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  1. Fun stuff about what’s going on in Wisconsin:

    United Council of UW Students just held a rally called Hands Off Our Teachers (their Facebook page):

    And our own UW-Eau Claire students are taking busses to the rally tomorrow in Madison!! We’re doing something good — no wonder the Governor wants to attack us! Their Facebook page:!/uwecstusenate

    This is the Recall Scott Walker Facebook page:

    Here’s another similar Facebook page:!/RecallScottWalker

    Once you begin to visit some of these sites, you can visit many others.

  2. I do think that the young man’s whose hand he was shaking could have stood up out of respect.

  3. well, well, well, the knives are out from all sides re: the President’s budget!!!

    Today, Andrew Sullivan is back in all fury with his panties in a bunch about feeling betrayed by President Obama. According to his harshly worded and downright insulting posts today. Pres. Obama did not tackle the “entitlements” — medicare and Social Security– and the long term deficit.

    Using one of the very pictures above from the Parkville school, Sully rebukes the Pres. for selling out the kids’ futures for “political expediency”.

    Yep this is the nonsense we will be hearing bleated out from any which way on the political spectrum.

    Why did Sully want Pres. Obama to defang his arsenal even before he has sat down with repugs? Why should he unilaterally disarm and hand talking points to the batshit crazy repugs who are hell-bent on dismantling our entire commonweal but who will turn around quickly and accuse him of “destroying medicare and SS”?

    Did these same people and the PL not accuse Pres. Obama of not playing political hardball these last two years, and now that he is playing such, he’s deemed a traitor?

    I am whiplashed. Of course Sully has snapped back to his uber conservative roots, smothering Mitch Daniels with praise. yeah Mitch Daniels the very same Governor who turned the Clinton budget surplus into the Bush deficits. yep Sully praises him for being “principled”.

    I guess Arianna Huffington has shown all these Repug turncoats a way out of the progressive tent while the going is good and cash is to be made this time on an endless bash-Obama-rama.

  4. LOL, thanks for the breakdown. Utter and total media excess, and indeed, Huffington showed that the ideology and/or party affiliation can be interchangeable, so long as the content contains some unfair POTUS-bashing. Sullivan is normally on point, but he’s really joining the PL in terms of entertaining fantasy, in Sullivan’s case, the fantasy that this POTUS is a hard right deficit hawk. If the GOP wants the entitlements slashed, the GOP needs to put those slashes on the table and explain to the electorate why the GOP thinks that they are necessary and wise. POTUS has a budget which slashes just about as much as the GOP’s first version. Sounds like the Republicans and other deficit hawks have already received an enormous amount of accommodation.

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