Here’s why no one would beat this man in 2012

Just listen to the reaction of these highschool kids, who couldn’t vote in 2008, but will be able to next year.



59 thoughts on “Here’s why no one would beat this man in 2012

  1. Pundits COMPLETELY forget that Obama has completely enraptured the youth of America. They don’t have the cynicism or the I-want-my-pony-NOW attitudes of the the politically plugged-in adults.

  2. As a teacher, I see so much hope and promise in the youth of America.
    There are very few who show the ignorance, cynism and narrow-mindedness exhibited by the TeaPublicans. They love the President and his calm, reassuring, positive approach to running this country. They hate the hypocrisy and phoneyness of many politicians.

  3. OMG!!!! My Grandkids are soo ready to
    vote for this President yes he can and we
    too. THanks BWD so much.

  4. 14-17 yr olds in 2008 will be able to vote – they key is to get them out. When Obama talks about the youth in Egypt, it’s also sending a message to the 30 and under crowd in America as well. The 30 and under crowd grew up in a much more multicultural society, more accepting and open. Their Tahrir Square needs to be at the ballot boxes each and every election.

    There will need to be a big push to register new voters again. In 2008 Obama/Biden defeated McCain/Palin 50-49 amongst the folks who had voted before, however won 71-29 amongst new voters. Getting out those first time voters, as well as finding and getting out new voters again will be key. Obama administration and volunteers will have to work much harder in that the GOP will try and mimic their campaign from 2008, so Obama Campaign needs to match what they did in 2008 and innovate new ways.

  5. Edwina, Thank you for this. I never cease being surprised by how involved our president is with all of humanity. He is a giant among men.

  6. Saint R, I think people were a little unsure of our president during the last election. Next time he will not be a “stranger”.

    You are totally right about the need to get young people out.

  7. That is such an excellent point; indeed they are showing much more maturity than a slew of national and new media lefty pundits. Remarkable.

  8. Wowwwwwwwww, this man, our President, just wins you over, makes you want to stay positive, hopeful , Inspires & encourages you to be the best that you can be. Yeah, you right, the “Youth” will teach some of the Adults, how to be a good Citizen. Thank God for our Youth, and Thank God for President Obama 🙂 This was a great video, just to hear the support, that Obama gets. Puts a great big smile on my face, uplifting.

  9. This is why I don’t listen to the folks who say President Obama is a one termer, or that he will be primaried.

    The folks saying he’s a one termer said the same in 2008, that he wouldn’t beat Hillary, that Wright and Ayers would be the death of his campaign, Obama proved them wrong.

    And of course, the primary Obama folks are VERY short sighted… they’re the same folks who want Alan Grayson, Russ Feingold, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Anthony Wiener, etc as President because they can’t stand pragmatism.

    Obama isn’t perfect, but to some that’s a weakness. Obama isn’t going to get things done exactly the way we want him to, and that goes for any politician.

    Good post as always BWD.

  10. Yesterday we had a conversation here about the protests providing a really good education for the young high schoolers and college kids who are out there protesting. An article backs this up (h/t greenladyhere @ weeseeyou):

    Local Business Community May Be Starting To Turn Against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

    – – — – The key to winning the battle in Wisconsin is how much endurance the protestors will have in remaining vigilant and how much pressure they can force the business community to bring to bear on Governor Walker. It remains unclear whether people are willing to skip work and other important things for the weeks that it might take to win this fight. Every day, the Wisconsin GOP has dismissed the protests saying they won’t last another day, but each day the protests get bigger by estimates of about ten thousand people each day. These protests have been successful in gaining a great deal of public support. A new statewide poll shows that 65 percent of Wisconsin residents think that Walker has gone too far in his attack on public employees.


    The deciding factor though is how much pressure the business community puts on Governor Walker to settle. Business leaders fear that the protests will embolden union members to fight back harder against concession and lockout threats. As Wisconsin based labor organizer Andy Gussert told me the other day, “Thank you Scott Walker! If we were given a million dollars, there is no way we could have taught so many kids about solidarity, labor organizing, and the power of the people when they unite”.


    Indeed. Spectacular turn of events!

  11. A tree that is supple enough to flex with the wind is far more likely to remain standing in a storm than a tree that is unable to bend, no matter how sturdy in calm weather.

  12. It’s not Walker, he’s an ideologue who got his marching orders in the closed door GOP Governors meeting. It needs to shake loose three GOP State Senators will call up the Dems and say “Let’s work something a lot more reasonable out”. Once that agreement is reached, then all the pressure is on Walker alone to sign it or veto it and make is position crystal clear.

    As long as he has the 19 Republican State Senators with him, he’s in a much stronger position.

  13. So utterly utterly true but you know and I know that ya can’t tell grown folks a thing. They’re saving the world by joining the corporate media’s revulsion towards this WH; tell them it’s counterproductive and Republican-enabling, in one ear and out the other. This is America; ideologues have every right to be ideologues.

    But this is why I am so utterly thrilled to simply be participating in alternatives. We’ve gotta have a space to regroup and get our thoughts together; that’s how some of those big, now purist/third party formerly liberal spaces got so big in the first place: they were refuges for liberals from trolls and places to collaborate without having trolls interrupt every discussion. I think that this place is on track to become a very fine replacement!

  14. Thank you Nonie. In particular loved the kid who looked like might never wash his hand.

    These videos boost my joy.

  15. “Thank you Scott Walker! If we were given a million dollars, there is no way we could have taught so many kids about solidarity, labor organizing, and the power of the people when they unite”.”

    Now that line is something that you Facebook users should use and get out there, and I would surely send it to every Republican and Republican Congresscritter out there – in your face!

  16. During the ’08 campaign, my teenage granddaughter called me one day to tell me they were participating in a debate in their classroom as to who would make the best president – Barack Obama or that other guy running. She said she wanted me to know she picked Barack Obama.

    I asked if the teacher gave any indication which candidate she’d be voting for, and my granddaughter said, “Not in front of the class. But when I picked Barack Obama, she quietly said to me, ‘Good choice’ and smiled!”

  17. Thank you for posting these. What fun. I had the oddest idea when watching the second one where he was shaking the hands of the students. Remember that picture of Monica Lewinsky where she was looking at President Clinton with so much adoration? Look at how many girls in that video have a very similar expression on their faces when they look at our President.

    He’s like a rock star to these kids. I love it.

  18. Indeed. And I think that the opportunity which Wisconsin labor is having with regards to creating relationships, contacts and alliances with youth leaders and the grassroots youth is priceless! Just priceless, and bodes well for America’s future.

  19. Awww good, but I hope we not lulled into a feeling of “we got this”. The enemy is huge and are not playing. The whole WI situation should be a wake up to every middle/lower income person in America. The rich have waged war on us. The fact that the repubs are willing to shut down gov’t AGAIN knowing how much of a debacle that turned out to be for them, should be a wake up to how confident they are in the people backing them.

    I hope we are collectively paying close attention to what is and has been going on in regard to the Koch brothers and the moves they are making and have been making. I am thoroughly appalled and anxious by all the info I have been receiving. No wonder the Republicans are so braggadocios and feel sure of themselves. The word must start getting out among Dems and Indies. This is not just about potus winning a second term it is about our democracy as we know it.

    Lastly, knowing the things I know now, especially in regard to these Koch bros paying trolls on blogs and sites, bussing in paid “demonstrators”, I truly thank BWD for not giving in, for not allowing them to smear the facts or sully the discourse here. thank you.

  20. I don’t think we need to get the young people out to vote, I think they will be the ones getting others out to vote. They are enthusiastic, energetic and they know President Obama is working to make the world better for them.

    I remember a speech when our POTUS was rallying supporters before the 2010 elections. I was thinking it was in Wisconsin but couldn’t find it in a quick search. Anyway, the young people at the University did a GREAT job getting the word out about the speech. I remember PBO mentioning it.

    Young people who have free minds know who is on their side and they are vocal. If the parents are tea baggers and see things differently, I feel that students that support him talk to them about it.

    Our children are our hope for the future. They are the future. President Obama loves the young ones and has done so much to encourage them and nurture their hopes and dreams.

    We adults need to let go of our fears and join with that hope and walk this path together.

  21. I thank BWD every single day for not letting trolls infest this site. More and more people will discover that this place exists and learn how wonderful it is to have somewhere to learn and interact and theorize in safety. See one person can make a difference.

  22. Kelly, On 8/30/10 Jane Mayer wrote a piece about the Koch brothers for The New Yorker called Covert Operations.

    Very few people knew about the Koch brothers then and now their names are mentioned often, their tactics are out in the open.

    Hopefully, the Tea Party will wake up to the fact that they are being used.

    The thing is that the Tea Party is a minority and the message of this manipulation by billionaires is being heard by independents, Democrats, and Republicans who have an open mind.

    The ordinary person is seeing more clearly what the Republican party is truly all about. The disconnect between the lies on Fox News and reality is getting bigger and bigger. I’ve read that many in the Tea Party are on Social Security and the shut down will affect them as well as others.

    And all through his administration the President has offered to cooperate. People know they can depend on his strength. He’s doing an amazing job.

  23. ‘…Obama has completely enraptured the youth of America.’

    😉 Another example of his ‘long game’? A very far-seeing President we have!

    And don’t get me wrong – I believe his engagement with youth is very sincere (not a politicking tactic). IMO he’s thought about things enough to realize and accept that it’s imperative to reach out to the youth, because not only are they the future, they are also more open to change.

  24. Sheila, that is so undeniably true, and I am happy #44 is not only sturdy in calm weather, but also supple enough to bend when the wind is strongest.

  25. Gravitar seems to change your name and I don’t think there’s a way to change it back, still it’s nice to have something. The videos are terrific. Once again, thank you.

  26. Thanks again BWD for this beautiful site. Thanks for the intelligent conversations here as well. You all inspire me to keep calm in my spirit that you will carry the torch with POTUS to make your future a great one. Kennedy did it for me when I was in college. Now to see this, is just great. Please keep your hearts and minds on the goal!!

  27. Wow. Folks have truly forgotten the connection Obama has made with young people. They really identify with him, and he knows how to connect with them.

    I think there are a lot of young people who are looking forward to casting their first vote for President Obama in 2012.

  28. Luckily, he has a great marriage to an amazing woman and more than enough self-discipline and common sense that we don’t have to “worry” as we used to . . .

  29. I think those people are awesome, but I know that the right person is in the Big Chair for ’12.
    Grayson is too smart-assed to be POTUS(although that kind of makes me sad, both because I am a smartass of long standing, and because that would probably be the most watchable State of the Union in modern history.)
    If Weiner wants it in ’16, I’d support him enthusiastically, however.

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