66% gives president Obama high marks for handling Egypt. Dear Newsweek, you know what you can do with your cover…

USA Today/Gallup poll:

WASHINGTON — Americans are modestly optimistic that the upheaval in Egypt will increase the chances for an enduring peace in the Mideast, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, though there is also concern about the potential consequences of the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Those surveyed give President Obama high marks for his handling of the unfolding situation. By more than 2 to 1, 66%-28%, they credit him with doing a good or very good job.



101 thoughts on “66% gives president Obama high marks for handling Egypt. Dear Newsweek, you know what you can do with your cover…

  1. Left his detractors behind in the dust, as per usual, and walked a freaking tightrope while doing it.

    We are in historical times, people.

  2. Critics need to justify their existance – this happened in less than three weeks, a largely peaceful revolution that overthrew a 30 year autocracy. What is there to criticize, that hindsight being 20/20 it wasn’t perfect as there was some messaging conflicts?

    I think it was played near perfectly. Calling for peaceful protests from the protesters and calling on Mubarak not to use violence and then got out fo the way. If he would have backed the protesters and Mubarak cracked down and held power – then what? If he would have backed Mubarak as a strong ally and Mubarak used that to justify force everything Obama has said and stood for would have been a farce and any good will being built on the streets of the Middle East would have been lost.

    And from the presser today (snipped from the article linked)-
    “The world is changing,” he said in remarks directed at the region’s rulers. “You have a young, vibrant generation within the Middle East that is looking for greater opportunity. … You’ve got to get out ahead of change; you can’t be behind the curve.”

    “These are sovereign countries that have to make their own decisions,” he said. “What we can do is lend moral support.”

    This is the same message of the Cairo Speech in 2009 – where he prodded Mubarak and other leaders to loosen the reins of power, and if he would have heeded that and did so he’d probably still be in power.

  3. It is just so deeply satisfying to see one of these episodes in which part of the media swears up and down that POTUS is messing up messing up messing up, he’s going to lose us, he’d better run around with his hair on fire according to their dictates or everyone’s going to hate him, blah blah blah, and then the polling comes out: the American people have dispensed a dose of common sense. I really find these episodes satisfying.

  4. What some people saw as vague, or dithering, or pathetic, or off-message, or unfocused etc., was one of the most intricate, precise, scaled, handlings of what could have been a foreign crisis that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. I hope that I’m not being hyperbolic, but I am just *that* impressed.


  6. gn, It was equal to if not better than JFK during the Cuban missile crisis. I watched that one sweating it.

  7. He remains cool & pragmatic always, thank God. All the naysayers out there keep trying, but have yet to best him. He is so right for the times we are living in. It seems more & more people are realizing how true this is. Let’s all pray this trend continues.

  8. Love it. What’s even more satisfying, gn, is that we are getting used to knowing the satisfaction is coming. We still have to make our way through the mist, looking straight ahead and not looking to either side, but there’s a big reward at the end of each journey. A 66% reward, in this case.

  9. This shows you that the country is not use to a thinker for President. He is a true student of history and stays calm in the storm. The press lives in 30 second news bites and not complete thought. The reasons for great leadership is a person of patience and a calm thought process. That is the true picture of our President.

  10. pm carpenter weighs in on the presser this morning and nails it.

    February 15, 2011


    The essence of President Obama’s press conference this morning was the same, imperturbable essence as always: the long game.

    He emphasized again and again, in differing words, that his goal as president “is to actually solve the problem,” to “be practical,” to defer the “good headline,” and to pursue a “serious conversation” with opponents within “a spirit of cooperation.”

    He won’t seethe and entrench with the left or faint from the right’s malevolent vapors; he’ll negotiate, he’ll wait, he’ll compromise.

    In short, he’ll be presidential, which is what drives the excitable extremes so crazy. For independent voters, advantage Obama.

    His presser went on for nearly an hour, but that’s the nut of it.


  11. “Dear Newsweek, you know what you can do with your cover…”

    Heh! Good suggestion, BWD.

  12. I do love when the American public is smarter than the pundit class, but I wish the pundits would learn their lesson. They’ve been wrong on Obama for over 2 years now and they have yet to admit they were wrong or learn from their mistakes. If I was this incompetent at work, I’d get fired.

  13. POTUS to visit Cleveland on Feb. 22 to promote innovation agenda, small businesses.

    President Obama to Host Winning the Future Forum on Small Business in Cleveland

    WASHINGTON, D.C . – On Tuesday, February 22, the President and members of his cabinet will travel to Cleveland, Ohio, where the White House will convene a Winning the Future Forum on Small Business in association with Cleveland State University and northeast Ohio economic development organizations JumpStart and NorTech. In his State of the Union address, President Obama spoke of the need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build our competitors in order to sustain our leadership and secure prosperity for all Americans. The Forum will be an opportunity for the President and his economic team to hear directly from small business owners and leaders about their ideas for how America can continue to grow the economy, put Americans back to work, and win the future.

    Read more: http://thepage.time.com/2011/02/15/winning-the-cuyahoga/#ixzz1E3q6uQ8Y

  14. Thanks for capturing this poll result BWD. The question becomes whether or not, the pundits and the PL will acknowledge, once again, they were dead wrong. I am guessing they won’t.

  15. The Pundits do it on purpose, becasue they KNOW he is doing a good job! They want to detract some support away… Can’t have him do a wonderful job, no, no, that would be bad for the NATION! LOL!

  16. You are not alone in being impressed. There was no guarantee that if he had come out fully in support of the people, that Mubarak would have stepped down. Nor is there any guarantee that if he had come full fledged in support of Mubarak that Mubarak would have survived. Under either of those events, we woudl be screwed in the region.

    And, having finally read the Newsweek article, it is so misleading as to be ridiculous. It states the Egyptians that were protesting viewed Obama as a failure. I would likwe to see some evidence for that, as the exact opposite is what I observed.

    As it is, the message he gave to other ME leaders that are our allies is that, if your people start protesting, we will have your back if, and only if, you listen to them and start reforming. But we won’t desert you at the hint of problems. But we also recognize and will support the ideas of the protestors if they want democracy, etc.

    But once again, I have to temper this with saying that 1) we don;t know the whole back story and 2) the next several months will be key. If the Egyptian military creates a dictatorship, all bets are off. (I don’t think they will, as they are heavily reliant on US finding.)

  17. That crisis is older than me, but I can imagine this one similarly going into the history books. To echo nintendo: “gobama!” To echo little lulu: “long live the Obamas!”

    I love it here; guess who else “got it” during the Egypt transition: the collective wisdom in this space.

  18. Another stellar comment. Thanks a million for providing so much historical and intellectual guidance here alongside so many others, japa!

  19. When the House became majority Republican I read that the President would be likely to turn his focus on foreign policy (as well as defending the progress on the domestic front). I know it is a long shot but I have been reading about Fayyad who it seems has been supported by this administration in the West Bank and his emphasis on practical development and problem solving to prepare for statehood and it makes me think of the President’s long view again. Perhaps there is a chance the Israeli and Palestinian people can finally find a path to peace. Even in Iran, there is still a possibility that from within the young people in that country who are also very talented and forward looking will surmount the oppression one day.

  20. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned China, Tunisia and Syria on Tuesday that the United States won’t stand for their censorship of the Internet.

    “In the short term, even perhaps in the medium terms, those governments may succeed in maintaining a segmented Internet, but those restrictions will have a long-term cost … that restrains growth and development,” Clinton said at George Washington University on Tuesday afternoon.

    The secretary of state said that while China may seem to stand out as an “exception” — a country where Internet censorship is high and economic growth is strong –- its government will suffer from political, social and moral backlash.

    “I urge countries everywhere, instead, to join us in the bet that we have made,” Clinton said. “A bet that open Internet will lead to stronger countries … that open societies give rise to the lasting economies.”

    On Syria, Clinton said its government is “trying to negotiate a non-negotiable contradiction.”

    “We believe that governments who have erected barriers to [rights to expression] will eventually find themselves boxed in,” she said. “They will face a dictator’s dilemma, and will have to choose between letting the walls fall and paying the price to keep them standing.”

    State dept-

  21. Not a chance, lol, God bless them. Free country, but it must be exhausting to constantly be in such a state of outrage!

  22. Something is going down – way down, underground – on the North Lawn of the White House. It’s a big construction project, but no one will talk. Refurbishing the bunker? Missile silo? White House Metro stop? Digging for Jimmy Hoffa? So far, the administration is responding with the usual transparency.

    Before Robert Gibbs took his final bow, the intrepid Mark Knoller of CBS News tried to draw him out on the mystery:

    Q: And before you leave, can you tell us what they’re really digging out there on the North Lawn?

    Gibbs: I told you, they’re moving the monument. It’s – they’re going to do it at night. Everyone’s going to wake up and go, ‘Where did that thing go?’ And they’ll look behind them, and –

    Q: The answer is no.

    Gibbs: I – (chuckles) – OK. I – well, they’ve erected this gray wall in front of my office that I’ve threatened to go spray paint and make it a little bit more aesthetically pleasing than –

    Q: Do you know what they are building?

    Gibbs: I – I –

    Q: Do you even know?

    Gibbs: I haven’t asked, and I probably should, given the pounding that I hear in my office. Maybe it is the monument. (Soft laughter.)

    Soft laughter – there’s a tell. The scamps at CNN, from the elevated perch built for the TV types once the construction project started interfering with White House live shots, post a picture of the mysterious project on their blog. Clearly, these are all questions for Jay Carney.


  23. Former Gov. Timothy M. Kaine is expected to speak with President Barack Obama in the next day or two before deciding whether to re-enter elective politics and run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democratic incumbent Jim Webb in 2012.

    In a brief conversation with the Richmond Times-Dispatch Tuesday morning, Kaine, Obama’s handpicked chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said he could discuss the issue with the president as early as today.

    The former governor said he was “flattered” by the interest and support shown for him running for office, but said he needs to have additional discussions on the matter before making a decision.

    (This has been a breaking news update. Check back for more details as they become available. Read more in tomorrow’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

  24. I think when history looks back at the Cairo speech, it will be seen that honesty and intelligence win more converts than war and fake he-man bluster.

    Most of us recognize that now, and have known that for a long time.

  25. I appreciate the compliment, but I jhave to say, that all the others you reference help clarify my thinking on much of this. And that is what is so special about this place. Even when there might be disagreement, because of the way things are phrased there isn’t a lot of defensiveness, which allows for more clarity in each of our thought processes.

    It doesn’t result in “groupthink”, and hopefully never will.

    As far as historical, there are definitely otheers with more knowledge, but what the heck, I lived through everything since Truman. BTW, that Newsweek author made comparisons between the recent situation in Egypt and Carter’s handling of Iran, which is totally ludicrous as they have nothing in common.

  26. “he’ll negotiate, he’ll wait, he’ll compromise.”

    And if I were a betting woman, I’d bet he will get back some of the things he cut in sadness. 🙂

  27. Well there’s groupthink, and there’s crowd-sourcing of analysis. One commands conformity, the other, free flow of ideas and information from which a consensus emerges which is usually smarter than the thinking of a single person. I’d argue that this space embodies the latter, and it’s just terrific. I’m a liberal; I love sharing circles, lol.

  28. You see what GOP is equating? Ron Paul said that Tea baggers are the equivalent to the protesters in egypt!
    Adminstrastion needs to get out in front of this! Ron Paul will encourage his supporters to do the same that Egypt did!


  29. We still get Newsweek due to my old-fashioned desire to support actual paper magazines and newspapers, but this may be it for that particular publication. Couldn’t believe the cover when it arrived today, and I have a feeling the article will make me even madder. So I think I’ll just put it in the recycling bin and get my news and views from BWD & Co.!

  30. I certainly miss her as Speaker considering that our current fine leadership has stated publicly that he doesn’t care about whether his taking an axe to federal programs results in job losses…I hope that she stays very visible.

  31. WASHINGTON — People walking by the front lawn of the White House can expect to see some mixture of construction crews, rigs and chain-link fencing for the next two years.

    The executive mansion has launched the first major upgrade to its utility systems in more than 40 years.

    The project will replace the heating, cooling, electrical and fire-alarm equipment and systems serving the East and West Wings of the White House. On the North Lawn, crews will be digging up and replacing utilities in front of the West Wing and working their way over the lawn to the East Wing.

    The General Services Administration says the utility system in the White House is prone to leaks and service interruptions.

    The whole project is scheduled to run at least four years.


  32. This is America; if they want to march themselves to DC and chant, nothing’s stopping them, they’ve already had a rally there. The majority of the country simply disagrees with the ridiculous idea that there is any equivalence between the WH and a 30 year old autocratic regime. But if they want to show themselves as so deluded, go right ahead! They have a constitutional right to protest.

  33. “Ron Paul will encourage his supporters to do the same that Egypt did!”

    I would pay to watch a clutch of 80 year olds standing in the hot sun for 16 hours with no Porta-Potties around. Never happen.

  34. So, Reuters has a story up, saying this is how Obamas budget will hit you!

    No stories on the GOP budget, which is much more severe! SIGH!

  35. I think he just makes it all look too easy – they (collective media and naysayers) don’t understand the nuance.

  36. And miss American Idol, Biggest Loser and Daytona 500 this Sunday?

    Not to mention the GOP has the House and I don’t think people will protest/march for SS and Education cuts. And if they have any issue with UEI and want to not go too work for weeks to protest, well then they’ll need it soon enough themselves.

    Paul is a nutjob who has a much higher profile online than he does in the real world.

  37. Don’t let the ridiculousness of some of the GOP’s leadership to get under your skin. This is a time of tremendous change and different people are handling it in different ways. I give points to Ron Paul for objecting to the Iraq War, but many of his theories make no sense. Nothing surprising about his remarks and nothing to get too worried about. He makes attention-seeking comments like that all of the time.

  38. I will admit that during th last two years I was quite worried for the President. I was so glad he was POTUS but listening to all the pundits and reading all the blogs was very discouraging. Since BWD started this wonderful place we can really know what is going on. I now have the information to fight back to all my right and left friends. Thank you everyone for bringing all this great family together!

  39. If House Republicans succeed in cutting tens of billions of dollars in discretionary spending over the next six months, some of the most immediate victims will be federal employees, many of whose jobs will be slashed as their agencies pare back.

    At a press conference in the lobby of RNC headquarters Tuesday morning, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shrugged this off as collateral damage.

    “In the last two years, under President Obama, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs,” Boehner said. “If some of those jobs are lost so be it. We’re broke.”

    Some of those employees will no doubt collect unemployment insurance, so the government’s obligation to them won’t disappear with their jobs.

  40. That was one of my top three problems with the former administration: that “he-man” approach which had about as much nuance as a bull in a china shop and IMO disregarded human nature entirely. I just can’t put into words, how grateful I feel at President Obama’s handling of this situation. This is *change* and it feels fantastic.

  41. The big difference between the two is that the Cuban missile crisis was viewed as a pretty existential crisis with nuclear war as a very possible event.

    This was not the same, but in terms of long term impact may yet, be of much more consequence.

  42. If Kaine runs he’ll want the deck cleared for him, or in the very least a full-throated endorsement from President Obama for any primary challenge. I think Kaine would rather have a Cabinet spot because he has higher aspirations and probably figures heading to the Senate would give him the same resume as Warner, whereas having administration/cabinet experience would be how he could potentially differentiate himself.

    I like Tom Perriello for the spot, but Kaine might give the Dems the better chance to hold it.

  43. If you want to see the best movie ever made about the crisis, rent I suggest you buy, “Thirteen Days,” its a masterpiece in my humble opinion.

  44. Yes that was the saying thru out the conversation with Chris matthews and andrea mitchell. They kept saying adult in the room.

  45. Sully posts a great dissent to his latest hissy fit on Obama’s budget:

    “I am fan of your writing and of how you usually approach public policy and political issues. I have to say that I am really surprised that you seem to have blown your stack about the Obama budget. A couple of things that I wanted to highlight:

    1. I find it pretty funny that you are taking Daniels so seriously considering that he was the Bush budget director under whom the Medicare part D passed and who was part of the cabal who put the wars off the books. How is it possible to overlook that lack of seriousness regarding the federal budget?

    2. It seems completely unlikely that if Obama had put out a plan in the budget for addressing entitlements that he would get anywhere at all. He does not have credible partners on the other side of the aisle and does not have critical support from his own side. What’s the use of making those types of proposals if there is no chance for them to even be seriously debated by the body who needs to implement them?

    Obama is not a dumb man, and his closest ally in the Senate, Dick Durbin, has been charged to sit at the table with some Senators to see what might be possible to do in terms of addressing long term entitlement issues. This seems to me to be completely consistent with Obama’s way and with his strategic thinking. Inserting himself in the discussion at this time basically makes it impossible for Congress to do anything serious. That is just a fact.

    I think that you are overreacting. I understand why that’s the case and I feel very strongly that something needs to be done around entitlements in the long-run. I would however refrain from calling the President names (weak, etc…). I think that it makes you seem irrational and temperamental.”

    Whoever that reader is, well done. I love Andrew but he does indulge in emotionally based rhetoric more than I like.

  46. From my twitter stream….this is very sad…My prayers go out to her….

    CBS News statement on brutal attack on Lara Logan while covering Tahrir Square jubilation on Friday; mob of 200 http://bit.ly/hzJ9fC

  47. OMG, prayers to her. That is simply horrific. As much as I talk about the national media, they really did risk their lives to cover these protests. Just horrifying.

  48. When I read about PBO in the media I ask myself three questions
    1. Who profits if I believe this?
    2. If I didn’t read this article until six months from now would it still be as urgent or important?
    3. Is the point of this article to make me anxious?

    Any of these is a clue to whether I am reading news or propaganda.

    If you go back to the “breaking news and opinion” sites and read articles and editorials from only six months ago you would find most reporters and commenters have no idea what they are talking about.

  49. I heard a snippet this morning on Stephanie Miller with Limbaugh making the same claim. The difference is that the Tea Party don’t know what they stand for. The Egyptian protestors were fighting for their children and their futures. Tea Party is fighting to keep their children ignorant and eliminate their competitiveness for the future. Big difference.

  50. Seems like they were separated by hundreds of people and that a mob surrounded what was going on until soldiers were able to break through. Cogent reminder of just the very worst of human nature, taking advantage of a time of jubilation to make a disgusting attack on a woman. Just sick.

  51. Newsweek has been a staple on my home since 1961. No more. The world has left it behind. It is definitely going out with a whimper.

  52. Here in California, they had a “breaking news” headline when Charlie Sheen was taken into hospital after a weekend of bingeing on drugs and alcohol. The “breaking news” has no meaning anymore.

  53. Get tough, Mr President:

    Obama waves veto threat at continuing resolution
    By Michael O’Brien – 02/15/11 04:08 PM ET

    The Obama administration threatened on Tuesday a veto of the Republican measure funding the federal government at reduced levels for the rest of this fiscal year.

    The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), in an official statement of administration policy, threatened a veto of H.R. 1, the Republican continuing resolution that would cut $61 billion from the budget the rest of this fiscal year, and $100 billion from the Obama administration’s initial budget request.

    “If the president is presented with a bill that undermines critical priorities or national security through funding levels or restrictions, contains earmarks, or curtails the drivers of long-term economic growth and job creation while continuing to burden future generations with deficits, the president will veto the bill,” the White House said in a statement.



  54. Two headlines:

    “White House submits reasonable budget”

    “Obama slashes at Middle America”

    Which one gets the most page views?

  55. First lady Michelle Obama will be speaking out to remove barriers to breastfeeding, Politics Daily has learned, throwing the spotlight on nursing as a way to reduce childhood obesity.

    This comes as the Obama administration in the past year has made several moves to encourage breastfeeding — including a push for more flexible workplace rules and an Internal Revenue Service ruling on Thursday that breast pumps and other nursing supplies qualify for tax breaks.

    Mrs. Obama — who has spoken in public about nursing her youngest daughter, Sasha — is going to tread carefully in what might be a sensitive area for some women — and not use her bully pulpit to directly ask more women to breast feed.


  56. “curtails the drivers of long-term economic growth and job creation” is the key point and Boehner laid bare today that he wants to cause job lose and hurt the economy for political reasons.

  57. I haven’t had a chance to see the presser today, but I totally agree with the “long game” analysis.

    I remember months ago when Al Giodano used this video as a way to describe community organizing…”life is a game of inches.”

    It fits so well with Obama’s style.

    And I had a very interesting experience with it today.

    The leadership team of the non-profit I work for had a day-long planning session today. The board of directors just finished developing our 3-year strategic plan and it was time for us to turn that into a work plan for ourselves.

    I started the meeting off referring to this Pacino speech and talked about how you need vision, but ultimately life happens as a succession of movement in inches. I told them that we were here today to catch that vision and translate it into the inches.

    The metaphor really had a powerful impact on everyone. So I ended with saying that this is something I continue to learn from Obama. All of the leadership team resonated with that. It was one of those “totally cool” moments.

  58. I agree gn. The GOP is more lost today than in 1933. Leaderless, hemmorhaging reasonable people and attracting freaks and fringe. Inconsistent and stunningly hipocritical. They are in a meltdown because for years they have fought the future and in Obama the future won.

  59. Even Sen McConnell, R-KY, said President Obama was up to the task with his handling of Egypt.

  60. I think one of the main problems with the instapundits and the msm is that they are accustomed to one generic approach, and if it is not done or responded to in the way they know, they fall to the usual weak,coward,comments etc. They haven’t cottoned on to the fact that PBO reacts to the information in play, and then creatively finds solution within that which is presented. Plus, most commentaries are speculative and there are many pundits/bloggers/analysts winging it, as in spouting forth on subjects from which they do not know in-depth, but they take a chance to waffle intellectually whilst simultaneously denigrating his methods and him.

  61. Dear BWD, just look at what you’ve done!Wonderful, intelligent conversation just keeps growing by leaps & bounds. A wonderful bonus is you have put us in touch with more thinking, caring people. Wonderful, just wonderful!

  62. 🙂 Jacque O: I’ve so gotten used to the satisfaction that I don’t even see the mist anymore. I’m finally at the state where they are all so inconsequential that I don’t feel myself tightening up when, and if, I see their garbage. Pretty soon now I will be as calm as Prez O when confronted with their ineptitude. 😉

  63. I’m not sure I follow this Japa:

    ‘If the Egyptian military creates a dictatorship, all bets are off.’

    If, God forbid, the military goes off track, I still see this as Egypt’s problem, with Prez O and the USA then adjusting their positions accordingly. I don’t see how the President could be blamed for the position he already took, based on the situation then. {Yeah, I know the media would hype it up, but we already know they are not known for insightful thinking.}

  64. Oh, my God. This Ferguson guy thinks that the reporters risking their lives in the square in Cairo were “hyperventilating.” And he, oh wise one was at a conference with Israeli defense ministers in the comforts of his air conditioned room.

    Sure, the news of the day was certainly confined to that room where people were acting as arm chair quarterbacks while history unfolded in a massive way. And this guy is proud to say he was part of the crowd.


    Can’t understand why some people think others should not have the right to the same kinds of freedoms and Democrcy that they live under.

    It appears that this guy would have rather have Mubarak remain in power, despite his people wishes.


  65. NL in SP: ‘It was one of those “totally cool” moments.’
    😀 – Good feeling, eh? Congrats!
    Thanks also for sharing the video clip. I like PBO’s long game plan, and I am very encouraged by his ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. The more he presents his vision, the more sane people will realize that he is the only president America needs right now.

  66. He sounds like one of those “conventional wisdom says” people who doesn’t realize how much things have already changed. I don’t think that the argument favoring stability is crazy, but IMO it’s just on the wrong side of history.

  67. Sweet, more adult behaviour! 🙂 Well said, whoever you are! Who knows, maybe over the next two years more and more journalists can be shamed into more responsible analysis, if enough readers take them to task.

  68. Thanks to the wonderful link provided by gn, I was able to compose the following to send to Party people in my area. Thought maybe it would be helpful to others.

    Found this excellent blog entry that gives concrete specifics about why the President’s new budget cuts back on LIHEAP, summer Pell grants and Community Block grants: http://blog.reidreport.com/2011/02/the-obama-budget-truth-or-dare This blog can help anyone who wants to push back on the whole “This budget hurts the working poor” meme coming out of the media. It addresses some other knee-jerk overreactions to other aspects of the budget.

    Not mentioned in that article is that the FY2012 budget raises Food Stamps by 11%. There’s money to help States support paid family leave programs, improve job training, work to end homelessness, early childhood education, protect children in foster care…the list goes on.

    There is no way in heck this President wants to do anything to hurt the working poor or the middle class in this country. I sincerely hope we can pull together as Democrats and counter the attempts to make the President’s budget look bad while completely overlooking what is coming out of the House, or any attempt to paint the GOP budget as anything but driven by politics and meant to do grave harm to our country.

  69. Dare I say this? President Obama has been looking especially handsome these last two months (of course he has always been a very fine looking man).

    But there seems to have emerged a fresh new glint in his eye, some more “swagger” and more of that million dollar smile. Looks like he truly is relishing the new era of crazies come to town.

    He feels unburdened. The economy has receded from the cliff, the emergency situation has been forestalled. now he really looks like he’s enjoying the presidency.

    Of course, of course, it’s all because of First Lady Michelle. Has she been spiking his morning tee with extra servings of good luvin’?

    Hmmmm……not that it’s any of our business. But me likin’ Pres. renewed swag.

  70. I know what you mean as I used to get really nervous and outraged when the media would push an incorrect meme. I was worried people would believe the lies. Many have. Yet I thought if people could see him perform his duties as President they would see how lucky we are to have him as our Commander-in-Chief.

    Some will never see him in a positive light for differing reasons. Either they do not believe at all in his policies. Or they are racist and will use any excuse to discredit him. Or they blindly believe everything their heroes Limbaugh, Palin, Beck and Fox News say. Or they are too rigid and do not want any change or change is not coming fast enough or the exact change they want has not been completed. There may be other reasons but those seem to cover most of them. In light of this it is a hard fight ahead for us but we are making progress.

    Yay! Glad to see that many people are seeing that PBO is a good leader. I pray daily that they will see his competence.

  71. One of the new themes I heard being pushed the other day for the 2012 election is that PBO is tricking people by what he is doing his first term in office. They are saying just wait if he is elected a second term his real agenda will come forth.
    When I heard that I almost laughed outloud to myself. Although the sad part is some will believe that.

  72. I do not know when in my Adult lifetime we have elected a more qualified President. So many on the other side say he is so unqualified. I guess because he was not a governor running a state. We had a business man mess us up worse than anyone had before. I chose an inspiring speaker and writer that was motivated to help people and turned to politics as a better way to help them. A man that worked hard to get his education studying foreign relations and then law. A man that taught Constitutional Law. A man with an outstanding IL Senate record. His record of authoring and coauthoring successfully passed bills in both the state and US Senate is phenomenal. I compared Hillary’s US Senate record and Barack’s during the Primary and her authored or coauthored bills were for things like naming buildings and honoring people whereas his were for nuclear proliferation and other bills of that importance level. I chose him because he showed calmness in the face of adversity and didn’t seem like a person that would get hot tempered and push the red button. He ran his campaign excellently and paid his bills on time. My oldest son works in the business of setting up conventions, concerts and sports events and he said many people in his business were burned by Hillary’s campaign not paying them. I couldn’t be prouder of this man I voted for and will work my darndest to get him re-elected.

  73. I read something on the OFA blog about Newsweek under a new owner. Can’t remember if it was a Rightie or a Leftie, an extreme side though.

  74. I agree. I woke up this morning thinking about the idiot(Im sorry but the little twerp is an idiot) Ed Henry and his question to the President yesterday although I didnt know or really pay much attention to his dumb question or The P’s answer until I saw the fool on air being interviewed by one of their people later in the day. If you snoozed through his dumbasss ? yesterday and were lucky enough not to see the moron’s later CNN appearance it was about how he came out in support of the protesters in the square in Cairo compared to his rhetoric during the Iran uprising on the heels of their rigged election. I know everyone here understands that W’s belicose language with that axis of evil stupidity followed by an invasion of Iraq, lead to N Korea being more belicose than usual and was a huge break for the elctorial chances of whats his name with the anti American rhetoric in Iran. The way I remember it, Americans seemed to understand why O, though supporting the Iranians, didnt go on a name calling campaign against the Iranian President because that was the last thing those protesters needed. In fact as y’all remember the dinner jacket(I guess I never felt the desire to learn to spell his name) claimed that we were behind the protests anyway. We also have a good relationship with the military in Egypt while Iran’s military and intell people hate our guts and are farther right than Dick Cheney. So Henry asks this typical long winded question yesterday about this, apparently claiming that the President was critisized by some for not being more belicose in the exchange, which as I said, I payed little attention to at the time. In the afternoon though the woman interviewing their dumb ass WH reporter brings up the idiot’s stupid question and the little twerp says He, the P, was defensive and must have gotten the message (from last time). In the first place, as I said, I heard or read little about how the P should have been attacking the Iran P at the time, and in fact, quite the opposite, were very satisfied with how he and his administration approached that crisis. Secondly, I didnt notice him at anytime yesterday being defensive. He may well have been pained to be reminded once more just how weak the intellect of the person “the best political team in the bussiness” picked to be the WH correspondent though. I dont usually watch anything on cable news except Mathews who I mostly like and lately Maddow again at times but I do flip channels during commercials which is the only reason I can think of for being unlucky enough to have caught that exchange between the two CNN people. I had forgotten that Ed Henry even exists which even though I didnt know it, was a very good thing to forget.

  75. I agree. I remember how my mother made it a point to let me know just how great a President we had in JFK and why wouldnt she after he had saved the world? I found out a year or so ago from my oldest sister that during the Cuba missle crisis my father stayed in front of the TV throughout the crisis. The country knew the stakes so Im guessing every adult stayed in front of their TV. JFK didnt listen to the experts who wanted us to invade Cuba even if it meant that almost certainly we would all die in an eventual missle exchange. In any case Lorraine Thirteen Days was the first DVD I ever bought. It’s not a movie like Shawshank, that plays an awful lot on TV, so I wanted a copy.

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