President Obama presents the 2010 National Medal of Arts. Enjoy. (Mouse-over).



First Lady Michelle Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan read the Dr. Seuss classic “Green Eggs and Ham” to students at the Library of Congress.


Jon Stewart is annoying as hell lately, but once in a while, he reminds me why I use to love him.


51 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Oh what an amazing group.. I am stunned though by how elderly Qunincy looks. A fine beautiful lot of artists~ thank you BWD

  2. OMG, BWD you just keep pouring on all this wonderful news. Am so glad this is a day when I am on my computer and keep checking. The pictures are wonderful. I keep forgeting Qunincy is just older than me and I am not young. Oh well, they look great to me. The POTUS and the FLOTUS look extra fantastic.

  3. Congrats AD

    Thanks BWD

    Wonderful video of FLOTUS. She just can’t take a bad picture. The first Lady has often emphasized reading to children. I remember one time she took Boo along with her and he stole the show.

    Reminds me of a heart warming story of how military families are staying close by reading.

  4. Can I just say in addition to being brilliant, the President is just sooooooooooo cool.

  5. Music, art, literature, poetry are all vital to our lives. I’m so happy that President Obama honors creativity. Too bad that our legislatures usually put funds for the arts on the chopping block as the first cuts.

  6. Thanks to President Obama for being a patron of the arts and for honoring these great Americans for their contributions to our cultural life.

    FLOTUS and Secretary Duncan were too cute for words.

    Lots to celebrate today!

  7. For me, it was James Taylor. I did not even recognize him (though it may have been the angle of the camera shot)

  8. WiW, was that the time Bo put his paw up in Mrs. Obama’s lap as she was trying to read? That was about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen that adorable dog do. You could tell he was saying “Hey Mom, enough reading, time to play with the dog please!” but he did it in the MOST polite way. Really really cute.

    I am thrilled to see the guy who wrote “Carolina in My Mind” receive this honor from the best president ever. The two of them together in one photo is almost more than I can stand!

  9. That is a wonderful program. My daughter’s church has been supporting it since it started. We’ve mailed off hundreds of books over the last 5 years.

  10. I’m really sorry that I forgot to set my DVR to tape this! But thank you BWD for the video and pics! The award recipients look so happy and humbled to be bestowed this honor by this President 🙂 What a great bunch of talented folks!!

  11. I’m not certain that what I’ve read about Fox showing ‘violent’ protest footage is entirely accurate. It says in the box above the video “Union Protests”. Haven’t seen that part in context, but it seems to me that they’re simply saying that the two altercations were part of general union protests. And they were. Where did they say these altercations happened in Wisconsin?

    What’s really troubling though, in the clip on The Obama Diary, is that they still keep contending that these protesters are being bussed in at the expense of the Unions. I don’t think they are, but do we know for certain that Unions haven’t provided transportation for people who want to participate from out of town? Clearly there aren’t 70-80 thousand people living in the capital city who agree to demonstrate. So sure, many of them are from out of town. So what? Out of State? Are they? How do the all-powerful, all-knowing reporters from Fox know this? You can tell from the discomfort the reporter has in his stance and the visual cues he gives that he knows he hasn’t got any proof of what he’s saying. But boy, nobody cooks a story the way they do. They totally know their audience: WWE fans. The more phony the better, just as long as it’s outrageous and stimulates the visceral parts of their brains and gives them an adrenalin rush, they hey.

  12. Oh I am such a fan of James Taylor. He has such an unusual voice but it is his music writing that shines. My favorite, now, is Sweet Baby James. When my grandson, James, was born 6 years ago, that became my song.

    James Taylor will be important to Obama in the 2012 election. Particular to the forties and fifties babies.

  13. Bobfr, this is indeed another indicated as to how well our president has handled the crisis.

  14. I think the number of pics might be killing dial-up folks. Just seems like a lot less going on here since this photo intensive entry was posted.

    Maybe it’s just coincidental and there is simply nothing really to comment about ATM.

  15. Pres. Obama is just a charming gentleman. No one in current political circles comes close. That is what eats up the likes of Huckabee, Gingrich and all their feral cats in the wingnuttia

  16. The Fox distortions were lies of omission rather than of commission.

    O’Reilly discusses union protests from “all over the country,” during which time the Sacramento footage also airs. About a minute and a half later, the segment transitions to an interview with Tobin, who is in Wisconsin. The Sacramento footage airs again during the interview, and the show never overtly labels it as coming from Wisconsin.

  17. I doubt it’s the pics. I think it’s coincidence. I will take the opportunity to express my general wish that people would stop trying to get this community back onto dkos. It’s done with the best of intentions, so I’m not trying to be negative or rude or even disapproving, but I do kinda wish we could build something here rather than being too concerned with the mood elsewhere.

  18. Celebrity tweet 😀

    Jessica Alba:

    RT @jessicaalba: Our 1st lady Michelle Obama is so inspiring. She is truly devoted 2 civil service. Amazing event 2day & across our country.

  19. Jon Stewart is fair. He makes fun of politicians. That’s what he does.

    Constructive criticism of the president is healthy and necessary.

  20. Just adding to another brilliant comment posted by this community from an earlier thread, it’s not even merely that POTUS is a gentleman, it’s that he’s also authentic. That is what takes this leader to another level. People can agree or disagree with this or that policy, but the honest among us acknowledge that even (IMO the infrequent) mistakes are not poorly intentioned or motivated. That’s what sets this man apart. And part of what keeps me appreciating this time in history.

  21. Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii announced he wouldn’t seek re-election next year, becoming the fifth Democratic caucus member to bow out of the 2012 contest in which the party may struggle to keep control of the chamber….

    Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz and Representative Colleen Hanabusa, both Democrats, are considered potential candidates to succeed Akaka.

  22. Only one retirement hurts Dem’s re-election chances. The others are neutral or increase our chances.

    I can’t see this seat going Republican when native son Barack Obama is atop the ticket again. Lieberman not running increases Dem chances as there will not be a three way split. Webb hates campaigning and fundraising so his retirement is a neutral at worst. New Mexico is a strong Obama state as well and the GOP have a weak bench there. Only retirement that hurts is Conrad.

  23. Basically what’s happening is that Dems are getting in new fresh blood now with Obama a top the ticket. I could see a few more retirements yet.

  24. hehe..From my twitter timeline:

    RT @iboudreau: The progressives complaining about #Obama not being liberal enough are the kids who told friends their favorite bands were all sellouts.

  25. BWD,

    Love your blog. I see links but cannot figure out how to use them.

    Hints would be appreciated?



  26. Rep. George Miller’s clear explanation of what is at stake in Wisconsin and the U.S., at this moment:

    The Wisconsin governor’s assault on public employees is getting most of the media attention, but it is just one of the fronts of the extreme right-wing and anti-worker agenda trying to be carried out in this country. In fact, there is a well financed and coordinated national attack against working families in the unions they may belong to – the goal of which is to take away power from the middle class and give it to the wealthy special interests that have backed Republicans in their elections.

    Here’s how it’s playing out: The Republicans are taking a real problem, a serious problem, that of the budget deficits and long-term debt in this country, and they are assigning it to a fake cause. Under the guise of cutting deficits, they say the working people’s union rights and workplace protections must be eliminated….

    So, at the same time that the governors of Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and New Jersey are demanding more and public-private union employee sacrifices, the Republicans in Washington are using the budget fight to roll back the rights and protections of American workers. Their spending priorities and so-called continuing resolution of last week showed their hand….

    They (Republicans) want their union, they want their rights in the workplace to be terminated. It’s un-American.

    There’s a reason we have collective bargaining in this country because we know that workers have a right — should have a right — to bond together to improve the workplace, to improve the working conditions, and when they do, those rights flow to the rest of middle class working families in this country and even the nonunion workplaces, those rights are there. That’s how we achieved an eight-hour day. That’s how we achieved vacation time. That’s how we achieved health care. That’s how we achieved overtime whether in the union or not. Now they want to take away the rights of unions to organize in the workplace, the rights of workers to organize.

    But, the Republicans have asked for no sacrifices in all these cuts. They have asked for no sacrifices of the well-off and the well-connected. In fact, these cuts are being made in the name of the well-off and the well-connected so that they’ll be able to push for lower wages, for lower benefits, for lower health care for our workers, for lower take-home pay. What does it do for our economy? It makes America poor.

  27. I was just reading about Matt Damon’s disappointment in Obama, and the comments were slamming him about 2 or 3 to every 1 that was praising him. I consider those Dems responsible for us losing the House last Nov. I decided to come here to perk up, and I am so glad I did. Thanks BWD for this site. It really helps me.

  28. Honest teabagger tweet 😀 :

    RT @CrawlingTurtle: @IloveGovPalin Last election there was over 10 republicans announced in ’06, I’m not socialist, I guaruntee nobody wants to debate #Obama

  29. Good Morning All and Betsy…..
    I have done a search and have not founds Matt Damon’s comments about the President. Please provide link as this will determine whether I see his movie this weekend.

  30. I read about this incident on weeseeyou last night. It’s not lost on me that Huffington would choose to focus upon a star who is unhappy with President Obama and claims that he is running the country poorly (!) and not on the vast vast number of stars who appreciate what POTUS is doing in tough circumstances. I know that I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I’m sorry, *this is on purpose.* As I said at wsy, this is very similar to the media’s nonstop coverage of the teaparties yet when the left takes to the streets, there’s far less media attention paid, even if our numbers are huge, much bigger than the teaparties.

    I’m sorry that people like Damon are falling for the okey doke, but I’m not surprised that he would be highlighted and uplifted at HuffingtonPost. At some point, perhaps light will dawn on people that there’s something off about someone who goes from Republican—to liberal—to supposedly nonideological disapprover of the current Democratic president. This is no progressive!

  31. sort-of off topic:

    if it’s not a big deal, would love it if a transcript of jon’s show piece could be added, as we don’t use microsoft products (husband is a techie), and we’re waiting to be able to get video

    have to add that for such inconvenience, i never have the kind of trouble everyone else seems to have with their ‘puter

  32. So, in the new quinnipiac poll, 74% like the POTUS!

    That is huge, they like the man, but we are in a recession, and his policies are liked on a split basis!


  33. President Obama elaborated on his optimistic vision for Egypt and for democratic change in the Middle East in a previously unreported exchange with American Jewish leaders Tuesday.

    At the White House meeting, Obama suggested that Egypt could transform itself into a democracy on the model of Indonesia, Chile, or South Korea, according to a person at the event and to another’s detailed, contemporaneous notes provided to POLITICO.

    Obama told the group that both American and Israeli leaders had to recognize the rapid change in the Middle East, and stressed to the group — deeply concerned with Israel’s security — that the changes reflected that Arab dictators’ attempts to distract their people by fanning anti-Semitism had stopped working. According to the detailed notes, Obama said the US and Israel — in an implicit rebuke to Israel’s public sorrow at Hosni Mubarak’s departure — must be clear, public “champions” of democratic values.

    Obama also expressed optimism that the Egyptian Army would serve as a “stabilizing” force in the country, according to the notes.

    In response to questions, Obama suggested that regional change would have its limits. He told the group Saudi Arabia is unlikely to move toward a democracy soon because of its conservative society and its great wealth, though he said the Saudi government is aware of the need to manage a younger generation with access to information through platforms like Facebook.

    Obama also suggested that the U.S. could have an opportunity to pry Syria from Iran’s orbit, but said that the diplomatic ball is in the court of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    The Tuesday meeting with several dozen leaders of major Jewish organizations offered Obama an opportunity largely to re-iterate his criticism of Israeli intransigence on settlements, as well as some criticism of Palestinian passivity. But he said he believes Palestinian Authority Presdent Mahmoud Abbas who is 76, is eager to leave a legacy of peacemaking.

    The regional context, Obama said, offers a “pivotal” moment for the peace process.

    WH 44-

  34. Google, “Matt Damon President Obama”.

    I got plenty of hits, but I don’t think I will read the article. Apparently, Mr. Damon thinks, “Everybody feels a little let down”. I didn’t read the entire article, though. Seems he was on Piers Morgan, too?

  35. Everyone feels let down? Really? Has Damon polled “everyone” for him to make such a ludicrous remark? And what about the chronic GOP obstructionism? Or the nonstop antiPOTUS bigotry perpetuated in the MSM or by prominent GOP politicians like PHuckabee? What about the union workers who voted for Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

  36. ” that the changes reflected that Arab dictators’ attempts to distract their people by fanning anti-Semitism had stopped working. According to the detailed notes, Obama said the US and Israel — in an implicit rebuke to Israel’s public sorrow at Hosni Mubarak’s departure — must be clear, public “champions” of democratic values.”

    I hope they listened hard and understood that part.

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