President Obama greets student delegates from the Senate Youth Program. It always breaks my heart to see the goodness in this man and to think of the ugliness all around hum.


37 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Wonderful. I too have my moments in which I kinda feel sorry for POTUS because it’s so outrageous that he gets so much hate for trying to do good. Then I remember that this man has a beautiful family, has already created a very positive legacy, is brilliant, and he and his wife are loaded with $$$. He is so secure in who he is that he’ll invite detractors to the WH, try to talk things over, etc. The man has got a healthy ego, but he doesn’t operate from it. Then I begin to feel sorry for those who feel so inadequate and threatened that they indeed spend all day mired in misery and outrage. That’s no fun. But this Obamabot is not about to let this silliness stop my enjoyment of living through this period in history. Thanks for being one of the best tour guides around, bwd!

  2. yeah especially what he has been going through lately.He’s so smart and he cares so much for your country. It’s a shame, a real shame. Like you though, i always think of his family. They are there for him, and Michelle has got his back.

  3. I believe that if this was really ruining POTUS mentally, I have trust in Michelle that she and her mama would pack up her man, pack up her children, throw up the peace sign, and bounce. They’re okay IMO; they’re just fine and can do things like call up Stevie Wonder on speed dial, meaning that they’re more than okay lol. And this sort of trollish environment is par for the course during times of big change in this country. We’ll get through it IMO.

  4. We will get through it GN and I always remember that PBHO has the support and respect of people worldwide.

  5. A good 70+% of people in this country like and respect POTUS. Some of them simply don’t understand his policies, or don’t agree with them. We’re definitely going to get through. I think that today was a bad news day on the economic front, reminding us of how fragile is this economy trying to muddle through during a time of great change internationally. There will be good days and bad, but I think in sum, we’re going to have more of the better days going forward.

  6. This speaks to the way we really are in America and to the diversity and ambition of our immigrants. To me, this is America. The White Anti immigrant faction did not invent America, sorry.

  7. so many people i know here who didn’t follow US politics
    before now follow it
    because of your President.
    He is hope for
    so many all over the
    world. Everyone wants
    to see him succceed.

  8. Me: those little punk kids hogging all of my POTUS time. You: jealous much? Me: well, may be a little

  9. Barack Obama is not the average politician. He does not see his popularity or even his reelection chances as the most important issue. Instead he is giving his all to accomplish the most good for the most people in the time he has. He concentrates all his efforts on bringing positive results, including those that fall short of his ideal solutions, to improve the lives of ordinary Americans and to enhance the possibility of peace in the world. He is a man of humility, always acknowledging that he may not have all the answers, always reaching out to others, including those who viciously attack him, to find the “common ground” that allows for progress. He is also secure and quite sure of himself following his North Star guiding him through hard times and difficult decisions. He knows as much as anyone that there is a lot of change that needs to happen before we reach the goal of perfecting our union, and he acknowledges that he cannot get there without the contributions of all of us. Finally, he is a thoroughly decent human being, a wonderful husband and great father. The love of his family and the support of his fellow citizens will sustain him. And that’s something to remember when the ugliness of the present hurts and brings us down.

  10. This President is clearly the ONLY adult in the room! I hope all the gods guide his hand well.

  11. You know, I knew this man had something keeping his head up as the missiles of hate and fear and denial and destruction were lobbed at him every single day and I told my husband that I felt in my heart he knows he’s saved peoples’ lives, peoples’ jobs, peoples’ hopes for college… so many things, not the least is keeping us from a second Great (Republican) Depression. Now, he’s up against even more obstruction and destruction at the hands of Republicans, but he’s a fighter and he’ll keep working day and night for all of us.

    God bless you, President Obama. You are doing an outstanding job against unimaginable odds.

  12. Did you guys hear. That Pakistan admitted that the drone attacks from the US did not hit civilian,that they really did target the Taliban. They were lying about them hitting civilians. this was on CNN

  13. From Twitter

    Pres. Obama will hold a news conference at the White House tomorrow at 11:15AM to discuss rising energy prices and other issues, says aide.

  14. GN, I am convinced that those who don’t agree with his policies are those who have been fed the misinformation by the media. As we know, the msm does everything possible to hide the success of PBO’s policies and allows the ugly republicans to lie about them 24-7.

    I mean look at those who believe he started TARP which was actually put in place by Bush and his henchmen? The health care legislation which the media didn’t even attempt to explain.

    If we can just get more and more people informed through this site and others and through our personal connections, I believe we could change those perceptions of his policies. We have got to overcome the lying media machine that’s shilling for republicans.

  15. Tell *that* to the radical left who are all up in arms about it. Gawd. These people are just making me ill. I’m seriously contemplating treating them like Republicans. They’re just as destructive to the American people.

  16. Today at the conference on bullying, PBO thanked Michelle for marrying him and putting up with him. You’d better believe First Lady is taking care of her man. She is not going to let any of this get to him.

  17. I concur with my friends here about our President having to deal with the hate all around him, but then I see young people with their acts together, and I am so encouraged.
    I was just conversing with a neighbor today about having faith in our President, in that he will do fine because he is smart, he is caring, he is well-grounded in his values from his family, and he loves his country and want to make a great future for the next generations to come. And with what I try to read about him, and listening to him speak on the issues, I am assured that he will go down in history as the most hard working, compassionate, and intellectual on all fronts President of these United States. If not the greatest in our life-time, one of the greatest we will ever have as President. I get upset many times with all of the negative remarks and just the negative setting in our country, but I have decided that I am going to enjoy our President each and everyday that God gives me strength and life. So do not allow these haters to take away your joys for this President. Let us enjoy every moment he gives us!!!! We will have another term to enjoy him as well, so keep up the great work, be encourage and take his example, have faith, work hard, and do not listen to the naysayers. We have hope!!!! We have proof of what can be. Yes We Can, and Yes We Will!!!

  18. gn – So well said! Also concur that BWD is one of the best tour guides around!

  19. Yes – you are right. He and Michelle keep their heads in the midst of the ugly, blowing right wing crazy storm.

  20. What a great thread and great comments by all! This has been a hard day for all, but coming here helps keep us all grounded. We all know how lucky this country is to have this man as our President and his family in the White House. They are such a great family. Thank you to all here who helps keep us all in reality.

  21. Reading through the comments at Balloon-Jiuce where ABL reposted eclectablog’s great rant, I was struck by several thoughts.

    Obviously, there were many there that raved about how great the column was, but there were several who are like a lot of the PL who really can’t detect a difference between Obama and a corporate war-mongering Republican.

    Let’s deal with the last assertion first. Of course Obama did not start either Iraq or Afghanistan. He has phased out or involvemnt in Iraq, but for those folks, unless there are no more Americans there and the country is totally reconstructed and there is no violence thereds, then Obama is at fault.

    As far as Afghanistan is concerned,we may never see success there, and I think Obama knows that. I think he did what he thought would give the best chance for success and if it isn’t making progress, so be it. The drone strikes are actually a lot less casulty causing than massive bombing with more impact.

    I may not like the way Manning is being treated because he “may” be the person who gave Assange the documents, and I do believe he should be given a fair trial, but Gitmo is starting up its commisssions again because Congress is not allowing Obama to transfer people to the states for trial, and at least if the commissions are done (and they are under drastically different rules) some measure of fairness may be achieved.

    Regarding the other charges, we of course hear about bailing out the banks, not doing enough on financial reform, no public option, etc. Of course we know Bush started the Tarp program, but it is because Obama restructured it that we are getting 70%+ back from the banks. And if the other things are so Republican friendly, why are the Republicans doing their best to undo it all?

    Finally, I hear all the time that if the Dems had only produced, 2010 wouldn’t have happened, so therefore it is the Dems’ fault and the President’s because he is the head of the party. First of all, the Dems in the House did produce (with the exception of not working to undo the tax cuts for the rich, their biggest mistake). Secondly, over 90% of the Dems in the Senate also did the right things. It was one to three Dems that really kept things from happening before Brown got seated. After that, the only way to get anything done was to give enough to get a few Republicans on board.

    So anybody who paints the Democrats as a whole as sellouts, is, to put it quite simply, an idiot.

  22. It is sad to see bullying going on. But, where do the kids get this mentality? Look no further than elected officials (R) and the media spending every day, bullying/bashing the President. Seems to me, it gives the ok signal to the younger generation, to go ahead because bullying is part of being a “real american” (lower case used out of disrespect for the bullies).

    Please do everything you can to keep this great, but gentle man, in the WH. THE WORLD NEEDS HIM.

  23. We can’t let our moods be determined by the sour, ignorant, and biased comments by either the so-called left or the right. This allows them to control our strength and undermine our effectiveness and gives them far more power than they deserve. The discordant, angry, ugly rants and whines on the left and the lying, racist garbage on the right are so much background noise, like honking horns in a traffic jam.

    Our job is to focus on what the truth is and how to share it. I continue to believe that there are more of us than there are of them and we have to build our collective strength, person by person and link by link. We are blessed with the best president this country has known in many decades and the best it will ever know in most of our lifetimes. He rises above the ugly and so should we.

  24. Good Evening BWD and friends
    Someone may have mentioned some of this and I missed it but…..In addition to things Rachel just brought about
    *Repug governors doing special rules to put “czars” in control of certain budget, government functions, disolving and/or dismissing the elected officials in certains town

    *17 different states busting unions

    * all of the new re-districting schemes under the newly elected repug governors and

    * all of the new voter registrations rules to make it difficult for many groups of democratic voters (especially first time, college votes, etc.) to register to vote

    *add the Cit United decision providing all of the secret money they need and it is easy to see a pretty diabotical scheme emerge.

    When you add that Scott Walker can now sell the state’s coal utilities to the Koch Bros without approval of anyone and has full authority to decimate the medicaid program in the name of budget cutting.

    I find this pretty scary. I am not sure there are enough boots on the ground to overcome the ignorance and the uninformed voter.

  25. Hi, CanadaBarb – Mrs. Obama said today during the anti-bullying forum that it’s also up to parents to set the tone in the home. Most of the younger generation gets their initial slant on how to act in their world from the people who raise them.

    Of course, if the parents are of the ilk that bash President Obama, they would not have heard her!

    Thanks for your heartfelt comment that “THE WORLD NEEDS HIM.” We’ll do our best to keep him.

  26. This is what my biggest fear was with so many Rethug Gov’s and Sec States elected 2010. In 2008 we came out in force so that our votes can not be stolen on election day. They are planning way in advance to do it before election day. People need to start fighting back through the legal systems. These practices need to be bogged down in the courts so they do not happen. The Rethugs are now stealing elections. How corrupt can a party be? When people say there are no differences between Dem and GOP…I ask them to tell me ONE DEM elected President, Rep or Congress, Gov that has over reached like they have. I can’t think of ONE.

  27. You see it all started somewhat with the supreme court changing the campaign financing rule which allows corporations to give unlimited amounts of money. They all had their meetings, made plans to try to take this country back to a place of discord and unrest. If you break the educational system in this country the ilks will be able to succeed with their schemes and tricks. Those with money will be the shot callers and every body else without money is at the mercy of the ones with no conscience or compassion for the unfortunate ones. It is no secret what big corporation wants. They want a slave like work force in the USA and they know that they can’t have it unless the unions are stripped away. This is why they have taken the bulk of jobs out of this country. They are paying foreign workers next to nothing. Unions are effective in protecting worker’s rights. For example, look
    how the republicans are trying to demoralize the workers who are in a protected status. They want to strip away all means of making a decent livable wage and after doing so they would then make you feel that you should be grateful that you are being allowed to have a job. It is just like a dictator mentality such as the Koch’s. The republicans are pawns in their hands. Just how much power and money does it take to feed their insatiable appetite of greed. All that they acquire will never be able to satisfy their lust of their quest. They are missing something deep within and things will never satisfy. I think they get pleasure of seeing others suffer.
    This is why the Koch’s is still trying to get more, and they will never be satisfied. Scott Walker revealed the plan and he will sell his soul to the devil just to feed that void of feeling worthless. He is a fake and fraud using his position to feel validated by someone who see him as stupid. We were warned and we did not heed the good advice of not giving the keys back.
    BWD I don’t comment often but I am ranting this morning. I love this site. Keep up the good work.

    Just my two cents

  28. I’m one of those people, I never followed politics before President Obama. I feel like I need to protect him from the crazies.

  29. Indeed, he is a good man totally misunderstood and disrespected. We must always keep him and his family in our prayers. They need all the prayers they can get!

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