You Talkin’ To Me?

President Obama boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, en route to San Francisco.


104 thoughts on “You Talkin’ To Me?

  1. Now I KNOW this is a coordinated social conservative attack on Michelle:

    By AMIE PARNES | 2/17/11 3:20 PM EST Updated: 2/17/11 4:17 PM EST
    Sarah Palin followed in Rep. Michele Bachmann’s footsteps and took a swipe at Michelle Obama on Thursday, mocking her efforts to get mothers to breast-feed their children.

    “No wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody, ‘You’d better breast-feed your baby,” she said at a Long Island appearance on Thursday, after slamming President Barack Obama for rising gas prices and other items — like milk — since he took office. “Yeah, you’d better, because the price of milk is so high right now.”

    Read more:

  2. Jack Lew in charge of stimulus:

    Vice President Biden used the second anniversary of the stimulus on Thursday to pass the torch to Jack Lew, President Obama’s budget director.

    Biden declared to members of the Cabinet that “we, in fact, have met our goals” that were laid out in the Recovery Act. “I think we can show, and everyone now acknowledges, [that] we not only created jobs around the country, we also spurred economic growth,” Biden said.

    For his part, Lew was happy to take over the job of overseeing the massive spending projects. “I will take the badge proudly, and the title,” he said, congratulating Biden for his work on the Recovery Act, which Lew said “has created the kind of economic stimulus it was designed to provide … in an unprecedented way.”
    Politico 44-

  3. But breast milk is healthier than cows milk. Not to mention cheaper.

    What worries them about healthy eating? A cynic would say it’s about fast-food profits. As more Americans eat healthier, McD’s is bound to suffer lower profit margins as fast-food becomes an occasional treat instead of daily diet. Another part of me thinks that they are afraid that if browner people would eat more healthily and exercise more, they might actually feel up to organizing and other more productive pursuits. A fat, unhealthy kid isn’t likely to be as politically active as one who’s healthy as has more energy.

  4. You know, the CBC looks stupid when it says that Obama should roll back his budget requests, because it will hurt Black communties the most!
    And then, as a matter of fact, throws in the republican plan as well!

    Thye mentioned both were draconian!

    This is stupid!

  5. Also, All these cuts are designed to effect minorities. But, what the GOP do not know, is the OTHER constituency they have, are the ones in denial about their own economic conditions… such as people in the Appalachia area, who are single issue voters becasue POTUS is black, and yet, their situation is greatly effected by the cuts the pubs are putting out their!

  6. I received a request from OFA Indiana to call our state reps because our legislature is going to try to do the same thing that is happening in Wisconsin. Both our house and senate are now controlled by the GOP as well as our union busting, privatizing everything, sell off our assets to look good, ex Bush budget director, trying to play nice to look like a good presidential candidate (but don’t be fooled) governor Daniels.

  7. My sister couldn’t stand Breast Feeding. A lot of woman can’t handle it at all. I respece a woman’s right to choose though.

  8. Now ladies, don’t be so obssessed with the outward appearance. 😉

    [Handsome outside and in! (languishing)Sigh! – if I could only stumble across one half as good, caring, warm, family oriented,etc. etc!]

  9. Look at this vote:

    Aviation bill cleared for takeoff
    By Josiah Ryan – 02/17/11 02:39 PM ET

    The Senate voted on Thursday afternoon 96-2 to limit debate on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization bill, clearing its way for final passage.

    The only dissenting votes came from Senate conservatives Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who advocated for an amendment earlier this week to slash funding in the bill back to 2008 levels. That measure failed.

    Limiting debate, or reaching cloture, required 60 votes while the vote on final passage requires just a simple majority. The authorization bill is almost certain to succeed in its final vote that will occur on Thursday or Friday.

    The major content of the bill, which seeks to improve aviation infrastructure and funding security services, are fairly non-controversial. The legislation, however, remained mired in the upper chamber for nearly three weeks as senators argued over collective bargaining rights for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees and how many flights should be added to Washington, D.C.’s, Reagan National Airport.

    Now that cloture has been reached, the Senate will spend a maximum of 30 hours on further debate before the final vote. Party leadership, however, will try to reach an agreement to shorten that time so senators can return home a little early for the Presidents Day recess.

    Amendments are allowed during the post-cloture period of debate and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he expected to take up eight or nine more Thursday afternoon.

    The Hill-


  10. By Josiah Ryan
    Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), joked that Sen. Barbara Boxer’s (D-Calif.) authorship of the Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights puts her “right up with the Founding Fathers,” on Thursday.

    “A lot of people don’t know this,” said Rockefeller. “But she is the author of the [passengers’] bill of rights, which I guess puts her right up with the Founding Fathers.”

    Boxer was on the Senate floor at the time and let out an audible laugh at his comparison.

    The Passengers’ Bill of Rights is one of the more popular measures inside the FAA authorization bill. It codifies regulations that require airlines to give passengers the option to exit the plane after delays of three hours or more.

    Rockefeller is the floor manager for the FAA bill and is navigating it through what might be the final hours prior to passage. – The Hill


  11. But what do you REALLY think of Governor Daniels, cuphalffull? 🙂

    Srsly: I hope the people of Indiana are able to push this back.

  12. And he’s flying across the country all the way to MY city, to see … well, not me. But a girl can dream.

  13. aTTENTION:

    Advise the Advisor is a new program to help senior staff at the White House stay connected to the American people.

    This week, Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, is asking for feedback from small business owners and entrepreneurs about some of the challenges they face. Next week, Austan will travel with President Obama to Cleveland, Ohio for the Winning the Future Forum on Small Business. At the Forum, the President will talk directly with small business owners and leaders about their ideas for how America can continue to grow the economy.

    You can add your voice to the conversation by answering one or all of the following questions:

  14. President Obama always makes me proud and gives me goose bumps for a myriad of reasons. This is one of them:

    Feb 16, 2011
    Obama calls CBS reporter Lara Logan

    Lara Logan covering last week’s protests in Egypt.CAPTIONCBS via APPresident Obama has phoned Lara Logan, the CBS News correspondent who was assaulted in Egypt last week.

    Obama called to express good wishes for Logan’s recovery, CBS reported.

    Logan, 39, was beaten and sexually assaulted by a Cairo mob Friday in the frenzied aftermath of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

  15. New homes – some still under construction, others completed – for the Pueblo Nation in El Paso, TX

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded approximately $15 million in Recovery funds to build affordable housing for Native American and Native Alaskan communities.

    Housing for the elderly – Eight new homes for elderly of the White Earth Tribe in White Earth, Minnesota are being constructed ($1.35 million)
    Kwina Village Apartments – 72 low-income rental units for members of the Lummi Nation in Whatcomb, Washington are being built ($4.2 million)
    Father Murphy Phase III – 10 new rental duplexes are being funded in this existing project in the Shawnee, Oklahoma neighborhood of the Potawatomi Nation ($2.7 million)
    Blackfeet Housing – 223 homes on the Blackfeet Reservation near Glacier National Park in northern Montana are being rehabilitated ($2.6 million).
    Mt. View Village Lofts – 12 new rental units are being built as part of a residential-retail facility in Anchorage, Alaska ($607,000)
    Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Housing – $450,000 funded the construction of three duplexes, the first in a total 90 duplexes for the Pueblo Nation in El Paso, Texas. These homes were completed in September 2010 and have been occupied by low-income tribal families.
    The other projects are currently scheduled for completion by or before early 2011.

  16. Yup. Since when has falsely equalizing the parties and purity politics worked well for black people? Dems need to get on message right away because they are truly wasting the opportunity to make hay about the GOP’s harsh cuts, finally specified.

  17. Look what Media Matters dug up from then Governor Palin in 2007 –

    ” Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, has issued the following proclamation:

    WHEREAS, breastfeeding is recognized as an unequalled means of providing food for infants.

    WHEREAS, throughout their lives, breastfeeding can offer children protection against serious health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Breastfeeding also saves lives by reducing the incidence of life-threatening cancers in women and preventing premature death in infants.

    WHEREAS, breastfeeding forms the most basic bond between mother and baby and is a foundation for lifelong health and wellness.

    WHEREAS, government and community organizations have a vested interest in protecting and promoting breastfeeding as a means of preventing infant malnutrition, morbidity, and mortality.

    WHEREAS, during October, organizations throughout our state will promote the importance of breastfeeding. This year, in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week – October 1 through October 7 – the State of Alaska will support networks that encourage and promote breastfeeding in all communities.

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sarah Palin, Governor of the State of Alaska, do hereby proclaim October 2007 as:

    Breastfeeding Awareness Month

    in Alaska, and encourage all residents to recognize and support the important contributions breastfeeding makes in improving the quality of life for all Alaskans.

  18. Whoa. I just looked at that pic that BWD retweeted of the Wisconsin capital and I am in complete awww.

    Incredible. Please let this be the tipping point where we take back our democracy. Please, please, please. I’m ready.

  19. The good news is that POTUS is still in WH, if it were a republican, we would all be thrown in jail or shot! I am serious!

  20. Oh I totally agree Jovie. They really don’t believe in democracy when it comes right down to it.

  21. I suspect the cbc is upset about the fact that the administration wants to cut back on money that they give to for profit schools. The same for profit schools that were investigated and found that they were duping their students. The administration wants them to prove that the degrees they offer would help their graduates find jobs. In other words: ‘are you legit? do you meet industry standards?’ A lot of minorities attend these schools and instead of joining the administration in protecting those minorities against fraud, they join up with republicans. I believe I read that these for profit schools are big donors to members of the cbc. So that would explain their intense and stupid opposition.

  22. Deomcracy happened three months ago when all these bums were elected. I have extreme sympathy for those who voted for Barrett, but Walker has a mandate, you just have to hope that there isn’t three ideologues in the State Senate, but the fact the Dems left the State makes me believe the votes are there.

    Police and Firefighters endorsed Walker, sure they’re marching now in solidarity, but given Walker won by 100,000 votes I wonder how much those endorsements were worth.

  23. That is only one part of democracy though and the watered-down one-day version of it has been a huge problem for the last 30 odd years.

    You can’t disengage for 364 days and not expect these types of things to happen.

    Democracy doesn’t happen one day in Nov, it needs to be practiced year round and I think this is the best civics lesson young kids can get.

  24. So true. My wife would have loved to breast feed, but she had an infection shortly after the birth of our first and because of th meds, couldn’t. The second was born very prenaturely and we couldn’t even hold him for two weks, so that kept her from doing it the second time.

    And some, for other reasons, can’t or won’t. Encouraging women to breast feed is not the same as telling them they have to.

    This is big folks….

    Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau
    A veto-proof majority of the Florida Senate rebuked Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday in a letter that urged the federal government to give the state $2.4 billion in high-speed rail money that Scott wants to reject.

    “Politics should have no place in the future of Florida’s transportation, as evidenced by this letter of bipartisan support,” said the letter, signed by 26 members of the Republican-controlled Florida Senate.

    “This project would create real jobs, cleaner and smarter transportation and true economic development for Floridians,” said the letter written to U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

  26. Excellent news. It’s about time folks began standing up to these Republican bullies instead of reflexively attacking the President and his administration (Ed Schultz I’m looking at you). Thanks Donna!

  27. This is another example of how President Obama’s administration is working on behalf of the poor and elderly. I also saw this report on my local ABC news this evening.

    “The Medicare Fraud Strike Force, part of the Health Care Fraud Prevention & Enforcement Team, on Thursday charged 111 nurses, doctors, healthcare company owners and executives in nine cities with participation in Medicare fraud schemes involving more than $225 million in false billing.

    The results of the operation, announced jointly by the Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services and FBI, represent the largest-ever federal healthcare fraud takedown, according to the FBI.”

  28. “Democracy doesn’t happen one day in Nov, it needs to be practiced year round and I think this is the best civics lesson young kids can get.”

    Amen JordanRules!

  29. Great stuff there, I hope they can set an example that bipartisanship ain’t dead…

    It just took a little skinny kid from Chitown to remind everybody that it absolutely doesn’t work in anybody’s interest (save for fake people aka corporations) to do it the other way around.

  30. Well, Jonathan Alter (who’s made money off of writing about President Obama) just went on my list. He was on Tweety’s singing Chris Christie’s praises.

    These idiots want to push this phony so hard they’re even trying to turn his being fat into an advantage over the thin and fit President. His fatness makes him look like a regular person.

    I have never seen such lunacy.

    Well, Crooks & Liars has a story up that tells the real truth about Christie. He’s just another Wall Street republican shill.

  31. Go, Florida dems! But they should have never let the fraudster squeak into that office in the first place.

  32. Not to worry. Everytime the MSM tries to push some Republican to beat Obama, it fizzles out in a few months, weeks or days because Obama is simply unparalleled in so many domains. Apart from the nefarious idea of a Dem primary to get Obama out of the running, they tried Jindal, Barbour, McDonnell,Thune, Bloomberg, Pence, Jeb, Huntsman, and none of them seemed to work out. Now it’s Christie, and he too, will fizzle out in a matter of weeks. Just the sheer energy requirements of presidential campaign will put tremendous strain on his flabby, unfit physique. Obama is NOT Corzine, and this is NOT a governor’s race we’re dealing with.

  33. You gotta love the media. They can make any former liability an asset. Yes, the man who probably has a heart problem is better as the face of the nation than a guy who has more sex than them. Personally, these guys are probaby sexually intimidated by President Obama. I mean, come on, he’s around their ages and looks better than all of them. Really, choose the person you find more attractive, Obama, Alter, Matthews, or Feeney? Hard choice, ain’t it?

    I find Chris Christie would be a hard sell because he is too blunt. I mean, come on the teabaggers don’t like to be told the truth. And I don’t think acting like a more rabid asshole than John McCain helps his chances with beating the sunny, inspiring President. It didn’t work for Mondale, did it?

  34. These Republican women are an embarassment to women everywhere. Plain and simple. What kind of person objects to supporting women who choose to breastfeed their babies? What’s wrong with these people?!?

  35. This disappoints me about Jonathon Alter. I thought he had better sense. I refuse to watch Tweety, now that he’s decided former President Clinton is the “president of the world”. That’s not right.

  36. I think Walker mistook his win, during a favorable Republican election climate, as a license for radical change.

    In reality, the people of Wisconsin were just not that into him when he was elected:

    HelloPublic Policy Polling has collected popularity ratings on Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and six other newly elected GOP governors since the 2010 election, and Walker does not compare favorably to his peers on that list.

    The numbers for Walker are a few weeks old but were only reported this week by PPP.

    In the firm’s Wisconsin survey taken Dec. 10-12, Walker was viewed favorably by 41% of registered voters but unfavorably by 49%. That’s worse than Ohio’s John Kasich (36% favorable/40% unfavorable) and far worse than Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett (39%/27%); Michigan’s Rick Snyder (48%/26%); Wyoming’s Matt Mead (53%/17%); and Nevada’s Brian Sandoval (57%/20%). The only new GOP governor of the seven who did worse than Walker was Florida’s Rick Scott (33%/43%). The numbers for the other governors come from similar polls done in the past month or so.

    What should we make of Walker’s numbers?

    They pre-date his oath of office, of course, so they don’t take into account anything he did in his first few days on the job or last few weeks before assuming the reins of power.

    And it’s just one pollster’s data, which is always good to keep in mind.

    But the poll does offer an apples-to-apples comparison with Republicans taking over in other states. And they do suggest that Walker starts out without the same cushion of personal popularity or cross-over appeal that, say, Michigan’s Snyder and Nevada’s Sandoval enjoy at the outset of their first terms.

    Why would Walker have had a net unfavorable rating just after winning election?

    A big factor is that the 2010 Wisconsin electorate was an unusually conservative one, featuring a partisan turnout gap that favored Republicans. By contrast, the post-election poll cited above surveyed registered voters who had voted in any of the major elections in the state between 2004 and 2008. Any sample drawn from that population is likely to be less conservative than the 2010 electorate.

    Jensen also suggests that Walker’s victory was less a statement about Walker than it was a rejection of Democrats after Jim Doyle’s two terms in office. Jensen notes that newly elected Republican Sen. Ron Johnson had better numbers in the December Wisconsin poll than Walker did. In that survey, Johnson was viewed favorably by 42% and unfavorably by 39%, compared with Walker’s 41% to 49% split.

    “Johnson’s victory had more to do with Johnson than Walker’s victory had to do with Walker,” said Jensen.

  37. Next to bwd, jovie here posts the most relevant news about this admin. Keep up the ferreting, jovie. Much appreciated.

    I also like Saint Roscoe’s contrarian posts – like his pointing out today how the Police and Firefighters endorsed Walker, against their own interests and then hypocritically are marching today . What exactly were walker’s positions that made them act so stupidly in 2010.

    American voters were stupider in 2010 than in 2004.

  38. Rand Paul is McConnells sock puppet just like SCOTUS injustice Thomas is Scalias sock puppet…repeat after me and do as I do.

  39. Ed was just on Rachel Maddow Show and I muted the sound. I don’t watch his show nor when he’s on some other show. I hope they booed him.

  40. Electing representatives doesn’t silence the voices of the electorate. Did Walker campaign on this issue?

  41. G20 meeting urged to act on food price inflation.

    Ahead of the meeting the International Monetary Fund warned that these have increased economic imbalances.

    Earlier this week, the World Bank said food prices were at “dangerous levels” and had pushed 44 million more people into poverty since last June.

    John Lipsky, first deputy managing director of the IMF, told the BBC that the G20 needed to work to remedy the instability: “There is great concern over the obvious high volatility of basic commodity prices especially food.”

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is currently the head of the G20, has argued that commodity speculators should be reigned in in order to reduce food price spikes and volatility.

    How about moving your own ass on this serious issue, nicky boy, instead of ‘arguing’ ?

  42. Scientists build the world’s first anti-laser.

    “Physicists have built the world’s first device that can cancel out a laser beam – a so-called anti-laser.

    The device, created by a team from Yale University, is capable of absorbing an incoming laser beam entirely.

    But this is not intended as a defence against high-power laser weapons, the researchers said.

    Instead they think it could be used in next-generation supercomputers which will be built with components that use light rather than electrons.

    Professor Douglas Stone and colleagues at Yale University had initially been developing a theory to explain which materials could be used as the basis of lasers.”

  43. China warns US over Clinton’s web freedom call. Huntsman supports Clinton’s call.

    In her second major speech on internet technology, Mrs Clinton called for the world community to adopt common standards for internet use.

    Speaking at a Washington university on Tuesday, she criticised those countries that sought to suppress its citizens with web-based tactics.

    She said the recent internet-fuelled toppling of rulers in Egypt and Tunisia and protests in Iran, showed governments could no longer choose which freedoms to grant citizens.

    “We believe that governments who have erected barriers to internet freedom – whether they’re technical filters or censorship regimes or attacks on those who exercise their rights to expression and assembly online – will eventually find themselves boxed in.”

    Mrs Clinton said China faced a “dictator’s dilemma” and risked being left behind as the rest of the world embraced new technologies.

  44. More good news!

    Mortgage delinquency rates drop

    “As the labor market improved, the number of homeowners who fell behind on their mortgage payments dropped in the final three months of last year to the lowest level since 2008, according to a national survey released Thursday by the Mortgage Bankers Association.”

    I haven’t read comments for several days and am surprised at the frustration and focus on Republicans in the comments. I was feeling tense about the budget, but I realized that there is so much information out there — negative and positive and I can choose what I give my attention to. The Republicans remind me of the kids that act out because they love the attention. Thanks to President Obama, we have huge amounts of news that is positive, but it gets lost if all of the attention is given to the negative.

    I think at times like this it is even more important for us to focus on the positive. I know for me, I have to be positive for my own emotional health. The last couple of years I would be so concerned about the president, but I’ve listened to him talk and really started to realize that this president can handle it. I remind myself of the times I’ve heard President Obama say that he enjoys the challenge. If he can then I can too! I can do my part. I want you to know I appreciate every positive comments here.

  45. That’s an excellent call on SOS Clinton’s part and reminds me of how President Obama was supporting free speech in Egypt. China wants new technology and for their economy to grow. They are ahead of us in certain areas. She’s letting them know that they will have to change their thinking on the Internet to allow the innovation that they want. Very holistic.

  46. That is fascinating amk. I get the feeling that there are amazing discoveries happening right now that will make all of the deep water drilling and other dysfunctional methods we have been using seem like the Stone Age. Technologies like this make President Obama’s “Sputnik moment” and emphasis on innovation even more powerful.

  47. Check out what Demint said about President Obama, it is outrageous!! He must be on something if he thinks our Commander in Chief is not our leader… What a complete hack!

  48. Yes, america still leads all other nations in technology R&D. I like the spirit of innovation that still persists amidst the sea of ignorance and indifference of most americans. The call by the President to invest more in education and R&D is the only way forward.

  49. They have never accepted his Presidency. That is why the Republican TeaParty was formed. They started protesting the moment he took the oath so DeMint coming right out and saying what I’ve pretty much known how they felt since Jan 2009 is not surprising at all.

  50. Two healthcare headlines that are a study in contrast:

    U.S. charges 111 in massive Medicare fraud crackdown

    Alaska governor refusing to enact federal health care law

    The Democratic-run government is using the government to cut government waste, which is supposedly the message that conservatives wanted to send during the November midterms.

    And the Republican-run government is using government of the people, by the people and for the people, to prevent healthcare-–an act that would seem to undermine the oft-repeated claim that America has the best healthcare available in the world.

    If you’re not making affordable healthcare available to those who were not able to afford it prior to reform or have been denied it because they are a child or an adult with a pre-existing illness, how does that decision support your claim America has the best healthcare available in the world?

    Dear Alaskan governor, why are you in government, if you’re not going to help people do what they cannot do for themselves?

  51. Yeah I totally agree, does not surprise me either I just thought it neeeded to be shown, how blatant and drunk these rethugs are and what they get away with… I bet no msm will comment

  52. And he’s too chickenshit to throw his hat in the ring and enter the GOP primary because he knows Obama easily defeat him.

  53. Wonder if they could put anti-laser technology on the windshields of jets to cut down on the laser strikes that temporarily blind pilots?

  54. I did a news search to see what DeMint said about the President. Finally found his latest idiotic remarks. But first I had to weed through a whole lot of other stories in his “crazy file.” Stuff like his being anti-gay; anti-unmarried women with children; against the Department of Education (they all are); how he works closely with Vitter of Louisiana and Rand Paul, etc., etc.

    Even in the horrible things he said about President Obama’s not being the leader of our country, he contradicted himself. First he told the hate group he was speaking to, that the President – and he qualified that by saying “any President” – is not the leader of our country. Then he said, “It’s pretty clear this President is not going to lead. We’ve got to replace this President.” Huh? So, a replacement would be different than “any President”? The next President will lead but “any President” isn’t the leader. Huh? Get yourself tripped up with your hatred and bigotry, DeMint?

    I can’t begin to tell you how enraged I found myself getting just reading that stuff.

  55. The white sheets have been folded and put away – they’re just out in the open now. No hiding needed anymore.

  56. Thanks for wading into the muck. I don’t have the stomach – I ignore everything DeMint says, because him and Bachmann are just fueled by hate. I don’t ignore them, because they’re dangerous – but I try to ignore everything they say.

  57. The Republicans seem to be desperately framing the prospect of the government shutdown as a viable option, and also trying to imply that Democrats are desperate for them to do it for simply political reasons. I’m not sure how they can even think of shutting down the government when we’re still climbing out of the recession. It’s so globally irresponsible on so many fronts, and there would be a lot less available to try to help with recovery. It could be irreversible. I think the Republicans are irresponsible enough to do it. And it chills me to the bone.

  58. I’ve been digesting all the garbage that the Republicans have been saying for some time now, and I think I’m full up. Not real sure what good it does to constantly post what they say and do day in and day out. Even still, what I think I’m seeing here is that not ONE Republican has come out and said enough. Just enough. Especially when it comes to bashing the First Lady, which is so, so not done in this country. I mean just the very fact that there isn’t a solitary voice of reason within the ranks of the Republicans should tell us all we need to know about these people. Why are we bathing in their poo every single day? Wonder what it would take to have a one day moratorium on talking about them, and like maybe a month without talking about the tundra tramp.

  59. Theo, they’re desperate to crown Clinton “president of the world” because they realize the rest of the world naturally gravitates towards President Obama – No campaigns or documentaries necessary…

    They all amuse me…

    President Obama doesn’t even have to lift a finger or have a documentary made to force a bogus title…

    I saw snippets of the preview of the Clinton documentary and couldn’t stop laughing…

    It all seemed so forced and rather comical especially the bit where the actor guy talks about people chanting “peacemaker” – lol…

    Heaven forbid that just like with the Nobel Peace award, President Obama, without even trying and without any solicitation, once again gets to beat out Clinton by staking the claim to the “president of the world” title…

  60. Not real sure what good it does to constantly post what they say and do day in and day out.

    I understand feeling overwhelmed at seeing the sheer volume of the Republicans venom everyday. Respectfully, though, I have to disagree on not seeing it posted here. One of the main issues I had with the “big name” progressive sites is that too often the focus was on attacking the President instead of highlighting the real enemy. Plus, just about every thread I read has a mix of positive news, general discussion, some comedy, and yes, a shared disgust at the antics of political foes of all stripes. I want to know the details of the damage that Repubs are wrecking elsewhere. This blog was one of the few that brought updates on what they were doing in Wisconsin. It’s unpleasant, it’s ugly, but nowhere near what it’s going to be this time next year when the campaigning really goes into gear.

  61. Personally, I would take everything I read at the Huffington Post with a grain of salt. For over a year it’s been bash President Obama 24/7. Now we all know why. Arianna sold the progressives/liberals down the river for $315 million.

  62. ^I’ll raise ya’ll a fifth! 😉

    And, of course, some already know this. But, besides the Congressional GOPTeaParty, this is what our President, his Admin, and the Congressional Dems are up against:

    RADICAL RIGHT: Radical States…

    And, as others have said, WE gotta do all WE can to help him:

    @Shoq: “If you break public unions in #Wisconsin you can break them everywhere.”- @Maddow More: #p2 #ofa #solidarityWI

    TRMS VIDEO: The Survival of The Democratic Party…

    After a year, as a group of registered Dem voters, we may be able to stop some of those local/state GOPTeaParty-elected officials by ‘constitutionally’ recallin’ ’em, where possible…Grrr!

    The Reid Report: Tea Party governors to America – if you want fast trains, science and women’s rights, move to a blue state…

  63. Cue Frank Luntz. What’s maddening is that they frame everything in silly slogans that’s immrdiately swallowed up by the media and then spread like wild fire.

    They all (including the media)laugh their behinds to the bank in the mean time.

    Really disgusting.

  64. My wife thinks so too and I am O.K with it. and by the Rachel did a very good job last night. and those who told people to syat home at misdterm Elections should be responsable.
    We have tearchers in our family, Thank you BWD.

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