Monday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

10:15 AM PBO holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia.
10:30 AM PBO holds an expanded bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
11:00 AM  
11:15 AM PBO and Prime Minister Julia Gillard deliver statements to the press.
12:00 PM  
12:30 PM Carney briefs the press.
1:00 PM  
2:00 PM  
2:20 PM PBO meets with senior advisers.


2. More ready-to-go stuff:

“In each of us I think that spirit still exists and that sense of hope still exists”

President Barack Obama is seeking to revive a spirit of hope that swept him into office in 2008 as he works for reelection. This time, he is doing it with a record.

He has started raising money for Democratic races in 2012, rallying supporters and financiers in Florida last week to “do it again.’’

“In each of us I think that spirit still exists and that sense of hope still exists,” he told about 70 financial backers at one of two events in Miami March 4. The president’s first fundraising foray for his party’s 2012 races helped bring in $1 million for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

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3. Interesting info about the ups and downs of the recovery.


4. Something we need to spread all over:

State-By-State job losses under the awful Republicans budget cuts


5. Diplomacy. Such a strange concept.

China sees positive trend in ties with US

BEIJING — Buoyed by President Hu Jintao’s successful visit to Washington, China’s relations with the U.S. are warming again after a year of disputes over issues from Taiwan to Internet freedom, China’s foreign minister said Monday.

Yang Jiechi’s comments marked a remarkably upbeat assessment of relations between the world’s No. 1 economy and dominant military power and the rising Asian giant, whose economy overtook Japan’s last year to claim the No. 2 spot

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101 thoughts on “Monday morning mishmash

  1. They looking mighty sharp.
    Kinda of like, Men in black. I love that movie.
    Agent B and Agent M.

  2. President Obama would be smart to run against Gov. Scott in Florida. The unemployment rate is high and Scott turns down HSR funding that would have created 25,000 jobs.

    President Obama doesn’t need Florida and Ohio, but I’ll certainly be able to breath easier a helluva lot earlier in Novemeber 2012 if he does carry them.

    Given the Dem bench in Florida I guess Nelson is the best Senate candidate – maybe the old folks will vote for him out of habit if nothing else.

  3. I love the fact that FLOTUS tops that poll. It’s especially satisfying after how scary they tried to make her back in 2008. Now she’s Hugger-in-Chief and Most Admired :-D.

    And once again, rethuglican leadership proves to be disastrous on the economy — in this case, on the state level. I guess people will learn eventually.

    This weekend I was finally able to watch the Motown at the White House Special that I had DVR’d. It was spectacular. Such great music and warm atmosphere. Nice to see the White House being as open as the Obamas have made it.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  4. Good morning everyone! I love that state by state map of the job losses if the Repubs budget cuts passes. This is something everyone needs to see. So much information to think about. Thanks again BWD for the great mishmash.

  5. Good Morning Everyone

    I hope you are well and energized. The First couple does look good…

    I just saw this article in the NYTimes and sent a note to David Carr. I encourage you to do the same.

    The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms

    “Fox News officials are willing to say — anonymously, of course; they don’t want to be identified as criticizing the talent — that they are looking at the end of his contract in December and contemplating life without Mr. Beck. “

  6. A little off topic, but check out whats going on over at Queen Huffington’s web page, after AOL took over just a few hours ago. 4 negative stories about President Obama, one from Robert “Nuttier” about how he is not calling out the repubs. Also, negative comments were scrubbed that spoke negatively about the takeover.

  7. At 59.2 degrees, former president Bill Clinton came in second place on the thermometer, [b]while New Jersey’s popular Republican governor Christopher Christie, virtually unknown on the national level one year ago, was third with 57 degrees.[/b]

    Christie “has clearly made a positive impression on the American people,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

    The New Jersey governor has ruled out running for the 2012 presidential nomination, despite being heavily recruited to toss his hat into the ring.

    “It is important to remember that this measure is not any kind of presidential trial heat, but it does reflect how voters feel about national figures, including politicians,” Brown said.

    [b]Former New York mayor Rudolph Giulani came in fifth place with 52.3 degrees, followed by possible Republican presidential candidate Mick Huckabee with 51.8 degrees and current Republican House Speaker, John Boehner with 51.1 degrees.[/b]

    Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who now is the Democratic leader in the Republican-controlled chamber came bottom of the poll with 32.9 degrees, below Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who ranked third from the bottom with just 38.2 degrees.

  8. Can’t they please pay Beck off early and let him go peacefully off to the mental hospital now?

  9. Totally agree MTmarilyn. Now the big challenge, as always, is piercing the media firewall. I have sent the map to everyone on my distribution list and asked them to share with their family and friends. It really makes the situation personal when you can see how your state is being impacted.

    I am also going to email the link to Rachel Maddow. I would love to see a segment on this map on her show tonight.

  10. IMO, Glenn is only the beginning of what’s wrong with FOX. The media should be reporting on the propaganda machine that is FOX NEWS instead of pretending that Glenn is their only problem.

  11. I read somewhere that the anger index of the right dropped 40 points after the November election. That elections are like pressure release valves, and the Dems had theirs in 2008 and the GOP/Teabaggers had theirs in 2010.

    Right after 2008 talk on the left was that the GOP would be in political Siberia for a decade. Now talk on the right is the “shellacking”(I really wish PBO didn’t use that word now) the GOP gave Obama and the Dems prove that it is a center-right Country. I think both led/will lead to complacency amongst their supporters.

    Opposition to the boogeyman issues have fallen noticibly as well. However the GOP is telling folks to re-fight those battles because they realize there will be little to gin up their base over during the next two years because nothing big will get done due to the GOP majority House. This is one reason for the HCR lawsuits and the GOP hopes that it gets to the Supreme Court in 2012, so even if it is ruled constitutional it will be front and center as a political issue. However it seems to grow in popularity, or at least in apathy as there isn’t the fervent hate for it, the world didn’t end and nobody killed Granny via death panel.

  12. That’s probably why they’re keeping him around. He’s the distraction, everybody who attacks Fox will focus on Beck allowing Bill-O The Clown, Hannity, Fox and Friends etc to get the free pass.

    O’Reilly last week was trying to provide Huckabee safe haven, agreeing with Huck that Obama is a “different guy” than the rest of us and accepted the Huck explanation that it was a simple slip of the tongue and didn’t press on the Mau Mau mention and how that wouldn’t fit the “slip of the tongue” explanation.

  13. I haven’t gone there since the announcement of the sale. I won’t ever go there again. What a saleout it is now.

  14. Morning everyone, and thanks for today’s mishmash, BWD.

    Michelle looks a bit chilly. Actually, I love the way the First Couple look like what they are in this picture – two parents going to discuss their children’s scholastic progress. So often in previous administrations when you saw the presidential couple they ALWAYS looked stiff and formal. These guys do a good job of formal when it’s called for, and ‘normal’ otherwise. I do have a tremendous amount of respect for them!

    Have a wonderful week, you all!

  15. Chris Christie, really?!?! Ugh. The rest of the poll is schizophrenic as hell (and reminds me why I don’t care for polls, lol) — but anyhoo, love FLOTUS!

  16. I dunno. I think Americans need to be motivated to get to the polls and anger is a great motivator. Maybe anger is the wrong word. MSM uses Enthusiasm Gap, I guess enthusiasm can come from different places.

  17. I don’t like these numbers one bit. Many republicans in there. Rudy Guliani?????

    Michelle O. and Bill Clinton are well liked, but as far as active politians go, this state seems pretty strong for republicans. Add to that Rubio who’ll have an impact on latinos….

    I hope that Governor Scott will show himself for the crook that he is and that floridians will sour on republicans.

    Looking at the political landscape right now…

    For me, the 2008 campaign was not “hope over fear” that much in the case of independants. They were tired and outraged about the Bush presidency, afraid of Palin, etc.. and they went for “the other guy”.

    2012 will really be about “hope over fear”. This is the REAL choice independants will have. And watch the GOP, right now, doing everything they can to instill fear in the american people. Fear of the president himself ( Huckabee anyone ? ), fear of the debt, fear of muslims ( the House’s inquiry). And, often in subtle ways because it’s not politically correct to say it in the open, they’re trying to instill fear and resentment towards blacks, latinos and other minorities. The fear of whites becoming a minority is a powerful emotion they are counting on.

    Folks, the WH is seeing 2012 as a close election. I agree with them. It could be more of a challenge than people might think.

  18. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @thinkprogress: BREAKING: Mark Miller, Wisc. Dem Senate Leader writes Walker requesting meeting at Wisconsin-Illinois border (via @samsteinhp)

  19. Sounds dramatic. “Meet me at the border” — kind of like an old Western. LOL.

  20. One washed out mayor and ex presidential candidate makes that list ? uugghh … My non-american opinion about american voters’ political intelligence remains unchanged.

  21. Yup, I agree. 2012 will be an uphill battle for dems despite a destructive rethugs run congress.

  22. Gates lands in afghanistan, talks to Karazi, karzai tells him his apology for NATO collateral damge is not accepted, and then he makes a statement, that the US will be in Afghansitan after 2014!

    Makes NO sense! Gates needs to be replaced, and fast! This guys time is short and he goes off the cuff, and is very inconsistent. For ex: Last week he said that people have to have their heads examined, if we start another war in Asia or the middle east.
    Does that include him?

    Anyways, good morning!

  23. According to quinnpiac, Michelle is the most popular person in the country, followed by Christie!
    Wait,… WHAT?

  24. Add Sasha’s schoolwork to the list of things President Obama has to address this week.

    Obama and the first lady started their week with a parent-teacher conference for their 9-year-old daughter. In just a few hours, the prime minister of Australia was scheduled to be at the White House.

    The first couple arrived at Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda at 7:25 a.m. According to the pool, the president was wearing a dark suit and no tie, and the first lady had on black pants and a jacket.

    They stayed for about a half hour and were back at the White House at 8:18 a.m., the pool reports.

    Politico 44-

  25. How can 55 percent of American voters say they do not know enough about Christie to form an opinion yet at the same time he place 3rd on this poll? Garnering 57%? O__o makes no sense to me.

    Anyway POTUS Obama is the one having to make the hard pragmatic decisions that are getting us out of this Republican created mess and he still polls well. I am Happy that FLOTUS sits high on the list even with the continuous bashing from the lazy right.

  26. Probably a trick where he’ll have supporters run and push them over the state line into Wisconsin where they’ll be arrested. Or meet at a place where the border is not marked and then say “Ha we’re in Wisconsin – and then have police arrest them” and if it turns out not to be the case then well “My bad, but since you’re now in Wisconsin, let’s go vote”.

  27. Somebody made a reference to Warren Buffett investing in Wind power.
    Also, On tuesday, POTUS goes to BOSTON tech scholl with Bill and Melinda Gates(to discuss education).
    I am sure that this is the POTUS influence, with these two… One takes Wind power and invests the other takes education and invests!

    Now, if only the KOCH bros would not invest in OIL!

  28. That was my question, sounds skewed to me, notice POTUS is only half a percentage point behind christie!
    It is all about the headlines!

  29. Nevermind, I misread it. The Dem Senate Leader is requesting the meeting. I hope they are not caving.

    Maybe they’ll just line up and moon him from the other side. Nobody does mooners anymore…

  30. That is all underhanded, he would lose the PR war, which is why he keeps having press confernces every day, he is getting his ass killed in the press!

  31. Okay I am confused as this could be read two ways –

    Mark Miller writes to Walker requesting a meeting…


    Mark Miller writes that Walker is requesting a meeting…

  32. He is desperate. The Farmer convoy this week will be another show of solidarity against him.

  33. It’s because they don’t know him. He’s the shape of the Pillsbury Doughboy, maybe they want to press his belly and see if he giggles.

  34. Dems are dealing a winning hand with this request, showing which party is mature and reasonable. Citizens, in general, want to see some compromise. What we won’t forget or forgive is signing away our bargaining rights. (Though there is so much else that is diabolical about Walker’s plan.)

    Walker is facing three week-ends of iconic protesting which will get press – Tractorcade, boys’ state basketball championships, girls’ state basketball championships. I love the idea of all those school representatives from all over the state gathering in Mad Town! And convoys of tractors! The crowds will go nuts.

  35. Miller requested the meeting, other Dems included. The request was sent to Walker and the two Fitzgerald brothers from Dodge County, one head of the Senate, the other of the Assembly. They do sound like villains from the Westerns, don’t they?

  36. Rubio, will only have an impact on Florida latinos, who are overwhelmingly all republicans…
    And The rest of the country, latinos are democrats.
    Why? Because the Latinos in Florida(especially the Miami area) blamed democrats for the bay of pigs, and have not gotten over it!
    So, again, Florida Latinos are different than the rest of the country!\


  37. ….In addition, state Sen. Chris Larson released this statement:

    “Sen. Miller’s comments are taken out of context in the Wall Street Journal article just released. Dems will return when collective bargaining is off the table. That could be soon based on the growing public opposition to the bill and the recall efforts against Republicans. Unfortunately, the WSJ fished for the quote they wanted, skipping this key step in logic: we won’t come back until worker’s rights are preserved.”

    “State Sen. Jon Erpenbach also told WisPolitics that Democrats are not planning to return. State Sen. Bob Jauch, who has been one of the lead negotiators, also said of Miller’s comments: ‘I think he’s speaking the truth that at some point – and I don’t know when soon is – at some point we have to say we’ve done all we can.'”

  38. Bob Jauch sounds like he’s ready to flip to the Walker side. I mean “…at some point we have to say we’ve done all we can.’” will embolden Walker and the GOP to hold out longer if they see that the Dems are wavering. What an epic putz.

  39. I think the white house sees what the hop hopefuls see, that Obama is going to be tough to beat and any serious hop candidate is going to wait until 2012. This election will be a chance for the hop primary voters to kick the tires on some of the radical thinking floating around the party. Obama is running not just to get reelected but to get a congress that will help him govern.

  40. I don’t think that all Americans voted in anger in 2008 or even 2010 for that matter (with the exception of the teaparties of course). I think that 2010 was a classic attempt by swing voters to put the brakes on what they saw as POTUS and Dems doing too much. This was a belief which rose out of the “Dems spent big yet did nothing to help anyone but Wall St. and insurance companies” myth, as well as a natural tendency to want to “balance” out the parties, encourage them to work together in order to create the type of centrist outcomes which swing voters favor. This is also mythical, in that it underestimates the radical nature of the current GOP, a story of radicalism which was massively underreported during the runup to the elections, with the media instead reporting overly upon the horserace aspect as well as everything which Dems supposedly did wrong during the 111th session creating an “exhausted and tired” electorate.

  41. Jovie, a large segment of Floridians are of Cuban descent, who usually vote Republican. This changed in the 2008 election when the group who had voted for George W. Bush in 2004 at the rate of 44%, gave McCain only 30% of the vote. The reasons for this shift can be attributed to several factors: the stereotyping and bashing of undocumented immigrants, McCain’s well-publicized reversal on immigration reform, AND Barack Obama.

    In Florida, inter-generational differences should be taken into account because younger Cubans and Hispanics do not share some of the older generations’ resentments or views about politics and tend to vote for Democratic candidates.

  42. “This was a belief which rose out of the “Dems spent big yet did nothing to help anyone but Wall St. and insurance companies” myth, as well as a natural tendency to want to “balance” out the parties, encourage them to work together in order to create the type of centrist outcomes which swing voters favor.”

    Excellent point, GN, which is further demonstrated by the fact that when it’s revealed to people how much the President has actually managed to accomplish, they’re always, completely amazed because they hadn’t heard about it.

  43. Thanks for that link jovie, have remarked on this elsewhere a family member just received critically needed medical care at a Community Health Center. Cannot provide all the details (out of respect for this person’s privacy) but let’s just say that without these funds the outcome would not have been so positive.

  44. By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff

    Unions representing public employees are planning to release a proposal today to address concerns about rising health insurance costs.

    In today’s Globe, colleague James Vaznis has set the scene for their 11 a.m. State House rally.

    Glen Johnson can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @globeglen.

  45. I think that has already begun jovie. When we read or hear about these positive health care stories I think it pays to remember that every individual who benefits from HCR also has family members and or friends who see the impact, in that sense it is too late for the GOP because the effects are exponential. 🙂

  46. I certainly hope you are right. I hope there are Republican and indie parents who now find they can keep their children on their plan until 25 and know it’s the result of HCR, Republican and indie seniors who get that check in the mail and know it’s from the HCR to help close that donut hole. I hope there Republican and Indie people with pre-existing conditions that can now get coverage and realize it came from the HCR reform.

    And I hope all of these people tell their Republican and Indie friends about how they personally benefitted from HCR. And all of these people remember this when they vote in the future and remember the fear and lies the GOP and Fox news was selling them.

  47. Unfortunately, the far right(who says they are independent)only looks at it from where some of their tax money is going.
    You know, to the Poor Blacks and Latinos!
    Seriously, they do not look at it as how it will help themselves, they only look at it from a racial standpoint! SIGH!

  48. A shout out to soothsayer99 for a posting today on KOS pointing out the demographics there. White (93%) male (66%), no kids at home (90%), income over 100k (40%), over 50 (51%). AA participation has dropped from 9% to 4%. Hispanic participation is 1%. So how exactly do they represent the “base”?

  49. Outside of the income number these pretty much look exactly how I would imagine Fox News demographics to look like.

    I don’t know how reliable this information is though because I can’t see 40% of folks over there pulling six figures.

    I mean the site pulls 600,000 unique views a day, so that would mean 240,000 of it’s visitors make $100K or more?

  50. In response to SR and jovie, that’s where our messaging about the ACA comes into play. If we continue to correct false assumptions and point out the positive benefits of ACA, think we’ll be fine. I believe that the best way to override the false meme about health care reform perpetrated by FOX and the GOP is person to person contact, it ain’t easy or fast, but it is effective. And once people benefit from a program the last thing they want to see happen is for that benefit or program to be taken away.

  51. Hola BWD Family- happy Monday.. I just received a letter from OFA on the govt shut-down/job loss for my state (ND).. letting me know that 2,000 jobs would be lost here if the repubs get their way and shut down govt.. 2000 jobs is a BFD when your state has less than a million people. I’ll be spreading this far and wide to the folks here, who love to vote for republicans.

  52. They never represented any base except perhaps the white male republican base imo. I have believed for almost two years that the larger percentage of those folks are indeed republicans.. pretending.. which is why they love to use the word “progressive” over liberal… also my opinion.

  53. Yes, but why did Americans forget that they had just emerged (or were just emerging) from a catastrophic recession that left a hole of trillions of dollars and eight million jobs lost? How did they think that would get fixed without spending to get back on track? And why did Americans forget about the two wars that weren’t paid for, or the expensive prescription drug plan that wasn’t paid for? How could they be hoodwinked into thinking that putting those charges on the bill meant that the person responsible for paying for them incurred the charges in the first place? I don’t think there’s a real excuse for apathy or willful ignorance.

  54. I think if you asked most people in this country, they wouldn’t be able to pick Christie out of a lineup, and many don’t have a clue who he is anyway. This is all an attempt to get him top of mind – but, it won’t change what he actually does while he’s governor.

  55. I saw that diary and until the admins step in and ban some of the bullies on that site those #s won’t improve. There is a group of people who have driven off almost all of the reasonable voices from that site. Sad to see.

  56. I’m not sure where you’re coming from Jovie. Gates has been a good partner in the many fights that have been fought with major cuts to the Defense budget, instructing generals not to circumvent his office and make back room deals with Senators who want to feed them tax dollars, helping to navigate the DADT fight. There is other stuff, too. I’m not sure the situation you’ve stated here is entirely accurate or the full story, and it’s certainly not a reason to castigate Sec. Gates and call for his removal.

  57. Let’s look at the definition of unique view from Google:
    A unique pageview, as seen in the Top Content report, aggregates pageviews that are generated by the same user during the same session. A unique view represents the number of sessions during which that page was viewed one or more times.

    I think the key word here is ‘session’. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have multiple ‘session’ a day at this site, during which I wander all over keeping up with people’s post. If I visit in the morning and catch up, then close that browser window or tab, then do I close my ‘session’? Then if I come here again, later in the day, by opening a new browser window or tab, then have I started a new ‘session’?

    If I’m correct in my understanding, then 600,000 unique views to DKOS does not equal 600,000 individual people reading the site. If everyone there visits three times a day, each time with a new session, then there would only be 100,000 individuals visiting. I would wager that it’s even less than that based on comments I’ve read here about how obsessively some people engaged that site.

  58. Agreed. I rarely post there anymore and took a month or so break between December and January. There is no reasoning with the “nay-sayers” over there. They live in their own little world with their own set of made-up facts. They are all world-class mental gymnasts and there is no point in trying to carry on a rational conversation with them, as they will twist words, misquote, and throw up false equivalences. I can think of a dozen posters right off the top of my head who fit that mold – Uberbore, ThAnswr, JesseCW, Wamsutta, etc. I could go on and on.

  59. Saint Roscoe, I was thinking the same thing earlier until I came across this:

    “Dem Sen. Bob Jauch fired back at the guv this afternoon, accusing him of distorting the truth in “some vain attempt to suggest he’s being serious” about reaching a deal.”

    “An agitated Jauch vehemently disputed the guv’s suggestion this afternoon that he and fellow Dem Sen. Tim Cullen have reached tentative deals with Republicans to break the impasse only to have Minority Leader Mark Miller undercut them.”

    “He disputed the description of the talks they’ve had with Republicans as negotiations and said a meeting with Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald involved nothing more than discussing things like the landscape of both caucuses and how difficult it would be moving forward.”

    “Jauch, D-Poplar, took particularly offense to the suggestion the two of them were looking to cut a deal that would pave the way for five or six Dems to return for a vote on the budget repair bill.”

    “Never, never has there been a suggestion that Tim Cullen and I would somehow abandon the other 12 for the sake of cutting a deal,” Jauch said. “That’s just an outrageous lie.”

  60. It’s about to get much worse at HuffnPuff. I imagine the Obama-bashing will reach new heights, if that’s possible.

    WASHINGTON – The Huffington Post officially joined AOL Monday, celebrating with the announcement that it had nabbed reporters from The New York Times, Yahoo!, and even Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad newspaper The Daily.


    “One of the Huffington Post Media Group’s main goals is to deliver engaging and high-impact journalism, and these hires are an exciting addition to our reporting team,” The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington said.

    “These new hires, which are only the beginning, demonstrate our commitment to great journalism,” AOL chairman and chief executive Tim Armstrong said in a statement.

  61. FLOTUS looks pretty. I love her sunglasses, and coat. I am pretty sure little Sasha had a great parent teacher conference.

  62. I never felt that that site represented the base neither. I don’t go to DKOS because I don’t want to give them any hits, but when I decided to visit DKOS today I was shocked that it’s not diverse, and really shocked by the comments in the diary. Many mocked the diarist.

  63. It is always a pleasure to read your thoughtful comments. By the way, the other factor which is ignored, but which I think is very important, is that fewer voters, in row numbers, voted for Congressional Republicans in 2010 than those who voted for congressional Democrats in 2008. The result of Democrats not showing up in as great numbers as in 2008 flipped many of the congressional districts, that neither party dominated, to the Republican column. For the Republicans to view this past election as a mandate for enacting extreme teabagger inspired legislations seems to be a complete miscalculation.

  64. Hi Creolechild,

    I am just wondering, Now that Huffington has officially became an organ of a major corporation, is it going to stop falsely accusing the President for being a “corporatist” who is in the pocket of Wall Street?

    I used to visit HuffPost regularly since 2008. I also posted comments on the site from time to time. But the way that site turned viciously against President Obama, even before he was sworn in, turned me off. Now that it is part of the corporate media I am tempted to go there and to poke fun at the site’s hypocrisy.

  65. I am with you Theo about Christie. He came to California to campaign for Meg Whitman and he completely flopped. I think the Big money that includes the MSM is trying to market him. I am not so convinced that Christie could match President Obama’s charisma.

  66. Theo67 – Totally agree. Secretary Gates is a man of integrity. I saw a clip of him in Afghanistan today and he got choked up when speaking of his admiration for our troops – he means it. He supports and carries out the President’s agenda, is a class act, is not in it for himself, and has a real heart and a real soul. That’s my take, anyway!

  67. Thanks for the link Creolechild. We must always point out that the Wall Street Journal is now part of Murdoch’s media empire, which is a propaganda arm of the Republican party. The Wall Street Journal, like Fox News, should never be regarded as a source of objective news .

  68. I agree with you Theo! Gates has really been the most sensible Sec. of Defense in my adult life, and I am no spring Chicken. Obviously the loss of life in Afghanistan is horrible and need to be urgently addressed. But I don’t remember Karzai being so obnoxious about the loss of life during Bush’s tenure. I for one trust Pres. Obama and Sec. Gates more than I trust that Union Carbide crony, Pres. Karzai.

  69. Interesting. I didn’t need numbers to tell me which way the wind blows there, but it’s still an eye-opener.

    I no longer contribute to the site, and I’m not even interested in lurking there anymore. From what I’ve observed in recent months (from the few visits I’ve paid out of morbid curiosity) is that member participation (and I would assume web traffic)is way down, even with all their fancy new graphics. The majority over at DK and other similar blogs never spoke to or for me. Then again, I have 3 strikes against me: female, African-American, and under 30. Oh, and I don’t make 100K a year, either.

    During and right after the 08 election, I became obsessed with politics and political media. But in the two years since my interest was piqued, I’ve been mentally exhausted by the lies, spin, and disrespect coming form all sides. I’m just burnt out on it now. With the exception of a few web spaces (including this one,)I no longer have the desire to engage or even read political opinions. It isn’t worth my time or energy anymore, and I have more important things to do this year.

  70. Interesting. I always thought it was by ip address and an IP counted only once each day.

    I would be interested in how long a session would last.

    I’ve found that “sessions” are 30 minutes (or end when the viewer is not active on the site for 30 minutes), but then also read it’s done by cookies – so if your browser clears cookies everytime you close it, than each visit would be a unique view.

  71. Yeah, it is amazing how a few posters can set the tone for the entire site especially one as large as DK.

  72. It’s easy when they are in tune with the front pagers and the site owner and MB treats them with kid gloves.

  73. I don’t think the “birther” issue can be blamed entirely on “tweety.” This is part of a well calculated right wing strategy to undermine the legitimacy of President Obama. Since it is no longer kosher to suggest that he shouldn’t be president because he is black, the only alternative left is to claim that he is foreign born. That way you could accomplish your racist goals with directly being viewed as racist.

    What this “birther” thing does also is to take the focus away from the monumental problems President Obama faced when he was elected president. Not only that, “birthersm” is an effective tool of diverting the attention of the people from focusing on the great job the President is doing to address major economic and Foreign Policy issues.

    Many people, on our side, did not take Rush Limbaugh seriously when he announced in January, ’09 that he wanted the President to fail. unfortunately, the majority of Republicans agreed with him. The “birther” issue is also aimed at the gullible racists to ensure that they continue to vote for the Republican party.

  74. Theo67, if they aren’t able to pick him out of a line-up, I think they could have a somewhat adverse reaction to his physical appearance. I know I do, IMO he has a mafioso/bully/swarmy quality about him that I find repellent. Looks aren’t everything, but they influence our first impressions.

  75. St Roscoe, thanks for the laugh, much needed today 🙂

    Seems like you are on a ‘roll’ … LOL

  76. Media excess. Remember the immediate runup to the elections? September, we were kinda okay. Then the tsunami of lies came, the “Pelosi’s Pet,” an almost traumatic assault upon voters with ad after ad after ad with nonstop negativity. That was a very challenging media environment. This is what I’m hoping that we’re not going to underestimate: another huge misinformation challenge like that, and its effect on the psyche of swing voters. Most people aren’t like us, they’re not devoting but so much of their lives to politics, or the news, both institutions which they consider less than trustworthy. How can we break through this is the enduring challenge.

  77. Always a pleasure to read you as well Nathan and I must caution readers that your understanding of the historical context has only a handful of peers here (and all of you are stellar). I utterly agree about the failed challenge to get enough Obamacrats out in 2010 to counteract the swing voters who sided with the GOP. And that this indeed presents a challenge…to the GOP…in 2012. I also couldn’t agree more that the GOP has severely misinterpreted the mandate provided by a confused, misinformed, narrow 2010 electorate.

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