Well, well, well, check out the New York Times actually doing their job

Over the past few days, the NYT published some excellent stories and editorials – finally exposing the Republicans true face. On Friday there was this great article titled The War On Women. Today, Frank Rich’s column about the true meaning of the “budget fight” is mind-blowing, but the cherry is the lead editorial, telling the facts about the crazy cuts those crazy people wants to make. Below the column, there’s this little note:

In coming days, at the bottom of this page, we will further explore individual penny-and-pound-foolish cuts the House Republicans want to impose, their lack of impact on the deficit and their real-world impact, often on the most vulnerable Americans.

Now, How about that?


74 thoughts on “Well, well, well, check out the New York Times actually doing their job

  1. amazing – thanks for the heads up. wouldn’t have expected the daily attention, even of the NY Times.

  2. You could have knocked me over with a feather — the New York Times calling out the Republicans for their idiotic budget cuts.


  3. Considering it’s a mere few days before the shutdown, you’d think it’s about time the MSM started looking at the GOP’s budget.

    Does the NYT have any real effect on leading the conversation for the Villagers anymore?

    I hope the Dems have their battle plans ready for the shutdown to make sure Boehner and the GOP are held accountable.

  4. Finally.

    The feelings of discontent and a sense of betrayal are bubbling up from within the ranks of the Democrats and the disaffected. Now is a great time to talk up issues within our circle of friends, families and co-workers. We, the people, are not responsible for this fiscal debacle, and it can not be pushed onto our backs.

    There can be no more job and benefits cuts to help fix a financial situation we didn’t create. Let those who have benefited from our misfortune at least pay fair taxes on those benefits.

    The real remedy lies in placing a sales tax on Wall Street transactions. A painless fraction of a percentage on the trillions of dollars traded would solve America’s financial woes in no time.

  5. I do believe that the Republican Tea Party members, who are woefully ignorant on the many acts that the government performs and the true cause of the deficit, will not blink when it comes to the idea of a government shutdown. If Newt Gingrich, who should know better, is advocating for a shutdown – then the ignorant tea party members and their sheeplike followers will run towards that cliff faster and faster. They want the drama of a shutdown. They don’t realize that there are no tools left to recover a second global shutdown. They have no idea of the suffering they will impose on people, and they don’t care, either. Next week will be a lesson for all.

  6. It’s about time the msm does some real journalism. I was wondering if we had any left.
    I do think what is happening in Wisconsin is waking up everyone who has a heart. Thanks BWD for finding this.

  7. Here’s another good one from the NYT this week.

    In order to effectively solve a problem, you have to clearly diagnose its origins. Simon Johnson, former chief economist for the IMF, says this about the origins of our deficit.

    The most immediate problem is that our largest banks and closely related parts of the financial system blew themselves up in 2007-8. The ensuing recession and associated loss of tax revenue will end up increasing our government debt, as a percentage of gross domestic product, by around 40 percent. Very little of this debt increase was due to the fiscal stimulus; mostly it was caused by lower tax revenue, because of the slump in output and employment.

  8. It’s their hail mary pass. They need to try something, anything that could shake things up and give them a better chance at the White House in 2012. It’s of little risk to them because if it’s blamed solely on Boehner and the House and the Dems take it back and Obama is re-elected – they still have the senate to grind things to a halt again and there is no way the Dems could get near 60 seats, reasonably win maybe 2 and hold all their own in reasonable best case scenarios.

    If the shutdown is blamed on Obama Admin and Democrats it really opens the door for the GOP in 2012. There is enough Dem seats up in the senate that they could flip it, hold the House and make a run at Obama and the White House.

    I don’t trust winning the messaging/frame war with this either. Hopefully Plouffe has been working on some sort of epic roll-out to try and counter th MSM/Fox frame. Have attack commercials in the can and ready to buy space on all the major networks etc, a prime time adress by President Obama would be great as well, even if the networks would then feel they need to give rebuttal time. They need to really attack th GOP budget and all of the cuts and how it would cost the economy over 2M jobs but that’s what th GOP wants because they put politics ahead of the country.

  9. Walker is banking on the media getting bored with the story and the protesters going home. He said as much in his phonecall with Fake Koch, the key will be for the protesters to keep the pressure and keep the media interested.

  10. On the NYT editorial, I suspect that the report from Goldman Sachs that the House budget would reduce the growth of GDP by 1.5-2% might have scared alot of establishment folks. As they report in that article, a reduction of 1% would mean the loss of 1.2 million jobs.

    That’s serious stuff for businesses as well as individuals.

  11. About flippin’ time!!!!!!!! But those that NEED to READ THIS, think the NYT is liberal media at its finest.They will not read it, nor will they care. Remember, facts don’t matter to these people.

  12. Didn’t someone post here that the Democrats are working on a 7 month Continuing Resolution based on the President’s budget? I think that’s really smart. And if Pelosi (LOVE her) can get out there to try to sell it, it just might put a spotlight on how reasonable their CR is in comparison and move the public more toward wanting a compromise budget.

  13. If only business were more involved in wanting to see this country win instead of fail just to see President Obama out of office. Maybe there are some reasonable people out there with some influence who can lobby the Republican Congress to tone it down. Hey, it could happen.

  14. I too was shocked. The editorials were great.

    Frank Rich will not stop nipping at Obama’s heels. Obama has such a hard time making his decision and then acting on them. This is a lot of ****.

    When are these pundit going to start understanding that PBO is who he is. They want him to be predictable so that they don’t have to guess at anything.

  15. Since the cable news networks won’t report on the protests, Twitter has stepped up to keep people informed. The hashtag for following the happenings in WI is #wiunion

  16. Maybe it is time to bring some of that Wisconsin people power to Washington D.C. and take up residence in Boehner and his croonies’ offices.

    And better yet, instead of the PL yapping at the heels of POTUS, they should start organizing against the Republicans.

    But that would mean not criticizing POTUS. And that’s taboo for them.

    Go figure.

  17. I think being a liberal may be on it’s way back in, guys. Fox is bleeding viewers in the key demographics, unions are keeping the heat on in WI, the Middle East is in turmoil, fed up with dictators. I don’t know how all that will end, but we just might end up with one liberal media organ, maybe two. The Republicans had their 40 year run, and have really screwed the pooch repeatedly. Maybe fewer regulations are less important than having a place to live that doesn’t resemble a really large Somalia?

    There may be enough intelligent businessmen out there who’d rather have fewer jets and fewer homes if that means a more stable country. Hard to say, but I don’t think they’re all assholes.

  18. Maybe if they had a bunch of people dress up as fake tea-baggers, the press would renew it’s interest.

  19. Boehner & co’s biggest mistake is assuming the election meant people were so wanting Republicans back in charge, so incorrect. It was too many dems not voting because they wanted everything that took years, to be undone instantly. A majority has never been in their favor for a very long time. All the confusing info about the teaparty & Fox yammering around the clock affected enough very unhappy people to put the same rascals that caused this unholy mess back in power. How anyone can figure any logic to that will be a mystery no one has even tried to explain. Having been born during the first one, that another Republican caused,it is well written in history how long it took for recovery. Thank God Obama stopped total collapse, yet this country put them back in. Reality seems to be happening at last. Buyers regret is certainly painful, isn’t it?

  20. BWD – thanks so much for the NYT stories, I have noticed NYT and CBS have both begun to feature more stories which are supportive of the union and obama.

    I have an idea we may want to consider. What if every time a positive story was written an shared here we all wrote to the author, the editor, and whoever else we can find and thanked them.

    What if when we want a story featured we wrote with concrete suggestions for how to feature the story.

    So based on the examples supplied by BWD -we would write to Frank Rich and thank him for the Why Wouldn’t the Tea Party Shut It Down? story.

    The other 2 articles are just listed as editorial, I could not find an author. So we would email.

    From the NY Times contact page

    To write to the editorial page editor, send to editorial@nytimes.com.

    I am compiling a page of email addresses, I think it should be expanded to include email addresses like these general editorial ones.

    The other side of this is – what if we all wrote to ABC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, and said,

    “On Saturday 50 states held demonstrations in support of Wisconsin union demonstrators. A web page with information on the demonstrations can be found here….
    photos can be found here…..
    an excellent video is here…..

    As a faithful follower of ABC and was surprised that the story was not discussed at ABC. Please feature this news worthy event.”

    Sometimes I count up the number of posts that are listed at this blog that complain about the MSM, it us usually a pretty big number. If for every time we complained, we also wrote to these folks I think we could make a difference.

    I am new to blogging and I value all of your opinions and experiences. I may be naive. However the President never gives up and I think we maybe shouldn’t give up on MSM.

    If anyone want to try it, let me know. If anyone wants to help me expand the email list, that would be swell.

  21. This seems to be making the rounds on Facebook-

    Are you sick of highly paid teachers?

    Teachers’ hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or 10 months a year! It’s time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do – babysit!

    We can get that for less than minimum wage.

    That’s right. Let’s give them $3.00 an hour and only the hours they worked; not any of that silly planning time, or any time they spend before or after school. That would be $19.50 a day (7:45 to 3:00 PM with 45 min. off for lunch and plan– that equals 6 1/2 hours).

    Each parent should pay $19.50 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their children. Now how many students do they teach in a day…maybe 30? So that’s $19.50 x 30 = $585.00 a day.

    However, remember they only work 180 days a year!!! I am not going to pay them for any vacations.

    LET’S SEE….

    That’s $585 X 180= $105,300

    per year. (Hold on! My calculator needs new batteries).

    What about those special

    education teachers and the ones with Master’s degrees? Well, we could pay them minimum wage ($7.75), and just to be fair, round it off to $8.00 an

    hour. That would be $8 X 6 1/2 hours X 30 children X 180 days = $280,800 per year.

    Wait a minute — there’s

    something wrong here! There sure is!

    The average teacher’s salary

    (nation wide) is $50,000. $50,000/180 days

    = $277.77/per day/30 students=$9.25/6.5 hours = $1.42 per hour per student–a very inexpensive baby-sitter and they even EDUCATE your kids!) WHAT A DEAL!!!!

    Make a teacher smile; repost this to show appreciation for all educators.

  22. This is an important thig. Plus when we see a positive story or editorial and if the on-line edition allows for comments, we need to make comments and outnumber the nuts that are paid to do so.

  23. Wonderful idea WIW. I also feel that it is not enough to simply be dissatified and voice it,as one needs to go the distance and exert that voice of cogent conviction in some productive way.

  24. It’s about time someone besides comedians called the GOP out for their assault on the American middle class. Bill Maher was in Phoenix last night and it was amazing to see that many like-minded sane people in the same auditorium. These days if we don’t find humor sometimes, we will surely cry a river of tears.

  25. Great idea! And back to my letter writing portal idea, if all people had to do was click on button and end up on a page where they could write from, it would be a snap. Sounds like a great project for those students of yours! The designers could make it look great, and the techies could make it function. (God bless them! I’m designing a new website these days (with lots of help) and trying to fathom CSS.)

  26. I like he idea above about thanking networks, newspapers, columnists, etc. when they do good and calling them when they don’t. I called my local NBC affiliate twice this week. (I watch it 99% of the time & am acquaintances w/some of the folks). I called early this morning because the 11:00 news last night said NOTHING about the rally in Nashville yesterday. I plan on calling the networks tomorrow for their lack of coverage & point out how they congratulated the TP on its 2nd anniversary.:( Give me a f****** break!!! I am also posting some things on FB & sending emails to certain “selected” people….getting the message out in a very subtle way in those emails. Remember, I’m the one married to a Republican & he can’t see the accurate truth in the following link–and it’s for 2005!!!! Eerily accurate today.


    Hope the link works. I s*** at doing that.:)

    Anyway, since it is difficult for me to do rallies, etc. I have to do my activism in ways that I can. I do, however, plan on getting involved when election time rolls around!

  27. ……it’s FROM 2005. Can you even believe how it fits today? I find it amazing, spooky and prophetic. What do you all think? I do wish his language wasn’t so strong, but I get why he does it.

  28. You just can’t make it up. And I think that it was creolechild who pointed out that Reagan was a unionmember too!

  29. Like some of you are saying, I’ve decided that it is important to contact the media and thank them for good coverage and let them know what I think is wrong with bad coverage. They have advertisers — that’s how they make their money and they have always been vulnerable to the folks that pay their bills because of that. But there was also a code of ethics that meant the folks that followed it the best took heat, but they did really gutsy journalism — and they were backed by equally gutsy people who owned their company. Washington Post comes to mind. CBS and Walter Cronkite’s coverage of the Vietnam War. Edward R. Murrow going after U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin.

    It’s very important to give support and it’s not always easy to find email addresses or phone numbers or to find out the key person to contact about a certain TV program. Newspapers are easier. I’ll be looking for that information and will report whatever I find. If we are linking to an article and see contact information, that would be good to include with our comment.

    I see so many positive things happening. The turmoil is just things that were hidden and are now coming into the light to be cleaned up.

  30. What is Working, I’m interested in a list of media contact information. And when we post a link I would suggest we include contact information — we can send support or tell why we think it is wrong. I usually do one or two a day. I like to go as high as I can,, but still have someone who actually manages that program or reporter. It’s not easy to find out who that is or how to contact them. And I also quite commonly find online contact forms that don’t work. I’ve decided I might rather send snail mail in some cases.

  31. Barack Obama backs Bahrain king’s pledge to reform


    “I welcome the announcement by King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa about making important changes to the cabinet and restating his commitment to reform,” said Mr Obama in a statement.
    Bahrain – home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet – is the first Gulf country to be thrown into turmoil by the wave of unrest sweeping the Arab world.

    On Friday, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen visited Bahrain and described the country as a critical long-time ally.”

  32. There are a lot of reports about Buffett’s statement

    US billionaire Warren Buffett upbeat over US future


    (quote) The billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, has urged Americans to ignore “prophets of doom”, and believe that the country’s “best days lie ahead”.

    In an upbeat annual letter to the shareholders of his investment firm, Mr Buffett said he was itching to make more large acquisitions.

    The 26-page missive is seen as an authoritative guide to the state of the world’s biggest economy.

    He is one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential investors.

    As such, his opinion is closely followed. (endquote)

  33. Warren Buffett’s enthusiasm for U.S. could boost markets


    He also forecast a recovery in the housing market “within a year or so” and that “America’s best days lie ahead.”

    Given that Buffett owns the entirety or a large share of the country’s largest railroads, insurers, banks, consumer products makers and distributors, his optimism could be seen as an endorsement of the economy in 2011 and beyond. (endquote)

  34. George Carlin understood it!! Why would people vote against their own interest, especially here in MI? Not one repub voted to bail out the auto companies and they were rewarded for it. I saw Tim Kaine on CSPAN yesterday and he had some great points..i.e. in 2000, if you purchased stock for $1.00, in 2008 it was worth 75 cents. Today it’s worth $1.50. Ford stock in 2008 was as low as $1.25. Today, it’s worth over $13+ (haven’t checked lately). Faux news doesn’t need to tell me what’s going on. I know that things have improved.

  35. Hope this works, and thank goodness for it, if it does. Very important part of the world (and we need to protect our Navy’s interests, which are our interests since they are our sons and daughters!).

    Thank you to President Obama and Adm. Mullen, for your efforts to “encourage” reasonable movements by the King in Bahrain.

  36. The problem that the people who bash public school teachers and publish rubbish like this on FB is that they don’t know what they’re talking about. I retired from teaching in GA, a state that doesn’t allow teachers to bargain collectively, in 2009 after 33 years. I only wish I made the kind of money that these delusional haters are talking about. I worked 15 years before I earned $15,000/yr., and that was with a Master’s Degree! When I retired I was making a little over $60,000/yr after teaching for 33 years! I worked 3 additional years past the 30 year period in order to have a decent retirement income. These folks don’t know what they’re talking about. Most teachers do not earn anywhere near $100,000, even after working for 30 years!!!

  37. We’ve had a bull market for end of the world predictions for too long now. look at the market, nothing but up for almost two years now. But all we hear in the media is negativity. Jobs will rebound and the economy will grow, right on time. Keep the faith.

  38. You make a very good point Theo. These teabaggers are so extreme that they could care less about hurting American people so long as they achieve their mission of defeating President Obama for re-election. They are absolutely convinced that this time a government shut down will be blamed on the President. I am glad that the NYT has decided to expose the craziness of teabaager/Republicans. It remains to be seen whether the rest of the MSM will join the NYT.

  39. Thanks for the link NLinStPaul. I was also impressed by this excellent article by Mr. Johnson. The tragedy, of course, is that the vast majority of Americans, who do not read the NYT, will never be exposed to the information and analysis offered by Mr. Johnson. I am so thankful for this site because it provides valuable information that is routinely ignored, or barely mentioned, by the MSM.

  40. The teabag Republican’s budget cuts are indeed “serious stuff for businesses as well as individuals.” The people engineering these cuts are followers of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann and Dick Armey. They want the economy to fail, and people to suffer, so that they can blame all that on President Obama. They see that as their ticket to regaining the Presidency. They are betting on the ignorance and short memory of many Americans.

    The 2010 elections seem to have validated their approach. In spite of the President’s repeated use of the metaphor about drivers who drove the American economy into the ditch and then started complaining that people trying to get it out of the ditch were not bringing it out fast enough, the majority of Americans went out and voted for these bozos who had driven the economy into the ditch. May be rational people, like those at the NYT are beginning to wake up.

    The majority of those now in control of the House of Representative, as well as many of the newly elected teabag governors, are on a mission to increase the suffering of the American people because they believe that the suffering will cause them to blame President Obama, ensuring his defeat for a second term. The tactics and goals of the teabag Republicans remind me of the policy that advocated destroying Vietnamese villages in order to save them. Teabag Republicans really believe that the only way to save America from the ” muslim, socialist, Nazi, communist, fascist, and racist Obama” is to inflict as much pain and misery on the American people; and then to cleverly use FOX, and other corporate financed propaganda machines, to blame all the misery and suffering on Obama and the Democrats. The budget cuts passed by the house are a wake-up call for all of us genuine progressive Democrats. We must now realize that the teabag Republicans are on a mission: to inflict as much suffering as possible on the American people because they are convinced that the majority of Americans will then turn against the President and Democrats. We must do everything in our power to expose this craziness.

  41. Very well said Africa! Just imagine if the PL had invested time, money and energy to organize people in the streets to push for a more radical agenda instead of their non stop attacks on the President. This, in my judgement, would have given Congress the cover to pass more legislations to their liking. Remember how the teabaggers, during the Summer and Fall of 2009, were out there loudly disrupting town hall meetings, demonstrating in D.C. against health care reform? Guess what, instead of PL organizing protests to advocate their cause, they invested all their time, money and energy, attacking and demonizing the President and other moderate Democrats who supported health care reform. I am hoping that Wisconsin will teach Democrats/progressives the importance of discipline, pragmatism and unity. I am also hoping that what is happening in Wisconsin will put to bed the false claim that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

  42. Great Idea WIW! I really applaud your positive suggestions because they force us to think proactively rather reactively. I was so totally disgusted with MSM that I stopped watching t.v. news. But I now realize that we all must be engaged because the MSM still controls the medium of communication. Thank you so much for all the excellent work you do.

  43. Thanks SR. This is brilliant! I will save it and pass it on to teachers. Sometimes I really wonder about the sanity of many Republicans. Do they seriously think that billionaire owners of corporations, like the Koch brothers, are a million times more important than teachers? Can the state of Wisconsin really survive and prosper, if all the teachers resigned tomorrow from teaching to seek “real jobs” in the private sector? Here is a snarky questions i’ve been itching to ask teabaggers: “Is the Governor of Wisconsin more important, and more valuable, than the thousands of Wisconsin teachers?” I may be wrong but I truly believe that while Wisconsin, or any other state, can prosper without a governor, I doubt that it can prosper without thousands of teachers.

  44. Thanks tiger for the link. I think Ed, and all those people who find a way of framing everything to be about Obama, should see this. These non-stop progressive Obama bashers are nuts! Here is a President who has to deal with all the chaos taking place in the world; plus dealing with the crazies that have taken over Congress, and they think that he should drop everything to go on the picket line with unions in Wisconsin? Do these people even realize the logistic nightmare if the President, with all his Secret Service, were to join the protests in Wisconsin?

    It is so refreshing to see sane people, who are the real heroes of the Wisconsin movement, display a great deal of sanity and common sense. The guy in the clip makes it very clear: The Union Struggles in Wisconsin are about the rights of workers and not about the President. The President has clearly and unequivocally stated his support for the rights of Unions. Only people interested in drama and theatrics seriously think the President should be in Wisconsin leading the protest. For heavens’ sake when are these so called progressive base of the Democratic party going to realize that Obama is the President of United States and not just a civil rights or labor union leader? If Ed Shultz and his fellow pretend purist progressive think that they are the base supporters of the President, Obama certainly does not need tea bag/Republican enemies. It seems to me that, in many instances the pure progressives are sometimes more idiotic than the teabaggers in their manufactured outrages against the President. With all their non stop attacks on a Democratic President, these so called progressives certainly deserve payment from the Republican party. I am, of course, assuming that none of those so called progressives, who relentlessly bash the President, are not already being compensated by the Republicans. By the way, I want to be clear: I have no problem if people had legitimate reason to criticize the President. If the President had sided with the Governor of Wisconsin and attacked protesters, or if the President had said nothing to support the unions, I would be the first in line to criticize him. But the President did the opposite, except that he didn’t take off, on Air Force One, to join and lead the protest.

    I am glad you posted this clip. It clearly shows that the activists and leaders of the Wisconsin movement are well grounded in reality. They are focused on defending the rights workers from right wing encroachments. Clearly the guy speaking was not interested in the PL’s drama and theatrics of always blaming President Obama for everything.

  45. Yes he was….The “god” Reagan wouldn’t be allowed into the party today. Why do they all “convienently” forget these facts?

  46. Good to see:) The reason the loonies are fighting so hard, and all the crazy talk and bashing is happening now, is for this very reason.They know that left to our own, PBO would be EASILY re elected in 2012.The economy has turned, though lots more can be improved upon,stock market hasn’t seen a bad day in 2 years…I think when GWB left it was somewhere around 6000/7000…now it’s OVER 12,000!!!IN 2 YEARS! Auto industry more stable and aggressive than it’s been in decades,exports up,we all know the stats.So all this BS that’s being said now…is just that. BS. Beacause they’re scared. They know what’s down the pike..and it ain’t pretty for them.I say, they keep on this path, and it will be worse than they realize…independents aren’t going to vote for the wackjobs. This could end up better than we thought:)They have no interest in governing. They simply want power, and it’s my contention that in the next year or so,the majority of people will get serious and quit listening to the stupid. Right now it fills the gap, but as the election gets closer, this crazy shit won’t be as much a part of the conversation. Mark my words. Not to say we won’t hear it, but the Republicans know what’s on the line come serious election time…tea party be damned, they’ll be stabbed in the back just to appeal to the middle…and the adult in the room can point to all the good things, the steady hand etc over the last 2 years. Compare/contrast with crazy…and? No brainer.

  47. majii,

    The post is not bashing teachers – it is saying that teachers are grossly underpaid when you actually think about the hours they are putting in. The headline and first paragraph are sarcastically written 🙂

  48. Wait…….the media is actually doing there job??!! Must be the end of the world : )

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