Economy added 192,000 jobs, unemployment down to 8.9%!

 Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

9:30 am
The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office
Closed Press

10:00 am
The President meets with senior advisors
Oval Office
Closed Press

10:45 am
The President meets with Chicago Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel
Oval Office
Closed Press

11:15 am
The President meets with Secretary of the Treasury Geithner
Oval Office
Closed Press

12:00 pm
The President departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base
South Lawn
Open Press
Pre-set 11:30AM – Final Gather 11:45AM – North Doors of the Palm Room

12:15 pm
The President departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Miami, Florida
Andrews Air Force Base
Travel Pool Coverage
Call Time 11:00AM – Virginia Gate, Andrews Air Force Base

2:30 PM
Dr Jill Biden delivers remarks at the Call to Duty ceremony for Airmen of the Delaware Air National Guard.

2:40 pm
The President arrives in Miami, Florida
Miami International Airport
Open Press

3:05 pm
The President visits a classroom with former Governor Jeb Bush and Secretary Duncan
Miami Central Senior High School
Travel Pool Coverage

4:00 pm
The President delivers remarks on winning the future in education
Miami Central Senior High School
Open Press

5:35 pm
The President delivers remarks at a DSCC fundraiser
Fontainebleau Resort
Travel Pool Coverage

7:30 pm
The President delivers remarks at a DSCC fundraiser
Private Residence
Print Pool

8:30 pm
The President departs Miami, Florida
Miami International Airport
Open Press

10:35 pm
The President arrives at Andrews Air Force Base
Andrews Air Force Base
Travel Pool Coverage

10:50 pm
The President arrives at the White House
South Lawn
Open Press


2. Recovery!

Jobless rate is lowest since April 2009

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Job growth accelerated in February and the unemployment rate fell for the third straight month, the Labor Department said Friday. Total nonfarm payrolls increased by 192,000 in February. This was slightly lower than the 218,000 gain expected by Wall Street economists. The unemployment rate ticked lower to 8.9% in February from 9.0% in the previous month. Economists forecast the unemployment rate to rise to 9.1%. Job growth in December and January was revised higher by 58,000 jobs.


3. Polls watch:

Pew Research: PBO at 51-39


4. Krugman:

How to Kill a Recovery

The economic news has been better lately. New claims for unemployment insurance are down; business and consumer surveys suggest solid growth. We’re still near the bottom of a very deep hole, but at least we’re climbing.

It’s too bad that so many people, mainly on the political right, want to send us sliding right back down again.

// more


5. West Wing Week


278 thoughts on “Economy added 192,000 jobs, unemployment down to 8.9%!

  1. First??
    We all knew he would do it! Boy, do I love the egg on the faces of the PL!


  3. My neighbor has already handwritten “12” over the ’08 on her old poster. Have they rolled out ’12 posters yet?
    I’m feeling very…. fired up! Yes indeed, very… ready to go! 🙂

  4. Way to go, Mr. President, with your brilliant, cool self. Does this not explain the stepped up attacks (birther, not leading, etc.)on our president? This and the positive polls?

    Try as they might, they cannot stop the recovery he and his economic team have so brilliantly guided us to.

    Oh, they’re trying to stop it with the help of their stooge governors, but it won’t work.

    That CNBC idiot Mark Haines was on Morning Joke and he COULD NOT spin the numbers negatively. Over at the CNBC channel that imbecile Rick Santelli (of the screaming for a tea party fame) is trying to say he doesn’t trust the numbers.

    I’ve got one thing to say to these haters who hate America: SUCK AN EGG!

    President Obama is a brilliant baadddassss.

    And you cannot stop him.

  5. I’m supposed to be two places at once today. His schedule STILL makes me look like a whiner! Our very own energizer bunny:)Good news. Bet it gets buried between Sheen/Newt.A**hats.Stock market went up nearly 200 pts yesterday…Obama HATES business Makes my headache. Good for you, Mr. President. Keep doing what you’re doing and pay no attention to the morons in the room.

  6. I figured there was going to be good news about the employment situation when I saw a very tiny “non-headline” on my main MSN home page about employers adding jobs. It was almost as if they didn’t want anyone to see this information, but had no choice but to report it.

  7. Wow what a schedule this guy has.

    I saw the unemployment news over at TPM where they had it as breaking news. It is indeed great great news.

  8. The employment picture continues to improve thanks to the tireless efforts of President Obama and his administration. All Americans should now clearly see that we are on the right course, and I fervently hope that everyone will demand from their Congressional representatives that we need to stay on this course and not jeopardize the recovery. President Obama is well aware of the fiscal situation and has already put many pieces in place to address both the deficits and the national debt. We need to bombard the Republicans and some Democrats with facts and figures to make it so much harder for them to push us back into the ditch.

  9. Amen, NL. Very nice to read some good news; things have just felt “up” for these past two weeks or so.

  10. They seem very depressed – no front page articles, and on orange place, there is one denial diary by the resident economic concern troll-in chief bobswern…

  11. Agreed. These Republican austerity plans are just totally misguided IMO. We will be better able to pay back debt once the economy expands. Mr. John Boehner has declared that he doesn’t care if the spending slashes result in job losses (“so be it”) but the sane members of Congress must stand up to these efforts to derail the economy. And I think they most certainly will; President Obama has already indicated his intention and plans to take this debate straight to the American people.

  12. WOW!! This president is kicking @$%. I am so proud and happy about this. This president is doing me so proud. I need the 2012 bumper sticker to replace the 2008 one I have. What have you got GOP, PL, teabaggers, all the naysayers?!! Woot Woot 2012 HERE WE COME!!

  13. Great news, 8.9%! If your pray, pray hard that oil prices don’t spike suddenly & that the European Debt crisis is negotiated & settled before it becomes severe & kills the recovery like the Greece debt crisis did last year. They’re supposed to be working on it. The new Global Economy is tough.

    Even Pat Buchanan, on MoHo, of all people seemed thrilled with the jobs report…..must be his investments. 🙂

  14. Excellent, excellent piece by booman (h/t rikyrah@weeseeyou):

    It’s Not That Complicated

    by BooMan
    Fri Mar 4th, 2011 at 12:16:29 AM EST

    I like Chris Hayes and I respect his work, but he’s wrong about why Washington DC doesn’t care about jobs. He makes good points in looking at the relatively low unemployment rate in the Washington area and among those with at least a bachelor’s degree. The recovery is proceeding nicely within the circles in which most capitol workers move. But that has next to nothing to do with why Washington DC doesn’t care about jobs.

    They don’t care about jobs because the Republicans don’t believe the government should create jobs. Most of them actually believe that the government cannot create jobs.


    So, the reason that Washington DC doesn’t care about jobs is that the Republicans have too much power.

    The Democrats aren’t blameless, but they don’t like to waste time. After a few days, it gets really boring trying to reason with Republicans. Then you just figure out what you can muscle through and you go for that. The Democrats know that they can’t close the unemployment rate because anything expensive enough to work is just going to get voted down in the House or filibustered in the Senate. So, they move on. They focus on other things that they can make progress on rather than sitting around moping and feeling impotent.



    It’s a terrific piece and worth reading in its entirety IMO. Happy Friday everyone!

  15. Lets all pray for the hardest working president America has ever known. MAY angels cover him and infuse him with energy as he moves this country forward.

  16. What great news for this Friday. Do you think any place or paper will have it as headline news? All those people who continually say he isn’t doing enough are strangly quiet. Thanks BWD for this great way to start my day.

  17. I believe the Oracle of Omaha predicted the unemployment rate would be in the low sevens by election time 2012. If that’s the case, there is no way the GOP has any chance at the White House – which is why the GOP is trying to sabotage the recovery. I really wish somebody would come out and say that – the Administration or Dem in Congress really can’t because they’d be pilloried by the press for calling the GOP “traitors or unamerican” (eventhough the GOP could get away with that for all of the Bush years and the 200 campaign without any MSM pushback).

    At least all these months of growth form a pattern so if the GOP shuts down the government or gets their draconian job killing budget passed there will be numbers to show how the economy tanked because of them.

  18. Yes and I think he’s beginning to panic because he now describes Krugman as having “jumped the shark” based on Krugman’s recent article that no longer pushes the doom & gloom meme, but puts the blame for the slow economic recovery fairly and squarely in the hands of the Republicans.

    I am suspecting that many of these concern trolls on orange are the owner’s Republican friends, posing as liberals.

  19. Super great and super SOLID news. OMG, this is just terrific. Let’s press on, OTeam. Leave the crazies and hand-wringers and pearl clutchers and haters and the throwbacks behind in the 20th century. We have other fish to fry and we wait for no one!!

  20. Everyday like a clockwork. Making the wrecklist everyday is his goal. uugghh

  21. President Barack Obama’s 2012 fundraising team has begun nailing down major cash commitments from top donors during a coast-to-coast “listening” tour — the surest sign to date that the vaunted Obama money machine is back in business.

    Former White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, along with Hollywood producer-turned-Democratic fundraiser Rufus Gifford, has been aggressively recruiting big-money contributors who maxed out to the 2008 campaigns of Obama and Hillary Clinton, donors and party officials told POLITICO.

    Read more:

  22. Meta,
    Joe Biden said that he will meet the pubs half way, with 6.5 billion more in cuts.
    The pubs said, we want another 31 billion in cuts, that is our half way mark!
    In other words, they want to defund HCR, the wallstreet reform bill and the remaining stimulus funds.
    That would put us into a second dip!
    Then, they also are attacking bernanke to get rid of qe2~
    So, you see, they do NOT want the economy to get better.

    My words of CAUTION!

    BTW: Good Morning!

  23. Republicans have to start considering where they’re getting their information from – Jeb Bush and his circle seems to be setting them all up. Every other Republican is outright hostile towards President Obama – all except Jeb Bush. Huckabee goes off the rails, there is a concerted effort to gt Chris Christie to challenge Obama know knowing he’d have to attack the President, and Jeb Bush is attending a rally with him in Miami.

    Jeb Bush is planning on running as a uniter in 2016, above politics, and one of his claims will be that he can work with Democrats because unlike all the rest he didn’t obstruct every vote in Congress the past x number of years, and unlike all the rest he didn’t demonize President Obama, but they found common ground and worked together.

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform will probably be done in early in President Obama’s second term so it will no longer be a boogeyman issue for the GOP they’ll parray and try to embrace it. Jeb Bush is a fluent Spanish speaker married to a Mexican-American with three children.

    Jeb’s biggest hurdle will be his last name and the fact he’d be the third “Bush” in a row to be the Republican President which would be attacked in the primary. So he’d setting up 2016 challengers to engage now against President Obama – Huntsman quits after less than two years to come back and challenge now, there is a major push for Christie to run as well. Pence can’t win a general given he was one of the main obstructionists the last two years, and will be going forward. How can Pence say he’ll be able to work across the aisle when he never did himself when in Congress?

    Jeb Bush is playing the long game here, and he’s already making moves now to help him 6 years from now. If I’m right he’d also love to have a teaparty flame-out in this election – he’ll want a tea party candidate as the GOP nominee to get blown out of the water.

  24. On ABC this morning, Georgie boy had a list of good and bad news about the economy. Good news: jobs report, stock market, and one other item. Bad news: new home sales down, oil up and GDP up at 2.9% growth. Why is the last bad newsw? Becuase it isn’t high enough. Baloney.

    And that is what they (the critics on either side) really have. Good but not good enough. What a pile of steaming you know what. Nobody is claiming the economy is doing great, but everything is pointing in the right direction.

    Another thing. All these budget cuts, in the name of reducing the deficit. Doesn’t anybody realize that by causing 700,000 jobs to be lost, reducing GDP growth they may trigger a second recession. ANd what happens then? Lower revenue because tax collections go down and unemployment payemnts increase again and food stamp costs go up and Medicaid expenses go up.
    The deficit doesn’t shrink, it expands.

    When job growth is up to 500,000 per month and GDP is over 4% growth, then worry about the cuts. Of course by then, the deficit is already being reduced due to higher revenue from taxes, etc.

    Look, I don’t have a degree in economics, but even I can see the common sense aspect here.

  25. Please note that he posted his diary around 4AM today, yet has less than 60 comments as of 9:30AM. Clearly, he is losing steam on this nonstop doom & gloom prediction. And apparently, he cited numbers from a right-wing source to support his questionable claims.

  26. I’m sure this job growth /unemployement news will cause some of the potential GOP presidential candidates to think again about running.

  27. I do not think the Democras know how to attack, instead, Tom Harkin criticizes Presdient Obamas budget, saying it goes after Womens rights…
    Thus, I really, really think, that Democrats are afraid of republicans!

  28. I’m looking forward to Dr. Maddow’s show this evening. I hope I won’t be disappointed. Let’s see.

  29. Excellent analysis, and I can see that being the case. And Jeb was who Barb Bush wanted to run initially, not little boy George. Jeb, who I am not a big fan of, is still better than most Republcians. But, I think you are correct, in that,a lthough he may win the primaries, in the general, against any really good Dem candidtae, his name would work against him.

  30. Dems keep giving in and giving in without any press coverage so all of these concessions won’t count when the press finally starts reporting when there is a shutdown.

    Makes me sick to my stomach really. Boehner is going to get exactly what he wants because the President doesn’t want to risk a shutdown because it could be blamed on him. It’s all about getting re-elected now.

  31. The truth is, if people are being re-employed, or not losing their jobs, if their incomes are rising, if their credit card debt is falling, the nitty-gritty of the GDP is going to mean very little to them. So let the MSM try to parse and spin the numbers as much as possible. The people ain’t buying it.

  32. GREAT NEWS this Friday! Thanks BWD!

    😀 😀 😀

    ….and there was much gnashing of teeth by tea-partiers on the left and the right…lol!

    How about, just for today, nobody on here frets/worries/gets down about anything they read in the press or see on t.v.???

    Just enjoy the good news, see that things are moving in the right direction, and savor the progress.

    Have a good Friday, everyone!

  33. I thought the HCR couldn’t be defunded. Something about mandatory spending.

  34. I doubt that the President will give them all they want! Homeland security, like- cutting 4000 fbi agents, in the middle of an al qaeda war, is irresonsible on both sides…
    And other things along those lines…

  35. Both the Booman and Krugman articles have called out the Republicans for their attempts at sabotaging the economy. But I do agree with you Saint Roscoe, that more of that needs to be done (I’m looking at poeple like you Mr. Swern of Orange).

  36. A gov’t shutdown is not in anyone’s best interests, doesn’t matter who people point fingers at to blame. That seems to be the White House strategy. During the gov’t shutdown during the Clinton years we were not in a recession. That makes a huge difference. And the Pubs got blamed for the shutdown the first 2 times I don’t see why they wouldn’t get blamed again.

  37. Oh No, that is what they are doing in that 61 billion dollar bill they passed.
    Also, the roads and bridges that are being built, will come to a complete stop, unfinshed, as their is 140 billion of unspent stimulus funds they want to cancel!


  38. That’s our wonderful “liberal” media, ya know, the ones that are “in the tank” for President Obama 😕

  39. SR: The president is giving $6.5 billion. They want $39 billion. This very far from giving them what they want. We probably should wait to see some details and see how it plays out. With all the talks about what a bad negotiator PBO is, if you look back, he got most of what he wanted, most of the times.

  40. I could honestly live with Jeb being the next Repub president. Disagree with him a lot but he’s not ri-damn-diculous.

  41. Saint Roscoe, Boner is NOT going to get all what he wants. Don’t buy into the left-wing media spin. The Tea-baggers are now very angry at Boner for “capitualating” and are looking for a primary challenger. Do you think that would be the case if Boner were getting everything he wanted???!?!?

  42. True!
    BWD, did you hear that david gregory has Michelle Bachman on MTP this sunday?

    This guy is a corporate shill!

  43. Jeb Bush is never becoming President. 5 years from now or 50 years from now. Hell naw!

  44. There is starting to be some push back even from Republicans in the Senate. Kyl, for example, is upset due to the cuts in border security. I have some of the same concerns as SR. I had been hopeful that the Dems would be stronger in their language about the consequences of the Republican budget cuts, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  45. Another PPP poll showing President Obama whipping the republicans. This time in Wisconsin. PPP reports his numbers are a bit lower than what he won by in 2008, but I suspect when Walker and his fools are done, PBO may win by double his 2008. numbers. And we must work double hard taking nothing for granted.

    A snippet from Politico’s coverage:
    “Forty-nine percent of Wisconsin voters surveyed by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling still approve of the president’s job performance, compared with 45 percent who disapprove. Mike Huckabee comes the closest to Obama in a potential general election matchup, trailing the president by 7 points, 48 percent to 41 percent. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin all trail by double-digits.”

    PBO even beats the republican “super star (hah” Paul Ryan.

    Top numbers:
    Obama 49
    Ryan 40

    Obama 48
    Romney 38

    Obama 48
    Huckabee 41

    Obama 54
    Palin 35

    Link to the PPP release:

  46. Starting to see the “green shoots” of a recovery.
    Maybe, just maybe the general public will begin to see through the republican spin-and begin to reject the corporatocracy they espouse.

  47. I wish I am in one of those districts where they are doing the recall of 8 republican senetors. But I did the only thing I could do. Went to( and pledge to recall Walker. I will be ready on 1/ 3 /2012 with my pen to sign that petition.

  48. I’m sure Thom Hartman will do his “WE’RE ON THE VERGE OF ECONOMIC APOCALYPSE!” today as well. Love the guy, love his intellect. But I’m finding I am uncomfortable with ideologues of any persuasion.

  49. I’m supposed to be two places at once today. His schedule STILL makes me look like a whiner!

    I was thinking the same thing.
    I’m having a busy morning and am already exhausted. The president’s schedule makes me look like I’ve been sitting around, playing hopscotch or something. I don’t know how he does it but he makes me so proud! ♥

  50. There are Republicans posing as liberals there, I sooo agree with that; it’s so obvious.

    My two cents: I don’t see why people waste their time there anymore. Markos Moulitsas doesn’t pay my student loans and my world does not begin or end with his *opinion* or that of people like brooklynbadboy, etc. People like bobswern are publishing content which is in line with the editorial vision of that space, so are the purity trolls. They have every single right in the world to have that vision and point of view. We simply don’t have to read it. They f-ed up bigtime during the runup to the elections with a lot of meta content about how Dems could win by losing. Sure, there were some action diaries, but nothing makes that purity “both parties are the same” content okay in the proximity of a national election of such enormous import. That space NEVER used to tolerte that type of bs and purity trolling; the site owner has simply evolved into something different, as is his right. People should stop arguing with them and just disengage. So long as the national media does not mistake them for the base, God bless em. They’re only important because people believe the hype that progressives on the web are nothing without dkos, HuffPo, etc. It’s just hype.

  51. All of large corporate owned MS M outlets are corporate shills. During the Bush years, they explained the preponderance of Republicnas on the talk shows as being due to the fact that they were the party in power. Up until this year, they explained the preponderance of Republicans on talk shows as being due to the fact that they were the minority and they needed to have an opportunity to get their voices heard. Now, it is because they have the majority in the House and therefore should be heard. And, with few exceptions, most of the Dems they have on are either poor speakers or are the Blue Dog corporate types representing maybe 1% of the actual Dems out there.

  52. I saw an “Obama 2012” bumper sticker on a car in Atlanta yesterday.

  53. He may have difficulty reigning in that T-bagger contingent in the GOP primaries. To fire up the Republican base, a candidate has to go to far right, because that is where the heart, soul and energy of the Repub party lies. This will force him to veer to the hard right – like so-called Maverick John McCain. That would create a problem in the general election because the Democratic candidate will be able to use his far right campaign against him in the general. That is the problem that 9/10 GOP potential candidates are having with the 2012 elections…

    On the other side of the coin, it might save Jeb if the Tea-bag movement fizzles out in 2016 because Barack Obama is no longer running. That would definitely, once and for all expose the Teabaggers as racially motivated. Then Jeb could still get the GOP nomination by maintaining a relatively centrist position without having to pander to a far right wing/racist agenda.

  54. This great news, now I’m waiting for the huff and Matt Damon to tell me how this is terrible news, lol.

  55. ADP employment was up on Wednesday. Unemployment was down. Still they were hoping today that somehow employment would be down today so they could bit-h again. Soooorrrry.

  56. True about the GDP thing. Most people really don’t understand it. But using a positive GDP number as a negative is pathetic.

    My larger point is that the bidget cuts won’t really decrease the defict, but would probably increase it.

  57. Republicans do understand that if they indeed fire all these public workers and they show up in the unemployment line, they’ll get blamed for it, don’t they?

  58. And keep in mind that these numbers come at a time when the Republicans are basically being given favorable coverage and the President is being dinged all over the placfe. Imagine when he actually starts campaigning and they have to cover him (except for Fox).

  59. Americans have notoriously short memories. George HW Bush is pretty well liked now, and I suspect once Cheney dies that most of the bad Bush Admin stuff will be blamed on him to get Dubya off the hook. The meme already is Jeb is the good son, the hard worker, the one everybody thought would be President before his brother went and screwed it up.

    The best candidate to beat a Jeb Bush general candidacy would probably be Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. It would put different states in play for Dems as he would be a mountain west candidate. VP candidate would have to come from Va – either Kaine or Warner to lock down that state from the GOP.

    Bush would probably look to somebody like Portman, Daniels, Pence, Toomey to try and lockdown Ohio/midwest, or PA.

    This is why I hope Christie is smart enough not to run now, because he doesn’t have the personality or home state benefits Jeb does. But he could beat Jeb in the GOP primary.

  60. Ideologues and fundamentalists all end up at the same destination, they simply use different maps which vary by ideology. I’m not sure who said that here first and so I don’t know which commenter to credit for that insight, but it is just so spot on.

  61. I think the Meeting with Geitner today, will be to discuss tapping the oil reserves, to bring down costs!

  62. Jeb’s big hope is that the TP will be so soundly defeated next year, that they won;t be a force any more. In the early 90’s, the evangelical wing of the GOP was gaining ascendency and the main stream GOP saw this as a problem and basically pushed them to the side. Of course that was when there were still some Republicans that were sane.

  63. Indeed. People are really starting to get it; I’m thrilled every time I read something like that. Very welcome, dear hopefruit!

  64. Beautiful prayer, and amen. I also hope that people who opt out of religion send good thoughts and energies POTUS’ way too. That’s also important. 🙂

  65. Pretty sickening! Europeans ask- what is up with America?
    It is our MSM! The Media, like our congress, are controlled by corporations!

  66. I have a question for all the Wisconsin folks. Obviously the whole union/collective bargaining part fo the budget proposal is getting big news. But how much talk is there about the other two, just as bad and maybe worse, parts of the bill: the selling off the power plants with no environmental regulations attached in a no-bid process, and the major and debilitating chnages to Medicaid?

  67. Haha, I was going to ask if they were still trying to predict a double-dip recession and all that over at the GOS. I still won’t read Krugman after his “lost decade” babble, but it’s good to see that even some professional doom and gloomers are being forced to acknowledge that things are improving.

  68. Gn, I agree with you and I don’t waste anytime arguing with them. But there are times when I think it’s useful to expose them, their hypocrisy and their peddling of false meme, because they do impact independent voters.

    I rarely pay attention to bobswern, but at a time like today when the positive unemployment news is hard to spin, his agenda-driven reaction is very interesting to say the least.

  69. I think it’s already fizzling out, and could be squashed with the right GOP Presidential candidate in 2012. If a teabagger candidate loses spectacularly in 2012, they GOP party could reach rock bottom and Jeb could ride in on his white horse to point out what went wrong and how it needs to be rebuilt.

    Worst case for Jeb would be Romney winning the nomination because his losing would embolden teabaggers that they never had their candidate yet, and they lost because Romney is too middle of the road from his days as Massachusetts Governor. I think Jeb would have loved a Palin candidacy – she gets destroyed, House flips back to Dems in a big way and a message is sent to teabaggers. There would be little long term risk to this as the Senate seats are pretty safe for the GOP, they wouldn’t lose any and would probably gain the Conrad seat even with Palin on the ticket as Texas, AZ and Nv will not likely flip, and Snowe and Brown would run against the top of their ticket.

    Palin seemd to have fallen out of favor with the teabagger crowd though. Is her 15 minutes up or is she just laying low know because she was overexposed and she’s waiting to come back in a big way when she officially announces?

  70. I think some of these Democrats have their own private “issues” with President Obama.

  71. I think the Dems are letting the GOP self-implode. It’s like watching a train wreck.

  72. Truth. I like that. And that’s why I’ll always stick with the Dems despite their faults. In general they do try to just move on and get something that works, even if they aren’t cohesive a lot of the times. And that’s why you always see progress under Dem administrations, even if it isn’t as “progressive” as many would want.

  73. Huck is not as likable when you get past the small talk chitchat. He believes the earth is 6000 years old and is very anti-gay. I guess there are some pretty radical sermons of his that are now fair game since Rev Wright was used to smear President Obama as well.

  74. You guys do remember that Obama also has a string of cuts in his budget? these “concessions” may be things that both sides already have on their agenda.

    Maybe I’m being naive but I believe Obama when he says that he will veto the GOP House bill as it is right now. He doesn’t throw out veto threats like that.

  75. I prefer to call it “compromise.” It used to be a good thing until the MSM reframed it as “giving in.” Nothing will get done without compromise. The whole “us against them” meme is taxing my last good nerve and why the Teapods are given more power than they deserve.

  76. Exactly. And with forces outside of the country (Libya, European debt) still going on that could still sink things even without a shutdown, we just can’t afford it.

  77. Obama gets press coverage still. Howver there was an article in the NYT yesterday that his new circle of advisors believe he was overexposed so don’t want to put him out there in the middle of partisan battles anymore.

    Problem with this is that the MSM sees him as the leader of the party and thus only want to hear from him not Congressional Dems, and since he isn’t talking the only side getting their message out is the GOP.

  78. A compromise is when both sides give in. When only one side gives in it’s called giving in.

  79. I wouldn’t vote for a bush at the local garden center. Nobody or nothing named “Bush” gets my vote.

  80. I really wish somebody would come out and say that – the Administration or Dem in Congress really can’t.

    It is in moments like these, that call for full-throated, truth-telling by a Democrat, that makes me wonder where is President-elect Weiner, or President -elect Grayson, or President-elect Feingold or any of the retiring Democrats, including 5 senators, who have less to lose than others, since they are not up for re-election.

    If you’re in a safe district or you’re in the minority in the House anyway, or retiring or out of office, why not generate some controversial headlines against the opponent, instead of the popular President of your party?

  81. And Boehner knows this – so he keeps and saying “I want it all” and the WH keeps saying “okay how about a little more? No, okay here’s more – still no good, here’s more…”

  82. What?!?!? Krugman was the Messiah! When they threw Elizabeth Warren under the bus, I guess Krugman couldn’t have been far behind.

    Firebaggers to the left of me, Teabaggers to the right…


  83. Out of curiosity I want to meet just one person who would vote for Sarah Palin as POTUS. Then again, maybe not…

  84. Super great and super SOLID news. OMG, this is just terrific. Let’s press on, OTeam. Leave the crazies and hand-wringers and pearl clutchers and haters and the throwbacks behind in the 20th century. We have other fish to fry and we wait for no one!!

    Yes, yes, yes.

  85. well,, POTUS always gets something! So, it is a compromise. The far left and the far right hates compromise!

  86. What is the alternative? When you have a republican party totally united in cutting spending! Their are NO moderates in congress anymore, just both sides extremes.
    I do not understand your way of thinking…
    Note this- POTUS is the ONLY pragmatic one left in D.C.

  87. I’m with you BWD. We have to remind ourselves that Obama always has a “long game” strategy. If you judge too early in the process (as the PL are wont to do), you completely miss where he’s headed.

    This is the team running the show now. And I’m pretty sure they have a game plan and know what they’re doing.

  88. Exactly. Life presents enough challenges to all of us in dealing with our families, friends and colleagues; why waste the energy it takes to be tolerant, compassionate and understanding on people we can choose to ignore?

  89. I appreciate your stamina, hopefruit, but I Iam not sure they impact independent voters. I have yet to meet more than one or two persons who go there for any reason whatsoever, and many of my friends are leftist activists and/or left-leaning independents.

  90. Those signs are terrific; thanks for that link. I liked the “Koch Head” and “hide your wife, hide your kids…” signs; hilarious.

  91. “Leave the crazies and hand-wringers and pearl clutchers and haters and the throwbacks behind in the 20th century. We have other fish to fry and we wait for no one”

    co-signing meta. Eyes on the prize.

  92. I would think that the layoffs Walker threatens would only add to the protest crowds. As I’ve said before, it is fortunate that the Republicans are as stupid and emotionally flatfooted as they are mean. It’s our only hope to defeat them, and we will, no matter how long it takes.

  93. Yep. The same inflexible, black-and-white, dogmatic thinking — just on different topics.

  94. I agree with the concept but there will never be another Bush that is a direct relative of the former Bush Presidents in the White House. Not in this century.

    I don’t foresee any Republican President in the White House for at least another 12 years at the rate they are going.

  95. And, perhaps I’m naive, if the Democrats had a large and safe (at least temporarily) majority in Congress, I believe they could be pushed to the left; whereas the gops are in a mean, little world of their own with no windows to the outside of it.

  96. Senate to hold test votes on competing spending plans
    By Erik Wasson – 03/04/11 10:35 AM ET

    Republicans and Democrats have agreed to hold test votes in the Senate next week on the House-passed spending bill and a White House proposal to cut $6.5 billion this year, aides confirmed Friday.

    The Senate Appropriations Committee is drawing up a six-and-a-half month continuing resolution, or CR, based on the White House proposal, unveiled on Thursday as Vice President Biden opened budget talks with Republicans.

    Probably both fail, party line votes…

  97. I did the same, chitra. I am in Leah Vuikmir’s district. She is truly a horrible woman but her support in my conservative district is too strong to merit any effort to recall her.

  98. There is talk of this among most of my friends, but they are pretty savvy. I was heartened to see the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel have Walker’s
    vicious budget cuts sprawled across the front page on Sunday. Even that silly paper is turning against him.

  99. I get what she’s saying, because the national media then reports them as the base, which confuses swing voters into thinking that even President Obama’s base thinks he sucks. I’m moving into a period in which I’m unable to muster the level of caring which I used to, but I understand and used to agree with what hopefruit is saying.

  100. The gops have no chance at the White House anyway because they have no viable candidates. They are either flamboyantly outrageous or spectacularly dull.

  101. Senate sends highway bill speeding to the White House
    By Josiah Ryan – 03/03/11 05:37 PM ET

    The Senate passed a highway authorization bill by unanimous consent Thursday afternoon.

    The bill, which ensures federal transportation spending for the rest of Fiscal Year 2011 at FY 2010 levels, now goes to the White House for the president’s signature.

    The bill was overwhelmingly approved by the House on Wednesday afternoon, 421-4.

    Meanwhile, the Patent Reform Act, the major issue before the Senate this week, continues to languish as senators try to add amendments.

    Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who is floor manager for the bill, said Monday he hoped the Senate would send the bill to the House by Wednesday. Late Thursday afternoon, Leahy conceded that he now hoped to pass the bill by “this same time next week.”

    There will be no more roll-call votes on Thursday. The next roll-call vote will occur on Monday at 5:30 p.m.


    I would think this would have gotten some coverage in the MSM! NOPE!

  102. Great ECONOMIC news…8.9% yaaaaay. Keep the ‘faithnhope’ going Y’all. It’s working.

  103. Oh yeah, BWD. Bob Swern will never surrender!

    He’s been wrong on:

    1. Geithner Indictments

    2. Elizabeth Warren Getting Snubbed

    3. Double-Dip Recession

    4. So much more, that I don’t have time to list it all.

    Now he’s claiming the Jobs Numbers today are smoke and mirrors. Lots of good loony conspiracy theory BS in the comments section, too. I’d eat popcorn while reading them, but it’s too early in the morning.

    All you need to know is that Bob Swern = BS.

    Can’t believe Bonddad got chased off that site.

  104. Heartless bastards:

    By Pete Kasperowicz
    House Republicans are expected to consider two bills that would repeal two housing programs supported by Democrats.

    Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Thursday that Republicans would call up H.R. 830, which would rescind the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) mortgage refinancing program, and H.R. 836, which would end FHA’s emergency mortgage relief program.

    The Hill-

  105. The problem with ideologues, of which Walker is definitely one, is that they are so convinced of the rightness of their actions that nothing, either perceived consequences or protests, can sway them from their chosen path.

    They belive absolutely that the present doesn’t matter, that they know better than anyone else, and that the future will prove them right. Remember Bush saying that he really didn’t care about what people thought about his decisions. He was comfortable in them, no matter what.

  106. I’m not sure I agree with what you wrote, Saint Roscoe, but even were it true, we must remember, if Obama doesn’t get re-elected, the entire country is finished, at least temporarily. Even though I have always been far left of our government, I encourage everyone to get as many Democrats elected as possible, because that is our only chance to push them to the left. I also encourage everyone to turn some of their activism toward changing the electoral system so that it is not necessary to raise massive amounts of money from the private sector. This would not only entail campaign finance reform (which our Congress seems loth to do; I guess they like being prostitutes), but also might encompass far shorter campaigns and a massive push to educate the public about the actual issues, though how the latter is accomplished in the face of our present media, I don’t know.

  107. That is what I read as well Jessica. Nancy Pelosi and PO made sure of that in the legislation last year.

  108. When the Journal Sentinel goes ther, it is a sign. remember when Cronkite came back from Vietnam and came out against the war. Basically, when you lose Cronkite you lose America. The JS isn’t quite that influential, and I am sure Charlie just pointed out that it was another example of the liberal media, but people start to get it.

  109. Well, from inside knowledge, I know for a fact that the Clintons wanted a loser in 2004 so that Hillary could be set up as the candidate for 2008. How did that work out for them? The future is open-ended and we can all do our part to change it.

  110. Ultimately, until we get to public financing, everybody will be owned by somebody other than the American people.

  111. “Dems keep giving in and giving in without any press coverage so all of these concessions won’t count when the press finally starts reporting when there is a shutdown. :

    I respectfully disagree with the notion that compromise = capitulation. Besides, What is being negotiated is what PO offered in his plan a few weeks ago.

    I also don’t think there will be a shut down but you know what. . . I would be okay if it did. Sometimes you have to deal with the decisions you make. (i.e. Ed telling Dems not to vote in 2010, Dems actually listening and not going out to vote).

    Finally, the press will never report the actual news. They make *isht up.

  112. Huckabee is as misinformed and uninformed as Palin, though his personality is more affable. I was surprised to see he had the highest numbers in Wisconsin against President Obama.

  113. I actually met some of her “fans” at parties, some of whom were surprisingly well-educated. I have no comprehension of this. Furthermore, she has one of the least-attractive demeanors and personalities that I have ever witnessed. I cannot help but wonder what the social life is like of those who admire her. Do they surround themselves with a coterie of hyper, shrill-voiced, narcissistic. greedy, exploitative liars?

  114. They really are something else, aren’t they, jovie? We must get Dems back into power in the House; the GOP leadership is just flailing and trying to score political points.

  115. No way…America doesnt do dynasties…Jeb can forget being president!!!

  116. And that’s all Democrats have to say to the American public: Republicans want to defund HCR; to defund implementation of the very protections we need to avoid the next recession, and defund the stimulus, which will put us in a double-dip recession.

    The Republicans want tax cuts for the wealthy and subsidies to oil companies, on the back of the middle class.

    They want recession for you and me as long as their corporate masters’ profits stay high.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  117. “hyper, shrill-voiced, narcissistic. greedy, exploitative liars?”

    Now Sheila, I think you are being much too nice here. Tell us what you really think.

  118. Good Morning Everyone!

    This is Fantastic news today. Thanks everyone for hanging in there with our great President. We knew the time would come when all the policies he put into place to grow this economy would pay off with job recovery.

    Let’s pray this continues.

    Thank you BWD for providing us with all this great information. I am sharing all this good news everywhere 🙂

  119. Yup; and it’s worthless trying to engage that strain of fundamentalism, or worse, help to build up sites which are editorially controlled by people who have no issue throwing putity tantrums. Why use energy trying to give this fringe such a big megaphone? I’d much rather spend this time at spaces such as this one with a much more coherent, positive, and forward-thinking editorial point of view. BWD deserves a megaphone, not Markos/bobswern, etc. That’s my current thinking on this.

  120. Here’s more information about the recall efforts underway:

    “Galvanized by the show of public support, the Wisconsin Democratic Party filed papers to begin recall efforts against eight Republican state Senators. They have 60 days to collect the requisite number of signatures, which ranges from 13,000 to 25,000 signatures per district; 25 percent of voters who cast ballots in the last election must sign the petitions. If organizers meet the deadline, recall elections would occur as early as mid-summer.”

    “Organizers also have their sights set on Walker himself: Michael Brown, a Web developer based in Joseph McCarthy’s hometown of Appleton, launched a website,, which already has 79,000 signatories supporting an effort to recall Walker. The success of these efforts, and the results of other upcoming elections — for the Supreme Court and for special elections for three Wisconsin state Assembly seats coming up April 5 — will serve as a test of whether progressives and Democrats can turn an electrified base into election gains.”

  121. The Democratic Party may not know how to attack, or be comfortable doing so, but it seems as though a battle of epic proportions is about to commence in Wisconsin.

    “….Walker faces the possibility of a more general strike — one that includes members of private-sector unions. “The governor and the Republicans clearly intend to follow through on their assault,” says Dave Poklinkoski, a forklift driver at a local utility company and president of IBEW Local 2304.”

    “Poklinkoski played a key role in getting the 45,000-member Southern Central Federation of Labor, the chapter of the AFL-CIO for the Madison and southern central Wisconsin area, to vote last week to prepare for a general strike. The motion passed the 97-member body nearly unanimously.”

    “A general strike would surely bring Walker to his knees. It would also be the first attempt to hold one since 1934 in San Francisco. Many private-sector unions might avoid signing on to avoid being sued by their employers — striking in support of other unions is illegal under the Taft-Hartley Act — but the fact that it has entered the discussion shows how serious the fight has become.”

  122. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Political Junkessa, thanks for the Beatles shout out, which now leads to my new theme song for 2012 with an extra lyric: “Firebaggers to the left of me, Teabaggers to the right, here I am stuck in reality with you — where Obama and Democrats rule…” 😉

  123. I am sure this is just a set-up by ACORN. Everybody knows Republicans do nothing that would be considered fraud.

  124. New name is now Fox Lies! Thanks to the
    young people in Wisconsin. If everyone
    starts repeating it, maybe it will stick!

  125. I am grateful for the blessings that we continue to receive under the leadership of this President and his Administration!!!! Great news this morning BWD!!!! I got up and put on some music and sang my heart out with,”Thanks, I Give You Thanks.” Great day!! We will win this!! Let us put move on toward 2012 for POTUS!!!!! God is good!!!!!!

  126. Arizona Grandma

    Although it sounds bleak in Arizona, the article was excellent and gives you reason to be hopeful.

    Many other folks in Arizona read the article and I believe it will strike a cord with many folks.

    i was so inspired by the article I registered at the site and posted a comment. I would encourage everyone who reads it to do the same.

    AG – Stay strong, let us know what we can do to help.

  127. Sorry for being off topic, but I’m pissed;

    In spite of a bi-partisan request, Speaker Boehner has just refused to let the last surviving World War I veteran lay in state in the capital rotunda!(?)

    Can you imagine if Speaker Pelosi had done this??

    This is an outrage. Corp Buckles was the LAST of the doughboys, an historic passing. Feel free to call Speaker Boehner or Harry Reid and tell them to actually do something that makes sense for a change;

    (202)224-3121 Capital Switchboard.


  128. Great idea! The rest of the media give me a headache and end up ruining a perfectly good day. Just saw my first crocuses in our front yard. Yeah!

  129. I take that as a very high complement, gn, as I think you are one of the smartest, savviest, and most articulate commenters I’ve encountered in the blogosphere.

  130. I’m with you. In the long run, negativity makes you irrelevant and self-destructive. And life is too. damn. short.

  131. Too late, sorry I should have read your comment before I posted a link to an article in my local paper.

    I will promise to be positive for the rest of the day. ♥

  132. “They believe absolutely that the present doesn’t matter, that they know better than anyone else, and that the future will prove them right.”
    Can’t be better put, though I still can’t understand how they’ve come to think this way.

  133. Woody@weeseeyou, upon seeing your graph, bwd:

    I shake my head in amazement every time I see this graph


    In two years going from 800,000 jobs lost per month to close to 200,000 gained in February with unemployment falling below 9 percent which is way ahead of schedule. And again wait until the job programs and business alliances the President is building kick in. That’s on top of the foundations that he has already laid for long term growth.

    I can’t believe we’ve gotten this lucky after that eight year nightmare. He’s something else.


    Indeed, and thank you to each and every person here who enables us to enjoy this period in history…in peace! Wonderful to be in this crowd.

  134. Sheila, Think about the worst of the girls’ high school bullying cliques and there you have Palin and her supporters…mean spirited little girls that never grew up. Palin is their leader and they are most willing followers, basking in the attention on her as if it were their own.

  135. Well, I can’t listen to Charlie, but the thought of calling the J/S “liberal” is too funny. I remember Cronkite weeping when he was reporting on the demonstrations in Chicago in 1968 and the brutal police reaction at that time. The only time our media has risen to that level in these past years is during Katrina. Even Shepard Smith was enraged.

  136. If I have anything to say about it, AZ will have a Dem Senator elected for Kyl’s seat and we will see more Dem Reps as well.

    The Repugnants in power here are poisoning the well for their party daily.

  137. Consumer confidence is at a 3-year HIGH, my ABC local news station just reported.

  138. Absolutely, japa, and I never fail to be amazed that so many Congressmen do not rebel against having to court big money to run. Don’t they have any personal dignity?

  139. What a shame. Instead of trying to interfere with the passing of this bill, Boner should be prioritizing job growth.

  140. Morning Everyone

    Great News indeed.

    Now – let’s not let the stupidity of Republicans squelch our joy.

    I recommend you read several articles from the NY Times and comments.

    You may also want to embed a link to a website we support within your link.

    Last night I posted a comment on this article

    The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’

    I supported the article and included a link to the WIW page of resources about Wisconsin. This morning I have 19 page hits from that comment.

    We all need to jump on this article and support unions and the blogs we believe in. by including a link to Eclectablog, Obama Diary, BWD, etc out comment packs a double punch.

  141. He’s on Fox News. He helps make the garbage, which he then eats. One of the many ways man is not like a guinea pig — they can recycle their feces and get nourishment from it.

  142. I know men who like her, even one of my dear, dear friends who is a brilliant man in most respects. I suppose, though, that men can be “mean spirited little girls that never grew up” in temperament also, just as there are women who are part of the good ole whiteboys network.

  143. More NYT stuff

    Last night I also commented on this story

    Foreclosure Follies

    I used the same strategy, a comment criticizing Repblicans, supporting President Obama’s efforts to bring back the economy and a link to the WIW site.

    “The Republicans are doing everything they can to make noise, and use the deficit as an excuse to eviscerate the President’s programs for recovery. They harped about jobs before the election, but have not introduced one piece of legislation that promotes job creation.

    To read about how jobs are being created visit this page. then I listed a url with stories about jobs.

    This morning 29 page hits from just that one comment.

    If every time we posted a complaint about PL, Repubs, or MSM, we went to an article from MSM and left a comment and a link we could make a tremendous difference.

  144. I’ve been saying that DK is full of agents provocateur since about last September. That is not a tin foil hat observation, though understandably most of us are loathe to accept that we are being had. I’ve had too many experienced in the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-Vietnam War Movement, though, to not be highly suspect of people who scream about how far to the left they are.

    As for Markos, his opinions and analysis tend to wrong far more often than not. When people cited his writing in comments, I had to laugh. When he started wailing about how awful it was that he was “banned” from MSNBC, I have to admit to not being sympathetic. His judgment isn’t very good sometimes. You can’t throw grenades and expect the intended targets to be happy with you.

  145. Wait a minute!!!! How can Grover Norquist’s allies be to the left of anyone? Don’t believe their claims to be on the left.

  146. I agree with you. I am not a fan of the site especially with the new layout, but it does have a nice way of tracking comments you’ve read etc and it covers additional ground that we don’t get here or at the other pragmatic progressive sites. I end up losing track of conversations here and usually end up replying in a dead thread. Makes conversations a bit harder. However, the content by BWD and the posters comments are 1000% improvement over DK.

  147. Agree. Not only that, but I personally would love to never see another republican President ever in my lifetime. WTF.. they’ve done nothing but wreck this country. I will do all I can to prevent republicans from winning the Presidency .. or the Congress.

  148. I was just at a friend’s house who has television and she accidentally left it on the channel where the 700 club comes on. They showed the number on the screen in large type. The sound wasn’t on so I don’t know what was said, but the visual was positive.

  149. The best thing is that Boehner is scared to lead the charge on cutting entitlements and has promised to be extra nice to Obama if he takes the lead on it. Obama isn’t stupid enough to push unnecessary and unpopular entitlement reform. Seriously, how Boehner got to be speaker is beyond me. He seems completely out of his league.

  150. Saint Roscoe – Let’s not give up. We can only win if we remain optimistic.

    President Obama will do the right thing, and go as far as he can go. He’s proven that. I for one am not giving up on him or Vice President Biden. On anything. If they don’t have our support (which they said they’d need and we promised to give), they go it alone and I don’t intend for that to happen. I’m just one little voice, but we can’t stop now!

  151. No, you’re better off here. You’re able to do a much better work without all the static. Besides, the removal of conspicuous supporters of the administration caused the so-called lefties to implode within months. They don’t get it, and they probably still won’t until the end of Obama’s second term when all of their ponies have been delivered.

    Sullivan has a great description of this president’s SOP today, which is something everyone here already knew but has been very slow to get through to the knee-jerk reactionaries in traditional lib blog circles:

    “What’s striking about Obama is his willingness not to take credit, not to constantly mouth off every news cycle, not to “guide” forces that need to reach their own conclusion first. Part of this restraint comes from the huge damage the previous administration did to America’s hard and soft power – by demonstrating hard power’s profound limits in Iraq and Afghanistan and wrecking the West’s moral standing by embracing torture. But part is also in his nature.

    No sudden moves. He waits until those he needs to engage have played their hand. Then he moves.

    And not before.”

  152. I’m going there to comment. That guy needs our support. Also what about LTEs to the East Valley Tribune.

    Good catch, Granny and thanks for posting the link ♥ from another AZ ‘Granny.’

  153. Me, too, meta – especially that hysterical “pearl clutchers” part!

  154. There is no way that Jeb Bush is getting through the GOP primary. His wife is Mexican-American who speaks very little english. The GOP is way, way too bigoted to allow her to be first lady.

  155. I like that suggestion! This is not to say however, that the comments which are discussing potential challenges and issues are anything but interesting and informative.

    OT-Something I’ve noticed is that IMO we all disagree here all of the time, because we’re individuals in constant motion; heck, I change my opinion all of the time. I think that people think we all agree all of the time because the disagreements here are usually so civil and noncombative that it seems like we’re all just agreeing with each other.

  156. I think the recovering economy is one of the reasons we have only 1 officially declared GOP candidate so far – some ex-Governor of Louisiana. Considering the first primary/caucus is less than 9 months away, it is shocking that there haven’t been any serious candidates officially running yet.

  157. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: Marine One wheels up South Lawn 12:06. Big smile from President, who surprisingly passed up a chance to talk about the drop in unemployment

  158. Done. It took just a few minutes to create an account. And I also think that your advice about adding a link to this site is spot-on.

  159. This time in 2007, i think there were 6-7 Dems already in the run.

    I don’t want to sound cocky, but if unemployment will go under 8%, and things will get better in Afghanistan – and no surprising major disaster, god forbid – we’ll be looking at a landslide. And i also think that in that case, we’ll see PBO takes a sharp turn to the Left. That’s my prediction/fantasy…:)

  160. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @Floridagordon: RY @learyspt Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Frederica Wilson on AF1 w Obama headed to #Miami // #Florida #pfla

  161. If we can win the House back and hold on to the Senate along with Obama’s re-election, it’s going to be amazing to see all that Obama will accomplish.

  162. True that. Even in this thread there have been several disagreements, but not one person being called names. AT some places people argue. Here, we discuss. Big difference.

  163. I know the day is more than half gone – but PLEASE!!!… for the remaining time??

    ‘How about, just for today, nobody on here frets/worries/gets down about anything they read in the press or see on t.v.???

    Just enjoy the good news, see that things are moving in the right direction, and savor the progress.’

    Hey, maybe we could even stretch it to Saturday?

  164. Jovie, the incident was also mentioned in an article in the New York Times:

    “A judge ordered a small group of protesters who had been staying overnight in the building — and had set up a virtual town inside it, complete with food and medical stations — to leave. But the judge, John Albert, of Dane County Circuit Court, also ordered state officials by next week to end the limits they had placed on access to the building in recent days after protesters had filled the place to show their dismay over Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to significantly curtail collective bargaining rights.”


    On Thursday night, a lawmaker was barred from entering the building and tackled by law enforcement authorities. In a video, replayed on a local television station, WISN-TV, Nick Milroy, a Democratic member of the state Assembly, could be seen being wrestled to the ground, then holding out identification and telling officers that he was trying to retrieve personal items from his office.”

    “Officials from Mr. Walker’s administration have said that limiting access to the building was needed for “safety and security” after protesters began filling it, and chanting, drumming and staying over.”

  165. I think Howard Dean would be the best candidate – big enough stature to get press/noticed, but can’t really be connected to current Administration or Congress.

    Big Dog could be another, but he’d be seen as too close.

  166. I think Az could be in play if Flake is teabagged out in the primary. Flake would be a HUGE upgrade over Kyl, as he’s a libertarian which means he’ll work with Dems on some issues and isn’t an ideologue Conservative seeing politics as a team sport.

  167. This has to be the best breakdown I have seen of the unhinged, deranged and just plain nuts GOP presidential candidates for 2012.

    It includes a synopsis and comments on each candidate using facts, wit and humor. It’s hilarious. Of course, I guess there could be a GOP dark horse (pardon my pun) in the wings but I doubt it.


    If you’re lucky enough to be near Tampa, Florida in the early fall of 2012 — and I will be — book yourself a ticket to the greatest show on earth: the Republican National Convention, at which the tea party will nominate its candidate for president, and then inform the Republicans who that person is. Bring popcorn, because the Republican presidential sweepstakes is shaping up to be quite a freak show.

    Thankfully, none of these people will ever be president. But as political “B teams” go, they’re quite a hoot!

    Here they are:

  168. Just the .8% drop from 9.8% to 9.0% was the largest 2 month decline in over 53 years. (sorry no link, but I checked it when it was pointed out to me, and it’s true)

    What is amazing is what the economy is doing considering the relative weakness in housing. Even if housing spends another year in the doldrums the effect it would have coming back to life in 2012 would be enormous.

    Basically, if unemployment is even in the mid 7% range by November 2012, Obama is unbeatable. And I think that’s a given.

  169. One-hundred-fifty years ago today, at noon in “Washington City,” President Abraham Lincoln was sworn into office as our 16th President. He used a Bible for the swearing in that was used again in 2009 by President Barack Obama, our 44th!

    I love Lincoln and – if you want to read how “he” felt (in the voice of one of his admirers today from Ohio), you can visit “HonestAbrahamLincoln” on Facebook.

    I now live in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, and – as you can tell – I may be overreacting!

  170. You’re not overreacting!….then again I was born and raised in Illinois. 🙂

  171. ^Thanks, creolechild…

    WE MUST keep this ‘WeAreWisconsin’ fight on the front burner…Like WI, IN, OH, and other states are under fire from GOPTeaParty-elected governors and state legislators!

    Chitra and Sheila, here is WhatISWorking’s ‘Do Something’ List: (WIW, I tried to post a comment. But, it caused an error?)

    Some Background Info:

    @Shoq: #WI UPDATE – “The revolt in Wisconsin has evoked unprecedented solidarity across the US.” #p2 #wiunion

  172. Oh that guy drives me nuts. He must live a miserable life. Doom and gloom all the time.

  173. Actually if the DNC made up some new posters, I would love to buy one or two. The money would help the presidents and those up for reelection in 2012–like Maria Cantwell.

  174. I just came back to BWD’s space to tell you all that I happened to switch the channel to Dylan Ratigan’s show and the person that is subbing for Dylan actually had the gall to say that the numbers are wrong. That the unemployment rate isn’t 8.9% it is actually 16%.

    I couldn’t believe these people. He then spent an additional 5 minutes trying to get pundits to agree with him on the fact that the democratic “spin” on the numbers is false on it’s face and that the 16% number is real because 8.9% did not take into consideration the folks who are no longer looking for employment.

    I thought I saw it all and thought the media could get no lower. But alas, I was wrong.

  175. I always wonder why the assumption is that Americans will vote against President Obama if the unemployment numbers are down, when they can see quite clearly that Republicans have no plan to do any better. If PBO can’t do it, then it’s pretty sure that Republicans will only make it worse. They haven’t lifted a finger in over two years to fix the messes they made – and there are plenty of mistakes. And they’ve opposed every plan to fix their mistakes. Plus, they’ve demonstrated with the tax cut hostage affair and the “so be it” comment, and what’s going on with the union busting, that they mean to do the country and its people harm. Why would someone turn to a Republicans if the economy isn’t as good as they expect – whether those expectations are realistic or not? I’m baffled.

  176. Darnell, would you consider putting up a g-rated version of your gravatar. It makes me uncomfortable. Thanks.

  177. I think we all learned it the hard way, jacqueline, by wasting a lot of time and energy reacting angrily to irrelevant people when we might have been engaging in a more inspiring fashion. Nice to come here and do so.

  178. And, PoliticalJunkessa, negativity is reactive rather than creative, so it stifles new ideas, which are much needed in today’s political climate.

  179. Theo67, you make a good point and one would think it would work that way, but the elections of 2010 were discouraging. I understand that things are moving far more slowly than those who need help would like, but why vote in those whose obstructionism is largely responsible for the slow movement of improvements?

  180. Even some Dems like Flake because he has supported social causes while still being a fiscal conservative.

    What may hurt him with Idies and Dems, maybe some so called Libertarians here is that when he was originally elected he pledged not to make Washington his career and he has voted in the past for term limits.

    If he decides to run for Kyl’s seat this will be used against him. He’s not really a horrible bad guy but we really need a strong Dem candidate to run against him. Before she go shot, there were a lot of thoughts for Gabby Giffords to run for Senate. Time will tell and her recovery has so far been remarkable.

    We will see and I work always for Dems in AZ.

  181. Maybe we are some ‘other adults in the room’ We can’t let our Prez be without real support.

  182. I’m late too usually and this diary lifted me up. I do promise to be positive for the whole weekend. ♥ and thank you for reminding us just why we love this site and our wonderful BWD who makes it all possible.

  183. Whenever you think you have “seen it all” you have to go look again. Take heart, we will keep on getting the real truth out there every way we can.

    Go to their web site and send a rebuttal.

  184. I must admit, until I came online, I thought the gops had a monopoly on hysterical ranting.


    I was a leftist student in the ’70’s – this behaviousr doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Do you know Communists aren’t really leftists (they drew 10 % of the vote in Amsterdam at that time).

    Of course not, because they were proponents of the new subway network … you’d better vote for the Anarchists.

  185. Actually if the DNC made up some new posters, I would love to buy one or two.

    I’d love to know this:

    If I buy Obama 2012 re-election gear, is that considered “meddling with the internal affairs of the US by a foreign national” ?

    Inquiring minds want to know …

  186. But Latinos and everyone else might vote for him 😦 I second the sentiment I will never vote for a republican EVER!! Even some democrats are iffy with me. I am more of an Obama supporter than all the rest of the politicians in both parties.

  187. I remember when SNL did that episode Stating that Obama has not done anything. Part of me wants to go over there and be “LOOK AT WHAT MY PRESIDENT HAS DONE” SUCK IT 🙂

  188. To be fair, Boehner’s problem is not only himself, but his party. I don’t think a brighter speaker would be able to control a bunch of lunatics.

  189. EXCELLENT point WIW. And I use this occasion to congratulate you for your fabulous work !

  190. I think many in the pundit business, including kos think they influence votes when instead the simply define what motivates their own vote and others of similar view jump on board and say Hey, me too. Same thing with Beck, Palin, Ed Schultz, etc.

    We all know people who make up their minds about issues and then come to a website to add how they reached their position in life. They are not there to have their life changed, their opinions formed for them, or to feed on random rage.

    Great insights GN. And I say great largely because I agree with them and therefore you are a genius. 🙂

  191. I wish you could back up your repeated statements about all these “give ins” the President is doing with concrete examples! I suppose you are privy to the final deal, with specific details, that the President has reached with Boehner

  192. I agree with you Sheila. I think it is a good intellectual exercise to speculate about 2016 or, for that matter, 2012. I’ve learned in my old age that the only thing we can be absolutely certain about the future is that we do not how it will turn out; especially when it comes to politics.

  193. I agree with everything you said except for the last sentence. It is unfortunate, but many people do buy into the BS they are fed by the media.

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