Yea, the auto bailout was Obama’s Katrina

Or at least one of his many Katrinas.

Lost again, fools.

GM leads February sales surge with 46% gain, Ford and Crysler up 13%

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Looser credit, new products and a stabilizing economy helped to lift automobile sales sharply higher in February.

GM  said its U.S. sales for February soared almost 46% to a total of 207,028 vehicles versus the 141,951 it moved in the same month a year ago.

Sales of cars were up 76%, while trucks rose 74% and crossovers spiked 59%. By brand, Chevrolet dealers delivered 142,919 vehicles in the month, a 43% increase, while Buick jumped 73% and GMC was up 59%. Cadillac rose 83% on the back of demand for its new CTS Coupe and Sedan models.

At Ford Motor sales rose 13.8% to 156,626 vehicles from 137,644 in the same month of 2010. Small cars like the Fiesta and Focus led the charge, with sales more than double year-ago levels.

Looking ahead, the company said it plans to build 710,000 vehicles in the second quarter, up 9% from the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Chrysler Group posted a 13% rise in vehicle sales last month, driven by its Jeep brand, pickups and a new midsize sedan, the company said.




120 thoughts on “Yea, the auto bailout was Obama’s Katrina

  1. I just got a Ford Escape last Thursday….this will be my 1st American car. I had a nissan and toyota before now.

  2. WASHINGTON (CNN) -President Obama will appear in Miami Friday with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to highlight education as a key element of economic growth.
    “The President will deliver remarks on the importance of out-educating our competition” the White House said in a statement.
    Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will also join the president and Governor Bush at Miami Central Senior High School.
    The White House is touting the school as a model of how addressing education challenges can lead to progress.
    Central High was awarded grant funds designed to help “persistently low-achieving schools.”
    As part of a drastic effort to turn things around, the principal was replaced, “no more than 50% of the staff” was rehired, and the new principal was empowered to “improve student outcomes,” according to the White House statement.
    The Florida trip is the latest stop on a cross country tour by the president to push innovation and job creation.


  3. Just so you all know, a NO FLY ZONE would mean you would have to do a Pre strike on all air defence capabilities, possible collateral damage is high…
    That includes, AAA anti aircraft weapons, surface to air missles, radar and any Aricraft that poses threat!
    This is NOT the way to go, but our MSM is pulling for it!

  4. Admiral Mullen and Sec Gates now on MSNBC & CNN live to brief on unrest in the middle east.

  5. Jovie, I’m going to ask you once again to take the panic down a notch. Seriously. Post with links always awaits moderation, and honestly, it’s getting just a little bit annoying.

  6. And a recent poll out of Michigan had Romney up on Obama by five. I believe Romney was all for letting Chrysler and GM die out.

  7. Continuing Resolution. I believe its like a partial bill that they can pass to keep the Government running for a period of time.

  8. Not surprised by the poll. Michigan voted Republican in the 2010 midterm elections. Plus the the President has not emphasize how much the bailout work.

  9. I am glad noone ever picks on me! LOL! Some lobbying going on!
    In other news, Was not it you who said last week, the tea party is winning?
    Thus, If you don’t like me, just tell me, and I will not post here. Other wise, PLEASE quit trying to bait me, in order to impress your new friends…


  10. I find that hard to believe. All polls are not accurate, like i said before, if they poll every one then i will believe a poll. They select who they want to poll and where.

  11. Still don’t care for Jebby but it is nice to see him standing with the president on something that we all can agree on: Education and investing in education. I know a couple of my family members went to Central and will be excited to hear he is visiting.

    Jeb Bush and even Charlie Orange Crist looks like a dream next to this damn fool we got now. Damn I wish we could get a recall.

  12. Hey you will love your Ford Escape. I had a 2001 and got over 300000 miles. Enjoy!

  13. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I love Meryl Streep and I know she supports the President. I’m sure she’ll be so honored to receive an award.

  14. Yes this is what I’m talking about. The proposed number of jobs is too much to pass up.

  15. And I just read she’s not going. Damn. She must be filming and absolutely cannot get out of it.

  16. Interesting that a Democrat and Republican filed the law suit together and will be having a press conference together.

    May the wacko extreme governors draw us all closer together.

  17. I got the XLT Flex Fluel but we don’t have any of those stations around here. I love it.

  18. Oh, that Rollins. I was imagining Henry in the White House for such a fete.

  19. It’s all a trick to buy time to keep building their settlements, so once their built they can say “Well maybe we shouldn’t have, but there is no use ripping them down now – our bad”.

    I think Israel knows they have maybe a decade left of unquestioned US support. 40 and under crowd are much more likely to be critical of Israel (when it’s deserved) and certainly will not give them carte blanche like older generations seem to.

  20. By Matt Viser, Globe Staff

    WASHINGTON – President Obama is planning to visit a school in the Boston area next week during a visit to Massachusetts, according to a White House official.

    Obama is planning to visit the school on March 8, to build on his call for a better education system that he outlined last month in his State of the Union address. Obama has also been pushing this year for an overhaul of the No Child Left Behind law.

    The official, who requested anonymity since the visit had not yet been formally announced, said the exact school that Obama will visit had not yet been finalized.

    Earlier today, the White House announced that Obama would travel on Friday to Miami Central Senior High School in Florida. He will be joined at that event by former Governor Jeb Bush, who is the brother of Obama’s predecessor.

    Obama is also planning to be in Boston on March 8 for a major fundraiser with top national Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

    Matt Viser can be reached at

  21. wait, this is random. how is a recent former senator from Connecticut (i had to google this person for info,i suck at knowing these politians) all of a sudden the head of motion pics? lol

  22. You don’t say? Faux news blatantly lying? *sigh* I really can’t understand why fcc or somebody can’t shut down this disgusting network.

  23. The courts ruled that it is perfectly legal to lie, even if presenting what is supposed to be news.

  24. Jovie, I’ve noticed that whenever a comment I make has more than one link, bwd has to pull it out of moderation. Same thing goes at wsy: if I have several links, sometimes the comment is automatically flagged. I don’t think that anyone is picking on you, this is just something automatic which catches a lot of spam and keeps viagra ads from flooding the place. 🙂

  25. I am not so sure they will unquestioned support for a decade. I think Obama has been holding back until he gets re-elected. AIPAC is losing some of its influence and J Street is gaining influence.

  26. Governor Deval Patrick, in Washington for the National Governors Association’s winter meeting, named several Democrats yesterday who he said will probably run against Senator Scott Brown next year.

    Tweet diggYahoo! Buzz ShareThis In an interview with the National Journal, Patrick said he has spoken to four potential candidates: Alan Khazei, founder of City Year who ran in the Democratic primary for the seat in 2009; Robert Massie, a former lieutenant governor candidate; Mayor Setti Warren of Newton; and Mayor Kim Driscoll of Salem.

    “Kim is not in; she has not made up her mind, but I know she’s thinking about it seriously. But Alan and Bob and Setti are in, for sure,’’ Patrick told the weekly political magazine.

    I sure hope that Wisconsin serves as a WAKEUP call to Democrats that there is no such thing as a moderate Republican once they get into office.

    Vote these people out and put real Dems in office. These Blue states that vote Republican drive me nuts.

    Maine are you listening……

  27. Well, all of your Ford people, I went with GM during the cash for clunkers and bought a little Chevrolet called the aveo. It is cute as a button, very small and taxi yellow. With our trade in, it costs us $11,000. I wish I had a hybrid, but we can’t afford that right now.

    BWD, this is great news.

  28. Oh, and I have to join the group by saying I have not owned a American car since I was about 20 years old. No more buying foreign cars for me–even if I prefer the design of many foreign cars.

  29. That’s an automatic feature on, to keep spammers from flooding otherwise inactive sites. I have a site on that hasn’t been used in a couple of years (I have moved to my own site now), and it’s relatively free from spam due to this feature.

    On my own site, using’s software, I have 3 blogs, and can customize things more. But even with my spam blocker and a comment system that is not spamable, things can occasionally get out of hand if not watched carefully.

    Most people just post one link per comment, so if someone has two or more, they automatically get moderated until the owner can take a look.

    There are many spambots, automatic and human, who do nothing but post links to websites offering viagra or fake designer goods. They must be making some money, but still it’s ugly to see.

  30. Hi All! I just wanted to remind those interested that “The Motown Sound” will air tonight at 8:00 EST on PBS.


  31. Oh, thanks, Marnie! I had forgotten but luckily I’m recording it. Can’t wait.

  32. Sorry for being unclear; this is part of the music series at The White House. Also, Charlie Sheen’s nutty, Palin-like interview will air on ABC’s 20/20 tonight at 10:00 pm EST.


  33. This seat is very important to take back – it’s now or likely never as Brown is a likeable enough guy. Also Dems have a three seat majority with 22 seats up, some really tough seats, Dems getting this seat back could be the difference between keeping and losing the Senate. Brown’s goal is $25M warchest and he’s already a quarter of the way there.

    I assume there will be a few House Reps who would be interested as well.

    A positive energetic primary would do the party a lot of good, as Brown is unlikely to get a primary challenger, so a competitive Dem race could grner a lot of publicity and coverage.

    Dems really need to attack Brown’s votes when he could have been the 60th vote – I expect over the next two years he’ll try and hide behind bi-partisan votes he’ll make which are pretty much pointless given there will need to be seven GOP votes. He voted against a lot of measures that would be popular in Massachusetts that die with 59 votes because he voted the party line.

    Brown will still play the everyman, the Dems might need to run a similar candidate in order to take that off the table and make it about politics.

  34. Wis. governor outlines budget

    Republicans continue to talk about cutting the deficit for our children’s future. However they are more than happy to cut education funding for these same children. Lowering the deficit won’t matter if these children are to damn dumb to even get a job.

  35. Once again, this is infuriating. The MSM will cover Walker’s speech, gavel to gavel (which I wouldn’t watch, even if taken hostage), but the demonstrations of the unions and union supporters — called the largest since the Vietnam War — are barely mentioned.

  36. Hope this isn’t a repeat.

    TPM reports:

    By a vote of 335-91 — including a majority of Democrats — the House voted Tuesday afternoon to slash $4 billion in federal spending between March 4 and March 18.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate should adopt this package word for word within 48 hours, which will prevent a government shutdown.

    The real shutdown fight begins now, as House and Senate leaders put their heads together over a longer-term spending bill, to keep the government running through September.

  37. So Boehner gets what he wants. And Boehner will then say “see we chopped $4B and the Government survivied, so we can cut $100B no problem”.

    I think Boehner knows the Dems and Obama will blink every time.

  38. Did you read the commentary on this poll?
    Romney 46% -PBO 41% with 600 people polled a plus or minus statistical error and the headline of Romney romps over Obama in Michigan. Really?

    I would bet the polling firm has something to do with Rasmuessen or some other GOP connected outfit.

  39. The 4 billion was already proposed by Obama. The real test is getting a budget by March 18.

  40. The $4b were from areas in which Obama had originally proposed to be cut from HIS proposed budget, therefore, Obama and the Dems did not blink regardless of the media spin.

  41. Corrected

    Did you read the commentary on this poll?
    Romney 46% -PBO 41% with 600 people polled a plus or minus statistical error of 4% and the headline of Romney romps over Obama in Michigan. Really?

    I would bet the polling firm has something to do with Rasmuessen or some other GOP connected outfit.

  42. I guess it’s a small price to pay to potentially to that you tried to negotiate. Could go a long way if there is a shutdown to framing the issue. Also will keep the Wisconsin protest on the front burner – I was concerned that once the stoppage hit that it would be forgotten, and I think Walker might have been banking on that as well.

  43. Good to know. Just can’t keep playing this every two wek extension game – Boehner and the GOP want exactly this. $4B over 25 weeks is $100B in cuts.

    What happens when Boehner says, “How about another extension, another two weeks and another $4B”?

    I understand President Obama can’t issue any ultimatums, but this can’t go on and on.

  44. I’m sure “Speaker” Pelosi is working it. Believe she put forth this stopgap measure or something like it, if I’m remembering correctly, to avoid a shutdown on Friday.

    As we know, it’s all a Republican game – with our lives and treasure – for what they think will be their political gain.

  45. Here’s an excerpt in Nancy’s own words about how she began the next phase of her campaign to pass the budget (and a link to her press statement):

    “So let’s get through this today, recognizing the challenge that we have. Understanding that this bill before us is not a good one, but it’s not final.”

  46. I read that article about AT&T and the Supreme court and it was…whoosh…right over my head. Could someone please explain this to me in “Captain Dummy talk” please?

  47. That cut was already in PO’s budget plan anyway. Not that he will get credit for it.

    The good thing. . .. PO could care less about getting credit as long as he achieves the bottom line.

  48. I don’t know how much Americans actually pay attention to the budget and continuing resolutions. The government has to actually shut down before they pay attention. The MSM can spin till they’re dry, but absent an actual shutdown, nothing they say matters. In the event there *is* a shutdown, then people will get a chance to listen to the President, the great educator, our very own professor who will get up and explain it all in terms folks can understand and they will lean toward his rational and calm approach.

    Also, the business community isn’t going to stand for a rash of two week extensions. It’s just plain bad for business. At some point it becomes a circus act to extend the CR for two weeks at a time. Makes the Republicans look indecisive and incompetent. I just don’t see this tactic working for any length of time, certainly not at $4 billion dollar increments till they get their precious $100 billion cuts.

  49. I don’t know what else you would like the President to do. In my humble opinion, it is not that the President “has not emphasized how much the bailout work(ed).” Rather, it is the MSM that ignores what the President, the Vice President, the Secretary Of Transportation, and others in the administration, have been saying over and over again. BWD has been covering many of the President’s speeches that are never covered by the MSM. The speeches she has covered clearly show that in numerous instances the President has emphasized the accomplishment of bailouts.

  50. I PRAY–literally–that you are right. I am REALLY, REALLY down tonight about all this: the federal mess, the WI situation, the governor there and his “king” attitude, what is happening in so many other states……all of it. Totally depressed. coming here isn’t even helping tonight.

  51. Did you send me an emailed?

    Things seem bleak right now, but they will get better. Keep the faith.

  52. I was going to post this tomorrow, but we could use a lift today.

    This story is about a non profit that is promoting manufacturing in San Francisco. The video explains how even in an expensive city live San Francisco manufacturing can thrive. Wonderful women working for the organization and great pictures of SF.

    This will cheer you Tien Le (I promise)

  53. You are a search goddess, Linda. Thanks for this. It gives me such hope to know how much people in this country are creating and using non-traditional ideas and concepts to create jobs right here. Very uplifting. Thanks.

  54. It doesn’t help when Dem supporters are quick to point out the uselessness of Democrats and the President. Instead of wishing the Democrats and the President would somehow stoop to the same level as Republicans, or use the same tactics as the Republicans, one might try respecting the fact that Democrats put people first, and try to take the high road. As long as we continue to express disappointment when Democrats do the right thing, or do things differently from Republicans, then things will never change. It’s a steep climb, but we have to accept a different way. That’s why the door-to-door approach is the only way to spread the truth.

  55. Theo, this is one reaction among Democrats that still bothers me. I know we are getting better, but IMO we are still too quick to ‘warn’ the Democrats/President when we think they are too ‘compromisey’ (yes, I know there’s no such word). Why, oh why can’t we trust the President completely? One minute we’ll say we trust, yet the next we find ourselves muttering ‘He better not do this/that’, or ‘he better do this/that’. I wish we’d just stand behind him, PERIOD! We know he’s intelligent. We know he plans his moves. We know he educates himself, AND keeps educated people around him. We also know he’s got a great batting record! So, IMO, when we question his decisions because we can’t see the end game right away, how is our trust level different from that of his adversaries?

  56. I came here late today. But after reading Mr. Cohen’s piece on the president, I felt compelled to send him a note.

    The following is what I told Mr. Cohen in my e-mail:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,
    You write an excellent article about President Obama, but your pronouncement that he got “lucky” is troubling to me. Time after time when so many in the media have rushed to judge this president (who methodically thinks before making rash decisions) because they are so in a rush for an answer, I for one can only credit it to his gift of deliberate thinking and not one who is apt to rush to make a point because everyone else wants him to or just because he happens to be “lucky.”

    I think it takes more than “luck” to ponder, surround oneself with good advisors, and more importantly, have a conviction of one’s action to achieve what this president has managed to do, both in the domestic and foreign policy actions in his two short years in office.

    It is disheartening to me that people find it so difficult to give this president the credit he deserves for what he has accomplished thus far. Whether it is for the events we have witnessed in the Middle East recently or the saving of the American automobile industry.

    Again, from where I sit, the achievements of President Obama have been anything but luck. Instead, it is based on his brilliance, intelligence and his ability to choose and surround himself with some of the most qualified people.

    Again, thanks for a nice article, which would have been more palpable, if not for what I see as a failure to give this president his just due.


  57. The West Coast is still here – not too late! 🙂

    I love your letter. Very good points, and I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments, including yours, that the President is so much more than lucky. He’s so much more than that, and it’s an insult to pretend that he’s not as amazing as he is, and that he doesn’t deserve all the credit for the incredible accomplishmemnts he’s won to date. Good letter!

  58. CA in the house…I am watching WH tribute to Motown! Such good music, I am grovin to John Legend’s Marvin Gayes’ heard it the grapevine or heard it to the twitter..Jamie is so crazy.

  59. Precisely.

    To much deference being given to “the Republican game.” Although the MSM seems inclined to frame the Republican Party as the standard bearer for good governance, ideology, or political strategy. Why acquiese political legitimacy as somehow exlusively Republican. We should work to both recognize and challenge that trap.

  60. I’m in South Africa for the past 10 days. From my interaction with people here – both white and blacks- the consensus is that amurikkkans are too stoooopid and that they’ll elect a rethug in 2012, just to reaffirm their stooopidity.

    I share their opinion. I’d be delighted if I’m proved wrong.

  61. Glad to read that GM is recovering so strongly. Hopefully this means they will open the Spring Hill, TN. plant back up in the near future.

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