margin by a Dem since 1964? And even then he only got 53% of the vote.

  24. I appreciate that you share these feelings, Theo. It really hurts that this man has to be proving himself EVERY DAY on EVERY issue, even among those who say they support him!

    I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but I respectfully ask us to consider – What kind of supporters are we if we are judging him issue by issue? What kind of supporters are we if we are harbouring the same doubts and using the same criteria as those who make no pretense of supporting him? Can’t we just support him UNCONDITIONALLY, then IF some decision does not pan out as he anticipated, we say “That happens sometimes, Mr. President. Soldier on. We are still with you.” Currently it seems like we (some of us anyways)tend to editorialize (or second guess) when we are not sure how an action will play out, and God knows this president already has more that enough critics doing that! What he really needs more of, IMO, are people who stand behind him AT ALL TIMES, even BEFORE knowing the end results.

    {Sorry to ramble on – I didn’t intend to, but I’m finding that this has been bugging me more and more. I’ll just shush and go wash the dishes to calm myself.}

    Have a good Tuesday, everyone!

  25. You are so right, Donna. I can’t believe people are so ill-informed that they can’t see the destruction these Republicans are doing across the entire country. Even in the face of the Japan disaster, and potential nuclear issues, McConnell still has his special interests top of mind, and doesn’t even want to take a quick pause to see how this plays out. For some people, their ideology wins out over logic or evidence every time. Thinking people cannot sit out 2012. There’s just too much at stake.

  26. I thought this was nice…A person tweeting from brazil.

    From my twitter timeline:

    RT @marcelochalita: @BarackObama You are welcome! Brazilians felt hope with your election! more love and peace friend Obama!

  27. Generally agree, and I think what you are talking about is somewhat similar to the concept of “unconditional love” or :”unconditional acceptance.” In other words, I can disagree vehemently with something someone has done, including the President, but still love or accept that person. I may make a judgement call on the action or decision, but that does not change my admiration.

    In this case, as I believe there is no one else that I am aware of who would be better at being President in this time, my approval of the president is not limited by any disagreements I may have with him or his policies (most of which I do agree with).

  28. Donna, before you panic, remember that in many case, such as Brown’s, there is no specific Dem candidate yet, nor has that candidate started any campaign against Brown. As he is not a glaring TPer, he will get higher approvals until such tiome as a Dem takes him on.

  29. Stellar rant, VC and I totally agree. We need to put our energies into what we can do locally to help Dems and liberal causes While having our Prez’z back.

    I don’t second guess him. He knows a hell of a lot more than I do and I trust him. That makes it simple and easy for me to get on with taking on the fight here in AZ.

  30. Hi, everybody! Let’s keep our eye on the prize! Getting Democrats out to vote will be the key, and getting Independents (and dissatisfied Republicans – think WI, et al.) on board again will put us over the top in 2012. And there will be a lot more newly eligible voters next year, who won’t be “afraid” of President Obama’s message – of that I am sure!

    We did it in 2008, with incredible, unbelievable odds against us. We will have four years of glorious achievements by this administration to put before the American people in 2012.

    I’m trying to keep myself on the positive side (with occasional ups and downs!) … we can’t do anything without optimism, I think. Just ask POTUS and FLOTUS! How they keep themselves up is beyond me, but what role models they are.

    Don’t let the PL and far right suck the positive energy out of your life!

  31. From everything I’ve ever heard about polls and ratings, I thought being at 50% was a good thing. I guess that’s true unless you’re President Obama.

    Two news polls out today. Topline:

    PBO Job approve/disapprove 50/47

    Confidence to handle economy
    PBO 44
    Repub 39

    PBO Job approve/disapprove 51/45

    Trust to handle economy
    PBO 46
    Repub 34

    Yet every story I’ve seen on these results has cast them negatively. I hate the effin media.

    Hey can someone tell me how to bold and use italics? Thanks.

  32. I hear ya japa21 (and maybe its just frustration on my part) but I just guess that with the overwhelming amount of Dems in that state it just shouldn’t matter who he was running against. He is a Republican and they cannot be trusted. How can Dems look at whats happening in Wisconsin and then answer in a poll that they would vote for a Republican. It is beyond my comprehension.

    It just seems to me that we know we will have to fight to keep seats in purple states but to have to fight just as hard in blue states is nonsensical to me.

    Oh well…breathe donna breathe 🙂

  33. Oh, that’s weird, it didn’t show up.

    bold… text
    italics… text

    but with no spaces

  34. If the media brought in more experts instead of know nothing politicians and ideologues, this country would be much better off.

  35. I totally agree with all said here. This President has not given us a reason to question his integrity or intentions. I think in the face of such irrational hatred/resistance/anger/illogic, etc. towards this President, it requires us to counter that with loyalty, faith, support for what he’s trying to do. He won the election – fair and square. But he hasn’t been allowed to implement the policies that he ran on – even though he’s been successful despite this resistance.

    On the other hand, there are Republicans governors all over this country – and Republicans in leadership positions in Congress – who are actually doing what they did not campaign on, and destroying lives in the process. And they are all crying that they won their elections, and should be allowed to implement their policies. They claim to speak for the “American people”.

    I don’t care if people call me an Obamabot, or whatever they want to say. I support this President. I’ll continue to support him because he’s proven that he has the best intentions, is hard working, takes care with his decisions, is incredibly bright and is just a good person. That’s not common – especially in a politician, but even just in a human being, generally. Even when I don’t agree with his decision, and there have been few times that I haven’t, I realize that I don’t have all the information that he does, and I don’t have to weigh all the factors that he does. And I also know that there are always more ways to solve any problem. He fought hard for that job. And he deserves to be able to do it in the best way that he thinks is possible – which is what he’s doing. If we don’t like it, then there will be an opportunity to examine the Republican landscare and vote one of them in in 2012 – and we can take a look at what they plan to do by examining what they’re doing now.

    It really isn’t just a case of President Obama being the better evil between him and the Republican landscape. He’s the best we may see in our lifetimes. Period. And it’s both and insult and a testament to that fact that the Republicans are putting up such losers to run against him.

    Sorry for the long rant.

  36. Well MSNBC is getting ready to shed more viewers. I stopped listening to Ed Schultz’s radio show before the mid-terms when he was bashing the president 24/7. And I stopped watching his TV show and just recently tuned back in to catch coverage of Wisconsin since he and Rachel were leading the way on this story.

    But after last night I’m back to not watching. EVER.

    Once again he chose to ignore what the WI senators said about the president coming to WI and proceeded to try to wrap this around him. He even played that old clip — AGAIN. He did not even show the news conference the WI state senators had where they thanked the president, said they knew he was with them and that he was wise not to come to WI.

    As someone has already said, Schultz, O’Donnell, DK, HuffPo and so many others are republican shills out to destroy the democratic party from the inside. They bash democrats and especially our president more than they do republicans. They have republicans on and treat them with kid gloves. They beg republicans to come on their shows.

    I agree with jackie in her earlier post that this is on us, people. President Obama was given no chance to win in 2008, but we worked our butts off to help him. We can do it again.

    We will do it again.

    Meanwhile, MSNBC, CNN, and all the rest are going to fade into oblivion.

    Ed already got booted to four days a week at 10 pm. Next stop is off the air.

  37. It’s due to the primary system – it gets the teabaggers in and then the [R] at the end of their name gets the regular Republican Team voters. You even have an institution like Dick Lugar pandering to the teabaggers out of fear for his job now.

    Brown was always going to be tough to beat because he’s a likable guy and charismatic as hell. He could still be beat because it is a Presidential year and even in 2010 Massachusetts didn’t tack Republican. However the Dems will need a rockstar candidate – somebody equally as likable and charismatic and then attack Brown on his votes (especially his 2010 votes when he could have been the 60th, but voted the party line). I don’t know who that candidate could be though. I don’t see any of the Massachusetts House Reps being that candidate.

  38. This is the tag for bold text. the text is in between.

    Italics. text in between

    that should work. try it.

  39. Romney being the GOP nominee will probably clinch a win for Brown though, given Obama won’t be able to run up a big enough spread needed to make the difference in the Senate race.

  40. Donna, I am in MA, and Scott Brown hit a lucky combination of a terrible campaign run by the dems and the popularity of his daughter on American Idol. I was stunned that he got elected, and Capuano would have wiped the floor up with him. But, now that he is in, people DO feel he has been moderate. He has publically distanced himself from the tea party, and people feel he has crossed the isle when he should have. If we get a decent democrat to run, he may be defeated

  41. More from ABC on its new poll:

    The Note: GOP Losing Ground In Battle Over Deficit

    As Congress and the White House struggle to cobble together a budget deal, Americans don’t feel particularly confident that either side has the right answers.

    In a new ABC News/Washington Post poll out today, just 43 percent of Americans approve of the way President Obama is handling the economy, though more Americans say they trust Obama (46 percent) on the issue than Republicans in Congress (34 percent). http://abcn.ws/gpFL1H

    What’s more, by a 9-point margin Americans now see Obama as better able to handle the deficit than GOP lawmakers in Congress. That represents an 11-point drop for the GOP since December — a period when Republicans have made cutting federal spending a centerpiece of their agenda.

    And here’s another interesting fact, according to ABC polling analyst Gary Langer: “The drop in trust to handle the economy has occurred chiefly among independents, now drawing away from the GOP after rallying to its side. As recently as January, 42 percent of independents preferred the Republicans in Congress over Obama to handle the economy. Today just 29 percent say the same, and there’s been a rise in the number who volunteer that they don’t trust either side.”


  42. And that’s my problem with this Mary. Republicans in Red states don’t give us (Dems) the benefit of considering our candidates to be “moderates” so why do we fall for this?

    He is a Republican that will occasionally (after watering down and frustrating our base)vote on a few pieces of legislation to make himself look moderate. He is of no benefit to us in the big scheme of things. We just need to stop doing this to ourselves.

    I pray we get a strong candidate up there and the good people of Mass. wake up and vote him out.

  43. Hi Jovie, I totally appreciate your comments here and I love the Reid Report, but I have no idea why Reid wrote that last bullet about Brian Manning confirming his son’s “humiliation.” Brian Manning simply did not say that in the interview, nor is such a statement reflected in the transcript of those portions of the interview, see below, included in the post.
    In an exclusive “Frontline” interview this week with correspondent Martin Smith, Bradley Manning’s father, Brian Manning, talked for the first time about his son’s incarceration.

    MARTIN SMITH: You decided that you wanted to sit down and talk today because you want to complain publicly about the conditions of his imprisonment.
    BRIAN MANNING, father of Pvt. Bradley Manning: Yes.
    MARTIN SMITH: And those conditions are?
    BRIAN MANNING: Well, he’s being — his clothing is being taken away from him, and he’s being humiliated by having to stand at attention in front of people, male or female that I — as far as I know, you know, that are fully clothed.
    MARTIN SMITH: Who tells you that?
    BRIAN MANNING: I read it in the statement that was put out by his civilian attorney…

    But on the subject of his son’s treatment, Brian Manning said this:

    MARTIN SMITH: How many times have you visited him?
    BRIAN MANNING: Approximately eight or nine times.
    MARTIN SMITH: During those visits, has he ever mentioned any complaint of any kind to you?
    BRIAN MANNING: No. I always, you know, am conscientious enough to look him straight in the eyes and ask him a direct question. How are they treating you? Are you sleeping? Is the food OK? And he’s always responded that: Things are just fine.
    MARTIN SMITH: How does he look?
    BRIAN MANNING: He looks good.
    MARTIN SMITH: And he doesn’t complain about being shackled?
    BRIAN MANNING: No. He doesn’t complain at all about anything.
    MARTIN SMITH: It wouldn’t be surprising for somebody in solitary confinement to be suffering a bit.
    BRIAN MANNING: Oh, I’m sure.
    MARTIN SMITH: It’s surprising to me that you described him as somebody who’s doing well.
    BRIAN MANNING: He comes across to me as doing well.
    MARTIN SMITH: He’s in solitary confinement. That’s tremendously difficult, psychologically and physically.
    BRIAN MANNING: I understand that.
    MARTIN SMITH: So, are you surprised that he’s doing as well as he is?
    BRIAN MANNING: I’m happy that he’s doing as well as he is.
    MARTIN SMITH: So, is there any reason that Bradley wouldn’t confide in you if things were tough for him there?

    I am hoping that was a lapse in editing. Cause in the 21st century information age she will be cited as a source for something that is in accurate. Hmmm I think. I’ll go drop the Reid Report a line.

  44. Well if the effin’ media is so bad, then why isn’t their message resounding with the people being polled? Based on the rotten coverage our President receives on a daily basis his poll numbers should be in the 20s or 30s, but he keeps on hovering around 45-51. Frankly, I think it might have to do with how tired people are becoming of all the screaming that doesn’t result in solutions. People do read and listen to more than just the political commentary when they consume news. They do read that consumer spending is up. They know people are getting jobs. They see with their own eyes that the economy is improving.

  45. “It really isn’t just a case of President Obama being the better evil between him and the Republican landscape. He’s the best we may see in our lifetimes. Period.”


  46. They might feel he is a moderate, but his votes tell a different tale. He’ll have his 2010 votes haunting him – when he could have been the 60th vote on many issues that most in Mass. would have been in favor of but toed the party line. I think Capuano could run against him and make it record vs record. Capuano is an unabashed progressive and a fighter, and has a bad ass Boston accent.

    Now his votes over the next two years will be more moderate since the GOP will need to supply seven votes and he’ll surely always be one of the seven when McConnell gives the okay.

    That vid of him with the union-busting Koch Brother hopefully will get major play in any campaign against him. The key is really to engage Brown now – get him to speak out and pretend he is a moderate and he might pick up a teabagger primary.

  47. Anyone who has to lie or obfuscate the truth loses all credibility, even when they’re telling the truth. I switched off Rachel’s show as soon as she started promoting Ed’s rants against the President re: Wisconsin. The fact that Ed is so tiny as a human being that he can’t admit when he’s wrong, and then move on with the right info – that speaks volumes to me.

    Ed is a jerk. He’s a simple-minded, Republican, money grubbing, bully. He doesn’t understand the complex issues that he’s talking about, shouting about. He ran away from an opportunity to run for Senate and actually make a difference. And he has repeatedly told people NOT to vote, and has mis-stated the truth – deliberately.

    When I want truth, information, objectivity, real passionate advocacy of issues that are important to people – Ed Schutlz is the last person I would ever go to. His motives are suspect, he’s crass, and he’s a simpleton.

  48. That is amazing that 42% ever trusted Republicans to handle the economy, after they destroyed the economy with their deregulation and reckless spending and war mongering. Who are these remaining 29%? What is it about the current disaster, and the fact that most of the disastrous states have Republican governors, do they not understand?

  49. ^Yes, MTMarilyn, I have and probably others have, too…

    Have you read this?

    REDEFINING GOVERNMENTAL ‘POWER GRABS’…. If there’s one thing we know about the conservative Republican ideology, it’s that they love local control and they loathe governmental power-grabs.

    Except, that is, when they believe the opposite.

    Recent developments in Michigan and its new Republican administration are so astounding, I literally didn’t believe the reports when they first came out. And yet, shocking though they may be, those reports are true and represent a genuine assault on a credible system of government.


    Snyder’s law gives the state government the power not only to break up unions, but to dissolve entire local governments and place appointed “Emergency Managers” in their stead. But that’s not all — whole cities could be eliminated if Emergency Managers and the governor choose to do so. And Snyder can fire elected officials unilaterally, without any input from voters. It doesn’t get much more anti-Democratic than that.

    Except it does. The governor simply has to declare a financial emergency to invoke these powers — or he can hire a private company to declare financial emergency and take over oversight of the city. That’s right, a private corporation can declare your city in a state of financial emergency and send in its Emergency Manager, fire your elected officials, and reap the benefits of the ensuing state contracts.

    You might be thinking, “C’mon, that can’t be right.” I’m afraid it is. Michigan’s new Republican governor is cutting funding to municipalities, and if they struggle financially as a consequence, he will have the power to simply take over those municipalities if he believes he should.

    And once Snyder does take over these local governments, by virtue of his own whims, he can impose a local dictator — called an “Emergency Manager” — who will have the authority to undo collective bargaining agreements, scrap contracts, and even undo the results of elections.

    And if that weren’t quite enough, the local dictator, at the behest of the new Republican governor or a designated corporate ally, can even “disincorporate or dissolve” an entire municipal government — effectively making a local government disappear — without any input from the public whatsoever.

    I’m completely serious.

    And by the way, the Tea Party crowd — those folks who worry about excessive government overreach and power-grabs — thinks all of this is just great.

    One of the Republican state lawmakers who supports this effort characterized the plan as “financial martial law” — and as far as he’s concerned, that’s not a criticism, that a defense for this little scheme.

    All of this, by the way, is being pushed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R), after just two months on the job. He’s the same rookie governor who’s desperate to slash corporate taxes in Michigan, while raising taxes on the working poor.

    All of those voters who thought it’d be a good idea to elect a bunch of Republicans in 2010? I really wish they’d done just a little more homework before heading to the polls.

    —Steve Benen


    And, here’s some background info about MI Gov Snyder and other GOPTeaParty-elected governors:

    Priorities? GOP Governors Shift Burden To Poor, Middle Class To Pay For Tax Breaks For Rich, Corporations… http://tinyurl.com/62zlvg6

    But, the Wisconsin Uprisin’ has just begun…So you, GOPTeaParty and friends, betta watch out…

    Michael Moore and other Michganders, like Wisconsinites and others, are fightin’ back:

    MoveOn’s DEFEND THE AMERICAN DREAM… Host your own Defend the Dream Action or sign up for an event near you… http://tinyurl.com/47c47xa

    Defend Wisconsin… http://www.defendwisconsin.org/
    Wisconsin Education Association Council… http://www.weac.org/

    @MMFlint: This week’s mission: Bring the spirit of Madison to Lansing… http://michaelmoore.com #madnation #madm

    @MMFlint: Letter to My Fellow Michiganders… http://mmflint.me/flVqvC …Wed. Lansing protest… http://j.mp/ejVRWp http://j.mp/gXN7F6


  50. I am sick of Ed. I hope he gets canceled. He doesn’t deserve the show or to call himself anything but someone who is working to benefit Repubs. He told Dems not to vote in the last election. Now he has repeatedly called out the President for not physically inserting himself in Wisconsin. Even after Trunka said on Ed’s show that the President is with them. That was not good enough for Ed. He’s a tool and is either too stupid to realize it or knows exactly what he is doing.

  51. Joan, Indeed, thank you for your work. I thought his editorial was calm and directed toward working toward a way for Americans to begin understand how important it is to pass laws limiting the use of certain types of guns.

    I could not believe that there were so many OH NOs among certain liberals. Absolutely over the top.

    I too love my president so much, and I will continue to support him. There are issues on which I disagree with him. I send him emails to let him know how concerned I am with the path he has taken on those issues.

  52. GN, Unfortunately I heard about one minute of larry last night and he was raving against Obama on his editorial. I think big headed ed and larry are engaged in a shouting contest. I guess it is clear as to how I feel about them. right?

  53. The last time I saw the red menace’s numbers, he was almost tied with Rachel. Yikes. I watch Rachel when I think she might be something on the prez. that is positive.

    I gave up eddy, larry totally about 6 months ago.
    I feel so much better.

    If we all pledge not to watch either of the screamers shows, we might be able to do some harm. I think we should all decide, that no matter how tempting, we will not watch either of those men. Let’s not add to their rating.

    I suspect that a lot of repugs watch their shows. Nothing more fun than watching two idiots put down the man the repugs hate.

  54. This is why all those who tried to give credibility to the Tea Party, as though they were representing legitimate grievances, didn’t know what they were talking about. These Tea Party people are fascists, pure and simple. They believe the only way is their way. And they’re not afraid to force people into believing in their brand of “democracy”, even if it means eliminating the people from office who were duly elected.

    Instead of giving Constitution lessons to Congress, these Supreme Court Justices need to give lessons in democracy.

  55. Theo67 ♥ Double, Squared and cubed! Great rant and you said it all way better than I did.

  56. Rachel Maddow covered it very thoroughly on her show March 8th…Michigans agenda is particularily strident and potentially devastating. The Republicans have been stealth and coordinated in their extreme agendas, and this has been underway for years.

    Americans need to wake up to the current realities and the long term consequences of a party working hard to dismantle government, stripping citizens of our rights and access. IMO, they are on a mission to destroy participatory government. I think they are Fascists….scares the crap out of me. 98%, (or as many as we can possibly convince, some are frankly lost) have to recognize our power exists in our collective voice and unity, if we are going to counter balance the 2% that currently are waging their war against us, and have in their arsenal the advantages of access to power, money and the flow (and manipulation) of information. They are using all the tools in their kit to divide and distract us in an effort to thwart our collective power, and therefore our ability to countravene.

    I know this is wildly general, but I think it is in essence true. I don’t think that we have the luxury of time…this train wreck needs to be stopped…NOW.

  57. Wow, that guy towers over Obama and you could make two Obamas out of his body size. POTUS looks pleased to meet another great basketball player. I suspect that’s one of his favorite parts of the job.

  58. The thing is that voters in Massachusetts will have to be told that it’s more than Scott Brown, Republican (alleged) moderate. They have to be shown that Brown will NOT back the unions, that he DID align himself with the Tea Party and has only moved to the center to try to sway Massachusetts voters into voting for him, but in his heart of hearts he’s never going to advocate for the working stiffs and union members of Massachusetts.

  59. Theo67, Amen…

    But, should anyone be listenin’ to the “ethically-challenged” SCOTUS…at least four of them (Thomas, Scalia, Alito, Roberts)?!

    Two or more of them maybe under investigation… http://bit.ly/eHK10K

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