Wednesday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

10:00 AM PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.
10:30 AM PBO meets with senior advisers.
11:00 AM  
12:00 PM  
12:30 PM Carney briefs the press.PBO and VPB meet for lunch.
1:00 PM  
1:45 PM PBO awards the 2010 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal; Michelle Obama also attends.
2:00 PM  
3:00 PM  
4:00 PM  
4:30 PM PBOand VPB meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


2. Recovery!

Feb. ADP employment rises 217,000

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Private-sector employment rose 217,000 in February, according to Automatic Data Processing Inc.’s employment report released Wednesday. Employment in the service-producing sector rose 202,000, while employment in the goods-producing sector gained 15,000. For January, ADP reported that private payrolls gained 189,000, compared with a prior estimate of 187,000. On Friday, the government will report on February’s nonfarm payrolls, which also include government workers, and economists polled by MarketWatch are looking for a gain of 200,000, and for an unemployment rate of 9.1%.


3. Fascinating column from Thomas Friedman

This is just the beginning

Future historians will long puzzle over how the self-immolation of a Tunisian street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, in protest over the confiscation of his fruit stand, managed to trigger popular uprisings across the Arab/Muslim world. We know the big causes — tyranny, rising food prices, youth unemployment and social media. But since being in Egypt, I’ve been putting together my own back-of-the-envelope guess list of what I’d call the “not-so-obvious forces” that fed this mass revolt. Here it is:

THE OBAMA FACTOR Americans have never fully appreciated what a radical thing we did — in the eyes of the rest of the world — in electing an African-American with the middle name Hussein as president. I’m convinced that listening to Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech — not the words, but the man — were more than a few young Arabs who were saying to themselves: “Hmmm, let’s see. He’s young. I’m young. He’s dark-skinned. I’m dark-skinned. His middle name is Hussein. My name is Hussein. His grandfather is a Muslim. My grandfather is a Muslim. He is president of the United States. And I’m an unemployed young Arab with no vote and no voice in my future.” I’d put that in my mix of forces fueling these revolts.

// more


4. Yes, please do this!

Harry Reid: The president’s going to take the budget fight to the American people

President Barack Obama will take the U.S. budget battle “to the American people” so they can weigh in on proposed GOP budget cuts, the top Senate Democrat said.

“The president’s going to take this to the American people because the only message that we have from the Republicans is to wipe out programs that are so important to people, especially people who can’t help themselves, the middle class and other programs,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid.

// more


5. NYT editorial:

Mr. Obama’s Health Care Challenge

President Obama had a splendid idea this week. He challenged governors who oppose his health care reforms, most of whom are Republicans, to come up with a better alternative. He has agreed to move up the date at which states can offer their own solutions and thus opt out of requirements that they oppose, like the mandate that everyone buy health insurance and that most employers provide it.


The catch is that a state’s plan must cover as many people as the federal law does, provide insurance that is as comprehensive and affordable, and not increase the deficit. That won’t be easy for the governors to accomplish, and House Republicans seem unlikely to pass the bill to let them try. They would much rather repeal the reform law — or have it declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court — than join Mr. Obama in improving it.

// more


6. And on the same subject, here’s Rachel and Ezra Klein talking about the brilliance of PBO’s trap to GOP governors. PUT UP OR SHOT UP!


7. Do not miss this BRILLIANT eclectablog post!


 8. And check out your “Liberal Media” at work:

CNN proves Not all Protest Movements are Reported Equally



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  1. Thanks for the shout out, BWD. I’m hoping my blog gets lots of attention. It seems to have died on the vine on Reddit but I’m hopeful it will get on the Rec List at dKos.

    Have a Happy Hump Day, everyone!

  2. The scourge of bullying is getting all sorts of attention — internet bullying in particular. The White House, always hot on a trend story, next week will host a White House Conference on Bullying Prevention.

    “Stop bullying now!” barks the Department of Health and Human Services website, somewhat aggressively. They are co-hosting, with the Department of Education.

    “The conference will bring together communities from across the nation who have been affected by bullying as well as those who are taking action to address it,” the White House said. “Participants will have the opportunity to talk with the president and representatives from the highest levels of his administration about how all communities can work together to prevent bullying.”

    While the notice makes reference to “students, parents, teachers and others,” it’s not likely — or indicated — that those “others” will include bullies. How can you summit without them?

    Politico 44-

  3. President Obama’s latest idea to save money: sell government real estate that isn’t being used anymore.

    On Wednesday, Obama will propose the creation of a board with leaders from the private and public sectors that would review federal properties no longer needed by the government and that could be sold or consolidated.

    “For too long red tape and politics have prevented the government from moving forward on these fronts,” an administration official wrote in an e-mail to reporters, saying the plan will “change the way Washington does business.”

    According to the White House, 14,000 buildings and structures for federal use aren’t needed. The board would recommend to Congress how to better use the properties, in what the White House says could save $15 billion in its first three years.

    “This approach will enable us to cut through the red tape and overcome the special interests and parochial politics that have traditionally slowed or halted progress when efforts have been made to reduce government’s real estate footprint one asset at a time,” the White House said.

    p 44-

  4. I would rec this diary 100 times if i were still a part of that place. I hope it’ll do well there today. It’s an amazing piece of work. BTW, if you feel like posting here – please let me know. I’d be happy.

  5. Good Morning! Harry Reid’s statement about the president taking the budget battle to the people is terrific news! Let people hear first-hand how much damage the GOP budget would do and how many people would be unemployed. I hope he makes a potential government shut down a poison pill that the R’s take at their own peril.

    Eclectablog’s list of the president’s accomplishments presented as a position description is amazing. A truly brilliant presentation of how monumental a task this president has achieved.

  6. Demint: Collective bargianing has no place in govt:

    Collective bargaining has no place in representative democracy and public employee unions have an “insidious relationship” with Democrats, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said Tuesday.

    DeMint weighed in strongly on behalf of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who’s been locked in a protracted battle with public employees over legislation that would strip their unions of most collective bargaining rights.

  7. Good morning. He takes everything to the american people. Will they listen, if wisconsin would have listened and every state that voted republicans they would be moving further in their states.

  8. Your piece was AMAZING! When you can actually SEE all those accomplishments laid bare, and the time frames it was done in, it seems superhuman.Sadly, I think most people don’t even know these accomplishments,focusing instead on the “major battles” rather than the entire scope of all things that have been accomplished in this short period of time. It seems nearly impossible for that much to have been dealt with in 2 short years! But deal with that, he did, and I am grateful to have this incredible man working for all of us:) Brilliant piece.Simply brilliant.

  9. That was the same response I had, desertflower. I knew he had done most of these thing; knew it intellectually. But when I assembled the entire list I was shocked. Then it hit me: HE DID ALL OF THAT IN ONLY TWO YEARS!!!

    Superhuman is right. No other way to put it.

    Thanks for the nice words. I do appreciate it.

  10. Maybe I should send Eclectablog’s piece over to the TP site I stumbled on last night:)It hurt my eyes!They are delusional and hypocritical in their thought process (if one can call it that) and site Fox as a place to find “credible” info..see what poor education can do!But, this is PHOENIX after all…where the crAZy lives.Scott Walker isn’t the only one around acting like a little Napoleon…we have LOTS of those kinds here!Should I send the truth to them? Make them think?I would have to “join”…that’s what keeps me away!Sure would love to enlighten them though….

  11. When you put the list of what President Obama has accomplished versus the list of what the Firebaggers complain he hasn’t done, it does not even compare. Yet they still endlessly harp on it. I feel they NEED something to complain about because they never have nor ever will support President Obama. I’m convinced if he did all the things they say they want, they’d still find something to bitch about.

    Great post, Eclectablog.

  12. You’re very welcome:) Much deserved. Question is, what is happening BEHIND the scenes that we don’t even KNOW they’re working on now? It can only get better. I stand in awe.

  13. WOW, YOU wrote that? Excellent, I have already shared before I knew :)) I am very new to this page :))

  14. I went to orange and recced it, and then slathered hand sanitizer all over me. Kills 99.9% of anything you might pick up by accident.

  15. Oh I can just hear Palin now with her screechy whiny voice complaining that the government is not letting parents choose whether they want their kids bullied or not. I don’t even think Palin cares one way or another; this will just be yet another chance for her to grab headlines while stalking the President and the First Lady.

  16. Qunnipiac poll would blame republicans by 9% more than POTUS! We need to get that up a bit more!
    Qunnipiac is very accurate, as rated by nate silver.
    It also said that people support a govt shutdown 47%-44%!

    Thus, people are incapable of understanding what that does to their lives.


    I think the POTUS does need to explain th people.

    To bad we can not have somebeody mind the store while he goes out and hits the trail for a month or two!

    Which leads to believe, that when he starts to campaign, boy, are people going to be surprised, at all the truth telling!

  17. Yeah, the toxic comments are really piling up. Looks like it won’t make the Rec List which I am surprised by. C’est la vie. It’s getting plenty of attention in other venues.

  18. The President has had LOUSY press coverage, since he was elected!
    Just a few artilcles on this, maybe send this info to the NY times???

    Or, better yet, call the Ny times poltics section with this story!

  19. That site has been taken over by- what Micheal steele called, tea party democrats!

    That site is full of them, and I would not be surprised, if he knows a thing or two!

  20. He takes everything to the american people. Will they listen, if wisconsin would have listened and every state that voted republicans they would be moving further in their states.

    So true!
    Yet there are people that actually want him to go protest in WI or give a firey speech. If him just talking people always worked, they would not have elected that Bozo Walker in the first place. He warned them, they did not listen!
    This is the people’s fight! He can’t do it alone but some people still don’t get it. They don’t want a president, they want a Savior or dictator. That way they don’t have to think for themselves and can just worry about who will be next voted off of American Idol.

  21. Yeah, but he got NO coverage, not one show had him on, it was all live streaming!

    They will be forced to cover him, in that race!

  22. Well it is my opinion that Sarah Palin is a bully. I don’t say that lightly. Women bully in their own way and it isn’t pretty when it happens.

  23. you know wolf Blitzer had a segment yesterday, asking if he would be nominated again for the Nobel Peace. Paul Begalla said some wonderful things, but you the republican played partisan. With Freidman article im wondering will President Obama finally get the credit he deserves.

  24. With blowhards like Ed Schultz, and Lawrence O’Donnell who kept yelling Obama’s name for the last two weeks, no wonder there’s only a 9-pt difference.

  25. I know that I’ve said this already on TPV, but it bears repeating. You did an excellent job framing the challenges which the POTUS faces, and the accomplishments he has achieved. I hope it goes viral…and will try to post it on other sites today.

  26. She’s not only a bully, but she’s offensive to women. Period.One twisted sister.

  27. It might be good to send it to op-ed pages around the country. If it’s gets published, great, and even if it doesn’t the editors will read it.

  28. Walker wants to close wiscosin state university!

    and why?
    Because it is part of obamas base!


  29. That’s the reason he gave? I thought it was something to do with privatizing.How DO you privatize a state university?

  30. When FOX News (including Glenn Beck) dominates the top 5 cable tv programs, that tells you where the soul of America lies – ignorance, dishonesty, bigotry, and greed.

    This is not something to be proud of – very disturbing.

  31. I had read in the National Review that the two week extension was a strategy to force a shutdown but have it be blamed on the Democrats. When I called my new Tea Party freshman representative about that premise I could tell I had hit on the truth by the way the aide responded. He did what is termed “blocking”, not letting me finish a sentence, and then started doing what they have done at that office before when I called in support of health care reform, discounting, suggesting that he had training in economics (that was his field of study) so therefore he was simply right about the budget and I was wrong. On health care the Representative (Larry Bucshon) was a doctor so therefore he knew everything about the value of the health care bill and I knew nothing.

    One of the items on BWD’s list today was bullying. If anyone can get a copy of “The Verbally Abusive Relationship” by Patricia Evans I can guarantee you will see the connections between what has been happening on the Right (and sometimes on the Left) and why it leaves you with such a feeling of frustration. Another great source for bullying information is online. There is a fabulous site out of the UK that focuses on workplace bullying. If you Google it I know you will find it. Once again it will connect so many dots. Evans offers this list of contrasts (just to wet your whistle); one reality comprises inequality, competition, manipulation, hostility, control, and negation. In contrast a healthy relationship comprises equality, partnership, mutuality, goodwill, intimacy (versus control), and validation.

    Just one last thing. Targets of bullying are always those that are perceived to be without support. If we don’t make up our mind to stick together we are opening ourselves up to being targeted. There is a universal reason for bullies to attempt to pit people against one another. P.S. That is why I still go to Dkos.

  32. Its ashame all thats going on right now, American media is focused of Charlie Sheen acting a fool.

  33. I tipped and rec’d you (if that’s what they’re still calling it :-)).

    That place feels…… dry……deserted….. abandoned….I dunno.

    There are still the firebaggers stewing in their directionless vitriol — doing nothing and saying nothing.

    I popped in and popped out, and as of 10:10 AM eastern time, you’re on the Rec List.

    Good work!

  34. I applied for health insurance through Costco (I’m almost 61, self-employed, a little high blood pressure and controlled asthma). I needed a ‘fresh’ rejection letter in order to apply to the high risk pool in Illinois.

    I hadn’t heard from them. My doctor hadn’t heard from them. I finally logged on to see the status of my application. I had filed the application at 1:57 p.m. and had been rejected by 5:14 p.m. I guess if you have ‘medical conditions’ you are declined for ‘medical conditions’.

    It was a high deductible plan.

    By all means, effing Republicans, de-fund my only chance of having health coverage, at any price.

  35. The old saying “Penny wise, pound foolish” definitely applies to Republicans, Tea Pariers, etc.

    On a side note, I was listening to Governor Schweitzer from MT this morning and he really ripped Walker a new one. He said if a new CEO for IBM, or any major corporation, tried to pull what Walker is doing, the company’s stock would tumble immediately.

    I really like that guy.


  37. Your blog showed up in my Google Reader today, so I commented.

    Give it a little time. *S* Some of us get to things later than sooner.

  38. Thank you, my dear. That’s very much appreciated. Having some positive comments to offset the vitriolic ones is useful, I think. Here’s the thing (I just texted this to my wife who asked if I was ready to hang up my Kos hat and do a GBCW diary): there are WAY more reasonable people on Daily Kos than there are unreasonable ones. It’s just that there is a small handful of really nasty frustrati that dominate the conversations and take over threads with their opinions.

    It’s important for people like me and ThisIsMyTime and others to keep posting stuff there to let the quiet majority of reasonable Obama supporters know that they aren’t alone and they aren’t the only progressives out there that haven’t completely jumped the shark.

    My metric is to look at the number of Recs I get vs. the number negative commenters that show up to throw poo on my diaries. That’s the way to look at Daily Kos, imo.

  39. Good morning everyone! What a great Mishmash. Eclectablog. I have printed off your piece and gave it to several people at an early breakfast I attended. They thought it was fantastic. Hopefully it will bring more people to your site. I may have to go back to DK to see if I can still log in. Haven’t used my log in since BWD left.

    Love the Friedman article. He is saying what we all have known since Obama was elected. People in America have no idea what is going on in the world. It does make me ill how stupid people are sometimes.

    It would be great to have Eclectablog help BWD. Maybe she could get a day off.

    Thanks again all for this great information!

  40. One more detail, in an earlier thread someone was concerned that their posts were not being immediately being posted.

    This has also happened to me and I used to think that I had done something wrong and felt guilty that I had created extra work for BWD.

    I think I have figured it out (AHA). When there is more than one link in an email, it gets held for approval.

    With that in mind I will now add a link to a list of several email addresses of the NYT where we can express appreciation for their coverage of the story.

  41. Eclectablog I really love your article and I think President Obama has accomplished a lot more than that. I am so proud of him and ESP. the fact he has done all this in 2 years. I think you should keep adding to it as he accomplishes great things. I am going to share this 🙂 Thank you

  42. Anyone have any idea why PBO’s approval ratings are falling? I don’t understand why this should be the case.

  43. Sounds like the kind of news HuffPo would crow about. That is, the fact that Faux is first (read “best”) then comes this Rachel person.

    Won’t click the link to give that greedy, conniving “lady”, who steals people’s writing and sells it for her own profit, any clicks because clicks = cash in the “paid by advertising” blog world. The site was, remember, designed with the help of Breitbart! It’s Drudge for lefties but with the same denigrating content.

  44. Depends on what you want in a phone. I have a Motorola Droid (original version) that I picked up for $20. I haven’t found anything on an iphone that I haven’t been able to get on the Droid. On the other hand, I can tether my Droid to my laptop and use it as a low end high-speed modem when there’s no wi-fi available. You can’t do that on an iphone.

    The Android Operating System is also available on a wide variety of phones, many of which are much, much less expensive than the iphone. I’d give the Droid a look before jumping into an iphone. But Verizon is really pushing the iphone, so make sure to ask to see the a droid based phone or two as well.

    One other difference that I find a good selling point for the Droid is that it has a pull out QWERTY keyboard in addition to the on screen one. I make a LOT of typing errors using the on screen keyboard, so I’m glad to have the alternative.

  45. Eclectablog, I love you article and actually went back to DK to try to post a positive comment. But after wading thru all the vitriol, I couldn’t do it. I will post other places for you. I really admire you for the great writing you do and for staying there. I know reasonable people should stay but I won’t be one of them. Thank you for being who you are and keep up the great work.

  46. Desertflower, I think we should visit them and refute their version of the facts. Don’t hold me to this, but I don’t believe you have to join in order to post comments. I didn’t when I started posting on Alternet but each site is different.

  47. I personally just don’t understand the need to balance or rehabilitate that space. There really shouldn’t be one megasite which can lay claim to speaking for the entire base, and which is under the editorial and managerial control of a handful of people and thus at the mercy of their whimsy or desire to “force” President Obama into doing this or that with the threat of negative new media coverage. The November elections proved that we were being really poorly served by the progressive new media as it stood during that time period. At least that was what sparked my personal decision to discontinue utilizing my time and energy building someone else’s media business when I did not feel that I was on the same page with that site owner’s tactics and objectives.

    I agree with and admire efforts to build additional sites from that traffic by crossposting, but I really disagree with efforts to lead people back there to go back and forth with people whose minds are set about this POTUS, or try to balance their voices out. Let that space be what it wants to be, and let that site owner and management implement their vision; they have every right. I’m here because I don’t agree with it and find it more productive to brainstorm ideas, methods of communication, and engage in community uplift with people who share a certain point of view. I feel just as informed being away from it, yet am much calmer and less negative.

    I know that not everyone agrees with me, and I can see the logic in counterarguments, but that is my two cents.

  48. Here’s something which was discussed here on a previous thread. Please visit the site and/or help to spread the word about methods that the people of Austin, Texas came up with in support of Wisconsin protesters. This is way to ensure that corporations get the message we’re sending, by depriving them of $$$$

    “We met a lot of good people in Austin, but nothing will change until we do something other than point out the problems and complain, which more often than not accomplishes little or nothing toward significant and lasting reform. The people of Egypt were done the same way. Mubarak let them blow off steam with a few protests and then did what he wanted to anyway for 30 plus years.”

    “Stop funding them, shrink their sales in half
    Georgia Pacific may already be feeling the squeeze! Buy from those who support labor rights.”

  49. Isn’t it a shame that a supposedly pro-Democratic website such as DKOS becomes so defensive and vitriolic when a diary from Eclectablog that speaks the truth about our Democratic President is posted? Eclectablog is one brave soul!!!

  50. That’s awesome news. I’m liking the anti-bullying efforts across the country. In Chicago, the head of the public schools there (first openly GLBT head, btw) initiated this terrific program by which he used statistics to pinpoint kids who would have the highest likelihood of either being bullied, or becoming bullies. He assigned adult mentors to the children as part of a comprehensive strategy of positive, preemptive intervention. Just really nice to see this taken so seriously as we cast off the “oh, let kids be kids” attitude in this country, inch by inch.

    Thanks for reporting, jovie.

  51. Read Across America was started by the National Education Association on Dr. Seuss’ birthday and has drawn a lot of participants from many, many areas over the years, some trying to coopt the program. Those damn teachers’ unions are always doing terrible things, aren’t they?

    Just remember I AM SAM …. SAM I AM!
    Do YOU like Green Eggs and Ham?

    My grandkids have that book memorized after all the times we read it together.

  52. So utterly true. He told the truth but his message got severely distorted. We can absolutely be part of a solution to this problem, by raising our voices in a coordinated fashion.

  53. PBO to Governors:

    “Ante or fold’um!”

    Our Prez just gets better and better every day. Great work here BWD.

  54. So people freak out about Morning Joe and he doesn’t even get half a million viewers?

  55. I tried but I couldn’t log in at DK to support Eclectablog because I forgot my pass word. I took that as a sign to keep my vow not to go there any more even though I ♥ our wonderful Eclectablog.

    Blessings and all good things to him for being so strong for truth.

  56. I agree…but someone needs to explain to me why PBO’s poll numbers are falling right now….anyone have any idea why?

  57. Let me get this straight, If I am wrong please correct me…
    The Senate just approved 2 week spending bill to avoid a shutdown.
    POTUS released a statement saying, lets work to find common ground a long term spending bill until october.
    BONER said in his statemnet, that the Senate now has 2 weeks to approve the 61 billion in cuts til october…
    Not only that, they are having a press conference, to which I am sure, it will get road block cable coverage, you know, blaming the dems…

    When will the WH and dems learn, that FRAMING the issues is part of governing?I hate that we are not having a press confernce to explain OUR PLAN! Do we even have ONE?

    And NO, this is not panic, these are legit concerns…

  58. This was really helpful. I didn’t know if I was going to do Android or iPhone — your experience has been very helpful.

  59. I’ve found that his ‘poll’ numbers tend to dip when the MSM are out in full force pushing people against him. When they focus on other topics, his poll numbers bob right back up where they belong. What I like about it is that no matter how hard they try to artificially deflate our President’s polling numbers, they always, always return back to the 50% range.

    And good for us, our President pays exactly zero attention to his polling data, even when they’re positive. We don’t need to worry about them either.

  60. That is a tea bagger website, No question about it… 10% of ALL dems are tea baggers, and 60% of KOS are tea baggers… Thus, KOS is the tea bagger democratic base! True story!

  61. When you believe you have been elected some kind of ‘god’ then you think you can do anything you want. Walker needs the people of WI to file commitment papers on him for a 72 hour psych evaluation.

    This would probably be easier than a recall election at this time and would give the people some space to breathe. Who knows, maybe a competent psychiatrist would actually admit Walker for a longer stay. Just saying….

  62. Independents are very swingy and everybody has came off their holiday high. As long as it’s not dramatic I can live with it.

  63. You done good Eclectablog. Just checked your piece on the orange, and of course primary doc was just like the old primary doc. Nasty.

  64. (And remember we are NOT enforcing the boder):

    Mar 01, 2011 17:19 EST

    A two-month operation by US authorities has led to the arrests of 678 gang members from 113 different gangs, including 13 linked to Mexican drug cartels, a top law enforcement official said Tuesday.

    MSM misses it! A biug story like this, and they would rather focus on Briney spears getting arrested last night for flashing, or charlie sheen losing his 2 kids last night to a ocurt order!~

    UNREAL! welcome to the real housewives of the MSM!

  65. Eclectablog you, TiMT and others are real heroes to keep going back to the “dark side” to bring truth, sanity and balance to the good people who do continue to hang out there. I really wish we could get some of those good folks to leave there and hang out in better spaces. Just saying…

    Blessings on all who keep on keeping on there.

  66. Maybe you should look into it. The manner in which you presented the information is very unusual and interesting.

    I wonder if Rachel would be interested. It would be wonderful if she asked you to be on her show.

  67. ECl, I think you have the right attitude. You are providing support and information to those on the orange who support our president.

  68. Dems are pretty pathetic with framing/messaging. It’s not the MSM, it’s the Dem party themselves. It’s the Obama Administration.

    Boehner knows that the Dems will blink – when haven’t they? Boehner is more than happy with a shutdown afterall, Dems have no leverage and are seemingly unwilling to work to gain some by getting the message out that the GOP budget is an economy killer that will cost at least 2M jobs.

    Now Reid is saying Obama will take the budget battle to the American people – too late. Why does it need to be President Obama? Where are the House and Senate Dems? They’re bloody pathetic – all of them. Boehner’s “So be it” barely registers – what an embarassing display of Dem messaging.

  69. Cape Wind statement on recent news of NSTAR land-based wind contracts
    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    “Cape Wind, taken together with all of the planned land based wind and solar projects in the region, still do not satisfy the demand for clean energy in New England. NSTAR’s new contracts represent only a modest portion of the total quantity of clean power that will need to be purchased. We are pleased that our long term power purchase contract to sell half of our power to National Grid has been approved. We remain hopeful that the unique strengths of Cape Wind such as strong production during times of peak electric demand, a location that will provide power directly to eastern Massachusetts, and the creation of a thousand new local jobs will continue to make Cape Wind attractive to potential electricity buyers.” — Cape Wind Communications Director Mark Rodgers

  70. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @SultanAlQassemi: Al Jazeera: Yemen President spoke to Obama’s advisor & apologised for “misunderstood comment” that US & Israel are behind Arab revolts.

  71. Yes, Jovie is right. They are indeed owned by the company now. I think liarry and the red head from hell, are just trying to out do each other. Boost their numbers. They threw their moral duty out the window when they started worrying more about their ratings than the truth.

  72. And to pop in, alongside admiration for eclectablog for his terrific, terrific work, can I add that I also admire the way in which you chose to create a space with your own moderation and editorial point of view and which has helped so many people like me who were looking for a new media outlet which consistently uplifts rather than disdains a very underreported voice (that of unambiguous supporters of President Obama and acknowledgers of his policy achievements).

    We seriously had little to no voice among the handful of site owners in the netroots. Thanks for striking out on your own despite the dire warnings and predictions that progressives in the new media are nothing without dkos, huffpo, and other large sites and thus must remain tethered to them. This site proves that assumption wrong every single day and it also provides a great space to recharge and focus without having to worry about what certain notorious commenters think or say. I just love it, sorry, but this is just my cup of tea. Everyone should get in where they fit in, and this space fits me to a tee. Can’t thank this community enough.

  73. Actually, you CAN tether your iphone but you have to “jailbreak” it to do so. And if you do that and they issue an update to the OS, it can (and with Apple probably will) disable your phone and all its apps.

    iPhone likes to tout its 700,000, or something like that, apps but you would not be interested in very many of them. The Droid has around 70,000 most of which you won’t be interested in either.

  74. Sadly!

    And BWD, I am a 100% disabled vet, I will lose my house if govt shuts down.
    I know, I know, cry me a river, but alot of folks are in my position!

    Nice, huh?

  75. Thanks creolechild. Went to website and got a list of items NOT to buy that is made by Georgia Pacific/Koch Brothers. I will not use my money to support them!

  76. I’m not ready to reach the conclusion that Dems have lost the framing war…we have competing polls divided on whether the public will blame Dems rather than the GOP for a shutdown. In addition, President Obama announced plans to “take it to the people,” i.e., go on the framing blitz which you describe. Although I utterly agree that it would be great for everyone to get on the same page and repeat repeat repeat the simple message: the budget which Boehner is trying to force on the senate would lose millions of jobs and he doesn’t care. Every single elected Dem, in every single media appearance. That I agree with. I just don’t agree that the framing war is over when it seems as if it’s just been engaged.

  77. This is just sad. To think that if we all stop buying Kock Industry products that they are somehow going to feel a pinch is pretty short-sighted. This is the largest privately owned company in America. Even if every person who voted for President Obama stopped buying those paper products today, it wouldn’t even be a blip on their financial radar. And the unintended consequence could easily be that all the Republicans would stop buying other products in favor of Koch Industry products.

    Not buying Koch Industry products is fine as a personal choice, but the age of the effective boycott is over.

  78. “twisted sister” is such an apt description of Palin. Some people I know call her “bruja de malo” (evil witch) I have a great deal of trouble understanding women like her.

  79. That’s a great analogy. I’m still stunned that unions and Dems were able to sidestep the “public workers as leeches on taxpayers” framing, instead convincing the country that this matter was about a handful of very rich ideologues connected to the GOP attempting to implement a plan which would be very unbeneficial to all workers. This is quite the coupe. If this sort of messaging can be replicated in other contexts, that would be fabulous.

  80. Great share, GN! I think a lot of kiddos need more adult mentoring with so many left to their own devices for various reasons. Parents and teachers can do only so much, sorry to be trite but I will repeat this: “It really does take a whole village to raise a child.”

  81. Cover yourself, sign on with some other name and a throw away email address and then sock it to them!

    Russell Pearce, just like Repugnant Walker in WI thought someone elected him a ‘god’ and that he can also have people arrested on sight and blocked from our Statehouse.

    These people call themselves Americans? They are no better than Murbarack or Quaddafi or any other petty dictator.

    PS: Which sight are you talking about? Maybe I can grit my own teeth and back you up.

  82. I have always had ambivalent feelings towards boycotts. On the one hand, I would like to see Koch Industries suffer for their behavior. But I think you are right. In terms of the brothers actually feeling any impact, I think that is unlikely. If sales went down, they would make sure they kept their money by laying off workers, which would increase unemployment. Plus, the individual sufferings of those laid off. That becomes the unintended consequence of any type of boycotting.

  83. Yes, it is amazing. But I think most people know somebody who is a public employee and realizes they are people just like the rest of us. And the fake Koch brothers call got a lot of play and really had an impact.

  84. Tien Le already made an excellent reply to your question so I will only ad my small 2 cents. Ignore polls, most are skewed to reflect the pollers and what those who paid for the polls want.

    Let’s just all “keep our eyes on the prize” as someone suggested last week. Keep promoting truth, facts and reality where ever we are, support our good Prez and work to elect Dems in 2012!

  85. Hi Everyone,

    So Christie thinks he could win in 2012? Hah. This is why no repub has jumped into the race. This is why they’ve all stepped up their stupid birther attacks and dug in on opposing health care and the budget. They are LOOSERS.

    A new PPP poll shows President Obama smoking the republicans in Virginia.

    “Mitt Romney now runs
    closest to the president, trailing 48-42, versus Huckabee’s 51-43 deficit. Further behind are Newt Gingrich, 51-39, and Sarah Palin, 54-35. In the previous poll, Huckabee and Romney both lagged by five, and the other two by 11 points.”

    And I love how PPP reminds us of McLooser’s epic defeat:

    “John McCain became the first Republican to lose this state since Barry Goldwater’s
    landslide 1964 defeat to Lyndon Johnson, but even that does not approach the weakness
    of next year’s current crop of candidates. They are each losing 5-10% of McCain’s
    voters to Obama, while taking only 3-4% of his supporters away from him.”

    “Despite independents disapproving of the president’s job performance by six points
    Virginia is just as strong for Barack Obama right now, if not stronger, than it was in
    2008,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “That’s very good news
    for his reelection prospects because it’s hard to imagine him taking Virginia without
    winning overall”

  86. I applaud the President for choosing to take the budget info out to the public, no one tells it better or truer than he… and we WE must do our part and further his message, not only to our neighbors, family, etc… but I think we have to write and call politely to our other elected democrats and tell them we expect them to be backing up the President’s message- in public too, on teevee, etc.

    Too Often POTUS has been alone out there doing all the standing up and the one voice in the room- though he’s one powerful voice, nothing is more powerful than united voices.. imo.

    Thanks BWD for another fine mish-mash.. and to all of you for your informative links and wonderfully intelligent and insightful comments. This is a beautiful place~

  87. I’m not naturally an optimist, but I think it’s very important not to panic or allow ourselves to get too emotionally invested in up and down news cycles. Not only does it sap our energies, but it undermines our ability to get out the messages of truth at the neighbor to neighbor and local newspaper level. Polls will vary all the time, depending on the moods of people answering the questions. The president hasn’t been that visible in a week or so, tax time is approaching and winter is lingering too long–all reasons for crotchety answers to poll questions.

    The whole budget battle is very complicated for most people to get unless you work hard at getting information. The difficult confrontations are ahead of us when the R’s take unyielding positions on cuts that may force a shutdown and then later on when they refuse to raise the debt ceiling. It’s not too late to “frame” this battle because I don’t think it’s really started in the minds of most Americans. Let’s see what the next week or so brings and see how the president lays out the framing in his tours and speeches. The R’s, the media, the PL and the TeaPers, always underestimate him. I’m betting he’s got some zingers of his own to deliver.

  88. Faith, for what it’s worth, I don’t know much about the Droids, but I just got my iPhone with Verizon and I love it. To me it’s just such an easy phone to use. It’s easy to get your email and surf the web. Being a news junkie I have all the apps for different sites and the media outlets.

    I think the iPhone is great.

  89. I think two of the most misused and misunderstood words in politics anymore: Misunderstood..Misspoke. Pathetic how some folks lie and then lie about lying. Hat-tip to Al Franken: Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them. 🙂

  90. You’re right, Sherijr. Those calls and e-mails to congresspeople and senators are a good way to reinforce the president’s message. Also call the DNC, which has the cash to buy ad space and the DSCC and DCCC. They keep asking for our money, so we should tell them how we want that money to be spent.

  91. Evil witch works:) I can think of many more adjectives, but some people here get squirrelly when people like me use “passionate language.” so I won’t say them all….

  92. Huckabee is trying the “I misspoke” defense for claiming on a radio show that Obama hates the Brits because he grew up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and Kenyan grandfather who would have told him stories about the Mau Mau uprising against Imperial Brits.

    He’s saying “I meant Indonesia when I said Kenya” which of course makes no sense given the context of how he was trying to explain why President Obama hates Britian, because Indonesia would have been under Dutch imperial control, never Britian, and the Mau Mau uprising was in Kenya. Furthermore Obama was only visited Kenya once as a 10 yr old where he first met his father and never met his paternal grandfather.

  93. Yeah, it stated clearly you had to join to post.I threw up a little in my mouth at the thought.So ripe for some educating though…I’m conflicted:)I could REALLY go ba**s to the wall with that rubbish!

  94. Thanks for the mishmash this morning. Enjoyed the Rachel Maddow/Ezra Klein show…very informative. The eclectablog “job description” for president was both cleverly done and very informative. The read is a concrete example of the level of fortitude that our President exhibits. I also linked into the “Obama Administration’s Achievements” and was again overwhelmed. Great job BWD!!!

  95. How do I “throw away” email address?? Help! I’d do it in a heartbeat if I knew how to protect myself from the invasion of sh*t emails and other such unsavory messages.

  96. Christie is the “GOP rock star” because he is largely unknown. He’s pro-life, but has a pro-choice Lt. Governor and has said he feels abortion is decided law. He’s also for strongly enforcing existing gun laws and doesn’t believe illegal immigrants are criminals.

    I don’t see how that wins him any of th early primary states – definitely not Iowa or S.Carolina. He’d basically have to take the Guiliani approach an go all or nothing for Florida.

    Folks trying to push him in now are very likely Jeb Bush supporters. Christie would be a legit threat to Jeb in 2016.

  97. 🙂 How true is that! When they’re done, we have a boat load in AZ that can be committed to the psych ward for delusions of grandeur as well.

  98. “The president’s going to take this to the American people because the only message that we have from the Republicans is to wipe out programs that are so important to people, especially people who can’t help themselves, the middle class and other programs,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid.”

    Cool story, but why is it always up to this president to take “this”______ fill in the blank, to the American people? While the house/senate democrats who are supposed to be the foot soldiers never take “it” to their constituents,the American people?

  99. I have sent your post to every single person I know. It is pure genius. Thanks

  100. Spanish is a very “passionate language” so I can probably think of a few more and will use my imagination for what you might be thinking.

  101. I agree, Kelly. Probably it’s because many of the House/Senate Democrats can barely get elected and their constituents may not “trust” them.

    Plus – and I hate to say it – if they want to be able to say, after the fact, “President Obama should have … ” they have to encourage him to get in front of their constituents before the fact. I don’t necessarily mean Harry Reid, of course. There are plenty of others.

  102. I read about ole Huck’s ‘misspeak’. huh. What he really wanted to say:
    Barack Obama is black.. instead he played twister with the truth.. my advice to the rest of the GOP line-up: just say it, quit playing us.. HE.IS.BLACK ooh-rah!

    I predict lots and lots of this – even more so than last election.. expect a rising of the Reverend Wright.

  103. St. Roscoe, I don’t think POTUS went to visit Kenya until he was an adult.

  104. I don’t see how Christie could be a threat to Jeb Bush or anybody else. But, then again, he was put into office as Governor of New Jersey, and I couldn’t see that either!

  105. I looked it up to be sure. His father visited him for the first time in 1971- dad came to Hawaii. POTUS didn’t visit Kenya and his father’s (who had already died by then)village until 1988.

  106. The Republicans act like Democrats have no rights in this country. And if Unions and Democrats are tied together, it’s for the benefit of the people – the working people, middle class. The fact is, there are insidious relationships – on the right! Who benefits from the insidious relationship between the US Chamber of Commerce and the Republican party? Who benefits between the corporate lobbyists and the Republican party.

    People need to remember who has a vote, and who doesn’t. Corporations may now be equated to people, but they still can’t vote.

  107. I’m glad he also mentioned that the HCR does not increase the deficit, and make that part of the challenge! Yeah!

  108. He got elected to governor only b/c people were sick of Corzine ie lesser of two evils. We’re pretty sick of him here in NJ, he’s like a bull in a china shop.

  109. Go to gmail or yahoo and just create an email address with your made up name that you won’t use for anything else. Don’t ever bother to check the email there or if you want, you can go in periodically and dump mail without ever reading it. Any time you want to you can just erase that email address (at least for gmail)I use this method to comment occasionally at AZCENTRAL where some real nutcases hang out.

    If anyone else has better ideas, maybe they will tell you. You should never give these a**holes any email address that you use regularly or any information about yourself.

  110. And I feel that it underestimates the severity of our challenges and lets the media off the hook. Are the protesters in Madison unclear in message? IMO, they’re not, but they’re not covered nearly as much as the teaparties for reasons that are no fault of their own. I definitely think that the suggestions for improved, unified communication makes a ton of sense. But a component of the messaging problem truly does lie with media gatekeepers, including, unfortunately, some left-wing gatekeepers.

  111. You’re right. I don’t know why I remember a 10 yr old Obama visiting Kenya. Maybe I mashed up some stories and his father visited him when he was 10 and than he visited Kenya for the first time much later.

  112. ROTFLOL! We ARE living in the psyche ward and the inmates have taken over. Got to laugh or I would be curled in a corner sucking my own big toe.

    Thorazine perhaps, might be helpful on the AZ Statehouse menu.

  113. Jovie, please hang in there. I don’t believe the government will be shut down. This is all just ugly posturing to scare folks and make them turn against the Prez and the Dems.

    I’m so sorry you are sacred and having such a bad time. I care Kiddo, stay strong and my heart to your heart.

  114. “Misspeak” “Misspoke” my rosy red cheeks. They lie! As my Granny always said: “Tell the truth and shame the devil!”

  115. Christie is just one more disgusting Repugnant blob as far as I’m concerned. Maybe folks in NJ are starting to have some real “buyers’ remorse”

    Christie is no viable challenge to PBO and neither is baby Jeb Bush.

  116. One of the problems is that democrats are given much less time on television to defend their points of view. You remember a couple of weeks ago when the only people invited on the Sunday shows were republicans and it’s only after a lot of pressure that they invited a couple of people to defend the progressive policies ??

    They don’t even show the President speeches regularly…

  117. What is this random question over and over again? Most polls I have read has the president in the same give or take high 40’s. Which polls are you talking about? link, info etc would be nice since you are asking this so much.

  118. They think democracy stops on election night and they are elected dictator for four years. Unless of course they don’t win then they go crying for impeachment, secession and more guns.

  119. Not sure why anyone would believe Christie would be a good candidate. Frankly, he is not the brightest bulb on the tree. At this time in our history, the Repubs would have to nominate someone who is up for the challenges of the times.

    Problem is Republicans have pushed themselves so far to the right that the more serious candidates don’t stand a chance.

  120. Tien Le, you are, of course, entitled to your own opinion on the subject of boycotting Koch products, but I respectfully disagree with your point of view.

    “There is some magic in wealth, which can thus make persons pay their court to it when it does not even benefit them. How strange it is that a fool, or knave, with riches should be treated with more respect by the world than a good man, or a wise man in poverty.”

    – Ann Radcliffe

  121. Governor Schweitzer makes a great deal of sense! I also keep wondering how Walker expects to govern effectively after antagonizing public employees by taking away their rights. Walker thought he would be the next Ronald Reagan for the Republicans who are desperately searching for a leader. But, like most small minded people, he misjudged the reaction of the people of Wisconsin because he drew the wrong lessons from what Reagan did when he fired unionized Air-traffic controllers.

  122. dennis, you keep repeating the assertion that “PBO’s poll numbers are falling right now” without specifically linking to the sources you base your assertions on? Please cite specific polls that are making you so overly fearful.

  123. I agree with you that the Democrats in Congress should be out there challenging Republicans. But I respectfully disagree with your other statement: “It’s not the MSM, it’s the Dem party themselves. It’s the Obama Administration.”

    I think the President has been properly framing the message. I don’t care how well Democrats frame the message if the media chooses to ignore or distort that message. For example: speaking to the governors the President challenged them to come up with better health care policies than those in the Affordable Health Care act. Except for the NYT and Rachel Maddow, most of the MSM punditry and analysis chose to frame the President’s challenge to Republicans as the President cave in to Republicans. I am sure the media knew what the President said but decided to frame it in a way that implied that the President had caved in. Guess what? We too start buying into the media framing of what the President said.

    I think we do our side a great disservice when we unwittingly buy into the meme that the President and Democrats are always blinking. In my judgement, it is important to make a distinction between compromises in order to govern and “blinking” or caving in. This is what turned me off about the PL’s attacks on the President for his compromises on taxes in December that were absolutely necessary to protect the interests of the middle class and the poor.

    The MSM is really the issue. Because they control the medium through which most Americans get their news, whatever they say is news is, for the most part, what people believe is news. The article in today’s BWD mishmash, showing the differences of the way CNN covered the Teabagger protests and the Wisconsin protests, as well yesterday’s link to Paul Krugman’s comment about how, in 2003, MSM ignored the millions of Americans protesting against the invasion of Iraq, clearly proves that the MSM is the problem.

    So while I agree with you that Democrats should go on offensive, I also know fully well that if the MSM chooses not to cover their message it will be like a tree falling in the forest when no one is around to see or hear it fall. Consequently no one would know that a tree fell.

    This why I love this site. Clearly BWD, as well as many other gifted bloggers like Eclectablog, WIW, Norbrook, TiMT, Rootless, Deaniac and others, is out there in the forest, seeing and listening, on our behalf, and bringing us information of all the trees that fell but are completely neglected by the MSM.

  124. Fox knows that both of them are, and have been, running for President. The so called suspension is simply a cover to hide Fox’s mission of grooming Republican candidates. Fox is a propaganda channel that promotes the extreme right wing ideology. I also think Politico, though it cleverly pretends to be non-partisan, is another mouthpiece for Conservatives.

  125. ^LovePolitics2008, that’s so true…

    Besides the Congressional Dems and the Obama Admin, as WIW and others have suggested, WE gotta change that! (Of course, the suggestions are a few threads back. ;))

    And, although this is… somewhat… off-topic, WE can do what it suggests by shamin’ the press:

    Via @NewsCorpse: Rebuild The American Dream: Shame The Press

  126. Huckabee’s second lie is worse than the first lie! But in the make belief world of the right wing Obama haters everything goes. I doubt that Huckabee knows, or cares to know, anything about the history of Kenya or Indonesia. His comments are all about pandering to the birthers and racists.

  127. ^Tien Le, I wholeheartedly agree…

    PBHO didn’t “cave” or otherwise! There was, already, a flexibility provision or provisions in the ACA:

    Empowering States to Innovate

    As a former Governor, state legislator, and insurance commissioner, I know the ingenuity of state leaders to shape policies that fit the individual characteristics of their people, their industries, and their economies. THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, SIGNED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA ALMOST A YEAR AGO, PROVIDES STATES WITH THE FLEXIBILITY, resources and tools they need to improve the health of their residents, reduce the growth of health care costs, and invest in the prevention strategies that will make our nation healthier and more productive. Many of the ideas contained in the Act were modeled on reforms initiated by states like my home state of Kansas. AND YOU CAN READ A REPORT ON the resources AND FLEXIBILITY AVAILABLE TO STATES here.

    Today, President Obama announced his support for another crucial step in empowering states to lead – the bipartisan “Empowering States to Innovate Act,” sponsored by Senators Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts), and Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana). The President said:

    “This recognition – that states need flexibility to tailor their approach to their unique needs – is why part of the law says that, beginning in 2017, if you can come up with a better system for your state to provide coverage of the same quality and affordability as the Affordable Care Act, you can take that route instead…

    A few weeks ago, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, and Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, they proposed legislation that would accelerate that provision, so it would allow states to apply for such a waiver by 2014 instead of 2017. I think that’s a very reasonable proposal. I support it. It will give you flexibility more quickly, while still guaranteeing the American people reform. If your state can create a plan that covers as many people as affordably and comprehensively as the Affordable Care Act does – without increasing the deficit – you can implement that plan, and we’ll work with you to do it. I’ve said before, I don’t believe that either party holds a monopoly on good ideas. And I will go to bat for whatever works, no matter who or where it comes from.” …

    Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

  128. Sherijr,
    I strongly support your call for us to do everything we can to spread the President’s message. The reason I feel that your call is very important is because I am absolutely convinced that the MSM are as heavily invested in seeing President Obama fail as are the Republican party and the self anointed progressives. The MSM will do everything to ignore or distort his message, and both the right wingers and the purist leftists will try to drown out his message with their non-stop attacks based on manufactured lies.

    The worst thing we can do is join in attacking the President and Democrats by claiming that they are weak on messaging. The fact that the MSM can devote more coverage to Sarah Palin’s twitter messages than President Obama’s speeches and town hall meetings is clear proof that the problem for the President and the Democrats has very little to do with framing their message;rather, the problem has a great deal to do with the media filters that either completely ignores, or distorts, their message.

  129. You are absolutely spot on Nathan.. WE have got to be the media.. ! Because they are worthless.. and they are intent in their bias against dems and POTUS.

  130. President Obama met his father in Hawaii when he was 10. He went to Kenya after college for a visit; his father had already died by that time. He was brought up by his mother and grandparents from Kansas.

  131. Thanks, AG! AZ Central and ABC15 ALWAYS have crazy posters:) Will try out your suggestion.

  132. Too funny…if it weren’t so sadly true. If they create a Baja Arizona, I’m SO there!

  133. Pretty limp rebuttal to the skeptics (me). And FYI…Progressives do NOT make up 50% of the American population.

    The only boycotts that have a chance of working in this current climate are targeted local boycotts against a small business with abusive or unsafe business practices. Or against a particular franchise of a larger company doing something wrong.

    Then there’s sanctions against a country like Iran.

    Large scale highly organized boycotts like those from the 80’s against Orange Juice or Coors for their anti-gay policies have gone the way of the do-do bird. Think Arizona. People tried to boycott products from there and only ended up hurting the people of Arizona.

    Refusing to buy products at best is a personal commitment that will have no impact beyond the satisfaction the individual receives from knowing they are not supporting a particularly egregious practice of one corporation. Honestly, if we boycotted every company that did something awful, we wouldn’t buy anything ever again.

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