“We’re going into this with an expanded map and a bigger map than in 2008”

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Here’s a fired-up-ready-to-go read for Sunday morning. Have a good one!

Washington Post: Obama’s 2012 reelection team gets moving

As Republicans dither, debating who is and who isn’t in the 2012 race for the White House, President Obama and his team are moving swiftly to dive into the business of winning reelection.

No office space has yet been rented. No committee has been formed. No official announcement date has been locked down. But by sometime next month, the president’s team is likely to be a functioning, legal entity with a plan.

That should send a message to potential Republican candidates, who have spent the winter trying to convince themselves that they can wait and wait and perhaps wait some more before they get moving. Obama’s team believes otherwise. They know what time and effort are required to build a robust organization capable of winning a general election – and how important the work done this year will be.

The president has already made the pivot. After the midterm shellacking, he has repositioned himself, moving to the center when needed (the tax deal with the Republicans late last year) while keeping a close eye on his restive liberal base (winning the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and announcing that his Justice Department would no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act).

He has rebuilt his White House around his new chief of staff, Bill Daley, and his 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, with Vice President Biden continuing to play a central role. The new White House team is steadier and more strategically focused than it was before the midterms – although whether it can win the budget battles with congressional Republicans is another matter.

The next piece to fall into place will be the campaign operation. The Chicago-based reelection team will be under the direction of campaign manager Jim Messina, who recently stepped down as White House deputy chief of staff. David Axelrod, who has returned to Chicago after two years as senior adviser to the president, will again play the central role he did four years ago.

In due course, the Obama campaign operation will be fully staffed and humming. At this point, it has studied the reelection campaigns of previous presidents. The campaign advisers understand their challenges and have ideas about how to deal with them.

Obama’s team, anticipating a closely fought general election, is focused on the key components of campaign machinery: money, organization and strategy. (The message was laid out in the president’s State of the Union address – win the future – and will evolve with events).

Start with money. Obama raised about $750 million in his 2008 campaign, an astounding amount. There has been talk, still speculative, that he might be the first $1 billion candidate in 2012.

While grass-roots money will continue to be significant, one of the Obama team’s first priorities is to build up its stable of major donors and fundraisers. Messina is already at work on this task. A sign of the importance attached to major donors is the designation of Julianna Smoot, the 2008 finance director who served briefly as White House social secretary, as one of two deputy campaign managers for the reelection.

The other deputy campaign manager is Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, who will move from her post at the Democratic National Committee to oversee the rebuilding of Obama’s grass-roots army.

Few campaigns have ever been as devoted to grass-roots organization as Obama’s. Perhaps inspired by the president’s roots as a community organizer, his political operation is infused with almost missionary zeal about the power of people coming together – aided by new technology and social-networking resources.

The Obama team has decided it will not give Republicans a free pass to criticize the president as they fight over their nomination. The president’s reelection committee plans to put its own organizations into the early primary and caucus states – Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

“We can’t cede the playing field,” one adviser said. “We can’t just play general election. So we’re going to have to organize on the ground in early states.”

Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada all qualify as important general election battlegrounds. South Carolina is likely to fall into the Republican column in 2012, but with the Democratic convention scheduled for North Carolina, a presence in South Carolina would signal the Obama team’s determination to make itself a force in at least some Southern states.

But the team will also start work in other critically important states – Pennsylvania, for example. Obama lost the primary there to Hillary Rodham Clinton. He won the state in the general election over John McCain. But since then, the Democrats have been decimated there.

In November, Democrats lost the governor’s mansion, a Senate seat and several House seats. Gone is former governor Ed Rendell, who though a supporter of Clinton’s was tireless in knitting Democrats together in the state. Obama’s advisers see Pennsylvania as a state that will need plenty of organizational effort.

The team plans to spend considerable time listening to activists and volunteers from 2008 and attempting to reengage with them, particularly those whose principal allegiance was to Obama and not to the Democratic Party structure. “Part of the genius in what the president built in ’08 is that people really believed it was theirs,” Messina said.

Strategically, Obama’s team is thinking aggressively. Messina said it is too early to talk seriously about the general election map and targeted states, but at a time when some analysts on the other side suggest that Obama’s options will be more limited in 2012 than in 2008, Messina believes just the opposite.

“I understand the challenges of any reelection campaign,” he said, “but we’re going to go into this with an expanded map and a bigger map in the beginning than in ’08.”

For example, Messina has his eye on states like Arizona, where he argues that McCain’s absence from the ballot will give the president a better chance this time around. But there are others on his list, too, suggesting that just as in 2008, Obama’s team is determined not to let the 2012 election be decided in Ohio and Florida.

“We have many ways to 270,” he said, referring to the number of electoral votes needed to win the presidency. “We have more ways to 270 than the other side.”

If Republicans aren’t thinking as strategically about the general election, it’s time they were.


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  1. I just wonder if 1Billion dollars will even be enough this election cycle. I can’t believe that I am even saying this.

  2. We just met for four hours of strategic planning in our rural county in Indiana. The same group from 08 has been active ever since and our larger group has expanded by a multiple of 10. Trainings begin next week and all of the relationships that have been forming (I mean the real grass roots kind) over the many things we have gotten involved in together are there to be built upon. It takes time to make these kinds of bonds of trust and respect in Indiana but its been happening step by step.

  3. Good morning everyone. This is so exciting! Thankful for the fight to start at the very base. We have a lot to do.

  4. Obama ’12!

    Fired up, Ready to go!

    In some ways it’s been a loooong two-ish years since PBO was elected, and it other ways it’s been lightning fast.

    I am glad to see preparations being made, and I am confident he will roll to re-election and this country will be so much better for it.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone :-).

  5. Nothing is more important now than re-electing Obama. With redistricting and the number of Dem Senators up in 2012, Congress will be a difficult get. Obama is the only thing standing in the way of the Wisconsinization of America.

  6. I think IMO that 2012 will be a tsunami/hurricane/tornado all at once for the GOP. Why? There is sleeping giant that will be in full force in 2012 to get these radical teaparties out of office. Lets take a look at voters who the GOP has pissed off since taking control of congress in Washington as well as around the country.

    Young people
    Union workers (republican/democrat)which consists of anybody that works for a living.
    Gays & Lesbians

    Take a look at the group above? How in the HELL can they beat president obama when that large swath of voters have been alienated by either their vicious attacks of radical policies they are trying to pass?

    The group that the GOP will have in their corner

    Old Senior Citizens (White Males especially) and they are dying off.

    That’s it!! They are going to get clocked big time and the fact that close to 5 million new voters will be voting and its a presidential election and guess who they will be voting?


  7. There have been so many times during the last year that I have to scratch my head at what the Republicans are saying/doing and wonder, “WTH are they thinking?”

    But then, we’ve seen the kind of pressure ideologues in a Party can place on their leaders. The Tea Party Republicans have them running scared.

    Did folks see that a Tea Party leader is threatening a primary challenge to Boehner?

  8. But that came amidst things like the repeal of DADT and the recent move on DOMA.

    If folks take every action out of context and want to assign movement on the continuum, they’d have him jumping around like the energizer bunny.

    The truth is that Obama is a Democratic pragmatist. He does what works. And the sooner folks understand that – the better they’ll understand him.

  9. Very exciting to hear that there is so much activity in Indiana!! I live in Maryland, where we had a huge “export” organization, sending masses of canvassers into Pennsylvania and Virginia. We will do it again. Here, too, we are getting geared up for 2012, but this is a very reliably liberal area; I assumed it would be tougher in a state like Indiana but I am glad to hear you are on the move.

  10. cupful, How exciting. Talk about dedication. I am honored to know you.

  11. First time commenter, I think this is going to be a tough election. There are 22 states that are trying to implement (voter Fraud) legislation for voter ID and make it really hard for young, old and poor people to vote. Check out Think Progress and see what I am talking about.
    Love your site BWD. Have been lurking for quite some time, you have a good place here for us President Obama supporters to come to.
    Thank you. Hugs to all your commenters.

  12. I have lots of faith in Obama’s team. I went to a gathering recently where Jeremy Bird spoke, and he did say they recognized shortcomings from 2008 (I didn’t see any!!) and are working on them. And they see messaging as an area that needs improvement, which we all know.

    Regarding “bloody contested primaries”: After the 2008 primary season, it was clear that tough primaries against Hillary helped Barack win places like Indiana and North Carolina, where all the hard work to get voters on their side in the primary helped win those states in the general. So I had to wonder if the same dynamic would help Republicans if they have a long drawn out primary and have to build the same ground teams and reach out to voters so hard.

    But I think the Obama team has an answer to that – wherever there is a GOP primary going on, they will be there as well, talking to voters and contrasting our guy with the Republican field, and since it’s the primary and Repubs will be talking very right-wing to get those primary voters (with the assumption that whoever wins will probably tack to the center for the general), the contrast will be huge.

    I hope people on this blog will report frequently about what’s going on in their local areas.

  13. Good Morning. Exactly Nl, he does;nt jam anything in your face, he moves things forward in stages. Which is much better. Americans are used to things being done behind closed doors and without thought. I went out yesterday and was excited to see some of the stores that was closed down, when Bush was in office are coming back and a couple of new ones. I got so excited to see a TJ Max, and a Marshall in my neighborhood was surprising. Rahm annouced that he will be putting at least a 1000 new police officers out. Things are looking up and people are hopeful.

  14. The difference might be with Republicans tendency to slam their opponents. Obama never bought into that in the primary with Clinton. But I suspect the Republicans will go after one another full force. The one left standing at the end will have a multitude of battle scars.

  15. Regarding the 2012 elections, Howard Fineman on Tweety Matthew’s MSNBC Sunday show was discussing the organizational tools in cyberspace available to the potential presidential candidates. He cited some statistics from a few candidates’ (potential candidates) FB friends…

    Gingrich: 100,000
    Romney: 800,000
    Obama: 18,500,000

  16. These people are lunatics. The power they hold with the media is insane. Apparently all one has to do to get attention is have a tizzy fit, and you get media attention which then spreads like wild fire to the masses.

    Damn media.

  17. we live in exciting time. Will keep the faith even if the polls are off. Especailly when they are off. In the end am certain he will win reelection.

  18. Not counting some of the new young people who will be able to vote. My middle son can’t wait.

  19. I am just waiting to see what group they are going to use for re-election donations and then I will sign up for a monthly debit. Last time it was the old ObamaFA but I’m not sure if that will be the same this time around. As soon as someone knows, please post the info.

  20. Did folks see the Daily Beast’s 12 Reasons Obama Wins in 2012? (they also did “12 reasons why Obama could still loose in 2012,” but it was a pretty weak list).

    Some might think its a bit negative, but I found lots of reason for optimism in #12:

    There were 5 key red states that Obama won in 2008 – Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina. Obama could lose every one of them in 2012 and still win reelection with 272 electoral votes.

  21. I love thinking about the 2012 campaign, and I just realized that it’s something that I personally can play a huge role in, I have some actual control over vs. howling at the Koch brothers or anything else where it’s hard to have an impact.

    I am concerned about how Obama can bring back disillusioned left/liberal voters. We need them. I have one friend whose daughter took a term off school to work for the 2008 campaign, but now she’s discouraged and never wants to be involved again – maybe it’s just her temperament?? Another friend thinks Obama has picked on teachers too much.

    How to deal with fans of Ed Schultz, who says don’t vote? Or if some farther left/liberal candidate becomes their sweetheart (bringing up Ralph Nader doesn’t help.)

    I used to believe that folks like this might not work on the 2012 campaign, but they would surely at least vote Democratic. But given Ed Schultz and some conversations I’ve had, I’m thinking otherwise. So again the big question is, how to bring them back? We have to get centrists and independents, but we also have to get that other small % of voters (I have no idea how big a group it is).

    I’m sure I’ll have more conversations like this in the near future and I have to think of a productive response.

  22. “disillusioned left/liberal voters”

    I honestly believe that this is being exaggerated in the media. Obama still polls very highly among liberal Democrats. The majority of so-called left leaning blogs like Huffpo/DKOS/Firedoglake are being headed by and overrun with Republicans, bitter John Edwards supporters or Naderites who probably didn’t even vote for Obama in 2008.

  23. If telling teachere they have to up their game is picking on the then something is wrong. We have to be truthful , some teachers might need to go, they have to be held acountable so does parents and students. We don’t have time to listen to them complain step up and get creative. Something is wrong, our kids are not advancing. Its about time they get called out and he needs to really get on the parent.

  24. Don’t be too sure about seniors in the Republian column. It’s true that seniors generally tend to be a bit more conservative, but they are not stupid. Who endangers their social security? Who lied to them about death panels and is now trying to unravel the added security that the ACA has brought to seniors? And above all who is now dominated by certified nutcakes?
    Don’t forget that most seniors dote on their grandchildren and want them to have a brighter future. It will take work, but I am convinced that this segment of the population can be won.

  25. That’s what happens when, as Balz says, they make a bigger map. Gone are the days when Ohio or Florida made all the difference.

    I LOVE the fact that they’re even talking Arizona!!!!!

  26. You need to ask the disgruntled Obama supporters what is it that they are disgruntled about. And they need to be a little more specific than repeating left-wing talking points such as “he has picked on teachers too much.” Have them give you actual statistics that teachers are in fact worse off now than they were in 2008. Don’t allow them to get away with simply regurgitating inacurate memes they pulled off from some blogsite or cable news show.

    Another point I wanted to make is that for every “Obama supporter” who became discouraged in the last 2 years, there are is another who didn’t work on his 2008 campaign but who has come to like and accept President Obama in the last 2 years, and WILL work freshly on his 2012 campaign.

  27. F I R E D UP !!!!!!!!!!!!
    R E A D Y TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO OBAMA 2012 – 2016

    Since the Republicans want to change the laws of the land. Can we please change the term limit too:-)

    Trust me…Even when he leaves the White House,his work as a private citizen in keeping his accomplishments will only be the beginning of a new journey….
    You haven’t seen nothing yet. He will be as popular and, if not more in demand as a private citizen.
    As we speak cities (Hawaii,Chicago) are already bidding who should have his library:-)

    We see what’s going in the world from Egypt to Wisconsin, people protesting for democracy and justice……
    Citizens of the world have been paying close attention to the words of wisdom of President Obama. If anyone is deserving to be called “President of the World” no doubt in my mind is “PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA”

    Love you BWD:-) thanks for this article.


  28. One crucial demography that could surely tilt the scales in 2012 is the senior whites. The other usual democratic base – the young, non-whites, women etc. are a given to certain extent. But it is the old ones that faithfully turn out at the polls every time to mostly vote the rethugs. I hope PBO’s team has a strong message and an efficient campaign tactic for them since it is a two-fer. It takes away the rethugs’ reliable base and moves them to the dem side.

  29. Did you guys hear about Hillary calling out the american msm and praising all out Al Jazeera especially their Middle East coverage ? And she pointed out the same pathetic ways of US msm, the talking heads, the fair & balanced shite, opinions spewn as news, building up nontroversies etc.

  30. My congratulations to your ’08 team for holding together in this way! You’ll be off at the first buzzer – with great camaraderie and wonderul results. Yes, you(we) can!

    GOOD Sunday MORNING, one and all!

  31. I’d just recommend that you don’t lose sight of the enormous challenges that we have with swing voters, and which caused the loss of the House coupled with numerous governors’ mansions and statehouses across the country. The PL and the people who agree with that content certainly didn’t help, but the swing voters really went for the GOP and we weren’t able to get enough Obamacrats out to replace them. Not sure if this is going to be as much of a problem in 2012.

    It would indeed be terrific if every single excited 2008 supporter of President Obama came back on board, but I’m not sure that’s feasible, and I’m not sure that the disenchanted are high in number enough to warrant a big focus. As far as the left and President Obama’s natural base goes, although I know that Candidate Obama disdained Philadelphia’s model of street pay during the primaries, I think that there are features of this system which might be examined and incorporated into other urban areas in the country.

  32. Thanks for the lead to this article, BWD. I particularly liked this part:

    ‘The Obama team has decided it will not give Republicans a free pass to criticize the president as they fight over their nomination. The president’s reelection committee plans to put its own organizations into the early primary and caucus states – Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

    “We can’t cede the playing field,” one adviser said. “We can’t just play general election. So we’re going to have to organize on the ground in early states.” ‘

    Yessss! Let the GOPers earn every step they manage to get.

  33. I couldn’t agree more. 100 Hollywood Dems will say, “what the WH is doing is great.” One says “I don’t like what he’s doing to the country and I worked hard for him in 2008” and of course, this is broadcast to the country nonstop. It’s a crying shame, but yes, the media loves to elevate certain voices which whether purposeful or not, are valuable to the GOP (the nonstop teaparty coverage versus relatively less coverage of the grassroots WI demonstrators is another example).

    And those blogs you cited definitely don’t speak for liberals or the Democratic base. Huffington has even dropped that pretense formally.

  34. You might even list MODERATE REPUBLICANS:)Crazy. The thought that Messina has his eyes on Arizona is intriguing to me. Would love to see the President come campaign here. In 2008, I left my job for 3 months to work for his election. I can’t do that now, but I can’t wait to get back with the “crew” and get busy again.Quite the challenge in a wacko state like this…but there are some that “get it” around here…hopefully,people will give Dems another look (as a whole)because the R’s,rather the TP legislature/gov have already destroyed so much with their scorched earth policies/agenda. People are beginning to say, “Wait a minute, have we gone too far?” Even the RW papers pose that question.WAKE UP,AZ!!!!! As a whole, I think that these folks overplayed their hands, construed their winning as a mandate that never was, an have an agenda that may just come back to bite them all in their collective asses in the end.See that big smile on my face? Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.They may just be drowning THEMSELVES in the bathtub!

  35. I firmly believe President Obama will be re-elected in 2012, but it is urgent that we work hard to see that he has a back-up Congress.

  36. Hi, Roberta:)I think every election is tough, but I think the people are waking up to the fact that their reliable R vote just isn’t what it used to be…they all keep trying to out crazy the crazy, and there is bearly a level headed voice in the bunch…I’m thinking of Richard Lugar, who, to my mind, is what a Republican statesman should look like.The crazies want him GONE!Not Republican enough for the TP, and that is a shame!No one wants extreme candidates, and mark my words, they will cut their noses off for spite and be the worse for it. I see the R’s in major disarray right now, and I see a President focused like a laser on the tasks at hand of running the country, all the while focused and preparing for re election…while the R’s are flopping and twitching and trying to find a credible candidate to run against a President that has done more great things in these 2 years than possibly any President in recent memory…my memory, anyway.The thing is, everyone that’s being talked about for the Republicans,has burned bridges or has alienated so many people(see above list)that it will be impossible to win on just their base alone.All their doing and they need to own it.As time goes by until the election,people will see the uptick in jobs, feel healthcare take effect for them and their families,maybe even FIND a job,see high speed rail projects begin…etc.Concrete, real things that can’t be denied.What are R’s fighting over? Breaking unions and crawling inside my/your uterus.Not a winning strategy.It may whip the TP base up, but it won’t win elections.

  37. Any woman that is concerned about access to reproductive services or even access to oral contraceptives for medical reasons (PMS, endometriosis, acne, irregular menses, etc) should be working her butt off for the reelection of President Obama and a democratic congress. In all the talk about abortion people overlook the fact that access to contraception will be limited. Insurance will not be obliged to cover contraceptives. Planned parenthood, which provides health screenings, primary care and reproductive services for many women without or with minimal insurance, will be refunded.

  38. I don’t mind the claim that he is, even if he isn’t really. It’s moving the overton window back to the left a bit claiming his policies are centrist. The eventual GOP nominee will have to go far right to win the primary, and then try and tack hard to the center to appear as a moderate – if President Obama is already seen as moderate/centrist that ground will be then much harder to claim by the Republican.

  39. Young people have ID’s (most start driving at 16 or 17), older people even my elderly mother gets a “free” ID for seniors from the State of CA. Maybe OFA can recruit some of the people who worked for Acorn.

  40. Refunded, not “refunded”! I think Walker in Wisconsin cancelled the regulation obliging insurance companies to cover contraceptives. (Although I’m sure they still cover Viagra).

  41. Defunded (sorry, iPad autocorrect strikes again). It’s a democratic company and does not acknowledge “defunding” as a concept!

  42. There is also full coverage for preventive care (colonoscopy and mammograms) and annual preventive care or wellness visits.

  43. Yep, and she was right! The MSM is only interested in ratings and opinions. People are sick of it and only half listen or watch these so-called news shows. I refuse to watch any of the Sunday opinion shows. I watch LD and RM but not as much as I used to.

  44. Steve Benen responds to the George Will pessimistic column on the 2012 GOP presidential candidates. He includes excerpts from an article by Byron York on then Senator Obama before the 2008 elections that is quite revealing and very funny.


    I was looking for something else the other day when I stumbled across this National Review piece from Byron York, written about a year before the 2008 election.

    I went to Barack Obama’s rally [in Columbia, South Carolina] on Sunday night, with a Republican friend who had never seen the Illinois senator in action before. Watching the crowd of more than 3,000 fill up the convention center, watching the people send up waves of energy to Obama, and watching him play off that energy in a speech that was one of the best political performances anyone has seen this year, my Republican friend said, simply, “Oh, s–t.” He recalled the scene from Jaws, in which the small seaside town’s sheriff realizes how big the shark he’s tracking truly is, and says, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” What my friend didn’t have to say was that he was deeply worried that Republicans just don’t have a bigger boat. […]

    Watching Obama perform at the convention center Sunday night, it’s easy to understand why Bill Clinton is walking around with a look of red-faced frustration these days. Obama represents a mortal threat to his wife’s candidacy, and, given the identity politics that prevail in the Democratic Party, it will be hard to cut his legs out from under him without appearing racist. But there’s no doubt that some Republicans are hoping the Clintons will succeed. Running against the man on stage at the convention center would be a hard, hard campaign, requiring a very big boat.

    We know, of course, how that worked out. But looking ahead, and eyeing Will’s plausible five, I don’t think there’s a single GOP candidate out there that would prompt Democrats to say, “Oh, s–t.”

  45. I will work three times as hard as I worked for CA Dems. I am so proud of CA Democratic party and OFA. I was walking the neighborhoods, phone banking, when I had spare time. Now that my MOM is living near me and she can get around, we will be campaigning to re-elect PBO.

  46. We can all start working on voter registration. When Barack Obama returned to Chicago after Harvard Law he accepted the job of running Project Vote (It’s a Power Thing!”). The expectation was 70,000 new voters. They registered more than 150,000 which contributed to the election of President Clinton and Senator Carol Mosely Braun and indirectly fostered Barack Obama’s eventual entry into state politics.

  47. Exactly. For example, how many MSM outlets reported James Taylor’s words of praise for this President and his administration? James Taylor and Stevie Wonder are OLDER and much more accomplished celebrities than Matt Damon could ever be. Yet their unwavering support for the President is not considered representative of Hollywood where Damon’s disillusionment is?

  48. I have the same concern. I’m only hoping they will see how bad it’s going to get in the next 12 months, especially after a horrible budget is foisted on us by the GOP that Obama will be forced to sign or have a government shutdown, and realize that the president is the best thing that’s ever happened in this country. I am worried, however, that it may not be enough.

  49. The graph BWD posted yesterday of private job growth the first months of 2009, 201o, and 2011 should be posted everywhere. Romney now claims that POTUS does not know how to create jobs, when he was governor of Massachusetts his state was #47 in job creation (see the political animal’s comment today)

  50. I didn’t read any mention of new voter registration, which was very key in the 200 election. Obama/Biden only won 50-49 amongst voters who had previously voted, but won 70-30 amongst first time voters.

    There should be around 12M young voters that became voting age in the past four years come 2012 – getting them to the polls is paramount. As will be getting the first time 2008 voters back out and energized.

    The expanded map also helps down ticket races – which will be key in winning back the House. GOP took 60 seats back in 2010, but if Dems could flip a net 25 in 2012 they take the House back. Many of those 60 seats the GOP took were seats won in the Obama wave in 2008 so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Especially considering the votes Boehner has been taking in the House for the first three months and the draconian budget the Reps will have to defend to their constituents. We’ve already seen examples where Reps are trying to weasel out of these votes saying “I voted for it, but know Durbin will put that funding back into the budget” for example.

    Also it’s not likely that Congress will get anything major done in it’s two years – so the Dems can run on all the big ticket items they got passed and how the GOP did nothing. HCR, Financial Reform and the Stimulus will be more popular in a years time should the economy keep growing. Cantor knows nothing will be done, so he has the Reps spending more time back in their home districts to try and meet as many people as possible to have personal connections – they won’t be able to run on their record of getting anything done afterall, so they’ll appear in the most parades, ribbon-cutting events and social gatherings and hope that makes folks say “Hey I met that guy once, I’ll vote for him”.

  51. OFA is fundraising now for summer training of grassroots organizers) for the campaign. Just go to the OFA website.

  52. My son AND my daughter! She just missed it last time…turned 18 in March.This time…:) 4 votes in this household!!!!!!

  53. I only watch RM now; I find LoD anti-Obama these days and seems to have more republicans on his show than ever. I didn’t like how he did not give the Wisconsin protesters a chance to rebut that stupid GOP congressman who had said they were slobs, or something like that.

  54. Right on, Desertflower! Great comment. I will be working for President Obama but also for Dem candidates in AZ.

    I agree that even a lot of people who call themselves Republicans here are becoming appalled at what is coming from our current State Legislature. Our first centennial is next Feb. I think many people in AZ would rather not celebrate it with a “State Firearm” and the secession of “Baja Arizona” as a separate State.

  55. He always praises teachers as well, citing other countries where educational excellence is the norm and teachers one of the most respected professions.

  56. Regarding that $1B number, that might not be enough considering unlimited secret third party spending. Also the Obama Campaign will have to save some big money for late October 2012 because if it’s Romney, he can drop major self-funding money late in the game.

  57. Yea, well…if the R’s want to do away with SS and Medicare, THAT ought to make them pay attention!

  58. A big concern in Pennsylvania – that’s a big ticket state that the Dems can’t afford to lose. Sen. Casey is up for re-election too. It went pretty hard for the GOP, though the GOP and 3rd party groups spend a lot of money in the state on Toomey. It will be interesting to see who challenges Casey.

  59. Hi Roberta and welcome. We’ve had that bs here in AZ and we stay on top of meeting it head on when people are intimidated at the polls.

    According to the nuts here, people just pour across the border of Mexico to vote for Dems in elections.

    This is something we can cope with when the time comes. I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now. Let’s just get working to support our Prez by getting the positive message out and some good Dems in local office and Congress.

  60. His sister is a techer. It’s simply ridiculous to say that he’s against teachers. He’s not a fan of bad teachers, which is something even “Liberals” shouldn’t be.

  61. Me too! Just over the moon about that! I’ll be boots on the ground here. Fired up! Ready to go!

  62. He has never been “against teachers” just against people who work with kiddos and don’t do their very best to teach them well.

    I believe that for every bad or indifferent teacher there are hundreds going into schools every day, devoted to their students, doing their very best and often in difficult situations with no real support.

  63. In addition to false accusations of voter fraud, we should be aware of the ridiculous “birther” bills being introduced in several state legislatures. The intent is to keep Barack Obama’s name off the ballot by giving the secretary of state the power to decide whether or not each candidate’s birth certificate is “legitimate”.

  64. Did any of these so called “disgruntled voters” our blogal frustrati actually work on PBO’s campaign or for Dems in the recent election?

    I asked that question more than once to posters at DK and often received a big, NADA. Frankly, I doubt we need any of these “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots”

  65. Roberta, thank you for posting. Love all the new people here.

    One thing I’ve learned from being involved in electoral politics is that the left tends to overreact to these long-standing voter fraud legislation attempts.

    True, there are people who have trouble getting or finding their State issued IDs before they vote. I feel fairly confident that OFA will find a way to make sure that people who want to vote have access to their identification in plenty of time if they live in a state where one of these bills passes and doesn’t get thrown out by a judge.

    This is why I love vote by mail. No ID required. Either your signature matches, or it doesn’t. Either you live where you register or you don’t. It saves the State a whole lot of money, too.

  66. Amen squared, taiping1! I’m too old for that to matter to me any more but I have daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends. All women need to really start taking a strong stand here.

  67. Symmetry – another great catch, your posts often make my day.

    This is so cool, I will be picturing the tractors in my mind all day. Those tractors will make a great visual. I am so happy to see the struggle in Wisconsin continuing and gaining steam.

    Yesterday I watched the LiveStream site as they interviewed a Dem Congresswoman, she was great.

    She talked abut how angry Wisconsin was and how Walker just pulls one dirty trick after another (which is back firing on him)

    Thanks to the person who sends out that URL, Livestream is great.

    Once again I wanted to post the URL where you can sign a petition and send a message to the folks in Wisconsin.


  68. This was the 1992 election! But given the preponderance of young and minority voters for Obama/Biden this demographic is a key focus. If we can register and GOTV it will make a critical difference. The fastest growing demographic in southern states like Texas is Hispanic.

  69. Good Morning Everyone

    As I read through today’s comments I had another idea for a web page of resources.

    We need a page for ways Obama has helped seniors. I will try and work on it later today.

    We already have talking points for seniors and health care, but I would like to add videos of senirs talking about how Health Care has helped them.

    We also need to talk about other issues like energy costs, housing, DOMA, help me out here. Please post all suggestions below.

    What issues matter to seniors?

  70. That birther bill nonsense will get overturned if they are stupid enough to pass it. First of all it is unconstitutional since it is super ceding the the Federal law. Secondly if they are dumb enough to pull this stunt it will galvanize the democrats and independents in those states who feel that their rights are being infringed upon.

  71. That is WAY cool!!!!

    I’m a next-door-neighbor to Wisconsin (in MN) and the strength of the Democratic Party in this state was built on the Democratic Farmer Labor coalition.

    Walker is toast if he’s lost both of them.

    Bring on the tractors!!!!!

    (And won’t the visuals be cool? Can you imagine Faux News trying to spin WI farmers as dangerous outside agitators? LOL)

  72. I’m not a fan of Michael Moore’s politics, but he actually helps the less fortunate.

    And I’m glad he’s helping the protesters in Wisconsin and angering the far right.

  73. And it could turn moderate republicans ( those who remain) completely off.

    Anyway, I’m not a lawyer but I don’t envision the possibility of President Obama being off the ballot in some states. It’s ridiculous., There would be a Supreme Court ruling or something…

  74. THAT is a thing of beauty. The ‘optics’ of a tractorcade on the American Public is impossible to beat. Once you lose the farmers, you’re in deep doo-doo. Thanks for posting that.

  75. I am thrilled about this. Coverage in the state slants/bends right. This is a visual the can’t ignore. We had 1,600 at the anti-Americans For Prosperity rally in Eau Claire yesterday and it was barely noted. Front page paper had anti-union article and tea party picture.

  76. Speaking of DOMA, I read this on facebook this morning and thought you’d appreciate it:

    So let me get this straight…Kelsey Grammer can end a 15 yr marriage by phone, Larry King can be on divorce #9, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage, Jesse James and Tiger Woods, while married, were having sex with EVERYONE, 53% of Americans get divorced and 30-60% cheat on their spouses. Yet, same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage? Really?

    And if you think about it, there’s a lot of money to be made on same-sex marriages. Think of the flowers, caterers, dress and tux sales, honeymoons, cakes, oh my word the bride’s maids dresses alone could jumpstart the economy. I’m just sayin’.

  77. http://blogs.alternet.org/speakeasy/2011/03/03/arizona-introduces-bill-to-form-state-army-for-gov-brewer-arizona-gun-wild/ Aquagranny…another fine read of things we already know:)While this legislature works on things of the utmost importance, like the “state gun” especially after the tragedy in Tucson,the legislature that was “supposed” to work on jobs(haven’t seen fit to tackle that yet)we have the “small govt” idiots doing everything in their power to bring huge, intrusive govt into the lives of every Arizonan…this place REEKS of corruption. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my 53 years.And the fear factor seems to work on these old geezers that are so afraid, not only of “the brown people” but the thought that ANYONE would be able to get anything THEY don’t have!The same people have been in the same capacity for YEARS, and it hasn’t gotten better, it’s gotten worse since I’ve been here…11 years this April.People eat fear with a spoon for breakfast, lunch and dinner..all the while never seeing past the “R” at the end of the name, and voting against their own best interests time and again.There is no BS baffle(Napolitano) to call these crazies out. They permiate every single elected office in the state,and will continue to push their hateful, self serving agenda on the people of AZ every chance they get.It’s repulsive.How much is too much for these people? When will the bulk of the populace wake up from their fear induced stupor to see what has been going on in front of their faces and say “No more?”

  78. If there is one phrase I took away frnm the video in WI it was

    400 people have more income than the rest of the country combined.

    That was a pretty scary and effective stat

  79. From the Washington Post article:

    *almost missionary zeal*

    Yep. I’m in.

  80. I forgot to add all the unnecessary lawsuits that have come out of this place. Millions upon millions of tax dollars to defend the likes of Arpaio, Thomas, Hendershott,and now let’s add the ACA,nulliying anything that comes from the Feds if we don’t like it…etc. WTF???Nuts.Pure, unadulterated,certifiable extremists…the very ones that took an oath to defend the Constitution and immediately decided to wipe their butts with it. Sorry, guys…but that’s what passes for normal around here, and it’s infuriating. Aquagranny knows:)

  81. In a presidential year with Obama on the ticket, Toomey would have lost. That election was all about turnout.

  82. Great idea:) Run it in every nursing home, senior center,adult community in the country:)

  83. I don’t see any situation where a prolonged GOP primary willl help the GOP. It would drain GOP resources and put the field of candidates under increased pressure to out crazy each other to appeal to the Tea Party set. The sooner the GOP primary is over, the sooner the candidate can move the center and attempt to appeal to independent voters.

  84. I took that away as well. Frightening stat.We have to get this out there as food for thought…at the very least.If this is put out there, people will HAVE to begin to question the situation. They will no longer be able to twist the facts to the reality of what their own eyes see happening.

  85. Thank you for highlighting this article BWD. I can’t believe that the Obama re-elect campaign is going to open offices in early primary states. That is unheard of and is really going to take some shine off the GOP candidates in those states.

  86. Exactly. Just like the teaparties get wall to wall coverage but the grassroots protesters in WI only get a fraction of it. How much coverage does Palin get, this failed politician who pretty much blew up the GOP’s 2008 presidential ticket and refused to serve a full term as governor, stuffing her pockets in open sight? Contrast that with the media coverage afforded to any number of intelligent, accomplished liberal politicians who are just as charming. That’s why I take it all with a grain of salt. The new media megasites sell sensationalism, not the truth IMO.

  87. True, but if say 10% of “liberals” don’t vote in 2012, it could make a difference in purple states.

    I think Elly’s concerns shouldn’t be dismissed.

    One positive action possible for the moment: push back against Ed Schultz, call his radio show often. Not attack him ( people with this kind of personality tend to double down when attacked). Instead, use a calm tone, manifest empathy with his passion for union workers, and express that not voting isn’t the answer because it puts republicans in power. And insist, insist, insist that the only way to beat reactionaries is to UNITE and avoid intern battles.

  88. I’m for whatever dollar amount will keep President Obama in the White House for four more years. Any amount.

    I’m not a financial person but money spent during the campaign will help further stimulate the economy, partially toward business interests (paying for the logistics of a campaign, from soup to nuts) and also when part of it is used in local communities where the message is being spread (on-the-ground money – the good kind/not the Ed Rendell kind).

    However – since we’re talking $1B, coming from many people – wouldn’t it be great if Democrats and others would be encouraged to give $1 to charity for each $1 they give to the President’s campaign? That could help the least among us – significantly.

    Just a thought.

  89. Before I used that as a stat, I want proof. Michael Moore isn’t exactly credible as a source for much of anything IMO.

  90. Funny:)John McCain thought that IPad’s and Ipods were Made in America:) “Funny” piece at ThinkProgress today…what a moron.

  91. And a great thought it is! Giving a dollar to charity for every dollar you give to OFA. WOW.

  92. Yes, NL, I read about it a couple of days ago. The only question is what effect it will have on Boehner — Will he go even further to the right until he becomes a laughing stock? Or will he attempt to be a little more reasonable, actual try on “statesmanlike.”

    I think he’ll end up being a laughing stock, to tell you the truth.

  93. Am I missing something here? Have the Republicans just moved on from the idea of repealing ACA legislatively? Have they moved off that topic to let the courts decide? What’s the status of the Health Care Reform debate presently?

  94. This is exciting! There are more opportunities for people to look at the issues and decide what they want as the campaign progresses. More opportunities to unite with others to make positive change. More opportunities for people to realize how much has already been accomplished. President Obama was innovative in his approach to the last election and this approach will have new, leading edge techniques and technologies.

    He’s up for this. He says he loves a challenge and he is eager to make changes.

    He has a wonderful team in place at the White House and managing his campaign. They work well together and they know what they are doing.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever felt like an election would be so much fun! I’m excited to see what the President and his team will come up with next.

  95. Their “work” consists of selling anti-Obama poutrage to generate revenue for their respective Republican-turned fauxgressive blogsite owners.

    Any actual leg work is not on their radar. How many of them worked to help their hero Grayson get re-elected in his district? Besides feeding his ego at President Obama’s expense, they did NOTHING to actually get voters to the ballot and vote for Grayson. I notice that he hasn’t written much on that site since he got defeated in the midterms. Maybe he learnt a lesson?

    No amount of $$$$$ can shut the voices of millions..and millions.


  97. Good analysis. While the PL were trying to move the Overton Window by yelling and pouting, PBO has been doing it incrementally by actually working at it. Americans are, at heart, practical, and when they see practical, good results from policy, they adopt those policies as their own.

  98. Grayson only posted there to get donations so he wouldn’t have to spend his own millions. The wilder his diary, the more money came in. That’s over.

  99. Can President Obama raise for primary and general even if he doesn’t have a primary challenger? I believe it’s a $2700 cap for individual donations, but it can be $2700 for the primary and then another $2700 for the general.

    This would be another benefit for the incumbent as the money they raise for the primary is by in large going to go towards the general election. Voter registration, field offices, volunteer training, television ads that are positive and not focused on attacking opponents like GOP primary ads will be.

  100. Hi,WhatIsWorking…bravo for a great idea! Here’s an issue related to seniors that doesn’t receive enough attention.

    “Grandparents raising grandchildren face unique challenges as they becomes parents a second time around, and must often navigate a dizzying array of legal, financial, and social challenges as they step in to care for their grandchildren. In addition, grandparents must often stretch their budgets when they take on the day-to-day expenses of caring for a grandchild….For these families, a little help can go a long way towards helping them raise their children in their care.”


    There’s also information on this website, BenefitsCheckup, which helps you to locate assistance for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others who are caring for children who are related to them.

  101. Here’s one more that would be helpful for seniors, or anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

    Subject: Cleaning for a Reason

    If you know any woman currently undergoing chemotherapy, please pass the
    word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning – once per month for 4 months while she is in treatment.

    All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service.

    This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these

    It’s our job to pass the word and let them know that there are people out there that care. Be a blessing to someone and pass this information along.


  102. I volunteered for OFA in the last election. The GOTV effortvwas key in the reelection of McNerney and the election of Kamala Harris. Both were very close. Our Walnut Creek group is active. We have a tireless organizer who sends out weekly newsletters with links for action, including support for Wisconsin. OFA is doing ongoing training.

  103. Gearing up here in the Rockies for 2012, training, training and more training. Fired Up and Ready to GO!!!

  104. NL,
    I read your brilliant analysis. The MSM’s preoccupation with political labels encourages shallow analyses of President Obama’s style of governing. For example: in his December compromises on Taxes, the President, in his News Conference, made it very clear that he was strongly opposed to extending Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. But he also strongly wanted to see unemployment, and tax cuts for people who were not wealthy, extended. His pragmatism, not ideological shift, necessitated a compromise. Otherwise, ideological rigidity would have resulted in loosing everything.

  105. Jeebus, the first GOP primary debate is scheduled for May 2nd, and where in the hell are the candidates?

    They’re scared. They know beating Obama in 2012 is going to be tough, and most of them would rather wait until 2016.

    Could a vacuum in the GOP field lead to a Ron Paul or Sarah Palin candidacy? I think it’s possible.

  106. Darnell, I honestly laughed aloud when I read your first sentence. Now I have to ask, Seriously, as in two months from now they’re supposed to have a primary debate?! 😀

  107. I agree. Restoring Democratic control of Congress is absolutely crucial. I applaud the things the President has accomplished in two years. It is, however, important to stress that all these accomplishments were made possible by a Congress controlled by Democrats. I want to see Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House of Representative.

  108. If there is a gawd, and he likes me….

    Ron Paul / Sarah Palin 2010 —

    “EEny-oony-wanna, America! Eeny-oony-wanna, 2012”

  109. Sorry. Revised Version:

    If there is a gawd, and he likes me….

    Ron Paul / Sarah Palin 2012 —

    “EEny-oony-wanna, America! Eeny-oony-wanna, 2012″

  110. Thanks for the link Symmetry11! Gov. Walker’s extremism in Wisconsin is waking up working people of all stripes who are realizing that the Republican agenda is anti-workers. Let’s hope this awakening continues.

  111. Great Idea WIW! This is the most effective to counter the misinformation/ omissions of the MSM.

  112. My guess is Scott Brown, but not until 2016. Maybe they’re still hoping Huntsman will be their “Obama” in 2012.

  113. Thanks Cuphalffull,

    I needed to hear that. I am in Cali and we love the President here, but I am worried about the rest of the country, Citizens United, and the fact that the opposition is composed of crooks and thieves (ie 2000 Election) who will stop at nothing to retake the levers of power.

  114. My worry too. Let’s start registering our voters now so that in states where our Democractic registration numbers are #2, we can be #1. In states where we are tied, we can move to first place and in states where we have the overwhelming lead, let’s increase that lead. In California we can register voters who will turn 18 by election day. What are the rules in your state?

    Fired up, ready to go!

  115. Don’t forget the media is corporate owned. They are only going to report issues that support corporate control. The Republican party supports the goals of corporations. The corporations donate huge sums of money to support Republican candidates. We are never going to get fair treatment, an accurate picture or anything approaching the truth from the Mainstream Media.

    There may be a liberal journalist or three, but the people who truly control what gets on the air are not liberal. They are for profit, and the people they count on to support their profits are Republicans.

    Democrats understand the “promote the general welfare” and “common good” phrases of the Declaration of Independence. Republicans, not so much.

  116. Sheila, I 2nd that!

    “…it is urgent that we work hard to see that he has a back-up Congress.”

    Unfortunately, during the 2010 midterms, it was this lack of understanding about how important this was, amongst other things, in continuin’ to move America forward that contributed to that “shellackin’!”

    A fellow 2008 TX Obama supporter/voter, I met, didn’t understand BHO couldn’t do it alone. She felt “her job” was done once she voted for him. She didn’t realize it was just the beginnin’ of the change WE seek…

    I “turned her on” to OFA…

    But, I didn’t get her name, phone # nor her email. 😦

    So, I hope it helped her!

    Speaking of OFA: (It’s a repost.)

    A Message to the OFA Online Community

    The BarackObama.com blog has a long and vibrant tradition not just as a destination for the latest news and info, but as a place for people to share their thoughts and connect with one another. We wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate you being part of this community, and how much your comments and thoughts each day inspire us.

    In order to foster real dialogue and real conversations, we have always had an open policy that allows people to see comments as soon as they are posted. Creating a space for these conversations is important to us, and it’s something we’re committed to preserving. But occasionally, a handful of people do try to take advantage of this openness, not to create community but to disrupt it.

    In the coming weeks, we’ll be working to improve the commenting features and the commenting experience for everyone. As part of this, we’re publishing three simple guidelines for commenting on here on the BarackObama.com blog:

    1. Be respectful of the community:

    Personal attacks are not welcome nor will they be tolerated. By all means, engage in debate and have a strong discussion about the issues, but don’t descend into personal attacks.

    2. Don’t feed the trolls:

    If you do come across comments that are inappropriate, don’t respond to them. Simply flag the comment as “offensive” and we can take action. The more of you who are joining in on flagging “offensive” comments, the faster we’ll be able to respond.

    3. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll:

    This should be a space for safe discussion of the issues of the day, with people who all come from different backgrounds and different perspectives. Sometimes you’ll disagree, that’s OK.

    We hope that these will help preserve the integrity of this community, and continue to ensure that this is a place that you can turn to for important news, good conversation, and fun.

    Thank you.


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