Friday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM
PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM  
11:00 AM
PBO and VPB meet with Democratic governors.
12:00 PM  
12:30 PM
PBO and VPB meet for lunch.
Carney briefs the press.


2. Don’t Bump My Atoms!


3. This is good:

Boeing Wins $35 Billion Tanker Contract, worth of 50,000 UNION Jobs

The Air Force has given a major boost to U.S. job creation by awarding a $35 billion contract to build the next generation of air refueling tankers to Boeing Co. The announcement was made at the Pentagon late this afternoon after the financial markets closed.

Boeing was locked in a competition with European-based EADS, which builds the Airbus, for what is the largest contract in Air Force history.

Boeing said the tanker win would mean a total of 50,000 good union jobs across the country. The Air Force delayed the awarding of the tanker contract until after the November elections.   


4. President Obams’s statement regarding the encouraging situation in Algeria:

I commend the Government of Algeria for taking an important step forward today by formally lifting the State of Emergency that has been in place in Algeria for 19 years. This is a positive sign that the Government of Algeria is listening to the concerns and responding to the aspirations of its people, and we look forward to additional steps by the government that enable the Algerian people to fully exercise their universal rights, including freedom of expression, association and assembly. The United States is committed to continuing our cooperation with the Government of Algeria as it works to represent and meet the needs of all Algerians. We will also continue speaking up for universal freedoms, justice and the dignity of every human being.



5. This is the best comment I’ve seen on-line, regarding the stunning stupidity of the Ed Schultzs of the world.

And *this* is how it should actually be done, but honestly, comparing Rachel Maddow to Ed Shcultz is a bit of an intellectual insult….


6. But I was told that he is going to kill Social Security!

Obama administration officials are rejecting the idea of making major changes to Social Security


7. The inaugural meeting of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness:


8. Hey, gotta have priorities. Can’t beat Lady Gaga…

Social Media Stars: Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Starbucks and Family Guy






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  1. Ah! What a great way to start out the day.. thanks BWD, for all you do! Excellent news about the tanker contract

  2. An excellent ending to a highly eventful week – thanks BWD. 🙂

    No essays from me this morning – I type this very briefly as I rush out the door, already feeling flat as a tack.

    Perhaps later…

  3. Can I tell you guys something that is disconcerting?
    On the sunday shows, it is all right wing lunatic fringe shit!
    Governor Christie, Barbour, Walker, Daniels then you of course have seantor McSame@!

    Wow! You have to be kidding me? they are not even trying to hide the fact that the MSM is all right wing! They are IGNORING the democrats! Yes! Igonring us!


  4. Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell irk the mess out of me as they think that President Obama should make this about him as opposed to it being about the people. Didn’t they *LEARN* anything about Cairo?

    The longer this plays out, the longer the GOP is revealed (and their benefactors – Koch Brothers), the easier it becomes to start to get our country back. Let’s face it: the PL is one of the main reasons why this President isn’t getting the proper credit this White House deserves. With David Plouffe advising and close by, maybe we will start to see better messaging.

    I’m Fired up and Ready to Go!!!

    Thank you BWD for this community and all that you do!!!

  5. How about the tactic the GOP/MSM is using on us(talk about psy ops?), anyways, they say the bill in wisoconsin has passed?
    Yeah, out of the HOUSE assembly, which was expected.
    The SAME issue is still before them, the 14 dems are still in illinois hanging out!
    That is why the state troopers went to some of their houses yesterday! To corral them!
    But the MSM does not want you to focus on this story anymore! Nope, nothing to see here, unless you can get the POTUS involved, then, you got something! UGGGH!
    More MSM epic BIAS fail!

  6. Thank God for Rachel. I think we got her on ourside, The POTUS has come out strong for gay rights, and she appreciates it! I can tell!

  7. Forgot to say…putting Trumpka on was due to public pressure! Kudos to Americans that want equality in the workplace:)

  8. Also, can you believe that MCSAME and Graham, wants the US military to support the libyan rebels.
    Of course he does! LOL!


  10. President Obama and Vice President Biden will welcome governors to a private meeting at the White House on Friday, but only Democrats are invited. They’ll talk about “the ways Washington and the states can work together to grow the economy and create jobs” Politico 44-

  11. Good morning guys. WE should talk to blog of our friends and email as many pl as we can to tell them to boycott the sunday shows.

  12. I love Rachel. She gets squirrelly sometimes, but she is smart and digs deeper into issues than whatever is on the surface…something ALL journalists should do as a matter of course, but they always take the easy way out. I appreciate that from her.I would sit down and have drinks with her ANYDAY!If they all did what she does, this country would be far better off than it is today.My thoughts.

  13. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and other senior department officials head to Houston on Friday to meet with oil industry executives and get an update on the latest developments in blowout preventers and other spill-prevention technologies.

    The Interior has been adamant that it won’t grant new deepwater drilling permits until it is satisfied that the industry has proven it is capable of quickly and reliably responding to a major offshore spill.

    “Obviously, we are ready, willing and able to get back to work in the Gulf,” said Owen Kratz, chief executive of Helix Energy Systems, which will host Salazar at its Houston HQ. “We look forward to briefing the secretary on the capabilities of the system and the speed with which it can be deployed in the event it is needed.”

    Despite an expected full-court press from the industry, Salazar has proven that he isn’t a pushover on this type of stuff. The Interior chief traveled down to Louisiana late last year to meet with shallow-water drillers but gave little to no noticeable ground, and industry executives left the pow-wow less than pleased.

    Salazar said Thursday that the already slow offshore permitting process would grind to a halt if lawmakers fail to pass a CR. “Obviously, if the government shuts down, there’s no permitting,” he said.

    Politico 44-

  14. Dems did not even get a chance to vote(this morning in wisconsin) and when the UNION busting bill passed, the dems in unison erupted, Saying, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!


    Democracy at its best!

  15. Hurry home from work then! I always look forward to your insightful posts.Like a mini history lesson. Love that:)

  16. Everything the right wingers are doing, is to try and pull POTUS left or far right. In order to lose the middle!
    NOTICE how they want him to use military force in libya, hence far right crap.
    Notice how they want him to get involved in Wisocnonsin, hence, far left stuff!
    It is so clear to me, I can read them like a book!

  17. Yea, saw that.Kind of like they all said,”Quick, let’s do this thing before the Dems come back.” How totally disgusting of them…showed their true colors though, didn’t it?

  18. David Plouffe, talented as he is, can’t stop overwrought people from disseminating poison. This is their choice, and this is their deliberate chosen path in terms of how they think that they will contribute to this time of change: bash the POTUS in hopes of “forcing” him to implement their ideas no matter how shortsighted or ridiculous are those ideas. I’m going to be sending emails to the carnival barkers today. They are trying to turn a story which should be all about Walker and the GOP into a story about POTUS. Schultz in particular misled his viewers about the consequences of enabling the GOP during the midterms and has to my knowledge taken no responsibility for it. And is continuing to mislead now. It’s too much. Like tulips and africa did yesterday, time to speak up.

  19. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO is up with a new ad attacking Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal to strip public employee unions of most of their collective bargaining rights — making quick use of Walker’s phone call with blogger Ian Murphy, who was posing as Republican financier David Koch.

    Around the Capitol, the phone call is something people are talking about — a lot. From the protestors yelling about Walker’s “Koch habit,” to reporters who kept asking him about the call during Wednesday’s brief press conference. Indeed, it seems likely Walker will find it difficult to put the call behind him anytime soon — from his discussion of political gamesmanship, brief considerations about planting fake protesters to start trouble, or his passion for busting the public employee unions in the mold of Ronald Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers, this thing, as they say, has legs.

  20. the MSM will not report it, they will ignore it! That is why the liberals want POTUS to get involved in wisconsin, the UNIONS cannot get equal tx.
    Alebit, That would be political suicide for POTUS, as indes would go right back to the GOP, in a heart beat!


  21. Yup! But, they are drowning out our voices. Thank God for places like this, where you have to search for good news(even though the MSM does NOT cover it)!
    BTW: My MOther and I engage people(strangers) about these issues, and mostly are all far righties who hate the govt!
    So, their message is obviously getting through!
    I have never seen so much unrest, in this country or the world, in my lifetime!

  22. This should be their lowest rated shows. DON’T WATCH…BOYCOTT THE SUNDAY GOP SHOWS! When the Repugs held all offices, they always had them on when Dems held all offices, they still had mostly Repugs on. I don’t watch them anymore.

  23. What a wonderful place this blog is. Appreciation for the President, giving him a fair appraisal, looking at each situation with consideration and nuance, respectful discussion, and all the wonderful links. I am thankful every day for it because it makes it easier to forge ahead to have a port in the storm.

  24. This is from the Virtual Wisconsin State Employees Unions Solidarity
    Vigil: The Page
    CommunitOnondaga Facebook at

    Three senators are wavering. CALL or EMAIL Senator Randy Hopper –
    (608) 266-5300 Senator Luther Olsen –
    (608) 266-0751 Senator Dale Schultz –
    (608) 266-0703
    (re-post PLEASE!)

    Be polite. Be firm. Hands off collective bargaining.

  25. Anyone not realize that another reason why Obama shouldn’t go is the massive Secret Service footprint that would inevitably displace the protestors? Obama would never be allowed to sleep overnight in the Rotunda, and to keep him safe, a massive police presence would take up the entire footprint of the State Capitol. Once the protestors are displaced, there would certainly be steps taken to prevent them from re-taking the area one way or another.

  26. That’s a really good point. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Either get him to fo Right and “alienate” his base, or get him to go left so the media can “validate” all their socialist hyperbole.

    He ain’t falling for it, thogh.

  27. I don’t have a big corporate media show or company, but they’re not drowning out my common sense lol. I’ll make my feelings known via email following the terrific examples of tulips and africa yesterday.

  28. President Obama knows that changes need to happen with people power–he is a community organizer after all. So, yes, people in Wisconsin need to beat back this Republican overreach. People in Libya need to fight their own revolution–as tragic as the murders there may be. If they aren’t invested in these things themselves, then the change won’t carry the same weight.

    What’s happening in Libya could have happened in Iraq, too. Those same Right Wingnuts who are criticizing Obama now for not intervening while people are dying need to consider the fact that our own Democracy-by-force project in Iraq will most likely end up far, far bloodier than Libya’s revolution.

  29. I called Broun’s Washington office 202-225-4101 and complained. Also called secret service. We should all do this. This has to stop. And the only way it will stop is if these jokers get arrested for making threats against the president.

  30. The suggestions that POTUS get front and center in the protests or he doesn’t deserve a second term–those suggestions are ludicrous, overwrought, and IMO GOP-enabling. Not even worth considering; your note about the practical issues is on point as well.

  31. How quickly these know-nothing pundits forget that he was a community organizer. He knows the power of the people.

  32. Mitt will have nothing to run on in 2012 – he can’t run against HCR because he’d spend all of his time explaining why Romneycare is different or saying “It was right for my state, but a national program” which would beg the question why people in other states don’t deserve the same coverage and benefits he felt were right for Massachusetts. And the plan to run as a pro-Business President will be a lot tougher given the outreach to the captains of industry in the “Jobs and Innovation Committee”, as well as the work PBO has done for small businesses. Mitt’s big attack line at CPAC was “It won’t take me two years to figure out jobs is the biggest concern”, which is basically indicating that Obama is doing right now – so why would folks change horses midstream if the horse they’re on now is heading in the right direction according to the opponent?

    Mitt however is the safe pick for the GOP that won’t hurt down ticket races. He won’t bring any energy though either.

  33. Just saw that 157 Americans have been taken out of Libya by ship. What if we had not been able to get them out because we attacked it’s crazy leader? The so-called news media knows nothing.

  34. Authoritarians have a really hard time grasping that trying to forcefully impose something on others, no matter how well-meaning, can have serious adverse consequences. Left and right wing authoritarians don’t really think through their demands IMO.

  35. Call ed shultz radio show and let him know this, he is one stupid fool(does what he is told, like odoenll)!
    Also, if you want to get on, call 5 minutes before he goes on air, the lines are always open, and you will then be screened by his staffer!

  36. The GOP and MSM are trying to force POTUS into a mistake! They care nothing about the people of any Country, including our own! They just want thier POWER back!

  37. Guess what? It is happening this morning in IRAQ, too, you fortune teller, you. 🙂
    Big protest in Iraq to get ride of the corrupt government. AJ is on it, as usual.

    Thank the gods most Americans are out of Libya now, but I am sure there are some still there. Don’t stop praying yet.

  38. Good! I cannot believe, however, how much lobbying some Liberals in the House- lobby the liberal press, agaisnt this President.
    IMHO< some liberals in the hOUSE are self defeating.
    Defazio, weiner,…

  39. Despite her egotistical colleagues,Rachel has been on fire in a good way. She made a point on something that I have noticed with the unfolding events in WI. She says that the Democrats are becoming mobilized, fired up and unified now because of what’s happening in WI. I have gone over to the orange place quite a bit in recent days and lo and behold, a lot of the diaries seem focused on the Republicans and there is not the anti-Obama focus that drove our beloved BWD away. They seem to realize how high the stakes are and that Obama is not the source of their problems.

    Now, don’t take me wrong, I am not advocating or defending Dkos, I am just doing research and what I found reflects what Rachel is saying that the Republican union busters are having a unifying and galvanizing effect on some of the left.

    Ed Schultz is obviously out of touch and I wonder if we can translate our unhappiness with him to some practical action. What could that be? I am sure that we are not alone in feeling this way.

  40. Oh my gosh, bwd! Thank you so much for #5, I needed a good laugh this morning! (The person’s use of emoticons was great!)

  41. Well, last night’s thread was interesting. Went to bed after my last comment and couldn’t even read all the rest before I came to work this morning.

    Lots to talk about in this thread. Regarding the Boeing deal, I have no doubt the President is trying to pressure the military to buy American as much as they can. There are many who would actually prefer EADS got the contract. I have no doubt they probably bid lower than Boeing.

    But here is the deal with that. By Boeing getting the deal, guess what. Tax revenues increase. People sometimes forget that it is more than the initial cost going out that matters. With jobs here, and the company here, tax revenue comes into the Treasury. If a foreign company wins the contract, none of that comes into paly. Thus, even if more goes out initially, it actually costs less in the long run.

    Regarding the whole Prez goes to WI kerfuffle, I think every body knows by now where I stand on the issue.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t think a reasonable arguement can be made for his going, I just don’t agree with it. The real problem here is how that argument is presented. There are a lot (see comments throughout the last couple days) that say they think Obama should go, and then continue on beyond that with the “1 term President” meme (how many times have we heard that before) and the betrayal meme and the corporatist meme and so on and so on.

    Today, driving in to work, I was listening to David Shuster and Eric Byrnes subbing for Bill Press. Both think he should go, but Byrnes first outlined what he thinks the thinking of the WH is, which mirrored a lot of what we have been saying here. And he didn’t disparage it, just disagreed with it. He then outlined why he thought the President should go to WI. He laid it out simply without any kind of a personal attack on Obama.

    If others did the same thing, showing an understanding of the other POV and without the personal denigrations of the President, it would be a lot easier to actually have a conversation. Unfortunately, there are those who must not just disagree, but also condemn, and will condemning not even be willingt to listen to the other side. Sounds a lot like republicans to me.

  42. call eds radio show, let your dissatisfaction be heard on air! Also, call 5 minutes before his hwo goes on! He will take your call, you may have to wait 15 minutes!

  43. Okay people. I mentioned up thread that I called Rep. Broun’s office and the Secret Service about the threat made against the president at the town hall meeting. Well, a SS agent called me back and said she couldn’t provide details, but the incident is being investigated and the man who made the comment has been talked to. Our voices can be heard!

    We should not let up on this. Call Broun’s office and SS to let them know this kind of talk and these threats against the president will not be tolerated by the American people.

  44. Good morning everyone. Nice round-up, BWD, as usual.

    I’m glad that it seems the WI situation is unifying Democrats, with the exception of Ed Schultz anyway. It’s too bad it takes something as extreme as Walker’s bill to do it, but I’m glad it is finally firing up and motivating the more prone to complain than help crow. The republicans really aren’t very good at running things at all are they? This is the issue they chose to make their big move on? I guess when you only focus test issues on your base and forget that your base is actually not all that big or all that representative of the public at large you are bound to get skewed results. It is nice of them to find a way to fire up the public in favor of Democrats, though. 🙂

  45. I am convinced, unfortuntely, that the condemning is because of RACISM! Both from the left and right! Because alot of it is deep seeded and makes no sense!

  46. If they were taken captive by Gaddhafi, they Obama would have been blamed for that as well. It’s all a game to the pundits.

  47. japa, I did receive a reply to my email of yesterday. Here it is:

    “The president has NOT made it clear that he is on the side of the protesters. Where did he make it clear? On the campaign trail he made forceful comments about being willing to put on his walking shoes and join with anyone whose collective bargaining rights were challenged. I say put on your boots Barack and hit the road to support us. As long as the focus can only be kept on the protesters, the weaker our position will come.

    Your comments are wishy-washy I fear. The attention should be on a leader (president) who is willing to go to bat uncategorically and unapologetically to support the people who put him where he is. He said he’d rather be an effective one term president than a mediocre two term president. I believe he is on his way to being a one term mediocre president. This not a cerebral moment, it as an action moment and it needs to be acted upon.

    And you’re right, change takes longer than we might like, but knowingly extending the timeline for change is unexcusable. This is what Obama is doing.”

    And here is my reply to the reply:

    As for the President, I do believe he said quite distinctly that this was union bashing and that his administration supports the unions. Why do you want him to become involved and take away the attention from the voters and put it all on partisan politics, which is what would happen if he injected himself into the mix? You can call me wishy-washy if you like, but were someone that “progressives” applauded in the White House at this point, there would be absolutely no moves forward, but just entrenched stances on both sides. And who is this mythical Democrat that would act more forcefully than the President? Feingold or Grayson, who couldn’t even get elected in their own districts? Isn’t the first prerequisite for accomplishing something in politics the ability to get elected? Mainstream politics has been moving steadily to the right since Reagan and I believe the President is helping it to move incrementally to the left, which is the only way this will happen in our culture of today. He is not a revolutionary; he is not a union leader. He is dealing with the world situation, the national budget, and all sorts of other things that matter. He also is the kind of true leader who actually wants those he leads to take responsibility; there is no truer way to advance. This kind of leadership may not bear immediate results on the world stage, but in the long run, it will make a difference. As for action moments versus cerebral moments, the latter always precludes the former.

    The President has inherited a quagmire 30 years in the making. He has accomplished a great deal in two years. Of course, it is not enough, but then, the politicians in our country, no matter who they are, will never do enough until the people awaken. You are in Madison among awakened people, and we hope that this spreads. But it would most likely be nipped in the bud if the President forcefully joined in, bringing mainstream politics into the mix. Do you want this to be a movement by the people or do you want it co-opted by the establishment? The establishment is a deeply-flawed system, and why you expect anyone working within it to accomplish miracles within two years is beyond me, but considering the last two Democratic Presidents, President Obama has done quite well and has set an example of how we should all conduct ourselves: thoughtfully, respectful of the opposition, and with detachment (not synonomous with indifference), because with detachment comes the power to truly pay attention and study the complexity of the situation.

  48. I hope the SS had a “come to Jesus” meeting with Broun, as well. His laughter, when hearing the question, is reprehensible.

  49. What a wonderful reply! You are so good with words. Thank you for speaking up. I get so mad when they talk about what the President should do. I think this should remain a people driven revolt! And they seem to be doing pretty good so far. Thanks again for acting. Hope you get a reply and post it too.

  50. I honestly believe (as Thom Hartmann said yesterday) that there is a silver lining to the outrageous union-busting mindset of those on the right. It’s going to hurt them and hurt them bad in future elections. This is opening eyes about the fact that this country has become a plutocracy.

  51. They got the american in Libya on their way and is now picking anotehr group using a plane. Now the president will move.

  52. Good morning everyone! Again thanks BWD for the great news. I am so glad Boeing got the job. I couldn’t imagine a foreign company getting it. But these days you never know.

    I watched the Motown Special last night. Loved all the songs they brought back such great memories. It was interesting seeing the younger singers. Sheryl Crow did a credible job singing a Michael Jackson song. I didn’t realize she had been a back up singer for him.

    I use to listen to Ed Schultz alot. I like how he does stand up for the unions. But when he told the 99ers not to vote and keeps going after the President, I quite listening. The President can’t do it all. They want someone to be confrontational and that is not our President, thank goodness!!!!

    I am so thankful for this place. Once again thank you everyone for all you are doing to get the news to the people!

    Hope you are all warm. It’s -8 here right now.

  53. Okay my friends: I hate to shock you on this Friday a.m. but I have a serious criticism of President Obama and I want him to fix it RIGHT NOW:

    Please get rid of that milquetoast, bland, lifeless rug in the Oval Office that was commissioned by Laura Bush.


  54. I was a kid during the Civil Rights marches, and this current kerfluffle about Obama going to Wisconsin got me thinking about what would happen if Eisenhower, Kennedy, or Johnson had accompanied Martin Luther King on a march? First all, they would have lost the Solid South for sure, and probably a lot of the North. Would Nixon have been more accepting of Civil Rights, or would he have sided with Wallace? The Civil Rights Bills were passed because of supermajorities in Congress large enough that abstaining Southern Democrats were outnumbered by a coalition of more liberal Northern Dems and Liberal Republicans. But LBJ and Kennedy needed the warm bodies to control Congress. They needed to make the deals in exchange for votes, which would not have happened if Republicans had taken the place of those Southern Democrats. Or if those Northern Democrats and Liberal Republicans were voted out in a backlash wave in 1964/1965/1966

  55. I just don’t think Mitt will ever be president. He will continue trying as he has tried over and over again in the past. But,the republican base just doesn’t like him. His religion, his moderate running of MA, and his personality (not bombastic enough) just don’t endear him to the primary voters. And for the general public, he battles the religion aspect again, but mostly he is too dull and boring. He doesn’t inspire people to vote for him. He is just nondescript and easy to forget. He may be the best chance the GOP has in 2012, but it’s not that good of a chance and the primary voters don’t care about good chances, they just want their red meat.

  56. He was really insufferable yesterday. Unless Obama ‘leads’ by picking fights with the states, it’s all his fault. Never Schultz’ fault for telling the people of WI and OH and MI not to vote to ‘send a message’. He’s not the least bit responsible for demoralizing the base and helping these asshats get elected, is he?

    The callers were reasonable: let us fight this battle on our own. Let it be from the bottom up. And the most important thread from callers yesterday: the Rushes and Glenns of the world are just salivating for Obama to get into the fray so they can make it about him, and not about the issues on the ground in WI and all the other states affected by the tea party governors. But of course there is no getting through to Ed when he’s on a fact-challenged rant.

  57. The whole idea of the President showing up at the protests is laughable. It would be so counterproductive on so many levels. You’re right, just the logistics of it would be cumbersome at best and could lead to a lessened presence for the protesters once he left at worst. People advocating for him coming there are either not very bright or trying to help the republicans.

  58. Thom was pretty good yesterday.

    Hey, BWD, here’s something positive about Obama I never knew: Thom had a guest on who wrote a book about the global food supply. For God knows how long, U.S. food aid was sending our surplus food to foreign countries, forcing them to take it or else. It ended up being a double subsidy for the likes of ADM and the other food conglomerates.

    Obama at the G8 changed this policy to helping these countries find their own ways of growing and producing their own food, thereby empowering their people and helping local economies get on their feet.

    I never knew that. And I pay attention. It’s complicated, but there’s a soundbit there: we’re not just giving aid, we’re helping people learn how to sustain themselves. That’s a soundbite even a tea partier could get behind.

    Still disappointed in the Obama message machine.

  59. Excellent. Some people are going back to those words that the President spoke. And yes, he did say them. He may wish he hadn’t but he did. But here is the thing. I have not heard a single word from the actual unions involved in WI (not referring to outside unions) requesting his presence, or bemoaning the fact he isn’t there.

    The President has always been about empowerment of the people. He is giving them the opportunity to show their power, and they are taking it. I haven’t seen this written before, and it just occured to me. But I think his going there would send a special negative message “Apparently you guys need my help to accomplish what you want.” That diminshes their power, not enhances it.

    One of my son’s was the object of some bullying when he was in seventh grade. Over his protests, we went and spoke to the school principal about it. It actually worsened his situation because, even though some of the more objectionable bullying stopped, he was looked down upon for needing his mommy and daddy to take care of his problems.

    Right now the protestors are doing fine on their own.

  60. Good point, GN. We have to remember that Ed Schultz is one of the repubs turned democrat. He very well may be someone who still holds that authoritarian mindset even if he doesn’t want a right wing authority figure any more. He may still be wanting an authority figure who tells him, and everyone else, what to do and think. Change works better when it arises from the people not from some figure at the top. When people invest in changing things, whether it be in WI or in Egypt or anywhere else, the change is more likely to happen, more likely to succeed and more likely to stick. A charismatic leader may rev people up, but the movement then lives and dies with that person. Change from a broad base of people lives on because it is the ideas that motivate not a single individual.

  61. I also heard yesterday that Obama is working with Europe and NATO for consolidated action on Libya.

    Gee, sorry, Americans that it can’t happen in the time span of a TV show, with time for Viagra commercials. This kind of leadership takes a little time.

  62. The point is that having the President march around with you is not the unalloyed benefit some folks would like to think it is, especially if it gets people’s backs up and gets your opponent backup. The teabaggers on Saturday were few and small and apparently not very motivated when facing nothing more than determined local opposition. But if Obama got involved, it becomes a national point of pride, and there would be a caravan of counter-protestors just to show up Obama. Scott Walker has only modest backup now, but the entire Republican Party would do all it could to keep him from compromising/giving in. Whose interests gets lost in the shuffle? The workers, that’s who.

  63. The old difference between giving a fish and teaching how to fish story, and so accurate. Not only did the old policy serve as a subsuidy of companies that don’t need it, although people in other countries on one level appreciate the aid, on another level they can grow to resent it, because it is a message that “we don’t believe you can do it on your own.” This send the opposite message.

  64. That’s what happens when ideologues run the show.

    There’s a lesson there for progressives as well: fringe ideology is frightening to the vast majority of people. Now, what Republicans understand that Democrats do not is that they work tirelessly and over long periods of time to change our perception of what is ‘fringe’. Democrats can’t seem to understand what it will take to return the narrative to progressive ideals.

    That the nutty Left thinks if Pres. Kucinich or Nader stood up there screaming “kill the corporations” and got nothing done, that would win the day, is ridiculous.

  65. “EUROPEAN governments are considering military interventions in Libya to help stranded citizens leave the country if the violence there escalates drastically.

    Officials and diplomats said between 1,000 and 6,000 Europeans may remain in the country as troops loyal to Muammar Gadafy try to restrict access to airports. However, foreign nationals were still able to take commercial flights from the country yesterday.

    “One of the possibilities we are working on in contingency plans for different scenarios is military intervention,” said a senior EU official.

    Such intervention would be for “humanitarian” purposes only and made as a last resort in case of any breakdown in transport. The expectation is that special forces under national command would be deployed. An EU-co-ordinated action is unlikely.”…more

  66. Thank you, MTmarilyn. I agree about the people-driven revolt. President Obama is doing what a great leader should do, leading by example and encouraging the people to lead themselves. This is the way true change happens.

    This site is so helpful to my political consciousness.

  67. Absolutely, japa. And I have asked to be taken off the email list, as I don’t want to revisit DK in my personal communications.

  68. I’m sorry to tell you but Laura Bush’s rug isn’t in the Oval Office anymore. That rug is Obama’s. It was made just a few short miles from my house and it was big news here when it was completed and installed in the White House. I agree that it is bland and lifeless. Laura’s rug was actually much more colorful and better looking. So, there is one area that I clearly disagree with the President on and that is rug design. lol

  69. Considering Ed Schultz didn’t vote in the last election, he isn’t a Democrat. Isn’t the prerequisite of being a Democrat voting for Democratic candidates? Though I always vote Democratic, I call myself an Independent rather than a Democrat just in case. Certainly Schultz should do the same.

  70. Right now, union members who are both democrats and republicans are united in fighting against this bill. If the president comes in it makes the issue partisan, democrat vs republican, instead of being about workers rights. It would undoubtedly make some of those right leaning union supporters back off on their opposition. Not all of them, but maybe enough to quiet things down and change the story.

  71. Happy Friday, everyone!

    I have a new blog up at Eclectablog I think you will all want to see:

    It’s only news if it hurts President Obama

    If you haven’t seen the graph from Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office that shows how the media is covering the lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act, you need to click through. It puts another nail in the coffin of the ridiculous idea of “liberal media”.

  72. Thank you, jovie, but you’re savvy too, as are all the commenters on this blog. I no longer leave the computer feeling I’ve wasted part of my morning after coming here.

  73. Andrew Sullivan goes back to saying something nice about Obama and makes a good observation about Obama’s style which a lot of people only appreciate in retrospect. On this site, we appreciate him in real time.

    Sully on DOMA:

    “Meanwhile, the gays are ecstatic – a little too ecstatic in my view. Not to say I am not extremely gratified by the DOJ’s decision. Just that I recognize its limits. As Obama used to say: no sudden moves. But his legacy on gay rights is beginning to build into a historic one. Yes, I have complained loudly in the past. My loyalty is to the issue, not the president. But he is coming through – more cunningly than most of us grasped.

    Which is not the first time one can say that on many issues, where Obama’s caution and incrementalism have begun to create a legacy that is deeply unsatisfying in the present but looks rather substantive from the rear-view mirror.”

  74. Agreed, Arizona Grandma, though it is taking a beastly long time. I always thought Bush and the neoHuns were the Republicans’ last dying gasp, and yet still they come. Demographics are not on their side, however. They have little to appeal to the younger generations, and nothing to appeal to minorities. Some of them must know this and this is probably why they are adhering so rigidly to their extreme rightwing policies. They want to do as much damage to the idea of an enlightened democracy as they can do before they exit the stage.

  75. Actually, I wish on this site we would limit our focusing on the fools and keep highlighting the wise people.

  76. Considering the Bushes collection of “cowboy” art (not even near the quality of Thomas Hart Benton, and I don’t even like him despite the fact he was Pollock’s teacher), that rug is a step up for the Bushes. However, I agree. The Obamas have far better taste. I suspect they keep it to show some respect for their predecessors, which seems to me an innocuous way to show respect for an administration which did massive damage.

  77. You are all wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful adults too. Given the highly charged political environment, I can always find mature, positive and humorous comments here – but you still keep it relevant. And you are activists too – calling about the Brown town meeting or contacting the Last Word or Ed Show about their shameful undermining of the President.

  78. What the frustrati never seem to take into account that the first prerequisite of being a political leader is getting elected. I don’t like what needs to be done to get elected in this country, but it is reality at this point in time, and until we, the people, work to change the process, our leaders must court big money and consider what sound bites may be used against them in their campaigns. What a difference if we had completely public financing and limited all our elections to three months or less.

  79. If they completely destroy the middle class (as they are trying so desperately to do), they will never lose their power.

    Our country is being run by the mega-rich and multi-national corporations. Unless the dwindling middle-class and the burgeoning working class (and sadly, the poor) don’t stand up and stop this now, our country is done. I know that sounds dramatic and negative, but I fear it’s true.

    I often refer to this site called “The 14 Points of Fascism”. It’s, frighteningly a look at what is happening in our country today. And I hate hate hate “isms” and the people that throw them around like pretty little water balloons.

  80. Eddie is an (supposed) ex-Republican (like Arianna – ha!) who is a Limbaugh wannabe.

    He saw the money and power of Limbaugh, realized he couldn’t copy/paste the schtick as a Republican, changed parties (supposedly) and is trying to become the loud, obnoxious blowhard of the left.

    Nice try Eddie but you’re just another narcissist.

  81. It’s glaringly obvious, but nice to see it put to a graph. I run into people who think the Florida Ruling was the end all be all. When I tell them that there have been five federal court rulings and three found it completely constitutional, one found only the mandate portion unconstitutional but said the rest should stand and only one found the whole bill unconstitutional they try to deflect (“Florida was the key one”) or say they’ll have to look into that.

  82. Good morning BWD! Wonderful post called Turning Tides at The Daily Dish/Andrew Sullivan. His is the only conservative site that I look at — I don’t always agree — but he gets me thinking! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  83. I operate on the idea that “knowledge is power” and we need to know where our Achilles heels are. This isn’t highlighting fools, it’s pointing out something that we are going to struggle with for the foreseeable future. We have to find a way around our through this obstacle.

    That said, I have minimized how much I write about idiots like Beck and Palin lately. I’m through with those fools unless it’s something particularly entertaining and ridicule-worthy 😉

  84. And this is how the president works.
    ” But he is coming through – more cunningly than most of us grasped.” Nice to see someone recognize it.

  85. But, Arizona Grandma, who will support the rich if the middle class is destroyed? Who will buy their goods and services, unworthy as some of those goods and services may be? The rest of the world can’t afford to support them. And will they really like living in a third world country which the rest of the developed world views with distaste? The rich, usually living down to our expectations, do not spawn a great many creative and innovative thinkers. Our country is totally down the tubes if they succeed in destroying the middle class, and eventually they will be down the tubes with it. They may have a financial circle jerk for a while, but tainted blood can’t go on for long. Remember what Queen Victoria’s blood did to the aristocracy of Europe? Brought down the last czardom.

  86. you know what i will call John Bohener office requesting a apology and explanation for the congressman who thought it was funny for his constituent to ask who will shoot Obama.

  87. Oh, I far prefer Laura Bush’s. How sad. Oh well, we didn’t elect the President for his taste in home decor. But the American Eagle? That would be like me having a rug with the Milwaukee Calatrava Art Museum on it.

  88. I agree wholeheartedly, but there are so many fools out there who and they control the agenda, that we must push back. I really wish we could have just focus on the wise people.

  89. Remember when the RW criticized Dems who said we need to understand what motivated al Qaeda and how they think? This is the same thing.

    A basic adage is “know thy enemy.” Whether it is from the left or right it is important to know what they are saying, why they are saying it, and what impact it is having.

    A good football team understands its opponent and the offensive strategy is based upon the defense it faces and vice versa.

    This is what this is all about. We need to know what is out there in order to best develop a strategy to counteract it.

  90. Hear is speaker Bohber information. I just called asking the speaker to dismis the statement made by Congressman Broun response to the Who will shoot President Obama. he seems to think it was funny. Office of the Speaker
    H-232 The Capitol
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    Fax: (202) 225-5117

  91. Yup; someone at wsy said that s/he couldn’t wait for the weeMichelles to grow out of the Jonas Brothers/Justin Bieber phase for exactly this reason lol…

  92. DKos does what’s expedient IMO. I don’t see them as a proxy for the left, at all. That said, it is beyond gratifying to see the left as well as unions out on the streets. One benefit to POTUS not getting into this front and center is that some of these more conservative unions like the police and firefighters can continue to stand in solidarity without co-signing a President who some of them likely didn’t vote for and whose policies they don’t approve. This is truly a wonderful development and should be encouraged, with the people trying to divide the union supporters between those of us who strongly approve of President Obama and those who do not—those divisive voices should not be heeded.

  93. Who’s stopping McSame from going to Libya? Since he loves fighting so much, and since he has been known to travel to places where he can try to upstage the President, why doesn’t he just go ahead? I don’t think that many Americans would be upset with him this time around.

  94. Yeah, it’s Friday! Thank you for the usual great mishmash, BWD, and for the rest of the team, enjoy every moment of your Friday! Me, I’m off upstream to read the unread entries.

  95. We can thank our wonderful Senator Patty Murray for that contract. She worked double time to undo the wrongfully awarded Airbus contract then get the process restarted. Her ads about keeping U.S. Military planes built in the U.S. were very effective.

  96. I totally agree with you, BWD, we can’t ignore the fools. However, it’s a question of balance. For me, if the threads become dominated by the remarks of ignorant people, it becomes demoralizing. You do a good job of highlighting the positive and we are all very grateful for this site. My point is complaining about the dumb people without any concrete action just feels like wallowing in their mud. Back in the days when I use tocomment on the orange place, I use to just hate it when there would be a nice flow of comments and then someone would bring up what the Freepers or Rush are saying.

    I haven’t articulated my feelings well, I know this and I am not suggesting that we ignore their negativity, at the same time I don’t want the ignorance and fear of other people’s limited consciousness to vibrationally dominate this wonderful place.

  97. It’s probably easier than getting hassled about ordering a new rug. Why bother? If he gets another term, Obama could order something that could then go into his Presidential Library (each has a mockup of the Oval Office) instead just into storage.

    In addition, these are hard times, one reason why he and Michelle decided against the redecorating account. If they paid for their own stuff, then it’s theirs to do with as they please with no complaints about the cost of any particular piece of furniture.

    Nor does Obama strike me as a guy who worries a lot about decor anyway.

  98. Exactly. Thom tried to rush the guest on this issue but she held her ground, saying this was a monumental change and it was completely orchestrated by Obama.

    Thom has been more reasonable of late, but he does get into his apocalyptic mode and he was waiting to hear that WE’RE ALL GOING TO STARVE like his frequents rants about the SKY IS FALLING economic apocalypse.

  99. Humorous isn’t it? Someone please explain to me what it is that the GOooPs has managed to FORCE President Obama to do? Yet they keep trying.

  100. So basically, whatever it is that the talking heads say he ‘should’ do is exactly what they believe will be a fail and will make him look bad. I get it now.

  101. BWD – thanks so much for the mismash.

    I had not watched the Jobs Council video when it was on live, so after rockin and rollin with motown I edited it into 10 clips. Most clips are 3-5 minutes.

    My favorite is when the President talks about taking steps to ensure that companies recover, but doing it in a way that doesn’t forget the average worker so the gap between rich and poor doesn’t widen.

    to view the clips go here

    I did not get the last 10 minutes done, have to go off to meetings.

    Feel free to use these clips at your blogs, link to the clips on utube, put up info on Facebook.

    One final note, I have done what is called a “rough cut”, some of these clips could be cut into even smaller clips. For example I had a clip last week where the HUD director talked about 3 examples of how the stimulus worked. One of our members asked for just the second example to be made into a clip, they also sent in and out points. This is very easy to do, so as you watch these clips, if there are parts you want to slice off, feel free.

    I did not do the last 10 minutes because I have to go off to meetings now. If anyone wants stuff from the end, just post a request here and I can do that.

    Toodles and virtual hugs to the group.

  102. Japa…it wasn’t the President who went to bat to get that contract for Boeing. It was Senator Patty Murray. She has an excellent relationship with the military. She worked tirelessly to get the original contract that was awarded to Airbus overturned and lobbied and did what ever was necessary to get Boeing a fair chance to win the bid.

  103. Yeah, it’s pretty striking. I think that it’s because a big sensation like POTUS making a surprise visit to Wisconsin would be easy to follow and would generate traffic/viewers. I wouldn’t be livid or upset if POTUS did so, but I think that the benefits of him letting the people on the ground speak up (with the full support of the WH, as POTUS has already articulated) outweigh any benefits which a POTUS appearance might obtain. I really do see him as a leader and not merely a celebrity.

  104. So damned frustrating. Callers tried to make sense to Ed yesterday: if Obama was to weigh in the way Ed Schultz wants him to, it becomes about Obama. With each day, the WI Republicans look worse and worse. All we need is Obama to walk the picket line which is what Ed wants him to do — literally and all these governors get to ride the anti-government/ anti-Obama wave about that Kenyan dictator telling the states what to do. Instead, the true effects of tea party/Republican leadership is being played out.

    Ed Schultz is phenomenally stupid, and I make that word choice deliberately. I am thankful for his blue collar voice that is much needed in our otherwise erudite progressive punditship, but he is factually challenged and dangerous. If he tells the blue collar listener that Obama sucks, they will believe it. If you tell the 99’ers not to vote to send a message, he is talking to the blue collar voter who doesn’t spend hours of their day at blackwaterdog.

  105. BWD – thanks so much for the Friday mismash.

    I watched the Jobs Council video after rockin and rollin with motown I edited it into 10 clips. Most clips are 3-5 minutes.

    My favorite is when the President talks about taking steps to ensure that companies recover, but doing it in a way that doesn’t forget the average worker so the gap between rich and poor doesn’t widen.

    Feel free to use these clips at your blogs, link to the clips on utube, put up info on Facebook.

    One final note, I have done what is called a “rough cut”, some of these clips could be cut into even smaller clips. For example I had a clip last week where the HUD director talked about 3 examples of how the stimulus worked. One of our members asked for just the second example to be made into a clip, they also sent in and out points. This is very easy to do, so as you watch these clips, if there are parts you want to slice off, feel free.

    I did not do the last 10 minutes because I have to go off to meetings now. If anyone wants stuff from the end, just post a request here and I can do that.

    to view the clips go here

    Toodles and virtual hugs to the group.

  106. Ain’t it the greatest place ever?

    I am so heartened to see more and more comments every single day. This site is growing.

  107. I can’t help inserting here Frank Rich’s utterly hilarious description of Romney: his “appearance at CPAC on the morning of Friday, Feb. 11, was entirely consistent with his public image as an otherworldly visitor from an Aqua Velva commercial circa 1985.”

  108. There you go:
    …Obama’s style which a lot of people only appreciate in retrospect. On this site, we appreciate him in real time.

    That’s it right there. And I’d argue that in addition, this site discourages the sorts of discussion via bullying which permeates some portions of the online left. Where people don’t agree with POTUS, they simply state that they don’t agree, and that they think that the WH should do a,b,c. There’s no attempt to force that opinion upon others by way of: calling POTUS a coward/homophobe/deceiver/etc.; threatening to withhold overall support because of disagreement on one issue; weaving counterfactual narratives (he either will do abc or I’ll say that he doesn’t care about xyz group or issue at all). Very little hyperventilating, very few tantrums. None of these tactics are in fashion here, thus we’re able to have discussions and see some things more clearly. bwd especially and everyone here deserves a round of applause for that.

  109. What is more interesting is the educational segment that Michelle does after all of these events. Her point was that there would be no Nick Jonas without a Smokey Robinson. I frankly think when you see current artists paying homage to the past, it’s a good thing.

  110. Leader. Exactly. And as I mentioned yesterday, one who weighs his decisions by looking at all possible outcomes. His going to WI might do some good, may be merely neutral, or may do significant harm. The possibility of the latter being some high, he is not going to do it. Verbally, he has given support.

    Most important, the people on the ground aren’t asking him to come. I have a feeling he trusts their judgement on this issue. Which of course, is what a good leader does. Trust.

  111. But expect to be attacked roundly by Ed. He was pretty dismissive of these calls yesterday but they did get through.

  112. I didn’t mean to downplay any role that Senator Murray or any of the Washington delegation may have had. And they would have been the more visible. I just wouldn’t be surprised if the word wasn’t passed along that the President also wanted it to be given to Boeing.

  113. I love this quote from the social media article:

    “President Barack Obama dominates the politicians category . . .”

  114. The story would shift from the outrageous Republican ideology and its effects on real Americans, to the President. It would mobilize the other side that is now on the ropes, because it would inflame the “That Kenyan dictator can’t tell US what to do!”.

    Ed, if any of your staff is reading this, the POTUS walking that picket line would have the exact opposite effect of what you want. The base gets this fight and they are thrilled to see it happening from the bottom up. they don’t need Daddy to do everything for them. They don’t need endless stories about the President interfering with states’ rights or any of the other nonsense. In fact, the major union leaders are fine with how POTUS is handling it, from all accounts.

  115. BTW, i noticed that excluding Ed Schmaltz and maybe one or two more – most of the PL is actually quite quiet about the president going to WI. Am i wrong?

  116. clap…clap…clap Yep, well-desreved to all of us, but specially BWD who created, monitors and referees.

  117. Sheila – The middle-class used to represent a robust consumer nation. Now the robust consumers are in China and India. That’s where the uber-rich and multi-national corporations are peddling their goods.

    They don’t care about the middle and working class in the U.S. anymore because they have other consumers to take our place. They have never paid any attention to poor third-world countries. And they won’t pay any attention to ours once we join the ranks.

  118. Couldn’t disagree more. I love that rug and the new furniture. Very sophisticated and soothing. He got a lot of criticism for the new decor. People called it ugly and brown. Featured here before was a picture of the President sitting in the oval office with Hillary that showcases how wonderful the look is. There might even be one that has his feet up on that great coffee table. Very nice.

  119. Thank you WIW for doing this! I didn’t get to watch and don’t have the time to watch the whole thing so your clips help. Keep up the great work!

  120. That’s a really striking graphic, eclectablog. It continues to amaze me that HCR enjoys as much support as it does in light of the news skewing towards those who would like it repealed. Great job.

  121. Up thread, I made the comment that despite some of the MSNBC commentators, the left, especially the orange place is all focused and energized by the WI event against the Republicans.

    Here’s an encouraging diary title from orange that has just been posted, minus the link:


    (BWD, I don’t mean to disrespect you by referring to orange but it’s a positive sign if they are moving away from Obama-bashing and focusing on the real culprits. I am trying to look for light in the darkness and this is a positive in my book. When the orange energy is focused in the right direction, it can be powerful force for change.)

  122. Young people’s energy certainly doesn’t seem to be deflating, lol. OFA email:

    The Summer Organizer Program is where the future of this movement is built.

    Every year, hundreds of organizers learn the ropes and lay the groundwork that wins elections and creates change.

    We asked for applications on Tuesday, and in just three days, we’ve already received more than ever before.

    This enthusiasm gets me fired up, and it bodes well for all the work ahead of us — but only if we can capitalize on it.

    Awesome. I just sent off a check to them.


    Witnesses: Republican Laughed When Asked ‘Who’s Gonna Shoot Obama?’

    Let Congressma­­n Broun know what you think about his failure to condemn this abhorrent question:

    call: Phone: (202) 225-4101

    I called and his little assistant tried to defend the indefensible. I called him out and said this country has seen assassinations since Lincoln. Broun should have condemned the comment and the people who laughed. Flood his office with calls.

  124. I hope that my interruption is not rude, but I think that you articulated your feelings very well. I personally would suggest that people help to create the content which they want. Everyone here has their own ideas about good topics of conversations, etc. So if you’d like more positive content, scour the web and bring it to us. I definitely take the criticisms/critiques about too much meta or negativity, but I think that people should realize that if you think that threads are going that way, you can interject with a positive story or remarks. My two cents.

  125. The State Trooper thing was intimidation – pure and simple. And maybe even illegal, from what I hear. I hope someone starts filing charges soon.

  126. Damn big red. I am furious. He is basically tied with Rachel in viewer numbers. He is so foul that I have a hard time even looking at a photograph of the man.

    Don’t vote for Obama. That man is a worm.

  127. Well keep in mind that no matter what the press or the far right wants.. the President does not and has not shown a propensity for following the whims of the media- whether its the professional right wing media or those in the professional left wing media. He’s too smart for their shenanigans, jovie.

    He has already informed the public that he supports the unions.. and from there he went on to continue doing his job- governing the country… all the screeching from Ed Shultz, et al.. ain’t gonna make President Obama do anything. But WE do have to get busy doing more pressuring on the networks to have actual democrats on their shows.

    I’m glad to hear Trumka will be on this weekend, because there are support rallies going on all over the country tomorrow at noon in support of WI- theres even one here in ND.. shocking, actually.

  128. Another point that was pointed out at Balloon Juice that Ed and his ilk forget is that the President is an Illinois politician. He is from the Great Lakes region and he understands how people from the area think. Those pundits in DC and the Beltway media just don’t get people outside of their little circle. They are either patronizing, like Chris Matthews who sees all people not from Washington as naive, uneducated, unsophisticated bumpkins, or dismissive. They think those people need to be led or they will not know what to do with themselves. It is insulting to the good people of Wisconsin and demeans their drive, motivation and determination to stand up for themselves.

  129. Agreed gn, I love how Africa and Tulips wrote yesterday.. that is really the way for all of us to go on this- its one thing to be bothered, incensed, etc.. its another thing to take Action and pressure them to force their ways- we’ve got to take a stand on this.

  130. So utterly true, Sheila. I think that this will become clear as the years go on, the absolute quality of the leadership in the WH right now.

  131. Yup. I just wrote to Ed and donated to OFA. People shouldn’t think that we just talk around here; a lot of people have taken/are taking concrete actions.

  132. Adding my virtual round of applause.

    /screaming bravo and throwing roses at Sheila’s feet, lol

    That really was an excellent reply.

  133. Does Schultz realize that Trumka sat next to POTUS for a couple of hours yesterday in the Job councils meeting??? Is Schultz aware that if the unions wanted POTUS in WI, that they might just have made that request personally via Mr. Trumka yesterday?? Is Ed Schultz a comple and utter moron??

  134. For some reason, I suspect that both POTUS and FLOTUS are waaaaaay more laid back than we might think.

  135. Broun just put out this press release:

    “Tuesday night at a town hall meeting in Oglethorpe County, Georgia an elderly man asked the abhorrent question, “Who’s going to shoot Obama?” I was stunned by the question and chose not to dignify it with a response; therefore, at that moment I moved on to the next person with a question. After the event, my office took action with the appropriate authorities. I deeply regret that this incident happened at all. Furthermore, I condemn all statements—made in sincerity or jest—that threaten or suggest the use of violence against the President of the United States or any other public official. Such rhetoric cannot and will not be tolerated.”

  136. I get the uneasy feeling that they may let Sarah run. None of the other candidates seem to be catching fire, and with the glittering prospect of a run in an open year (2016), some of the heavier hitters may take a pass.

    Let’s say you’re one of the heavy hitters. Running now means running against a fairly popular and pretty politically astute incumbent who has a lot of money and pretty solid support.
    In any election, you need to hold all of your support and get crossover votes to seal the deal. Taking votes away from Obama is probably a fool’s errand at best, and impossible at worst. Not to mention that the massive vote of 2008 will be supplemented by an even younger and more liberal youth vote.

    The way to beat an incumbent President is to capitalize on a major mistake. Carter had inflation and Iran, Bush Senior had the economy and a tax revolt within his own party.
    While the economy will probably not be all that great next year, the likelyhood of Obama making a major mistake is very very slim. Since these days, it’s a “one and done” thing for a Presidential Nomination, why not wait 4 more years if you can to see if a combination of Obama fatigue and the luck of the draw of a lesser opponent might do the trick.

    So this may be the year of a throw-away candidacy. The last time a Democrat was in this position, we got Dole, who was old and clearly not meant to serve 4 years. But none of the younger ones were ready to take on Clinton. There’s no old but serious Dole type this time around who would gladly settle for the honor of being the nominee: McCain has already won. So Sarah gets the booby prize, and the party makes sure she can’t run in 2016 against the young Turks of the party.

  137. I’m not giving him a pass, but sometimes people really do react out of nervous laughter. What I find interesting is that he chose to note that the man was elderly. What difference does that make; he knows what he was saying. That said, good for Broun for condemning those remarks, and thanks for reporting edwina!

  138. Thanks, V C. My initial reaction was not so nuanced when my remarks were called “wishywashy”, but this is an old friend and I am accustomed to his aggressive stance. And thanks for the list. I have printed it out to keep near the computer.

  139. Thank you, everyone. I bow to all of you. I guess the eloquence here is wearing off on me. As long as we all continue to inspire each other, we will be able to put ideas into communicable language, no?

  140. Ditto. The first sentence out of Ed Schultz’s mouth last night was a criticism of President Obama. I immediately turned the channel and never went back. I also do the same to Lawrence O’Donnell.

  141. I agree with you about their callousness, Arizona Grandma. I’m just saying that a tiny population of the very wealthy at the top of a very large base of disenfranchised is not very stable. It is probably unlikely they will become enlightened and see true happiness for us all lies in universal brotherhood, and perhaps they can survive for a while by themselves, but sooner or later . . . This is far beyond my skills or organizing, but I often wonder why more people don’t band together to provide services to one another and bypass the top? It would take a great deal of planning, but it could be done. There are communities who have joined with one another to provide their own utilities and financial services. Community supported agriculture is an example of a community-minded business. Why not?

  142. Heh.. which begs the question, if he sees us all as little germ carriers.. how will he govern us exactly? What a moron.

    Seriously, I don’t like the creep anyway- but to think he is even remotely appropriate to run our government, to answer to the needs of the American populace shows his profound arrogance.

  143. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that they wait 3 days to “denounce” this kind of dangerous rhetoric – and only do so when forced.

    There are eye-witness reports that he chuckled after the remark, followed by a bit of verbal vomit.

    On the OFA site (where Trolls are allowed to post whatever filth they want), a regular FOX-bot was making all kinds of excuses for this statement. Excuses! Really? There is NO excuse for talk of assassination – by EITHER side…EVER!!!

  144. He’s…special. I’m just stunned: two of the GOP’s most serious presidential contenders are reality show stars! lol lol lol lol lol

    I mean, think about it for a minute: a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination was just in the gossip blogs complaining about rihanna cancelling a performance at one of his events.

    How much lower is that party going to go???

    /helping myself to some of your popcorn

  145. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry. I’m thrilled for the honor paid to your community. I do know that he kept Laura Bush’s rug for awhile and I thought this was it.

    I honestly thought it was paler than I remembered and I thought the Bush rug was milquetoast to begin with, so I thought it had faded.

    Well I stand corrected. But I’m still not impressed. This couple usually has such a sense of style (although one of my favorite comments about Barack was when Michelle said he could go into a bag for the thrift store and pull out a pair of Mom jeans. She said this after his quite dorky picture on a bike with the girls during the campaign. Light-colored jeans but too much was made of how he looked in a helmet. A good Dad would wear the helmet if he expected his children to wear one).

  146. The guy had his wife and mistress vacationing at the same ski resort, just for fun. I’m not a “moral values” person in the slightest, but no way he gets through a GOP primary. I do hope that he runs, because it will demonstrate to the country that the GOP’s leadership is limited to gimmicks.

  147. I tend to agree with both of you. Find out what the enemy is saying and then turn your back on them and concentrate on the positive. I don’t need to watch Beck or Palin any more (or even Ed) to know what they are saying. They are as predictable as cockroaches in a room filled with breadcrumbs.

  148. Wow! h/t sepia@weeseeyou:

    Jeremy Bernard: A historic choice for White House social secretary
    By Jonathan Capehart

    The White House is set to make news and history this afternoon when it announces the new social secretary. Jeremy Bernard, currently the chief of staff to the U.S. ambassador to France, will become the third person to hold the job in the Obama administration. But he will be the first man and the first openly gay person to be the first family’s and the executive mansion’s chief event planner and host.


    The history-making just keeps piling up!

  149. Walker’s lips are moving on the teevee right now. He’s had days to polish his talking points and on their face may be effective.

    We need some Wisconsinites to analyze this speech.

  150. Hey gn.. agreed.. however, with that said, one wonders how much more proof does the American public require exactly to see the GOP for the freakshow it is?? I’m just constantly amazed by how ostrich like we tend to be as a country- either by decision or by chance. when we have the likes of Palin, Romney and Trump thinking they have a chance in holy heck of running against President Barack Obama.. heh.. seriously, just HEH, lol.

    And then there is the media, who props these losers up as some sort of force, good grief. Our media- we really really have to do something about them.

  151. A Milwaukee art aside. The old Milwaukee Art Museum (doubling as the War Memorial) was designed by Saarinen and Joan Miro was commissioned to do a mural for the front of it. When he was asked to present a sketch, he pulled out in a huff and they put a mural of Roman numerals signifying the year it was erected, I believe, decidedly bush league. I had thought the Calatrava was a huge step forward in sophistication and beauty (though the transition to the old section is somewhat graceless). Before Walker became County Executive, the Board commissioned Dennis Oppenheim, a very big name in the artworld, to do a public sculpture for the airport. It was to be entitled “Blue Shirt” and was to be a huge blue transparent work shirt with work motifs inside, a hammer perhaps and other tools, I can’t remember. I did not think it was the most wonderful design but public art can’t be too subtle to appeal to the general public. Scott Walker took control and immediately cancelled the sculpture, saying he did not want Milwaukee to be known as a “bluecollar” city, since it was more sophisticated than that. Of course, since Walker was cancelling a sculpture by one of the biggest names in the artworld today, he rather gave the validity to the idea of Milwaukee being unsophisticated.

  152. My local progressive radio station has a local show before Thom Hartmann is on Nationally. The local show has a name a Weasel of the Week on Fridays. One caller named Ed Schultz for calling on PBO to come to WI to fight for the Union and being negative against him cuz he hasn’t. I applaud this caller and think maybe that is the route we need to take talking against the bashing and saying why it wouldn’t work.

  153. I remember the blue shirt controversy. I love Milwaukee simply because it is both sophistcated in many ways and also so blue collar. It is proof that they are not mutually exclusive.

    I consider it to be a place with big city opportunities with small town attitudes.

  154. Good to hear. Ed is just too extreme. i couldn’t change the station fast enough after Rachel yesterday, and I heard the first words out of Ed’s mouth, immediately bashing the President. He caused this mess with his “don’t vote” crap, and now he wants the President to clean up the mess.

  155. I think of Ed Schultz as a passionate airhead much like the Right’s Rush Limbaugh maybe more sane. I do not think that he actually gives much thought to what he says or does and the long range goals. He lives in the moment and speaks without thinking.

    He is helping in some respects shine a light on a common man need, but then he counters what positives he gives the issue with dumb attacks and opinions that have far reaching effects such as his comments about PBO and what he should do and the earlier comment about the HCR fight and deciding to not vote in the midterm. Even though he takes things back once it has been said it takes hold.

  156. I also read somewhere (can’t remember right now)that the Koch Brothers were so confident the budget bill, which included no-contract bids for the state’s utility companies)would pass under Walker’s leadership that they have employment ads up and running for positions that do not exist because the utility companies are still state-owned. Talk about hubris?

    Thank you, BWD, for providing a safe haven that’s brimming to the top with information we wouldn’t see elsewhere.

  157. Thank you so much for posting information about a new thread. It is very helpful to me. Thanks!!!!!

  158. Already done…

    “Capitol Police plan to begin removing air mattresses and various other items used by protesters who have been camping out in the Capitol for more than a week on Friday afternoon.”

    “At 4 p.m. Friday, police will begin barring access to the Capitol for overnight campers to the second, third and fourth floors, according to a flier circulated by police.”


    “Lawmakers approved a rule change this week clearing the way for Capitol police to close down the statehouse and end the biggest rally in recent memory. Cullen Werwie, a spokesman for Gov. Scott Walker, said the policy is intended ‘to ensure the safety and public health of all individuals.'”

  159. The more the pundits scream the more you know they are hurting for audience. I know very few liberals who are watching any of MSNBC, let alone fox or Lintball.

  160. I think Ed acts like a MACHO man that reacts first. Fight first, yell louder, say what you want no matter what the results will be. That is what bugs him about Prez Obama he acts totally different than that. PBO gathers all the information first and listens to all sides then weighs the long term consequences before deciding. I also think Ed’s mindset is quite normal of people that just react and don’t think deeply.

    Many of the trolls on OFA have Ed’s mindset seen by their comments against not acting quickly and the use of PBO’s Czars to help gather information. These people act from the old authoritarian dictorial leadership style versus the consensus, group think, then decision arriving method used more prevalently today.

  161. There are 535 supposed “leaders” in the US Congress. Why can’t they put their walking shoes on and get to Wisconsin. I saw a WI Congress woman on TV last week in front of the state capitol, and I cheered that she was there. She should be there. We should exhaust the mayor, district councilmen and women, dog catchers of Wisconsin, then all of Congress, then the President. Ed and his type always want to go from zero to hero – and ignore the fact that there are many elected officials in this country, who have all sworn to uphold the same Constitution and protect their constituents. Ed’s nonsense takes eyes away from what the Republicans are doing (and given the plethora of good stuff from just the one taped phone prank – they should have been happy for a week)! I am convinced Ed’s just another Arianna poseur.

  162. When reading Audacity of Hope I noted that PBO used his Community Organizing as a teaching tool when working with his clients. He empowered them to solve their own problems. He taught them how to go about it but never spoke for them. He encouraged them to speak for themselves and taught them how to do it.
    This technique has spilled into his leadership style and I feel it is much more effective than the leader doing it himself.

  163. And the President will make history again by putting into place the first openly gay social secretary, replacing Desiree Rogers and her successor. Oh my God, what will the PL have to say about this!

    “The White House is set to make news and history this afternoon when it announces the new social secretary. Jeremy Bernard, currently the chief of staff to the U.S. ambassador to France, will become the third person to hold the job in the Obama administration. But he will be the first man and the first openly gay person to be the first family’s and the executive mansion’s chief event planner and host.”

  164. Yes, President Obama made a lot of changes with the G8 and their approach to aid. I believe some of this was in his speech in Ghana, but can’t recall. He wants them to get off the dependency, because they can become thriving economies in their own rights. There are a few partnership opportunities that are opening up in developing countries, even outside of government, where private industries are helping local communities set up their own businesses to provide what was previously obtained through aid. Double benefit of helping and growing the economy (and skillset). I saw one story of a young African woman (who was raised in the States)who had helped set up mosquito net companies in central Africa, and after the initial donation of supplies and training – the people there were thriving, plus cases of malaria had declined. Another example of community organizing. It gives people back their dignity when they’re empowered to take care of and defend themselves.

  165. I missed the comment yesterday regarding who you sent the email to in the first place. Did you send the email to Ed Schultz? If so, did he answer it himself or was it staff who answered it? The language used makes me think it was staff as it was at a much higher vocabulary level than I have heard Ed use when reporting. Your answer back was perfect!

  166. I think it was Randi Rhodes yesterday who said that the rich are now looking to the emerging countries to become their consumers, and leave the US to become the cheap labor. Depressing, but not impossible.

  167. That food example fits into the Community Organizing techniques that Obama used while working with people needing help. The method he used was to teach them to be proactive and speak for themselves. This teaching technique has shown itself to be beneficial in his leadership.

  168. He was stunned? Didn’t he laugh after the comment was made. It’s too bad that he didn’t make an attempt to address the issue when it occurred because his office will continue to be bombarded with calls, as it should be.

  169. You know I may prefer a more vibrant rug but the fact that it was made in the USA and eco friendly far outweighs the decorator sense preference I have. He is walking his talk. I know lots of eco friendly items do not use harmful dyes and tend to be lighter in color and of a more natural appearance.

  170. I agree, japa. There are many cultural opportunities here without the hassle of a larger city (though we do visit Chicago often, most especially for visual arts), and the housing is still somewhat affordable, by today’s standards, anyway.

  171. The scary thing is that there are no GOP candidates right now. No one has officially declared they are running. Obviously, Pawlenty and Romney are running but haven’t declared. But, I am not sure that anyone else is going to run. They are liking the money they are getting in the private sector too much to run for office again.

  172. I absolutely want the end because that’s where the President reminds those in attendance that they can’t just take the R&D money, create something new and wonderful, then ship the jobs it creates oversees. He lets them know that for Americans to agree to let private industry use tax money and incentives, the American people have to believe that they have a stake in the results. That is to say the jobs created must be American jobs. Brilliant.

    THANK you, for making those clips. I will most definitely use them. They’re good for illustrating points to anyone we wish to educate about the economy in general and economic recovery in specific.

  173. That’s great news, GN. Calls to mind the quote about the cynics not realizing the ground has shifted underneath them. Younger people are more interested in service than even the generation before them. That’s something I love about OFA…lots of opportunities to serve, not just on the political front, but in education, people to people, environment, new energy. It’s exciting to witness.

  174. You would think that the oh-so-recent heightened awareness after the Tucson Tragedy about threats on the lives of public office holders wouldn’t have worn off quite so quickly. So very sad.

    That elderly gentleman’s comment was so not worthy of Christina Taylor Greene.

  175. moose, I just wanted to thank you for your support over at dKos. I get abused there sometimes and you are often there to help me fend off the gnats. Thank you for that.

  176. It is about time that we tell them that we know what they are up to. How about us staging massive “call-ins” and “write-ins” to the MSM to protest the fact that “they are IGNORING the Democrats,” and, by extension, they are “Ignoring us!” I too pay taxes, just as any other right winger. I probably pay more taxes than many right wingers who take advantage of every possible loophole to avoid paying taxes. Because I pay taxes, I am tired of right wingers, who claim to represent tax payers, insinuating that people who support unions, and oppose the right wing agenda of bursting unions, are not tax payers. We really need to say it loudly to the MSM that WE ARE TAX PAYERS AND WE STRONGLY OPPOSE THE RIGHT WING AGENDA OF BURSTING UNIONS! The last time I checked, the vast majority of tax payers are from the BLUE states. RED States like Alaska and Mississippi receive more government largess than do the BLUE States of California and New York.

  177. GN, It is indeed “time to speak up.” I am just sick and tired of the the so called progressives (some of them former conservative Republicans like Schultz and Huffington) who constantly attack the President, thereby “enabling the GOP….” We need to confront these people who use the same tactics as Republicans to bash the president while pretending to represent the base. Schultz, Huffington, Hamsher, and others, must be challenged. We must insist that, since they claim to represent the base of the party, they must show us an example of where the base of the Republican party relentlessly bashed President Bush for everything he did. If they cant do that, then they must be exposed for their role in aiding and abating the Republicans by sowing division within the Democratic party.

  178. Bravo for you Gaye! I stopped watching Ed Schultz after he suggested that people should not turn out to vote for Democrats in midterm elections so as to punish President Obama. The fact that he encouraged people not to vote, to protest President Obama’s policies, told me everything I needed to know about Mr. Schultz’s political intentions. Clearly, It seems to me, Schultz’s’ mission is to make sure that President Obama is not elected for the second term.

  179. I am sure many of the people protesting in Wisconsin did not take Mr. Schultz’s stupid suggestion seriously. No President, not even the progressive icon FDR, ever personally interjected himself in a labor dispute. President Obama clearly stated his opposition to the the Wisconsin’s the Republican assault on the unions.

  180. I also prefer the new decor….traditional with an edge and I think warm. I don’t think this is a room where the decor should be attention getting or distracting…it should reflect a business like vibe. I think the Bush decor had to much feminine energy…but if it suited them, that’s what matters.

  181. Sincere congratulations to you and thanks for this sane,credible place.I am not able to post regularly but I do visit often and appreciate the breadth and depth of the information.

    Onward and more success awaits, I hope.

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