Dear MSM, Republicans and Proffesional Left, You want some reality check? Okay.

First, let’s start with this Quinnipiac Poll showing that 3 out of 4 Americans like PBO. People are split about his policies – which is to be expected – but seriously, 74% like the guy?!! With all the terrible hate, smear, racism and stupidity out there – This number s astounding.

And then, there’s this NBC/WSJ Poll that is no less awesome:

Obama 49/35
Pawlenty 10/9
Romney 25/25
Boehner 20/24
Trump 26/29

Who would you vote for:
Obama 45
Generic Rep 40

Obama 50
Pawlenty 31

Obama 49
Romney 40

Do you consider yourself a member of the
Tea Party?
Yes 29%
No 60%

Will the economy get better or worse?
Better 29
Worse 29

Compared to 1/11
Better 17
Worse 40

Goes Too Far / Not Far Enough
Democrats 28 / 63
Obama 26 / 62
Republicans 52 / 40
Tea Party 51 / 32


Give yourself 16 minutes and watch this. Rachel is in a terrific spell these days.


Here’s another good piece from Eclectablog.


More recovery stuff:

Services industries in the United States jumped again in February to very strong levels




183 thoughts on “Dear MSM, Republicans and Proffesional Left, You want some reality check? Okay.

  1. Is the picture from a movie? It’s cool – I’m just not up on things am I?

  2. It’s from the Matrix where Keanu’s character stops bullets by raising his hand up.

  3. Thanks for highlighting the poll showing 74% of the public likes Obama personally. The media and PL continue to claim Obama is divisive and that just isn’t true. The GOP is going to have a hard time running their standard campaign against Obama. The GOP does best when they can personally attack the Dem nominee – think Kerry and swiftboaters, etc. That won’t work with Obama and I don’t think they know how to run a different campaign.

  4. And I would wager that most of the people who like Obama but not his policies wish he would do “more”, whatever that means. And most of those people would therefor vote for him in 2012, rather than for a GOPer who would do “less” in their eyes.

  5. I agree. It’s funny they always blame the President of the United States for the divisiveness directed toward him. Blaming the victim and it is universally accepted?

  6. Or maybe not vote at all. That’s what concerns me and that’s why we are in the position we are in now.

  7. I don’t think so. The early polling indicates good energy on the side of Obama voters. There’s an enthusiasm gap again, but this time it’s on the GOP side. The people who voted for PBO in 2008 included a lot of first time voters, and they’re hard to get out for midterms. That, obviously, needs to change, but 2010 is done and now we have to plunge on ahead. I think we’re in good shape.

  8. I agree with that interpretation. It’s a good reason why we should not pay too much attention to polls. It’s often how a question is phrased that determines the answer and polls can easily be used to manipulate rather than illustrate.

  9. At the very end of that Rachel clip she calls out President Obama for not speaking about the Union issue to her liking.

    After all the numbers she spouts off for the whole segment and how Dems are winning, she still wants PBO to wade into the conflict and have the self-identifying Republicans retreat back to their corner.

  10. Liberal I think you have a good point. The midterms are VERY different from the Presidential year. And the Obama/Dem supporters who sat out the midterms hoping to punish him (I’m looking at you Wisconsinites) probably realize that sitting out elections ultimately hurts the voter, not the candidate.

  11. I think that anti-PBO blurb at the end was to pacify her bosses in order to ensure that she retains her job at MSNBC. It was gratuitous and scripted, and certainly didn’t fit with what immediately came before.

  12. “When do we get to hear from our Democratic President on that?” –Rachel.

    Okay, Rachel. Great piece, btw, and I think that the fact that the State Dems are waking up and becoming more empowered is one of many reasons we haven’t heard from our Democratic President on that. At least not to the extent that Rachel wants. He’s staying out of the way while the Republicans implode. He’s staying out of the way while the State level Dems restore their party identification with the American worker.

    He’s also out there, almost daily, reminding people that we need to get rid of the bush tax cuts, tax millionaires and cut oil/coal/gas subsidies.

    What’s her email address? I’ll write to her on this one.

  13. Most people recognize the president’s story as the quintessential American Horatio Alger or only-in-America story. Biracial, raised by white single mother and maternal grandparents, high school, college and law school through scholarships and hard work, public service, loving husband and father. What’s not to like? The angry right are racist, homophobic, xenophobic and mired in the last century. They are given a bullhorn by Fox and the media but represent only 20-30 percent of the population. However, since voting participation is typically low, we need to make sure they do not dominate elections due to an enthusiasm gap. I hope that fiascoes like OH and WI convince people that elections do matter. Go Obama 2012!

  14. Roland Martin talks with Cincinnati Mayor, Mark Mallory about his appearance on the CBS show Undercover Boss. Mayor Mallory explained that he went undercover to learn what city employees go through, what their jobs are and what kind of people are employed by the city.

  15. There was a Plouffe vid where he states that amongst previous voters Obama/Biden only won 50-49 in 2008, however with new voters Obama/Biden had a whopping 70-30 edge over McCain/Palin.

    New voters wouldn’t necessariy recognize the importance of mid-term elections so I think the midterm voter was more the 50-49 edge variety from 2008. And even then, midterms have a smaller turnout amongst that number – usually with the party that lose the Presidential more motivated, and the party that won thinking their work is done.

    In a Presidential year there is no way Giannoulias or Sestak lose, Hodes would have been much closer as well and Florida would have been more in play.

    I think this is why we’re seeing so many retirements of Dems Senators – Akaka, Webb, Lieberman, Conrad and Bingaman are all retiring in a Presidential year because it will be easier to get a Dem elected to their vacancy on President Obama’s coattails and get them 6 years seniority for 2018 – which would be a non-Presidential mid-term, and if a Dem is elected in 2016, the potenial pushback that saw the Dems lose open seats this past election. I think we could see even a couple more retirements yet.

  16. I think we are in good shape, too. Once Plouffe starts using social media closer to the election, the enthusiasm will only increase.

  17. PBO explained it very clearly today. People need to own their own issues and it makes them feel far more empowered, in Wisconsin, in Egypt, in Libya, etc.

  18. I think that the poll numbers that Rachel cites in her piece about economic populism could be interpreted that all the yelling and shouting coming from the MSM isn’t fundamentally changing people’s minds about these issues. So maybe the Republicans aren’t winning the messaging war to the extent that is believed.

  19. PBO wants to get people away from the “daddy” mentality. Conservatives rail about the “nanny state”, and I do think that the nanny state can go too far in robbing initiative from individuals and communities. But conservatives have a “nanny state of mind”: they want everything to be handed to them neat and tidy where they don’t have to think, but merely follow some “leader”. That kind of thinking has bled into both political sides, where both left and right are looking for someone to just give them orders. Democracy is hard work; PBO is trying to instill that into people.

  20. Rachael Maddow’s piece was brilliant except for the very last sentence where she asks where is our Democratic President on this issue. I agree with you that this was a childish question since she knows or ought to know the answer. It would serve her and the PL well to read Electablog’s post today.

  21. She made sure to note that no party affiliation was put beside the idea when it was presented in the poll. That is a key point, self identifying Republicans like the idea until they see it’s a Democratic idea. Fox and the MSM has everybdy so ginned up to supporting their side; their “team”, that a good idea becomes a bad one if it comes from the other party. People who have self-identified as Republicans/Conservatives their whole life simply believe what ever the candidate/politician with the [R] after their name says to be true and it becomes their default belief.

    President Obama staying out like he is by in large is giving some of these card carrying Republicans the space to look at the issue outside the hyper-partisan political sphere.

  22. BWD, not to be the spelling police but “reality” is not spelled correctly in your heading. Still, the heading is great news and tells us why Huckabee is so retro with his “he’s not one of us” meme. The people know Obama now and they like him.

  23. From a very interesting NYT story about the new dynamic at the WH, here the answer for the kids:

    Frustrated Democratic lawmakers and interest groups have been railing to White House aides that Mr. Obama is forfeiting opportunities to draw the public’s attention to what the Republicans’ cuts would mean for programs popular with most voters, including the coveted independents. The aides respond that the time will come for Mr. Obama to join the attack, should Republicans press their agenda and refuse to compromise.

    “One of the lessons of the last two years is that if the president weighs in all the time, it’s less impactful,” Dan Pfeiffer, who remains as the communications director. “But if he weighs in at a moment of his choosing when the public is paying attention, it will be more influential.”

  24. It is also now a trait of the US population. They want their news delivered in bites and in an entertaining way, and gods forbid, they should have to think about any of it. Just tell me how I should feel! and give me my orders! It is so sad. I am so proud of how many here have been going to AJE and getting some real news with facts and discussion on both sides of an issue, and on new issues that the US media won’t ever mention. Minds working here.

  25. I submitted the following at the MSNBC website for Rachel:
    I enjoyed your piece about the fundamental differences between the two parties and the State Democrats finding their voice. At the end of the piece you asked, “When are we going to hear from our Democratic President?” about workers rights and the stripping of those rights by Republicans.

    I hope our President continues to do what he has been doing, which is to stay out of it. He knows the value of not interrupting an opponent when that opponent is making a mistake. If he steps into the fray, then it all becomes about him and not the workers. He’s all about letting people empower themselves. The Democrats and the Unions have gotten their wake-up call. What is going on in Wisconsin is activating people in a way that we haven’t seen in ages. I would suggest that we don’t interrupt people when they’re doing things correctly either.

    We’re grown-ups. We don’t need Daddy to give us permission to self-organize or activate. President Obama already showed us how to do all this quite well during his campaign. The role of a community organizer is to organize himself or herself out of a job. President Obama did just that.

    I sincerely wish that you had been a foot soldier in the Obama campaign. Maybe then you’d have a clearer understanding of why we don’t need our President to speak up. We’re saying to him, “We got this.”

    Maybe it’s time for you to get your own boots on the ground and spend some time talking to the people who are organizing these demonstrations. I’ve long wished that you had more experience with actual electoral politics and community organizing so you could broaden your perspective and see why the wrong thing to do right now is for our President to speak up.

  26. Oh Lord no. At least, no one comes to me requesting books on the ME. I would like to think that people who are interested in the subject know how to search out material on it without my help, but I have my grave doubts.

  27. Do you notice that there is no MSM talk of “enthusiasm gap” for the 2012 elections, the way there was during the 18 month period leading up to the midterms? Do you know why that is?

    Just the fact that there is no clear front runner in the uninspiring group of GOP candidates suggests an enthusiasm gap right there. And this time, it is NOT in the favor of the Republicans, that’s why you are not hearing from the MSM 24/7 about it.

  28. I did mean to say that this trait wasn’t limited to the right, but was general among the US population. But, Americans are a funny lot; once we get galvanized, we can do some pretty amazing things. The Koch Bros., for all their billions, could NEVER put together the kind of demonstrations that unions are leading in the Midwest. I’m a hopeful sort — after many years of being an angry young man — but I think I have a good basis for my hope.

  29. Oh, Tien, that is so well written. I do hope she sees that. It should make her think.

  30. One area I hope to see the Dems address if they take back the House in 2012 is the Citizens United Ruling. Can’t do it now because it wouldn’t get 60 votes in the Senate for Reid to start the ball rolling, and it would never get past the Republican House anyways.

    However Pelosi could get it through the House, newly elected President Obama could back it and assuming dems hold majority in the Senate they could get it to a floor vote where it could have a chance with no more secret holds.

  31. Rachel’s piece reminded me of something my my grandma, Big Mama, used to say. She’s like a cow that gives a good bucket of milk and then kicks it over.

  32. There is a big problem with the libraries over here. For the last 100 years, Ireland has been self-centered on all things Irish, probably because of the prior occupation ending and Ireland trying to find its own voice. It is really hard to find books on any other subject.

    They also have a rotten system. The main library is in Dublin. Then there are County libraries, one per county, and local libraries. Dublin steals everything good and it is a pain to have to take a train to get up there. If Dublin doesn’t get it, the county libraries steal it, and that is another big trip to get there. Furthermore, each county carries only books on its own places, so if you want to know something about another county, you have to travel over there.

    Last then are the local libraries, which are left with pulp Irish fiction and books no one wants.


  33. LL, I’ve had to live through Nixon and Ford and 2 Bushes and Cheney and Rumsfeld. Let me tell you about anger. But now I am quite relaxed. PBO’s got it. The world is in good hands.

  34. Rachel is constantly going back and forth between two attitudes or sentiments. On one part, there is her wish for President Obama to be an effective advocate of the progressive movement. On the other part, Rachel’s knowledge and intelligence make her understand, not always but often, that being president of the USA means having to deal with complexity, with lots of constraints and dilemmas.

    As for myself, I understand the reasons President Obama has to be careful about Wisconsin. For one, the minute he’s putting a lot of emphasis on this, the opposition to state workers becomes more rabid, more organized nationally, more entrenched. We just know it would be about “beating Obama”.

    However, as the national leader of the democratic party, the NATIONAL attack against unions is a problem President Obama should address.

    So, what’s the solution ? How about using his own budget battle as a “teachable moment” ? How about a presidential address, prime time, where he can make the case for FAIRNESS ? How about pushing the idea of SHARED sacrifice ? He did it with so much class and clarity in his speech to governors this past week-end. He should use the same language in addressing the general population. In a speech about the national budget, in the context of a prime time address, he could even ask state governments, in general, to adhere to the principles of fairness, of respect of the workers, etc.. The message would be general, but clear enough, dignified, and most of all, unifying and appealing to the better angels of people. As opposed to the divisive language radical republicans have to use to pass their horrible agenda.

  35. From the NYT article tweeted –

    “Nowhere have the changes been more evident than in the administration’s early actions in what is likely to be a long-running, contentious and politically defining debate over the chronically imbalanced federal budget.

    The strategic shift is clear from the design of Mr. Obama’s own budget — which critics slammed for not going nearly far enough to shrink projected future deficits, but which the administration intended as an opening bid to draw Republicans eventually into negotiations — to the White House’s muted reaction to House Republicans’ proposals for the deepest domestic spending cuts in memory.

    White House officials say the goal is winning the year — by bagging a budget deal or the credit for trying — not each day’s news cycle. On two successive weekends, for example, the White House passed up chances to score points against House Republicans.

    Last Saturday, Mr. Daley addressed Democratic governors meeting in Washington and did not even utter the word “Republican,” let alone throw partisan red meat by lambasting House Republicans’ proposed cuts in education, health services, border control and other programs important to financially struggling states — a purposeful omission, officials said.

    Similarly, a week earlier when the House before dawn had approved those cuts by a party-line vote, the White House remained silent though many of Mr. Obama’s priorities would be slashed.

    Frustrated Democratic lawmakers and interest groups have been railing to White House aides that Mr. Obama is forfeiting opportunities to draw the public’s attention to what the Republicans’ cuts would mean for programs popular with most voters, including the coveted independents. The aides respond that the time will come for Mr. Obama to join the attack, should Republicans press their agenda and refuse to compromise.

    “One of the lessons of the last two years is that if the president weighs in all the time, it’s less impactful,” Dan Pfeiffer, who remains as the communications director. “But if he weighs in at a moment of his choosing when the public is paying attention, it will be more influential.”

    Well at least they have a strategy, but I can’t necessarily agree with it. He’s not however saying the Senate and House Dems can’t raise the issues themselves I guess. Problem with that is the MSM ignores the Congressional Dems because President Obama is seen as the leader of the party. So with Obama being saved from weighing in only one side of the story is being told.

  36. It’s all about politics now. They will do all they can to keep him above the fray at least until he start campaigning. They think that this way they can bring Independents back. I don’t know if it’s good or bad strategy, but at least there is one. We’ll see.

    BTW, i see that the WH agreed to cut $48 billion and is willing to go 6 billion more, to about half of what the House lunatics voted for. I truly hope they did not agree to any of those disgusting war against women cuts.

  37. I thought the House was $61B so they’d be getting exactly what they wanted.

    I guess at least the number, but I’d guess some of the cuts would come from the Obama budget etc.

    However if they’re up to $48B, Boehner is going to get exactly what he wants when it’s all said and done.

    I’m not feeling this Daley hire much anymore.

  38. Went to check my Yahoo Mail and saw this headline:

    “Hollywood Cools On Obama”

    There is a side by side pic of Matt and Obama and the article starts with….Damon latest start to express discontent blah blah blah

  39. And who is that talented Republican – none other than Gov Ruddy Roemer of Louisianna!!!

  40. It’s this reason that I’ve pretty much stopped watching her show. She’s very shortsighted, even after being proven wrong time after time after time. Even Thom Hartman – who has used his show to daily bash President Obama – does not think the president should get involved in these protests. He said they would then make this about President Obama and not the people.
    Why Rachel and Ed “I’m not going to vte” Schultz does not get this, I’ll never know.

  41. I saw that too. Yahoo/AP is starting up with their BS again. I did not bother reading the article; I’ve found many of their titles are very misleading and don’t match the content.

  42. Matt Damon is a totallyu idiot.

    Is he upset about this stuff?

    Because he disagrees with Obama on education, he is dissappointed in Obama on everything. What other dem president changed health care for the better in the last 50-60 years. Does he not know that Obama has to work with a congress. Does he think that Obama is a king and can pass laws all by himself?

  43. It’s just the start of the media’s meme that “liberals”/Hollywood is turning on President Obama.

  44. Yes Matt…Bash Obama…that’s going to help get a “progressive” republican in the WH!

  45. I saw that too….of course only at the end does it mention a not well known hollywood person who likes Obama…and just about everyone in that article was down on obama because of dont ask, dont tell…..which we now know passed through congress and is gone forever….it would not be if Obama did it by executive order which is the way these hollywood people wanted it to be done (that’s why they were down on Obama).

    The problem is that people are not used to a president who is not into knee jerk reactions, thinks things out in a workmanlike manner and does not rush into anything so that the best decisions can be made. People are not used to this from a president.

  46. Very well put, Tien Le. I sometimes think Maddow forgets that Pres. Obama is not a talk show host and therefore will not respond to situations the way a talk show host would/should respond.

  47. Cool saying dcsandy. Very true. Further proof that any praise Pres. Obama gets in the MSM has to be tempered with a critcism of some sort, justified or not. It happens too often and consitently to be a coincidence.

  48. Matt Damon has a movie coming out and needs some publicity. No better way to get press than to criticize Pres. Obama. Had Damon said he loved Obama, would the press cover it? It’s as simple as that.

  49. The issue is where the $48 billion will be coming from. That is where the fight will be, and when Pres. Obama can best explain the situation to the public. That time has now arrived (remember, Boehner was stalling about SS and Medicare cuts). I’m not ready to give up on Pres. Obama or his CoC yet and I’m not surprised that Pres. Obama has a plan to deal with the situation.

  50. In another Pew poll: A new Pew poll shows adult Americans evenly split over whether gays and lesbians should be legally allowed to marry — and there’s a clear trend of Americans’ views becoming increasingly favorable toward the issue over the past few years.

    The story is here:

  51. Oh, so Matt Damon represents Hollywood, but not Barbara Streisand, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx or Quincy Jones?

    And how do they explain the fact that the President’s cameo appearance at the OSCARS yielded huge applause?????

  52. just saw this in the Wash Post
    House Republicans want to cut $61 billion from current fiscal year spending. Sperling says the $6 billion would be in addition to the $4 billion already cut in a stop-gap spending measure that expires March 18.

    “We’re willing to cut further if we can find common ground on a budget that we think reduces spending in the right way while protecting our investments in education, innovation and research,” Sperling said.
    here is the link
    That looks like 10B to me.

  53. I disagree with the idea that Obama “is forfeiting opportunities to draw the public’s attention to what the Republicans’ cuts would mean…”

    For one thing — that idea assumes that the non-frustrati-public doesn’t understand the meaning of the words they hear and read. Thankfully — Obama doesn’t share the frustrati’s belief that they are smartest people in the country and everybody else is stupid — that the public needs him to explain things to them that are often self-explanatory.

    For the sake of people who think Democrats exaggerate about the GOP for political benefit and for the sake of those Democrats who see votes as a way of rewarding/punishing politicians — I think it’s best that they hear the GOP message from the GOP. Some of the non-voters who benefit from Democratic party initiatives/causes need to listen to the GOP for a while and wrap their minds around the connection between GOP potential to do these things and their non-votes — too. Turnout in 2009 was higher than usual in many normally lower voter participation areas — but far from being proportionate and enough to really call “good.”

    We should all be tired of progress via catastrophe — Democrats only managing to get the wheel every so many decades when the GOP’s policies drive us into a ditch.

    Responsible adults don’t pout and stomp and throw tantrums. Responsible adults also don’t allow themselves to be controlled by pouting and stomping and tantrum throwing.

    I think Obama is still betting more of us want this country managed by responsible adults than by silly foot-stomping and name-calling political wrestlers. Old habits die hard — but I think those poll numbers above suggest saner politics is really catching on.

  54. And like all the other nonsensical memes, this one will fizzle out VERY quickly. For every Matt Damon out there, there are thousands of other BIGGER hollywood stars who absolutely and unwaveringly support this President

    First it was Latinos who didn’t support OBama, then it was Blacks, then it was LGBT, and now it’s Hollywood? You would think that the President’s numbers were in the single digits by now, given all the groups that no longer support him, according to the pro-GOP MSM.

  55. One more quick Wisconsin item:

    Madison — Security is so restrictive at the state Capitol that firefighters were denied access to the building during an emergency call Tuesday, one of the firefighters said Thursday….

    Among protesters at the Capitol have been firefighters in their gear. But Trainor said he did not believe police officers would have mistaken the crew for protesters because they were hauling equipment, carrying radios and had arrived in a firetruck.

    “They don’t just let us drive those up to the Capitol for fun,” he said….more

  56. And apparently the American people are beginning to notice and are getting tired of this unjustified and nonstop anti-Obama memes floating through the left and right MSM. This is why the President’s poll numbers continue to remain at a critical level.

  57. I like to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt, but it sure seems to me that the GOP will keep doing this until all of the “common ground” cuts are made and then force a shutdown or say “now let’s meet in the middle”.

    Or Obama is trying to sneak deeper cuts through by slow dripping cuts weekly.

  58. They need a horse race come 2012 – it’s much better for political ad buys and gives them something to talk about.

  59. What is your alternative? Start with a gov’t shutdown and then what? Cuts will be made, that is no secret. Pres. Obama has said this already. The issue is where the cuts will be made and how deep the cuts will be. Where and how deep the cuts will be are areas where the public can follow and will be more receptive to Pres. Obama’s arguments. Getting the GOP on record on wanting to drastically cut entitlement programs seems to be the strategy. Obama is attempting to appear reasonable and open to budget cuts, but will draw line on cuts that jeopardize the recovery and our future (i.e. education). That seems to be the strategy.

  60. You mean the GOP is trying to sneak deeper cuts through by slow dripping cuts weekly , not Obama.It also depends on where the cuts come from. The GOP don’t care if jobs are lost, but the Obama administration do.

  61. Adult family, I.AM.LIVID.
    I listen to talk radio – XM station167 America Left on my way home from work. The show is called Make it Plan with Mark Thompson. I don’t know where Mark is today but some guy from Daily Kos is filling in for him. Not Markos, although he is a guest on the show. Markos/Daily Kos is talking about the situation in WI. The problem is he keeps using the words WE and Daily Kos. Markos says – you know, it’s unusual for Dems to remain united, but we are in WI. The Daily kos community, netroots – WE are united in this fight. In the next couple of months, WE will start petitions for recall of some state senators and representatives. And in a year, WE will put a petition to recall the governor.
    Sorry, I don’t know how to bold or put things in italics – but the word WE was being used a little too often and a little too comfortably for me. Apparently, it was DKOS and Netroots that organized this whole thing? Did you all know that? I certainly had no idea. I read it was OFA that started the ground game. How dare they take credit for what is going on in WI. How many people read diaries over at DKos during the last election cycle and decided to a) not vote or b) vote against their own interest based on those diaries by showing those DEMS/Obama who is the real boss? And now those mfer’s want to take credit for what is going on in WI? Hell, Markos can’t even organize an online community (how many DKS are there now – 5?) and he wants to take credit for a movement?
    Oh Adult family, you don’t know just how upset I am.
    OK, I am going to treat myself and read the other diaries for today. Perhaps this was already discussed. Thanks for reading my rant ad I hope it wasn’t a duplication of something already discussed earlier today.

  62. Boner is getting flak from his Tea-folk. They’re looking for a primary challenger. I say, good. You reap what you sow.

  63. While you were getting justifiably angry AuntSis other listeners were laughing. Talk about delusions of granduer!

  64. What a joke. And can I say the redo of that orange site is just awful.

  65. I read that the teapods are upset that Boehner won’t do a $100B slash and burn to the FY11 budget! Nutsy kookoo!!

  66. It was wonderful meeting you as well. Lunch was great. We should do it again soon.

  67. Hopefully they finger print the ammo – I bet it’s a plant by the right. Would be even better if somehow the person was caught on camera leaving it. It’s a rather obvious attempt to give a judge reason to end the protests.

  68. Well maybe if there was some pushback and messaging against the GOP budget and how draconian it was and how many job losses it would cause it might make it easier to negotiate with Boehner. As it stands now, nobody knows about the GOP budget so Boehner has nothing to lose asking for everything he wants. If you make his ridiculous budget famous and there is popular pushback against it then he’s bargaining from a much weaker position.

    What is sounds like is Obama will give Boehner exactly what he wants because it will help him get re-elected if there isn’t a shutdown and it looks like he negotiated to a common ground.

  69. Performers at the MoTown special sure seemed to love their POTUS! George Clooney also.

  70. Nope – Obama. This $4B here, $6B there will given Boehner all of the cuts he wants and Obama hopes Dems will not be paying attention.

    So when the final deal is announced and it’s for 60B, these weekly cuts will not be included, making the cuts that much deeper.

    The Administration lost it’s fighters – Rahm, Axelrod and Gibbs.

  71. Well Old Huck is trying his best to make President Obama “The Other”. Now Huck is talking about the President’s father and his father’s father. Is the America or what? Since when do we go back to somebody’s grandparents and great grand parents and use them against the person? I thought in this country each person is held responsible for his/her actions. Not something that a grand parent may or may not have done. Huck is a racist and anti-American.

  72. Yeah, the site is hideous now and it takes about 3 clicks more to do anything. The # of comments has also dropped like a stone. However, kos keeps bragging about the great # of site views, which I guess is what is generating $$ for him. So, he’s happy.

  73. All caught up. My pressure is down. Thanks to you all. I absolutely love it here and the calm posts.
    Thanks for the reply about Matt Damon. Looks like the Adjustment Bureau will be minus two tickets this weekend. Its not much, but its $40 that will stay in my friends pocket.

    EricFive, – yes the media game is rigged. But we have got to play it anyway – I think that quote is from The Wire.

    Tien Le – excellent email. I sure hope RM gets to read it directly. I am drafting something to Mark Thompson regarding his show today. I am getting sick and tired of these folks trying to re-write history.

  74. It’s absurd. President Obama spend 3-4 years in Indonesia from 7yo to 10yo. He was born in Hawaii and raised there until he went to Indonesia, then came back to Hawaii as a 10 yr old and lived there with his Grandparents until he graduated Highschool. He then went to California to attend Occidental, then to NY to Columbia, than Chicago to community organize, then to Harvard in Massachusetts and then back to Chicago.

    So Huck’s contention is that from grade two to grade five was the most formative years in his life not the other 45 he spent living in America.

  75. Excellent points. Its like when Chris Matthews and his kind go on and on about how Obama can’t connect with people then we see pics of a rally where tens and hundreds of thousands people were waiting in line for hours in the cold to see Obama.

  76. bwd, I know you must go through a lot with the comments which we don’t see. I have no doubt but that there are people studying this site, and tailoring negative comments meant to break through the positivity and turn it into another fauxgressive state, depriving liberals of yet another space to come and rejoice.

    That you keep at this day after day after day with no breaks, moderating the comments by yourself, and bringing the positive news is just soooooo beyond appreciated I can’t even express it.

    Keep on keeping on. We’ll see the already astonishing traffic numbers for a 3 month-old blog get even more astounding as we continue to build upon a simple premise: yes. we. can., and no matter the people who CHOOSE to focus almost exclusively on their areas of disappointment, yes. we. will. keep going, showing as much vision, resolve, and long-term planning as the Koch brothers. We don’t have that kind of money but we have each other and millions of liberal like us.

  77. Do not let these people get you down! They were not even on top of this WI situation until it hit the media! They are trying to co-opt the voice of liberal progressives for money and status. I understand fully your upset. But the media is the media. They don’t cover liberals protesting yet will cover the teaparties extensively, and love love love to pretend that these fauxgressive media sites which throw tantrums at POTUS are the base. I just do not consume ANY of these sorts of media products any longer; just a total waste of time and diversion of energy. I come online to get fired up, not to listen to Markos “FLOTUS was classless” Moulitsas talk garbage. Free country, he can do what he wants; doesn’t mean that we have to listen to him.

  78. And let him be happy; he’s a human being, this is a free country, let him do what he wants to do. We just don’t need to be integrated into what he’s doing or thinking, or his front pagers, or his moderator. These people are important because people think they are. I’d rather help build alternatives than worry about them either way.

  79. It sounds like you’re saying Obama is secretly teaming up with boehner to make the cuts you think he really wants to make. I don’t know why you would think that. I also don’t know why you think Dems would not notice this if it were true. They are in on the negotiations. Nancy Pelosi and Reid are in that meeting. They have to get the votes and they have to actually vote on these cuts. Obama would not betray his biggest allies in Congress in that way and Dems aren’t stupid.

    I’m just going to wait and see what happens.

  80. This couldn’t be better said. Thanks so much for your insights LL. Indeed, the daddy in the WH is letting the people fired up, ready to go, and willing to make change, that we don’t now, and we never did need an authoritarian to “fix it” in a pipe dream. The solution always began and ended with us. And can outlast his short eight years in the WH. I am praying that this message can get through the media filter. Yes we can. We truly can.

  81. Well, Mike Huckabee didn’t even think President Obama spent 3 years in Indonesia. According to Phuckabee, Obama grew up in Kenya, and he was raised by his Kenyan father and grandfather, not by his American mother or American grandparents.

  82. Rahm was the one who didn’t want the president to do healthcare. Axelrod was bad at messaging. Gibbs wasn’t that great either.I think the president is waiting on the jobs report tomorrow. He may get the message out sfter the jobs report.

  83. I agree with you Tien Le. Here is the email I sent to yesterday in response to that segment.



    The reason that your show is a cut above the rest is that most of the time your commentary and analysis are founded on cold hard facts, which is more than can be said of most so called journalists today. Where you disappoint however is in your tendency towards hyperbole, cynicism and let’s be frank plain old snark towards President Obama. To what end, I am not quite sure. Perhaps it’s in pursuit of the all important ratings.

    Tonight you wondered when we would hear from President Obama regarding the situation in Wisconsin. Are you serious?! You often brag about having the best researchers in the business, so I am forced to believe that you are deliberately trying to mislead your viewers and ignoring the fact that President Obama has spoken about this at least twice in the last 2 weeks:

    In an interview with TMJ4 in Milwaukee, February 16:

    “Some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions. And I think it’s very important for us to understand that public employees, they’re our neighbors, they’re our friends. These are folks who are teachers and they’re firefighters and they’re social workers and they’re police officers. They make a lot of sacrifices and make a big contribution. And I think it’s important not to vilify them or to suggest that somehow all these budget problems are due to public employees.”

    To the National Governors Association in Washington on February 28:

    “If all the pain is borne by only one group, whether it’s workers or seniors or the poor, while the wealthiest among us get to keep or get more tax breaks, we’re not doing the right thing,” he said. “I don’t think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infringed upon.”

    If you are trying to insinuate that the President is weak because he hasn’t stated his position regarding the situation in Wisconsin (which he clearly has), you are not only being disingenuous (to say the least), but you are also being politically naive to think that by inserting himself more forcefully into the debate he would sway more republicans and independents to support the public unions (Republicans and Independents are the reason why the polls show such a clear majority support for preserving the union’s bargaining rights). This is the type of facile, lazy analysis I would expect from Ed Schultz, but that I think is beneath you Rachel. Au contraire, the GOP, FOX and by extension the MSM would only be too happy to frame this as Obama vs. Walker and the federal government against states rights instead of keeping the focus on the real issue which is that Governor Walker is overreaching by assaulting the public unions’ bargaining rights. I can guarantee you that had President Obama become the story instead of Governor Walker’s power grab, those same polls that you kept referencing tonight would have been completely different. Democrats and the union should know that the President supports them. He has already clearly stated his support. The least you could do is report this accurately.

    Your disdain for this President comes through loud and clear Rachel. But I for one am happy to have a President who is not concerned with making theatrical declarations and flashy gestures for all to see, thereby providing his opponents with an easy target, but is a leader who has the wisdom to understand when it’s more important to work behind the scenes to support the movement (the President working with Mr Tumpka, OFA helping to organize the protest). And that Rachel, is how progress is made in a polarized political environment. This approach may not satisfy your desire for a drag out fight; it may be low-key, unglamorous and incremental, but in my humble opinion, it is the politically savvy thing to do. It is very appropriate for Democrats in the Wisconsin assembly to be front and center on this. It is appropriate for the population of Wisconsin to stage their protest in front of the capitol. I have to agree with a well known community organizer on this: lasting change comes from the ground up (or words to that effect). The President cannot do everything on his own. The slogan is “Yes, we can” not “Yes, I can”.

    When you imply that the leader of the Democratic Party does not support the values and principles of his party, what you are doing is effectively eroding some of the confidence that the more suggestible viewers may have in the President. FOX is already doing a good job of that.

    I used to watch Keith Olberman until it became clear that he was suffering from the Obama Derangement Syndrome that has infected so many of the professional left. Lawrence O’Donnell showed some promise at the beginning, but he too soon devolved to railing at the President. Ed Schultz is a caricature of Rush Limbaugh on the left. His rants encouraging people not to vote in the 2010 mid-terms were not only juvenile, they were irresponsible.

    So Rachel, when the President takes an approach that you do not understand or that you do not agree with, rather than blindly question his Democratic bona fides and his motives, I am hoping that you will provide instead an intelligent analysis for why he might have decided on that approach and make a rational case for why you think your approach might be better. I expected much better from you than what I’ve seen tonight. But then again, maybe playing gotcha with a 3 year old clip of then Senator Obama is better for the ratings…

    Best regards,

  84. Matt Damon can bite me. Can’t believe the guy is trashing Obama. Look how much has been accomplished over the last 2 years and now the economy and jobs situation is starting to look up. Did he, Streisand, and the other Hollywood jet setters believe change would occur immediately? And there is so much yet to do. I’m really mad after reading the YahooNews! piece on him. Even more mad after reading the comments section. It’s 8,000+ comments from bigoted Tea Baggers.

  85. Great points, GN. Don’t know how BWD does it all, but she does. I see all the good news reported here and elsewhere and I think all of the haters must be willfully ignorant or living in a cave somewhere.

  86. That likability number should have TeaPublicans quaking in their boots.

    That, and the VA poll numbers, are the best news of the day.

    I am a NYC to Richmond transplant and suffice it to say I suffered great culture shock when this idiot governor Bob McDonnell declared Confederate History Month shortly after taking office.

    Seeing his face, and that of his insane Attorney General, “Kookinelli,” on election day 2012 as PBO again takes Virginia would be sooooo priceless!

  87. So always excited and glad to see you here, thanks for commenting! They are who and what they are kefauver. And receive attention at a rate which is waaaaaay disproportionate to their numbers. There is this traveling circus of purity trolls who go from site to site to site gauging weaknesses and trying to get POTUS sucks! content in. I’m just glad that bwd was like, “you know what, I don’t want this here, there are plenty of alternative spaces which entertain this content” and thus provides just this space for the overwhelming majority of Dems and liberals to reclaim our joy and discuss this Presidency in peace. No one here agrees with POTUS all of the time, not bwd or anyone else, but there is not the fauxgressive selective storytelling or trying to create narratives by focusing ONLY on the areas of disagreement while dismissing what *has* been done. This is why this site got so many hits. I’m just done with thinking and worrying about the mood at the fauxgressive spaces although I truly do understand the disagreeing arguments about taking real information into those spaces; I just don’t personally care any more. I thought that this one big fauxgressive space was so important because they said they were. Yet when crucial elections came they let me down, let this country down. Just finished with it. And kissing the ground for an alternative. And I’m not the only one, among both commenters and the larger number of lurkers, I’d bet.

  88. Thank you so much jackie; I just wish that bwd would take more breaks, as this is too much for one person, every single day. I can only imagine the comments which don’t make it through moderation, how manipulative and dispiriting they are.

  89. Let Dkos take any outsider credit — they’re doing Dems and President Obama a favor. I was shocked when I read that OFA was involved and according to that NYTimes article BWD posted earlier in the comments — when Obama learned the DNC was utilitizing OFA in Wisconsin — he stopped them.

    Unfortunately — though — if Dkos is sending out messages that suggest “netroots” involvement — that would only have the effect of validating reports that people from other states are being bused in. That wouldn’t really be a help to the WI residents protesting. That WI issue is a state issue between the residents of Wisconsin and their state officials.

    If Democrats were in charge and rightwing groups from other states were talking about getting involved in some fight and sending money –the headlines on “real progressive” sites would be all about the unethical outside influence. I don’t know why they think the ethics of certain things depends on which side does them.

  90. I saw this post on kenya craiglisy that said
    For CREDIBLE information proving US Pres Obama was born in Indonesia……….

  91. The 74% who already like Obama are not going to stop because of anything any GOP prez candidate says. The 22% that hate him wont stop even if his speeches were proven to cure cancer. The time for the right wing to define him was in 2007-08 now it is too late.

  92. Who was it who said a politician is a person who sees a parade and jumps out in front of it so he can claim to be a leader. Dkos folks are just like these feeble GOP presidential hopefuls who suddenly realized they were always tea partiers.

  93. I think it is all a question of timing. It is too soon for your level of pessimism IMO. The attention span of the american public is very short. Maybe Pres. Obama, using his political judgement, differs with you on when the best moment to highlight the proposed GOP cuts to the American people. Remember that much of the past few weeks were dominated by the revolutions in the Middle East. Reid did say that the President is now going to take the issue to the American people, didn’t he? Why not give the MAN a chance to state his case before castigating him and questioning his motives and integrity? You act as though Obama has not accompished anything or at least not enough to get your respect.

  94. I don’t know anything about passports or applications for them or visas, but you’d think there’d be *some* evidence of his mother’s whereabouts at the time of his birth.

    And whose going to turn over evidence, credible or not, before they get paid?

    Staggering how desperate these people are.

  95. rachel could have very well ended her piece without that whiny ‘where is obama on this’ bit ?

  96. Labour wins the seat it lost due to its previous MP being implicated in his expenses scandal. Libdems slip to six from second in the last election and its candidate lost his deposit.

    Mr Jarvis, a 38-year-old former soldier, said the people of Barnsley Central were sending the “strongest possible message” to David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

    “Your reckless policies, your broken promises and unfair cuts are letting our country down,” he said.

    “I grew up in Margaret Thatcher’s Britain. I remember how angry it made me feel. Whole communities abandoned to unemployment, public services run down, talents wasted, opportunities taken away.

    “Thatcher was wrong then and Cameron is wrong now.”

  97. Gas price volatility seems to be a combination of mideast turmoil and speculators:

    Oil prices climb on unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen

    Traders are buying up futures in case the anti-government sentiment disrupts output in the area’s oil-rich countries, analysts say.

    Oil prices surged Friday as concerns mounted that anti-government protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen could affect Middle East oil production. If that happens, analysts said, oil prices could quickly rise to $130 a barrel.

    The protests sent crude oil futures for March delivery up $3.70, or 4.3%, to close at $89.34 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

  98. I’m waiting on “activist” to be active without wanting President Obama to do it for them. Imagine if people waited on politicans to lead the fight for civil rights, women’s rights or workers rights. We would be no where.

  99. She initially points out the cognative dissonance of those polling as economic populists yet identifying politically as conservatives. President Obama inserting himself into the middle of this movement would upset all it’s favorable dynamics.
    I think Rachel is off the mark on this one.

  100. I replied to the post ” how pathetic is this” You think if Obama was not eligible clintons wouldn’t have dug it up? Or all the rethugs/ teabaggers/Koch brothers? These people are too stupid

  101. Indeed – Rosa Parks was sitting on that bus by herself when she “had enough”. And her very life was at stake. Rep. Lewis wasn’t standing next to a President when he got his head bashed in on that bridge. And those young activists were alone the night they were killed and buried in Mississippi. I think the people of Wisconsin are doing a fantastic job, and the union heads probably have a direct line to the President if they decide that they need him to make an appearance. It sends a bigger message to the Republicans when the protest is coming from the grassroots, because then they have to pause and ask themselves who will be left to vote for them when the time comes.

  102. YahooNews and AOLNews are not our friends, in my opinion. Never read either.

  103. Rachel’s own disconnect from this fact, that she made a very clear point of, has left me scratching my head.

  104. Every time I see David Cameron he seems like an Obama wanna be LOL Obama does town hall meetings when he is in and out of the country with youth, l cameron does them too. Obama does you tube interviews, he does them too. To me he is just trying too hard to be cool when my president does it so effortlessly 😉

  105. I shouldn’t comment because I haven’t read the article but, did I understand this correctly, “they” are unhappy with President Obama because of DADT…because? It wasn’t repealed fast enough? Most be an OLD article, yet another “shit stirrer”.

    How to do we render corporate media obsolete and powerless?

  106. I totally agree with you PNH. Moreover, the President has been going around the country speaking about the importance of not cutting things, such as education, that matter . Just because the media ignores these speeches does not mean that he has not done anything. I come to this site almost every day and BWD posts videos of Obama doing exactly what he is being criticized for not doing.

    On the Wisconsin protest, the left wing critics are really hopeless. Obama agreed to be interviewed by a local Wisconsin T.V. Channel. In the clip that I saw, the President re-affirmed his support of public workers’ right to join a union. He also called on people to stop demonizing public workers. The media that never misses a chance to broadcast Sarah Palin’s twitts, had access to his statement and could have aired it. I also think that the President is wise not to appear so eager to intrude in this heroic grassroots people’s movement. I am sure if the President gave a prime time speech on Wisconsin, arrows would be slinging from the right, the PL, and the MSM, all of them accusing the President of trying to take political credit of a grassroots movement that he did not start. By the way, isn’t it exactly what both the PL and the Right wingers are already saying about the role of OFA in the protest?

    Finally, the notion that the President of the United States should be in Wisconsin leading protesters is so ridiculous that it really does not deserve a serious answer. Can any of these “pure” progressives cite one example of when any of the previous 43 presidents joined a protest? FDR supported unions, was he ever involved in all the labor protests that took place during the Depression? JFK and LBJ supported Civil Rights but did they ever go South to lead or participate in Marches, Freedom Rides and Sit-ins?. Obviously Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson intervened on several occasions to protect Civil Rights of people in situations where States were either violating Federal Law or failed to protect citizens from violence. On what legal grounds would President Obama intervene in Wisconsin? I am sure the President would not hesitate to intervene if Wisconsin was directly violating Federal Law, or if Gov. Walker failed to offer protection to protesters if they were being violently attacked.

    Ironically all the criticism of the President on the situation in Wisconsin, that I am aware of, is mainly from T.V. personalities (Ed. Shultz, Rachle Maddow and others) and corporate left wing blogs (FDL, Huff.Post, DKos). I haven’t seen any of the people in Wisconsin who are in the tenches voice any criticism of the President, or suggest that he should be in Wisconsin with them. I think the people in the trenches are about serious issues not theatrics. I personally think that if the President dramatized the situation in Wisconsin, the media and the Republicans would quickly make it an issue about the President and not about those courageous people in Wisconsin.

  107. Good job Tien Le! In my judgement, Ms. Maddow should have known that the President did Speak up re-affirming his support for Public workers and their rights, including the right form unions to represent them.

  108. Besides voting for our President I hope the recent events involving the state governors will get the people out in ’12 to encourage voters to vote in the Dems in all offices.

  109. My thoughts are that Prez Obama is a master of timing much to many pundits and party members chagrin. Most want to see things done immediately regardless of the results.

  110. As a Community Organizer Barack Obama used his position to empower his clients to advocate for themselves. He was an excellent teacher that led by supporting the people he was trying to help. There are vivid examples of this in his book Audacity of Hope. This empowerment along with his ability to inspire others is a different way to lead so it is not recognized by most as a strategy. Many just expect the leader to do it all.

  111. Actually, most of the Progressive press were yelling for PBO to get involved in the beginning. Then I heard Thom Hartmann decide it may not be a good idea for him to get involved as it would just turn into a power struggle between Scott Walker and PBO. The protestors would become irrelevent and the storyline would change to PBO being heavy handed with a governor. The Governor may even have gotten sympathy on his side at that point. Thom started out earlier on being on the other side of the issue so he came around.

  112. Well said hopefruit! One of the qualities I deeply admire about President Obama is his calmness. It is very clear to me that he is focused on governing effectively and has wisely decided that nothing is accomplished by always dramatizing everything. I suppose his left wing critics would be applauding him if he was out there behaving like a Democratic carbon copy of Republicans Michel Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Jim DeMint. Or at least if he was out there behaving like former Congressman Alan Grayson, who I loved by the way, calling out all those Republican bastards. It seems to me that it wouldn’t matter much to the PL if President did not accomplish anything in his two years in office, so long as he was out there giving his self anointed left wing base red meat rhetoric. For me, I will take all that he has accomplished in two years over left wing red meat rhetoric.

  113. Bravo GN! I am with you 100% I don’t remember the exact quote, or the person who said it, but every time I am so angrily frustrated by the unfair critics of the president I am always rescued by this paraphrased thought: the negative energy I spend on being angry about the unfair critics of the president could just as easily be converted into energy I spend in participating in positive actions that support the President. Or something like that. I do admit, however, that I do not always pay heed to this valuable advice. But I really deeply appreciate this advice from you about what we should do about those who make a living bashing President Obama:

    “These people are important because people think they are. I’d
    rather help build alternatives than worry about them either way.”

  114. Well I join you Jackie in saying Amen to GN’s “beautiful” words of appreciation for the extraordinary work that BWD performs each and every day. I always find GN’s comments to be thoughtful and crisply well written. BWD has created a real special place. Coming to this site is like going out to get a breath of fresh air after spending too much time indoors.

  115. The ending is so apt. Who needs Republicans when you’ve got Democrats to do the dirty work. I don’t know how they can think that playing “gotcha” with the President is going to further their cause. PBO’s smackdown of the PL during the tax cut deal clearly didn’t hit home strong enough. They need another one.

  116. I was planning to go see that movie tomorrow, and now I’m second guessing that decision.

  117. Well, this really shows how fearful they are about President Obama’s exceptional political abilities and his superb intellect. They just don’t know how to fairly compete against him. So they think the only possible way to defeat him is to claim that he is not an American. You know what Soldier, any one with a brain knows that, in spite of all the money they’ve spent since 2007, they still can’t prove that he was not born in the united States. People who have to offer a reward “for CREDIBLE information proving US Pres Obama was born in Indonesia” must really be desperate! Why Indonesia now? Is this part of trying to clean up Huckabee’s lies? I thought “Birthers” had already established that he was born in Kenya? Didn’t they already produce his British Kenyan Birth Certificate? Could this be a belated admission that his supposedly British Kenyan Birth Certificate was a fake? I bet you if they fail to find “credible information” that he was born in Indonesia, they will try Pakistan. Or may be they will declare that Hawaii is an exotic place, a la Cokie Roberts, and no one born in Hawaii can be classified as a real American.

    Bottom line, Soldier, It is best to ignore these crackpots! I am praying that a smart and cynical person comes up with a supposedly authentic Obama’s Indonesian birth certificate just to collect the reward. By the time the crazies realize that “they’ve been took” with another fake document, he/she will be laughing all the way with lots of money to some hide out where they can’t recover it. I, of course, would be rooting for him/her for making fools of these racist cowardly idiots. Personally, I can respect courageous racists who come out in the open and bluntly says that President Obama should not be President because he is black. What I can’t stand are cowardly racists who try to manufacture lies about the President when in reality the only thing that bothers them about him is the color of his skin.

  118. For a few hundred bucks I can get you all ten of his birth certificates- from Kenya, Indonesia, Australia, Bhutan, Spain (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!), Kenya again, Britain (he’s OURS), yet another part of Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and (in this week’s special offer) one other country OF YOUR CHOICE! Yes, you get to pick Barack Hussein Hugo Artemis Solon Saturnicus Reginald Arthur Obama’s tenth and final birthplace- act now while this unique offer lasts.


    P.S. he’s Hawai’ian, you teabagging fools.

  119. Are you saying that PBO and Biden and Carney and all the other people around the President have no brains and are not fighters, and that PBO is selling us out? I just have to stop reading your comments as most are total downers. So much concern over nothing.

  120. The right wing and Professional Left argue every day, loudly and all over the media, that the public should do the exact opposite: want more from Dems by empowering or enabling the GOP. It’s striking.

  121. Saint Roscoe:

    I know you are strong about the messaging business. But how does one get ones message through when the controllers of the medium are hostile. May be I am not astute enough, but most BWD posts on this site always show the President pushing back and, in my humble opinion, delivering very effective messaging. Just as he did with his speech to the Governors that was widely misinterpreted by pundits. Suppose you are in charge of messaging are you so certain that the controllers of the media will readily allow people to hear what your message without filters, especially if they thin you are delivering a winning message that goes against their corporate interests?

    Obviously, unlike some of us who have the luxury of not having to make choices about governance, Obama still has to deal with the reality of making sure that government services are not completely derailed and his recovery programs stopped in their tracks

    I think, if I may be honest with you, I find your suggestion to be overly cynical when you assert that if Obama tries to compromise with Boehner, it will be exactly because the President “bargaining from a much weaker position…. will give Boehner exactly what he wants because it will help him get re-elected if there isn’t a shutdown and it looks like he negotiated to a common ground.”

    Obviously I am not naive that President Obama, like any other politician, probably takes into account his political future when considering his policy options. But is not also plausible that the President is motivated by his belief that shutting down the government would hurt real people even if it may help him make the point that Republicans are evil. If I may respectfully ask, are you not prejudging the president before you know exactly what it is he believes will be beneficial from whatever is now being reported as his give away to to Boehner. This seems to me to be like a repeat of the hysteria that surrounded his December tax compromises with Republicans that turned out to be smart protection of middle and working class interests.

    I know it is absolutely important to scrutinize everything, including things that we think the President we support is doing wrong. But is it not wise to practice restraint by waiting to see what it is exactly that the President and the Republicans agreed on about the budget before speculating about the motives of the President?

  122. I thought the exact same thing, Nathan: a scammer is going to provide fake proof and get a lot of money, while the birther continues to indulge in this nonsense and remain in denial about her/his racism. Everyone’s happy.

  123. BWD,

    What is the best way to edit comments? I just keep making a fool of myself posting comments that are filled with errors. I hope people are able to make out the mistakes. What I actually need to do is to stop replying to people in the wee hours of the morning when my brain is not properly functioning.

  124. Your comments are always well-written, Nathan. No one here really cares about a typo here or there in comments (not that I’ve even noticed you making many of them). 🙂

  125. Nathan, forget typos. If I worried about typos I would never post. I think I am the king of typos.

  126. TGIF Everyone…For your morning enjoyment.

    Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams (Will.I.Ams?) and The Roots have offered their “slow-jam” take on Wisconsin’s budget situation 🙂

  127. You’re right, YahooNews! is a sewer for sure, I just can’t believe how many turds it collects in the comments section.

  128. And by now records would have been available on Ann Dunham’s whereabouts had she been out of the country at the time of President Obama’s birth. Why would this smart woman leave a developed country to go to an impoverished country like Kenya (where she’d never been) to deliver a baby?!?!?

    Pray tell, would any female who has delivered children make a decision like that?!?!?

  129. Thanks for this information. But isn’ it also true that these countries, such as Libya only supply %2 of exports and is the 4th largets exporter of oil?

  130. Love your piece Tien Le. That’s exactly what I would tell Rachel if I had the words to do so but you have nailed it. Way to go!

  131. Thank you! I was really inspired by posters on this site to speak up. I really believe that we are the silent majority. Recent polls are bearing this out.

    I’m not sure if Rachel or her people will read it, but if enough of us start to speak, our voices will be heard. We can make a difference for 2012 !!

    Thank you BWD for this wonderful site !!

  132. I’d take George Clooney over Matt Damon any time! At least Clooney is trying to do something useful with his fame – Sudan. What is Matt contributing to humanity? He’s just trying to get attention so people can go see his little new movie coming out. Everybody knows the only way to cut through the MSM bullshit and promote anything is to bash Obama. That sure gets attention. Matt is irrelevant in the scheme of things.

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