Wisconsin-14: President Obama was very supportive and we’re glad he didn’t come here

Well, well, well, what do you know. Not that I expect the kids to actually understand this, but the adults always knew he was doing the right – and especially the SMART thing here.  From the fab-14 press conference yesterday:

Q: Obama disappointing you?

Erpenbach: No not at all, He was very supportive, a couple of different times, of public employees. He has a nation to sail through some rough waters right now. He was briefed 1-2 times a day, I don’t doubt him at all. Had he come here, it would have been more chaotic. I’m glad he didn’t come here.

Lena: I agree. It would have been about him, instead of the workers of WI. It would’ve been politicized, it would have been about the 2012 election. He has time to come stand with the WI workers, real soon.



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  1. Love the last pic!! It must strike fear in the hearts of Walker and the the other members of the GOP. Obama 2012 is the right message to send!!!

  2. BWD thanks for always being here. The naysayers will always wait for a hiccup moment. I am so thankful that our POTUS always disappoint them. If they just let go and trust our Prez they can reduced the self imposed stress in their lives. Have a good day.

  3. I guess the real base of the Democratic Party didn’t get the memo that Obama is a traitor.

  4. They’re bound to lose their collective minds…

    President Obama once again proves he knows what he’s doing and remains the only adult in the room…

    May God continue to bless, protect, defend, guide and guard our spectacular and infinitely dignified, gracious, brilliant, focused and all around amazing President…

  5. Good morning all 🙂 These are some very nice snapshots and pictures. These pictures says a lot. They really speak In volume loud and clearly. Thank you Mr. President, for “LEADING”, and using “WISDOM”, In so doing. Thank you President Obama 🙂

  6. Technically incompetent person question here: is there a way to “share” one of BWD’d posts on Facebook?

  7. It is scenes like these that give me hope that the name of this marvelous website that BWD runs for us will one day no longer be all true. President Barack Obama will always be the tallest and greatest adult in the room, but if such pure expressions of democracy as one can still glimpse in America can find their way more and more into our political discourse, then perhaps someday we can say that there are other adults in the room, who can stand up with the President, and help him shoulder the burden of statesmanship that he has carried so far and so well by himself.

    One can only hope…

  8. The pictures are lovely! I have tears in my eyes. I was so afraid that it would be a poor turnout and people would feel defeated.
    I’m hoping that this is a beginning of a new movement for the middle class.

  9. Wow! Those photos are just awesome. The Fab 14 are indeed heroes. Agree with every wonderful word that’s been said about our brilliant president. The last photo says it all. Obama 2012.

  10. What is truly amazing to me is that Ed “Mad dog” Schultz and the rest of the primary Obama crowd come off looking like fools after the Fab 14 basically told everyone within earshot of their press conference that President Obama did the right thing by staying above the fray. For me the icing on the cake was when it was revealed the President was briefed several times a day by the Fab 14. Moreover, when the heads of major unions come out and praise Obama, I think it is best to rethink your position; I’m looking at you Schultzy and your BFF Cent Uygur.

  11. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: The President joked: “I understand the bar will be open until midnight,” then added “And I hope the government will be, too.”

  12. Exactly, Amk.

    It never fails. You would think that by now the PL would have a clue. But I do believe much of it is sensationalism to draw attention to themselves.

    You will note that when Ed could get no one to join him in his call for the president to come down to Wisconsin, he moved on to another issue. My hubby (bless his heart) who tune into Ed every now and then said, each night he had people on to talk about the price of gas and would talk about what these people would tell POTUS to do. Really?

    So laughable. Simply laughable. You have a man who wakes up at 4 a.m. to deal with calls about the Mideast uprising, pirates seizing Americans, Japanese earthquatkes and nuclear plant meltdown, and other calls that we may not even know about yet, and these self-inflated egotists, who sit behind a funny box with a microphone, have the audacity to tell him how to do his job.

    It would be comical if these were not some serious times an difficult issues we see our president handling so deftly time and again.

  13. LOL. Presiden Obama
    That was a great shot a Speaker of the House Boehner. President Obama is too slick :rofl:

  14. I consider schultz as left’s limbaugh, both in nonsense and noise. None of these media morons, from both left & right, have a clue about governing. The teevee medium has become the whiny facebook page of internutz.

  15. There will come a time when history reviews these events and marks President Obama as one of our greatest presidents – and these petty pundits as fools. Thanks for this great site and the terrific pictures – and a special thanks to all those wonderful Americans fighting for our rights in Wisconsin and other states threatened by the GOP red slime.

  16. I linked this BWD post to one on Steve Benen’s at The Washington Monthly in which someone was saying that “it was time for the president to become more involved in what is going on in WI.” That such a post would be made in the first place says that there are even democratic-leaning voters who don’t know what the president is doing as the citizens in these states work to preserve their right to bargain collectively.

  17. PL: “Lah lah lah I can’t hear you, lah lah lah”

    I guess this news won’t be making the rounds at some “other” sites.

    Did you guys knows that the star of MONK was there?


    The man who played Monk on TV later came out against Fox News, “I’m here because I care deeply about Wisconsin families. All of them, including my own. You know recently we have been hearing a lot of talk from places like Fox News and (the crowd interrupts with a Fox News lies chant), we’ve been hearing a lot of silly talk from places like that, and places like where else? Oh yeah, the governor’s office, vilifying the unions in this country with this divisive talk charactering union workers as malcontents, bullies and thugs, so I thought today I would give you a chance to meet one of these hoodlums face to face. Look out now. Hold on tight to your little ones. Please allow me to introduce to you one of my sisters from Green Bay.”

    Shaloub shattered the Walker/Fox News stereotype of the union thug. He said of his sister, “For the past 25 years this thug, this lazy ass malcontent, good for nothing bully has dedicated herself to working with young children and their family as a school based language speech therapist….So what do think dangerous? Self-serving right?”

  18. That’s it. I have a sneaky suspicion that Ed Schultz wants to “think” he has power over President Obama by doing what he is doing. Ed wants to be the big man. How ever Schultz became chicken when some people ask him to run for the Senate seat, yet he made excuses not to do so.

  19. You nailed it. I used to post over at another orangey site that shall not be named that a lot of these PL types believed that Obama was their errand boy.

    Whether consciously or subconsciously, they think that he is their puppy who — because they once “supported” him — should listen to whatever ill-informed, nonsensical demands and instructions they pull out of their asses on any given day. Somehow, in their delusion, they think they know as much as he does, sees as much as he does, and can do as much as he does.

    Some of them don’t truly see him as a true, full-grown, autonomous Man.

    They would never throw these fits if they did.

  20. No, Schultz and the rest of the “professional left” will just move on to the next issue to be outraged about.
    At least Rachel may have the decency to apologize and admit she was wrong (again) but she, too, will jump on the next “Blame Obama” train. One always pulls up in 15 minute intervals with that crowd. 😕

  21. You’ve outdone yourself with this post, BWD. Wonderful pics! Thanks for bringing us the narrative from the heroic Wisconsin 12. Of course, as we surmised, PBO was involved behind the scenes and supportive of the workers’ cause. There was never any doubt in my mind.

    Walker and his gop cronies have dug their own political graves — and I would hate to be in their shoes not only politically, but just on a human-being level. What miserable people they are and what a horrible legacy they are leaving for their children. Just miserable.

    By contrast, the smiling faces and resolve of the workers, the Wisconsin 12, and PBO, and their eventual victory will be remembered and honored for generations to come.

  22. It’s amazing what we can do when we turn off the tv and hit the streets. Way to go Wisconsin! I have a feeling some other protest took place this weekend but were not broadcast on the local cable “news” stations.

  23. Great post. Here’s hiong the energy visible in the photos translates to a determinnation to turn WI deep blue, recalling senators, electing democrats, recalling Walker, and GOTV in 2012. Only 40% voter in 2010. Elections do matter..

  24. Good morning wonderful family. What a great heading. I was busy all day yesterday so didn’t see any of this till late last night. It was so good to hear the Fab 14 say what we all new was true. I am so glad I don’t have to worry about the President doing the right thing He has it handled! Have a grea day everyone.

  25. Did Ed actually say to primary Obama?

    I have completely stopped listening and watching Ed Schultz since he chose to make this important issue in WI about the failure of Obama, no matter what anyone said to him to the contrary.

    This is when he went off my TV and radio: he played a clip from an interview where he purposely cut off the part where Obama vehemently supported the rights of unions, and repeatedly played the part where he said “everyone has to give something up.” It was an editing/hatchet job worthy of Fox news. He even pulled John Nichols into it before Nichols had a chance to see the entire interview, and got Nichols to say he was disappointed in President Obama.

    Unfortunately, many blue collar workers see Ed as a major supporter (and he is), but will be too willing to take his word that the President failed.

    What is most depressing is how fantastically stupid Ed Schultz is. I may get flamed here for saying this, but he is more than factually challenged — he is intellectually challenged. Here are some of his outrageous positions: The 99’ers should take home and not vote to ‘send a message’. The Dem’s should table HCR reform until after the 2010 midterms, which would motivate Democrats to come out and vote (!) and then reintroduce a more progressive bill (!!)

    And his latest outrage: that Obama should do an imitation of Mike Douglas in a movie, and walk the picket line with Wisconsinites.

    Sorry. Those are the positions of a total idiot who is fast becoming the voice of progressive radio. He may rile up the blue collar progressive, but he will keep them from voting.

  26. The republicans in wisconsin should be shaking in their boots. This is far from over because they have target dates to keep this energy going. By November 2012, Wisconsin should be blue again if they keep their focus on the bigger picture. On April 4, there is an election for the Supreme Court in Wisconsin and right now everybody is mobilizing, getting ready for that election. DNC, OFA, Moveon.org and PCCC are on the ground there now having raised over 1 million dollars for grassroots efforts. They have a teabag incumbant who is currently running against a liberal. If she wins that would vault them to phase 2 of their plans of retaking wisconsin.

    The recall of 8 Republican State Senators. Currently they are collecting signatures and it was reported that 2 state senators will definatly lose if their is recall election today. Alberta Darling will have close to half the signatures needed by next week. They reported they have 25% of the total needed signatures for all 8. They have until the end of April to get all the signatures. They predict a July Election. If they flip 3 of the total 8, they will regain the State Senate just in time to start Phase 3 Recall Walker

    Right now they are collecting names, addresses etc to start a database of voters in wisconsin so that when November 5 gets here they can start the recall campaign and quickly get the signatures of all those that signed up with their info. They need exactly 540,000 signatures total for a new election. Exactly 2 months prior to his election so that by Jan 5, 2012 they can have the all the names by his 1st anniversary where he will be met with another election. I have no doubt that walker will lose. Tom Barrett is said to run again for the Govenor. Once Tom Barret wins then they go to the last phase of retaking Wisconsin

    November 2012 election with Barack Obama on the ticket. Booting out the GOP in the state assembly will be a fun night cause they will have to defend what they did this year with barack obama on the ticket campaigning with new democrats running for those seats. Plus the 2 congressional seats we lost in the midterms. Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble are in real risk of getting swept out cause those districts obama won, so folks are going to be seeking for REVENGE. Anybody with a R behind their name in that state will be in real danger of losing. You know when obama goes to wisconsin campaigning he will be driving that stake in their hearts by remind the voters TO TAKE THE KEY BACK FROM THESE RADICALS!!

    So by november 2012 wisconsin democrats could have the wisconin supreme court, the state senate, the govenors seat, 2 congressional seats and state assembly back in less than 2 years. The only republican seat they are stuck with is Ron Johnson senate seat and few congressional seats in washington. It can be done but the people have to stay organized, focused and determined to win their state back.

  27. Let me add 2 additional tidbits that really should have the republicans shaking in their boots. When you lose the FARMERS who live in rural areas you know the ones obama said clings to the guns, religion, etc. The ones who are normally REPUBLICANS or REAGAN DEMOCRATS? You know you are toast in the next election. And this is felt nationwide not just in wisconsin. Iowa, Missouri, OH, Michigan, Indiana. Chickens will come home to roost in 2012 for these radicals.

    The 2nd tidbit that should have wisconsin repubicans shaking in their boots is this. I just looked at a chart that shows the % of districts that obama won in 2008 against Mcain. They are 33 state districts in Wisconsin. Guess how many McCAin won out of those 33?


    Out of 33 districts President Obama won 28 districts with a 51% or higher. One district he won by 86% with is Lena Taylor district. The district that Republican Dan Kapanke won obama won by 61% so you know he is toast. President Obama won Wiscosnin by 18 freaking points. So you tell me how this asshole fitzgerald thinks by busting unions that will hurt obama and prevent him from winning that state in 2012? Hell, Obama might when that state by 30 points next time. That state is beyond livid. You reap what you sow and the wisconsin republicans are DOA this year and next.

  28. I don’t think they understand that he could not have gotten this far if he was not smarter than they give him credit for. He will always be one step ahead of his detractors. They never learn, but then if they know any better they will not be acting the way do. Mr Ed schultz can you hear me now?.

  29. This shows all those who never stop and think one main fact,which is you never know what goes on behind closed doors. People must remember the President dose not govern in the press so all eyes see everything that is done.The pundits want the President to run to a mike every time something happens an tell them what His every step will be. The last President did what he wanted to do an they didn’t raise have the questions they are asking of this President. But thanks to God’s guiding hand He has blessed us with President Obama and a calming wisdom that is needed to lead. So remember we will not know everything that the President is doing but keep the faith that in God’s hand things will be done right.

  30. Happy Sunday! If you all want a good belly laugh this morning to start the day, head over to see what Chipsticks has up over at ObamaDiary about the Gridiron Dinner last night.Hilarious! PBO is not only smart, the man has a WICKED sense of humor:) Love that:)Wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

  31. I sincerely hope so. I just volunteered to help for recall efforts with unitedwisconsin .

  32. I was thrilled when I saw that press conference. Frankly, it doesn’t take much common sense to realize that the President needed to be supportive but low profile even if the world were not collapsing around him. This is a people powered movement, not a Presidential powered movement. That would not only be inappropriate, but counter productive.

    Nope, the kids don’t understand that. More’s the pity.


  34. Good Day Everyone:-)

    Thank you ..Thank you BWD for this lovely diary this morning, I am so glad the FAB14 put the critics in place.

    One of the signs I seen yesterday in one of the tractor read…


    But the one with “OBAMA/2012″ sends a strong message to Fitz…since his whole idea was to MAKE IT HARD FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA TO GET RE-ELECTED” lol in your face…Love it!!!

    Here’s another Tractor Sign..I liked:-)

    “WE ARE PLANTING THE SEEDS FOR A TOTAL RECALL”..something to that effect.

    THANKS AGAIN BWD…much appreciated:-)

    Peace and Blessings to you all!!

  35. Good Morning Everyone

    Happy Spring forward.

    Last night I edited a video where the SEIU president in clear terms praised the Obama Administration.

    For those who missed the post yesterday

    She is good. I am delighted to see unions support the President – duh.

  36. I have created a page which will have a collection of video clips and articles which show Obama and the Administration supporting unions and the unions reaction to Obama.

    I am looking for a clip where Obama says “looks like they are trying to bust up unions” and any other clips you recommend.

    I have a clip of his speech to the Governors where he says we can’t demonize public employees the page also has the Secretary of Labors Op ed piece.

    If anyone has additional ideas, let me know.


  37. cilliza – I would not correct anything you wrote, since I agree with all of it … but I would just devilishly say that I believe the President is TEN steps ahead of his detractors, not one step.

    Happy spring forward!

  38. It’s snark, earthgirl. The “Political Left” claim to be the base of the Democratic Party. They are the ones who claim Obama is a traitor because he didn’t swoop down on Wisconsin and fix everything. These picture illustrate who the REAL base of the Democratic party is and you don’t see any signs among them railing the President about not coming to Wisconsin. You don’t see the actual elected Democrats critiquing the President. They know it’s about the workers. The Political Left do not.

  39. From your profound mind to the ears of the Universe. I’m truly beginning to think that the Tea Party has as its core principle ripping apart the very fabric of America and everything that makes it great, all for the almighty bottom line.

  40. I didn’t see anything in the “liberal” media about the protest in Wisconsin on Saturday. Nothing!!

  41. Don’t you just love it when someone actually comes up with a plan instead of just whining? This is brilliant.

    And where are all the PLs during all this? Trying to make a buck selling tee-shirts and subscriptions to their crazy websites. Exploitative in the extreme.

  42. Exactly right. Analogous to benefactors assisting so-called third world nations, on condition of setting the pace and discourse of said nations. Master to slave syndrome?

  43. Faith, Ed is a huge phony. He is taking his marching orders from the GOP and his corporate bosses. That clip was an intentional hatchet job. You have to ask yourself “WHY”. Why did Ed cut the clip in such a way as to hurt Pres. Obama? Why isn’t Ed willing to place blame solely where it belongs, at the feet of Gov. Walker and the GOP. Why not doctor a tape to slime the GOP or Walker? Why is Pres. Obama ALWAYS the problem? Why did Ed tell democrats not to vote during the Midterm elections? Conservatives on TV did not constantly undermine Pres. Bush. Why do “Progressives” on television ALWAYS undermine Pres. Obama? Ed is not that stupid. He knows what he is doing and why he is doing it. He was once a republican, now, IMO, he is a republican plant.

  44. There are a couple of things Ed has done in the last two years that made me roll my eyes in disgust. But he really lost me when he encouraged people not to vote. And now he’s out in WI trying to seem as though he’s part of the people and wants to stand with them in fighting. What the hell did he think would happen since he encouraged Democrats not vote, insuring the GObP were in the majority? Where was his fight several months ago? Oh yeah; he was fighting the president and Raaaahm(!).
    Thanks Ed.

  45. I was there yesterday and was one of the first to shake the hands of the WI 14 and to thank them! It was history in the making for our country – especially for moving our country FORWARD – not backwards, like the GOP wants to do! We all need to stay – standing together – and recalling all we can – keep coming to Capitols or standing on street corners and calling out the corruption and destruction of our country & our people! And always – ALWAYS USE YOUR VOTE — your vote is YOUR VOICE – the ballot box is where we need to win this – once and For All!!!

  46. Thank you for that. I totally forgot to watch that last night.

    Now this woman gets it. And she completely owned her space, pivoting off their talking points of “Where’s the President?” and the budget. Again and again, she brought the conversation back to jobs, jobs, jobs! Kind of hard to make her out as an SEIU thug, isn’t it? She’s so smart, non-threatening, well-versed and has her own talking points down pat. This is a great learning tool for how to pivot off the opposition’s talking points back to our own.

  47. I appreciate your remark, axrendale, but we should take hope in the fact that the Democratic Senators from Wisconsin’s state legislature have acted as adults, both in standing up to Walker and in supporting the President.

  48. You got that right TrumpDog. “One always pulls up in 15 minutes interval….” lol.

  49. Snowbird, I feel weepy too. It is just so beautiful to see people come together and support one another.

  50. Interesting, isn’t it? One would think that “progressives” would be trumpeting the uprising in Wisconsin. It is a situation where the GOP has overreached, and is facing a backlash. A situation that would defintitely help get dems elected and hurt the GOP. The PL does not want to hurt the GOP, the PL wants to hurt Pres. Obama and the Democratic party. The PL has no problem with Gov. Walker’s union busting, because their corporate patrons like union busting and hope it spreads. The PL, MSM and right-wing talk radio are using different methods to achieve the same overarching goal: get republicans elected.

  51. Trumpdog..loved your remark about the train pulling up,giggled at the symbolism. But people, how’s about not mentioning the professional left here every 15 minutes too. Shoot, that train left the station months ago, and we know what that is all about, dontcha think? Like the saying goes, what you think and talk about expands, and by continual mention of them is giving them too much control over us and our uplifting space. It is sooo important at this time to focus on the real pl, ‘the positive legislations,legacies and leadership’!
    Go Wis 14..go Obama.

  52. Karene – I’m so happy for you, that you got to shake the hands of the WI 14, our new heroes! Keep fighting the good fight!

  53. Sorry to say the petty pundits/anchors might not even make the grade as a oneliner when history rolls around. The Prez has his name engraved globally…and more to come!

  54. EricFive – Unfortunately, I believe you are right.

    As “Monk” said in Wisconsin, this is the start of a new national movement!

    I’m in!

  55. Incredible speech by a WI farmer yesterday:

    And Walker was in far northern WI yesterday, and like everywhere he goes now, the protesters far, far outnumber his supporters. Incredible considering where this is:

    Well over 100,000 there yesterday. Probably in the 150,000 range…nearly 4 weeks of sustained, historic attendance. Not sure I was going to ever see anything like this in my life, and very happy for it!

  56. I realize it’s tiring to keep broaching this topic of Ed, but there are people we have to deal with in the party who actually listen to this man and think he’s great. It helps me to know more about this Ed guy because I need to know more about where these people are getting their BS. If I can draw a line from one of a democrat’s off-the-wall comment to Ed, then I can address the commentary with greater ease. Deflecting Ed talking points are easier if I know exactly the source.

  57. I guarantee you, you will not hear one word from ED, O’Donnell,Cenk or any of the other naysayers regarding this interview tomorrow.

    Once again the PL have pie on their faces. What the Fab 14 have said is what other with sense have been saying all along.

    The reason why the polling has turned in the favor of the protesters is because they’re seen as the underdog, and everyone loves to side with the underdog. The moment the president plane would have hit the tarmac in Wisconsin the Governor would have became the underdog.

    Another reason he shouldn’t have gone was that the republicans were hoping that they would get a money shot of the president standing on the steps of the WI capitol giving a fiery speech with the Union bosses flanked on each side. This would have allowed them to use this image in their anti-union ads….but the president wasn’t foolish enough to give it to them. So in the ad the republicans are running they had to cut and paste the union bosses in scenes with the president, which loses the effect because everyone knows the president was never there present with the union bosses.

    After being proved wrong on so many issues, why do so many still rely on their opinions for anything?

  58. Republican plant? I am beginning to think there may be several Republican plants on the left. Dare I mention Ariana Huffington and Jane Hampshire among them?

    I myself was a registered Republican until Barack Obama came on the scene. Here in Oregon you have to be registered in one of the two major parties to vote in the Primary elections so I just never bothered to change my party registration. When I first registered to vote I was voting for a Republican President that year so registered GOP. I voted for the person I thought matched my philosophy best every year after that. I must say it never much was the GOP party. So I cannot use changing parties as an argument being against PBO.

    I think the media that switched sides could have done it as a means of getting notoriety (sp?)and entered into a nitch that was not already occupied. I am not sure the political philosophy of the person changed so that could be the result of the Left hitting this President as hard as the Right. Also just the fact that the extremes on both sides are just that, extreme or ideology driven. They do not compromise as that is why they are extremists.

    I do think Ed Schultz could fit several of these views. I think he could still be somewhat Republican. I think he could be in it for fame and fortune. He could just know how to manipulate his followers or he could just be a passionate not so bright stubborn man. I give him credit for bringing the WI plight to the public’s attention, but have to turn him off when he just finds another way to bash our President. I have heard many try to bring reason to his attention and he just stubbornly tries to turn it around to his point of view even when it has no correlation.

  59. Thank you Nonie for this excellent post. This is really inspiring. People in Wisconsin are not sitting around blaming the President. Instead they are busy planning to retake the power from the right wingers. We all should be gearing up to do the same thing in our communities.

  60. What I loved about the press speech was the very opening where the Commander-in-chief music played and he said something like, “I thought we said we were going to change that music?” and Born in the USA began playing. I thought that was great after all of the birther crap that has gone on. Humor does have a place in lightening the mood and taking away the seriousness of a topic.

  61. I wish the Republican WI Senator that kept going on the Lawrence O’Donnell show that said the protestors were smelly slobs and no better than bums were in danger of getting ousted.

  62. Allan, thanks for sharing the Video. I intend to share it. Loved the energy of the people in Wisconsin.

  63. I started to listen to Progressive radio this morning but only listened for around ten minutes before turning it off. The topic was the problems after the earthquake in Japan. The nuclear reactors were being discussed when the host suddenly turned it around to Pres. Obama endorsing nuclear reactors here and bashing about that. I turned the radio off while thinking they are onto their next point of bashing our President. Rather than how can we capitalize on a story such as the WI protest when the rally yesterday should be mentioned and help the Democratic cause? Instead it is go on to the next thing that can be found to denigrate our President.

  64. I think so too. The PL is an arm of the Republican party that is too embarassed to openly identify with the the Palins, Becks, Bachman’s etc. However, they covertly run their anti-Obama, pro-GOP operations by disguising their “issues of concern” from a so-called left leaning stand perspective.

  65. Good advice. I know I’m feeling much more free since many media outlets have opted to take a break from the constant Palin/Charlie Sheen/Beck extravagaza that played non-stop for a while.

  66. Hmmmm, was just at the orange site (yeah, I know…check it out nearly every day for the outrage). Yep, PJ Crowley issue gettin’ “hot and heavy.” Scanned for a bit, then exited. Same old, same old……

  67. Ed Schultz is not a big supporter of the blue collar workers or working class. It’s just the market segment that he’s chosen to sell his wares. Everybody has a schtick – this is Ed’s. He has not done one constructive thing with his media voice. Not one. He demanded that no other radio personalities were allowed to speak at the Washington labor rally last year – and yet, he wasn’t the one who organized it. He has never failed to take advantage of every struggle and use it to blame President Obama. He has encouraged people to stay at home, not vote, think about a primary for the President – and now he’s turned his attention to the 2012 race. He is not educating people, putting forward their cause. Ed shares the blame with the rest of the “professional left” for Republicans having control of governments throughout this country. And if people listen to them in 2012, then they can thank Ed for President Romney, or Daniels, or Bachman – and there won’t be an ounce of sympathy for those who voted against their own interests. Everyone should learn from the lessons of Wisconsin and other Republicans-led states.

    I just wish Rachel hadn’t promoted his nonsense so heavily on her show.

  68. This is so completely beautiful… and it is about time our President got vindicated for the malarky the PL spreads about him. Such utter BS.

    That last sign warms my heart good. Damn right and oh hell yes and this: Obama 2012.

    Happy Sunday Obama-Bwd Family~

  69. The worst part of the Wisconsin/Republican attack on unions is that since they don’t have a leg to stand on, they’ve stooped to demonizing the public workers, calling the slobs, parasites, etc. They basically said the same thing about the auto workers, during the auto bailout struggle. They’ve said similar things about all the groups they’ve attacked.

    But they hold up Wall Street, defend their billion dollar bonuses (paid for with our tax dollars, a.k.a. bailout money). They talk about how deserving the Wall Street workers are of bonuses, because they work hard for that money – even saying it’s the payment structure, so by depriving them of their bonuses we’re depriving them of their pay. They talk about how much of a struggle the wall street workers would have it if they had to live on the paltry millions they make without their bonuses.

    Teachers who belong to unions – parasites, as far as the right wing is concerned. Using our tax dollars to augment their $50,000 salaries. Living it up on the backs of Americans (as though the union members aren’t American tax payers).

    It’s sickening.

  70. That farmer was absolutely amazing! We need his name, and he needs to get on a ballot. Very important and passionate speech. Simply awesome speech!

  71. I was reading a lot about Ed Shultz on this board and found that I have to agree with all of you guys 100%. The first clue that this guy is actually a phony is when he praised Obama’s speech to the chamber of commerce. I was happy and thrilled at Ed thinking he was coming around. Than he brought two women on his show and showed a hateful ad created by the professional left. As the two women were supposedly supposed to have two points of view. In reality they shared the same view which was anti-Obama.

    Ed’s expression was transparent and I realized that he set the whole thing up to make Obama look bad. I also could tell by his ‘shocked’ expression that he never supported Obama on this issue he was just using it as leverage to attack him more or less.

    The bottom line I think that Ed Shultz is a political hack that MSNBC uses to make themselves look progressive but in reality he’s pandering to the left and making empty statements about how progressive he is. Its nothing but hogwash.

  72. I totally agree with you hopefruit2. And if the PL is not directly an arm of the Republican Party it still plays a major role of aiding and abating the Republican goal of making sure that President Obama is a one term President.

  73. Great blog, and I’ve enjoyed reading the comments. I actually have never heard of Ed Schultz, but anyone who calls themselves “progressive”, then tells people to stay home instead of voting is a total ass. Alas, I cannot vote in your US elections (being Canadian), but I have friends and family in the United States and I fear the GOP is bound and determined to flush what remains of the United States and its economy completely down the crapper. As the US goes, so goes much of the world, including my country.

    Many times, I found myself wondering why Obama would stay silent in the face of egregious lies about him and his agenda, and I can only hope that the truth will win out eventually. I suppose responding to lies gives them some validity, and ignoring them lets them (one hopes) fade away, but it’s a pity there isn’t some strong liberal voice out there speaking up on behalf of Obama when this happens. I suppose the general tidal wave of sentiment against the GOP is just going to have to do, that and blogs like this one that get the word out.

  74. Interesting analysis Jeff. I think you are on to something when you say: “Ed Shultz is a political hack that MSNBC uses to make themselves look progressive but in reality he’s pandering to the left and making empty statements about how progressive he is.”

    I used to listen to Ed Shultz’s radio program here in San Diego on a Progressive channel that only lasted about two year on the air before it was shut down. At the time Ed Shultz had just become a Democrat and was pushing conservative and centrist Democrats. During the Primaries, he was a strong supporter of Sen. Clinton, who was then a darling of DLC. I also remember him attacking the radicalism of Randi Rhodes’ and Ed. Malloy’s radio shows, both of whom, by the way, always viewed him as a conservative Democrat.

    But then, as soon as he got the T.V. gig, Ed Shultz became the champion of pure progressivism overnight. I felt that his transformation was because he was trying to fit in with Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow.

    The question is: How in the world did a former conservative Republican, turned a conservative Democrat, become the leading voice of pure progressives? By the way the same question applies to Arianna Huffington.

    I find it really suspicious that two of the prominent media personalities who have been very active in bashing the President are former conservative Republicans who are still making lots of money from the corporate media.

  75. I find it really suspicious that two of the prominent media personalities who have been very active in bashing the President are former conservative Republicans who are still making lots of money from the corporate media.

    There’s Ed, Arrianna and Cenk (who voted for George Bush and Bob Dole.) Then there’s Markos, the ex-Republican who started Daily Kos.

    When you look at that list, you have to wonder if these people suffer from cravings for authoritarian figures and politics that seeks to destroy the other side.

    You look at that list and realize that ordinary, authentic, agenda-free progressives do not have a voice in the media.

  76. Thank you so much BWD for this sight. I got so tired of fending off the far left wing loonies criticism of President Obama on FB that I just stopped posting much lately. It feels wonderful to read the posts of your people here and the positive way they feel about our President. I believe that President Obama is the greatest President ever and some day, when people grow up and start looking at the man he is and the wonderful things he has already accomplished, they will agree. Obama/Biden 2012 !!!

  77. This is a great site – Wonderful pictures and comments! AND – I’m so glad to find other supporters of Prez Obama. He’s continually beat up on the right and don’t need to hear bashing from the left too. The mans not perfect but I have no doubt he’s very smart, caring and competent and doing the best anyone could in very rough times.

    I agree totally regarding Ed and Arrianna!!
    very well said, Nathan:
    “I find it really suspicious that two of the prominent media personalities who have been very active in bashing the President are former conservative Republicans who are still making lots of money from the corporate media.”

    I love Stephanie Miller show and Hal Sparks show. They are on http://chicagosprogressivetalk.com/

    Stephanie from 8am-11pm CST daily and Hal on Sat from 11am-1pm CST

    I have quit listening to Ed and barely look at the huff post anymore. I’d come to same conclusion myself regarding them both!

    Everyone has the right to agree and disagree even within the same party but what angers me about those 2 instead of just disagreeing with his policy choices they smear his character by saying he is “selling out” or “caving in” or “not fighting” and they ignore facts in doing it. And in my opinion that is dangerous and damaging. And more then that they try to minimize his every accomplishment. I really don’t trust either of them.

  78. Well I knew Ed ran as a republican but I didn’t know he considered himself a conservative. I also didn’t realize that he was a Clinton fan… Maybe this is why he doesn’t like Obama because he was originally a big supporter of Clinton and felt very disappointed that she didn’t win.

  79. Just wish people would step back and understand it is as much up to us as Obama. I know Wisconsin was in his heart. Yes, he is the adult,

  80. @Obama Grandmama… The guy who called the protesters “slobs” is Glenn Grothman, and he IS one of the 8 state Senators subject to recall. However, his district is very heavily Republican, so it’s not too likely that he will actually be replaced.

  81. Thanks FiredUpinCA for citing concrete information that clearly shows that my suspicions, about these newly minted leaders of pure progressives, are not so far fetched. Honestly, I didn’t know that Cenk had “voted for George Bush and Bob Dole,” and that Markos was an “ex-Republican.”

    I agree with you that these former Republicans may “suffer from cravings for authoritarian figures and politics that seeks to destroy the other side.” I also think that these former Republicans, and especially in the case of Arrianna Huffington and Ed shultz who were conservative Republicans, tend to exhibit the same tendencies as people who had hit rock bottom and all of a sudden become born again christians; such people tend to go overboard by trying to be holier than those who had been christians all their lives.

  82. We have absolutely no voice because our voice has been coopted by people who say that they speak for us but manage to never reflect our ideas and feelings when it comes to this WH. Coopting our voices gives them additional leverage: “I was your biggest supporter but you’ve betrayed me and must do abc to pacify me.” Establishing our own spaces is doing a lot to help this situation.

  83. I am from South Carolina, and there are some of us here too, that agree with what the Wisconsin 14 did. We also appreciate the positive words from them about our great President.

  84. The humor (the solidarity cows and many of the signs) and the togetherness and positive spirit of the crowds were remarkable, a vivid contrast to the angry, mean-spirited and illiterate signs of the tea party. Also a big contrast between the diversity of the people standing up for democracy in Wisconsin and the racist militia types at the Tea Party. The Wisconsin demonstrators also cleaned up after themselves unlike the group in Washington. I am proud of the fierce determination of the people in Wisconsin. The 2010 election only had a 40% turnout. If the continue grassroots organizing with the recalls of the senators this year and Walker next the GOTV in 11/12 should be awesome.

  85. God Bless the people of Wisconsin! God Bless the Union Label-Freedom: Made In The U.S.A.! God Bless our wise, thoughtful and caring President Obama! We love you!

  86. Thanks for sharing the pictures! They are amazing! Even though I am very happy that Ed is keeping the WI boycott a live and well I was very angry that he was making this about President Obama being there. So I posted this article http://memspoliticalscrapbook.blogspot.com/2011/02/dang-ed-i-think-you-owe-president-obama.html on my blog and posted the link on Ed’s page. The President already fought for WI as well as being supportive of the cause now. The 14 are right, it would have been the rights ticket to a new “rant” and been all about the President instead of the people!

  87. I am disappointed to see the bashing of Ed Schultz here – just as I am disappointed to see the bashing of Obama on other sites. Ed is very working class and understands our plight well. He was fundamental to making our state issues become national issues. He was here providing national coverage when the rest of the media were trying to discount us. He was the first to showcase individuals as individuals that others in the nation could identify with. He and Rachel have been stellar in their coverage and I will be forever grateful to them. Do I agree with him that Obama should come here? Absolutely not! But I will not negate his tremendous contribution because of that.

    I was in Madison Saturday. My family were farmers and the Farmers Union was important in our lives. I loved Tractorcade! The afternoon rally was inspiring. The Fab 14 were inspiring. As were Susan Sarandon, the guy who played Monk, the musicians, the artists who held their own parade, etc., etc. And it was vitally important that this remained a grass-roots effort. That is the basis of our movements power. We have unified unions! If Obaba had become more deeply involved personally, those farmers would not have been heroes on Saturday. The Fab 14 would not have been heroes. They all would have been in Obama’s shadow and have been labeled as his tools. We ARE the ones we have been waiting for – and we have a fresh understanding, a realization, of our own people power.

  88. Listen to this from Ed, be careful as to what he is asking Democrats to do. Why would any American tell Americans not to excersize their right to vote, especially telling DEMOCRATS not to vote. Why? I do not trust this”former” Republican. Like a true repub, he is and will “cash in” He is enabling the Republican Party a real progressive will not be trying to convince others that he is a true progressive, Ed is always doing this, stay tuned.


  89. try this link – this is just how I see it…


    3 other things, 1.) everyone who follows politics knows that Obama always ran weakest among older white working class men and the rust belt. The very groups Ed targets. So in smearing Prez Obama to this group – he is either really stupid or he doesnot care if democrats win elections. Only an egotist or and an idiot would do this if they truly wanted to see dems in power.

    2.)I’m passionate about this not just cause I really like and respect President Obama but because I’VE BEEN WAITING A LONG LONG TIME FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT IN THE WH AND I DON’T WANT US TO SCREW IT UP!!! And leftys are attacking his character. Thats where his numbers shine. And I guranttee there is plenty of money to be made smearing him.

    3.) if we don’t get out there and give him a democratic Congress he will have to compromise to do anything That is the exact same screwup we made when we had Bill Clinton. He was good man – but after his 1st term he spent the rest of the time in office working w republican congress. Not his fault that’s OUR FAULT.

    I don’t trust Ed Shultz. He’s in it for him and that money I mentioned above… I’m firmly decided to that now.

  90. Yes, the people are united and decent in WI unlike the Teaparty. What gets me mad is all the media publicity the teaparty got with there small movement. You could not turn on the TV without hearing about the Teaparty. But when people are fighting for the rights of all people, it gets little media coverage. Now they have an excuse for not covering it with the earthquakes in Japan dominating the media. Of course, I do feel for those people but also concern about what is happening here more. This will be in the media for weeks to come the same old over and over. I guess, I will just have to cut off the TV and get my local infomation from the internet.

  91. Oh one other thing – its just amazing how the mainstream “leftwing” media is ignoring these fanatastic demonstrations for the main part…. But if you happened to regularly check out Whitehouse.gov the many different speeches, events Obama did the last 2 years he has gotten little to no coverage as well except for anything bad. That is another reason why I’m just enraged when the few so called “progressive voices” we have spend their airtime bashing him. Love or hate Obama if you are a democrat he IS the only real option for a 2nd term of a democratic presidency. And as much as I love and admire the guy it will be a tough row to hoe keeping in mind citizens united and an economy that will likely not be real strong for a long time, no matter what anyone does.

  92. I’m glad to have found a site that doesn’t bash our President with every post. Like you, I voted for and have continued supporting Pres. Obama since the first time I saw him.

    We are fortunate to have a man of intelligence, wit, common sense, a man who never enjoyed a life of privilege but one of the working class. A man who loves his family with every fiber of his being. This same man who loves this country to his core.

    It’s good to know what goes on behind the scene as in the case of the Fab 14. Earlier this evening I read an article whereby it’s now known he was supporting the opposition force of Libya behind the scene by way of Egypt. So to all those naysayers complaining the President was dithering – shame on you. He was being supportive until he was able to negotiate with the Arab countries to assist before voting on a no-fly in Libya. Now we are a nation of several fighting for the cause.

    If McCain had won the election, we would at war in yet another country and no further along in job recovery. Pres. Obama wants what is best for this country.

  93. Well spoken, @Tien Le…

    B.O. knows when to stay out of the way and let the people do what needs to be done without making things worse and politicizing things more than they already are. He’s screwed in the RW media no matter what he does, but it’s too bad that with all that’s going on right now that some can’t forgive him for failing to be some sort of demigod. It’s unfortunate he said he’d be picketing while on the campaign trail and some people are going to use that to attack him for it, but drawing the spotlight to himself in WI would not help matters. Also, if he showed up at the protests, the security situation would have made things extremely unmanageable, quite possibly getting people hurt, and certainly creating the excuse Walker needed to further clamp down on the protesters’ rights. He did the right thing. He’s a grown-up like that.

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