Jobless claims at nearly 3-year low of 368,000

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1. Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM PBO and VPB meet with his national security team for his monthly meeting on Afghanistan and Pakistan.
11:00 AM  
11:55 AM PBO holds an expanded bilateral meeting with President Felipe Calderón of Mexico; VPB also attends.
12:00 PM  
12:20 PM Obama holds a one on one meeting with President Felipe Calderón.
1:00 PM Obama and President Felipe Calderón hold a joint news conference.
1:35 PM Obama meets with President Felipe Calderón for a working lunch.
2:00 PM  
3:00 PM  
4:00 PM  
5:00 PM  
5:03 PM Obama calls the crews of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station.


2. Recovery!

Jobless claims at nearly 3-year low of 368,000

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – New applications for U.S. jobless benefits fell by 20,000 to 368,000 in the week of Feb. 26, the lowest level in nearly three years, the Labor Department reported Thursday. The last time claims were that low was in May 2008. Economists polled by MarketWatch had expected first-time jobless claims to rise to a seasonally adjusted 398,000 from last week’s revised level of 388,000. Over the past four weeks claims have averaged 388,500, marking the lowest one-month average since July 2008, according to government data. The four-week average is considered a more accurate gauge of employment trends because it lessens week-to-week volatility in the data. The decline in claims, which have fallen 27% since last August, appears to be consistent with a modest pace or hiring and fewer layoffs. Continuing claims, meanwhile, declined by 59,000 to 3.77 million in the week of Feb. 19. About 9.24 million people received some kind of state or federal benefit in the week of Feb. 12, up 74,000 from the week before.


 3. Competence. Such a dirty word.

Treasury expects $6.3 billion from AIG’s MetLife sale

…”We are optimistic about the prospects that taxpayers will recover every dollar invested in AIG — something that many thought would be impossible when these investments were first made,” said Tim Massad, Treasury’s acting assistant secretary for financial stability.


4. Very good one from Joe Klein:

Huck Fink

Huckabee was never an entirely plausible candidate for President–could we actually ever elect a man who has his doubts about evolution? whose comments about Israel seemed to indicate a literal interpretation of the Bible and the Rapture myth?–but he always struck me as a good guy, more concerned about working-class America than most of his rivals. These comments, however, and his subsequent lie that he really meant Indonesia not Kenya, really show a demented, perverse sensibility, and they demonstrate some of the ugliness at the heart of Obama hatred.

I’m talking about the Mau Mau comment, especially. When I was growing up, Mau Mau was shorthand for: Extremely Scary Black People. The brutality of the Mau Mau rebellion was legendary (and, who knows, perhaps even accurate). It became a term of art in the sixties: to mau-mau was to intimidate white people. (As a young reporter in Boston, I covered a would-be black militant group that called itself, with brilliant irony, De Mau Mau.) To associate Barack Obama with the Mau Mau rebellion is to feed all the worst, paranoid fears of Glenn Beck’s America–and, as any sane person knows, completely ridiculous.

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5. Polls watch:

President Obama strong in Virginia

Virginia seems like a state Republicans almost have to win next year if they want to take back the White House but if the voting was today Barack Obama would take it again by a margin comparable to or greater than what he won in 2008.

Obama leads Mitt Romney by 6 points in the state at 48-42. That’s identical to the size of his victory over John McCain in 2008. After that his leads increase to 8 points over Mike Huckabee at 51-43, 12 over Newt Gingrich at 51-39, and a whooping 19 over Sarah Palin at 54-35.

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6. NYT Editorial:

The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’

“We’re broke! We’re broke!” Speaker John Boehner said on Sunday. “We’re broke in this state,” Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin said a few days ago. “New Jersey’s broke,” Gov. Chris Christie has said repeatedly. The United States faces a “looming bankruptcy,” Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist, wrote in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

It’s all obfuscating nonsense, of course, a scare tactic employed for political ends. A country with a deficit is not necessarily any more “broke” than a family with a mortgage or a college loan. And states have to balance their budgets. Though it may disappoint many conservatives, there will be no federal or state bankruptcies.

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  1. There’s an unusual time listed on President Obama’s public schedule for Thursday: a call to the crews of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station — at “5:03” in the evening.

    It’s unclear whether the scheduled call was a typo (been known to happen) or a very specific time for Obama to contact the space crews. If that’s the case, those in space should be aware of Obama’s penchant for running late.

    The White House says that NASA will broadcast the audio of the call live.

    “The President will congratulate the crews on their achievements in support of this unique orbiting research laboratory and express his gratitude for their dedication to the exploration of space,” the White House said in guidance to reporters.

  2. Second! Ol’ Hick is a racist and Newt has no chance in Hell – It is a very
    weak field they are proposing against President Obama. In a way, it is sad, the the Republican Party has fallen so far.

  3. Americas addiction to oil continues:

    Two of President Obama’s Cabinet members were getting grilled in the Senate on Wednesday on the same topic: how the White House’s proposed budget would affect investments in oil.

    But while Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that more permits for deep-water are likely to be issued, Energy Secretary Steven Chu stressed that the administration is looking to “reduce our dependence on oil.”

    “There are other deep-water permits that are pending, and the ones that will go out the door will hopefully be the templates that will allow us to move forward with an additional, significant number of deep-water permits,” Salazar, whose department recently granted the first deep-water drilling permit since the BP oil leak, told the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Chu, meanwhile, adamantly defended Obama’s spending requests to the Budget Committee, saying that the proposed budget would support “the development and deployment of clean and efficient energy technologies to reduce our dependence on oil.”



  4. Our way or the HWY: the GOP is adamant about their 61 billion in cuts:

    March 2, 2011, 8:17 p.m.

    File Photo Print

    Text size
    Updated: 9:47 p.m.

    White House efforts to bring Congressional leaders together Thursday to kick off bipartisan budget talks are already hitting a wall: GOP leaders are signaling they won’t be there.

    Democratic sources said Wednesday night that White House officials, led by Vice President Joseph Biden, and Democratic leaders had agreed to meet Thursday afternoon in a Senate room to begin talks on a budget blueprint aimed at keeping the government funded for the rest of the fiscal year.

    An aide with knowledge of the meeting said it is set for 3 p.m.

    But GOP leadership aides suggested that their bosses have no plans to attend until Senate Democrats produce a spending plan of their own.

  5. Chcek out this graph:

    Even as the federal deficit has ballooned, U.S. corporations are paying lower tax bills than ever before, according to one measure.

    That’s the takeaway from a new report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities dissecting the tax structures of corporations, which CBPP Director Chuck Marr says are now paying taxes at “historical lows as a share of the [total] economy.”

    Marr points to a basic discrepancy: While the U.S.’s top corporate tax rate of 35 percent is one of the highest in the world, the amount corporations actually end up forking over to the government is much lower, sometime as low as 4 percent. This is due to a dizzying number of deductions, write-offs, and other accounting tricks that allow corporations to legally reduce their tax burden.

    In 2007, the report notes, the Treasury estimated federal government had missed an opportunity to collect $1.2 trillion due to various corporate tax expenditures over the previous decade.

    As New York Times columnist David Leonhardt columnist recently put it, a company like General Electric is, indeed, “expert at avoiding taxes.”

    Using statistics from the Office of Management and Budget, CBPP created this graph, mapping total collected corporate taxes as a percentage of the overall U.S. economy:

  6. They have NO minority support! writing is on the wall.
    I think they are trying to NUKE everything, to sabotague it for him in 2012!
    I am serious!

  7. Did anyone get Matt Damon saying he’s disappointed in the president

  8. Pres. Obama is dealing with a destructive,
    treasonous media that actually tried to
    bargin with republican congressman Darryl
    Issa’s staffer to start an investigation of
    the Obama Administration just to have a fake
    scandal to cover…I had no idea how bad they
    had it in for POTUS….
    Just another attempt to shortchange
    Pres.Obama reguardless of what our lying eyes
    & ears tell us…Although the Administration
    is not lead by polls and Potus has said in
    the past “I have pollsters too”…
    I would bet that their “internal” polling has
    Pres. Obama right around 51-52%…They can’t
    that in the face of GOP/media…doesn’t
    scream humility 😀

  9. For every Matt Damon there are millions of others whose expecations have been exceeded or met by the President. So if he wants to join the PL in their “disgruntlement” let him do that.

  10. Good morning everybody.

    Another wonderful mishmash and as usual, people are already popping up with additional news items.

    The NYT, part of the non-liberal liberal media, is starting to speak truth. I wish everybody could see it. They made a comment that I have always wondered why it hasn’t been said before. Everybody talks about how families have to live within their means. Yet families do indeed shoulder significant debt, such as mortgages, car loans, student loans, medical bills, charge cards, etc. Most families would be hard pressed if told they had to actually have the money in hand to buy things or pay for services. Yet that is exactly what the Republicans are trying to force the government to do, and those same people who are burdened with debt buy into yet, saying yes, the government has to be like us.

    On a side note, and showing how things can spread, I sent the link to Eclectablog’s fantastic job descrition for the President to my brother in CA, another member of the pragmati. Just heard back from him that he is passing it on to others, both fellow pragmatis and some of the frustrati. This is how the message goes forth. We have to literally live the old Clairol commercial, “She told two people and they each told two people and they each told two people and so on and so on.”

  11. Retailers post better-than-expected February sales

    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Retailers’ February sales were so far coming in better than expected Thursday, signaling that consumers’ penchant to shop remains alive.

    After winter storms in December and January hurt store traffic, the weather had turned warmer by mid-February, giving shoppers — their pockets a little fuller from the payroll-tax reduction — a reason to hit the stores to check out spring merchandise and seek winter-clearance bargains.

  12. Wow! That was quite the statement by SOS Clinton! We all know that is true just nice to hear it being said. Good morning this great BWD family.
    So glad all this crap about us being so broke is finally being called out. Hope people will start waking up. Also glad to see Huckbee being called out for the racist he is.
    Once again thank you BWD for all this news.

  13. It’s obvious that Huckabee is pushing the new concerted GOP meme that Obama is an “other” once again. And how, because he grew up in Indonesia for 3-4 years from 7-10years old? Because other than those years (where he was in a Catholic school) he was in Hawaii before and after Indonesia until he graduated high school, then went to California, New York, Chicago and then Boston before back to Chicago.

  14. You know im feeling like you felt about a week ago. I don’t know what people want, its not him its some of us. I am very disappointed in the dems for abandoning him and not wanting to fight. I am tired of the stupid thinking in this country. I would never had imagine, a country that hate this president. Racism is alive and well, sometimes when i see him on tv all i want to say is im so sorry, but thank you for wanting the best for me. Ok im done with my rant.

  15. i was reading yesterday on corruption post. Where the media was telling Issa aide to look for dirt on President Obama and they would run with it. Sad.

  16. As Saint Roscoe always says, it’s a “Hail Mary” strategy at this point, because so far, NONE of the other more plausible tactics have worked. The GOP is desperate, and Huckabee resorting to birtherism smacks of McCain hastily selecting Palin to be his running mate after the Democratic Convention in August 2008.

    Like you, I expect that the result will the same as it was in 2008. People want JOBS, not nonsensical ramblings about birth certificates.

  17. I read about that, then I read comments from James Taylor where he praised the president, his accomplishments and also said that the admin doesn’t boast enough and that he hopes the American people realize what they have in the WH.

    Matt’s entitled to his opinion. Although I see from his words and statements that he’s reading and getting his talking points from the PL.

  18. American MSM will never get the message as they’re so lazy and “insider” they think they’re part of the game. They treat politics as a sporting event because it’s easy to do.

    Al Jazeera is trying to get US clearance on Comcast I believe. My eyes were first opened up to how bad US media is when I travelled abroad for a couple summers 10 years ago and you catch BBC or read some of Europe’s newspapers. I think a lot more folks saw this recently with the Egypt uprising and Al Jazeera English online saw their numbers explode.

  19. Excellent points. I commented over there (trying to do more of that so you know I there) that even Reagan wouldn’t have tried to pull Walker’s stunt.

  20. I agree. Of course they’re trying to nuke everything. More mess to clean up after them again.Look, they know they have a more than weak field of candidates,probably won’t win in ’12,so why not make a mess of things like they always do, just to make it harder to climb out of the mess, taking LONGER for the President to enact all the things he’s really like to see happen.The R’s can’t govern. Never could. None of them.They are not capable in this fast paced world of thinking outside the box ( or one could argue thinking at ALL, they simply react). They are linear thinkers, with a straight line to corporations and big money. If it doesn’t fit there, it ain’t gonna happen.If it’s good for them, PERSONALLY,it must be good…if we all do our jobs, this will be proven to be true, and more sane people will begin to question and realize that the “old” Republican party, is gone.They are only going to alienate more and more people to satisfy a base that can never muster enough votes to win a beauty contest, much less the Presidency.Sad really..but I don’t care. They did it to themselves. Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.

  21. Happy Birthday in advance Eclectablog!!

    Glad to see your diary on the rec list – you are BRAVE 🙂

    I’m on “warning” at you know where, and I will not post there any longer but I would have rec’d if I could.

  22. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is always the vocal minority that makes the news. It is especially newsworthy to mostly feature people who don’t approve of the president because Obama was supposed to have fixed everything already.

  23. It even goes beyond that. The corporate overlords of the MSM are pretty much all Republicans and don’t like having any Dems in power. Look how much coverage there was of all the investigations into the Clinton WH (not including Lewinsky). There was no there there but they pushed it nayway. Look how little coverage there was into happenings in the Bush WH when there was there there.

  24. Exactly, and as I stated, for every Matt Damon, there are millions who think the opposite, yet their words are not blasted through the media because it doesn’t fit the desired narrative.

    James Taylor (a well known musician) has had nothing but praise for this President, and besides the few blogroll posts here, did any media outlet carry his kind words about the President, the way they carried Damon’s statement of disgruntlement?? NO….

  25. Hey temp, you and I thought about James Taylor (as evidenced by our posts) at the same time!!!!

  26. They can no longer hide the fantastic results and achievements of President Obama — on all fronts — so they’ve resorted to two memes: the birther not one of us and even though he gets results, he sits back and waits to long to act (not showing leadership). A despicable Washington Post columnist Ruth Markos has a disgusting column up now, It’s in my hometown paper and they will hear from me. I will stop my subscription if they keep running this hack.

    Instead of writing about the historic lows on jobless claims, the Dow opening 100 points higher, we get these lies.

    Instead of truly calling out Huckabee and the GOP for signaling they won’t even meet with Biden and company to resolve the budget issue, we get lies about the president.

    I saw stupid Boehner saying the democrats didn’t have a plan so why meet. This from the incompetent idiots who simply too the cuts that President Obama called for and called it “their” plan. They have no damn plan (except to destroy the country) and the media lets them get away with this mess.


  27. On the brighter side. I was talking to thee young men in the neighbor hood . I asked them about the next election. They all seemed to be motivated and many said they will vote for Obama.

  28. Things are totally different outside the blogs. That’s what i always try to remind myself, especially when having to go through some really nasty comments – None of them, BTW, coming from the Right.

  29. What kind of eye drops do you use so your eyes can return to normal (as well as your brain) after raeding that stuff. I think you have a stronger stomach than I do.

  30. He’s just trying to sell books. Just like Trump, who’s just trying to sell his train wreck of a TV show. MONEY and camera time and branding, that’s what it’s all about. They’re all a bunch of carnival barkers hawking their latest wares. GARBAGE.

  31. The GOP is committing political suicide. Did yall see the NBC/WSJ Poll? BRUTAL on GOP radical plans on fixing the economy!!

    The takeaways

    77% oppose banning collective bargaining

    The top 3 things the country wants congress to use to bring down deficits


    The bottom 3 things the country wants congress to use to bring down deficits


    Chuck Todd said 84% of the midwest voters are watching the drama in Ohio and Wisconsin when he was on Chris Matthews. But he said last night that 74% nationally are watching the drama in Wisconsin. Take a guess how that effects voters in 2012 if they see Right Wing radicals not only taking money out their pockets to pay for millionaires and corporate CEOS taxbreaks but also their “RIGHTS” to sit at the table to negotiate? Then they see John Boerner saying he won’t negotiate to keep the government open? Say bye bye to those votes in 2012. They are clearly overreaching.

    More tidbits

    57% believe that that GOP are going TOO FAR; 63% say the democrats too little.
    Take a guess of the two who is willing to compromise? You mentioned it above in your comment. DO you think the public will take kindly too the GOP unwilling to come to the table to work with obama and the democratic congress?


    The top 2 things the Teaparty/Conservatives want congress to focus on?


    The top 2 things the “COUNTRY” wants congress and president obama to focus on?


    Speaker Boerner has to not only please his RADICAL teaparty members but he has to work with President obama and the democrats to get legislation passed. If it seems that the GOP in congress is acting like DICTATOR KASICH and GOV WALKER

    Here is some video of Chuck Todd from last night for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  32. Thanks, japa. For some reason I’m not being quite so thoroughly eviscerated with this one. That could change, I suppose, but, for now, not so bad.

  33. His poll numbers are all over the place right now. They are up and down like a yo yo. I wouldn’t worry too much about his poll numbers right now. I think his average is around 47-48

  34. I think Matt Damon is another oen of those lefties that thinks when a dem prez is in the WH he can do whatever he wants and whenever he wants to regardless of what congress says…I don’t understand this way of thinking but that’s what many lefties believe from the way they talk about politics.

    Is he upset about all of this:

  35. I wish people would stop obsessing over his poll numbers, which are actually quite good for a President in these times, sepcially one being hit from both sides.

    And his poll numbers are a lot like those for HCR. The MSM made a big deal about support being below 45% and opposition being above 50%. They never pointed out that a significant portion of the anti_HCR numbers came from people who thought it didn’t go far enough.

    The same with the President. A significant number of those expressing disapproval are because they see him not doing enough. However, when it is time for the rubber to meet the road, unlike in 2010, those frustrati, having seen the consequences of 2010, will come back to the fold (well, most of them).

  36. GOP House wants a Senate Budget so they can negotiate against that rather than the President’s budget. They want to show a unitd front saying “See even the Dem senate thinks Obama doesn’t have enough cuts – but we see enough in common with the Senate budget where we could reach a deal if they’re willing to cut a bit more here and there”.

    Hopefully Reid and Co realize this and if they drop their own budget have it on the high side and give President Obama the first opportunity to say “I see a lot I can agree with in the Senate budget and think that there is a deal to be made if they just raise a bit in certain areas to ensure there is no job losses”.

    That framing would be everything as it woud force the GOP to then either say “Nope, not far enough”, or “The senate bill is much more in line with us but not far enough” at which point I think the prevailing opinion would be – use the Senate budget as the base and tweak it.

  37. well dang here we go again….do you just cut and paste this question everyday now? you got several replies yesterday and still come back with the same ? today, followed by how upset you are. *sigh

  38. It’s so transparent. So utterly transparent. I read that this story was a big feature on HuffingtonPost. Would there be a similarly big feature there about supporters of the President and how striking it is that he maintains such high approvals among liberals and Dems? Of course not!

    Same issue: the teaparties will number in the hundreds at a town hall and we will never hear the end of it. Tens of thousands of people in Wisconsin, hundreds of thousands marching against the Iraq War previously and this is seriously underreported, or in the case of Wisconsin, reported as if the taparty versus grassroots protests were of equal size.

    This is why it is sooooo important to maintain and participate in spaces like this. The megasites in the new media are absolutely no different than the national media, and they all push the same agenda of enabling Republicans.

  39. Good, Pres Obama’s hard work coming to fruition, love that and go Virginia. Great to see they are not falling for Koch bros financed MSM/GOP/corporatist anti PBO memes.

  40. Bingo. Blogs could certainly help if so inclined, but people should not substitute what goes on in blogs with real life activism, particularly sites which are clearly being trolled.

    Thank you so very much from keeping that crap out of here bwd. It’s literally a waste of time, and it deflates energy, diverts focus.

  41. His polling with liberals and liberal Dems stays sky high. Looking at gallup’s polling, it strikes me that the more liberal the Dem, the more inclined to support POTUS while the more conservative, the less inclined to support POTUS. While swing voters…swing back and forth lol. There is way too much focus upon the frustrati and what they think or feel everyday. They get attention which is far disproportionate to their numbers IMO. And I expect the worst of them to support a third party in 2012 actually.

    But thanks for noting that the numbers aren’t as bad as people make them out to be; that’s so true.

  42. Good Morning Everyone

    I just read the article at ABC and posted this comment

    I agree with SOS Clinton. Our news has become useless. The only show I watch regularly is PBS. You may find this article informative.

    Why Doesn’t America have Al Jazeera yet?

    I encourage ABC to re-evaluate how it presents the news and go for substance instead of

    I encourage everyone here to do the same or to write directly to the folks at ABC

  43. Don’t really care for when actors who do a bit of charity work think they know everything about Washington politics and how to get things done. Matt has said something like this in late 2009, so these new comments don’t surprise me. Whatever, I’m over everyones opinions on the President and how they feel he’s doing.

  44. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how the “absolute priorities” change overnight and there’s barely a ripple about it in the news. My memory may be deteriorating due to age, but I still hear the clamor for “jobs, Mr. President! Where are the jobs?” Well, I see some jobs now, not enough yet, but the picture is improving. However, the chant for “jobs, jobs, jobs” changed abruptly to “cut, cut, cut the whole govenment down and kill those pesky unions in the process” even if this means the LOSS of jobs. “So be it” according to the Speaker of the House, Mr. Boehner. What’s going on? I cannot believe that people don’t see through this. Will Americans really vote for people who deliberately and recklessly destroy the economy for political gain?

  45. I’ve really noticed this as well. The goal posts are always been moved, priorities changed in such a fashion as to deny President Obama credit for what he’s done. Which is why I like the fact that for the most part, this space spends time discussing those achievements and giving credit, and less time worrying about the frustrati’s mood swings.

  46. Good for you. I’m glad that you’re here helping to build this space, hopefruit. Your contributions are valued here and won’t be met with that type of disdain or the dishonest use of civility rules to editorialize.

  47. A good and pleasant thursday to all our bwd family… man has this week flown by or what..?

  48. I never fail to be amazed at the hold some of the more negative sites have on people. I always think of these spaces as akin to the crazy old man who drives around Milwaukee in a car outfitted with loudspeakers to blast his “messages” and plastered with signs attacking everything on earth: perpetually-disgruntled and totally irrelevant.

  49. What do you mean? America can never have too much of Charlie Sheen. That is way more important than anything going on in Wisconsin, or Libya, or the idiocy of Huckleberry.

  50. There’s a really terrific piece at thepeoplesview, quoting one of President Obama’s campaign advisors who appeared on the Rachel Maddow show, which notes just how much President Obama has done to advance the cause of civil rights/universal rights for GLBTs. It’s really good:

    “Barack Obama has been President for a little over two years and one months and the amount he has gotten done in that period of time on Gay rights and indeed in a whole range of issue is breathtaking. It has been a monumental series of achievements including for LBGTQ Rights in this country.”

    ~Tobias Wolff, Law Professor at Univ. PA and Obama Campaign Legal Advisor


    IIRC, bwd, you already did a terrific piece on that Rachel Maddow show, or had it as part of a mishmash; this TPV piece is excellent as well.

  51. It was wonderful. Thanks for the heads up gn.

    I have been creating pages with lists of links to articles, videos, and photos about topics we can use in 2012. For example pages titled

    Obama Support for LGBT Community


    Obama Support for Military Families


    Michelle Obama’s Accomplishments.

    These pages are in their infancy, but I thought they would come in handy when election time rolls around and folks say “what has he done?”

    So after reading the People’s view post, I have the article and the Rachel Maddow video to the

    “Obama’s Support of the LGBT Community” page

    I am pretty sure I have forgotten a bunch of things. If you can think of other links to add please post here or at the blog.

    As stories flow in from this incredible BWD resource, I will continue to add pages and keep making lists.

  52. Interested in seeing if I missed anything scandelous I went to track down this “Becky” on OFA and actually came away with something from her – assuming it’s legit.

    A new Q poll out finds the following –
    * 41 percent like him personally and like his policies;
    * 33 percent like him personally, but don’t like his policies;
    * 1 percent like his policies, but don’t like him;
    * 19 percent don’t like him or his policies

    If this is true, 74% personally like him which is huge. Also of the 33% that like him but don’t like his policies I’d guess some are progressive wing who don’t think he goes far enough. Of these that are to his right but still like him personally how many will appreciate ugly personal attacks against him that is spewing from the right?

    It seems to me that they’d be better off attacking on policy. But then again I think people don’t like POB’s policies because of all the GOP lies about them. The GOP knows it’s has smoke and mirrors to run on, and maybe feel they need to bring down his “likability” numbers. Hence the “he’s an other” meme being spewed by Huckabee and O’Reilly (and the rest of the right).

  53. One quick comment. Remember when people were saying that there was a rift between Obama and Clinton? Does that picture above look like they are at loggerheads? I think there is a genuine mutual respect and admiration between those two.

  54. That’s a perfect analogy, lol; I personally just refuse.

    After I saw what went on a couple of months before the 2010 elections at one space which indeed had a very big hold on me, never again will I believe the hype peddled by the mega sites. Blogs are nice places to recharge, get fired up, and critique the media. I’m not on blogs lifting my tiny voice to help to give someone a more prominent platform from which bash the POTUS, or give some small group of purists leverage to “force” the WH into doing this or that under the threat of negative new media coverage broadcast to thousands of people, and I realized during that period in summer-fall 2010 that I was doing just that–I was enabling purity tantrums by balancing them out, and thus allowing some really sketchy ideas to have a credibility which was just totally undeserved. Never again.

    That said, I do understand the reasoned, logical arguments to the contrary, completely. I just don’t happen to agree with them at this time.

  55. That’s the phrase I was looking for “moving the goal post” they keep doing this over and over again…..the media are the main ones moving it.

  56. Actually, Obama doesn’t run late. There was an article awhile ago that talked about the differences between Obama and Clinton and one of the big ones was that Obama was frequently early for his meetings. It was causing secret service some issues occasionally. Whereas, Clinton was notorious for running late. They used to call it “Clinton time”.

    Still, the 5:03 time on his schedule is weird.

  57. The GOP is really, really misreading the public right now. If they keep along this path, I think we stand a real chance of taking back the House.

    As for the Wisconsin news, it may not be getting a lot of coverage, but it leads our local Minnesota coverage night after night. It’s also front page news in Minnesota papers. People are appalled at what Governor Walker is doing. I am guessing it is helping Governor Dayton’s approval ratings, since he appears so reasonable in comparison to Walker.

  58. Okay we all know the MSM does nothing but lie and shill for the republicans. The new NBC/WSJ poll that’s out? They’ve been touting the numbers around unions, but have neglected to report these key findings:

    Obama 49/35
    Pawlenty 10/9
    Romney 25/25
    Boehner 20/24
    Trump 26/29

    Who would you vote for:
    Obama 45
    Generic Rep 40

    Obama 50
    Pawlenty 31

    Obama 49
    Romney 40

    Do you consider yourself a member of the
    Tea Party?
    Yes 29%
    No 60%

    Will the economy get better or worse?
    Better 29
    Worse 29

    Compared to 1/11
    Better 17
    Worse 40

    Goes Too Far / Not Far Enough
    Democrats 28 / 63
    Obama 26 / 62
    Republicans 52 / 40
    Tea Party 51 / 32

    These are excellent numbers / trends for the president which is why you haven’t seen them reported.

    Link to pdf:

  59. I can’t even muster up any anger at those who are sad enough to attempt to comment on a positive site where their negativity is not welcome, knowing their comments will most likely not get through. No wonder they are frustrated. They purposefully seek out situations in which they are powerless to stoke their “self-righteous” rage. My sympathy for you, blackwater dog, at having to deal with it. Thanks to your intervention, the rest of us can maintain our civilized dialogue.

  60. I am a huge Damon fan. He’s made some great films, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he has done amazing work to help get clean water in Africa.

    I think he is dead wrong on Obama, but I am not terribly surprised. I think some of the rich, white liberals wanted the Democratic Bush for President and Obama just isn’t going to make those people happy. Obama doesn’t want to demonize and use hateful rhetoric to defeat the opposition. Some people thrive on that stuff. That’s why they were Edwards supporters. Same reason Jon Stewart is so down on Obama.

  61. I really think that kind of attack on Obama is just going to backfire again. When the public hears or sees Obama, they don’t see some mysterious “other”, they see a calm, pleasant American. Obama’s demeanor makes it hard to demonize him I believe.

  62. Well, daily kos has fallen right in line with the shift goal posts. There is a front page story up already sneering at the great drop in the jobless rate. Now jobs are not enough. They have to be the right kind of jobs. It’s just another excuse to make Obama a failure. They are too invested in their narrative to celebrate good news.

  63. Wow, the GOP definitely needs to re-calibrate their attacks on Obama if that poll is real. With 74% of the public liking Obama, attacking Obama personally is going to backfire big time. Unfortunately for the GOP, they are really only successful in Presidential elections when they attack personally. And another problem they face is that there isn’t anyone on the GOP side right now who is as likable as Obama.

  64. Here’s a link to a story in The Hill about President Obama’s numbers in the new NBC/WSJ poll. Let’s see if this makes the cable shows.

    From The Hill story:

    “President Obama would beat two top contenders for the Republican nomination in 2012 by a wide margin, a new poll found Thursday.

    The president would beat former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) by nine percentage points, and best former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) by 19 points if the election were held today, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.”

  65. That is huge news. I doubt the media will cover it extensively but this means that the GOP Governors and Attorney Generals who were going to refuse to implement “Obamacare” due to this ruling will have to start implementation.

  66. Listening. He is so awesome. And I just love and appreciate President Calderon’s praise of our president’s leadership.

  67. But wait, wait. Republicans are already rushing to stop the recovery. Because you know, we can’t afford to boost our economy, and must severely damage every public investment that actually helps our economy!

  68. I think it unfair to say pl are worried about the mood swing of the naysayers. Yes this is a positive site, where you can come to when the negatives is getting to anybody and find solace in others. To make as anything other is not fair. It out there and i combat everyday and do my part to correct any negative comments about the president.

  69. I am not listening. And I won’t listen until my dear friend BWD provides a link for me to listen.

    Likely in a blog post later this afternoon.


  70. I for one am missing the commentary of the Liberal Librarian.

    Who’s with me?


  71. You mean we don’t want to hear about Charlie Sheen 24/7? What is this world coming too.

  72. I think it’s clear: GOP is not for US! (my new conclusion whenever I link stories on GOP perfidy on twitter.)

  73. Rasmussen which is a GOP tool always brings the averages down. They correct their numbers only just before election but otherwise they are never credible.

  74. Moose, Hick is a racist. I am very happy that Joe K covered this story, but I am somewhat bothered by the fact that he does not understand why the Mau Mau revolt occurred.

  75. The frustrati are a lot like the Naderites. But since they had a negative influence on Bush vs Gore I think we cannnot ignore them and need to continue our focus on getting the positive message of our POTUS’ accomplishments and why we need to do everything to reelect him in 2012. No complacency! Let’s talk to neighbors, register new voters, and make it a landslide (so we can reclaim the House and increase margins in the Senate: a difficult proposition right now with all the retirements.) Part of our job is to change the media narrative which pushes the GOP memes. BWD and other pragmatic liberal sites are a key part of this Obamamentum.

  76. Are they only talking about the issue of bargaining rights for state unions ? Because the budget bill contains all sorts of other horrors. One of them is the selling of utilities WITHOUT a bidding process !!! This is one thing that should unite ALL people of Wisconsin and a good tool to convince republican voters that Walker is NOT their friend.

  77. Dems need somebody to really push this meme. I don’t think they could get away with it themselves and there would be blowback about the Dems calling GOP unamerican (that only is allowed when the GOP does that to the Dems).

    Somebody like Howard Dean would probably be ideal. Big enough to get coverage, but distanced enough from the Obama Administration and DNC that they couldn’t use guilt by association to attack POB.

  78. Nonie, thanks for the info. Last night Rachel shared a poll in which people were not asked their party identify. Since the guinea pigs had no idea the question was repug or dem related, both sides pretty much agreed on almost everything. Is this the same poll that Todderhead spoke to?

    It is those kinds of questions that are reliable and verifiable. You would think the dunderhead doing the research would know that.

  79. Makesense, Matt Damon has a movie coming out. He needs publicity and there is no better way to get some press than to say something negative about Pres. Obama. Don’t let the game get you down. As a counterweight, actor Donald Sutherland said in the latest issue of Esquire said “If you go back and look at what Obama’s done-it’s not as much as he wanted. But shit…it’s really something. It’s more than anybody else has done for fifty years.”

  80. I can’t stomach Jon Stewart anymore. He cannot be as dumb as he pretends to be when it comes to what Pres. Obama has done and what he faces. Stewart had a huge rally in DC before the midterm elections and did not have the guts to implore his audience to vote democratic. He really is a joke now.

  81. Interesting point.

    President Obama is opened to lower the corporate tax rate IF many deductions and loopholes are eliminated. It makes sense, and it’s more fair.

    My problem: eliminating deductions and loopholes is not that easy. Can you just picture the fight in Congress ?? Furthermore, even if Congress manages to do it, lobbyists will surely work as hell to sneak back in many of them in the future. And since the corporate tax rate will have been lowered and there very probably won’t be any majority in Congress having the guts to readjust that rate, the “revenue” part of the equation will continue to be a problem. It could even be worse than it is now.

    In short, lowering the corporate tax rate by a significant margin is a BIG risk, given how politics works in Washington…

  82. So much for our media’s “liberal bias”. I think it is time for a meme focusing on the media’s blatant GOP bias. That needs to be a talking point repeated by everybody (democratic voter and politician). Anyone with open eyes can see it.

  83. I always get a kick out of photos of Mr. Obamas head from behind. the shape of his head and his big ears, he reminds me me of Mickey Mouse , i love it it makes me smile. : )

  84. Just heard the end of a report so no details….that the WI is going to do “a call” of the Senate and if the Dems don’t show up, they will be arrested. Now, obviously, they are in another state and can’t be arrested, but there was something about them being charged for criminal acts…??????As I said, only heard little bit.

    Can anyone find out more info?

    Symmertry, lunch was wonderful. So nice meeting you!!!

  85. It is par for the course. They flooded BWD’s entries at DKos with hate and bile and name calling. They are not happy people. Misery loves company. Remember Kos had the bright idea of getting rid of all blue dog democrats. Well, now we are seeing the fruition of his inane “strategy”.

  86. Stewart is dangerous IMO. He is influencial, especially with the youth, and he’s feeding them with cynicism. He makes it a point of honor to go against the majority, to be the one who has a different opinion. Didn’t he mock the Wisconsin protestors recently ? And his false equivalencies are driving me nuts!

    Yes, the political system is corrupt. Yes, there is a LOT of work to do. But what anarchists like him and idelogs of the PL have to realize is that given the nature of the american electorate, given the radicalism of today’s GOP and the REAL LIFE consequences of their agenda, the only strategy that makes sense right now is to maintain the democrat coalition, push for progressive ideas WITHOUT UNDERMINING President Obama at every turn !!

  87. I saw that on the AJE crawler and LOL. Clinton that the foreign press for their help.

  88. This is why I don’t buy the argument that Pres Obama has a messaging problem or that if only the dem’s stayed on message we could win the message wars. The game is fixed. The MSM takes its marching orders from the GOP. Fox is the propaganda arm of the GOP, but is treated like a real news organization by the rest of the media. That is how the news we get is filtered. Even when the GOP did not control one branch of government, somehow the GOP set the terms of any discussion in this country. The centralized corporate ownership of our MSM is the reason why dems always seem to lose the messaging wars. When one realizes this all this madness from the MSM and PL makes perfect sense. They want the GOP to be in power, they are not impartial providers of info. Instead they are either outright GOP partisans or perpetually outraged “lefties” who would rather tear down a Democratic president than criticize the GOP. The game is fixed.

  89. I noticed that too. None other than Meteor Blades leading the charge to let the air out of the room. Many over there would rather find reasons to be disappointed with good news than actually enjoy good news. Not everyone can land jobs that pay six figures, but they’ll take a job that pays decent before remaining unemployed.

  90. I agree with SoS Clinton. And boy did it feel good to hear her complain that in the US it’s more about “talking heads” than real news and that may be a reason why foreign networks are so successful. It was a CLEVER comment. If there’s something that could motivate MSM to bring back real journalism, it’s competition…

    About Al-Jazeera… Rachel was there for a few minutes yesterday, commenting about what’s happening in Wisconsin. Matt Talibi (sp?) was there for a few minutes too. I don’t always agree with him and he has an agenda, but I appreciate that he does a lot of research and gives a lot of good informationl.

  91. He was just pitch perfect on Libya, wasn’t he? Now did you hear the lovely way he put down the reporter asking if PBO will step into the football negotiations? (Similar to will he step into Libya, or Egypt, or Wisconsin). He said he loves football, but the owners are worth billions and the players millions, so he sees no need to get into it. He would rather worry about people losing homes, etc, and he had more important things on his mind than football negotiations. SMUSH! He was wonderful.

  92. I read it too. It’s not necessarily that those journalists are conservative. They’ve simply become, I regret to say it, corrupted. They want a scoop, they want something juicy. And in exchange for access, they “reward” with good coverage. They have sold their soul, pure and simple.

    Look at how McCain had his little following of journalists. That’s why he has been so protected all the time.

    President Obama has refused to play their game. No flattering. No playing one journalist against the other. No shady deals in cocktail parties. And no threats like Bush did: bad press = no access.

    In short, the Obama White House treats journalists like the professionals they SHOULD be. And what do they get in return ? Pure S***.

  93. They need to put names on the seats, and have the cameras pan across the empty Republican seats so people can see who is working to resolve the situation, and who is missing in action and oblivious to reality.

  94. And how, in the name of god, he knew the exact figures of the NFL industry, just like that? How could he even anticipate such question??

  95. Who is Matt Damon, anyway, and what has he passed through Congress in his lifetime? When he passes a single bill through Congress, then I’ll pay attention. Otherwise, he should stick to acting.

  96. Interestingly, there is this rabid republican at that orange place who wrote a diary today pretty much trying to discredit the President for all the progress made on DADT repeal. Ironically he included the words “rewriting of history” which is exactly what HE is doing. I believe he is a friend of Dan Choi, who also is a rabid Republican.

  97. Because he is a multi-faceted man, can multi-task, and truly IS the only adult in the room…although Calderon was pretty grown up, too.

  98. The MN press has been covering the union issue. I hope the WI press is covering the other horrors in Walker’s budget.

  99. Stewart doesn’t really care about issues. He seems more invested in rhetoric and Obama’s too honest in his rhetoric. I still can’t get over Stewart complaining about Obama saying that health care reform is complicated. He was also incredibly rude to Obama during their interview. Compare that to his fawning over McCain.

  100. Yep. Power of the people !!

    Seriously, with the numbers in the pragmatic blogs, in OFA, even in unions, a kind of “chain letter” process like the one Japa refers to would be effective.

    Each one sends the information to 2,3 5 even 10 people, and asks each receiver to forward it to 2,3, 5 or more people and so on…

    I’m not sure I congratulated you for your now very popular post, Eclectablog. It was outstanding !

  101. I also really appreciate the fact that she connects a really bad American press with impeding our national security interests. Really smart!

  102. EricFive, you just lifted my spirit. It is so
    difficult to hear or read nonstop negative statements about the president.

    I was browsing the internet yesterday and Ruth Marcus was belitting PBO. She made a point of saying that although she has supported Obama, she really felt she needed to tell us, that
    Obama is too unsure and cautious in his decision maker. He let heath care go blah blah blah.

    If you read Jonathan Alter’s book, he reports that Nancy Pelosi told Obama she would only do health care if the president would stay out of it. She did not really want to deal with it. Her feeling was that she was the only one who could put it together. So in an essence she threatened him. She pinned him in.

    It is so crazy this politicking.

  103. I think he is more interested in his popular
    ity and fame. His head actually seems to
    look larger these days.

  104. We don’t say it often, WIW, but I for one am very impressed by the factual resource base that you have been building, little by little. It’s good to know where ‘our’ research library is, so that when a situation calls for it (between now and Nov. 2012), we can tap into the data bank. Also, I truly appreciate the way you cut up longer videos into segments as I don’t always want to watch the whole thing, and didn’t know how to hit just the key areas before. Thanks a lot! [I am already envisioning the impact that the team work being developed among you, BWD, TOD, EB, etc etc. can have in the year+ ahead.] Keep up the good work! 🙂

  105. Remember when Fox showed the violent Union protest from California while they talked about Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin answers:

    So funny!

  106. I was done with Jon when he interviewed the president & that rally, which didn’t accomplish squat.

    I find it ironic that shortly after PBO took office, he and Larry Wilmore performed a bit in which Wilmore remarked (paraphrasing here), “Obama is not the Magical Negro, Jon.” I expected more patience and common sense from that crew and am disappointed they joined the ‘outrage’ train. Where the hell was this during the Dubya years?

    What saddens me even more is dropping Stephen Colbert by association. Now THAT dude possesses more hilarity in his left eyebrow than Jonboy ever has.

  107. That person isn’t a republican. He just has a lot invested in Obama being the enemy and he wants to pretend that his and Choi’s idiotic attacks on the president were more important than they were.

  108. IMO the Professional Left has very, very, very little to offer. They are no better than the national media, seriously. And are hampered by the same issues: negativity, ego, wanting “status” or the feeling that they can *control* the negro in the WH. I am certainly not disdaining anyone here even where I disagree with some things here or there, tulips. I know for certain that you personally do a lot to try to combat misinformation and the lies of the Professional Left, in their insistence that POTUS receive no credit for his good works. I would never disparage you.

    I will say that I hope that this site continues to be a place at which people find solace, and as well, people begin to understand that they do NOT have to give their power to self-important people in the new media who THINK that the world begins and ends at their opinion. We are a valuable voice of the supermajority of Dems and liberals who appreciate the complexity and challenges of the situation, and as *actual* progressives, celebrate progress in anticipation that more will come as we provide good tidings to those making important positive changes in this country.

    Love ya tulips; I meant no disrespect and think that perhaps I worded my comment awkwardly so that it was read in a manner not intended.

  109. DKos being what it is, is not surprising to me, and at this point, I just really couldn’t care less. I pretty much live a fauxgressive-free blogging lifestyle and am so much more at peace because of it! 🙂

  110. They bash him relentlessly and when people believe the lies and selective storytelling and the moving of goalposts, they pivot onto an argument that the WH just must not be communicating POTUS’ successes clearly enough. I SEE these people and have for months. The common theme in their narrative is that POTUS simply sucks. It’s toxic sludge garbage and I won’t consume it. This is a free country and people are entitled to do whatever they want in this respect; doesn’t mean that I have to give two sh*ts what they think and say.

  111. I just don’t care any longer about As The Blog Turns at that shady, GOP-enabling space. Let them do what they want to do as is their right actually; that sort of content is in line with the owner’s and editorial manager’s vision. God bless em, and adios to them.

  112. She’s really been doing a terrific job. All of the content which she is building is going to be so incredibly helpful next year, she doesn’t even know…

  113. This is my first time commenting on this site. I love this place. its a breath of fresh air from the huffingtonpost. they are already flipping out over the 2011 budget and how the prez is “caving in”. Sometimes these people make me laugh and assume that pounding your chest will make the gop vote in obamas way

  114. Yes, she has, GN! 😀 Given the way the positive BO groups have started to gradually gain momentum I suspect those ‘other guys’ wont know what hit them. I keep envisionsing the right side in this struggle (i.e.ours)just sweeping them out of the water! 😉

  115. I feel the same way, that’s why I come here and meet with people who think as I do, that President Obama is the best person to come our way in a long time. I think he’s doing a wonderful job, even if I don’t agree with everything he’s done, I still trust him to do the right thing.

  116. Too many years ago for me to acknowledge, I attended on a scholarship a tony private country day school for girls. I was one of two black girls in my grade until the other one left to go to public school, leaving me alone. The families were overwhelmingly R too, being industrialists, ad executives, and such. There was even one whose daughter said the mafia called him. I later learned that his was an industry known for having a strong mob presence. This is all background to say that while was studied Kenya for three months [a school tradition to study one country/trimester] and I don’t recall hearing anything about Mau Mau violence in the revolution. You’d think some of those R parents would have been up in arms that their daughters were being taught a benign version of what is now being called the truth.

    This isn’t the first time that the Rs have tried to go there. The whole “Obama hates the British because…” we heard last year. Luntz must be trying to figure out a way to use it effectively. For now, it comes off as either too high brow or too long ago for enough people to remember.

  117. I read « The Promise » too, but from memory, I have a slighly different interpretation. I didn’t see it as Nancy Pelosi threatening President Obama.

    After democrats lost Ted Kennedy’s seat to republican Scott Brown, President Obama, Senator Reid and Nancy Pelosi quickly came to the conclusion that the only way for HCR to pass was for the House to accept the Senate bill. And it was a hard pill to swallow for House democrats, and for Nancy Pelosi. We have to understand that emotions were running high. I don’t see Nancy Pelosi as “not wanting to do it”. She just needed time to swallow the pill. And she needed time to make her members accept it. And yes, she felt that she was better placed to obtain their vote.

    So President Obama had to stay silent for a while. He was the one who took the hit, being blamed for “wavering”, “not knowing what to do”, etc…

    One of the numerous occasions where President Obama has been blamed unfairly.

    Something positive: in the end, democrats, House AND Senate, were really happy. Remember the celebration at the signing ceremony ?

    Another positive thing: President Obama DID speak to the House, shortly before the big vote. It was one of his most moving speeches.

    Getting down memory lane :
    « We’re not bound to win, but we’re bound to be true. We’re not bound to succeed, but we’re bound to let whatever light we have.. shine. »

    The whole thing was memorable. The last ten minutes, especially, moved me to tears.

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