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I’m taking a couple of days off. Unless something really special happens, I will see you on Tuesday. Untill then, here’s a new playground. Take care and play nice.

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  1. BWD, we will definitely miss you for these couple of days, but enjoy your well-deserved break and looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!!

  2. I see the MSM is trying to convince Chris Christie that he should run for President in 2012. All this week they’ve been pushing him, and today on NBC, they are suddenly producing a poll (hypothetical matchup) showing that he is beating President Obama (Zigby 43%-40%). Oh Please.

    Let him run; like Sarah Palin, the MSM will come to regret that they ever pushed this guy. Much to his credit, he is smart enough to know that these polls are produced, and not reflective of what will actually happen once he decides to run. He claims he’s not arrogant enough to run, but I think he’s arrogant enough that he will NOT run and risk abject failure and end of his political career.

  3. *sigh*…you deserve it:) Read a good book and relax.Do you realize how many people will be checking in on Tuesday morning, hoping to be “first”??!! Enjoy!

  4. You will notice that other than Haley Barbour, no Republican office-holder is even talking about running for President in 2012. They all know its a useless proposition against Obama and want to keep their powder dry for 2014.

    My hope for Christie is that in 2014, Cory Booker will run against him in his re-election bid for Governor – beat him – and we’ll never have to hear from Christie again.

  5. I so hope Cory runs against Christie. Cory is the real deal — intelligent and committed to doing what’s right for the people.

  6. SOS Clinton is impatient with Amanpour’s nonsensical questions. This is not the first time that Clinton has demontrated open exasperation with the MSM’s simplistic “gotcha” approach to the administration’s handling of the ME conflicts.

  7. hopefruit, the republicans are so scrambling for a candidate it’s laughable. They are even trying to turn his girth into an asset against he slim, fit, handsome president. I saw a column by that hack Ed Rollins where he said Christie’s weight made him seem like a “regular guy.” What hogwash.

    Let’s see: they pushed Palin and she and her ignorance and hatefulness has flamed out, Barbour makes excuses for racism, Pawlenty is dull, dull, dull, Daniels is dull, short and turned Clinton’s surplus into a deficit, Romney supported health care reform for Mass, Huckabee pardoned a murderer who went on to then murder four cops, Santorum is a crazy looser, Paul is nuts, Bachmann is nuts.

    Who do they have? Nobody. Nada. And they know it so they throw a flavor of the week against the wall to see if it will stick.

  8. I think the possible candidates are waiting to see how the budget fight ends. If there is a shutdown and who is blamed for it. I think that’s the Hail Mary the GOP will try, all the would be contenders are reportedly pushing for it.

    If there is a shutdown and Obama is blamed and takes a hit in the polls and the House gets it’s draconian cuts then I think bigger fish will throw their hat in the ring, however if there is a deal that is seen as ultimately favorable to Obama and no shutdown, or if there is a shutdown and Boehner takes the blame and eventually settles for a budget more favorable to the White House, then the bigger fish will sit out.

    Christie won’t run because it would look bad that he served as Governor for one year, the job he said he worked for him whole professional life, and then hits the campaign trail for the better part of two years to run for President. I could see him tabbed as the VP candidate, as that would only be three-four months and it would establish his name nationally, while when they lose the loss would be blamed on the top of the ticket.

    Christie however is pro-life, but considers it settled law which wouldn’t endear himself to the RR. Also he doesn’t believe undocumented immigrants are criminals, but rather is a civil wrong, tough on existing gun laws and pro-civil unions but would veto same sex marriage in NJ.

  9. I agree. The GOP is flailing and they have been trying ALL possible strategies,

    1. Tea Party
    2. Coalescing with the Professional Left
    3. Koch Brothers funding to buy the midterms
    4. Paid operatives on supposedly liberal blogsites posing as disgruntled former Obama supporters
    5. Pushing the possibility of a Democratic primary (e.g., Grayson, Dean, Weiner, Kucinich, Sanders, Clinton).
    6. Pushing inept GOP wannabes from Jindal to Palin, Jeb to Hunstman,and now Christie.
    7. Turning African-Americans against the President via Shirley Sherrod scandal, Velma Hart, anti-Obama Black scholars/pundits given a media platform (Smiley, West, etc) buget cuts, etc.
    8. Focusing on all events to make them about President Obama, rather than the event itself, e.g., Oil Spill, Egyptian protest.

    And who remains standing strong despite this coordinate effort to tear him down? You guessed it right – thanks!

  10. I hate to think about it, but we’ve got to think about 2016, too. Who do we have who will keep PBO’s great work running? It’s not going to be Biden. It could be Hillary Clinton, but I think she has hinted that she will be done with politics after this run.

    The GOP has put all sorts of governors in place this last time, and I’m sure some of them will be running in ’16. Who do we have? We’d better find out soon. Otherwise, a Republican will get in there and start to dismantle Obama’s progress, just like Bush did with Clinton.

  11. True. As I posted earlier, they are flailing around with no clear path for 2012. Obama still has huge support, not just in the US, but abroad as well. I mean, can you imagine Christie or Ron Paul traveling to Europe, Africa, South America, Canada or Indonesia and receiving the kind of positive attention that our current President receives?

  12. I believe that will be part of President Obama’s focus if he is re-elected in 2012, that is, grooming the next Dem President. Curently, I can’t really think of anyone who could adequately step in this President’s shoes besides the folks you mentioned who will probably be too old in 2016.

  13. Yes BWD, have a good, restful time away and don’t be worrying about us! Although we’ll be thinking of you. 😉

  14. Christie also will have difficulty with the Tea Partiers if he maintains his support for gun control.

  15. Thanks for the link. Why wasn’t this poll presented on the NBC program instead of that unscientific zogby poll?

  16. Love it! Thanks gn. Can’t believe folks were accuse him of being Irish? Bet you they were some Teabag supporters.

  17. Really informative article dispelling the myths about WI public employee unions:

    Most egregious to me is the lie that the workers don’t want to compromise (they’ve already offered to increase their pension and health care contributions in accordance with Walker’s demand; the only thing that they won’t do is give away collective bargaining rights, as that has nothing to do with the budget!).

    Perfect opportunity for the lefty media to suspend their bashing of this POTUS about the budget (amazing how some people who called the stimulus such a sellout now hold some programs which it funded so dearly because some are set to be cut)–and get on this Wisconsin story, and fact-check any half-truths and distortions in the national media.

  18. And can I just say that outside of the republicans who are desperate for a candidate, that I believe Christie is just plain unlikable. He bullies voters. He just has that typical pushy rude attitude typical of republicans.

    Republicans might admire that garbage and think it makes him tough, but I think it makes him ugly and unelectable.

  19. Thanks for that,gn! Interesting commentary he wrote about all of us being human beings and shared purpose on this earth…does that sound “radical”??? So sad what demonization goes on in the US because of ignorance/fear.Which is why the R’s love to tear down and want to dismantle education to begin with…the less educated the populace, the more chance they have of foisting their ignorant, self serving agenda on the masses.Rise up, America!! Get a clue!

  20. Okay. Not too familiar with him, but if he decides to run, let’s hope he can build on what has been started by the Obama administration 🙂

  21. It’s just utter trollishness. IMO those people don’t even mean what they say; it’s just a way to say a little something nasty and disruptive in order to derail a conversation. Just like the wingnut Fox”News” anchor who got upset that protesters were chanting “Fox lies” and asked whether they’d prefer state run television instead of Fox. Just trollishness in attempts to derail and control a narrative IMO. You see this sort of dishonest meme-spreading in the PL as well.

  22. I like Deval Patrick and Corey Booker too… and I think Gov Patrick would be ready by 2016. I suspect by 2016 we may well have some fresh faces to take up the Obama mantle.

  23. Hey gn, that is quite the tear-jerker. We are so connected all over the world, when we allow ourselves to be- what a fine young man he is.

  24. Well you said a mouthful here- unfortunately we all know that ain’t gonna happen:

    Perfect opportunity for the lefty media to suspend their bashing of this POTUS about the budget (amazing how some people who called the stimulus such a sellout now hold some programs which it funded so dearly because some are set to be cut)–and get on this Wisconsin story, and fact-check any half-truths and distortions in the national media.

  25. Happy days off Blackwaterdog:
    Have a good/relaxing/interesting time.. covered all possibilities there.

    Just take care and thanks for all that you continue to do here at this site- to provide truth and facts.

  26. Seeing it listed like this is just so striking. And it’s a truncated list of the current challenges. Add a political party which is engaging in an unprecedented level of bad faith obstruction.

  27. Does anyone watch the sunday news shows? I’m just wondering what the focus is today, the rights talking points?

  28. A worthwhile read GN. It gives me hope for the future, as it reminds me that the younger generation is more on the ball than some of us adults realize. It also reminds me of our conversation here yesterday that the President is cognizant of the role the young people can, and will, play going forward, and the wisdom of his reaching out to them. Reading a few of the comments in the middle of the article also gave rise to another thought – how quickly social media can mobilize people. Someone requests a sign from acroos the world and lickety split you have it! I guess old political types the world over better start ensuring that they are ruling with compassion, as a world youth revolt could be planned just as easily, eh? [Ugh! Where did that gory thought come from?]

    Enjoy your Sunday, people!

  29. Morning to you,sherijr…not me. I can’t stomach them.I’d rather scrub toilets than listen to that drivel. Maybe someone else can tolerate the noise and report back:)Have a great day:)

  30. It’s just unreal. OFA is on the ground helping to organize yet people in the lefty media are questioning President Obama’s morality and values because his budget, unlike the GOP’s, is based in the reality that he’s going to have to compromise and scale back some of the programs expanded during the stimulus period??? I just want to throw up my hands in terms of the constant diversion of energy and focus. In the NYT today, Bob Herbert notes that some of the programs to be cut were previously given a great deal of money during the stimulus. He muses that perhaps something changed about POTUS then versus now. How utterly ridiculous! During the period of the stimulus, Dems were in charge and the country was tolerant of the spending. Two years later, and a veritable flood of content labeling Dems as do-nothing big spenders who gave the farm to Wall St. and nothing to Main St or to the poor (lies), we have the GOP in charge of the House (huge difference between the parties) and a country with a reduced tolerance for spending. That’s the difference between then and now, and it’s just plain old dishonest to not recognize it, instead claiming that POTUS has changed or is trying to score political points. It’s dishonest to pretend that the November elections didn’t happen and thus we’re somehow able to get the same budget now that we got in 2009. Peddling fantasy.

    /endrant lol

  31. Deval was one of Senator Obama’s national campaign chairmen for the 2008 campaign. The fact that he will have served two terms as a governor should serve him well since the know-it-all pundits see this experience as more valuable than a senator because, after all, according to them governors actually have to run things.

    Although watch that governor’s experience suddenly not matter if Patrick were to run. That’s how the repubs do it. Hypocrites.

  32. Good Morning Everyone

    Another page regarding the Wisconsin issue. If you know anyone who lives in the state, this Facebook page is organizing repeal for several state senators

    BWD – we will miss you, but understand that everyone needs a break now and then.

  33. Where is his column about the repubs wanting to cut funding for the health care law, planned parenthood, epa regulations, banking regulations?

    What a jealous jerk. These people are just envious of this brilliant president and want to make a name and big bucks for themselves.

    Ugh. Can’t stand the PL. Gibbs and Rahm were so right when they gave them that name.

  34. Have a great day right back to you, desertflower. I’m with you, can’t stomach them either – gave them all up years ago when I discovered how dishonest they all are.

    Happy sunday 🙂

  35. I live in MA and LOVE Patrick, but don’t know if he could carry it nationally. He is a little more reserved and not as confident as the POTUS

  36. Have a good couple of days off. I heard on the radio a few minutes ago that there is to be snow and freezing rain in Madison, WI today and that there would likely be less crowded protests. Besides, we know if the Tea Baggers aren’t going to be there the media won’t be either.

  37. AMAZING!!!!!

    One of my reactions is about how grateful I am to be living in a world where young people in Egypt can reach out through these nets to the young people in WI.

    BTW, I shared that photo on another blog and a poster there told me he sent it from NV to his friend – a teacher – who is participating in the protests in WI. I imagine that happened thousands of times yesterday.

    “ONE world under the same sky…”


  38. I think we’ll see more and more of this- where whatever POTUS does/says is labeled by both right and left as “political point scoring” as ‘Obama running for election’.

    I just think its unfortunate that anyone is reading the malarky these folks are spinning anymore without a huge grain of salt. And that is what they’re doing, spinning. I distrust and dispise the Professional Left about the same as the Tea Party- their motives are sketchy, they are predictible only in their Obama bashing.. and otherwise seem to have little ability for perspective or common sense, imo.

  39. Perhaps Christie is thinking of that nice huge tub that was at one time in the White House presidential bathroom.

    The first notable thing that William Howard Taft did when he became president was get stuck in the White House bathtub. He was over 300 pounds and 6’2″ tall. It’s said that it took four men to pull the guy out.

    So they got an over sized tub, 7′ long and 41″ wide. It’s on display in DC, I don’t know where, but it looks slippery and oddly shaped and a little obscene.

    Since I’m afflicted with a huge tendency to weight gain when even thinking of food, I don’t like to pile on, 300 pounds or not, but that tub seems to fit Christie.

  40. Sheri, They make my blood pressure go up and make me throw things at the TV, so I never watch the stupid faux news shows.

  41. I was actually thinking PBO may be backing Deval. Wasn’t he the guy that then Sen. Obama used parts from his speech during the campaign with his blessing …only words? I saw a posting recently of them getting together and it got me thinking about his being a Dem candidate in 2016.
    The other person I think of is Tim Kaine who PBO thinks highly of. Only I don’t know that he could cut it. Personally I like the guy from PA that helped PBO on his repeated campaigning there in the Primaries. Can’t remember his name maybe Bob Casey but not sure if that is the correct name.

  42. I think he or she will find us, and the young ones will know first using social media. Our clue might come with who makes the speech at the Convention.

  43. LOL! Love this hilarious slice of history.

    I don’t know who keeps pushing Christie ’12 and I really don’t care. Whoever they are, they must be delusional. That clown doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell against PBO.

  44. yeah, a lot of people in this country are fat and so Christie is like a lot of people in that way. Obama used to smoke and struggled with trying to quit like millions of other Americans — anyone in the MSM ever said that made him seem like a regular guy? How about Obama’s love for basketball or sports in general? doesn’t that make him a regular guy?

    Does the press feel inadequate around competent, attractive and intelligent people?

  45. Actually, I like Debbie Schultz Wasserman a lot and there is a Kamela something in CA that is Treasurer I think, only I don’t know if her background would be upgraded enough by then.

  46. I was thinking about his comment on state run tv and thought state run could be better or atleast the same with the propoganda spreading. No difference! Might suffice as an answer.

  47. I also thought as far as the looks Irish comment it reminds me of Angle’s comment that the Hispanics could be Asians to her.

  48. Harris, Kamala I think. I thought she was a judge, now I have to look her up :). I was thinking of her too.. particularly as I would love love love to see our next President in 2016 be a woman, particularly a woman of color, that would be excellent for this country.

    Okay just googled her: Attorney General of CA.. woohoo! I know POTUS backed her and I’ve heard very good things about her, plus she’s young. It will be fun to keep an eye on her progress in the next 6 years.

  49. I had heard that the Firefighters Union and the Police Unions both supported Scott Walker for Governor while the other Unions had not. The only Unions that escaped this bill were the two voting for him. I wonder if they are sorry they supported his election? Glad to see they are in solidarity now.

  50. I heard a rerun of a progressive program on Sunday morning radio this morning featuring Ariana Huffington and Mary Matlin. It is called Both Sides and to me it represents one and the same side and is even more apparent when listening to the arguments and agreements. Hope it fails as it just seems to bash PBO with one voice pretending to be both sides. I thought it has only had a couple of shows and is repeating already so maybe it failed. I turned it off when I first recognized it was a repeat. I already wrote in an email about it when I first heard it.

  51. 🙂 They would never label the President as a “regular guy” would they? HE has superior intellect, so he would never fit the political version of “regular guy”. Sad.

  52. Grandma…love you, but it’s “Debbie Wasserman Schultz” You made a funny:) She’s wonderful.And so are you.

  53. So the teaOP is supposedly so on top of cutting wasteful spending, yet when a Dem Representative proposed legislation to cut the federal dollars which go to Nascar sponsorships, the teaOP House not only does not support this legislation, but she receives a racist hate-fax from some random ignoramus:

    Can’t make this stuff up! Thanks to Rep. McCollum for pursuing this issue.

  54. We need Gabby to get better for many reasons here in AZ:) I would be thrilled if she ran for senator and replaced one of our many resident loonies like Kyl. At least then I would have someone in Washington to fight for me. Many of us are just plain shit out of luck right now. With our officals elected to Washington AND the loonies in the state govt.Lose/lose.She would make a wonderful Senator from AZ…we all pray for her speedy recovery.

  55. Oh look at MSM yet again following the directives of their financiers, the Koch brothers and others.

    Didn’t this Christie person only manage to garner 6% in the straw poll for candidate to run for potus at cpac, tying with some former governor? Now we are being brainwashed that he is some darling of the repub party. Every few months there is some “darling” of this corporate fat cat party. These repub “darlings” are so lucky to have billionaires finacing their hyperbole.

    I’ll stick with the skinny, big eared guy that has normal Americans donating their little $1 or $5 out in the open to his campaign not hiding being fake names like citizens united.

  56. gn – This is wonderful! It’s the ’60s all over again … just a different “public square.”

  57. I do not watch any corporate news. I do watch clips on the net if it seems something I must see. My tweeter feed, white house site, bwd, obama diary, Al jazeera and sometimes dkos is where I get my news. As well as from some of my dorky politics addicted friends. 😀

  58. GM, What Is Working…

    As always, you provide great, helpful resources! 🙂

    And, then, there’s this:

    @ThinkProgress: FLASHBACK- Abraham Lincoln Wrote Playbook 4 Wisconsin Dems Who Fled State

    Wisconsin Democratic state senators who fled the state to block Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) union busting said today they have “no plans to return to the state until Walker could reach a reasonable negotiation with state employees.” Republican politicians and conservative commentators have lambasted the state senators all week for their supposed “dereliction of duty.” But THOSE IN THE PARTY OF LINCOLN SHOULD LOOK TO THE 16th PRESIDENT BEFORE THEY CRITICIZE THE WISCONSIN DEMOCRATS…

    Hang in there, WI Senate Dems!

  59. No, every strength in Dems is turned into a weakness, and every weakness in Republicans is turned into a strength.

    Bush Jr. aint too bright=”he’s the perfect guy to have a beer with, you just want to have a beer with him”

    Gore is a genius=’but can I have a beer with him? No. And claimed he started the Internet; what an elitist liberal”

    Clinton struggled with weight=”look at the fattie always at McDonalds, he can barely squeeze into his running shorts”

    Christie struggling with weight=”he’s just a normal guy, everyone can relate”

    PBO publicly quits smoking=”he claims he’s so healthy and better than the rest of us, and just look at him smoking did he even really quit???”

    Palin is a clear grifter=”The Governor is serving as the face of a grassroots movement of enthusiastic conservatives!”

    Notice a pattern everyone?

  60. Just remove all artifice. SMDH

    After a couple good posts on BJ and other places I’ve decided that the Debt Crises is slightly less dubious than WMD’s as a tactic to lay their real regressive ideaology bare.

    I’m not buying into this crisis anymore because it just starts a false debate and I’m sick of yielding that ground to them.

  61. As PBO has said, Walker’s plan is an assault on unions. PBO respects unions, stands behind them, and know that union workers can speak for themselves, and most important, unions must always have a seat at the bargaining table. Walker, the shill for the mega money men, makes it clear that he and those he shills for do not respect unions, and does not think unions are worth listening to at all. Firefighters were ‘exempted’ from Walker’s first phase of shutting down all unions, but they have seen through the propaganda, and are there demanding a seat for all union members.

  62. I wish you were kidding. That man is a accident waiting to happen. What he has done to NJ is already appalling. I can not imagine what shape the state will be in after four years.

  63. Have some great days off BWD. We all understand. I know this family will keep bringing information for us all while you are gone. Thanks to all who have brought info so far. I love the video’s of the firefighters going into the capital. Now to read the rest of the info. I also have quite watching the Sunday morning shows. I can’t stand all the negativity and know reality of what is being talked about. Have a great day.

  64. I am with you sherijr. I am sure some new faces will start emerging. I am also sure that Gavin Newsome will think about throwing his hat into the ring. He is incredibly liberal–which may not work well for him.

  65. Got to look at Governors, it’s rare that Senators are elected because they lack executive experience. I like Schweitzer out of Montana – the guy gives a helluva speech. I believe he’s running on to a term limit sooner than later – I could see Obama bringing him into his Cabinet to get him some Washington experience.

    Warner and Kaine out of Va, though Warner was absolutely horrid in his 2008 keynote address at the DNC Convention.

    I like Gillibrand and Giffords(prior to the shooting, I don’t think she’ll ever be trusted for the Presidency now given her injury and how much is unknown about brain injuries). Gillibrand in the Senate though is a concern because there will be no “executive experience”.

    There is Cuomo in NY, but I don’t think he’d be electable as he’d beframed a NYC Liberal.

    Another interesting possibility is John Hickenlooper, former Mayor of Denver, current Governor of Colorado(elected in 2010). He’s a enterpreneur/small business owner, a big city mayor and now Governor who will be 64 in 2016. Understated charisma, quirky but embraces it. Some of the best campaign ads you’ll ever see (Alaska’s Scott McAdams seemed to really borrow from Hickenloopers ads).

    This was another reason why the GOP made big pushes for Governorships in 2010, because they’d all be up in 2014 with executive experience and could then move on to challenge for the Presidency. GOP is looking long game here. Get Governors is blue states and that would put them in play to switch for example Rick Snyder is on the ticket and Michigan goes red for the Presidential.

    Schweitzer, Hickenlooper, Warner, Kaine, Patrick would probably be the contenders as of today. Can’t count out Sec. Clinton, but I think she could not run but then get chosen as a running mate by Warner.

  66. The Truth About Mitch Daniels of Indiana

    I love the sharing of information about these so-called republican candidates. We must keep informed and spread the truth about them. In that spirit let me shed a little light on Gov. Mitch Daniels who the repubs tout as so fiscally responsible. He has been a disaster for our state. He is trying to push through a bill that’s exactly like Wisconsin.

    Here’s just one example of his bumbling. He got rid of case workers on the state’s food stamp program and turned it over to IBM with a $1.3 billion contract. Well it was a disaster. He had to fire IBM and it cost the state $361 million!

    Fiscally, responsible? Not.
    Here’s what one Indiana democrat said about Daniels’ failure:

    “It’s a blow to privatization,” added House Speaker Pat Bauer, who was against the deal from the beginning. “I personally don’t think you should make profit off of the poor. I think they [IBM] ought to be embarrassed enough to go away and pay us something. Pay us a penalty,” he told reporters.

    We must arm ourselves with the truth about these candidates and put it out there every chance we get.

    Read more:

  67. I like her too–a lot actually. I think we should focus on a woman. It is time that it happens.

    I like Amy Klobuchar. Amy was on the
    president list for a possible supreme court nomination.

    I know she may not be as liberal as Debbie, but she represents the state, not a district.

  68. Happy sunday everyone 😀

    From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: President back at WH 11:15 after shooting hoops. A few dozen bystanders held back from one corner gawked as Stagecoach rolled by

  69. Going off to walk (puff and gasp) in our local park so I can get a little exercise.

    Wanted to leave you with 2 encouraging stories to raise our spirits.

    Intel to build $5 billion plant in Arizona

    Hyundai’s Manufacturing Lifts Alabama’s Economy

    Stay Hopeful

  70. IMO the debt issue will become much less significant as the economy improves. I don’t think that we’re going to get a great budget this year to keep it real, but I utterly agree with you that this is an opportunistic attempt by ideologues to impose austerity measures for reasons that are almost totally unrelated to the deficit.

  71. And don’t forget to go over to Chipstick’s “The Obama Diary” for an impromptu arrangement of the “Star Spangled Banner”.

    If I ever felt old – this is it: I’m a representative of Old Europe: National Anthems – BAD, because Nationalism: BAD, because National Socialism: BAD.

    Here we have a case where a National Anthem can be a breath of freedom to thousands.

    GO Wisconsin, GO Madison !

  72. Chris Christie is reprehensible to me, and not because of his appearance. He seems to ignore advice, thinks his way is the only way, and he’s a bully who has no level of personal accountability. He has thoroughly bad judgement, and puts ideology before people – case in point: the cancelling of the railway project. He’d be the absolute worse person to give all that power to – and especially after we’ve had someone as honorable as President Obama. What is it they see in him? I just don’t get it.

  73. Ha, I always liked Charles Woodson, particularly when he beat out Peyton Manning for the Heisman. I was happy to see him finally get a well-deserved ring.

  74. Thank you for providing these numbers from NJ. They are good, and we should be happy to see them. However, WE must continue to speak out every chance we get in support of the President, his administration, his policies, and the democratic agenda. I have noticed the “republican talking point” is “We Are Broke!” They are saying this in all of the states, and in DC. They intend to frighten people. They want to demonize the President and his policies. Also, they want to talk the economy into a negative so President Obama cannot run on economic success. The truth is the republicans have insisted on cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations to the point where we now have to revisit the tax cuts. Yes, we middle-income taxpayers will feel some pain, but I trust President Obama to make sure we are treated fairly. We need to make it clear that we support the President, his administration, and the democratic agenda.

  75. Lots of irritating things on this list – one that I find particularly irritating is Velma Hart. Not long after her moment of fame, she was on Hardball and basically admitted she’d changed her tune, that there were things she wasn’t aware of then, even a few things the President told her about that helped her/her family. So, she’ll continue to be used as another anti-Obama tool, but not as a prime example of people blindly judging and criticizing, which is easier than getting educated on facts.

  76. But, the disasterous plans they’re playing out now across the country: busting unions, cutting social programs, rejecting rail money – all that will come home to roost in 2014-16. I don’t think it will be a clueless populace in 2016, because people will have been negatively impacted by Republicans (more personally even than with the run-up to the recession), and positively impacted by Democratic policies. It will be interesting to see who is equipped to take the mantle from President Obama.

  77. Give me a break. Since when does a right wing tabloid care that another Republican was responsible for job losses? If Romney becomes the nominee be prepared for the NYPost to use this same information to paint as a genius captain of industry.

    Oh well Mitt, this is what happens when you don’t slobber hard enough on Murdoch’s ring.

  78. Exactly, they want someone else to win the nomination (Palin?) but if Mitt gets it they will fall behind him.

  79. I’m telling you guys, this space is truly something special. Check out the comment which a commenter named “a thirteen year old girl” left the picture thread for Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissman Klein’s receipt of the US medal of freedom:


    Hi Gerda! I read your book All But My Life and I cant begin to explain how it made me feel. First of all, you are an amazing writer and that was a sort of problem for me because I could really get into your book and so many unspeakable horrible things happened that I felt like they were happening to me. I also almost am never able to cry unless the author is so vivid a writer as you. In your book, I was pretty much crying the whole book through. You have become my hero, you were strong and courageous. If i had been in your shoes, I would have died just from being separated from my family. Every day we go by completely completely taking advantage of our lives. We complain about homework, we complain about having to eat whole wheat bread, we complain when we have to practice piano or whatever instument we may play, we complain when we have to pick up our rooms, we constantly complain endlessly without stopping until we die. But what if we would die tomorrow? What if we never see our parents again? Our brothers? Would we stop? I doubt it. You seem so wise, you have seen life and death and torture. You have been truly alone in the world. So why and how did you survive? Because YOU could. That is all. As I think of America today, with our fat lazy butts sitting around watching t.v. or playing on our computers or ipods or whatever we have, I know without a doubt that we wouldnt have survived for even a day. We are growing up to be robots, I barely know any friends that would play in my woods with me for a whole day or go rock climbing with me in the mountians or climb mountains with me or just run through the grass with bare feet or go camping with me. These are the things I love to do, but nobody else seems to agree anymore. So gerda, that is why you are my hero, but you may be the only one left.


    This space is drawing in, not only a part of the progressive netroots, but so many people from all walks of life who aren’t as political as us, but who are touched by this space. Just terrific. And thirteen year old girl’s parents need to send her to summer camp if they can swing it and a membership to a botanic gardens if there’s one in her area; she seems to be a nature lover and us dirty liberals still have programs out there to accommodate this point of view all over the country.

  80. The Tea Party has no legitimacy. That’s why it has always been so frustrating to hear pundits (including liberal hosts) talk about the “legitimate grievances” of these people. The only grievance they have is a hatred towards everything different from them, including the man in the White House. Their allegiance is always sold to the highest bidder, hence their eagerness to jump on every paid bus ride, even if it goes against their last outrage.

  81. Mitt Romney can be framed as a robber baron who got rich putting Americans out of work. You cut commercials of workers who were put out of work by Romney and have them ask “Mitt Romney made his billions putting me and thousands of others out of work – How can we now trust him with the rest of America’s workers”.

    Also Mitt has to keep explaining why Romneycare is different, and he keeps saying it was good for his state but it’s up to States to decide. The question would then become “Now that you’re running for President of all of America, do you believe Romneycare would have been good for the rest of America and if not than why?”

    Also Romney is sort of seen as a lame duck in that he has basically been running for President since 2006 – his sole job and purpose since 2006 seems to be to get elected President.

  82. I admit I,too, find Cory Booker convincing and admirable, though I don’t know quite enough about him yet. Dare I say that wouldn’t it be nice if we never had a member of the Good Ole White Boys club as President again?

  83. I must say, Debbie was fairly obnoxious during the primaries in her rabid support for Hillary Clinton. I do not fault her for her choice, but she made some fairly icky statements regarding President Obama. She doesn’t strike me as Presidential material, but then neither Did Reagan or Bush, so what do I know?

  84. I like to think the way you think about this, Theo, though I admit, I always have higher expectations of the American people than they deliver. Let us hope there is a true game change in the offing, part and parcel of the Obama Zeitgeist.

  85. Hey everyone! looking at the events around the world calling for change and fair democracy. Many in the media want give the President for the spirit of change that he has spread across thee world. I will, the world is confident in this president that he won’t attack or kill , that he will promote those to seek change on their own. This is a remarkable time. Our country is made better because of this President courage to speak around the world and tell individuals you are somebody , you have a voice.

  86. ‘Does the press feel inadequate around competent, attractive and intelligent people?’

    Yes, yes and yes! He never does what he’s ‘expected’ to do so he consistently makes them look like idiots. And IMO not only are they frustrated that they cannot seem to adequately predict what he’ll do, they are also jealous of his success. 🙂

  87. Thanks for the page. We live in Milwaukee and had three Public Defenders and their significant others for dinner last evening. One is very left and has been at the protests, one is very rightwing and I believe supports Walker (though his very leftist wife asked me not to bring up the subject so we could have a pleasant evening, which we did), and the other, though a brilliant man, is politically stupid, and I never found out his take. The leftist spent the night and over breakfast this morning we chatted about the options. He believes there is a good chance the courts will strike down Walker’s bill if it is passed, and wants to begin organizing now to recall Walker, even though we can’t do so for many months, and also to encourage the unions to start preparing a legal challenge.

  88. Wow.. like Roscoe said- what an entrance.

    Heres a thought only just occuring to me, maybe its already been remarked on.. and maybe its not even accurate: my understanding is that both the Police and Fire Fighters Unions are exempt from Walker’s BS.. and it is the Nurses & Teachers who’ll be effected if his proposals are implemented.. Aside from his obvious intention to hurt unions, isn’t is also rather curious that teachers and nurses are predominantly female, firefighters and cops- male?

  89. Thanks for the list. We don’t buy any of the products except Northern, which I don’t like that well but never managed to convince my husband, who does the general shopping, not to buy. Now that I showed him the site, we’ve bought our last package of that.

  90. Gn, what a great catch, thanks for posting this… having an eleven year old in the house, this young lady is right on. The kids in our neighborhood rarely even venture outdoors- except for school, the entire winter.

    Frankly I’m so impressed she – 13 year old girl- knew of Gerda Weissman- and I agree, this site is very special.. I’m finding folks on my facebook page are now linking to bwd 😉

  91. h/t rootless at thepeoplesview, the state troopers union is outright pulling their endorsement of Wisconsin Gov. Walker:


    Solidarity. It’s what’s for dinner.

    Good thoughts to the people of Wisconsin and their ultra-civil protests. Just remarkable.

  92. What is interesting is that one of my friends who was at the protests yesterday spoke with a tea party protester. The man works three jobs just to survive and has seen his own life style diminish over the years due to corporate greed, yet rather than support the state workers, he is resentful that they have a better lifestyle than he and wants to see it destroyed. My friend who is a Public Defender in a rural area in Wisconsin says that two of his staff will not be able to make their mortgage payments due to the cuts. This country had the resources to insure that our populace all could live somewhat comfortably and we’ve squandered them. Time for a complete turnaround.

  93. He’s just getting started. Which is why there are such humongous forces being marshaled against this.

    OT-Blessings to the people of Libya, being assaulted in their time of protest.

  94. thanks for the links, how nice is that.. people can be such good souls to one another.. I believe we’ll see more and more of that, as the hatred of GW Bush and his 8 years of “bring it on” begins to fade. True we still have the Palins and Limbaughs and Becks.. but even they are wearing out their welcome, as new generations of young people learn to boycott and speak out. Whats going on in the Middle East, particularly Egypt’s success, the protestors in WI.. all of it is great learning opportunities for our youth. I hope they’re paying attention.

  95. Oh nice on them. Way to go.

    “solidarity. It’s whats for dinner”

    Indeed. Awesomely stated gn.

  96. Absolutely, makessense. This is how deep change happens, beginning as a ripple that evokes feedback, then the feedback evokes feedback, and it spreads. The Bush zeitgeist is disintegrating everywhere.

  97. I believe it’s because Police and firefighters are deemed to be essential services and thus cannot strike.

    Police and Firefighters did endorse Walker during the campaign though, so it is curious that they’re left out of his attacks. I mean I don’t know how much endorsements are worth anymore, however Walker won by 100,000 votes and with the backing of the Police and Fire he was allowed to hide his fanatical anti-union views.

  98. Nice!!!

    This combined with the news of Woodson officially throwing his support behind the unions, as one of the Packers union reps is good momentum. (What irony that the NFL, which has the worst labor unions in pro sports IMO, will be having its own labor issues this year)

    I hope the tipping point has been reached and allies keep coming forward.

    LOL @ Solidarity. It’s what for dinner.
    I’ll have 2 please!

  99. A dirty liberal hippie teacher, lol, probably gave her the book in class. sheri, I’m impressed too, because I didn’t even know who Weissman is either and I consider myself perhaps a little low-info in terms of politics but fairly well educated. Kids have really come through for this country. I didn’t actually find that comment; brenda did, and replied to it and put it on the recent comments list. I just am awed by what’s been created here!

  100. I suspect that if this goes on long that unions across America will have to send money to keep the workers strong and paying their bills.

  101. I hope they are paying attention too sherijr because these are the best history, civics and human lessons that can cement decades of loyalty to collective justice which can translate to the voters booth.

    I want this to become the new normal, people practicing and demanding real democracy and progress for all.

  102. He is also a hypocrite. When US attorney he racked up exorbitant expenses while on official travel ( limos, high-end hotels).

  103. I think that it was a divide and conquer gambit, and it didn’t work God bless the people of Wisconsin. For people who don’t live in the NorthEast, the significance of the firefighters in full regalia with bagpipes and drums may be lost. But they do this in the event of funerals and parades, and the seriousness of this procession really is significant.

  104. Demographic are also changing. If you look at the photos of tea party demonstrations most of those demonstrating are old and definitely not the picture of health. They won’t live for ever. Those reaching voting age over the next years are more diverse and less likely to buy into the racist, xenophobic, and anti-women and anti-gay shtick of the GOP

  105. Yep, I’m all for that:

    wouldn’t it be nice if we never had a member of the Good Ole White Boys club as President again?

    43 Presidents of Color, female, gay,.. we have a HUGE pool in America, its beyond time we began selecting our best and brightest from the entire pool- my belief is that in doing that alone- white males will seldom be at the top of the list. No offense meant white males, but when there are ten people standing before us: male, female, gay, NA, AA, Hispanic American, Asian American (break that down into chinese, Japanese, Korean, …etc) etc.. etc..
    Then how in heck will we always default to white males? Is not going to happen.

  106. Another ground for optimism, Tracy, though I’ve been saying for years that the extreme rightwing was the last gasp of this way of thinking and still they hang on.

  107. That is really pathetic. The Tea Party would rather bring everyone down (except for their corporate overlords), instead of fighting to have everyone come up a bit in standard of living. It’s a sickness.

  108. Thanks for the list of Koch products to boycott. We need to write and tell those companies we are boycotting them — and write to people at the top. I’ve read that they multiply the letters they receive by a certain factor — I think it’s 10. They believe for every letter they get that there are 9 other people who feel the same way but don’t write.

    I don’t have that info, but when I get it I will put it in a comment. Thanks for the link Proud Of Obama. Love your name! I’m proud of him, too.

  109. Wow, thanks for the link! I would have gotten in on that, but they’re no longer even taking orders from people outside of Wisconsin. Just so awesome; I love this country.

  110. I’m in Indiana, too. There are actually 10 anti-worker bills in Indiana. The Unions have been very active about the right to work bill and it looks like it is losing steam. I don’t care for Mitch, but he’s not a tea bagger like WI has. Here’s a good article listing the Indiana bills. The teachers really need support and have been battling this for a long time.

  111. Thank you for the reminder to focus on What is Working! There is so much positive. It’s easy to let the noisy “problem children” get all the attention unless we are deliberate about what we think and participate in. Thank you!

  112. I never heard of Deepak Chopra, but its apparent he’s bullshit stupid.

    “I mean, with all the support and the majority in Congress that he had, he couldn’t get the health care bill passed comfortably! It’s that way with all the things he said he would do. He can’t get rolling, he can’t get the support. I think Obama should be just a one-term president.”


    But hey, I learned this guy advised Michael Jackson, and after we learned about his doctors capabilities, well…….

  113. The best way to reduce the deficit is to grow the economy. The republicans have ginned up the debt crisis issue to attack the government, the legacy of the New Deal (social security) and LBJ (Medicare) and to destroy the economic recovery so they can destroy our president. The recovery under FDR was also temporarily jettisoned by budget cutbacks only to be jumpStarted again by massive government outlays for WWII. The GOP is only interested in protecting the rich and destroying everyone and everything else.
    Too bad they are so stupid. Their children and grandchildren will also suffer from the consequences of climate change, economic decline due to loss of R&D, an educated workforce, deterioration of infrastructure. Does greed and ideology make people stupid?

  114. He is to the self-help/spiritual movement what his colleague Arianna is to the liberal/progressive movement.

    At the end of the day it’s all about the $$$ to both of them.

    He had featured columns alongside her unpaid laborers on HuffPo and went fishing for page hits each time.

    Going for the spotlight again I see Deepok. He’s pathetic.

  115. Don’t pay any attention to Deepak, GOVCHRIS. His opinion really isn’t important. As President Obama says, they don’t know him. We do know the tremendous good that the President is doing.

  116. Well done GN. I would add to your list the Gov. of Wisconsin who dropped out of college. Remember when many of these conservatives were going around attacking Affirmative action because they believed in meritocracy?

  117. RICHMOND, Va. — Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine laid into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) Saturday night, telling a crowd of Democratic activists that what’s happening in that state amounts to a declaration of war on public workers.

    Speaking at the Virginia Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, Kaine said the ongoing budget battle and wide scale protests in Wisconsin reveal the true priorities of GOP governors across the country.

    “Governors and others in state houses across this country on the Republican side have decided what they want to do is wage a war against their own employees,” Kaine said Saturday night. “Against public employees who are teaching our kids, who are caring for our parents in nursing homes, who are patrolling our neighborhoods.”

  118. gn, what a powerful videos! Thank you. All of those young people seeing what is happening to their teachers and to caretakers like nurses and social workers. In the second one, I could hear them chanting as they were walking, “Stop the hate.”

    I was a student at Purdue in the 60’s and the protests didn’t fizzle out. Walker thinks people will just go home. He’s not thinking clearly at all. When there is cause, people have staying power and now people in all the states can see clearly what the Republicans are doings. The spotlight is on the Republicans with the budget and Wisconsin.

  119. I agree. We in California remember him bullying people when he came to campaign for Meg Whitman. He did her more harm than good.

  120. Now the young people in other countries, fighting so hard for democracy, are teaching our young people and the older ones who have forgotten that democracy must be fought for every single day to keep it.

  121. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D), called out New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie again Saturday during a speech at a Democratic fundraising dinner, saying the “tea partying” governor lives “in a different world than ours.”

    O’Malley, the chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association, accused Christie and other GOP governors across the country of irresponsibly slashing funding for priorities like education and infrastructure.

    “The tea partying Republican governors would have us believe a lot of things that just aren’t so,” said O’Malley. “They would have us believe that we can somehow eat cake and lose weight. They would have us believe that we can just cut our way to a better future — no need to invest in education or rebuild our infrastructure.”

  122. If we, as average Americans, ever get control in this country, it’s lights out for any number of autocrats around the world. We are not being taken lightly as “Obamabots” and how we feel, our discouragement versus positive energy, and our willingness to continue the change started in 2008 is being watched closely. Just needed to say that.

  123. Jerry Brown version 2.0

    Assuming he patches California back together I think he will have left the Moonbeam image behind in favor of a more sober and practical image.

  124. In the same article Chopra says:

    “The highest form of intelligence you can have is to observe yourself. Let it go at that. You don’t need to judge, you don’t need to analyze, you don’t even need to change. This is the key to life: the ability to reflect, the ability to know yourself, the ability to pause for a second before reacting automatically.”

    Determining that this President should be a one-termer given all the horrible presidential alternatives out there for 2012, seems to be at odds with the “the ability to pause a second before reacting automatically.”

    Chopra’s statement that the President enjoyed a comfortable democratic congressional majority, a claim which ignores the reality of Blue Dogs like Lieberman, Nelson, Stupak and others, would seem to be displaying less than the highest form of intelligence he says we all should aspire to.

  125. On Sunday, Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson, former All-Pro and defensive player of the year, put out a statement standing with the labor protesters in Wisconsin, saying the state’s working families are “under an unprecedented attack to take away their basic rights.” Woodson is also one of the team’s elected representatives to the players union.

    His statement:

    Last week I was proud when many of my current and former teammates announced their support for the working families fighting for their rights in Wisconsin. Today I am honored to join with them.

    Thousands of dedicated Wisconsin public workers provide vital services for Wisconsin citizens. They are the teachers, nurses and child care workers who take care of us and our families. These hard working people are under an unprecedented attack to take away their basic rights to have a voice and collectively bargain at work.

    It is an honor for me to play for the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers and be a part of the Green Bay and Wisconsin communities. I am also honored as a member of the NFL Players Association to stand together with working families of Wisconsin and organized labor in their fight against this attempt to hurt them by targeting unions. I hope those leading the attack will sit down with Wisconsin’s public workers and discuss the problems Wisconsin faces, so that together they can truly move Wisconsin forward.

    Huff post-

  126. You are right about the GOP having a long game approach, they wanted to dominate redistricting after the census and have more governor seats now.

    It is an illustration, in my mind, of how weak the Democratic party really is right now that the GOP could have had ANY chance of having this much electoral power after the disaster of the Bush II years. The GOP is hostage to the teabaggers and the ultra-ultra right fringe, defined by Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, and now seeking to destroy unions, minimum wage, child labor and anything it can to help rack up higher profits for its real constituency – corporate donors.

    So why on Earth are they getting more than 20% of the vote? Why are they able to mount campaigns to take over the Wisconsin governor’s office and such huge numbers in the Wis statehouse? I have to think it is more than abortion, racism and taxes.

    I think we are talking about what my father in law used to say was “just plain envy”. People are hurting and instead of looking to improve things by better government they are looking for others to drag down. Hence the demonization of public employees.

    The GOP are expert at this kind of pitting people against each other and it is one of the reasons I could never be prevailed upon to support any GOP member for public office, even if I know them and like them personally. Collectively they are anti-America.

  127. Who cares whether my dictator talks to me through state tv or private tv. Propaganda is propaganda. Fox news lies. The MSM is a joke. We have to turn to our comedians for news these days.

    Long live the blogosphere

  128. Deepak Chopra appears to be a hack – in it for the money. Unfortunately, I think he has a lot of followers.

  129. Thank you GN for telling the truth so brilliantly. It is becoming very clear to me that the mission of the so called left, such as Firedoglake, is to make sure that the President is defeated for a second term. All their tears about the poor are, imho, “crocodile tears.”

  130. Yep- I do believe you are correct.. the tide may well be turning.. we have to keep up the momentum.

  131. But, then you have your dissenters in the party, trying to divide us! Like Arianna! She is, IMHO, working for the other side, a double agent, if you will!

  132. I like that, hats off to Gov O’Malley- my future governor 🙂 moving to Baltimore in several months.. sooo looking forward to a democratic state. I really like how he is specifically naming the tea party.

  133. Hats off to Tim Kaine also… I wonder if the President will be speaking at the Jefferson Jackson dinner too?

  134. Shes nothin but a born again repub.. (ex)repub masquerading as a democrat in order to be famous and make moola
    $$$$$- driven by dollars.. her ideology is herself- pretty typical republican imo.

  135. Love your posts and your energy Gov but the language is a little rough. We like to keep the profanity a little more creative.

  136. ^”…Aside from his obvious intention to hurt unions, isn’t is also rather curious that teachers and nurses are predominantly female, firefighters and cops- male?”

    sherijr, ya noticed that, too…

    Did ya know that the GOPTeaParty-elected male officials think all women belong at home…”barefoot & pregnant”…Their female counterparts are “stepford wives?!” lol

    At the federal-level, women’s rights…abortions, Planned Parenthood, et al… are bein’ attacked by them, too!

  137. Excellent points on the Planned Parenthood and abortion rights attacks. I’m not shocked that the GOP’s main plan of attacks seems to be targeting women. Possibly they didn’t expect such a backlash as they’re getting in WI- because they’ve forgotten that women WILL fight back.. and when you add in the ingredient of Unions…

  138. OMG! Electablog has a story up about what’s going on in Michigan. That republican governor even wants to take away everyone’s voting rights. You have to read this. The republicans have truly declared war on America.

  139. Thanks Proud of Obama for sharing this information. It is this kind of information that should disabuse people of the belief that businesses are more efficient and accountable than the government. Lately, I’ve been wondering why is it that Americans forget things so quickly. Here in California we intimately know the dangers of privatizing critical services like energy. Have people completely forgotten the debacle of ENRON? Have they forgotten how this Texas based corporation manipulated energy-creating numerous blackouts-in order to make more money? In my judgement, there are important services, that affect the general welfare of people, that cannot, and must not be run as for profit enterprises.

  140. Oh what a lovely idea. I am a huge fan of Mr. Booker. Smart, savvy and very intelligent.

  141. Thanks Symmetry for the info. Bravo Mr. Woodson! I rooted for the Steelers but the Packers are beginning to win me over. I wish all Unions throughout the country would designate a day (Tuesday may be) to stage rallies of solidarity with the brave Wisconsin Workers.


    Rachel Maddow on Wisconsin: a battle for survival for the Democratic party. If you destroy the unions it will be bakesales vs billionaires. In 2010 7/10 of top political contributor were GOP groups; only 3 were liberal, all unions(SEIU, AFSCME, and NEA). Just as they destroyed ACORN, they are now gunning for labor. We all must continue to get the message out. The unions have offered to negotiate. Walker wants to destroy them, not to talk.

  143. I am, however, glad that you highlighted this information. Democrats, if they so choose, can do as Republicans do. They can repeat this information over and over again; especially since it came from a conservative source. Mitt would be forced to respond. Believe me that is what Sen. Boxer effectively did when she highlighted the loss of Jobs at HP under its CEO, Carly Fiorina. Sen. Boxer completely destroyed Fiorina’s claim that, because of her business background, she knew how to create jobs.

  144. Strategically the GOP played this brilliantly and caught the Dems completely off-guard. I mean if they attack the unions and there is a union strike the economy is hurt, which hits at Obama’s needed economic growth for re-election.

    Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, were all warned about this and still elected Republicans across the board. Now they’re trying to play catch-up, but as I mentioned above, if they tank their state economies they’re in States Obama needs to win for re-election.

    I don’t know how the Unions and Dems can keep the pressure on without hurting local economies. Walker is basically saying there is no way this job action lasts, basically daring it to. He wants to be Reagan and fire everybody I think. When it comes down to it, GOP has their perfect storm – high unemployment, bad economy that has a lot of people envious and bitter at unions, has complete control of State Governments and the fact that Obama needs a good economy to run on in 2012 means that the Unions can’t use any economic pressure tactics. Walker and the state Senate are bunkered down with their heels dug in.

  145. Great video GN! I am so glad the Firefighter saw through Gov. Walker’s tactics of divide and conquer and came out strongly in support of their fellow workers. I hope the Police and State Troopers will do the same.

  146. If you’re able, consider attending one of the solidarity rallies. These are not all SEIU events. Some are other unions.

  147. St. Roscoe, I am not so sure about Gillibrand.
    She writes diary’s at Kos. Makes me a little suspicious of her. She seems a little smarmy in telling them all she is doing for them.

    I think she may seriously consider running, but I will wait to see how she develops over time.

  148. H/t to Edwena Jones. Heads up. If you work for the fed, brace yourselves for a Gov’t shutdown if the continuing resolution does not pass by March 4th. Hold off buying that new tv and pay your bills ahead if you can. It looks like it going to happen thanks to the tea bagging folks. It generally hit the folks making less that $40K the hardest. Please share this out.

  149. Okay, I am once again amazed. I checked in early this morning to see that BWD is going to be gone for a couple days, read the few comments, and figured there wouldn’t be much going on.

    Come back to see 200 comments and in depth discussions of Republican candidates in 2012, Dem candidates in 2016, the state of Wisconsin protests and a few other items.

    BWD has started something which, IMO, along with other sites, can no longer be stopped.

    I am not going to add any comments to those already brought up, my wisdom an insgight pales in comparison to so many others here.

    However, I want to bring up something related to one of yesterday’s posts. The discussion was what can we do, starting now, to work towards 2012. And as I pointed out, I think in that post, but maybe another, we need to focus not just on the Presidency, but races at all levels, down to dog catcher if necessary.

    It has been pointed out several times that the RW actually pays people to act as trolls on LW sites. It is hard to be a troll of RW sites, as all of them have either a no comment policy, or very strict moderation and banning.

    However, we cna be LW trolls on newspaper web sites and magazine websites. We have commented many times that the comments sections for a lot of these places are pretty hideous, but we cannot let the RW have a monopoly on commenting.

    I think we need to band together and notify each other of egregious reporting so that all of us can go to the web site and put out the facts, something the RW doesn’t have.

    At the same time, if there is a real positive article, we need to do the same thing. One of the reasons that there is a perception that the RW speaks for America is that the LW is too silent in truly public forums.

    And the same holds true for LOE’s. If each day, we can convince one person to change towards the light, we will have accomplished a lot.

    And as a former Wisconsin resident, I am so proud of the working men and women of that state. And in response to a comment upthread, there were several female firefighters in that march.

  150. GN, Thank you for this terrific piece! It is really quite touching, and inspiring-especially coming from someone so young. BWD has indeed created a great “space.” I think it is all about the positive energy she (BWD) exudes. I am very happy she is taking the much needed RR time. I hope that she is also proud of people like you, Proud of Obama, Nina, WIW, and others, who have been sharing great information today.

  151. Gives you goosebumps. The GOTea party is making a HUGE miscalculation about their “mandate from the people.” Their mandate is from the corporations and people are figuring that out more and more everyday.

  152. Are these actually job actions? Maybe on the part of the teachers. Otherwise it’s just a rally that goes on for a long time that has the support of various unions. Having the firefighters on board seems advantageous to me. They can’t strike, right? But they have plenty of other ways of letting the government know they support the teachers.

  153. All excellent ideas japa.

    I’m the person who suggested that there is a sexist motive to the governor’s support of firefighters and cops as opposed to nurses and teachers. My point being that regardless of how many firefighters and cops there may be that are female, I’m willing to bet they don’t measure to even half of the employees. I’m aware this is ultimately about breaking the unions, I merely found it curious that the unions supported were predominantly male.. and the ones not being supported are in my guesstimation predominantly female.. traditionally speaking. I don’t believe for a second that this governor is above being sexist as well as a union buster.

  154. But people are beginning to find out the lie about the “deficit” in that state… and they’re finding out all over the country. Not just Wisconsin. May just completely backfire…and it couldn’t happen to more deserving people. Bastids!!!Don’t forget the Koch Bros. connection…

  155. I think what you portray is what the GOP might be thinking. But with polls showing 65% and more of the people in Wisconsin supporting the unions, I think they over played their cards.

    Wisconsin was not a real good state to do this in. Nor is Michigan or Ohio. Those are all still strong union states.

    If they wanted to see how this would fly, they should have started in the south, where unions are weak.

    Additionally, the protests don’t need to stay at the 30-60,000 level to achieve their purposes. They can tone them back down to 10,000 per day, and if they stay at that level they will still show a level of strength beyond what the GOP expected.

    At the same time, they will be able to provide the services that need to be provided.

    I really think that having the fire and police come out and stand strong for the protestors is a real key. Specially the statement saying how they regret having endorsed Walker.

    What they do need to do (the unions) is come out and publish the specific benefit changes they were willing to accept to show the people that Walker and the rest of the GOP who state this is all about benefits can be shown to be the liars they are.

  156. You are absolutely right. President Obama has really inspired ordinary people to aspire, as he always says, to accomplish “extraordinary” things. It is true that the current gate keepers of the information that goes out to the American people have been hiding the truth about President Obama’s world wide influence. I think, with sites like this, and the unavoidable coverage of all the struggles taking place in places like the Middle East, the truth is beginning to sip out.

  157. I hope so. This is a messaging and PR battle. Unions need to be the “happy protesters” because one bad camera phone vid and it will be blasted far and wide. The nyyed to police their own, and have their own cameras everywehere to capture any encitement or potential plants pretending to be supporters. Every chance they get they need to hammer home the point that this is a concerted GOP effort to break the unions – point to Michigan and other states it’s being pushed. Hammer home the point that this is a created emergency by Walker who gave tax cuts to his corporate buddies to create the budget shortfall and then is trying to blame it on the unions. Hammer home that the Unions are willing to negotiate but Gov Walker is completely unwilling as he wants to take away collective bargaining rights and break the unions – that the budget deficit is nothing but a ruse from which he launched his attack on the unions.

    If teachers go back to school on Monday – then what? After school rallies and marches? WIll that have the same effect? How can the unions keep up pressure without job action?

  158. WOW! indeed. For us oldies this is really wonderful to see people coming out to support these brave Wisconsin people. What we really need is a nationwide day of solidarity with the working people of Wisconsin.

  159. Fully agree. If anything, my comment was supportiev of women. But, you are correct. Plus, in addition to being “macho” professions, those two professions are probably held in the highest regard by people who don’t participate in them. The work that teachers and nurses do is never understiood y people who either have never been either or are not close to people that are. As my wife is a nurse and my son is a teacher, I know how hard both of those professions are.

    And keep in mind, those are the pominent unions and the ones focused on because they appear vulnerable (and yes, to some degree, feminine)but there are a lot of other workers not being mentioned, such as prison guards, the people who plow the highways and repair potholes, doctors, garbage collectors, and a myriad of other workers.

  160. Really wonderful news! It appears that Gov. Walker’s tactic of “Divide and Conquer” is failing miserably. Hopefully, the Police Unions will be next in withdrawing their support of this union-bursting governor.

  161. This line from a person on the ground, from an article on Eclectablog’s site, particularly irks me: “The state is broke. We can’t pay for pensions when the state is broke – the same thing Scott Walker says.”

    Not sure about Wisconsin teachers, but usually government workers pay into their pensions during their entire careers – I know federal employees do. It’s not a gift.

  162. Please ignore him! He absolutely has limited understanding of politics. It really does not matter how “comfortably” the health care bill passed. The reality is that Obama passed a historical comprehensive healthcare reform legislation that had defied presidents, for over 100 years, beginning with Teddy Roosevelt. End of Story! In MHO, Deepak Chopra is pretty much in the same league with Huffington. He goes where the money is.

  163. Good idea. The teachers could go back to work (just in case the governor decides to fire them, otherwise), and the local non-teachers can take over the rallies during school hours.

  164. It’s not quite that bad! But the unions here are pretty upset about the new budget put forth by the Republican businessman who got voted in last November. The vote being taken away refers to how local government money gets spent. Creating or taking advantage of fiscal emergencies to push through their right-wing agendas seems to be the norm lately.

    The “take away your vote” rhetoric is from the AFL-CIO and is a leeeetle bit over the top 😉

  165. Good advice, in any event.

    I was involved in the federal government shutdown in late ’95, which lasted for a few days.

    It was between pay periods for federal employees (we got paid every two weeks), so most of the people were not injured financially – since there was time to record hours worked before the deadline. Not sure about everybody (because payroll funding came through in different ways), but we were paid for the days we were on furlough – since it was through no fault of our own and we had to go to work the next business day to “log out” properly (I worked for the military).

    Keep in mind the taxpayers lost productivity from the workers who would otherwise have gone to work.

    Not sure about what happened in the other areas of government; obviously, somebody was hurt.

    I’m still angry about that shutdown. First of all, we had to go to work and turn in our i.d. badges, like we were common criminals (doesn’t seem like much now, but we had a different culture inside!). All of us then had to report to the unemployment office to register, just in case the shutdown lasted longer. (There were so many of us, the unemployment office in Orlando created a special date and time just for us.)

    For most of us who had proudly worked for the federal government for decades, many since getting out of school, it was the first time we had ever been forced to go to the unemployment office. Very, very annoying and hurtful to “regular people,” dedicated to their jobs and serving their country in a civilian role.

  166. And Palin claims to lead these chauvinists. She, with the husband who doesn’t seem to have held down a job in years, and seems to live in her shadow. The so-called “soccer moms” can’t seriously think this “movement” is in their best interests?

  167. WOW, GN, Wonderful videos! I am sure BWD must be smiling because I believe that today you’ve really made her proud with all the information you’ve posted on this site.

  168. You had me with the offer of “cocktails,” even though, at my age, my head is in the soup after one glass of wine … but we can do both! Blog here and there! How’s that?

    Eclectablog – Love all of the info you gathered up today – thank you!

    Also love the fact we are keeping this blog going, during BWD’s time off. She’d be very proud of us!

  169. She was considered too conservative when she was named to the seat, so probably trying to burnish her progressive bonifides. I wish she would realize that DK is fools gold for candidates though. They trick you into thinking they are bigger than they are, and one stray vote that they don’t agree with and your dog food to them.

  170. ^DesertFlower, that’s right…

    Don’t let us forget those Koch Brothers:

    Koch Bros. Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions

    As the nation focuses on the efforts of Governor Scott Walker to take away collective bargaining rights from public employees in Wisconsin, new information is coming to light that reveals what is truly going on here.

    Mother Jones is reporting that much of the funding behind the Walker for Governor campaign came from none other than uber-conservatives, the infamous Koch Brothers.

    What’s more, the plan to kill the unions is right out of the Koch Brothers play book.

    “Koch-backed groups like Americans for Prosperity, the Cato Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Reason Foundation have long taken a very antagonistic view toward public-sector unions. Several of these groups have urged the eradication of these unions. The Kochs also invited Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, an anti-union outfit, to a June 2010 confab in Aspen, Colorado;

    Via @Mother Jones

    If you are reluctant to believe that this is a coordinated attack, consider this-

    This afternoon, Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin Public Workers Union, sent a message to the Governor’s office agreeing to the cuts to pension & welfare benefits sought by Walker in his bill. The governor’s response was “nothing doing.” He wants the whole kit and kaboodle – the end of the collective bargaining rights of the public unions.

    As noted in my earlier post, this is, indeed, the first shot in the final battle to end unionism in America.

    UPDATE: The Americans for Prosperity group, a Tea Party group that is a Koch Brothers front, has put up a website and petition called The website attacks all collective bargaining – not just for public employees’ unions. Americans for Prosperity is also organizing a rally tomorrow in Wisconsin to support Gov. Walker.

    Why are the Koch Brothers so interested in Wisconsin? They are a major business player in the state.

    This from @ThinkProgress:

    “Koch owns a coal company subsidiary with facilities in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Ashland and Sheboygan; six timber plants throughout the state; and a large network of pipelines in Wisconsin. While Koch controls much of the infrastructure in the state, they have laid off workers to boost profits. At a time when Koch Industries owners David and Charles Koch awarded themselves an extra $11 billion of income from the company, Koch slashed jobs at their Green Bay plant:

    Officials at Georgia-Pacific said the company is laying off 158 workers at its Day Street plant because out-of-date equipment at the facility is being replaced with newer, more-efficient equipment. The company said much of the new, papermaking equipment will be automated. […] Malach tells FOX 11 that the layoffs are not because of a drop in demand. In fact, Malach said demand is high for the bath tissue and napkins manufactured at the plant.

    You really have to wonder how long it will take for Tea Party devotees to realize just how badly they are being used.

    Btw, they’re also involved in the SCOTUS decision, ‘Citizens United’… (Judges Thomas and Acalia, anyone?)

    We gotta “take ’em down!”…Grrr!

  171. HEADS up, Guys! I just stumbled upon a posting that suggests that some TeaParty folk are going to try to create havoc at the WI protests. Check it out … @

    under title ‘Tea Party plan to impersonate protesters……..

  172. It’s also interesting that we are often told that it’s white males who will vote against President Obama, not necessarily white women, or women in general. It’s clear they’ve selected the group they want to target for votes in 2012.

  173. Relax GYM! If we’d been looking for our 2008 candidate 6-years a head of time, PBO wouldn’t have been on the list. A lot can happen politically in 6-years. Let’s worry about the presidential election in front of us, because we have no control over the political environment or available candidates in 2016.

  174. I absolutely agree with you Jovie! Usually I try to avoid accusing people of motives that I can not prove. However, I think you make a very compelling case that we must begin to see these so called progressive people, like Arianna Huffington, as “double agents,” who are out to destroy the Democratic party in general, and the Presidency of Barak Obama in particular. I would also include the people at Firedoglake. These so called progressives, who never miss a chance to bash the President, seem intent dividing the Democratic party. I think it is absolutely imperative for us to continue exposing them.

  175. Good stuff over there Electablog. Had to catch up on a lot of your postings and it was thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining.

    Thanks for keeping up the good fight.

  176. You’re very welcome. Thanks for signing and passing along. We may not be there in person, but we can still do our part to help the cause!

  177. I don’t have the link for it, but I read that the Republicans are going to avoid a shut down by allowing money for very small time periods, like two weeks, and keep using the budget as leverage to get the bills through that they want. I think they know it is suicide to have a shut down, but they think they can force the issue until they get what they want. The thing is, with the situation in Wisconsin, more people are becoming aware of what they are really up to.

  178. Saint Roscoe, this is a budget crisis that was caused by Walker giving $140 million in tax cuts. Now the budget is $137 million in deficit. Even then, the Unions were willing to talk about cutting benefits.

    All of those union people have friends and family that know what is going on even if it doesn’t get on the evening news. All of those students will soon be voters.

    The protesters are getting positive attention globally. This is the age of Facebook and Twitter. If you watch Fox or the major networks you may have the impression the GOP is winning, but it’s not the truth. It’s just getting out in the open.

    It’s like when you clean a pan that has baked on, burnt crud on it. You soak it and all of the crud starts to float to the surface — it looks awful. But then you clean it up.

    We need to focus on what we can do individually and with others. Don’t let the Republicans get you down.

  179. Will go by and check out Eclectblog. I always lurk there but have never posted. After being here I see all these other great blogs too. Thanks for everyone for all this great info.

  180. This is vile. Their arguments clearly have no merit to stand on their own, so they are left using deceitful, evil, disgusting tactics. If ever there was a clear example of how empty the tea party “movement” is, and how they have absolutely no idea what they stand for. They are purely negative, purely vile.

  181. Hey the writer of that blog- the political carnival, by GottaLaff is a blogger that posted regularly at OFA during the elections, a most excellent Obama supporter… so bwd if you get a chance please check out his site and hopefully add it to your blogroll.

    Thanks so much for the link VC.

  182. I believe Alan Grayson learned this lesson the hard way. That DKOS is NOT the universe and the most vocal anti-Obama posters there are actually hard left libertarians, who have more in common with Teafolk than they do with liberal Democrats.

  183. SPOT ON!!! and really, what DO they have to run on? They all scare the shit out of the rest of us and they did try to throw in ambassador huntsman a while ago, but no one knows who the hell he is and the loonies will think he’s shipping our jobs to China. I’d like to say that we’re looking good for the election, but I’m not betting on the American people finally wake up just yet. They still think the pres is a muslim and didn’t get a tax cut.

  184. I believe that Democrats must to hit back and expose the lie that attacking collective bargaining kills jobs. Our Job is also to hit back by doing what BWD did yesterday, posting the graph that shows the contrast, with regard to Job creation, between President Bush and President Obama. May be I am jaded being here in California. But I think both Sen. Boxer and Gov. Brown effectively demolished the lie that Republicans create jobs.

    That is why I am not ready to concede that this is a brilliant tactic by the Republicans. I contend that Unions, once they build public support, can use economic tactics. How in the world can Walker fire all the teachers, social workers, etc. without incurring the wrath of the public? Are these workers easily replaceable? What if the Firefighter and State Troopers, who have now come out in support of the other workers, decide to take a job action, Is the Gov. really prepared to replace them. I admit that President Reagan’s firing of Air Traffic Controllers was a major blow to the Union movement. But is this situation comparable? I was around when Reagan fired the Air Traffic controllers, but I don’t recall massive opposition in the streets against Reagan’s actions.

    Obviously you are right that it will all be up to the voters’ perceptions as to who is at fault. But I still don’t buy the theory that voters will automatically side with Walker and blame a bad economy on the Unions. If Walkers digs in, Wisconsin workers, with the support from all of us, must also dig in. I think they have truth on their side: Destroying the right of public employees to bargain collectively does not create a single job! Period.

  185. Which is why every protester needs to bring their camera phone and video any antics so that the perpetrator can be identified. Record any jackass looking to make the movement look bad. Chances are there will be a Brietbart stooge filming th slice and dice footage as well. If you see anybody asking leading questions looking for Gotcha answers, turn your vidphone on the questioner with the camera.

    It is of great importance to out these plants – one bad bit of publicity and it could destroy the movement. Out them as the phonies they are and the plan backfires.

    If there is signs calling for violence, follow that person around with a sigh that says “Teabagger plant”, and if the person argues with you that they most certainly are not then explain why their sign is wrong. Also videotape/take a picture so they can be identified later if need be.

  186. Next time the Republicans say “We are broke”, somebody ought to point at them (the Republicans) and say “Yeah, they broke it !

  187. The workers of this country owe a huge thank you to the people of Wisconsin.

    Thank you, Wisconsin workers!!!

  188. I totally agree with all of your valuable advice! All of us need to embark on educating our supporters of the importance of voting in all elections, local, state, and congressional, and not just presidential elections. I also think that commenting on websites run by the MSM is a really good Idea. It is really amazing to see the dominance of right winger commenters on those so called MSM sites. I also think -and this what I’ve been doing- that we need to spread the word about the existence of blogs like this one to all the people we know. A few of my friends, who were regulars on Huff Post and Daily Kos, did not know about this site. Once they visited they were amazed at the amount of information she posts. I hope they will help in spreading the word.

  189. Excellent links WIW! Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing here and on your blog.

  190. Thanks for the link WIW. I wish there were more venues for solidarity rallies. California should have more than the two listed.


    In Madison, two sides in bitter fight agree over beers

    “So when the opposing rallies ended here on Saturday, many of the demonstrators retired to the numerous bars in the Capitol’s shadow, like The Old Fashioned Tavern & Restaurant, with its 50 beers on tap — all from Wisconsin — and another 100 in bottles, 99 of them from the Badger state. The one other, from neighboring Minnesota, is listed under imports.

    Over pints of Evil Doppleganger Double Mai Bock and Lost Lake Pilsner, knots of demonstrators debated the questions that have galvanized union employees across the country and brought the business of the state legislature to a standstill. Is Walker’s proposal part of the Republican’s effort to put the state’s finances in order, a repudiation of the state’s long history of progressive politics, or the latest example of that tradition?


    “You can disagree without being disagreeable,” Begolli said. “That’s exactly what we need to see inside the State Capitol.”

  192. I agree Theo. I personally cannot support most of the folks Roscoe lists. Sorry Gillibrand?! You’ve got to be kidding! Scream bloody murder at President Obama, accuse him of every evil using right and left wing talking points that are soon debunked.
    Shallow and irresponsible if you ask me.

    I’m also for supporting the best candidate. A woman for the sake of it, not so much!

  193. When the clock turned to 12 a.m. and marked the beginning of 2011, I had no idea that this would turn out to be such a historical year.

    Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan and yes, Wisconsin.

    Genuine people power is uniting and inspiring people everywhere to rise up and fight for their own dignity and the dignity of their families, friends, neighbors, and in solidarity with others fighting for dignity around the worl.

    It’s very inspiring.

    I have no idea how it will all play out, but whether it’s rejecting dictatorship or austerity, we the people, are in the middle of a pivotal moment of re-writing our social contracts and I feel fortunate to be alive to witness it.

  194. “I have no idea how it will all play out, but whether it’s rejecting dictatorship or austerity, we the people, are in the middle of a pivotal moment of re-writing our social contracts and I feel fortunate to be alive to witness it.”

    Brilliantly and truly stated.

    Yes.We.Will. – Lead and Prevail and we have President Obama at our side.

  195. Because NBC didn’t pay for the PPP poll; it’s not their contracted supplier. Zogby isn’t either, but the industry knows it’s garbage so they don’t risk “pimping” another respected supplier. By the way, PPP is among the very best.

  196. Morning, everyone! Keep one eye on Aljazeera today as big events are happening in Libya, and the other eye on Wisconsin.
    I am so hoping today is the day Gaddafi falls as he irritates the poop out of me.
    Now that PBO has announced he will be going to So. America and give a few speeches, I wonder if there are some dictators down there starting to sweat looking at what is happening in the ME.

  197. If you are going to any protest or picket around the country or are a member of a Union beware…Got this from Big Orange: Teabaggers are trying to disrupt and distort:

    “Our goal is to make the gathering look as greedy and goonish as we know that it is, ding their credibility with the media and exploit the lazy reporters who just want dramatic shots and outrageous quotes for headlines. Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes and pictures will linger as defacto truth.

    Here is what baggers are telling other baggers to do:

    Here is what I am doing in Sacramento, where they are holding a 5:30 PM event this coming Tuesday: (1) I signed up as an organizer (2) with any luck they will contact me and I will have an “in” (3) in or not I will be there and am asking as many other people as can get there to come with, all of us in SEIU shirts (those who don’t have them we can possibly buy some from vendors likely to be there) (4) we are going to target the many TV cameras and reporters looking for comments from the members there (5) we will approach the cameras to make good pictures… signs under our shirts that say things like “screw the taxpayer!” and “you OWE me!” to be pulled out for the camera (timing is important because the signs will be taken away from us) (6) we will echo those slogans in angry sounding tones to the cameras and the reporters. (7) if I do get the ‘in’ I am going to do my darnedest to get podium access and take the mic to do that rant from there…with any luck and if I can manage the moments to build up to it, I can probably get a cheer out of the crowd for something extreme.

    Our goal is to make the gathering look as greedy and goonish as we know that it is, ding their credibility with the media and exploit the lazy reporters who just want dramatic shots and outrageous quotes for headlines. Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes and pictures will linger as defacto truth.
    Site deleted in the interest of sanity…

    So be careful. This is another reason why picketers often sing. Keeps people calm, and music is more potent than words on a sign, and cuts through the clutter. Hymns work best-look at “Eyes on the Prize” for example, patriot songs even better-sing them outside so cameras can pick up the sound.

  198. :yrics to We Shall Overcome:
    1.We shall overcome
    We shall overcome
    We shall overcome some day

    Oh, deep in my heart
    I do believe
    We shall overcome some day

    2.We’ll walk hand in hand
    We’ll walk hand in hand
    We’ll walk hand in hand some day



    We shall all be free
    We shall all be free
    We shall all be free some day


    4.We are not afraid
    We are not afraid
    We are not afraid some day


    5.We are not alone
    We are not alone
    We are not alone some day


    6.The whole wide world around
    The whole wide world around
    The whole wide world around some day
    7.We shall overcome
    We shall overcome
    We shall overcome some day

  199. Todd was a union member when he worked for an oil company in AK. This was widely reported on Alaska blogs a couple years ago. Palin never mentions that her family has benefited from his union membership, just as she never mentions that she signed proclamations endorsing breastfeeding and end of life directives when she was governor. She’s a first class liar and hypocrite and will use any opportunity to keep her face in the public and appear to be knowledgeable and relevant when neither of these qualities can be used to accurately describe her. She’s a greedy opportunist, imo.

  200. This girl is a walking, talking endorsement for the first lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign to combat childhood obesity. There are probably millions more like her who would like to be more physically active but have a hard time getting their friends and family members involved.

  201. Good morning wonderful family. There isn’t a rally close for me to attend but I plan to send a pizza later. These rallies are so important I want to support anyway I can. Thanks for all the links. Does anyone have the link to Aljazeera?

  202. I noticed something similar between the people on the left who support the words/actions of those like Arianna and some of the tea partiers. They are supporting people whom they will never have much in common with and are being misled to believe that they are just like them. They’re not. Arianna is only interested in how they can be used to enrich her coffers. Her concerns are NOT their concerns. She’ll never have to worry about paying her bills, educating her kids, or whether she’ll have enough money to vacation with the likes of Barbara Walters—things they tend to forget when they praise her for bashing PBO.

  203. Good morning, everyone. If you’re interested in providing pizza for the demonstrators in Wisconsin, here is the info:

    They are only serving the workers rallying in Madison and have shut down normal operations; you can call and buy a pizza too.

    608.257.9248 – Ask for Protester Pricing!

    Ian’s Pizza on Facebook:
    “This is astounding! As of right now, Ian’s Pizza on State’s normal in-store and delivery operations are on hold — due to the high volume of calls, we are only processing orders donated to the protesters. By our (rather harried) count, we’ve heard from 30 states and 5 countries (including Egypt, Korea, and our northern friends, Canada). Wow.

    Thank you!

    To our regular customers: We really apologize, but… wow.”

  204. V C PrezOFan2, it’s a good probability that it’s just a distraction (from GOPTeaParty and friends) to “throw us off our game…National Solidarity!”

    Be careful:

    @Shoq: What’s Happening In Wisconsin. Explainers, Debunkers & Resources… #wiunion

    @Shoq: Update – CWA’s Rallies Across USA In Support Of #WIWorkers… #wiunion ^@Paulpimentel

  205. OOOOpsie, apparently they are not taking orders today due to the weather and their recording stated that there were more donations than people to feed. I guess that’s a very good thing! Maybe we can check in later in the week.

  206. ^Thanks CarolDuhart…

    But, this maybe a ‘Mark Williams’ scheme/hoax to distract us from what our real cause should be, ‘National Solidarity!’

    So, like you said, “Be careful!” 😉

  207. A couple of very insightful reads:

    What the Right-wing Assault on Women, Unions, the Environment, Health Care and PBS Is All About: BUDGET DEFICITS ARE A RUSE TO CONSERVATIVES. WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO DO IS CHANGE THE BASIS OF AMERICAN LIFE…


    Last week, in the face of protest demonstrations against Wisconsin’s new union-busting governor, Scott Walker — demonstrations that continued through the weekend, with huge crowds on Saturday — Representative Paul Ryan made an unintentionally apt comparison: “It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison.”

    It wasn’t the smartest thing for Mr. Ryan to say, since he probably didn’t mean to compare Mr. Walker, a fellow Republican, to Hosni Mubarak. Or maybe he did — after all, quite a few prominent conservatives, including Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum, denounced the uprising in Egypt and insist that President Obama should have helped the Mubarak regime suppress it.

    In any case, however, Mr. Ryan was more right than he knew….

    “Bring It On” GOPTeaParty and Friends!

    WE got this…’National Solidarity’… GO Wisconsin GO!!! 🙂

  208. Thanks, DesertFlower… 🙂

    In AZ, can any of the GOPTeaParty-elected officials be ‘constitutionally’ recalled?

  209. Sorry, but “the orange place” has a really good round up of what has happened over the weekend.It seems that the Gov. REFUSES to negociate at all even though the unions have agreed to talk over wages and benefits with him to help solve the nonexistant “budget crisis”.More and more, the people of WI are getting to see the dictator tactics of Walker, coming to realize that this has NOTHING to do with the budget at all…it is union busting pure and simple.More unions are joining the fight,as are Chambers of Commerce.Dems dug in for the long haul, but the Gov and Repugs plan to pass as many non financial bills through the legislature as possible in their absence.If you want to, go read for yourself. I did not link.

  210. Wonderful Monday wishes to everyone! I hope BWD is enjoying her time off, and I must say I feel proud of us for keeping the house in good order while ‘mother’ is away – no wild parties for us. 🙂 Kudos to one and all for your excellent focus (and gentle reminders re language)!

  211. it is union busting pure and simple.More unions are joining the fight,as are Chambers of Commerce.

    And I hope everyone realizes that, although it might be about unions of public servants at first, there is no guarantee his shenanigans will stop there.

  212. I about fell off my chair reading Krigman saying: “after all, quite a few prominent conservatives, including Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum, denounced the uprising in Egypt and insist that President Obama should have helped the Mubarak regime suppress it.”

    And I thought those same conservatives were all for bringing democracy to the ME, or so said the liars, Cheney & Bush. Guess they like dictators more and want to install some in the US.

  213. Word has it (via TPM) that moderate R’s are not entirely comfortable with Walker’s strongarm tactics and would like to reach a compromise with the workers, but don’t want to be seen as rocking the boat so quickly with their new R Gov.We shall see….

  214. Thanks for the link. Krugman, when he isn’t all hysterical over something, can write some of the sanest columns out there. This is an example of that.

  215. I was thinking that maybe some smart entrepenaur might want to make some shirts that say things like: “Like weekends?” “Like fair pay?” ” Against child labor!” So much we can do with all the rights that the labor unions have given ALL of us, not just union workers.People tend to forget, or not even KNOW what they have done for the masses!

  216. Hey! Was that a million $$$ idea I just hatched? Need some seed $$, but we could all do this and share collectively!

  217. One of the things about unions that is so often overlooked is that most people can be thankful that they are making what they are, because if it wasn’t for unions, they probably would be making lesxs. Even non-union workers pay is based upon prevailing wages in an area, and, to a great extent, that was created by unions.

  218. HUGE march in Tripoli, fired upon by live ammunition, and Kaddafi MAY be on his way to Venezuela.

  219. You may want to contact the person who is selling the ObamaCares T-shirts for advice on getting the shirts produced. Also contact the major unions. A portion of sales could go to labor unions.

  220. bwd posted a beautiful video of the protests last week which has been circulating through the net, created by Matt Wisniewski. It elicited some beautiful comments, like:

    Matt, my name is Collin, I live in Shaoguan China. I’m from Wisconsin. My parents are retired and disabled. The only reason I can be here is because they have a decent pension from their years working in the UW System (my mom was a secretary, my dad a janitor). I’ve been devastated by what’s happening, and even more so that I cannot be there now. I stayed up all last night frantically checking facebook, emailing people, writing letters and articles. I feel isolated and lonely in this place where no one knows what a union is, nor has any idea what is happening in Wisconsin.

    This video has helped me tremendously. I’m not using hyperbole here when I say that you’ve made me feel it. I feel the energy coming from Madison, and it makes me feel a little less isolated. I guess that’s the point of art.

    Thank you so much for making this. Know that while a lot of your friends and rando Huffpo readers will think it’s “cool” or “inspiring”, for me it’s been a link to home and a godsend!

    Matt has just created a second video about the protests and it’s terrific:

    Wisconsin “Budget Repair Bill” Protest Pt 2 from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

  221. I don’t think it’s just your opinion that she’s a greedy opportunist – it’s a fact. She’s an opportunist of the worst order.

    While the President’s children inspire him to work hard to make and leave a better world, the grifter’s children serve as money making vehicles for her, or opportunities to garner sympathy (and, ultimately, more money). I don’t even like making comparisons between the two, because Palin is not even in the same league as President Obama. She’s just vile.

  222. Their compromise is hardly moderate: they will only take away collective bargaining rights until 2013! I think the the right to bargain is a line in the sand: the unions have already agreed to monetary concessions which would contribute to solving the budget deficit. Haven’t heard the republicans agree to withdrawing the $140 million in tax cuts which exacerbated the budget issues!

  223. There were a ton of Fox clips last week with their pundits saying that you can’t bring democracy to the Middle East, because it’s not their culture. I couldn’t believe it.

  224. Wow gn, thank you so much for bringing this here.. the impact of reading how whats going on in WI is so much more for so many Americans both at home and at a distance is huge, imo. For this young man to be so far away from home and the WI protests while he is feeling so powerless to step in and assist really reminds me what is at stake here. And thanks for posting Matt’s second video, I haven’t seen it yet, so will watch now and post it to my facebook also.

    I tell you whats going on around the world right now is unbelievably amazing. And I am also of the belief that our President just being in office- and the person he is, has been a catalyst for it on multiple levels.

  225. The GOP is desperately trying to frame this issue as one of tax payer versus public employee. With unions having made his economic concessions already in an effort at a compromise which Walker rejected, it’s beyond clear that this is about nothing but unionbusting. And so he’s confronted with this, and just lies about it??? The people of WI put a truly awful politician into the governor’s mansion, and I hope that they continue to protest against his excesses.

  226. Or people could buy the shirts to be handed out to the protesters, like the pizza. Great idea!

  227. Carol, commenter’s have said that the Unions are used to these kinds of tactics. They have to deal with it from management all the time and they know how to deal with it peacefully. Mark put that information on his blog about SEIU rallies and the information has been sent to SEIU leaders.

    It is great to get the word out, but it’s also good not to let it make you feel afraid. There is always a peaceful and just way to deal with things like this. The Republican’s tactics are out in the open and the whole world is watching.

  228. I went to the Krugman column and from there clicked on Frank Rich’s latest, and found this paragraph, which I post here hoping you all laugh as hard as I did:

    “Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator who lost his 2006 re-election bid by a landslide of 17 percentage points, believes he can be president despite being best known for having likened homosexuality to “man on dog” sex. Even less conversant in foreign affairs than canine coitus, he attacked Obama for deserting Hosni Mubarak, questioning the message it sent to America’s “friends.” But no one (with the odd exception of George Will) takes Santorum’s presidential ambitions seriously. Romney, on the other hand, is the closest thing the G.O.P. has to a front-runner, and he is even more hollow than Santorum. Indeed, his appearance at CPAC on the morning of Friday, Feb. 11, was entirely consistent with his public image as an otherworldly visitor from an Aqua Velva commercial circa 1985.

  229. But remember Theo, a lot of the teapartiers are disproportionately well-off. For some people, it’s no fun being comfortable unless someone else is doing poorly. A case of “I got mine; too bad for you!”

  230. Pass this around:

    Only five states do not allow collective bargaining for educators. Those states and their ranking on ACT/SAT scores: South Carolina, 50th; North Carolina, 49th; Georgia, 48th; Texas, 47th; Virginia, 44th. Wisconsin, with its collective bargaining for teachers, is 2nd.

  231. Good morning everyone and same to you BWD, I hope you are relaxing and can’t wait until tomorrow when you are energized. Thanks so much for those that are posting beautiful music, great topics, and information. I want to remind everyone that although our hearts and eyes are on WI, this right wing dictatorship is being played out in OH, FL, MI and where ever there is a Gov with an (R) next to them. We need to hear from OH and FL union brothers and sisters.

  232. It would be so great if we had a Native American as president. After all, this is their country. Everybody else is an immigrant.

  233. Some good news from MSM – My husband listeneded to George Stephanoloous interview Walker this morning

    George kept asking “if the union has agreed to negotiate on benefits why are you seeking to remove collective bargaining?” Walker never answered and George asked several times. So at least they are getting the true issue out there.

    CBS has 2 front page stories

    Wis. labor protests a “tea party for the left”

    Dem to Gov. Walker: In a democracy you negotiate

    these stories present both sides, but the union position is presented. If you have the stomach to go there, post a comment supporting the unions

  234. Thank you What is Working.. I sent him a thank you.. I’ve used his videos to instruct my eleven year old son on what is going on in WI, the value of unions and worker’s rights.. this is a wonderful teaching time for our children, ontop of all the other lessons hopefully being learned.

  235. Some good news from MSM

    CBS has 2 front page stories

    Wis. labor protests a “tea party for the left”

    Dem to Gov. Walker: In a democracy you negotiate

    These stories present both sides, but the union position is presented. If you have the stomach to go there, post a comment supporting the unions.

    MSNBC also has an article which is titled “Walker says bill is incredibly fair.” over 900 comments -the ones I read stated “Walker is a liar” Teachers have given in on benefits, etc.

  236. I absolutely agree- America would come full circle with the election of a Native American President- a beautiful day to work for imo.

  237. Why, yes:) they can!! Recall petitions out now for Brewer and Russell Pearce.Evil incarnate.

  238. That will NEVER be agreed to…but it does go to show you the real reason he did this.Bust the unions. Plain and simple.

  239. Because clearly public employees are not tax payers!

    Amazing, the stupidity of GOP politicians and their followers.

  240. Grateful that we have President Baradk Obama in office — makes this one of the Presidents Days ever.

  241. I saw that too. Wonder what he’ll have to say at that 6pm news conference? If he comes out with more of the same lying BS…people will be more enraged and more fired up to see this though. The curtains are finally being pulled away on the agenda and it is inescapable what their intentions are. Make no mistake, those in other states see this too and will not be silent when it is their turn to have their say.It is apparent to all that can read and have been keeping up with these events.They may not know about the Koch Bros or these RW money machines, but they know fairness and equality. We shall see.

  242. I got tears when I saw that…maybe we should forward that to the FOX news guys that said democracy would never come to the ME because they don’t want it….morons.

  243. Excellent post, Eclectablog. Of course, as intended, you reminded me of the poem “If,” by Rudyard Kipling. I often see President Obama in the words of that poem!

  244. Heeyy..!! 😀

    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

  245. I guess Walker wants to sell off power plants and what have you to any private entity he sees fit! Privatization of all things in WI!!! Snuck inside a 144 page bill that no one will read…wala!Koch Bros really own this guy…I think the Dems and all people of this state should impeach and then remove…if at all possible. He doesn’t have the interests of the people of his state in mind, that’s for sure!

  246. I hope that the people of WI kick this overreaching guy to the curb. Walker: you are the weakest link; goodbye!

  247. Okay, that’s fascinating. I’m going to have to look into that more. I’m also trying to find out what the relative corporate tax rates in Wisconsin relative to other states as well as their state tax rates on the most wealthy citizens.

  248. I hope the situation in Wisconsin will finally make clear to the American people what the Tea Party really stands for. The astro-turf is really starting to show. First they side with insurance companies and against patient’s rights. Now they give their full throated support to union busting, actually wanting deal a death blow to a citizen’s right to negotiate with his employer in an organized manner. The right to unionize in this country was not easily gained. Many workers were hurt and killed in the struggle during the early 20th century. I am so happy that the police and FD unions did not fall for the Gov’s “divide and conquer” tactics.

  249. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: Presidents Day Trivia…did you know 9 Presidents never attended college? The college that has the most Presidents as alumni? Harvard.

  250. Thanks…didn’t want it to be overkill, but this means a lot to all of us, not just union workers.Hope everyone understands…knowledge is power:)

  251. Collective Bargaining is illegal for public sector employees in these states:
    Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia

    ACT Scores by State 2010
    2010 SAT Scores show WI #3 but with a very low participation rate:

    Here is the Chart that shows WI is number 2 in combined SAT/ACT scores, but it’s dated 1999.

    Someone good with stats could analyze this to see how the Collective Bargaining states do, but it looks to me at first glance that performance is more about demographics.

  252. Collective Bargaining is illegal for public sector employees in these states:
    Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia×463670

    ACT Scores by State 2010:

    2010 SAT scores show WI #3 but with a very low participation rate:

    Here’s the chart that shows WI is number 2 in combined SAT/ACT scores: but it’s dated 1999

  253. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t create some fissures within the Tea Party (which wasn’ty monolithic to begin with) itself. A lot of people viewed themselves as Tea Partiers because of one thing: the deficit. In other areas they are like a lot of people.

    And this is also bringing to the forefront just who has been doing a lot of financing of the tea party and why. The mere fact they could only get 2,000 counter protestors to Madison shows that they may be losing some steam.

  254. UW system uses only ACT scores for admission. So, not many WI students take SAT but almost all of them take ACT.

  255. I just found this info on the OFA website. I have made a page of the email addresses of 20+ MSM news people. I would suggest we each pick someone and write them asking them to do a story on

    1. Wisconsin situation
    2. Debt caused by tax break to corporations
    3. If union has agreed to health care and pension demands why is Walker still pushing for end to collective bargaining.

    The list can be found here, if you have an address that needs to be added to the list, please post it here and I will update.

    This situation needs as much or more attention than Egypt and Bahrain. These are our neighbors

  256. I am also picking up excellent – up to the minute reporting from Talking Points Memo. I’ve been disappointed with this site’s coverage in the recent past, but they are stepping up to some degree on this one.

  257. DF, they’d probably just use it as “proof” that the POTUS is a Muslim…just like they’ve been telling us all along!

    This may be old news too, for some, but read about the spirit of generosity being shown to Wisconsin protesters from home and abroad.

    “One night last week, Ian’s Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin, received an order from some hungry protesters at the state capitol….asking if they had any leftovers. They did, and, even though it was 3.30am, obliged.”

    “The next day they took a couple of calls from people who had heard about their gesture and wanted to order more pizzas for the protesters….A trickle, to coin a cliche, became a flood: by 5pm on Saturday, when they gave away 1,057 free slices at their restaurant and delivered more than 300 pizzas to the capitol, Ian’s had to suspend normal business.”

    “On Sunday it all began again.Calls were coming in not just from the States (38 of the 50, at last count), but from all over the globe: Ian’s Facebook page (of course) carries a picture of the chalkboard on which they are keeping track – Canada, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Germany, China, the UK, the Netherlands, Korea, Turkey – and Egypt. Take on Mubarak and win, apparently, and you can take on the world.”

  258. Apologies for the repetitions just finished reading comments posted earlier on the same topic.

  259. Totally agree with your statements, Tao. Another item that has been tucked away in Walker’s budget is giving himself the authority to dismantle Medicaid.

    “Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill proposes sweeping changes to the state’s Medicaid programs, changes that could affect many of the 1.2 million state residents enrolled in public health programs like BadgerCare, Family Care, and SeniorCare. The provisions would allow the administration to revamp and even gut the programs without following state laws or the normal legislative processes.”


    “Many politicians have been as mum as protesters and reporters on this issue, though not all. “Every time I have a reporter willing to listen to me I bring it up,” says Rep. Sandy Pasch, D-Whitefish Bay, who got an column on the topic published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week.”

    “And are the reporters interested? “No, they’re not,” she sighs. “There isn’t that same indignation.”|met:100300|cat:0|order:|met:100300|cat:0|order:

  260. Amid days of protest in Wisconsin over legislation to limit collective bargaining, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said he won’t “pick fights” with the state’s employee unions.

    “We’re going to go negotiate with our unions in a collective-bargaining fashion to achieve goals,” the Republican governor said in an interview. “It’s not picking fights. It’s about getting people to come together and say here are the facts, here are the common-ground solutions.”

    Thousands of demonstrators have descended on the Wisconsin Capitol building to protest the passage of a bill to the collective-bargaining rights for public workers.

    In Columbus, Ohio, protesters are also gathering to demonstrate against a similar bill up for passage in Ohio’s state senate.

    “That’s not our path,” Mr. Snyder said.

    Michigan is seeking to cut state employee health benefits particularly for retired workers as it looks to get $180 million in concessions from its 45,000 employees.

    The state has a $1.8 billion budget deficit this year which the administration is proposing to balance through a combination of new taxes and deep spending cuts.

    The Wisconsin Union protest are reverberating around the country. Yes Wisconsin you are winning.

  261. Who are the celebrities they are reporting , that are at the protest. Do anyone know?

  262. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: The U.S. Embassy in Libya (which was attacked & burned in 1979) is clearing out; all non-essentials advised to leave.

  263. Thanks desertflower for the link to Paul Krugman’s column. Krugman really nailed it. I especially liked this passage:

    “There’s a bitter irony here. The fiscal crisis in Wisconsin, as in other states, was largely caused by the increasing power of America’s oligarchy. After all, it was superwealthy players, not the general public, who pushed for financial deregulation and thereby set the stage for the economic crisis of 2008-9, a crisis whose aftermath is the main reason for the current budget crunch. And now the political right is trying to exploit that very crisis, using it to remove one of the few remaining checks on oligarchic influence.”

  264. Thanks for the link desertflower. Promoting civi discourse is a very good idea. Many of the people listed are o.k. with me. I am, however, not sure that I would have included one of FOX News’ current talk show hosts. Besides the Conservative Talk Radio, FOX News, in my judgement, has been one of the greatest purveyor of incivility.

  265. Thanks again desertflower for this link. Think Progress did an excellent job exposing the forces behind this right wing madness. Now we are beginning to witness the damage done by the Conservative Supreme Court’s decision in “Citizens United.” These super rich right wingers are spending enormous amounts of money to undo all the progressive accomplishments of the last 70 years.

  266. Thanks again GN for the link to this great video. I am just so impressed with the dignity and determination of the people protesting for workers’ rights in Wisconsin. As I said yesterday, you and others who have been spreading positive news must make BWD proud.

  267. You are doing a great job desertflower. It is really rewarding to spend time learning instead of reading about comments that are all about attacking and denigrating President Obama. I hope BWD is proud of you for filling in her shoes of bringing us real information instead of manufactured outrages.

  268. Guy i am trying to post a video of a conservative police officer of wisconsin. listen to what he says. I hope the links work.

  269. That is both a powerful and damning video. It seems as if this guy’s eyes have finally been opened to the fact that the republicans don’t work on behalf of the average citizen. Thanks, ms4t. I love the fact that he wasn’t afraid to name names, either!

  270. It works. And this guy is a perfect example of how Walker and the Republicans overreached on this whole deal. Of course, faux news will say he was really not a Republican PO, but there was a real air of sincerity about this.

    Even if the Republicans win this battle, they will lose the war in Wisconsin. Because of this, you may see a resurgence of the union movement throughout the country.

    And the Dems should use this, in every campaign, about how you can’t trust Republicans. Walker never mentioned this during his campaign and yet it was obviously a major part of his agenda that it was put forth this quickly. Every Republican from now on has to be questioned about his/her hidden agenda.

  271. I couldn’t get it to work. I tried to copy and past and nothing was there. What do I need to do?

  272. That video needs to get out there. Thanks for sharing it.

    Maybe the tide is turning!

  273. No one is being murdered in the streets of Wisconsin or the other states where people are out demonstrating in solidarity with the teachers and union members – but the call to arms is reminding me of this, attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller (may I add that this is one version; there are others):

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  274. What Is Working:

    Thank you for the link to this very informative article. You guys are doing such a wonderful job filling in for BWD. From all the timely and educational info. you’ve posted, you, GN, desertflower, eclectablog and many others, have really upheld BWD’s standards.

  275. Thanks M4tulips for the link. As Dr. King was fond of quoting: “No Lie Can Live Forever!”

  276. That’s very interesting. I never thought I’d see the day when someone who watches Fox and listens to their talking heads/radio would change his mind about them. Maybe Union bonds run deeper than Party bonds.

    Speaking of bonding, that is exactly what these people are doing, even if unintentionally. Days-long demonstrations with great numbers of people have the potential to build communities. They all have one thing in commmon, no matter their political persuasions and that is their support of Unions.

    Solidarity is a powerful thing. I would guess that the people in Madison at the very least have a strong inkling that there is a lot of support for what they are doing well beyond the borders of their State. That’s gotta feel good.

    I agree with another poster here that this event might serve to strengthen the Unions, rather than weaken them. I’m so impressed with the determination and discipline of these amazing people.

  277. Very well stated, Ms. Oboomer.

    I sincerely hope this is a turning point and more people will stop & think how horrible things could be if put in the hands of Republicants’ governments.

    Please work hard for a Democratic Congress & PBO in 2012. THE WORLD NEEDS HIM!

  278. The Union folks are pros, of course. But this warning may be needed for the younger protestors who haven’t lived through the big movement moments of the 1960’s and 70’s. Not to mention folks who have never been to a protest at all. Disruptors may attach themselves to these people in the hope that a hot-headed kid or a newbie might erupt, not knowing what the deal is. Taking on a disciplined and trained Union member may be foolish, but a kid with volatile emotions? Paydirt and good video.

    Also, letting the word out gives would-be disruptors pause. I bet that a lot of them have decided to “do something else”, especially the less hard-headed types. We’ve probably already lessened the possibility by warning everybody.

  279. Today is Rahm’s election day in Chicago. Polls are going from 48% for Emanuael [and a run-off election] to 53% giving him the election this time.

    “I think it’s going to be very close, but I do think Rahm (Emanuel) is going to finish just on the other side of 50 percent, if you ask me today. The thing that I come back to is the fact that we’re coming off of a year that was supposed to be a hot election year here in Illinois. We had a Senate race. We had a governor’s race. And …there was a record low turnout in the primary and it was pretty low in the general election as far as general elections go in a gubernatorial race. So I’m not sure, but I think there will be some energy for some of the local races, but I think 50 percent is probably optimistic for the turnout figure, when it was 30 percent four years ago . Like I said, if those numbers are low, I think that helps Rahm. I think his people at this point are more energized than we’ve seen the so-called base that Carol Moseley Braun and others are looking to.”

    POTUS and FLOTUS have voted absentee.

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