Friday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

9:45 AM

PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.

10:00 AM  
10:15 AM

PBO meets with senior advisers.

11:00 AM  
11:15 AM

PBO holds a news conference about rising energy prices among other issues.

12:00 PM  
1:00 PM  
2:00 PM  
2:50 PM

Barack and Michelle Obama honor the 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks in a ceremony.


2. President Obama been notified at 4 a.m. about the huge earthquake in Japan. The president’s statement:

“Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the people of Japan, particularly those who have lost loved ones in the earthquake and tsunamis. The United States stands ready to help the Japanese people in this time of great trial. The friendship and alliance between our two nations is unshakeable, and only strengthens our resolve to stand with the people of Japan as they overcome this tragedy. We will continue to closely monitor tsunamis around Japan and the Pacific going forward and we are asking all our citizens in the affected region to listen to their state and local officials as I have instructed FEMA to be ready to assist Hawaii and the rest of the US states and territories that could be affected.”


3. West Wing Week:


4. Good NYT story, shedding light on the president’s thought process regarding the Middle East:

“There is a desire for Obama — not the American president, but Obama — to speak to their aspirations, but his first job is to be the American president”

WASHINGTON — In the Middle East crisis, as on other issues, there are two Barack Obamas: the transformative historical figure and the pragmatic American president. Three months after a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself aflame and ignited a political firestorm across the Arab world, the president is trumping the trailblazer.

With the spread of antigovernment protests from North Africa to the strategic, oil-rich Persian Gulf, President Obama has adopted a policy of restraint. He has concluded that his administration must shape its response country by country, aides say, recognizing a stark reality that American national security interests weigh as heavily as idealistic impulses. That explains why Mr. Obama has dialed down the vocal support he gave demonstrators in Cairo to a more modulated call for peaceful protest and respect for universal rights elsewhere.


On Thursday, Mr. Obama’s national security adviser, Thomas E. Donilon, deflected calls for more aggressive action in Libya, telling reporters what American officials have been saying privately for days: despite pleas from Libyan rebels for military assistance, the United States will not, at least for now, put its pilots in harm’s way by enforcing a no-flight zone over the country.

Not only is intervention risky, officials said, but they also fear that in some cases, it could be counterproductive, provoking a backlash against the United States for meddling in what is a homegrown political movement.

A senior administration official acknowledged the irony of Mr. Obama’s dilemma; he is, after all, the first black president, whose election was hailed on the Arab street, where many protesters identify their own struggles with the civil rights movement.

“There is a desire for Obama — not the American president, but Obama — to speak to their aspirations,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. But, he added, “his first job is to be the American president.”

// more


5. Great rant by Angry Black Lady (new addition to the blogroll!). Warning: Not the cleanest language…:)

….Yeah, yeah, I’m an Obot.  Do you know what being an Obot means?  It means being fucking practical.  It means not spending days on end looking for any way to attack Democrats and the Democratic leadership.  It means not referring to Democrats as “house niggers.” It means not calling Obama a liar when he tries to get something done and is hamstrung by Congress (Gitmo).  It means not expecting Obama to speak out for your little pet projects and stomping your foot when he doesn’t. It means stop looking to Obama to tell us what to do. It means stop trying to convince black people that Obama is fucking them over (I’m looking at you, Arianna.) It means stop expecting that your progressive utopia is going to shoot out of Obama’s ass. It means stop fucking lying and start fucking working.



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  1. What a treasure house of emotions in this posting, and how correct they are.

  2. Good rant ABL. I have been reading some of the blogs and it always amazes me how brain washed some of the electorate is. Morning Joe is all over the President because he is not doing enough and congratulating WI Governor for his win on the battle for workers rights. All of these people union members. I am so glad we have place like this to put our heads back on straight. Thank you again BWD. Our President has a full day today he got that 4:am call on the Japan Tsuami. Have a great day.

  3. Good Morning! I love the Angry Black Lady (despite the language) and have found that she always speaks truth. We need more like her.

    I’m sick of people who say they voted for “Obama” in 2008, but he’s disappointed them on x,y,z, and hasn’t managed to hang the moon their way, so they won’t support him again. They need to join the other spoiled children on the playground while the adults get to work to stop the real enemies of the country in the U.S. House and among Republican governors.

    There are going to be ebbs and flows of good and bad news in the days ahead (yesterday was a true ebb) and we have to keep washing off the toxic poisons and move forward. Thank God for the haven of this site!!!

  4. Jackie you are so right — life is about ebbs and flows and today it is about Japan. We still have the Middle East and even flooding in the U.S. today! When I think back over what has happened in the last two years in this world of ours I am so thankful that we elected this President. Times are moving so fast we needed someone smart, practical and emotional mature — all things President Obama!

  5. BWD…why don’t you have a “Like” button as I love everyone of these early morning posts!

  6. I really love the rant for the truth it holds for all of us. We who follow the workings of government forget it is a fixed process. Our President came into office with so many things wrong and his hands tied. We should all stop and be prod of what he did get done, and burn our keyboards up fighting the other side all the more. You see a lot of people voted in the 2008 election thinking that getting President Obama elected was the main goal and not thinking about what he had to do. You see it so even in the way congress went about their business not listening to the President about how bad things were. They didn’t get out the message as they had in the past. It use to be when you had your parties President in office you couldn’t keep the ones in congress off TV getting face time talking about the Presidents agenda leading the way for him. But oh no this time the airways were filled with the republicans were all over the tube lying every chance they could and it is still the same. Every President has always had to be pragmatic in one degree or the other,but with our President he has let us down we keep hearing. Well I for one will fight for this President down to the last vote i have. Always remember that our system of government you will not win every thing you want but we must win the most important ones. So people just fight until the last!

  7. You are so right about the Democrats in Congress not supporting the President and his agenda, except, of course, for Nancy Pelosi. My own D congressman (a bluedog)would make a face when I mentioned how great I thought the president was and how he was the best we would see in our lifetime. I suspect a lot of conscious or unconscious racism at the heart of it, but it was also that he was causing them to risk the continued support of their their corporate donors. A lot of our congressmen and women live in fear of actually helping people because it will offend the interests of their sponsors. They’ll only think of doing the right thing if it’s absolutely safe for them. The president made them feel “unsafe”–he wasn’t one of them, so their support was lukewarm at best and they did what they could to subtly undermine him. I felt so much outrage at this at first that it was making me sick. Now I see it as one more bump in the road they we have to overcome.

  8. Words are powerful and they set the mood for love, anger and compatibility. Words can set the pace for unity or division. Words can create comfort or pain like the sunshine or rain. Words can create illusions and confusions and words can spark the inspiration for cooperation. To get the best out of what you say is to carefully construct what you display. PEACE

  9. Righteous rant! Amen.

    Sending vibes of safety and calm to the people of Japan, and to our own West Coast, and to the birthplace of PBO, Hawaii in this time of earthquake and tsunami.

    Keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers. I will be on the lookout for announcements from PBO and organizations like the Red Cross (my first choice for disaster donations) to see what bit I can do to help.

    Have a good day everyone :-). Stay positive. Being optimistic is a revolutionary act :-).

  10. The GOP agenda against the middle class, women, minorities, unions is becoming clearer every day despite a media that has a GOP spin. Yet democrats and independent liberals are still fighting among themselves and pouting about our president’s failure to meet all their goals. The discipline on the other side is impressive by comparison. It’s like the ragtag rebels against Qadafi. Perhaps Angry Black Ladt, Eclectaog, BWD and other pragmatic liberals can wake our side up and help inspire the ongoing struggle to save America for ordinary people.

  11. We ALL need to be Angry Black Lady! I read that yesterday over on Balloon Juice and practically jumped out of my chair to cheer! Good for her…she’s pissed, fired up and ready to go! I’m all in! Glad you added her to the blogroll, BWD:)

  12. She said everything I’ve been feeling. These professional liberals are whiners. They should get up and work instead of talk, talk, talking. I’ve noticed this pet project thing for quite a while now. As if all he has to do is work on THEIR project. He is working on myriads of things every day.
    They got so used to the one trick pony the past eight years in the White House, that they can’t accept that this bright, compassionate, humble man works on more than one thing. AND…..their opiniono just might not be the right one!

  13. The fact is, and we sometimes lose sight of this, is that most of the Dems in Congress have supported the President’s agenda and only a small fraction, less than 10%, have not.

    Remember that the House passed over 300 bills that never made it to the floor of the Senate due to Republican obstructionism. And that 2-3 Dems in the Senate pushed back against a lot of the positive things.

    Too often we say that the Dems as a group did not support the President. The reality is different from that. The only big thing they didn’t support him on was doing the non-renewal of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy before the election.

  14. Regarding ABL’s rant, I agree with most of the comments already written. And remember she was inspired by the great Eclectablog.

    At the same time, I think we may spend too much time ranting against the PL. I think it is more important that we spend most of our energy going public with our support of the President and talking the truth about the Republicans.

    I have never been into circular firing squads, so let’s just say that in this free country, the PL has the right to think and say what it wants, and we are not going to get into a pissing match with them. We would rather spend our time and energy looking forward and working to show the rest of the country who are really the danger to this country, the Republicans.

  15. ABL is exactly right. My favorite part was

    t means stop expecting that your progressive utopia is going to shoot out of Obama’s ass.


    A lot of them attack Pres. Obama harder than they do the GOP. And if the GOP does something, they somehow pin the blame on Obama.

  16. And special prayers for the people of Japan and all those still at risk due to the tsunamis that are rolling across the Pacific. Look into the Red Cross today for international donations.

    I am sure, as the President talks about our giving aid to Japan, we will hear about why should our tax dollars go over there when we don’t get aid from other countries during our natural disasters. First that is untrue. And secondly, it is the right thing to do.

  17. From TPM:

    A senior Treasury department official told reporters Thursday that a brief government shutdown may be unavoidable as the only feasible way to de-escalate the confrontation over government spending dividing Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill. The official said the administration still hopes to avoid such a flashpoint because of the impact it would have on the economy, but added that President Obama will not sign short-term stop-gap government funding measures in perpetuity.

    The comments were made in a briefing with reporters conducted on deep background, meaning no direct quotes could be attributed to the official.

    Whether that’s tough talk designed to move negotiations, a bluff, or an indication that the White House is prepared to go the brink on this remains to be seen.

  18. I agree with you Japa that we should not spend time fighting among ourselves and instead focus on the real enemies. However, I honestly believe that the PL does not represent the best interests of the true liberals in this country. And I think it’s good to call them out and expose their motives. For the most part, the PL is pushing a Republican agenda at this President’s expense under the guise of “holding his feet to the fire.” The most vocal faction of the PL comprise largely anti-Obama folks who would just as quickly side with open Republicans to take this President down. In fact many of them are former Republicans, and where this particular President is concerned, they may continue to secretly identify with major parts of their Republican leanings. Therefore, they are just as much as threat to this president as the openly identified Republicans, probably worse.

  19. Thanks for all the great comments. It is so good to know that we are not alone. I heard someone on TV talking about how the President wasn’t leading in relationships with Lybia. They wanted us to go in with weapons and support. Then they went on to funding abortions and family values. Boy I am so tired of this bullshit. Where are the jobs.

    My prayers go to all the people in Japan and wherever this tsunami is going.

  20. Let’s face it. The Republicans are interested in job creation. Sullivan had a chart showing job creation by state in 2010, and NJ, under the wonderful leadership of Governor Christie, led the nation in job declines during a year when the nation gained jobs.

    All the gains so far have been due to the policies instituted by Dems under the leadership of President Obama. But then, the Republicans don’t really wnat there to be job growth or improvement of the economy and are doing everything in their power to have the opposite happen.

  21. Hi everyone! I hesitate to say ‘happy Friday’ with all that’s been going on since early this morning(earthquakes & tsunamis), but I wish you all a productive and peaceful day!

    Sending prayers for the President as he gets ready to speak on some controversial issues – may he speak with his usual wisdom and insight, and may we all hear his words with reason and reasonableness.

  22. They did significant damage to the agenda, however. A little appreciated fact is that Obama was not appeasing Republicans when bills got watered down, he was vying for the votes of the Blue Dogs. They were the ones standing in the way. If all of our Democratic Senator had stood together, a good portion of those bills would have passed the Senate and become law.

  23. My response to the ridiculous amount of abuse I took at Daily Kos yesterday:

    Hitting the soft spot of “True Liberals”

    You know ur doin it rite when they come after you liek that, eh? Not posting this one at Kos. I need to let the lacerations heal before I do something like that 😉

    P.S. Thank you ALL so much for your support yesterday, your retweets, reposts and most of all you encouragement. It makes taking on the slings and arrows of those who don’t want to face facts a little easier.

  24. Eclectablog, you are my hero!!! Thank you for standing up and writing what needs to be said! You are so right, that when you are talking the truth no on wants to hear it. Those who protest the loudest are the culprits. Know that you are helping those of us who are not as vocal and and outspoken. Thanks for all you do!

  25. aamom, I think it’s a good idea not to as it brings the idea of “competition” into this site. We’ve seen what has happened when commenters jockey to be the most “popular” on a site. It is healthier to leave the rivalry to less positive venues.

  26. My point is not that some Dems did not do damage, but that we sometimes tend to use the Dems as a general term, as if all Dems were against what the President wnated, when it really was a very small number. And if the PL wants to compalin, they should be targeting them, not the President. If the President did not do something to get their votes, nothing would have passed at all. President Obama did not cave in to Republicans, he negotiated with a small group of Dems.

  27. Adding…This is a bit off-topic, but my wife, Anne (the photographer), and I have started a new blog called “The Savage Feast”. It’s basically a food blog focusing on local foods, the “slow food” lifestyle, organic cooking and gardening. It’s mostly Anne’s work and the photography is breathtaking.

    If you area cook, a “foodie” or just a food lover, check it out:

    The Savage Feast

  28. So true, Trump Dog. If, three years ago, someone had told me that Little Green Footballs would be the place to go to read about the harmful things the Republicans are doing to this country, I would not have believed the person. If someone had told me that I would find very little on the Party of U.S.Destruction at DK, I would not have believed the person. Truly, things have shifted in the blog world.

  29. Wonderful! I have to admit, I’m not a “I love veggies” person. But, I’m bookmarking your new site for recipes that will make veggies taste yummy!

  30. Absolutely, Faith. I believe President Obama has done the best anyone could do in an extremely-bad situation, and without appropriate support. Though I am in disagreement with his pro-military and pro-business stance, I do not expect anything other from an American President, as these ways of thinking are part and parcel of the American mindset and only when that is changed can we reset our priorities. As for the constant carping from the frustrati — it is not for me to judge whether or not they are racist, but I can say quite definitively that they are racially insensitive. Any white person who repeatedly trashes the President in language befitting a street thug obviously has no concept of what his election has meant to the African-American community and how important it is for our entire culture. I happen to think President Obama has conducted himself far more gracefully and thoughtfully than any other President in my lifetime (which is long), but even if one doesn’t believe that, there should be some understanding of what a great step forward his election was. And as someone in the blogosphere wrote long ago, “He had me at first African-American President.” This is no small thing.

  31. Bravo, japa. Take them for the grains of salt they are and move on to disseminating positive ideas throughout the populace. It is very important that we maintain our composure and cultivate an aura of respect for our opponents, if we want to open beneficial discussion with them. This is where our energies should lie. It is easier to do this when we meet face to face.

  32. Eclectablog, I enjoy going over to your website and reading. I’m sorry about all the negativity that you got at DFAUX yesterday, but not surprised. I love your writing and continue to enjoy hearing about your success!! 🙂

    I’ve been so busy with work and stuff, that I haven’t had time to post comments, but I am enjoying catching up o my favorite blogrolls when I get 5 minutes here and there.

    But here I feel I have to share my 2 cents. I honestly don’t know why we even BOTHER to go and post comments or diaries there anymore. I admire your attempt to try and bring sanity and reason to that awful website, but quite frankly it won’t do any good.

    At this point the crowd over there is just a MIRROR group of the Tea party.

    Here’s how the far left/frustrati/Professional left are the SAME as Tea Partiers:

    1. Extreme Idealogues, each convinced of their PRINCIPLES
    2. Extreme hatred and anger toward the President
    3. Inability to be swayed by FACTS

    In fact there was a study that’s been referenced in the media how partisan opinion is not swayed by facts.

    The ONLY way we can make a difference is to STOP giving these idiotic websites any attention or hits.

    I have blocked Huffington Post, took it off my iphone app months ago. I used to be addicted to a long time ago, and then I downgraded to just going there for c omedy and style, but even there I stopped. I refuse to give Arianna Huffington, that 2 faced lying witch, any satisfaction.

    The same holds true for DKOS, let it die a natural death.

    I am begging people to hold fast and STOP GOING to that stupid website. Stop giving hits and attention to that place.

    It won’t help our cause and only brings the spotlight to an ignorant, racist, blind, irrational, ugly place.

  33. I am playing amateur psychologist here, I admit, and perhaps it is unfair of me, but I do not believe the perpetual dissatisfaction is about policies and ideas, but rather about the persons perpetually-dissatisfied. I do not know the reasons behind this — perhaps frustration with their own lives or low self-esteem (I know, too pat) — but I do know there is probably no way this can be remedied by any of us, so it seems best to stay away. Too, whenever energy is put into something, be it positive or negative, that energy tends to feed it. None of us need to watch Ed Schultz, even though he does take up some fine causes and can sometimes make sense. But there are plenty of other venues to find the same information and the same dedication to the same causes. Let’s write letters to our editors, our media, letters to our Congresspeople, letters to our local organizations, even letters to the President. Let us get out into our communities, treat everyone with respect, gain their trust and then initiate respectful conversations. We can’t change the frustrati, but we can marginalize them if we ignore them.

  34. I love it!! I’m a total foodie to the point I take pictures of my food when I go out to post on facebook 🙂

    It came at a perfect time too! I am not a vegetarian, but many people I know are vegan or vegetarian, so I’ve been running out of main course options for when I have OFA Members come over to my place.

    Wow you and your wife are superstars at blogging! 🙂

  35. (And, You Know, the President is waiting on the budget impasse, not because of republicans, but because our Senate elite are spoiled rotten brats). BTW: They demand his help? Really?:

    Frustrated Senate Democrats gave senior White House advisers an earful Thursday afternoon during a private meeting, telling them that President Obama needs to get more involved in the budget battle, according to Democratic sources.

    Obama dispatched his budget director, Jack Lew, and National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling to soothe the restive Democrats.

    “I don’t think they’re enjoying coming up here that much during budget season,” said a Senate Democratic source, who said lawmakers delivered the message “loud and clear.”

  36. I agree, japa. I was speaking with my cousin (who voted for Obama, by the way, though I am not sure why) a few weeks ago and she said, “You know what makes me sick?” I had no answer, of course, but then she went on to rant about Michelle Obama asking for money for Haiti. “Not one cent should leave this country.” I guess I should have expected this from someone whose pet peeve is “illegal aliens”, but I was taken aback nonetheless.

  37. (I watched every single town hall and I knew his stump speech by heart, this is a lie about what he said about gas prices going up). He said, they would not necessarily go up! WTF?:

    Barbour’s tweet, about the “promise to send prices skyrocketing,” refers to several comments Obama made on the campaign trail in 2008. Obama said then that under his cap-and-trade plan, “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” prices of which would be passed onto consumers.

  38. It’s interesting that so many of the frustrati who most likely complained vehemently about Bush’s “You’re either with us or against us” statement think in exactly the same terms. It’s highly simplistic and the mark of a lazy consciousness, not to mention a paranoid one. You can’t change the minds of those who are not willing to use their minds, so why bother? To change minds, you must first foster a relationship of mutual respect and trust and then have civil discussions. It’s impossible at many venues, so why bother? Come here, get supported and inspired, and take it out into the world.

  39. I told you all this before(and time and time again, pat buchanon and michael steele keeps telling us, their are several tea bagging dems), That KOS is at least half tea baggers, or a good portion of them are…

  40. They are tryin gto repeat 1937, when FDR got all worried about the deficit, and started to cut programs, guess what happened? The unemployment rate shot right backk up, erasing the new deal progress…

    Coincidence? Me thinks not. Don’t worry, the POTUS knows history too.

  41. They want to privatize High speecd rail now:

    By Keith Laing
    With U.S. transportation officials looking for states to accept federal money for high-speed rail after a third Republican governor said no to them, a House committee will consider ways to build railways without federal involvement.

    The House Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials will meet Friday to discuss “finding ways to encourage and increase private-sector participation in passenger rail service,” House Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica’s (R-Fla.) office said.

    “Friday’s hearing will focus primarily on how to strengthen intercity passenger rail while making it less expensive to run,” the committee said in a statement.

    Speakers will include Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph Szabo and Amtrak Vice President Stephen Gardner.

    Privatize my ass, why don’t you?

  42. Barney Frank threatens Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and other banks on housing
    By Pete Kasperowicz – 03/11/11 10:03 AM ET

    House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said Friday that he would reintroduce legislative language next week that would require large financial institutions to pay for federal mortgage assistance programs.

    Frank said his bill would allow four federal mortgage programs that Republicans are working to eliminate this month to continue operating without threatening to increase the U.S. budget deficit and debt. He said his bill would be similar to language that he tried unsuccessfully to include in financial reform legislation last year.

    “I don’t mean to demonize, but I think Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo, and the Bank of America, and Citicorp, and Morgan Stanley, and the large hedge funds, I think they can pay for this,” he said on the House floor. He was speaking in defense of a $1 billion program approved last year that helps unemployed people make their mortgage payments for up to 12 months.

    “They can afford this billion dollars,” Frank said of the large banks. “Their bonuses alone would pay for these programs.”

    Frank’s threat to force banks to pay for the programs may be just that — a threat — since House Republicans are unlikely to allow his proposal to proceed. But Frank noted that even as House Republicans are working to eliminate four mortgage programs this week and next week, these bills are unlikely to go forward in the Senate or be signed into law by the White House.

  43. I stopped going to DKOS and am trying to stop going to HuffPo — but can you name a site to get news — “real news”?

  44. If we could just figure out a way to make it pay the bills, I could quit my day job as a chemist and devote my whole life to liberal causes, cooking and gardening. Now THAT would be “living the dream”!!! LOL

  45. Yeah, I have heard that argument and it is somewhat convincing. But the fact is that there are a LOT of good, reasonable people there. Hell, I have a bunch of friends that read Daily Kos every day.

    They are generally a quieter bunch. They rarely comment and I suspect they don’t even read many of the comments. But they DO read the diaries and the stuff I put there is, in a large part, meant for them. It shows that there are other ways of looking at things, other reasonable, liberal, Democratic ways. I believe this is important.

    And even yesterday, where I took so much abuse, my diary had over 300 Recs and thousands of views.

    While I agree that very few “True Liberal” minds will be changed, I just have to disagree that it’s doing harm rather than good. I don’t see that at all. And since I’m fortunate enough to have my stuff noticed more than usual, I feel like I have a bit of a responsibility to offer the counterpoint to some of the crap that gets written there.

  46. Righteous Rant by ABL. We practical progressives who didn’t expect Obama to turn water into wine are fed up with the whiney asses on the Left who expected everything to be done yesterday. They always bring up FDR as an example of their expectations, but how soon they forget that FDR had almost 4 terms to get everything done, and he still didn’t accomplish everything he and Democrats set out to do.

  47. WASHINGTON–President Obama received a briefing this morning at 9:30 a.m. in the Oval Office on the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami warnings across the Pacific from a number of senior US government officials including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate via phone, and in the Oval Office with Chief of Staff Bill Daley, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security John Brennan, National Security Advisory Tom Donilon, Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough, Senior Advisor David Plouffe, Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco, National Security Staff Senior Director for Resilience Richard Reed and National Security Staff Director Asian Affairs Daniel Russel.

    The senior officials provided the President with an update on the evolving situation stemming from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan early this morning including the actions being taken to assist U.S. states and territories that could be affected by the tsunami, as the President directed earlier this morning – as well as the work being done to be prepared to assist the people of Japan.

    The US government continues to monitor the situation closely throughout the Pacific region. To support potentially impacted areas in the United States, the federal government remains in close contact and coordination with state and local officials, and stands ready to support them. The government’s message to the public is simple: listen to the instructions of state and local officials. We urge everyone in the regions who could be impacted to listen to a NOAA Weather Radio and their local news to monitor for updates and directions provided by their local officials.

    Lynn Sweet-

  48. I absolutely do not think you are doing any harm, Eclectablog, though I do worry for your and your wife’s state of mind. However, can’t all those reasonable people be brought over here where it is actually — well — reasonable?

  49. In fact, in 1937, the New deal was reversed, because FDR was concerned aboout deficit reduction, and cut many programs.
    I don’t think history repeats itself, but republicans are trying!

  50. Um, I would think that these whiners would know that the Constitution mandates that Congress passes the budget and sends it on to the president, and that the president has no legislative power he can exercise in Congress. IMO, they are COWARDS who are refusing to step up and do their job. They want the president to take the heat for any fallout that may result from this budget impasse while they hide somewhere in an attempt to protect their seats in Congress. My advice for them is to STFU, grow a spine, and do their jobs. There’s no behavior I detest in a person more than that of cowardice.

  51. Here’s the irony: big business is not going away. If Democrats had held together the way Republicans instinctively do, the spectre of a the resurgence of progressive mindset would have brought big business to the table in a meaningful way. They would have seen that the country was ‘getting it’, Democrats finally understood their power at the polls, and they’d better get along with Democratic Presidents and Congresses.

    Instead the message was devastating: The Democratic voter is unreliable enough to stay in the game for the long haul. They can be easily defeated with a good lie machine and some corporate bucks. There is no reason to work with Democrats in a meaningful way. They bail.

    No, I’m not talking about all of us, certainly. But I am talking about the significant amounts of frustrati who don’t vote unless it’s perfect for them.

  52. Third. Their hits are down, that has got to affect blogad revenue. kossacks boycott everything under the sun. Time to boycottt…them.

  53. Eclectablog

    Excellent post you are on a roll these days.

    My question to you and to all who come here is this –

    Can we work to create a blog that has the readership #s and breadth of articles of daily kos without the anger and bitterness?

    There are many who come here (like me) who have small blogs. BWD and Chipsticks have very large personal blogs, which we cherish. Could these 2 groups and all the other members of this blog, work together to support a place that could compete with the daily kos?

    Also to all who post at the daily kos, have you considered also posting at Pragmatic Progressive, Alternet, I am not sure what other sites are out there.

    I am certain that there are thousands of Democrats who are now sensing the common enemy and want to talk to other practical democrats and read posts like eclectablog’s.

    I’m just sayin

  54. EB – I cannot come to any answer about this – stop giving them hits v represent. Ordinarily I’m not so ambivalent. This one conflicts me. But I LOVE what you did.

    I want/need minimal stress in my life now, and maintain blog connections primarily because I’ve been friends with those people for six years, but your article made me day.

    I cannot be objective about DKos – I detest it and many of its members – but do we have actual empirical evidence that the frustrati actually affected the midterms? We all believe they did, is there data?

  55. I asked that question of my friends at BWN a few months ago. They believe in the importance of each blog having it’s own POV, style, focus, etc, while supporting other progressive blogs through blogrolls, links and recs.

  56. Dude! I just got your rant/blog from yesterday in my email box from our County Dem Chair! There is more support for your words than you know, my friend. Remember, you’re fighting for the American people here. People *are* listening.

  57. Joe Scarborough is a repungant dumb ass…..
    the movement in Wisconsin is just beginning, so he should save his premature analysis for the finish line….I believe in the end we the people will prevail.

    I am an Obot….ABL expresses my thoughts as well….righteous and right. Thanks!

  58. That is cool. Means, at least in your neck of the woods, the Dem organization isn’t taking the poutrage sitting down.

  59. In addition to always having to put one foot in front of the other, the trail never ends.
    Our President has the wisdom of perspective and the ability to address issues over the short, intermediate and long views. I’m sticking with the smart guy.

  60. I loved the angry black lady rant. There are times when rough language is the only thing that works. I know that wishing death and damnation, perhaps even destruction, on select politicians is not to be done on any sane, liberal blog, let alone, this one and Chipsticks’, wishing it possible to gas the whole crew (as I ranted to my daughter via e-mail this morning) is the only way some of us can stay sane.

    Love you, blackwaterdog, Chipsticks, Electablog, thanks for being here. And yes, I visit DK for certain writers like Electablog, Bill in Portland Maine’s Cheers and Jeers, for the animal diaries, frankenoid’s garden blog, and others. They have some in-depth stuff about Japan’s earthquake and tsunami this morning, too.

    But hearing that Kos was once a Republican is very enlightening to this oftentimes clueless reader.

  61. Seems to me all honest conversations about what President Obama has been able to accompolish or not, have to be discussed in the context of Congressional support and complexities. We all know that, but perhaps
    in our discussions with those less supportive,
    to attempt to short circuit negative talking points, we should broaden the discussion to include the other working parts of the equation. President Obama is our leader, he is not our King, and as incredible as he is, he is not a magician!

  62. Thanks for the shout out, BWD. I added you to my blogroll as well. I read your blog regularly and it’s nice to have a place to read positive news about POTUS.

    I’m glad our blogs are becoming interconnected. Let the idiots eat their own. We just have to keep pushing. There are more of us than there are of them.

    A lot of the juicers seem to think I have some personal vendetta against Jane Hamsher. I do not give a crap about Jane Hamsher. She just doesn’t speak for me and it bothers me that she is the go-to progressive pundit on MSNBC. With friends like her and Cenk, who needs Republicans?

    By the way, Rump Roast is a pro-POTUS blog with no bs and no trolls. And it’s fun, to boot. One of the Rump Roasters dropped a link to my rant at FDL, so we hit the big three targets.

    The defensive response amuses me. It’s not our fault!


  63. “…wishing it possible to gas the whole crew (as I ranted to my daughter via e-mail this morning) is the only way some of us can stay sane.”

    Okay, that’s going to keep me away from this blog (and possibly ALL blogs) for the rest of the day, if not the week. Yes we’re angry, and yes They are Them, but words like that scare me.

    Peace be with you.

  64. As the one person on this blog who has the most trouble with salty language, I do recognize its value. I loved your rant ABL, and thank you for writing it. Truth to power with salt, please.

  65. Oh yeah, I forgot: What if our President were to suddenly and magically achieve the utopia these people want in a scant two years? The Republicans would just tear it all apart the minute they got back into power. Duh.

  66. Did anyone catch Obama’s press conference? The only blog I saw cover it was DK and it is full of comments about how Obama is a lazy Republican. So, obviously I am looking for a better source.

  67. Man, you still go there? You are a brave soul.

    It was his usual press conference: Calm, thoughtful, completely on top of every issue. They didn’t ask even one question about Wisconsin, but one of them is very concerned with poor Bradly Manning.

    I’ll have the video later.

  68. Shelia, excellent opinion.

    I think of them as simply immature, and lacking both balance and a sufficiently healthy dose of personal responsibility
    Generally, speaking.

  69. g, I don’t think the frustrati, at least those not in front of the general public, have much effect on anything. They are a small bunch of people, and I suspect most of those in the blogosphere, at least, who say there is no difference between the two parties vote nonetheless, though I agree that they should be held responsible for what they say if one cares to engage with them, which I don’t.

  70. Afternoon All…

    BWD, you’re great as usual! 🙂

    As these great, insightful comments (and ABL’s rant lol) have indicated WE NEED to concentrate on “the real enemy,” WE NEED to educate ourselves about them, and WE NEED to “fight/push back” against them, the GOPTeaParty and friends (at the local/state/federal-level)!!!

    Here’s what WE, our President, and America, as a whole, are up against…’GOPTeaParty Extremism/Radicalism’: (It was 30+ years in the makin’!)

    80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party… (It’s a DK link. But, it’s worth the read!)

    *THIS* is where democracy went, and WHY Koch’s lies & hidden agendas must be exposed… (via @hapkidogal)

    “Corporations Are Working to Destroy One of the Few Tools We Have to Stop Their Abuse.” …

    SO HOW *BAD* was the #Wisconsin bill? You just won’t believe it. @KAROLI reports… #wiunion

    MUST SEE @MADDOW: Think #Wisconsin Was Bad? It’s About To Get A Lot Worse For USA… (via @Shoq) #wiunion

    VIDEO: Fox’s BS about “voter fraud” was always designed to CONCEAL the real frauds: The Republican party…

    And, if WE’RE FIRED UP & READY TO GO, WE can DO SOMETHIN’: (Like above, this is @Shoq’s, esp. @Maddow, and others’ handiwork!)

    Primer: Toward A Koch Industries Boycott…

    Primer: Wisconsin Union Solidarity Resources & Information…

    Of course, there’s Organizin’ For America (OFA), WhatISWorking, The Reid Report, The Political Carnival, et al… They’re on BWD’s Blogroll! 😉


    Because of what’s goin’ on (horrible weather, wars, et al), may WE all keep Japan, America, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and the rest of the world in our prayers!

  71. Okay, now that is cool to hear! I noticed that the new media director from OFA Iowa has started following me on Twitter. I think it did get a lot of attention.

    Honestly, I can never predict what’s going to catch fire…

  72. To recap askew; began with a statement about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Questions about the earthquake and the nuclear power plant in Japan, Libya and the oil reserve(arrangements have been made in case of emergency would take only days to tap into it) President spoke about gas prices acknowledged the difficulties for working families the need to address our oil problem rather than reacting to it every time there is a price spike. President’s position on budget cuts, made clear his stance on education specifically talked about proposed cuts to Pell grants, made the case for why that is a bad idea. Believe Chip Reid got up and asked about military intervention in Libya. Am not recapping in chronological order but the President also answered a general question about the Middle East and closed the press conference with a question from a Japanese reporter about his personal reaction to the earthquake. May have missed a few questions but that is pretty much the gist of what was discussed.

  73. I love his press conferences. He is, as you say, always on top of the issues, and actually answers questions lol.

  74. Exactly, I think no one ask anything about Wisconsin, is because there is nothing left there that the media could use to try to trap Obama on. However Obama made it clear where the job losses are taking place at the state and local level against public employees.

  75. Many here are probably familiar with the defintion of insanity…repeating the same behaviors over and over, yet expecting different results.

    The PL strikes me as caught in a similiar insanity trap. They are demanding different results, yet they are expecting President Obama to be “Bush on Progressive Steroids”. Seems they didn’t pay attention during the campaign to anything but their own fantasies and demands. They have no true understanding of the President they claim “they” are responsible for electing. And I believe they have disregard, or perhaps are truly ignorant of the design, function and complexities of the legislative process. They may have ideas I align with, but they are thinking and talking crazy.

  76. Normally, I don’t bother but I really wanted some coverage of the press conference and couldn’t figure out where else to go.

  77. Thank you so much for the recap. Seems pretty uneventful. I was hoping he’d get a Wisconsin question.

  78. I too watch the news conference an came away with the fact that MSM just want to play I gotucha with the President. They ask questions in a manner to find fault in His leadership not on facts to what is happening. They seem to take their talking points from the Republicans in the questions they ask.One question a reporter asked was just not listening to the President when comes to the no fly zone. The President told them in his statement the option was on the table but they wanted to know when was he going to apply the zone. They really think the President is going to stand up in a news conference an tell the world what we are going to do.This is why we look so crazy to the rest of the world some times. We have Senators running around saying the President is not on the side of the rebels in Libya and don’t have all the facts. So we should always remember we elected a true thinker and not a reactionary President. He does not bend to which way the wind blows.He looks at all sides of the question at hand then acts. My advice to all is we have a Chess Master at work not a Checker king player.

  79. The last thing these faux progressives want to hear is that they are politically naive. But they truly, truly are unbelievably clueless about political realities and the way government works.

  80. Me too, forgot a few things here and there, cj (below) brings up something he discussed I should have mentioned.

  81. ABL sounds like many blacks folks I know. Full of spirit, smart as a whip, and very upset about the way our nations 1st black president is being treated especially by the liberals.

    Meanwhile, POTUS remained his gorgeous self and handled the presser perfectly as usual. I could watch a bazillion youtube clips of past presidents pressers and in my eye nobody is as articulate, classy, and full of facts like PBO. I won’t even comment of the former court appointed president Bush’s pressers.

    So right after PBO’s presser today, I see pundits appear on the tv. sitting around complaining, “score carding” PBO like instead of him being a grown man, a Harvard graduate, the President of America, they seem to be under the impression that we elected this President to be their student and they are testing him at every juncture. I wonder where were their “score cards” for the other presidents during their time in office. It’s obvious to me in these pundits rapidly minds this black man is their “boy”. Anywho I quickly turned off the tv when they started scoring in detail every subject he spoke on. *sigh*

  82. A-fucking-men, ABL. A pearl before swines is an apt description of most amurikkkans.

  83. Hello all! Wonderful rant ABL, that is exactly what needs to be said everywhere! I was just wondering everyones reaction to PRESIDENT Obama’s presser? I was not able to see it but I know he did a wonderful job to put the press corp in their place.
    Of course they dont ask anything about WI because they dont want to acknowledge there is buyers remorse and that Unions and state workers are important to progress and democracy. I am sorry if i am new to this story but what is the Bradly situation that they believe he now owns?

    BWD keep up the great work!

  84. Co-sign every word you wrote, Kelly! They just can’t deal with the fact that this black man is more articulate, smarter, classier and is doing a kick-ass job as President of the United States. He deserves to be president, but I swear I don’t think this stupid country deserves him. I’m so glad he accepts the task each and every day.

  85. Perfectly said! This country, as it is right now, does not deserve President Obama. The Reich wing all know that they cannot defeat President Obama with their views and policies of their own so the reason they oppose him is because he is black… oh and because they are a bunch of greedy “me me me” bastards.

  86. Interesting article at CNN’s business web site entitled “Wisconsin’s Walker: Union Man of the Year”
    Key quotes:

    Labor unions around the nation can thank Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for re-energizing the workers movement

    “We should have invited him here today to receive the Mobilizer of the Year award!,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a speech Thursday.

    But the hard-charging governor also has managed to make collective bargaining synonymous with fairness and worker rights in the public’s mind, said Harley Shaiken, a labor professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Many Americans see him as running roughshod over the democratic process.

    “He has sparked the most energized labor movement in decades,” Shaiken said. “He’s recruited many people who are angry at what they view as a power grab.”

    Back to me: There is the old phrase Phyrric victory, where the cost of winning is too great and results in ultimate defeat. As long as we do not allow this whole story to fade from sight, that is exactly what we may have witnessed in the past few weeks.

  87. Walker may have won the battle with deception, lies and an incredibly dumb group of repub lemmings, but he’s losing the war. And winning the war is what matters. The unions couldn’t have paid Kock dollars for this much energy and support for working families.

  88. In the past, when the automatic dedcutions for union dues was stopped, unions found that their members tended to not make their own dues payments, reducing funding available, which is one of the reasons for this move. However, I have a hunch that not only will union members be more diligent in making those payments, but they will probably donate more to the union PACs.

    And the other key here is that support for collective bargaining and unions has increased substantially within the non-union public.

  89. Agree with both of you, Sue and Tien. Politically naive and uninformed is what they are, and obviously with no sense of recent history. Where were they when Bill Clinton was moving the entire Democratic Party to the right? The impeachment scam, as outrageous as it was, did Clinton as much good as harm, distracting Democrats from criticizing him for his pro-business policies. Now we have the Party Clinton helped create and its priorities won’t be changed in two or three years of a fine man’s Presidency.

  90. Yeah, privatization, less expensive to run (that probably means less effective and less safe) but more expensive to access. Once the for-profits crowd gets hold of it, they will create highspeed rail as cheaply (and thus shoddily) as possible for the highest cost to the rider. Extreme capitalism stifles innovation rather than nurtures it. When profits are the bottom line, innovation and quality fly out the window.

  91. The President did a fantastic job, as usual. I couldn’t help but notice that the pseudojournalists’ questions were little more than a series of talking points that they got from their 10-minute scouring of the anti-Obama blogs/cable news shows. Jake Tapper asked a question re Bradley Manning that could have been directly taken from a top diary on DKOS.

    The President gave thoughtful and detailed responses to all the questions asked, and in situations where he didn’t have all the facts, he did not shoot from the hip. I think he was in effect telling these childish pseudojournalists, I’m not here to entertain your silly punditry with uninformed speculation/opinions, I’m here to inform and educate based on REALITY.

  92. President Obama has managed to turn white bread into whine, however. All the malcontents on both sides are have come out of the woodwork.

  93. Thank you Hopefruit2… Yes I believe he puts all those wannabe stars in their place with real answers to stupid questions. 🙂

  94. I agree Japa21. The MSM wants this Wisconsin story to fade from memory ASAP b/c it makes GOP look bad. That is why there were no questions concerning Wisconsin at the presser today. The overreach in Wisconsin will hurt the GOP big time in 2012. Unions have HUGE incentive to financially support and VOTE for Pres. Obama and democrats in 2012.

  95. Snoopy, thank you for that website. I have been looking for a place with all that information.

  96. Oh, I love that Angry Black Lady’s rant. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Oh, I can add so many of them holier than thou souls.

    Have a good weekend to all the BWD family.

  97. “Everybody knows the GOP’s biggest weakness is money, so why not hit ’em in the sweet spot? That’s what many amazing Wisconsin firefighters did yesterday when they collectively began withdrawing their funds from Madison’s M&I Bank — whose executives and board members were among the highest donors to Governor Scott Walker’s campaign.”

    “Heeding a call by Firefighters Local 311 President Joe Conway to ‘Move your money,’ union members withdrew over $100,000 from the bank, with some reports stating that number is as high as $192,000. Either way, it was a hefty enough chunk of change that M&I shut its doors and closed for the day at 3PM.”


    “UPDATE: Stranded Wind over at DailyKos has photos of the protest outside M&I, and says the ante has been upped to $600,000! ‘What these pictures show are six hundred ordinary citizens descending on the M&I branch near the Wisconsin Capitol after learning of their purchase of the gubernatorial election last November. Two firefighters with old school ideas about saving had over $600,000 between the two of them and they demanded cashier’s checks on the spot.”

  98. “An overwhelming 77% support the right of public employees to collective bargaining.”

    “To top it off, a Rasmussen (Republican) poll shows Wisconsin Governor Walker’s positives dropping to 43%, and his negatives soaring to 57%.”

    “The winds have shifted — and because they believe their own spin, many Republicans have yet to notice.”

    “Bottom line is that these guys think they’re flying straight and level, and they’re really in a steep dive.”

  99. ^MTMarilyn, you’re very welcome…

    Please PASS IT ON and/or SPREAD IT, FAR & WIDE!!! 😉

  100. I hear you Majji. Its like these whinny people are really uninformed. Hello! There is a sysrtem/protocol that has to be followed, Congress, senate to the Pres, but these guys act like we live in a dictatorial regime were the Potus passes everything, should I say decrees as he so wishes. Pathetic spineless creatures.

    As for the rant from Angry Black lady, it was spot on.

  101. I really love your posts and I always read and rec your comments because I, too, am tired of all the OBama bashing. I just don’t understand it. Thanks for hanging in there, and keep the faith. We’re standing right beside and behind you.

  102. I am a strong believer in the power of the boycott. In a capitalist society, it is one of the few ways we can make our voices heard. Unity is the key. Individually, it may not seem or feel like much, but collectively the impact can be huge. Just as the Birmingham bus boycott was successful in the 1950’s, boycotts can be successful today. That is because today, just as in the 1950’s, businesses do not like to lose money.

  103. Here’s and idea for all of you to ponder, and if you like it, spread it.

    I’m going to post it at a few of our favorite places.

    I call it ‘Charge’um a >1000x’

    Let’s face it, thanks to public records, Google Maps, and all kinds of other easily accessed information we know where the wealthiest 2 % of Americans reside. Not just their primary residencies, but their many residences.

    Those places have lawns, and toilets, and refrigerators, and walls, and roofs, and chimneys, and sinks, and ….. you get the picture, i.e., those folk have an enormous number of dependencies on the other 98 %.

    What happens when the Kock brothers can’t find ANYONE to do ANYTHING for them – cook their food, clean their mansions, mow their lawns, repair their roofs ….. without charging them at least 1000 times (i.e., >1000x) what they would charge anyone else.

    What choice would that 2 % have but to pay, and pay and pay and pay.

    The only choice they would have – if we make it explicitly clear to them – is to back off the greed and begin behaving like a responsible member of the American society.

    It’s just that simple – Make’um pay. Provide zero services to them unless they do so.

    Forget ‘general strikes’ etc as those types of actions actually do nothing to the avaricious 2 %. In fact, those kinds of actions actually harm those most in need.

    Nope. Make the 2 % pay and pay and pay.

    And, BTW, all those Governors, and Senators and Representatives in both State Governments and the Federal Government who occupy their positions to serve, exclusively and demonstratively, the avaricious 2 % – we know exactly whom they are – make them pay 10,000 x for their next hair cut, spa treatment, lawn mowed, toilet repair, flat tire, ……………., For absolutely every service they need. Make’um pay.

    In a very few weeks, you will begin to see a transformation of attitude in this Nation that you have never seen before.

    They are all sooooo soft, they are all soooo dependent, that they will be the beggars on the street – they will begin to understand that all their money buys them very, very little and it certainly buys them zero respect and dignity.

    Call it an intensive experiential learning program in empathy and societal values.

    No violence. No ugliness. No loud voices. Just make’um pay commensurate with their wealth.




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