“Obama Played This Beautifully”

Michael Cohen, Democracy Now:

….At times I’ve been fairly critical of this president’s handling of foreign policy, but credit must be given – this Administration handled this situation about as deftly as possible. This was truly an American diplomatic tour de force.

From the beginning the White House was caught betwixt and between – not wanting to be seen supporting the status quo, particularly when the winds of change seemed to be blowing in the direction of reform and yet at the same time not be seen as throwing a key ally under the bus. 

And while obviously critics can point to individual mistakes (Wisner’s wandering off the reservation, Panetta’s bizarre comment yesterday in congressional testimony that Mubarak was out the door) on the whole this Administration did a really excellent job – sending public signs that a crackdown would not be acceptable, working the military behind closed doors, trying to ensure a soft landing that wouldn’t lead to violence, but still never backing down from the public position that an immediate transition to democracy (and not one in September) was the only acceptable course. (I’ll be curious to see the impact of Obama’s statement last night on Mubarak and the Egyptian military, but it was absolutely spot-on).

In a sense we helped throw Mubarak under the bus without directly delivering the push (a fact that I’m sure will leave many a non-democratic US ally a tad less secure this evening – which is good).

As Marc Lynch wisely points out the Administration basically followed the lead of the Egyptian people and didn’t try to get too far ahead of what was actually happening on the ground.

To this point they didn’t overplay their hand or overstate their own influence or demand too much from the government or the protesters. They played it about as well as can be expected, calibrating public and private pressure – and all this while being cognizant of the host of obvious constraints on US actions and words. They seemed to understand something that a lot of the armchair pundits couldn’t quite grasp; this wasn’t about us and we were, if anything, a bit player in this drama.

And then after all that, President Obama delivered a speech today that was absolutely pitch perfect – one of the best of his presidency (Ben Rhodes take a bow). Most deftly, even though we’ve supported the Egyptian regime for more than 30 years Obama was able to place the United States, rhetorically, on the same side as those in Tahrir Square – and it actually seems to ring true.


Of course, none of us know what will happen in the weeks and months to come, but for at least one day this Administration and his advisors should take a victory lap. 


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  1. I’ve been hearing other pundits reluctantly admitting that the President handled this the right way.


    You can’t farther left or “pure” than “Democracy Now”.


    You know who will likely lose all her shit over this ringing left wing endorsement.

  3. This whole thing really hasn’t sunk in for me yet…all the implications of the good that COULD be. I am proud that this man is my President every. single. day. I am awed and inspired.Congradulations to the good people of Eygpt, you deserve to be free…who knows what will come of this throughout the entire ME.Time will tell. We do know this. There is no turning back, and Eygpt will never be the same. We have just watched history being made. Again.Peace:)

  4. The revolution was televised!!! Soft power is the key to success!!! Chris Matthews was spot on when he kept talking about the protesters didn’t have guns and weapons, unlike what we see here in the USA. The USA is a very violent country, we can learn a lot from the Egyptian protesters. I’m glad in Obama spoke about the non violence movement that the Egyptian people used, with much success!!!

  5. Can some scales be falling off of eyes?

    this wasn’t about us and we were, if anything, a bit player in this drama.


    And it is a terrific turn in US foreign policy philosophically. Brilliant leadership, and visionary. President Obama just successfully navigated a tightrope from our vantage point. Let the American people on all sides of the ideological spectrum see that the world can be just fine without bombastic, loud, public dictates from the WH.

  6. Wingnuts head’s exploding…the President surely did play this perfectly. My husband has a name for guys like this….Sir Bad of Ass is what he’s say:)

  7. I was away today and didn’t hear the President’s comments about the revolution. Can anyone please post a URL? Thanks.

  8. My sentiments, exactly — WOW!!

    I can’t wait to hear how this all unfolded over the last couple of weeks.

  9. By accident today I watched my first Glen Beck Show. About two minutes. I turned to Fox because I thought regular programing would be pre-empted. He was saying… remember how everyone laughed at GWBush and the “Mission Accomplished” banner. Well, someone in the crowd in Egypt had a banner with the same slogan, and he was making the point that the stability GWB brought to Iraq was what lead to this moment. That this was the fruition of GWB’s master plan.
    I didn’t stick around to hear the rest, but I guess we’ll be hearing that in the coming days.

  10. Isn’t he creepy? Watching his show for about 10 minutes made me so mad, I started my blog. He stands in front of a chalkboard and pretends to be a teacher. I thought to myself “real teachers have to speak up, we can’t let this nut job represent educators”.

    I am so delighted his viewer numbers are dropping like a rock.

  11. I’m sure that the right will be spinning this furiously, because the conventional wisdom is that the GOP is strong on national security; a Democratic President is actively dismantling that conventional wisdom without the usual style of matching the GOP’s bombastic “tough” rhetoric. We are truly in historic times.

  12. And the fact that his numbers are dropping precipitously, yet he still has a show on Fox, should prove to any doubter that Fox is not a news organization, but a propaganda outlet. You only keep someone like Beck around to rally the troops, especially in a business that values eyeballs and the ad revenue those eyeballs bring. It would be just wonderful if the Fairness Doctrine were resuscitated in some form.

  13. rritz, if it were not Glennbeckhead, I would have thought you were telling a joke. You got a lol from me.

  14. I listened to the President’s words and read the parts of the Cairo speech that BWD posted earlier and felt so moved by the events that we are witnessing and what was said in my name as an American. In the past I was so frustrated by the actions of our previous administration and the sentiments they expressed when it came to human rights and respecting other people. I wanted to say to them then, “Not in my name”. Today I was thinking of the wonderful Egyptian families I have known that were studying and raising young families here at the same time we were. One mom I drove to the hospital right before she delivered twins while her hubby rushed over from the his lab. Another taught me to cook Egyptian dishes. I was holding them in my heart today.

  15. That’s the article I was thinking of. It was referenced in an earlier thread. To think how far the media has fallen since the 60s and 70s is disheartening.

  16. I guess he missed the part where the crowd was chanting “Obama,” and “Obama chose the right side,” and “Yes to the USA.” Not one time did they thank GWB, and I doubt they will be thanking them. As a matter of fact they were happy that they achieved this on their own without the good ole’ boy cowboy national security that the GWB administration engaged in.

  17. It is disheartening and frightening too,missed the earlier thread but glad to know it’s making the rounds.

  18. Interesting that the right has remained quiet on this situation. I am sure they are working diligently to dissect every single word the President spoke on this subject. The spin will start next week but for now, the President deserves a restful weekend.

  19. And Glenn Beck is saying this proves that this revolution was started by GWB’s invasion of Iraq. I guess he doesn’t appreciate the concept of irony.

  20. That was brute force, this was soft diplomacy with non violence or the burning of American or Isralei flags.

  21. Now all the self-appointed pundits who were bitching and moaning that Obama wasn’t handling the situation correctly (I’m lookin’ right atcha, Sarah Palin) are standing around with egg on their face, their mean and shrunken hearts filled with jealousy and spite.

    And yeah, George Bush sparked the Egyptian democracy movement – but not the way Glenn Beck imagines:

    “In an interesting and even ironic way, the resistance in Egypt can be traced back to President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. Protesting against Bush’s violent means of spreading democracy, a loosely formed group organized the largest demonstrations in Egypt’s history around the March 20, 2003, invasion. They eventually became known as Kefaya, meaning “Enough.” Adopting the mission to bring down Mubarak and restore power to the Egyptian people, Kefaya held regular protests that called for the end of the emergency law, more freedom for the Egyptian people, and better handling of the economy … Out of Kefaya grew the April 6 Youth Movement whose members and affiliates played an integral role in this year’s demonstrations.”


  22. Just like the PL does on occasion, the right will criticize what he DIDN’T say. Someone at CPAC, I think it was Rick Santorum(?), criticized the president for NOT saying jihad was evil. WTF?

  23. It was very creepy to actually see the show. I’ve only seen snippets on The Daily Show and takeoff’s on SNL.
    I just took a shower. Really. 🙂

  24. I am glad that somebody actually realizes the tightrope Obama had to walk during this time. Maybe he had been reading this site, because that need to balance support for the protestors without actually throwing an ally under the bus has been mentioned here several times, as has the part about this is about Egypt, not the USA.

    Of course, he makes it sound as if there have been no other foreign policy positives for this administration, which is a lot of bull hockey.

    START, getting Russia and China to support sanctions against Iran, getting North Korea to put its nuclear program on hold, getting the view of th US around the world improved significantly, all a lot of insignificant things, I suppose.

    Sure, one can question his approach to Afghanistan and maybe some of the other actions in regard to the “war on terror”, but to act as if this is the only signifcant success is downright stupid.

  25. Of course that’s what they were saying! They accomplished the mission. No one in that Square was thinking about GWB.

  26. I have forwarded this article far and wide. This was beautifully played-it is and always has been about the Egyptian people. Still, some skillful diplomacy kept this from blowing up. Well done, Mr. President, well done.

  27. I agree with your comment and am so proud of the Egyptians in the square as well as my President who knew how to stay out of the way when needed and give moral support as needed. I am sure a lot more occurred than we are presently aware of but the outcome so far was perfect.
    Now we just need to pray it continues to progress the way it needs to for the people of Egypt.

  28. The White House plans to announce a slew of education initiatives next week in conjunction with the release of the 2012 budget, including a new iteration of the “Race to the Top” program aimed at funding individual school districts rather than states.

    On a conference call with reporters on Friday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said that the existing program, which forces states to propose aggressive education reform plans in order to compete for federal money, has been “an absolute game changer.”

    “We want to replicate that kind of reform at the district level,” Duncan said.

    On Monday, President Obama, Duncan and Office of Management and Budget Director Jack Lew will travel to Baltimore to highlight science and technology education programs. Later in the week, the president will visit Intel’s manufacturing facility in Oregon.

    Duncan said that the administration is prepared to fight Republicans over threatened cuts to the Pell grant program, and they will ask specific allocations for science and technology initiatives next week.

    “The president is making some very tough cuts some painful cuts across the federal agencies,” Duncan said. But he warned that cutting education programs would harm the national economy.

    “We have to continue to invest in a vision of reform,” Duncan said. “And if we don’t do that, we do a tremendous disservice to our children and ultimately to the long term health of our national economy. And that’s not something we’re prepared to do.”

    Politico 44-

  29. Any credit to President Obama MUST also include a dig or give the impression that this thing the pundit is praising is the first and only thing the Obama Administration has gotten correct. The same thing happens over and over again, from every mainstream source of info in this country. Just as a FOX insider has blown the lid off the propaganda peddled by Faux News for years, I have the impression that all of our corporate news sources (and PL wannabes) have an edict from their bosses to be sure to not praise Pres. Obama too much, to ALWAYS temper any praise with some critcism, deserved or not. It is too consistent and predictable to be a coincidence, IMO.

  30. The people of egypt was totally against the war in Iraq and was mad at gw for it!

    Beck lies, because the Koch brothers tell him to!

  31. On Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word” this Nicholas Kristoff guy is desperately trying to NOT give the President any credit, and is contradicting himself while doing so.

    First he claims that Obama missed the boat in the Tunesia revolution, and missed the boat in this Egyptian revolution, yet he dismisses OBama’s Cairo speech as having little importance because the Egyptian revolution was “indigenous” and “outside pressures” were not a part of it. Kristoff wants to credit Facebook and all other factors, but refuses to give the President any credit. Reluctantly saying that the President’s speech today was spot on after the fact is not a compliment in my opinion.

  32. What is up with Kristof??? He basically blamed the President for not being more vocal on the side of the protesters. Then he basically turned around and told Lawrence O’Donnell that Zpresident Obama’s speech in Cairo in 2009 will have no meaning to the events in Egypt in years to come!!

    So which is it, does the Presidents words matter or not Kristof???

  33. Press secretary Robert Gibbs said on Friday that first lady Michelle Obama voted absentee in the Chicago mayoral race in which former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is running.

    President Obama has requested his Chicago absentee ballot, Gibbs added.

    In recent polling, Emanuel’s lead has soared past 50 percent among likely voters. The general election is on Feb. 22 in Chicago.


  34. Ok. I know I shouldn’t watch these clowns but I’m watching LO. He had on Nick Kristof from the nyt and Nick said that Obama missed the boat on Tunisia and Egypt. He also said that Obamas speech in Cairo had nothing to do with this revolution. I was like WTF?!?!?

  35. h/t weeseeyou, here’s Tavis Smiley and Cornel West analyzing the events in Egypt a few days ago.

    Of course, they are merely offering principled critique, a loving and factual criticism of US foreign policy. Only Obamabots could possibly take issue with this…


    …take special note of Smiley agreeing with West’s contention that the President and Vice President are “gangsters” “war criminals” who “promote torture,” “crush their citizens” add are “the grand example of antidemocratic practice.” Because they were unable to detect the subtle manner in which the WH supported the Egyptian people without risking giving Mubarak the legitimacy of being able to label the protests as an agent of the WH. Couldn’t perceive this nuance, thus they bashed POTUS almost on reflex.

    So…amidst heavy competition, they receive my “please take a deep breath, here’s a pacifier and a nappy blanket, go sit down while the grown folks in the WH talk” award for the week.

  36. Yes I’ve noticed the same thing. In fact, I’ve just posted a comment downthread about Nicholas Kristoff’s left-handed “praise” of Obama’s speech this afternoon, which was drowned in a sea of criticisms of his administration’s handling of the situation in Tunesia AND Egypt, as well as a flippant dismissal of his Cairo speech.

    These pundits simply will not give this President the credit because they are all a bunch of disingenuous frauds.

  37. I just emailed that creep and told why American Media has missed the boat on being truthful instead of being envious.

  38. WOW, I just wrote a similar comment about the SAME thing!!! This Kristoff guy is not playing with a full deck. LO just let him spew his fact-free no-pinion in order to bash the President. These pundits will find themselves increasingly irrelevant if they continue with this compulsive and DISHONEST bashing of the President.

  39. I’m asking the same question you’re asking, Pinkbunny!

    Kristoff’s JEALOUSLY SLIP is showing badly.

  40. Why do you think Kristof was booked on O’Donnell’s show? Give Pres. Obama credit, you don’t get booked. Powerful people, both within and outside our country, are very afraid of Pres. Obama. Imagine how high Obama’s poll numbers would be without the constant negativity. Without the lies and distortions from political friends and foes alike.

  41. Oh God, cornell West, expect the talking points of Rubin and kristof to come out from him on Bill mahers show tonight, on HBO!

    The frustrati passes around their talking points, and you know, they must have been happy when Kucinich said that POTUS should get a primary challenger, yesterday!

    Sigh! The far left wingers are a bunch of backstabbbers!

  42. No facts, just substance-free punditry. This guy could as well be on the Sarah Palin variety show. It was a rambling, Obama-bashing session, with a half-arsed compliment of his speech today.

    Kristoff’s JEALOUSLY SLIP was fully exposed this evening.

  43. Pardon my language but Jamie Rubin is an ass. He has this humongous chip on his shoulder that I find truly galling. To think that I used to like him during the Clinton years. His PUMA bitterness is so rancid.

    There he is on CNN after earlier traipsing on other channels trashing the Obama administration.

    Whatever he says won’t take an iota away from the respect that Pres. Obama has garnered around the world.

  44. I just noticed your comment after posting mine! 🙂

    I think he’s full of his own self righteousness. I give props to Kristof for bringing attention to horrific human rights abuses and crimes against women. But his sermonizing and Monday quarter backing of what’s happened without knowing all the details makes him look like a bitter know it all

  45. Bingo. Nonstop propaganda, both from the right, and dressed up to appeal to a more liberal point of view.

    Look at Dan Choi, a prominent POTUS critic celebrated by the Professional Left and their credulous media consumers, yucking it up at the conservative convention:

    I would point out that the right is in the midst of a vigorous effort to push back GLBT rights, including the successful unseating of Iowa judges who voted for gay marriage. But to let “activists” like Choi tell it, the GOP is just as suitable a vehicle for GLBT rights as the Democratic party, which just delivered significant items towards gay rights.

    It’s a bunch of bs; there are so many dishonest games being played right now, with the desired removal of POTUS from office being at the center of them.

  46. Allow me to wax pop-psychological. The dead-tree media knows its becoming increasingly irrelevant. Their circulation goes down every month, as more and more people turn toward the Internet for their information needs. They have bashed this president mercilessly from the moment he placed his hand on Thomas Jefferson’s bible in 2009 and, as things stand now, he’s not only heading for re-election handily, but it seems like he’ll bring the House back with him, and hold the Senate. That shows that their influence is something which is reality only in their minds. So, like anyone cornered, they amp the attacks, hoping something will stick. No one likes to face their own limitations, their own smallness in the thread of history. They want to be lead actors on the stage, and this upstart with the funny name and incorrect pigmentation not only steals their thunder, but does it in such a way that diminishes them even further.

    What we are witnessing is a more prolonged analogue of what happened in Egypt today: it’s the death of the ancien regime, and the death throes are “violent”, in our Western way. But they ARE death throes, and they know it.

  47. This is simply what we’re up against in terms of change in this country. Our struggle is far from over.

  48. Its the old guard wanting to keep the status qup. The young new guard showing them how change is made. Cornell West is like Muburak he had 30 yrs to make change and he choose to rhyme his words.

  49. That CHoi guy is an idiot. He lost me when he chained himself to the White House gate. That is not behavior befitting an officer or any soldier for that matter. The far right and extreme left seem to be getting closer in closer. They all seem to be getting their marching order (and paychecks) from the same few corporations. Ain’t showbiz grand?

  50. OMG, tulips this is a keeper! 🙂

    “Cornell West is like Muburak he had 30 yrs to make change and he choose to rhyme his words.”

  51. They most certainly are:
    They all seem to be getting their marching order (and paychecks) from the same few corporations.

    Yet have coopted the progressive voice of the media and inserted their Republican-enabling content as the so-called spokespeople of the left. It’s truly a sight to see.

  52. This president continues to rise and leave the MSM & PL in the dust wallowing in their own disgusting and putrid bile…

  53. Thanks, I actually have that segment on tape, because I had set my DVR thinking that the President would be talking at 1:30. I’m glad I did.

  54. I watched that too and was shocked what this guy said. Where has he been? There are so many who do not want to give the President any credit. History will be telling. What a great day!

  55. Yeah they are backstabbers. Why would anyone trust them after their treatment of Pres. Obama. Did Kucinich really say Pres. Obama should be primaried? What an ass. He must be trying to get donations from the KOS crowd. So sad. So predictable.

  56. I’m going to send O’Donnell an email. He is the real culprit. He knew what Kristof was going to say before he booked him. O’Donnell made the choice to give this fool an audience for his anti-Obama drivel.

  57. Dan Choi always struck me as a fraud. And I have reason to believe that he was put up to this by certain segments of the Republican Party. The Republican group GOProud was founded in April 2009, after CHoi outed himself on the Maddow Show. While they claimed to be for LBGT rights, they ran ads against Barney Frank (portraying him as a stereotypical drag queen), Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi. Choi himself refused to call out the Republicans and always seemed to singularly focused on President Obama and/or Harry Reid. When Chris Matthews pinned him on hardball on this issue, he became so angry that he was incoherent. I lost any shred of respect that I might otherwise have had for Choi when he referred to Senator Reid as a “pussy that bleeds once a month.”

  58. IMO this is precisely why we’re moving into a period of new media consolidation so that a handful of voices, none of them particularly consistent or even insightful, act as gatekeepers of information pertaining to President Obama. There’s no mistake that Huffington, now part of the AOL family, has moved into a bipartisan mode from which I expect to see the same nasty/nice, “fair and balanced” coverage of this President. It could not be more important that we continue to build alternatives.

  59. Right, Choi. The same party that used your sexual orientation as a wedge issue for the past 10 years is the party that’s a vehicle for Gay Rights. Alrighty, then.
    Maybe Choi has always been a Log Cabin Republican? What gives with him?

  60. GN, spot on. But here’s the wonderful thing about the Internet: there are no gatekeepers. In the era of dead-tree and network dominance, you literally had no other sources for news, opinion, or analysis. It was the mainstream, or hard-to-find journals. As the Egyptian revolutionaries proved, the Internet allows to tear down barriers that the govt or the “right people” put up. The Mubarak regime had to turn off the Internet, and the people still found ways to communicate! AOL’s purchase of HuffPo is a fool’s errand. The number of people who read HuffPo is miniscule in comparison to the population, and most people who go there go for the Drudge-like focus on celebrity news. Places like this are the future: people centered analysis utilizing the knowledge of its users. Old-media consolidation didn’t kill the Internet; neither will AOL’s purchase of HuffPo, or whoever Kos sells out to. There are too many flowers blooming.

  61. These pundits are saying what they have to say to get on T.V. A “liberal’s” chances of getting booked go up tremendously when he/she promises to be critical of the President. The powers that be want to take Pres. Obama down a peg, so the microphone is given to a steady stream of “liberals” bashing the President and diminishing his role in the Egyptian Revolution. Same thing happened after HCR, repeal of DADT, you name it.

  62. I take great comfort in knowing that years from now no one will remember names like Tavis Smith, or any of the pundits. The name Obama will be writ large in the history books, they won’t even rate a footnote.

  63. But I think that the level of screeching betrays a real sense of panic. These pundits were accustomed to being treated as oracles who would unravel the messiness of the world into digestible bites. That’s no longer true, as spaces like this attest. Instead, they’re subjected to a scrutiny which didn’t exist even ten years ago. They know, on both extremes, that they’re becoming increasingly irrelevant. The world in which they had status and perks is vanishing, because we just don’t care what they opine any longer. So they get screechier, just to try and attract us back. It won’t work.

    I’m in a very good mood today, more so than usual, so I have hope that we’ve started on what Frank Herbert called “The Golden Path”. Call me an optimist. 🙂

  64. pandering to the KOS crowd, odonell has changed since he took keiths time slot! Now, he is a d.c. insider, playing the game.

  65. This administration believes in “smart power.” That’s how Hillary Clinton described it in her confirmation hearing.

  66. Yes, I saw that also Pinkbunny. These people just do not want to give the President any credit for his calmness, his intellect, his compassion, and his world-view for better things to happen for our world. Of course, any history was in front of our eyes, and those of us we will use our brains saw and know that this will mean in the history of the world, and this President and his administsration played a very important role in what did unfold today. They just do not want to give POTUS credit for the goodness of people and his administsration participation in shaping history in a manner that will appear in the real history books. Thank God, we are able to see it for ourselves and listen to our President. When it comes from President Obama’s mouth, I listen. History was made today and President Obama did a great job!!!!!

  67. It is sad to see West is willing to be on the wrong side of history, make a fool of himself and lose all crediblity for a paycheck and a few television appearances. Jealousy and greed are very ugly character traits, as is the lack of integrity.

  68. I agree LL. I just think that panic goes up a level higher than the pundits. Pundits are tools used by the MSM to get out a narrative. The corps that run our MSM are SCARED of Pres. Obama and are in panic mode, as a result, they give the microphone to these pundits to put the breaks on Pres. Obama’s popularity. I agree with you that the MSM and pundits are finding that their propaganda is getting less and less effective as Obama continues to pile up historic victories.

  69. And REAL teachers seldom use the blackboards anymore. Occasionally, yes. But we’re far beyond that in the technology we use in the classroom.

    Beck is “teaching” to oldsters (and I’m in my ’60’s!).

  70. Done -that’s what I’m talking about, thanks to the link from makesense4tulips, we aren’t just complaining about this guy, we are doing something. I love this place.

  71. We haven’t heard much from the big Conservative group meeting in D.C. either. They’re bashing Obama right, righter, and rightest but I haven’t heard them speak much about actual FP/Egypt.

  72. I think we’re going through our own revolution, the one I’ve been thinking about since I was a wee lad in university. Certainly not as dramatic as what happened in Cairo, much more low level, simmering, but no less momentous. And yes, the corporations are scared. But look at what PBO does: he brings Immelt into his administration in an advisory role; he goes to the CoC meeting and faces them with class and geniality, hopefully chipping away at the idea that he wants to nationalize all industry and put them into reeducation camps. And he does this so calmly, with such aplomb, that he blunts all the criticisms, and makes his critics look more than a bit unhinged to the electorate.

    I’ll say it here, as it’s what the fringes believe anyway: I think Obama IS a revolutionary; I think his ideas for what kind of society the US should be ARE revolutionary, in the context of US history: a mix of the best ideas from America and Europe. He knows the world; he’s studied it and traveled in it. And he knows the US; he knows just how far he can go, and how fast. People constantly underestimate him, and they do so at their own peril. Here’s to hoping they continue to flail blindly.

  73. That was my sentiment, exactly. I promptly switched to Lifetime channell. I remembered why I had stopped watching these people.

  74. As for those third rate media punditz blathering on about how Egypt happened because of shrub, remember shrub’s last going-away present – hand delivered no less – from Iraq ?

  75. That’s it! I was so proud that the President kept his promise regarding DADT and over turned it although he and nancy pelosi were trying so hard and the president never gave up. I now wish he had done the Dream Act instead. These people are turncoats. Good Luck if the Republicans take over. Dan Choi and the Log Cabin Republicans, GoProud and the rest of the republican gay and lesbians that embrace the GOP can join the religious right, then we’ll see how that works out for them. According to Choi the Gay/Lesbian want to shop around to see who gets their vote, go ahead. You’ll soon have buyers remorse but don’t look for me to support you cause.

  76. I am listening to bill maher he had on arriana and she said that she might vote for huntsman and cornell west says he wants to challenge obama! says he does not stick up for the poor!

    So, it is bash obama night from the far left!

  77. An exploratory committee will be formed for the sacrificial lamb. The committee will explore, and, like in the old maps, will find that “here be monsters”. And PBO will run unopposed in the primaries.

  78. Why does Bill keep having Cornel and Arianna on his show. They have been on his show several times. Can Bill find anybody else to come on his show? What was Bill response when they was spouting this bs?

  79. I was truly surprised to see the link to Democracy Now for this article, since I’ve heard nothing but negative–albeit traditionally progressive–assessments of President Obama from there. Then I clicked and it connects to Democracy Arsenal. Is that a blog for Democracy Now? It may very well be a progressive site, but not Amy Goodman’s. Still….

  80. Yes because all Jon huntsman does at night is think about the welfare of the poor and the middle class.

    Arianna Huffington is a two faced media hog!! I’m tempted to say another word but respect for this site is keeping me contained!! She is the very definition of sell out!!!

    I hope she takes her 30 million and just goes away!!!

  81. Corporate Hack Tavis Smiley and Cornell West are too Fracking short-sighted to see that if Democratic change is to come in the middle east it CANNOT come with Foreign meddling attached to it. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. Tavis is blinded by eyeballs, West by his own ideology.

  82. I agree with your comments, LL, and they made me think of net neutrality. The republicans want to extend the same media consolidation/censorship to the internet, and we must do whatever we can to stop it. They already have 6 bills in the H. of Rs to de-fund public radio. I signed a petition on the Politicususa site today to oppose this move. If it’s left to the republicans, the only sources for information we’ll have will be right-leaning and take the form of Fox News. IMO, that will be a disaster for our democracy.

  83. I followed the entire Egypt story online only and did get the benefit of the television/cable news wisdom of what PBO “should do now” “should say now”. I tell ya, it was bliss.

    As far as the online sources go: no one appeared to pay any attention to what the president was saying DIPLOMATICALLY. They were thinking he should unload on Mubarak like they want him to unload on Limbaugh. When will they pay attention to the news in front of their faces instead of trying to BE the news by getting their two cents in before the next guy.

    As for the lame-oids at the CPAC. Not one of them has articulated what they would do if they were in office if PBO is so off base. Send in the cruise missiles?

    Finally, since when does the CPAC get the same coverage as the run up to the Super Bowl?
    I hope there is the same joyful squealing from the press corps when the Democrats have their big purity conference.

  84. As a black person in America, I can’t help but think that some of the attempts to “take the president down a peg or two” has to do with maintaining the status quo. If they can convince Americans that PBO is a failure, that could have wider implications. I believe it will lead the republicans to attack anyone who wants to run for office who does not meet their standards, and this will include other blacks, gays, lesbians, Muslims, Hispanics, atheists, and others. The republicans are all about controlling everything in this country. This is why this site and other fact-based sites are essential for getting the truth about PBO to the public.

  85. Choi doesn’t have to look very far to see how many republicans feel about the repeal of DADT. It is on the list of laws the republicans in the 112th Congress have targeted to overturn. Rick Santorum has vowed to overturn it if he wins in 2012, and he was a featured speaker at CPAC.

  86. IMO, West and Smiley are upset because PBO doesn’t call them to ask them what he needs to do before he does it. The president makes decisions based on what is best for us and the country, which I believe is the way that things should be done. Neither West nor Smiley have expertise in foreign policy or anything else to my knowledge except running their mouths while doing nothing to help solve any problem.

    Most blacks in this country don’t even know who they are, and furthermore, even if they did, they wouldn’t take their advice on anything. The only reason I know them is because I have the time to cruise the internet and find out about what big backstabbers they are. They don’t realize that it’s easy to be an armchair politician, but that the actual job of governing requires much more than sitting around in a forum giving one’s opinion. Neither of these men could do the job PBO does. If they thought they could, surely by now they’d have run for the presidency.

  87. Choi and his backers figured that DADT wouldn’t get passed by the Senate so figured it would be a great wedge issue in Dem circles.

    It was utterly ridiculous that Dems provided 59 votes from the Senate, passed it in the House, and President Obama was ready and waiting to sign it and when even one Republicans (out of 41) wouldn’t sign it it was decreed to be President Obama’s problem and failure.

    Then there was this response (by Choi at HuffPo no less) once the DADT repeal passed on final vote –
    “President Obama, you are not off the hook. The compromise bill passed today puts the moral imperative squarely on your desk. Sign an executive order instituting a full non-discrimination policy throughout the military. If you do not, if you drag your feet and politicize this with your theoretical calculations as you have these past two years, you will be guilty of abetting those who loudly proclaim homophobia from their platforms and pulpits. Provide them no shelter or safe haven. Institute justice now.”

    Contrast that with the signing ceremony footage and crowd shots – Something is not right with Choi, either he’s out to extend his 15 minutes and needs to be outraged at something to get the desired attention or he’s a GOP plant.

  88. LOL, you are so right about West…all I ever see him do is try to sale a book are rhyme his words as you said perfectly.

  89. I don’t worry about press coverage of CPAC because it’s a pretty hateful gathering where the speakers try to out-hate and out-fearmonger the others. Folks who don’t watch Fox get a glimpse of these guys who play to the audience in the room with them rather than to the potential new audience watching on television. The red meat they throw there might get them ovations, but I can’t imagine moderates and indies would find that appealing.

  90. I think that POTUS tried equally hard to get DREAM done, actually; that loss was just awful. I wrote my Rep, who was grandstanding on the tax cut deal, in utter horror that she was not focused on DREAM and was instead catering to the progressive media’s tax cut deal tantrum. Really awful loss. I disagree somewhat in that I wouldn’t want to see the GLBT community to be punished collectively for the actions of people like Choi, and human rights shouldn’t be contingent upon not being a jerk. Can’t stand Choi, but along with you, I celebrate DADT’s repeal. We’ll get there with DREAM.

  91. GREAT comment, LL. You reminded me of Jon Stewart who accused President Obama of “timidity”. I was thinking: “Jon, you don’t get it… you don’t get it, DUDE !”

  92. We should ALL do the same thing. Maybe when his numbers go down LO will understand WHY.

  93. Arianna saying she might vote for Huntsman ???

    OK folks that’s it. She has been a republican plant all the time. Voting for a republican president is totally incoherent with her supposed hate for Wall Street, her supposed preoccupation for the “third world America”.

  94. I can’t figure out why a guay man would like to be with extremists who fought tooth and nails against the repeal of DADT ??

    Question: is Dan Choi REALLY guay ? And if so, is he sick ??

  95. When GWB was president, did prominent republican/conservative pundits and politicians go on TV and criticize his every decision? I’m really starting to dislike “progressives”. Lack of loyalty seems to be their defining characteristic. Once again, because Pres. Obama did not say exactly what PL wanted him to say, when they wanted him to say it, he is a failure who missed the boat (whatever that means). Pathetic.

  96. Bravo GN! It is really about time that we in America begin to understand that not everything that happens in other countries is all about US. I am glad we have a President who was able to recognize that reality while at the same time he made sure to re-assert our values, even though we have not always lived up to those same values.

    I was also proud that the President recognized the power of non-violence in bringing about transformational change by quoting the words and deeds of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  97. Third world amerikkka can go screw itself. arianna has her millions now.

  98. Bravo Carolyn! I am glad you posted your comment twice because it really needed to be repeated.

  99. I am now a blazingly proud 55-year-old woman, as of this past month. Not that I wasn’t proud before, but the fire was glowing if not absolutely blazing. President Obama’s foreign policy has shown more informed and bold nuance than any president in memory.

    I can say unequivocally that Barack Obama has been the most intelligent, the most successful, the most results-oriented, the most compassionate, the most self-deprecating and the most circumspect president in my entire lifetime.

    I am happy to see that my sleepy, unfocused fellow Americans are now beginning to wake up to that stark reality. He’s starting to melt all of the cynicism of the redeemable idealists and political romantics … as well as many, many curmudgeons.

    Bless him. And bless the good hearts of the American people.

  100. Somebody needs to tell Glenn Beck that not everything that happens in other countries has anything to do with his delusional right wing ideology. But, knowing Glenn Beck’s unhinged pre-occupation with revising history, to fit neatly with his delusions, he probably will soon be teaching a new lesson, on his chalkboard, showing how Reagan’s invasion of Grenada was responsible for the anti Marcos revolt in the Philippines. Just like George Bush’s invasion of Iraq is responsible for the Egyptian Revolt against Mubarak.

    By the way, isn’t Beck changing his tune? I thought that a few days ago he was preaching that the Egyptian revolt was part of a radical islamist, supported by American liberals, George Soros and President Obama, to create an anti-western Caliphate for the entire Middle East. Wasn’t it this idiotic Caliphate claim that prompted Bill Kristol to criticize him?

    By the LL, I doubt that Glenn Beck really understands what irony means.

  101. The last sentence was meant to say: “By the way, Liberal Librarian (LL), I doubt that Glenn Beck really understands what irony means.

  102. Oh – the spin started already. They’ve now decided that it’s wrong to bring democracy to the Middle East, because that’s just not their culture and it will damage them. They just aren’t capable of democracy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

  103. Well said Eric. Your insights apply to the way they reported his legislative successes in the lame duck session of the previous Congress, his memorial speech in Tucson, and his SOTU speech. It seems to me that both MSM and the PL have a template: Every thing President Obama does is wrong. If it turns out that the people, once they get unfiltered information, overwhelmingly approve what the President does, it is important to re-educate them that: ( a) the president has changed his approach to appeal to the moderates, or (b) the President, initially stumbled, but finally he was able, for the first time, to get it right; thankfully because of his advisors. Of course the PL would add that: (c) their hatred, diatribes, and vicious attacks on the President forced him to change his position; and (d) what ever the accomplishments of the President, he really had nothing to do with them ( e.g. DADT) and was merely taking credit for what others did. But you know what Eric, Dr. King was absolutely right: “No Lie Can live Forever!” People are beginning to learn the truth about President Obama. And, as they learn the truth, his support in the polls keep inching up.

  104. hopefruit2;

    I absolutely agree with you take on Nicholas Kristoff. This is very typical of MSM pundits. Thankfully we have BWD who relentlessly documents the positive things President Obama is doing. Our task is to spend more energy exposing the people we know to BWD’s blog. and less energy on reacting to the negativity of MSM pundits. Of course we have to call them out, and your reaction to Kristoff is spot on, and is deeply appreciated. For me, I have come to the conclusion that the main objective of the PL and MSM, as Michael Cohen admitted, is to criticize everything President Obama does. It is only when they realize that the majority of people are not buying their criticism of the President that they grudgingly give him credit. Many of my friends and relatives that I introduced to BWD’s site, which carries unfiltered information about the President and his administration, are really amazed at how the MSM has been peddling falsehoods, and half-truth information, about President Obama. Although there are times when I absolutely feel compelled to react to blatant falsehoods being spread about the President, I find it more rewarding to exert most of my energy on spreading positive information about the accomplishments of the President and Democrats in Congress.

  105. To be honest gn, I don’t truly believe that Choi’s agenda was so much DADT repeal,as it was to embarrass the President and erode LGBT support for President Obama and Democrats. And from what I’ve read elsewhere, the majority of the LGBT community(who are truly Democrats) did not approve of Choi’s strategy, and many were suspicious of his motives.

    All the events with the Log Cabin Republicans, Cindy McCain appearing in an ad etc was to erode Dem support and move it to the Republican camp. This blogger Clarke76 on DKOS, I think is a Republican and many of the DKOS Repubs were secretly and openly hoping that DADT would not be passed in the senate, but rather through the courts. One actually went as far to say that he did not want DADT to get the votes in the senate because he didn’t want the President to get any credit.

  106. I didn’t realize Tavis still had a show on NPR, but I switched over to the AM NPR station and found them a week or so ago. WOW! I was really shocked. I used to like Cornell West, now he just seems like a bitter, bitter man. I never liked Tavis, but I didn’t dislike him. Until now.
    The two of them seem to be doubling down, denouncing any Black person who defends our President in such condescending tones (West) that it made me sick. Like “oh yeah, they just like him because he’s black, and that’s why they don’t want to face his failure…” Give me a effing break!
    And don’t they sound just like people who said we were just voting for Obama because he was Black.
    We’re not stupid.
    Okay, my blood is officially boiling, I need a break.

  107. Fabulous comment! I know that it’s Saturday morning, but I was too busy yesterday to check in here. I have my coffee and have come back to this sanity to catch up with the family:)Spot on thoughts today, LL. Spot on!

  108. Precisely! You can take this memo to the state level as well…look at Arizona. Perfect example. Anyone that is brown,gay, female etc…BAD! They are trying to control everyone and everything in this state that doesn’t meet with their approval. Their own personal kingdom. Not for the people of the state, but for their own personal agendas.

  109. Don’t be fooled. Many of these so-called “progressives” are Teabaggers in disguise. Some of them may be gay or long-term drug users who need the freedoms to express their sexuality or use whatever drugs they need. Others need to line their pockets and have found a niche market in perpetual progressive outrage (e.g., Cenk Uygur). Other than that they are hard-core conservative racists. What they wouldn’t dare do with GWB, they have no problems with our current president (e.g., Dan Choi, who faithfully served in the armed forces until Feb 2009). They see Barack Obama as a threat, but they hide under the progressive label to fool others about their racist sentiment. They frequent “progressive” blogsites typically owned by their “former” Republican buddies and spread their anti-Obama propaganda there.

    The fact that Huffington’s AOL corporate merging or Choi’s palling around with Donald Trump et al at CPAC didn’t cause any “outrage” on DKOS, suggests that these people have two sets of standards but no real principles.

  110. bwd

    Please delete my above post. I don’t know how that e-mail id got tagged to my name.

  111. Thank you for reposting this! I am sitting here in tears, not only for what we witnessed in Egypt but for the wisdom, vision, and stirring words from our President.

  112. LOL @

    “He’s starting to melt all of the cynicism of the redeemable idealists and political romantics … as well as many, many curmudgeons.”

    Happy b’day, Glinda. Hey, where is the party ?

  113. 315 million pinkbunny. I so utterly agree that she’s a two-faced phony; lots of those in the anti-POTUS professional left set.

  114. It does seem that just about all “progressive” voices we are force fed by the MSM are republican plants.

  115. I hope one of these days people will get sick of the lies and will no longer tolerate anonymous commenting or posting.
    Everything will be in the open, and the rats will scurry out of the ship.

  116. True indeed Nathan. In addition, you were spot on in pointing out the historical revisionism of the far left in a prior post(when they praise LBJ but fail to mention the effect JFK’s assassination had on getting the Civil Rights Act passed. That used to piss me off when I read that childish nonsense over at KOS). That glaring omission shows there is no historical context to much of their criticisms. Just fantasy land diatribes.

  117. You know what, Eric? I had never thought about it like that…”Imagine how high Obama’s poll numbers would be without the constant negativity.”

    And that’s why they’re not letting up…

  118. Yes, he said the President should be primaried.

    (But check the move…)

    by someone else because he was running for a House seat. Nice way to cover your own rear end.

    It’s like when little kids are daring one another:

    “You do it!”

    “No, you do it!”

    Simply hilarious…

  119. Voting for a Republican is about right for her. After all, she’s been photographed partying the night away with Darrell Issa.

    “Nuff said.

  120. Well, who would have thunk. The lefts Dan choi hanging with the thugs. Man, what a traitor. What could he possibly be wanting from them?

    They will use him, promise him gay marriage. Not.

  121. GN, I just checked MSNBC ratings and they are still falling. Frankly I do not believe that is just because of Keith leaving. His numbers were already falling.

    I cannot help but believe that part of that is due to the ugliness on msnbc. You know there are millions of us who still respect our president.

    We do not need to listening to them carve and dice our president.

  122. Thank you cuphalffull. I was actually feeling ashamed to be an American. It wasn’t just Bush, it was also that this country has forgotten that we are one another’s keepers.

    Not in my name.

  123. Did you see that radio shock woman speaking about our president as a Islamic terrorist who was born in Kenya.

    Thank god not everyone clapped, but way too many hooted and hollered.

  124. Well…MSNBC ratings falling and FOX ratings falling and newspapers having trouble staying in business. Surely some of this is happening because of content, but I think a large part of it is because of the Internet. People get their news differently now and these cable shows aren’t adapting to the changing audience. Seriously, who wants to have shows that have to advertise Geritol as a mainstay? The younger crowd just aren’t interested in what 24 hour cable has to say.

  125. I am reading these comments on Sunday morning, and I was not aware of this video. Thanks for posting, and this is one that should be roundly applauded, for the Dr.’s euphoric gratitude for our President’s handling of the situation. Honest people tell the whole truth and nothing but. Thanks again. Just beautiful.

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