3 Months, 1.5 million views, 1500 members, one adult in the room

Hi Guys,

I hope this won’t come across as too self-congratulatory (Just a little bit ;)), but i do think that we deserve a bit of a celebration.

It’s been exactly 3 months since I opened this place, certain it’s going to be me and couple of dozens people talking to ourselves. What happened since, is simply overwhelming. Right now, we’re just about to reach 1.5 million views and 1,500 members. In three months. I can’t even fathom the meaning of it.

So, to mark this moment, here’s a little video I made. I want to dedicate it to CR,  founding of Pro President Obama  blog. CR is a loyal, tough and incredibly humble supporter of the president, and she’s the one who gave me the push and encouragement to go on with this blog. Thank you, my girl.

I hope this video will speak to and for anyone here and out there, who is doing their best to provide this great president with a bridge over troubled water.

Thank you all for being here. I love you.

361 thoughts on “3 Months, 1.5 million views, 1500 members, one adult in the room

  1. Wow, those numbers are astronomical. We’re the true “silent majority” — except we’re starting to be not-so-silent.

  2. You have no idea how much I appreciate this space, bwd.

    I have to go OT (repeating my comment from the morning thread), but this is just terrific news and I thought you’d like to know right away!

    Wow! h/t sepia@weeseeyou:

    Jeremy Bernard: A historic choice for White House social secretary
    By Jonathan Capehart

    The White House is set to make news and history this afternoon when it announces the new social secretary. Jeremy Bernard, currently the chief of staff to the U.S. ambassador to France, will become the third person to hold the job in the Obama administration. But he will be the first man and the first openly gay person to be the first family’s and the executive mansion’s chief event planner and host.



    The history-making just keeps piling up!

  3. Great news BWD and congratulations. I just this means there are many of us out there looking for positive information. Thank you keep up the good work. Peace

  4. Wonderful news about a person who so richly deserves it……you. *S*

    I know I don’t comment much, but I read here every day and follow links I would never have seen anywhere else.

    As many others have said, it makes my whole day better – gives me a positive attitude.

    So thank you, BWD……

  5. Wow – what an amazing announcement!! You are so right! The “history making” is piling up!!

    Congratulations BWD! Thank you for all that you do to provide a forum for us to engage in a positive manner.

    Big hugs to the entire community! To quote Bette Midler: “You are the wind beneath my wings”! 🙂

  6. You self-congratulate from the mountaintops! This is fantastic growth and I for one am humbled to be a part of it.

    I love our discussions here. We are substantive, we are fact-based, we are passionate about how we view the progress of our nation and we appreciate our President for his efforts to move a very difficult ball down an insurmountable field.

    Blackwaterdog is a major part of changing the progressive narrative. We may not yet fully appreciate how important it was for her to break away from the behemoth that was sucking progressive energy dry and reinvigorate us.

    Thank you, BWD. From the bottom of my heart. And major congratulations on your growing success. America is a better place with your voice in it.

  7. Congratulations to you Blackwaterdog. I love this site and the excellent people and spirit you have attracted here.

    The most exciting aspects about this space is that you get a wide range of sensibilities, that are respectful to each other, plus you get intelligent comments and intelligent action.

    Thanks to you and the commenters for making this the go-to place for me.

  8. Congratulations BWD!! Your site has provided me with positive and extremely informative information that I otherwise wouldn’t have the time to search. I have also enjoyed receiving information regarding the many links that I didn’t even know existed. My education regarding internet searching has grown exponentially…thanks to you!! I have tried to share your information with others as often as I can. Keep up the great work..Judith

  9. Bernard certainly got a glowing endorsement from Capeheart!

    Full disclosure: Bernard and I are friends. He will bring a certain warmth and irreverence to the job that will make him a joy for his colleagues to work with. His knowledge of the Obamas and his intense attention to detail will ensure that their vision for the people’s house continues seamlessly. And he has a reverence for the presidency and the meaning of the White House that will make him an imaginative steward of their image.

    Sounds like simply a fantastic, high-quality person; there seem to be lots of those in this WH, lol! As I said at wsy, I love this guy already. An Obamabot who doesn’t take himself too seriously yet is very professional, has the utmost respect for the President, and is a warm person. He’d fit right in here as well. 🙂

  10. Congratulations, BWD. I’m so proud to be one of the 1,500 subscribers to your site. Here’s to many more!

  11. Lurkers and semi-lurkers [cough*ME!*cough] — come out and give props to BWD and the regulars here, for making this such an informative and welcoming space! 1500 comments from our 1500 members, what do you say? 🙂

  12. Wow!!! Speactacular statistics BWD. I am in total awe. Kudos kudos kudos!!! Let’s all raise a toast to our indefatigable host, BWD.

    You have given us an oasis of sanity and we are grateful. Cheers!!!

  13. Really well said, faith. What I love about this space is that after the elections, we really needed to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, refocus, and regroup. This site couldn’t have been created at a better time and was just a Godsend to me personally in terms of being able to feed my love for discussing this very exciting political time without some of the combat zones and other stuff which brought out the worst in everyone. IMO this space is successful because it really uplifts and brings out the best in people. I’m hoping that it continues to grow and the emerging focus on making sure that the messages crafted here get disseminated continues to grow as well.

    Round of applause to the terrific site proprietor and what is shaping up to be a fantastic family of commenters and lurkers!

  14. Thank you BWD.. and thank you CR for knowing that BWD would be great at this :).

    I pass all of your posts BWD onto my facebook page.. and I know for a fact those folks are reading what you’re posting.

    In my opinion we are growing a Force here that will be a major contributor to the upcoming election.. and beyond that to the continued truth-telling that we all know is lacking in most media at this time. This is why you’re growing.. this is why this blog is popular.. most of us are starving for facts minus the BS.

    Thank you Blackwaterdog- truthfully I believe that this blog will become an influence on how folks begin to view the other media out there, the pundits, the spin, the lies. Once folks get more and more factual info in their lives, they will ultimately have little interest or time for the BS… and the manufactured outrages.

    Once you go FACT- you don’t go BACK.. hehe.

  15. Beautiful video! And congratulatios, BWD. You are a force of nature, and are creating a political force.

  16. I am so proud of you BWD for the space you have created here. Kudos all BWDers. We got some fine level headed pragmatists in this community I love to call home. Just proud of everyone here. Stay safe and have a good weekend all.

  17. I’m so proud of the movement you’ve started BWD – congrats and thanks for the inspiring video clip.

    In spite of all the horrible things the opposition has said about this man, he keeps his head held high, his smile bright and confident,
    his eyes twinkle with optimism, his intellect, wisdom and measured judgement far surpass many of our previous presidents. He has
    carefully tried to be the President of all the US people and not let partisan politics bias his actions. He has repeatedly tried to work
    with both sides to reach reasoned compromises. There are times when I wish he’d take a strong stand for the things I want him to
    fight for, but he is a moderate, trying to bring people together, rather than divide them. There will come a time when the majority of
    Americans realize the greatness of this guy and finally all give him the respect and support he deserves, and his place in history as
    one of our best presidents will be secured. Yes, I admit it, I’m an Obamabot….

  18. Oh and my suggestion to all of us: Get on Facebook or other social networking.. it is easy and painless.. and then post post post these factual content items everyday.

  19. Congratulations, BWD! You deserve the recognition for all the work you do. I hope those numbers just keep on growing and growing. Thanks for all you do.

  20. Oh Wow, BWD, you just outdid yourself on that video (is that even possible with so many gems??) – just so beautiful. I can’t put into words just how much it means to have access to this site and to know that there are so many people who see our wonderful President and our political environment as I see him. Now, those other dark sites don’t bother and upset me as they used when I thought they were actually representative.

  21. Well said gn, it really does allow for the best in a person to come out.. that in itself promotes more thoughtful, intelligent and insightful commentary. Fighting (as on the other blogs) does not educate nor enlighten. This space allows for disagreement, yet enhances one’s willingness (I think) to view one another as human beings. That is success… and frankly, it’s bloody brilliant.

  22. Congrats! Allow me to look into my crystal ball… I am predicting more growth in your future! 😀

    I am a lurker 🙂 and a big fan of your site. This is just an awesome place to visit! The Obama Diary and your wonderful site are the two I visit most often. Thanks for doing what you do, because it is crazy out there!!!! 🙂

  23. Nice to see you brother TIMT- pat yourself while you’re at it, for all your wonderful truth-telling diaries.

  24. Astonishing and super-well-deserved notice of this stimulating and comforting place. Big truckload of congratulations to you, BWD!! You are an amazing and beautiful person. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, which serve as a daily source of inspiration. YAAYAYAYY!!!!

  25. You deserve the congratulations BWD! I spent thirty minutes on other news blogs today and came away convinced that the country is in the toilet and all experts agree its always been PBOs fault. This site restores my sanity. Your work here is vital and the public is responding.

  26. This is the first blog that I come to each day, I love getting updates regularly. I joined the community when it started and have just been a lurker, I am here to say to everyone that comments that you all give a mature and informed commentary on each topic that is posted. Your insights and knowledge is far better that the pundits on cable(which I cancelled last year during the fake teabaggers promotion by MSM).

    I stopped reading the orange and HP after 11/4. I believe that Ed Shultz should be exposed for the republican in Democrat’s clothing that he is. If someone could create a video showing the President campaigning in Wisconsin with the First lady pleading with the electorate to vote and to not give the keys back to the republicans and to contiunue the progress of moving our country forward and a side by side video of Ed Shultz telling his liberal audience to not vote in the November election that would expose him. Many lurkers and readers on other blogs does not know that Ed is a republican posing as a democrat like our dear Arianna. Ratf–king to perfection.

    When Ed started his show he always had only republicans on making disparaging remarks about the proposed stimulus bill, I could not understand at the time why he had those Rs getting their talking points out, I stopped watching him back then, eventually from reading these blogs that I came to find out that he is a repuglican plant.

    Anyway this is the best blog and will get bigger as the election draws near. Thanks BWD!

  27. This is a super strenuous job at this point in history. The Obamas are both very busy, very social people who like to do lots of things beyond their work life. I wish Mr. Bernard the best of luck. He sounds perfect.

  28. BWD: Thank you so much for the moving tribute to the President and thank you so much for this blog that allows his true supporters to come together.

  29. Congratulations, and a big THANKS for all you do here for us. You are so appreciated!!

    Thanks also for the wonderful video — of our WONDERFUL President. Love all the beautiful pictures, showing him, his beautiful/contagious smile, and showing all the love from everyone (young, old, men, women, children, etc.), everywhere he goes.

    Just love and appreciate him, and so glad he and his great family are in the White House as our Presidential Family!!

    Thanks again, for everything.

  30. Yes BWD you can and congrats, keeping growing
    we are with you Thank you, Thank you thank you.

  31. Congratulations BWD! Your site and Chipsticks are my favorite on the internet. Can’t live without visiting your sites everyday. Thanks again for all your do.

  32. Congratulations BWD!!! You have and continue to make a huge impact. Thank you for creating this site. It is a true oasis.

  33. Congratulations, BWD. This site has help to keep me sane. I think I am on this site more than any other. I am completely grateful to you for creating an atmosphere filled with facts and great people that I learn something from each day.


  34. I’m on the road now but I just had to take the time to first express a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to BWD for creating this phenomenal atmosphere. This site has come to represent a community of citizens who are invested in the greater good for this country. As others have stated, its NOT an Obama cheer leading site devoid of facts and respectful exchange of ideas. however there is no shame in recognizing that this democratically elected President has stepped up to the monumental task of governing this country and we will continue to spread info about the gOod work that he is doing while calling out the anti-progress punditry in our media who are mostly concerned with stirring up empty controversies while lining their pockets with unearned cash.

    BWD I believe that this site will continue to grow as more people begin to wake up and seek the truth about where this country is going and who whe want to take is their. Thank you so much for this site. This place has impacted us for the better more than you would ever know.

  35. Hoorah BWD! And we love you too! I am not a bit surprised by this outcome. You created it and we all came. It will keep on growing.

  36. I just want to say THANK YOU for the terrific job that you are doing here. It has been a pleasure being a part of this historic chapter in the US.

  37. Yes, he does! TiMT is a real treasure at TPV, here at BWD and anywhere he posts diaries and comments.

  38. After a meeting with President Obama and Vice President Biden on Friday, Democratic governors led by Martin O’Malley of Maryland said that they all have a single-minded focus on job creation, not the labor battles that are roiling Republican-led states like Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.

    “Most of us see that as a distraction really from the most important work that we can do which is creating jobs,” O’Malley told reporters. “All of us get things done, we’re about getting things done, w’ere not primarily an ideological group of people.”

    Asked how the Democratic governors caucus felt after the November midterm elections, O’Malley was chipper. “The spirit is one of unrelenting optimism and faith in the people that we serve that we’re going to be able to make the tough decisions necessary in order to create jobs and “win the future” for our kids,” he said.

    He added that talk of GOP budget cuts haven’t fazed them. “We’re not bracing for the worst, we’re preparing for the best, and the best thing we can do right now is create jobs,” he said.


    Oh and congrats!

  39. Congradulations, BWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a feat! You have truly built all of us a sanctuary and I, for one, am deeply grateful for you and all the wonderful people/comments that come to this site. We build each other up, we disagree without being disagreeable and nasty,and share the incredible successes that this amazing administration has put in place so far.Many, many more great years…many, many more voices to hear.Sincere thanks.

  40. I’m uneasy about Facebook. I do send this and other info to my daughters, other family members and friends and they post it on their Facebooks.

  41. OMG! This is wonderful news!!! I will tell you this is the first place I come and the last place I go to at night and many times in between. I am so greatful to BWD and all the wonderful people who post here. It has helped to despell my depression about all that is happening. I now know I am not alone and all you wonderful folks have given me things that are within my power to do. I don’t feel as intimidated by all the right wing media. So thank you to BWD and all this wonderful family. You have made my day!

  42. So going to steal that!

    “Once you go FACT- you never go BACK”

    Totally great. Bumper stickers, T-shirts, banners, buttons….? Anyone?

  43. I have noticed a LOT OF “NEW” names that comment now. Welcome to the family…that’s all your doing BWD.People come here like bees to honey, and they soon find out that with this one little website they can find MORE information than all the MSM has reported on all day.

  44. Koch Industries executives are reacting to the prank call pulled on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) this week, where a blogger got through to the governor by posing as David Koch. In an interview with National Review Online, Koch Industries executive vice president Richard Fink says the Koch brothers will not “back off.”

    “With the Left trying to intimidate the Koch brothers to back off of their support for freedom and signaling to others that this is what happens if you oppose the administration and its allies, we have no choice but to continue to fight,” Fink said. “We will not step back at all. We firmly believe that economic freedom has benefited the overwhelming majority of society, including workers, who earn higher wages when you have open and free markets. When government grows as it has with the Bush and Obama administrations, that is what destroys prosperity.”


    That is rich!

  45. I’m with you!

    BWD, congrats on this BFD!

    And did you have to make me all weepy with that video? That’s a keeper. Thanks so much (and my thanks to CR, too!).

  46. BWD, this site is a gift, pure and simple. Since you started it, it’s not only a place of respite from the sneering contempt, ignorance and bigotry shown to our president on too many other sites, it’s been a source of solid information and fact-telling.

    You provided a place of light and people have been drawn to it, so it’s no surprise that you’ve been such a huge success in a short time.

    When some one I know is an Obama supporter has a birthday, I always link this site in my e-mail message to them, with the note..This is the best gift I can give you.”

    The video had a lot of love in and I certainly felt it. \

  47. Higher wages with an open and free market. Jeez. These are the same people that oppose the minimum wage, overtime regulations, shift differentials, etc. Unions have always set the prevailing wages in an area. Koch is a crock..

  48. Jay Carney White House Spox announcing right now that the US has unilaterally suspended Diplomatic relations with Libya, Embassy staff have been evacuated. All bilateral agreements pending or otherwise suspended.
    Wow. European allies are likely to soon follow. Gaddafi is finished. assets to be frozen as well.

  49. Hey, all!

    First post (been lurkin’ a while) and, considering that this is such an auspicious occasion, thought that this would be the perfect time to say hello and CONGRATS, BWD!

    Found you through Jack and Jill Politics, subscribed and ain’t been right SINCE (a VERY good thing). Have turned a number of people on to this haven, and, indeed….I am here a number of times per day to stay with it.

    GREAT job, GREAT community and just keep on keepin’ on, girlfriend. Keep on keepin’ on!!

  50. Nice pinkbunny. BWD, I am so happy for you and for all of us. It is phenom that you have so many users after only three months. If I could, I would take you out for a drink.

  51. Forgive my repetitiveness, but in Christin’s absense (she tends to post in cycles), I’ve just gotta repeat one of the best, most uplifting, beautiful comments which I have ever read in my years reading blogs, and which was inspired by this fantastic site, The Only Adult in the Room:


    I was somewhat skeptical of February of 2007.
    I was somewhat kinda liking what I was seeing in June of 2007.
    But had to chose one.
    I was a confused Edwards supporter in November of 2007.
    Confused as in thinking maybe I was on the wrong team.
    On December 2nd 2007 I picked up the phone.
    It was enthusiastic Democratic supporter of Barack Obama calling from OFA, giving me a complete rundown on Barack Obama, and could I give any type of donation.
    I told him I was for John Edwards, but would be quite happy if Barack Obama won.
    But would hold off financial support for now.
    And then somehow, wound up giving my first 100 to the campaign.

    In January of 2008, I put up the NY Times front page article in my office at work.
    Sen. Barack Obama wins Iowa.
    A smiling Barack Obama clapping.
    I’m still looking at that yellowed picture.
    We then left for vacation in Saint Thomas.
    A few days into my tropical paradise, we’re in a little grocery store on the island, paying six dollars for a box a Cheerios.
    And I’m losing it because New Hampshire goes the other way.
    On my vacation!

    And then it begins.
    Obsessing over every poll in existence.
    Cursing the longest primary in history.
    Glued to the internets to see how some election in a US territory I never heard of is doing.
    American Somalia too! Ours!
    Pissed off at home state for going the other way. What? My state?
    February, March, April……I tell my family I can’t take this.
    When will it end.
    They look at me in disgusted disgust and think and/or say the same two statements.

    I blame my friend who lives in PA for that loss.
    She kept asking me what date the primary was. Like I live there?
    I keep looking at her Larry David like wondering did she even remember to to vote.

    I am up to twice monthly donations.
    One from my account. The other from my SO’s.
    Sometimes he does not know that when he tells me fifty, I make it one hundred.
    When he says one hundred, I make it two.
    It’s only numbers.

    The articles in my little cube are growing. A whole wall.
    May! Finally!!! We win! For a few hours I’m beyond myself with happiness.
    Then I remember now we start all over again.
    More money. More pouring over polls.
    And then the cavassing starts in July.
    Knocking on door after door after door.
    August. More doors. The convention. Me all crying.
    We cannot lose. If we lose I have to tell everyone once again I am moving to Canada.
    And they will know I am full of shit as usual and I will lose more friends.

    September. More canvassing.
    Now go onto PA to knock on more doors.
    And then – finally. It’s done. Sheesh. Finally.
    So ballistically happy and overjoyed and insane and delirious with utter shear amazement and relief that the local news interviews me at BO HQ in NJ.
    I come off looking one hundred times worse than Dean when he was all yelling.
    I even had mascara streaks on my face. Yup. Good representation.
    Tickets to the D.C. for the big day in January 2009.
    And that was the beginning.

    Of two years.
    In which my hope. My joy. My faith.
    Were restored.
    And my respect.
    Just so much respect.
    And pride in my country.
    And just this overall incredible feeling of peace.
    On the politics side of my life.
    A feeling of peace that had been missing since November 2000.

    And no one.
    Least of all some members of the professional left.
    Least of all some sad Naderite voters who hate all Democrats.
    Least of all about 20 remaining PUMAs.
    Least of all about 1000 still bitter John Edward supporters.
    And least of all about a few bloggers.
    One who makes his living off of his blog.
    The other who was a failed Hollywood screenwriter.
    The other who can’t make up her mind which party she’s a member of.
    The other who figured out screaming gets attention and some viewers on his You Tube site.
    But all who were once Republicans.
    Unlike me. Unlike most of us.

    For them – the Professional Left.
    It’s all about money.
    Advertisements on their web sites.
    Clicks on their web sites.
    Invites to appear as talking heads on some cable show that hardly anyone watches.
    It’s just about how to make money off ranting, screaming, and hating.

    None of those losers.
    None of those Non Members of this real base.
    The five percenters.
    Will ever. Ever.
    Take that away. They can’t. They don’t know how.
    And the more they can’t?
    The more they hate.
    And the more they hate?
    The more miserable they are.
    And the more miserable they are?
    The more without hope they are.
    And the more without hope they are?
    The more they close their curtains and sit in the dark.
    Pounding away at their keyboards.
    Just screaming how much they hate everything and everyone.

    HELL NO YOU CAN”T yelled John Boehner before HCR passed.
    He was not orange that day. He was red.
    Screaming HELL NO YOU CAN’T.
    Over and over and over.
    He looked so hateful. So miserable.

    I could not tell the difference between Boehner.
    And the Professional Left.
    The Professional Left.
    That is not the base.
    That is not the heart. The soul. Or the canvassers of the party.
    They are the base of their own party.
    Some third party that voted for Ralph.
    And now wants to vote for…they don’t know.

    When Democrats give the President an 85 percent approval rating?
    All what I babbled on was just one big fat “goes without sayin’. ”

    And when I used to go to my local campaign office to pick up my packets to canvass.
    Almost none of those foot soldiers were bloggers.
    Almost none of them heard of Daily Kos. Or Firedoglake.
    Just blank looks.
    As they got ready to convince another voter to do the right thing.

    So to President Barack Obama.
    I thank him for giving me back so much of what we lost in 2000 and and more.
    In more simple terms, I thank him for knowing that what makes a leader is not being a jerk and a bully and screaming my way or the highway.
    But for knowing that in order to move forward and help as many as possible, you have to give a little to the other side so they come on board.

    And for BWD.
    I thank her for giving us a place to revel in that joy.
    And for being a place in which the curtains are always open.
    The sun shines.
    And we get ready. To help elect. For the 2nd time.
    One of the greatest Presidents this country has known.

    Happiest Bouncing Bot ever. 🙂


    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will!

  52. What’s interesting is that the Koch lackey decries the growth of govt under BOTH the Obama and Bush administrations. When GWB is too “liberal” for someone, that should put the fear of God into those of us who are still sane.

  53. I find that highly appropriate. It is not a militaristic, bombastic threat; it is a firm showing of support for the Libyan people who have been subject to unacceptable violence. Thanks for reporting, zizi.

  54. The more I think about this place I get tears in my eyes. I wish I could give hugs to everyone here, especially BWD. I virtual {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} to everyone here. This is such a healing and positive place. We can disagree and do it like adults. We should have real discussions about all, especially the Only Adult in The Room. Love to all!

  55. But, but, he isn’t sending Rangers and Special Forces in to “take out” Gaddafi, which shows that he’s not a leader!

    I’ve said it before, but GWB’s bluster-full “leadership” style has corrupted the idea of true leadership for our chattering classes. I hope the damage can be undone before we stumble into another mess.

  56. BWD, you are simply amazing. You have created an incredibly important space for President Obama supporters. We thank you immensely.

  57. I have to say that I am seeing at least one new name every day. And I know from my past history at other places, a lot of times people wait a while before they decide to join a community and start commenting. I have no doubt that the growth will continue and probably at a faster rate.

  58. Fantastic! Congratulations Blackwaterdog, for this wonderful blog and for all you have done to help keep Hope alive for all of us! Here’s to the next 1.5 million!

  59. Gaddhafi is desperately blaming Al Qaeda and hallucinogenic drugs as being behind the protests. It would have been much easier if he could have blamed the West, and specifically America as being behind the popular uprising against him.

    President Obama is all about empowering people to be the change they desire. If people stand up and force change on their own, they have ownership and a stake in the future and how it turns out. If it came from the top, no new leaders would present themsleves and nobody would have any stake in it succeeding in the future – they had no skin in the game, so if it failed, blame Obama.

    This is true in Egypt, Libya and Wisconsin. It’s true in the House and the Senate. It’s true for all of us.

  60. Wow, that’s the best, just the best, description of the feelings we all had in 2008 campaign and ever since. You are so right. We didn’t go through all of that just to get brought down by the disgruntled few. We’re strong, we’re growing and we’re ready.

  61. Spot on, SR. Nothing worth having was ever attained from the top down. Any lasting, positive change has to emanate from the grass roots up. The minute PBO takes to the picket lines in WI or OH or PA, that’s the point at which the protests will sputter and lose their organic nature, and the sympathy of the electorate. The minute PBO announces a military intervention in Libya, that’s the point at which Gaddafi will be able to rally his forces and blame all the protests on the US and the West.

    I think in an earlier thread someone said that PBO wasn’t a revolutionary. I beg to differ, respectfully. I think PBO is a revolutionary, just not of the wild-eyed kind. He’s inspiring ordinary people, people who’ve been ignored with the domination of neo-liberalism in economics, and neo-conservatism in foreign policy, to take back control of their lives. He’s not issuing manifestos or putting out little Red Books, but his impact is no less revolutionary for it. I think a continued Obama presidency into a second term is the best chance that we have at reclaiming an organic, bottom-up democracy, and wrest power away from the plutocracy.

  62. Not only that, his message to those around Gaddafi is “If you continue to support Gaddafi, we will come after you.”

  63. Looking around the country, the number of sane people appears to be diminishing rapidly. The group here may be the last bastion.

  64. Blackwaterdog,

    You do incredible things with photos. I save so many of them and will make an album someday of this remarkable time in the history of our country.

    I watch the President and how he interacts with people, all kinds of people, and marvel at his prowess, his smile and his sincerity. He is truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever observed.

    Your video brought me to tears when I thought about his Mother, Grandmother and Grandfather all being gone and not being able to see what he has become. What an amazing story and what obstacles he’s overcome to be elected as the President of the United States of America!

    I sit in awe of him and wonder why the right wing conservative in this country can’t see that he embodies all the ideals of being American that they hold so dear.

    Thank you for making this blog available to an old lady like me.

  65. Isn’t the polling in favor of the union protesters? I think the “sane” population is growing. The 2010 elections were a fever, which seems to have broken, and people are rueing either their affirmative votes for Tea Party snake oil, or their inaction in the face of near-fascism. Don’t despair yet; there’s much work to be done — I just kicked in a bit of cash for OFA’s summer activist training program — but we are on the right — and growing — side.

  66. Thrilled that you’ve delurked and I look forward to reading your comments Blackman.

    Found you through Jack and Jill Politics, subscribed and ain’t been right SINCE…


  67. Thanks a million for convincing bwd to start this site, and for your own beautiful, classy space.

  68. bwd, you are a GIFTED editor! My husband is a professional editor who has made an excellent living in the field and he would be proud to call you his contemporary. Well done! BEAUTIFUL. You can just FEEL THE LOVE, my dear, with every cut you made. This is going VIRAL!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  69. I absolutely agree, perfectly stated… and indeed, I agree too that President Obama is a revolutionary.. his impact will be huge and long, count on it.

  70. OK, I just watched the video and, BWD, you have left me sobbing. All time favorite song and all-time favorite President. Thank you so much. It’s a sticky! and I’ll be watching it about a million times myself.

  71. … and a (proud) old lady like me. I also often think of his mother, grandmother, and grandfather … he says they made him what he is, and it would probably have been wonderful to have known them ourselves.

  72. I saw that announcement earlier and thought it was great news. The Obama administration is doing a good job at making their administration more diverse than past administrations.

  73. I have to say the same thing. While this is a refuge for my spirit and my place to get recharged it has turned out to be a godsend for networking as well. I send emails to about 50 people in my county who are telling me they are sending them on to family, Facebook friends, and community members. There may be 1500 members and a million and a half hits recorded here so far but I bet there are many many times over that number of people who have received your information, BWD, in some process of sharing that people reading here send on. You and your work are so valuable. Thank you.

  74. Congratulations, BWD! I am definitely a fan of “The Only Adult In The Room” and of you. I followed you here from DKOS, and have not looked back. Every morning I look forward to getting in the office and reading each of your blog entries and the comments. I’ve learned a lot.

    I look forward to your rise of blogger stardom, and looking back and saying “I was there!”

  75. Oh man gn, I’ve read that before, but it is still so enduringly stunningly perfectly stated. Thank you for reposting it.. and I truly hope that Christin is doing okay.

  76. Any idea why California Governor Brown and New York Governor Cuomo didn’t show for this meeting? The MSM is floating rumors of problems with those 2 governors and Obama as the reason they didn’t attend.

  77. Much like Reagan’s was. But Obama’s will be in a positive, constructive way rather than Reagan’s negative, destructive one.

  78. Congratulations BWD and to all the members of the community you have created.

    THIS, BTW, IS A BFD!!!

    “”WEST POINT, NY — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates bluntly told an audience of West Point cadets on Friday that it would be unwise for the United States to ever fight another war like Iraq or Afghanistan, and that the chances of carrying out a change of regime in that fashion again are slim.

    “In my opinion, any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should ‘have his head examined,’ as General MacArthur so delicately put it,” Mr. Gates told an assembly of Army cadets here.””


  79. Great news. Obama shows once again that he knows what he is doing and won’t be rushed by the impatient rantings of the 24/7 MSM and the PL whiners.

  80. Sheezo. Huge congratulations. I knew your traffic numbers must be big but I had no idea. I am SO not worthy. I’m excited to be approaching 100,000 hits and I’ve been at it for 2½ years.


    Great job, lady. You’re a rock star.

  81. BWD, It’s you we should be thanking! You’ve created a sane place to come to away from the madness that is out there. Congratulations my girl, we love you right back!

  82. I want to really thank you for creating this welcoming space BWD. You have continued to bring important news items to our attention along with the perfect photos and/or videos.

    Not only am I learning new information daily from BWD, I am also getting so much information from the great community of members at this site.

  83. Just remember, WE are the change we were waiting for. If we don’t live up to that statement in whatever way we can — giving financially, knocking on doors, or just being kinder and more thoughtful in our day to day interactions — nothing will change, and the cynics will be confirmed in their cynicism. PBO is threading the narrowest of needles, and so are we.

  84. I leave for awhile and come back to all this good news BWD gone and brush your shoulder off. LOL! congratulations.

  85. CONGRATULATIONS, BWD!!!!!!!!!!!! We are forever indebted to you for creating this site, and CR for encouraging you to do so…

  86. And thats good enough, we all have our own comfort levels Ag.. absolutely nothing wrong there.. I love that you pass them onto your families.. and they continue the process of passing them forward.. thats exactly how we get the facts out. Well done 🙂

  87. THAT qualifies as a BFD of the hugest proportions. A Republican Def Secy saying that military intervention — except in special circumstances, I’m sure — should never be considered by a future Administration is something that’s never happened. That should put to bed the concerns that the PL had of Obama retaining Gates. But, it won’t.

  88. 1.5 Million Congratulations BlackWaterDog on a very very successful site. I am very proud to me one of your 1500 followers. This is the first place I come too in the morning and last place at night. I no longer go to the “other” pretend liberal sites that are all run by ex-republicans. I am down to only watching Rachel Maddow in the evenings because I can not stomach LO and ES anymore. Why should I let those haters bring me down after spending time here. We will have to become the new “Acorn”, to get active, spread the word and get folks registered to vote. All morning I hear some Wisconsin folks saying Obama needs to walk the picket line with them. I say, He came to Wisconsin and campaigned and many decided to send him a “message” and stayed home or wanted a “change” and voted Republican. Now you want daddy to fix everything make you feel all better. I am sorry for those that voted DEM but many of the public workers voted Republican. I can not believe NO ONE in that state knew what Scott Walker did in Wilwaukee to the public security people. This is what happens when people don’t pay attention. There is NO WAY IN HELL I would vote for a republican no matter who he or she is because they are for the wealthy and I am not wealthy. Even if I won the lottery today, I would NEVER VOTE Republican.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  89. WOW!!!!! Thank you so much for this video, I needed a good cry. I absolutely LOVE THIS MAN. God bless HIM.

  90. Yep. Libertarians perhaps? Fascists? Or maybe their ideology is strictly $$$$. Creeps for certain.. and dangerous.

  91. I agree, he inspired a new generation around the world. They listen to him with a open mind and a open heart. He really touched something deep inside. It had nothing to do with borders but people. People want to live free and cooperate to get things done for the sake of all.

  92. Congrats to BWD for a wonderful blog. I come here at least twice a day, especially if I’ve been watching much news. I also only go to Rachel Maddow now mostly, and sometimes to LO and CM. I am very disappointed in Ed Shultz.

    Thanks again, so much for this site, it keeps me sane.

  93. I expect your hits total to increase, if for no other reason than of this site and the fact that you have some great postings.

  94. Congratulations BWD, one of my very first posts went something like…

    “I feel so lucky to have found this place where I feel support, acceptance, and encouragement every day.” Feeling have not changed.

    So… if you really want to turn this video making into a career, send me a note. I work at a Community College that provides training for “Digital Film Editing”, we could talk…

    In the meantime we can enjoy this wonderful place, be grateful to have found each other, and grow closer every day.

    Virtual Hugs

  95. A most excellent comment SR.. I was thinking that is exactly what ought to be said to the likes of Ed Schultz: Big Daddy Obama has shown us all how to lead, how to act for over 4 years now.. If you (Ed) want Action in WI, take your hiney out there and lead.. you don’t need daddy to do it for you.. he has already empowered you to lead on your own.. if you’d been paying attention, Ed, you’d have gotten that by now. Not to mention the folks in WI have been doing exactly that.. Leading.

  96. Best of luck to you qmastertoo.. my son took it a few years ago and I know its grueling.. but you will pass. Let us know when you get your results 🙂

  97. PBO has taken community organizing to a national — perhaps even global — level. When communities are empowered to make their own decisions about their own futures, good things usually happened. An empowered community — usually — wants to make sure everyone in that community has a decent standard of living, basic freedoms, basic services, because that benefits the entire community. I think PBO knows that for the kind of change he wants to instill, it’s going to require this kind of national and even global community organizing. What his Tea Party detractors dirisively scorned as a weakness is actually his not-so-secret strength. We’ll see who laughs last.

  98. I remember that one of Pres. Reagan’s favorite lines was “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me.” I wonder what he’d say now about today’s GOP?

  99. Whoa Bob, that is amazing, good on him. And very grateful that he is saying it to the young new up and coming grads- they’ll remember this.

  100. Oh hang in there eclectablog.. you are quite worthy and your commentary is wonderful, I completely appreciate your blog.. and do my best to pass it forward.. keep it coming sir.

  101. Thanks for that info zizi. I figured PBO would do exactly that once all our people were safely away. Europeans will follow once they get their own people out.

  102. Yea, and wasn’t Gates suppose to leave after one year? And look at him, still there. I don’t blame him, i wouldn’t want to miss one day of work with this president either.

  103. Hola and Bienvenido! So happy you de-lurked on such an auspicious day. Join the discussion and please share any info you get.

  104. “If you build it they will come”. Well BWD you sure built one heck of a site and we sure came…1500 strong.

    I can’t thank you enough for creating this oasis in the barren desert of current journalism.

    We are truly blessed to have our President Obama at the helm, at a time when there is so much national and international turmoil. This time period requires intelligence, brilliance and nuanced thinking. Who better to have then, than this brilliant thoughtful man.

    I joined your site within the first few weeks of it being started and although I don’t post often I read it at least twice a day sometimes more:)

    Sincere congratulations and we are behind you all the way.

  105. From the BBC live blog, a tweet from inside Libya: Libyans Revolt tweets: “Speaking to many on ground: spirits still high but they’ve had enough – he will go down sooner or later.”

    Here’s to hoping it’s sooner, rather than later. I have a great fear that Gaddafi didn’t destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and might use them on the protesters in one final Gotterdammerung. That’s the point at which I’d support an immediate intervention by NATO.

  106. And this old one, too. I think his mother and grandparents would be very proud of this wonderful man that they raised. They must have been exceptional people.

  107. LOL!!! I really admire and respect Robert Gates. He’s an honest man who has truly been a faithful servant to President Obama and our country. I love his blunt and oh-so-true commentary. It must have fried him working for the three nitwits W, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

  108. Great idea. I already sent a heads up on this to some people I know who volunteer for OFA.

  109. Congratulations BWD. I do lurk more than comment but it seems so many people on this site,the People’s View, etc. already are expressing my thoughts so I tend to read and enjoy! love, mjd

  110. Agreed wholeheartedly. Even if Gates wanted to leave.. I’m betting President Obama is saying uh uh.. you are needed right now. Too much going on.. the world is exploding.. in a good way, imo and we need these level heads making these continued sound rational decisions.

  111. Draft U.N. sanctions text calls for an end to violence, and an arms embargo to Libya. It also calls for travel bans and freezing of top officials’ assets. The resolution calls for referral of Libya violence to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

    A draft U.N. Security Council resolution says Libya violence “may amount to crimes against humanity.”


  112. There’s no question that BWD drives a LOT of traffic to Eclectablog. I’m approaching 10,000 hits per month and I never used to get that kind of volume. I think that the loose Pragmati Network we’ve assembled has helped all of us. BWD, of course, stands alone, as does Chipsticks, but having a network like this is good for everyone involved, makes sure that we don’t miss anything and helps get our message out more effectively.

    Come this time a year from now, I think we’re all going to be much better known than we are even today.

  113. I’m not going anywhere and I’m certainly not stopping now. It’s gotten to be like breathing for me. I have an iPhone app that allows me to literally blog from almost anywhere. I have heard news items on the news while driving, pulled over, and put something up because I thought it was important. Pretty obsessive, isn’t it?! LOL…

    I do like to mix it up on Eclectablog once in awhile, though. I hope folks enjoy a little eclectic, non-political stuff from time to time. Call it a sanity break.

  114. I am so glad I found BWD. It’s a great site and I continue to tell everyone I know about it !

  115. That is very high praise coming from you, my dear. I adore you and what you’ve done here. There are a LOT of people that, facing what you faced at dKos, would have said “eff it!” and given up. Instead, you’ve turned it into something positive, something worthy and, I really believe, something that’s going to have a real and tangible impact during next year’s campaign.

    I hope you’re ready for it! Hah!

  116. Your work is just great and we all love you so don’t snivel, lol. I think you will be getting a lot more traffic in the days ahead.

  117. I think thats awesome.. its what ‘reporting’ should be about, sharing the facts, allowing people to be informed- not preventing them from knowledge by only sharing one’s opinion as if it is some higher bit of education. I know you share your opinions too- but you also always give the FACTS.. and that is invaluable to me, and I suspect to many many others. So thank you 🙂

  118. Congratulations, BWD, and thank you, thank you, thank you! Your blog is #1 on my Favorites Bar, so I can get to it in the morning when I’m still bleary-eyed and need my coffee to become human. I don’t know what I would do without you and Chipsticks. I have completely retired my TV – who needs the MSM nonsense? My blood pressure is high enough without getting aggravated on a daily basis. Between your site and several others on your blogroll, I get all the information without the spin and the nonsense and without feeling down for the rest of the day. Keep up the great work you are doing. You are improving the quality of life for a lot of people. And thank you for that terrific video. It helps me realize again why I love this President.

  119. Congratulations, BWD… I am so grateful for your energy and commitment to this beautiful site (I love the dark background and the whole design!) Thanks again for FINDING and keeping the positive, truthful stories out there. We need more of this in the world.

  120. h/t weeseeyou, Fox”News” Shepard Smith just kept it really, really, really real about the Koch Brothers’ union-busting. He told the honest to God truth: “to pretend that this is about a fiscal crisis in the state of Wisconsin is malarkey” he outlined how the Koch Brothers financed political campaigns and are getting attempts at union-busting in return:


  121. I have appreciated your site, and I have frequently defended the President to my fellow lefties, but right now I am very disturbed, if not downright appalled, by his silence about this attack on the unions and the inspiring protests that people are staging in Wisonsin and throughout the country. I know he made a statement several days ago in response to a question, but now real leadership is needed, a clear statement of what is at stake and his commitment to the working people of this country who are figting desperately for their basic rights. Where is he?

  122. Good to see that people that support this president have that they continue to cheer his hard work considering what he was handed.

  123. I’m sure it’s nothing more than scheduling conflicts that didn’t allow them to get away from their states at this time but you can count on the MSM to try to make it out as a loss of support for the president. Everything shows a lack of support for him to the MSM. They are pitiful.

  124. That’s just their attempt to distance themselves from their pet lackey president who nobody remembers fondly. They think they can lump him in with Obama and – voila! Bush wasn’t a republican so you don’t have to avoid republicans. He was just like Obama, so he was really a democrat. See how that works? It’s magic!

  125. He’s letting it be about the issues on the ground. There was recent gallup polling that said 61% of the population backed workers right to organize and collectively bargain. President Obama only polls at 50% give or take – if he wades into the issue it becomes a partisan issue and sides will retreat to their corners.

    Police and Firefighters Unions endorsed Walker, not they’re supporting the workers. What happens if Obama wades in – he is the only story.

    Also I suspect he’s fully aware of what’s happening on the ground and where the heads of the 14 Dems holed up in Illinois are. If he feels they are wavering and will give in he might jump in, but with the biggest rally yet planned for tomorrow, it needs to be about the WI workers vs Koch/Walker and their union busting.

    Facts are on the protesters side, President Obam would just be a distraction. Walker, GOP would love nothing more than for Obama to allow himself to become the issue and GOP rallying point.

  126. Agreed, gn. It’s a smart way to hold Gaddafi accountable, to support the people of Libya and yet not embroil is in a 3rd Middle East war. I can just see if we had a republican president right now, we’d be invading countries left and right and instituting a draft to provide all the soldiers. WWIII, without a doubt.

  127. It’s so nice to hear from you and other lurkers. I hope you will continue to comment and join in the discussions!

  128. omce again, BWD,

    you have shined a bright light where it belongs. on th leadership and inspirational quality of our President. i Love you and your work.

  129. Congratulations!!!! BWD…so Happy to have found this place. Thank you for all you do and appreciate your dedication for bringing positive news against all the negatives.

    Love you much (((( BWD)))) hugs 🙂

  130. once again, BWD,

    you have shined a bright light where it belongs. on th leadership and inspirational quality of our President. i Love you and your work. LET’S DO IT AGAIN IN 2012!!!!

  131. Good for Gates. We need more plain speaking like that when it comes to National Defense. I just wish there were more republicans like him these days.

  132. With all due respect Kathryn, you find the same WH which stated that Walker’s actions are “an assault on unions” appalling and disturbing? OFA is on ground and President Obama is clearly sympathetic to the protesters. I know that some portions of the lefty media are clamoring for President Obama to parachute in but I say let the protests continue to be about the unions and grassroots (with solidarity shown by some traditionally conservative unions which are far more ambivalent about POTUS than the left; why risk that).

  133. Well said, lila. This is leadership. This country has become confused about what true leadership and a results-oriented, goal-oriented WH resembles. Big on real action, low on spectacles and drama. I hope that President Obama brings in lasting change in this regard, and somehow I think that he will.

  134. Well, I’m appalled by the way the Left is yet again completely misdirecting their attacks. The moment PBO gets into it – this fight is over. It will become a media circus, it will become all about him, it will give Republicans all the weapon they need, with the backing of the MSM.

    This is a fight for the people on the ground to fight. The people of Egypt took down a 30 years dictatorship by themselves, the spoiled Left in America just sits and wait for the president to snap his finger and fix it all. That’s what they’ve done from day one of this presidency, that’s why they didn’t go to vote in November – clearing the way for scumbag like Walker – And that’s what they do now.

    The president is the president who needs to make sure that Americans are getting out of Libya, he’s not a Labor leader. I’m sorry if this is so shocking to you.

  135. Nice article in the NYT about the tourists returning to Egypt [already!!] although the author seemed to have completely missed the humor in having the waste baskets reading “Facebook” tied to the lamp posts:


  136. WOW! I just signed on to drop off a message about an article re WI that is really worth reading and saw our CELEBRATION! 1500?? TERRIFIC! I have to run back to the top to read and enjoy, BUT first I wanted to note this before I get caught up in the celebration:

    According to this article the workers in Wisconsin were paying their own pensions/health care BUT journalists didn’t bother to do the necessary research.

  137. They don’t get it, they just don’t. They have zero political savvy. They want the president to drop all that is on his plate, and come marching – with the secret service by his side of course – on the streets of Madison. This is insane.

  138. Respectfully disagree, kathyn. PBO is handling this just right. I’m sure he knows exactly what is going on. Any direct intervention from him right now would be spun as the big bad Prez trampling on “States Rights. It would also bring the focus on him instead of keeping it where it belongs: On Walker, the Repugnants and the Koch brothers trampling the rights of workers and the people of WI.

    This is the people’s fight. Make no mistake, people and workers got to STAND or be battered down with Walker’s bat and Koch $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  139. What annoys me greatly is the stridency. I wouldn’t even mind if people were like, “you know, it might be a good idea for him to come and show solidarity, and this is why [outlining reasons using logic and fact]…”

    That allows space for a reasoned debate at which both points of view might recognize something worthwhile in the other, and people who think that POTUS must be front and center on this story thus leave themselves room to hear the alternative viewpoint or unintended possible consequences. But no, it’s “he needs to go or he deserves to be a one-time President” and just this really escalated rhetoric which accompanies almost every story of this type which posits that every single event is the end of the world or the saving of the world. To me, this is emotional roller-coaster political observation and it’s just so exhausting.

    Reason number one million point five (!) that I love love love love this space.

    Ya done good, bwd, and we’ve just gotten started; the best is yet to come.

  140. *~*~Congratulations BWD~*~*

    What an awesome milestone!


    Thank you for providing a space where people who are optimistic, progressive, and fact-driven to come and share with each other and support the goals of this administration.

    Your hard work and passion are so appreciated. You are a supastarrah!

    Also, thanks to all the fellow commenters and bloggers who bring info and stimulating conversation to this site. You all are priceless.

    Wooooohoooo. The Best is Yet to Come 😀 😀 😀 !!!!

  141. I generally only lurk, but I had to delurk to say, congratulations to BWD and the wonderful community you have built here on this huge milestone! You deserve all the success that has been bestowed upon you!

    I will continue to do my part contributing to the views of this awesome site 🙂


  142. This is my daily sanctuary that fulfils all that I wanted from blogging,as I am an avid follower of both Obama and BWD all the way in Trinidad. This place is so palatable, passionate,respectful and enlightening. No extraneous stuff to distract, e.g ads of faces you just don’t need to see, and/or quarelling and negative spiel to disturb the aura. Now, I simply peruse briefly, those I used to spend time and comment on, shake head, smirk, roll eyes, and head on home, here, for the unpolluted real deal, where I can be uplifted, and inspired.
    Cheers…to more unfolding of a new revolution.

  143. Congratulations BWD, this site has become a very important part of my day. I check it several times per day to keep up with what’s going on.

  144. Great article and thanks for sharing. Kudos to Egypt and may their tourism increase.

    Right now I am sending all my positive thoughts and prayers for safety to the people of Libya. May the outcome there be as peaceful as possible.

  145. Bingo. And really, what does POTUS say: “we are the change we’ve been waiting for.” And thousands of us people at rallies all over the country are going to be standing with our Wisconsin tomorrow. The majority of the country disapproves of Walker. This is so utterly significant.

    I admire and respect my President greatly, but if people are looking for a boost, for a reminder that yes. we. can., nothing beats scenes like this, not even a POTUS speech:

    That’s the traditionally conservative firefighters union, in full regalia, with their drums and their bagpipes, coming into the packed Capitol to show their support of their brothers and sisters in the teachers union, despite being exempt from Walker’s legislation. That’s just magical, it’s coming from the grassroots on up, and it’s showing people that we have the power to improve our lives if we just stick together.

    When I read the story of someone from Egypt sending pizza to the Wisconsin protesters, it struck me how much we’ve changed already. Remember how much people couldn’t stand this country and what they saw as selfish, bombastic, boneheaded Americans? Now they’re reaching out to us and showing us tangible support, even feeding us. Let this play out…

  146. To some people who responded to my comment: First of all, you can be generally supportive of someone and still be critical. I would imagine Michelle Obama would agree with that. I, of course, know that the President risks becoming the story if he speaks out about this–that is always the risk. But I think that risk is very much worth taking, if that is really the issue. This man has the ability to frame issues in a serious, nuanced way. That is all I wnat him to do. He has the biggest megaphone in the country, as all Presidents do, and he is one of the most eloquent speakers I have ever heard. I believe he needs to use the bully pulpit to articulate what is at stake here. Presidents aren’t merely managers or legislators, they are also moral leaders. This is a fundamental assault on the vast majority of people in this country and on the heart of our democracy. And that is far from clear to most people. I don’t want him to “parachute in” or to do anything else operatic. That is not who he is or should be.I want calm, but forceful leadership. The people on the ground are doing their part, but most of the mainstream media is still distorting what this struggle is really about, and there needs to be a clear, clarion call from our President on behalf of the workers. I am still amazed that this isn’t happening. If you disagree with me, fine. Please don’t assume, however, that because I am critical of the President, whom I worked for and will work for again, that I am a hysteric or commenting in bad faith. This is generally an unusually civil site. Let’s keep it that way.

  147. Amen to this, GN. That’s the real change PBO always talked about. From the people, from the bottom up. People in Libya are being butchered, and they keep coming back. And here, people sits behind their keyboards and they blame the president for not taking the streets. Like he is not the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, and he doesn’t have to deal with million things.

  148. Now that, ms bwd- is one fine comment. Perfectly stated.. and as others have pointed out: why are folks falling (once again) for the media blitz on POTUS? Why are they making WI all about President Obama.. This is about WI, this is about workers, this is about unions.. and this is about the knucklehead they voted into office- they are the ones who have the ability to fight this, to win this.. President Obama has shown his respect for unions by in fact not interfering, not upstaging their protests. We all know where he stands, because doggone it he told us where he stands. How many times, folks must this man say his piece, exactly before ya’all HEAR him??

    Thanks to the likes of Ed Shultz, the noisy greedy PL- they’ve managed to direct media attention AWAY from WI and their protests onto (once again) the President. What a lot of hooey.. about time folks started seeing through this game. Ed Shultz: loud mouth republican, playing folks as have all the republicans- playing at being lefty media. Stop listening.

  149. Wow! I responded to you but I didn’t think I was mean or uncivil. If my comment came off that way, I do ask you to forgive me.

    I do respect your ideas and opinions even if I don’t agree with them.

  150. I was there early … only login now to post recommends to your diaries and TiMT’s.

    And, I’m grateful that you post at TPV as well as your own blog – very generous of you.

    But, your extensive work for OFA draws my highest respect.

    All the best!

  151. Thanks for toning down the rhetoric; I don’t find your opinion objectionable at all—I personally took issue with the “appalled” and “disturbed” rhetoric.

    As to the substance, beware unintended consequences, Kathryn. President Obama’s appearance isn’t going to force a national media (which is not very used to siding with unions) to tell the story fully or accurately. The majority of the country (61%) gets it anyway. And that by necessity includes people who do not favor President Obama’s policies. I’m sure that if the striking unions detect a benefit to President Obama’s presence which would not provide a gift to Republicans looking to make this a battle about the WH, or estrange the more conserative unions currently standing in solidarity, something will take place. If not, I’d love for President Obama’s supporters and detractors alike to acknowledge that he’s on record as finding Walker’s actions assaultive and has his organization on the ground helping out, as OFA has been doing from the very beginning.

  152. Furthermore, the moment he gets involved, Republicans who now support the Unions fight, will automatically pull back. The most important thing is to keep the focus on the scumbag governor and the plot to destroy the middle class.

  153. Beautifully said, GN. We, the people just got to stand together and thrive or we will be extinguished one by one alone.

  154. Seriously bwd we are so blessed. We’re not facing an army, or being fired upon. I have not a single solitary doubt in my mind that if POTUS thought that his presence would positively tip the scales for the protesters, or that coming in and making a speech would make that legislation go away, I bet he’d do it. But we as people need to understand that we have the power to change our circumstances. And indeed, here in the US we’ve got it so much easier because of the sacrifices made by previous Americans, including the threat of death.

    I can’t thank you enough for this space, I just can’t.

  155. The President said over and over again DON’T GIVE THEM BACK THE KEYS, the people of WI gave them back the keys. This is their fight, let them fight it. They got themselves into this position, sorry to say. Anyone who thinks this President isn’t supportive,has just not been listening.

  156. I don’t think any of these reasoned, thoughtful responses are going to change the opinion already determined here. Thank you all for being ultra clear on how sensible it is for the President to continue exactly how he is on this subject.

  157. How many of those shouting at the president now, didn’t go to vote in November? Maybe it’s good that they see what’s going on now. Maybe next year they’ll be first at the polls on election day.

  158. I couldn’t agree more. And I have to note that the union strategy has been almost perfect thus far, in that they successfully sidestepped the “taxpayers versus union leeches” narrative, instead letting the facts lead in order to tell a story of all workers being targeted by a handful of greedy people who simply want far more than their share, and thus want workers to work harder for less pay so that they can have more profits. Spectacular strategy, and the positive polling bears it out. I’m not going to second-guess this.

  159. I remember reading that and being blown away the first time…now I’m blown away all over again:) Thanks for that.

  160. That sums it up for me. It’s the tone of panic and urgency about everything. There is no time to think or listen to another opinion. We must do as the pundit says or the consequences will be dire. It doesn’t matter what all the past crises they’ve declared have turned out for the best by following the president’s lead, THIS time the pundits MUST be right. And woe to anyone who dares to contradict their righteous opinion. They, and only they, know what is best and the president better darn well listen or he is a sell-out, corporatist, republican in disguise, anti-gay, pick your insult of choice and deserves to be primaried, lose the next election, or what have you. It’s tiring. It’s like dealing with preschoolers. It’s all about ME, ME, ME for them. They need to take a deep breath, clear their head and listen to what others have to say. Then think about it, weigh the options and likely consequences. If they still feel they are right, they need to calmly describe why they think so. Outrage dialed up to 11 on every single issue means that none of them seem very important any more.


    NBPA Press Release (February 25, 2011) February 25, 2011


    New York, February 25, 2011 — “Last night’s vote by the Wisconsin Assembly was an attempt to undermine organized labor and the men and women across the country who depend on their unions for a voice in the workplace. The NBPA proudly supports our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and their stand for unequivocal collective bargaining rights.” – Billy Hunter, NBPA Executive Director

  162. Guys, you’re making me feel that this is a site where one cannot criticise the President,even in a thoughtful way. I think that’s a shame. But, peace, we are all on the same side. I’ll enjoy your posts, BWD, from now on and keep my thoughts to myself. I sincerely hope all of you are right about PO’s motives and the result of his decisions, but it isn’t clear to me. Time will tell. And for this person who posted my favorite video of the firefighters entering the capitol, thanks.

  163. The media is not looking for a “clear clarion call”. They are in the business of distortion and spin. They love conflict. The president further inserting himself would take attention away from the protesters and the “liberal” media would then clamor to get every single Repub on to talk about “states rights”.
    The protesters are doing a great job with their perseverance and resilience. Walker’s not looking too good. Whatever they are doing is working.

  164. You’ve pegged it perfectly Lila… puts me in mind of a lifeboat.. 20 souls trying to make it out alive, unite and work cohesively, rowing together.. and that one, that one who’s freaking out, bouncing around- scaring the life out of the children, lol..who ends up either tipping the boat- taking all and sundry with him… or falling out of the boat all by his lonely foolish self- that is the PL.

  165. Sonjia, there you are! Hope you don’t mind that earlier I posted your contact list from Chips’ site.

  166. The Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA are owned be Wisconsin Senior Senator Kohl. Of course Sen. Kohl and the rest of the owners are butting heads with the players union as they negotiate for a new CBA – just an interesting dynamic.

  167. I think she’s just fine. I noticed a few years back that she’ll post voluminous comments for a while, then disappear for a while. I think that it’s related to her job. I miss those long poetry comments though and the Jerseygirl humor, lol.

  168. Kathyn Levy
    you can criticize but not hyperbole and jump to conclusions. That is what is wrong with the far left.

  169. Exactly. bwd herself criticizes the WH, so that’s an unfortunate and mistaken impression. And disagreeing =/= attack. Very welcome for the video, kathryn!

  170. That was absolutely beautiful…now I want to write about my long journey to understanding politics.

    Congrats BWD, I Love this site….I come here when I get my 2nd cup of coffee so I can relax and read all the informative articles that you have up. I really enjoy reading the conversations that are held here, they are so mature and non-hateful…it’s a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

  171. Me, too. As his Obama’s usual style that no one seems to get or remember after it happens is that he quietly behind the scenes moves mountains and makes differences. It kind of reminds me of the movie title “While You WEre Sleeping”. The next thing you know, a huge change has occurred, but because of all of the noise on teevee and in the blogs, an opportunity to “get it” is again missed.

    Case in point – this week with Obama’s DOMA move. As huge as an event and story that the DOMA decision was, it fell on deaf ears because of the noise, ineffective debate, lies, conjecture, etc.

    However, in the end – it was change – BIG CHANGE. And the naysayers didn’t see the train/change come.

  172. Quite frankly i don’t understand where you are coming from I have not seen one single person tell you that you cannot criticize anyone. People have simply responded to what you are saying, very politely. People do not agree with your assesment of the situation, that is all.

    The President and the First Lady went to WI and said do not give them back the keys. The people of WI did. He has spoke about What that horrible man Walker is doing.

    Again this is the people of WI fight, let them fight it. They are doing a great job!

  173. I made the mistake of turning on Cenk Uygur. How did this guy get a show? So he’s thinks the President should go to Wisconsin. Ok, I get that. But he’s yelling and foaming at the mouth – repeating the same thing over and over. And then tries to get each guest to agree with him – which none of them did. I was so hoping Van Johnson was going to tell him to chill. As far as I’m concerned Cenk’s an embarrassment. He’s a light weight and seems to function purely on emotion. But worst, he’s doing the Republicans job for them.

  174. Sorta like how our Prez faces every day all the worst in people and just keeps on doing the right thing. The. Best. Example. Ever.

    MY GOODNESS! BWD you are the best thing that’s happened to the political discourse for adults.

    Congratulations. Brava. Applause and Merci!

    Do people like me who don’t ‘subscribe’ count in your total or do we enhance your total. I’m unfamiliar with these things.

  175. Thank you for making our day a little brighter with all the inspiring photos of President Obama. He still gives us HOPE! I was just thinking, isn’t there anything good going on today with all the “OMGs” we’ve been bombarded with and then this popped up on MyBo. Just what we needed!!! Thanks for being here when we need a little shot of HOPE to be reminded why we’re here.

  176. Cenk is dispicable.. never watched him, but read his diaries at dk one too many times: he lies.

    Van Jones.. is a cooool cat. I love Mr. Jones, no foamer at the mouth that one- just smart and classy. I’d be interested in what he did have to say.

  177. Kathyn, two questions – who determines what constitutes ‘real leadership’, and what makes you think that the people in Wisconsin (indeed the majority of the country) don’t understand clearly what is at stake? Also, I’m sorry you missed the President in action this past week as he showed his commitment to Americans, but I know for a fact that BWD has lots of pictures, videos and articles that document this. Please take some time to check out some of these.

  178. Congrats. I may not always comment because of limitations at work prevent me – but I do come when I need to just breathe easily.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart, bwd!!!

  179. True, and people have a right to their opinions, and people have a right to disagree with others’ opinions. I do object to the misunderstanding about no criticism tolerated here. I’m sure everyone here has an opinion or another which is at odds with the majority of the site. There was a agreement/disagreement even split about bwd’s EJ Dionne/teaparty piece, and almost no one agrees with Lorraine’s stance about GLBT marriage yet these discussions don’t seem to have featured any sort of intolerance for opinions. Two examples of agreeable disagreement of too many to count even within these short three months. Oh well.

  180. Finally someone is showing facts about what the President did campaigning for Democrats in Wisconsin warning them of the GOP, and showing the disgusting video of Ed Shultz telling his audience not to vote in November election. It is on none other than DK. Sincere Dems need to see this and stop watching Ed Shultz, he is the Pied Piper in the Democratic base, leading them off a cliff.


  181. BWD…I think maybe your videos need to come with a rating: one tissue…two tissues. I so totally sobbed when I watched that. You are a blessing.

  182. Amen!!!
    I was just saying the same thing this morning. It’s always very easy to shout from the cheap seats and complain instead of exercising your right–your DUTY to vote. Had all of the people who voted democratic in 2008 voted in 2010 Wisconsin would most certainly not have a minority in their state legislature. We were all taught that throwing temper tantrums never solves anything. Had people not spent so much time griping, whining, and hating about PBO, and gone out and vote, then (even more)true POSITIVE change would be taking affect now. I am a proud member of a union in Chicago, and we made SURE that we elected a Democratic Governor. Don’t complain when you don’t VOTE!

  183. Ditto! I really, really love lurking here BWD.
    Thank you for the gift you have of bringing light and attracting more light through this community. This million or so is sure to soon grow exponentially to lots of millions!

  184. Kathyn, I don’t understand.

    ‘I want calm, but forceful leadership.
    there needs to be a clear, clarion call from our President on behalf of the workers’

    What does that mean? How ‘forceful’ does he have to be to appease you? And once he’s made this ‘forceful, and clear, clarion call’ what do you want him to do next? Would it be okay if he returned to the WH to continue with the business of the day or does he need to hang around for another ‘clear, clarion call’ in case the first one didn’t work as anticipated?

    When we talk about leadership, I would readily admit that not everyone has the same concept of what a good leader does. Frankly, I’d be somewhat disappointed if the President went to Wisconsin in response to a media call to show how forceful he can be. That would in no way impress me that he is a forceful, or wise, leader, or that he cares any more for the workers of Wisconsin than his current actions show. To my mind, leadership is not always about ‘bully’ strength or loud voices – in fact I subscribe to the view that true leadership rarely is any of those things. So as two supporters of the President we are in a quandary – we are both entitled to our opinions, and we both want to feel free to participate here. Me, I’m going to trust him to be the kind of LEADER he has shown himself to be, making decisions for the good of the country that he can square with his conscience, and not try to tell him what makes a good leader, because, I don’t have the skills, wisdom and resources he has and I’ll also NEVER WALK IN HIS SHOES.

  185. I’ve been trying to post here for a while but my comments don’t show up. Anyway, just in case this one does, I’d like to say congratulations on coming so far in such a short time.

    oh…and love the Pres!

  186. If you look at the results of the poll attached to that article, I’d say the Democratic Base understands full well that our President staying out of this fight is the way to go. Ed whatever (I don’t watch tv) got it wrong. Big wrong. Hope he loses viewers as a result.

  187. Congrats on this GREAT SITE.. keep upthe good work, I have been sharing the link nad hope that thos ewill also share..

    peace and love
    FC Fraser

  188. Kathryn, please don’t hesitate to express your opinions. In fact, you presented the case for Obama doing more regarding WI than most of the pundits who yell and scream about do. You disagree with what he is or is not doing, but you did not go after him personally.

    I can understand some of the arguments for him doing more, although I don’t agree with them.

    And one of the biggest arguments against him doing more is that the actual people this impacts the most, the WI public employees, have not asked him to make a more pronounced statement.

    But the main point I want to make is that we are more than happy to have differing opinions, as long as we talk about the opinions and not the people stating their opinions. So please don’t feel that you need to keep to the sidelines. The last thing I want to see this site become is one dimensional.

    The far right and far left tend to see things in black and white. The world is far more nuanced than that, and you are part of the nuance that needs to be expressed.

  189. I’ve finally made my way down the blog – I’ve got to be the slowest reader in the house! Of course, things would be greatly speeded up IF I didn’t go off and read all the attachments, etc. etc.

    Anyway, THANK you big time BWD for opening your door to the likes of me at the time I happened to be running past in search of PBO solace!! If you are sure it was only 3 months ago, I have to accept your word, but it does feel more like I’ve been here forever! 🙂 I’m breathing easier, and between you and Chipsticks I’m laughing more. You have found your niche and I thank you that you settled in so comfortably. As someone said earlier, you’re doing your part for the next elections. And you have a lot of people marching with you!

    CONGRATULATIONS on this very successful venture, BWD, and may you enjoy even more wonderful months ahead!!

    PS I’m going to check out your mentor for the first time.

  190. And here’s the announcement we’ve been waiting for (h/t greenladyhere@weeseeyou):


    White House Announces Jeremy Bernard as Social Secretary

    The White House today announced Jeremy Bernard has been named Special Assistant to the President and Social Secretary. He joins the White House staff from the U.S. Embassy in Paris, where he serves as Senior Advisor to the Ambassador. Prior to this role, he worked as the White House Liaison to the National Endowment for the Humanities.

    “Jeremy shares our vision for the White House as the People’s House, one that celebrates our history and culture in dynamic and inclusive ways. We look forward to Jeremy continuing to showcase America’s arts and culture to our nation and the world through the many events at the White House,” the President said.

    “I am deeply humbled to join the White House staff as Social Secretary and support President Obama and the First Lady in this role,” said Jeremy Bernard. “I have long admired the arts and education programs that have become hallmarks of the Obama White House and I am eager to continue these efforts in the years ahead.”

    “I look forward to working with Jeremy to continue the great work of the Social Office, from fun and educational student workshops to elegant State Dinners that welcome world leaders to the White House. Jeremy’s creativity, perspective and skills will be a welcome addition to our East Wing team, as we showcase the White House and celebrating America’s arts and culture,” said Tina Tchen, Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama.


    This is a WH for the 21st century and one for the record books. They have tossed aside gender roles and convention, and have appointed a man to this female-dominated post, and in addition, President Obama continues his record-breaking number of GLBT presidential appointees. Congratulations Mr. Bernard!!

  191. Good for them to put this on Fox, amazing. I can’t believe this is on Fox and Ed Schulz is yelling at the president, is this the twiglight zone.

    Thanks for sharing gn.

  192. Your video was so touching and beautiful!
    Congrats BWD, and may the force be with you. No wait, YOU ARE the force! =D

  193. Not to mention.. the disagreement we all had regarding POTUS and the poor.. all done reasonably, imo.

    I have a problem with the comment that folks were being uncivil.. or that disagreement is not tolerated. It is. and they were not.

    What I find difficult is when one is given quite reasonable responses.. and one continues to cling to one’s predetermined stance on something. I’ve never understood that mindset- and I question the authenticity of willingness to hear alternate viewpoints at that point. It puts me in mind of conversations people have, where they’re so busy thinking their next response, they never hear what’s being said to them, and thus they either miss it entirely or dismiss it.. because it’s not what they want to hear. At that point theres really no more conversation to be had.

    I have never, ever since I began being aware of politics and Presidents- the 1960’s- ever heard of people in this country clamoring so endlessly and noisily for a President to step in on absolutely every single thing. It is just quite odd imo. I am sincerely skeptical of motivations any more from those always expecting POTUS to fix/save/change/do something in every given situation. I’ve likened it to GW- playing Big Bad Daddy for 8 years- and now folks act parentless, rudderless and so needy for a loud/bullying Hero to swoop in. Its odd to me. Seriously, the people of this country are quite capable of learning from the history of our forebears and figuring out how to protest and stand up for themselves and for what is right in this country without Barack Obama holding our hands. Sorry, gn.. you know my rant is for the PL, the frustrati and even for the tea-baggers- because they too can’t seem to lightenup and get a grip. I’m very tired of the whole “bring it on” mentality that we suffered under for 8 years.. and I see that some folks are just addicted to it. George Bush did the worst kind of harm – not just to Iraq, but to all the people in this nation. But now we’re just hurting ourselves by not using our own abilities.
    rant ovah.. !

  194. I told a friend of mine about your site and she visited this morning for the first time. She loved the pictures and the contents too! She can’t wait to share with her brother. We’ve got to get the facts out there. I listened to Diane Sawyer to see if the protest was still going on in Wisconsin (I know it is) but not a word. She did, however, discuss anti-union stuff about how it has taken five years to fire some teachers because of the union, and showed Chris Christie talking anti-union. Sites like yours are going to be more and more important for the future. We can no longer depend on the news to get the facts. Instead of telling us about the uprising in Wisconsin and Walker, they tell us about Qaddafi, Prince William, the Oscars, and negative things about the President. If we don’t get our info from the “horse’s mouth” on TV, we have to look for real news and substance on websites like yours. Thank you so much.

  195. I personally haven’t read one single uncivil comment in this comments thread; not one. Agreement and civility are not the same thing. Both are really nice, lol, but those are two very separate concepts. And when there’s an underlying premise (that of POTUS showing no real leadership) which isn’t up for debate, it makes it kind of hard to find areas of commonality. But as kathryn noted, we are indeed all looking for good outcomes; I just wish that folks would be a little less reluctant to make broad characterizations about this community as intolerant based upon one exchange, and a civil one at that.

    Take care everyone!

  196. Thanks BWD!

    This truly is a wonderful site. What you are doing is very important in having an alternative viewpoint of positivity and highlighting the President’s accomplishments. “One voice….can change the world.” Heres to millions more views.

  197. Thanks theresa for posting that here, I just went and read it and Lanae is spot on. She said the same exact sensible things being said here.

  198. Greetings BWD Family

    A few things, Katheryn, I hope you will continue to post your thoughts. This blog really is like a family, and sometimes families disagree, but we always respect and care about each other.

    I have occasionally posted something that was taken in a way I had not expected or intended. I have always felt the responses were not intended to hurt me, shut me up, or even alter my viewpoint. Instead folks just stand up for what they believe in, and do it in a respectful way.

    I think we all have a common goal, we want to see President Obama succeed because his goals reflect our values.

    We also all want to see the folks in Wisconsin prevail, we just have different strategies for how that is best accomplished.

    To be honest, I don’t know what is the best strategy in WI, so I trust that if the labor unions are OK with the President staying away (an article about that in NPR yesterday) then maybe we should trust the folks on the ground.

    One thing that often helps me, when I am worried about a situation and want to relieve my stress, is to DO SOMETHING. That’s just me, other folks find eating chocolate works well :->

    Well yesterday at this blog someone suggested we write to the Sunday shows and ask that a union person appear on the show. I wrote to 3 shows and…

    Wonder of wonders I got this note back today.

    Thanks for your interest in “Meet the Press.” I wanted to let you know
    that labor’s voice will be well-represented by Richard Trumka of the
    AFL-CIO. You can find full details, plus a list of our airtimes, on our
    website at http://www.mtp.msnbc.com . Also, so you’ll know in the future, we
    usually post our full guest list there on Thursday afternoon or you can
    sign up for our newsletter and receive guest listings to your email on
    Fridays: http://bit.ly/cokTqm

    We do hope you’ll be watching on Sunday.

    Take care,


    Betsy Fischer ~ Executive Producer ~ Meet the Press NBC News
    betsy.fischer@nbc.com ~ http://www.mtp.msnbc.com ~ twitter: BetsyMTP


    It’s a little victory, and I had a very small role in the victory, but it felt really good.

    Many on the political left criticize the President’s responses so they can get attention, make money, and boost their reputation.

    I believe your post was done because you have a genuine concern for the folks in WI, and a great deal of respect for President Obama and his leadership.

  199. Let me add my congrats to BWD. I, too, am proud to be among the 1500 original members. BWD, I’m sure your numbers will continue to grow. Certainly, our wonderful President will be the biggest beneficiary of this blog as your blog is destined to become an internet movement.

    As a personal aside, I have been sending your link to friends and family, all of who “don’t do political blogs” but are now starting to take a look (I expect to see a few of them de-lurking soon, like some of the folks who commented upthread).

    I am so glad I found this site after going to that orange place one final time in search of one of your beautiful posts. At the time, I could not find a recent post, so I used the search button to see if you had posted one of those goodbye diaries. Fortunately for me, I learned from someone there that you had started a blog of your own. Luckily, they posted your link and the rest in history . . .

  200. Kathyn, please, please, please don’t stop expressing your thoughts, opinions and beliefs. None of us want to shut you down. You have every right to respectfully express your opinions here but if someone doesn’t agree you may expect to receive rebuttal or differing opinions. But always this is done with respect because BWD demands the highest caliber of respect and civility from everyone here even in dispute. This is just one of the things that makes her site successful.

    No one is denigrating your opinions, many have just pointed out some really good reasons why our Prez can’t do what you want right now. I am so with you in wishing that he could just wade in like a super hero and make it all right but he can’t. He will do the right thing as it is needed. I trust that. If this makes me an “Obamabot” then so be it. I voted for this man. I trust him. He knows way more about this situation than I do.

    Peace, Kiddo ♥ really.

  201. Okay, I finally was able to watch your video as my work computer doesn’t allow such things. They probably think I should be working instead of reading sites like yours. And I have to say, if the regional VP saw me doing it, I would be in trouble. At a meeting last year he was displaying Obama toilt paper.

    Anyway, as I was viewing it, and looking not at the President, but th people around him, including what looked like a cadet saluting him coming off a plane, a thought struck me.

    Some of us remmber a time, shortly after BWD started this site, that it was called, among other things, a propaganda site, an Obama worshipper site, etc. Now, I woudln’t say we are Obama worshippers, and this is definitely not a propaganda site. I would describe us more as Obama respecters, admirers and trusters.

    What struck me looking at ALL the faces in those photos is how genuinely liked, respected and trusted our President is. Pure joy abounds on the faces of those people who get to meet him, shake his hand, hug him. Now to be honest, if came up to shake my hand, that probably isn’t what you would see on my face, mainly because I would be flat on the floor having fainted.

    The point is, anybody that looks at those pictures and think this man is all about ego and that he doesn’t care, that thinks he is arrogant and out of touch is a fool.

  202. Can’t add anything, except for me, this is now the first site I come to in the morning and frankly, I don’t bother with certain other sites anymore. Life is too short and there is too much negativity. I read this site and I come away hopeful and informed! So thanks! 🙂

  203. Hello BWD, I would like to congratulate you for your speedy progress and growth. May God continue to bless you richly 🙂 I don’t know you, just happen to hear about this Web site by accident, an E-mail, and I’ve been visiting here every since. I enjoy all the comments here, and It’s just a good positive place to come and vent. It’s comfortable, and I like :-). I only hang out at your site here, and Chipsticks site. I just feel at home. Anyway, moving right along here, I also want to say what a beautiful, and emotional Video, that you put together. Very niceeeeeee 🙂 So again, I say congratulations, and carry on my Friend, and do your thing. Cheerssssssss 🙂

  204. How can I barf?

    Let me count the ways that some “unpersons” at DK were saying that very same thing last Fall when some of us were busting our buns for GOTV. Ed was their big cheese, savior and last word.

    Let them all eat dirt! Sorry, I have some real issues left regarding that bunch of mostly mouths, all talk, no do.

  205. Congratulations BWD for a job well done! Your blog, and the people you attracted, really reassured me that I was not alone in thinking that we had elected a really decent man who, in two years, had accomplished so much progress. Frankly, I learned of the President’s accomplishments mainly from all your posts at DKos. I am proud of you and all the tireless work you’ve put in in creating the most reality based site. I am also proud of your courageous stand against the peddlers of lies and negativity, no matter how powerful they though they were. Let’s all pledge to do our best to spread the word about this wonderful site. Hopefully, three months from now, you will be able to report the doubling of members and the tripling of hits.


  206. “1.5 million views and 1,500 members. In three months..”

    OMFGosh *shaking and crying right now!!!* CONGRATS BWD!!!!! ❤

  207. Congratulations to you BWD, and all the intelligent level headed people on this site. It is no surprise this site is growing so fast. The truth ALWAYS wins out!!

  208. Hello BWD and all the posters to this blog.
    This is my first post although I visit often. As you see I am not American but thanks to BWD and Chipsticks I am fully informed about US politics. Love the positive discussions on both blogs as I truly adore this President.

    BWD congrats and I look forward to 2012.

  209. Hi :)) Big Big lurker, I post this stuff on pages EVERY day, excellent site :)) THANK YOU BWD!!!!

  210. Congrats BWD. You’re one of the best. I can say this because we now have so many new “adults” adding to the ever-growing list of great sites to visit and renew our minds and spirits. Thank you so much for not giving up when the haters tried to make your life hell. You kept it up and listened to all at OFA persuading you to hang in there. You made it work!

  211. The Koch Brothers are saying one thing in public but they’re doing the exact opposite, and it DOESN’T translate into concern for workers.

    “In the last two years, David and Charles Koch have jumped from each being worth $16 billion to now being worth $21.5 billion. That means together they went from being worth $31 billion dollars to being worth $42 billion today.”


    “However, at a time when the Koch brothers were enjoying spectacular financial gains, Koch Industries laid off well over 2,000 people. Using the same approximate “jobs multiplier” Koch Industries used in its study last week, that means Koch Industries extinguished nearly 8,000 jobs in recent years.”


  212. Congratulations, bwd. The video is beautiful. I had to get out the Kleenex for that one. 🙂

    One thing to ask, my brother-in-law just loves Obama and he is hard of hearing. I’ve never made a YouTube video but I’ve seen the CC for closed caption on the WH videos and I think it might be an option you can add in the future. If it is, I would love it. I send my brother-in-law the links anyway, but I know he would enjoy hearing the beautiful music, too.

    Thank you for this. Lovely!

  213. Congrats to you, BWD and to all of us for achieving this milestone. I am a PROUD Obama “worshipper!” I rarely comment, but I read the site daily. My unwavering support for President Obama continues…and the more they hate him,the stronger I LOVE and pray for him!!
    BWD,thanks again for this priceless gift!
    Let’s continue to unite and become stronger for–Out of Many, We Are One…

    Peace and Blessings

  214. Here’s a well-established fact about about Reagan that you won’t hear from the lips of the MSM, or Republicans. We often hear about how he fired air traffic controllers but not this.

    “In a prank call with the Buffalo Beast’s Ian Murphy, where Murphy pretended to be right-wing billionare David Koch, Walker himself even fantasized about being just like Reagan.”

    “Yet conservatives may be shocked to learn that their idol Reagan was once a union boss himself. Reagan was the only president in American history to have belonged to a union, the AFL-CIO affiliated Screen Actors Guild. And he even served six terms as president of the organized labor group. Additionally, Reagan was a staunch advocate for the collective bargaining rights of one of the world’s most famous and most influential trade unions, Poland’s Solidarity movement.”


  215. I agree completely that President Obama IS a revolutionary. He’s not only inspiring people in America, but people all around the world.

    THIS is WHY a certain segment of “the power elite” is terrified of him and has been working so hard to destroy him. Working overtly, and covertly.

  216. Kathryn, I understand your frustration with the situation in WI, but it’s not about President Obama. The working people of WI have been doing a great job getting their message out – support working families! And it has spread all across this nation. I am attending the event in DC tomorrow! 🙂 The president may have been the catalyst, but the people are the stars in this drama. I think he made a wise decision to step back and let the right self-implode.

    BTW – welcome!

  217. I first read your positive, honest and mature writings on Daily Kos. I, like so many others here, look forward to seeing every day to see what this kind, good-hearted, decent man that we elected for President is doing, has accomplished, and will continue to do for us and our country.
    I want to thank you for taking the time and effort in gathering this information so that we can read and share all of the things our President is doing for us. I also want to thank you for the maturity, respect, and positive attitude that is displayed.

  218. This is simply exquisite! I think you should continue to re-post it from time to time. I certainly wouldn’t object to seeing it again.(:

  219. Indeed GN: “The history-making keeps pilling up!” You know what is also happening? With sites like this one they can no longer completely erase or completely distort the truth about the President’s “history making” accomplishments. I am sure that at times BWD may have been tired of being abused and mocked by those who hated President Obama, but she never gave up on standing for truth. Because of her dedication to TRUTH TELLING, the peddlers of lies, distortions, and hatred, no longer have a monopoly of framing the character and accomplishments of President Obama. Those who are in the business of denigrating President Obama must now contend, and share space, with BWD and her supporters who rely on facts and knowledge to debunk the lies about this President.

  220. Fabulous 3 Months, Fabulous, Uplifting People & Fabulous Video!
    Thank you ever so much for this incredible & celebratory site:)

  221. I don’t know you CR, but I’m sending you a big hug for your part in convincing BWD to start this site.

    Thank you so much!


  222. Your site is on my daily list of “must reads” I haven’t commented there yet but will begin doing so because other non-mentionables no longer receive my presence, known or otherwise.

    Keep up the good work, Eclectablog.

    I’m just sayin’ (:

  223. yep. You just can imagine him how relieved and enthused he must be to be working with people like President Obama and SoS Clinton. I bet Admiral Mullen feels the same.

    Oh, and by the way BWD, congratulations a 1,5 millions times! And millions of thanks for your fabulous work !

  224. Kathyn, thank you for sharing your concerns. But it’s important to remember the proud legacy which the state of Wisconsin bears:

    “In 1959, the legislature passed into a law the Public Collective Bargaining Act, which gave its local government workers and teachers the very collective bargaining rights that are at stake today. Again, Wisconsin was the first state to enact such a law, setting the precedent for the rest of the country.”


    As others, have pointed out if the President goes to their state, it will distract from what they are attempting to do. It may be good to keep in mind that the people of Wisconsin initiated this demonstration with virtually no help from anyone. They wasted no time and energy wondering what to do; they knew what was needed and made it happen.

    Walker is trying to deflect by making statements insinuating that a predominant portion of the demonstrators are from out of town. While many have gone to Wisconsin to show their support, his statement is untrue. So, he and his cohorts would like nothing better than having the President show up to make it an issue.

    I believe Wisconsin knows they have the public’s support, and the President’s, but in the end I think he’s doing the right thing by monitoring the situation and staying out of it for now. They’re holding their own and we should respect that and do the same by showing support for their efforts, and not becoming blind-sided by distractions which are, in my opinion, manufactured to divert attention away from what is important.

  225. Wow. The truth on Fox. Incredible. And when Smith mentionned that 7 out of the ten biggest contributors were republicans, my jaw dropped !! He has been watching Rachel Maddow, that’s for sure.

    How many journalists watch Rachel secretly do you think???

  226. Good catch, VCprezOfan2, I read that article but forgot to bookmark it. Am doing so immediately to add to my repository of facts.

    Thanks a bunch!

  227. Congrats bwd. Those are some impressive numbers for a start-up “fan-club”.

    Go “Obamabots”. 🙂

  228. Mia – Welcome and thanks for commenting, along with the rest of us! Isn’t BWD great! Oh, and President Obama, of course!

  229. Kathyn, I was one of the individuals who responded to your comment and I was not uncivil in any way.

    As for your statement, “This is a fundamental assault on the vast majority of people in this country and on the heart of our democracy. And that is far from clear to most people.”

    I agree with the first part of what you said but respectfully disagree with the second part because if it wasn’t clear to a vast majority of people why are so many rallies scheduled for tomorrow? Why have so many people traveled out-of-state to protest with the people of Wisconsin? Why have organizations raised over $600,000 to help demonstrators in the state of Wisconsin? And why did these demonstrators receive support in the form of food donations, blankets, and other items?

    In my opinion, most people are intelligent enough to realize what’s at stake here, and for those who don’t information is easily accessible. We can agree to disagree all day long about the definition of leadership but what purpose will it serve for the President to jump into every state battle that occurs. There will be plenty of them occurring but I trust the President’s judgment about when to wade in because thus far his judgment has proven to be pretty sound.

  230. Congratulaaaaaaaaaaations, BWD! So deserved. I am just so happy to see you succeeding at what you love to do. I’ve been an ardent and long time fan. Keep up the excellent work.

  231. They can’t shut us up, lol. Precisely right, Nathan. I’m going to be out on the streets of my city tomorrow standing in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin, and will be here every single day to provide whatever little support I can with bwd who is a truth-teller par none, as you so wisely note. Yes. we. can.

  232. What impressed me earlier this week was that the Swiss banks decided to freeze Gaddafi’s assets without having any urging from any nation or person. I guess having to deal with the Obama Administration’s pursuit of tax dodging Americans who use Swiss banks and assumed names has caused the bankers to be more careful about doing anything they think the administration might not give its approval to.

  233. Thanks for that, Theresa. I stopped watching Ed Schultz last year and will never watch him again. If we can get others to do that, maybe he’ll fall off the radar once and for all. He’s a narcissistic ___ [I’m too much of a lady to write what I’m thinking, but you know what I’m thinking]. 🙂

  234. YAH!!! I think I was one of the first to sign up. There is no way to express the joy I get from visiting every time I get an email that another post is up. I read every posting and do not allow myself to skip to get to the new post. That is because I do not to miss one link for valuable information.

    Congratulations on the success of this site. It is a blessing to all of us.

    Thank you for this gift. My visits several times a day is my contribution to the 1.5 million views.

  235. All anyone has to do to see that PBO and Secretary Gates respect each other is to look at pics that show them in the same room. I had never seen Secretary Gates smile much at all while he was working with GWB and the rest of the crew he was criticizing when he was speaking to these West point cadets.

  236. I’m just like, “wow!” Juan Williams was equivocating a bit IMO but Shepard Smith just told the straight up truth. Just the straight truth. Almost can’t believe that this was on Fox…I bet Smith won’t be invited back onto that show.

  237. I understand what you’re saying, kathyn, but I have to disagree based on the way the right, the PL, frustrati, and the MSM have treated the president during the last 2+ years. They have tried to take away his right to freedom of speech. Every time he’s shared his opinion, they’ve cut him to pieces, and many times those on the left have led the charge.

    *The Dr. Gates incident? Yep

    *Park 51? Yep

    *The protests in Egypt? Yep

    *The protests in Wisconsin? Yep

    *His budget cuts? Yep

    *START? Yep

    The list of things goes on and on. They didn’t do the bumbling GWB like they do PBO. He could say whatever he wanted, and no one would say a word. We were even told that it was unpatriotic to criticize a president when we had a war going on. The republicans and many on the left have two separate standards for GWB and PBO. I understand why he doesn’t speak on every issue, and I understand why he doesn’t insert himself into certain issues, even when he may want to. It’s because of the attacks and the tendency of the right and some on the left to put their own spin on everything he says. IMHO, he’s doing the right thing by saying what he has to say and deciding to leave it alone from that point on. it’s a waste of time, and it is what the right wants him to do. They want him front and center so that they can attack him relentlessly, get lots of attention in the media, lie endlessly, and enrich themselves politically while weakening him. PBO is a very smart man. He went through this BS with the republicans a few times, and he learned from it. I don’t blame him at all for saying what he has to say and then moving on to monitor the situation out of public view. One thing I notice about many Americans and politicians today is a need for unnecessary drama. I listen carefully to what the president has to say on all topics/issues, then I trust him to handle them behind the scenes out of sight and earshot of the rw, the PL, the frustrati, and the others who have no real skin in the game when these attacks occur.

  238. Beautiful comment aquagranny. To clarify; I don’t *want* President Obama to be able to fix this with a flick of his superhero’s cape, even if I am convinced that he would if he could. Because that quick instant fix would mean that the changes coming now might not outlast his tenure in office. We as people need to learn to stick together and get out on the streets and advocate for our rights; we need to get used to this. If we’re in a streetfight with greedy people who need a remedial course in kindergarten yet have more money and power than we do individually, so be it. Because we’re learning about asserting our voices in a collective. And this has got to outlast this wonderful President’s 8 years in office. He’s teaching us skills. As much as we all admire him and admire his ability to change hearts with his talents of explanation, we as Americans need to get used to standing up and not expecting one person to come and save us.

    /rant off lol

    What a great comments section; thank you to *everyone.*

  239. I’m with you. I don’t care what they say and monitoring the mood there creates an undeserved importance. God bless them, but we’re doing our own thing here.

  240. Hey tulips. How you doing ? Isn’t it great that bwd’s site has so many hits in such a short time ?

    Power to the truth by the Silent Majority indeed.

  241. BWD congratulations on your third month anniversary of this blog. You have created a great site to come to that shows what president Obama and his administration are accomplishing to help improve the lives of all Americans.

  242. bwd, if I can make one critique: I would like to see you take some more time off. And perhaps post at least one “FYI” post for one or two days per week, letting the community supply the content. Or give the keys to a trustworthy person like eclectablog, or TiMT, or rootless, or any number of people to post a thread in your place. Keeping this site up 24/7 is too much for one person to do every single day and is going to lead to fatigue my wonderful bwd, no one can work every single day; that’s unreasonable, and I don’t want this space to wear you out. Just a suggestion and just my thought.

  243. Congratulations BWD!!! I don’t comment as much but I am still reading and appreciate you so much for creating this new site for us! 🙂

  244. Seconded, I would love to see Eclectablog do some posts as well. He’s an excellent writer and has the spirit of the blog as well.

    Another reason to have more than one writer is that Election Season will be coming soon, and the stuff will be fast and furious, so furious that it will be hard to keep up everything. Two or more front-pagers will help immensely with the workload.

    If you need some pin money or a treat now and then, or if wordpress.com ever asks you for extra bandwidth (this site is growing exponentially), put up a donation button. I really appreciate the fact that this space is ad-free without annoying content or pc-crashing flash material. I don’t need to see Ann Coulter hawking her latest book or a flash banner anytime soon. But there is an opportunity cost to blogging sometimes-maybe it’s royalties or memberships to sites that supply material, or even hosting fees. Maybe its not taking that second job just to have time to blog. If it is costing you, let us know.

  245. It is so great to see so many new names here. I also think it would be a great idea to have an open thread and give BWD some time off. We don’t want her to burn out. I think Eclectablog and a couple of others could be the moniters for it. This is only the beginning.

  246. Congratulations BWD. I come here everyday. Love this site very much, thank you.

    o/t – has anyone here contributed toward coffee/pizza for the folks protesting in Wisconsin? I am would like to do the coffee thing, but am a little iffy about giving out cc # online.
    Also, question to any Canucks reading this, does anyone know if there are any protest marches organized in Toronto in support of WI?

  247. BWD, Thank you much for the hard work and dedication that you put into this refreshing space. I have shared this site and all of the wonderful citizens with my friends on Facebook. I can tell you that the are forward the clips, pics, and stories to their friends. I look forward to coming here everyday. Cheers, Crystal

    One more thing: It’s ok to take some time off for yourself. It’s looking to be a little crazy. So, feel free to ask for help too.

  248. BWD, I thank you so much for creating a wonderful fact-base environment. I also am a daily lurker into this wonderful place. Thank again BWD for that you are doing>>

  249. Congratulations BWD! I truly admire the commitment and dedication you’ve shown creating and maintaining this site. May your success continue.


  250. Come to this site everyday. As you can see, I couldn’t go to bed until I read the whole day’s worth. Was in Wa. state today, got home late, and knew I wanted to come & check it out!
    Kudos to CR for her encouragement; glad you took her up on her suggestion.
    Everything that’s been said here regarding the USA returning to it’s rightful standing of admiration, since PBO’s election is so true. Prior to that (2000-2008), I must admit, I’d lost all faith, especially with the cowboy mentality of W & Cronies.
    I would like to ask you all to work like your lives depended on it, to get PBO re-elected.

  251. Wow – this reminds me of the following I saw around March 2003:

    “What is more stupid than starting a land war in Asia ?”

    “Starting two land wars in Asia.”

  252. Thank you and CR for providing a place for supporters of this President and Our Country to come and find out what is really happening. I was so surprised that so many people thanked me for posting the items from here to my face book. I think that the news media is not informing people and they want to know what is going on. Good news give people hope for the future and something to believe in for their family.

  253. Indeed. And the cherry on top: this was a great antidote to Rumsfeld’s current book-peddling, historical revisionist nonsense. Before and after in terms of Defense Secretaries.

  254. why such a name. {smiling}

    hint: what’s the breed of the WH pet? I think that Bo might be one of the site proprietor’s favorite members of the administration. 🙂

  255. I totally agree. And we also get to enjoy a civil, troll-free environment which is so positive that it’s almost meditative. But she has to wade through I’m sure numerous troll comments (and you know how nasty and deflating some of those comments can be). I’d love to donate towards such an incredible amount of time and energy spent creating this beautiful space…

  256. This is just the beginning, in a short time those numers will double, then triple & on & on. There is a powerful amount of buyers regret going on. I live in Florida, & the regret here is gigantic. Our instant Gov has totally flipped out, the negatives are growing by leaps & bounds. Just maybe this state is beginning to wake up. One can only hope. The positive news on this site is truly a breath of fresh air, bless you BWD!

  257. Hi, JS. I have donated at one of the official sites. Shame on me for not remembering which. If you go to WinningProgressive or WhatisWorking sites, I think you can find a safe way to donate. If you go through PayPal you should be safe. Or there are ways to actually mail a money order to support the protesters.

    I understand your reluctance to give out cc info on line. I keep a credit card with a small limit for just this purpose.

    I don’t know about Canadian protests because I’m in the US but bless you, Sweetie for your support. I hope you see my comment.

  258. Thanks for your support, Canadabarb. And I think we really know just how much “our lives do depend on it”

    That’s why most of us are here at this site and other sites, working so hard to get the facts out and support our Prez. We will stand.

  259. Congratz, BWD. Its a testament that in the end the truth or facts always win. Thanks for all your great work of keeping us factually informed.

  260. Congrats to you BWD. We are so fortunate that you started this site. The discussion is so refeshing and the news that you share with us always brings a smile to my face.

    You are a force to be reckoned with and I hope this refuge continues to grow esp now that our eyes will be turning toward the next election.

    Sail on, BWG. Good times never felt so good.

  261. blackwaterdog, I predict your blog is going to grow and grow until it becomes bigger than any of the other democratic blogs and become, also, more influential.

    Wonderful for us, and I pray to the fates that you don’t burn out with all the work this must be for you. You’re putting up a mishmash every single day. That’s got to take a lot of time and work and research. Don’t, please, hesitate to call on us for help.

  262. You rock, BWD! I always look for your post first thing in the morning to start my day optimistically.

  263. Congrats BlackWaterDog, many more will come, and thanks for all that you do for us, each and every day…

    Love, love, love your PBHO vid clip…made me teary-eyed…like a critic has said, “He IS ‘The One!'” 😉

    And, have you heard the latest about the OFA Online Community…Our call to save it has been answered…Yes WE still Can:

    A Message to the OFA Online Community

    The BarackObama.com blog has a long and vibrant tradition not just as a destination for the latest news and info, but as a place for people to share their thoughts and connect with one another. We wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate you being part of this community, and how much your comments and thoughts each day inspire us.

    In order to foster real dialogue and real conversations, we have always had an open policy that allows people to see comments as soon as they are posted. Creating a space for these conversations is important to us, and it’s something we’re committed to preserving. But occasionally, a handful of people do try to take advantage of this openness, not to create community but to disrupt it.

    In the coming weeks, we’ll be working to improve the commenting features and the commenting experience for everyone. As part of this, we’re publishing three simple guidelines for commenting on here on the BarackObama.com blog:

    1. Be respectful of the community:

    Personal attacks are not welcome nor will they be tolerated. By all means, engage in debate and have a strong discussion about the issues, but don’t descend into personal attacks.

    2. Don’t feed the trolls:

    If you do come across comments that are inappropriate, don’t respond to them. Simply flag the comment as “offensive” and we can take action. The more of you who are joining in on flagging “offensive” comments, the faster we’ll be able to respond.

    3. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll:

    This should be a space for safe discussion of the issues of the day, with people who all come from different backgrounds and different perspectives. Sometimes you’ll disagree, that’s OK.

    We hope that these will help preserve the integrity of this community, and continue to ensure that this is a place that you can turn to for important news, good conversation, and fun.

    Thank you.


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