Rachel Maddow: Literally minutes after all Americans were safely out of Libya – The President dropped the hammer

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First, I want to thank you for the pouring kindness displayed yesterday. I hope this will continue to be a welcoming, productive and positive place for you to visit – even if we really don’t have to agree on everything. We are all human, including the president.



1. Here’s Rachel, once again, being one of the very few people in the media still worthy of the title “Journalist”.  She can be a child sometime, but more often than not, she is the only one actually thinking out there, and after listening to Ed Schultz, one really learn to appreciate the difference. WordPress won’t let me embed MSNBC clips, so you’ll have to click here.

The president’s Executive Order regarding Libya Sanctions is here.


2. Personally, I just can’t get over this Robert Gates quote:

“In my opinion, any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should ‘have his head examined,’ as General MacArthur so delicately put it”.



3. Billion Dollar, Baby:

President Barack Obama will file the official paperwork within weeks to begin collecting money for his re-election campaign in 2012, which will cost more than his successful 2008 run, top aide David Axelrod told CNN this week.

In an exclusive interview with CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, Axelrod said field organizers would begin fanning out in targeted states by early spring to kick off the campaign effort.

“You know, I think we can have people there pretty early,” Axelrod told King. “We believe very strongly in grassroots organizing. We believe that elections are determined not by … political decisions made in Washington, but by decisions that people make at the grassroots, and that the most effective salespeople for a ticket or party or candidate are neighbors talking to neighbors.”

Calling such campaigning a “labor intensive process,” Axelrod said “we’ll have people working very, very soon,” adding: “I think the process will begin in the spring.”

While he refused to offer a specific figure for the expected cost of the re-election effort, Axelrod did not object when King noted some Obama loyalists have suggested the cost this election cycle could exceed $1 billion.

In 2008, Obama raised more than $700 million in what was the most expensive presidential race in history.


4. Good one from Booman:

Will Their Heads Explode?

The White House makes an announcement:

“The White House is set to make news and history this afternoon when it announces the new social secretary. Jeremy Bernard, currently the chief of staff to the U.S. ambassador to France, will become the third person to hold the job in the Obama administration. But he will be the first man and the first openly gay person to be the first family’s and the executive mansion’s chief event planner and host.”

Now, I could make some jokes about how much better the music is going to be, but my real concern is for Reps. Steve King of Iowa and Paul Broun of Georgia. Will their heads explode? Some people might ask who will be the first to shoot them, but that would be in bad taste and quite possibly merit a visit from the Secret Service. So, instead, I will inquire about their health. Do you think they’ll be okay? I mean, Mr. Bernard has been serving in France.



5. Yea, Sullivan is still on suspension from the blogroll after his lame budget-meltdown, but for those who didn’t see it, he had a very good piece yesterday about the president’s decision to stop defending DOMA in court.

….Meanwhile, the gays are ecstatic – a little too ecstatic in my view. Not to say I am not extremely gratified by the DOJ’s decision. Just that I recognize its limits. As Obama used to say: no sudden moves. But his legacy on gay rights is beginning to build into a historic one. Yes, I have complained loudly in the past. My loyalty is to the issue, not the president. But he is coming through – more cunningly than most of us grasped.

Which is not the first time one can say that on many issues, where Obama’s caution and incrementalism have begun to create a legacy that is deeply unsatisfying in the present but looks rather substantive from the rear-view mirror.

All I can say to Andrew is:


6. Weekly Address:


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  1. First..!!

    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

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  2. “The White House is set to make news and history this afternoon when it announces the new social secretary. Jeremy Bernard, currently the chief of staff to the U.S. ambassador to France …”

    France ?!?!

    France, with 35 hour working weeks, lots of unions and regular strikes ?

    I will be working there – at Meteo France, Toulouse, a throwing distance from the place the Airbus 380 was born – the last week of March and the first of April.

    Here I come 🙂

  3. As Wisconsin shows us, there is nothing more important over the next two years than ensuring the election of as many Democrats as possible, including, first and foremost, the reelection of Barack Obama. Any Democrat or liberal who still doesn’t see this is effectively in the pocket of the Republican Party and its backers.

    Thanks, BWD. And a belated congrats on the phenomenal growth in traffic on your blog.

  4. Well, once again BWD you have outdone yourself. I am excited about working for the reelection now. I knew when Bush put Gates as the SOD he was different. I don’t Bush had any idea how good a man he is. It’s probably the one good thing he did as President.

    I agree about Rachel. The President is really being the President of all the people.

    Have a great Saturday everyone!


    Toone Moene – enjoy your stay in France. A friend went last year and said the transportation in France and really all of Europe is phenomenal. I would absolutely love it since I have a ‘thing for trains’.

    Congrats BWD on your success. Doesn’t seem like 3 months but I guess it have. Thanks again for all that you do.

    There has been very little information in the local newspapers and media regarding this conflict in WI? I am just astonished at the situation in WI. I am in FL and so I think ours is right around the corner. All news is local and we certainly have ours with the failure of a major public hospital and could be purchased by outside investors. I have a very large state grant that is in the last year of the project period. Everyone seems to think that he (Scott) is going to take it to ‘balance the budget’ although that never really happens. He is furious at the University for not purchasing one of his god-awful HCA hospitals.

    2010 was the first time that I voted in a non-presidential election. A lot of my friends decided to sit this one out. They are teachers or in government or in my case, have government contracts. Well look at us now.
    We certainly told those democrats. We certainly told Obama. (snark)

    Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

  7. Allow me to join in the trend of (belatedly) offering my congratulations for the phenomenal and deserved success that has come to this site. Everyone who has contributed can claim a tiny portion of the credit, but the lion’s share is most certainly reserved for and deserved by BWD. 😀

    I’ve had a shockingly busy week (and am expecting another one to come 😦 ) and consequently have not been able to post here nearly as much as I would, but the glory of the weekend is that I most certainly can do so now!

    The importance of President Obama securing his reelection, by as great a margin as possible, to the highest office in the land in 2012 is, not to mince words, paramount. At stake here is nothing less than the first real chance that has presented itself for the Left and the Center to unite in smashing the conservative coalition that has dominated this country’s political scene since the 1980s. It was wounded badly in 2008, but as the last two years have shown, it is not dead yet, and is still a deadly and dangerous foe. In the larger context of political history, authentic transformative developments in which agenda dominates the political scene have always required not one, but two, great victories to cement themselves properly – one to reject the Old Order, and one to validate the New. PBO has in the first half of his first term established a record of policy-based accomplishment the likes of which has not been seen in decades, but it will count for far less than it might have otherwiseif he cannot secure those gains politically, as Thomas Jefferson secured his gains in 1804, Andrew Jackson did in 1832, Abraham Lincoln in 1864, Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, Richard Nixon in 1972, and Ronald Reagan in 1984.

    Fortunatly, Barack Obama demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt in 2008 that he and his inner circle have a grasp of the dynamics and workings of a political campaign that is unrivalled by any other individual or group today. The campaign may not have begun in earnest yet, but on both sides of the aisle the wheels are starting to turn, and I have a feeling that this election is going to be a big one.

    It is also comforting to observe that the President maintains what is evidently an iron-grasp of the realities of foreign policy, and is neatly working to avoid pitfalls that would have tripped up many a lesser man. How this is all going to end remains to be seen, but one can hope that in the Middle East as well, the forces of reactionaryism may finally have met their match.

  8. Governor Scotts turn:

    FEBRUARY 25, 2011 Gov. Scott now says he’d like collective bargaining removed from Constitution
    Days after Gov. Rick Scott told a Tallahassee radio station that he was supportive of collective bargaining, he now says he wish it wasn’t allowed in Florida.

    Scott’s original remarks came in a half-hour interview on WFLA Radio FM on Tuesday in which he referred to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. “Walker is trying to eliminate collective bargaining,” Scott said. “My belief is, as long as people know what they’re doing, collective bargaining is fine.” He added, however: “as long as people know what they’re voting for.”

    On Friday, Scott gave an interview with Bloomberg TV in Washington, D.C. and changed his tune. While Florida’s Constitution protects workers from being compelled to join a union, it also protects unions workers by guaranteeing their right to collective bargaining. Scott acknowledged the constitutional protections, but announced he’d now would like to see the constitution changed.

    “It’d be great to be able to change it,” Scott said, according to a preview of the interview posted on the Bloomberg web site. “Our state workers don’t pay for anything into their pension plan. And we can’t afford that — it’s not fair to taxpayers. If you didn’t have collective bargaining, would it be better for the state? Absolutely.”

    What a difference a week — of national attention directed at another governor — makes. For another take on this issue, read former New York Times reporter David Cay Johnston’s criticism of the way the media has covered the collective bargaining dust up in Wisconsin. His point: Walker, and Florida Gov. Scott for that matter, are wrong when they say that workers don’t pay for their retirement accounts.

    “Out of every dollar that funds Wisconsin’ s pension and health insurance plans for state workers, 100 cents comes from the state workers,” writes the award-winning journalist on his web site, tax.com.

    “How can that be? Because the “contributions” consist of money that employees chose to take as deferred wages – as pensions when they retire – rather than take immediately in cash. The same is true with the health care plan. If this were not so a serious crime would be taking place, the gift of public funds rather than payment for services.

    “Thus, state workers are not being asked to simply “contribute more” to Wisconsin’ s retirement system (or as the argument goes, “pay their fair share” of retirement costs as do employees in Wisconsin’ s private sector who still have pensions and health insurance). They are being asked to accept a cut in their salaries so that the state of Wisconsin can use the money to fill the hole left by tax cuts and reduced audits of corporations in Wisconsin.”

    .Posted by Mary Ellen Klas at 5:38:02 pm on February 25, 2011 Tampabay.com-

  9. What a wonderful way to start the weekend.

    There is no doubt that Maddow is one of the few “journalists” still out there. Sure she can have her moments, but who of us doesn’t?

    Almost everybody has some sort of ieological blind spot, whether religious, political or emotional based. To her credit, she gets past those and can recognize her errors. I don’t know of anybody else in the media that is as willing to say he/she was wrong on something than Maddow.

    Gates was, I think, Bush’s little sneer at the more stringent neo-cons. I always felt that Bush was manipulated, somewhat willingly, into a lot that happened, partially becaus he didn’t have the ability to look beyond the moment. But I think he realized gates was someone different, saner, more reality based.

    When Obama kept Gates on, there was a lot of teeth gnashing, but I was one of the few I knew who felt it was a good idea. Just like with some of his other appointments, i.e. Geitner and Summers, Obama realized he needed people who knew first hand wht was going on. There wasn’t time to bring somebody in who had to learn the realities, not just the thories.

    Gates is just one of a few Republicans around Obama, all of whom have been smart, responsible, and loyal. LaHood is another example.

    Obama hungers after facts, and he doesn’t avoid learning facts that may run counter to what he has believed to be true. In that he is not only a unique politician, but even a unique person.

    Regarding 2012, as axrendale says, re-electing Obama is of paramount importance. But eqully important is making sure down-ticket Dems get elected, not just in the national but also local elections. And I hope a lot of Dems discovered that running away from Obama is not a way to get elected. If they do that, Obama’s coattails may not be long enough to carry them to victory.

  10. President Barack Obama’s approval has rebounded some across political boundaries Iowa, according to The Des Moines Register’s new Iowa Poll, reflecting a national trend for the Democrat beginning to construct his re-election campaign plan.

    Obama’s overall 48 percent approval is his highest in more than a year and his 47 percent disapproval is a few points better than in September. The glimmer comes as independent voters, who helped him carry the state in 2008 but had since dropped off, have warmed to him again over the past year.


  11. Good morning, all. Great information to arm ourselves with.

    Once again President Obama makes them all — media, repubs — look like utter fools with how he handled Libya. They yelled and screamed about what they called his “weak” response. All along he knew he had to get our fellow Americans out first. Gosh, they are so awfully stupid! I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to admit they were wrong.

    Can I say reading the executive order my favorite line is “I, Barack Obama, President of the United States.”

    Oooh, reading that just gives me a tingle. That is just power. And why the evil ones choke every time they have to say President Obama.

    Regarding, his reelection. I am fired up and ready. I am saving all my donating for his campaign to help him raise that billion. Tweety did a quick report one day this week that showed the president’s approval going up in a lot of southern states — even Mississippi. I’d love for him to take some of those. Can you say smack down of the GOP?

    Tee hee it’s so funny none of those bozos have declared because despite all their ugly rhetoric, they know they cannot beat President Obama. None of them have the intellect, calm, strength of character and charisma that he has.

    He is a great man who cares about everyone.

    On the idiot who made the ugly comment and Broun, I was one of those who complained to the SS. And I will do this every time one of these evil ones says something ugly like this. This ugliness expressed toward our president must end.

    Bring on the 2012 campaign.

  12. BTW: The weekly address makes it seem like he is the adult in the room! LOL!
    Also, Jennifer Grnaholm was on Odonells show last night, she did not take lawrence’s bait to berate the POTUS! She is, w/o a doubt, one of our best spokespeople!

  13. Governors Walker, daniels, Barbour, christie And Huckabee on the sundays shows!
    No democratic governors, even though their was 13 of them in town friday!

  14. In that last picture the president has a rather mischievous look in his face.

    I bet he is tickled pink by the low intensity bombshells he has released this week to mess up with Repugs’ heads; namely DOMA decision, steadfast refusal to take Gov Muammar Walker’s bait to insert himself into the Wisconsin fireball, not rushing to wave his dick in Libya until Americans were safely out, and focusing like a laser on his “Winning the Future ” campaign. Ha!

    This week’s West Wing Week featured Pres. Obama at the Intel labs in supercompetitive mode telling someone “Don’t Bump My Atoms!”. I think that is also a big warning to Repugs come election time 2012. “Don’t Mess with Obama!!!”

  15. a tweet from the Wee See You site:

    “Scott Walker asked to leave restaurant after excessive booing from other tables.”

    This joker is so toast.

  16. congrats bwd. Keep up the goo job. God bless you. The truth that you tell about PBO is what makes this site special. Will delurk and have subscribed.

  17. Please keep in touch and let us know how you like living there, what they think of our President.

  18. I am deep into the Irish election today, but popped in to note that the election site is reporting global Twitter problems right now. I wonder if something is up? or if it is just down?

  19. Thanks for posting this. I recently got into a FB dust-up with someone who insisted on repeating the “public employees don’t pay into their retirement/health care” canard, which tends to make me a bit testy (okay, a LOT testy :-D) since a) I am a public employee and b) I pay—and pay dearly—for my health insurance and retirement. The “public employees are leeches” meme has got to stop.

    There is one good thing about Walker’s assault on the unions. I’m seeing much less apathy in my local union; people are starting to realize that if it can happen in WI, it can happen anywhere.

    -Krista 🙂

  20. Yes…our President is traveling the country “winning” whilst others are just “whining”.

    And I have to say that I no longer watch any corporate media. But thanks to Rachel there is some hope. BBC America and PBS (while we still have it) are very good. I saw a list of the Sunday morning shows and the lineup of guests. Interesting that with all of those shows and all of those guests, there was only ONE Democrat. ONE!!!

    And Nancy Pelosi’s chart showing the upside down coverage of the Healthcare Law court rulings was done very well. What’s with Ezra?

  21. The thing that really has me puzzled about this whole “collective bargaining” issue is that the name says it all. It’s bargaining. Why are they so frickin’ afraid to BARGAIN. If they’re not happy with the bargaining that they did in the past, they only have themselves to blame. Be a better bargainer. But don’t take away other people’s rights. I think our new battle cry should be:


    In fact that’s what I’m going to put on my sign when I go down to the state capital today.

  22. It is fair to say that Andrew Sullivan got more popular during the 2008 presidential campaign with his support for Obama? Now he has stars in his eyes for Gov. Daniels, it will be interesting to see who he favors in 2012 eletion and how that affects his traffic. I do like Andrew but he does overindulge in emotionally based hyperbole more than I am comfortable with.

    Rachel has been great, something I am grateful for. She was on Jay Leno the other night making the case for the importance of unions in such a coherent, relatable way.

  23. HUGE Congrats BWD!!!!!

    As I’ve said before, I read here a couple of times every day but usually don’t have time to comment until the weekend. I wish I had more time to dig in because you all always have such fascinating information to share.

    This week reminds me once again of the importance of recognizing Obama’s long game. I believe that what’s changing things for folks like Maddow and Sullivan is a better understanding about that. Now if we can get them thinking about it proactively rather than after-the-fact, THAT will be progress.

  24. Some positive fallout from the Wisconsin stand-off is that the Koch Brothers are becoming more known, meaning when they fund candidates in 2012 with their secret third party money and front group Americans for Prosperity those candidates can be tarred anti-worker/anti-union and in the pocket of the Koch’s. The last cycle thy were still unknown so their connection to candidates didn’t hold any meaning.

    President Obama potntially raising $1B and that might not be enough thanks to Citizens United. Dems need to get a third party outfit that can raise unlimited amounts – however somehow the message needs to get out that the third party donations should only be for maxed out donors, and all non-maxed out money should go to the official campaign.

    Obama will be helped by the fact the GOP will have to run a contested primary, hopefully a hotly contested one, which will eat up a lot of money. Even if primary and general election caps are separate, folks have real world budgets, and giving $150 to the primary campaign and $150 to the general is better than $300 to the general only.

  25. Governor Daniels doesn’t have a real chance to get out of the GOP Primary. He’s got his years as the Bush OMB Director hanging around his neck for one. He also has said that the right should take the social issues off the table to focus on the debt and deficit which doesn’t go well with the evangelical right and has said he’d be open to raising taxes to help pay down the debt/deficit.

    I can see why Sully would like the guy, outside of the Bush OMB years where he was the director who passed the Bush Tax Cuts, Medicare Part D and took the costs of the two wars off the balance sheet to hide them.

  26. I think the 19 State Senators need to be made more famous in this. Walker is a true believer, he’s not going to cave, this is his Ronnie Raygun moment.

  27. Doesn’t the knee jerk reaction of some on the left frighten you guys sometimes? their shortsightedness, their need to always look “strong”? Not just the left actually, but all those pundits on TV? Its as if common sense was sucked out of them when they started the job. They also have this constant need to do things now, Now NOW!!!

    We don’t need people like that deciding who should lead this country. Hundreds of American lives were at risk and here we have people who readers/listeners/viewers rely on to provide the news, criticizing the president for not getting up in that nut jobs face fast and hard enough. Americans could have died because of their need to see a show down. I am convinced more and more everyday that a lot of these influential people on the left are complete frauds. Ideology first, people second.

  28. Congrats Toon. How exciting for you. I hope you don’t decide to stay. We will need you here to support and help reelect our PBO.

  29. Maybe it will start to finally sink in that he is destroying himself politically in his own state and that his tenure as Governor is likely to be very, very short. Maybe he doesn’t care. He just wants as much time as he can get to do as much damage as possible before being forced out of office. But, I’m happy to see the citizens of Wisconsin letting him now that they aren’t fooled by him and that they do not approve of what he is trying to do.

  30. That’s what pisses me off about WI (and MI and FL and OH and PA). WTF were these voters thinking ? Didn’t PBO repeatedly warn them about the stupidity of handing over the keys back to the rethugs ?

    And yet now the chest thumping ‘progressives’ on blogs are whining about Obama yet again ? Freaking clueless morans.

  31. I don’t think its $ that will be the big drain of a contested primary. The Republicans always seem to be able to garner enough of that for an election.

    Its the battle lines that will be drawn that I think will hurt them more. The “purity” wing of the party flexed its muscles during the last election and will want more of that. Short of them deciding that its in their best interested to “settle,” I’m having a hard time imagining how the primaries will be anything but a train wreck for them.

    And they don’t seem to have a candidate right now who can fool those purists into believing him/her in the primary only to ditch them in the general. That’s taken some political finesse in the past (ie, Reagan). The divide has now grown much deeper between what the base wants to hear and what will sell in the general and none of the current crop of potential candidates seems to have anywhere near the skills Reagan had at that.

  32. It’s amazing that the GOP is being so slow to assemble a primary field, isn’t it?

    Related to this, this is one of the funniest stories which I’ve read all week (h/t MonieTalks@weeseeyou):

    Even GOP activists are turning against Sarah Palin

    By Steven Thomma | McClatchy Newspapers

    ROCK HILL, S.C. — As Sarah Palin wonders whether to run for president, she might want to talk to people in places such as South Carolina.

    She’d find her star fading, and her prospects daunting.


    Many are shopping for someone else. They’re looking at Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., for example, and seeing what they call a smarter, [!!!] more experienced candidate who’s equally as conservative.

    “Sarah Palin with a brain,” said Gail Moore, a Republican from Columbia.



    I don’t know if we’re being lulled into a false sense of complacency as the GOP grooms some stealth candidate, but their field of contenders seems so weak!

  33. And Newt Gingrich now has a reason to impeach Obama!

    Go for it. Please. Impeach Obama over DOMA.

    Now before we laugh our asses off, understand how these lizard brains work: it is already conflated into “Obama breaks the law”. This meme can catch on. Leaving the Democrats, yet again, having to limply defend themselves with “but…but….all presidents get to do this.” A convincing argument.

    However, any waste of time over impeachment will backfire spectacularly. It did in 1999 — if only Clinton had been less guilty…..

    Hopefully this will be Gingrich’s platform.

  34. Exactly!!!!

    Peeling off a few of those Republicans is the only way I can see ending this standoff right now. Walker has gone too far overboard now to budge.

  35. I think you’re right; you’ve been saying all week that the Republican state senators need to be more of a focus.

  36. The thing is that they didn’t react that way when a republican was in office. Partly I think they criticize a democrat more to avoid the dreaded label of liberal media. And with this president, I think the expectations for him are extraordinarily high. That is in part due to race. The “first” anything is always held to much higher standard no matter what. But also it is a reaction to the media’s failure to hold Bush accountable for anything. They let him slide and never pressed him while he went around screwing up every aspect of domestic and foreign policy. The media knows they screwed that up so now they are after this president in an attempt to show that they aren’t pushovers but are actually an adversarial force. I’m all for adversarial role for the press, as long as it remains fact based and holding accountable means examining things for truth. But attacking everything for the sake of attacking, as they do now, is useless.

    And the last, and perhaps biggest reason, the press harangues the president no matter what he does, is that it suits the wants and desires of the news organizations owners. That’s why they will book almost exclusively republicans on the Sunday shows. That’s why the hire hacks like Cenk and Ed to represent the left. They know those guys will help their cause because they can’t stop themselves from harming their own side by constant nagging, complaining and lack of analysis. It’s why every story is spun to be about the president and in a way that can be used to attack whatever the president does.

    We desperately need a professional journalistic source in this country. We don’t have any left and our news reporting is a joke.

  37. They listened to the Professional Left. Who takes no responsibility whatsoever for giving us these debacles. It’s still all Obama’s fault. Never theirs. I blame Ed Schultz, Keith (on his bad days he was really bad!), Norman Goldman and almost all of the Professional Left who sent the message that unless this President was Karl Marx with a hammer, he was a corporate sellout. We think we’re smarter than the Right, but there are millions of sheep out there who don’t think for themselves and get their information from these jerks.

    I usually don’t listen to progressive radio at night but I was working in my sewing room last night and had the radio on. After listening to Norman Goldman call this President, his DOJ and everybody else every name in the book I turned off the radio. Who needs Rush when you have the Left doing his work for him?


  38. David Kay Johnston is one of my heroes.

    Do a Google search on him and pick up his easy-to-read, vastly important books on taxes and corporate ownership of this country. He’s a treasure.

  39. I have hopes for Rachel doing that. She is a very intelligent person and she learns from her mistakes. I think she is bright enough to appreciate a long term strategy and she is learning not to panic at the first sign of difficulty in getting things done. She is a worrier though and she will undoubtedly let her anxiety get the best of her from time to time, but she rarely joins the latest beltway bandwagon of recrimination and vitriol. We could use a few more like her.

  40. I think it’s a combination if waiting to see how the budget stand-off ends and them wanting to keep collectig their Fox paychecks and get copious amounts of Fox television time.

    The key is to see who is “staffing up” in the early primary states – that means they’re running without officially declaring.

  41. You’re right about Rachel being a worrier. I have to laugh when she makes fun of herself about that because it shows she’s not only damn intelligent – but pretty self-aware too. Those are usually my favorite kind of people.

  42. Good Morning Everyone

    This has been stated before, but I am a repeater. The Wisconsin situation and the attacks by Republicans on so many core Democratic values, EPA, Planned Parenthood, and Health Care has energized many Democrats who were discouraged, or lethargic in 2010.

    Sometimes it takes anger to get folks fired up. The accomplishments and effort of President Obama and the Dems didn’t seem to be enough.

    So be it, lets use this opportunity to reach out to everyone we know and engage them at this site, and others sites where we can get ready for 2012.

  43. I think you are right. If a relatively moderate Republican runs, the only way he can win is to move to the right. That will screw him/her in the general, as long as in the general campaign what was said to win the primaries is focused on.

    McCain came as close as he did, despite his move to the right, because of his unearned “maverick” reputation. But even in 2008, the purist wing was not as strong as it is now.

    The decent republicans (and yes, there are some) are probably hoping that whoever runs gets annihilated and fully discredits the far RW so he can run more on his real principles in 2016. That way, he doesn’t have to tarnish his reputation by running in 2012.

  44. Back in the 70’s most of the public employees in Wiswconsin paid helth insurance premiums and paid directly into their pensions. Due to the economy and inflation increases, a lot of municipalities could not afford to give pay increases, so the union agreed, at the request of th government, to accept a decrease in their contributions to both in lieu of raises. Eventually that worked down to no contributions “on the record”, but it did result in less pay. This just isn’t out there enough.

  45. Talk about jumping from a frying pan directly into the fire, with your eyes wide open. … Or may be you’re blinded by all the racism.

  46. They are going to be crushed maybe not to return for a generation. The vote between Fine Gael and Labour is closer than I thought it might be, however. But the day is young. Lots of Indys are going to be elected.

  47. Happy Saturday to you All~ Great Mish-mash BWD, thank you.

    How many of us are going to rallies today in support of WI? We are having only one in our state, unfortunately its two hundred miles away.. so I won’t make it. Its a bit sad, but not surprising how right wing ND has become. It used to be a huge union state from what I was reading- and a progressive state back in the 30’s. Even in the 80’s we had all democratic reps and governor. anyway, boo hoo ;( And it’s TWENTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO here!!

    Some other news: Glenn Beck’s show being taken off the air of one station in Madison WI- for slamming protestors (per media matters):

    And heres a real shocker… Gingrich wants to impeach President Obama over DOMA:
    Plus he may be running for President.. hope so, it would be lovely to watch POTUS go up against that slime ball.

  48. My mother (of his generation; loved him “as an actor”) would kill me, but the only skill I ever saw that Reagan had was to be able to hoodwink others.

  49. This is what President Obama is up against. A must read post from Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly:


    President Obama, in other words, not only has to resolve crises unlike anything his predecessors have dealt with in generations, he has to do so with a ridiculous Republican Party in Washington that approaches public policy with all the sophistication of a junior-high student government, and Republican governors who resist effective policies for purely ideological reasons.


  50. Great find BWD

    Thanks so much for sharing – delighted they have used that prank call to their advantage. Is this ad running in WI?

    The hubby and I are off to SF to march at the courthouse. I haven’t marched for 40 years, kinda makes you feel young again (of course we will see how tired we are tonight).

  51. And there ya have it: Our great Liberal Media.. what a crock these shows are.. nothing but republican enablers.

  52. You deserve all the success the blog has achieved, and much more in the future

    In solidarity in our appreciation of BHO, alive and well, but going to spend more time smelling roses 🙂


  53. I’ve heard that Ed Shultz has said not to bother voting for Obama in 2012.

    It’s that kind of politicking that got people like Walker into power. Ed was one of the folks who felt he and the rest of the unprofessional left need to teach President Obama and Democrats a lesson by allowing Republicans to win.

    He’s one of the folks who is complaining about President Obama not showing up to Wisconsin to protest… he doesn’t get that POTUS getting involved would make him look petty. POTUS already said what was happening in Wisconsin is an assault on unions, and there’s enough support for the unions as it is already without POTUS getting involved.

    I know Ed is attempting to mobilize the middle class, but he’s not helping his cause projecting with his emotions against the POTUS. POTUS isn’t against the unions, he has more important issues on his plate to worry about, mainly the meeting with the National Governor’s Association.

    And his campaign squad, Organizing For America, is already down on the ground in Wisconsin supporting the unions. When will Ed get that the world isn’t revolving around him?

    I’m actually hoping Ed goes the way of Keith, I think Ed is trying too much to channel Keith and failing miserably. I’ve tuned into Lawrence O’Donnell quite a few times, and he’s more down to earth and realistic about matters. Heck, I even applauded how civil he was towards Ann Coulter. Ed would have gotten on his soapbox and berated her, not that it’s a bad thing… it just shows a stark contrast between O’Donnell and Ed when O’Donnell is willing to be civil with his opponents as opposed to people like Ed, who just want to score political points.

    I hope that more people ignore Ed and get out to support POTUS and the Democrats in 2012. That’s what I can’t stand about the unprofessional left; everytime the Dems get a majority, the unprofessional left ends up jumping the shark and shooting themselves in the foot with their ideological mind games.

    The last Congress got more done than the current Congress. The current House is having an assault on women’s rights, yet the unprofessional left had to boot all those evil bluedogs out and replace them with the Teabaggers. I just can’t believe how fickle some folks are on the unprofessional left.

  54. *Gov Muammar Walker*

    I shouldn’t laugh, but that was hysterical, zizi!

    We MUST keep a sense of humor during all this.

  55. Not only republicans some progressive dems. He has no one in the democratic house except Nancy Pelosi

  56. “Bold, eyebrow-raising choice”

    In October of 2009, tens of thousands of LGBT people marched on Washington, lambasting President Obama for what they saw to be a totally underwhelming agenda on gay rights.

    What a difference a year and a half can make. Since that time, when Andrew Sullivan loudly declared that Obama’s speech at a gay rights event was little more than “bullshit…campaign boilerplate,” the president has signed a major hate crimes prevention act, repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, refused to support the Defense of Marriage Act, and now the latest: appointed Jeremy Bernard as the first man and the first openly gay person to be the White House social secretary, replacing Julianna Smoot, who’s leaving to go work on the president’s re-election campaign.
    “It’s a big week for gay rights,” said Corey Johnson, the political director for Towleroad, the influential gay blog.

    Further, Bernard’s ascension is a sign that neither the “shellacking” Obama took in the mid-term elections nor the crucifixion of his ex-social secretary Desiree Rogers back in 2009 are going to keep the president from making bold, occasionally eyebrow-raising choices—which in some way, Bernard is.


  57. Oh Good on You -What is Working! Enjoy.. stand tall 🙂 And.. you’re in my favorite city too~

  58. Sounds like Unions are getting a shockabuku (A swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever). There’s nothing more deadly to democracy than apathy. And Americans have shown they are the champions of apathy. The old, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Perhaps this is a good thing.

  59. I just received this email.. thought some of you might be interested in this-(it would be very cool if someone from here won this!) from the DCCC, Senator Kerry- and heres the link too:


    Sheri —

    Everything we’ve fought so hard for is on the line.

    Trust me, I speak from experience. Whenever Democrats fight and claw for a forward-looking agenda, Republicans and their attack machine respond ferociously with mistruths aimed at undermining our progress.

    It’s happening already. From health insurance reform to Wall Street reform, they have made their agenda clear: repeal and regress.

    The stakes are too high to let the Republicans and their shadowy special interest allies define the debate. That’s why I’m asking for your immediate help to raise $500,000 for Democrats to stand up to the onslaught of attacks from the right.

    As a special thank you, if you stand with the President and Congressional Democrats today, you will be entered for a chance to join President Obama and Leader Pelosi for dinner in Boston.

    Contribute $20 or more today and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Boston (airfare and hotel included). If you win, you and a friend will join Leader Pelosi at a dinner with President Obama on March 8th.

    This is no time to sit on the sidelines. We must fight back and demonstrate our determination to see President Obama’s vision for America’s future become a reality.

    Make no mistake: we’ve got a tough road ahead. Republicans and their secretive, special interest allies will stop at nothing. No attack is out of bounds and no mistruth is too outrageous for this crowd.

    Their focus is on winning the next election, not America’s future. However, I know that our people-powered movement will win out if we stand united.

    Contribute $20 or more today and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Boston (airfare and hotel included). If you win, you and a friend will join Leader Pelosi at a dinner with President Obama on March 8th.

    I hope you make it to Boston.


    Senator John Kerry

    P.S. I hope you can join President Obama on March 8th in Boston and demonstrate your commitment to the President’s vision for winning the future. Contribute today and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Boston (airfare and hotel included). If you win, you and a friend will join Leader Pelosi at a dinner with President Obama on March 8th

  60. Good Morning to all of the wonderful people here! A blessed Sat. to all of you, and especially to BWD. It is so nice to come here and get a new attitude, a positive attitude, and to see how all of our(golden Moms and Dads, and grandparents) invested in your education, long hours after school with our students, parents, and participating in our unions to keep the teachers in a good place to help educate our young people. It is apparently was workth it to me, because now I can watch you all go out and do great things. You all make this senior’s heart full of joy, great expectations for the 2012 election, and continuing to support our great gift of President Barack Obama and Vice-President, Joe Biden!!! Thanks for making me have hope and giving me beautiful smiles that you will do this in 2012. We need our POTUS. I just enjoy seeing so much heart and soul put into your actions, your comments, and your solid thinking. You make me proud. I love you all!!! Thanks for this beautiful place to come to, BWD!!!!!! You are doing such a great job here and I am appreciative!!!

  61. Sorry: I intended to say: It is apparently worth it to me and ohters to now see how all of the hard work paid off, because you all are just fantastic!!! Thank you!!!!

  62. NYC, big crowd was out here. Chants: “union yes! Walker, no!” “Unionbusting, that’s disgusting.” “Solidarity forever the union makes us strong.”. Lots of cheesehead hats. Big group which is dispersing now.

  63. I’ve recently decided that Steve Benen is my rock when it comes to reporters. He nails it every time!

    This was a GREAT one. And I love how he ended it:

    I don’t know how this story ends, exactly, but I’m confident the last chapter will be awful unless the electorate begins to appreciate what’s transpiring…

    The only way a once-credible GOP can return to some semblance of sanity is for voters to bring the party back to reality. I don’t know when or if that’ll happen, but I’m fairly sure it will keep getting worse until it does.

    That’s why every little thing we can do to get the word out is hugely important!!!!!! And its why talking to voters is so much more important right now that talking to elected officials….when the people lead, the leaders will follow.

  64. Amen and Amen. May God’s protective hands of love, care, and grace be with our President and Vice President at all times. We pray daily for this dear Lord. Thank you for your mighty protection and provisions around our POTUS.Amen

  65. Jovie, It frightens me that we are now confronted with politicians who are only listening to the fringe right. Scott obvious had some negative feedback on his “liberalness”
    concerning collective bargaining.

    Mob rule is becoming the new politics of the day. We know this mob is undereducated and irrational. The repugs know it too, but they continue to play to them.

  66. That’s a great article. Thank you. I like it that people are learning to take a breath and wait to see how thing play out before weighing in. The media in this country, whether or not it’s intentional, are in ‘react’ mode 24/7. When I used to watch the pundits, I was on edge all the time. Luckily I found the very rational Al Giordano and learned to look beyond the ranting and raving of the press. The people who still dose themselves with a steady diet of punditry and ‘breaking news’ tend to overreact because they’re keyed up. Being in that ‘react’ mode makes it difficult to learn to take a step back and look at the larger picture. It makes it difficult to cultivate patience with any given action. It makes us want it to stop now! It must stop now because the world will fall off its axis if (fill in the blank) doesn’t stop now. That constant need for instant fixes to every problem keeps us from waiting even long enough to get a clear understanding of what that problem is. Vicious cycle.

  67. In regard to the frustrati:

    “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, most of which have never happened.”
    Mark Twain

  68. Well said PBO. I read some comments about Obama’s timidness on this issue. It was rather shocking in that the idea was that the leaders of other country had people in Libya too, but they had the balls to condemn Gaddafi.

    So, a few 100 people get killed, but that is not as important as showing Gaddafi how tough you are.

    I swear these people are going to be repuglicans when they “grow up”.

  69. The only two repugs I worry about are J. Huntsman and that jerk Mitch Daniels. The test will be to see if teabaggers will vote for them during the primaries.

    I think Michele B. would be my first choice. She reminds me of Christine O’Donnell. So dense and crazy as a bat.

  70. Labels are meaningless to me.

    I’m American and I support President Obama, good enough for me.

  71. Another fine post, Axrendale. Your voice is much appreciated here. I do express a great deal of misgiving about the amount of money needed to mount a campaign in the US today, especially the Presidential campaign. I do not begrudge President Obama doing what needs to be done, but in a time when so many have so little (and was there ever not such a time?), to spend vast amounts of money running for office is a shameful state of affairs attributable to our entire political culture and the media. If we are not going to have public financing (and probably we are not at this time), we should at least limit the campaigns to no more than three months (we should do this even if we have public financing). No more time is necessary for the real points to be made. I do not have facts at my disposal, but I believe that these kind of extended campaigns do not exist in the rest of the world, though I am open to being corrected on this if I am wrong.

  72. For everyone who has been praying for PBO to visit Ireland [and I know you ALL were!]look look look ………Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “PRESIDENT Barack Obama is likely to visit Ireland in late May, to coincide with other European engagements [Staying with the Queen in the palace].

    “The end of May is likely,” said an official who is familiar with discussions about Mr Obama’s forthcoming trip to Europe.


  73. Hey, gn, Mike Huckabee is probably running. Though I deplore Huckabee’s policies (except for championing more art and music in the schools), I sort of like the man and wouldn’t even mind sitting down to dinner with him some evening, which is something I cannot say about any of the other potential candidates. In a way, I think he might be more dangerous than the other potential candidates because he is so affable. The rest of them project psychosis.

  74. Christine O’Donnell was a breath of fresh air compared to Michele Bachmann. Please do not think I in any way support O’Donnell, but she, like Huckabee, seems rather sweet, though deranged in her ideas.

  75. Never fear, Dorothy Rissman, because these people will never “grow up”. They’ve already had plenty of chances and have proven they are incapable. All persons CAN change, but the older they are, the less likely they will.

  76. O’Donnell has become insufferable on this issue. I thought he was more balanced than some of the others because he actually worked in politics, but lately he’s been as delusional on certain issues as some of his colleagues.

  77. Yes, I love that expression on his face and the firm manner in which he stated his words! That is our POTUS. This man is a smart, measured to a higher level on weighing in when it is appropriate, and knows how he wants to protect the his American citizens. So fast moving, running off at the mouth for this President. We are blessed to have him in that Oval Office. Let us not take our eye off of the goal. He is too smart for the nonsense that is going on around him. Notice how he still stays focus on his job. He knows that he was given the great opportunity to make a wonderful difference in our country for the better of all people. I have faith that he will make us all proud now and in the future. We just need to stay focus, support him, and speak up when the opposition just lie and not tell the facts. We can disagree, BUT respect to this President is the worst that I have seen in my life-time. (And I am old enough to have seen many of Presidetns.) But I am so proud of how calm but firm he still stand tall and as Maya Angelou says in her poem: “STILL I RISE.” That is POTUS.

  78. According to Rachel Maddow, he asked the police to clear the Capitol yesterday and they replied that they stood with the protesters and were spending the night with them. I do see, however, that there might be a necessity to shut down the Capitol long enough to clear it of detritus (I know, Walker thinks the protesters are detritus). Would that it were warmer weather here.

  79. This is going to be a very BFD. Remember the receptions for Kennedy and Clinton? And his ancestors came from Moneygall just 2 hours from me. I might see him in person yet.

  80. Absolutely, jacquelineoboomer. When he was elected, which I never believed would happen, I thought that he was as low as we could get. Unfortunately, I’ve been proven wrong. However, it is only in retrospect that I have become aware how much he wanted nuclear disarmament and disliked violence as a means of settling disputes, and I can give him some credit for that, especially after the neoHuns took over the Republican Party.

  81. Right, What is Working, though we will know that the human race is truly on the road to enlightenment when joy and love, rather than anger is what is needed for people to get fired up.

  82. Great News Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone. Find at least one person to convert to supporting President Obama, I converted three yesterday. Each one teach one and winning in 2012 will be done.

  83. thanks gn. What I value in any political discourse is truth and respect for opposing views as long as they are truthful. And this site is epitome of this.

  84. He won’t run because he’s enjoying his big fat salary from Fake News and unless someone bankrolls him fully, he won’t run.

  85. If they think Michelle Bachman has a “brain”, I hate to see who they think is intelligent? She is so crazy. Get her in front of a camera and she looks like a loonatic next to President Obama.

  86. From the website blog of one of the WI news channels:

    Press Release:
    SAG Members to Attend Rally at Wisconsin State Capitol

    Screen Actors Guild member Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) and SAG National Board member Gabrielle Carteris (The Event, My Alibi, Beverly Hills, 90210) will travel to Madison, Wisconsin to rally with other union members in support of Wisconsin workers on Saturday, February 26. Whitford and Carteris will be joined by AFTRA National Board member Robert Newman (Guiding Light) and Wisconsin SAG members and fellow union members from neighboring states as they rally in support of Wisconsin workers at the state capitol in Madison, beginning at 2 p.m. Wisconsin has become ground zero for the labor movement and collective bargaining rights. The struggle of public sector union members in Wisconsin, Ohio and other states to protect their basic collective bargaining rights is not theirs alone. If collective bargaining rights can be stripped away in a strong union state like Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere. Various anti-labor bills have recently been introduced in dozens of states. And, it is believed that if this action succeeds in Wisconsin, more and more anti-union efforts may spread across the country and ultimately could affect all labor organizations, including Screen Actors Guild. All workers have a fundamental right to join unions and to engage in collective bargaining over workplace issues they face. Screen Actors Guild supports Wisconsin union workers. Click here to read why Wisconsin matters to SAG members:


  87. France …

    I will be working there – at Meteo France, Toulouse, a throwing distance from the place the Airbus 380 was born …

    OK, the Airbus 380 remark was not entirely serious, until I tried to figure out why I had seen 380’s flying, but no Boeing 787’s (Dreamliners).

    Remember, I am old enough to have seen the first 747’s at Schiphol (Amsterdam’s Airport) when I was 12 years old.

    Well, the truth is not funny (unless you think you’d rather stimulate the European economy than the US one):

    Aircraft order vs delivered:
    Airbus 380: 244 vs 43
    Boeing 787: 843 vs 0

    This is accordiing to their respective (heavily sourced) Wikipedia articles.

  88. I know its been well documented that he said do not vote in the midterms but this is the 1st I am hearing that he said don’t vote in 2012. That would be very disgraceful of him and equal to advising people to keep kicking themselves in the ass. I would like to send him a email if he truly is advising people not use their greatest leverage, sounds like he is truly working for the Republicans.

    Can you link or source of him advising people not to vote in 2012? I don’t watch these pundit programs and rely of social media for info. Can you link your source please? thank you.

  89. Readable, much better …

    France …

    I will be working there – at Meteo France, Toulouse, a throwing distance from the place the Airbus 380 was born …

    OK, the Airbus 380 remark was not entirely serious, until I tried to figure out why I had seen 380’s flying, but no Boeing 787’s (Dreamliners).

    Remember, I am old enough to have seen the first 747’s at Schiphol (Amsterdam’s Airport) when I was 12 years old.

    Well, the truth is not funny (unless you think you’d rather stimulate the European economy than the US one):

    Aircraft order vs delivered:
    Airbus 380: 244 vs 43
    Boeing 787: 843 vs 0

    This is accordiing to their respective (heavily sourced) Wikipedia articles.

  90. He was on Colbert’s show last week and there were indications he was running. I can’t imagine any of the potential candidates being a winner.

  91. Kelly- I don’t listen to teevee, however what I read here yesterday is that Ed stated that if POTUS doesn’t go to WI then he will lose in 2012… I didn’t read that he also advised folks to not vote in 2012.. but I’m thinking his comments can be inferred to mean just that. He’s a knucklehead from everything I’m reading. Personally I find it very very questionable that these (ex)republicans/born again democrats are even being listened to as pundits for the left.. Ed, Cenk, Hamsher, Huffington, Moulitsas.. even Keith didn’t vote. Its amazing to me that anyone on the left is taking their ques from these folks.

  92. Love it! I’m an old woman and I feel the same.
    I think it’s time we got ‘Radio Free America’ like we had for Europe back in the day to tell the truth and present the facts.

    How much would it cost to create a radio station like this? Lots of people listen to the radio as they commute to work or when they are busy with other things.

  93. You may not get here as often as you would like but your thoughts and ideas are stellar. Thank you for giving me lots to consider and a real impetus to work now for 2012.

  94. Agreed, but the greed merchants live with the conviction that their money buys and trumps everything else. It sucks, but even if we have to collect pennies to support this Prez then I’m in.

    I think we will have to fight with everything we’ve got, not just to keep PBO but to oust the Repugnants polluting a lot of our States now.

    This is all about real survival of ‘we the people’ We’ve got to stand, keep on keeping on, and fight like our lives depended on it because they do.

  95. Saints bless and preserve me! Why didn’t they also trot out Miss Muffet Brewer from AZ and her puppet master Russell Pearce also.

    WE need a RADIO FREE AMERICA to broadcast the facts and not just create them as they go along.

  96. Huckabee gave an interview recently basically saying he wasn’t running and talking about needing money because he had worked in the public sector for years. He also said that he thinks Obama is almost unbeatable. He’s not running.

  97. I agree, but the anger on the left (when I read Huffington Post comments) is almost visceral. They would rather not vote at all, than vote for President Obama again. I don’t understand it at all.

  98. I,too, am amazed at the lack of coverage of MSM on Wisconsin. Look at the guests they’ve booked on tomorrow’s talk shows, almost all conservatives, one labor leader, Laurence O’Donnell (who’s become quite an Obama hater), and that’s about it. Why is there no real outrage at this?

  99. “Fortunatly, Barack Obama demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt in 2008 that he and his inner circle have a grasp of the dynamics and workings of a political campaign that is unrivalled by any other individual or group today. The campaign may not have begun in earnest yet, but on both sides of the aisle the wheels are starting to turn, and I have a feeling that this election is going to be a big one.”

    Here I totally agree with you, but on other progressive blogs, I see a fundamental disagreement with our view about President Obama. Along with the likes of Ed Shultz, O’Donnell, Glenn G, Jane Hamsher, they seem to really see the President as another enemy, equal to the Republicans, and many progressives listened to them in Nov, and now they’re advocating this again. Why can’t we progressives stick together?

    I’m encouraged that independents are turning to President Obama again, and he’s back up to 50% approval in the daily tracking poll form Gallup.

  100. I really like her. She’d be great running for the Senate. She’s smart, articulate and a real supporter of President Obama. Who are the senators in Michigan?

  101. It does me. I worry that they will be able to convince too many other “progressives” to either not vote at all (like Nov 2010), or to vote 3rd party, which is how we lost 2000. Sigh.

    They seem to be of the “elites” who don’t get where people are, or they are alike Ed Shultz, who just likes to blame President Obama for everything.

  102. She’s going to have a difficult time running while she’s serving on the House Intelligence Committee because she’s got to keep her mouth shut about things.

  103. I certainly plan to donate to the President’s campaign and do not fault him for playing the game as well as he can. We want him to be re-elected. I just think the game is corrupt to the core and needs to be changed if we are to be a more equitable society. The efforts right now should be on electing Democrats, but I would like to see activists work harder in the future to change the way we elect our representatives in government. I would think this issue would unite the pragmatists and the frustrati.

  104. That’s good news, I guess, askew, but I think he was needled about visiting Iowa and he seemed quite coy about it. I think the field is diminishing because most of the potential candidates know they can’t win in 2012. There will probably be a stampede in 2016.

  105. Trolls indeed. We don’t even know if the people claiming they’re not going to vote in 2012 are even Democrats. They could just as easily be Republican plants trying to demoralize those they perceive as the base.

    I don’t know why people are still blaming the PL for low vote totals in 2010. I blame straight up apathy. We’ve been told repeatedly that turnout among Democrats and independents is historically low during mid-terms, yet somehow there is this prevailing belief that people like this Ed Schultz guy and KO had all this power to sway voters to stay home. I just don’t buy it.

  106. Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow- both Democrats. Senator Stabenow is up for reelection in 2012 and Senator Levin is up in 2014. I’m a Michigander.


  107. I totally agree with you Baud! What the Republican controlled House of Representative is doing; plus what the newly elected Republican governors, like the one in Wisconsin, are doing, must be a wake up call for all genuine Democrats. Any one who spends all his/her energy attacking fellow Democrats must be seen as being “effectively in the pocket of the Republican Party and its backers.”

  108. Apparently Gingrich’s platform is to return to the glory days of GOP incompetence of the 1990s. I only wish they were only THAT incompetent.

    Well, after shutting down the government and impeaching the President what else have you on got on your agenda President Gingrich?

  109. axerendadale,

    What an excellent commentary! You are really a treasure to this site. I personally benefit, as I am sure many of the people on this site do, from your vast historical knowledge and the depth of your political insights.

  110. I’m surprised no one in the Very Important Person pundit class has noticed that with the changes in government happening in the Middle East there is nothing left for Al Qaeda to bomb us about. They will need to go back home and start getting people like them elected to parliaments. Bombing US interests will make about as much sense as bombing Chinese interests.

    One speech in Cairo vs. $1 trillion taxpayer dollars up in smoke. And they call the GOP the party of “conservatives”?

  111. I was just so excited to read your comment that I ended up butchering your name! Please forgive me.

  112. Thank you Japa for this information. It is the charge that public employees in Wisconsin paid nothing for their pensions and health insurance that is cited by many, including many reasonable people, who think that public employees, because of their unions, are not sacrificing enough. It is this kind of information that is not being reported by the MSM that contributes to hostility towards unions.

  113. Well said Proud. I am sure many were expecting a repeat of the Iran hostage situation in Libya so that they could start writing: Obama=Carter. Please don’t get me wrong. I think the accusation that President Jimmy Carter was week is complete nonsense. But, unfortunately, that accusation is now deeply enshrined in American mythology that passes for history. Any way, once again President Obama demonstrated that his “No Drama” approach is quite effective. As he said in his brief statement his #1 concern was the safety of Americans. He knew fully well the stupidity, and danger, of issuing threats and ultimatums before all Americans were securely out of the country. Even though all Americans have been successfully rescued from Libya, I don’t expect his critics to give him credit. I am even willing to bet that they will find away of criticizing him for not accomplishing what he did sooner.

  114. The claim that MSM are liberal is demonstrably a lie! The guest list to MSM Sunday shows, not just this coming Sunday but on most Sundays, proves that the meme of the liberal MSM is a lie.

  115. Thanks NLinStPaul. I also like Steve Benen: I find his reporting very informative and his commentaries full of insights. I enthusiastically endorse your call to action to engage and inform voters.

  116. Wonderful work Sonjia! As we used to say in my young days in the sixties, each one teach one. That is how I plan to work for the President’s reelection: recruiting one voter at a time to sign on to support and vote for the President.

  117. Interesting..From my twitter timeline:

    RT @CNNLive: The Daily Show’s falling camel fiasco. Video: http://on.cnn.com/hvUwiL #TeamFollowBack

    They believe in transpareny EXCEPT when the daily
    show is the subject…It’s all fun & games when
    they draw a false equivalance and mock Wisconsin
    Laborers with real struggles..
    Now there’s “nothing to see here”…right jon stewart..?? ..It’s also all too funny to mock Pres. Obama for trying to do the best he can with what he’s got, because human error could never happen with human beings working in this White
    House….Maybe it was Knee slapping funny several
    months back when a female employee of the daiy
    show raised talk of misogyny and Jon’s show
    conveniently went on a 2 week hiatus until it
    quietly went away..Truth & transparency..??

  118. Don’t sweat it tiger. The Daily Show is all about comedy and satire. I also didn’t think their mocking of Wisconsin workers was funny. But, the Daily Show has also used effective satire to expose the idiocy of right wingers. Personally, I think that we should focus on exposing the so called MSM that claim to be in the business of News. This means exposing CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS. You notice I didn’t include FOX. By now, except real idiots, everyone should know that FOX NEWS is a right wing/Republican propaganda channel. It is o.k to visit FOX News to see what the right Wing Republicans are plotting.
    It is true that Jon Stewart sometimes comes out very hard in the way he mocks the President, especially since he bases that mockery on manufactured News. But you also have to admit that Stewart is very effective in exposing the idiocy of MSM, FOX News, teabaggers and right wing Republicans.

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