Meanwhile, in the land of love…

President Obama and the First Lady opening the Conference on Bullying Prevention at the WH today. 

Oh, Chris, you are awesome, my man. Stay strong and keep speaking the truth.


48 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in the land of love…

  1. Thanks, my friend. Speaking of love, I could use a little of that anti-bullying love after the beating I took at the GOS today. Eeep.

    I don’t know which was worse, the comments or TomP’s personal attack response diary (one of two). All of it was pretty awful.

    But, still, 300 Recs and growing and over 1300 comments. Maybe a record for me 😉

    Glad to have you back in the saddle, BWD. You leave a big empty space when you’re gone. If it seems quiet around here, I think it’s because most of your regulars are over in the comments section at Eclectablog.

    Shall I send them home? LOL! 😉

  2. Sorry about what’s happening over there. I saw those “response” diaries and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then, I saw yours and had a bad feeling it was just a pile-on. I don’t know why people can be such miserable pessimists. Clearly that sort of attitude spans the political spectrum.

  3. I love love love this shift in attitude about bullying. I remember reading reactions to one of Palin’s poorly behaved children going onto facebook and calling a classmate a homophobic slur. There really were people who were like, “oh just let kids be kids,” or “that’s just how kids are; leave it to adults to bring in a political agenda,” “here comes the PC police,” etc. etc. It struck me because this was right during the period in which there were the most awful stories about kids killing themselves because of precisely this type of bullying.

    Just beautiful that the First Couple is providing some leadership in this regard.

    Anyone looking for a little pick me up and a reminder of the best qualities of human nature, watch this The View video in which DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles surprises this little boy who was a bullying victim:

    I normally can’t handle Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but she treated this child wonderfully. This is an example of everyone coming together to uplift. I literally can’t watch that video without the tears welling up.

  4. I listened to the heart wrenching phone call that msnbc host, Martin Bashir, had with the very well-spoken father of the lovely girl who had moved to Ma. from Ireland who was relentlessly bullied until she took her own life. He said he supported President Obama 100% but was dismayed that they weren’t notified of this conference today and that one of the girls who was featured, who spoke out against bullying, was one of those who tormented his daughter. He said he has heard from people all over this country and around the world who were bullied 20, 30 years ago and still bear the scars, how crushing it was to their self-esteem and how life-changing that dreadful experience was for them at such vulnerable times in their lives. And as he pointed out, the bullying may start at school, but there’s no longer any escape at the end of the day. It now can continue 24/7 until it becomes unbearable for some.
    The father did say he was grateful to the WH in bringing increased awareness to this very damaging behavior and to possible remedies so no other families have to suffer the crushing loss that his family has had to endure.

  5. Eclectablog: Don’t feel bad about whatever occurred today. What’s important is you planted a seed looking towards 2012. I saw a front pager a few months ago come right out and say that he hoped the Obama supporters were sent to the back of the bus once DK4 was up and running. I couldn’t believe it.

    I think when it comes to election campaign time, perhaps that’s not the place for you to be as a President Obama supporter. You want to surround yourself with those who share your views in 2012. Being around the negativity isn’t going to help as we’ve seen.

    Some have made it about themselves instead of the Democratic Party. Ego has overtaken the long view. To quote The Beatles – they want to be a paperback writer – and that website is used as a tool to get their stuff read.

    But there are also some wonderful Democrats there as well.

    2012 is all that’s important.

    Hang in there.

  6. If they don’t like what you have to say, that’s their problem. Their opinions don’t make your world turn. And especially if we’re talking about drama-loving people who ping back and forth anyway. As much as you can, don’t let people who are behaving like that ruin your day. They’re just providing a *very* nice proof that it’s a worthwhile endeavor to keep creating better new media spaces and communities, and I personally thank them for it.

  7. Oh wow; I wish that he would have been contacted about this ahead of time as well. This must be excrutiating, particularly, if one of the participants was one of the girls who participated in his daughter’s bullying (and who I presume has used that experience to make a change and tell other kids to cut it out).

    I hope that the WH reaches out to this gentleman.

  8. That was the lovely Phoebe Prince. I read recently that even though she is no longer with us, the prosecutor is forging ahead with the trial to prosecute the guy who she accused of raping her. I hope this will help the family to cope with her loss, although, they’ll never, ever get over it.

  9. Yes, people are just so on point today:

    “I saw a front pager a few months ago come right out and say that he hoped the Obama supporters were sent to the back of the bus once DK4 was up and running. I couldn’t believe it. [GN-I can easily believe it]

    I think when it comes to election campaign time, perhaps that’s not the place for you to be as a President Obama supporter.”

    I couldn’t agree more. The arrogance in the assumption that President Obama’s supporters, who FAR outnumber this purity nonsense within both the Democratic party and liberal base, should merely be tolerated in order to provide credibility and a prop to these egomaniacs is unbelievable. It’s a deeply toxic energy, and I’m really coming to believe that we don’t need it. Let them do what they do.

  10. Bullying, whether physical or verbal or written, is something done by people who are truly insecure in their view of themselves and their views of the world. These people don’t trust themselves to be able to handle the world in a mature way so they use a manure way.

    When the PL yells and screams and comes down hard on those they disagree with, it means they don’t trust themselves to be able to win an actual debate based upon rationale thinking and facts. They figure if they blow hard enough everybody will fall down before them.

    This is also true of people who do the emotional and physical bullying of others in school and elsewhere. The old saying “pick on somebody your own size” is relevant, because these people never would. They don’t believe they can win a fight that was evenly matched.

    Although I haven’t been to a particular site in a long time, it is obvious from what I read about the response to Eclectablog’s diary, that the bullies are outnumbered, but remain the most vocal.

  11. I’ve found that, oftentimes, those who are wrong and suspect that they’re wrong have problems facing the truth. You presented them with some inconvenient truths, Eclectablog, and to avoid facing the facts, they attack you instead of spending a bit of time reflecting on the reasons for, and the effects of, their actions. They think they’re winners, but the reality is that they’re losers who are intolerant of the opinions of others, and imo this makes them incapable of either learning anything or of changing. They are what they are: the PL, the frustrati, and the firebaggers. They’ll never be satisfied even if all of their dreams were to come true this very instant.

  12. If I may speak for the folks at TOAITR, we (I) love that you stepped up and gave truth to power and said what many of us feel. That if only people supported the Democratic agenda and not given the “keys” back to the GOP, we could be figthing more important battles, like getting the President’s agenda accomplished so that he can continue in getting all the things he ran on accomplished. Thank You, BWD for giving us a forum where we can come together and support PBO and getting him re-elected.

  13. IMO it’s human nature. When people have been coaxed into an infantile style of politicking, perpetual victimization is part and parcel of that. Receiving corrected information is rejected; they double down on their “beliefs” in spite of the facts. We see this with Rush listeners/Fox”News” viewers. What has taken place is the sensationalization of the lefty media and it has created that infantilized audience. Cheap, emotional content designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator brings in page clicks, and it is easy to obscure hidden agendas within this sort of low-quality content. The right has done this for years; what’s new is that the left, led by Arianna Huffington, chose to create a replicated version of this for the left and they have cultivated an audience just as far removed from the fact and just as addicted to memes and narratives as Rush’s listeners.

    Tell someone who believes that Fox tells the truth, that in fact Fox lies, it’s documented, and it’s in service of an agenda for elite people. They will double down on their beliefs. Facts won’t matter. Same with credulous consumers of the PL.

    It is what it is. And is why so many of us warned against the high-drama, high-emotion sensationalism.

    By continuing to create and maintain alternatives such as this one, bwd and all of you are doing more than you know to help to create a solution. When people want to come back to reality, they know where to find us.

  14. I don’t go to that site, so I can’t begin to know how bad it is, but speaking the truth leaves a mark. And people push back. It is heroic of you to brave that sort of lashing. My guess is, though, that far more people read your words and listened, truly listened than flew off the handle and made a scene. Personal attacks are never called for and, you know, that’s bullying in it’s purest form. Straight up abuse.

    What do we know about bullies and abusers? They come from a place of self-loathing and inferiority complexes. Most have been bullied and abused themselves and it’s all they know.

    It’s the most difficult thing to brush off the meanness and listen to the good. We know how our man in the White House manages…he’s got that great wife. Pretty sure you have one, too. She’s the solution to this. Hug your dog. Eat chocolate. Breathe. Know you’re fighting for the American People, dude. Keep it up. Stay strong.

  15. Electablog, just keep in mind that most people have no idea what DKOS is and have never heard of it and frankly never will. So, don’t let them get you down, in this old world, they don’t amount to a hill of beans. I admire that you try to get them to see reason but rigid adherence to ideological purity is something that both the right and the left share. You are a good man and we all appreciate your devotion to seeking out the truth. Haters gonna hate; don’t let their vibratory emanations effect you.

  16. Eclectablog, just remember you have many of us who have your back. Sometimes when you tell the truth people who don’t want to hear the truth will viciously attack you. To day sir, your article told the truth the way it should be told. People can attack you personally but I am sure they cannot credibly attack the truth you told. As we used to say in the sixities, “keep on keeping on.” You are really doing wonderful work of enlightening people who have been misled by liars.

  17. I DO have a great wife. And she’s joining me for our OFA organizational meeting in … [checks watch] … an hour so all is well.

    Thanks Tien Le, you are a sweetheart.

  18. Thanks so much. Took me a minute to figure out what TOAITR is. Just left a red mark on my forehead with my palm when I realized! LOL

  19. What you wrote in your diary needed to be said. They(Professional Left) complained about everything POTUS and Nancy did and now they are stuck with union-busting governors, and John Boehnor. What is funny is the people that commented on your diary are mad that you called them out. There are a lot of “Oh, I did not say that.”

  20. Whenever you speak the truth. Its hard to swallow for those who cannot admit, they were wrong. Keep up the good work don’t stop. just like the president your writing helped somebody to understand a situation a little better. God Bless You.

  21. This is all apart of people waking up. whether they want to admit it or not. This President told people what would happen.

  22. Say what? I respect your bravery to write that oh so needed diary this morning. It was diary of the day and the fact that the usual suspects felt the need to fire up their laptops and make 2 follow ups is a great indication of the nerve you touched as well as all the FBlikes and shares you got. I think you should be feeling pretty good today. I wish I had your balls, well not literally, I like my girly parts, but well you know wut I mean…..*teehee* cheer up EB 😀 ❤

  23. 2 things- 1) Sorry, can’t stand Martin Bashir and 2)Electablog’s post was quoted verbatim at Balloon Juice by no less than Angry Black Lady.
    AND bullying seems to fit right in with the repugs and their tactics.

  24. On May 03, 2010 legislation against bullying was passed in Massachusetts, after the deaths of Phoebe Prince and Carl J. Walker-Hoover. I can’t imagine the grief that these families, and others, have had to endure.

    “Phoebe Prince and Carl J. Walker-Hoover were not at the State House for the signing of an anti-bullying law Monday, but the spirits of the two deceased students were in the air on a landmark day in the battle to protect young people in school.”


    “Walker-Hoover, 11, a student at New Leadership Charter School in Springfield, hanged himself in April of 2009 after being bullied in school. Prince, 15, a freshman at South Hadley High School, hanged herself on Jan. 14 following what investigators said was three months of harassment and bullying by fellow students.”


    “Gov. Deval L. Patrick struck a blow for Hoover-Walker, Prince and all other students who face bullying in school when he signed into law a bill that bans it on all school grounds, buses and activities, and mandates that every instance of bullying be investigated by school officials and reported to the parents of the students involved.”


    Walker is hopeful that the law, which is tough on cyber bullying, will help protect young people being harassed on social networking sites.


    “Although Massachusetts is among the last states to pass such a bill, state Rep. John W. Scibak, D-South Hadley, believes it will become the gold standard for anti-bullying measures. “It’s probably the most comprehensive bill in the country,” he said.”

  25. You provided the frustrati with a dose of truth and you also demonstrated why you are the 2010 Diarist of the year at the orange place.

    The ugliness and personal attacks are consistent with the character of the itzybitzytennywennies that they are.

    Stay the course!

  26. BWD,
    Dont ever give up, no matter how ugly the haters get.
    You know, better than I, that nothing worthwhile was ever won easily, nor is it every won–we have to fight to keep every bit of progress, every day.
    I say this a member of the “PL” you sometimes deride.
    Thank you for all you do.

  27. Fantastic. Made me cry, and I love DeSean too. This family lives within 5-10 miles of me. I know the area well, and though the school is okay, to my knowledge, there are quite a few ne’re-do-wells. The perpetrators got a pretty light sentence in my opinion, but prayerfully this young man will persevere and not be bullied further.

  28. I personally think that the criminal justice system is no place for kids at all. The bullies are deeply troubled children but they’re still just that: children. They need guidance and positive adult intervention as much as the bullying victims. I am very impressed with this WH.

  29. Completely off-topic, Grumpy Young Man, but your Laurel and Hardy icon reminded me of a video. For some comic relief (and a smile) at the end of a crazy day, check this Laurel and Hardy video:

    (if you click the double boxes for the smaller video, it’s not quite so blurry)

  30. That video never fails to uplift me. When we put our differences aside, we really are capable of taking on some pernicious challenges. 2012 is not what people think it’s going to be IMO. There’s a challenge on the table, to the country next year: what type of people do we want to be and for all of us with youth in our lives, siblings, etc., do we want to leave them a disgrace, or something better. Every. single. day. the WH is asking us this question.

  31. Totally agree. One of the reasons the frustrati seem to want the President to engage in a daily smackdown of Rush, Beck, Coulter is because they think the spectacle is all politics is really about.

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