Bye Gibbs


18 thoughts on “Bye Gibbs

  1. I heart Robert Gibbs and not just on Valentine’s day. Thanks and appreciation for a very difficult job so well done.

  2. I watched the press conference and thought it was so funny!!

    I think Gibbs was a little verklempt!

  3. Yes, what a thoughtful person our President always seem to come through. He is always thinking how to make the other person’s transition happier and memorable. What a classy thought. Gibbs almost could not keep it together. You can see the respect, love, and professionalism the two of them have for each other. I will miss Gibbs, but I am sure he will do all that he can to get this president re-election plus have a little more time with his lovely family. We have been blessed with such a close team. I am grateful for all that I saw Gibbs try to carry out in his duties to the President and the country. Thanks so much Robert Gibbs.

  4. That was special. I don’t know how Gibbs weathered all those inane questions the last two years and not only kept his calm composure but now says he will miss them.

    On a different subject, since we are only here to look at pictures [big wink], I ran across these. Two of them are from Egypt and one of the Chicago snowstorm.

  5. I really think they like and respect each other. I know Gibbs will give his all to the reelection of President Obama. I hope that Robert will have more time to spend with his little mini-me before the pressure of 2012 shifts into gear.

  6. WOW!

    You can’t get any farther left than “Democracy Now”.

    The PL will probably throw a hissy fit over this betray by D.M.

  7. Gibbs own “week ahead” at the very end was cute as well where he reported “On Monday former press secretary will accompany Ethan Gibbs to school. He’ll then watch some Sportscenter. He’ll then take a bikeride if the weather permits and then plans to have a nap. He’ll then walk several hundred meters to the bus stop to wait for Ethan”.

  8. This administration worked so hard leading up to the election and the last two years. It amazes me how our President gets a 2nd wind after each victory. I am so thankful and wish he can have one full month of no drama to take a breathe. These last two days were so intense I hope if quiets down a bit.

  9. I enjoyed this very much. I am a Gibbs fan. Others probably feel he has not said enough, or at times perhaps the wrong thing, but I have found him to be just right–a really good Press Secretary for the President, and someone who really knows the President well.

    I’ll be sad to see him out of that job, but I plan to listen to him in other venues, and pay attention to him because, as I say, he knows this President very well and I think the President has high regard for Gibbs.

  10. Good bye, Gibbs. Always enjoyed your pc’s. You’re too smart & honest for those idiotic clowns called wh press corps.

  11. I think that it was good of President Obama to have someone on his team, like Robert Gibbs, who is from the deep south (Alabama).

    I wish that the President would put more people from the deep south in his administration.

    I’ll miss seeing Robert Gibbs give the press conferences.

  12. Good to read the warm thoughts about Robert Gibbs. I miss him already and thank him for his service.

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