Wednesday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM  
11:00 AM  
12:00 PM VPB attends a reception for the Democratic National Committee.
12:30 PM Carney briefs the press.
12:45 PM PBO departs the White House en route Bethesda, Maryland.
1:00 PM  
1:15 PM PBO visits the National Naval Medical Center.
1:30 PM VPB attends an event for Representative Carolyn Maloney.
2:00 PM  
2:45 PM PBO arrives at the White House.
3:00 PM  
3:45 PM PBO meets with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.



2. Somehow, I think this won’t get any headlines:

Judge tosses lawsuit on health care plan

A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit claiming that President Barack Obama’s requirement that all Americans have health insurance violates the religious freedom of those who rely on God to protect them.

U.S. District JudgeGladys Kessler dismissed a lawsuit filed by the American Center for Law and Justice, a Christian legal group founded by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, on behalf of five Americans who can afford health insurance but have chosen not to buy it.



3. And I doubt you’ll see this mentioned by the professional left:

The Justice Department under President Barack Obama has quietly dropped its legal representation of more than a dozen Bush-era Pentagon and administration officials

The list including former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and aide Paul Wolfowitz – in a lawsuit by Al Qaeda operative Jose Padilla, who spent years behind bars without charges in conditions his lawyers compare to torture.



4. Very, very, VERY interesting stuff:

2012 Ad Blitz for Obama Planned

Top Democratic Party backers are in discussions about how to fund a television-advertising blitz in support of President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.


Mr. Obama discouraged independent groups from working on his behalf during the 2008 presidential race. Democratic strategists now believe the Obama campaign will give them the green light to create independent advertising efforts for 2012 to rival the well-funded conservative groups that appeared in the 2010 congressional elections.

Wealthy Democratic donors and party activists have met several times in recent months to map out the best way to help Mr. Obama win a second term.

The meetings have included representatives of labor groups such as the AFL-CIO, the National Education Association and the Service Employees International Union; abortion-rights organizations including NARAL Pro-Choice America; the League of Conservation Voters and other environmental groups; and some of the biggest Democratic campaign givers and insiders, such as strategist Harold Ickes.

 “There is a general consensus that there needs to be something big on our side to counter what the other side did in the last election,” said Steve Rosenthal, a Democratic strategist who led one recent meeting at Tuscana West, an Italian restaurant in Washington.

// more



5. NYT Editorial:

Like a wind-whipped brush fire, the mass union protests that began in Madison, Wis., last week have spread to the capitals of Ohio and Indiana where Republican lawmakers also are trying to cripple the bargaining power of unions — and ultimately realize a cherished partisan dream of eradicating them. In each case, Republican talk of balancing budgets is cover for the real purpose of gutting the political force of middle-class state workers, who are steady supporters of Democrats and pose a threat to a growing conservative agenda.


Conservative leaders in most states with strong unions have in the past generally made accommodations with organized labor, often winning support on social issues in return. That changed this year after wealthy conservatives poured tens of millions of dollars into the election campaigns of hard-right candidates like Mr. Kasich and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

As Eric Lipton reported in The Times on Tuesday, the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who have long been staunch union opponents, were among the biggest contributors to Mr. Walker. (Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group financed by the Kochs, will begin running anti-union broadcast ads in Wisconsin in the next few days.)

Some public sector unions have contracts and benefits that are too rich for these times, but even when they have made concessions, Republican officials have kept up the attack. The Republicans’ claim to be acting on behalf of taxpayers is not believable.

// more



6. I guess you can now call Chicago “The city that f*****g works”. 🙂

Rahm to Obama: I couldn’t have done it without you

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel turned President Obama’s glowing send-off into a near-endorsement that helped Emanuel claim a majority of the black vote.

On Tuesday, Emanuel got a congratulatory phone call from his former boss — and he told the crowd at his victory party about it.

“I also want to thank — and I just talked to President Obama, who sends you his love and affection for his hometown,” Emanuel said as the crowd erupted in applause.

Emanuel told Obama he couldn’t have won without his help, said David Axelrod, who served with Emanuel in the White House.

Obama released a statement congratulating his former chief of staff on what the president called a “well-deserved” victory.

“As a Chicagoan and a friend, I couldn’t be prouder. Rahm will be a terrific mayor for all the people of Chicago,” the president said.



7. Nice:

Secretary Clinton To Participate in Online Dialogue With Egyptian Youth



8. President Obama’s remark at the Closing Session of the Winning the Future Forum on Small Business yesterday in Cleveland, OH:



9. And here’s something to give you a good morning smile:

Nursing home mock election favors Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama was the overwhelming favorite in a mock election conducted Monday at a local nursing home that had residents select the president whom they would most like to see in office today.

At the  Topeka Community Health Center, 1821 S.E. 21st., residents were able to vote from 10 to 11:15 a.m. Monday, which was Presidents Day. The ballot consisted of all 44 U.S. presidents.

Obama received 11 of the 22 total votes in the election. John F. Kennedy received three votes, George Herbert Walker Bush received two, George W. Bush received two and Richard Nixon received one.


94 thoughts on “Wednesday morning mishmash

  1. Good morning everyone. Great News BWD. I don’t know what to say Mayor Rahm or Mayor Emmanuel. LOL! I am so pleased he made it.

  2. Hey, Congrats to Mayor Rahhhhhhm, the prog’s dread enemy! It’s a BFD!
    I think it was Dowd’s column I was reading last nite that said he only used his first name on his campaign signs which is sorta cute. Everyone still knew who it was. It’s not a bad column for MoDo. (I haven’t taken the time to learn links or I would)

  3. Good morning. I think Chicago picked the best man to be mayor. Brilliant campaign, superb organization and results that blew everyone away.

    This is the job Rahm was born to do. He’s got a ton of headaches ahead of him but he’s up to the challenge. By never attacking his opponents, their supporters (read: city union employees) can come to the table without having to save face. There were some ugly charges thrown against Emanuel by city unions (he had the support of other unions, giving his acceptance speech at the Pipefitters Union Hall), but he had the audacity to say that the city workers need to realize who their boss is — the taxpayers of the city. He is not a ‘union buster’, he just wants fairness from all sides. He was talking about patronage, not union busting. I think Chico could have gotten mileage out of that if it had gone to a runoff, but Rahm beat the pants off his competition.

    Congrats, Mayor Rahm!

  4. His brilliant ads with Clinton and Obama were fantastic. He actually had plans for the city — something I never heard from his opponents except to say “Rahm sucks!”. Rahm had to call Chico for the liar he was — those were effective ads as well.

    He spent every day on el platforms and in the neighborhoods. He connected honestly with damn near every neighborhood in the city. I’ve never seen such a diverse coalition. He’s going to win over the city unions eventually, but he is going to expect honest brokerage from them as well.

    For all the demonizing of Rahm (and if I was going to pick a favorite progressive it would not be Rahm), he has a deep commitment to governance over raw power — that is something we haven’t seen in Chicago in over 60 years. He wants his judgment to be about how the city runs. We don’t need an ideologue in a job like Mayor of Chicago — we need a serious administrator who is more interested in the city than his personal power.

  5. Phenomenal mishmash, BWD. Ahhhhh, the smell of victory in the morning :-D! Nice accompaniment to the sound of PL teeth gnashing this lovely day.

    Good luck, Rahm, you little badass, you!

    Have a great day, everyone.

  6. I am coming to believe that under this administration the American people will take back their edge on products and manufacturing. It really does feel like the space race all over again and it is a wonderful sensation. Wish we didn’t have to waste time beating back the cynicism, bigotry, superstition and the (my new phrase) self-serving bias of those that want to repeat the mistakes of the past but that is what it is going to take. Doesn’t the President make you feel empowered? He always emphasizes our common cause and our links as Americans without encouraging us to (like Bush)to take advantage of anyone outside our country. Obama is competitive but not a cheater or an autocrat. Also, I think Rahm will be able to harness the Democratic power of Chicago and do it with integrity. Nothing will be more powerful than getting their act together in that way. I just sent an email out to our OFA group in rural Indiana with the sentiment that right now the Midwest is really a happening place. Tomorrow off to the demonstrations against GOP overreach by Mitch Daniels and our new Republican majorities in Indy.

  7. Good morning everyone! It’s so great to wakeup to this wonderful Mishmash we never see anywhere else. Thanks again BWD!

  8. Hah! He sure is a badass. I don’t care what they say about him, I think Rahm is a BFD. I loved it when he said what the PL was doing was F#$#@%ng retarded for attacking democrats.

    I watched Morning Joke this morning just to see his head explode when they had to talk about Rahm’s victory. You know had he lost they would have been crowing how this was a lost for the president. It was all Joke could do to congratulate Rahm and keep his head on.

    Rahm smoked ’em!

  9. Good Morning Everyone

    Congrats Rahm. So delighted he hung in there through all the challenges to his residency. He just kept plugging away, dealing with the court issues and speaking to the people.

    That’s how we have to be, plugging away, ignore all the noise and nonsense and keep getting the word out about the recovery.

  10. 9 1/2 Fingers won! That’s a funny article, but as an old Chi-towner, I think he is going to do a fine job there although he is going to have to muck out the stables along the way.

  11. I would have preferred Nixon over G.W. Believe it or not, despite being a crook, he would be viewed as too liberal by today’s Republican standards.

  12. There’s truth to that, japa, but what is discouraging is that the bar was set ever lower, culminating in Resident Bush. Hopefully, we have begun the ascent up the ladder.

  13. For any Rahmulans who haven’t seen TRAHM yet with walk-ons roles by Oprah, Lady GaGa and, yes, PBO, take a look here:

  14. I continue to be amazed at the positive events happening in the Middle East, without a single intervention by the U.S.

    It just goes to show you:

    Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.

    Barack Obama

    Saudi king announces new benefits

    King Abdullah announces $10.7 billion in pay raises, job creation and loan forgiveness schemes as he returns to country.

    Bahrain frees political prisoners

    At least 50 people released, including 23 Shia activists accused of a coup plot, in response to protesters’ demands.

    Algeria repeals emergency law

    Scrapping the draconian law to placate growing discontent had been a major demand made by the opposition parties.

  15. Exactly we did not have to give threats or bombs. First class diplomacy and President Obama, Vice president Biden and Secretary Clinton deserves all the credit

  16. At least it doesn’t look like anybody selected Reagan. And I wonder about FDR. There are 3 votes unaccounted for.

  17. Ha. I just got an email from the VA Democratic Org letting me know that my idiot governor, Bob McDonnell said he would probably accept a VP nomination if offered it.

    The email was titled “Palin-McDonnell Ticket?”

    All I can say is: please, please, please!

  18. O.K. – I’m shocked. I don’t know why I’m shocked since FOX freely admitted in court that they lie and have every right to do so. But are FOX-bots really stupid enough to buy this stuff?

    Don’t answer that. It was rhetorical.

  19. I was a little snippy yesterday; apologies to all.

    Congrats to Rahm, and I hope that his deep involvement with Obamabots might prove to him that not all liberals are strident, and much of what we say is true. I hope that he doesn’t jump onto the “public workers as jerks” bandwagon, because he, along with too many municipal, local, and state politicians to count, knows full well that much of what keeps cities and states broke is corruption and graft. If the public employees are asked for concessions, I hope that this is coupled with an extensive audit of city contracts and bid processes. And yes, the cherry on top are heads exploding in the PL.

    Happy Wednesday everyone!

  20. Just like in newspapers when they blast a headline on the front page and when it’s false, they publish a correction on the last page in a 10 word correction.

  21. This is so well said! To be blunt: he’s one of the politicians on the national stage (alongside folks like Kerry) who doesn’t need a remedial course in kindergarten.

    Obama is competitive but not a cheater or an autocrat.

    Eggggsactly! Outstanding insights.

  22. TO explain the above videos. A prank call was made to Scott Walker by a fake KOCH brother and boy he let a lot of shit out that now they should have enough ammunition to recall his ass next year and those Republicans who vote for this bill

  23. Ouch! h/t sepia@weeseeyou:

    Newt Gingrich confronted over affair

    By EMILY SCHULTHEIS | 2/22/11 11:19 PM EST Updated: 2/23/11 8:48 AM EST

    PHILADELPHIA — Newt Gingrich’s speech at the University of Pennsylvania Tuesday night quickly took a turn for the dramatic when the first student to question him brought up his admitted extra-marital affair and accused him of being “hypocritical” for espousing moral values.

    “You adamantly oppose gay rights… but you’ve also been married three times and admitted to having an affair with your current wife while you were still married to your second,” Isabel Friedman, president of the Penn Democrats, said to Gingrich. “As a successful politician who’s considering running for president, who would set the bar for moral conduct and be the voice of the American people, how do you reconcile this hypocritical interpretation of the religious values that you so vigorously defend?”

    (forgive the link)



  24. I feel the same way, cuphalffull. President Obama is slowly but surely transforming our economy. It will take time to be appreciated by enveryone because the hole that we have to climb out of is so large. But his emphasis on manufacturing, exports and small business will continue to yield positive results. Sometimes I despair when I have to confront the lack of objectivity and the outright lies of the President’s opponents. But I am confident that in the end people will begin to understand. The lunatic fringe will always spread their hate and vitriol, but the vast majority of the people should eventually grasp the truth. This President has a vision for the future. He solves problems by honest evaluation and results-based action and he will succeed.

  25. I totally agree. This is the job Rahm was born to do. *S*

    I was really happy and proud to vote for him; and now even happier to see the large percentage of winning votes.

    Interesting times here in the city to follow.

  26. I’m listening to this Walker interview and I must say, the GOP loves them some thug tactics, like trying to lock the paychecks for the Dem senators in IL in the Capitol to force them back. And the corruption! He’s openly discussing crushing the unions with no pretense of budget issues; he’s saying that he assured his business friends that he’s not budging. Get this crook out of the governor’s mansion, Wisconsin!

  27. All the local news is about how diverse his coalition is. The nice surprise is that his support was deeper and more enthusiastic than expected.

    I was fully expecting a runoff. I am very pleased.

  28. Excellent link and article, tulips. I am seeing similar information mentioned — getting the word out and shining the light on misinformation is important.

  29. Rahm also said that it was retarded to spend DNC resources on a progressive candidate in a blood-red district. This got conflated to “Rahm calls progressives retarded.” That was a major bandwagon everyone jumped on, even though that was not what Rahm said. And it is effing retarded to run (and pay for) a far left progressive in a blood-red district.

    We heard how ‘offended’ the Left was for about two damned weeks, and it’s a meme that has become dogma in the Obama-bashing playbook. Real reality-based over there.

  30. I don’t like to see “retarded” used as a slur at all, but it was indeed incredibly dishonest for them to claim that Rahm called progressives retarded. Just silly and opportunistic.

  31. Yes, it is for real. THey are talking about at DK and other blogs. Folks are posting these videos everywhere. I have sent it to donna brazille, ed shultz, politco, cnn, Jake Tapper, Roland Martin, etc. The more this gets out the more pressure it will be for those other state senators to not back walker. This video is proof that he his in cohoots with the koch brothers that alone should be enough ammunition to recall his ass

  32. UPDATE: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s office confirms that the recording of a call between the governor and an alt-weekly writer posing as David Koch, one of the billionaire GOP financier brothers, is real and that it is actually Walker on the recording. The governor’s office has released a statement:

    The Governor takes many calls everyday,” Walkers spokesman, Cullen Werwie said in a statement. “Throughout this call the Governor maintained his appreciation for and commitment to civil discourse. He continued to say that the budget repair bill is about the budget. The phone call shows that the Governor says the same thing in private as he does in public and the lengths that others will go to disrupt the civil debate Wisconsin is having.

    It’s for real everyone. We have to make that video go viral.

    Send it to all the media networks as well.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Please spread the word!

  33. By MANU RAJU | 2/22/11 6:52 PM EST Updated: 2/23/11 5:47 AM EST
    Top Democratic operatives are quietly building an aggressive campaign machine to battle huge Republican third-party spending and sway critical Senate races in 2012.

    The strategists, including pros like longtime advisers to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are putting the finishing touches on a group called the Majority PAC, a “super PAC” that can raise unlimited money to attack or support candidates. It is modeled on the third-party operation, Patriot Majority PAC, which ran bruising TV ads against tea party candidates like Reid’s opponent, Sharron Angle, last year and mocked one of his prospective challengers, Sue Lowden, for suggesting she would be open to bartering chickens for health care.

    Read more:

  34. LIBYA ON THE AGENDA? — President Obama isn’t scheduled to make any public remarks on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean the White House won’t schedule a time for him to make a statement to reporters about the violence in Libya. The only events on Obama’s schedule are a visit to wounded warriors at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Press secretary Jay Carney plans to brief reporters around 12:30 p.m.

  35. He’s a crook. Talking about he assured his business friends that he’s not backing down. What does that have to do with the state budget? Nothing! Pure unionbusting.

  36. Blessed Wednesday, everyone! I agree with WIW’s summary that we continue plugging away, dealing with the real issues and ignoring the naysayers, like in the successful model used the Prez & Rahm.

  37. I really, really, really hope the President gives the go-ahead for independent ads. I genuinely respect that he didn’t in ’08, but Citizens United has changed the playing field.

    I think these entities would agree to play nice and keep their messaging coordinated. Or am I just dreaming out loud?

  38. Also, how can Gingrich and Morning Jerk blame POTUS for what is happening in Libya and Iran?
    We have NO diplomatic relations with Iran(as in, their embassy is vacant in d.c.) and Libya, we have very little or no relations.
    Thus, how can we use diplomacy, if their is NONE?! Hello!

  39. I just read on that “other site” that Contessa Brewer just had the story on MSNBC.

    Keep it going everyone!

  40. Ouch is right. Newt is a hypocrite. Like so many repugs, they will lie, cheat and commit evil to get their way. He is one of the worst in my book.

  41. Breaking:
    Obama decides DOMA is unconstitutional and orders Justice Department to stop defending it in court. More soon …

    –David Kurtz


    Shh, don’t tell KOS!

  42. It also lifts the pressure off the Senate Dems for “fleeing the state” as it were. Who would want to back a guy controlled by corporate cronies?

  43. Jovie please post links when you post comments like this. I would love to share this but…..

  44. This is going to get explosive. It doesn’t get much more crooked than this. We have a “public servant” who promised big business that he’s going to bust up a union and gossips about it like a mean girl with what he thinks is this would-be oligarch Koch brother. That’s why I wasn’t upset about that ballet audience booing one of the Koch brothers, although of course it was rude. Why should they get to present this generous, loving face when behind our backs they created this tea party astroturf garbage and have corrupted our airwaves?

    What a terrific, terrific development. I tried to get on the buffalobeast site to send an email of thanks, but I think that they’re getting overwhelmed with traffic.

  45. Blast from the past:

    Frustrated by what they perceive to be a lack of resolution on the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, gay rights activists led by Lt. Dan Choi, have begun targeting the White House in some of the most direct and personal terms to date, accusing the President of being a silent homophobe.


    Any and everyone who called out these tactics as dishonest and unhelpful including mainstream GLBT rights organizations: *100% vindicated.* Any and everyone who called out the PL’s penchant for accusing people of antigay bigotry in a reckless fashion while tolerating no discussion of the racism which underlies some of the stridency against President Obama: *proven 100% correct.*

    That is all! 🙂

  46. POTUS really doesn’t like all of this cash involved in politics, and doesn’t like that a handful of very rich people can purchase outsized influence during an election. Hence in 2008, he told Dems not to fund independent PACs and run ads on his behalf. He was able to do this and win anyway. Citizens United blew this out of the water because now there are no limits to how much people can spend without even disclosing their identities. So he’s letting big money Dems spend what they want independently so as to not replicate the disadvantages we faced in 2010.

  47. We are not dead in the state of Georgia.

    African-Americans cast 28 percent of November ballots in Georgia
    2:47 pm February 21, 2011, by jgalloway

    Secretary of State Brian Kemp has posted the demographic breakdown of those who cast ballots in the November 2010 general election.

    Which helped prompt Jim Coonan, the Atlanta-based Democratic consultant, write this quick note:

    There are two very interesting reports out today, especially so when read together and in the context of Georgia’s 2006 and 2010 elections.

    The first is the demographic breakdown of votes cast in the 2010 election posted on the Secretary of State’s website. It shows that the African-American share of both the pool of registered voters and the actual votes cast continued its upward trend in 2010. Here are African-American voters as a percent of all registered voters at the time of the general election:

    – 2002: 25.62%

    – 2006: 27.18%

    – 2010: 29.27%

    And here are African-American voters as a percent of all votes cast in the general election:

    – 2002: 22.60%

    – 2006: 24.06%

    – 2010: 28.18% [of 2.6 million cast]

    In other words, the Democratic party’s base African-American vote has grown.

    The second report comes from Gallup, which pooled data from all of its party ID questions asked over the course of last year (“Number of Solidly Democratic States Cut in Half From ‘08 to ‘10”). The sample size for Georgia comes to 9,660 respondents, and (with Independents “leaned”), the partisan breakdown last year was

    – Democrats 41.4%

    – Republicans 43.0%

    In other words, the underlying partisanship of the electorate says that Democrats are very competitive in Georgia.

    And yet, Georgia Democrats got clobbered. That our base is turning out and voters are evenly split in their underlying partisanship and yet we are still getting clobbered tells us just how bad a job our Party has been doing at persuading swing voters that our platform and our programs actually work for them.

    – By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

    If you wanna fight on the comment section, here it is.

  48. And yet, Georgia Democrats got clobbered. That our base is turning out and voters are evenly split in their underlying partisanship and yet we are still getting clobbered tells us just how bad a job our Party has been doing at persuading swing voters that our platform and our programs actually work for them.

    Bam, and there it is. The PL causes soooo much confusion, but the problem was never the base! We just couldn’t match the severity of how much the swing voters sided with the GOP, and that was all about the massive and coordinated campaign of disinformation created by literally a handful of people. That’s what we need to address; cutting through this fog and appealing to the common sense of swing voting Indies.

  49. Independent ads are the ads that the Unions and other entities like and environmental groups and such put on the air. The problem with them has been that they don’t coordinate their messages so it looks like the Dems don’t know what they’re doing. This is why candidate Obama’s campaign was so successful. They had total control over the message being broadcast over the airwaves in put into print. These other entities, in particular tends to have their own agendas to put forth that aren’t always good for the campaign.

  50. I think it is astonishing that PBO won.
    I was born and lived in Kansas for about 25 years. Talk about red neck. Hard core conservatives. I think half of the state thinks Obama is a Muslim.

    I love it.

  51. Only thing missing is I wish “Koch” would have got Walker to mention who he was worried about on his side. Maybe shit talk them a bit to shake them loose after this leaked…

  52. When the heck were you snippy? Besides, everybody should be allowed a little bit of snippyness occassionally.

    Agree with the heck of your comments. Chicago was always known as “The City that Works”, but, to be honest, it has slipped a little bit lately, and Daley was selling off a lot of its services to try to make ends meet. Like with Daniels in IN, it hasn’t always worked out.

    Chicago is a big patronage city, and that has to slow down. A lot of people are on the public payroll that don’t deserve to be, and unfortunately, it tends to drift down to the unions.

  53. My computer at work doesn’t allow me to see what you guys are talking about, but I will check it when I get home. It is pretty obvious they guy who called was able to do a good Koch brother imitation, or Walker, who we know has met them, wouldn’t have fallen for it.

    Of course there will be people that say that this was a set-up, etc. But those would be the same people who applauded the ACORN set-up, which wasn’t even an accurate portrayal of events as they happened.

  54. Did the governor say in public that he had considered hiring trouble-makers to pose as protestors? Or did he admit in public that they’re playing games on the Assembly floor by putting forth things that Dems favor, so that they’ll be able to run against the absence of the 14 Dems later on? Or did he make public that he’s very comfortable giving a complete status report to his Koch masters, even of sensitive government activities – when the Koch’s aren’t elected or in any position of authority in this matter? These people don’t care about other people – they only care about winning.

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