He told us not to give them the keys back, didn’t he?

I thought this might be a good time to post this speech President Obama gave back in September in, well, Wisconsin. Everything he said there was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Above all, he warned everyone, not just in Wisconsin, of what’s gonna happen if we give the keys back to those bastards (He didn’t say “bastards”, that’s me). But people prefered to take Ed Schultz’ advice and didn’t go to vote – or, like some Unions, actually supported  Republicans. Well, let this be a strong reminder coming November 2012:




Weekly Address:



Once in a while, Chris Mathews does something really good. Like this:



President Obama places a telephone call to the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station as Discovery conducts its final mission in orbit.



The Obama Recovery: 1.5 million jobs in 12 month. 


This is even a better graph, coming from Jared Bernstein.

Have a great weekend, guys.

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  1. Happy weekend y’all 😀

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  2. Here’s some great news:

    Rachel Maddow Ratings Outperform CNN and Beck

    “MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, without the benefit of a buzz-booster like Charlie Sheen, quietly jumped to the elite levels of cable news ratings, outperforming everyone at CNN and MSNBC, and even beating Fox’s Glenn Beck. Maddow hit 452,000 viewers 25-54 years old, easily dominating CNN’s Piers Morgan, who had 208,000 …”


  3. People who abuse power do not give it up easily. The last two years in our country has been the illustration.

  4. I think of that speech all the time now. People just didn’t listen. I’ve never understood how someone could be a working class union member and vote Repub! I just hope we will be able to change all that is happening in the states.
    It was interesting watching Rachel last night with the two Repub women from Wyoming and how they beat their own party on women’s rights. This should be a wake up for all women.
    Do we have any video of the Presidents speech last night?

  5. Just call the republican party The Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face party. They do it consistently and automatically with no thought given anymore.

    I liked Matthew’s American Dream rant. Every time I look at my Gravitar, I think how could anyone dislike this darling little boy who grew up to be such a wonderful and caring adult, husband and father and President of us all, not just some of us or a few of us or the richest of us. It makes me happy that he is one of the role models for the kids growing up today. Imagine if all people had his values, what a wonderful world this would be.

  6. That is absolutely fantastic news. Whatever her occaisonal faults might be, Maddow is easily the most positive, informed figure in the media of today. If she’s getting out to the largest number of viewers, particularly the crucial youth, then that can only be a positive thing.

  7. Overseasgranny, they hate him for a very simple reason. They hate him for the same reason that “they” hated Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Jackson – because people have a natural tendancy to hate what they fear. They are afraid of him because he is a threat to them, and everything that they have based their power and agenda on.

    An old saying runs that you can judge a man by the enemies that he makes. By this standard, President Obama is a great man indeed.

  8. I must agree with you, Ax. We seem to have the wallet vs. human rights and dignity battle ever going on.

  9. Every time I post on Huff and Puff post, I keep encountering posters who complain about President Obama and the Democrats “being sell outs.”

    It’s like these posters aren’t learning from what is going on in Wisconsin and everywhere else that put Republicans in office to replace Democrats.

    I’ve got my own problems with the Democrats, but the only time I vote for Republicans is when they are running unopposed on a ballot. The Democrats push progress, regardless of whether it is little progress or big progress. And now we have Republicans making progress in the wrong direction, with their assault on women’s bodies.

    Hopefully this is a HUGE wake-up call to those sanctimonious fools who wanted to teach Obama and the Democrats a lesson, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. We have Ed telling folks not to vote for President Obama next year, just because he isn’t taking time out of his busy schedule to join the protesters in Madison Wisconsin, talk about Ed not seeing or getting the bigger picture.

    And of course it gets worse, we have Matt Damon “calling out President Obama” and I saw a headline on Huff and Puff post that read “Has Hollywood Quit Supporting President Obama?” Who honestly cares what these Hollywood elites think, left or right?

    To end my lengthy rant, I’m glad President Obama remains the only adult in the room. He’s doing an excellent job and I hope that he wins re-election next November.

  10. Good morning everybody, happy weekend, and thanks as usual to BWD for yet another stirling effort.

    I find myself in something of a pensive mood this morning. As much as Winning the Future is the theme of the moment, seeing those charts which reduce the Great Recession to a handful of colored bars cannot but leave one reflecting upon the momentous nature of the past two years, and just what has transpired over the course of them.

  11. It’s great to see Tweety eviscerating Mike Huckabee and his ilk, his exasperation is palpable. This crap has been going on continuously since the campaign.

    I guess we have finally reached a tipping point because conservative columnist George Will takes Huckabee to task in a column for Sunday. This should really get the tongues flapping this weekend.

    Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and the spotlight-chasing candidates of 2012

    By George F. Will
    Sunday, March 6, 2011
    If pessimism is not creeping on little cat’s feet into Republicans’ thinking about their 2012 presidential prospects, that is another reason for pessimism. This is because it indicates they do not understand that sensible Americans, who pay scant attention to presidential politics at this point in the electoral cycle, must nevertheless be detecting vibrations of weirdness emanating from people associated with the party.


  12. The George Will column is in today’s WP. I did what some here have suggested: Made a comment: (Paraphrased) The GOP jumped off the cliff with these folks months ago and isn’t it interesting to see some trying to pull back now…..wished him luck. :):)

  13. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: On This Day. 1977: With Walter Cronkite moderating, Jimmy Carter participated in the first “Dial-a-President” phone in radio show.

    RT @WestWingReport: 9 mil. people tried to call in to ask Carter a question. He said the questions were “the kind you would never get in a press conference.”

  14. Speaking of jumping off a cliff…..

    BY Jonathan Chait
    Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, says these results are a “cautionary sign” for a Republican Party pursuing deep budget cuts.

    He points out that the Americans who are most concerned about spending cuts are core Republicans and Tea Party supporters, not independents and swing voters.

    “It may be hard to understand why a person might jump off a cliff, unless you understand they’re being chased by a tiger,” he said. “That tiger is the Tea Party.”

  15. Yes, he warned us not to give them back the keys, and people were too set upon getting what they wanted individually and complaining about what they did not yet have, that we gave them back the keys. And now, we are having to strike, nation-wide. Have we learned yet? I certainly hope so. I do not believe the last election was a mandate to take from the middle class. I believe the tax cut to the rich was a chance to see if they would then create jobs. I have not seen that yet, but President Obama never ceases to work toward that end. I hope we all know what we need to do in the next election.

  16. I agree with you. Despite Rachel’s occasional short-sided reactions, I think she’s a good journalist.

    What makes me the most hopeful is that she has the potential to become influential within the media world. I bet that people from the DC press corps are already watching her regularly. She and her team are doing what they don’t do, that is, RESEARCH and JOURNALISM. Members of the press corps are surely learning a thing or two from her. For example, thanks to Rachel, nobody in DC ignore the role of the Koch brothers, Dick Armey and co. in the financing of the Tea Party.

  17. BWD you are doing a phenomenal job. It’s amazing to visit so many “newer” progressive sites all around the internet and see your site on blogroll after blogroll.

    Keep up the great work.

  18. I sent this note to her this morning, it isn’t a literary masterpiece but it is from the heart. I encourage you to do the same.


    Subject Line

    Keep me watching


    Great shows last week.

    I am delighted to see you focus your criticism on the true enemy, the Republicans, Governor Walker, Fox news, etc. Your shows have been excellent. You have the ability to influence opinions and clarify the issues. Please keep up the pressure.

    Also please stop second guessing President Obama. It is easy to play “arm chair quarterback” from the sidelines and say he should “go to Wisconsin” or make a statement about …..

    From where I stand he is doing pretty well considering all the challenges he has to face. It would be nice to feel the Democrats have his back.

  19. Well said, Jane. I’m becoming less and less interested in what’s said by the media, both national and new. People have a right to think whatever they want. But my focus is starting to be disproportionately upon the commitment to making donations to OFA, etc., to ensure that we hold onto this spectacular public servant for as long as we are constitutionally mandated to keep him. I just am increasingly finding that the rantings of the media and frustrati, either way, both for or against POTUS, just isn’t that interesting.

    Good morning everyone and thanks a million to bwd for this *incredible* site.

  20. Every single day she does this. It’s just phenomenal, but I really do kinda wish that she’d start taking at least weekends off, to rest and recharge. Between the mish mashes, photo roundups, and having to edit out the trolls while reading their manipulative crap, this is a lot for one person to do.

  21. Yes–that very last graph chart speaks volumes. And, thank goodness, I’m so grateful to be one of those “200,000” jobs added last month 🙂 Glad to see this blog going strong as well. Not able to comment as much as I’d like, but this is the only one I visit when I can.

  22. I love my president but the republicans deserve absolutely no credit for the progress we’ve made on jobs. I know he’s trying to reach independents but he is just to kind to those greedy, bigots

  23. Good Morning BWD and Family

    I was delighted to see this article on the front page of the ABC website.

    State of Labor: Wisconsin Showdown Puts Unions Back in National Spotlight


    The big story here is that they have dedicated 4 pages to: concessions already made by the unions, polls that show support for unions, a rise in support for unions, the role of unions in elections, and several quotes from union leaders.

    The very little story is the story is that our “blue sign” is now a TV star.

    The article has a video which shows clips of several protests last weekend. They lead with the SF rally which my husband and I attended. After the protesters chant “union busting is disgusting” they pan the crowd and our blue sign is visible. (if you blink you will miss it). Go figure…

    I am posting a comment at this article today and invite you to do the same. I will also write to abc to thank them for their coverage of union issues.

  24. The problem is that for republicans, every day is election day!
    They Make every decision on -if this will hurt the President, and then they formulate a plan.
    And that plan is to-Sabotague the economy and then blame him…
    The President is busy governing with all sorts of crisis, both foreign and domestic, that he HAS to attend to, as President.
    The Problem their is, he gets NO credit,and the right wing echo machine of crazy talk, drowns out anything POSTIVE the POTUS does or says.
    This has taken his advantage of the BULLY PULPIT away.
    Thus, I cannot wait til he starts to campaign, maybe a little over a year from now, man, are people going to be scartching their heads.
    I am certain(even the media) will be saying, I did not know that! Doh!

    Btw: Good Morning!

  25. By BRETT COUGHLIN | 3/4/11 7:24 PM EST
    Senate Democrats have given up on confirming Don Berwick as CMS administrator in the wake of a letter from 42 Republican senators opposing the nomination, sources tell POLITICO.

    Citing the GOP letter, a person familiar with the situation said Senate Democrats and the White House “can do the arithmetic” and now see that there’s no way for Berwick to get the 60 votes needed to clear the Senate.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0311/50698.html#ixzz1Fjtb2nOS

  26. I agree with the statement on Hardball, that if you are able to find fault with this black man, who has done everything right, who has been exemplary in every way, there is no black person you are going to like. Huckabee and gang who continue to go around smearing him with lies are revealing themselves to be nothing but ugly racists, playing to the racist crowd for political purposes. It’s really disgusting, and I believe that an increasing majority of the public is seeing it for what it is and is disgusted also.

  27. Wow, Chris Matthews is topped out. Join the club. I guess it’s better late than never.

    The misery coming from Scott Walker, Huckster, Gingrich and all the rest of these buffoons is handing the 2012 election to PBO on a silver platter. It’s just so plain. Their naked cynicism and wanton pandering are so egregious and offensive that even the most disconnected person can see through it all. And when you think about how they invariably co-mingle power and money, it’s just craven. I mean, come on, Huckabee is so desperate to sell books that he goes after Natalie Portman? I didn’t hear a word about Bristol Palin, who is truly profiting from her situation. And “mau mau”???? Dog whistle, much? I just think all these guys have joined W as the world’s best misery peddler. I go with HOPE.

  28. Voting against their own interests has been the story of white amurikkkans. But the ‘progressives’ joining them is the ultimate harakiri that only the really stupid would commit. Ironic that the states that voted overwhelmingly, without nary a thought for balance, are the ones now raising the specter of strikes. Good luck with that.

  29. Which is why I think the White House and Dems should be making the House budget much more famous. It’s an unserious budget, ridiculously deep cuts designed to appease the teabaggers and destroy the economy.

    There was a Gallup poll that came out about a month or so ago that showed while a majority wanted to cut spending to bring down the deficit the only area where a majority agreed to cut was foreign aid. Over 60% said they didn’t want education, SS or Defense spending cut.

    I’m betting the vast majority of folks don’t know just how draconian the GOP budget is, and yet the Dems keep capitulating and capitulating behind closed doors. It’s infuriating.

  30. I am convinced the progressives we all clamor about, (like huff and puff, hamster, greenwald, Daily Kos crew), etc, are members of the tea party!
    The one thing they have in common is, they do NOT like POTUS!
    Think about all those dems in west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, etc, that Hate POTUS!
    He has a 39% approval rating in west virginai, yet they have 2 democratic senators and a democratic governor.
    Now, this is Not the majority of the Dem party, it is the fringes, but they make the most noise and are well connected, in our lame stream media!
    Yes, tea baggers!

  31. I also find it gross that Texas approves a bill that requires a sonogram, before you get an abortion.
    In other words, they want to detur you from getting an abortion, by seeing the fetus in the Mothers womb!
    This is all psycholgy. Who is running the GOP these days, Sigmund Freud?

  32. lol this reminds of the “obama” vibrators back in 2007 and there was something else but I forget.

  33. O hyeah, fo example of the crazy talk…
    On CNN after the POTUS was in MIAMI talking to students, CNN kept calling the Presidents race to the top program EXTREME!
    EXTREME is the new Media word, for race to the top!



  35. I was born and raised in DC, but have lived in the MD burbs since college. MD just sent a same sex marriage bill to the floor for a vote. Gov. Martin O’Malley says he will sign the bill into law. DC has already approved a similar law. I cannot fathom what it’s like living in a backwards state like WI, OH, TX, FL, AZ or our neighbor, VA. I’m glad we kept the keys in MD!

    When Chris Matthews and George Will agree on something, and Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich start to meld into the same lying, snake bellied vote whore, the world has truly shifted on its axis.

  36. It’s truly a scandal that the rethugs have obstructed almost all nominations of this admin thereby paralyzing all branches of the government, which amounts to fifth columnism. Pity the ‘librul’ media is hung up on teabaggers and charlie sheens while keeping the americans dumber by the day.

  37. The liberal media is useless! With the exception of Rachel, this Media is just as bad as the far right! It is sensational and conspiratory! Most people do not live on the extremes, and are therfore living everyday lives, trying to make a living.
    It is only when the extremes interfere with their everyday living, that they pay attention!

  38. George Will says that Mike Huckabee is “the most recent vibrator.” Well it takes a tool to know a tool.

  39. Thanks again, BWD for this calm place to come to. Your hard work gives much peace and calmness to our thoughts. Thank you, and to all of you, “Have a Great Weekend.” We will make it back to the Oval Office in 2012. Think good thoughts about POTUS, keep your prayers of kindness and goodness for POTUS and his Administration, and WE WILL make it.

  40. The conservative group Americans for Prosperity will take a pro-Scott Walker blitz on the road beginning Thursday. . . .
    “They can’t necessarily come to Madison and protest,” said Matt Seaholm. “We’re hitting everywhere. with the purpose of letting people know that there are people in Wisconsin that are supporting Scott Walker and what the Republicans in the legislature are doing. . . .

    Americans for Prosperity is funded by outside donors like the billionaire Koch brothers, who also contributed heavily to Scott Walker’s run for governor.



    Office of the Press Secretary

    March 4, 2011

    White House Announces 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll Date and Theme

    The President and First Lady announced today that this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll will be held on Monday, April 25, 2011 with the theme of “Get Up and Go!” promoting health and wellness. The event will feature live music, sports courts, cooking stations, storytelling and, of course, Easter egg rolling. All of the activities will encourage children to lead healthy and active lives and follow the First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative, a national campaign to combat childhood obesity. The White House will open its South Lawn for children aged 12 years and younger and their families.

    White House Easter Egg Roll tickets will be distributed through an online lottery system, allowing guests from across the United States to participate in a tradition that dates back to 1878. The lottery will open for entries on March 10th at 12:01am and close on March 13th at 11:59pm. Tickets are free of charge and are non transferable. Full ticketing details can be found at http://www.whitehouse.gov/eastereggroll.

  42. This is not exactly the first thing that the American people were warned about by this wise man. He warned us about what was happening with Wall Street and the unfettered oil speculation. He warned Wall Street during his campaign. He saw the economy was going to contract mightily before it did. He warned us about the consequences of invading Iraq, that it would make things worse and make terrorist more able to recruit. Seems like this country is chronically late to hear his cautionary message.

    There are shades of a Cassandra syndrome here. He has the gift of foresight (prophecy) but no one believes him.

  43. Good points all, Tien Le. In any other sane country, this man would have been treated like a statesman.

  44. If PBO and Dems are “sell outs” then what are the “R’s”? They’re “Snake Oil” salesmen. They said everything that the down-and-out-middle-class wanted to hear. I hope in 2010 America does not get “Wisconsined”. I like what Overseas Granny said about them: Voting for the Republican to-cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face Party.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  45. Congratulations!

    How wonderful Donna Dem and a pleasant surprise to get a package from FLOTUS.

  46. Wow. BWD, ever the persistent worker bee. Thanks for this space and the varied opinions that is so fulfilling, even for one busy student, who lurks most of the time these days.

    Chris Matthews, wow. It is about time!! I have turned off Matthews and many of the talking heads on TV for a while now. But it was refreshing to see him do something elegant of late: tell the truth.

    He did a good thing, by telling his viewers, what most of us already know about this crowd of Republicans. The fact of the matter is that, this president, would be heralded as Mr. Perfect, not only by Republicans, but even by many in our so-called media, were it not for the fact that people still have not gotten used to the fact that he is a black man doing utterly awesome things, despite the odds and more importantly despite the unmitigated obstruction he has faced in his job from day one.

    I can only imagine what the commentary would have been like coming from some of the same people who grit through their teeth to give him his just due on the important things he’s pulled off, like reviving the automobile industry even while so many knocked him for even trying; for the Health care law, that no other president could achieve, but he did, and we could go on and on.

    And this is only the domestic agenda. On the foreign front, we’ve seen how he handled the first pirate hostage taking, the uprisings in North Africa, etc. Simply breathtaking if you cask me.

    For not the difficulty of some who still find it a chore to give this president his just due, today he would have been called brilliant, foreward thinking, amazing, a genius and much more.

    Even when there are positive stories, some can’t resist reducing his accomplishments to such things as “luck,” or whatever else they choose to call it. Go figure.

    That’s one reason why I love and cherish this place. We see this man for what he is and what he is done. And if the likes of Matthews and others are beginning to see that, it can only validate what we know.

    Happy Saturday everyone.

  47. I am glad SS Clinton told the truth about the USA Media. We are losing the information race. In my opinion, they lost it back in 1992 when her husband was in office and all they focused on was who he slept with.

  48. I believe that this entire “GOP” rethug/tea-bagger party is going to pay dearly in 2012. My expectation is that not only do we hold TWH but we retake control (super-majority) of the Senate and the House. Can hardly wait to watch BONER turn over the gavel …back to Nancy, perhaps?

  49. Jovie, I’m not sure if they are Tea Baggers, but they are definitely GOP and Tea Bagger enablers of the first order. I go back an peruse the front page of DKOS occasionally out of sick curiosity. Yesterday I took a glance at the site to see what the reaction to good jobs numbers would be. As usual, Bob Swern, Chief Economic Conspiracy Theorist, bashed the jobs numbers as “smoke and mirrors.” He even threw Krugman under the bus!

    Then today, I see LaFeminista has published a nice little manufactured outrage diary over Obama being polite and tactful by paying Jeb Bush and his family a few compliments. Oh, the horrors! Obama didn’t berate Jeb and his family as if real life is a mirror of DKOS and the blogosphere. Obama shows some class like the adult he is and all of the juveniles at DKOS get riled up.

  50. This criticisism of “extreme” won’t stick, because it’s ridiculous. Except for the far right, americans really get that President Obama is not “extreme” in his politics and his persona.

    In my best days, I hope that the GOP and media will overreach so much that as time goes by, more and more people will wake up and abandon them.

  51. Yes, that La fem piece was such a high schoolish gossip poutrage drama and yet rode the poutrage train to the wrecklist. I did my bit to push back and left the diary.

    What a buncha clueless, self-occupied morans

  52. Exactly!

    That comment from Dyson is one of the clearest statements I’ve ever seen of the racism that is involved in all of this. Bravo Michael!!!!!

  53. “What a buncha clueless, self-occupied morans.”

    Nailed it. Because you know if any one of them were in Obama’s position, they would have told Jeb to his face that he and his brother SUCK and then they would have gone off on a big rant and set the Democratic Party back 100 years. I thank God or Vishnu, or whoever that Obama is the one in charge and not one of the preschoolers from the GOS.

  54. I completely agree! Nothing surprises me anymore about the right or the PL or Hollywood but its sad to see that Matt Damon has resorted to blaming PRESIDENT Obama for doing his job. What did he say? I guess like hollywood’s fashion trends, political views and opinions change there too like the wind.

  55. I too, saw that ridiculous poutrage diary and the ensuant childish comments. The truth is, had Obama used the same words to describe Alan Grayson or Howard Dean, these DKOS poutragers would have written the EXACT diary and made the SAME comments; however, this time they would be outraged that POTUS was damning Grayson/Dean with faint praise.

  56. tbqh the 2007 love I had for her have long since disappeared. Sadly whenever there is something critical going on she ALWAYS becomes illogical, overly emotional and downright silly. I respect days when she stays factual and non concerning but those days are far and few. She is good at gathering info but when she should stay focused she fails.

    Haven’t watched her full show since the disgraceful redoing president Obama’s oval office speech. I have watched internet clips though.

  57. Can you imagine the utopia that would ensue if the likes of Damon and Schultz actually came out from behind their microphones, ran for office, and won? Nothing would get done, but their stances would remain firm.

  58. Hi kefauver! They’re just signaling to the carnival barkers in the Professional Left that they’re willing and able to provide an audience, and thus, money, to the type of cheap, emotionally-satisfying yet useless, red meat which the PL merchandises for profit. God bless them, the nuance of President Obama’s first term is excruciating for them, and they don’t get that they are being taken as badly as Rush’s listeners. Free country.

    I join you so much in your thanks that President Obama is in the WH; he’s guiding us through some significant policy shifts in such a friendly, cheery, low-drama fashion.

  59. Well, at times Matthews seems to be a little on the slow side, but at times he tells it like it is. BWD, Thank you for sharing that clip. Some one has to stand up for our president and call out the repug village idiots. It is unbelievable what the repubs have done and continue to do to PBO and his family. Frankly it is disgusting.

  60. Chris Matthews’ line on what Huckabee and other Republicans (including W) have been doing, “this stupidization of things,” was great.

    My friend uses a quote she loves about why the right hates the left, and I’ll share it – just among us!

    “They hate us because they think we think they’re stupid. And we hate them because they’re stupid.”

    Now, they’re not all stupid (I don’t even like to use the word stupid), but the mean girls and boys on the right want our fellow citizens to have as little information as possible, so they’ll believe every dumb thing they put out there as “the truth.”

  61. There are actually other laws like that in other states. Texas isn’t the first. And absolutely, the intent is to inflict an emotional and psychological trauma upon women seeking this medical procedure. The GOP is pretty much open about having no tolerance for divergent opinion about reproductive health matters, and it’s a shame that any woman would actually vote for them.

  62. oh good. Can’t wait to see the designs on the official eggs this year. I collect them. I loved the lets move ones last year.

  63. Yea, that “speech” turned me off for a long time. It was so amazingly childish, i couldn’t believe my eyes. But i did believe the gushing diaries the followed. It was like they all got lost in one big la-la-land.

  64. WIW – Thanks for the reminder. Just emailed Chris Matthews a note of thanks. He can be pretty annoying to President Obama’s strongest supporters, but when he steps up, it’s almost glorious … and I told him so.

  65. That speech haunts me, will never,ever understand how anyone who works for a living could ever vote Republican at that time,it boggles the mind. Chris can turn on a dime, but lately he has been a champion for our president & actually pointing out the the far rights inane going ons. Best of all the country is waking up, as if asking, what have we done? As for Rachel, she is a treasure, always has been. She doesn’t just report, she meticulously backs everything with thorough research. Should she ever error,she corrects before anyone points it out. People say she never has on opposing views, she repeats almost nightly invitations, most just do not accept. One of the all time best.

  66. That’s such awesome news. I was actually watching some of my junk tv (I love trash tv for some reason) this morning on youtube: vintage episodes of trading spouses. One episode had just the nicest, kindest couple of people I’ve ever seen allowed to be shown on teevee, trading spouses with a much less evolved and much more immature couple. The first couple were lesbian moms and I actually started crying at the end of the episode when one of the moms said something to the effect of, “I don’t care about a piece of paper; I know I’m raising a beautiful family.” She also noted earlier in the episode that some heterosexual couples who treat their kids like crap and don’t have to go through what they went through to even get those kids, would turn around and just question these moms’ parenting skills. It just really brings it home in terms of the ridiculousness of targeting this one group of people and telling them they should not have the same rights enjoyed by others. Those who don’t agree with gay marriage don’t have to agree, but why force other people into having to live under that viewpoint?

    I just can’t believe that people continue to vote for and otherwise empower the GOP.

  67. I think we’ll make it too, HZ, and I hope that you have a very wonderful weekend as well. I always like to read your comments.

  68. BWD, I have heard just about every speech our PBO has given since I started following him late 2007 (yes, I am one of those Obamabots :)…so you know I heard everyone of those speeches in 2010 when he kept going around the country imploring everone NOT to give the KEYS back. Good lord, we can even remember him almost losing his voice on some occasions as he pleaded with us about not letting the Rs drive the car back in the ditch.

    But did some people listen? Noooo. After all Ed Shultz and the other Repubs were just so much more ‘intelligent and insightful’ and by the way, exciting, since they were screaming at the top of their lungs like carnival barkers.

    Well as my grandma use to say in her old sweet way “you gets what you pays for” and even more appropriately “if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

    I don’t post often but this topic touched a nerve, since both PBO and Flotus went to Wisconsin so many times practically begging not to give the keys back…so I just had to rant

    Thanks for this platform from which we can love,laugh and rant.

  69. Both you and tien just made an incredible point. IMO the issue here continues to be too few limits on political spending and consolidated media ownership. It’s amazing that this country continues to advance despite such constraints.

  70. Ed and his hissyfits at 10.00 p.m is a tad too much for me. All that bawling,ranting and raving and brashnes through the tv screen at that hour is frankly a turn-off. So that is what I do…turn-off the telly.
    It almost appears that he needs to have an issue to shout about.He really is a total lightweight.
    Anyway folks it is Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago and I have today Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for all the fun and festivities, plus I will be doing my thing ‘playing mas’ in costume, freeing up, with the thousands of revellers out there on the streets.
    So have a great weekend and a Happy and safe Carnival/Happy Mardi Gras to those who participate.

  71. Rants are good for the soul! In our case, we rant and then we get back to enjoying what our President is doing for our country and the world.

    Pity the poor unhappy right. (It’s the exact reverse of how we felt for 8 years under Bush. They had to stand behind someone without much of a soul, but we have President Obama. I’m so glad the pendulum swung back!)

    Here’s to Obama-Biden 2012!

  72. Chris Matthews’ rant against Huck and Newt was the best thing I’ve seen anywhere on Hardball! Thanks so much blackwaterdog for bringing it to us!

    Chris came right up to Keith Olbermann at his rantiness. I will indeed write to him, Africa, and What IS Working, I’ve seen the video you mention and it was very touching, very truthful about what we can do with enough patience — in short supply in this country — perseverance, and hope.

    Thank you again blackwaterdog, we all appreciate your constant work on this blog.

  73. Do these soi-disant “progressives” have any idea whatsoever of what being the President of the United States entails and its protocol (never mind, I know the answer to that), much less of people skills? Can you imagine their social lives (if they have them)? It must be twenty-four-a-day conflict. I don’t know what the President said to Jeb Bush, but to obsess over this kind of ephemera borders on the psychotic. And anyone who cares about fostering better values in others begins with praising them for what they do right and encouraging them in that direction, not constantly carping about their faults. If these “progressives” have children, I hope they do not carry these attitudes into their childrearing practices.

  74. This the portion from the weekly address that the president’s people chose to highlight on Facebook:

    Getting our fiscal house in order can’t just be something we use as a cover to do away with things we dislike politically—and it can’t just be about how much we cut. It’s got to be about how we cut and how we invest. We’ve got to be smart about it.

  75. Have you been watching Maddow’s coverage of the Wyoming legislature, the most Republican in the country, which actually voted down a ban on abortion and a ban on gay marriage in recent weeks because they truly believe in small government? I don’t believe in small government if government is beneficent (which it isn’t always), but at least these people are consistent and have a basic understanding of conservative “principles”, in this case, to good effect.

  76. Have a wonderful time ladyjazz… my little granddaughter goes to Trinidad every year with her mom and family for Carnival. Her other grandma is from there and so they still have lots of family in Trinidad.

  77. Damon said “no” to a question about whether he was happy with the manner in which POTUS is running the country and citing anger/disappointment at some educational initiatives as the reason. I’ll just say that the media loves loves loves to highlight the voices of the disenchanted, while far less attention is paid to people who understand what POTUS is trying to do, and approve of it. Tons of stars have expressed admiration, and some even awe, with the WH. The media, especially spaces like HuffPo, is very selective in terms of who is uplifted versus whose remarks aren’t given that type of repetitive exposure.

    Palin, the teaparties, and disenchanted POTUS supporters get waaaaaaay more attention than they are due relative to their numbers, and it’s on purpose.

  78. ladyjazz, contributing to the joy at Carnival does far more for the world than all the rantings of Ed Schulz put together.

  79. Wow! WIW those are great videos and a great story. I try to go to your site often. I just don’t get there as often as I like. Thanks for reminding us.

  80. I’ve seen Clooney raving about how great PBO is. You didn’t hear anything about it, of course. We just have to get use to it. (Of course, no more Damon movies for me ;).

  81. They’re practicing the politics of resentment, a me-focused political style in which nothing of benefit has been accomplished unless it provides an immediate and tangible, specific type of benefit to one’s life:

    “My property taxes haven’t gone down {not caring about financial distress upon the states caused by the economic downturn}; these politicians are crooks.”

    “I don’t qualify for President Obama’s loan forgiveness program so therefore it’s just a piece of trash.”

    “I already had health insurance so President Obama’s HCR is just a giveaway to the lazy.”

    “HCR doesn’t improve MY immediate situation and thus it is a sellout and betrayal.”

    I have heard each of these statements uttered either in real life or online by people who range from hardcore conservatives to supposedly bleeding heart liberals. It’s the politics of resentment, and how the right has been able to stay in power for decades. People need to remember that this sort of selfishness results in really poor political decision-making, and keep that truth front and center even when griping and moaning about challenges.

  82. Agree, kefauver. Good points all. BTW, I remember from the other night that you are from TN……Part of ‘the’ kefauver family? Where in TN if you don’t mind my asking. I’m in K’town.

  83. I so agree! BWD is a real gift that keeps on giving. What this site has done for me is giving me renewed hope for the future. Thanks to BWD and all who come here!!

  84. completely with you on this gn.. the wishy-washy, we’re for/against him today.. media both new and old ain’t gonna get votes. We are, DNC, OFA.. feet on the ground.

  85. Thanks, WIW.

    I have been looking for his e-mail address to send him a note. I have tried over the years to make it a habit of writing polite e-mails to folks when I disagree with them (setting the record straight) and similarly, when I think they’ve stepped up to the plate and done the right thing. At times, some of them actually respond. Go figure.

    So, off I go to send Mr. Matthews a nice note.

    Thanks again, WIW.

  86. Thanks for the link NLinStPaul. The longer I see Pres. Obama in action, the more apt the “Obama plays chess, while his opponents play checkers” analogy seems true. Our President is so Machiavellian (in a good way) that his opponents don’t understand what he is doing until it is too late.

  87. Donna,
    Thank you for sharing. My husband is an executive Chef and I love to back. I just subscribe to Meta’s blog.

  88. He sure did tell them not to give them back the keys in WI, but did they listen? NOPE. Elections have consequences, folks.

  89. It’s at moments like this, when I hear of Damon’s words, that I have to force myself to remember that his voice is simply his voice and his voice alone. I truly believe there are many, many more “Clooneys” in this country, “Clooneys” who are intelligent and look at the big picture. But, the media will not give voice to them.

    And, for what it is worth, remember that Damon began “calling President Obama out” after the move ‘Waiting for Superman’. As much as I hate to use this example, even a certain diarist at a certain place panned the movie. I believe one of the diaries was titled, “Waiting for Superfraud”. I haven’t seen the movie, but I believe it demonized teachers unions. If Damon is disappointed in PBO because of that movie, maybe he should hold conversation with a teacher who belongs to a union.

    While I don’t know much about the education initiatives the President has proposed, I can’t imagine that even if I didn’t like those proposals, I could ever say that I’m disappointed in the job he has done as POTUS.

    I truly wish public option had been included in Health Insurance Reform, but I’m also wise enough to know that at that time and place, it simply wasn’t possible. Yes, I think PBO is doing a great job as POTUS.

  90. I was thinking that if I still posted at a place like DK, that 11 dimensional chess thing would surely come up with a piece like that…and not in a good way. LOL

    But its true. And its not only his opponents who are having trouble catching on.

  91. Great point Sheila. I’ve always wondered how these outrage artists act in their personal lives. The premise that a voter has to agree with everything a politician does and/or says is insane. They are truly lonely souls if they judge their family and friends the same way. They are totally irrational, bitter and hateful. They are not the kind of people I let into my life, online or offline.

  92. I don’t get it — that if you disagree with someone, you have to get down into the gutter to prove a point.

    I have always wondered about that. I remember a while back on that site, one commenter thought I was agreeing with him/her on something that was said. When they finally realized that I was anything but in agreement with them, they called me a name.

    Shortly after that I took a long break, and besides I was in the throes of beginning my school work.

    They expect the president to get on TV and berate his opponents like the folks on the other side do.

    They better get a clue or else they will be in a perpetual state of hissyfitness (if there such a word) for a long time, because POTUS is who he is and he is not going to succumb to their silly school girl/boy wishes.

  93. What a great site. I love reading all the recipes. My only problem is that my husband and I have to be gluten free. I may try to adjust those blue cheese biscuits, I love blue cheese.

  94. I saw it too, Hope.

    Having spent years at that place lurking before I started making comments myself, there was a diversity in the calibre of commenters.

    These days, you will notice that there is a new breed over there. And while the diary may say 235 or 100 commenters, etc., they are almost always the same handful of people responding to each other, patting each other on the backs.

    Go figure.

  95. Barack Obama is exactly the kind of Black man a racist will hate and fear the most. He shows how baseless and phony their claims of racial superiority truly are. Having as gifted and competent a President as Obama so soon after the nightmare of Bush, must really be a blow to the racist’s psyche. Many of Obama’s “progressive” critics seem to be wrestling with this issue too. Maybe that is why they seem so personally invested in portraying Obama as a failure who never does anything right. Obama will only be successful to them if he does and says exactly what they dictate, when they dictate it.

  96. I wish to be associated with your remarks ,if you don’t mind.
    Yes, great job BWD.

  97. I actually clicked there the other day – can’t remember why – and was surprised to see that it looks different. I left quickly. My days over there feels like different lifetime, even though it’s only been a few months.

  98. They live in a movie. That’s why that stupid “speech” by Rachel gave them half-orgasm. I’ve seen diaries calling the president to start acting like Jed Bartlett. I kid you not. They live in a movie.

  99. 1977

    When I was in my good-old twenties.

    Where’s my “back-to-the-great-past” car ?

    Why am I stuck with the crazy ‘1X generation ?

  100. Sheila, I watched that last night, and even though I don’t believe as they do about government, I was impressed to see (republican) politicians actually standing behind their principles in A PRINCIPLED WAY. I believe I could respect that, even when it might not result in them voting the way I want. 😉 I’m chagrined when politicians (GOPers) keep changing the goalposts so that one side is ALWAYS ‘RIGHT’ and the other ALWAYS ‘WRONG’.

  101. Good for Chris Matthews for making those comments. Obama truly is the embodiment of the American Dream.

    I did have to laugh though because the story up at MSNBC after I got done watching the Chris Matthews segment was “No bump in polls after jobs’ numbers”. The job numbers came out yesterday and they are trying to say that the polls haven’t improved. Give me a break already.

  102. These people can’t help themselves. They can’t see that they hold this president to such a totally different standard than his predecessors. I mean it is like they are just totally blind.

    They are never satisfied with acknowledging the positive. In their predictable existence, they never fail to disappoint.

    Watch them change the goal posts for the percentage points on the job numbers. Soon, we will hear someone start saying that those numbers will have to come down to 5 percent for him to be re-elected.

    And if gets down to 5, they will say it has to be zero, and if it magically gets to zero, they will say that he has to grow wings, fly to the moon, bring back pieces of its surface, turn it into gold and then assure that every single American has a job.

    Even at that, it won’t be enough.

    Go freaking figure.

  103. I understand this from the general public’s point of view, as we are still a nation of adolescents, at best, and it would be great to have many sociological and psychological studies about why this is so (I wonder if Australia has some of the same problems?). But for those who purport to be politically savvy, you would think they would understand some basic ways politics and governing are conducted in this country. It’s as if they have just crawled out from under a rock where a Hugo Chavez worm reigned supreme. I actually applaud some of Chavez’e policies, but his iron fist does nothing to promote the evolution of consciousness.

  104. Absolutely, EricFive. And even when I meet new people outside of my personal circle (which is large and carefully chosen), they do not act in this manner. I was beginning to think only those who were, as you say, “truly lonely souls”, spent a great deal of time in the blogosphere, but that does not seem to be the case here or on other more reasonable sites. I can only presume that the administrations at the sites filled with rage do something to attract that kind of thinking, which is okay, I guess, because we don’t need to go there, and perhaps it is better that they have an outlet that hurts no one outside of the sites.

  105. Exactly.

    They have managed to push a good number of people away. Screen names are hardly recognizable. The doomers, gloomers, bashers wallow in their pits. We all have our bad days, but people have to be really unhappy to stay so angry all the time.

  106. Well, blackwaterdog, I watched all of The West Wing, probably more than once, and if I recall Jed Bartlet did plenty of compromising. Remember when he assassinated the President of Qumar (or some such official)? Even the writers of The West Wing had more sense of reality than these people. By the way, I do believe the sense of civility that operates here is a result of your leadership, and we are all thankful.

  107. Whatever it takes to have Chris’s video seen by the maximum number of Americans, I hope those capable of making something truly viral on the intertubes does it and keeps it playing until (and after) Election day 2012.

    The ‘stupidification of America’ – that sums that entire crowd of republican fanatics.

  108. What a beautiful site. Very well designed.

    Everything looked delicious. If only the calories didn’t stick to me like glue :->

    Great Job Meta.

  109. Every time I saw the clip last week of Ed stating he would be the media voice for Wisconsin I thought .. . . why not. After all it was because of you and people like you why they are in that situation today.

    Ed led the call for Dems to stay home and not vote. Everyday I send him an email to remind him of that. I also tell him to apologize publicly for his contribution to their downfall but that will never happen.

  110. Wow! What a beautiful and mouthwatering site! I avoid gluten, too, and all sweeteners except stevia. Maybe we could ask Meta to include some recipes for us.

  111. Okay folks, I am late to the show today, for reqasons which I will explain in a minute.

    First a comment on the title of the post. Yes, our President did warn people, and yes, they did not listen. But I am not going to blame the victims. Most of the Republicans followed a typical Republican play book: promise what the peoploe want but don’t give any details about how they are going to get it. Human nature will fall for that if there isn’t a dynamic alternative. Nationally there wasn’t as Obama wasn’t running. ANd it would be easy for Obama to tell people, “See, I told you so”, but he is way too classy for that.

    Now the reason for my being late. My bro-in-law and sis-in-law were visiting from Northern Wisconsin. She is a clerical worker in the local schhol system. We tend to avoid politics, even though they both are Democrats and neither voted for Walker. Anyway, my bro-in-law asked me if I had been watching Big Ed lately and came out and said that Ed was right in complaining that Obama hadn’t been to Wisconsin. Between my sis-in-law and myself, within 10 minutes we had him seeing and agreeing to the reasons why Obama shouldn’t be there.

    Also got some good perspectives about the teachers’ POV, as she is friends with several, as well as the school administrators. The interesting thing is the adminsitrators, although not part of the teachers’ union is all for allowing the teachers to protest and take time off, as long as the school can continue to function. They know that they, as government employees, could be next on the chopping block.

    Also, she is pretty confident that Walker will be recalled next year. She is surprised enough signatures haven’t been collected yet, but I informed her that couldn’t happen until next year. They both agree that even if the unions were broken this year and weren’t able to contribute as much next year, the Republicans would still take a beating as people have already made up their minds in the state about Republicans. There are a few enclaves which are conservative enough it wouldn’t matter, but next year Wisconsin is going to be a killing field as far as Repubs are concerned.

    I also asked about some of the other aspects of the budget, and my bro-in-law immediately said, “Do you mean the Koch brothers’ power plants/” So that is not going under the radar up there.

    As far as the Dems leaving the state, they both said they are considered as folk heroes up there adn repeated the story about Lincoln juming out a second story window so a vote couldn’t be taken. And very perceptively, she pointed out that if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was Republicans who left the state, they would be called principled people by the RW.

    Tried to keep it short, but was an interesting insight, and we did convince one person who was angry at Obama not being there to change his mind.

  112. Thank you Japa21 for that report. I have been trying to find out what the locals are thinking. Glad to hear they are all staying together. This is so important. Did they say what might be the best for us out of staters to do to help them?

  113. I’ve been thinking about 2012 a bit and the advantages of a sitting President and came upon one I didn’t consider before – those GOP candidates sitting out until 2016 will not want the 2012 nominee to win. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels and the rest all have a vested interest in seeing the GOP nominee lose because if they win, then Jeb, Chris, Mitch are locked out for eight years and probably see their Presidential aspirations go up in smoke.

    Dems had this same scenario in 2004 when Hillary Clinton decided not to run. Bill Clinton was largely invisible for the Kerry/Edwards campaign, and you can bet most of the Clinton Machine was less than eager to see Kerry win.

    On the other side, potential Dem 2016 candidates have a personal vested interest in seeing President Obama re-elected because they want to have to challenge a sitting President in 2016.

    So you have a dynamic where both GOP and Dem 2016 candidates want President Obama to be re-elected.

    Sure you can say that it’s party before personal, but when you’re thinking of yourself as potentially the President of the United States, you are going to act out of self-interest to varying levels.

    Sen. Rubio and Sen. Portman are both cogs in the Jeb Bush machine – how hard will they work to deliver the swing states of Florida and Ohio respectively to the eventual GOP nominee?

    In 2016 the GOP Presidential Candidate will have much more across-the-board party support because the 2016 primary losers will see their aspirations over, as most will not be able to wait the eight years, nor want to see the Dems win again and have to run against that sitting Dem in 2020.

    This could show itself in fundraising as well. If you are a Christie supporter – do you donate to the eventual GOP nominee in 2012? It would be interesting to see how many Clinton supporters donated to the Kerry campaign and to what levels. Same with the Bush donor list – does Bush 41 and Bush 43 fundraise for Mitt Romney(as an example)? On the other side of the coin supporters of Sen. Warner, Gov. Hickenlooper, Gov. Schweitzer, Kaine, Gov. Patrick etc all want to see President Obama re-elected in 2012 in order to not be challenging a sitting GOP President in 2016.

  114. They know they have support of most of the country. That is what is most important. They get their morale boosted by others like them, they don’t need the President to give them that boost. They know he is on their side.

  115. Really smart analysis, St. Roscoe. Thank you for this. Yes, it would be very interesting to see how many Clinton supporters donated to Kerry’s campaign.

    Who needs talking heads anyway? People here are way smarter.

  116. I’m not part of the Kefauver family, but my father was a campaign manager for Estes back in the 1950s. I’m from Columbia, TN., just down I-65 from Nashville. I had read a lot about Estes Kefauver in Tennessee History courses through high school and college. Plus my dad told me a lot about him. I wish our state could elect a Senator like him again, but I’m afraid Tennesseans have been hooked by right-wing radio, especially 99.7 in the Nashville area.

  117. I am a school teacher for Chicago Public Schools (you don’t get anymore Democratic than that!) and I can tell you how a union member will vote against their own interests. Despite our fortune to be a member of a union, we are human like everyone else and can be easily influenced by what we hear and see. As much as we all admire our president, don’t think that the HUGE amount of publicity he received during the election cycle didn’t influence us as well.
    I am just now understanding how it is easy to rely on what is broadcast as opposed to doing ACTUAL research to see all sides of an issue (the most ADMIRAL characteristic of our learned PBO!) Often times it takes a crisis before people can wake up and use their better judgement. This disaster in Wisconsin is just the beginning of the true awakening of Americans. I am more than confident that things will work out. As mayor-elect Emmanuel said, “never let a crisis go to waste”

  118. I agree. Ever so often I get upset with her, but she is the best. Ed Schultz, not so much. I have gone from thinking he provided positive input to wondering who could better fill that time slot. Ed really did us a disservice right before the election and I haven’t forgiven him for that. Additionally his calling out the President regularly regarding the Wisconsin fight when in actuality OFA and the Dems were providing support.

  119. Seriously, maybe it’s time we do start thinking who would be better in that time slot. I don’t watch television, but am certainly open to learning who others might think would be better. Maybe if enough people came to an agreement on who they’d like to listen to instead of a shock jock, a consensus could be reached. Then the lobbying to the network could begin.

  120. A little late checking in today…but I did check this lovely site out:) Thanks so much for sharing! Everything looks so sinfully good..gained 10 just looking at the pictures!

  121. I’m glad he came around to finally noticing these facts. My question is, what took so long? Better late than never…haven’t WE been screaming from the rooftops about these simple truths forever? He has a TV show, so, as long as he doesn’t forget this, and repeats it often, it’s all good.

  122. What is with this progressive meme that we can’t celebrate achievements as they come, if the situation isn’t perfect? That’s the type of thinking which kept people from understanding the huge victory which was HCR and is now being applied to President Obama’s policies paying dividends with respect to turning around the bleeding and ushering in an economy which actually hires people. Watch for this meme, everyone. I think that it started with the sour pronouncements which I’ve read about here which were posted on the front page elsewhere claiming that the positive jobs report should be dismissed. Everyone, if you see otherwise intelligent, positive people repeating it, speak up.

  123. Shit, the “Great Buyer’s Remorse of 2011” rolls on.

    People chose to forget the last 8 years.

    Folks felt like throwing a tantrum so they voted (R).

    Big mistake. They let their emotions get the best of them, and of their intellect.

    Now, it’s time to pay the piper for their tantrum. And it’s goin’ to hurt.

    You can’t say they weren’t warned…..

  124. sad thing is that they really don’t sound genuine in their complaints. It’s like they are carping about something just to carp and have no real interest in understanding why things are being done the way they are. and if people like matt damon and others were paying attention and wanting to hold people acountable all of a sudden, why not blame the folks to voted R last fall

  125. I can’t stand Schultz. I like passion but he’s too knee-jerk and emotional for me.
    The start of his decline in my eyes was during the health care debate and when he disclosed a private conversation/argument he had with Rahm. I found that to be petty and wondered what his true motive was in that. Trying to boost liberal/progressive cred? To show he could go toe to toe with Rahm? Or was his little feelings hurt and he let his emotions get the better of him?
    Whatever the reason, I just don’t find him very stable. I might watch occasionally if the it’s on the channel and I don’t feel like turning. But nowhere near as much as I previously did.

  126. Ed and his hissyfits at 10.00 p.m is a tad too much for me. All that bawling,ranting and raving and brashnes through the tv screen at that hour is frankly a turn-off. So that is what I do…turn-off the telly.
    It almost appears that he needs to have an issue to shout about.He really is a total lightweight.

    You said exactly what I was trying to express above.
    I agree 100%.

  127. Happy Carnival!!!When I was a kid, we lived in St Thomas for a few years…Carnival was always a treat.In my entire life, I swear I have never eaten better fried chicken than what you could buy during Carnival! THE BEST! I still remember the parade and the street decorations and all the festivites. Great times:) Have fun….and have some chicken for me!

  128. Plus – Ed’s daily telephone polls are ridiculous and trivial. He’s dangerous for the weak minded.

  129. Is Joe the Plumber still trying to squeeze his last pennies of fame from his association with the mavericks? He needs to give it up and go get a real job.

  130. Most of the Republicans followed a typical Republican play book: promise what the peoploe want but don’t give any details about how they are going to get it.

    Ah, but here you have to apply a variant of “Occam’s razor”:

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


  131. GN, the worst I’ve read regarding jobs and the recovery are:

    “I haven’t been able to land a job for 2 years, thus the economy still sucks and hasn’t improved one bit!”

    It’s kills me when people base the health of the economy on their own anecdotal “evidence,” as if the nation’s prosperity hinges upon them. They can never acknowledge that the economy “as a whole” is getting better. Never.

  132. Theo, he may have been a really lousy plumber, and now riding buses around is the best he can do. Didn’t he do some bad stuff with his taxes? Maybe his bus riding is to stay one town ahead of the tax man?

  133. Thank You, for posting the WI video, because some needed to be reminded of what [JEHOVAH], the [God of Heaven] spoke through [President Barack Obama]. And the end of what the (Republicans) are doing now, can be found here. [PSALMS 75:4-8,10] I warned the proud to cease their (Arrogance)! I told the (Wicked) to lower their insolent gaze, and to stop being stubborn and proud. For promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but [only] from [God]. He promotes one and deposes another. In [JEHOVAH’S] hand there is a cup of pale and sparkling wine. It is his judgment, poured out upon the (Wicked) of the earth. They must drain that cup to the dregs. “I will cut off the strength of (Evil) men,” says the [Lord], “and increase the power of [good] men in their place.” [THE LIVING BIBLE PARAPHRASED]

    OBAMA/BIDEN ‘2012

  134. Chris Mathews and Hard Ball are just that hardball, he speaks the truth, even though sometimes he gets under my skim i do admit that he always tries to get to the facts. On this issue he got it perfect. I commend Mr. Mathews.

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