Evening treat

First, President Obama’s press conference this morning. Poor WH corps, he’s taking them to the cleaners each and every time.


And, this is really NOT TO BE MISSED.


Mouse-over the photos.


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  1. In between meetings, and just had to take a peek at what goodies are on BWD’s site today!!

    And I can see I will have a lot to enjoy when I get home!! 🙂

    Thanks again for all the wonderful news and photos!

  2. Great summary, BWD. On those last two pics, all I can say is Prez is soooooooooo fine.

  3. Lovely. Thank you bwd, I would’ve missed this. What a great group of recipients for the Medal of Freedom.
    It just amazes me how he goes from one important event to the next, and the next… completely “present” each time.
    And, the smile 🙂 That should be capitalized — The Smile 🙂 🙂

  4. I have been worrying about the strain I have been seeing on the President’s face and the tension in his voice. In the pieces that BWD shared with us today the first thing that hit me was that he looked refreshed and rejuvenated.

  5. I have been fascinated by the growing blogroll. Its a great way to network with those that are part of the solutions.

  6. Compare to some of the awards given by the previous President, including to Bremer, who screwed up Iraq when he was in charge there, and Kristol and Podaheratz, two major neocons who helped this country go in the wrong direction for years.

  7. Thanks, BWD.

    I was moved by the emotions on the faces of the recipients. It’s obvious to me that this recognition means so much to them. I can see that they really appreciate being appreciated for the services, contributions, and sacrifices they made on behalf of the country. I was very happy to see my “homeboy” Congressman Lewis receive a Medal of Freedom. IMHO, he definitely deserves it. He has been a civil rights warrior who has served his country in Congress for at least 30 years, and most of all, he has remained a very sober, humble man who would still rather help, than hurt, others in spite of all that he has endured in his life. I’m very proud of all of the recipients, but I have a special place in my heart for Congressman Lewis. There is no way that we can repay these recipients, but receiving the Medal of Freedom at least lets them know that we noticed and we appreciate them. Good job, on your selections, PBO! Once again, you did good.

  8. Happy tues. everybody..!! *hugz*

    Really enjoyin the pics 😀

    From my twitter timeline:

    RT @FRwritings: @Eugene_Robinson #Consevatives were so Grumpy/Silent about #Egypt, because they were wrong & #Obama was right. #POTUS stood w/ the PPL!!

  9. I love the diversity of faces represented in the Medal of Freedom recipients. Regardless of what the Tea Partiers would have us believe – this IS the face of America.

    And I have such love and admiration in my heart for Maya Angelou – its hard to express. In my wildest of dreams, she is what I aspire to be. I am SOOOOO thankful that Obama recognized this jewel of a woman that we are still lucky enough to have in our midst.

  10. Thanks so much BWD, for this wonderful blog and the videos and photos from today. Our president is so gracious and eloquent, and so incredibly intelligent. A joy to behold.

  11. Yes Thank you, BWD.and poor WH jerks Corps.
    They were hoping for sound bites and they got NONE they only show up for sound bites they ate a bunch of CRIPS, Our President it’s Brilliant. and yes he can.

  12. It is so great to see people who look like America being honored today. Thank you for the videos and photos.

  13. Maya is a crown jewel in the hearts of America. I also just love that woman and I am so pleased to see her recognized today by our Prez.

    This was a very moving ceremony.

  14. A very moving ceremony today. President Obama is such class.

    I was almost moved to tears when I saw him comforting the widow of Dr. Tom Little.

    Such a soft, gentle and caring man…A lovely man.

  15. I really needed the photos from the Medal of Freedom ceremony!!

    They are wonderful. Thanks!!!

  16. The Obama Budget: Truth or Dare[?]

    President Obama held a press conference on Tuesday, defending his $3.7 trillion budget (and his handling of the Egyptian uprising) and taking a few shots at the impatience of the Washington press corps, who want to see a deal with Republicans done yesterday. After all, they’re on deadline, and what could be better than a dramatic bid to cut Social Security? Still, of all the storylines surrounding the budget, there are three important ones that stand out to me, mostly because they’re kind of misleading.

    So what are the budget storylines that seem just off base?

    1. The Obama budget “goes after students, minorities, and the poor.”

    While the Pell Grant cut provided for some tough early headlines for the White House, more sober assessments are proving the proposal to be less horrible than advertised…

    2. It doesn’t go far enough to cut the deficit.

    First off, it’s important to remember that the president’s budget is just the opening salvo of a very long, involved process that involves three parties: the president, the House of Representatives, now controlled by the GOP, and the place where all appropriations begin, and the Democratic-controlled Senate. As an opening bid, the highly respected Center on Budget and Policy Priorities gives the Obama budget proposal a good review, particularly since it actually does cut the deficit…

    3. It “punts” on entitlements.

    Here, the knock is actually kind of true, but that strikes me as kind of a good thing. Indeed, the administration has, via its budget, and the talking points administration officials from Budget director Jack Lew on have been deployed with, made it clear that it sees discretionary spending and the deficit issue as immediate, but Social Security in particular as a long term issue. That’s important, because the fearmongering from both elected and media people on the right has been to paint Social Security as in immediate, dire need of cutting. That’s convenient to say if, like most Republicans, you want to slash Social Security and Medicare anyway, because philosophically, you’re opposed to the programs in the first place. (Though only Ron Paul is bold enough to sell his “financial crack to the young” openly. Others, like Paul Ryan, just propose handing the programs over to insurance companies and Wall Street.)

    BY DECOUPLING SOCIAL SECURITY FROM THE BUDGET DEBATE, [PRESIDENT] OBAMA HAS PUT THAT ISSUE IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT. SOCIAL SECURITY HAS ITS OWN FUNDING SOURCE, AND SO REALLY SHOULDN’T BE A PART OF THAT DEBATE. Medicare is another matter, and it does indeed face a cost crisis. But it wouldn’t profit the president to put himself out front proposing cuts to cherished programs of America’s seniors and baby boomers, just before an election year. (And don’t think Republicans don’t know that, which is why they’re loathe to give specifics on their own plans for “entitlement reform”, but are practically demanding the president go first.)

    If the Republican Party wants to go after those programs — and they do — politically, the right thing to do is to let them do it themselves.

    Related: a good budget breakdown.


    GOPTeaParty, at local/state/federal-level, and friends…w/their talkin’ points/memes and spinnin’ of lies…don’t “give a damn” about America and the American people (which, ironically, includes their fellow GOP/TeaPartiers, who don’t seem to get that!)

    @ArrghPaine: If you haven’t read this, do it now… 80 Years Planning GOP 2012 Scrooge Class Sweep… http://shar.es/35cut (It’s a DK link… But, it’s worth the read!)

    @ThinkProgress: Wisconsin Gov. Walker Threatens To Deploy National Guard As ‘Intimidation Force’ Against Workers’ Unions… http://tinyurl.com/6h5s9cb

  17. “… this IS the face of America…”

    ^NLinStPaul, yes it is, and that’s a good thing! 🙂

  18. Hah! Love the way Matthews screwed up his face in disgust when he mentioned the names of the republican candidates. Priceless.

  19. Thank you BWD. It is so awe inspiring to watch the President give out the Medal of Honor to such a diverse and deserving group of people.

    Our President has recovered well from the challenges he faced last week. What a beautiful smile. He is so gentle, compassionate, warm and humourous. There aren’t enough words to describe him and each of the honored guests.

    To the Press Corp: Do you sometimes feel inadeguate when our President Speaks?

  20. Haven’t been commenting but I’m checking in and reading every day—on the road, on vaca.
    I just snickered when I heard Brian Williams purposely report that W did not attend the ceremony today due to “a scheduling conflict”. That’s really unbelievable to me, to not be in attendance when your father is receiving the Medal of Freedom. Wonder what was so pressing—-bike ride?

  21. h/t weeseeyou

    I know that many people have read the headline claiming that POTUS’ budget attacks students, minorities, and the poor. We’ve even had that narrative brought here and accused of engaging in “group think” because there wasn’t an uncritical acceptance of remarks which are long on memes, short on facts.

    I’m sure that no one here loves every cut proposed or needs to be told that either we love President Obama’s every policy, or must simply buy into simplistic and vague policy distortions. But if anyone is looking for a really nice resource for a less “POTUS sucks!” analysis of what is taking place, please read the following: http://blog.reidreport.com/2011/02/the-obama-budget-truth-or-dare

    Here’s an excerpt:

    So what are the budget storylines that seem just off base?

    [Myth] 1. The Obama budget “goes after students, minorities, and the poor”

    While the Pell Grant cut provided for some tough early headlines for the White House, more sober assessments are proving the proposal to be less horrible than advertised. The Pell proposal would leave in place the full $5,500 a year cap for students (Republicans would prefer to slash that amount) while eliminating the second available grant students could get in the same year for summer courses. The summer Pell grant happens to be the one most often used by students at for-profit schools (ie the University of Phoenix.) The administration admits that their Pell proposal would mostly impact the for profit schools, which many people have criticized for taking students for a ride on the federal dime. Currently, the for-profit school industry is engaged in a knock-down, drag-out lobbying push to preserve a number of subsidies the Obama administration is looking to cut loose.

    The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus ripped into the budget on Monday, which may be why the White House planned an eleventh our conference call specifically for black press and community leaders (the mayor of Tallahassee and the editor of the Miami Times were both on the call, along with several chamber of commerce types, and your humble blogger.) The main source of CBC anger centers around proposed reductions in Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs), which help fund low income housing-related programs. CDBGs were also the concern of most of the people on the call, which is probably why before the call, the administration released a list of programs and directives designed to boost MBEs, including a significant boost in aid to Historically Black Colleges and in Small Business Administration funding for programs targeting minorities. And as the WaPo points out, the trade-off in the block grant decreases is a significant boost in funding for programs that help the homeless and those in need of rent assistance. Interestingly enough, there was almost no push-back on the call when the two administration spokespeople, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, and Dr. Cecilia Rouse, a member of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors, explained the CDBG trade-offs.

    By far, the biggest contretemps over the budget from liberals have been the Obama administration’s proposed cuts to the state-administered program LIHEAP, which provides energy assistance to the poor.

    That cut is drawing the attention of liberal Obama-watchers, who see it as a sign of further capitulation to the right, or even of abject cruelty on the part of the president. And news of the proposed cut created bipartisan agita on Capitol Hill, with Republican lawmakers from West Virginia to Massachusetts condemning the cuts along with the liberal blogosphere.

    And while the optics of this particular cut aren’t good, here again, the story isn’t necessarily as bad as the headline.

    On the White House Af-Am call, I asked about LIHEAP, and was told it was one of the “difficult” but necessary cost savings the president was proposing. On the call, Rouse explained that LIHEAP had seen its funding essentially doubled in the president’s first two years due to spiking energy prices. Now that prices have leveled out, the White House has decided to return funding to pre-spike levels. However, Rouse said “rest assured, if energy prices spike again, the White House is prepared to bring funding levels back up.” In a follow-up email after the call, a White House spokesman explained that LIHEAP is in fact a block grant, meaning money transfered to the states and administered by them. And because the money is paid directly to utilities, not customers, with energy prices down but the funding still at spike levels, it has essentially served as a federal subsidy to those energy companies.

    That message was reinforced by DNC chief Tim Kaine yesterday, when he pointed out to the Huffpo:

    “What is being cut are the LIHEAP funds which are transferre d to weatheriza tion programs, which have already been funded by the stimulus. Without these cuts, taxpayers would essentiall y be paying for the same weatheriza tion programs twice.

    President Obama is keeping his promise to cut tax loopholes and subsidies, in this case, subsidies for energy companies. As the National Journal article points out, critics say that the program is poorly administer ed and that, contrary to intentions , it’s become a subsidy for energy companies.”

    By the way, those who are painting the budget as draconian should remember that Obama’s 2012 budget is actually larger overall than the one he submitted a year ago — one that was praised by liberals at the time for its progressiveness. And not for nothing, but the budget does raise taxes and cut oil and gas subsidies, no small things…


    Obviously, there is an unrelenting effort to divorce POTUS from his base because quite frankly the GOP’s candidates are so weak that primarying President Obama is probably one of their few viable routes back into the WH. Nothing more, nothing less. Hence the nonstop distortions if not outright lies.

  22. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @NSdedeic: #Obama about #Angelou: “Her voice has spoken to millions, including my mother, which is why my sister is named #Maya.” #beautiful

  23. majii – I, too, have a special place in my heart for Congressman Lewis. Any time he was mentioned, the tears welled up in my eyes. Especially when – because he’s a Congressman – he was introduced as “The Honorable John R. Lewis.” I kept thinking of his civil rights past when hateful townspeople were calling him anything but “The Honorable.” And I wondered how he felt about the astonishing fact of how far he’s come in his lifetime.

    BWD – Wonderful photos. Loved the smile on the face of the Marine who was holding a medal in the background in one of the Bill Russell pics! They are usually so sober looking during ceremonies, but this one couldn’t help but break out in a smile. So cool.

  24. Agree with you about Congressman Lewis. You don’t even have to be an American to revere him.

  25. Also saw a couple of news articles that mentioned that Rep. Lewis said this, among other remarks, when he was at the White House:

    “I wish Dr. King were here.”

  26. wow, thanks saku. Tweety finally doing what a fourth estate pundit is supposed to be doing. As pob says above, the look of disgust in his face while running down the whole list of rethuglicans was priceless.

  27. THANK YOU!!! Now this is exactly what I asked for a couple posts back. I can totally use this to push back these people who are buying into the HuffPo garbage. Outstanding.

  28. Thanks, bwd, esp. for the Medal of Freedom ceremony. What an amazing collection of human beings! Did not know that Stan Musial and Jasper Johns were still alive. No amount of medals, though, can do Rep. Lewis the the honour he deserves. His bravery and dedication to your country are awesome.

  29. You’re so welcome, Tien Le! That blogger is fantastic. I’m just amazed at the chutzpah it takes for people who uncritically consume whatever media products are being distributed by spaces like the AOL Corporation’s HuffPo, to turn around and accuse those of us who do not entertain these memes uncritically or without factchecking them, to be unprincipled or cheerleaders, or unable to engage in real dialogues. It’s just astounding, and a testament to how this place is serving as an informational conduit and community of beauty. Good work folks!

  30. Well said…I also notice the subtle attempt to stir up trouble amongst democrats…I guess it’s fun to watch us knock heads, but it’s just sad when the repubs do it.

  31. gn. That’s an excellent push back. But why aren’t the message handlers of this admin putting out the positive and the right impact of these cuts instead of letting the others do it for them ? Shouldn’t they be “spinning” these cuts in a way that takes away the talking points from the PL and the right wing media ?

  32. Exactly Gn and people is reporting it like he cut the whole program, same as liheap

  33. gn, the irony you point out is so true. More than the chutzpah, it is the lack of self-awareness of the chest thumping ‘progressives’ that gets one’s bile.

  34. I think they’re trying, but there are so many lies being published by outfits like HuffPo and others in the Professional Left at dizzying speed. This is a very challenging environment; look at how the Congressional Black Caucus shot from the hip without taking the time to do a deep analysis of how the budget would truly impact black people. Toxic media and political environment. But there are definitely Dems out there standing up to the GOP and standing by the administration with the truth.

  35. If folks are crying out about the budget now, wait until after the GOP is done with it. Unless the WH wins the frame war on the issue the budget is going to get A LOT worse.

    So instead of thse folks setting their vitriolic sights on the White House Budget, why not attack the GOP budget?

    Why are they not passing around the “Will the GOP Budget cost jobs? So be it” remark of Boehner? That would seem like a much better use of their time at this moment. The GOP Budget is the real enemy – they need to be framed as draconian and punative, hoping to tank the economy for purely political reasons.

    If that happened, it would be much easier for Obama and the Dems to get more of what they want in the budget.

  36. They’re amazing. And easily tricked because when people are convinced of their own superiority, stroking their egos and telling them how righteous they are while raging against “authority” will get them to act directly against their own best interests. Exhibit A: HuffPo, enough said.

    This bwd blog in fact had a thorough discussion of the LIHEAP cut in particular; we raised the exact same concerns as other lefty spaces and discussed the potential that the cuts might not necessarily have a customer impact which is good, yet were bad optics, which presents a challenge. Difference is that *facts* not memes, not narratives, were central to that discussion, which was also low-drama in terms of the critiques and concerns raised.

  37. Is Hillary finally getting on board with the President in re ME regimes ?

    Hillary Clinton: Internet repression ‘will fail’

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned repressive governments not to restrict internet freedom, saying such efforts will ultimately fail.

    She said the US was committed to global internet freedom, in her first major address since the Egyptian uprising.

    The speech comes as online activists organise anti-government protests in several Middle Eastern countries.

    “This is a foreign policy priority, one that will only increase in importance in the coming years,” Mrs Clinton said.

    In what is being hailed as a major policy speech, Mrs Clinton announced that the US government would invest an additional $25m (£15m) to help online dissidents and digital activists fight state repression.

    She named China, Syria, Cuba, Vietnam and Burma as countries restricting online speech, and noted that Egypt’s attempt to stifle protesters by switching off the internet was unsuccessful.

    Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook were important tools that gave voice to people’s aspirations, Mrs Clinton said.


  38. I was thinking the SAME thing when I saw that! Bast**d!Doesn’t care a bit…he’s got HIS job!

  39. Because attacking the GOP budget might mean conceding that: the idea that there is no difference between a Dem-controlled House, even with the Blue Dogs, versus a GOP-controlled one—that idea was false, Republican enabling, and is part of how we got in this current budget mess. So let’s just pretend that POTUS is a dictator and imagine away the context of the GOP controlling the House. I really feel for fact-based people attempting to engage such sophistry.

    And I think that regardless of who wins the framing war, from a liberal vantage point we’re looking at a “meh” budget or a “OMG” budget. The GOP’s in the House; stuff is about to get slashed, period.

  40. It’s a disgrace, tulips. No one minds critiques so long as they are factual. Many of these condemnations are very short on facts.

  41. Both the Chris Matthews and the Larry O’Donnell pieces were excellent. I hope we see more of these types of stories from both guys. Pick on Fox, and Republicans instead of the president.

  42. Exactly Roscoe. The frigging nutroots should be concentrating on the real enemies instead of kneecapping their own. Apparently the lesson of 2010 has not been learnt.

  43. It’s uncanny; whenever there is a “POTUS sucks!” sensation or purity swarm, there’s almost *always* more to story, and the facts have almost *always* been selectively reported to present the worst possible spin towards POTUS. Almost every single time. That’s why I don’t trust these stories anymore without airtight fact-based verification.

  44. Well, which is easier to push out there: “Obama slashes funding to keep the poor warm” or “Well, it is true that thre are cuts, but the prior amounts were due to spiking energy prices and prices have stabilized so we don’t need that much. Additionally the funds were primarily a subsidy to the energy companies. And those funds that were cut from that program are going to another program to help people weatherize their homes.”

    It is always easier to attack with a short and incomplete statemnt (therfore being misleading) than to support a complicated concept.

    With a lazy media, an extremely hostile GOP, and a group on the left that want everything now, like 2 year olds, what do you think you are going to hear the most?

  45. They could have very well gone with the “we’re reducing those subsidies for the big oil companies in these times of budget deficits” line of spinning. Which is what they are doing now anyway.

  46. So so utterly true. All we can go is maintain alternatives so that as people grow tired of the nonstop outrage fed by distortions have a place to come for some factual analysis and calm conversations.

  47. I dunno…I agree with the people who noted that there’s possibly less of a rift between PBO and HRC than has been reported; instead, they’re just trying to maintain their footing while walking a tightrope in a very complex situation. Very positive though; thanks for the link.

  48. Thank you so much for the link and the explanations. Every time there’s some “agita” over a decision by the President and his team, once we have more information it almost always ends up looking as a good and common sense decision.

    it doesn’t surprise me, because frankly, the man we have watched in the last two, three, four years is a GOOD man, who CARES for his country and its people. I trust him, plain and simple. He’s not immune to error, obviously, but we have to be aware that many of his decisions are very difficult to make because he often has to “balance” the pros and cons of each choice.

    There is only one thing I don’t understand: why don’t they try to be more pro-active in communication ? Organizing some conference calls to further explain their choices and reassure some people is the right thing to do. But the WH always seem to do that “in reaction”, after some negative headlines. Why don’t they take some pre-emptive action, in order to PREVENT bad headlines and misinformation ??

    I’m not a communication expert so maybe I’m wrong here. Someone??

  49. Beautiful Medal of Freedom Ceremony. It’s always so inspiring to see human potential at its best. Absolutely lovely. And of course, PBO was his usual warm, welcoming, pitch-perfect self.

    Thanks BWD.

  50. Replying to myself. Once again, I posted a reply to some comment and hadn’t seen all the replies already posted. Interesting points made.

  51. Speaker of the House 3rd in line to be president. If Americans los their jobs “So be It” Wtf………

  52. He is probably too ashamed to return to the place where he almost destroyed the country. If he a conscious I would say he felt guilty.

  53. (Sorry, I meant to post this here.)

    Thanks to the wonderful link provided by gn, I was able to compose the following to send to Party people in my area. Thought maybe it would be helpful to others.

    Found this excellent blog entry that gives concrete specifics about why the President’s new budget cuts back on LIHEAP, summer Pell grants and Community Block grants: http://blog.reidreport.com/2011/02/the-obama-budget-truth-or-dare This blog can help anyone who wants to push back on the whole “This budget hurts the working poor” meme coming out of the media. It addresses some other knee-jerk overreactions to other aspects of the budget.

    Not mentioned in that article is that the FY2012 budget raises Food Stamps by 11%. There’s money to help States support paid family leave programs, improve job training, work to end homelessness, early childhood education, protect children in foster care…the list goes on.

    There is no way in heck this President wants to do anything to hurt the working poor or the middle class in this country. I sincerely hope we can pull together as Democrats and counter the attempts to make the President’s budget look bad while completely overlooking what is coming out of the House, or any attempt to paint the GOP budget as anything but driven by politics and meant to do grave harm to our country.

  54. I really love the photographs. I especially like the series of trying to put the medal of freedom on Bill Russell. He had to keep lowering himself just a little bit more, as towering as he is, and he and Obama are just laughing the whole time. Priceless.

  55. Well said, Tien Le. The lies and disinformation about this President have reached unbelievable levels.

  56. I met her once, and the thing that struck me was how incredibly tiny a person she is. She has such a huge presence and a huge voice with such powerful things to say, and yet it’s all encased in this tiny body.

  57. Thank you for that link, gn. I now have it bookmarked.

    Maybe because we’re living in an internet era, we seem to be a knee-jerk reactionary people. It saddens me that the CBC didn’t do their homework before speaking out.

    Dealing with budgets, however large or small, in households, the business world, or the non-profit world is never easy. No one person gets exactly what he or she wants, and I’m guessing if the President had his druthers, there are cuts he’d rather not make. But he lives in the real world and acknowledges it, the world that is not merely painted in black and white, but also in shades of grey.

    And so it goes…

  58. Single source BushCo. used to make their case for war in Iraq, “Curveball” admits in an interview with The Guardian that he made it all up, and has no regrets as he lives in Germany, granted asylum there for his “information”.

    Of course he was only giving Bush and the CIA what they wanted to hear. I mean his lies were utterly transparent, but it didn’t matter.


    I bet this will not get a lick of coverage in the US. Thousands of American lives lost, tens of thousands injured, hundred of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead and hundreds of billions spent on a war based on an obvious lie, single sourced, in rder to trump up a case for war.

  59. Thank you for the photos and videos, bwd.
    I haven’t yet viewed the press conference video, the press corps tends to make me want to beat my head against the wall. 🙂

    John Lewis is my Representative and I’m grateful he was elected to serve another term in Congress. I met him a few years back, in an elevator in a hospital. A relative was ill and I was an emotional wreck at the time, so I didn’t at first recognize him. Crazy, right?! So, we were doing the basic elevator chit-chat – “Hi, how are you?”, “Fine, how are you?”, etc., etc. Then, I realized who he was and I froze. Could barely get any words out of my mouth. Fortunately, there weren’t many stops and the elevator moved quickly. Ahhhh, another embarrassing moment in the life of me!

  60. He even admits his words were lies and the government knew this by mid-2000. Even though I’ve known the mobile bioweapons information was a lie, to recognize the callousness of this guy’s words about it make me ill. Literally, ill. I know this is a horrible, horrible way to feel, but as someone who lost a family member in Iraq, I harbor absolute hatred for Bush and his Administration, Curveball and all who played a part. I’m working on forgiveness, but it’s not easy. 😦

  61. We have much to be grateful for in our POTUS. I am also thankful for this wonderful site and all of the hard work that you put into it, BWD. Thank you so much!!!!

  62. What’s missing, and has always been missing, is a machine on the left that can match up to the messaging on the right. Period. From TV to print to bloggers, the right were almost always unified when Shrub was in office. It wasn’t about White House messaging. You see that exact same machine going strong today.

    That’s why in all honesty I just don’t have much patience for complaints about messaging. Unfortunately those on the left that get the most media exposure and could actually start attempting to push the admins plans are too busy attacking them in order to boost themselves and raise money.

  63. Complaints about messaging from the White House, I mean. Just look at today’s press conference and the various reactions. Too many different factions on the left are only concerned about their personal agenda and refuse to be positive if their priorities aren’t the focus or if they feel that they aren’t getting enough attention. We get evidence of all of the stuff the White House is pushing out there about their plans right here on this blog, and yet look at how few mainstream outlets there are on a day in and day out basis that push it without inserting their own two cents about how much better it would be if they only listened to them and blah blah blah…

  64. Nope. They haven’t learned anything at all. And it’s going to get worse, particularly if the economy keeps improving. The President cannot be allowed to succeed without acknowledging that the PL were RIGHT! About EVERYTHING! If he actually gets re-elected without their vaunted advice…it just cannot be!

  65. Completely understandable, considering your loss. It makes my blood boil when I see Bush and Cheney out and about, yukking it up, while thousands are dead because of their actions, thousands more are still in harms way, and hundreds are rotting in Gitmo without recourse. They don’t spend a sleepless night over their actions.

  66. Medal of Freedom video was beautiful. It’s one of my favorite moments to watch from the White House.

  67. Lovepolitics, I feel like you have brought up a great idea: let’s try to get in front of the concern trolling rather than behind it. I think your thoughts are terrific.

  68. As difficult as it is for us Americans who have lost family members and friends in Iraq, when I’ve seen photos of Iraqi moms and dads burying their children… I have no words.

    Your words remind me of a song by Pink, Theo67.

  69. That’s odd, I only pasted the link yet the vid showed up.

    And now I’ve sullied this beautiful PBO blog post.

  70. I love the President, what an excellent human being, from his calm, confident and substantive performance at the press conference to his caring thoughtful actions at the Medal of Freedom ceremony, simply cannot think of anyone who could do this job better.

    Congratulations to all the recipients, and special congratulations to one of my heroes, Representative John Lewis.

  71. Thank you for posting this! My eyes are sore from all of the eye rolling I’ve been doing lately over Liberal claims of Pres Obama’s cruelty to the poor. Many of those cuts are less than ideal so I understand the frustration but as a pragmatic liberal I understand the nuance too. And as Robert Greenstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said “Obama’s record is very strong” in relation to what his previous budgets and the Recovery Act have done for the poor. How many people even realized that the heating assistance had been previously doubled? Also, I live in the North and I can tell you that my heating bill is LESS than last year even though I think its actually been colder this year. How did LIHEAP become the left’s litmus test for Pres Obama’s progressive bona fides? After the SS fake freak out about the SOTU you would think that we would have learned something…why do we on the left trust him so little? As he pointed out in the presser he’s been proven right and got things done on many issues (even if not exactly as we wanted)…DADT, Healthcare, etc.

    Also, I’m glad WaPo pointed out the increased aid for homeless people and rent assistance. I noticed that when BWD posted the link to that part of the Budget the other day. But I have heard NONE of this info on any other liberal blog, radio or TV program. WTF (and I don’t mean win the future). I suppose it would be difficult to bash the Pres about his cruelty to the poor while acknowledging that he’s trying to eradicate homelessness (and considering the foreclosure crisis and the administration’s inadequate program, that aid is important and extremely necessary).

    Still, I have this feeling that the administration doesn’t necessarily mind this freak out even though they are doing their best to walk groups like the one mentioned above through all of the hot topics and give them a better understanding of what is really going on. Its almost as if they took a highlighter to the LIHEAP and Community block grant cuts and they are quick to point out themselves how it goes against what they believe in (Obama as a community organizer and J. Lew who helped write LIHEAP). Why?

    Also, the presser is being described by reporters as “hastily called” to “defend” his budget but I wonder if it was as Pres Obama kinda alluded to, an attempt to take the pressure off of Jay Carney the new press secretary and to ensure that the WH stays on message. There is some strategery going on…

  72. I wish the CBC would think before it fires off yet another press release castigating President Obama . .

  73. It is now 2 am in the morning in California. I had so much work to catch up on, but I just couldn’t go to sleep before visiting BWD’s site. The medal of Freedom awards brought tears to my eyes. The people selected were really extraordinary. President Obama continues to amaze me with his soaring spirit of love and his determination to serve all Americans, irrespective of political ideology.

    Thanks BWD for the incredible work you do in spreading informative and positive news. I am always amazed at your ability to compile all this information, which, for some reason, is either omitted, or never prominently covered, by the MSM. In my book, you too BWD deserve the Medal of Freedom for all the tireless efforts you put in to spread positive messages about President Obama.

  74. True – there are more than a few items within it that are more than a little bit iffy, to say the least. Still the overall thrust of the article is one that strikes me as deeply positive and correct: that PBO is angling to outmaneuver the GOP on the budget the same way that Bill Clinton did: carefully giving them just enough rope to hang themselves on the gallows of public opinion.

    This political battle is going to be one that even more than usual will be defined by the ability of the major participants to define themselves and each other in the public eye. The Republicans are in the unfortunate position of being between a rock and a hard place: they can either compromise on their ideology and risk the fury of the far-right, or they can stick to their guns (pardon the pun) openly and thus condemn themselves in the eyes of moderates/independents, who are unused to seeing the conservative agenda displayed in the harsh light of detailed policies.

  75. The brush is threatening to overtake our country! The American People have never taken the threat of the BRUSH seriously enough!
    Thank goodness The Shrub is on it!! Night and day, no matter what it takes, Hail to the Brush Clearer!

  76. Precisely. I just think that there’s a lot of ignorance as well as a string of authoritarianism which runs through the country and posits that a POTUS is a supreme leader who can and should impose his beliefs upon others, and context such as a divided government in the form of the GOP House, can just be ignored. Pretty amazing. POTUS is doing a stellar job, and the supermajority of Dems get that.

  77. Seriously. They did much the same during the tax cut deal only to have egg on faces upon realizing how much we got out of that lame duck session for the temporary extension of the rich tax cuts. Amazing that people who had so little concern about letting unemployment benefits expire during that time period are now insta-experts and the biggest bestest advocates for the disadvantaged now that the budget is being negotiated and POTUS is having to make some controversial and painful concessions. This is just so transparent to me, the dishonesty and looking to fit every scenario into a preformed narrative about President Obama.

  78. Thanks for all your hard work BWD. Cried all the way through the award ceremony. President Obama is so compassionate and so caring. I love him more everyday.

  79. A little bird told me he is no longer clearing the brush. He is hiding behind it trying to avoid that European arrest warrant for torture that is coming.

  80. “Seriously. They did much the same during the tax cut deal only to have egg on faces upon realizing how much we got out of that lame duck session for the temporary extension of the rich tax cuts.”

    Nor did the Republicans realize how fast that issue was going to come back to be reversed, so if they are not reversed, we get a second big bite at that apple.

  81. I’m actually getting pretty fed up with the lies. I think that it’s fine for people to discuss their thoughts or disagreements with specific policies, but to simply disseminate blanket lies, such as “President Obama has done nothing for the poor,” or “President Obama is trying to balance the budget on the backs of the poor”—that’s just a lie, and there’s no reasoning with people willing to spread it.

  82. OMG!!! The photos from the Medal of Honor ceremony ROCK!!!!! Damn! I seriously ADORE this president. He just takes being president of the United States of America to a whole new, much higher, much more influental and powerful role for the entire world. He’s all inclusive. He’s even-handed. He’s sure-footed, eloquent, elegant and simply superior in this job.

    THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!! Terrific job!!!

  83. ^Hey gn, you and I think alike…

    I have the ‘ReidReport Blog’ article posted upthread. 😉

    And, I 2nd your insight about GOPTeaParty and friends’ continuous POTUS’ bashin’!

  84. Great to find you! Thanks to Bill in Portland Main over at DKos for the link.

    I noticed that you hadn’t posted on DKos since November so just yesterday I put together a White House photo diary. Only a few checked it out but I think I’ll keep doing it from time to time, I enjoy it.

    Hope you are doing well.

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