Change you can freaking believe in

Super interesting NYT account of the scenes behind the scenes at the WH over the past couple of weeks. The bottom line is that president Obama was surrounded by very good people – I do not buy any conspiracy theories here – who are simply from a different generation, and their advice was to not throw Mubarak under the bus. At least not now. And while the president knew their arguments, and even agreed with some of them, he was not going to be on the wrong side of history. Not this man.

Booman is a bit harsh on Hillary, I think, but again he’s right on the money:

…So, the president flipped his lid and called up his buddy John Kerry to tell him to contradict that bullshit when he went on Meet the Press.

Meanwhile, he told Mubarak to get the fuck out, even as Clinton, Biden, and Gates tried to get him to side with the PermaGov.


Biden occasionally breaks the mold, as he did in his opposition to the escalation in Afghanistan, but the president still stands largely alone in his foreign policy team in siding against our sixty-five year history of screwing the underdog in favor of “stability” and “access to markets.” The man has guts, but it’s really nothing but a progressive view of U.S. foreign policy in the post-war era. We all espouse that view, but we never see it carried out in Washington DC. When I see things that never happen, happen, then I have to make a note of it.

You want to know why I was so passionate that Obama, and not Clinton, be the Democratic nominee? It wasn’t for health care reform. It was for decisions like this.


Amen, man. Amen.