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1. Today’s schedule:

11:30 AM
PBO departs San Francisco, California en route Portland, Oregon.
12:00 PM  
1:00 PM  
1:05 PM
PBO arrives in Portland, Oregon.
1:45 PM
PBO tours semiconductor manufacturing facility.
2:00 PM  
2:25 PM
PBO views student demonstrations by Intel Science Talent Search finalists.
2:35 PM
PBO delivers remarks at Intel Corporation on education.
3:00 PM  
4:00 PM
PBO departs Portland, Oregon.
5:00 PM  
6:00 PM  
7:00 PM  
8:00 PM  
8:30 PM
PBO arrives at Andrews Air Force Base.
8:45 PM
PBO arrives at the White House.


2. West Wing week, with some hilarious moments (especially the end).


3. Mr. Ed Schultz, you were saying…..?

Washington Post: Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill

MADISON, WIS. – President Obama thrust himself and his political operation this week into Wisconsin’s broiling budget battle, mobilizing opposition Thursday to a Republican bill that would curb public-worker benefits while planning similar action in other state capitals.

Obama accused Scott Walker, the state’s new Republican governor, of unleashing an “assault” on unions in pushing emergency legislation that would nullify collective-bargaining agreements that affect most public employees, including teachers.

The president’s political machine worked in close coordination Thursday with state and national union officials to mobilize thousands of protesters to gather in Madison and to plan similar demonstrations in other state capitals.


4. Man, we should start sue people for copyrights. 😉

 The president’s strategy is to look like the adult in the room

Criticism of President Obama’s $3.7 trillion 2012 budget from both the left and right is a sign that it will probably find favor with independents, an expert on the influential voting bloc said.

“Independent voters believe if the far right and the far left are both upset, it’s usually a sign that someone’s doing something right,” said John Avlon, a CNN contributor and author of the book “Independent Nation: How Centrism Can Change American Politics.”

It’s a point with which Wendy Schiller, a political science professor at Brown University, agreed.


Independents overwhelmingly favor a government divided between political parties — a factor seen in the 2010 midterm elections in which independents helped end Democrats’ control of Congress. They also have a distaste for hyperpartisanship, which has settled in Washington for decades.

But independents gave Obama a thumbs up, Avlon said, when he was willing to work with Republicans in last year’s lame-duck session of Congress to get key legislation passed.

“I think the president’s strategy is to look like the adult in the room — it has been since the elections,” said Avlon, a Daily Beast contributor. “Independent voters look forward to that. But it’s not simply a matter of playing it safe. He needs to make it clear to independents that he’s dealing with the deficit and the debt.”

// more


5. After electing teabaggers, looks like the good people of Pennsylvania begins to get their senses back:

President’s job approval rating up in Pennsylvania up to 51%

Voters in Pennsylvania have given President Barack Obama his the best job rating approval in nearly two years, according to a poll released Thursday morning.

In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, voters approved of the job the president is doing by 51-44 percent, his highest rating in the commonwealth since July 2009, when it was 56-33 percent.


6. Yea, Rachel. *This* it what you should do every day. *This* is the enemy – not the man who actually assimilate the most progressive agenda in 50 years, got rid of DADT and is standing alone against the entire party of wackos.


7. I doubt you have more than an hour to just spend watching YouTube, but this Recovery Act Cabinet meeting is just mind-blowing. The wonder things that the RA has done and that the media completely ignored…It’s really stunning.






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  1. Y’all sleeping in late this morning?! Happy Friday! Who knows what news today will bring in a month that has really changed history.

  2. Ooooh, a fresh, early, piping hot Friday Morning Mishmash! The perfect coffee companion.

    Wonderful to see newly-minted CA AG Kamala Harris greeting him at the airport. She ran a good, hard race and they must have had a great convo. I know it must be refreshing for PBO to be out west in the midst of all that laid back energy. Hope it is an invigorating lead-up to a nice weekend for him and his family.

    Have a great day, everybody :-)!

  3. What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you, BWD. If the truth about the Recovery Act were really known and understood by people, the president’s approval ratings would be astronomical. The fact that he’s getting through to people despite all the media blocks, is great news.

    I hope what’s happening in Wisconsin puts a lot of fear in the hearts of those who voted in Republican governors and state reps last year. A lot of people in PA are taking bets on how long before the real (nasty) Corbett shows his hand in PA.

  4. Happy Friday everyone.

    Looking forward to sneaking a peek at another day of intelligent discourse periodically throuhgout the day.

    Off to my internship in an hour.

  5. Good morning everyone! This is the best way to wake up every morning. It feels so good to know we have a place to come to get real information! Now I really feel I have answers to almost any argument. I truly have never felt so powerful. Thank you BWD and everyone here. Have a great day!

  6. Good morning everybody, particularly BWD, and much thanks for a particularly good mishmash this morning, even by your impeccably high standards. 😉 😀

    Looking back to the beginning of PBO’s presidency, when his first Hundred Days in office came to a close, non-partisan opinion was generally unanimous in agreeing that in terms of domestic policy-making, it had been the most productive such period enjoyed by any President since the legendary Hundred Days of FDR’s presidency in 1933. As we move in earnest in to President Obama’s third year in office, it may be a little early to throw around such judgements, but I am going to do so anyway – the 44th POTUS is well on the way to marking out his first term in office as being the most effective/productive (effective in his ability to enact parts of his agenda, productive in the results bequeathed to the country by the realization of that agenda) first presidential term from the domestic policy-making viewpoint since Franklin Roosevelt ushered in the First and Second New Deals from 1933 – 1937 (and probably the most significant first term of foreign policy-making since Richard Nixon). The series of accomplishments that he has compiled in almost all facets of executive and legislative leadership are formidable by almost any standards, and yet far from resting on his laurels he only seems more determined to fight for yet greater ones in the future.

    It is heartening to observe him becoming yet more and more sure-footed in his command of the political landscape – mastering the third of the three great legs of the presidential leadership stool: domestic policy, foreign policy, and moral leadership.


  8. I might add that of all the so-called “public voices” of the PL, Rachel Maddow is the one who has consistently impressed me the most. Sure she might poke the stick in a little sharply at times, and not always in what we might percieve to be the right places, but in her line of work that just about comes in the job description, and she’s so good the rest (most) of the time that frankly I could easily forgive her for a whole lot more than anything that has ever come from her corner.

  9. I love you BWD, but the professional left must take responsibility for what is going on in this Country. Sites like HuffPO and DailyKos did nothing but complain complain conplain during PBOs first two years in office. Now, they see how much he did and what his opposition will do to defund it. They caused this. They laughed and dismissed folk who warned that Their constant bitchfest would lead to this, called us obamobots, and whatever else they could come up with. Now we are reaping the benefits!!!! I saw a Krugman piece where he….. you know what, I’m angry this morning so this rant can go all day. All over the Country repugs posings as teapartiers are going to war. Here in NC, amendments to force the showing of ID at the polling place on election day. 7 States trying to destroy Unions. Repugs in the US congress doing the same. Governors destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs at a whim while calling for tax cuts for the wealthy in their States. It wasn’t that long ago when the repugs were saying how small the $8 billion they lost in Iraq was. Now we want to take away foodstamps and healthcare. Its sick!!! Let’s go dems, continue on BWD and PBO!!!!

  10. Exactly. And not only did these PL sites engage in endless bitching about President Obama, some of them went a step further to provide cover for, and defend the Tea Party as “ordinary Americans” who were simply angry at the bank bailouts and shrinking middle class (Yes Ms. A Huffington, YOU hypocritically and disingenuously defended the racist Tea Party, knowing fully well that they were Republicans who wanted to defeat this President and his progressive agenda).

    I lost a lot of respect for Keith Olbermann when he kept bringing this woman on his show AFTER she had shown herself to be nothing but an opportunistic Republican tool.

  11. Rachel’s moments infuriate me the most because she is the most talented, smartest and most reasonable one at the station. She should know better, but yeah I forgive her each time.

  12. A lot of Democrats who don’t read or care about the PL got complacent in 2010 as a lot of us who made phone calls could tell. They didn’t understand or refused to look behind the facade the Republican candidates put on to hid their true intentions. Wisconsin has gotten a huge wakeup call now and people are roaring back in anger. The vast, non-right wing majority in this country fell asleep at the wheel and has needed to be stirred into action for a long time. I’m hoping that the more blatant the Republican efforts, the angrier people may become and that’s good news for the future because a lot of people have had to be shaken out of their “it can’t happen here” syndrome. Channeling the anger and focusing it on correcting wrongs and voting in the representatives who will work for, rather than against, the people, is going to be the big challenge. We also need to get the right candidates who are ready to come out fighting and calling out lies. No more half measures.

  13. Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, confronted with thousands of protesters outside of the state capitol in Madison, says “it would be wise for the president” to stay out of his state’s business.

    “I think we’re focused on balancing our budget,” Walker said on Fox News Friday morning. “It would be wise for the president and others in Washington to focus on balancing their budget, which they are a long ways from doing.”

    The governor – just a mere six weeks into his job – added that he is not threatened by the agenda of Washington politicians. “We’re not going to be intimidated by people coming in from outside of Wisconsin trying to tell us what we need to do to balance our budget,” Walker said. “The bottom line is, we got elected to do a job.”

    For days, Wisconsin’s union members have been demonstrating against legislation proposed by Walker last week that aims to reduce the power of public sector unions and cut into members’ paychecks. But Walker continued to insist that his decision is not about “degrading public employees.”

    “I’ve said repeatedly [that] good, decent people work for the government,” Walker said. “But they shouldn’t be excluded from what everybody else in society is going through in these tough economic times — we’ve all got to be in it together.”

    Politico 44-

  14. President Obama told 12 technology leaders in San Francisco on Thursday that he wants to create a “dialogue” with them so they can exchange ideas on hiring, the White House said.

    Obama met with the industry heads, which included the people behind Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo, at the home of John Doerr, a venture capitalist at the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers firm.

    “The President specifically discussed his proposals to invest in research and development and expand incentives for companies to grow and hire, along with his goal of doubling exports over five years to support millions of American jobs,” the White House said in a statement after the meeting from press secretary Jay Carney. “The group also discussed the importance of new investments in education and the new White House initiative Startup America, a partnership with the private sector aimed at supporting new startups and small businesses. The President expressed his desire to continue a dialogue with the group to share new ideas so we can work as partners to promote growth and create good jobs in the United States.”

    Carney later added this to his statement to the pool: “There was also a lot of discussion about ways to encourage people to study science, technology, engineering and math, and to go into STEM fields.”

    Finally, the pool noted that while Carney, a former Time magazine Washington bureau chief, visited the press cabin on the flight to San Francisco, he didn’t have a formal gaggle. “He introduced himself to those on board and reminisced briefly about his own travels on Air Force One as a journalist,” the pool reports.

    Politico 44-

  15. At a visit to Intel in Oregon on Friday, President Obama will highlight science education programs and technology and innovation before speaking about how all that stuff is key to “out-educating our competitors in order to win the future,” according to guidance from the White House.

    The White House even explained that after touring a semiconductor plant with Intel’s CEO, Obama “will also learn more about Intel’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education programs and will view student demonstrations by Intel Science Talent Search finalists.”

    He’ll also announce that he’s naming Intel CEO Paul Otellini to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, much in the same way that he put GE CEO Jeff Immelt at the top of the panel during a visit to one of the company’s plants. The White House says that “other members of the Council will be named in the coming weeks.”
    p 44-

  16. What also happens is that a lot of these folks get into “there is no difference” mode and then wonder why their government sucks.

  17. What a total ass this Walker man is, and threatening the President to stay out of it. Last I heard PBO was still the President of the people of Wisconsin, too.

  18. My feeling about the fallout from the latest Tea-Publican governing fiascos is plain and simple: the people need to feel the pain. We, collectively, as a country (those who voted for these a**es and those who didn’t) need to truly see and feel the pain. Until we do, we won’t change our ways.

    I am motivated by the positive and am always on the side of progress and change. However, many (if not most) people are comfortable with the status quo, with stagnancy, or even with letting other people move backwards or suffer as long as they have theirs.

    Well now, it’s becoming clear to a lot of these people that the “They” they once disparaged is now “Me.” Thirty years of right-wing, anti-government, slashing and burning, greedy outsourcing, and crushing of the middle class has now come home to roost. And they’re not exempt.

    The old order of Reaganomics and selfish greed has to die. These are the death pangs. These Tea-Publicans are dead men walking, but they don’t know it yet.

    The ground has already shifted, and we’re living the aftershocks. We have to go through it, but we’ll be better for it.

    I don’t even care about the PL media anymore — they will prove to be inconsequential in their smallness and lack of vision. What’s going on was not precipated by them. It’s much larger than their whining. Most people don’t even know who they are, much less watch them. Who cares what they say?

    Nope, this is much bigger than that. This is about the future and how we’re going to live it. History shows that it will belong to those with vision and positive action. I know we’re going to make it :-).

  19. Agree. Like any of us, she sometimes lets her emotional involvement/investment in something carry her a little too far. But it is seldom, and she , when she becomes aware of it, is always willing to acknowledge her errors.

    Additionally, she focuses more on the real “enemy” more than any other on the PL. She may get angry at the President at times (so I have, but rarely) but she also knows that he would have done a lot more if he had had a Republican Party that, if not actually act like adults, would have at least acted like mature teenagers.

    Unfortunately, too many on the PL are like a lot of Republicans, throwing temper tantrums because things aren’t going their way.

  20. An especially beautiful post this morning. Thank you BWD, thank you all.

    This is the place to hang out!

  21. I think Rachel will get better now that Olbermann is gone. She viewed him as her mentor and I think she’d sort of have his back on issues and pick up his angle/tenor on issues, especially with Olberman’s lead in to her show.

  22. Ed Schultz will take credit for the WH getting into the WI battle. That’s what the PL does: it’s their bitching that causes Obama to “do the right thing.” Obama would never do the right thing on his own, would he? And Obama is not going to jump into anything until he has all the facts. This penchant lately that huge policy decisions need to be made in the next five minutes is outrageous.

  23. The old order of Reaganomics and selfish greed has to die. These are the death pangs. These Tea-Publicans are dead men walking, but they don’t know it yet.,i>

    Well said. In a way, I would almost (emphasis on almost) like to see Walker succeed in what he wants to do. I feel that if he fails, although good in the short term, people won’t really realize how bad these people are for America. Then, it becomes easier for them to get elected in the future. If he succeeds, the full reality is there for everyone to see and feel.

    And, as usual, the Republicans in Wisconsin are lying through their teeth. They say it is all about balancing the budget by making public employees contribute more for their health care and pensions like other non-public employees have to. This sounds good to most people, who sometimes believe it when they are told public employees have it soft.

    If that was all it was about, there wouldn’t be the protests you are currently seeing. It is all about ending collective bargaining, which, in effect, ends the unions.

    They are also talking about the budget deficit in Wisconsin. Well, according to Think Progress, if Walker hadn’t passed tax cuts for the wealthy, the state would actually have a surplus this year. I don’t know how accurate it is, but it is true some tax cuts were made, which, if the state was really in fiscal trouble, was the absolute most fiscally irresponsible action that could have been taken.

  24. OT, but I am getting the biggest kick out of Stephen Colbert’s pointed commentary of the Huffington Post for basically using other people’s material to make millions. He has co-opted Huffington Post by putting a new banner on it and he’s calling it the Colbuffington Re-post. I don’t know how long this site will last but for now I am giving Stephen the clicks instead of Arianna.

    Ever notice how Stephen is much more balanced and pro-Obama then Jon Stewart?

  25. This bastard in WI is especially egregious. He CREATED this ‘fiscal crisis’ by giving tax breaks to huge corporations like Wal-mart, which mirrors their shortfall.

    We have to work really hard to make this point. That not all tax ‘increases’ hurt the lower wage worker. That the wealthy have done really well in this recession. Raising their taxes has got to stop being the boogeyman. As much outrage as there is, we have to focus it. Repubs are still winning a perception game — that the only way is to slash government spending and all taxes are EVIL and hurt everybody. The wealthy have profited from the pain of everyone else.

    Of course I know I’m preaching to the choir, but we know that a higher tax rate is what actually creates jobs. People do not take after-tax dollars to open a neighborhood hardware store. They look for ways to shelter their before-tax dollars — that’s when they open businesses. That Republicans have been able to sell this lie to the American people is unconscionable.

  26. japa, re: the WI deficit — you’re exactly right. That is what these trickle-down idiots do whenever they get their grubby hands on the levers of government: cut taxes for the rich and create a deficit which leads to slashing and burning. They are devoted to this economic cult. Thirty years of this nonsense.

  27. Rachel is very good at what she does. Her one fault is that she tends to be a too much of a worrier/pessimist. Do you remember when her show started she had that “Talk me Down” segment? That was where she had her worry of the day-something that she couldn’t keep herself from taking anything but the most pessimistic outlook about and had a guest come on to tell her why she was wrong. The segment didn’t last long but the basic tendency in Rachel to have those worries is still there. She does a better job of not dwelling on those things than when she first started but they do occasionally still creep into her reporting. Overall though, if you keep that tendency to worry in mind particularly, Rachel is the best the left wing media has to offer. She is intelligent and does her research. She is polite to her guests and follows up on what they say-something you would think you could expect from every journalist but that is actually quite rare these days. So while there are a few times when Rachel gets caught up in the beltway opinions (like her fake state of the union speech) or goes overboard in pointing fingers at the wrong people(like on DADT at times), it doesn’t happen often and she usually will acknowledge when she has been wrong. That’s something we could use a lot more of in our media.

  28. Stewart is about false equivalence, dems=repubs crap (I’ll never forget and forgive his part in taking down ACORN).

    Colbert is another league all together.

    As for the unions now protesting in WI, didn’t some of them ‘endorse’ the rethug govnor in a fit of ODS ?

  29. Honestly, the Republican party has gotten so crazy so fast that most of the country is just now beginning to realize just how much today’s Republicans are not your father’s Republicans. It’s hard to remember sometimes that the vast majority of voters don’t pay attention to politics except briefly during election times. They don’t hear all the things Republicans have said or that the tea party has shouted about. They thought it was just business as usual and that having some Democrats and some Republicans sharing power is a good thing because they should balance out each other’s extremes. Now they are finding out that the Republicans of today aren’t what they thought they were. They are nothing but extremes. If they keep trying to attack the American people the way they are in Wisconsin, the people will rise up and fight back just like they are doing in Wisconsin. The Republicans have one again overstepped themselves acting like winning an election means they have free rein to dismantle any and all progress made in this country in the past 150 years and that they don’t have to even respect, let alone listen to, anyone on the other side. They act like bullies and tyrants and then get all offended that people react negatively to them. But like most bullies, if we stand up and fight back they will run away, so keep on standing up to them. Their war on women, on public employees and who knows who next, is beginning to leave them with no allies and creating a state where they have declared a large majority of the American people to be their enemies – talk about stupid politics!

  30. Just passed through the Fox News channel on my way to AJ in time to hear Kyl almost shouting “There is not going to be a government shutdown!” Guess the pressure is getting to them. Heh!

  31. OFA and the Democratic party (I being one of the workers) worked our butts off to not let one Republican get one of those major government positions in 2010. I walked door to door, phone banked, went to rallies, you name it I will not sit back and let another Republican ruin California as long as I live. The same with the POTUS…I will never let voters forget what a Republican president, house, and senate did to us for 10 yrs. The people in WI, OH, FL, are finding the hard way.

  32. Yep, I think that’s a huge part of it, too. people who don’t really actively seek out political news use this logic as an easy way to justify their non-involvement. By remaining cynical of everything, they don’t have to invest in the emotions of optimism or excitement, nor do they risk the emotion of disappointment.

  33. People are standing up in Indiana, too. I live in this state and Gov. Daniels (who as Bush’s OMB director turned Clinton’s budget surplus into a deficit) and the newly-republican controlled state legislature are trying to do the same thing here. But the people are not going to take it.

    I truly believe that the republicans hatched this plan of attack on the states at their recent governor’s meeting where they didn’t allow media in. It’s despicable. But I also believe they have definitely over reached. They’re on 2012.

  34. Fine comment, PoliticalJunkessa. People are in the streets in the Middle East, in Madison, even in Italy (about time they awakened to Berlusconi). President Obama is not directly involved, but may we postulate an Obama Zeitgeist, about empowering the people (“We are the change we’ve been waiting for”) as opposed to the Bush zeitgeist (my way or the highway)? This is where it must begin, with the people, trickle-down empowerment and respect.

  35. Stephen Colbert is also a much more effective critic of the rightwing. By coming in through the backdoor, he encourages his viewers to to access their intellectual and aesthetic qualities in a manner that Stewart does not.

  36. Yes, the Firemen and Police unions did endorse the Governor, I believe, though many of them appear to be sympathetic to the protesters. At last they have shown themselves to be capable of learning, no small feat in the facile American culture of today.

  37. Except for the special interest in which he gave $140 Million in tax cuts to which created the short fall. Wisconson had a slight surplus before this governor set foot into office. The public employees accepted consessions to help balance the budget. The state was fool by this wolf in sheeps clothing and also those that wanted to send a message…I hope you got the message.

  38. It’s like many of us have said before. The PL never knows what the President is doing behind the scenes. So they attack and lie and then claim credit when acts. They are sickening.

    It’s great that Ed has gotten behind this issue, but when I watched his show yesterday all I saw was a man with a huge ego who is also using this situation to bash the president and build himself up.

    Let me also say how disappointing Lawrence O’Donnell is. He had Anne Coulter on. Why? That’s time that could have been spent informing the people of what President Obama is really doing for this country.

  39. Maybe this is their long-term strategy, and why they joined forces with the Tea Party. (Or maybe it’s the strategy of the corporate sponsors and wealthy donors (e.g. Koch Brothers) that pumped millions into Tea Party candidates’ campaign coffers.

    Think about it for a moment. TP candidates were elected to positions as governors, mayors, and senators. They have also been given seats on committees pertaining to foreign policy, national intelligence, and other critical areas of governance that can do unmitigated damage in rolling back and/or eliminating policies that were put in place to protect U.S. citizens and to regulate business practices.

    I think what we’re seeing now is a coordinated effort to strip Americans of the ability to have a say about policy decisions that effect their lives, or the direction of this country, by pushing to enact its political ideologies into law.

    I think the Speaker of the House is engaged in pure stage craft “giving the impression” that he can’t handle his new job. He had no problem keeping “the Party of No” unified and on point for the past two years. Although Tea Party members changed this dynamic, somewhat, I really believe it’s a distraction to keep the spotlight off of what is they’re trying to accomplish on individual state levels.

    At first, I thought it was all about making President Obama a one-term president. Now, I’m not so sure. Something is wrong with this picture! Given the current events in Wisconsin, I think their agenda goes much deeper than that…and I truly hope that I’m wrong.

  40. I don’t know how many states have recall options in regard to the governors and other elected officials. I have heard that some people are looking into a possible recall of Walker in WI, but he has to be in office a year prior to that happening.

    What is interesting is how much you hear about how the Republicans are just following the will of the people who elected them and if Dems are against it, they are against the people’s will. Of course you didn’t hear that when the Dems had the majorities.

  41. Well, Walker was never in sheep’s clothing, he was right out in front as Milwaukee’s County Executive, and a bit of research could have shown any voter what he was. I realize that I live in Milwaukee County so I did not have the choice to ignore him, but it would seem one might attempt to be slightly cognizant of whom one is voting for before drawing the line on the paper.

  42. Yesterday, in reply to one of axrendale’s comments, I mentioned a concern about the damage that could be done prior to 2013, when those that win the elections in 2012 take office. He stated he didn’t feel the Repubblicans in the House could do much, which is probably true in a “doing something” kind of way. Where they could do damage is more in what they fail to do.

    But you have it right, the real damage can take place at the state and local levels. But, as was pointed out upthread, this is also, quite possibly, a final gasp effort on their part. Perhaps after this period of insanity, the Republican Party will reform it self into something approximating a sane organization.

    Heck, even the Reagan Republcian Party was good compared to what we are now dealing with.

  43. I agree japa21, however, gov walker’s tax cuts for his wealthy contributors has nothing to do with reaganomics…this has to do with politial pay-back to the teacher unions, state and city unions that campainged against him. There should be law against a politican from retaliating against a group that campaigned against you. Whistleblowers can’t get fired if they bring wrong doing to light, however, a governor can go after these people by passing legislation to destroy them. If this is not acting like a dictator I don’t know what is.

  44. My memory is a little hazy on this, but I believe Walker was elected County Executive as the result of a recall. The Republicans mounted a huge recall effort to get rid of the Democrats on the County board, and were mostly successful, though there was some reason. The Democrats had voted in massive pensions for themselves, far beyond the scope of what was reasonable. Walker rode in on the wave of public reaction against this, promising, of course, to be “fiscally conservative”. It seems it would only be poetic justice to see him leave office as the result of a recall, though suffering through a year of his term may well destroy the state of Wisconsin.

  45. This fact needs to be broadcast everytime someone gets in front of a camera. Gov Walker gave tax cuts to his supports which caused the budget deficit! This had nothing to do with Unions!

  46. I will do anything I can to support all these states with Repbulican governors to do a recall. When California when through it, we got Arnold. It was a politically orchestrated by Dick Cheney, Darrell Issa, and Enron to bring down Grey Davis because Enron was draining our surplus with high energy cost. They can elect Russ Feingold and but him back in office. This was such a disgrace that WI did not support him after all he did for them.

  47. I like Rachel the most also, sometime I tune her out and give her space to get stuff out of her system.

  48. the legendary Hundred Days of FDR’s presidency in 1933.

    Is this where the notion of “The First Hundred Days” being important comes from (this is an honest question – although I have known about it for more than a quarter of a century) ?

    Choice quote (from “The Begatting of the President”):

    Now for the first hundred days, Richard wandered in the wilderness of Washington, seeking the signs of the times …

  49. Good Morning BWD and friends here. I concur with you on this point, BWD. Thanks again for all of your beautiful and hard work on this site.

  50. Sheila, in a normal sane world, what you say would be the norm. Unfortunately, we don’t necessarily live in a normal, sane world. You mentioned a couple days ago that Barrett, Milwaukee mayor, ran a kind of lackluster campaign. In reality, he would have had to run a great campaign for one simple reason. He is mayor of Milwaukee.

    One thing I learned, living in Wisconsin for a ton of years, is that there are two basic political areas of Wisconsin. There ios the combined Milwaukee-Madison area, and the rest of the state. And a lot of the rest of the state is not all that fond of the two cities.

    A lot of the votes for Walker were anti Barrett (and by defibnition almost) anti-Milwaukee votes.

    We have become a society where the biggest motivater in voting is what you are against more than what you are for. The phrase “the lesser of two evils” is bandied around a lot when votes are cast.

    This has been building up since the Reagan days, when Republicans started campaigning against Dems rather than for Republcian policies. Scare tactics became the norm. And it was a level of campaigning that the Dems always felt uncomfortable with. And the media machine rarely pointed it out except when a Dem did it. Then it became dirty campaigning.

    And that is the disease that struck the country last fall. If you asked most people that voted for Walker what he stood for, they would be able to spout a few things, but they would have a better explanation as to why they were voting against Barrett.

  51. He’ll also announce that he’s naming Intel CEO Paul Otellini to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, much in the same way that he put GE CEO Jeff Immelt at the top of the panel during a visit to one of the company’s plants.

    This is very interesting. This is an extension of his Team of Rivals approach to hiring people.

    Jeff Immelt and Paul Otellini were some of his loudest critics as they accused him of being anti-business.


    Mr Immelt also had harsh words for Barack Obama, US president, lamenting what he called a “terrible” national mood and expressing concern that over-regulation in response to the global financial crisis would damp a “tepid” US economic recovery. Business did not like the US president, and the president did not like business, he said, making a point of praising Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, for her defence of German industry.


    Otellini singled out the political state of affairs in Democrat-dominated Washington, saying: “I think this group does not understand what it takes to create jobs. And I think they’re flummoxed by their experiment in Keynesian economics not working.”

    Read more:

    Read more:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    Now the Chamber of Commerce and other critics can’t say that business is being attacked and ignored. By appointing Immelt and Otellini, the President has shown big business that he neither fears nor ignores their criticism. He hears them. He wants to create jobs, period. He wants everyone’s ideas on how to get that done.

    So now that you’re being heard, big business, and you have financed the Republican control of the House as well as 53% of the state legislatures, and the Dow is over 12,000 and the President extended tax breaks during the Lame Duck, and is open to lowering the corporate tax rate, when are you going to quit your capital strike, get off the sidelines and spend a portion of your $1.1 trillion in accumulated profit and tax breaks to hire some people?

  52. “Obama Zeitgeist” — I like it :-D!

    I do believe the winds of change are a-blowin. It’s human nature for things to shift when there’s an imbalance. POTUS is simply the catalyst.

  53. They don’t recognize the legitimacy of any Presidency except a Republican one. How they can babble about “democracy” and “integrity” and still sleep at night is far beyond me.

  54. Your memory is correct. I live in Illinois, but I remember listening to Charlie Sykes on WTMJ railing about the despicable Dems. And they did cross the line.

    BTW, Sykes is an example of the Republican Party going off the rails. In the early 90’s he was a pretty reasonable person, but he got caught up in the anti-Clinton hysteria and has been on solid ground sense. And the rest of the WTMJ talk show hosts, on the “biggest stick in the state” aren’t any better. I think Larivee, the Packer’s announcer , is the most liberal guy on the air up there.

  55. And a fine catalyst he is. What is better leadership than encouraging the people, by thought, word, deed, example, to access their own power?

  56. The recalls have been mainly by Republicans, I believe. As blackwaterdog states above, they don’t believe in the legitimacy of Obama’s Presidency, and I might add, in the legitimacy of any elected officials who are not Republican.

  57. Good Morning to wonderful people on this site:

    Have you notice how these Governors are yelling and throwing their weight around with bully comments, and our POTUS keeps moving, inspiring the young, trying to listen to the people who are hurting, and trying to find every possible way that his administration can to put people back to work, and move our future forward in a positive manner? It is really refreshing to see him work through all of the “noise”. Let us keep thinking and moving with him. That is how we can channel our positive attitudes.

  58. Oh, japa, you listen to Charlie Sykes? Brave person. One of my friends does also, along with Limbaugh, as he wants to know what the opposition is “saying and doing”, but I could not trust my health to such a venture.

  59. Too little,too late. Frankly, I have no sympathy for all those “protesting” states (OH, PA, WI) which knowingly voted these rethugs in, in 2010, for no valid reason whatsoever and for the sole reason that a black man is the president.

    2010 electorate (those who voted and those who took their collective balls and went home) is the stupidest one, even surpassing the 2004 electorate.

  60. I love, love, love that “the only adult in the room” has gone viral. It is such a perfect description and so loaded with truth and reality that I’m not surprised that people are repeating it.

    Amazingly well done!

  61. Aww your comments. Always very informative,I learn much. A great addition to BWD’s hard work. ❤

  62. “Economic cult” is the perfect descriptor. This is ideologue behavior which defies common sense. Even Greenspan has acknowledged the hazards of these sorts of failed economic policies.

  63. IMO they hatched this plan a long time ago, before the elections. Had historical trend held, they’d have both chambers of congress through which to totally slash spending and create multiple crises across states. Republicans in statehouses would then use these crises to bust up public employee unions, potentially declare bankruptcy, and continue the race to the bottom with regards to labor obtaining less and less compensation for higher levels of productivity. Dick Morris was all over the place with this plan last summer:

    What the GOP would do if in power was clear, this information was available to anyone who needed to create a compelling argument that the parties are *not* the same, and that the GOP would implement a radical right wing agenda if placed in power. Too much time was spent predicting that the Dems would lose lose lose, too much content was devoted to why Dems deserved to lose from every angle along the ideological spectrum, and too little attention was paid to what the GOP had up their respective sleeves.

    Sites like this are going to help correct this problem and I thank you guys a million for it!

  64. jojothecat

    Yah another Californian, I didn’t work as hard as you did, but I was proud of the way the Democratic party worked together to get the vote out.

    Maybe this last election will teach Democrats to run as Democrats and not abandon the president.

  65. Excellent analysis, japa. What you say is true, though I can never quite bring myself to accept it. I still believe the power lies in our hands if we would but take it, though I understand this entails more effort than most people have the time or the motivation for.

  66. Yes it is, Faith, but most Americans are so distracted (even if we believe it’s by trivialities) that they often don’t take time to deal with what matters. I believe we need to have empathy with them while nonetheless encouraging them to be otherwise, but it’s oh, so hard.

  67. But the election was made to be all about Dems and laser focuses on Dem imperfections at the expense of a sane and rational discussion of what the GOP planned to do if in power. If one tenth of the energy devoted to predicting heavy Dem losses was spent discussing, not why Dems are so awful and brought it on themselves, etc., but on what the GOP planned to do, perhaps we could have saved a few more seats. And the chaos of the Crist/Meek drama in Florida put that wingnut in the governor’s mansion IMO.

    To look on the bright side: as so many people here have noted, it’s becoming more and more difficult for the cult of President Obama to ignore the GOP and lay everything on him. Republicans now hold a chamber in congress, have had to put forth a specific plan to cut spending, and are on display in multiple statehouses. They can’t be placed into the background any longer or their influence ignored. That’s terrific for us going into 2012!

  68. This is why it was such a bad idea for those who wanted POTUS to be front and center. Walker needs to come back to reality; his state is not flooded with outsiders; those are Wisconsinites on the streets upset because he pulled a bait and switch. He’s in denial.

  69. I feel the way you do, amk, but I don’t think the way you do, in that we must have sympathy for these people if we want to encourage them to become more informed. But I must admit, I often say exactly what you have just said in your comment, but when I think about it, I realize we need to see them as individuals with their own problems, and each individual is unique, if we are to be effective in impressing the vision of an enlightened democracy on them.

  70. Absolutely, gn, but won’t this become a self-defeating strategy in the long run? Whether or not they succeed temporarily, we are nonetheless a democracy and eventually the people, if squeezed enough, will react. They still have the vote (and I can’t see that being taken away) and eventually they might awaken enough to realize they need to use it effectively. A truly enlightened culture, of course (is there such a thing?), like a truly enlightened person, would avert crises before they occurred, but if the people are still capable of learning (and I can’t help but believe they are), there is always hope. The firemen and policemen who supported Walker (and were rewarded for it by being exempt from this bill) appear to be supporting the protesters, at least partially, and this is grounds for optimism.

  71. The consequences hurt everybody though and when trying to change things it’s better to have a coalition as broad as possible EVEN those who enabled the dysfunction.

    I know it’s hard, but you and I both know that’s how Obama would see it. He would remind us that some folks are struggling, some folks are scared (yes, even scared of a black POTUS) and that coupled with a powerful business and media force bent on exploiting it can lead to bad things. Luckily we do have elections pretty frequently and other (non 2nd amendment) remedies (impeachments, recalls, walkouts, vetos filibusters etc).

    So I welcome people changing their minds and waking up, just think of the alternative. 🙂

  72. Used to, specially during my enhanced period of forced unemployment and when I was trying to be self-employed and had the time to do so. Don’t have much of an opportunity any more, for which my brain is thankful.

    I remember how they kept defending Bush and Iraq, saying all troops in war time have low morale and it is no big thing, and foecasting fewer than a couple hundred casualties. Also, in the run up to the 2004 election how Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter and how he lowered taxes and the country came out of the deficit. I kept waiting for some one to call and point out how many times Reagan raised taxes because of the deficit, but no one did. I am sure they wouldn’t have let that person on the air.

  73. I know right-wingers who didn’t realize Colbert Report is satire. They watched it for quite sometime before they came to the realization that Colbert was poking fun at them and O’Reilly. I kid you not.

  74. So true, and Americans are also know for having short memories. But I think the pain and trauma created here will make people remember for a while. Wish we still had some Rockefeller Republicans. But he would be considered a liberal Democrat nowadays.

  75. Both you and Sheila are generous. Me, I can’t stand perpetual stupidity and racism.

    Of course, President would agree with both of you. 🙂

  76. Wonderful mishmash, thank you bwd… and even more good info in all the comments.

    I’m with gn- I love how “the only adult in the room” is getting around- it is indeed the perfect description for our POTUS, and most folks know its the truth.

    That little bit with FLOTUS and POTUS ‘primping’ Warren Buffet was very sweet, he is obviously a favorite of theirs.

    And I love that President Obama was in CA meeting with the heads of all these social networking groups.. our President knows how to interconnect this country, he’s got big ideas- and hes going to get everyone on board, imo.

    Happy happy Friday everyone~

  77. Well, in light of some other sites, neither are “progressives”. When you’re lost in ephemera, you can have no political vision for the future. In making the leap from the quantum world to the classical world, physicists speak of coarse-graining, a large picture, which is what is needed to inspire the mass of people to a vision of an enlightened democracy. Every person is entirely unique and lots of the ephemera will not speak to him or her, which is why concentrating on it politically is so futile. But anyway, you are right about regressives; unfortunately, these also refers to many others.

  78. The GOP has certainly radicalized! Indeed, I hope that having these stories front and center will eventually reach the distracted electorate and correct any mistaken understandings about the conventional wisdom that a divided government is ideal. That doesn’t hold with today’s GOP IMO.

  79. What an outstanding insight; I learn a lot here every single day. I personally think that it’s possible to be a liberal regressive. Celebrating and welcoming progress is a core component of progressivism. Those who are shaken up, upset, and fearful of progressive changes (because that’s what underlies purity politics IMO, a fear that “insufficient” progress will mean that no more progress will be made) are regressive, even if their belief system is liberal.

  80. Thanks, CarolDuhart…

    As you probably know, other state OFAs (like @OFA_TX #solidaritywi #notmywi) are cheerin’ ’em on! (Btw, i’m from TX lol…I can’t stand Gov Rick Perry… Years ago, he…like other GOP-elected officials… should have been ‘constitutionally’ recalled!)

  81. Exactly. Insufficient progress is not only no real progress for some, but it becomes backward movement. HCR is seen as a gift to insurance companies (which it is to some degree) and therefore all the good that comes from it is null and void. Not all progressives see things that way, but for some “the good becomes the enemy of the perfect” and only perfection matters.

    I honestly believe that many of the Obama supporters perceived him as a radical progressive who would immediately get everything done they wanted. And quite honestly, I think some of that thinking is because he is black and so outside the norm of American politics.

    Just like many Ameericans have short memories, Americans also have no patience. What those “progressives” want, they want now and damned be those that don’t give it to them.

  82. I totally understand amk, it’s hard to fight for somebody who is fighting against you on Tuesday and then fights with you on Wednesday but has never really fought for you in return.

    We have to peel as many as we can away from the clutches of GOP ignorance though.

    But you’re right sometimes it seems like they deserve their Galtian island unto themselves. LOL

  83. Yes, Toon, the mythology of the Hundred Days was born in FDR’s first term. It’s a metric few presidents live up to.

  84. I’m not that generous, amk, I “talk” a better game in the blogosphere. I can hurl invectives at the tv screen with the best of them. I just aspire to higher things, but I’m not yet there.

  85. I think the glut of information out there encourages short memories. We have not yet developed the skills to sort through all the data to find what is truly important. I like to think of us in a transitional period, evolving toward the capacity to assimilate more and more information in a meaningful manner. Thinking any other way is too depressing.

  86. Your insight here is also appreciated. I do think this site is very helpful in searching out information in a meaningful manner, without resorting to conjectures and suppositions. I know everyone is thankful to blackwaterdog for doing much of the difficult work for us, whicdh would not be relevant if we didn’t trust her.

  87. I tend to agree, but when she panders after right wingers to get them on her show (but doesn’t roast them with factual challenges), or praises the likes of Ed Schultz and his brand of Obama-bashing “activism”, I then question her judgement. I guess no-one is perfect right?

  88. As a resident of Illinois who heard Gov. Walker brag about attracting business out of Illinois because of the income tax increase here, I am wondering just how many businesses are getting ready to flee to the Wisconsin “Promiseland” at this point.

  89. Had he been a radical progressive, he would have got nothing done at all. Do these people have any concept of how our government works?

  90. I am proud of both of you my fellow Californian Democrats for all the hard work, and for saving the state from being taken over by “teabaggers” and right wing Republicans.

  91. That’s good to hear Sheila. California was almost in your position. If Meg Whitman won and more Republicans were voted in, we would be looking at the same thing. I am a state worker but not for the state of CA. The state I work for now has a Dem Gov but a Repub majority in the house. Next election, I will be phone banking and giving money to that state.

  92. I love this view of things, PJ. I just copied it to my ‘Keeping Sane’ folder. As my father used to say (though the Roman philosopher Seneca said it 20 centuries earlier): Fate leads the willing and drags the unwilling.

  93. I agree….I especially delight in Colbert’s brand of genuis. I left Rachel because I can no longer stomach attacks on President Obama, the critics and the naysayers have worn me out. I do respect her intellect, and her determination, but threw in the towel during the lead up to the repeal of DADT. Lt.Choi, and what I thought to be less than objective coverage influenced my change in viewing habits.

  94. Yes, it was FDR who established the notion of the “first hundred days” as a measure of presidential accomplishment. In the space of his own first three months in office, in 1933, he successively restored public confidence, ended the banking crisis racking the nation at the time, revolutionized the budgetary process, instituted the beginnings of a socio-economic policy-making machine that would lift America out of the Great Depression, and cajoled and coerced the Congress into passing a series of fifteen historic legislative acts that would usher in a period which lasted until the end of his presidency and saw a veritable renaissance in policy-making. No President since has ever been able to accomplish so much in so little time – with Barack Obama now being the one who has come closest.

  95. Yes, Colbert is a true artist. We DVR Rachel so I can just fast forward through anything I know I don’t want to hear. Some might think this close-minded, but I already know the talking points of the PL when they become incensed, so why get incensed myself?

  96. WOOHOO! Finally a place I can come for some factual information and intelligent discourse without having to sift through propaganda, lies, and trolls!!! Many Thanks!!!!!

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