Thursday morning open mishmash

Hi guys,

I’m not going to be around until tonight, so here’s today’s schedule and one sweet-sweet photo to open the day. The rest of the mishmash is yours, don’t give them the keys back… 


9:00 AM VPB delivers a speech on U.S.-Russia relations at Moscow State University.
10:00 AM Barack and Michelle Obama meet with students and parents from the Conference on Bullying Prevention.
10:35 AM Barack and Michelle Obama deliver remarks at the Conference on Bullying Prevention.
11:00 AM  
12:00 PM  
1:00 PM  
1:30 PM Carney briefs the press.
2:00 PM  
2:05 PM PBO holds a meeting on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
3:00 PM  
3:05 PM PBO meets with Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.


197 thoughts on “Thursday morning open mishmash

  1. good morning BWD, and have a great day 🙂

    Yes, this Is a sweet little baby, nice snapshot 🙂

  2. Thanks for all that you do. As Wisconsin, Idaho, Florida, Ohio, and other GOP states show we can’t stop organizing our communities. In Missouri GOP is pushing to abolish child labor laws! National right to work laws, abolish Planned Parenthood, PBS, education for the masses, health care for women .. Out of step with the American people but willing to subvert democratic processes to achieve their goals. We have the power of the people and of hope. Let’s keep talking a d get the message out. Obama/Biden, democratic sweep in 2012. Perhaps the GOP-voting union members will wake up and come home.

  3. FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!!

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  4. Republicans are creating a lot of ugly in the states right now. They are focusing on swing states for a reason. 2012. I hope and pray everyone wakes up! Each time the republicans reach a new low I think that they could not possible be any worse. Constant chaos, deception, and lies.
    How could ANYONE with a brain vote for these creatures?

  5. RM said that what happened in WI in the middle of the night was illegal and it won’t stand in a court of law. Is that correct ?

    What are the favorability number of this walker guy right now ? Any recent polls on this ?

  6. Niiice, Eb.

    Amazing the “libruls” and PL still haven’t learnt their lessons after all that has happened and all that is still happening.

  7. Woot that picture is so cute. POTUS Obama is stunning!!!!! Hope I can watch the bullying prevention discussion later today, such an important topic…..

  8. Thanks for that great picture BWD really needed a smile today! With what is happening in the states right now it is rather scary.
    Eclectablog, I just read your rant, you are right on!! For some reason I wasn’t able to leave a comment from my Blackberry.
    I truly can say I am scared for all that is happening in these states and in DC. Where is all this leading? What is happening to the USA?

  9. Wow!

    Spoken truth to power. One thing I’ve noticed for as long as I have lived in this country, there is something about some people on the left and their desire to show that they are so much smarter than everyone else — you know that sanctimonious and pure thing. They wear their so-called principles on their sleeves, with no room for compromise, and they proclaim how things have to be done this way or that way or else.


    During the health care debate, so many of them were yelling to “kill the bill.” As soon as the Republicans got in power and actually started talking about repeal, the same people began screaming bloody murder. Really. I continue to shake my head in disgust.

    Shortly after President Obama won, some on the left began talking about how Republicans had been banished into the wilderness for eons to come. Instead of working like we were 50 points behind, some sat comfortably. Even as the tea party, with a huge assist from the media blanketed the airwaves, all you could hear from some were criticisms of the Administration and the Democrats in Congress. Nothing they did was good enough.

    You are so right. So many of them said in those blogs that they had to teach this president and Democrats a lesson. They hailed the Cenks (who was gunning for his TV show and got it) and Eds of this world. Every time there was a diary with president Obama’s name negatively listed in the title, it skyrocketed to the top of the rec list and the comments in there were nasty, disrespectful and often insulting, to say the least.

    Even the president’s wife got drawn in and this coming from the owner of the blog, who childishly thought she was TOLD to treat one of their candidate in a certain way at a function.

    When the president went to these states and called on its citizens not to give the keys back to the Republicans, some in the liberal blogs scoofed — “it’s too late.” Instead of helping, all they did was criticize and allowed the media to carry on this meme about the so-called enthusiasm gap.

    Well, the chickens are coming home to roost and now people are scrambling and wondering how ruthless the Republicans are.

    But more than that, they want daddy Obama to go down save the world. This is the same “sell-out,” “corporatist,” “one-termer,” x, y, z, president who could do no right. Do they expect him to fly to every one of these states and get in the middle, when people like Ed encouraged voters to stay home? Well.

    So many people died for us to get the right to vote in this country. Me, growing up in a foreign country, I never voted in my life — not even for dog catcher — until I became a citizen in 2008.

    When you don’t vote, you cut your nose to spite your face.

    Democrats did that in droves last year. I hope the lessons in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey and beyond will be a lasting experience for many.

  10. You can’t take a fiscal measure out of a fiscal bill, attach it to a non-fiscal bill and still claim it’s non-fiscal. That’s no. 1.

    There is supposed to be a 24-period for debate. They brought the vote to the floor within 15 minutes.

    I’m sure lawyers will weigh in. Those are the issues of illegality off the top of my head.

    And the PL should apologize to the American public if they depressed even one vote with their whining over the last 2 1/2 years. WI, OH, FL and all the rest are the result of Democrats who didn’t vote.

    Ultimate responsibility on the perfection-cravers who didn’t see this coming.

  11. A little constructive critisism. I don’t see what the point is of a daily blog post giving the presidents schedule.

    Perhaps it could be a calendar widget off to the side or something but I don’t feel it should be part of the main stream content.

    My opinion.

  12. So true, africa, so true. A society that doesn’t truly appreciate the value and power of a vote is condemned to live under tyranny.

  13. I just cross-posted at Daily Kos if anyone has an interest in supporting it with a tip and a Rec.

    I’m so pissed I could spit this morning. Arrrgh…

  14. “Each time the Republicans reach a new low I think that they could not possibly be worse.” Exactly my feelings!!!!!!

    I know my husband has a brain but he votes straight R. We had a 2 hr. conversation last night…..all over the place, but bottom-line for him: corporations are good, tax cuts for wealthy good–NEVER answered my question about what they do to the deficit that he screams about all the time–, the government has GOT to stop being “Sugar Daddy” for this country,we will have many deaths because of healthcare bill (death panels though he refused to use those words), unions, for most part, are bad, what WI legislatures did is NO different than what happened w/healthcare bill “(Rammed through exactly same way)……you get the picture. Typical authoritarian that John Dean talks about in his books.

  15. What makes me laugh is how many of them are acting so surprised that all of this is happening. This was beyond predictable. It was promised. And, let’s face it, the tea partyiers promised far more than this.

    It’s only just beginning.

  16. Maybe the left will wake up and realize the key to the kingdom is to freaking keep it by getting out to vote.

  17. Fantastic – exactly my feelings. Can’t express it enough how great your article is. Though Michael Moore gave a good speech in Wisconsin, your article hits the truth deeper.

  18. Well, it has started already. The usual suspects are there with their “it’s strawman, it’s strawman” cries.

  19. I am about to vent so excuse my language

    What the FUCK is going on in this country? Has this country gone completely insane? Is this what the country wanted when they went to the polls in november to give the keys back to the GOP? Didn’t they run on the mantra of CREATING JOBS? They have done everyting but that and the chickens will come home to roost for these radical assholes. The GOP will get WIPED OUT in 2012. The democrats and president obama have enough ammuntion to go after these bastards and complete destroy their party. You see the last 3 months the republicans have let the TEAPARTY infiltrate their ranks and their rational thinking and they are making radical decision not only in Washington but all around the coutry. Since being elected they have attacked hispanics with these anti-immigration bills, have attacked women with these Draconian abortion bills, have attacked blacks, the poor and the elderly by going after headstart, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, have attacked young people, poor people and hispanics by limiting their ability to vote in 2012 by trying to pass anti-voting laws, have attacked middle class working folks by trying bust unions and go after their pensions, healthcare, have attacked muslims by having these radical hearing in washington and their protests in NYC over the mosque, attacked gays and lesbians by going after marriage laws and trying to defend DOMA in courts, trying to GUT PBS, Planned Parenthood, Healthcare, Wallstreet reform, EPA, Mortgage assistance, Educational system and the list goes on and on. All they have catered too is RICH WHITE MEN/WOMEN and Corporations.

    I don’t care if you are republican, democrat or independent this war is about The RICH vs THE POOR. Corporations VS Middle Class working folks. The American people were DUPED into voting for these radicals in 2010 but I can almost guarantee you that the democrats are to have the biggest turnout in decades in 2012. The GOP will get theirs because apparently they didn’t learn their lesson for overreaching but the voting public will remind their asses in less than 2 years.

    This country better wake up and wake up fast or we are going to be living like we are in a third world country where it will be just the rich and powerful and the poor and weak. President Obama and the democrats in congress/senate need to make abundantly clear as we gear up for the next election that they will fight these radical republicans and that now they have a reason to fight because the american people have gotten to see with their own eyes what kind of party the GOP is. They are arrogant, hateful, uncaring, racists who who don’t give a damn about people. Is this what america has come too? Degrading and treating people like garbage who happen to look different, act different, who live different than you or have less money than you? Something has to give with this country and the people who live in it.

  20. I just posted a comment here kinda addressing your post and I am about to post a diary longer than the one I did here.

  21. I left a comment. but the uglies are out in full force over there. I can hear them from here “Its not our fault”

  22. My vent was towards the GOP here but I will go into more details with my vent towards the dumb ass left for sitting out the midterms

  23. Learned their lesson? Hardly. They’re still blaming Obama. Can they be that clueless or are they just that childish to take no personal responsibility for the damage they’ve caused?

    Listen to Ed if you can stomach it: it’s all happened because Obama didn’t have a showdown at high noon on the streets of Madison, like a God damned TV movie. That certainly wouldn’t have fired up the tea party, would it?

    Let’s be clear: the implosion of Democratic voting in 2010 is largely the fault of the PL. We FINALLY have a footprint, albeit small, in the media and we blow it by demanding instant, pony-giving Perfection. We gave the keys back. We gave the keys to the most dangerous cabal to ever soil the halls of government throughout these United States.

    Ed Schultz, Norman Goldman, Thom Hartman (not as bad all the time), Keith (on his worst days) and the entire lot of ‘liberal’ pundits. Republicans did the opposite in the 80’s — they got damn near nothing they wanted but a few crumbs and deified their Republican leaders until they could demand purity 30 years later. We couldn’t wait 30 effing minutes.

    Am I pissed today? You bet I am.

  24. Just read your diary excellent as always. They just don’t get it. you never tell ppl not to vote, holding a vote out of anger. They had no reason not to vote. The President was moving things forward , they just set us back.

  25. The left needs to learn patience, loyalty, and fighr. They also need to stop thinking they are smarter than anyone else. If they opened their eyes they would see, that half the ppl who was commenting before the 2010 midterm is gone. They were trolls posing as dems swaying their vote and spreading hate for the president is no longer over their commenting. The so called smart left, was punked.

  26. All Obama’s fault. They admit nothing. They take no responsibility. I believe Ed Schultz is dumb enough to not know the difference, but Thom Hartman and Norman Goldman should know better. They have found a way to make it all Obama’s fault, all the time.

    Let’s be clear: they may be destroying our chances for at least a generation. I am getting that terrified. Union-busting is not just so we can have the Republican dream of a race to the bottom and all the wealth sucked up to the top, but with the help of Ed Schult et al., Obama will not be able to out-raise Citizens United. Unions were the only large coordinated group that could help. It’s about destroying Obama.

  27. I love you, Nonie:)The same rant goes through my head on a DAILY BASIS! My question is always how could ANYONE vote for these sob’s? I don’t want to live in a country that thinks so poorly of the less fortunate and the masses of the middle class.Get fired up and ready to go! Let’s sweep the dirt outta this place!

  28. And you notice that some of them are sneakily skirting the issue by claiming “but we voted.”

    That may be so, but their constant negative narrative, including false memes that Democrats and Republicans are one and the same, that Obama is a friend to Wall Street and and enemy to main street, that Obama didn’t fight for the public option, and that he was not going to fight for DADT repeal, etc., these contant narratives depressed turnout in crucial elections. Ed Schultz was bellowing from his soapbox that people shouldn’t vote. Even if they voted, their false memes and narratives in the blogosphere affected other would-be voters.

  29. Nonie, thanks for getting us off on the right foot this morning. You have that righteous indignation that the “sane” portion of this country needs to harness and spread. No more sitting back philosophying. We need boots on the ground, and loud voices, and facts, and backbone to defeat the scum that has chosen to set us back 50 years or so. I myself could never, ever vote for a rethug again in this life. Regardless of the person, the label sucks.

  30. I’m embarrassed to ask this question, but I haven’t turned on the news in days….

    Was collective bargaining taken away in WI? If so, how did they do it without a quorum?

  31. To be honest your comment discourages me. How come so many people believe the crap they’ve been fed for thirty years ? How come they don’t understand that the growing gap between the wealthy and the middle class is a danger to social stability ??

    Hasn’t he seen the horrifying graphs depicting the growing disparity of revenue between the top 2% of americans and the other 98% ?

    He still has to see more devastation before he wakes up. The good thing is that if he eventually wakes up, he will be an advocate for change as fierce as he is an advocate for the GOP agenda right now. Look at Ed Schultz… ( granted Ed is counterproductive but boy can he get mad.)

  32. I do too. Plus, it’s usually only one part of the Morning Mishmash.

    Keep the calendar :-D!

  33. One of the core principles I have as a Democrat, is to vote. It is as necessary to me as breathing. I have instilled that necessary civic duty in my children. That IS our voice, and to take the advice of another to forgo that right this time around to “teach someone a lesson” is beyond insane!The very same people that I thought KNEW better, that I thought held the same passionate views about what it means to have your voice heard and live in a country where your vote is like gold…but don’t this time.WTF is that?To be cavalier about this fundamental right that people fought and died to give us? Are they joking? And the fact that others would TAKE that piss poor advice? They are as insane as the TP!I heard yesterday that in Australia, you HAVE to vote…or you get a fine… a small one, but a fine none the less. A little “reminder” that freedom isn’t free and everyone needs to participate on an active level in their govt. I actually think I’m good with that.
    Their best hope is to recall those 8 senators. I hope that passions are high, and eyes are wide open…ALL AROUND THE COUNTRY…to the decietful, lying,corporation loving, people hating,POS…I hope that 2012 rings in an era of Democratic majority everywhere(AZ won’t get the clue). It is our only hope not to lose the kind of country that I would be proud to call home.

  34. Well done, Nonie. I know the feeling. I had to get my rant off my chest this morning, too. I’m stupid enough to post it where I can get tarred and feathered for it, though. 😉

  35. The most important thing to glean from all this is ‘When will people learn to question, ask more, and find out what is in their best interest,instead of swallowing the generic pill that is thrust in their faces?
    Both on the left,on the right, absolutely everyone needs to step it up with vigilance and even more need to awake from their slumber.
    It is noted that all people seem to do is re-act by griping, and respond by griping,but they never seem to get to the next level of pro-active productive solutions. Let’s encourage this perspective from now on. Yes, re-act, yes respond, but then ‘do and act on that very thing’ that is disturbing to the pysche.

  36. I scooted by to tip/rec, and leave the following comment :-):

    Dontcha know?

    I don’t overestimate the power of these kos bloggers, however. I think these teabaggers were put in office by only the slimmest of margins and by very small voting populations. It’s not a mandate, and I don’t think lefty ranters on blogs or MSNBC really had much of an impact.

    However, the lethargy and apathy of the people who are now feeling the pain in the states headed by these stone-age potentates has finally been shaken.

    Even if no professional “progressive” blowhard EVER pulls his/her head out of his/her ass and comes out of their money-hungry, bash-Obama-for-a-buck gigs, the actual people who are being affected by these policies have been awakened.

    What they decide to do from here on out is up to them. It didn’t have to get to this point. Obama campaigned his heart out all over Wisconsin while Feingold was pouting (where is Feingold, anyway????). Told them don’t give the keys back. Well, a bloc of teabagger grabbed the keys while the populace scratched their asses.

    People shouldn’t have to be pumped up to vote. Voting is a minimum, and shouldn’t depend on mood, feeling or whether Obama made me feel good on a particular day.

    Looks like this is a lesson being learned the hard way.

  37. The PL needs to just shut up, they are a waste of space. They know nothing about real politics. All they do is spout their pure nonsense day in and day out and getting nothing done.

  38. Nonie, I appreciate your rant and agree with it. I believe we have been on this path for a long time, certainly since Reagan’s Presidency and maybe even before. However, I believe change is coming, not only because the demographics of the country are changing and the young are more accepting of diversity in race and lifestyle, but also because the gops are overreaching and even the lethargic masses are beginning to notice what they are doing. This will take a long time, but Caucasian corporate crony hegemony is beginning to crack. If we resolutely and gently insert ourselves into its interstices, we will win this in the long run.

  39. 24-hour period of debate for non-emergency measures, but even for “emergency” measures, two hours is required, so they are at fault either way, though I wish I had more faith in our courts.

  40. Why go there? These people are silly and permanently disgruntled. It is their temperament and no amount of change in the outer world will alter their disgruntlement as it is innate rather than reactive.

  41. Feingold has started his own organization, something with “progressive” in the title. I supported Feingold’s campaign, gave him money, etc., but those who think he is the most “progressive” member of Congress are simply wrong. He falls fourth on the list of Democratic Senators who voted most often with the Republicans. He constantly lauded McCain during the general campaign, even after McCain chose Palin as his running-mate. He is unable to compromise (how this gels with his support for McCain, I know not), the result of which caused Dems to court Republican votes to make up for Feingold’s defections. He is a staunch supporter of Israel as it stands now. He decidedly has good points and I would have liked him to remain in the Senate, but “more progressive than thou”, he is NOT.

  42. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. People who write nonsense like that probably don’t have any intention of voting anyways. More likely they are just talking out of their arse which is just so easy to do in the intertubez. Everything on the intertubez should be taken with a fraction of a grain of salt.

  43. I don’t think it is their fault, actually, as I think they are very few, and probably talk a different game than they act (we can always hope). But why bother engaging them? Their perpetual rage is part and parcel of their personalities and none of us can change that so why try? We need not deal with them if we choose not to do so, a choice not open to their families, friends, and colleagues.

  44. Yes, Eclectablog, but the pushback is only just beginning too. How long can a small group of haves sit on a huge pile of havenots without that pile collapsing? We can win this one if we are patient and understand deep change happens slowly, not overnight.

  45. I am the left. My friends are the left. We are all far left of the government and absolutely none of us expected the President to be a revolutionary. He has done the best someone can possible do in our deeply-flawed system and the present zeitgeist. Please do not equate the frustrati with the left. True activists are patient, attempt to engage with those with whom they disagree, and do not expect others to do their work for them.

  46. I tend to agree with you, their numbers aren’t enough to add up to a real difference. As GN always points out, it was the independent swing voters that made the difference. I just spent 3 days in Tampa on business, and it is obvious to me that Florida, like Wisconsin has a great deal of buyer’s remorse. Spoke to a colleague who lives there and he said he thinks people just wnated a Republican there. Well, they have discovered their mistakes.

    The Republican Party is winning a couple of battles, but they are in the process of losing the war big time. Even a moderate Republican will be in trouble, and not just because of difficulties with the RW base. But it is getting to the point that nothing reasonable that any Republcian says will be believed.

  47. Absolutely, ladyjazz. It would help if more of the mainstream media were behind this, but since we know we can’t rely on them, we must begin with ourselves.

  48. Isnt it strange how the GOP are reverting to the nuclear option, in all these states?
    It seems they are willing to tear through the moral fabric of America, in order to win back the WH.
    Their betting, that with the right wing echo chamber, and the amount of money they will throw at POTUS, that he will not be able to get his message out!
    They might be right…
    Case in point, 24/7, CNN ONLY talks about LIBYA, they do not discuss wisconsin, at all.
    Also, that right track wrong track is going back down… Not because of POTUS doing, but because the GOP governors are messing with people, and they feel terrible, but, the President will be to blame.
    Case in point, last night on Hardball, tweety brought this up, and mentioned this is all the presidents fault, and how can he get re-elected if the country feels so terribly about its future?
    So, you see, the GOP are putting in their plan of corporate takeover of america, a plan they have had in place for 30 years, and now they are implementing it!
    BTW: 1930s Germany went after UNIONS and JEWS, the republicans are going after unions and muslims. Lord Help us!

  49. But you know, crazycanuck, if you do not frequent their blogs or watch their shows, they have essentially shut up for you.

  50. On wisconsin, Mika said that recalling the state senators are illegal. It is NOT, the governor has to wait a year, and the state senators can be recalled right now.
    She know this, but they are betting you will not, they think you are stupid and play you that way.
    Also, Cenk lied last night, and so did Ezra, saying the WH does not have anything to do with going after oil subsidies. Except, it is in his 2012 budget to do just that.
    So, why is Cenk and ezra(the so called liberla media) lying abouot POTUS?
    The GOP must be certain that the liberla MSM has also been inflitrated.
    I am serious, think about it!

  51. Also, the god damn liberal media is trying to lump in President Obama with the republicans and NOT stadning with the workers.
    Ed shultz had on the leader of the cftc, and the head of that dept backed up POTUS and said he absolutely cares about over specualtion in the OIL markets, and that the republicans stoped the implementation of the part of the wall stree bill- that would have taken care of thoil specualtors, -ed was dumb founded!

    Thus, Be careful, lots of wolves in sheeps clothing.
    Of course, My Mother is an evangelical(probably the only democrat in her church) and she says this is the new world order, the GOP are starting…

  52. Just to push back against haters. I am glad Eb’s diary is now sitting at the top with most no. of wrecks. Which proves many kossacks didn’t like what the poutragers have been shoving down their throats for the last 2 years.

  53. Electablog,

    Loved your diary at the orange place. The PL and pretend Dems are really going at it. It is so funny to read the comments about how PBO has not lived up to his promises..blah, blah, blah…still after all that he has done, they name one or two things he can’t do without Congress.

  54. Now, they have another boogey man, teh American MUSLIMS!

    Its to Keep the focus off of the workers i the states that the republican govs are fucking with them… these guys are going all out, to bad we the people had to listen to the liberla msm and NOT vote!

  55. I am sure a lot of them did vote, but many of them voted for 3rd party candidates, which in many elections was the difference between a Republican winning and a Democrat.

  56. Can’t get on, I think your diary will crash the site…it’s at the top of the rec list.

  57. I think the Police and Firefighters through ALL the other public workers under the bus. The Police and Firefighters are usually Republicans and supported Walker as well as other public workers who felt they were safe, he can’t possibly hurt us…just the women – nurses, teachers, clerical workers, etc. This is so sad to see that these state republicans are doing what they have been wanting to do for decades. It was a perfect storm..a bad economy (created by Republicans), a black president (hatred created by republican teagaggers) and lazy media (owned and operated by republicans).

  58. Nonie, great rant and so true. You should check out ECletablogs site and his incredible rant, and he had the nerve to post it on DK. check it out.

  59. uh, i don’t ‘frequent’
    their blogs,
    but i do know
    of and have
    read their
    is why
    i say
    need to
    shut up.
    They are
    not saying anything
    that is worthwhile. I’m talking
    about the
    PL, not
    the left.
    My father
    is a leftist,
    he is far
    far to the
    and when
    i read
    him some
    of the stuff
    the purist
    on Dk spout
    all he does is laugh,
    and i don’t blame him

  60. I saw your diary at DK. Good rant. I did laugh though at the two posters who did more to kill the HealthCare bill coming in to your diary and pretending that they hadn’t encouraged defeat for Dems. The problem is that no one on that site will take any ownership for their behavior. It’s quite sad.

  61. GOOD.
    Was that on his segment last night? I was so disgusted I didn’t even wait to see it – I changed the channel before it came on. But if he ended up with egg on his face, I say that’s GREAT.

  62. Eclectablog has a great post up that takes the frustrati to task on their willingness to “teach Obama a lesson” during the midterms

  63. Point well taken, Fred. But I think the calendar frequently highlights important presidential public appearances/speeches that people otherwise would not know about.

  64. This proves that “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

    “Under the moniker of “MBMAdmirer,” NMS employees edited Wikipedia articles to distance the Koch family from the Tea Party movement, to provide baseless comparisons between Koch and conspiracy theories surrounding George Soros, and to generally delete citations to liberal news outlets.”

    “After administrators flagged the MBMAdmirer account as a “sock puppet” — one of many fake accounts used to manipulate new media sites — a subsequent sock puppet investigation found that MBMAdmirer is connected to a number of dummy accounts and ones owned by NMS employees like Jeff Taylor.”

    “Soren Dayton, a GOP operative and executive at New Media Strategies, is reported to be the contact for Koch Industries at NMS. Reached by phone yesterday by ThinkProgress, Dayton exclaimed, “I’m not going to talk about this, thanks,” before hanging up.”

    “Lyndsey Medsker, a senior account director for NMS, spoke to ThinkProgress today. She explained that NMS also maintains the Koch Industries Twitter page, Facebook page, and has an active team working on promoting Koch Industries in the comment section of blogs and news websites.”

  65. Re the picture:
    That is a sure way to get a mouthful of baby-puke.
    Been there, done that. No official photographer there for the event, though.

  66. Wow, I am bowing down to you and your epic rant. Spot on. That’s exactly how I feel today as well.

  67. I went over there.. big mistake. I took a quick peek at some of the diaries and felt my blood pressure and anger level rising. I don’t know how people read there on a daily basis and still function in this world.

    Yes, it is ironic how some of the folks over there accept no personal responsibility for their words. They are sure that their words are important and that those words mean something, that they are affecting a change when they post a diary. It’s their medium for political advocacy, which they have made abundantly clear. Yet, when things in the political world don’t work out the way they had envisioned them to, they claim their words meant nothing, that their words had no impact on anyone.


  68. “Rick Scott, the Republican front-runner for Florida governor, said Thursday that a video deposition he gave in a lawsuit over a healthcare company is none of the public’s business. “It’s a private matter and I will not release the deposition,” Scott said.

    “Scott made the comments at a hastily called press conference in which he unexpectedly flew to Tallahassee to accuse his Republican rival, Attorney General Bill McCollum, of abusing his power by attempting to sic state investigators on the company involved in the lawsuit, Solantic Urgent Care, which Scott founded in 2001.”

    Read more:

    “Below is never-before-seen footage of Rick Scott during a deposition in an anti-trust lawsuit against his former company Columbia/HCA Health. Scott’s company was fined a record $1.7 billion on charges of Medicare fraud.”

    “Despite being a lawyer and being CEO of one of the nation’s largest hospital chains, Scott evades answers to even the most basic questions. If Scott won’t answer questions when under oath, how can we expect him to be honest with us?”

  69. Just read it.

    check out this disgusting reply:

    “Diaries like this make me want to redouble my efforts to insure Obama is not the next president. Bring on a Palin or a Gingrich admin it will get us to the revolution long before anything Obama does ever brings relief to the middle class.”

    Now this a*hole is either a republican plant, or a delusional fauxgressive. When called a Republican, he pushed back huffily, protesting that he would never vote for a republican, but that he’s not voting for Obama anymore either. Somebody tell this retard that not voting for Obama IS voting for a Republican. But he knows that already.

  70. That was almost how my introduction to my eldest grandson went. Fortunately, I turned my head in time.

  71. I’m glad it’s up there too, amk, and I understand wanting to pushback, but I worry that giving them the energy only “validates” them, even if in a negative fashion.

  72. I think this is true, japa, and I think it would benefit our support of humanitarian causes to push a positive scenario out there.

  73. I think, Jojo, that the police and firefighters in Wisconsin have come around to thinking Walker is wrong, for the most part. If they are able to learn from their mistakes, we should commend them for it.

  74. Small wing is the point. And the best way to deal with them, I believe, is to ignorant them. I know they invoke anger in us, but why waste the energy? And, remember, the unkindest cut of all is indifference.

  75. thanks creolechild, read the comments on the website for a major news network last night regarding the WI vote, my antennae went up. Not surprised one bit.

  76. EB’s diary is a fantastic push back against the PL’s “stay home” meme that the sanctimonious progressives embraced. I am proud that it is there for all to see. Of course the same old rich white males that permeates that place will/ are posting their hateful comments but the positive comments, as well as the amount of social sharing of the diary gives me pleasure.

  77. Hola happy smart people.. just wanted to say hi, tell you all to have a lovely day.. best wishes bwd. I’ve been trying to sort a mess of things out here at home and thus have not been commenting.. but do read every night.. and pass the links to facebook. Am AMAZED at the doings in WI and MI yesterday.. but republicans never truly shock me.. folks had darn well better vote in 2012 and work hard to get the vote out or this BS will be even worse and it will be nation wide.. of that I’m certain.

  78. hey kefauver, Off current topic. I asked the other night, but you didn’t see it: Where are you from in TN? Part of the TN Kefauver family?

  79. Amen Nonie!!!

    We Democratic voters have to tune out the Professional Left and keep ourselves informed and rally behind local officials who are progressive. Taking back this country is going to be a grassroots endeavor and we are going to have to nominate, run and elect progressive and progressive-leaning candidates. No more accepting people with the (D) behind their names – Heath Shuler anyone?

    We have to have a Congress that has more progressives in its membership than corporate-leaning ones (Steny Hoyer – Dianne Feinstein). We have to become RUTHLESS in how we react to these invaders and traitors to our way of life. NO MORE!!! Hopefully, the actions in Wisconsin, Michigan (!!!), Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona will awaken all of the ****Reagan-democrats (bunch of mealy-mouthed racist bottom feeders – they were called Dixiecrats in the ’60’s)**** to see that their overlords don’t give a flying F*** about them at all.

    In a way, I’m glad for this overreach; now the country and the new voters in 2012 can see that they HAVE to participate or they won’t have a future in this country.

    Thank you President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for standing up for the almost non-existent Middle Class (I’m 44 years old and I thought I would never have to type that phrase in my lifetime – non-existent middle class). Now y’all, the rest is up to us and it has to start right this minute. Organization and coordination is of the utmost importance. Clear, concise communication is needed and above all – a sense of determination and unity must be kept at all times!!!

    I’m in; who’s with me?

  80. That is obviously a Koch brothers bought and paid comment. That is definitely their MO if I ever saw it. Please lets not permeate this blog with their troll comments.

  81. How much time spent fighting on a blog could be better spent elsewhere? All it does is add to the sum total of negative energy in the world. Think if all the time spent in engaging in back-and-forth arguments in the blogosphere were spent courting the trust of those with whom you disagree so that you reach a point where you could actually have a civil discussion based on mutual respect? You might actually have a chance to change someone’s mind or reach a concensus or compromise. Slinging mud at one another only hardens the opposition, It’s the blogosphere; it’s not real life. If what happens on a blog doesn’t encourage you to feel better about yourself and your fellow human beings (and this blog in general does that), then why not stay away from it? Everyone deserves some sort of respect (though at this point, I admit, it is difficult to see that with Republicans, though I have an easier time with them individually than I do collectively), and if you are in a milieu that doesn’t encourage that, don’t diminish yourself by remaining. I was much less a person when I blogged on the Daily Kos. I left not because I didn’t like the frustrati, but because I didn’t like my reaction to them. Save your effort to working for an enlightened democracy. Nothing on that site bespeaks that.

  82. Sheila, I am so glad that you brought that up. Liberal, ha! Voting against wall street reform because it was not perfect?

    Every time someone says that Feingold is the liberal lion in the senate, I have to chuckle.

  83. Sheila can probably provide soem local color to thsi comment. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal at is interesting reading. Last week there was an article about how, after going to a judge and compalining about the $7 million dollars in damages the protestors had done, which led to a judge ordering the protestors out, it became obvious that there was no such damage.

    The comments section for that article was really anti-Walker by probably a 20-1 ratio.

    Today there is an article about what the Senate did last night with an update about how the Governor has kicked out any current protestors and is locking down the Capital building. The comments are running about 10-1 pro-Walker. Since I don’t believe sentiment has changed that much, it is obvious to me that the comment above about the Koch brothers hiring people to invade comments section is true.

    I actually believe that tactic is going to back fire big time.

  84. You are right. Most on the left have no patience. They want everything done and completed by yesterday and if that does not happen, they go crazy and start to eat their own. They don’t understand that change happends in baby steps. As a matter of fact, PBO, on the night of his election win in 2008 said that change will take a long time, will have to be done in baby steps, and probably take more than one term.

  85. I went back to DK to see what was happening and there is a new diary up saying Eclectablog doesnot know what he is talking about. I have given up with these people. I only go to read what is happening in WI and to recommend afew writers. Thanks to all here for some reality based discussion.

  86. Good Morning

    As I read this blog I share your outrage and hope it can be turned into action. I was astounded by what happened in Wisconsin. In talking to a union leader today their comment was.

    “What happened in Wisconsin needed to happen to wake people up.”

    As Michael Moore said on Rachel last night, “people are fed up”.

    For whatever reason folks seem to be more energized when they are angry and fighting against something than when they are hopeful and fighting for something.

    Since we can’t change human nature we need to capitalize on it. I am so grateful to you all who provide a constant source of inspiration to get involved through OFA, Facebook, Twitter, going door to door, etc.

    Also if anyone here is from Wisconsin, keep us posted on the recall signature campaign.

    Now for my encouraging fact of the day.

    When had a rally to support Wisconsin workers on 2/26 the only rally within 100 miles of my house was in SF.

    Today I did a search, there is one in Santa Rosa (which I have somehow been talked into organizing) and there are 10 other rallies within 100 miles. This is spreading.

    The website lists 133 events planned to date, lets get that # up.

    To find a rally near you visit

  87. Nonie, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. LOL

    Actually, the Republicans really overplayed this. With a little subtlety and nuance, they could have accomplished what they wanted (continued downturn of the economy, more distrust of the Democrats, etc) without having to accept any responsibility. Instead they went after everything with a sledge hammer.
    We may live in a society with a short attention span and memory, but this overreach on their part will stay in people’s memories at least until the next election. Everybody is predicting that Republicans will gain more seats in the Senate next year. Although still possible, I am not so sure any more. Even safe seat Republicans will have to worry if the dems are smart enough to put up good candidates who are willing to really campaign hard in a n0-holds-barred sort of way.

  88. Yep, I have been peaking in over there because they had been doing a good job in keeping on top of the situation in Wisconsin. Now, it hs just returned to the blame-Obama brigade all the time and is a good reminder as to why I left the site. Bunch of tools at that site I tell you.

  89. Hope is a motivator when people are fed up with what has come before and the person who is using hope as a message is someone as good at it as Obama.

    Otherwise anger (which springs from fear a good portion of the time) is the largest motivator you can have. And that will need to be the message next year. Hope it is not too late to get back on track and be afraid of what will happen if these clowns have more time to do the damage they want to do.

  90. Sheila, I support your beautifully expressed point of view on this topic 100%!

    We can ignore the frustrati but we have to live with ourselves.

    – – – – – — – – – – – — – – – – –

    Notwithstanding the awful blow in Wisconsin last night, Have a good Thursday, everyone!

  91. Whoa, my friend, it’s particularly ugly at your cross post at the Orange site today.

    Struck a little too close to home, did ya?

    I rec’d and tipped. Left one comment and fled like the wind. I’m having a bad enough day.

    David Bender on Stephanie Miller today: all about the consequences of not voting. As I recall, he slung a good deal of mud at Obama and Democrats. But somehow he bears no responsibility for depressed voter turnout. God.

  92. Nonie – lovely rant, but I’m not so sure that the chickens are going to come home to roost. tnmtngirl up above mentions that her husband is still singing the party line, and he is clearly not alone. One only has to listen to the right wing callers to these liberal radio stations to see that they’ve bought the corporate lines hook, line and sinker. They really believe that there’s nothing wrong with 2% of the population, the richest two percent, has their wealth subsidized on the backs of the poorer 98%. They really believe that tax cuts are great, and we should stop funding social programs. They have no problem with class warfare, even if it means that they will suffer, because they still hold out the dream that if only those people weren’t leaching off of them, they’d be able to keep enough of their money to join the top 2%. It’s not rational. It’s entirely survivalistic and some of it is founded in other ugly sources. The fact that 64% were against what the Republicans just did, doesn’t negate the fact that 36% think it’s all ok. Who are those 36%, given that the only people being served by Republicans are the top 2% – some of whom are Democrats. It’s mind-boggling.

  93. The reason the President didnt insert himself into the battle in Wis., and I’m guessing here, is because labor was winning the fight in the court of public opinion on their own on the issue’s own merits. The people up there elected this extremist because of the work of the so called teaparty(really bigots and thugs cranked up by the rich). Letting the voters who let themselves be scared and misinformed by these thugs see for themselves what that got them still seems to me the best way for the President to have handled it. As far as I know the union leaders have not complained about this and in fact said days ago that O was being supportive. I even saw a clip where Fineman said that it was a national GOP plan designed with the hope that the President and activists on the left would over react and thus help them in 2012.

  94. He’s such a dad, isn’t he? You see it any time he’s around children.

  95. Thank you, Japa

    And that will be my take-away from all this. I don’t give a damn what kossacks say, but I worry about the people backing Republicans. I believe we will see the power and organizing skills of the OFA. The rest is sound and fury.

  96. They even blamed the President for the defeat of Grayson and Feingold which is about as delusional as any thing Ive seen on the “progressive” blogs. You may have noticed that this bunch puts a lot of stock in the type of rhetoric and name calling that Grayson rode to and out of his 15 min of fame.

  97. I agree and that is the part that bugs me, the number of people under the spell of FOX and the Republicans. They listen to the words saying President Obama is not one of us. He is a foreigner and Satan. All the while the people saying it are destroying everything our Country stands for and disassembling our collective rights. The GOP has been able to split the middle class and get a number of people on the side of the rich and wealthy greedy corporations.
    I do think the recent WI fight is wakening some people. Although their fight is seeming doomed but if the GOP is unable to push through the voter disenfranchising they are going for they can do recall voting on some of the Senators soon. The national movement could help if we all stay on it.

  98. Unfortunately, this is the ‘small wing’ that inhabits progressive radio, TV and the rest of the media. They were in a position to change perception, to educate and inform about how difficult Obama’s job was, how much opposition was poised against him. That change takes time and patience and every step we take in the progressive direction helps to undo 30 years of right wing dominance. Instead, you heard “Obama the sell out, corporate shill” and every other ugly frame in the book. “Kill health care until it’s Perfect!” Don’t vote, send a ‘message’, demand bluster and then cheer when nothing happens.

    The PL has done great damage.

  99. Here is my VENT DIARY that I posted…. I normally DO NOT DO THIS. This a big NO NO for me because I despise that place and I don’t want to bring that negativity over here, but this diary I felt I had to get off my chest. I am emailing it to all the networks, the politicians, blogs etc for people to see what is going on. We are being attacked by teabaggers and fringe republicans and If we don’t start supporting each other regardless if you PL, Blue DOGS, Regular democrats this country is going to be a life of despair for our kids and grandkids. We need to get off our asses and start preparing for the 2012 election

  100. That space is edited to encourage a really infantile, lowest common denominator view of politicking. Inherent in that is constant tantrums while perpetual victimhood means never taking responsibility for one’s actions.

    It is what it is.

  101. V C, I come here to get all the fine positive news about our great President. Of course, he is not doing enough because he CANNOT do enough in our present system with our present Congress and our present populace, but looking at what he is doing shows me what we can build on and take out into the real world. I had previously thought of blogging as a futile, often harmful, past-time, but after being exposed to this site and Blue Wave News, I feel differently. These sites are great places to become informed AND inspired, and that is what matters if we want to change the zeitgeist. I am in Wisconsin and we are all very appreciative of the support from around the country. We WILL change things even though it takes some time, and I can’t help but believe that this latest thuggery from the gops will blow back on them at some point.

  102. They didn’t get that today’s Republican party is not yesterday’s Republican party. They thought that Dems were spending too much (which really isn’t true), and that the GOP would put the brakes on that, and work with Dems to create the sort of centrist policy outcomes which swing voters like so much. This radical agenda—Dems were warning about it, but people thought that they were just trying to fearmonger or score political points. Dems were telling the truth. Perhaps now people are listening.

    Great comments, sheila and japa.

  103. A younger “friend of a friend” (in her 30s) just got a job where she’s paying union dues. She was griping that nobody asked her if she wanted to join a union or pay dues, some of which would go to “liberal causes.” I heard it at a gathering, so didn’t say anything, and I don’t really know her. But I understand – after hearing her – that you can opt out of any union dollars which go to political parties, and even have that percentage of your dues returned to you (not sure if that applies in this state – Illinois). I’ll be looking into this further, and plan to pass the word.

    I did manage to get in an offhanded comment about “Oh, well, at least you’re benefiting from everything the union got for you – work hours, salary, grievance procedures … ”

    Unfortunately, I think all she heard me say was: blah blah blah.

  104. I admit to something: I didn’t vote in 1994. I saw the consequences of Democrats not voting in sufficient numbers and saw the United States government consumed with a bogus impeachment. I vowed to never miss another election in my lifetime.

    You are absolutely right: the PL on radio and TV did not force the millions to stay home. But those of us here forget that the vast majority of Americans care a whole lot more about March Madness than they care about their government. So every little drop of bad information sways thousands. Ultimately, everyone is personally responsible for whether they vote or not. But have you heard any of the PL say that they’re sorry that they might have contributed to the negative framing of Obama and the Democrats who tried so damned hard to get the best they could get? Not one. In fact, you’d think they’d never said anything that would lead to these disastrous results.

    Republicans understand the power of words and how to message. They know who their enemy is, and the biggest enemy is always us. I remember saying to my husband circa 2003 — what is Rush still so angry about? They have Congress, the White House and they’re packing the courts. Why’s he still so mad at US?

    When one of the largest progressive sites actually subverts any of Obama’s accomplishments, who waste all of their energy on hating Obama and Democrats rather than fighting Scott Walker and John Boehner, then they are destroying us from within.

  105. I disagree a little. I think that they failed to appreciate the radicalism of the GOP in its current incarnation. POTUS has thrown that party into a tailspin and they’ve become extreme in some respects. I think that classic GOP voters just thought that there’d be some spending cuts here and there, some more favor towards big business here and there. They never signed onto this radical extreme right anarchist agenda, never. Which is why they came out and stood in solidarity despite being exempt from Walker’s current unionbusting efforts.

  106. I do too, japa. The Journal/Sentinel (or as my husband calls it The Milwaukee Urinal) endorsed Walker for Governor, but has shown some signs of regretting this in recent months. I, too, don’t believe sentiment could have shifted that quickly, though I do know it is imperative for the protesters at the Capitol to remain peaceful to retain support of the uninformed, and perhaps some might see storming the Capitol (which they are helping to pay for) as nonpeaceful. Because my studio is in my home, I am not in the day-to-day milieu out there, but I am in contact with many people socially and only one of them have expressed support for Walker. Of course, most of my friends trend Democratic to Socialist to Anarchist, but only one Republican I’ve met has mentioned the issue, and she registered “total support” for Walker after a diatribe about how the corporate structure had personally screwed her. Go figure.

  107. Ed is stupid. He is factually challenged and chooses to be that way. I appreciate his blue collar appeal, but think about it: if you have union households who aren’t going to watch Rachel or listen to Thom Hartman getting their information from Ed Schultz, then no matter how pro-worker he is, his main message has been the failure of Obama. Day after day after day, hour after hour after hour. He is shaping the union household vote for 2012. This is what passes for progressive media these days.

  108. Let’s be careful about this — dismissing every comment we don’t like as the work of a troll.

    There are many Democrats out there who buy this b.s. We ignore it at our peril.

  109. “Since we can’t change human nature we have to capitalize on it.” Such a fine statement. Of course, I do believe human nature can evolve, but that happens in a timeframe too slow for us to actually notice. I don’t know how the recall is going. I am signed up to participate in Walker’s recall in a year (actually less than a year, hooray), but my district Senator (Vuikmir) is safe because it is a very conservative district (home to the “He’s an Arab” woman at McCain’s town meeting in Waukesha). I would sign a petition to recall her in a thrice, but there is none circulating.

  110. You say change is coming due to the demographics change upon us and that is what I was thinking too, BUT when the GOP does nothing but bash gays and a GOP gay group forms to support the Republicans I am dumbfounded. When AAs and Hispanics belong to the GOP party and even represent them in office blasting PBO it is confusing. When woman join in with a group that degrades them and poor Americans support the GOP while their rights are being destroyed especially when they think they are the ones upholding the American way I totally am frustrated.

    I saw former Gov of NM Bill Richardson (I may have not remembered his name correctly)say that if the Cuban American Floridian (Rubio?) is put on the GOP ticket it would mean the GOP ticket would get many Hispanic votes.

    You would think it would take much more than that to reclaim those votes after the shenanigans they have pulled. I pray those claiming there will not be a big turn-away from the GOP are completely wrong.

  111. It’s not too late, though I would love to see us all evolve beyond the point where it takes a crisis to wake us up.

  112. Well, I think that 2008 showed the power of hope in terms of a motivator. I do think that 2012 will involve some degree of anger at what the Republicans have done with their mandate to create jobs and trim a little spending, turned into a radical, coordinated, multi-state assault upon workers, the elderly, the poor, the disabled. I also think that POTUS is really gifted and will be able to channel at least some of that anger into more of a feeling of resolve that we have the power to continue what we started in 2008, and no short term setbacks or disappointments can cause us to lose focus of the overall picture.

  113. Hey, Nonie, I actually clicked on your diary and read it, though I did not look at the comments. Fine job. Now that I know if I click on a diary recommended here, I need see nothing of the rest of that site, I might do so occasionally.

  114. Thanks for being here, Marilyn. This is a huge news day in terms of Wisconsin, and this just unbelievable anti-Muslim witchhunt hearing. Glad to be spending part of this day in such a soothing, rational space. Thanks to every single participant here.

  115. loyalty is indeed the biggest missing piece. you elect a brilliant President who gave up riches to be a public servant and when he’s forced to bail out banks in order to keep as much of everyday Americans retiremnet funds intact(can you imagine the amount of worth the average IRA would have lost?) he’s accused of being bought and paid for and every damned thing he did in the preceeding 20some odd years helping the poor is forgotten. I cant stand to even read the BS those spoiled children on other sites post. They couldnt win a face to face debate. My guess is that if they were facing the people they refer to as Obamabots, hero worshippers and worse and had to debate facts they’d be at a loss for any words.

  116. I share your distress about these things, Obama Grandmama; and my only consolation is that change is very slow in coming, but it might actually be deep this time. I have met people personally (e.g. my cousin) who have no grasp of the facts and vote against their best interests, but that does not mean minds cannot be changed one at a time over the years. But the slow pace is very frustrating and the media doesn’t help.

  117. At one time, I had wanted him to run for President, but after listening to him praise McCain throughout the primary a general election season, I was truly glad he did not run.

  118. Good analysis, gn. I’ll have to talk to some of my friends who are regulars at the protests to see what they have heard from these unions.

  119. I think we have to remember that some of the Fox “callers” are professionals reading from scripts. How many we do not know. Also, the repugs have a complete system in place for their propaganda…Fox TV, a number of right wing stations, think tanks, books, etc. And do not forget “The Family” meddling in our foreign affairs (Africa, S.America and Israel).It took them 20 years to put it all together.
    Bottom line….we have a lot of work to do!

  120. Not all of them, Faith. Maddow, for the most part, concentrates on the egregiousness of Republicans. I agree, the media (not the blogsites) can do some harm, but I suspect those who are inclined to watch the ranters probably do so to reinforce their own ideas. The minds they change are most likely few, as minds are usually not changed by ranting but rather byu respectful treatment and dialogue.

  121. Most of what I hear is that this overgrab in most of the states with newly elected GOP governors is about preventing the Unions money and feet on the ground in supporting PBO for his re-election. ACORN was already defunded, now the Republicans are working on the Unions, and at the same time they are working to make voting harder by requiring IDs not previously required, no last minute registrations, no homeless and making it harder for college students to vote when away from home. Of course the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling sets up the GOP for funding and cover to do just about whatever they want to do without having to disclose where the funds came from.

  122. I can’t help but find these remarks highly persuasive although there is a lot of very valid, respectful and considered disagreement about the hazards versus merits of engaging some media spaces. Keep making them, and thanks, sheila.

  123. Your comment made me think of this post from Think Progress last week. It includes a cleaver video at the end:

    REPORT: Five Things Unions Have Done For All Americans

    1. Unions Gave Us The Weekend

    2. Unions Gave Us Fair Wages And Relative Income Equality

    3. Unions Helped End Child Labor

    4. Unions Won Widespread Employer-Based Health Coverage

    5. Unions Spearheaded The Fight For The Family And Medical Leave Act:

  124. I wish the President was collecting donations for his 2012 re-election. I want to help him raise more than a billion dollars to defeat these evil republican sobs.

    They’ve not worked to create one damn job since they’ve been in there. They’ve done nothing but work to further destroy this country with their bills against women, the poor, and Muslim hearings.

    Wisconsin and all these other states, you’re getting what you asked for. You deserted the President because you couldn’t trust the black man in the White House, couldn’t even give him a full term to fix some of the mess he was left. You wanted the economy the republicans wrecked fixed in a month. Gitmo magically closed even when congress (including the democrats) refused funding for it. And you want to blame him?

    You made this mess now you have to clean it up.

    As for that orange place, after reading the demographics of those who frequent there, what to they care about the middle class and poor people? Most of them earn more than $100K are white and male. And some of them can’t accept the fact that a black man can be smart and know how to run this country. That’s why all you see are diaries telling the President what he should do.

    He’s the effin president for a reason: He knows what the hell he is doing.

    Some of the posters I’m convinced are also paid Koch/republican shills. They’re all over the blogs except for our wonderful sites where we moderate them out. Thank God we do that.

    I’m sick about Wisconsin, but even the folks there admit they voted for slimy Walker and believed his lies. Why they didn’t learn from eight years under the Bush fiasco, I will never know.


  125. Just went there and put in this comment – you are spot on.

    My thoughts exactly. To all who bash the President because he hasn’t done enough or hasn’t done it just the way you think he should, Wisconsin is the alternative.

    Today there are 2 groups in this country, the radical Republicans and everybody else. If you have a beef with Obama, a particular Democratic group you don’t think is “liberal” enough or is “too liberal” its time to get over it, join hands and defeat the Republican in 2012 and in recall elections.

  126. All Ed Schultz cares about is making a big noise and getting into a fight even if the outcome is not getting anything you want. He has said as much during the Healthcare fight then again recently during the WI protests. He is constantly criticizing PBO because he doesn’t like our President’s style of governing. Thank GOD Ed Schultz is not our President. We’d have lots of emotional outbursts and no real understanding of the chess game involved in politics as well as no understanding of the long game.
    Thom Hartmann actually has evolved into saying he supports PBO not going to WI and making the fight all about the Federal government overreach which would elevate Gov Walker and his fight. Thom originally seemed to be on the other side with Ed.

  127. Rachel Maddow had her times of being a problem as she can totally ignore the truth of the situation when she is too close to an issue. She had that problem with any of the gay issues, but since so much was done on that front she is not on that kick now. She also has been that way from time to time about other topics although I do think she is the most vigilent and thorough journalist out there today. I believe, for me, Rachel is the closest replacement to Tim Russert I have seen. Only you never quite knew which political side Tim was on as he seemed completely fair to all.

  128. Sometimes I wonder if the Democratic party is infiltrated by GOP operatives. Sounds like a conspiracy theory and I do not like to think of myself like that, but sometimes it seems some from within have done more to collapse our party than those from the outside.

  129. You go girl ( Sheila),

    You speak for me. I am far more left than most of this country, yet somehow I’m labeled an Obamabot and a “centrist” because I have a strong pragmatic streak.

  130. My biggest concern about next year is not the Presidential election. I do think Obama will wim comfortably. My concern is that too many people will think that and not push from the bottom of the ticket up.

    For example, Obama should win Illinois by a very large margin. A lot of Dems, particularly if the weather is at all snarky (not an impossibility in Illinois in November) will say, well, he doesn’t need my vote, so stay home. Now, there may not be enough of those to change the Presidential election, but there could be enough to impact Congressional and state elections, not to say the local ones.

    I think we can be pretty sure the tea-party wing of the republican Party will show up no matter what.

    It isn’t just the Presidential election that is important, it is every election for every office. We can not, dare not, must not, forget that.

  131. Me too. I just think that people really need to think about the community and country as a whole rather than “whats in it for me”.

  132. This may cheer you up a little bit. I don’t think these organizations will support Republicans in the 2012 elections. At least, I hope that they don’t…but you never know what motivates people sometimes.

    “Nearly 50 national organizations for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have signed a labor solidarity statement sponsored by the AFL-CIO constituency group Pride at Work. The statement supports the rights of public employees to bargain.”

    The statement says, in part: As national, state and local organizations for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality, we stand in solidarity with teachers, firefighters, nurses and all workers across this country fighting for their basic rights—for all of our rights. We are one.”

  133. Interesting how often the Fox infotainers were pushing the whole “Obama is behind the protests” meme, knowing what the possible impact of that would be. Imagine what would have happened if Obama really had gotten involved.

  134. The good news, Faith, is that the union households are too busy fighting for their lives to think about Obama. I hope that union LEADERS are speaking to the fact that this is truly a bottom up, grassroots battle and that the repubs are praying for Obama to insert himself into a state battle and suck out all the oxygen to give them a win.

    While I appreciate Ed’s “new found” love for the laborers, I’d also like to hear a labor leader tell him that a big weigh-in by the President would totally change the debate, to the point where it’s “everyone to their corners” polarization.

  135. I went over to another site to bash some liberals but electablog killed it. What a great day!!!!!!!!!

  136. Some polling data from a new Bloomberg poll out today. I’m sure we won’t see the good numbers for President Obama covered. I’ll just cover a few nuggets. Commentary is my view and questions about the numbers.

    Who do you think has laid out a better vision for a successful economic future for the U.S.?

    President Obama 45%
    Republicans 33%

    Approve of job President Obama is doing:

    As president 51/43
    Economy 43/52
    Healthcare 44/50
    Deficit 38/56
    Creating Jobs 44/51
    Middle East 49/43

    The responses to this question make no sense to me. How can you approve of the job he’s doing as president and not approve in the individual categories which make up his job? How can you believe his economic vision is better then give him low marks on the economy? I think some of these numbers are a direct result of the misinformation and lies put out by the corporate media and repubs.

    More data:
    Favorable / Unfavorable
    (combines very & mostly categories)

    President Obama 55/41
    Palin 28/60
    Boehner 31/25
    Public employees 72/25
    Christie 21/17
    Trump 37/53
    Gingrich 28/40
    Walker 22/28

    Large number of unsure responses on Boehner, Christie and Walker.

    Respondents in poll:
    Republican 22%
    Democrat 30%
    Independent 44%

    I really think a lot of these so-called independents are republicans.

    Link to pdf:

  137. Okay, this is going to sound like a non-sequitur, but bear with. This is a promo for a new show called Falling Skies on TNT this summer:

    Noah Wyle (ER) stars in this gripping drama series from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg about the aftermath of an alien invasion and the resistance movement formed by the survivors.

    The first thing that came to mind when I read that was the Republicans. *They* are the aliens invading us. We have to become the resistance movement.

  138. Its intersting how he got high marks on the Middle East, I believe this is because the Republican Leadership supported his handling of Egypt. Maybe they test how influencial they are with the public when they support some of his actions and views, and this is how they figure out how and when to attack him with the help of the MSM.

  139. Ah, but they did not initially. They were saying he was taking too long, blah blah blah. It was not until Mubarek stepped down and PBO’s approach was proven right that the repubs had to shut up. And even after he was shown to be right, there were still some right wing hacks and haters who claimed he missed the boat. Newsweek’s cover story comes to mind.

    I believe some of these polls are overloaded with people who claim to be independents but are really republicans.

  140. Well a lot of Independents *are* Republicans, they just don’t want to be associated with the Republican Party. I understand that. I’ve voted Democrat every election that was held since the 70’s and it was only recently that I decided to call myself a Democrat. I always registered as an Independent. A lot of Independents are Democrats, too, they just don’t want to be associated with or thought of as Democrats.

    As for these poll results:
    As president 51/43
    Economy 43/52
    Healthcare 44/50
    Deficit 38/56
    Creating Jobs 44/51
    Middle East 49/43

    Most of that has to do with the press coverage of these topics. People find the President personally acceptable as an individual. They like him. Their attitudes about the economy and jobs creation aren’t tied to his personality, but how they perceive the economy as a whole. The Press hasn’t exactly been talking up the progress that’s been made, and even if they did, when you’re starting from below ground, then when you reach ground level, it really doesn’t look like progress. Remember those charts BWD had up a couple days ago? There was a jobs bubble during the Bush administration that burst, too. Americans are impatient and it takes longer than two years to replace that many jobs. Gas prices are also tied to how people feel about the economy. Even if everyone around them has gotten a job, the perceptions are slow to adjust.

    The low opinion of his handling of the deficit and health care can be tied directly to the Republican messaging machine. They’ve been hammering those two topics non-stop for two years. No matter what the President does to make things better, it is going to take time for people to experience it in their lives and change their minds and begin to attribute those changes to the President.

  141. Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that if you want to know how life is for most African Americans in the workplace – the discrimination, the unfairness, the high expectations to do better than the most average Caucasian coworkers doing the same job, the politics…if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like – look no further than the Presidency of Barack Obama.

    that is all. 🙂

  142. Well so how are the defenders of opportunist Ariana Huffington reacting to this news? I haven’t seen it mentioned it much.

    The purchase of Huff/PO by AOL means layoffs with some jobs going to India. So much for “the champion” of the middle class who’s been railing about what President Obama hasn’t done for the poor. Eh, what was the name of that book of hers again? Oh, yeah, “Third World America.”


    Here’s part of the story on the layoffs:

    “AOL (NYSE: AOL) CEO Tim Armstrong took the stage at Bloomberg Media Summit and confirmed last night’s big news: the company is cutting 900 jobs, laying off 400 people and outsourcing 300 in India and laying off 200 U.S. staffers in media and tech.”

  143. Remember how well-liked POTUS is. The higher overall approval in light of disapproval of his policy may be some of his personal likeability bleeding in??? No idea.

  144. What? How is noting THIS particular classic teaparty troll commentary from dkos, dismissing EVERY comment as the work of trolls? I wasn’t dismissing anything just noting what we should all by now realize, unless somebody has been under a rock, those sort of comments are classic teaparty koch brothers mainstay, especially when they are on the move to try to deflect their disgraceful act from last night. *ugg sigh*

  145. So damn true. He saved this effin country from economic disaster! He’s the only man keeping us from another stupid war. He’s building bridges internationally that’s bringing in trade deals for US exports. He’s trying to make it possible for everyone to have longer healthier lives through making healthcare accessible and affordable. He’s done so damn much for this country and gets no thanks not even from his own damn party.

    Both Bushes screwed up this country. You’ve got a Scott Walker who gets to be governor and destroy a state and he has no college degree. Dummies like Palin and Brewer held in high esteem by the stupid media. Huckabee let a murderer go free to kill again. Pawlenty let a bridge fall and kill people. I could go on and on about the incompetence that’s rewarded if your skin is white.

    I mean no disrespect to my white brothers and sisters, but it’s a fact. They do all they can to bury PBO’s success. To bury the love the American people have for him. He gets unemployment down to the high 8’s, but that’s not enough to earn him re-election. When he gets that to below 7, they’ll come up with some other manufactured goal post.

    Disgusting. And even more so coming from his own damn party.

    I have called the DNC on several occasions and told them they will not get one cent from me in donations until they make the democratic party get in line behind our President.

  146. Yes, gn, and I should be cautioned at not projecting my own temperament onto others. Some people actually enjoy the fray, and if they are honest and civil, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. For me, being there messed with my mind in a way that it is never messed with out here in the real world. Too, there was very little cogent analysis there, mostly just repetitive shouting and spin. I could predict exactly what would be written by looking at the writer, so why bother? I don’t even remember anyone from over there except the fine people in Black Kos, those who have left to write on other blogs, Stephen Daugherty (who was much more reasonable and articulate than the “favorites”) and Possum, whose science diaries I liked.

  147. Ed’s been told this. Repeatedly. The unions get it — totally. They understand the power of this movement and don’t want the story distracted to Obama. Ed refuses to listen.

  148. When I was growing up in Milwaukee in the 50’s and 60’s, there were two distinct papers with clear political points of view. It’s a shame that that no longer exists.

  149. Preach, POB Preach!!! I think I’m going to follow your lead and let the DNC know the same thing!!!

  150. Hate to post this but just saw Dow fell below 12,000……biggest drop since August 11. When it rains it pours! I have had the WORST day….only slept one hour last night and walking on egg shells with my husband.


  151. Preach, POB Preach!!! I think I’m going to follow your lead and let the DNC know the same thing!!!

  152. Ed is a big phony, IMO. I never bought his schtick. He wants to insert Obama in the situation to get RATINGS and cause dissension on the Left.

  153. Dear Lord,he sounds exactly like, exactly like, my husband!!!!! We simply cannot discuss politics anymore……it can’t be done.

  154. Tien Le, you should check out the John Carpenter film “They Live”. I often think of BWD as the resistance leader who runs the outlaw TV station that breaks through the alien controlled MSM depicted in the film. I can’t get over how spot on this movie is in depicting our current situation (albeit in a science fiction genre).

  155. your comments are spot on, but what terrifies me, especially at my age where I thought I had seen it all….McCarthy hearings… how many people continue to vote for these bastards……even when it is clearly against their own interests!! How much stupid is out there? They believe any damn lie they are told by the thugs. What will it take to wake those people up??

  156. They thought that Dems were spending too much (which really isn’t true), and that the GOP would put the brakes on that, and work with Dems to create the sort of centrist policy outcomes which swing voters like so much.

    Bingo. As hard as it is to believe, quite a few people, even with what’s going on in Wisconsin, are simply unaware of how poisoned the political atmosphere has become and take any accusations against the other party as just more politics. Sadly, even Wisconsin hasn’t been enough to shake them out of this mindset.

  157. I had to sprint myself over here especially to stand and applaud for TheBoySisters and ProudofObama.. Clapping loud and long over here, thank you for your words.

    I give to OFA.. a very small monthly donation.. I too like the idea of telling the DNC they must get dems out supporting the President- on teevee- in public view for public ears. I’m extremely tired of him not getting the support he should receive. And man oh man- that bar gets higher and higher, everytime he succeeds at something.. he’s gotta jump through another hoop. That would be our racist/biased media.. planting those seeds against him every chance they get.

  158. I say the same rant everyday. I must confess I expected things to be bad when the Repugs won the House, and all those governerships, but not this bad, AND THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA IS IGNORING IT!!!! I am VERY worried.

  159. We’re gonna see crazy swings up AND down in the markets as long as this Libya Civil War continues.

  160. Yes, I replied. I’m from Columbia, TN. But I’m not related to the Kefauver family. However, my dad worked for him back in the day.

  161. But we mustn’t fall into the same simplistic thinking that they do, kelly, as some of the most negative posters there (at least a while back) were neither male nor rich. Disgruntlement is an equal-opportunity state.

  162. Right, pamela, but since labels are a consequence of simplistic thinking and the inability to deal with nuances, we don’t care, do we?

  163. Yes, faith, the afternoon Journal and the morning Sentinel, the former being more liberal, the latter conservative. Unfortunately, when the merger happened, the latter won out.

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