“Jon Huntsman has been an outstanding advocate for this administration”

President Obama nominates Gary Locke as the new Ambassador to China, and doesn’t forget to let everyone know how much he appreciate Huntsman’s loyalty. shrewd bastard. 😉



While at Cleveland St. University for the “Winning the Future Forum on Small Business,” President Obama dropped by a roundtable meeting featuring youth leaders in the local community to discuss issues of concern to them and announce the administration’s intention to host over 100 additional youth roundtable meetings at local college campuses around the nation.  More about the initiative here. (WATCH THE VIDEO UNTIL THE END!).



President Obama and the first lady have posted a video on Facebook to promote a bullying prevention conference they’ll host at the White House tomorrow. The mucho excellent government website is here.



And, it’s always one oy fave days every month, when Pete Souza releases his newest album. (Click on the photo for bigger size). Enjoy.


130 thoughts on ““Jon Huntsman has been an outstanding advocate for this administration”

  1. Just got this in my mailbox from Democrats.org

    “So we’re standing with President Obama in a very public way — with an open letter calling on Republicans to work with him and Democrats in Congress to pass a commonsense budget that works for the American people. Supporters will hand-deliver the petition, with your signature, to House Republicans — making sure our combined voices ring loud and clear.”


    You all may want to sign this

  2. Wonderful, wonderful post, BWD. PBO is indeed shrewd. And FLOTUS is killing it in that yellow gown.

    I’m bringing a post over from the last thread; I hope you don’t mind.

    This is OT but I found this interesting as it relates to our President. A recent survey shows Hawaii to be the happiest state in America. I remember FLOTUS commenting on PBO’s calmness saying that in order to understand PBO, you had to understand Hawaii. I’d say growing up in that serene state truly prepared him for the job he has and to be able to deal with all the crap thrown his way.

    Meanwhile, West Virginia comes in dead last. No surprise there if we remember the primaries and all the hate that was thrown at PBO from the folks who live there. Interesting, this is the state represented by Sen. Joe Manchin who is attacking PBO’s leadership and budget today in order to earn brownie points from the haters in his state.

    Also note how poorly southern states rate, including Mississippi, which of course is run by a certain governor who thinks he can run this country. I’d love to see a debate moderator ask a question regarding this although I know it will never happen.

    Anyway, a bit from the story on the survey:

    “The telephone survey, conducted throughout 2010, examined six categories of well-being.

    They included life evaluation (how respondents felt about their current situation and where they may be in five years); emotional health; work environment; physical health; healthy behaviour; and basic access to things such as healthcare and places to exercise.

    Hawaii did especially well in three categories: life evaluation, emotional health and physical health.

    West Virginia performed the worst in those same three categories.

    Five of the top ten happiest states were in the West, while the South clearly needs a pick-me-up, with ten southern states falling to the lower end of the list.

    Meanwhile Vermont remained the state with the best health habits, while Kentucky had the worst. Massachusetts had the best access to necessities and Mississippi the worst.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1364041/Hawaii-happiest-state-America-West-Virginia-comes-last.html#ixzz1G8JCf1wr

  3. Also reposting this info about Chris Christie’s poll numbers dropping because we could all use a laugh.

    From TPM:

    “According to a recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll, registered voters in New Jersey now have a much less favorable view of Christie than they did just a few months ago, with the poll coming shortly after the governor delivered his budget address two weeks ago. In that address, Christie, like other Republican governors nationwide, criticized public employee unions for having “rich benefits,” and said he would go after those benefits as a way to balance the budget.

    In the poll, 46% of voters viewed Christie favorably, compared to 44% who viewed him unfavorably. That’s a swing from his strong showing in December, when 49% of voters had a favorable impression of Christie compared to 39% who had an unfavorable impression of him.

    Further, a plurality of voters, 48%, said they didn’t like Christie’s budget proposal, while 45% said they were pleased with the proposal.”


  4. Thanks “Proud of Obama”. Sometimes I read a post and just want to click “like” 🙂

  5. So ironic that the artical is from the Daily Mail in the UK. Our MSM is the absolute pits!

  6. Thanks BWD for giving us the reality of what is going on when it comes to our president. I must say that I agree with a post more recent than mine in reference to FLOTUS’ mustard colored dress. Absolutely beautiful. But I guess we could say that about her with anything she wears not because of what she puts on but for the woman that she is.

  7. It appears the UK has the better news, no–it has unbiased news reporting. Al Jazeera is also good. BBC on TV is good.

  8. Let’s try that again –

    Talk about laying it out – Fitzgerald flaunts the idea that this is about Presidential politics and nothing to do with the Wisconsin Budget.

    Maybe this is a last ditch attempt to make it a national issue and draw in President Obama. I don’t know, but to treat your public workers as pawns in their hyper-partisan game can’t play well.

  9. Bill Russell in the house!!!

    Think Obama played a little one-on-one with him?

  10. I hope, upon a bit of reflection, you will request BWD delete your comment. I was never a fan of Mr Broder, but your comment is inconsistent with the empathetic spirit of this site.

  11. Where do I begin to respond, BWD, and how can I shake this silly grin off my face?

    First of all, the shrewdness of the Huntsman (and Romney) plaudits = priceless!

    Second, the photos, oh the photos, especially the Air Force salutes in silhouette. OMG. I’m getting tears over that one.

    Back to take a longer look at Pete Souza’s photos. Thank you, thank you!

  12. Not to pile on, but I agree we should try to remain empathetic here. Did not realize David Broder was 81 years old.

  13. Broder died? I didn’t read about that. It’s what I get for avoiding MSM. I’m sorry to hear that. He was and probably still is called the “Dean” of Something or other — the press corp?

    I also didn’t know he was 81 years old.

  14. My second favorite Pete Souza photo of the month is the one of the First Lady with the White House Council for Community Solutions … and sitting very quietly with her (without much notice, even in the caption) is Jon Bon Jovi, a member of the council.

    I still remember when Jon and Bettye LaVette sang “Change Gonna Come” at the Inaugural Concert, and an incredibly pensive look came over the new President’s face!

  15. Thank you, BWD, for the video of Gary Locke. He’s one of those people who doesn’t smile easily, but boy, when he smiles, it’s charm itself. He just lit up at the mention of his children. Bless Mona’s heart (she’s drop-dead gorgeous, btw) for being willing to do this. As a media darling she will be warmly embraced in China, I’m certain of it. I’m so, so proud of them. Thank you, Mr. President. Great choice.

    Good to see Hilary smile, too. She really does appear to be enjoying her job.

  16. I have been really good about staying away from DKos. Why I went there today I don’t know.

    But everything there comes down to- Obama sucks.

    There is one diary who calls all the Obama bashers out. It is spot on, but the comments are full of vitriol for the President.

    We finally get a really really smart guy in the White House, and a part of the Democratic Party can’t wait to bring him down.

    I am so angry I just want to scream.

    On another note, I am angry at Apple for not allowing pre-orders for the iPad. Now I have to wait until 12:01 Friday morning to order.

    I am sorry, but I have an awful addiction to all things Obama and Apple.

  17. Bill Russell. What a great man. Love that dude.

    If only he were a Laker instead of a Celtic… 🙂

  18. Here is a lengthy obituary of David Broder. It’s very interesting, goes on for several pages. Pulitzer Prize, Dean of Washington Press Corp, the works.

    There is a video in which Broder was describing the last presidential election — McCain versus Obama. He’d covered presidential elections since (I think he said) Kennedy-Nixon. And he said that this past election was the most exciting he’d ever covered.

    Lots of interesting things about New Hampshire voters.

    The obituary is here — http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/03/09/AR2011030902821.html

  19. It’s funny, because IIRC he was previously bragging about his poll ratings rising as he confronted public unions. Guess that’s no longer the case, is it? Wisconsin is reverberating throughout the country and it’s magnificent to witness. Huge public relations boon to organized and nonorganized labor.

  20. LOL, yup:

    Maybe this is a last ditch attempt to make it a national issue and draw in President Obama. I don’t know, but to treat your public workers as pawns in their hyper-partisan game can’t play well.

    Nice try, Fitzgerald; POTUS hasn’t even stepped foot in Wisconsin. The GOP’s aims are of course national and all about President Obama, but at core, this is about working people everywhere versus those looking to bust up unions in order to keep more profits in the hands of a small group of people.

  21. Love the idea of holding these “youth councils”. That is an excellent way of engaging people and motivating them to participate.

    These are exactly the kinds of things Progressives need to do more of in order to persuade more voters to go our way this next cycle.

    I know it’s “early”, but the polls look good for President Obama in some key states and with the looming Republican meltdown, I see no reason why we should give in and concede control of the Congress.

    In any case, I still feel the Left is still not nearly proactive enough to meet our current challenges. Then again, I don’t believe that those who feel contemptuous of voters can really turn around and persuade those same voters to vote differently.

  22. Don’t let them get you angry, lol; everyone is entitled to her or his own opinion, but there’s no law that we have to read certain opinions or entertain them. I’m here grinning from ear to ear reading about Christie’s poll numbers.

  23. I agree with you about that site. Been going there for years and have always appreciated the factual information laid out plain and simple. They back up what they say with facts…some of the posters/trolls can get annoying, but I figure that is to be expected. They usually have such lame arguments that its just humourous more than anything else. Kick ass is a good description:)

  24. Great comment, sebastianguy. Just in general, I really do think that the WH and OFA look for ways to draw people in and make them feel connected with at least some of the decision-making. That is innovative, smart, and nimble. Crowd-sourced ideas and solutions tend to be much better than anything thought up or produced by a single person. This WH really seems to embrace that, and it’s a delight to observe.

  25. Not that I would’ve traded Jerry West for Bill Russell, but, yeah, the Lakers didn’t have a decent center until they got Wilt. Now if only Bynum can stay healthy — so far so good for now — the Lakers can build the team around him after Kobe retires.

  26. Media Matters finally goes there –

    “Conservative Media Push For Government Shutdown While Claiming Any Shutdown Would Be Dems’ Fault”


    Let’s hope others finally realize and cover this. The GOP wants a shut down and wants to blame Dems for it. It’s their Hail Mary pass, potentially a game changer – so they both push for one publicly and privately (Boehner is reportedly getting pressure from 2012 Presidential candidates to force a shutdown) while at the very same time saying “It would be the Dems fault though if it does happen”.

  27. Did you guys hear what Newt said about him cheating on his wives? Hint …. He loves America so much. dude is a douch and whoever votes for him is a douch. Rethugs preach family values when our president emplifies that.

  28. I understand what you are saying about DK. I have stayed away only to go help Eclectablog and afew others. I refuse to read any diaries I know will make me mad. What I do like going and reading are the first hand diary about what is going on in Wisconsin. I have found things out I haven’t read anywhere else. That is the only reason I go. I just ignore the rest.

    Thank you BWD for the great pictures. I too love the only of the President staring at the chocolates.

    I love the shout out to Huntsman. How shrewd!

  29. What does loving America have to do with cheating on one’s spouse while conducting impeachment proceedings of another politician for doing the same? Just curious…does he mean that he loves America so much that he feels compelled to marry all of us?

  30. Well, if that doesn’t make their true motives utterly transparent for those still on the fence, I don’t know what will. The GOP never cared about the deficit — which THEY created. They merely used it as a pretext to defang unions. Utterly degenerate, without an ounce of compassion or common sense.

  31. Watching the President and Gary Locke gave me goose bumps. For me, the glory of America is any one can rise to serve us all. Perhaps it is being raised on Staten Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty so often as a child the words “Give me you tired and your poor….” just resonate to the core of my being.

    We’re still trying to clarify the details. But it looks like Wisconsin Republicans have decided to make their move, redefining the union-busting portions of the budget bill as non-budgetary and voting through those provisions tonight.

    The irony here is that the union-busting provisions really are not budgetary — they’re simply an attempt to eliminate unions in the state. But Gov. Walker’s argument throughout has been that they are budgetary measures and necessary to avert fiscal catastrophe.

    More details as we get them.

    From Talking Points Memo

  33. Well, there it is. They get what they wanted. congrats Wisconsin voters – there is no difference between the parties after all. Special shout out to Police and Fire Fighters unions – helluva an endorsement.

    I’d say “elections have consequences” if it wasn’t so tragic.

    It’s an all out assault and the warnings were out before the elections. You get the government you deserve and outside those Dems who voted in November every other Wisconsin resident deserves Walker and the GOP State House and Senate.

    Makes me sick to my stomach.

  34. Can anyone explain this, and offer an opinion about the legality of this maneuver?

    EMERGENCY: Repub. Senators to split Budg Repair Bill and vote on the union-killing things TONIGHT. Everyone to the Capitol NOW. #wiunion


    This is from

  35. Oops, last sentence should read: this is from the defendWI twitter page. Apparently, the GOP is trying to carve out the unionbusting portions of the bill. Is this correct?

  36. Speaking of Wisconsin, what do we have here? Look’s like somebody’s getting nervous…

    “Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) expressed his frustration with the state’s recall laws, during a press conference on Tuesday.”

    “Fitzgerald’s off-the-cuff comments sounded less like he was mulling any actual prospective efforts to change the law, but rather seemed more a show of irritation that a significant number of his caucus members — those last elected in 2008 — are being targeted for recalls by Democrats, in the battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal and its anti-public employee union provisions.”

    “At one point, Fitzgerald was asked whether the wave of recall signature drives could lead to Republicans losing their newly-won majority. “No, I don’t believe so,” said Fitzgerald. “I mean, what I do believe is that we’re taking those recalls seriously, and we’re making sure that we have everything available to those senators to make their case.”


    “….I mean, I think it really makes a case for, you know, are our recall statutes legit? And it really makes you wonder if they shouldn’t be revisited at some point.”


  37. They are going to do it fast so no one can check the legality. I’m sick

  38. It has been utterly transparent for awhile now. Since it is so much so, they’ve just said “hell with it, everybody knows what were up to anyways – let’s get it done already and hope the recall measures fade away when the protesters go home and the heat wears off”.

  39. And fyi, there are a lot of really great twitter accounts which provide first-hand information and updates.

  40. What is it with Wisconsin Republicans passing bills in the dead of night?

  41. I believe that’s their thinking. However, I think (hope?) they’ll be horribly surprised.

  42. Does anyone know whether the protesters plan to go through with this weekend’s events, including the tractorcade? This seems designed to make the protesters give up and go home. This is a very ugly situation, but the protesters should make the GOP’s actions as difficult for them as possible IMO.

  43. To answer your question: jamiekilstein RT @allisonkilkenny: RT @daveweigel: RT @MikeElk: UNION LEADERS TO CALL EMERGENCY MEETING TO DISCUSS GENERAL STRIKE #wiunion

  44. Here’s a tweet that seems a bit bittersweet: zdroik I’m giving up on Republicans for Lent. And probably for life. #wiunion #wearewi

    Better late than never, I guess, but really, did union members who voted for the GOP not know that the GOP was anti-union? Or did they think that THEY would be spared, while only the undeserving would face union-busting, middle-class-destroying bills?

  45. No, apparently they thought that President Obama would be the one who would get hurt.

  46. Chris Matthews is showing one-sided polls with negative numbers for the President. This is nonsense. You pick one poll in March 2011 and decide that the President is going to have a problem going into an election in November 2012??!?

  47. Talk about a “teachable moment”. Hopefully this is finally opening working people’s eyes to the fact that voting for the GOP is NOT in their best interests, at least if they want to live a decent life. If all that they want is for abortion to be made illegal and undocumented immigrants to be run out on the rails, then I guess the GOP is for them. If they want a secure retirement, affordable healthcare, and a decent education for their children, then voting for the GOP should be listed in the DSM-IV.

  48. Holy s-. They weren’t kidding when last week they were floating this prospect of a general strike if Walker escalated, I guess.

  49. Sorry, it has passed. As per Schultz on the Tweety show, the Democrat senators believe this is illegal. They will hold a media event within the next hour… stay tuned.

  50. We’ll stick together or hang separately. I think that people who never thought that the GOP would come for them are being issued a wake-up call in this regard.

  51. A few lonely TP’ers are tweeting #wiunion, but they’re getting drowned out in a sea of righteous anger. THIS is what a mass movement looks like, not the TP freakouts.

  52. While I’m not one who believes that you learn only through pain, I am reminded of the Catholic tradition of the “fortunate fall” — Adam and Eve’s transgression lead to the coming of Jesus. We have to see how this plays out, but the Wisconsin debacle might be such an event, along with the midterms. People expect politicians to say one thing and do another; these Tea Partiers that were elected are deadly serious about what they want to do, and were NOT lying. That reality has to be rubbed into voters’ faces, so that they learn that yes, elections have consequences. It seems as if something far better might come out of this momentary trouble.

  53. Yup, I’m furious for Wisconsin voters, all of them, because even Walker voters did not give this man a mandate to do this. But next time, when Dems issue a warning like in October-November 2010, I hope that GOP voters understand that this is not just political posturing; it was a serious warning of well-laid plans hashed out by the GOP to attack workers and roll back progress in several respects. Wake up call.

  54. Well for what it’s worth, from my end i don’t see your President being hurt by this one bit.

  55. Now if we could just get more people to turn focus their passions we would go a very long way in turning the political tide.

    Too many people who are now recoiling at the Republican shenanigans at the federal and state level were cheerleading the “enthusiasm gap” of 2010.

  56. Indeed, here’s to hoping that something positive can be salvaged from such a miserable situation. And absolutely, the teaparties might seem comical and farcical, but these guys are not simply applying the breaks on what people mistakenly believe is excessive Democratic spending; this is a movement backed by very rich ideologues who have been wanting to radically change this country and the notion of a social contract, and have been at this for decades. Hopefully we as a country can pull together and figure out that this doesn’t match our values, no matter our various problems with one another based on ideological disputes, race, sex, sexual orientation, etc.

    Thanks for the hopeful remarks, LL.

  57. I do the exact same thing. I’ve learned to read titles carefully and know I don’t want to click on that. Read through ones that I think I will actually *learn* something. I usually do…..say a quick “thank goodness it wasn’t bashing” and then leave.

  58. LOL, well he’s on wife number gazillion, so that’s the only way that I could make heads or tails of remarks. Otherwise I might think that he’s just being a hypocrite who wants to be exempt from the same “family values” that he wants to force the rest of us to live under.

  59. One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors – Plato.

  60. It really is infuriating, isn’t it? In the ME, people are dying for the right to participate in politics, while here voters can’t be bothered to go to the polls half the time. In L.A. yesterday, major changes to the city charter were enacted by barely %15 of the registered voters. It makes me wonder if we deserve a democracy.

  61. What a debacle in Wisconsin. This should be a watershed moment for and hopefully rethuglicans will be drummed out of the Midwest for a generation.

    Shaking my damn head at this little, petty emperor in that state. These idiots take PBO’s victory and popularity so personally that they’re willing to destroy the livelihoods of thousands and overturn a well-accepted way of life all to try to get back at one man.

    Just more reason that I’m glad PBO didn’t go to WI despite all the hollering. These tiny potentates were spoiling for a *personal* fight and pissing contest. They wanted to elevate themselves by trying to bring him down to their level. Small-minded bastids!

    We had to reach this tipping point. Hope the people of WI do the right thing and recall these assholes.

  62. Well, in light of today’s events in WI, I think it’s safe to say that the “Buyer’s Remorse” national tour carries on.

    This is what happens when you vote GOP. They screw you. When you pulled that lever for them last November you were mad, and you wanted to “stick it” to the Dems. Well, how did that work out for you?

  63. Watching Rachel. Sen Jon Erpenbach just said they are not coming home. They cant pass the financial part without the Dems. They are going to court first.
    Great news!!

  64. So while they have their law stripping the public employees unions of their bargaining rights, they won’t be able to pass a budget? Is that what this means?

  65. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @marabout40: WI dems not going back to WI any time soon. So says Jon Erpenbach. He said they don’t trust Walker and there’s unanimity amongst the Dems

  66. Yes they cant pass the fiscal part.

    Fitzgerald said Minority Leader Mark Miller’s letter today made clear to him he was dealing with someone who was stalling indefinitely and had no intention of returning.

    “Enough is enough,” Fitzgerald said. ““The people of Wisconsin elected us to do a job. They elected us to stand up to the broken status quo, stop the constant expansion of government, balance the budget, create jobs and improve the economy. The longer the Democrats keep up this childish stunt, the longer the majority can’t act on our agenda.”

  67. Is Newt saying that patriotism is a threat to marriage? And I here I was thinking it was the Gayz.

  68. btw, where is the progressives’ dahling, saint russ, during all this cluster#$*k that is happening in his own state ? Haven’t heard a pip from him so far.

  69. oh yeah, where has he been? I’m really feeling sorry for the people of wisconsin. What a mess.

  70. If democrats are smart republican should not have leadership for a very long time.

  71. President Obama ROCKS!!! I adore this President and our awesome First Lady!!!

  72. LL – I so hope you are correct. It’s looking good, and I think the people who voted R in 2010 (or stayed home) have suddenly crawled out of their slumber and now are beginning to see the light.

    Trouble is, many of us in this country have the attention span of gnats.

  73. Haven’t heard the DSM-IV thrown in there for a while, and that made me chuckle, LL. Although, it really isn’t funny, I guess.

  74. hopefruit2 – You nailed it. Came back to bite ’em (and all of us).

  75. What authoritarians hate the most is to be laughed at. They have such a high opinion of themselves and their historical import that derisive laughter sends them into an apoplexy that they can’t control. We have to defeat them, but also laugh at them, because they’re little, petty people, and their time has passed — they just don’t know it yet.

  76. Remember,the arc of history is long, but it tends towards justice. The events of the past few months should remind us of that.

  77. If Obama HAD gone to WI this setback today would be laid at his feet by the MSM for days on end, news cycle after news cycle. All the while providing cover argument for the WI GOP: e.g. “you see, when a sitting President takes the unprecedented step of siding against a state government, we were forced to take extraordinary action.”

    Of course, in the land of the magical bully pulpit followers IF ONLY Obama had gone to WI, walked the line for 20 mins, and ate a slice of Pizza, Walker and the GOP would have caved.

    Again, how did that whole “stay home, stick-it to the Dems” thingy work out for ya?

  78. Hey Darnell in L.A.! Good to see you. And I think you made a great observation.

    Things are really interesting at the moment. Apparently the best course is for the Democrats to stay away, since Walker and his cronies move was illegal since it broke Wisconsin’s Open Meeting laws.

    So if the Democrats return now , then the Republicans would have a quorum and then Walker could legally pass the bill.

    So the Democrats need to stay away from this trap.

  79. It’s the sound that’s sweeping the land: “Buyer’s Remorse” Tour 2011-2012!

    Now from Pennsylvania, where Angry Americans™ gave the GOP the Governor’s chair and a whole slew of House seats, here we go:

    “The new teahadist Governor of PA has released his budget, and it basically decimates the Pitt and Penn State budget, cuts funding for poison control, environmental regulation, “regional cancer institutes, poison control centers and programs for people with diabetes, lupus and epilepsy.” It includes this gem:

    “And in his speech, Mr. Corbett reiterated his opposition to taxing the gas that comes from the Marcellus Shale, saying the state should try to make itself the center of the drilling boom for Marcellus and the underlying Utica Shale.”

    (via Balloon-Juice)

    Quote Darnell evermore;

    How’d that whole “stay home and stick it to the Dems” thingy work out for ya’?

  80. Sorry situation in Wisconsin. Hopefully this little maneuver, which clearly exposes the TRUE agenda of the GOP and Walker (union busting) will finally wake up the American voting public. Still don’t understand how Wisconsin voters thought voting for GOP (on state level) would hurt Pres. Obama. Nor do I understand why they wanted to hurt Pres. Obama in the first place. Great example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. This is really class warfare. Unfortunately it is so easy to manipulate middle class voters into voting against their own interests by appealing to tribal impulses and irrational fears.

  81. Hey there, FiredUpinCA. So tell me, are you like me in that you thank your lucky stars every day and night that you live in a state that actually maintained and enhanced its sanity during this last election?

  82. Great point Darnell. That is why the PL wanted Pres. Obama to go to Wisconsin. They seem more and more like Republican plants everyday, don’t they?

  83. If he had gone to WI once: “Too little, too late.”

    If he had gone more than once, and pressed the issue: “He overplayed his hand, and made it about him, forcing the GOP’s hand.”

    The ProLeft is not satisfied with anything this President does. And it actually began BEFORE he even took the oath. Remember when President-ELECT Obama was “not doing enough” to insure the stimulus was ready to sign on inauguration day? — Remember when President-Elect Obama’s request for Rick Warren to say a 2 min prayer at his INAUGURATION, along with many other pastors, was the end of Obama’s credibility with Liberals everywhere? — Oh, and of course, RAHM, which I will never understand.

  84. California in the House…

    I am one of the many CA OFA/DEM volunteers that walked neighborhoods, phone banked up to election day to get out the vote. I did not want what is happening in WI, OH, MI, FL and across the country in CA. We were already punished with Arnold for two terms. Meg Whitless would have done CA public workers in. They are already underpaid and their pensions were raided by wall street. I don’t get it either, why these people had such short memories even when they TOLD them we are going to balance the budget on public workers, the poor, and middle class.

  85. You mean Russ Feingold who they kicked to the curb because they wanted a “change”, “new blood”. I know many of those voted for him and the Dems but the police, firefighters, and others through the teachers and other public workers under the bus. How sad.

  86. Obviously they are NOT taking the recall that seriously….I wonder why? They have something up their sleeve.

  87. Everyone, from pl to teahadists to msm, made the last 2 years all about Obama while the rethugs were given a complete pass despite their nation destroying ways. Ironically, at the end of this obamadrama, he can still walk away with his reputation & future in tact while the americans, by omission or commission, would have destroyed their own future.

  88. Saint Roscoe,

    You may be right about Fitzgerald remarks being “a last ditch attempt to make” the Wisconsin issue ” a national issue” to “draw in President Obama.” But I read it differently. I think Fitzgerald unwittingly revealed part of the secret Republican strategy to deny President Obama a second term. Listening to this guy really woke me up. What Walker is doing in Wisconsin is indeed all about Presidential politics and public workers are the “sacrificial lambs” in this cynical Republican plan to destroy unions and ultimately destroy the Democratic party.

    It is clear to me that from the moment President Obama won the Presidency Republicans began strategizing about how to ensure that he is a one term president. Republicans were well aware that the the vast majority of people blamed them for the economic mess the country was in. If the President and the Congress controlled by Democrats were able to repair the economic mess, the Republican party would be history. So, in my judgement, Republicans decided to go for broke to prevent that from happening.

    It seems to me that their strategy focused on five tactics: (1) Do everything to deny the President and Democrats any victories even if that meant hurting the American people. Hence all the obstructionism by Senate Republicans. (2) Unleash propaganda to try to scare people that the President was not a real American and he was out to destroy the country. Hence the “birthers,” accusation of socialism and the rest. (3) Create a new party to cover up the negative Republican brand, and then pour massive amounts of money to elect people, on local, state, and national levels, who are determined to ensure that the President fails. (4) Use every means, especially media propaganda and political power, to destroy institutions/organizations, such as labor unions, Acorn, etc, that are seen as the strength of the Democratic electoral successes.
    (5) Promote discord and dissension within the Democratic party by giving prominent media coverage and attention to those who constantly attack the President and their fellow Democrats; and who urge voters not to vote because, as they claim, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans

    I think tactics #1 and #2 have been a mixed bag. Tactic #3 was very successful. Tactic #4 is seen as the real key to gaining and maintaining power. Media propaganda was successful in destroying ACORN. But the media alone are unable to destroy unions which are seen as both sources of money and votes for Democrats. I think Fitzgerald, whether he intended to or not, revealed the second phase of tactic #4. Clearly the focus is destroying the unions because they represent the real base of the Democratic party.

    As for tactic #5, I have no direct evidence to support my assertion. But I do think that it’s a plausible supposition, given the viciousness unleashed in attacking the President by people who claim to be his base.

  89. *Teahadist*

    Hadn’t seen that tag before … but it sure fits. This is something the people who voted for the GOP in 2010 “should” understand, because if they’re not namecalling, they have no place to begin their agenda. But I won’t hold my breath.

  90. Darnell – I always thought it started the day after PBO’s inauguration, but I see your point. It was even as far back as the short days between the election and the inauguration.

    “Why?” is something I will never understand.

  91. Unfortunately, their memories of the bad things Rethugs do is only for two years….then back to the GOP.

  92. Well, I think he elaborated a bit on that: because he loved America so much he had to work very hard; and it was the hard work that made him cheat on his spouse. He also added that he had asked God for forgiveness and God had granted his request.

    I think you ask a very pertinent question. As I watched the clip of his interview, posted at TPM site, I also had a couple of questions that I wish somebody had asked him:

    ” Speaker Gingrich, If you are elected President, do you pledge to stop loving America so much because, If I understand your correctly, your love of America makes you work so hard that you end up engaging in extra-marital affairs?” And, how did you learn that God had already granted your request for forgiveness?

  93. 100% spot on Nathan. Which is why I feel such *urgency* in depriving the unfocused of an audience. We are in a street fight with people with unlimited resources at their disposal, and who have spent decades in an effort to radically change this country to some weird anarchist libertarian bs, and with some success. Serious situation. The unfocused should be left at the curb, we just can’t waste time again on some fringe. 2012 is not in the bag, we have to be clear and consistent with none of the distractions; people who need a place to charge up and get fired up and ready to go need this without the purity trolls, media prima donnas, blog divas, and garbage.

  94. LL,

    I hope if they do call a General Strike we can all do everything we can to support them. There really needs to be a nationwide solidarity with the courageous people of Wisconsin.

  95. One caveat: I don’t care about the PL, I don’t care about their feelings, or their beliefs, or holding the whole class back so that the deliberately dense can get attention by pretending that they don’t get it. That’s over. These people are a WASTE OF TIME and a lost cause. Anyone not focused like a laser upon getting rid of the GOP is a waste of time to me, if not worse. Not another second will I devote to bs. Not in light of the GOP busting up a public employees union in WI. Emergency.

  96. So tell me, are you like me in that you thank your lucky stars every day and night that you live in a state that actually maintained and enhanced its sanity during this last election?

    Yes I am. I am very grateful. I also feel deeply for all the Democrats in other states that paid attention to what was going on, knew what was at stake and showed up to vote but are still under GOP governance.

    Massachusetts and California already did the GOP thing and we learned our lesson. Nevada, like California, has an unemployment and foreclosure rate higher than the rest of the country and they knew that this election mattered.

    My greatest hope is that now, at long last, Democrats are all on the same page. Namely that the first order of business, beyond public options and anything else, is to stop tea party-flavored, Fox News-sponsored Republicans by any means necessary.

    Staying home or running down Democrats doesn’t get you to where you want to go.

    I sincerely hope that this lesson is permanently learned.

  97. Well said Liberal Librarian! It is really a shame that a country that preaches democracy to the entire world does not practice what it preaches. In addition, we have a major political party, the Republican Party, that believes in using tactics, legal and otherwise, to prevent people from voting.

    Why can’t this “great democracy” treat voting the same way it treats jury duty? I also think voting should be conducted on weekends. I know many people who find it difficult to juggle their working schedules to find time to vote.

  98. So So true GN! What is happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, and of course Arizona, is indeed “a wake up call” to all working people who were fooled by the billionaire Koch brothers, Fox News, multi millionaire, Rush Limbaugh, to believe that the corporate created teabaggers represented their interests.

  99. I agree with the posts and love reading them. Good insights. I think California finally got over the Republican thing with Schwarzenegger. He was supposed to save the state! LOL Do any of you remember Reagan and his firing of the air traffic controllers? That was the beginning of what we’re reaping now.
    On a brighter note…..I LOVE to see Vice President Biden laugh!!! That picture made me feel good all over!

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