And now to something beautiful…

I wish he could be on TV 24/7 and then all will be well. 😉

President Obama at the Winning the Future Forum on Small Business, in Cleveland, OH.


Young adults, get covered!


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  1. We are not alone in appreciating what PBO is doing, far from it (repeating stats from the previous thread):

    Presidential Job Approval for PBO, Feb. 2011:

    Dems: 83% approval
    Liberal Dems: 89% approval
    Moderate Dems: 76% approval
    Conservative Dems: 70% approval
    Liberals of all party affiliation: 78% approval

    As has been the case for some time, POTUS is still struggling to get over 50% with swing voting Indies, and his approvals amongst Republicans are really low.

    But as for the base, that’s supermajority approval right there. Problem is the media and elected Dems who are responding to that media and not the base IMO.

  2. Welcome back BWD. I don’t post often but I read daily. Thanks again for your inspiring support of our president always makes my day.

  3. I knew you would give us something to smile about, BWD. Love the pictures. I missed his opening remarks, but watched Goolsbe(?) and the President answer questions. It was great. WIW, I will check out your post. I do like Pragmatic Progressive.

  4. Boy did I miss seeing his calming presence and hearing his soothing voice. What a leader.

  5. h/t Miranda at wsy; it’s spreading like wildfire, folks!

    Report: Ind. Democrats leave the state

    Hundreds of union workers showed up at the Indiana Statehouse on Tuesday, but Democrat representatives have not. Instead, the Indianapolis Star reports they have left the state.

    Outside the House and Senate Chambers, hundreds of union demonstrators packed the third floor, chanting things like “Kill the bill,” but only two Democrats were inside.

    The Indianapolis Star says a source has told it the rest of the caucus has headed to Illinois, or possibly Kentucky. The Star says the Democrats need to go to a state with a Democratic governor, or they could be taken into police custody and brought back to the Hoosier state.

    The two Democrats who remained in the chamber were to announce that the minority was caucusing elsewhere. They did not say at that time that their fellow Democrats had left the state. They were also asked whether their colleagues would return to work today, and they gave a vague answer.

    “Well, I’m not going to tell you where they are, but I can assure you that all the Democrats are working very hard,” says Democratic Rep. Terri Austin, who represents portions of Madison and Hamilton counties. “There are twenty-seven bills and one bill alone had forty-four amendments. We are reviewing those very carefully. What we are trying to do is figure out a way to save the state from this radical agenda that has been forced upon us and actually we’ve been given no chance to shape or amend.”


    /Grinning from ear to ear. Power to the people!

  6. I’ve said it before. With all the crap being slung at him from both sides of the spectrum, the fact that he is at 50% nationwide, without a broad campaign on his part, is testimony to how remarkable this man is.

    That is why, if we can hang together until the 2012 elections, I think we will have a major surprise in store for the Republicans.

  7. I loved watching that Marine salute him. We have two active duty Marines in our family. My niece did a short duty in Washington after she came back from Iraq. That was when Bush was still Prez.

    Thanks, BWD and I hope you are feeling a little better

  8. The indie number is still a serious problem — it’s evidence that our message machine needs serious work. These are the people who vote, but listen to the last thing they heard. They want it simple.

  9. Faith, there are 2 things to keep in mind when you see numbers for independents. People identifying themselvs as republicans dropped greatly due to the extremes the party was going to. However, they remain Republcians at heart and thus unlikely to fully approve of the president.

    Secondly, that would mean, overall, that he is above 50% with true independents, and this despite, as I mentioend above, all the crap one hears. Is it something we need to worry about? Maybe, but I think that some work on all our parts will change that percentage significantly.

  10. Hi everyone;

    Is the news reporting on Rush’s comment on Michelle Obama’s weight? I just left another comment over at Obama Diary. My local abc news is taking the angle of “what’s healthy and what’s not” when reporting this story. This is what the anchor said they will focus on at 6 pm. I can’t believe this is the angle they are taking rather than the sheer hypocrisy and unprecedented and shameless attacks on the First Lady.

  11. BWD, you’ve brought us through many a dark day by focusing on our beautiful president and his achievements. It’s time we tried to lift your spirits. The media has been hostile to the Democratic Party for more years than I care to remember and we have gritted our teeth and soldiered on, winning some and losing some. Sometimes we get demoralized by the sheer venality. duplicity and outright bigotry of Republican politicians and their cheerleaders in the media, and sometimes we get inspired, as we have this week by the protests in Wisconsin. The 2010 elections were emotionally devastating, but we will get back the House, sooner, rather than later. And the beauty of a presidential election year is that not only are people paying attention, but it’s impossible to muzzle the president during the campaign and the debates. I trust him to know what to do and say and when to do so.

    I don’t believe that the average family cares about the deficit, no matter how much the R’s want to make that the theme du jour. People don’t sit around their tables talking about federal debt, they worry about their own problems and income. Jobs are still the most important issue, and sometime soon, enough people will realize that the only one doing something about that is the president. They won’t be noisy like the professional left or the R’s and T’s, but they will vastly outnumber them.

    I continue to believe that we’ve got to keep doing something, even if it’s a little step each day: a donation to the President’s Re-election fund, a call to a Congress person, a letter to the editor correcting a falsehood, a conversation with a neighbor or stranger.

    Thousands and thousands of little steps can add up to a mighty big bending of the arc of justice–despite the odds. Yes, we can.

  12. Once again, I want to express my appreciation for this calm place to come and read all of your comments. The last few days have been very stressful with the common people in several countries fighting for their freedom and also actual Americans having to demonstrate to protect their freedoms too. The evil forces at work to suppress workers – and ordinary people by tyrants overseas or even Republican governors and legislators is something I never thought I’d see in the USA. We must all stand strong together to stop these people from ruining our democracy. Frankly, I’m very worried and hope the President and leaders in the Democratic Party can stand up against them too.

  13. This is what Walker did as county executive in Milwaukee. He is trying to do this at the state level now. I can’t understand why these never go to MSM.

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. Jan 11 2011 – A ruling from an arbitrator means Milwaukee County has to reinstate more than two dozen courthouse security guards.

    They were laid off last year when they were replaced by private guards in what was called an emergency budget decision at the time.

    The arbitrator ruled the county didn’t have a true budget crisis then and county officials failed to give the guards’ union a chance to take some alternative cost-saving measures before they were laid off. The savings were also overstated.

    The laid-off workers will get back pay and a guarantee of 180 days of work. That’s the amount of time the arbitrator said Milwaukee County should have given the union to react to the privatization plan.

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made the change when he was county executive.


    The website is ( I don’t know how to link it.

  14. Ha, and Rick Scott in FL came out in support of collective bargaining. Unfortunately, I feel that Walker is a true believer and not just an opportunist, so I see him digging in his heels even more. But glad to see a few of his fellow Repub governors not backing this move.

  15. This is not the first time that Americans have had to stand up to “evil forces.” Together we will prevail. Please believe that ‘we the people’ can be stronger in unity than those who wish to divide us.

  16. Thanks for the link and info. Oh, how these “unpersons” love to out source. I wish they could all stick their “privatization” just where the sun don’t shine!

    Power to the unions and to the people!

  17. How do people not see just what a fail this has become for the GOP? I personally think that the plan was for Walker to go first, utilizing the classic GOP framing and wedge of “taxpayer versus public employee–why should they get more than you do on your dime.” In terms of just who got caught off guard, did everyone catch Boehner’s angry rant against OFA’s below-radar assisting with the organizing? Did everyone catch how the teaparties had to scramble to try to bus in some true believers, some of them hard-core operatives associated with the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, and attempt to smack a “grassroots” label on these folks? The GOP’s utter exasperation that kids flooded the capitol? How pitch perfect the union leadership has become: they offered to compromise on the economic concessions and thus Walker was forced to expose himself as looking to bust up unions rather than merely close a budget gap?

    I certainly take admonitions about the seriousness of our challenges, but there have been some incredibly positive developments of late.

  18. The republicans are in for a big surprise in 2012, and Huckabee knows it. He said that Obama will start with a billion dollars to run, $$ from folks that love him. He also said that Obama is doing a good job and it will be very hard to beat him. And today Thune said he will not run even though he was asked by many republicans. Obama will be re-elected by huge, huge margins. NO ONE in the republican party has even a slight iota of PBO intelligence, drive, ideas or love for real Americans, us the working folk. God Bless My President Obama…. I Love HIM…….HE IS THE ONE.

  19. h/t MonieTalks@weeseeyou:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL, boo hoo Michele:

    Bachmann ‘heartsick’ that she can’t defund health care reform

    Rep. Michele Bachmann told the Conservative Republican Forum podcast on Saturday that she was “heartsick” in learning on Friday that the new Republican majority in the U.S. House was powerless to defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. She said that winning the Senate and the presidency in 2012 would be the top priority for defunding proponents — meaning the health care reform law will remain in place for at least two years.

    “I think what rank-and-file Republicans need to understand is that there is a commitment” to defunding health care reform — or “Obamacare,” as she refers to it, but “information that we have just discovered within this last week is… the insidious nature of what President Obama and Speaker Pelosi put into place in order to actually implement ‘Obamacare.’”

    “We were under the thinking that we would have it within our authority in the House of Representatives to defund ‘Obamacare,’” she said. “We thought we had the authority to do the defunding.”

    But, Bachmann discovered, that’s not the case.

    What we came to understand is that Speaker Pelosi put the funding for ‘Obamacare’ into mandatory spending, which means we are prohibited by law from touching that spending. They knew what they were doing, because they knew that they wanted socialized medicine to continue even if they lost the majority.

    She said it means that the tea party will need to win the “Triple Crown” in 2012.


    LMAO, so they ran on defunding HCR without even researching how to go about doing it???

    I’m not betting against Dems in 2012…

  20. I think you are right about Obama’s likelihood of winning in 2012, unless something really bad happens. However, if the Dems don’t win down ticket races, all it will mean is his being forced into a holding pattern for at least 2 more years. That is why it is incumbent on all of us to do as much as possible to elect Dems at all levels.

  21. I haven’t seen anything on that. But bloated Rushbum discussing anyone’s weight but his own is ridiculous. The man despises women especially any with brains.

    All this Michelle bashing will come back to bite people like him and others. Mark my words on that. People really like and respect her. Lots of women identify with her as a working mom with young children.

  22. GN, thank you thank you thank you for this news. Between BWD going into a moment of depression to the news of the massacres in Libya, this has been a bad news day. (Thank goodness for my storytime kids. No matter how grumpy I am, once they show up I’m fine.)

    I had NO idea that Pelosi put the funding as mandatory spending! What wonderful news. And what a prescient move by the former Speaker. But I just find it near impossible to believe that the GOP leadership didn’t know this. Surely, Boehner and Cantor READ the legislation before running against it?? Or did they have their fingers in their ears the whole time? My god, these people are idiots. As long as our voters turn out in 2012 as they did in 2008, we’ll be fine.

  23. One would hope that PBO would have the same coattails in 2012 as he did in 2008. The 2010 election was an anti-Obama election, or at least an election where Obama voters didn’t turn out. I can’t see Obama voters voting for him, and then turning around and voting for a GOPer for Congress.

  24. President Obama at the top of the ticket is going to do a lot to help that, as will unified, positive messaging. The GOP has nothing to offer right now save fearmongering; they claim to have ideas for jobs, yet the House has done nothing (and the House leader boldly expressed his indifference to job creation), and the state leadership similarly are tripping over their respective feet, as we’re seeing with the Walker perfidy. I expect the media to continue to be in the tank for the GOP as well as spreading nonstop narratives of discouragement, but as we’re seeing in WI’s capitol, when organized and focus, people can and will stand up for our own best interests.

  25. They will be able to continue to run on defunding health care the tides are turning.

  26. He probably locked his wife in the dungeon, because she would’nt sleep with his fat butt. He is so worried about Michele where is his wife. He is bitter because he is not shown love.

  27. I think that people underestimate this POTUS and Speaker. They packed so incredibly much into the first two years because they knew that it was a possibility that Dems would lose at least one chamber, if not both, in 2010. It would have been utterly terrific to have an additional two years of stimulative spending and reforms, but the country simply put the brakes on it. With the GOP front and center and their influence (for the worse!) on legislation felt, perhaps people will not take what we started in 2008 for granted. People screaming about the stimulus as a sellout sure as heck are going to miss some of the spending which is going to be cut back with the GOP in the House. But if we get focused, 2012 is a whole ‘nother story.

  28. They already ran on it and the country is moving away from wanting it repealed. If we can manage to get on message and continuously discuss the benefits of HCR, that repeal vote can be made very costly for GOP House freshman in 2012! 🙂

  29. Yes, Jackie, yes and yes again. I was pretty heartsick to see BWD so down today. But that’s why we’re here. We build each other up. And all indications are that 2012 will be more like 2008, not 2010. The media was against PBO in 2008 — remember, they were “McCain’s Base”. But in a presidential year, they HAVE to cover what PBO says and does. And people WILL see that he and the Dems are the only ones doing anything to get jobs growing again. 2012 is ours for the taking, if we just grab for it.

  30. GN, this is very exciting news. I thought all of the liberal dems hated Obama.

    I did notice in another poll, Gallup I think, that indicated the democrats are pretty far behind the repugs. Any ideas?

  31. Dorothy, I think you’re referencing the new Gallup poll that polls party self-identification. While worrisome, the news is mixed at best. There are more “toss up” states, but firmly Dem states still outnumber firmly GOP states by 14 to 5. And though Dem self-identification is down, so is the GOP’s.

    Here’s the Yahoo article:

  32. Now that is a brilliant idea. She could take KO’s old seat. Turn about is fair play. love it.

  33. Oh wow. I didn’t really know this. I had heard that a lot of the funding was tied into the bill but never knew about the mandatory spending. Good job Pelosi. She should be back as the Speaker in 2 if not 4 years.

  34. And to bring a bit of what’s going on in the rest of the world, from Jussi Soini’s twitter feed: iyad_elbaghdadi BREAKING: Wurfla, #Libya’s largest tribe, issues a war declaration and states its men are marching on #Tripoli to liberate it. #Feb17

  35. Edwina, this is indeed great news. Yep, it is the tea bagging idiots who are out of step in this country. Thanks for sharing.

  36. That sounds good, but Daniels is a loser. Mean, nasty smarmy man. I know he is going to run against our president.

    Theo67 says Daniels has practically destroyed Indiana. Our source government jobs to IBM and losing 3.5 billion on that projects. Any one does that obviously does not care about the workers.

    He is boner with a different tan. So Be It.

  37. LL, I have been trying to get this conversation going at TPV. It is an incredibly frightful situation. I have been such on Al Jazeera for hours over the past couple of days.

    Thanks for your info.

  38. Independents, as a group, tend to be less political by nature. They aren’t tuned in to the day to day happenings between elections. They hear the background noise, and are influenced by it, but there is a reason that polls this far out from an election aren’t a good barometer for anything.

    If the Republicans ever come up with any actual candidates to run against President Obama, then the campaign messaging will start in earnest. And that is when the Independents will tune back in. That is when we get the chance to reach them with our message and to inform them about what the Republicans have been up to. The Republican candidates will have to make actual remarks that will be all over the media and that should turn around a large chunk of the independents, lol. The fact that the president polls at over 50% at this point in time, under these economic conditions is remarkable and something to celebrate and raise our optimism. Once people who don’t normally pay attention start tuning in, you can expect that number to rise.

  39. And to keep the POTUS for a second terms is going to be much more difficult. Rove University is teaching his people well. There will be more behind the scenes, under the table, than ever before, playing out in WI, IN, etc. is small business. Has anyone read the SB11 bill? Chicanery. He is a sneak. However, with repub money, power, connections, et al, and the limited ‘real’ democrats that are willing to work for their constituents, it’s uphill the whole way guys. Yes We Can.

  40. Wow. They did not even read the bill? Or they have known all along and have been playing to the cameras. Either way, one has to wonder how and why the press refuses to call these people out.

    Go figure!!

  41. That is beyond funny and I got a very hearty laugh from it! Thank you for that. The very notion that the Tea-people could win the triple crown is hysterical. Apparently she hasn’t yet learned that it was her little tea party that lost the Republican’s chances of winning the Senate. And this person who knows so little is on the House Intelligence Committee. Bizarre.

  42. BWD please don’t lose faith. Your voice and this forum you have created is having a positive impact. The GOP and MSM have been in campaign mode for the last two years, while our President has been busy governing and attempting to get this country out of the ditch caused by Bush’s disaterous presidency. Pres. Obama took on the major issues facing this nation. Issues that have been festering for decades precisely because they are politically difficult/dangerous to tackle. I disagree with the premise that the Tea Party is “winning”. Obama succeeded in getting HCR passed and also re-regulated Wall Street (both against the wishes of the Tea Party). The MSM is to blame for whatever influence the Tea Party has. Just as the MSM is to blame for whatever influence Obama’s critics on the left have. The MSM controls the microphone and who gets to use it. Now that the GOP has to govern, messaging alone will not suffice. Now the public will see (once again) that elections have consequences and will see and feel the effects of having a GOP House and GOP governorships. In 2008, the MSM was against Obama and he prevailed. The MSM will be against Obama in 2012, and he will prevail again. Pres. Obama is not only a great President, he is a great politician.

  43. The organization is still up and running:

    “The agency led by three key Obama 2008 online ad staff is behind digital get-out-the-vote ads for Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign on this Chicago election day. One exec who’s lived and breathed the Chicago for Rahm campaign for the past few months said it’s the most integrated since Obama for America.
    “Everything was very synched up. I haven’t seen this level of synchronization since 2008,” said managing director for Bully Pulpit Interactive. The Obama campaign was recognized for close integration among digital and traditional media and communications staff….more

    Another year and they will be working day and night for PBO. Look out!

  44. Tien Le, I saw you asked about Libya, but for some reason I can’t get to your response link. Anyway, Libya has been rocked by violent clashes between protesters and Gaddafi’s mercenaries. I think his use of West African mercenaries was the last straw for many people. The Wurfla is Libya’s largest tribe, and apparently it’s getting ready to march on the capital Tripoli to oust Gaddafi. The regime has had jets and helicopters strafe unarmed protesters. Today he gave a speech in which he basically declared war on his citizens. Libya today is analogous to Romania in 1989; the dictator isn’t going to go quietly, and will most likely have to be killed or captured for his regime to end.

  45. You are aware that Libya has followed Tunisia and Egypt in throwing over its own dictator, Kaddafi? Libya is still very tribal and this is the largest tribe in the county totaling over one million. They have chosen their side and it is against Kaddafi.

  46. Back to today/the Forum, and you wishing he could be on tv 24/7 – couldn’t agree with you more. He’s never had a messaging problem, except for media not covering stuff like this. I even love watching him shake as many hands as he can after he talks. Never saw anyone more focused and in the moment – that comes from a really connected soul, heart and mind. President Clinton’s like that too.

    Boggles the mind how much he has to deal with, should be more coverage of what he continues to do re jobs while Republicans are busy taking away rights and killing funding for important stuff.

  47. I’m beginning to wonder if there might be a silver lining to the MSM not covering the President. People tune out when someone is over-exposed. WE knew he was empathy itself, but how surprised were the American public when they listened to his Tucson speech? I think the very fact that he’s not overexposed increases the impact when he does get to speak directly to the Nation.

  48. It’s not just Daniels though, but the 19 Republican state senators. If they see how extreme Walker is looking, that other Governors are coming out and not backing Walker, then maybe they’ll get a clue and maybe back away from the bill.

  49. But do you see the difference? The GOP: “um, our centerpiece campaign promise will absolutely never happen because Dems set HCR in stone, sowwwy, but we’ll work on winning all three branches no matter how much of a longshot this is,” versus “Dems have delivered on health care reform, unprecedented stimulus spending, saved the economy from a Depression and are now creating jobs, major shifts in foreign policy…but it’s imperfect and incomplete so we’ll focus on areas of discontent as a basis for why we’re going to lose.” The promise that the GOP is going to win all three chambesr is indeed ridiculous, but doesn’t stop the GOP from envisioning it and putting it out there into the discourse, even as we see no serious GOP contender yet ready to take on President Obama. The promise that if we dust ourselves off and turn what’s happening in Wisconsin to a multi-state, multi-layered successful challenge to ousting the GOP from the House is much less farfetched yet we spend our time psyching ourselves out. IMO we truly were supposed to lose the Senate as well yet were able to rally and keep crucial seats. The sort of energy from 2008 can be replicated, but we can’t unduly focus on the “nothing’s ever gonna change is it” voices. They have their opinions, but that is not the energy which delivered us from Bush to President Obama, and it’s not the energy which is going to deliver us from the GOP in the House.

    Yes we can; we’ve got too much more to do…

  50. The plan with these cross country speeches to highlight his initaitives is that while the national MSM might be playing politics and ignoring him, the local press he garners is there. In a sense he’s circumventing the national talking heads, and many, many more people watch their local news that will give the President much fairer coverage, than the national 24 hour news stations who are only for the political and news junkies.

    Seeing the President in person is still a big deal to local outlets – the “Villagers” are cynical and jaded and pretend they are above it all and part of the insider club.

  51. Tien Le is right. Don’t worry, BWD, when the time comes for Obama’s shining media moment, it will happen and it will happen big and in a way that will change minds. Do not fret, m friend.

  52. thank you gn for posting this, I’ll post it to my facebook. Folks need to know this stuff.

  53. gn, I was just answering something I received from Aquagranny at TPV and there was an email from Deaniac.

    Yes, our Deaniac. She was responding to Aquagranny’s latest trauma involved the ugly state of Arizona. Well, it is not really, but you get my drift.

    I am so excited.

  54. I hope this is true and Bachmann just isn’t talking her usual crazy talk. I just feel we would have heard about this before.

    However this does fall into my theory that the GOP House passed all the teabagger stuff to be able to say (as Bachmann is here) “See we tried, but the Senate and White House would have killed it anyways – we need the Senate and White House if you want to get the policies you desire”.

    I just hope these votes are all used against the 60 freshmen Reps in 2012, you know those seats that Dems won on President Obama’s coattails in 2008. All that the Dems would need is a net gain of 25 seats to flip the House.

  55. And yet, that is what almost happened to CA state Attorney General Kamala Harris. Her opponent was a republican LA DA who had won that non-partisan office 4 times. She squeaked by with half a percentage point. Because we will also be fighting some within the party, Democrats must take nothing for granted, especially in 2012.

  56. I am going to have to slow down.

    He out sourced jobs to IBM. And he does not care about workers. sorry.

  57. SR, I have no doubt but that these votes are going to come back to haunt the TeaOP in 2012. I think that your theory’s 100% correct!

  58. This is not going away. The GOP has dug itself into a tea party hole and now they are in charge. The shoe is on the other foot.

    We just need to get the message out and shine the light as often as we can.

    Van Jones
    Introducing The ‘American Dream’ Movement

    “In the past 24 months, those of us who longed for positive change have gone from hope to heartbreak. But hope is returning to America — at last — thanks largely to the courageous stand of the heroes and heroines of Wisconsin.

    Reinvigorated by the idealism and fighting spirit on display right now in America’s heartland, the movement for “hope and change” has a rare, second chance. It can renew itself and become again a national force with which to be reckoned.”

    Indiana Democrats fleeing state to avoid vote on union measure

    “The Indianapolis Star reports that Daniels, a Republican, said he believes the Democrats will return if House GOP members drop the measure, which seeks to ban union representation fees from being a condition of employment at most private-sector companies in Indiana.”

    We Are One – AFL-CIO Facebook page for Wisconsin

  59. It is true SR. Back when the HCR bill was in its planning phases and Tom Daschle was involved I remember him saying that HCR will be financed as an entitlement and not subject to defunding. Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al. planned this out. That is also why I don’t think the Supreme Court will overturn HCR. Even if the Supremes ignore precedent concerning the Commerce Clause, repealing HCR will be a budget buster and seriously explode the federal deficit.

  60. BWD and all, this will be my last post if you do not change your attitude towards what you are feeling wrongfully. I come here to lurk and be energized and face the day with pride, therefore, if the opposite is true I will not read any of this depressing posts anymore. That is just my thought. Here:

    Politics is more than a contact sport. When something feels good we are HIGH and when it feels bad we are LOW, therefore, it is difficult for some of us to be strong and not feel that way. We need to learn at least something from this President… “Stay strong and consistent” Don’t be high excessively and low excessively…JUST CONSISTENT. “There will set-backs…we may not reach there in one year or even in one term, but America I am more than hopeful that we will be there…I promise you we will be there…” PBO (Chicago, IL Nov. 20, 2008)

    Thanks a lot!

  61. Let the church say amen. I’m glad to read your comment St. Roscoe. I had that inkling myself but didn’t have even anecdotal evidence to support my belief.

    While the talking heads and fools are yelling and screaming, our amazing President is going about the business of governing in a quiet, under-the-radar fashion that allows him to promote his agenda directly to the people who can and will help rebuild this nation.

    He is a genius.

  62. Good find snowbird!

    And might I add that it should make a fine addition to a Wednesday Morning MishMash…


  63. gn,

    You are truly a darling, and my heroine because you’re so resourceful! I think PBO and Ms. Pelosi knew what would happen if the republicans re-took the House in 2010, and I know why Bachmann is so surprised. The MN Independent reported last year that Bachmann had missed more days in the House than any other legislator! She couldn’t know what was going on in Congress since she was sooooo busy running around raising money for herself and the GOP. God is good! I had been praying for something to happen to her as a result of her flitting around the country to tell lies, and I believe this is it! gn, you made my day!

  64. I’ll assume the Judge was appointed by Clinton. This makes the fifth federal ruling I believe, three saying it’s constitutional and two calling it unconstitutional. Before this ruling the two that called it constitutional were appointed by Clinton and the two that found it unconstitutional were Republican appointees.

    The way the GOP is attacking the issue in the House, and the fact that Sen. Hatch, who sits on the Judiciary committee and was once a SCOTUS short lister himself, tries to “work the officials” by calling on Kagan to recuse herself makes me believe the GOP isn’t all that confident in SCOTUS overturning it.

    It will probably come down to Kennedy, and I assume Hatch believes he’ll vote that it is constitutional.

  65. This is what we and the Dems have to hit at and hit hard: HCR is now an entitlement. Merely by being a citizen of this country you are entitled to access to affordable health care. People get very sketchy when folks talk about getting rid of middle-class entitlements. Ride that meme to the 2012 elections.

  66. Respectfully, I think this is the wrong approach. We all have our ups and downs and when somebody is feeling a bit pessimistic it’s not time to run away. Maybe we should instead find some good positive news to provide that hope.

    Also we don’t know the troll messages that BWD has to wade through each and every day either.

  67. They had time to read the HCR bill. They chose not to because they knew they would all vote against it, which they did. They spent their time in front of any camera they could find, coordinating attacks with their Wall St. and other corporate friends, and attending “conservative” fundraisers. Their eyes weren’t on the HCR ball. LOL It pleases me so much that they can’t defund the ACA! While they were posturing, the president and Ms. Pelosi were working on an ironclad funding policy for the ACA!

  68. Is anybody really still listening to Beck? I heard a snippet this morning on Stephanie Miller’s show, and it started with “America is on fire”. I just changed the station and said “God bless him”. he’s a lost soul.

  69. I saw something that surprised me this afternoon while I was cooking dinner. I looked from the kitchen into my family room when I heard the words “the recent healthcare reform law,” on teevee, and I discovered that it was a Christian group promoting the benefits of the ACA! I thought WOW! this can’t be happening in Middle GA. It made me so happy. I’m hoping that since it is a Christian group running the ads that maybe it will persuade some of the so-called Christians here who are staunch anti-Obama people that it was not the president’s intention to hurt anyone by reforming our healthcare system, and that the republicans have lied to them about the ACA.

  70. The polling place is Chicago, where Rahm is running for Mayor. The sleeping giant would be the Unions and the people who support them.

  71. Yeah, I figured that out once I went onto the BBC News website. I feel sheepish.

    Go Rahm!

  72. Saku, I don’t think there has been that much down talk. Yes a little, but usually countered very quickly. I think it is better, if one is concerned and worried about the future to have a safe haven to come to to talk about it with others who cn provide a counterpoint. And that is just one of the great things about this ite.

    A confession. When BWD first started this place (and I think I came across it for the first time on about day 3)I was worried it would turn into something close to what Greenwald later spoke about, a site of worship at the altar of Obama.

    Boy was I wrong. And today is probably the greatest example of that. When the creator of the site questions whether or not Obama and the WH staff fully understands what they are facing, this is obviously not a worship site.

    I don’t know how many different people have come to view this site, although it is no doubt many more than the number who have commented, but there is definitely a wide swath of opinions presented. Trollish comments may not be allowed, but other than that, as long as one has something to back up what they are saying, positive or negative, they are welcome. And since nobody other than POTUs and FLOTUS can stay “up” all the time, this is a nice oasis to come to.

    In short, just because a few people were less than completely optimistic today, don’t go away. This place has so much to offer.

  73. I was thinking about canvassing and interacting with voters and wondered what do I call the people from the Left who are too busy complaining about what they didn’t get with our President to bother organizing and came up with: The Pity Party.

  74. Hi Liberal, rather than 2010 being an “anti-Obama” election, I would say that it was an “absence-of-Obama” election. Obama was not on the Ballot and some folks simply tuned out for that reason. Meanwhile, the Teapotty-ers felt that they could capitalize on Obama’s not being on the ballot by demonizing the other Democratic candidates. 2012 however, is going to be different – and the Teapotty-Republicans know that fully well.

  75. Yes, Rahm’s projected mayoral win was just announced on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show (hosted by Chris Hayes).

  76. She is an example of why I am against the death penalty for more than just moral grounds. She has a long life ahead of her and it will be spent in a not very pretty way. Killing or molesting a child is one of crossing the lines type of things, even where other prisoners are concerned. Plus, one might expect the Hispanic prisoners won’t be her best firends.

  77. Looks like the unprofessional left’s attempts to derail Rahm’s chances failed.

    Congrats to Mayor-elect Emmanuel!

  78. I certainly take your points, but I’d rather not spend too much time at a space at which we’re intent on proving some pretty specious claims wrong. When Greenwald made those accusations, my worry wasn’t that we’d turn into a cult of personality, it was that he’d pop a blood vessel in light of the fact people were committing the grevious Greenwald sin of grouping together who like President Obama and respect what he’s done including his long vision which is not always going to produce agreement but should always command respect. You know, I find the PL less than useful. They deflate, demoralize, and nitpick, while taking no responsibility for their part in outcomes. During a time in which the left is out in the street in force, the PL tells us that the teaparty has won anyway.

    I don’t agree with saku, and I agree with your point that everyone has days of discouragement, but I hope that the larger picture is maintained, and I hope that I’m not alone in not giving a rat’s behind what people like Greenwald think about me.

  79. I could care less what Greenwald thinks as well. And I don’t disagree with anything you say. I am not sure if you understood me correctly, and it may have been my fault in the way I phrased it. My points were this is a place we can differ, but it had better be with some factual basis. I was initially concerned about what it could be, and this was prior to Greenwald making his stupid statements, but am extremely thrilled it is not what I was concerned about. And that this is an oasis for a lot of us at times away from all the rancor that is out here.

  80. Aha, thanks for clarifying. I think that I read it too quickly; I wasn’t trying to be critical of your remarks, just stating that I hope to not see this place go too too far with crediting some of the arguments of the PL. I agree with your comment in its entirety, japa, and totally agree that we’re not all on the same page at all times (which would be creepy), but facts seem to rule here, which is beyond refreshing.

  81. There’s a wonderful video of local news coverage of President Obama’s visit to Cleveland today on TheObamaDiary:

    I think this illustrates what St. Roscoe pointed out about how the local press outlets are much more fair about their coverage of the President. In it, the reporter mentions that the President will be going all over the country with these sorts of forums and interactions with the business community.

    He’s truly walking the walk here. He’s encouraging the country to out-hustle the rest of the world. He’s out-hustling every other politician in this country. Has he even taken one day off since returning from Hawaii? Even Michelle and the girls went skiing for the President’s holiday. Not our guy…he’s hard at it, doing everything he can to improve the economy and create jobs.

    I ask you…what, exactly, have the Republicans even done in the past two years? Have they created even one job for an average American?

  82. “You know, I find the PL less than useful. They deflate, demoralize, and nitpick, while taking no responsibility for their part in outcomes”.

    Totally agree, GN. The PL did all it could to disparage Pres. Obama and demoralize the Left during Midterm Election season, assuring big GOP gains. Many of the so called liberal pundits seem like republican plants. If it walks like a duck……

  83. “I come here to lurk and be energized and face the day with pride, therefore, if the opposite is true I will not read any of this depressing posts anymore. That is just my thought.”

    You delurked just to write that? You are not helping the situation. Your comment brings to mind the term “fair weather friend”.

    BWD – you are human and you are appreciated. Politics is a dirty business which is why I tune out for weeks at a time in order to renew my spirit. If you don’t you will be pulled under.

    Take days off and hopefully you have some help and support to help run this site. The quality of this site is top notch and I know you you have invested a lot of time and energy into maintaining it. You are needed.

  84. I think Saku was just attempting a mother-like straighten up, you hear? I didn’t mind for myself, though I feel protective of my dear blackwaterdog. What a wonderful venue she’s created for all of us, we can take a little sad time from her. But even then, it didn’t sound as though she was too depressed about the news. Life goes on and we’re going to win BIG in 2012.

    Incidentally, I’ve been searching for any instances of the TeaPots trying to sabotage the credibility of the Wisconsin protesters by infiltrating the group, pretending they’re protesters themselves, and acting goony. With ugly signs. Remember that? Did anyone hear or read anything about it?

    My guess, as soon as I read it, was that it couldn’t work.

  85. So true!!! Nobody else could withstand everything this President has had to put up with and still stand so tall, stay so calm and so focused!!!
    Oh, and still be at 50%!!!

    So many well-funded attackers on so many fronts all targeting one man!!! And he still beats them all.

    If there ever was a true David and Goliath analogy, this is it!!!

  86. Isn’t there a nice padded cell available for this guy? There was a cartoon several months ago showing a guy with a clipboard leaning into a padded cell and saying something like, “Mr. Beck, you’re on in five minutes.”

    I keep remembering it, and laughing at it.

  87. They created 60+ jobs (In congress) but they are hell bent on destroying millions just so one guy in particular can lose his 2012.

  88. Delurking just to say Hallelujah! I do not live in Chicago, but I soooooooooooooo wanted Rahm to win, just so the PL and their fauxgressive sycophants would have another loss to add to their big pile of two-year FAIL! Now he has to win against the Republican and it will really be like Christmas and my birthday all rolled in to one!


  89. And he won handily: 55% out of a field of six. It was the number he was at all night and the number he ended up with.

    We were all bracing for a run-off. What was especially brilliant is, other than calling Chico a liar when he pants-on-fire lied, Rahm didn’t throw a negative punch. His coalition was indeed as diverse as any I’ve ever seen. The public unions who supported Chico can come to the table without having to save face because Rahm never attacked them. Yes, he’s going to expect more from the Chicago worker — Chicago city workers are notorious. I have relatives who work for the city. I know.

    I truly believe this is the job Rahm was born to do. His administration of this campaign was flawless, disciplined but never lacking in inspiration for his supporters. He made brilliant use of his previous bosses — Bill Clinton and President Obama, but never overplayed or relied on them for his identity.

    If it had come to a runoff, Rahm would have taken the gloves off. But everyone is stunned by how handily he won.

  90. Oddly, of the 2.7 million people in Chicago, only .5 million voted. My goodness. Congrats, Rahm.

  91. Now I see that it wasn’t a Democratic primary, but he actually won the election- today is officially Christmas and my birthday:)

    Congrats to Rahm- I hope he does a wonderful job for the people of Chi-town, and I am now signing off to celebrate yet another PL/faugressive loss!

    By the way, thank you for all that you do BWD- it is much appreciated!


  92. Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel turned President Obama’s glowing send-off into a near-endorsement that helped Emanuel claim a majority of the black vote.

    On Tuesday, Emanuel got a congratulatory phone call from his former boss — and he told the crowd at his victory party about it.

    “I also want to thank — and I just talked to President Obama, who sends you his love and affection for his hometown,” Emanuel said as the crowd erupted in applause.

    Aww congrats to the Mayor elect. ❤

  93. Dean $0 $2,932,262 $12,000 $0 $0 $0 $100

    One effect of the near 50% approval rating is that the Republicans haven’t gotten a really serious contender in so far. In contrast to the same period is 2003:
    Moseley Braun

    Moseley Braun


  94. I only watched Chris Hayes to see the Rahm announcement. He spent approximately 25 seconds, then moved on to other news – and I moved on to another recording. They just won’t give any credit to the Obama Administration – past or present. Very sad for them.

  95. Had Rahm lost however, Hayes would probably spend the rest of the show giving live coverage, and going into some silly discussion about what it means for President Obama in 2012…

  96. Here’s what it meant for Obama 2012: it looks good (at least in Chicago).

    When Rahm’s rivals jumped on the bandwagon to get him off the ballot, it really backfired. The AA community in Chicago was pissed that they would penalize him for being Obama’s CoS. Rahm’s first ad was of Bill Clinton at a smallish campaign stop — Clinton was at his absolute best.

    Rahm won 40 of 50 wards, Chico won 10. Chico’s lies made him look insincere. Rahm never threw a punch. If he runs the city half as good as he ran this campaign, we’re in good shape (although God knows what skeletons Daley has buried at City Hall — what we see is bad enough).

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