Tuesday morning mishmash and press conference heads up!

Hi guys,

First, heads-up: The president will hold a surprising press conference at 11am EST.


1. Today’s schedule:

7:45 AM
VPB hosts a breakfast meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
8:00 AM  
9:00 AM  
9:15 AM
PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM  
11:00 AM  
12:00 PM  
12:15 PM
PBO and VPB meet for lunch.
1:00 PM  
1:30 PM
Barack and Michelle Obama honor recipients of the 2010 Medal of Freedom in a ceremony.
2:00 PM  
3:00 PM  
4:00 PM  
4:30 PM
PBO and VPB meet with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
5:00 PM  
6:00 PM  
6:30 PM
Joe and Jill Biden host a reception in celebration of Black History Month.


2. I love these events, i wish there was something like this every day. A true star-studded Medal of Freedom recipients list.


Few more budget items:

1. Obama budget has $556 billion, six-year transport plan

2. President sets up Round 2 over keeping Bush tax rates

3. Rejected Tax Increases Return in Obama Budget Plan

Could it be?? Is there a chance that the professional left begins to realize who the real enemy is?

Obama Budget Escapes Liberal Backlash — For Now

NYT editorial:

On paper, President Obama’s new $3.7 trillion budget is encouraging. It makes a number of tough choices to cut the deficit by a projected $1.1 trillion over 10 years, which is enough to prevent an uncontrolled explosion of debt in the next decade and, as a result, reduce the risk of a fiscal crisis.

// snip

For the most part, Mr. Obama has managed to cut spending while preserving important government duties. That approach is in stark contrast to Congressional Republicans, who are determined to cut spending deeply, no matter the consequences.


The budget is responsible in other ways. It would cap the value of itemized deductions for high-income taxpayers and use the savings to extend relief from the alternative minimum tax for three years so that the tax does not ensnare millions of middle- and upper-middle-income taxpayers for whom it was never intended. For nearly a decade, Congress has granted alternative minimum tax relief without paying for it.


Mr. Obama’s budget does not directly address those big issues, but doing so would require a negotiating partner, and Mr. Obama, at present, does not have one among the Republican leaders in Congress


Here’s the president’s full even yesterday in Maryland, including the sweet short discussion with the kids.



179 thoughts on “Tuesday morning mishmash and press conference heads up!

  1. GM bwd. Great to see tax cuts for rich being addressed again.

    Give it a day or two for PL to do the usual.

  2. Can’t wait for the press conference! Very interesting editorial. Thanks BWD for all the information! Love the picture! Have a great day everyone!

  3. AF/PAK gets new envoy, replacing Holbrooke:

    WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has chosen Marc Grossman, a retired senior diplomat and former ambassador to Turkey, as the Obama administration’s new special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, a senior State Department official said Monday.

    Mr. Grossman, who left the State Department in 2005 and is the vice chairman of a consulting firm, will succeed Richard C. Holbrooke, who died of a torn aorta in December, leaving a void in the senior policy-making ranks on one of the White House’s most pressing foreign-policy issues.


  4. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declined Monday to give a date for Egypt to lift its emergency law, even though the White House has demanded that the restriction be ended “immediately.”

    Clinton’s position, stated in an interview, puts her slightly at odds once again with the public stance expressed by the White House on Egypt.

    She told Al Jazeera on Monday that it wasn’t her job to “counsel” Egypt’s army, and she refused to say when the military should reverse a law that lets them arrest Egyptians without charging them.

    “I’m not going to substitute my judgment sitting here in the very beautiful comfort of the State Department for what is going on in Egypt right now,” she said. “I think it’s important that the United States and others who wish to see a positive outcome of this struggle by the Egyptian people to achieve their own democracy be supportive, but don’t pretend that we know more than what the people in Egypt know.”

    In a statement on Feb. 8, the White House said that Vice President Biden told Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman in a phone conversation that the United States supports “immediately rescinding the emergency law.”

    Two weeks ago, Clinton appeared to contradict the White House in another interview, saying on ABC’s “This Week” that there was “no discussion as of this time about cutting off any aid” to Cairo, contrary to statements from the White House that assistance was being reexamined. Robert Gibbs, then the White House press secretary, tried to revise Clinton’s remarks to reporters, telling them:

    “No, no, no, that’s not what she said. I think she – go back and read the transcript. She said, had a decision been made to cut off – and she said no. And I would say that no decision has been made. She also said later in that answer that we certainly review our assistance posture, and that’s what we’re doing.”


    Whyd does Clinton keep undermining the POTUS? Her peeps in the press are backing her up with force, however!

  5. I saw this too this morning, and thought WTF?
    I don’t know if she is going rogue or not, if so it’s time to put an end to it. I do agree that the people of Egypt must figure this out, but the emergency law does need to be lifted now, in order for them to move ahead.

  6. I think Egyptian army is getting the pressure from the President since they have announced a 10 day deadline for reforms as the BBC link I posted above. Probably HRH was to told to tell so.

  7. “Is there a chance that the professional left begins to realize who the real enemy is?”


    You know how some people hate their parents because they didn’t get enough attention? That’s their problem.

    I really wouldn’t pay them any attention, they have no influence. To wit, think of the 2008 primaries. The entire PL supported Edwards and Mr. $400 hair cut got blown (no pun intended) out in every contest.

  8. BTW: The newsweek cover is alarming! And another Hilalry supporter owns that mag, Tina Brown! This is very interesitng! It is becoming clear that their may be a rift devloping!
    Luckily, Mikas dad came out and supported POTUS this morning, and mentioned the President’s cairo speech as a catalyst for what is going on in the middle east and egypt!


  9. I especially enjoyed reading the paragraph below from the NYT editorial. The messaging brilliance and discipline of David Plouffe is starting to show.
    And finally, Mr. Obama’s message is now being managed by a new, disciplined team at the White House. The president and his team have been focused on a single message since the State of the Union, even repeating his new catch phrase — “winning the future” — repeatedly at every event. That discipline appears to be filtering down to his liberal supporters on television, radio and the Internet.

  10. I don’t think there is any actual rift. The media WANTS to give the impression of a rift in order to polarize Obama’s base, which includes Clinton supporters as well.

    This notion of a rift is ALL the media’s peddling, and I refuse to buy the junk they are selling.

  11. This is the trap POTUS has been setting:

    Monday, Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) were almost reading from two different scripts on entitlements. But in reality, Republicans seem to be coalescing around the same objective: to put Social Security and maybe even Medicare on the chopping block.

    Cantor, the Majority Leader, announced at a pen and pad with reporters yesterday that the Republican budget would cut entitlements — and Social Security in particular. Ryan, who chairs the Budget Committee, wouldn’t commit to it.

    But Ryan isn’t exactly afraid of proposing controversial entitlement reforms.


    It is what the PUBS have pushed for since its inception. why should POTUS go first on this issue? He did nbot run on it! LOL! Nice trap being laid by POTUS!

  12. I think you have it exactly right. The media, and to some degree, the public, love the idea of rifts in any administration. I remember when it appeared that Powell was not fully in support of the Bush agenda, and when other cabinet officials left, and it was all about the “rifts”.

    This is still a very touchy situation, and a lot of what comes out from Clinton is not really about Egypt, but for public consumption elsewhere in the ME.

    This is still a fine line being walked, and will be for a while, and there may be what seem to be mixed messages, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t being meant to be that way.

  13. Good Morning, I thought Newsweek was owned by Congresswoman Jane Harmon’s husband. Also, I read yesterday that this fella was a necon who loved President Bush.

  14. I love Andrew Sullivan but he is on his highest horse about Obama and the budget. This is Andrew at his worse, all righteous indignation minus a deeper understanding. He actually believes that Paul Ryan will save the day. I thought I missed Andrews when he was gone but now I am not so sure.

  15. Hey guys, we have to correct the message. Liberals is saying he is cutting liheap. he is cutting funding. This is disengenuous. liberals want progressive things but don’t want to sacrafice. Buy a extra heater with that tax money put money away for the winter, what people use to do.

  16. Exactly they can’t find any repub to run against him so the best thing to do is cause a rift. to split the democratic vote to make it easy for the candidates they got.

  17. The surprise presser today is another example of this message control. He’ll get asked the silly questions by the peanut gallary that passes for the White House Press Corps, but President Obama always ends up expanding his answers to get the points across he wants to hit on even of the questions don’t really ask it.

  18. I think the Repubs will try and pull a fast one – they’ll cut SS but it will be grandfathered from so far out so they can tell their teabag supporters that “see we cut entitlements” and then tell the old timers “We didn’t cut your SS, just the people that are 30 yo right now”.

    We’ll see. I don’t think the GOP will want to touch the third rail in any real way.

  19. I think it’s sort of a trick. Come the winter if there isn’t enough money there could be an emergency measure to fund it that all cold state Senators and House members would have to support.

  20. Nahh, (just give liberals who are not really democrats anymore, but are more far left, more like green party) a target to whine about, again!

  21. Chipsticks, at The Obama Diary, had a great post in the new right wing comic, Newsweek, yesterday. It specifically goes over Ferguson’s reactionary background. The media keeps getting worse.

  22. I just read a comment on “that site” where a strong supporter of the President stated if LIHEAP cuts go through then the President loses him and he will support a primary challenger.

    The short sightedness and consequences of these lines in the sand is astonishing.

  23. Thank you! Just trying to get credible/factual information out there in order to counter the lies/misinformation.

  24. Senate confirms first black judge to Fifth Circuit court from Miss.

    The U.S. Senate has confirmed Mississippi Supreme Court Justice James Graves to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

    Graves, who was nominated by President Barack Obama in June, becomes the first black judge from Mississippi to be appointed to the Fifth Circuit court. His nomination had broad support, including from Mississippi’s two Republican senators, Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker.

    The Senate backed his confirmation unanimously on a voice vote.

    The 5th Circuit court is based in New Orleans and has jurisdiction over federal district courts in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas


  25. DF, that was an excellent read thanks. This portion of the article stood out the most for me.

    As Joe Keohane reported last year in The Boston Globe, political scientists have begun to discover a human tendency “deeply discouraging to anyone with faith in the power of information.” He was reporting on research at the University of Michigan, which found that when misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in new stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts were not curing misinformation. “Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger.”

    I suspected this a long time ago, If we want to change we have to make the effort, while realisng that it is a constant struggle

    The whole article is worh a read.

    I also read the whole article by Joe Keohane : http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2010/07/11/how_facts_backfire/

  26. BWD: This heating assistance was raised, due to the oil prices in 08, you know, over 4 bucks a gallon. It is currently a buck lower, thus, cuts to that progam is logical.

    But libs just jump on it, because they are NOT democrats anymore, they are green party ideolougues!

  27. Sullivan is upset because the President did not cut entitlement spending. Specifically, SS, Medicare and Medicaid. There are three things he fails to realize:

    1. SS does not contribute to the deficit. It is fully funded. This is the first year that payouts have surpassed money coming in, but there is plenty in reserve. And the only reason it happened this year is because of the increased unemployment. Yes, there may need to be tweaks for future concerns, but that is not a budgetary issue.

    2. He states Obama promised to cut payments to doctors in Medicare. I personally don’t remember that. The cuts Obama promised in HCR were to reduce fraud and waste, not payments. Again, payments are mandated by Medicare and are not budget issues.

    2. Medicaid spending has increased mainly due to the economy, and as the economy improves Medicaid spending will be reduced on its own.

    Sullivan, fiscally, is an old line conservative in the Thatcher mold. He may be more of a social liberal/moderate, but on fiscal issues, he is hard line conservative except that he does agree with raising taxes on the wealthy. However, since the Bush tax cuts were extended for 2 years, there isn’t anything, from a budget standpoint, Obama can do.

  28. desertflower – Thanks so much for that. I’ve passed it around to my friends. I like Bill Moyers about 95% of the time (and I’m sure he feels the same about me). This part of his remarks was particularly telling and educational for us all, about accuracy in reporting:

    “But you, my colleagues, can’t give up. If you do, there’s no chance any public memory of everyday truths – the tangible, touchable, palpable realities so vital to democracy – will survive. We would be left to the mercy of the agitated amnesiacs who ‘make’ their own reality, as one of them boasted at the time America invaded Iraq, in order to maintain their hold on the public mind and the levers of power … “

  29. So far, I am liking the way OMB Director Jacob Lew is responding to questions. He is very forceful in answering challenges from the Republicans. He is definitely demonstrating his command of the material.

    Rep Allyson Schwartz (D) is asking questions now and she is hammering home the investing in the future meme. Also talk about what President Obama inherited when he came to office. Nice….

    Rep Lloyd Doggett (D) is reminding everyone that Jack Lew worked in the Clinton administration when there was a surplus. Shining a light on what happened during the Bush years. Love it….

  30. They receive waaaaay more attention (by way of the myth that they speak for the true feelings of the base) than is merited. So agreed.

  31. Bingo. If the Republicans want to cut social security and Medicare, let them explain themselves to the American people.

  32. Or in other words, he’s using harsh rhetoric in attempts of “forcing” President Obama into imposing Sullivan’s own (unpopular) ideas onto a public which largely does not agree with those ideas. The media is just…adolescent.

  33. And even when you were raising very valid points and questions about this cut, it was done in a firm yet tempered fashion. Reality and fact-based reasons were laid out sans tantrum. That’s the difference between this space and others “on the left.” Two thumbs up!

  34. I’m watching the Press conference now. Is it me, or is the press pool openly hostile? So far all of the reporters have seemed angry, confrontational, etc in their posing of questions. Their agenda appears to be to attack and insult the President, not to garner information. And, as is always the case, the President makes them look rather petty, small and juvenile, just as he did to Bill O’Reilly on Superbowl Sunday.

  35. Pamela, isn’t that a recurring skit at that place? “I’m his biggest bestest supporter ever…the selloutprostitutionwhore in the WH has lost me forever!!!” /flips table like a NJ Real Housewife

    All of the drama there gets people pinging back and forth rather than raising valid concerns, analyses, and even objections to some components of President Obama’s policy porfolio while maintaining a balanced outlook and being able to grasp the big picture. I wouldn’t take the one-act play which masquerades as the most sophisticated lefty site on the web too seriously. It’s just drama.

  36. Hope, I have not watch them for a while and thought they were Ok,
    But to be honest, POTUS handles them so beautifully their tatiic seems stupid.

  37. I’m not watching but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Several of them looked awfully flat-footed (when the brilliance of President Obama’s Egypt tightrope-walking made the media’s demands that the WH insert stridency into Egypt discussions look ridiculous and short-sighted).

  38. The only adult in the room is ridiculing the press for being too impatient. This is yet another tour de force performance from President Obama. He just makes sense.

  39. I just started listening to it after reading Hopefruit’s comment. He simply sounds like The Only Adult in the Room. Very reasonable, and utilizing his fantastic scalpel analogy that the WH has been using for some time.

  40. For the last two years, I have found that the biggest driver of anti-Obama poutrage from both the left and the right media/blogosphere is IGNORANCE.

    And the more people know, the better they are able to bypass this perpetual cycle of misinformation generated and maintained by the poutosphere.

  41. I like when he said not to use the term” shut down the government” loosely, because of the consequences, veternans not being paid etc.

  42. I wonder if the Press Corp is competing with them selves. Whos going to have the question that gets them headlines.They are selfish.
    Obama sure did make Chuck look silly.

  43. Exactamundo! We had the same questions and concerns about the cuts here, and hashed it out with information, with BWD raising some extremely valid points about the horrible optics of the cut, and japa raising an idea to accomplish the cut’s goal without an actual cut. The difference? No one flew through here with a tantrum to disrupt these calm discussions. No one needed a pacifier and nappy time when evaluating their thoughts opinions and critiques. This allows the sharing of ideas and information, sorely missing in the more high drama, sensationalist spaces.

  44. Dennis Kucinich, don’t you know. He suggested it himself, though I don’t know whether he intended to be the challenger.

  45. The joke is that an ideologue in the WH would get much less accomplished in terms of progress than the pragmatic progressive who’s in there now ushering in some astounding accomplishments, one on top of the other. With the GOP in the House, any liberal who thinks that we’re going to get a reasonable budget from our point of view is just fooling her or himself. There are going to be some cuts that we’re not going to agree with, that’s a guarantee, but it is not a consequence of some moral or ideological failing on the part of this President; it is a consequence of a country which wants to see spending cuts (although not to SS and Medicare IMO), and which empowered the GOP through activism or tuning out of the midterms. To imagine that context away just isn’t useful.

  46. Unanimous voice vote now but how long was he blocked by one lone hold through the last congress?

  47. I take it back, our press C is not very bright.

    I don’t think our Press C, hears, listens, reads or watches the president. I don’t think they read anything that contradicts their views about his leadership. So glad we have an adult in the room

    I am however, grateful that they did not ask about HRC. 🙂 ☮♥

  48. President Obama just schooled the White House Press Corps. They sounded like children who had not paid attention in class and hadn’t done their homework. Really a pathetic display.

    As he stepped down from the podium I could just imagine him saying….”Check Please”.

  49. I have never heard PBO say he is willing to cut SS now or in the future. In fact he has many times stated quite the opposite – He is NOT willing to cut SS. He has said it over and over and over.

  50. He’s always like that. It’s almost boring. IMO that’s the real reason that the media has problems with him: there’s no drama (dramas and sensations are easy to cover and sure to generate viewers and page clicks). If POTUS swaggered into the press conference and said, “the GOP will take my budget and they will like it because *I AM THE DECIDER*” they’d be in heaven at the moment. They want some drama and POTUS being who he is, really can’t give it to them. He’s a laid back Hawaiian and they want Jersey Shore in the WH. Mismatch.

  51. The press corps are intellectually lazy and simply scan the fauxgressive blogs and FOX News to get their talking points. Then they come back and try to match wits with the only adult in the root. And they FAIL everytime.

  52. So true ladyhawke, they have not done a bit of homework, and are stuck on stuff that was covered previously, when they were not paying attention in class.

    Their glareing ignorance make them unfit for position as Press C

    I think they need to be sent out in the fields for more job training, because they are not very good

  53. PS. Really enjoyed the way he framed the answers about the debt and deficit, starting a conversation about our values, the remarks about infant formula, Pell grants, and benefits for seniors and military personnel come to mind. Posing the “Is this the kind of country we want to live in?” question

  54. I love my POTUS! Love how he simma down that guy Chuck Todd. I hope Chuck Todd sees all the tweets that followed, again proven himself to be nothing more than a tool.

  55. Great piece, MK. The Israeli and Saudi leadership are on the wrong side of history wrt Egypt’s transition, and thus Ferguson slamming POTUS from that vantage point is similarly misguided. IMO he was the one hyperventilating in that Newsweek piece…

  56. what tweets? Chuck Todd is one of the main reasons I couldn’t watch the press conference today.

  57. I know what you mean. I was looking foward to him returning after being ill, but then I saw the remarks about the budget and I have not gone back. Andrew is moody. The president for him is wonderful unless he is doing what Andrew wants, then words like “coward” get thrown around. I can’t deal with that kind of extremism. I guess this is the only site left where I can go for any real discourse.

  58. I hope that it spreads like wildfire because it’s so true! It is supercool that some media people have started to use this rhetoric.

  59. Indeed. I love that he raised the question to the American people about what type of country we want to be. The version in which we take formula out of the mouths of babies, or a more kind version. Very compelling vision.

  60. Or simply ignore otherwise insightful people when they are in the midst of a tantrum. This is a microwave society which encourages kind of an infantile, “me me me” “give it to me now or I’m going to throw my baby bottle at you” view of things sometimes; we’re all prone to it to varying degrees. I love that this space is just completely free of it per the site guidelines; in my opinion, other spaces which have it can just be read with a grain of salt to glean the insights while ignoring the temper tantrums (insofar as people want to read those spaces at all).

  61. I need help on something that I’m hoping I can crowd-source here. I was speaking with someone in the Party yesterday who told me that he read on HuffPo that the President’s budget hurts the working poor and he believed it! I’d like to send an email to our PCOs that counters that. Can people provide me with some facts from the budget that counters the HuffPo meme of President Obama’s budget hurting the working poor?


  62. Exactly Hopefruit, the media thrives on setting up infighting between democrats.. why do we think that the likes of Hamsher, Arianna, et al are such media darlings? And nothing the media loves more than to create a friction between Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton.

  63. Watching the Budget Committee hearings today, it is so clear that the Republican (Just Plain Nuts) Party is furious that President Obama did not give them cover by going after entitlements in his proposed budget for 2012.

    Steve Benen has more on this………


    Indeed, it was one of the more striking aspects of the Republican message yesterday. GOP officials were outraged that the White House didn’t touch entitlements in its budget plan, but seemed lost and confused when asked whether Republicans would touch entitlements in their budget plan.


  64. Hi Tien Le, if you read the previous three entries, bwd has outlined measures in the budget designed to provide assistance to the poor as well as cuts to defense spending. The PL is as usual running a smear job against President Obama for reasons unknown.

  65. They want to cut entitlements but they want POTUS to take the hit. You can tell that the PL had already set up the complementary, GOP-enabling, narrative (months of fearmongering about the “catfood commission”). Sullivan insisted on much the same, calling POTUS a “coward,” except, POTUS is a liberal Dem, not a conservative Republican. If they want these cuts they need to introduce them and explain themselves to an American public which largely disagrees.

  66. “Liberals want progressive things but…” they want someone else to do the “sacrificing”

    Good comment and I agree about trying to put away money for winter. One thing I think is that companies should not be allowed to raise the price of heating oil in the middle of winter. I saw this happen a lot when we lived in the East, especially when the winter was a bad one. It’s hard to budget when you can’t count on the price staying stable.

  67. “”The Republican s aren’t good at governing but they run smart campaigns and the media don’t call them out on it” ….BO

    So true

  68. Exactly! IMHO, we should have more regulation of some of the heating oil suppliers. A lot of them just gouge people when they are most in need by jacking up the price in mid winter.

  69. Can I just say how handsome our President is. I loved every minute of his press conference today. He reminded us of what idiots the correspondents are and that he continues to be the only adult in the room.

  70. The Administration saw it as a trap. GOP have proven over two years that they’re all about defeating President Obama and have no desire to really work with him on any major issue of the day. Whe Mitch McConnell flatly says his number one priority is to see that Obama is a one term President, how can the Administration look at it any other way?

    The Obama budget cuts as deep as reasonably possible – meaning anything the GOP suggests will be cutting meat rather than fat. So if they want to make a big play to the teabaggers without touching the third rail that is SS and Medicaid/Medicare then they’ll have to budget deep and painful cuts that nobody will like. Or they go after the third rail and bring up the entitlement cuts and tries to push the “See we’re being serious meme” but knows it will be very easy to run with “GOP calls for cutting Social Security and Medicare”. They wanted that headline to come from Obama, and are not name calling because “real serious leaders would have did that, politics be damned” even during the presser today Todd tried to corner him on the idea that “You said you’d rather be a one-term President who did the right thing” like President Obama should lay down and sacrifice himself to the tactics over the last two years of the GOP. Will Chuck Todd ask a similar question to Boehner “Are you willing to give up your House majority for the sake of addressing entitlement cuts now?”

    Entitlements are not even part of the discretionary budget anyways – it’s set spending by law. It can be addressed outside of the yearly budget process.

  71. well said. In general I enjoy reading Sullivan, even when he is throwing tantrums or going into some meandering rouet like on Palin.

    When he gets all worked up like this, I tend to ignore it and wait for him to settle down, which he is already doing today. There is nobody in the world that I am going to agree on everything with, so if I drop somebody from my reading because I don’t one part of what that person says, I am really only depriving myself.

  72. Sorry I don’t have a link for this but:

    “GOP faces dueling goals: Spending cuts vs, defense” by George Will, Washington Post Writers Group.

    Apparently in the defense budget is $14.4 billion for new amphibious assault vehicles for the Marines who haven’t made an amphibious assault since Inchon in Korea, 1950. Sec Gates is against spending this money but some Repubs think this would halt Marine’s “core mission”

    I have two active duty Marines right now in my family who would really like to educate the Repugnants about Marines and what their real “core mission” is. My nephew said this:

    “A marine will run, march, walk, swim, crawl or die for his country. That is our mission, Semper Fi.”

  73. My twitter timeline was heated up with how disgusting Mr. todd was behaving and how 44 put the smack down on him. lol

    u can #chucktodd and see the tweets especially directly after chuck asked his asinine questions/ 🙂

  74. Ha BWD,
    I see you’ve dropped Andrew Sullivan from your blogroll. He has returned with some truly vile bile. His rants about PBO and the budget are extremely galling.

  75. I wish a helluva lot more would be made about the Bush tax cuts and how that exploded the deficit – and he didn’t make any corresponding cuts because he know they’d be politically unpopular. His neo-con plan was to get the tax cuts passed and entrenched and then force drastic spending cuts on another administration because ending the Bush Tax Cuts would be framed as “raising taxes” and politically suicidal.

    I wish somebody would speak plainly to these facts. I want Mitch Daniels to run for President for this reason alone – he was the OMB director who signed off on the Bush Tax Cuts – I want him asked if the plan was to really have them sunset, and how he could sign off on such cuts without spending cuts and if the plan was to force spending cuts on the next administration by creating a budget and enetitlment spending emergency?

  76. Starting Shortly on CSPAN3:

    President Obama announces 2010 Medal of Freedom Winners.

    (Right now, mellow jazz being played in the background)

  77. I agree on all counts. The wisdom of BWD in naming this website “The Only Adult In The Room” is validated everyday. It is interesting that I am hearing and seeing ‘the only adult in the room’ attributed to President Obama more and more on cable, in print, and on the internet. And it started right here.

  78. Wish we could do “likes” or “rec’s” here sometimes because this comment would get 1000 from me. “Ignorance is supposed to be bliss” but I have wondered lately why so many ignorant are so very unhappy.

  79. LOL GN,

    I think that’s because most of us here learned all we needed to know in Kindergarten or maybe it was from Star Trek. ♥

  80. The press conference was great. He was calm, confident, and in control. He conveyed a sense of hope, spoke sensibly, and managed to sneak in a few lines on “good behavior”.

    I loved the one about “the press wants things to happen instantly, I heard this from you on tax compromise, DADT, and Egypt.”

    Also several comments about “will folks try and score political points or sit down and have a quiet, responsible discussion about the issues?”

    Then when he talked about cutting off baby formula or denying health benefits to retirees. It was very effective.

    He combined articulate answers, with easy to understand examples (don’t put any more on the credit care), and a few pieces of advice on how to reach compromise. I hope he does this type of speech more often.

    I also hope, that either the entire speech or pieces of it can be spread throughout the Web so everyone can see it. Thanks goodness for this group and the power of social media.

  81. Great news, BWD! James Graves is a thoughtful man well versed in the law. He well deserves this appointment.

    Shame to the GOP who have done everything to halt and block PBO’s court appointments. Maybe now we will get the judges we need here in the Western district. Our courts are backlogged and our judges overworked because of the GOP obstructionism.

  82. Now I actually look forward to the peanut gallery being hostile towards President Obama because he always smacks them down, with a smile on his face. lol

  83. And the mellow voice now speaking.

    I’m tearing up every time he mentions Congressman John Lewis, in particular.

  84. This tweet to chuck was way funny

    If u did your damn hmwrk @chucktodd U would hv knows that abt the POTUS sister

    (POTUS siter is named after Maya Angelou)

    folks are brutal

  85. Aw, President Bush gettting his medal of freedom is tearing up, very sweet. He has said some nice things about Obama and they looked at each other very fondly.

  86. Where does the “If GOP budget cuts lead to job losses – so be it” Boehner quote come from?

    Dems really need to jump on that one and blast it out. GOP likes to trumphet the unemployment rate as an attack on President Obama, but Boehner doesn’t seem to really even give a damn about people having and losing jobs.

  87. AG, I can’t tell you how many times I have written to the WH, to the Fed, to the Treasury asking them to stop allowing speculation in commodities as it affects not only people in the US but people around the world. If there is good reason to go into the commodities market because one actually trades those commodities – fine -, but hedge fund speculation that causes hunger and pain is another. I guess I am a sole voice here but maybe more people will join my chorus.

    A hedge fund cannot be morally allowed to jack up wheat prices, for example, for profit, and cause people to starve in other countries. Energy companies jacking up prices in the winter is similar. Heck, they have already committed to their winter supply in the Spring or Summer. It’s not like it’s a surprise that winter comes every year and they suddenly have to go buy more oil or gas.

  88. I’m chiming in here, to add my agreement that Sullivan’s reaction to the budget is disappointingly childish. I was also looking forward to his return, but I’ll wait for him to ‘settle down’. IMO it is really pathetic that for so many who have a say in the media the President is a ‘coward’ when he doesn’t put THEIR theories into play. As the President himself has said more than once, when an issue reaches his desk it’s because there’s no easy solution. With all the presidential experts out there, I’m surprised more of them are not throwing their caps in the ring to solve the nation’s problems. I’m tired of their predictability. Thank you BWD, and readers at this site, for sharing links that extend the dialogue.

  89. But, but, but…..

    I love “no drama Obama” If I want drama I can watch Telenouvellas.

  90. You are very welcome:) I thought it was an excellent read myself. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

  91. President Obama is just as sweet as he can be. I love the way he is interacting with each Medal of Freedom winner. I didn’t know I was going to need a box of tissues today.

  92. jacqueline…you are welcome as well:) Glad to hear that you passed it around. This NEEDS to be passed around. Explains a lot…in a sad sort of way.

  93. Bazinga! Take that Niall Ferguson and his out of touch Newsweek cover article about Obama “blowing it” in Egypt when it was Newsweek that blew it.

  94. Go BWD! You and your site are viral when MSM starts using your “Only Adult In The Room”
    title and message. Sing it Sister! Bravo, Viva BWD!

  95. Tina was pretty open about her feeling since the 2008 election season. She made it clear that she thought Obama was/is a over rated, boring man.

    Too bad. I did not mind Newsweek until she took charge.

  96. I love President H.W., he is exactly what President Obama said, a gentleman. The entire event was wonderful. I believe President Bush likes President Obama a lot. Also, Congressman Lewis was crying, I love him, too.

  97. Well said with one caveat: for me, if I have lost trust in underlying motives, intellectual honesty, and tolerance for racism when discussing the President and his supporters, I can’t engage or consume the media product. And I also want to emphasize the need to decentralize progressive and liberal thought in the new media in order to lessen the echo chamber which is so prevalent and distracting (and untrue) claims that there is a big fissure in the base.

    I can absolutely understand (and agree with) bwd’s decision to ignore Sullivan until he finishes his tantrum and not endorse whatever he’s doing now by having it on the blogroll.

  98. This probably isn’t very nice but my Hubby said last night: “I bet the Saudis are pissing their pants if they are wearing any under those robes. Like Obama said the souls of men yearn to be free. They can’t stop this.”

    He believes that the ME will throw off the yolk of “religious extremism” and it is a lesson for us here in the US to do the same.

  99. “Do what I want and impose *my* will forcibly on other people, or I will get really mad and use my high media platform, not to inform my audience, but to punish you.”

    It. is. unreal.

  100. Jenny, I never understood the adoration of J.E. myself. He talked a good talk, but I highly doubt that he would made it happen.

    Rich guy, who wants to help the poor. As I recall his voting record was not particularly progressive.

    His message was great , but I think it was most like campaign rhetoric . Of course, all pols are guilty of that to some degree.

    Man, I am so glad that he did not win the nomination. For a number of reasons.

  101. Okay, Thanks – I just saw the tweet and it didn’t source it. Dems need to jump all over this.

    First because Boehner is being so glib about job losses when he was running on “Where are the jobs” in 2010 and will likely try it again in 2012, and because he has his facts incredibly wrong.

  102. POTUS told everyone to unclench their fists. To me, this involves abandoning fundamentalism for a more cooperative and inclusive “we’re in this together so we might as well figure out how to progress together” viewpoint. It’s awesome, because it squeezes out people who won’t let go of extremism/fundamentalism and shrinks their base of support. The problem was never with the handful of extremists/fundamentalists; it’s always been with their moderate audiences which have been in somewhat agreement with the goals if not the tactics. POTUS’ approach is going to go down in the history books IMO.

  103. Dorothy, I kind of liked Edwards at first but my Hubby called him an “ambulance chaser” who made his money off people in pain. I met his wife at a fund raiser many ago and I really liked her a lot. She was just so like me, ordinary and down to earth. She spilled juice on herself before her speech and needed a new blouse quickly. She asked for the nearest thrift store, not a mall, where she found a blouse to change into for a few dollars. This just endeared her to me so much.

    Edwards behavior toward this woman who had supported him, loved him and suffered a lot made me sick. I think he is just a pretty boy package with no character, no substance and nothing to offer as a president.

  104. LOL, we are >>>>>here<<<<< aquagranny. I love the Young & the Restless and reality shows of all types. That's where I get my drama; I don't need to see it in the WH when the real life consequences would be so severe!

  105. One of the rare days that I’m actually mad I have to work – couldn’t watch the press conf today… 🙂

  106. Granny Power!!!

    Me too on those issues as well. What little I know about the so called “commodities markets” makes me just a little crazy myself. In my understanding, it’s about making bets on how far they can gouge the needy in times of most need.

    Keep up the good work and are you writing actual letters with pen and paper? This is my new goal. It takes more time and costs for postage but I am understanding that this type of communication is becoming so rare that it really garners attention.

    On advice from a poster at TPV, I am also including my email address and Fax# with my address in the letters so they won’t just consider me an “old fogy”

    I still fax a lot to my Reps and Senators, also WH so they will know that I am on patrol and watching what they do. I love faxing because it is so immediate and leaves a paper trail but now I am also writing real letters and mailing them too.

    ♥ Sing it Sister!

  107. If there isn’t a rift, why is Clinton publicly contradicting the President’s position on Egypt and why hasn’t she shut her followers up yet? She seems to be very passive-aggressive. I hope after the re-election that she is gone. Every major foreign policy accomplishment in this administration has had to have Obama’s input. She doesn’t seem to be able to handle anything on her own correctly.

  108. AG, Yes, real letters and e-mail, and I have been known to call and sob great grandmotherly heaving sobs in their ears. So far it is not working. Seems rather silly and stupid to let the commodity bubbles get going and then have to send aid over to feed the very people the brokers are forcing into starvation, doesn’t it?

  109. Also, Cake boss? Cupcake wars? Hubby asked me the other night: “When will they start having really fun food fights?” LOL!

    Agreed! The WH is no place for drama.

  110. Hi Saint Roscoe:

    I am an avid reader of your posts… So thanks for what you bring to this site.

    Have you any thoughts on the GOP “Starve The Beast” policy strategy? It seems to easily answer some of the mind-boggling policy choices that the GOP subscribe to… But I’m unsure if it is real or just made up. it certainly doesn’t seem to be acknowledged as real.

    Any thoughts?

  111. YES! to that thought. We have so been caught up in “them vs us” into “my way or the highway” “I’m always right,you are wrong” and “I win, you lose” that a President who believes in more than one idea, who is open to all beliefs and who promotes a concept of win/win is making lots of people crazy and is really confusing to some.

    How do I love my Prez, the ways are too numerous to count.

    I will say that I would have so lost my temper with the pundits, the frustrati, the Repugnants and the waffling Dems that I would have gone ballistic long before now.

    Dios te bendiga, Barack Obama for your balance, serenity and courage.

  112. My apologies for going off-topic, but I came across an article written by Spencer S. Hu and N.C. Aizenman, dated 3/08/2011, in the Washington Post which probably didn’t receive very much attention at the time but is good information to have on hand when discussing immigration reform. (I wasn’t aware of this correction issued by the Department of Homeland Security.)

    “Months after reporting that the number of illegal immigrants removed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement increased 47 percent during President Obama’s first year in office, the Department of Homeland Security on Monday corrected the record, saying the actual increase in those deported and “voluntary departures” was 5 percent.”

    “Including both categories, ICE removed 387,790 in illegal immigrants in the year ending Sept. 30, 2009, compared with 369,221 in 2008 — a 5 percent increase.”

    “Counting only those deported by ICE, the total grew 13 percent, from 264,541 in 2008 to 298,401 in 2009….A DHS spokesman said figures ‘inherently fluctuate month to month.'”

    “Matt Chandler added, “This administration is focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that focuses first on those dangerous criminal aliens who present the greatest risk to the security of our communities, not sweeps or raids to target undocumented immigrants indiscriminately.”


  113. BIG SIGH! Yes, but I will keep on keeping on. Illigitimus non carborundum (don’t ever let the bastards grind you down!)

    I have been thinking that my Senators can walk from DC to AZ on the paper trail of my faxes to them. I won’t stop!

  114. Here’s an article in The Atlantic, written by Derek Thompson and Garance Franke-Ruta, entitled, “What Obama’s 2010 Budget Does–And Doesn’t Do.” It describes a portion of the funding is being set aside for exactly what you’re talking about,”energy-related emergencies.” What do you think about this assessment of the cuts and the impact that it will have?

    “Also drawing early fire was the leaked news of a proposed cut to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). As explained in the budget, the program will continue to be funded to the tune of $2.57 billion — with $1.98 billion in base grants and $590 million in contingency funds to respond to energy-related emergencies — a decline from the authorized 2009 total of $5.1 billion.”

    “What causes the change is the elimination of a mandatory funding trigger included in very recent budgets in response to the historic energy price spikes of 2008. The changes are based on the assumption that energy prices, which have declined since then, will remain below their peak levels and so additional funding won’t be needed.”

    “In 2008, LIHEAP cost the government $2.6 billion, and the 2012 budget returns the funding to the level it had just a few years ago. In short, as with the Pell grants, an area of very recent growth is being rolled back.”


  115. Don’t forget, they became accustomed to their press releases being handed to them by the last administration. No NEED to prepare…

    I imagine they’re quite upset because they actually have to work for a living now…not that they actually do but it must be difficult trying to out guess and/or out maneuver the present occupant of the White House.

    Dinner and a show!

    I’m loving it…

  116. Thank all the Gods in all the heavens that this blog exists.

    Just came from a peek at DKos4- same as the old. Their bashing of the President is ongoing and getting old.

    They also criticize without facts or legitimate information.

    The anti’s are as bad as the tea partners.

    Barack Obama is probably the smartest president this country has ever had. And he is always the smartest guy in the room.

    It makes me laugh when one of the doofus White House press tries to trip him with their BS. He always has a substantial answer.

    I wish I had Chuck Todd’s phone number so I could call and yell, “you suck, Chuck!”

  117. Jovie, I hope not. There does seem to be something happening, or maybe the media is playing with us.

    Question: Surely Hillary has the power to tell her buddies to keep their mouths shut. That is the part that concerns me.

  118. Politics is largely driven by emotions and those who whip up passions get them motivated to vote, donate and advocate.

    I see the GOP position on the budget as driven by resentment among middle class whites who believe the federal government taxes them to give money to “the unworthy”. So notice who the GOP targets in their cuts: poor women of color.

    Notice who they don’t target: subsidies to allegedly free market corporations. Who owns those deserving recipients of my tax dollars? Probably not poor women of color.

    Here is the reality. Most spending and most regulation (you heard me right) is requested by business. Any theater we hear from the GOP is smoke to obscure this truth.

  119. ROTFLOL! “You suck Chuck!” I want a t-shirt and a bumper sticker. You have made my day, ChandlerW!

  120. Yesterday on Mathews show, he pointed out that the Republicans simply dont have a candidate who has such an in depth grasp of the the issues and the ability to articulate them as this President. I dont want to jinx the P by being overconfident of 2012 but Ive felt this way all along. I keep remembering Frank Luntz trying to influence his FNC debate watcher focus groups without any luck. On top of that BWD posted a recent FNC poll the other day that was favorable to the President. I just keep thinking that despite the midterms, the people did vote for O in 2008 for a reason. The reason in my opinion goes beyond the Johnny Mac would be a third W term. I think it’s because he obviously has a grasp of the issues and what to do about them on top of him being such an inspirational, likable and extremly smart person. I heard the other day that Brian Willims(and lets face it, he’s the man in the TV news bizz and has the ratings to prove it) referred to him as an astonishing candadate. That seems to sum it up very well.

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