Saturday’s mishmash

Hi guys,

Here’s a lengthy mishmash for a Saturday morning. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

1. I’m Grateful is updated.


2. Weekly address:


3. Do you remember what the naysayers said when in his 2010 SOTU address, president Obama talked about doubling US export over the next 5 years? Well, the naysayers never learn.

NYT: American exports of goods rose 21 percent in 2010

…It was the sharpest rise in American exports since 1988, and it enabled the United States to pass Germany and again become the world’s second-largest exporter, behind China.


….The increase in American exports came as manufacturing employment in the United States rose by 0.9 percent in 2010, the first annual increase since 1997.

// more


4. Recovery!

Consumer sentiment hits 8-month high


5. No wonder none of those losers announced their candidacy yet. And this is FOX NEWS poll…:)

Obama grows lead over top 2012 GOP challengers

President Obama leads several top would-be Republican challengers by an even larger margin than last year, a new poll found Friday.

Obama would beat former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in head-to-head match-ups if the 2012 election were held today, a new Fox News poll found.

Obama also leads all four of those candidates by healthier margins than he had in the same tests of those match-ups in late September of last year, the poll found.

Forty-eight percent of registered voters would choose Obama, versus 41 percent who would vote for Romney, the poll found. (Obama led 41-40 percent last fall.)

In a race against Huckabee, Obama would win 49-41 percent, an expanded margin from the 43-40 percent lead the president held in September.

Obama clears the 50 percent marker against both Gingrich and Palin. He would beat Palin by more than 20 points — 56 to 35 percent — and best Gingrich 55-35 percent. The president led Palin 48-35 percent last September, and was ahead of the former Speaker with 53 percent to Gingrich’s 29 percent last fall.

As a bonus, the Fox poll also tests how Obama would fare against former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who said he’s not running, in 2012. Fifty-four percent of registered voters would choose Obama in that match-up, compared to 34 percent who would elect Bush. 


6. Two field trips for the president next week:

President Barack Obama will travel to Oregon next week to visit Intel Corp

Obama to visit Baltimore County school


7. Yea, suddenly they are all praising him.

For those keeping score in the “peacefully removing Arab dictators” game, it’s now Obama 2, Bush 0. 

Egypt is on a path to democracy and no one got invaded


8. Love those Austan Goolsbee’s White Board bits. This time it’s about the wireless initiative.


9. “I still didn’t have a lot of money, so all I could afford was Gibbs”. Hilarious and actually quite touching.


10. The making of the historic speech:



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  1. a little late but I just sent BWD’s url to all my family members.
    Somebody had the “I am Grateful” thingy and I simply replied all to my family.

  2. Well, what can I say? This president defies them all. What I enjoy most is, whilst the so-called msm and insta-pundits mouth off on a daily basis about what they ‘think they know and mostly don’t’, the President and his administration are simply getting on with the business at hand.
    One just has to admire the spirit of productivity and inspiration that this man and his family exudes.

  3. GM BWD and all!

    I spent the majority of yesterday on a Huff and Puff post thread about Dennis Kucinich. Apparently he thinks running a primary against the President would make him a stronger candidate.

    I made endless posts criticizing Dennis, calling him a sanctimonious fool who hasn’t gotten ANYTHING worthwhile to brag about, and that he only wants a primary against Obama because he wants to be in those shoes.

    But the Kucinichbots droned on and on about how Obama must be primaried because he’s a gosh awful failure. I even mentioned the point that if Paul Wellstone had lived and become President, they’d call for a primary against him the minute he failed their purity tests.

    Not even Howard Dean is buying the hype and he says progressives need to get behind Obama and help to re elect him.

    Sorry for the early morning rant, needed to get that off my chest.

  4. Each month we continue to see good signs, and what’s more important is that the growth seems organic ( meaning it’s coming from genuine demand). I think if we continue on this path, then the continued perceived optimism will reflect and flow through to the Presidents continued approval.

    The thing I don’t Luke about these polls on Presidebt Obama is that they are a just a snapshot if the public’s perception and not based on anything real on what all the things the Presodent has done. Take the BP oil spill, the President and his team were handling the crisis with calm expertise, yet the wailing and moaning, and all the criticism translated to “negative perception” in the polls. But it was totally divorced from reality.

    Also I don’t take stock in any one day of what the polls say. The polls are capricious and won’t really matter until 4 or 5 months before elections!

    And like Mitch Stewart & David Plouffe would say, polls mean nothing on election day, it’s all about GOTV!!

    So I don’t waste my time on all the handwringing, but I certainly dont mind having the good news of the polls, as it’s like an “in your face!” to all the Frustrati and the conservative idiots out there!

  5. Kucinich was quiet for a while – what happened recently? I guess the euphoria of the Air Force One ride has finally worn off. Or maybe Corporate-Arianna paid him a couple of hundred thousand to spew garbage about the President.

  6. Thank you BWD for today’s compilation. I contact an OFA email list in my rural county of about 50 people and so many of your links go out to them. I get letters back all the time saying how glad they are to find out about these sources and stories. I think there’s some synergy going on here for those of us who are reading your posts.

  7. The GOP CPAC convention is all hilarious theater! I for one encourage the ridiculous will (s)he/won’t (s)he run from the likes of Trump & Palin. Because they make the Conservative field of candidates look disorganized and ridiculous!

    It’s clear there is no one leader or star who shines above the rest. If this is the vest the Republicans can do, then they are in trouble!! I just continue to laugh and enjoy the stupidity, short sightedness and ridiculousness of how afraid the GOP are of offending Palin and her crazy followers!

  8. I agree about the progress that we are seeing in our economy having legs. Under Bush everything seemed to be one big just ready to burst bubble and burst it did. Also I am feeling so good about the President’s ability to overcome the cynicism and low self esteem that we have about our country’s future. This is a “can do” president with a philosopher’s soul. He sees the best in us until we can start to see it as well. Kind of like his bringing home a rescue pet. Every time my spirit wanes I feel reinvigorated to keep moving forward by this man and the millions of good people wanting the same things he does. Though I wasn’t there I remember the images of his inauguration. That was our Green Revolution, our Tahir Square celebration. It just started there though and its going to take the efforts of all people of good will.

  9. He needs money for re-election!! He is scared of losing ! And what better way than to get money out of the mindless Frustrati than to say shit about the Peesident, so the idiots on DFaux will get all happy and send him donations!

    I remember the stupidity and the giddiness when Alan Geayson threw “red meat” out there, and all those Frustrati would just mindlessly give him money.

    I never understood it, and refused to give a single cent to snowboaters like Grayson

  10. Hahaha!! Looks like all the handwringing and diary writing over “coming cuts to SS” was such a good use of time!


  12. Wow. Before I even read the good news on increasing export, I read first the statements posited by the naysayers.

    Some of their statments were snarky and you could almost see them rolling their eyes at the president for taking such a stand.

    For example one said: “It’s like someone dropped a paragraph from a Bush or a Clinton speech….

    Another: “How will he perform this miracle? It really is a mystery.”

    Well, the “mystery” is swiftly unfolding before ours.

    And now the naysayers have eggs on their faces. It would be interesting to hear them spin this now. And so, I will as best as I can get their contact information and send this news report to each one of them — highlighting their no-can-do comments.

    Thanks BWD, once again, for the uplifting news this Saturday morning.

  13. Thank you so much for this site. It is so refreshing to hear such positive comments about our great president and his accomplishments in the short time period he has been in office. I want you to know how how much you are appreciated!!!!

  14. Another good week for the President. As the recovery continues, his numbers will continue to rise. Isn’t it amazing what competence and time for that competence to show results can do? I don’t blame the republicans for not having any clear candidates ready to declare to run against him. Who would want to? I think those polls will continue to show better and better news for the president as time goes by. The hyperpartisan news and opinion shows are losing ratings, the economy continues to improve, Egypt managed to get rid of a dictator without an armed revolt or needing the US to invade and the republicans keep wasting time on social issues and doing nothing useful in congress. At this rate, by the time the election rolls around, the president will win by historic margins against any candidate and the idea of a primary will be so laughable that Kucinich or anyone else who proposes it will find himself regarded as ridiculous and unserious by all his colleagues and most voters.

  15. Gee, could it be? The FAA bill looks like it will pass the Senate on Monday! The House introduced their version on friday, so it actually has bi-partisan support! It concentrates on next gen faa sattelite system.
    Both bills are similar, though the house version spends 4 billion less!
    In short, aircarft currently uses a radar based Automatic direction finder system. It has to fly over these areas on the ground, in order for the radar to locate them! They waste so much fuel, flying over these areas, that additional stops at airports are necessary!
    This sattelite system will augment that need, and save the airlines money(by flying in a straight line), cutting the cost of passenger out of pocket money to fly and will create at least 100,000 jobs!

    This is all going under the radar(LOL)! Shh, don’t tell the tea baggers!

  16. Happy Saturday everyone, thanks for the mishmash BWD.

    I saw the good news about export increase yesterday and was elated.

    I loved the farewell to Gibbsy from POTUS, especially the joke about Axelrod being best dressed and his fashion opinion being of real value, our pres has a wicked :)sense of humor.

  17. Yes, and no wonder the GOP are threatening to shut down the govt, they are desperate! Very risky! they must think they can blame the POTUS on a govt shutdown. But, they will own it! It will not last but a week at most and be very damaging to the GOP! It might bring the POTUS polls down a bit too, but not as much as the GOP and will give this president a TARGET!

  18. Sorry, Everyone, but follow this tweeter:!/pakinamamer

    I can’t find pictures yet, but people are going back to Tahrir Square and cleaning it! I don’t ever recall anyone after a demonstration doing that, ever. I think that’s a sign of just how organized and disciplined they really are, and also how much freer they are too. If they feared that the police would bother them, then they would stay home.

    In addition, they are making friends of the local sanitation people when they do this. Those folks have doubtless been out of work for days, looking forward to going back to work, but dreading what must be a truly massive cleanup.

  19. From Cnn:

    [Update 4:51 p.m. in Cairo, 9:51 a.m. ET] The head of the Egyptian stock market, Khaled Serry Seyam, said trading will resume Wednesday, February 16, Egyptian state TV reported Saturday.

    [Update 4:43 p.m. in Cairo, 9:43 a.m. ET] Demonstrators brought into Tahrir Square a large marble statue whose purpose appeared to be to honor those killed in the unrest of the past 18 days.

    [Update 3:13 p.m. in Cairo, 8:13 a.m. ET] The Egyptian military called on people and the government to support the caretaker government before a new Cabinet is formed. The military government also said it will honor all international agreements, which would include Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel.

    [Update 3:06 p.m. in Cairo, 8:06 a.m. ET] A large number of soldiers entered Tahrir Square on foot and began clearing protesters’ barricades and taking up positions. Demonstrators cheered the soldiers and patted them on the back as they ran by, and one soldier was hoisted onto protesters’ shoulders. Protesters and soldiers worked together to clear debris and load it into dump trucks.

    [Update 11:03 a.m. in Cairo, 4:03 a.m. ET] State-run newspapers – which frequently ran the line of Mubarak’s government – published headlines such as “The people have brought down the regime” on Saturday.

    Many gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday morning said they had stayed overnight amid the celebratory atmosphere. Many said they were happy with the military council taking over. Others said they would stay in the square until they get more concessions – such as the freeing of political prisoners. And some people said they would continue to protest “until Egypt is ruled by a civil government – not a military one.”

    [Update 10:10 a.m. in Cairo, 3:10 a.m. ET] Clean-up efforts began in the area in and around Cairo’s Tahrir Square Saturday morning. Crews towed away burned cars that had been used as barricades and collected garbage.

    Some people who spent the night in the square said they would continue to protest “until Egypt is ruled by a civil government, not a military one.” Others waved Egyptian flags and painted images of the flag on their faces.

    [Update 8:55 a.m. in Cairo, 1:55 a.m. ET] In a statement released late Friday, the Tunisian foreign ministry expressed “total satisfaction” over the announcement of Mubarak’s resignation, the Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) news agency reported.

    Wael Ghonim, the Egyptian activist whose Facebook page is credited with triggering the uprising, wrote on his Twitter feed early Saturday, “Dear Egyptians, Go back to your work on Sunday, work like never before and help Egypt become a developed country.”

    Ghonim, on leave from his job as a Google executive, earlier wrote urging people to try to raise 100 billion Egyptian pounds (17 billion U.S. dollars) “to rebuild Egypt.”

    Ghonim, who spent 10 days in custody after being seized by Egyptian security, also wrote, “Soon the ugly face of the regime will be supported by documents and evidence.”

  20. Morning and great mishmash, BWD. Here’s another New Hampshire poll released yesterday showing our briliant president beating the republicans. One interesting stat from the internals is that 94% of the respondents were white. So much for the msm meme (I’m talking to you, Tweety!) “can he win back whites who voted for him?”

    Interesting how no one in the msm is talking about all these polls that have come out this week which show PBO trouncing the republican field and his approval numbers holding steading and climbing (even Ratmussen has him at 50%.

    Though I’m not surprised. Gosh, these folks really need to find another profession.

  21. It all looks pretty good on Obama’s end. He may have to watch as the other dominoes fall, but if they all do and become democratic, Obama could have a peace surplus like Clinton did in his second term. Mothballing most of Homeland Security and a lot of the Defense budget could allow some real money put into alternative energy, high speed rail, and infrastructure.

  22. As I watched the joy in Tahrir Square and heard the comments about the helpfulness of the crowd and the lack of problems, it reminded me of Inauguration Day. I remember hearing that there wasn’t a single incident of unlawfulness, in spite of the huge crowd.

  23. I never say anything about how someone looks [except how good the President does look!] but I have something gnawing at me about Trump that has to come out…How could anyone vote for such a vain man who dyes his hair and grows the back extra long in order to comb it over his bald head and paste it down to his forehead? There it is out of my system. On to other matters.

  24. It will look even better once these people take a look into the clown car that is the current Republican field. I can’t see a President among that crowd. Romney may have a chance if Obama stumbles, but we have a sure-footed President.

    On a board where they talked about the Fox poll, one commenter said that SOMEONE ELSE will emerge. Who would that be? If the Republicans had anyone even close to Obama’s intelligence and charisma, he/she would have been trotted out by now, even if they were flawed or a bit too young in the hope that even if they lose in 2012, they would be ready in 2016.

    Another thing is that the window of opportunity is closing fast for anyone to get in. Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary voters need to be wooed, and the money to run needs to be raised. In 2007 at this time, just about everybody who ran for President (including Obama) had not only declared, but filed and was raising money.

    The first GOP debate is in May, and this is February. Somebody has got to take the plunge, or the moderator will be talking to him/herself for the entire show.

  25. I think even if a candidate emerges soon, “the moderator” may think he/she is talking to the dining room furniture, anyway.

    (Sometimes I worry when my first comment of the day is snark. But not much.)

    Happy Saturday!

  26. Believe it’s the Flag of the President of the United States (his own ceremonial flag).

  27. To be honest everyone, no matter whom, pales in comparison to this charismatic president. Who can inspire, like him? Who can articulate, like him? Who can elocute, like him? Who is so ultra cool,like him? Who is such a deep thinker, like him ? Who plays the long game, like him? Who is as intelligent, like him. Who is as savvy as him?
    I really cannot think of one person that fits the bill in these modern times, and I have thought long and hard…especially from the Grand Old Party.
    No-one seems to have the ‘IT’factor. Sorry!

  28. And the Resolute Desk he’s sitting at in the Oval Office is also the one used by JFK and later presidents. From Wiki:

    “Many presidents have used a large partners’ desk called the Resolute Desk, so named because it was made from the timbers of the British frigate HMS Resolute. The ship was frozen in Arctic ice and abandoned, but later found and freed by American seamen. It was refurbished and presented as a gift from the United States to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom in 1856. When the British ship was decommissioned in 1879, Queen Victoria ordered twin desks made from its timbers, keeping one and presenting the other as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880.”

  29. Grayson and Kucinick all about (Red Meat) opportunist with their garbage, My children and grandkids are allready collecting donatios for the RE-ELECTION OF PBO0 AND YES WE CAN.

  30. Actually, the teabaggers would probably like this very much, since the bill came from the House.

    Because I love links, do you have a link, jovie? 🙂

  31. LadyJazz, so agree with your comment and I’m so stealing it. They keep thinking that some young, republican upstart — or bully like Christie — can challenge President Obama. But I’m reminded what David Axelrod said about why the Obama campaign won in 2008: It was the candidate.

    I remember on election night Brian Williams calling him an “astonishing candidate.”

    It’s as you said, no one on the republican or the democratic side can match President Barack Obama in skills, character and charisma.

    And I so wish the PL and Kucinich (sp), who might lose his own seat, would shut up. There is no dem candidate who can challenge our president.

  32. I love the caption of PBO working on his Egypt remarks: He’s working at the “Resolute Desk”. If that doesn’t capture the nature of the man, I don’t know what does.

  33. I feel like the GOP has someone in mind, the huntsman guy who will run. I am just thinking they are trying to distract us with the usual clowns but they do have someone they are grooming under the raider. I can say this though I am a pragmatic voter and a STRONG Obama supporter, so whoever they are going to put out there is NOT getting my vote or of anyone in my family

  34. Huntsman would not get my vote ever, but he is a much more likable candidate than any of the clowns that are out there. (He was also talked about a couple of years ago for a possible run … and I love the way President Obama brought him onto the team as our Ambassador to China. Brilliant!)

  35. Don’t mourn. Gibbs is going to be unleashed as an attack dog on the Sunday shows now that he’s no longer Press Secy. He’ll do fabulously in that role, and be a bigger help to PBO.

  36. no one on the republican or the democratic side can match President Barack Obama in skills, character and charisma.

    As simple as that.

  37. Only a Republican Defense Secy could propose the types of military cuts that Gates is proposing. Really, what is the House GOP going to say to both Gates and Adm. Mullen? That they’re crypto-socialist traitors seeking America’s doom? Keeping Gates as DoD chief was another instance of Obama’s long-term thinking.

  38. You too jackieoboomer! Great Saturday-and I’m just fascinated by Egypt. When 1989 occurred, it was all tv, and you never really got many of the details of what happened the next day or the day after that. Cleaning up after the protests? There is no one leader, but the various groups have formed a committee to work with the military.

    Anyone mind if I post stuff about Egypt here from time to time?

    I can also go to my blog too, if there’s a problem. It’s just that I hardly ever get any comments over there, and I seem to need reactions to get inspired to write.

  39. It reminded me of that marvelous day as well. That and election night are two events that among the most thrilling of my life.

  40. And the electorate will rightly ask, if Huntsman runs, “If you think Pres. Obama is doing such an awful job, why did you serve him as ambassador to China for TWO YEARS?” As they say in the South, “that dog won’t hunt”.

  41. It was NEVER gonna be part of the budget. I’m so tired of the frustrati who are all too willing to believe an anti-Obama rumor but can’t get behind pro-Obama actual, factual results.

  42. That’s true, librarian. And if all goes well, and we get a Democratic House back, we can downsize to a more sustainable military posture and take the money and improve America and it’s standing in the world.

    Homeland Security was mostly about combating terrorism from the Middle East, despite its other missions. A democratic Middle East is Osama’s worst nightmare. It was in the dungeons of Egypt that Zahwahiri was created, and Mohammed Atta (the main pilot of September 11th) and a lot of his crew spent time in or through Egypt. These men were engineers who were unable to get jobs and marry and despaired enough that Osama could get hold of them. A peaceful, Democratic (maybe that’s not a typo-the last thing they should do is consult the Republican wingnuts)Egypt will have places both in politics and in commerce for those bright people, drying up the pool of would-be recruits.

    Without Mideast terror, who’s really left to justify the massive amounts we have spent on Homeland Security? Heavens, we may have to downsize and go back to chasing regular criminals.

  43. Frankly, he was better in that role during the campaign and he seemed constrained and uncomfortable as Press Sec’y. I love everything about Gibbs, but I didn’t think his talents were suited to the post. I totally get why Obama would have made him press sec’y and I thought it was a shoo-in appointment. But he’ll be better on the Sunday shows in campaign mode. That’s where we need him.

    I expect him to take some time to decompress. He’s earned it. Good luck to you, Mr. Gibbs, in all your endeavors and thank you.

  44. It is interesting(or stupid) how DK and Grayson became heros to the far left just for the red meat they throw out that achieves not a damn thing. Has Dennis K ever had a bill pass? Grayson did two years ansd was voted out and I saw some blame the President for his loss on other blogs. Maybe Im wrong but I think the noise made by the way over represented (On TV and Blogs) far left did more to depress voters last November than any policy of the President’s. I noticed last night Huffington wouldnt answer Maher’s question about how he figured she, like him were definatly going to vote for Obama in 2012. He let it slide apparently not knowing that Dana Milbank’s column this week about her being a phony who’s real agenda is herself was absolutly right on .

  45. They’ll just move the goal posts. That’s what they do. Obama achieves the goal, and they change the terms of the goal.

    Does anyone remember the scene in Roots where they’re giving the black man the literacy test, which is heavy in legal jargon and he’s able to read it. Then they say, “And what did it mean?”

    That’s how they treat this President. They just keep changing the goal. Tweety and his 8% unemployment number. If Obama gets anywhere close, he’ll change it.

  46. Ditto overseasgranny!!, I had those same thoughts today, maybe we should ask for forgiveness 🙂 bad Starm, bad Overseasgranny 🙂

  47. A good friend of mine was downsized out of a job two years ago. A big corporation, reaping huge profits and doing it on the backs of working people with a kid and a mortgage.

    She not only just found a job, but she said it was like the gates opened. There were choices in her field, she didn’t even have to settle. I’m talking a middle management worker, here.

    Things are getting better. Perfect? Of course not. But it’s unconscionable to me that the enter Left is not celebrating this success.

  48. That’s because all these people are interested in, is the show. Let’s go down with a glorious defeat – or as the president so eloquently put it: “So we can feel good about ourselves, and sanctimonious, and in the meantime, no victories for the American people”. That was beautiful, how he smacked the kids.

  49. I heard yesterday that every young man has to serve three years in the military. That means two things: they have that service as experience; and the military is full of young people who feel the same way as the protesters. Leadership of the military is a component, but the military is reflective of Egyptian society.

    I frankly am in favor of a draft and certainly in favor of Obama’s dream of requiring a period of service to this nation which does not have to be only the military. There was no way he was going to be able to tackle that in this political climate, but it’s one of the reasons I became more than just a supporter and someone who deeply loves this President.

  50. And he’s Mormon, approves of civil unions, and worked for Obama. He would be a formidable candidate in 2016 or in 2020 (he’s only in his late 40’s) once the Teabaggers have burned themselves out and there’s another primary where neither party has an incumbent running.

    But he would have to this time around convince the Teabaggers, move Sarah aside (and I don’t think she will be pushed aside easily) and overcome the fact he worked for Obama. He also hasn’t raised any money and will need millions and millions to even be competitive with Obama.

    And do you know it’s rumored that Obama is on the way to raising $1 billion for his re-election campaign?

  51. “It will look even better once these people take a look into the clown car that is the current Republican field.”

    Hysterical, Carol.

    You’re absolutely right about the window of opportunity here. If a Republican star hasn’t risen yet, they are fast running out of time.

    I’m hoping for Trump, aren’t we all? Can you imagine? After the fantastic failure of corporate CEO’s going up in flames in the 2010 elections?

  52. You’re right of course but I do find it comforting that the public, no longer being subject to the Tparty town hall noise that CNN and co. loved pushing, seem to be coming to their senses. Givin those polls from last year, including one where Mitt Romney would beat him by a point, I comforted myself with the knowledge that the voters who voted for him in 08 would, when push came to shove, do so again if for because he outshines them all in every way and by the time the debates were over at the latest,they would realise that. That this is a Fox poll is particularly nice givin the effort on FNC to do everything n their power to destroy him.

  53. I’d would love to the see the juxtaposition of Christie lying on a beach in Florida while his state is blanketed in crippling snow and candidate Obama, helping fill sandbags during a flood.

  54. Carol – You and so many others here are beautiful writers, and I think we’re all here for the expanded (real) content. Please continue to post about Egypt – I’ve always had a feeling of fascination about it, which has become enhanced now, of course.

  55. Wonderful news Faith. I am trying to collect stories of folks who got a job. If your friend would feel comfortable sending me 1-2 paragraphs, her first name that would be great. I will also include a picture which can be either:

    a photo of her (she provides) OR a photo of her community or company (I can find these)

    Woo Hoo – just love good news

  56. Sorry Im not even computer literate enough to know how to link it, but It can probably still be found on the Washington Post site.

  57. You can’t go by CPAC. They are all wingnuts and have been spectacularly off target for years on who will be the GOP nominee.

    Whatever faux moderate they pick, they’ll use the simplistic thinking that McCain treasonously used when picking Palin. Somebody who is charming — Obama is charming. Missing the entire point of the synergistic qualities that Obama possesses.

    McCain: Hillary’s a woman. All Democratic women were for Hillary. Therefore if I pick a woman (“go find me a woman VP and get off my lawn!”) all those disappointed Hillary-voting women will vote for me.

    They don’t get it at all.

  58. Huntsman does bother me, only because he could be really harmful because he was on the ‘inside’ of the Obama administration. He can be damaging but nothing this President can’t overcome.

  59. Heard him speak and the guy has no charisma at all. And he was born into great wealth which makes him part of the elite according to the quitter gov.

    Plus, he has no character. Who runs against the president who appointed them? No one likes or trusts a Judas, I don’t care what excuse he gives.

  60. $1bn?? Um, wow. He’s basically throwing Citizens United back into the Koch Bros. faces. 🙂

  61. 1B, that’s amazing. And yet the most bleeding-heart liberal part of me thinks, “My God, my God, how many children would not go hungry and would have a roof over their heads?!”

  62. Thune is another one with absolutely no charisma and no eloquence at all. And he just looks kind of not all there to me.

  63. And then you have to ask a further question: “How many more children will go hungry if the GOP wins the WH in 2012?” What we need is public financing of campaigns and laws that force networks as part of their public service to air candidate commercials at reduced rates. The we wouldn’t have to resort to these obscene amounts of funding to run for office. Of course, that won’t happen with the GOP in control of everything.

  64. The other problem is that they really have no strategy. Only tactics, smearing and bashing Obama.Isn’t that all they are doing at CPAC as we speak?
    But then,pray tell, what have they done to be proud of? What have they done to boast of?
    So the next best thing is to do what they do without hesitation…denigrate,lie,distort,use fear tactics, and. try to arouse the dark side in the base. Yes, folks,that’s about it.
    P.S Huntsman a possibility, but ‘he ain’t ready yet’!

  65. Good Morning one and all

    I ran across this video, which is an excellent example of Democrats speaking with a clear message everyone can understand.

    Now for a silly comment. The first speaker is Barbara Boxer who is my senator. Her opponent in the 2010 election was Carly Fiorina who made a comment about Boxer’s hair style being out of date. I just have to add that I think Boxer’s new hair style looks great.

    OK back to cutting edge policy talk.

  66. Arianna Huffington announced on Bill Maher’s show that he might get her vote. I agree 100% with Soldier’s analysis and people need not be lulled into a sense of complacency. And I have no doubt but that some of our “progressive” media will jump on board the Huntsman train.

  67. Grayson should see that his tactics did’nt work. They voted him out because he was becoming to extreme.

  68. Actually, from what I’ve read, he was an awful congressman. He wasn’t voted out because he was throwing red meat to the DKos crowd; he was voted out because he had NO constituent services, and was more interested in being on national television than attending to the needs of his district.

  69. Well one of the things i will be doing this spring is being a walking advertisment for the President. i will be purchasing some of the gear for the spring and wearing it publicly. I definiteely want the We do Big things T-shirt and the health care t-shirt.

  70. Yet more evidence illustrating that there’s absolutely no equivalence between the parties, none. Thanks for this video WiW, and indeed, this was a very coherent and firm message about Republican’s unbelievable stance re: access to abortion for women who have suffered rape or incest, or whose pregnancies are life-threatening. Thanks to the Democratic party for standing against this.

  71. I just love these democratic senators. And every time I see Sen. Franken, I see Bill O’Reilly’s head explode. Hah!

  72. Huntsman is interesting. I could see him riding in as a conservative hero after folks take a look at the current field and find it lacking. The first primary is eleven months away yet, so there is plenty of time for him to get on the ground and get his name out. I think his plan is to come in late and catch fire and peak at the right time.

    He’s staffed up with Rick Snyders comm director which should make Dems take notice. Snyder ran as a technocrat optimist, the “one tough nerd”, and while a conservative, not an ideologue who would be willing to work with everybody. He ran to the center while all the others ran hard right and picked up all the moderate vote whereas the three fighting for the hard right base vote split it three ways. This will very likely be Huntsman’s strategy, and he can prove his bi-partisan credentials in that he worked in the Obama campaign.

    I think folks are tired of he hyper-partisanship and Huntsman is going to appeal to it. And even if he doesn’t appeal to teabaggers in the general they’ll vote for him because they hate Obama more.

    None of the GOP front runners are running a positive campaign, they’re all running on fearmongering and doom and gloom. Huntsman will seem like a breath of fresh air.

    He’ll borrow a lot from the Obama primary campaign against Clinton, as it’s a very similar situation.

    Obama Campaign can’t leave it up to Romney to sink this guy early, they’ll have to use some stealth attacks, get Harry Reid’s crew who sunk Lowden in the primaries.

    Also with no Dem primary, more moderates, indies will vote in the GOP primaries – which is that Huntsman will be counting on as well. The GOP voter pool will be expanded with more moderate, non hyper-partisan voters. Dems crossed over in Michigan to vote in the GOP primary for Snyder.

  73. I know, Liberal Librarian, I know. (with a big sigh) I’m pragmatic, as well. Being a bleeding-heart idealist can be a good thing, but it doesn’t work well in this ol’ world. 🙂 I’m better than I once was, when I was younger, I would see a hungry child and break down in tears. Literally. But I am getting better.

  74. Just a taste of Huff Past from Milbank’s Article;

    I first came across Huffington in 1995, when she was working at Gingrich’s Progress and Freedom Foundation, preaching social consciousness to fellow conservatives. She railed against “big government” and pronounced: “We do our part and God meets us halfway. That’s why I’m a conservative.”

    That version of Huffington called for strict immigration restrictions. She favored Bill Clinton’s resignation and floated the rumor that a former ambassador had been buried in Arlington because Clinton had slept with his wife.

    By that time, she had already had many ideological meanderings, beginning with a book called “The Female Woman” (seen as anti-feminist) and continuing to a biography portraying Picasso as a misogynist (seen as a feminist tract). She had also been heavily involved in campaigns by her then-husband, a Republican, for the House and Senate.

    But in the late 1990s, Huffington began to reinvent herself. She covered the ’96 political conventions for Comedy Central with Al Franken. She broke with Gingrich. She disparaged Bob Dole. She promoted Warren Beatty for president. She published a book favoring campaign finance reform. In 2000, she hosted a “shadow convention” protesting both parties.

    She later explained the “transformation” of her political views by saying the right had “seduced, fooled, blinded, bamboozled” her.
    That’s crazy talk. Nobody bamboozles Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington. If anybody was fooled, it was those who believed she would be a more enduring progressive than she was a conservative.

    Go read the rest

  75. Yup Ohio is losing 2 seats in 2012. I would imagine that Dennis hasn’t cultivated many friends among the Ohio Democratic establishment!

  76. Pink and GRay t- shirts saying a million and more for womens rights. All women. The gray was an idea Meryle Evers was talking about on a talk show. She was saying its time to bring out the women over 50 about and bring out the gray foxes. I thought that was cute.

  77. Carol, I would love to hear more about your experiences and knowledge of Egypt. After all it is the cradle of humanity.

  78. No links, but cut and pastes of random Egypt news:
    President Barack Obama’s senior military adviser was heading to the Mideast Saturday to reassure two key allies — Jordan,

    facing its own rumblings of civil unrest, and Israel, which sees its security at stake in a wider transformation of the Arab

    Dr. Essam Mohamed Haji, a young researcher at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), said that he

    received approval from NASA to put Sally Zahran’s name on a spaceship heading for Mars.

    Sally Zahran was mercilessly clubbed to death during Tahrir demonstrations. Haji said in a telephone call from his office in

    California that it is a tradition in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to write names of notable people on space ships at the

    request of a NASA staff member or any US citizen. Haji stressed that he made a request to put martyred Sally Zahran’s name on

    the spacecraft in order to honor her.

    “This is the least we could provide to Egyptian youth and revolutionaries. This step represents transferring the dreams of

    Egyptian youth from a small stretch of earth to the enormous expanse of space,” said Haji to Al-Mary Al-Youm.

    Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was stopping first in Amman for meetings Sunday with senior

    Jordanian officials, including King Abdullah II. Jordan has seen five weeks of protests inspired by unrest in Tunisia and

    later Egypt, though the numbers of marchers has been decreasing.

    Burnt-out vehicles were towed away while people, including young activists wearing surgical masks, swept the streets and

    hauled away mounds of trash. Soldiers removed barricades to open at least a road leading to Tahrir, or Liberation, Square

    after a night of euphoric celebration and nearly three weeks of protests that forced Mubarak to surrender power to the


    Many wore placards saying “Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re building Egypt.”

    Protesters were divided about how long to stay, and people were still entering the square through checkpoints.

    By MAGGIE MICHAEL, Associated Press Maggie Michael, Associated Press – Sat Feb 12, 8:59 am ET

    CAIRO – Egypt’s ruling military reassured its international allies Saturday that there would be no break in its peace deal

    with Israel following the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, and it lay out the first tentative steps to keep Egypt’s economy

    and state functioning while it figures out how to overhaul the country for greater democracy.

    The military statement, aired on state TV, was its first, cautious attempt to define the next steps after Mubarak handed over

    power to a council of his top generals and resigned on Friday in the face of an 18-day wave of popular protests.


    Ghonim’s ties to Google and the Internet have become part of his appeal.

    “I always said that if you want to liberate a society, just give them the Internet,” Ghonim said in an interview on CNN on


    He helped create a Facebook page devoted to a victim of police brutality that helped spark the uprisings.

    Internet tools, particularly social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, have been credited with playing an

    important role in the Egyptian uprising, helping protesters organize and communicate.

  79. Huntsman will cause a civil war in the GOP. The Tea Party crazies will never accept Huntsman. He is a mormon, He worked in the Obama Administration. If Huntsman is their candidate, I see the tea party running a third party challenger. Huntsman accepted the position in the Obama administration before the Tea Party found its voice. He miscalculated, IMO.

  80. Pinkbunny, congrats. Since I am on Pacific time, I would have to get up at 5 am or even earlier to beat you. I think I am going to do that one of these days. Have a good one.

  81. Maybe our airlines can go back to normal and flying won’t be a pain. With high speed rail who will want to fly.

  82. Allow me a moment of unabashed maleness: the female correspondents on AJE, besides being top notch reporters, are almost to a person STUNNINGLY beautiful. I could look at them all day, AND get a good dose of information to boot.

  83. I think he is trying to shore up his votes with the far left. He voted with the president on a couple of these last session that they were against. Tax compromise and health reform.

    When he sued to get payment for his broken tooth, the frustrati raked him over the coals. It was as if he suddenly became part of the bourgeoisie. Suing some poor company, Olive Garden, for his costs and suffering. Some poor company indeed.

  84. Nobody is official yet because they don’t want to lose their Fox gigs. Now Santorum is saying that he should be able to take part in the Presidential debates without losing his Fox gig as long as he hasn’t declared as there is no rule you have to be a declared candidate to take part in debates.

    Fox has said that any analyst who declares will be off television. Of course staffing up and hiring for a Presidential campaign isn’t enough for Fox.

    Remember the outrage when Ed Shultz was toying with the idea of running for Dorgan’s open seat and the Right was saying he needed to be off television ASAP.

  85. I also seen in a poll that the state of Utah (Hunstman used to be governor) prefer Romeny(another mormon) over Huntsman. He might need to wait till 2016 to run. He tainted his bid for president when he joined the Obama administration. His opponents will use this against him.

  86. Good news Carol! And I’m going to help add to that by signing up for automatic payments into his campaign fund until he’s re-elected in 2012.
    We’ve been donating that way to for four years, so we’re hoping that will help Congress people.

    AND I can’t wait to put a “Four more years” sign on our hill in Mormon-Republican Utah!

    As soon as I can find one. I love Drunken Irishman’s rendition. And I won’t be the one to painfully scramble up the hill to place it! I think I’ll ask our (Republican) landscape man to do it for us (as I did last time — he’s a sweet guy, really). He put it up quite high on the hill so it wouldn’t be stolen.

    Also, I’ll have to wait for the snow to melt.

  87. Gates is close to retiring though. This will be his last budget – however I wonder if Egypt will again delay things as he has a long relationship with the current transitional leader.

    Maybe made special envoy to Egypt or something, but the poor guy just wants to retire and relax.

  88. I can’t hate on Christie for that really – you have to delegate. It’s no different than President Obama being in Florida during the Underwear bomber mess two years ago. It’s not like Christie was going to shovel snow himself.

    Christie’s problem will be he’s short and fat and very frumpy looking. He’ll run in 2016, but I don’t think he’ll have a chance.

  89. Ugh. Romney. He may be popular in Utah, he was running the Olympics for a while, as I recall, when it was based here. But he’d never make it nationally. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir notwithstanding, there are many people who look upon Mormonism as a cult who could easily make polygamy settled law.

  90. The republicans presidential hopefuls are telling the house repeublicans to shut the govt down until you get massive spending cuts, thus sabotagueing the recovery!
    Per ny times-
    These guys are ruthless!

  91. Good Morning to All:

    Again, BWD, thanks for such a great place to come to each day. What joy and inspiration you all give to me, and I say, “Thank you.”

    The huge amount of intelligent inter-changing of conversation is thrilling to read. I love the new information that all of you share so freely. I can feel the gentle and firm spirits of great young people here. I am possibly old enough to be someone grandmother here, but you all make me so proud. I am sure that we will all put forth our best foot forward to keep our wonderful President back in the Oval Office in 2012. I pray that I am around to be a part of that moment. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, respect for each other and support for your President and his Administration. Now have a wonderful day all of you.

  92. Jordan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia should start giving it’s people more rights or their people will rise up and take them.

    President Obama said this two years ago, called on Mubarak to ease up his stranglehold and crack down on corruption – if he would have did it two years ago, he’d probably still be in power.

    The time of Kings and Royalty as anything other than a figurehead is coming to an end. They could start easing into that new age with gradual pro-democracy reforms, or have it eventually taken away completely.

  93. She’s a strident ideologue and fundamentalist whose causes are simply interchangeable. Some liberal spokesperson!

  94. Bravo PBO!
    America and the world are starting to see the fruits of this so young presidency.
    Remember we are just getting into the 3rd year of the OBAMA presidency!
    And what a new America and a new world we are leaving in.


  95. I grew up in NYC in the 80s, so I was subjected to a steady diet of Mr. Trump on the nightly news and in the tabloid gossip columns. The man made me ill then, and makes me ill now. But, he’s a clown with a combover; he’s not a serious candidate.

  96. Jeesh! The new budget cuts the republicans will be voting on does NOT touch defence and veterans programs. While I am happy about the veterans programs(because I am One) defence can cut out alot of waste and over payments to corporate america!

    And these Pub governors are rabid(like governor scott walker wisconsin, and governor scott florida), they have been paid alot of money to get rid of unions!

    I am beginning to think the HCR law was a bad idea, if we did not go for it, maybe the right wing machine(and it is a machine) would not be so ruhtless!

    It is getting scary!

  97. That is exactly what happens. I think the repugs fear him a bit because he is so smart.

    It is your “friends” who stab you in the back and make fun of you. After all they are so much smarter and could do a much better job.

  98. BWD, I am with Claudia as to the importance of this site and the amazing volume of information we find here.

  99. I am beginning to think HCR law was a bad idea, if we did not go for it, maybe the right wing machine would not be so ruhtless!

    Jovie, i like you, but you can’t be serious. Since when we surrender to fear mongering? Not to do HCR because some GOP lunatics are angry??

  100. I think 2 years in politics is a long time. Teabaggers hate Obama and I think GOP will get a moderate candidate who will appeal to moderates. Then have the usual clowns including fox news get behind him thus the teabaggers will vote for him/her. This election for Obama will not be easy and mark my words the GOP are grooming someone. The one thing that will help Obama tremendously is if the economy keeps improving and the GOP know this. If the economy keeps improving the way it is doing the serious candidates will not run until 2016 or might to get their name out there. The powers that be in the GOP know this and they are gauging the atmosphere too see if it’s worth going in guns blazing or waiting until 2016. They will wait for the crop of clowns to run out of steam then bring in a moderate. Anyway this election is going to be interesting and I will be one of the ones adding to the rumored 1 billion towards Obama reelection, GOD willing.

  101. Add to that a sweet beautiful young family!!! Image unfortunately is a factor!

    Compare relatively young, energetic, handsome tall President vs an aging fat short white guy? No contest! There are people out there influenced by image! Who looks more Presidential???

    It’s been a long time since we had a portly President!

  102. Obama plays Egypt just right, backing protesters over dictator Mubarak


    WASHINGTON – Republicans struggled with a pesky intramural squabble Friday over budget cuts as President Obama celebrated the remarkable rise of democracy in Egypt.

    Guess who looks better today?

    After a shaky beginning, Obama and his foreign policy handlers seem to have gotten this crisis right. Hosni Mubarak and his repressive baggage are gone, but America’s relationship with a critical Mideast ally and partner in the war on global terror remains intact.

    Moreover, Obama has positioned himself as a soulmate for the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Egyptians who stormed the Arab country’s streets in peaceful protest instead of another American leader playing ball with an aging autocrat.

    “They got off to a slow and cautious start,” a prominent foreign policy expert told the Daily News, “but they ended up on the right side of history.”

    There’s more at…

  103. it just that if they shut down the govt and the economy loses, we all lose! My point is, guys like governor scott already have theirs, and are under extreme pressure to succomb to their friends, the rich koch brothers!
    I would love to keep HCR, but not at the expense for what I have now!
    And I mean, I feel for everybody who does not have hcr, but shutting down the govt, it looks like they are going to do it!
    Then, I will lose my House! And that is fucked up!

  104. I’m already giving $10 a month to the DNC. Once PBO officially opens his campaign, the same will go to OFA.

  105. Arianna is about Arianna, plain and simple. But more importantly she is a hypocrite. She marches herself in front of every microphone she can find to bash our “corporatist” president, yet she goes off and signs a mega million contract, with much of the money going into her own coffers.

    When news came that POTUS’ numbers were moving up, she swore it was simply because of his Tucson and SOTU speeches. It is as if she is willing him to fail, no different than the rotound guy on the radio.

    She can be seen mingling with the likes of Daryl Issa in Vegas and Newt Gingrich and his wife overseas.

    She is not only an opportunist, she is a Republican through and through. The shame is on those who prop her up as a progressive or a liberal. She has bamboozled them all, including KO (whose tweet I saw recently wondering about her deal), who had her on his show numerous times.

    Some of us saw through her motives long before and commented on it, but were shouted down.

    Some liberal/progressive — ha!!

  106. Agreed, blackwaterdog.

    GOP is ruthless, no matter what. Anything PBO does or wants to do, they’ll be against. It’s unavoidable.

    Especially because they’ve expected their self-righteous white privilege to endure forever. They are pissed because a black man is President of the United States of America. The small world they’ve created for themselves is spinning out of control, and they can’t stand it.

    The ruthlessness of the GOP has absolutely NOTHING to do with HCR, jovie. NOTHING. It has to do with PBO being a Democrat, and it has even more to do with the color of his skin. Period.

    (I say the above as a white person who’s been around far too many prejudiced people in my lifetime.)

  107. If Obama had not passed HCR – the Republicans would have been complaining about Obama ignoring the issue. There is no winning with these folks.

    We don’t regret passing the Health Care Law, we defend it. Here is one small step toward that goal:

    If anyone could use this video to help their local OFA, or groups they work with, feel free to embed the code and copy and paste the text. If you need help with that send me an email.

  108. You will lose your house if they GOP shuts down the government?

    So, you have health insurance, but you’re ok with others not having access to health care? You have yours, the heck with everyone else?

    I’m sorry if I’ve misinterpreted your words, but I’m having a hard time following your train of thought.

  109. I’m looking forward to Pres. O’s visit to Intel’s Ronler Acres facility in the Portland area on Friday. (I am retired from that facility.) The Oregonian covers the visit at

    In October, Intel confirmed its plans to invest billions expanding its manufacturing development facilities in Oregon, creating thousands of construction and long-term jobs:

    “Intel unveiled a mammoth Oregon expansion this morning, outlining a multibillion-dollar project that will remake its advanced Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro.

    The company said it will spend between $6 billion and $8 billion to expand U.S. manufacturing, including the new Oregon factory. Overall, Intel said the projects will support at least 6,000 construction jobs and at least 800 new, long-term production jobs.” (

  110. Not just “cute” Tulips, a lot of us fought like rabid dogs to finally get choice. I well remember the days of “rusty razor blades and knitting needles” an old euphemism for back alley abortions or home remedies and no reliable birth control.

    Some of us watched while women’s rights have been eroded recently. We thought that younger women took a lot for granted. You want us “grays” to step up to the plate again. I’m willing but I will need to see a lot more strength coming out of our young women.

    Lines from an old song…

    “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone…”

  111. Crap, jovie. They’ve pulled this stunt before, during the Clinton Administration. They would be doing this even if HCR hadn’t passed.

  112. And btw: Everybdoy is talking about this issue! My sister works in a library down here in florida, scott has vowed to cut 6000 public jobs this year, My sister thinks it might be hers.
    My mother called up and said, if they shut the govt down then my sister and I will not be able to live!

    This is real live stuff! The republicans are under alot of pressure!

  113. They all seem to have convinced themselves that THEY are the ones who prevented the awful Obama from enacting the “catfood commission” recommendations. I just can’t…

  114. well, then lets discuss it and not hide from it! The tea bagger chick was on cspan this morning and mentioned it!
    This will surely fuck the recovery! It is all they are talking about!
    Stop pretending it is NOT real!

    sorry for the rant, but it is everywhere you look! Adn the one thing that set the tea baggers off was the HCR law, that might be struck down in the courts!

    Sadly, we were told for 2 years that the House of reps had no power, suddenly, it now has more power than the old Roman senate!

  115. So what’s the answer, jovie? President Obama should not run for re-election, just to please the Republicans? Maybe if he says, “uncle!”, they’ll play nice? Oh hell no. This President will not back down, and I’ll support him all the way while I’m pointing out the idiocy of the Republican Party. While I’m pointing out all the ways the Republicans want to destroy this country.

  116. I gave up fighting on HuffPo a long time ago. I used to spend hours there, too. But after meeting up with someone at work a few months ago who said that they thought HuffPo was the left version of Drudge, so they would check out both each night and balance them out – I was dumbfounded and realized what a great snow job Arianna had done on people.

  117. jovie, If it weren’t HCR, it would be something else. HCR isn’t the real reason the teabaggers were “set-off”. Again, it’s because of the color of his skin. That’s what set them off.

  118. PS: Tulips, forgive me please. My best friend in High School died from a botched abortion and another friend committed suicide after being forced by her family to have the baby and give it up for adoption. Women’s choice is a very personal and emotional issue for me.

  119. my train of though is this, what if the president did not go for the hcr bill? nobody would have blamed him in the time of a recession, if he just stalled that promise.
    As a result, we may have held onto the house.
    I am just telling you, this is what alot of people, who do not go to bwd or ofa blogs, are talking about!

    I hope it all works out, but the GOP is scaring everone! and they will hold the country hostage. It is what they do…

    Then, say POTUS gives in a little the firs time, they will keep doing it, and he will look weak!

    This is a hell of an issue!

  120. Jordan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia should start giving it’s people more rights or their people will rise up and take them.

    President Obama said this two years ago, called on Mubarak to ease up his stranglehold and crack down on corruption – if he would have did it two years ago, he’d probably still be in power.

    Mubarak could have been a hero. He hosted the “New Beginning” speech and he could have led the way as a reformer in the region. Instead he lived his worst nightmare.

  121. If he didn’t go for HCR in its first year, it wouldn’t happen at least until his second term. And HCR is hardly the reason for their lunacy. It’s all about the black man at the White House, it has nothing to do with the issues.

  122. Well, I will too, But it will not do any good if the country is in a tail spin due to the GOP! If that happens, everybodys prioriteis change, to survival!

    It is their plan, and I do not have an answer, except that I know i canvassed, donated and worked the phones during the 08 elections.
    Even though I did not like the US dems in congress or the dem govrnor candidate down here.

    Alot of african americans, down here stayed home, because POTUS was not on the ballot!

    That was stupid!

    Also, 32% of the gay community voted for the republican party in 2010. in 08, it was just 11%. Losing 100s of thousands of votes.

    People reep what they sow! Sadly!

  123. Nah, it’s not there because “they” made him not put it in. If it wasn’t from their shouting he surely would have made deep cuts.

  124. Saint Roscoe I don’t really see the two situations as being comparable. Obama was already on vacation when the underwear bomber thing occurred.

    Christie took a trip to Disney world knowing that a massive winter storm was approaching.

  125. you mean they are going to sabotaue the country just because they hate the black guy? That might be some of it, but certainly people like tom coburn, who loves the POTUS, is not that way!

  126. On a placard …

    *Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re building Egypt.*

    Oh, thanks for sharing that. How joyous!

  127. I agree the GOP is either up to something, or they know 2012 is out, so they are focusing on the house/senate races in 2012. Huntsman is a dark horse, but with the tea party appearing not to be backing down, I just don’t see how he can win Iowa, SC, or any southern state, even in New Hampshire, the GOP race could be tough for him. If he don’t win either of these he’s done. Palin is running, and they are know that. I don’t think any of them want to be beat by her.

  128. BTW: Thank you for the intelligent answers to my concerns. If I brought this up at any other democratic blogs, I would be called names… I am serious!

  129. My message is to get women back out about these issue, not to judge any one decision. Its was cute to me the way she phrased on air. I was glad she brought it up because a lot of the young women don’t hear the stories of women rights.

  130. If you are thinking of someone “under the radar” chances are that President Obama himself has already thought of that person. This is precisely why Obama selected Huntsman to work in his cabinet. Hunstman is essentially in a bind because he is going to have a lot of ‘splaining to do as a presidential candidate both in the GOP primaries, and in the general. It would reflect rather poorly on someone to run against the SAME person in whose cabinet he worked. It speaks of betrayal and two-facedness, something we do not want in a President.

    Secondly, the people (particularly progressives) who seem to think that Huntsman will make a good President, will themselves need to explain why they believe that centrism is a bad thing when it comes to President Obama, but a good thing when it comes to Huntsman. If the majority of Americans claim that Hunstman is similar to Obama in policy, they have to come up with a solid reason as to why he should replace Obama in 2012 without making it appear that are voting for him simply because he is White.

  131. Plenty of people would have blamed the President if he had stalled that promise. Many people in this country have been brainwashed by the likes of Fox News, as well as other media outlets. They’ve been brainwashed into fearing this President. Don’t you remember the signs? Calling him a fascist? A communist? A Marxist? The signs of concentration camps?

    Also, people feared their taxes being raised. Another hit job by the neo-con propoganda machine. And let’s not forget DADT. Lots of fear raised there.

    Here’s what we can do. We can send the link to this blog, and others, to get the actual truth out. We have to educate people as to what’s really going on in this country, because the mainstream media isn’t going to.

  132. I think this is a distinct possibility and I can see Palin going for it even though it would mean certain defeat for her and the official republican candidate. The tea party got a very inflated idea of their support and appeal (thanks to our lackey media) and won’t believe that they can lose to some RINO or that communist, socialist, usurper Obama. I can also see Beck and Limbaugh championing any tea party third candidate further entrenching the right wing divide. I don’t think the president needs a split republican vote to win, but I would enjoy seeing the entire map turn blue on election night if it happened!

  133. LL, one of those beauties is Julie Andrews daughter, or the woman I always get confused with Julie Andrews.

  134. They are ruthless no matter what. They want all the non-military spending stopped, period. As for shutting down the government, maybe our resident historian can chime in on this, but from what I’ve read, the last time they did this under Gingrich, it was a MASSIVE fail. The people simply wouldn’t stand for it. All it takes is for a bunch of us grannies to miss our SS checks and they will lose the high ground asap. Shutting down the government also means no paying active military. That’s political suicide.

    This just isn’t something worth getting worked up about.

  135. People like Coburn, who knows better, are more concerned with re-election than doing the right thing. IMO, they’re happy to sell their souls. Figuratively speaking, of course.

  136. I agree with that. The problem has always been a matter of trust. Will parties use the money to favor incumbents over challengers? What about third parties and independents, willt hey get a fair shake in such a system? Of course some people say they don’t want the money to go to a candidate they don’t prefer.

    I see it this way: done right, there can be some good things coming out of it. Maybe we could have a shorter campaign we could have a greater variety of people who can serve-I’m thinking we could use some college professors, nuns, and that bright guy who works as a garbageman to serve in Congress. But they can’t raise enough money t

  137. Jovie,
    This is not about HCR. This is about the GOP’s rabid hatred for every and anything this particular President undertakes.

    If it weren’t HCR, it would have been something else. We cannot let these rabid hate-mongers destroy what this President is trying to accomplish. They are simply using HCR as their newest long as Obama is President, the GOP will be making these kinds of threats. They did the same when Clinton was president and he did not get his HCR passed.

  138. Spot on Starshine – I didn’t read your comment before writing mine, but glad to know that there is consensus that the GOP’s maneuvering has nothing to do with HCR per se.

  139. There would have to be some sort of means test, where a candidate would have to collect a certain number of signatures to show that he or she is viable to receive federal grants. And yes, a shorter campaign would be wonderful; I don’t understand how other democracies can call snap elections, but we need a year and a half to sort things out.

  140. And not to put my tinfoil hat on, but isn’t it interesting that after the 2008 election the RNC elected Michael Steele as chairman, who turned out to be the epitome of “incompetent black man”, as if to point out to the electorate “See? They can’t be trusted to run anything.”

  141. Ireland just called an election. There is NO campaigning before the election is called and not even a poster can be put up or the candidate is fined. The election campaign period is about 4 weeks long. We are two weeks into this one with two to go and people are already complaining that it is too darn long and are sick and tired of it. Posters have to be down within two days after voting day or you are fined. I like this way of doing it.

  142. I get what you are saying but the way the republicans operate it wouldn’t have made any difference what issues President Obama tackled first. No matter what it was, they would have pulled out all the stops to fight it and him. They don’t fight against him based on principle or ideological differences. If you look at the HCR bill, it is full of republican ideas that they used to support and now oppose. They would go after anything he ever proposes because that is how they try to get in power.

  143. When I first started being aware of foreign affairs, it always surprised me that election seasons in most Western countries were so short. It seemed alien. Now it seems supremely civilized; the electorate isn’t bombarded by the hair-on-fire of electioneering for 18 months.

  144. Democrats, in general, want to attain power in order to do something useful for the citizens of the country. Power isn’t an end in and of itself. I can’t say the same for the GOP; power seems to be the only purpose of winning elections. That seems like a very sociopathic mindset.

  145. So you think that without HCR, the GOP would play nice? If Pres. Obama abandoned HCR, it would have emboldened the GOP to act even crazier. The GOP shut down the gov’t under Clinton, and he failed to get HCR passed. It backfired when Newt did it and it will backfire again if the GOP is foolish enough to carrry out this threat.

  146. Intel will provide jobs here, as long as it doesn’t have to pay taxes here apparently.

    Under an agreement with the state and regional governments, for example, nearly all of Intel’s pricey manufacturing tools are exempt from the property taxes most other Oregon businesses pay.

    Most of the state’s corporate income taxes don’t apply to Intel, either, because the company sells most of its products outside Oregon.

    “Intel, which employs more than 80,000 people, including 45,000 in the United States, earlier this month called on the U.S. government to provide tax credits or tax holidays for companies that build new factories here to promote jobs.

    It complained that it can cost $1 billion less to build and operate a semiconductor factory in countries other than the United States. Some 90 percent of the difference, it said, was due to tax and incentive policies rather than labor costs.

    “If our tax rate approached that of the rest of the world, corporations would have an incentive to invest here,” [Intel CEO Paul] Otellini said. But instead, it’s the second highest in the industrialized world, making the United States a less attractive place to invest–and create jobs–than places in Europe and Asia that are “clamoring” for Intel’s business.

    Read more:

  147. It also saves bazillions of monies going down the advertising hole and paying consultants who don’t have the slightest idea what they are doing. The candidates come out with their proposed policies, say on the economy, all on the same day and you can compare them. A couple of debates and you vote. Done.

  148. true! but lets discuss this issue when it comes up. i promise you, i will no be the only one concerned with the republicans holding the country hostage, with a govt shutdown.

  149. It was a massive fail and ended Newt’s “Contract with America” and led to Clinton easily winning reelection. The senior citizens, who constitute the base of the GOP don’t want their ss checks to stop coming. Talk is cheap. Once the citizens are told the effects of a gov’t shutdown, the GOP will backdown or face the consequences in 2012. Hopefully there are enough sane (non-teaparty)republicans in the House that can team with dems to raise the debt ceiling.

  150. How long before was the trip planned? Did he see the storm coming and book it? Also President Obama could have jumped on AF1 and headed back once the attempt happened – that was the GOP’s attack point.

    Elected officials can take vacations. They have underlings to run things when they are gone. They can run things over the phone if necessary.

    What exactly was Christie supposed to do – pick up a shovel for the photo-op? He’d probably have a heart attack if he actually tried to shovel.

  151. So you think that without HCR, the GOP would play nice? If Pres. Obama abandoned HCR, it would have emboldened the GOP to act even crazier.

    Not only would the GOP have been emboldened to act crazier, but the Professional Left would have a genuine betrayal to run with rather than their manufactured ones.

    We know that the reaction to the President’s policies from the right are not based on rational thought when you consider the fact that the first anti-tax Tea Party was on April 15, 2009, the day of the largest middle-class tax cut in American history.

    We know that the reaction to the President’s policies from the left are not based on rational thought when you consider that universal healthcare, that required a mandate (with no discussion of a public option), were what Hillary Clinton and John Edwards campaigned on. Then when healthcare reform, which had been elusive for 100 years, finally passed, the same policy became characterized and demonized as President Obama’s handout to the insurance industry.

    The President and Nancy Pelosi did the right thing by using the Democrats’ political capital to pass major, transformative, legislation quickly before the midterms. The wisdom and shrewdness of that strategy reveals itself every single day.

    Voters made a grave mistake during the midterms which hopefully they will correct in 2012 but even if they don’t, healthcare reform, financial reform, DADT repeal, hate crime legislation, largest education and renewable energy investment lives on.

  152. I’m not really understanding the sudden wave of fear and panic, worrying about some phantom GOP candidate. I think we give the GOP too much credit. Recent poll data showing none of the leading GOP contenders coming close to beating Obama should give us confidence (I’m sure if the polls showed them beating Obama, we would be panicking about that, and justifiably so). They tried the gov’t shut down under Clinton and it backfired, ended Newt’s career and led to CLinton easily winning reelection. The GOP knows this. Some here are very high on Huntsman, but having never seen him campaign or hearing the public response to his positions, I find this cheerleading alittle odd. Independents won’t de able to help Huntsman in closed primaries. The Mormon thing is a big issue as is his having worked in the Obama Administration. The other candidates will attack him all day everyday on his lack of purity and will insinuate that Huntsman cannot be trusted. Pres. Obama and his supporters had a very good week. Enjoy and savor it.

  153. They hired Steele to prove they are not racist and to put a blackface on the constant stream of criticize they knew they would unleash on Pres. Obama from day one. The fact that he was hopelessly incompetent was just a bonus.

  154. Totally agree. I’m not saying that we need to become complacent, but really, i don’t get it. On every poll out there, PBO is beating all of them. Easily. Huntsman? He doesn’t stand a chance in their primaries, and in any way, he can’t beat PBO. If unemployment is down to around 8% – the election will be a walk in the park.

    I really can’t stand that attitude, especially when we’re ahead and PBO seem to be at the top of his game over the past three months.

  155. Well – living in the southern NY we got slammed by the same storm. Let’s be real- while we do better with snow than say, Washington, DC, we’re completely inept compared to the northern states, like Maine or or Vermont!!

    Bloomberg totally got slammed for his handling of the blizzard. Just like Christie did. Don’t think in the end, the snow will do either of them in!!

    With Christie he’s inherited a lot of other fiscal issues. He’s got more of that he’s got to worry about.

  156. Exactly. They think they can threaten this and force the Democrats to give way but it has been tried before and it doesn’t work. If they shut down the government, their loyal supporters will be the first and loudest complainers about it. You don’t take away people’s SS checks and Medicare and expect to then vote for you. Doing that would be a death sentence to the Republican party’s hopes for 2012 at any level. Last time it took them about a week to fold and the average American families weren’t in anywhere near the financially precarious position we are in now. Shutting down the government might sound good to the brainwashed tea partiers now, but as soon as they are inconvenienced by an actual shutdown, they won’t put up with it and they won’t think the deficit is such a huge issue if cutting it means cutting off their own income and other services they rely on. And the republican leaders are well aware of that. This only works as a scare tactic as long as it isn’t actually used. Once used it becomes a huge liability to the party that does it.

  157. The one tendency those of us on the left need to fight is our tendency to worry too much. When there isn’t a viable candidate out there to go up against the president to worry about, we invent one. The right throws out these names of little known republicans who are their next great candidate and it floats around for awhile, getting liberals all worried. Then that person gets out in front of the public and turns out not to be the formidable wunderkind they told us he/she was. Remember Bobby Jindal? The hope of the republicans? He was supposed to be the right’s Obama – until he actually got on camera and spoke. We have enough to concentrate on without worrying about undeclared and unknown candidates at this point. When someone actually enters the race and we get to see them and learn about them, we can decide then if they are anything to fret over. Until then, relax and enjoy the good news for a while.

  158. And that is how you frame it when people bring it up. The Republicans holding the country hostage in order to get their way. Show people how petty, childish and unpatriotic they are being and how republicans don’t care about the people they supposedly represent. A government shutdown won’t hurt President Obama, it would hurt the people who are talking to you. Keep the focus on how irresponsible and dangerous such a thing would be and how anyone who would do that to the people doesn’t deserve to be in office and should be removed.

  159. Timing is interesting. Whoever was behind it picked right when Romney was giving his speech, which would be something a competitor would do.

  160. No, they don’t hear the stories and sometimes I have had women say to me “That was all in the past” What some may not realize is there are people out there working really hard to bring back that “past.”

    Maybe the best thing us old “grays’ can do is tell our stories and our memories. Maybe we should be more vocal, make it real for the generations who never had to live through it

    Thanks for your reply, Tulips and I hope I didn’t offed you. I do feel very strongly about protecting the rights of all women to choice about their own bodies.

  161. Have you seen yet anything come out of the 112th Congress that even vaguely resembles something done by people who actually know how to do things correctly? They’ve bungled every single thing they’ve tried. I don’t know what the procedure is to avoid raising the debt ceiling, but we can be sure they don’t either. They will mangle their attempt and the ceiling will be raised.

    By the way, I know you’re upset, but would you please watch the language? Thanks.

  162. I have to disagree with you. During the underwear bomber incident, the President was in touch with his people the whole time. In fact, it’s only recently that he’s been able to have a complete holiday without interruption. Gov. Christie knew that a blizzard was coming, got on a place anyway (even knowing that his deputy needed to be with her ailing father), and according to the Democrat who had to deal with the whole mess, Christie didn’t call home once while he was gone. Very big difference.

  163. I think you’re right. Huntsman met with McCain over the holidays, and someone mentioned that Arianna mentioned him in her interview with Bill Maher last week. I think that was a trial balloon. I think that Hunstman would be a viable candidate, but still doesn’t hold a candle to President Obama. They tried floating Gov Daniels – but he seems uninspiring and a typical Republican/tea bagger.

  164. I’m getting more and more impressed with Senator Gillibrand. I was skeptical of her at first because of how she was put into the Senate seat by the NY Governor, when he so unnecessarily bashed Caroline Kennedy. But, she’s really come into her own. She seems to be staunchly level headed, a keen progressive, and passionate about her causes. Someone mentioned her last week as a presidential contendor at some point in the future… maybe they’re right.

  165. Christie knew the storm was coming and he
    said in an interview that his wife told
    him he better not cancel their vacation
    because of the snowstorm.

  166. I can understand the concern. In all honesty, in early 2007 the two big contenders for President were Rudy Gu911ani and Hillary Clinton. I’m also inclined to agree that whoever ends up being the Republican nominee will be much more moderate than the teabaggers imagine now, and that after much howling they’ll get 100% behind that person because at the end of they day, they’re Republicans, and their strength is that they know when to let grudges go and unite to win a campaign. I also know that the media will go all out to promote whoever that is in order to get their horse race.

    However, I refuse to go around with my hair on fire. I can only do what I did last time around, which was todonate and volunteer, encourage people to vote, and not let the screeching from the left or the right discourage me.

  167. I don’t know:) Just when I think they can’t possibly get any stupider…they surprise me!

  168. Not to mention the fact that he’s declared bankruptcy more than once…his financial skils are SO good…what would he do with “other people’s money?”He’s a non starter.Donald, “you’re not hired!”

  169. Jovie, the majority of the problems in Florida have been caused by the voters continuously voting against their own best interests for over a decade. They continuously stock the legislature with republicans who have made no secret of their desire to cut public services, and they are the ones who put Rick Scott in office last November. The same Rick Scott who now doesn’t want to implement any of the health care reforms. It’s frustrating that millions have to suffer due to either the ignorance or indifference of the majority of the voters in this state, but that’s what we have to live with. And again, that goes way beyond President Obama.

  170. What I love about the hole the republicans have dug for themselves is that John “Crying Man” Boehner is still blaming the democrats for not being able to move bills out to the H. of Rs. The man has no shame. Now he says the dems should vote with the republicans because it’s the right thing to do. His hypocrisy and self-delusion is immeasurable! He thought nothing of it when he led his caucus to vote against almost every bill the dems introduced in 2009 and 2010. He’s kind of slow, isn’t he?

  171. Well former president Bill Clinton failed to reform health care during his time in office and after that failure the Repubs still went ahead with their dastardly plans and eventually shut down government. So I do not see how NOT having HCR which President Obama (along with so many ordinary everyday Americans) worked so hard for, would change GOP plans. Unless someone has been living in a block up cave for the last 2+ years everyone knows by now the Repubs would find something else to bitch and moan about. The shiftless Republicans have no plans, no ideas on governing this nation, nothing except fear and hate mongering, which last time I looked doesn’t help anyone except big oil companies and other fat cats. So please do not negate one of the best laws our nation now has in order to give the GOP some sort of leeway to do their usual sit back and do nothing.

  172. I hear you, Aquagranny…loud and clear.Woman’s reproductive rights have been a part of my personal fights for a very long time. My best friend in Jr. High got pregnant and couldn’t tell her parents (strict Republicans…of the wackiest sort)she came to stay with my family for the weekend (we moved one state over)and had her abortion. My parents were very supportive (my mom was a nurse)and HER parents never knew. She knew that she was just too young to have a child, as she was still a child herself. The boyfriend at that time, is her husband to this day. They have been married for over thirty years, and have two wonderful grown children with children of their own. I’ll never forget that, and was so proud of my parents for doing the right thing by her, even when her own parents would have disowned her.
    I think that part of the problem lies in the fact that the young women of this generation have always had abortion rights. They never saw the way it used to be. Women going to get backalley abortions and dying for that “choice”What these folks that want Roe v Wade overturned refuse to remember is that a desperate woman will do desperate things. If they think that women will STOP getting abortions, they are mistaken.The fetus AND the mother will die.Pro Life? Really? Not only that, but wealthy women will ALWAYS be able to have the procedure done if they choose to.Under the guise of a getaway weekend,they simply get on a plane, and fly to where ever,while the woman of lesser means could very well end up losing her life. Discrimination plain and simple.Butcher “doctors” and home remedies were standard back before Roe, and they would return with a vengence.They don’t believe in the sanctity of life. ANY life…I could go on and on. It has been a passion and fight, for my entire life, and will continue to be as long as I breathe.I have often wondered…the last time I checked, I couldn’t get pregnant BY MYSELF!!! Where is the responsibility of the man in this equation?? We are 1/2 of the equation, but suffer 100% of the consequences!!! I could go on and on, but if you think for one moment that this issue will go away (it won’t)if you think think this isn’t about control (it is)or if you think that it won’t happen again, we won’t go back…think again, and fight with all your might to preserve the right of all women to make the choices about their bodies! Make them safe, and make them rare, but I really resent others telling me what I can and can’t do with my body! They need to stay away from my uterus!!

  173. What is the appropriate strategy for govt’s at state and Fed level to promote innovation? There are big benefits to having coming generations of semiconductor technology developed here. Incentivizing through tax policy is one way.

    Oregonian, October 19, 2010, “Oregon: Intel inside”

    “Intel benefits from the way Oregon calculates tax on out-of-state sales and from the state’s Strategic Investment Program, which writes down assessments on extremely expensive capital purchases, such as the sophisticated tools needed to equip a modern semiconductor plant. Some have grumbled these tax policy choices represent lost opportunities to collect revenues, but that overlooks the far more significant growth in collections from property taxes, fees and from the income taxes paid by Intel employees. And that is exactly the tonic that Oregon has been starved for.”

  174. I’ve been thinking about the same thing, Carol. I don’t think the the partiers will take to a moderate like Huntsman at this point in time because they’ve been groomed to expect empty, violent rhetoric and public displays of bullish behavior. Huntsman appears to be a rational thinker, and I’ve seen little evidence that the tea partiers like this type of politician. Huntsman would have to move to the far right to win their votes, and if he does that, it may cause moderate republicans and independents to vote for PBO. This is what happened in 2008 when McCain added Palin to the ticket, and she ran his campaign off the rails into crazyville.

  175. Jovie,

    I am going to differ with you about Coburn. I’m a black person who lived under segregation in this country, and I’ve seen many like Coburn. His type appears to accept blacks and others who differ from themselves, but their basic belief is that “those people” are alright as long as they stay in their “place.” There’s a whole lot of game playing that goes on among people lie Coburn. I saw all of them for exactly what they were after BO won the election. Their public faces are nothing like the faces they show when they’re in private among those that think like they do. I think the president’s shout out to Coburn at the Prayer Breakfast was a subtle attempt to remind Coburn that Christians don’t behave the way that Coburn does. I didn’t see it as PBO admitting that he and Coburn are real friends. PBO knows with whom he’s having to deal with because he, like myself, have had to deal with people like these all of our lives. They’re snakes in the grass, and we know it, so they’re never really trusted confidants. We deal with them because we have to, but we never, ever forget the way they really think and feel about us.

  176. Don’t get to post often but can i say, wow – i I just love your guys. How can someone seriously defend Christie? And than compare Christie’s – a governor’s vacation to Obama’s – the President. I guess those offices are really the same after all….1/2 term gov Palin said so….

  177. This is a really good response – thanks!

    People quickly want to frame this as President Obama’s fault or problem, but the reality is that the Republicans should be held accountable for not doing the job they were elected to do. It’s not the President’s fault when people choose to listen to the lies of the Republican machinery – they choose to do so, even in the face of indisputable facts. It’s not the President’s fault if the Republicans are willing to plunge the country and the world back into crisis, simply to get elected. It’s also not the President’s fault when people choose to stay uninformed, and choose to vote against their own interests – for a variety of reasons, including racism and bigotry and hatred. Republicans can choose to behave like adults and work through the budget and deficit issues – instead, they’re like children who have decided they’re going to hold their breaths until they get what they want.

    Those who think they can safeguard their own lives and possessions should be aware that, eventually, the hardships make their way around to everyone.

  178. This should be your motivation to get many more Democratic votes, to make sure these Republicans, who are so reckless and irresponsible, never get a hold of power again. They don’t intend to safeguard the jobs or livelihood of your family. They are not planning to make lives better for people once they get some power. They’ve clearly said that they want the Senate and the White House so that they can be free to pursue their Republican agenda.

    We can’t have such short memoried that we’ve already forgotten that the condition of the middle class and poor is a direct result of Republican policies over the past 30 years. They do not mean you any good. Their constituency is the top 2%, not the 98% that makes under $250,000. Don’t deceive yourself about this. Your family is in better hands with a Democrat, especially President Obama, than with any Repblican.

  179. You’re right, majii. And I know I’m correct in thinking there are Democrats amongst those who think PBO hasn’t “stayed in his place”.

  180. Ross Perot is my example of a third party candidate who ran to the right of the GOP candidate. Primaries cater to the fringes and after the primaries are over, the chosen candidate moves to the center and gets into general election mode. It has always worked this way. It is the way the system is set up. Concern over a phantom GOP candidate makes no sense to me, but enjoy the angst. As someone pointed out up thread, Bobby Jindal was once the “next big thing and challenger to Pres. Obama”. When I see and hear a viable challenger, hear him speak, see him campaign and hear his ideas, I will make a decision about his threat to Pres. Obama.

  181. It is important to never to underestimate opponents. This means that all of us must pledge to work as hard as we can to ensure the re-election of President Obama. We cannot, and must not take for granted. At the same time, we must stand firm in supporting, and prominently highlighting, the President’s achievements. This is what I love most about BWD’s blog. She backs her passionate support for the President with objective information that debunks all the negative bashers of the President. And so do many of the well informed people who post comments on this blog. I am totally convinced that if the majority of Americans were exposed to all the positive achievements of the President, which BWD meticulously highlights and documents, without any filters, they would have no problem supporting him for a second term.

    In my humble opinion, one of the most historic achievements of President Obama, (and there many others) is the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act. Rather than second guessing whether it hurt the President’s political fortunes, we should be out there, forcefully reminding voters of the tremendous benefits of this historical law; and debunking the falsehoods, peddled by Republicans, about the law. I think what BWD is teaching us is that we are more likely to win if we passionately focus on spreading the positive message about the President’s success rather than being scared of what the delusional opponents of the President are planning to do.

    With respect to the Republican idiotic plan to shut down the government, and then blame their actions on Pres. Obama, I am sure reasonable Americans will see through their idiocy. Nonetheless, what I plan to do, in case they pull this off, is to talk to my neighbors to explain the GOP’s lunacy, and to bombard the MSM with protest letters to make sure that they honestly cover who is to blame in case of a government shut down. I would also remind people that this plan for shutting down the government is to fulfill Rush Limbaugh’s goal of making sure that the President fails, a goal he announced soon after President Obama was sworn in as president, over a year before the passage of Health Care Reform.

    So, the bottom line for me is: I reject any suggestion that the Republican plan to shut down the government has anything to do with the Affordable Health Care Act, which stands to benefit a vast majority of Americans. Rather, the GOP’s plan is a cynical ploy to undermine one of the most historical achievement of President Obama in order to regain power. Republicans know fully well that if they allow the Affordable Health Care Act to be fully implemented it will likely be as popular as Social Security and Medicare. We must find a way to alert Americans to the machinations of the right wingers who care more about power and control than they do about improving the lives of all Americans.

    Finally, I have pledged to myself to always end any commentary I make on this blog by giving thanks to BWD for the magnificent and unselfish work she puts in researching, organizing, and spreading positive, unfiltered, news about the President.

    Thank you BWD!

  182. In a recent poll, the Repubs are more interested in beating Obama and will vote for the ‘moderate’ Republicans. Republicans do what they have to to get power.

    Wish Democrats would learn that and VOTE.

  183. When did that kind of honor matter to Republicans?

    Because of his ‘experience’ in the Obama administration there are things he can throw that will satisfy even the red meat Republicans. If he shows disdain for Obama, has ‘insider information’ on his ‘weakness’ or other such happy buzz words to Republicans, he stands a chance.

  184. In case no one got around to do the maths:

    A growth of exports of 21 % in 2010 means that the amount of dollars earned due to exports in 2010 was 1.21 times the amount of 2009.

    If this growth would be sustained for the four years following 2010, export earnings would grow by 1.21 * 1.21 * 1.21 * 1.21 * 1.21 = 2.59 by 2014 with respect to 2009.

    As you can see, that factor is greater than 2 (to double the earnings from export in 5 years).

  185. Faith, have you ever heard of the term “RINO”? It was created by the GOP to label republicans who think like democrats. It is not a complimentary term. If you think that Huntsman’s opponents will not attack Huntsman on working for Obama and label him untrustworthy during the red meat of GOP primary season, you are mistaken. The arquement goes like this: “Can you trust Huntsman if the Dems control the Congress”? Will Huntsman again choose to join the enemy?

  186. Overestimating your opponent is also a danger. It creates a defeatist attitude. Honestly, it makes us look weak. I consider myself a realist. Worrying about phantom GOP candidates creates unnecessary angst. Any candidate that makes it thru the GOP primary and faces Pres. Obama will have both strengths AND weaknessess. When that candidate emerges, and we have a chance to evaluate the actual candidate (and not some Super Candidate of our imaginations), we can decide if there is cause for worry. Trustme, the GOP would LOVE to be in our shoes and have a candidate like PBO. But candidates like Obama are once in a lifetime (in real life), although they seem to grow on trees in our imaginations.

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