Heads-UP: First Meeting of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness

Starts at 1:45 EST.



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  1. People are calling Ed Schultz out. They said this our fight the president has did his part, he did exactly what he should. Now its time for the people to stand up. This was a caller calling out Ed Schultz on his baggering of the president. right after another caller called saying the same thing. Now Ed shut up about the President.

  2. Conrad is retiring – Shultz has another chance to put his money where his mouth is. He never will.

  3. Exactly! Ive trying to call all morning and i will keep it up. I emailed him twice. I have enough of this reactionary media.

  4. He likes getting paid his millions to attack somebody who is actually trying to make change happen. He’s selling outrage to make himself rich.

  5. *Good.* His lack of focus and that of so many others in the PL makes us look disorganized, disrespectful, and unappreciative of POTUS. That’s a caricature of the base and doesn’t reflect us well at all.

  6. That’s all what the PL know: They sit behind their microphones, desks, keyboards, and they whine about the president. You’ll never see them actually going out and *do* something.
    On top if this, if they can’t see that the president getting involved now will do more harm than good – They are really really stupid.

  7. It only looks that way to the people who watch that drivel. Most of the base doesn’t bother. It’s not exactly like any of the talking heads lined up to support Candidate Obama. So the fact that they don’t support President Obama comes as no surprise. And yet he just keeps winning.

    Besides when did the Democrats *ever* look organized?

  8. Well People on the radio was not agreeing with Ed , they think he has did enough and that if he get more involved the republicans will make it about him .

  9. do you all know who this is thats speaking right now- sitting next to POTUS? Can’t see his name, or what he does.

  10. Surprisingly. Andrea Mitchell was saying the critisim of the President on Libya is not just. The situation is different and can not come out and call out kahdaffy. Because Americans is still stranded and don’t want a situation of hostages. I was shocked.

  11. thanks sr.. I could see his first name.. but that was it. this should be a very interesting meeting.

  12. Rolling Stone to bring down another General?
    Rolling Stone: General Deployed Psy-Ops Against US Senators

    The U.S. Army ordered a “psychological operations” team to manipulate visiting U.S. senators into pushing for more funding and troops for the war in Afghanistan, according to a report in Rolling Stone magazine.

    Three-star U.S. general Lt. Gen. William Caldwell is accused of deploying propaganda techniques, which the Army says are intended to “alter the behavior of foreign populations,” against visiting U.S. dignitaries to Afghanistan in a potentially illegal, months-long operation to lobby Congress. Caldwell is responsible for the training of Afghan security forces.

    Gen. David Petraeus, the commander of operations in Afghanistan, told reporters today he was calling for an investigation to “determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the issue.”

    The commanding officer of the “psy-ops” team tried to blow the whistle on the operation but was ignored and later steamrolled by his superiors, according to the Rolling Stone story.

    “My job in psy-ops is to play with people’s heads, to get the enemy to behave the way we want them to behave,” the officer, Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes, told Rolling Stone. “I’m prohibited from doing that to our own people. When you ask me to try to use these skills on senators and congressman, you’re crossing a line.”

    Sens. John McCain, Carl Levin, Joe Lieberman, Jack Reed and Al Franken were all targets of the propaganda campaign, as well as Rep. Steve Israel of the House Appropriations Committee and Adm. Mike Mullen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to the magazine.

    Lt. Gen. Caldwell issued issued a statement to Rolling Stone saying that he “categorically denies the assertion that the command used an Information Operations Cell to influence Distinguished Visitors.”

    Sen. Levin, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he has always been supportive of training Afghan forces and didn’t need “convincing” from the military.

    “For years, I have strongly and repeatedly advocated for building up Afghan military capability because I believe only the Afghans can truly secure their nation’s future,” he said in a statement sent to AOL News via e-mail today.

    “I have never needed any convincing on this point. Quite the opposite, my efforts have been aimed at convincing others of the need for larger, more capable Afghan security forces, and that we and NATO should send more trainers to Afghanistan, rather than more combat troops. I am confident that the chain of command will review any allegation that information operations have been improperly used in Afghanistan.”

    The story is written by Michael Hastings, the same reporter whose June profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal prompted his resignation.

    Former FBI and Navy JAG officer M.E. “Spike” Bowman said in a phone interview today that it is illegal for the military to lobby Congress and said the allegations against the general are serious. If they are true, Bowman said, Caldwell would likely be forced to resign.

    “It’s still hard to tell what, precisely, occurred,” Bowman later wrote in an e-mail to AOL News. “However, if the story is accurate, it does appear that a line was crossed. It’s a sufficiently important line that, if provable, would merit the relief of General Caldwell.”

    Bowman said it will be up to the Army inspector general to determine what disciplinary action, if any, should be taken against the general and any other officers involved.

    The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment by AOL News today.


  13. Tulips, I was also shocked when my AZ Republic(an)newspaper wrote that very same thing this morning.

    Will wonders ever cease….and thanks for sharing that because I won’t watch American TV news channels anymore.

  14. Sidebar on Libya:

    Gaddafi is now blaming the unrest on al-Qaeda – he says the young people are being manipulated by them.

    If I’m not mistaken, he was blaming Israel last week.

    Which group is next?

    Can’t wait to see what happens to this madman.

  15. It’s hard to understand why business’s won’t offer job training, yet they continue to complain about not having enough skilled workers.

    We also need money going into vocational ed. Everyone is not college material, but can gain the skills necessary to obtain a decent job.

  16. Thank you so much Saint Roscoe for this information and the links. My degrees are in psychology and I can understand exactly why McCain, Levin, Lieberman and Reed might have been targeted but Franken? Franken is not a good choice at all. The others, probably very easily manipulated for a variety of reasons that don’t require sophisticated psychological intervention.

    PSY-oppse, sorry too much for me.

  17. h/t weeseeyou, great video, young people are out in force:

    Scott Walker works for multi billionaires
    John Boehner works for multi billionaires
    while corporations get billions in welfare
    and millions in this country been out of work for years

    Sarah Palin works for multi billionaires
    American workers vs multi billionaires
    they wanna end social security and medicare
    while millions in this country don’t have a dime to spare

    Can main street get a bailout
    Tell the president our checks weren’t mailed out
    Tell the house of representatives and senate
    And whatever business got the stimulus and spent it
    Now they getting record profit that’s tripling with no limits
    But they cutting jobs and unemployment benefits have ended
    How we gone live with no income coming in
    And the little help we get is cut from the budget then
    What’s the role of government
    Do workers stand a chance if multi billionaires are running it
    Oh now you worried bout the deficit and cutting it
    But when them banks needed billions you had enough for them.
    Them car companies you had bucks for them
    2 wars rebuilding 2 countries guess we stuck with them
    the average citizen just ain’t lucky then
    cause we be getting pimped so I guess we getting fucked again

    Rush Limbaugh works for multi billionaires
    Bill O’Reilly works for multi billionaires
    while corporations get billions in welfare
    and millions in this country been out of work for years

    Sean Hannity works for multi billionaires
    Crazy Glenn Beck works for multi billionaires
    they wanna end social security and medicare
    while millions in this country don’t have a dime to spare

    When did the American worker become the enemy
    Why is wanting a living wage such a penalty
    What happened to justice and liberty
    These billionaire haters wanna crush us literally
    On the box is Murdoch and his foxes
    And if you watch it you might as well be an ostrich
    They terrorists cause they hold facts hostage
    24 hours straight of we hate what Barack did
    If you want to unionize your a communist
    But if you buy a congressman they just call you a lobbyist
    It’s so obvious but here’s where the problem is
    they act like regular Americans but they sloppy rich
    Why you think they wanna cut taxes
    cause every single one of them in the higher brackets
    This ain’t white or black it’s class warfare time for action
    Just look at wide the gap is

    American workers vs multi billionaires
    The middle class vs multi billionaires
    while corporations get billions in welfare
    and millions in this country been out of work for years

    Rupert Murdoch is multi billionaires
    the Koch brothers are multi Billionaire
    they wanna end social security and medicare
    while millions in this country don’t have a dime to spare


    Just sayin’ in terms of programs getting cut, President Obama and the First Lady made personal pleas for people to pay attention and not give the keys back to the GOP. I hope that this outrage and energy goes into the next election. We had Dems? We had stimulus spending. We have the GOP in the House? A bunch of those programs which were expanded under the stimulus are being cut (and it remains ironic to me that the people who claim that poor people got nothing don’t seem to understand that the cuts they are rightfully upset about are to programs which were expanded under the stimulus; no one can claim that POTUS doesn’t care about the impoverished). The solution? Call POTUS a sellout? Or get the GOP out of DC and away from having this degree of influence over the budget.

    That said and with that caveat, I love this video.

  18. The Rolling Stone article? I don’t think so. If there are people undermining Obama I would want it reported. He has to make his decisions based on the facts provided to him and those decisions affect all of us.

  19. Awesome! the youth in this country need to wake up FAST! the next election isn’t just about getting Obama reelected. They must get up and have a say in their future.

  20. I’m reserving opinion (not that my opinion is that informed either way) because I remember that McChrystal dustup was reported in a way that didn’t present the entire picture. My memory is slightly fuzzy, but it’s my understanding that some off the record remarks and goofing around were reported as if McChrystal was disrespecting POTUS by going to the press with complaints.

  21. Would anyone really need to use psychological games to convince McCain and Lieberman to support extending the war?

  22. Exactly right. Don’t enable the GOP getting into power and then complain about the effects of their influence. This is beyond important and indeed it’s not merely about POTUS, it’s about the future of this country.

  23. I think the one line calling out the car company money is missing the point in that it kept a million people employed.

    The rest though is great. I especially liked this part –
    On the box is Murdoch and his foxes
    And if you watch it you might as well be an ostrich
    They terrorists cause they hold facts hostage
    24 hours straight of we hate what Barack did
    If you want to unionize your a communist
    But if you buy a congressman they just call you a lobbyist
    It’s so obvious but here’s where the problem is
    they act like regular Americans but they sloppy rich
    Why you think they wanna cut taxes
    cause every single one of them in the higher brackets

  24. Totally agreed. The song was not completely focused in my opinion on the real problem but baby steps.

  25. You. just. cannot. make. it. up.:

    Freshman GOPer Hopes That Transportation Project He Voted To Cut Gets Restored

    Life was more fun for Republicans when they could vote “no” on job-creating bills like the stimulus, then go to ribbon-cutting ceremonies for stimulus projects in their districts.

    Now that they’re voting “yes” on bills that will slash, delay or eliminate those projects, life’s pretty rough.

    Check out, for instance, this interview with freshman Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-IL), who’s tied in knots over his recent vote to kill a transportation project in his district. Specifically, he voted for the House spending legislation, which would eliminate a $230 million federal grant to build an Amtrak line from Chicago to Iowa City, if it goes into effect.

    “I’m not saying that we don’t ever do Amtrak,” Schilling said. “I’m saying that right now. I want to be clear because that was all part of the big picture when you looked at the pros and cons of what was in there, it was definitely the way to go… to vote for this.”

    This was a big deal in his district, so of course people want answers. And one of his answers is that he hopes his Senators — including Democrat Dick Durbin, whom Schilling has criticized — will restore the funds.



    h/t rikyrah@weeseeyou

    The GOP is a piping hot mess. Just unbelievable.

  26. Ed Schultz saying that he will have a special comment on his show tonight. Believe he’s going to be repeating his nonsense that PBO should go ti Wis.

    Think we should tweet Ed @wegoted and let him know he is totally off base and PBO is right.

  27. Thank you for the heads up about that meeting on Jobs and Competition. Wow, what a stark contrast between what these business people were saying and what the talking heads and the republicans are saying.

    I loved the President’s closing remarks about making sure that all this R&D and investment ends up providing jobs and industries that STAY in America! No American Tax dollars to underwrite their research and development only to have those jobs shipped overseas (cough Bluetooth /cough).

    Great stuff.

  28. Hopefully he’s not in a safe seat. This will be a great attack point for his Dem opponent in 16 months when he has to explain why he voted against something but then hopes Durbin would get it restored – it’s proof he’s a party line vote who represents his party rather than his district.

  29. What a stupid idea, follow the repubs is not the way to go. just be a democrat and do what you have always done. This tea party ideas will be plagued as a thing against potus. The left needs to grow up and learn how to fight.

  30. I just finished watching this excellent roundtable with PBO and his Council on Jobs. He’s chosen a terrific group of people who sound very positive and motivated to work on this issue. They don’t buy into the cynicism of the far right and they believe they can do something to help. These people bring a broad variety of perspectives and industries. PBO said he wants some concrete deliverables from them. They are very invested in SUCCESS and in achieving the purpose of their mission, so I’m feeling hopeful about a positive outcome. Another brilliant move, Mr. President.

  31. Not at all for those two but anyone who thought to target Franken was way off the mark. People with a sense of real humor who can laugh at themselves and at the absurdities of life while moving right along are considered psychologically healthy. They are not easily manipulated and certainly not by some “psy-ops” doofus.

  32. It was “great stuff”.. I really enjoyed listening to this whole group. I could listen to President Obama and a room full of enthusiastic smart people all day.. if Americans would get off the teevee pundits and tune into whats being done every single day to benefit their lives and our country on a large scale.. holy smokes we’d be such a positive force as a nation, imo.

  33. Saw that at WSY and just loved it. Thanks for posting it here. ♥ GN for all you do to keep us strong and informed.

  34. makesense

    I was not implying we should act like rude tea partiers, I was suggesting we come to a meeting with a list of issues the Republicans had recently voted against:

    NPR, housing for veterans, health care, planned parenthood, etc.

    and in a calm and pleasant manner ask why they voted against these issues. My goal is to shine a light on all the destructiveness attempted by the Republican congress.

    I would also suggest that we ask them how these votes have helped the economy or created jobs.

    2 excerpts from the article say it best

    “Instead of creating jobs, Republicans are giving tax breaks to corporations and the very rich and then cutting funding for education, police, emergency response and vital human services,” the groups declared in their call to action. “The right to organize is on the chopping block. The American Dream is slipping out of reach for more and more Americans, and we have to fight back.”

    “The spending measure House Republicans passed last week for the rest of 2011 included a $3 billion funding cut to the EPA and a rider that would eliminate funding for the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and refineries.

    A group called Health Care without Harm began running radio ads this week targeting House Republicans who voted “to ransack the Environmental Protection Agency.”

    Whatever organizing is done, marching in the streets, attending town hall meetings, writing to elected officials, we will be more effective if we speak calmly and get our facts straight. I had not meant that we should be crazy like the Tea Partiers.

    I can understand how you might have misunderstood my intent because I stated “raise a fuss”. I should have said raise issues that are important to average American families.

  35. Ed was insufferable today. There were a number of calls about his badgering of Obama and he would not listen (a normal condition for Ed). When callers tried to explain things to him, he shut them down.

  36. I got a kick out of the guy who spoke about the rail industry. He was so excited about progress and a real cheerleader for the President’s goals. I found it interesting that he said they saw the recession coming in 2006. That’s not too far off from when Candidate Obama saw it coming.

    The gentleman who spoke about credit and the differences between the very affluent and the lower middle class spending habits were enlightening. Funny how the affluent have no issues about uncertainty…uh…cuz if things go poorly they’ll still have homes. Seems like some of what he said was contradictory (although my sound quality was lacking). He said all this available credit is out there and not being used, but he also said that businesses wanting to upgrade are having trouble getting credit. Did I misunderstand him?

    Why did Tim Geitner specify that it was alright for him to talk about the oil reserves because it was 2:30pm? Is that about the stock market? Speaking of the oil reserves, did we witness a scoop with the President saying that we’re in a position to ride out the Libya crisis?

  37. Sorry for the multiple posts, but that meeting was a lot to process. I loved the President’s idea about taking the people in the construction industry who need work and focusing them on making buildings more energy efficient.

    Then someone brought up the idea of Green appraisals to determine how much a property is worth based on its energy efficiency. Very cool.

  38. I strongly urge that people get the info at this link out there. It really points out what Walker is up to, and goes beyond the union busting. The other two aspects are being somewhat ignored (which IMO is a big mistake) and need to be pointed out big time.

    I don’t want anyone to be happy if he drops the “end of collective bargaining” demand to the degree that the other 2 pass.


  39. Amen about VocED which saved my son who was not a great student and loved the hands on stuff he learned at a Voc high school back in the 1980’s. He learned many skills, a strong work ethic because that was a component of his courses and besides giving him skills he also discovered a need for “life long learning.” He did go to college, eventually, to make more of himself. I consider him very successful.

    Sometimes I look back and wonder if we had not had this alternative to a traditional HS experience, where my son would be today.

  40. He was one of those TPer’s who beat out an incumbent DEM. More or less a purple district, but one that doesn’t put up with a lot of hypocrisy. He won with 53% so it wasn’t that close, but this is a district that can go either way next year.

  41. Was there any television coverage of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness?

  42. If anyone wants to do something else to help the protesters in WI….

    From twitter:
    @randiradio Just heard from some Madison protesters – they’re jonesin’ for some java. Help them if you can – http://motherfools.com

  43. I’ll add to that Aquagranny with my middle son’s experiences. My eldest son went to outstanding schools and is a Lawyer (I’ll proudly add for the SEIU 😉 my middle son got into trouble at 17 and spent 4 years in prison.. he is 30 now. After spending all that time in prison, he was not gung-ho to spend time ‘locked-up’ in a classroom situation.. and thus has worked as a bartender/waiter for several years.. however two years ago he did opt to go to technical school in Baltimore and will be graduating in April with his mechanics license. I, too am very proud of him and though it took him a while.. he has found his niche, I believe. He’s very excited about embarking on this new aspect of his life. And I believe too that it’s important to recognize that there are multiple situations/reasons that folks can’t all go to 4 year colleges. And when one is an ex-con.. things are even more limiting.

  44. I was not suggesting that you were, just the idea,and heres why IMO. We as democrats are a diverse and strong group. when you seperate you are opening the door for them to try and primary the President. This is an idea from the left already. 2nd. Why give credit to the Tea Party for their way of fighting, by even using the Name tea party. They use under the wrong circumstances and we should not follow suit. I agree with the issue, but let fight them as dems not as a break away group. As you can see its not working for republicans and it will not work for dems. We just have to remember what are party stand for and continue to work to implement our ideas. My statement was directed at you but the idea.

  45. correction not at you , but the idea. Stupid may have been a strong word and i apologize for that.

  46. And it will only get more popular over time as more and more folks see it’s benefits. Only remaining concern is the court constitutionality challenges because it’s eventually going to end up in front of the Supreme Court and likely come down to Justice Kennedy who seems to be being drawn over to the dark side lately.

  47. By MANU RAJU | 2/24/11 2:44 PM EST Updated: 2/24/11 3:27 PM EST
    Top Senate Democrats have informed the White House that they are putting together a seven-month continuing resolution that will include some spending cuts outlined in President Barack Obama’s proposed 2012 budget, according to a Democratic aide with knowledge of the negotiations.

    Democrats have yet to reveal how deep their cuts will be, but the latest move shows that Senate Democrats are trying to determine a new negotiating stand while House Republicans insist on their $61 billion in cuts to fiscal 2011 federal spending.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/50127.html#ixzz1EukV7xNP

  48. There is a stupid article on front of the Wonkette discussing Obama remaining silent on the labor protest. The author like Ed Schultz want the president to get in involved. I wish the left would be quiet about getting the president involved labor protest.

  49. Ed shultz and people on the left are more concerned about labor, than they are about the President and his standing to the electorate!

  50. Here is your answer to ed shultz, on where has Obama been with labor?:

    The White House isn’t taking any chances that it might send the wrong message to labor in the first meeting of its big business-heavy “jobs and competitiveness” council.

    The last presidential council convened on the economy, the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, had two labor representatives on the 17-person panel: Anna Burger, a former SEIU secretary-treasurer, and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

    Now, Trumka is the last labor leader left standing on a 23-member panel.

    After being sure to announce a morning meeting between AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Vice President Biden and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, the White House gave Trumka a prime seat at President Obama’s job council meeting.

    Sitting in Obama’s six person row at the head of the rectangular tables, Trumka was sandwiched between White House chief of staff Bill Daley and White House domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes, and just one seat away from the president himself.

    For labor, it has been a tense six weeks during the peak of the White House’s outreach to business, while the administration has spent far less time publicly reassuring one of the strongest Democratic backers, labor unions. But Obama’s defense of Wisconsin labor protests has done some work to reassure the constituency that the White House is still firmly in its corner.

    Obama’s closing remarks to his jobs council appeared directed at the leaders of the corporate world. “If you are guys are … making big profits, but [Americans] don’t feel like they are benefiting as a consequence of increase in productivity, they will pull back [and think], ‘Let’s just look out for ourselves,’ ” he said.

    He also said during the meeting, “We don’t want to create an economy where one segment of it is doing really well but the other folks are out there treading water.”


  51. These people must not want the protesters to prevail. President Obama goes in there and the focus becomes him. The protesters’ issues take a backseat.

    Ed Shultz and the rest of the PL calling for the president to step in is just maddening.

    Democrats always seem to shoot themselves in the foot. Even when they are winning, they can’t seem to see it. Responding to a story I saw up at TPM, I told Josh Marshall in a recent e-mail, I am sick and tired of being on the Democrats’ side.

    If the likes of Ed and others are so caring about this issue, why don’t they call the national media out for their near black out on the coverage of the unions?

    Why isn’t the national media giving coverage to an elected governor who admits that he considered using plants to disrupt a peaceful gathering?

    You would think the PL would be screaming at the media for not giving this any coverage. Thank heavens, people like the Madison Mayor and Police chief are speaking out about this.

    And one more thing. The PL loves to talk a good game. Imagine for one second if this was a Democratic governor who had admitted on tape that he had thought about sending plants to disrupt a Republican event, do you think it would have been a one day story? Fox would have made sure it was the leading story on every cable or major network program.

    From the PL — yawn. Scream for one day, hyperventilate and the next day — move on to criticizing the president.

    Go figure.

  52. You know I’m getting to the point where I don’t care about the frustrati or the 24 News(lie)cycle.

    If the Professional Left insist on criticizing the President, the Independents will only stand up and notice and think “Hmmm if the left hate it, then it must be ok”

  53. Beware of Politico Jovie
    and other articles because they have been Anti-Obama sneaking in punches. Politico and other articles are still a right wing rag and a frustrati rag

  54. From an article on DOMA by Jonathon Capehart in WaPo:


    “Republicans and others are wondering why Obama is wading into a controversial social issue when his focus, they say, should be on taking the paddles to the economy and job creation. Last I checked, the president can and must do more than one thing at a time.” ….

    “The belief that being gay is a choice or subject to moral approval is “incorrect.” ..More

  55. “This morning mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel announced his transition co-chairs, a diverse group of community, religious and business leaders from across Chicago.

    Reverend Dr. Byron Brazier is the Pastor of the Apostolic Church of God.

    Felicia Davis is currently the Vice-President of Administration at Kendall College.

    Judy Erwin represented the 11th District in Chicago from 1992 to 2003 in the Illinois General Assembly.

    Rebecca Gonzalez currently serves as the Vice President of Programs and Operations for Casa Central, one of the leading social service network in the nation.

    Steve Koch is a Vice Chairman at Credit Suisse and a Presidential appointee to the Independent Advisory Panel of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

    David Mosena is President and CEO of the Museum of Science and Industry.

    Sarah Pang is the Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at CNA.

    Much more on all these people here:


  56. Shortsightedness is a strong suit for the likes of Ed and his ilk. I am so tired of listening to them be wrong all the time. And they just can’t seem to get it.

    I guess this high drama sells for them, but it is definitely a turn off for me.

    I know I have said this before. But if I was tech savvy enough, I would do a video compilation of these guys and the many times they have called on the president to do something, only to find out later that he proved them dead wrong.

    I would go way, way back to the very early days, for example, showing a clip from Joe Scarborough who said POTUS didn’t stand a chance of beating Hillary to Rachel Maddow’s proclamation that DADT would not get passed and on and on.

    I wish I had the talents to put such a piece together and dump it in every one of their mail boxes.

  57. I have a request. On days that I am working I have my blackberry and I keep it on this site so I can constantly refresh to read the comments. If a new stream comes up from BWD it would be nice to have a last comment that a new thread is up. Thanks for all the info.

  58. ♥ sherijr. I do feel your words. My best thoughts to you and your son that he continues in positive ways and that blessings follow him as he works to make his life better.

  59. Jovie what this boeing winning the contract and 70,000 jobs coming to washington and kansas. It was a brief explanation. I know you keep up with the economy.

  60. I’m getting in here late and didn’t see it. Just reading the comments to start out.

    Here’s a piece written by Jeff Immelt when he was appointed by President Obama:

    A blueprint for keeping America competitive


    and here’s an article about President Obama’s push for innovation and how Immelt is a part of that.

    President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. SOTUA to Call for Boosting ‘Competitiveness’ While Nodding to Need for Budget Cuts


    I’ll watch the video.

  61. I email Ed Schultz earlier and got a response back from his wife. read the response after the response is my letter to Ed schultz.Re: you told voters not to vote.

    wendy schultz [Chat now]

    View Contact
    To: robin spencer
    Thanks for that reminder Robin! President Obama did just what you said.
    I appreciate you taking the time to email your thoughts!

    — On Thu, 2/24/11, robin spencer wrote:

    From: robin spencer
    Subject: you told voters not to vote.
    To: wendyjoschultz@yahoo.com
    Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011, 11:29 AM

    Dear Mr Schultz. It is so unfair for you to be blasting the president on the wisconsin issue. President went to wisconsin 2 times and The first lady went to tell the voters of what the republicans plans . They ignored him and fell for the Tea party meme. A meme that you should be highlighting. While the president was doing his road trips, you were on the air telling people not to vote. I back the protesters in Wisconsin and back the president for what he tried to do and that was to tell the voters to get out and vote and not give the keys back to the republicans. They gave the keys back and now they are being driven back to the ditch.

    Thank you. Robin

  62. tigerfist, I get the White House daily snapshot and they list the live stream at 7:15 PM. I just looked at your link and it says 7:00 PM! I’m glad you posted this. I’m looking forward to it.

  63. Sure! It was a contract awarded by the Pentagon. They were in competition with EADS(european contrator)!
    The jobs will be mostly in Washington STATE!
    This is huge, as EADS thought because of the tax structure they could force the Pentagon to give them the deal. However, EADS is sure to file a complaint in court!
    POTUS must have gotten involved. Shh, don’t tlell the tea baggers!

  64. Of course, you have dylan rat-again, slamming the POTUS for presumably not giving this contract to Boeing for American jobs.
    He was Wrong!
    Also, today he was talking about the trade deficits, slamming the US trade policy. He left out how POTUS has increased trade exports by 1 1/2 times! sigh!

  65. (Reuters) – Boeing Co has won a contract to build new refueling planes for the U.S. Air Force, beating out Europe’s EADS, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

    A portion of the Pentagon’s website that displays contract awards named Boeing the winner without giving the full value of the contract. Top military officials were due to hold a news briefing shortly.

    EADS has 10 days to file a formal protest after a contract award, but congressional backers of the losing side can also seek to reverse the move legislatively.


  66. Oh thank you Ag.. no worries there, Josh made mistakes as a youngster, but that has all been behind him for quite a while.. he has a lovely 3 year old daughter and parenting her is the top rung on his ladder of life.

  67. He is another loud mouth who i don’t watch. Every since he called the President a boy on morning joke and got away with it , i stop watching.

  68. gn, you are right that we need to know all sides of any issue.

    As far as McChrystal though, the issue was much bigger than a criticism of President Obama. For one thing these comments were made in the presence of a reporter — McChrystal and his staff made disparaging remarks about the President, the Vice President, the national security advisor, the ambassador to Afghanistan, and the special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    President Obama takes all kinds of heat all the time and handles it with grace. He might or might not have removed McCrystal from his post for comments about him, but it was McCrystal’s comments which disparaged our allies that President Obama mentioned as the cause for replacing him. He was a general heading a war in Afghanistan. He was lippy many times before that, too.

  69. Shakin’ my head here. Think maybe even ONE Republican would check whitehouse.gov to see all the President and his administration have done to create jobs in this country. So much easier to complain than roll up the sleeves and get to work. Le sigh.

  70. I was just looking at the White House Flickr stream for some good images of the President.

    If you want a humor break look at this one!


    “April 28, 2010
    “Sometimes the unexpected happens. At a cafe in Missouri, I was trying to capture patrons snapping photos of each other with the President when this guy did what wise-guys do.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)”

    I would like to see the front of that shot. LOL!

  71. tulips, that is awesome! This is the kind of thing we all need to do to make our voices heard. Good for you for doing this. And I also want to say that I appreciate them for listening and answering.

  72. Excellent tulips. I sent a letter to Greg Sargent today, too. And he responded as well. Here is his response and my long rant:

    “thanks for this! I agree with you. Re your near last paragraph, I said something similar today…”



    wrote: —–
    From: ——-Date: 02/24/2011 05:36PM
    Subject: Union and Sunday shows

    Hey Greg,
    Thanks for this piece, as always. Here is my two cents. The networks can afford to black out union guests because people on the left talk a good game, but better yet they are best when they eat their own.

    Instead of Democrats asking or making the point that you make here today, they are hell bent on calling on President Obama to thrust himself into the Wisconsin issue. To my mind, the president does that, and he becomes the focus. The protesters take a back seat. The Republicans, Karl Rove and Fox News want nothing more than for President Obama to get right there in the mix of things.

    So, as I am sitting here today on my day off from my internship and reading all this news, I can’t help but shake my head.

    My father used to tell us when we were growing up back in Africa, people will only treat you the way they do if you give them permission to. I could be wrong, but most of what I see is Democrats sitting back and taking this crap Sunday after Sunday. The people on the left spend precious time blogging instead of collectively coming together to call these talk show heads out and force them to book people from the left. I am sure I don’t have to tell you that John McCain alone has been on MTP more times than most Democratic Senators.

    They know how to get incensed and criticize their own. That’s what they do best. When the Democrats controlled the House, for many people on the left, nothing they and this administration did was good enough. Some of them encouraged people not to go out and vote during the midterms. Ed Schultz today, who is screaming for president to come down to Wisconsin was one of those sitting on his perch discouraging people from going out to vote. Never mind that President Obama went down to Wisconsin and told the folks there what the consequences would be if they voted in the GOP.

    Now Ed wants daddy Obama to go down there and fix it. Really?

    During the health care debate, so many on the left were calling out to “kill the bill.” So now that Republicans want to repeal the bill, some of those same people are crying foul. Ha!! You’ve got to love these folks.

    DADT, many said president Obama was never going to pass, including Rachel Maddow. Some are even so brazen to say now that they made him do it. OK.

    I definitely do not subscribe to the Republican way of thinking, politics, etc. But it is hard being a part of this group that tends to have no focus.

    One last thing, Greg. Imagine for one second, if Scott Walker was a Democratic governor, who had admitted on tape that he and considered using plants to disrupt a peaceful Republican event. Do you think for one second this would have been a one day story by the people on the right – bloggers, TV pundits, newspapers, etc? Never. Fox would have cajoled the so-called main stream media, every cable TV station, etc. to run that tape non-stop until the governor cried uncle. Not people on the left. A one day story is enough, next. And this is not just this story, I could go on and one about story after story. From Boehner’s “So be it,” to much, much more.

    If you read this far, thanks for keeping up with my rant.

    Have a wonderful rest of your day.


  73. President Obama is the only one talking about jobs. Not to mention this decision takes no extra time or effort on his part – the DOJ is just not doing something.

  74. Thanks for clarifying tulips, I agree, I especially like your point about why even use the name Tea Party. I had not thought of that. The more we use that term, the more importance we give to the movement.

    virtual hugs

  75. You are absolutely right BWD! This is a state issue and it will be won or lost on the ground in each state. But this is what really gets me, David Kurtz at Talking Points Memo reports:

    “Greg Sargent confirms that the TV nets haven’t yet booked any union reps for this Sunday’s talk shows.”

    I just sent the following email to AFTRA, the radio and TV performers union:

    “Your intro page states “we stand united,” but apparently we do not since none of the Sunday News shows – or nightly news shows as far as I’ve seen- have invited ANY union representatives to appear. The hosts of these shows and their staffs are I presume union members? If the awareness of AFTRA members has deteriorated so much that members of other unions are not even invited to speak on national broadcasts, how much longer do you think AFTRA will continue to exist? My guess would be, not pass the next contract negotiation.

    “What is going on in Wisconsin is part of a national attack on organized labor. I think one of the best ways to support the public employees is to ask why union leadership is not permitted to appear on national news programs.”

    If there are any other AFTRA members here, please contact the national office and urge them to pressure these union news casters. I’d also love to light up the email and switchboard of these news shows. Anybody got some numbers or email addresses we could pass around?

    Thank you for this forum BWD!

  76. Steve Benen good mini-reports today. He asks for readers to consider the comments as an open thread so this would be a good place to make comments.


    A few of them, he has the links in his column:

    “President Obama on Wednesday condemned Libya’s violent crackdown against a widening anti-government movement, saying the ‘suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable.’ But Obama did not call for a change in Libya’s autocratic government or announce specific sanctions that the United States would support to punish the country for actions that he said ‘violate international norms and every standard of common decency.'”
    “Did Fox News chairman Roger Ailes encourage Judith Regan to lie to federal investigators? There are affidavits that suggest he did, and Regan even claims to have a recording to prove it.
    ….with Gov. Scott Walker (R) having admitted to considering placing troublemakers amid the crowd of protesters, the Madison police chief has some concerns.”

  77. tulips, I’m with you on using the tea party meme or name. Democrats are passionate and like working for a cause. United, unions, something like that would work more for me.

  78. That is a great idea. My family is in the construction industry and the whole industry is really hurting due to the slump in new construction. It’s been just awful.

  79. I admire both tulips and africa for writing to reporters and pressing them to interview or write about issues that matter to us.

    Earlier in an OFA thread there was a request to email Sunday morning shows and ask them to put labor leaders on.

    The email addresses were for face the nation, meet the press and candy crowley.

    I have added these to the email list at my blog.


    I already have the email for ed, but do not have one for greg sargent, could someone post it here?

  80. I don’t mind at all that anyone is more concerned with labor than POTUS’ standing; it is how that concern is being expressed with the diversion of focus which is troublesome. President Obama couldn’t be more clear in that he considers Walker’s actions to be unionbusting. What Schultz et al want is not solutions for labor, they want spectacle, and it is a deeply foolish idea. A drama with POTUS at the middle just sapped the energy of the substantial majority of union households who didn’t vote for him yet don’t approve of unionbusting.

    When people start seeing the WH as a collaborator, not an enemy, and not a weapon used to smite enemies, we’ll get somewhere.

  81. typo: substantial minority of union households [including “conservative” union members like firefighters and police who are standing in solidarity with the protesters at the moment].

  82. So utterly and completely well said. What’s happening is an attempt to redirect the anger from Walker onto POTUS and I’d love to hear about how that supposedly helps labor! Grasping defeat in the jaws of victory. The PL cannot and should not be trusted to advise or manage grassroots events. They didn’t even get in on this until quiet planning was well underway. Now they want to be front and center and insert their POTUS fetish and drama addiction.

  83. Thanks Wiw i was waiting for you to come back on . i had to pick up the kids. So i want to apologize again for using the word stupid. I will always appreciate your view, your work and opinion.

  84. I agree Africa, absolutely spot on. I hadn’t even realized how the attacks are being directed toward POTUS – over the real culprit, Walker and his republican pals. That tape of Walker yesterday should have been hammered non-stop- interesting how the media managed to do that without conscious over Reverend Wright.. but not on this republican union busting governor.. nope they’re still pushing on President Obama. As gn said- their “POTUS fetish”.. and “Drama Addiction”. Love that gn!

  85. And the people are right. Hopefully, they will get through to Ed. If the president gets more involved the story will be all about him – whether he said the right thing, what effect it will have on his reelection, what he should have said in their opinion, how it’s proof he’s a Nazi communist Islamofaschist on Fox, etc. etc. I can’t believe that Ed doesn’t know that so I have to wonder just what his purpose is in harping on it.

  86. CNN gives Bachmann air time for her “official teaparty response” to the SOTU, but won’t give unions a chance to defend/rebut the GOP governors smears…

    All of them can have pundits on who bring nothing to the table, but can’t have on a union leader on to offer their side on an issue they’re involved in.

  87. femlaw is outstanding, though I don’t go to dk anymore… she has been a tireless OFA supporter. Thanks for the headsup Tigerfists 🙂

  88. And there we have it, same old same old from our National Media.. they are only interested in pushing the republican agenda..and slamming POTUS- which is really the same thing in essence.

  89. Excuse my language, overseasgranny, but f**k the republicans in expecting the president to lead on job creation when they’ve spent the last 2+ years screaming at him about jobs and promising that jobs would be at the top of their list if they were voted back into power. They lied when they said that the stimulus didn’t create any jobs while they were posing for pics that showed stimulus funds were creating jobs in their states and districts. Frack ’em!!! They won the House, but they haven’t introduced ONE bill into the chamber that addresses jobs or economic recovery. Evidently they don’t know that the Constitution mandates that all legislation must BEGIN in Congress. This is just more of their political posturing. They know that PBO’s decision to stop wasting taxpayer money fighting DOMA has nothing to do with creating jobs.

  90. Hi sheri! Congratulations about your son picking himself up and dusting himself off; you must be super-proud!

  91. Hey gn.. thank you my dear 🙂 Like I wrote earlier, it was a long time ago.. he was 16-17 years old.. and he is so put together now. Even when he went to prison, his attitude was that he’d messed up and he had to pay.. and he did it strong.. never asked for anything and never in 4 years complained about anything. And now today.. he’s an outstanding daddy and a very good soul. I really like him as a person.. aside from as a mom ;). He was just a guy who made some mistakes.

  92. PBO made it clear in 2009 when he and the dems were working on the ARRA that he wanted to put America first in creating jobs. I also remember how the dems and republicans in Congress, along with the Chinese government. got very upset about it. I’m with the president on this one. These should be American manufacturing jobs. My youngest brother works for Boeing in Seattle, and I recall him telling me how much it cost the company to outsource jobs on the Dreamliner when the parts were sent back to the U.S. and were found to be of such poor quality that they couldn’t be used. The Boeing plant in WA state is a union plant, and the members of the union take pride in their work. They were extremely upset about the substandard work, especially when management began to blame workers for the company’s budget problems and began laying them off.

  93. Yep, agreed. OFA has always been dismissed by the powers that be at dk.. I’ve never gotten the attitude, however, now with everything we know about things and people over there- I’m guessing the fact that OFA has been so successful on behalf of first Senator Obama and now President Obama.. that may well be exactly why OFA gets dismissed by the head dog at DK.. ??

    By the way OFA is seeking folks to apply for training for the summer, I believe the deadline is March or April to apply. I’ll post here as soon as I dig it up again.

  94. I am so enjoying this Motown Sound concert. This is so much fun. I can’t wipe the smile off my face and I can’t stop tapping my feet. It’s so nice to see President Obama and the family taking a break from all of the madness.

  95. Lawrence O’Donnell is getting on my last damned nerve. he is on this relentless crusade to demonize the President as regards the Wisconsin crisis. He is an ass. pardon my language.

  96. It’s amazing to me…demonize him for what? They’re getting as bad as Fox from what I’m reading.

  97. I am out forever thaks for the ride all; and thanks for all you do BWD. I just think you all are not my kind. Good luck and be cool. Thanks.

  98. Greg Sargent: only Republican governors, not labor on Sunday talk shows:


    I feel like it is really important for us to contact them and let them know what we want to hear. I’m going to do that right after I post this. One thing I am going to ask is if the Koch brothers have bought everyone but the average American.

    CBS News, Face the Nation: NJ Gov. Chris Christie

    Contact form – you can choose the program

    I can’t tell who is on ABC’s This Week


    NBC’s Meet the Press has Governor Walker and John McCain.

    Meet the Press Mailbox


    Trumpka is on NBC’s Roundtable at least:

    Also Sunday: As Congress fights over spending, the deadline before the government shuts down is fast approaching. Can both sides come to an agreement? And as states deal with budget troubles of their own, will the protests in Wisconsin spread to other states? What will the outcome there mean for the labor movement and workers’ rights? What will it all mean in the race for the White House in 2012? Joining us: Former head of the RNC, Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS); chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO); host of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Lawrence O’Donnell; president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka; and editorial board member and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Kim Strassel.”

    I’ve written to them.

  99. Lawrence lost my eyeballs last night because of this same nonsense. I have had it with him. In fact, I find his show boring. He did a couple of good shows during the lame duck session on the tax cut issue but it has been downhill since then.

    You could get whiplash from Tweety. One day he makes sense, the next day he says something so incredibly stupid you don’t recognize him. Last night he had the nerve to say that President Obama’s comments on Libya were tame. Unbelievable….

    Ed Schultz yells for an hour and you would expect his head to explode at any moment. President Obama just can’t do anything right for Ed.

    Don’t even get me started with Cenk Uygur. He knows exactly what President Obama should be doing, when, how and what words he should be using. President Obama just can’t do anything right for Cenk.

    Right now, the only show I am watching on MSNBC is Rachel Maddow. And even Rachel plucks my nerves with her constant handwringing and is the White House doing enough for x, y, or z issue.

  100. “I just think you all are not my kind”

    Hey saku, could you explain a bit further what you mean? Thanks.

  101. GN, Ladyhawk and others
    I think is because you let Main Stream Media get to you. Corporate is is what corporate does.
    Don’t get mad, GET EVEN!
    What do I mean by that, go over their heads and contact the shareholders or the board members and do a little boycott language with the mix of a wisconsin likeprotest, if you get my drift.

  102. Read previous posts, that is all I can say to people who did not follow what I keep saying. Sorry but that is all I can say again. Thanks, and bye. I am not opposing anything, but I am over with BWD and this site, that is all. Thanks again!

  103. Well, I wouldn’t say that the media is getting to me, and I like to quote just how popular POTUS remains with his base in order to note that there’s a disconnect, but I can understand that too much meta or too much criticism might be unsettling to people. I wish saku the best, I like his contributions even if I haven’t agreed with all of them, and if he really doesn’t like it here, I genuinely hope that he can find a political space which makes him happier. Seems like a pretty thoughtful guy; everyone should get in where they fit in is my opinion.

  104. Just saying…that’s a little hard to do because it would require searching each thread; that’s one thing that I wish that wordpress offered: the ability to read a page with someone’s comments. Thanks for your contributions, and feel free to come back if you so choose!

  105. professor you are right. I’m a pretty peaceful person and I think one thing I’ve got to do is focus with some group that is being effective in their activism on these issues. I usually want to just read blogs that are positive, but it seems that all of them are caught up in the noise going on and I have become part of giving the noise attention, too.

    I appreciate your comment.

  106. Hey ParkRanger.
    Remember we are all in this together and we have Potus back. Three words
    EXPOSE EXPOSE EXPOSE the media where you are. And it starts local

  107. Gn you are great. what ever it is let them deal with it , i appreciate ever efforts. Its not for me or any one else to judge. IMO i look forward to all of your opinion and activism.

  108. I can just point to this one comment by Saku:

    “Saku BWD and all, this will be my last post if you do not change your attitude towards what you are feeling wrongfully. I come here to lurk and be energized and face the day with pride, therefore, if the opposite is true I will not read any of this depressing posts anymore. That is just my thought. Here:

    Politics is more than a contact sport. When something feels good we are HIGH and when it feels bad we are LOW, therefore, it is difficult for some of us to be strong and not feel that way. We need to learn at least something from this President… “Stay strong and consistent” Don’t be high excessively and low excessively…JUST CONSISTENT. “There will set-backs…we may not reach there in one year or even in one term, but America I am more than hopeful that we will be there…I promise you we will be there…” PBO (Chicago, IL Nov. 20, 2008)

    Thanks a lot!”

    I think what bothers him, and I can understand it, is the constant harping on people like Schultz, O’Donnell, et al. He would prefer we focus on the positive and avoid the negative, which I think is what he thinks the President woudl want us to do.

    Perhaps mention something said and then discuss why we perceive it to be wrong but not stoop to their level. Obvioulsy, this is all just conjecture, but I think that is where he is coming from.

    And to be honest, although I would never want to leave this site, I sometimes get a little tired of up to 20 comments in a row going not after the views of someone in the PL, but that person specifically. (although I admit to having done that which I protest.)

  109. Im sorry but he was wrong. To use the phrase your kind. The focus was not on these individuals it was discussing ways some was fighting back and sharing with family. I may not agree with what everyone says, but they have a right to say, and i hope they feel the same about me. There were times when some corrected me and made see things in a different light. I know deep down in side that people here is not of any kind but the human kind. he cannot control anyone thought or reasoning. BWD just ask us to be respectful to one another. to lift our President up we have to discuss ways and things that are said to combat the misinformation.

  110. I’m guessing, but I think it all stems from BWD’s post the other day when she agreed with EJ Dionne that the tea party has won, on some level, the narrative. BWD was expressing her dismay over that. I agreed with her, as I do think the tea party, greatly aided by MSM, has managed to put the arguments of our time on their terms, making us fight on their turf or at least from a starting point that is more favorable to the far right.

    Some people do not like the negativity, or what may be perceived as criticism of PBO, especially if it appears that the criticism or negativity was brought on by MSM.

    In my opinion, I think it would be foolish for us to sit here and “Amen” each other on how much we appreciate PBO, without realizing the political and social landscape of this country right now and how we are up against some pretty tough adversaries who have a lot of money and power.

  111. With a mom like you, he HAS to be wonderful! I’m so glad he found something that he loves to do…

  112. Ed Schultz is at it again. Making it all about President Obama, and taking the focus off Walker and the Republicans. Making it about Obama’s campaign promise that he broke instead of Walker’s phone conversation with David Koch. Launching an all out attack on the White House.

    Ed Schultz is a TRAITOR. A Republican posing as a progressive. A FAUXGRESSIVE. He should be exposed and we should make it our business to do so.

  113. I just think that people have a right to their good faith feelings and the right to limit themselves to the type of energy to their choosing. I definitely take saku’s point about being mindful that we have lurkers who appreciate the more positive, hopeful, uplifting content. Just saying that bwd puts in an enormous amount of work here and rather than leaving perhaps people can help to create the content they want. WhatisWorking does that everyday alongside many others. That said, speaking for myself saku’s critique is definitely noted and appreciated.

  114. Well, I just want to throw my two cents in the pot. Have really not commented before on this page, but I have been reading for about two months (and stealing all of your brilliant posts) I think there are MANY like me, who love to come here to see the beautiful pictures, the amazing links, and all of your wonderful, respectful, interesting and informative comments. BIG hugs and kisses to BWD and all you regular commentors!!!! THANKS, XOXOXOXO

  115. Gn it is noted and i agree , but i don’t like your kind comment. I love all of you. Its not that serious to label anyone as your kind. Thats why i appreciate you. you see the brighter side and i do to but will call anyone out who labels

    your kind reminds me of the quote You People. Note you can always correct or get me to see things in a different light , feel free because it makes me grow as a person

  116. I just heard say that if President Obama doesn’t go to Wisconsin and/or take a STRONGER stand the President SHOULD NOT get a second term.

  117. This is why wisconsin voted republican because he told them not too. I just turned the tv and will not watch anymore.

  118. Okay, people. I have just watched my last few minutes of Ed Schultz. That ignorant loud mouth just said if President Obama doesn’t go to Wisconsin then he deserves to be a one-term president. I am livid. My blood pressure must be at 200.

    Obama supporters we cannot let this stand. We cannot let Ed Schultz, O”Donnell, Cenk and MSNBC get away with this despicable disrespect of our president.

    I will not watch any of them anymore. I will not give them ratings. I will write MSNBC’s management. I will boycott their sponsors.

    Obama supporters if we do not come out against this loud mouth republican pretending to be a democrat, we are just giving lip service to being Obama supporters.

    I hate Ed Schultz. I hate the PL. They never supported PBO as a candidate and they are doing everything they can to undermine him now.

    Help me out, Obama supporters. Please.

    Let’s blow up his email, twitter, phone, you name it.

  119. hopefruit, I totally agree. I just said the same thing in a post below. I’m open for suggestions for how we make him pay for this. He’s one of the main reasons for the low voter turnout. They railed against the president for two years and then told people not to vote.

    Now he’s so for the middle class. He’s trying to save his own loud mouth behind. MSNBC moved his loud mouth to 10 and took away his prime 6pm spot. Let’s finish the job and help move him off the air.

  120. I missed Ed’s radio show but just saw the first half of his TV show. OMG…he’s gone to far! Actually suggesting if Pres Obama doesn’t go to WI, he doesn’t deserve a 2nd term. Yeah, that Repub president is going to be so much more respectful of unions. Seriously, Pres Obama was the FIRST national Dem to speak out and his comments were strong despite how Ed tried to spin it at first.

    All that passion Ed has but he’s so stupid! Yeah, I said it…it’s embarrassing to watch him in an argument because most of the time he’s clueless. Being loud and angry doesn’t make you effective. Donnie D. on Morning Joe said leadership was about results and that even if he didn’t prefer Pres Obama’s leadership style, he has gotten results. That’s what counts…

  121. Completely illogical line of reasoning on Schultz’s part.

    I’m afraid to ask – what does Schultz feel would be the benefit of PBO going to Wisconsin?

  122. I’m with you – I can not stomach Ed – he is the very one who told the people not to vote – resulting in Repub Governors. How dare he think he can dictate to President Obama what to do. His stupid poll says “should Pres Obama take a road trip to WI?” Who does Ed think he is? He thinks he made Pres Obama and that the President owes him something. He is also mad that the President has never appeared on his TV show. I used to think he was good and a supporter of the President. He has long ago showed his true colors and I am so over him. MSNBC needs to take him off because he has long over stayed his welcome.

  123. I will email – however I must say I never get any response from anyone on MSNBC and I have emailed numerous times. I did not listen to ODonnell tonight and I never listen to Cenk. Ed is way over the top tonight as usual. He seems to forget just how smart this President is and how he works on things that we have no idea what he is doing until it’s done and then all the naysayers have egg on their faces. Like I said I will email but even more so – I will not watch and I will tell all my political junkie friends not to watch either. We might as well be looking at FOX because then at least we know what to expect. I will get my news from BWD , Chipsticks, and a few others. My blood pressure can’t take the rest!

  124. you know whenever it get this heavy and people get discouraged, that means something good is about to happent with this potus that no one will be able to deny it was President Obama. something that will make the media look stupid.

  125. I agree PoB. I will no longer watch Schultz and O’Donnell (I never watched Cenk). I will spread the negative info about them on other blogs when possible, in other to get people alerted as to what they are doing.

  126. Ed has a blog at MSNBC. You can comment there. I don’t know what good it will do, but I made a couple of comments.

  127. Tonight I was under the impression that both Schultz and O’Donnell were actively trying to tear the unions support away from the President by making it a point to remind them that Obama made a promise during the campaign which he now appears to be breaking. O’Donnell went as far as to suggest that the unions are letting themselves be used for nothing by Obama. Has O’Donnell EVER asked the unions what has any Republican done for them lately? Trumpka can attest to the fact that Obama has already done more for the labor unions than either Donnell or Schultz care to know or admit. And I would hope that Trumka by now realizes that the loudest mouths on MSNBC (left-leaning or not) are solidly in the camp of the Koch brothers.

  128. Schultz is for Schultz and O’Donnell is for Bill Clinton. I tuned both of them out a long time ago, but every now and then I try to watch five minutes of Lawrence’s show … and something invariably is said that makes me hit the remote.

    President Obama is clearly behind the unions. We know that and the unions leaders know that.

    Sidebar: Today in my city in Central Illinois, there was a demonstration at the court house of union workers – in support of Wisconsin and the other states in the news! I was so glad to see that on the news tonight. Apparently, a small group of teafolk tried to protest around a hotel at the same time … joining them was a small group of union supporters (said to be college students) … before the hotel complained and they were all removed from the area. Good for the college students! One sign spotted in the news coverage at the anti-teafolk protest:

    Union-busting !!!!

  129. Is it any surprise that the usual suspects would use this event to bash the President? Even James Hoffa was pushing the “Obama isn’t doing enough” bullcrap on Last Word tonight. I don’t care if Hoffa’s president of the Teamsters, he’s wrong. President Obama is doing exactly the right thing by keeping his relative distance. He weighed in on the side of the workers but he doesn’t want to be a distraction or make the fight all about him. I don’t think it would be wise for him to get directly involved. But that doesn’t stop the frustrati (who, btw, LO was doing his best impression of tonight) from going about their usual business of trying to damage the President Obama’s reputation.

  130. You know…I’m sorry about people who are upset at the criticism of the PL and I really do get their dismay at all of the meta, but the PL needs to be called out, and they need to be called out constantly. It is not lost on me that this President is subject to constant disrespect in the media, unchecked disrespect. It is disgusting, and it does not serve any sort of lefty agenda. Thanks for reporting about what these people are doing in our names.

  131. I clicked on the link, got a message that said ‘website not found’. I agree, it would be great to ‘sticky’ the listing of products somewhere.
    I don’t buy paper cups, but now I know to definitely not buy DIXIE brand cups.

  132. If they can make this story all about POTUS rather than Walker and the Koch Brothers, score another point for the right. And I’m not going to just wish away or ignore the people who are doing this while claiming to be “on the left” and acting in our names.

  133. tulips, I don’t really care. If this space isn’t someone’s type of hype, they have every right to go somewhere else and get in where they fit in. I have seen much nastier comments addressed to this community; he thanked us, and left. I don’t really have a problem with this. He can come back upon realization that this is largely a positive space yet one which doesn’t give the PL or fauxgressives a pass to presume to speak for the entire base…or maybe he’ll leave for something more to his suiting. I take his critiques and think that he did make an important point about positivity. But that said, live and let live for everyone. Perhaps saku will even create a community which is 100% positive. I love love love this space, but I’d visit saku’s as well! Or if he comes back here and posts comments more in line with his vision, I’ll support that too. Like you said, it’s just not that serious. Not bent out of shape either way.

  134. Agree, gn (for some reason my “reply” comments aren’t posing). I think that is the PL’s true intention…to deflect attention away from Walker and the Kochs and to shine a negative light on the president. I truly believe most of the PL are fronting and are really working for the right. It’s obvious to me that’s what they’re up to. I cant believe these people (Huffington, Schultz, etc) have any credibility whatsoever with Democrats. But sadly, a lot of folks buy into their shtick.

  135. Thank you for all the good work.
    keep it up. the truth shall overcome. the long arc of the universe bends towards truth!

  136. And yes, Schultz is a shameless opportunist. He thinks he can get better ratings if he bashes the president. What an ass! He was one of the idiots telling people to stay home last election day and now we can see the results of that stellar advice. I don’t buy Big Eddie’s “champion of the working man” shtick not one bit. He’s nothing more than a sleazy carnival barker, imo.

  137. I just sent an e-mail half way through reading your comment. I reminded him that while Obama was out getting votes, he was on tv telling people not to. I told him other things as well and tried my very best not to curse. The word foolish and pathetic came up a few times.

  138. What u say is true…Ol’Ed is a desparate
    man in the last stages..hehe..poor fella is
    looking more like a stressed out car
    slalesman that can’t move product, even after
    the boss makes several accommodations.
    He’s on during mid day plugging his show…didn’t work…He switched
    timeslots…Didn’t work…Finally Ed went to
    that tired meme “Pres. Obama is soft”….still no ratings..
    Ed…There’s a saying and it goes “Don’t blame the tools…blame the craftsman”…The base he is pandering to only exist in his mind….He went to Wisconsin to cash in on some populace outrage, maybe turn it in to ratings for his show and ran in to an OFA ogrganizing buzzsaw….LOL 😆

  139. I believe that Ed and the rest of progressive pundits are being pushed to do this by progressive members of congress. I believe it is coordinated.

  140. Yes, it was quite obvious that the slant was to be “negative Obama” on those shows today. Hoffa came on LO and trumpeted that same shit. He must have some kind of vendetta against the president because it made no sense whatsoever for him to go on the public airwaves and discuss POTUS and not use that platform to get out the pro-union, anti-Repuplican message. The MSNBC shows (I didn’t see Maddow) had an agenda today – attack Obama.

  141. This seems so obvious that you have to wonder what the PL is up to. I just don’t believe that they really think having the President get more involved would help the labor unions or the WI democrats. It’s just too easy to see that it would actually hurt their cause and turn the attention away from what the republicans are trying to do and onto the President. I know Ed is not very bright, but even his listeners keep telling him how wrong he is and he refuses to stop calling for what would be a disastrous and harmful intervention by the President. I hate to think it, but it does make you wonder if Ed is actually on the side of the workers at all or if he is just using this and other issues as a way to attack Democrats and sway Democratic voters away from the party by pretending to be a liberal voice. Either that or he is really stupid and he is letting himself be swayed into doing harm by others who are brighter than him and are leading him unwittingly into being destructive of the causes he believes in. Either way, he needs to just shut up about the President and put the focus back on Walker and the republicans where it belongs.

  142. #random …with all the “late to the party” and “it’s not enough” memes floating around in the hot air pundit atmosphere u would think Pres. Obama would be at 20% approval or some crazy shyt like that instead of the very real 50%-52% in multiple pollings…Maybe by coincidence we all need our lying eyes & ears checked..hehe

  143. Distort the debate with a little slight of hand by the pundits attempting to shift the anger to Pres. Obama to hault any positve feelings wisconsin democrats have towards POTUS…I’ll admit they are nickel slick, but @OFA_WI has boots on the ground there organizing and has their penny change 😀

  144. The need to come up with an attention grabbing opinion or soumdbite is all that drives any of the political commentators on tv blogs or print. Get noticed and get ratings. The truthfulness of the statement is less important that its ability to enrage. So I don’t watch these shows because I don’tfind being enraged all that useful. I come here.

  145. Exactly. Does the PL not know that the “O” in OFA stands for Obama? As usual, the PL is more concerned with rhetoric than they are with results. I’m so sick of their all too predictable antics.

  146. Well Everyone, we all know what to do and we need a strategic way of doing it. Especially going after the board of directors and the share holders. Here is the info.

    News Corp

    FAIR’s Media Contact List

    Let your voice be heard! Talk back to the media.
    Network/Cable Television

    ABC News
    147 Columbus Ave., New York, NY 10023
    Phone: 212-456-7777

    General e-mail: netaudr@abc.com
    Nightline: nightline@abcnews.com
    20/20: 2020@abc.com

    CBS News
    524 W. 57 St., New York, NY 10019
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    Fax: 212-975-1893

    Email forms for all CBS news programs
    CBS Evening News: evening@cbsnews.com
    The Early Show: earlyshow@cbs.com
    60 Minutes II: 60m@cbsnews.com
    48 Hours: 48hours@cbsnews.com
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    900 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
    Phone: (201) 735-2622
    Fax: (201) 583-5453
    Email: info@cnbc.com

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    Email forms for all CNN news programs

    Fox News Channel
    1211 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10036
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    Special Report with Bret Baier: Special@foxnews.com
    FOX Report with Shepard Smith: Foxreport@foxnews.com
    The O’Reilly Factor: Oreilly@foxnews.com
    Hannity: Hannity@foxnews.com,
    On the Record with Greta: Ontherecord@foxnews.com
    Glenn Beck: GlennBeck@foxnews.com

    30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112
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  147. China drops the death penalty for 13 nonviolent crimes – AP

    Libyan government raises wages, increases food subsidies – Reuters


    I sometimes wonder when I look at the changes going on around the world and at home, that simply were not happening under prior administrations but are happening under this one, what does it take for this President to at least get a sliver of credit for having the presence of mind to know when to use the bully pulpit and when to be strategically quiet.

    He gets it. Look around. All the bravado and bombing in the world were not taking down dictatorships in the middle east. Now all of a sudden because of the inspiration of peaceful revolution provided by Tunisia and Egypt, coupled with the U.S. staying Out Of the Way, people are seeing real change.

    Cairo is sending pizzas to Madison in solidarity. That’s about as close to they will greet us as liberators as you can imagine. That kind of connection was practically unimaginable before this year.

    So when you look at what is actually taking place–DADT in the dustheap of history, dictatorships toppling or reforming every week, a great awakening among Democrats that there is in fact a difference between the two parties–what does it take for the pundits to understand that maybe, just maybe, this guy in the White House has a little more insight about how to get stuff done than the people squawking about doing things the old way.

    This President weighed in on Wisconsin in November. Don’t give them the keys, he said. There wasn’t a person in America that could not recite his don’t give them the keys Slurpee story. And yet. Democrats didn’t show up when it was time to put up or shut up.

    Now some want President Obama to come to the rescue again. Why? So you can condemn whatever he says as “just words.”

    It is woefully inefficient for one man to fix every problem the Democratic party gets itself into. It’s supposed to be a party not a one-man-rescue mission that you claim you want to primary on one day and then come to the rescue the next.

    Democrats need to step up and fight for their vision of America. Tea partiers understand this. That’s why they won in November.

    Maybe, now, at long last, as Democrats assess all this current administration has accomplished at home and abroad, and are able to compare it to the callous, insensate and regressive alternative, maybe this party will grow up, stay engaged, display some gratitude every once and a while, and show up to vote in 2012.

  148. Exactly. PBO has supported their fight, but he is not going to make it about him and distract everyone from the real battle to retain unions. He also knows that if the union people fighting the battle have to fight hard to win, they will appreciate what they have won more. It is the same with Egypt or Tunisia or Libya – the majority of the people need to want something enough to die for it. PBO speaks out for democracy and human rights and supports the goal, but we are the change we have been waiting for. We have to do our part.

  149. I have been thinking and don’t know how it could be accomplished but if Citizen’s United is supposed to be about free speech for corporations and it allows them to make unlimited, untraceable donations that can overpower our elections, then if I am contemplating purchasing a good or service and the money I spend could end up corporate profits and then downstream in the political coffers of interests that I would be loathe to support, shouldn’t my free speech include the ability to refrain from purchasing from or contracting with anyone without being assured that this cannot happen? If corporations are political entities in the true sense of the word now shouldn’t I not be forced through lack of information to support what I don’t support. Since the DISCLOSE act or anything like it is not available to make it a requirement that the money trail be transparent (even through PACs and the Chamber of Commerce) I would like to be able to solicit that info from a company directly. If it is not forthcoming then I would like to be able to decide that the risk of supporting something through my purchase that would be against my wishes is too great. I wish this could be done collectively so we could pool the responses and reference them before exercising our decision to purchase or contract or for that matter to buy stock directly or indirectly through investment funds or pensions. It would also mean being able to look up a product or service and trace the corporate ownership which can be complicated. I would love to see an app for that that could be used to consult a data base while making a purchasing decision. I would also like to see the Supreme Court uphold my right to know before I purchase if I could be supporting candidates or policies that I object to.

  150. Our small family owned manufacturing company will be one of them since we sell cutting tools to them to drill high precision holes. One hundred families in Illinois will benefit.

  151. Yes, but why does this outrage ALWAYS have to center around President Obama, regardless of his association with the issue at hand? I think it’s more than just ratings. I truly believe that the media outlets are given a certain script that is pro-Republican, pro-conservatism and pro-corporations. Therefore, the agenda is to attack and undermine anyone or anything that threatens to dismantle this existing structure. And the person who currently best represents this threat is our President – not the far left “activists.”

    I mean I almost had a stroke last night when I heard Howard Fineman crow on LO’s Last Word about how he admires John McCain who is a “survivalist” and a very likeable person. I mean, really, Howard??? Meanwhile, Fineman hasn’t said a complimentary thing about President Obama since 2008.

  152. I have a theory that Americans are just coming to grips with what it is going to take to reverse the course we have been on with the GOP of our time. Electing the President seemed like such a monumental feat maybe we all let ourselves believe the battle was won. Just like 9/11 was a total shock to our collective expectation, the Tea Party and all its iterations, the near depression and the simultaneous political moves of large corporate interests have seemed like some bad dream that we would just wake up from. Now reality has dawned on us. The elections in 2010 have resulted in an all out frontal attack by the right wing fringe and we are still coming to grips with how vital it is to join forces to push back. The President has always held to that theory. This is about us not about him and we rise or fall together. We have to summon the gumption to do our part. The best thing is that we have a real leader who understands the art, the science and the universal morality of respecting, empowering and including. Its us that have to change, or as he explains, be the change we seek.

  153. I’ve really begun to think that as well. The right wing having a bunch of fun and making money from liberals. While leading liberals into acting against best interests and helping the GOP. There’s just no way that some of these people are really on the left; the behavior makes no sense. I truly think that there’s a bunch of fronting going on, exactly as you said.

  154. The Professional Left and right wing are doing everything possible to stop people from making these realizations and stop people from continuing what we started in 2008. The problem is not the base IMO, it’s the media, both the national media, and new media as represented by large blogs like HuffPo and DKos. It really is up to us to spread the word IMO.

  155. BWD! the PL are a bunch of loosers, and yes they are stupid by listining to the CRAP af Ed Shultz. We watched the Show from the HW last night it was sooooo good

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