Tuesday morning open thread

Hi guys,

Thank you for taking care of this place. I’m proud of you. Here’s a quick mini-mishmash, before I settle in a little bit.

1. Today’s schedule:

9:35 AM

PBO departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base.
9:50 AM

PBO departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Cleveland, Ohio.
10:00 AM
11:00 AM

PBO arrives in Cleveland, Ohio.
11:35 AM

PBO delivers remarks at the opening session of the Winning the Future Forum on Small Business.
12:00 PM
12:05 PM

PBO attends breakout sessions.
12:30 PM

VPB hosts a lunch meeting with President of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass.
1:00 PM

Austan Goolsbee responds to small business feedback -Cleveland, OH

1:55 PM

PBO delivers remarks at the closing session of the forum.
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
3:10 PM

PBO departs Cleveland, Ohio.
4:00 PM
4:20 PM

PBO arrives at Andrews Air Force Base.
4:35 PM

PBO arrives at the White House.
4:45 PM

PBO and VPB meet with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
5:00 PM


2. President Obama to push innovation at Ohio small businesses

WASHINGTON – Last week it was Silicon Valley. This week, President Barack Obama is putting the spotlight on the small businesses of America’s heartland.

The president and a team from his Cabinet are scheduled to attend a forum Tuesday at Cleveland State University with more than a hundred small business leaders from Northeast Ohio.

White House officials say the forum’s goal is to brainstorm with small business leaders about how to boost economic growth through fostering entrepreneurship, expanding exports and advancing clean energy technology. The forum also will look at whether small businesses have access to the capital and capable workers that they need to grow.


3. Thanks to What Is Working for this great video from Wisconsin. Maybe, just maybe, some people are waking up.

And, you can follow the events in Madison here.


4. This is just a lovely photo of VP Biden, last week in Kentucky.


35 thoughts on “Tuesday morning open thread

  1. I considered myself a determined independent before the campaign for President Obama began. Not anymore. Having worked on the campaign to pass health care reform and listening to the lies that were told about the process and the results soured me on ever voting for a Republican again. In our community a conservative Democrat serving as a state representative ended up running against a Tea Party/Koch outside money backed candidate and the fliers that were sent around accused the Dem of hanging around with cultists and ritualistic killers with a picture of a black and white fist holding a bloody knife. I am sure this kind of demonization is what allows bullies and autocrats to divide and conquer.

  2. Hope Rahm wins today, he has to get over 50% to avoid a runoff and become chicagos next mayor!
    Not his biggest fan, but I don know he is very loyal to POTUS!
    Also, Rahm will undoubtedly win this thing, despite Rev Jesse Jackson and his shananingans!

  3. Welcome home, BWD! Did you have a good break? As you can see we ‘played nice’ and took good care of the homeplace that you’ve made for us – a fact easy to accomplish because of the rules you’ve put in place. Glad you’re back though. 🙂


  4. WELCOME BACK MY FRIEND!! I felt like Mama bear left her kiddie bears behind while she took a day off.. We didn’t burn down the place, in fact it was kept clean while you were gone. heheheh

    But anyway you mention in one of your links that more and more people are realizing what is going on especially republicans in Wisconsin who elected that man… You are right check out this letter from a Republican to one her state senators about what he is doing..

    This is from a recall Walker website


    Kassia Skubis-Millar says:
    February 21, 2011 at 3:44 am

    This is my letter –

    Senator Luther Olson,

    I live in Columbus, WI and am 42 years old. LOTS of time left to work and VOTE. I have gotten an email from you stating my voice is being heard. I sure hope me and 70,000 people’s voices have been heard. I am a moderate Republican and I am angered. I no longer support this party in any way shape or form. To take monumental groundbreaking history and wipe in out in a bill that is rammed through is disgusting.

    I am also a union member. SEIU health care providers. I am an RN with a base salary of $50,000. $75,000 (thank GOD AND MY UNION) last year if you count all the overtime I worked, crazy shifts, double backs, weekends and holidays…ALL WITHIN THE GUIDELINES OF MY UNIONS COLLECTIVELY BARGAINED CONTRACT. I am NOT a public employee so this does not impact me NOW but will.

    I Our income was cut in 1/2 when my husband was laid off 20 months ago. I negotiated lower rates on everything we had, I signed up for a federal program to help with my student loans, I PAID ALL MY BILLS ON TIME and eliminated many debts during this time. I plan to be debt free before I am 45 with the exception of my mortgage and some student loan left. We became foster parents & adopted 3 children. We want to be part of the SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM.

    He is learning to drive a bus, to process school bus repair claims and delivers mail for the EVERY SATURDAY for the USPS. There are no jobs in the HVAC field for an estimator or designer and he has not installed for 10 years. He could sit on the bench again but would never be called. Too many guys there with experience in-front of him. So you do what you have to and re-invent yourself.

    SHAME ON Anyone supporting this fabricated budget correction bill. Considering the state started out with a surplus. SHAME ON Anyone who allowed our Governor to give tax breaks to his big business as a pay back. This put us in the hole and opened the window for this emergency bill. Shame on anyone who allowed him to place the majority leaders father into a position of power that he did not EARN !

    I may or may not be able to take part in a recall action related to your Senate seat. I presume that my particular Senator is Fitzgerald but I will do my best to sort that out…shame on me for not knowing this detail. Shame on me for my political apathy. That has changed and I am active. I have posted a copy of this bill to everyone I know. I have posted video all of the action in the senate and assembly for everyone to see. It was despicable, rude, almost illegal, disrespectful. I have also posted all the information I can find about recalling or impeaching government officials. If I am able to partake in any fashion related to a recall of your seat…if you are unable to have an impact on your fellow Republicans Senators….I will do so.

    I also will be taking my $75,000 income and spending in very discretionary. I WILL NOT, if at all possible, support any business who has, in any fashion, given to Walker. I boycott them all and will share what I know with others.

    I am going to have to change my bank!! Checking to see if American Family supported him…if so…guess I will have to check out new insurance. Plan to sell the John Deer and get a new rider. No more Karuba coffee or Kwik and lows EVERYDAY. I already quit working at Quad Graphics AND CHANGED MY CAREER but have a good idea of what they print…won’t be buying those magazines or from the catalogers they print for. No one in my home is allowed to shop at Menard’s anymore. I have to check into Wal-mart and Kohl’s next and the list goes on. Well even better for my personal debt reduction plan. No money spent there can pay things off faster.

    Thank you for listening…if you did.
    I will share this letter with all my friends and their friends.

    Kassia Skubis-Millar RN
    Graduate of UW Stout 1991 – Industrial Technology
    Graduate of Madison Area Technical College 2006 – ADN

  5. Sixty-two percent of respondents to the poll said they view public employees favorably, while just 11% said they had an unfavorable view of the workers whose benefits packages Walker says are breaking the state budget.

    Meanwhile, just 39% of respondents had a favorable view of Walker, while 49% had an unfavorable view of the freshman Republican governor. Voters are split on his job performance, with 51% saying they disapprove of the job Walker has done.



  6. Unfortunately, Jovie, this article does not mention the even greater danger that the Koch brothers’ involvement is liable to unleash in Wisconsin, if the bill under consideration gets passed. See the article Gramiam44 shares above. It highlights an even more frightening proposition than this.

  7. Bad News:

    (CBSNews) Updated 9:10 a.m. ET

    The four Americans aboard a yacht hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia are dead.

    Hijacked last Friday off Oman, the Quest was being piloted toward the Somali coast – and was being shadowed by a U.S. Navy warship.

    CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports that gunshots aboard the yacht were heard, and the warship took action.

    All 4 Americans were dead, killed apparently by their captors.

    There were more than a dozen pirates on board, some dead and others captured, Martin reports.

    The Americans were Scott Adam and his wife, Jean, of Marina del Rey, Calif.; and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, both of Seattle.

    Adam, in his mid-60s, had been an associate producer in Hollywood when he turned in a spiritual direction and enrolled in the seminary a decade ago, Professor Robert K. Johnston of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena and a friend of Adam’s, told The Associated Press.

    “He decided he could take his pension, and he wanted to serve God and humankind,” he said.

    Johnston and Adam worked together to start a film and theology institute. Adam also taught a class on church and media at the school.

    Since 2004, the Adams lived on their yacht in Marina Del Rey for about half the year and the rest of the year they sailed around the world, often distributing Bibles in remote parts of the Fiji Islands, Alaska, New Zealand, Central America and French Polynesia, Johnston said.

    Scott and Jane Adam documented their maritime missionary work on their website, S/V Quest Adventure Log.


  8. Welcome back BWD. Yes we were good. It is an amazing testimony to what you have created here that, in what amounted to an open thread, so many different topics were discussed in depth, each of which could have basically been single thread discussions.

    As usual, any differences were handled civillay.

    We live in amazing times, and (don’t get too big a head from this) you are helping to formulate the world to come.

  9. Welcome back BWD! You were missed but this place continued to be the place to come for news! I am so thankful for everyone who comes here and posts information. This place is keeping me sane and giving me even greater hope!

  10. True, but when the NY times is blowing the lid off the cannister, then they cannot hide in the shadows anymore!
    Expose them and they will not be as powerful!

  11. The weather sucks in Chicago today. I’m expecting a runoff, frankly (me and the hubby will vote this morning).

    Chico will crow, overplay his hand like the Daley thug that he is. Rahm didn’t lay a finger on his sordid record as a Daley lackey — he’s never had a job Daley didn’t appoint him to and he’s screwed them up royally.

    Now, the union-busting will be what Chico accuses of Rahm of, because he needs the Chicago unions to come to the table and work on bringing some fiscal responsibility to the city budget. Chico did not nothing but lie about the “Rahm tax”, so he’ll have Republican-worthy fodder on the union issue.

    However, as I said, Rahm didn’t lay a finger on Chico’s record. That will not be true in a runoff.

    Hope this is all moot and Rahm gets over 50% today. Rahm needs a good turnout — Chico’s people are motivated, and the weather is yucky. We’ll see.

  12. There’s also this hidden item that’s included in Walker’s repair-the-budget bill, which has received very little attention thus far:

    “Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill proposes sweeping changes to the state’s Medicaid programs, changes that could affect many of the 1.2 million state residents enrolled in public health programs like BadgerCare, Family Care, and SeniorCare. The provisions would allow the administration to revamp and even gut the programs without following state laws or the normal legislative processes.”


    “Advocates are lobbying the Democratic Party and unions to bring up their concerns when they talk to the press and public. Hugh Davis, executive director of Wisconsin Family Ties, sent an e-mail to Democratic party officials typical of the thousands of e-mails advocates have been forwarding to legislators and other power brokers: “Lost in all the media coverage about worker rights is the fact that SB11/AB11 would grant unprecedented power to the administration to change Medicaid in Wisconsin without going through the full legislature.”

    “Allowing an unelected official (Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith) to essentially make law in the state, is in my opinion, an egregious violation of the separation of powers. Making law is the province of the legislature. As state democratic leaders are being interviewed by members of the media, please don’t forget this onerous provision of the budget repair bill.”


  13. Great letter and thank you for standing up. We need more people to wake up and really see what is happening and how the rich are working the media. Good luck.

  14. Tell us about the turnout and talk to people in line and give us all the inside scoop, please.

  15. The more I think about it, the more I think the union-busting tactic is being used as a decoy to distract away from some of the even more egregious parts of the bill. This issue regarding MedicAid and the energy plant sell-off with disregard for any environmental standards are just as, if not more important to people like the Koch brothers.

    They may believe that they can eventually cave on the collective bargaining issue, everybody will breathe a sigh of relief, and the other crap gets passed udner the radar.

    These things need just as much play. Time to go on the web sites of every paper in Wisconsin, see if it is even being mentioned, and if not write LTE’s and make comments.

  16. What do you mean. This is beautiful late February day. It’s not sub-zero, we’re not getting 20 inches of snow. How could it be any better?

  17. Welcome back BWD. Hope that your time was restful, peaceful, and refreshing. We need your spirit and intellect. Thank you so much for all that you do here.

  18. Glad you are back BWD. Dionne’s piece is sobering for sure. My HOPE is that with the help of Plouffe, the President and the Dems can shine a light on this fraud. I do feel that the Tea Party and the Republicans have overplayed their hand in trying to bust the unions so soon. If so, this is the time to aggressively advance our message. I am betting on our President.

  19. This is a great letter. I like the comments too. Isn’t it sad that it took this to make moderate Republicans realize they are on the wrong side of working people. I hope and pray the tide is turning.

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