Aussie, Aussie, Aussie (Updates with video)

President Obama and Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard, having fun.



90 thoughts on “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie (Updates with video)

  1. It is so great to see other world leaders meeting with and actually enjoying the intelligence and humor of our President…..and some of our students too.

  2. I’m glad to see POTUS has respect with our world leaders… he rocks!

  3. How great it is to see a smiling laughing President and guest. What a special man we have as our President. Can’t wait to hear what all they were doing.

  4. I know what you mean. The Man just lights up my life. Plus he is pretty.

  5. Cute!

    Wonder what was being said in the last photo. He looks like he’s blushing a little bit, lol. Nice color.

    I wanna go to Australia…

  6. PM Gillard has had such terrible floods and bush fires and having to deal with the aftermath. She must had enjoyed this chance to relax a bit and have some fun. I’m looking forward to the video, too. She seems to be a nice and caring individual.

  7. I can’t watch this clip at the moment but the body language from the pics are putting a huge smile on my face. ❤

  8. I loved the part where he mentioned that the teacher of the class used to be a journalist, then decided to become a teacher. He joked, “She decided to do something useful.”

    He’s so easy in the front of a classroom.

  9. One of the kids asked the Prime Minister of Australia about asked about vegimite. Questions about kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee and if Fosters really is Australian for beer was probably next. Or maybe ask her if their beds are really burning…

  10. Oops! How’s that union busting thingy working out for you Scott Walker?

    Scott Walker’s poll numbers continue to collapse while President Obama’s soar in Wisconsin.

    From PolitcusUSA’s story on a new Wisconsin Policy Research Institute poll:

    “A new Wisconsin Policy Research Institute poll released today revealed that by trying to break the public sector union in the state, Gov. Scott Walker is not only destroying his own popularity, but is making President Obama more popular, and could be handing Wisconsin to the Democrats in 2012.”

    “Wisconsin residents’ approval of the job Obama is doing as president by a 53%-42% margin. The numbers are reversed for Gov. Walker as 53% disapprove and only 43% approve of his job performance. Shockingly among those who disapprove, 45% strongly disapprove of Walker. In contrast only 26% strongly disapprove of Obama.”

    And this:
    “This poll is the strongest evidence yet that Walker is not only damaging his own political future, but he might be setting up the Republican Party for an electoral disaster in 2012. Walker’s union busting jihad is in essence handing Wisconsin to President Obama on a silver platter. If Walker continues to alienate the state’s voters it won’t matter who the Republican presidential candidate is, Obama will again carry Wisconsin.”

    I know it’s early, but I would venture to say that even if Walker were to compromise today, he has shown Wisconsin and America that the republican party is full of liars who do not care about average people and therefore has ruined his and the republicans chances for 2012 and beyond.

    Here’s the link to the full story:

    Link to the full poll results.

  11. The president just did wonders for Advanced Placement U.S. History, which will be the “in” class in that school and others for years to come. In the process he gave the students a gift that will stay with them throughout their lives. Even though Richard Nixon was president when I would have been taking U.S. History, I would never have forgotten it.

    He looks so comfortable as a world leader, as if he were born to the role, which I think he was.

  12. What I don’t get is all this positive polling for the Unions and the holdout and yet the Dem State Senators are starting to talk that they’re going to have to give in eventually.

  13. I too read this poll which kept me very optimistic that Obama may very well win Wisconsin and many other states will be going dem next year. Lets keep hoping man I really want to see it happen.

  14. I also love that he makes world leaders approachable. I’m sure they enjoy speaking to normal people, too. And the exchange was really light hearted and fun. It also showed a different side to PM Gillard, who I had held in very low esteem after her take over of the Australian government.

    I loved how, at the end, the kids pointed out President Obama’s picture on the wall with the other presidents. Every once in a while, there’s a reminder that he really is the President, and not just a really amazing guy.

  15. His next act will be to make voting in Wisconsin difficult, especially for college students. If you can’t win on your merits, cheat, is going to be R’s tactic going into 2012. Which means we’d better have our election protection forces out in greater than ever numbers in all states with Republican governors come presidential election time.

  16. Another poll showing President Obama running strong. This one from Pennsylvania.

    Talking Points Memo story:
    “In a recent Muhlenberg College poll of registered voters in the state, Obama comfortably topped three leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. The results suggest that despite Pennsylvania voters flocking to Republican candidates in last year’s midterm elections, they’re unlikely to do so again when it comes to 2012.

    In the poll of potential match-ups, Obama led Mitt Romney 43% to 36%, and topped Mike Huckabee 44% to 34%. Sarah Palin also trailed the President, but by a massive 28-point margin, 53% to 25%.”

    I’m telling you the only reason the repubs won so many seats (and many of them by just an inch) was because we dems stayed at home. We will not make the same mistake in 2012.

    Complete poll results:

  17. That’s good for their asses. These dumb MF’s thought they could try and change the soul of Wisconsin by busting unions. This shit has backfired BIG TIME and this will have a ripple effect across this nation. Watch Obama poll numbers continue to climb in individual states especially those that have unions. When some in your party is turning against you, you know you have crossed the line. If I were congressmen from wisconsin, indiana, ohio and florida I would be shaking right now because what scott walker and all these other radical govenors have done is wake a sleeping giant and her husband cause they have a large swath of voters out for revenge in 2012.

    Hispanics, Unions, Women, Blacks, Muslims, Gays and Lesbians, Young Voters.

    With that giant that is voting in 2012 the GOP will get their clocks cleaned.

    Kasich and Walker in OHIO and Wisconsin will go down in flames and will bring a bunch of GOP colleagues with them cause if they vote for this bill they will bring out petitions for signature in Ohio to put it on the ballot for the folks to vote on it and if that is on the ballot for the next election plus obama on the top of the ticket, SHIT it is going to be wipeout of the GOP. And if walker passes that bill he will be recalled right along with the 8 senators who voted for that crap.

  18. That horrible Julie Mason has a story up on Politico (refuse to link there) about PBO and the prime minister’s press avail. She titles it “Is it Hot in Here?” and is insinuating that PBO was flirting with the prime minister. She is sooooooooooo stupid.

    These sick msm flacks at Politico will do anything to make PBO look bad. But when will they learn:

    IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!

    The American people really, really, really like their President Obama. Eh, to the tune of 74% in the latest poll, I believe.

  19. Oops! Those ethics investigations will get you every time.

    Meanwhile, our Secretary of State here in Indiana has been indicted on seven counts of voter fraud and says he’s not going anywhere.

  20. I really enjoyed the exchange between President Obama and the Prime Minister. It was very light great for the kids. What a memory for all of them.

    I won’t go to Politico, but if someone wrote that the President was flirting, they are really looking for anything against this man. What a bunch of morons!!!!!!

  21. The writer didn’t come out and say it, but it was clearly insinuating. Nauseating story.

    Chipsticks over at The Obama Diary recently did an article on this Julie Mason and how she always finds a way to take a dig at the President. Her stories, like this one, are snarky, childish and very unprofessional.

  22. That’s good news because it looks like at some point Pennsylvania will be facing the same situation as the state of Wisconsin.

    “Union leaders are pouring resources into Wisconsin but are also planning for battles in Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Michigan and other states facing budget crises. They have put aside $30m for the campaigns.”

    “Plans are being put into place to silence workers, lower their wages, cut their benefits and increase the likelihood that they will suffer injuries and fatalities at work,” said Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which has 1.6 million members, said. “It is happening at a breakneck pace.”

  23. Here’s some interesting facts about the demographics of unions, which may explain why there appears to be a widespread effort to eliminate them.

    “….And to to go back to the numbers Kai pointed to from UC Berkeley researcher Steven Pitts, here’s the national picture.”

    * 14.5 percent of all public sector workers in the nation are black, making the sector second only to health and education services as the most heavily black workforce. In all other sectors, black workers hover around or below 10 percent. Again, if you took out states with disproportionate white populations or even focused on states with budget crises, I bet you’d see an even greater disparity.

    * More than one in five black workers are employed in public administration, as are 23.3 percent of black women in the workforce. That compares to just under 17 percent of all white workers.

    * Black women in the public sector make significantly less than everyone else. Their median wage is $15.50 an hour; the sector’s median wage overall is $18.38. White men make $21.24.

  24. Crud. I was hoping he would run. This opens the door for Dean Heller, who will be a shoo-in. He was probably going to primary Ensign anyway I guess. Maybe Sharon Angle will run again.

  25. I bet unions would have loved to spend that $8M donated to Halter elsewhere in 2008. I never understood that play no matter how great Kos and co loved it.

    You don’t like her, don’t support her. But don’t waste money primarying her when Halter was sure to lose to Boozman as well.

    $4M to Barrett and $4M to Strickland probably would look like a much better investment right about now.

  26. Nate Silver also suggesting the over-reach by Walker could secure Wisconsin for PBO but also flip other seats to the Dem column.

  27. Scott Brown seemingly caught on hidden camera schmoozing with a Koch Brother and asking for money from him.

  28. Yes, that smacks of 7th grade journalism..”Is it hot in here?” Oh please.

  29. Actually it looks like he’s taking to the person directly across from him, not David Koch to his left. I think this could have backfire potential unless the identity of the person directly across is a Koch as well.

  30. POTUS looks handsome.

    BWD I took a walk over to your fomer website, and saw a diary that detailed how dkos is not ethnically diverse, mainly white men visit that website. Now it all makes sense to me, why their is a strong dislike for POTUS over there.

  31. BWD,

    Thanks for this (and many other) posts.

    I’m particularly grateful for the picture of the front row girls – during the video we only looked at their backs when they were asking questions; this photograph gave them a face.


  32. That was a revealing diary by soothsayer. I go and read Black Kos and she blasted the for their treatment to BWD also. I don’t comment or go often. But that was a diary, that got many to look at their treatent for blacks and the way they treated BWD.

  33. and saw a diary that detailed how dkos is not ethnically diverse, mainly white men visit that website. Now it all makes sense to me, why their is a strong dislike for POTUS over there.

    And yet – even though I do not disparage your analysis – I do not get it.

    I am a white guy between 50 and 60 years old. I don’t think that to have a black guy being the President of the USA because he far outshines me intellectually is an impossibility.

    What reasoning do these people apply to deny reality ?

  34. There was a question further up as to why the Wisconsin Dem Senators would come back if the bill would pass? From what I have heard they left to bring attention to what was in the bill as it was being rushed through. It can be passed without their votes as long as there is a quorum present and it takes at least one of them to make a quorum. They wanted the Governor to at least agree to taking out the collective bargaining part of the bill but realize Walker will not budge.

    Gov. Walker cannot be recalled until next January as WI has a recall rule requiring the person to be in office for a year before he can be recalled. The recall petitioning process has begun on several WI State Senators that are eligible to be recalled. I am not sure when or if they can start gathering signatures for Walker’s recall now or if they have to wait till closer to the year end.

  35. Washington (CNN) — A senior administration official confirms to CNN President Obama will nominate Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as US Ambassador to China.

  36. With Ensign retiring it probably only helps the GOP, but potential candidates have to realize that President Obama won Nv by 12 points in 2008. And that’s with a southern state Republican senator as the Republican candidate.

    Romney could help out as there is a large Mormon contingent in Nv, but Harry Reid holds sway there as well.

    Rep. Heller would be a strong general candidate for the GOP, but could he withstand a primary challenge from the loony base. And even then, the Dem bench isn’t chopped liver either, so as good a general candidate as Heller might be, 12 points is a helluva lot to have to make up against the top of the ticket.

    Also the Reid Machine will look to repay President Obama who made more than a few stops in Nevada to help out Reid in his re-election.

    Romney polls much closer – within the low single digits of President Obama in relatively recent polling – if he’s on top of the ticket for the GOP they have a solid shot at this seat, however if it’s anybody else it’s a real pick up opportunity.

  37. Even moreso because it will give President Obama the chance to show how business friendly he is with his next commerce secretary.

    I wonder if Judd Gregg would be considered again or if he burned that bridge. With the census issue out of the way and him out of Congress it might be easier.

    I’m sure many here will hate that and I’m not even sure I like it – just throwing it out.

  38. Can’t see it being enough as he’d just name his son or something. And if not his son, definitely a puppet.

  39. Of course nominating a Republican could be spun as “Ha, see even Obama recognizes Republicans are better with the economy/commerce”.

    I’m sure former Commerce Secretary and current COS Daley will have some ideas.

  40. Yes im sorry to be replying late. I left to pick up the kids. She brought up the treatment you went through and how many have left . She also mentioned that you have a wonderful site that is doing quite well. They are targeting Black kos heavily their with very racist comments.

  41. Awesome; this is a MAJOR public relations victory for unions, as well as Dems. And the victory for unions extends across state lines and into sympathetic feelings widespread throughout the country. I can’t think of a better means of unions reaching out to the new generation and proving their relevance and necessity. Very spectacular turn of events. I hope that the Democratic senators stand firm.

  42. God I love soothsayer.

    They are targeting Black kos heavily their with very racist comments.

    That’s really dismaying (and I can’t lie, it pisses me off) to hear, as the editors and much of the community are so terrific. Those are also some of the most informed, most humble people on that site as well IIRC. Any harassment of them is truly the loss to (and speaks poorly of) those who feel so licensed to behave badly. SMH.

  43. I hear you guys, but I actually did like that challenge because Lincoln really went back on some assurances to unions. That said, I do understand the counterarguments.

  44. ^Tulips, yes it does…

    This, too: (As WE know the Koch Bros. & friends have “put a contract out” on our President…Grrr!)

    Via @rubberstamprosk: Karl Rove, Koch Brothers — on your TV, in your mailbox…

    Via @Shoq:Primer – Toward A Koch Industries Boycott…

    Via @AlterNet: How You Can Boycott the Kochs: The backlash against the Kochs’ influence in Wisconsin is gaining steam, with labor supporters starting to boycott Koch Industries’ many products…

    And, WE MUST keep Wisconsin and other states (OH, IN, MI, FL, PA, AZ, et al) in mind…

    GO Wisconsin GO… WeAreWisconsin…WeAreOne!!!

  45. Yes Deoliver said that the diary they had up Tuesday was filled with trolls, saying some awful things, i think this is what prompted Soothsayer to make a diary, about the site.

  46. At least he was not giving her unwanted and unsolitcited back rubs like the previous prez did to the German Chancellor. It was just being pleasant and respectfully playful. We all get it here because we are adults.

  47. I made the mistake of going over there to read the dairy. Lessened learned. There are some real idiots over there. To insinuate that blacks may have left that site because they are disappointed in PBO is beyond false. I came to that during the campaign. I felt like I was actually getting news. Something changed. Bashing the president day in and day out was just to much for me. I never wrote a diary and probably didn’t make more than ten comments, if that. I started only going to that site to see BWD’s diaries. Make no mistake, I didn’t delete them from my daily readings because of being disappointed in PBO. I don’t agree with all of PBO’s decisions, however I am smart enough to know that he or any other democratic president would never be able to push through a liberal agenda. He is pragmatic and sensible. I love that about him. I left that site because of their hateful rhetoric and I suspect many others left for the same reason. You can disagree with an individual without being nasty.

  48. From the article: One of Gaddafi’s sons, Saadi, said Libya would descend into civil war if his father stepped down, Al Arabiya television reported Monday.

    “The situation is very dangerous. From the perspective of a civil war, the leader must play a very, very big role in calming Libya and convincing people to sit together,” Saadi Gaddafi said in an interview with the Arabic satellite channel.

    “If something happened to the leader, who would be in control? A civil war would start,” he added.

    It wasn’t true for Mubarak — who used pretty much the same line — and it’s not true for Gaddafi. While I don’t want the US involved in another war, a limited air campaign to destroy Gaddafi’s ability to fly his jets would not only be appropriate, but is being called for by the rebels themselves. Then again, perhaps just the threat of such a campaign would be enough to kneecap Gaddafi’s final reserves of support in the military.

  49. Koch is toxic right now. Even if Scott Brown is asking someone else for money, the fact is that Koch is part of their little “reunion”.

    This video hurts Scott Brown, no question about it.

    It HAS to go viral.

  50. Republican operatives have flooded that site, I’m pretty sure of it.

    Pretty telling that Black Kos is targeted. Genuine people from the left wouldn’t do that. They are unrealistic about what progress can be accomplished, but when it comes to equality of opportunity, respect of minorities, the vast majority of them are on the right side of things.

  51. I love your post and totally agree. I still take a peek over there from time to time. Had to comment the other day when someone made a comment about PBO not knowing the poor or middle class exist. Tried to remind him that of course he knows and cares as the stimulus and his previous budgets show and that his and Michelle’s family still consist of the poor and middle class. I even posted a few links which noted the presidents “quiet” campaign against poverty. To no avail, though. This person thanked me for the links but then said PBO lost him with his FISA vote – BEFORE the 08 election. This person’s mind was made up about PBO even before he became president. I doubt anything, even facts, will change it.

  52. Part of it has to do with history, TM, and part of it has to do with the media. I grew up under segregation, and I have thought about the answer to your question for over 50 years. There seems to be a general mistrust of blacks, and it there appears to be an inherent belief in the inferiority of blacks that some people in this country have bought into. Although the majority of blacks in the country are law abiding citizens, the actions of a few are projected onto the majority thanks to the MSM.

    President Obama destroys these stereotypes. This is why I think he is constantly attacked no matter what he says, or how well reasoned it is. A certain segment of this society is very focused on preserving the status quo. I also think that if PBO proves to be efficient at governing, it will open the door to other people of color, gays, lesbians, atheists, trans-gendered persons, Muslims, etc to assume high level political office, and this is a threat to some people. It’s fear-based hate mongering. You and I know that race, gender, sexual preference, and/or religion, or lack thereof, doesn’t determine one’s level of intelligence. I think that those who make attacks on PBO for every little thing he does/says are hoping that if they can portray him as a failure, this can be used to prevent others from trying to do what he has done.

  53. Do you think this is also why so many progressives are against President Obama. They write about all the things the president is not doing, like stopping rendition, now restarting military tribunals, and the treatment of Manning, the guy who leaked the info to Wikileaks. I really, really like the President, but these things do worry me.

  54. Good evening, everyone!

    /settling in for a delicious warm cup of bwd soup for my soul

  55. I especially love seeing POTUS meet with kids; they can barely keep their excitement in, even the jaded teenagers. This video is terrific.

  56. Amazing, we’re watching a video with actual kids, who are kind, joyful, intellectually curious, intelligent. I’d trade reading their thoughts and insights about this meeting for that of any number of supposedly professional journalists. It’s not everyone by a longshot and I appreciate greatly those journalists who endeavor to provide intelligent, fact-based analyses. But the immature stuff is really ridiculous and unseemly in comparison with some of the great journalistic moments in this country’s history. In short: the media needs to get their mojo back. But with the continuing media consolidation and dominance of tabloid, opportunistic media mavens like Arianna Huffington, that’s going to be a challenge.

  57. I hesitate to read too much into polling this far out, and with the GOP delaying their primary season, but indeed, those numbers are a step in the right direction.

  58. Loved the video of the President and Prime Minister with the students. Very relaxed yet informative. I think the students will remember this experience for the rest of their life. March is truly becoming Education Month.

    I was sorry to hear that Gov. Scott has stripped the Fl. school district of its money and given it to tax breaks.

  59. I hope beyond hope that time and energy allowing, they consider crossposting. They need to have their own editorial and moderation vision for their space, one which would allow the types of conversations which their roundups and features so utterly deserve. I truly understand the hesitation about abruptly leaving dkos, but I wish that they’d consider just creating a little wordpress site from which to crosspost; no need to try to get huge traffic, at least initially, but just build something and see the type of people who might choose to delurk in a space which is more safe. Easy for me to say, but I’d love to see a Black Kos/Criminal InJustice site crossposted away from the trolls and the nonsense. I’d surely visit.

  60. Especially in Massachusetts where Brown ran as the everyman and now he’s cosying up with the union buster billionaire.

  61. This is totally irrelevant, but do people really consider AZ a southern state?

  62. Toon I’ll be real with you; what I read on dkos particularly during the year before I left, read nothing like my experiences of white liberals of all age groups, nothing. The contingent which is pretty much ruining dkos seems to find some areas of commonality with the teaparties, while derided President Obama’s supporters, particularly those of us who are black, as unthinking morons. This is totally backwards in terms of my real life experience, utterly backwards. I’ve found that white liberals were not happy at all with white conservative birthers or the conservative virulence which runs through the teaparties. And were sometimes inclined to say so in harsh terms. While mostly supportive of President Obama as well as believers in the idea of diversity as something which enhances everyone rather than is the “interest group” caricature which the right has been trying to peddle forever.

    I just think that certain spaces and opinions get sooooo much more attention than they are due, and are allowed to masquerade as spokespeople for entire groups, which they are not.

    Just like we have members of the Soul Patrol who are uplifted and made to be the so-called representatives of the black community when they’re hating on President Obama, I do believe that both the national and new media will put people like Huffington on tv and say, “there you go, that’s the liberal spokesperson, that’s what liberals think.” I just don’t buy any of it.

    Your opinion is far more in line with white liberals in my experience for what it’s worth; that’s just my anecdotal experience in a deep blue area of a blue state, I’m sure that others have experienced differently.

  63. I just am so hesitant to see this country trying to actively intervene in a regime change, particularly when there’s a groundswell of grassroots support to change course coming from the grassroots on up. I understand the arguments in terms of assisting that grassroots, but I want to be careful that this desire to assist does not turn into a military intervention and force.

  64. Florida is witnessing the difference between the parties as we speak…empower wingnuts, and see these awful results.

  65. I understand your hesitancy, as I share it. But this doesn’t seem to be a repeat of Iraq. No one asked us to go in there, whereas in Libya both the rebels and local powers are pleading with the UN/NATO to impose a no fly zone so that Gaddafi can’t wantonly strafe his own people. And I think that just the threat of the imposition of a no fly zone — which would require NATO to basically dismantle the regime’s air defenses — might be enough to convince the remaining loyalist Gaddafi units that the game was up, and lead to them turning on “the Leader”. Really, I’m amazed that the rebels have held up as well as they have, seeing as they have no air assets.

  66. Betsy, it is factually incorrect that many progressives are against President OBama. This meme has never been borne out by any scientific polling. Obama’s base and supporters are majorly liberal democrats.

    However, there is a vocal minority of people who call themselves “progressives” and who have hypocritically taken up certain issues as a platform to continually bash the President. For every so-called negative thing this administration has done, there are 2-3 positive things, yet the vocal minority chooses to focus only on those negative things, and use them to personally attack the president,(making unsavory and sometimes racist references to his humanity, character, physical (genitalia, spine, etc), not criticize his policies.

  67. I take your points, thanks for laying them out; I don’t have enough of an understanding of the situation to offer up an informed counter, other than a hesitancy to get involved without a thorough assessment of the situation, if at all. I can say that I far more trust this administration, which has shown utter restraint and a somewhat departure from the belligerence of the past, much more than the previous administration.

  68. I don’t think so. I think people consider it a mountain or western state…

  69. Sad to read, but for some reason Meteor Blades will allow users over there to post racist crap multiple times before they are banned. It’s ironic because racism has no place in a progressive community, yet it’s alive and well over there.

  70. Probably Western, but then Nevada would still be in the same boat as Western as well. Point being that a long time Senator from a “similar” state with similar geographic concerns/issues that shares 200m of border between them with Vegas less than 50 miles from the Az border went 12 point spread for the other guy.

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