Oh yea, Fox Lies! 24/7.

Thanks to What is Working for this little gem.



By the way, PBO is at 51% in todays’ Gallup.


78 thoughts on “Oh yea, Fox Lies! 24/7.

  1. I’m so proud of the folks in Wisconsin for giving Fox a taste of what it dishes out on a daily basis. Go, Wisconsin. We’ve got your back.

    And PBO at 51%! Sure this is going to lead all the newscasts and be the talk of the Sunday shows.

  2. Thanks, WiW. I wish more people had joined that chanting. Should be done for every Fox reporter.

  3. Don’t hold your breath about widespread media coverage, Proud. What tickles me about this video is how the reporter takes pains to distinguish himself from the main Fox News: “we’re Fox Business News…” no wonder he sounds so much more nice, moderate and reasonable than that wingnut anchor!

  4. Love how perturbed the Fox “news” people were getting at the crowd. They even turned the camera away from the main attraction – the anti-Fox-garbage signs and the guy who was screaming – to show balloons in the air.

    It would be funny, if Fox weren’t so sad.

  5. OMG, I utterly love that! I just posted it on FB. I love how people are rising up all over the world.

  6. The thing I utterly love got separated from its object, which is the pic from Egypt GN posted.

  7. I just hope and pray that such a misinformation cable like FOX News disappear.

    It sis really toxic for the American People to have them on the air.

  8. That sign is exactly why I devoted 33 years of my life to teaching! The kids get it no matter where they live on the planet! They recognize the ties that bind us all together and don’t let artificial barriers like race, religion, geography, ethnicity, etc. keep them from recognizing the basic humanity of all peoples.

  9. please spread this post from Meta:

    Rather than be hoodwinked by the widespread right-wing smear campaign, here are some facts about Wisconsin public employees:

    **Last month, the governor passed corporate tax breaks, thereby eliminating the possibility that the state would end up with a surplus. Three months ago, the state workers said that they would give $100 million of concessions. He now refuses to speak with them so their only redress is to take to the streets. Interesting little set-up, don’t you think?

    **The Wisconsin public employee pension is 97% funded according to the Wisconsin actuaries, so their is no pension crisis at the moment. Taking away bargaining rights doesn’t create one more cent in the Wisconsin coffers.

    **Most public-sector workers typically earn about 6% less than workers in the private sector.

    **A typical pension disbursement for the average AFSCME retiree is $19,000 a year.

    This is a manufactured crisis for political gain, something the right-wing is proud to conduct in order to continue on the path of extreme income disparity we saw in 2000-2008. The same people we seeing fighting for their rights in the streets of Wisconsin are the same people who are expected to pay for the Iraq War and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan and Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and all the other horrible mistakes that W and the same Republicans who are screaming about deficits made for a decade.

  10. Wow. Thanks for the link. Can’t say anything else that others haven’t said already. 🙂

  11. I wish that AlJazeera wasn’t so busy with Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen right now, and could spare a reporter for WI’s uprising 😉 Thanks for the details (ironically, Fox covers the WI news, but from the wrong side).
    And once more, BWD & commenters, thanks for this site. I’ve been so busy but read it every night before crashing.

  12. To a basketball guy, coaching your kids team is an absolute joy. I’m sure he wishes he could be the coach all the time, so Sasha or no Sasha, I bet he had a fabulous time.

  13. By Maya Jackson Randall
    The demise of one financial regulator means hot real estate for another.

    Elizabeth Warren. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Friday announced that it has its sights on a prime location across from the White House in a building complex now occupied by the Office of Thrift Supervision.

    Elizabeth Warren, the chief architect of the new consumer watchdog agency, is excited about the bureau’s new digs.

    “Location, location, location. That’s the real estate mantra, and the new consumer bureau is following the professional’s lead,” Ms. Warren wrote in a blog post Friday. “We are getting a permanent home, and it’s all about location.”

    The Dodd-Frank financial overhaul Congress passed last summer created the consumer bureau but abolished the OTS. The OTS is set to hand off its powers to other financial regulators in July.

    “Most of our staff will be gone by then,” said OTS spokesman William Ruberry.

    Under the law, the OTS would be formally eliminated 90 days after that so-called transfer date, making way for an October funeral.

    Ms. Warren said the building, with some 300,000 square feet of usable space, is a fixer-upper, and the consumer bureau move will happen “sometime next year.”

    But there are big plans. As Ms. Warren envisions it, the building should be something of a tourist attraction, with space to display financial education materials, interactive kiosks and tools to help consumers choose mortgages, credit cards and other financial products.

    “We want this agency to have a very tangible presence for anyone who visits Washington,” she said.

    Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Elizabeth Warren, Financial Overhaul

  14. Fox had the bottmom line news(it ain that bad)
    say, hudreds of tea partyers support Governor walker, but hey are surrounded by thousands of pro labor protesters.

  15. Holy macaroni, what a fantastic video; thank you BWD for all that you do for us OBAMA’s “little elves”!!!
    Here in NJ, my husband and I went to protest against “our” governor and got next to zero attention from the media but never mind that there were “34,998” protester and the two of us making that number “35,000”.
    I surly hope that the Wisconsin protests spread around the country sooner rather than later.
    Thanks again BWD,

  16. The Republican budget bill passed in the House Saturday morning blocks a request from federal officials for broader authority to fight gun trafficking to Mexico.

    The provision would bar the government from requiring gun dealers in southern border states to report bulk purchases of assault weapons – an emergency measure designed to stem the flow of guns to Mexico’s violent drug cartels.


    LORD! They think the whole population of America are of the john birch society! They are amking a huge mistake.
    Just like the GOP made an issue of POTUS HCR bill, instead of talking about jobs. Well, this will hurt the GOP. Only problem is, our messaging is still terrible!

  17. BTW: ONLY the GOP could change the nations thnkning from jobs to cutting spending! They are masters of messaging!
    Every democrat I know is off message, except for the President!

  18. February 18, 2011, 6:09 pm Obama to Visit Latin America in March
    President Obama will make his promised trip to Latin America from March 19 to 23, visiting four cities in three countries, the White House said on Friday.

    Mr. Obama disclosed in his State of the Union address last month that he would be traveling to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador “to forge new alliances across the Americas.” But the dates and cities had not been announced.

    The White House statement said Mr. Obama will meet with both the leaders and citizens of those countries to discuss a broad range of issues, including economics and trade, energy and security cooperation. He will visit the capitals of all three countries – Brasilia, Santiago and San Salvador – as well as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

    “The trip will provide an opportunity to engage key bilateral partners, to highlight the President’s engagement with the hemisphere, and to advance our efforts to work as equal partners to address the basic challenges facing the people of the Americas,” the statement said.

    In Brazil, Mr. Obama will meet the new president, Dilma Rousseff. She heads a growing nation that in recent years has sought a more influential — and at times confrontational — role in international councils as the voice of emerging countries on trade, climate change and nuclear proliferation. In Chile, the president will be visiting one of his country’s largest trading partners in Latin America. Mr. Obama’s stop in El Salvador is as much about domestic politics as international affairs; one of the larger and fast-growing immigrant populations in the United States hails from this nation.

    .Ny times-

  19. “I just hope and pray that such a misinformation cable like FOX News disappear…”

    Ben, that particular horrible, disgraceful problem…Fox”News,” the political/communications arm of the GOPTeaParty, which disrepects our President and the Office of the POTUS 24/7…IS slowly but surely bein’ worked on to bring it to an end:


  20. Wisconsin has become ground zero for this issue. The belief is if they can break the union in Wisconsin then the other states will fall like dominoes.

    They also believe they have Dems over a barrel in that if there is a general strike it hurts the economy, and then they’ll be blamed for the pain and job losses of others, who will than support the Governor’s position.

    Union leaders really have to be cognizant of PR, and not make it us vs them, unions vs tax payers, because that’s a losing battle. It can’t be about money/wages because everyboy is hurting, but rather the worker’s right to collectively bargain. They have to point out how Walker created the budget shortfall and how he then blamed it on the unions – giving money to his corporate backers and then trying to force the cuts onto the backs of the working middle class.

    Protests have to be organized and peaceful. No threats, no harassing of the folks who’s support you’re trying to win. It literally takes one camera phone video of a union supporter bad actor to frame the issue.

  21. Great info. Can you please provide a link? As a public worker in CA, I need to repost this to FB. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this,

    Krista 🙂

  22. Welcome Krista…

    Here ya go:

    Republican Governor Deliberately Spent Wisconsin Surplus To Pick Fight With Unions… http://t.co/vUApAhU

    And, this:

    Koch Industries Slashed WI Jobs, Helped Elect Scott Walker, Now Orchestrating Pro-Walker Protest… http://t.co/9GNBQMH via @thinkprogress

    Enjoy, Thank you for Passin’ It On! 🙂

  23. I just have one question re: this Fox Lies video. How does posting this — and praising it — contribute to the kind of political environment our President wants and needs to get things done?

    Up until now, I have liked that you are using your blogposts to combat all the media negativity directed at “the only adult in the room.” But this particular post seems hardly “grown up.” For myself, I found the young man who insisted on screaming “Fox Lies” to be extremely rude. In fact he made the Fox reporter, who was trying to be reasonable, actually look good!

    Your followers may reflexively agree that Fox tells lies, but in endorsing this video, you convey that if something is “true” enough, any level of discourse — even that which tries to deprive another of the ability to be heard — goes. Would the only adult in the room agree with that? On reflection, would you?

    I hate to give advice, but…

    In the future, before you upload anything to your blog and add comments, you might want to pause and ask yourself two simple questions:

    1) Would the only adult in the room post this video? And if the answer is yes,

    2) What would HE — who is trying to get people of widely divergent views to work together — want to say about it?

  24. I appreciate your comments Holly Stocking. However, I believe that above anything else, bloggers have the right to post what is in their hearts on their blogs whether I like or agree with it, or not. At the end of the day, this is BWD’s blog, not President Obama’s. It’s BWD’s personal expressions that she is kind enough to share with us – for which I, personally, am most grateful.

  25. That should be the Office of THEFT Supervision since it was created to get Neil Bush off the hook in the Savings and Loan scandals.

  26. ^Yes, it is…

    So, is this: 😉

    Madison, WI Protests (The UpTake – Live Streamin’ Video)

    @GottaLaff: “Is there a teacher in WI that just gave themselves a billion $ bonus?” At #WIunion rally just now… http://tinyurl.com/4ugkh8p

  27. Oh, for crying out loud…FDL’s response to the Wisconsin demonstrations (h/t rootless at thepeoplesview, more than worth the trip to go over there and wave hello to those wonderful folks):

    Wisconsin’s Walker Just Following Obama-McConnell Shock Doctrine Playbook

    While I find his behavior deplorable, it is important for grassroots progressive to keep in mind that what Gov. Walker is doing in Wisconsin is, in many ways, a small-scale version of what President Obama (with the help of Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell) has been overseeing at the federal level.



    Need a way to convince a credulous readership that bogus claims of POTUS as a sellout who hates the poor don’t stand up with OFA’s involvement in Wisconsin? Cook up nonsense like that above. My word, as I said at TPV, I do really really really wish that OFA’s/DNC’s involvement would have been kept in real life and thus outside of the notice of the new media, it is enjoyable watching these heads explode. God bless ’em!

  28. Me to it;s about time to call FOX out yes this
    is democracy. but we want the Freaking truth. and that will be real Democracy.

  29. Although I absolutely hear your feelings of disagreement and dissent, and am glad that people understand that this is a space comfortable enough to raise them, Holly, did you actually read the comments to the entry? No one demonized that reporter, in fact, it was noted that he came off as reasonable and affable. This is America, and this is what democracy in America resembles, including the people correctly chanting that FoxNews does indeed spread untruths. Just as the reporter himself noted, as he sought to distinguish himself from the Fox”News” anchor and channel at large.

    Anyone looking for this blog to be a perfect resemblance of President Obama (“HE” lol) might get disappointed.

  30. I’m with Holly on this one. Before seeing her comment I was going to bring up the WWOD (What Would Obama Do?) idea. As the mark of a true leader, he’s got me questioning how I personally approach situations in my daily life, and I’ve been doing it long enough now where it seems to be taking hold in my subconscious thought process.

    So while I agree completely with that guy, and feel the White House access for Fox should be rescinded based upon a long documented history now of lies and deceptions, I don’t think that’s the way to go about it. In fact, he’s kind of playing right into their hands and solidifying the false notions of what Liberals are like for their viewers, instead of winning converts. I’d like to see a group forming around that reporter and singing “America the Beautiful” so loudly that he gets drowned out or something like that. Personally, if I ever get interviewed by Fox, I plan to just say “loofah” or “falafel” like a robot to anything they ask me, but that’s just me!

    Either way, this is a healthy discussion for us to be having for the future. Onward and upward!

  31. I looooove it. Can you say, cognitive dissonance? This is the result of not keeping it real and having to face readers who see what’s going on, yet are scratching heads in light of that space’s previous insistence that POTUS is the second coming of Bush! That’s why I love it here; there’s not an uncritical acceptance of these false memes and narratives.

  32. I respectfully disagree bonkers although I truly understand where you’re coming from and think that your outlook is terrific! But this is America. If someone wants to chant that Fox lies, it’s his right. I love this country. The reporter didn’t even seem that bothered by it.

  33. I hear they are going to attempt to recall about four Republican senators in Wisconsin. It’s a tall order but with over 30K people at the capital they have a good chance of getting signatures and spreading the word. They have to wait one year to recall Walker but they can go after the repug senators especially the ones in Dem leaning districts.

  34. I hope they start to feel like pariahs – it’s lovely that they wanted to differentiate themselves from the crazy part of the network.

  35. I think your call for a discussion about what should be regarded as winning tactics, when confronting right wing machines like FOX News, is commendable. Your suggestions that people should have surrounded and “drowned” the reporter ‘singing “America the beautiful”‘ would have conveyed a more positive image of protesters. Nevertheless, while I feel that the optics of the guy who kept repeating “Fox Lies” were problematic, I still feel that his actions were warranted: the veracity of FOX News had to be vigorously challenged and exposed. If he had repeatedly chanted untruths about FOX News – just like the teabaggers routinely do when they chant: “Obama is a Socialist,” or, “Obama is baby killer,” or, “Liberals hate America, “- then I would have supported you and Holly. Even as we struggle to follow the President’s example of always being civil in our discourse, we must never shy away from calling a spade a spade. FOX News Lies! I just can’t think of any other polite way to convey the truth of this statement.

  36. Hi GN:

    As I commented on TPV, I am increasingly convinced that the sole mission of Firedoglake is to defeat President Obama and deny him a second term.It is a mission they share with Mitch Mconnell, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the the entire teabagge faction of the Republican party. I also think that any progressive Democrat, who buys into the Firedoglake claim, that Obama has been working with McConnell to destroy the rights of government/public workers to collectively bargain, through their unions, must be delusiona, l or part of the scheme to defeat the President. Other than the December tax cut compromise, which the president explained brilliantly, can Jane Hamsher, or any of her rabid followers, point to a single instance where McConnell has supported the President? Are the people at Firedoglake that clueless that they missed McConnell’s #1 stated mission: making sure that President Obama is a one term President? Seriously, can we honestly continue to view Firedoglake as part of the progressive voices? In my book, there is a difference between being critical of the President’s policies and embarking on unrelenting propaganda to spread untruths, any chance you get, about the President’s policies.

  37. Baby Jane at FDL is a bitter, sore looser. She will never accept that President Obama whipped her chosen candidate. And she’s also out to make the kind of millions that phony Arianna made pretending to be a liberal advocate for the middle class and the poor.

    And anyone who gives Baby Jane a platform — looking at you, Lawrence O’Donnell and MSNBC — is in the same camp.

    But they will not succeed. The pro-President Obama army has risen up thanks to BWD, Chipsticks and others. And we will not stop or let them get away with bashing the president.

  38. Nathan, I have to agree with you. Sometimes we have to simply tell the truth without sugar coating it. And with Fox, there is no reasoning with these people. They are on a mission to destroy our democracy and our country. They are on a mission against the duly elected president of the United States (which is treason in my book). They do not deserve any respect and should be treated with the disdain they deserve.

    In this case, the gentleman was simply telling the truth. Fox does lie 24/7. He didn’t swear at the reporter. He used Fox’s own tactics — shouting down people and not allowing them to speak — against them and they couldn’t handle it. Frankly, I think more liberals and democrats should take them on in this way.

    When I see Bill O’Reilly gloating about his interview with the President, acting as if his behavior was warranted, it turns my stomach.

    Fox got what it deserved in that interview. In fact, it deserves more than that. It deserves to be off the air.

  39. Had to post this comment from the thread about Hamsher in The People’s View. It says it all about the republican and media lies.


    And those Firedoglake people call themselves progressives? My God, take the labels off the comments and you wouldn’t know which one came from Fox. Disgusting…

    And I’m ashamed of our media…wall2wall coverage of Egypt and Mideast protests but only small and infrequent coverage of Madison. Anti-war protests anyone? Plus, they are trying to do their equal balance thing by showing the tea party protesters today but it is so obvious that they are outnumbered, although the reporters will never tell you that…smh

    And why is it Anderson Cooper can fly half way round the world to Egypt but not go to Wisconsin, where no one would touch a hair on his silver head. Plus, he didn’t even correct that odious Ed Rollins last night when he described the WI protests as mob rule. Apparently, protests for basic rights are only noble if happening somewhere outside of the US (unless you are a member of the tea party).

    And why is it elections only have consequences when Republicans win? Apparently, when Dems win that just means that they are supposed to bend over backwards to appease Republicans. All of these anchors upset because WI Senate Dems skipped off to IL to hold up the process but not a one showed concerned when Republicans held up the process for 2 years! Highest number of filibusters on record…but not a peep from these high paid anchors about them doing their jobs and letting the process move forward…


  40. Just want to add that Politicusa has a story up that’s another example of the dangerous Fox lies. They cover the segment Rachel did a story about Fox’s crusade to paint our president as the anti-christ. So in my view these people deserve zero respect and need to be attacked back.

    This is not a matter of Fox just spinning, it’s outright lies and demonization. What they do has resulted in death (Dr. Tiller) and cannot be treated with kid gloves or excused.

  41. Thank you for the links; reposted. 🙂

    I and a couple of my friends who are also public employees got involved in a FB discussion with someone who apparently gets all her news from KFI and Fixed News, and it’s scary the amount of misinformation that’s out there. She *knew* all about public employees, but didn’t actually *know* a public employee; she’d gotten her information from the talking heads/tinfoil hate brigade. These articles probably won’t change her mind, but it’ll help in counteracting some of the misinformation.

    Many thanks 😀

  42. Unbelievable, or at least it should be unbelievable. The animosity toward the president from these folks is impossible to fathom, it is so far from being reality based. It is just like Glenn Beck even if they claim to be coming from the left and not the right. There is just as little reliance on fact and just as much reliance on overheated rhetoric and outright lies. It’s all passion and no intellect. How very sad.

  43. You’re very welcome…

    And, I agree…COUNTERACTIN’ is a good thing. We need to do more of that!!!

  44. ^jovie thanks much for this great ‘heads-up’ info and all the other info you provide the BWD’s ‘TOAITR’ community…

    PBHO is a “travelin’ man”… He’s our ‘President of The World’! 😉

  45. Alternate views and perspectives have always been welcome on this site when expressed in a civil manner, and supported with facts. That IS BWD’s policy and SHE makes sure that it’s strictly enforced!

    While I do agree with your statement that we should engage in discussion in a civil tone, I don’t believe that our passion, perspectives, and view points have to be diluted because it might not “look good” or those who have different views might be offended.

    But if you’re interested in seeing a credible example of someone being “rude,” try reading through the comment sections of right-wing blogs and the personal attacks they make on the President, and his family. Then come back, tell us about your experience, and we can all discuss the lack of “grown up” conversations in earnest.

    Just so you know, there are no “followers” on this site; there are many who happen to agree on some issues and disagree on others. Yet, studies have PROVEN time and time again that “Fox Lies!” No amount of false equivalency will change the accuracy of that bit of harsh reality.

    Please explain how “endorsing” this particular video, or any other, deprives someone of the right to be heard? And isn’t that exactly what you’re advocating by expressing the view that it shouldn’t be posted here because YOU think it’s “rude”?


  46. I’m updating my previous post, with a CORRECTION by PolitiFact, to Rachael’s statements about Wisconsin’s budget surplus.

    “The confusion, it appears, stems from a section in Lang’s memo that — read on its own — does project a $121 million surplus in the state’s general fund as of June 30, 2011.”

    “But the remainder of the routine memo — consider it the fine print — outlines $258 million in unpaid bills or expected shortfalls in programs such as Medicaid services for the needy ($174 million alone), the public defender’s office and corrections. Additionally, the state owes Minnesota $58.7 million under a discontinued tax reciprocity deal.The result, by our math and Lang’s, is the $137 million shortfall.”

    “It would be closer to the $340 million figure if the figure included the $200 million owed to the state’s patient compensation fund, a debt courts have declared resulted from an illegal raid on the fund under former Gov. Jim Doyle.”


  47. The second link debunks Governor Walker’s claim that his budget repair bill would leave collective bargaining fully intact.

    “And yet on the morning of Feb. 18, 2011


    Walker then added: “Those fully remain intact. Civil service does not get altered by the modest changes we’re talking about here. Collective bargaining is fully intact. You’ve got merit hiring, you’ve got just cause for termination and for discipline. All those things remain.”


    “In contending that collective bargaining would remain fully intact, Walker mixed civil service protections with collective bargaining rights. They are not the same.”

    (See complete summary)


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