Courageous women

First lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participating in the during the International Women of Courage Awards Ceremony at the State Department in Washington March 8, 2011. Tuesday marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.



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  1. Officials say a top candidate to replace Commerce Secretary Gary Locke is Ron Kirk, the U.S. trade representative.

    Kirk, 56, a lawyer and Austin native, was the first African-American mayor of Dallas, was Texas secretary of state under Gov. Ann Richards, and a legislative aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen.

    Under that scenario, look for Mike Froman, the deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs, to replace Kirk as USTR.

    A twist: The Commerce Department is expected to be the hardest-hit department in the first wave of the government reorganization President Obama announced in his State of the Union address.

    Also mentioned: 1) Jeff Zients, the first federal chief performance officer, and the OMB deputy director for management, who’s running the government reorganization. Zients is former CEO and chairman of The Advisory Board Company and former chairman of the Corporate Executive Board. 2) Tom Nides, deputy secretary of state for management and resources, and former chief operating officer of Morgan Stanley. 3) Neil Wolin, deputy treasury secretary. Deputies are logical because they’ve been confirmed and some have good administrative skills.

    Outsider possibilities: defeated House or Senate Dems with high profiles in the business community.

    Mike Allen-

  2. I don’t like this idea. I think President Obama should use the opportunity to further his message about being pro-business by choosing somebody that would make more of a splash.

    Of course Kirk might just be the best candidate for the job, as he’s already trade rep., and as a Republican there wouldn’t be a confirmation fight.

  3. That was well worth watching, especially appreciated the speech by Rosa Otunbayeva President of Kyrgyzstan.

  4. the ladies look FABULOUS 😀

    Jovie with all due respect but were you really expecting the so-called “liberal” media to really coverage of this? 😮 this is the MSM media we are talking about here my friend 🙄

    😉 😆

  5. Here’s more names from –
    Many names were floated as likely under consideration. Here is a list of people close to the tech world named by at least two sources:

    -Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman and (until April 4) chief executive of Google. He campaigned for Obama in 2008 and is already expected to spend more time in Washington, as a Google liaison, when he finishes his tenure as CEO.

    -FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. He had a close relationship with Obama dating back to law school, and delivered on the president’s campaign promise to pass net-neutrality rules—a feat requiring a tightrope walk between the industry and public advocate demands.

    -Ron Kirk, the U.S. Trade Representative. He was the center of Transportation Secretary speculation before he was named to his current gig. The trade job means he’s already versed in key issues for the Commerce Department. Top technology matters for Kirk have included a push to raise awareness about intellectual property theft by foreign criminals.

    -John Thompson, the former chief executive of Symantec and a former IBM exec. He served on the congressionally-created Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, exploring the causes of the downturn. His name bounced around the last time Obama had to choose a Commerce Secretary, and he campaigned for Obama.

    -One of the members of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Obama has a deep bench of top business executives advising him on economic issues. At least one, Penny Pritzker, attracted Commerce Secretary buzz last time around.

  6. Awesome! Love seeing FLOTUS and SOS together – great women serving women everywhere!

  7. BTW, FLOTUS is my new avatar. I got to shake her hand during a homeless event in DC.:)

  8. Pics 7 & 8 of FLOTUS & SoS Clinton speaks volumes. Thanks for posting these, BWD.

  9. By HOPE YEN
    Associated Press


    Census Interactives
    Poverty and Income Rates Nationwide: Released 8/28/07
    How Average is Your State? Look at the Latest Census Figures

    Latest News
    US ‘heartland’ near historic shift from Midwest
    Mexico census: Fewer migrating, many returning

    Japan sees slowest population growth since 1920

    Census: St. Louis population down 8 percent

    Census: Near-record level of US counties dying

    Buy AP Photo Reprints

    Holidays in the Heartland

    WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s population center is edging away from the Midwest, pulled by Hispanic growth in the Southwest, according to census figures. The historic shift is changing the nation’s politics and even the traditional notion of the country’s heartland – long the symbol of mainstream American beliefs and culture.

    The West is now home to the four fastest-growing states – Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Idaho – and has surpassed the Midwest in population, according to 2010 figures. California and Texas added to the southwestern population tilt, making up more than one-fourth of the nation’s total gains since 2000.

  10. I was just saying at wsy and thepeoplesview, I just can’t believe that the SEIU would choose to partner with, and write press releases about a “premier liberal website”—I wouldn’t want the SEIU to openly partner with *any* liberal website, as union membership, particularly now, is prime to cut across ideologies. Why insert a liberal or conservative label anywhere? Who is running things there, because this strategy doesn’t make any sense from the SEIU’s standpoint; they have nothing to gain by paying for part of this PPP polling and openly partnering with a liberal site, and a poorly run one at that.

  11. I absolutely agree. Unions don’t have to be liberal – they shouldn’t be. Union members come from all political ideologies and most don’t want to be labeled “liberal”.

    This is a TERRIBLE decision by SEIU and I hope they were hoodwinked by Markos, sold a bunch of lies. Markos is out for himself, and this does nothing for SIEU but certainly gives Markos more stature.

    If I was in the SIEU I’d be pissed and I’d let them know it. This is terribly tone deaf by the SIEU.

  12. Thank you BWD for this posting featuring our FLOTUS and our SOS. Am disappointed to not see more comments here that are relevant to it. Am gonna check out comments section at Chipsticks. I absolutely love the blogs of you two. Do keep on keeping on with your wonderful work.

  13. I trust PBO’s judgement, but I hope we don’t get pushed into getting to deep in the Libya mess. Whatever the rethugs are calling for, I am immediately suspect and against.

    Sending a prayer up for PBO to continue to have wisdom and that backbone like a ramrod.

    Oh, and I totally want First Lady’s dress (and body). Hillary’s suit is smoking too.

  14. Heyyyyyyy, FLOTUS dress Is smoking, and fitting her to a “T”. Yeahhhhhhh, nice dress, I like 🙂

  15. Our First Lady wears those arms so beautifully! I love Hillary! I’m very proud of the job she’s doing.

  16. Agreed; with unions, strength lies in numbers. It just seems like a strange time to insert ideological partisanship into the dynamic, right when unionized labor is enjoying such a strong showing of support throughout the country and I dare hope, some people who are reviewing some past beliefs about unions. I just hope that the SEIU is very careful about this.

  17. Indeed, they both look terrific. And seem to have formed a genuine affection for one another. Agreed about Libya as well.

  18. Here is a link to an article in the Washington Post written by Rosa Otunbayeva (my apologies for different spellings also spelled Otumbayeva elsewhere) President of Kyrgyzstan:

    And the last paragraph:

    “The new country we are building is inclusive and grounded in the rule of law. We choose to celebrate our differences and to resolve them not in the streets but in parliament, via democratic channels. Through all of this, the Kyrgyz people have persevered, as will our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. The path to democracy is not easy, but it is the only way forward.”

  19. Interesting that two former Republicans in Shultz and now Markos are seemingly doing their damndest to hurt the union movement.

  20. Well, as deaniac at thepeoplesview pointed out, if this is just for the purpose of sharing polling costs, then this is benign. But the wording of that press release wasn’t the best IMO. Rather than “liberal blog,” I think that the SEIU should have just stated that they are teaming up with a political website to share some polling costs. Thus avoiding the ideological quicksand or irritating nonliberal members. I doubt that Kos/Schultz are trying to hurt unions but indeed, the stridency is just not helpful, nor is allowing progressive new media and organizations to kind of try to become the face of these protests or unions. Not a good idea IMO.

  21. Sorry Gloria; indeed this is a terrific entry. Perhaps a solution might be for bwd to move these comments to the bottom of the comments thread; I certainly didn’t mean to interrupt anyone’s enjoyment of this event with the First Lady and Secretary of State.

  22. Hillary looks really good in these photos. I’ve been wondering if the troubles in the Middle East have been keeping her up at night, because recent photos of her had her looking all puffy and wrinkly and just… like she was aging a lot. I’d been worrying about her. So happy to see her here looking happy and beautiful.

    The First Lady, as always, looks stunning.

  23. Who says Kirk is a Republican? This is Ron Kirk, NOT Mark Kirk, the new GOP senator from Illinois. Ron Kirk’s democratic bona fides could not be more stellar, having worked with the great Democratic Gov of Texas Ann Richards (who deliciously drubbed the Bushes with her acid tongue).

    Lloyd Bentsen was also a Democrat from Texas. So how is Ron Kirk wrong for a job similar to what he has been doing?

  24. I was going to say, if Ron Kirk was part of Ann Richard’s staff, then he should be a swell pick.

  25. Jovie, this is indeed good news. Where is the media? I will see if Rachel covers this tonight.
    Will the nasties stop nipping at Obama’s heels?

    Probably NOT!

  26. Boy do I miss Ann Richards. She could have an absolute FIELD DAY in this political enviornment!I think I know what she’d say, it’s just that no one could say things quite like she did!What a wonderful, outspoken,smart woman she was.Texas could use another one just like her.

  27. I would wager that being SoS is the next hardest job to POTUS. Domestic concerns are spread out across a raft of departments; every foreign crisis rests squarely at State. I would guess that you’re right, and she hasn’t been getting much sleep for the past few weeks.

  28. Gloria

    I would like info on the women being congratted and honored. I can only imagine their bravery. Please link to any info if you find some. I’ve read accounts of the women’s lives in the countries they most likely hail from – stayed with me a long time. One older book was “Not Without My Daughter.”

  29. Awwwwwwww. Thanks for these gorgeous and inspiring pics, BWD. I have really come to admire HRC without reservation and that last photo is beautiful. FLOTUS seems to get prettier and prettier everyday. She is glowing. Kudos to all these wonderful women!

  30. Ron Kirk is definitely a Democrat. Also, I think he’s done a pretty decent job as trade rep. He’s filed a few claims with WTO against China and Canada over trade violations…

  31. I’ve thought the same of the President this week – he’s been positively glowing. They’re living well- which is excellent.

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