USDA Budget Would Rise 11% on Food-Stamp Spending

I know that this is just one more betrayal, I’m just waiting for Arianna to tell me why.

U.S. Department of Agriculture spending would increase 11 percent to $144 billion in fiscal 2012 as the number of people receiving nutrition assistance reaches records and food-safety spending rises, the government said.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, will cost $85.2 billion in the year starting Oct. 1, up 15 percent from levels in 2010, the last time agencies had an enacted budget, according to the spending plan President Barack Obama sent to Congress today. A record 43.6 million people, more than one of every eight Americans, received food stamps in November, as the jobless rate stayed near a 27-year high, the USDA said earlier this month.

“There’s growth in the program like there is in unemployment, because of the recession and continued economic weakness,” said James Weill, the president of the Washington- based Food Research and Action Center.

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92 thoughts on “USDA Budget Would Rise 11% on Food-Stamp Spending

  1. 15% increase in food stamps. Hmm, that’s an awful lot of turkeys that POTUS is handing out! 😉

    /all in fun

  2. Is it true that there’s no chance in heck that President Obama’s budget will even come close to passing? If it’s all symbolic then why would anyone get upset about it? If all his budget is meant to do is make him look sensible and the Republicans off-the-rails, then why even care? I don’t get it.

  3. As usual, it seems that the PL have over-reacted to Obama’s budget. There are a lot of hidden progressive goals being met through this budget including increasing food-stamp spending. I took a glance at DK4 (by the way what an ugly re-imaging of that site) and there is a poll with the vast majority saying Obama’s budget is no different than the GOP’s. Morons.

    From the previous thread, it is nice to see that Obama is still committing to the drawdown in Iraq and Afganistan this July. It’s the right thing to do and from a pure politics standpoint is going to give Obama a large bump in approval ratings for ending the Iraq War and winding down the Afghanistan war. Both wars have become very unpopular with Americans.

    Not sure if this was linked in an earlier thread or not, but Latino voters are continuing to back Obama

    43% of Latino Voters definitely voting for Obama, 9% for the GOP nominee.

  4. If the House has any chance of getting anything through the Senate most all of what the President has proposed will happen. There will be a lot of shouting and spitting before that, however.

  5. Ugh! I’m so sick of the Profession Left (all of them). They are such phonies! They only pretend to care about poor people. When the Prez made the deal to extend the tax cuts for the rich in order to ensure struggling people would get another year of UE benefits, the PL screamed bloody murder. The PL were more than happy to let those folks go hungry. I hate the PL, especially Arianna. After scamming 315 Mil from AOL on the backs of writers and site visitors, she has the audacity to claim she’s for the working person. She truly makes me so sick. And yet the media continues to kiss her butt every time she’s on the tube. BlECH!

  6. The budget has zero chance of passing the House, but it is a good marker to see where the WH is starting negotiations. So, it is worth talking about. When the House GOP shuts down the government over the budget fight, Obama can point to his reasonable budget and say I offered to a budget that would reduce our deficit by $1 trillion and the GOP wouldn’t even negotiate with me. It makes them look crazy to voters.

  7. Wow. Sounds like they’re becoming awfully cloistered and uninformed over there, but you know, at the end of the day, you can’t tell people anything, and thus if they want to believe that the budgets are the same, that is a chosen ignorance at this point.

    Excellent news about latino voters. It seems that there are a lot of undecided people, but POTUS has a pretty solid core base of support.

  8. * … I’m just waiting for Arianna to tell me why*

    You are so funny, BWD! Thanks again for all of this info.

  9. Basically. There will have to be negotiations with the GOP, and its going to get worse – the key is to sell it as tough but fair and a reasonable budget and then make any GOP cuts seem draconian and if they shutdown government it will be to cut education and programs for the poor.

    Dems have yet to bring up the $70B in Bush extra tax cuts for the rich the GOP fought for in the negotiations.

    What’s going on right now is the frame war. Obama and Lew know there will be more cuts from the negotiations with the House. Lew has done budgets with split congress before.

  10. It always bothers me how many people do not see the working poor. The children who come to school without having anything to eat. Or the children who do not come to school because they do not have shoes or a coat. We are becoming a nation who care about our children until they are born. We make people feel less than if they pull out their food stamp card to use. We criticize them if they purchase something other than beans. Do you know they sometimes purchase something to sell so they can buy non food items like soap and bleach for cleaning.

  11. It’s like talking to the wall. The most heartbreaking truth i discovered about many of them, was that they’re not, how should i say it – Not very intelligent.

  12. Struck dumb by fear is my guess. I’m at my dumbest and most able to say ridiculous things when I’m operating from high emotion or an irrational belief that someone else’s opinion is an existential threat. I’d imagine that the high drama, screaming headlines, and constant overreaction sets lizard brains into motion. Free country! I’m making it my business to say thanks several times a day for creating such a wonderful alternative.

  13. Latinos split 67% for Obama/Biden and 33% for McCain/Palin in 2008, and he’ll need that same split in 2012. Basically there is 50% still in play, meaning Obama would need to get half of that group.

    McCain was a Az Sen with moderate immigration positions in the past and a Southern State/border Senator.

    Romney will have to win votes, he won’t have any built in base. Is he on record regarding immigration and border issues? Will he have to go full teabagger to win the primary?

  14. Thanks for the link about Latino voters. My own personal straw poll is closer to 98% but that isn’t official and only a small sample here in AZ. We swim against the tide here considering we have no sea, just sand.

  15. This is the best they can do is personal attacks. They’ve tried everything else for the last two years so they’ve moved over to attacking appearances.

  16. Wow. Thanks for that intriguing link. And Issa’s not her only BFF – let’s not forget the recent photo of her and Newtie canoodling on a yacht. But what makes that post so stunning is it’s rightful call out of Saint Hypocrite, Keith Olbermann. I can’t believe what an absolute douche he turned out to be. Of course, you’re not allowed to criticize Saint Keith in most liberal spheres because most liberals insist of viewing him as some sort of god. Sadly, it takes a long time for many people on the left to realize they’re being snookered. I’m really glad Countdown finally got canceled. KO always presented Arianna as a legitimate progressive voice and as that post indicates, they willfully propagated falsehoods about the president and his policies. Keith has become more than part of the problem. What I want to know is: Is KO really so dumb not to see through AH’s shtick? Or is he fully aware of her scheming way and simply chooses to play along? Either way, Keith Olbermann is no Edward R. Murrow, that’s for sure.

  17. Right, but what does this poll say about what they think about the GOP. I think they have a lot more ground to make up with this group than President Obama does.

    Plus there are Senate votes against the Dream Act. There should be some highly motivated folks to get out and vote next year.

    By the way, has anyone besides Herman Cain announced for the GOP?

  18. Yes, we must remember that she has a life – a glorious life, with respect and admiration around the globe – and they only have each other and their nastiness with whom to spend Valentine’s Day and every other day.

    I pity them.

  19. Like Haley Barbour, he is not an exercise role model of any kind. (That was the kindest way I could put that.)

  20. Arianna – Ugh

    Her site is really smokin today. I just love it when one of the headlines says: “Watch Arianna talk about ….”


  21. That’s not really reading the poll correctly IMO. Obama already has 43% locked up a year and a half away from the election. That’s the major takeaway. Expecting to see 60-70% locked in that far away from the election is not realistic.

    I am not worried about Obama’s share of the Latino vote. The GOP has gotten significantly more racist since the 2008 election. Latinos voting for GOP will fall significantly compared to 2008. The concern is that Latinos may stay home in 2012. They have historically had very low turnout.

  22. You know, I do not expect much from the Becks,Limbaughs,Palins et al,of the world. They do not shock me ever, because that is their game.Reality suggests that this is who they are,that is the way they think, and this is what they spew forth….and get mileage with.
    Not even worthy of my time or thought. Sorry, but I don’t even bother to subject myself to the slime, just in case it tinges my aura.

  23. BWD THank you, Thank you again and again for a great research on keeping us inform, but as far as Iam concern Arianna can take her millions to grace and invest them there.
    Every time I see Arianna on the TV with the phony smile I puke. sorry I should stay positive on my thinking. yes we can people.

  24. Hi, Ben! I don’t like their stereotypical headline – and forgive me for saying this, in advance, since I know better – but looks like AOL did buy the cow.

    (None of that intro probably cleared me, and it certainly didn’t stop me. Just trying to respond to this stuff with humor, to keep my own sanity.)

  25. Of course it’s not a betrayal, but to be fair increasing food stamp spending is not necessarily a great liberal policy initiative either. The food stamp program just automatically gets more expensive whenever there are more people eligible for food stamps. So the increase is mainly a sign of the times that there are a lot of people eligible to receive benefits under an existing program.

    That should be a reminder that most of the increase in the deficit under Obama has nothing to do with any big spending initiatives he has undertaken. The stimulus act and all the tax cuts have of course added a lot to the deficit, but most of the increase in the deficit has been caused by the economy. When people lose their jobs, tax revenues go way down, and things like unemployment benefits and food stamps go way up. Which also means that a lot of this deficit increase will fix itself when the economy improves and tax revenues go up and expenditures under programs like food stamps start going back down.

  26. Smart latinos in my community they all voted for Obama because I told the so and yes latinos are very independent on their thinking specially the young latinos the do like Obama. trust me.

  27. Ben, Dana Milbank wrote a piece about her in the Washington Post:

    Arianna Huffington’s ideological transformation.

    (“She railed against “big government” and pronounced: “We do our part and God meets us halfway. That’s why I’m a conservative.”

    That version of Huffington called for strict immigration restrictions.”)

    Read the whole article its an interesting read

  28. Al Franken was absolutely on the mark with his book titled “Rush Limbaugh is a Big F idiot.”

  29. In California the Latino vote made all the difference. With the “papers please” laws popping up in states other than AZ will definately make them want to vote DEM.

  30. Not yet. However Romney, Barbour, Santorum, and Gingrich are basically in. Huntsman has staffed up as well, and Palin is kicking the tires. Huckabee seems to be out as he’s not staffing up and recently bought a $3.5M mansion in Florida, and rumors have him secretly negotiating for a M-F gig on Fox (I wonder if that will be Beck’s slot?). I think Huck might have figured any aspirations he might have had evaporated when the guy he let out of prison went and killed the four cops in Washington St.

    Daniels is toying with the idea, however Rush decimated his CPAC speech. Daniels has a Bush problem since he was his director of OMB in 2001-2003, which say the $200B Clinton Surplus beocme a $300B deficit, with the Bush Tax cuts passed with the sunset and the Medicare Part D passed without corresponding cuts or raising taxes. Daniels also called for a truce on social issues in order to get the fincal issues addressed which doesn’t go over well with the RR, and has said he’s open to raising taxes to balance the budget which will not go over well with the Club For Growth folks.

    Christie will wait until 2016, because if he ran now it’s a long shot aginst a sitting President, and it would surely cost him re-election as Governor which would probably end his Presidential aspirations. Christie also turned down the chance to give the SOTU rebuttal – he was the GOP’s first choice and he wanted nothing to do with it.

    Jeb Bush has that last name that is still too hard to run from.

    Why no others have officially declared yet is because they don’t want to lose their Fox gigs. The money and exposure is too valuable and Fox has said that once any employee declares officially they’ll be taken off television. The first debate is in early April, but already Santorum is saying that you don’t have to be officially declared to be part of the debate, so he plans to take part and keep his Fox spots.

    Some folks really wanted Mike Pence to run, but like most serious challengers, he’s looking at 2016. He’ll run for Indiana Gov in 2012 (and very likely win, Bayh said he isn’t running and he was the only Dem with any chance) and then run for President in 2016.

    DeMint is on the fence, I could see him taking the jump – but I think he’s worried he’ll get thumped by Obama and his ego couldn’t take it. He’s backed too many fringe candidates in the last cycle – Angle, Miller, O’Donnell etc that would be hung around his neck, not to mention he’s not very charismatic, more of a nuts and bolts sorta guy.

  31. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: President’s Tuesday Schedule: 9:15-intelligence briefing; 12:15-lunch w/VP Biden; 1:30-Medal of Freedom awards ceremony; 4:30-Sec.Def. Gates

    RT @WestWingReport: Tomorrow’s Medal of Freedom ceremony will honor 15 distinguished people; it is the nation’s highest civilian honor

    RT @WestWingReport: Honorees include: Pres. George H.W. Bush, German Chancellor Merkel, Warren Buffet, Rep. John Lewis, Maya Angelou, Stan Musial, Bill Russell

    RT @WestWingReport: Honorees: John H. Adams, Jean Kennedy Smith, John J. Sweeney, Jasper Johns, Yo Yo Ma, Gerde Klein, Sylvia Mendez, Dr.Tom Little (posthumous)

  32. Wow! BWD keep the truth coming. Every time I have checked in today you have another great entry! I listened alittle bit to O’Donnell atleast Howard Dean did say good things about the President but everyone else was bad mouthing him. I wonder if they really have looked at exactly what the budget would do before jumping to conclusions. Thank you for all this information. I will pass it on.

  33. Looks like justice Thomas just got busted. Attending a retreat with the Koch Brother about citizen united. Said that he was their for a brief moment. but his taxes says other he is trying to get payed for a 4 day weekend their.

  34. Nothing will ever come of it – I just wish the MSM would pick up on it and make it a little uncomfortable. GOP will defend this guy to thwir last breath – let’s at least make them do so.

  35. i believe it has become a hallowed tradition to declare a POTUS budget Dead on Arrival. I would be shocked if it were otherwise.

  36. Of course ti would just be blamed on “libruls scared that HCR will be ruled unconstitutional”. Even if this case with Koch/Citizens United/Ginny Thomas has been around longer than the HCR court challenges.

    I wish somebody would do a big expose into SCOTUS Justices finances and them moonlighting as speakers and any spouse income from political causes.

    This Ginny Thomas stuff really stinks. Failing to disclose $700K over the years, her selling her “influence” and “connections” and getting six figures on a political action outfit that directly benefitted from the CU ruling.

    Why is the MSM ignoring this? Is this something all Justices do and thus there is no story here? I’m sure the GOP would just counter back with “Librul Justice so-in0so gave a speech at the ACLU” or something, but I’m betting Thomas is dirty as hell if somebody really started digging. Ginny probably left a lot of sloppy tracks.

    MSM will never do such a story.

  37. Encouraging news about Gabby Giffords.

    …On Sunday afternoon, Ms. Giffords’s husband, Capt. Mark E. Kelly, put the congresswoman on the phone to talk to his twin brother and fellow astronaut, Scott, who is aboard the International Space Station.

    “She said, ‘Hi, I’m good,’ ” Ms. Carusone said….

    In long days that begin with breakfast at 7, Ms. Giffords, 40, has beaten one of her nurses at tic-tac-toe and transformed herself, her mother wrote, from “kind of a limp noodle” to someone who is “alert, sits up straight with good posture (in fact anyone in the room observing unconsciously sucks it up and throws back their shoulders) and is working very hard.”

    Ms. Giffords’s mother says doctors are regularly surprised by her latest achievement. They say, “She did WHAT?” she wrote in her e-mail, adding that “Little Miss Overachiever is healing very fast.”

  38. This story could get quite big if the MSM wanted to:

    # snip

    When questions were first raised about the retreat last month, a court spokeswoman said Justice Thomas had made a “brief drop-by” at the event in Palm Springs, Calif., in January 2008 and had given a talk.

    In his financial disclosure report for that year, however, Justice Thomas reported that the Federalist Society, a prominent conservative legal group, had reimbursed him an undisclosed amount for four days of “transportation, meals and accommodations” over the weekend of the retreat. The event is organized by Charles and David Koch, brothers who have used millions of dollars from the energy conglomerate they run in Wichita, Kan., to finance conservative causes.

    Arn Pearson, a vice president at the advocacy group Common Cause, said the two statements appeared at odds. His group sent a letter to the Supreme Court on Monday asking for “further clarification” as to whether the justice spent four days at the retreat for the entire event or was there only briefly.

    “I don’t think the explanation they’ve given is credible,” Mr. Pearson said in an interview. He said that if Justice Thomas’s visit was a “four-day, all-expenses paid trip in sunny Palm Springs,” it should have been reported as a gift under federal law.

    # snip

    Read the rest

  39. I’d rather read googlenews and then come here, and go through the spaces on the blogroll than depend on one blog for my information.

  40. Wow, that is straight up miraculous. “I’m good,” indeed. Miracle story. God bless all of the victims, those still with us, and those passed on, of this massacre.

  41. Not having yet read your link, I read a story in which he stated that being honored by POTUS like this is second only to his elderly father telling him how proud of how he turned out. This “hated” POTUS sure has garnered a lot of love amongst the population!

  42. I think the fact that she said “I’m” and not “I am” is a really good sign, since it’s a more complex structure. Hoping she continues to improve.

  43. Can you expand on that? My knowledge of word contractions and brain function is limited to the Star Trek episodes which revealed that the Data robot’s evil twin was more advanced because he could use contractions…

  44. A little music for everyone 🙂

    Esperanza Spalding, she won the grammy last night for best “new artist,” she performed for POTUS at the whithouse February 2009. She is a great jazz singer.

    a little music

  45. I am not an expert or even remotely educated in this area, but I know that you can usually tell when English isn’t someone’s first language because they will typically not use many conjuctions. It’s more complex. I believe the abilty to combine words this way is sometimes damaged with some brain injuries.

  46. I look at this website, cnn and cnn international for what’s trending, then check out my twitter updates; I follow a few international folks guardian, bbc etc, and look at some of the blogs listed. If I find something of particular interest I do more research around the internet ☮

  47. I think that’s right; I just hadn’t put two and two together in terms of the significance of the Congresswoman saying “I’m” rather than “I am” until you brought it up. I think you’re on point.

  48. Thomas Freidman’s take on the Egypt – Isreal dynamics during the protest

    Postcard from Cairo

    For anyone who spent time in Tahrir Square these last three weeks, one thing was very obvious: Israel was not part of this story at all. This was about Egypt and about the longing of Egyptians for the most basic human rights, which were described to me by opposition Egyptian newspaper editor Ibrahim Essa as “freedom, dignity and justice.’’ It doesn’t get any more primal than that. And when young Egyptians looked around the region and asked: Who is with us in this quest and who is not?, the two big countries they knew were against them were Israel and Saudi Arabia. Sad. The children of Egypt were having their liberation moment and the children of Israel decided to side with
    Pharaoh – right to the very end.

    You can read the rest here

  49. Not all of us, Sonja, not all of us. I personally am not nitpicky about human foibles and how people choose to make a way when in the context of limits and perceived lack. And I think that POTUS gets it more than some of his detractors in the PL might credit.

  50. Gosh I don’t want to bring his fans here to cuss us out, but she certainly deserved the acknowledgment and is a prodigy. She’s got a beautiful voice which evokes some real greats, no disrespect to the kiddies who are enjoying their artist and dare I say, first crush lol.

  51. Justin is cool and appeals mainly to the tweens 🙂 I am looking at you Sasha 🙂 , but she is exciting, fresh and timeless

  52. Exactly; the kiddies enjoy him (and he’s actually talented too) and what is the harm in that, none, but I’m glad that sheer genius won out over fandom and sales; wow, the industry still has some integrity after all!

    /pray that google doesn’t pick up this thread and alert his cough, more zealous supporters, lmao

  53. O/T: What a warm and proud feeling I just got. Again. Visited (a friend wanted me to see some quotes from a British author) and there was a list in the margin pointing to quotes from “U.S. Presidents.”

    I don’t know why it hit me so deeply just now, but to see “Barack Obama” – in my lifetime – on the list next to “Abraham Lincoln” and “George Washington” was still astounding to me.

  54. I can’t even pretend; let me tell you, I was really into New Edition. Had someone *robbed* them of an award, I would have been upset! Childhood, I tell ya.

  55. Visited (a friend wanted me to see some quotes from a British author) and there was a list in the margin pointing to quotes from “U.S. Presidents.”

    Thanks for highlighting that site jacquelineoboomer. There are some good ones from the President there. This one is appropriate for the budget discussion going on right now:

    Cutting the deficit by gutting our investments in innovation and education is like lightening an overloaded airplane by removing its engine. It may make you feel like you’re flying high at first, but it won’t take long before you feel the impact.
    Barack Obama

  56. Pro-democracy uprisings in the Middle East, happening without a single intervention by a U.S. President.

    The formula seems to be Tunisia + Egypt + the use of “smart power” by a smart, patient White House that believes in mutual respect and the next generation = Change.

    Protests continue into the night in Tehran after day of confrontations – Tehran Bureau/PBS

    Iran protests are not isolated to Tehran, but area also in other major cities despite massive security presence – NBC News

    Egypt’s army leaders appoint a retired judge to head committee charged with constitutional changes – Reuters

    Egypt constitution referendum will happen within 2 months, military council members tell youth activists, Google exec Ghonim tells Reuters

    Protesters marching and chanting in Bahrain – @maryamalkhawaja

    Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad dissolves Cabinet in response to Egypt crisis – AP

    Thousands of protesters gather at Sanaa University in Yemen for fourth day – Bloomberg

    Yemen’s #Saleh postpones US trip as pressure mounts, as protests in #Yemen call for his ouster

  57. Employees of the courts are not supposed to accept any money or expense-paid speaking gigs. A clear violation. Not to mention forgetting to report $673,000 of his wife’s income.

  58. And do you know that Lawrence O’Donnell was actually ridiculing this quote, calling it a “flat joke?”

    These pundits can be so clueless at times, it’s sad.

  59. BTW: What is up with that hit piece from Newsweek Magazine(Tina Brown-big hillary supporter)?
    The cover says, Did obama Blow it?

    Meaning on egypt!

    Seriously, Hillary supporters all panicky that something might be written poorly about their girl, so they do a pre-emptive strike on the POTUS!

    Another sign of Maturity!

    And Newsweek is not a right wing outfit!!

  60. Medal of honor recipients are:

    President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will be at the ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

    Along with Bush, Musial and Ma, 12 others will receive the prestigious honor.

    The other recipients of the medal will be: German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Georgia congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis; Natural Resources Defense Council co-founder John Adams; poet Maya Angelou; investor Warren Buffett; artist Jasper Johns; Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein; humanitarian activist Tom Little, who was killed in Afghanistan; civil rights activist Sylvia Mendez; Boston Celtics NBA legend Bill Russell; nonprofit leader and former Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith; and AFL-CIO chief John Sweeney.

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