Wednesday’s mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Getting creative:

Obama to Propose Electric-Car Tax Credit Via Dealers

U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration will propose that consumers receive a $7,500 tax credit for electric cars at the dealership, reducing the sticker price, an Energy Department official said.


The administration will also propose grants for as many as 30 communities to build infrastructure to recharge electric vehicles, Sandalow said. The president’s budget will also include new research and development investments in electric drive.


2. Winning the future:

Bringing High-Speed Rail to America


3. The truth is out there (not that anyone cares, you know….):

The myth of obama’s big spending

Does the president really suffer from what House Speaker John Boehner calls a “spending illness”? Not according to an exclusive Newsweek-Daily Beast estimate of his outlays on new legislation since taking office.

// snip

To rectify the situation, Newsweek and The Daily Beast have come up with an exclusive estimate of the amount the president has spent on new legislation since taking office in January 2009.

What we found may surprise people who see Obama as the Big Spender in Chief. Over the last two years, the president has decided to “spend” $21 billion more on tax cuts — the GOP’s preferred policy response to, well, everything — than on government programs.

// snip

Regardless of reality, Republicans have a strong incentive to keep characterizing the president’s spending as an “out-of-control,” “unprecedented” “spree” that “threatens” “our children’s future.”…

But during an accounting argument, it’s useful to have real, live numbers to battle over. On the rare occasion Republicans do allude to real stats, they tend to shout about the growing short-term deficit, a problem that has a lot more to do with declining recession-era tax revenues and increasing safety-net outlays than anything Obama has done, or not done.


Democrats can argue that rescuing the U.S. economy from a second Great Depression for less than the price of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was a relative bargain.

// more and must read!


4. Yea, road trip!

Salvador prez: Obama to visit El Salvador in March

 El Salvador’s president says President Barack Obama will visit the Central American country next month to discuss the fight against poverty.

President Mauricio Funes says Obama will be in El Salvador March 22 and 23. He says other topics will be discussed but he wants the fight against poverty to be the central issue discussed during Obama’s visit.


5. Still doomed:

Reuters poll: PBO at 51%


6. Finally, I couldn’t care less of Politico, but I do care for this:

The first lady reiterated the promise to campaign for her husband because “this country needs him”.
Amen, Michelle. Amen.

91 thoughts on “Wednesday’s mishmash

  1. Michelle is right, this country needs her husband BADLY for the next 6 years. I’m grateful that they still want to serve!
    We’re lucky.

  2. I love the way the First Lady is (trying to) protecting the little bit of privacy they have left. Good for her. Enough is enough already!

  3. Did yall hear that Senator Webb from Virgnina has decided that he is not running in 2012? What is with some of these democrats who don’t want to fight. Why give the Republicans a chance to pick up another seat. I hope we find a good candidate to run because we can’t afford to lose another seat in 2012. Thats 2 seats that the GOP might take. I heard TIM KAINE might run..I hope he does cause I can’t take us losing another seat to these right wing lunatics.

  4. Love Romano’s article. And in the MSM, no less. Best line: “during an accounting argument, it’s useful to have real, live numbers to battle over.” What a novel thought!

  5. PROOF OF PURCHASE: Ben Bernanke says the Federal Reserve’s actions to buy Treasury bonds and securities since late 2008 have saved “up to 3 million jobs,” including 700,000 in the latest round of what is called “quantitative easing.”

    “It could be less, it could be more, but the important thing to understand is, it’s not insignificant,” the Fed chairman told the House Budget Committee on Wednesday, citing a Fed study on the bond-buying moves, “QE1” and “QE2.”

    He added: “It is an important contribution to growth and job creation, and we are at a situation where we would have almost half of the unemployed being out of work for more than six months. And the longer the people stay out of work, the more difficult it’s going to be for them to come back and rejoin the labor force.”

    No wonder all the conservatives come out against qe2 everyday, because it saves jobs! And lots of them! Aint that some shit?

  6. The White House invited several Middle East scholars to discuss the Egypt upheaval Tuesday.

    Among those who attended were the Center for Strategic and International Studies’s Jon Alterman, Dan Brumberg of the U.S. Institute of Peace, Fouad Ajami of Johns Hopkins University and the Wall Street Journal, former George W. Bush White House Middle East and democracy advisor Elliott Abrams, Human Rights Watch’s Tom Malinowski, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Michele Dunne, and Scott Carpenter, a former State Department Middle East democracy official now with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    The one and a half hour meeting, with the NSC’s Dan Shapiro, Samantha Power, and Ben Rhodes, was off the record.

    “The administration has had a horrible problem with message discipline,” one attendee said on condition of anonymity. “I think the people in the room from the administration are largely in synch, but projecting that out to all the parts of the administration is not working.”

    “They believe they understand how the president sees it,” he continued. “But to get the Secretary of State on board and the spokesmen and everyone else – they end up having the policy which they believe is clear, which is perceived [on the outside] to be vacillating.”

    The sense of mixed messages coming from the administration became acute over the weekend, a day after U.S. officials had made clear Washington was pressing for Hosni Mubarak’s swift exit from office.

  7. There is still a substantial part of the Republican Party power structure (including the large corporate donors) who do not (IMO) want the economy to improve too much. It is pretty well understood that a bad economy helps their chances in 2012 and was a driving force behind their gains in 2010.

    The large corporations have the cash on hand to weather a couple more years of a bad economy and the rest of the Republican poer structure are financially well enough off they know they aren’t hurt by a lingering slow growth to the economy.

    The President’s trip to th Chamber of Commerce, despite all the wailings from the PL, was, just like his statement on the tax cut compromise, a first step to countering any of that.

    Remember, at the tax cut statement he spoke openly about the republicans holding hostages. At the CoC, he came very close to calling companies that don’t invest in creating jobs in the US unpatriotic.

    He knows that if he is too blatant about it now, it would lose any impact come 2012, but watch for him to start mentioning this basic premise more and more over the next 1.5 years.

    I would love to have him say, at the appropriate time, something along the lines of “The Republicans apparently want everybody to make sacrifices except for the rich and the large international corporation.”

  8. What is with some of these democrats who don’t want to fight. Why give the Republicans a chance to pick up another seat. I hope we find a good candidate to run because we can’t afford to lose another seat in 2012.

    Fear of losing to a tea partier is causing sane people from both parties to quit. If one cared deeply enough to run for office and because they cared about shaping the priorities of the country, quitting would not seem to be an option–particularly when we have an imminent threat to the Republic in the form of rabid, nativist, regressionist tea partiers.

  9. Obama administration officials will flock to the Teach for America 20 Year celebration in Washington this weekend, dovetailing the president’s focus next week on changing the education system.

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan will speak on a panel about the role of young activists in the future of education, along with D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and R&B singer John Legend.

    Joshua DuBois, who directs the White House office for faith-based initiatives, and Roberto Rodriguez, a White House domestic policy adviser, will also join the group of administration officials and politicians at the three-day event.

    Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, for whom Obama and the first lady campaigned in 2010, will work on a session about the role of the federal government in education reform.

    In his State of the Union address, Obama said the United States must “out-educate” the rest of the world, and he called on Congress to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, also known as “No Child Left Behind.”


  10. I see everone is pitching in, with postive news articles! Excellent work! Please spread the news around blogosphere or your friends and family!


  11. So, the only things the republicans are cutting is what we accomplished the last two years! Then, they try to get the POTUS to go first on cuts to SS! So they can blame him! That is what their game is!!!
    More washington games!

  12. Thanks so much Nonie. I am just crazy about our First Lady. I can’t wait to see the entire interview. The atmosphere seems to be relaxed and fun with Regis and Kelly.

    I watched the interview on the TODAY Show with Matt Lauer. Matt really annoyed me with some of his questioning. Especially his focusing on the fact that President Obama has stopped smoking and trying to imply how do we know that is really true. Then showing two pictures of President Obama and wondering if he dyed his hair. Followed by discussing the interview by Bill O’Reilly where he asks why people hate President Obama. I thought it was beyond tacky. But the First Lady handled herself with grace and class.

  13. “The administration has had a horrible problem with message discipline,” one attendee said on condition of anonymity. “I think the people in the room from the administration are largely in synch, but projecting that out to all the parts of the administration is not working.”

    “They believe they understand how the president sees it,” he continued. “But to get the Secretary of State on board and the spokesmen and everyone else – they end up having the policy which they believe is clear, which is perceived [on the outside] to be vacillating.”

    Reading this made me very concerned. Are we talking about miscommunication here, or something more serious like a power struggle to establish policy ?

    President Obama and VP Joe Biden are meeting with SOS Clinton this afternoon. I hope this will solve whatever the problem is.

  14. Noonie, another one bites the dust by choice. I am not a big fan of Webb, but we need him.

    I know it will cost a lot of money to run again, but the last thing he needs to do is turn his back on the party. To give up your seat without trying makes no sense.

  15. Good morning everyone! This is such a great way to get the news that matters. Thank you BWD and all the people who have added very informative news. Have a great day.

  16. Thanks Jovie. Communication problems. They do not seem to be cohesive in terms of their comments.

    The diplomat announcing something that was completely out of line with the President’s agenda. Cripes.

    Do you think it is a discipline issue?

  17. So many good stuff BWD. I like the $7500 credit on Electric cars. Hope the dealerships won’t increase the sticker price a few thousand dollars and abuse the system but this is very encouraging to migrating from an oil based cars to electric for a number of reasons. The Environment being the #1 factor and less dependency on foreign oil being the #2 factor. Kudos to the proposal. Now congress just has to approve it.

    I will take 51% approval any day than the 49% at dfox.

  18. Thank you for this info FUICA. This seems amazing. Now her husband is off to the moon.

  19. Thanks to Matt the idiot. I can not stand interviewers who pull this kind of stunt.

    I would not be surprised if Matt showed an old photo of Obama smoking

  20. Today, I am grateful for the Daily Beast article as to PBOs fiscal policies.

    Obama has slashed one tax dollar for every dollar he’s spent on government programs.

  21. As backwards as so many people in this country are, I am surprised that the repugs don’t yearn for the days of horse and buggy.

    I do not think repugs have any imagination. They are unable to dream and aspire to bigger and greater things.

    They are just like snails slowly inching along leaving a trail of slime.

  22. Reading this made me very concerned. Are we talking about miscommunication here, or something more serious like a power struggle to establish policy ?

    There is a power struggle involved, but it is not in the US – it’s in Egypt.

    This is a basic problem if your policy is: “The Egyptians decide their future” as opposed to: “We will install a democracy by force”.

    Once you leave the power struggle to the other side, you have to react to what they come up with – which might take weeks (if not months) to settle down.

  23. Could be for the best. Webb hates campaigning and detests fundraising, and a rematch with George Allen would need a lot of both.

    Tim Kaine will have equal name recognition to Allen, though I wonder if he’d be painted as hyper-partisan for his time as DNC Chair.

    Tom Perriello is another interesting possibility. Charismatic and a very hard campaigner who didn’t run from the party or Obama in 2010.

    McAuliffe and Moran could potentially run as well.

    Webb is the incumbent and that usually has it’s built in advantages, but Allen is a former Senator, Governor and Congressman who was once a thought of as a serious Presidential contender in 2008. The macaca issue will largely be behind him as folks will see the six years out of office as his punishment. I just don’t know if Webb had it in him to fight for it again.

    It will also be interesting to see how contested the GOP primary field could be. One is already declared – Jamie Radtke, Virginia Tea Party Chairwoman and one of the national TP leaders. She could run an effective outsider campaign against Allen, and potentially pull him hard right.

    Being a Presidential year, a lot will depend on the top of the ticket. Dems can’t run from what they did, Webb running probably would have put him at odds with the top of the ticket. Kaine or Perriello will offer a much better opportunity for a candidate to be in step with Obama. President Obama polls at about 50% in Virginia, and leads all the GOP front runners by at least 5% in current polling.

  24. Ms Obama is just amazing, she was so funny about “discussing Mubareck with the Prsident in bed”. and then at the end she slips in a rousing endorsement of what a great President he is. This is quite the team. Thanks so much for sharing this video.

  25. Thanks for highlighting this article Dorothy.

    I thought this was very interesting:

    Over the last two years, the president has decided to “spend” $21 billion more on tax cuts—the GOP’s preferred policy response to, well, everything—than on government programs.

    This Democratic President–the one being characterized as socialist, the one who inspired the first Tax Enough Already tea party–has, at the moment, spent more money on tax cuts, than government programs.

  26. I should clarify that:

    This Democratic President–the one being characterized as socialist, the one who inspired the first Tax Enough Already tea party–has, at the moment, spent more money on tax cuts, than government programs, when you exclude required spending like Social Security and emergency spending like Unemployment insurance.

  27. I think you overestimate George Allen’s political viability. When he was considered a viable presidential candidate, it was because he was viewed as George W. Bush part 2 (remember this was back when W was popular). In other words, Allen was a contender because he was a likable, rich dumb guy, in the Bush mold. Since that time both he and Bush ruined that brand. Also, I don’t think the macaca thing will be forgotten for long, especially if he decides to run.

  28. So right! When I hear people threatening to make him a “one term” President, I laugh!
    America desperately needs Barack Obama more than he needs us!

  29. DAMNNNNNNNNN!!! The Gop don’t even need to waste its time campaigning there. That state is solidly blue now. Imagine that. It used to be a swing state, but that is gone. I really have a gut feeling that 2012 will bring some shockers. States we think we may lose, we may wind up winning. 40 million people sat out 2010 and with barack obama on the top of the ticket everybody will be back in 2012. Some seats that turned red in 2012 will be back blue in 2012. Its about 20 congressional seats that the dems are looking at because all of them barack obama won by 50+ % of the votes. A lot of them won by the skin of their chinny chin chin.

  30. Iwatched the interview with flotus, and she was fantastic we love her and yes we need PBO for the next 6 years and more. yes he can.

  31. Tom Perriello says all options on the table to run for Virginia Senate…Lets see if we can push him to decide soon..I love tom because he put his neck out on the line for president obama and supported him even though he was from a conservative district. He lost by 9,000 votes. Hopefully he will decide to run

  32. He’s definitely running for the Senate seat. Sure his Presidential aspiration might be shot, but I think he’s very electable in Va. Jamie Radtke is also declared and is said to be well funded as well, Cuccinelli is likely waiting to run for Gov as McDonnell will be term limited to only one year by Va law. McDonnell could run for the Senate seat as well given the term limit.

    And then there is Cantor who needs to make his move. I believe he’s looking at the Governorship, as that’s the path to the White House, but he’ll have to clear Cuccinelli out of the way in 2013, so does he try and get Cuccinelli to run for the Senate? Does he make the move for the Senate and take on Jamie Radtke?

  33. Is he still well liked? Would his DNC stint hurt him? It sounds like he wants an administration gig. Probably realizing that Warner will have the former Governor and Senator from Virginia niche already for 2016.

  34. Sorry for linking to Politico (promise to only link to it this once), but this story about the GOP’s failure is just too good to pass up.

    They tried to get money back from the UN and FAILED!!!!!

    It’s the third bill of theirs to fail this week.

    I soooo cannot wait until 2012. GOP will be kicked to the curb.

  35. That’s an interesting article, Tulips. The Republicans continue to decline as listeners to hate radio and TV, and as voters. May it continue.

  36. Remember President Obama will be at the top of the ticket. This increases the dems chance at this seat 1000 fold.

  37. From my twitter timeline:

    @WestWingReport: On This Day. 1773: William Henry Harrison was born. The 9th President, he served the shortest time in office – just one month – in 1841.

    @WestWingReport: President Harrison gave a two-hour long inaugural address during bad weather, got pneumonia and died a month later.

  38. Hey guys….THis article just made me chuckle. I hope BWD post it for others to read. Remember the 16 GOP members who declined their healthcare because the dems called them out of being HYPOCRITES of taking a government run plan but telling others they will repeal it because of their “PRINCIPLE” and wanting to defund that “MONSTROCITY” Well they are finally getting taste of buying healthcare on the market out of their own pockets and they are going broke paying for it….hahahaha

  39. You are so right. Most of them barely got in, including the governors. This was not a landslide or mandate for the GOP. If we had not stayed home, the outcome would have been much different.

    Believe me we will not be staying home in 2012 when our president is leading the democratic ticket. No way.

  40. By JENNIFER HABERKORN | 2/9/11 11:27 AM EST
    Seventy-four House Democrats are asking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from any health care reform cases, citing reports that his wife financially benefited from efforts to repeal the legislation.

    The members, led by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), ask that he “maintain the integrity of this court.”

    Read more:


  41. This is just delicious! This is why I have always called Congressman Henry Waxman, the pitbull of the House of Representatives. The man is fierce.

    BUSH’S E.P.A. CHIEF ADOPTED OBAMA ADMINISTRATION LINE…. In light of today’s hearing at the House Energy and Commerce Committee, this seems like a pretty big deal. (thanks to ethan for the tip)

    An Environmental Protection Agency administrator under President George W. Bush told the former president in 2008 that his administration was obliged to declare that emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases linked to climate change endanger public health and welfare.

    Stephen Johnson, the EPA’s administrator from 2005 until 2009, also suggested in a Jan. 31, 2008 letter that the agency propose regulations to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from automobiles and from other human sources — a stance that the Obama administration has taken.

    This is something of a bombshell in the climate debate. Late last year, President Obama’s EPA chief, Lisa Jackson, concluded that carbon emissions endanger public health and welfare — the so-called endangerment finding — which is the step preceding regulating emissions through the Clean Air Act.

    The Republican line — outside of the belief that the entirely of climate science is some kind of communist plot — is that legislation is needed to overturn the EPA’s endangerment finding, so that efforts to combat the climate crisis can be stopped before they start. Dems, in turn, are waving around Stephen Johnson’s letter to make the obvious political point.

    “As administrator Johnson’s letter makes clear, both Republican and Democratic administrations have had the same view of the science: carbon emissions are a serious threat to our nation’s welfare,” Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) wrote yesterday in a letter to the committee’s chairman, Rep. Fred Upton (R., Mich.). “I urge you to leave the science to scientists and drop your effort to use legislation to overturn EPA’s endangerment finding.”

    Upton responded by accusing Waxman of “conspiring with the EPA.”

  42. Actually, I have considered that there maybe some power grabbing involved.

    If that is the case, the president should get rid of him or her, and if not, make sure it does not happen again.

    I can see PBO’s jaw tightening, as he pierces the heart of the offender with his eyes. He does not have to speak, because his gaze is blinding. The offender, has been chastised.
    The end.

    I like this drama I am creating. teehee.

  43. I am surprised he did not say, you socialist! These republicants have no answers and when they are trapped, they say shut up!

  44. Do you mean that Cantor has presidential ambitions ? !!! If so, he’s delusional.

  45. Good one jovie. I am loving this. Every other post is debunking some GOP nonsense. The evidence is mounting, the Republicans are being exposed for the boobs they are. They got nothin.

    There is an endless supply of unhinged, uninformed, wacky GOP congress critters. But their Majority Leader Eric Cantor takes the cake. The fact that this man is in a leadership position is really scary. Check this out:


  46. My daughter sometimes catches the autotrain from FL to VA – about 850 miles and 17 hours! I told her if she were in China the trip would take about 4 hours. My friend moved to France about 25 years ago right out of grad school to work for AVG in France, the high-speed train company. (I won’t even get into her 6 consecutive weeks of paid vacation and 1 year of maternity leave.) She laughs when she sees an Amtrak train.

  47. Again I ask, who would vote for Sarah Palin? And should they be allowed to roam about freely?

  48. My goodness what a beautiful train. When I lived in Germany via the military 30 years ago we loved taking the train.

    Living here in ND- in order to get medical care via the VA, I have to travel across the state on Amtrak.. and though I love trains, this one here is a mess.. they are dirty, smelly and I’ve yet to meet a friendly, kind or helpful employee on this route. I’ve been so disheartened riding trains in this state- its the Chicago to Washington line actually. It was disappointing especially for my son, as his first trips have consisted of rude employees- and I mean very rude. I keep saying to myself, I’m going to complain.. but I haven’t yet.

  49. Yep, I can recall the time we took a plane from Amsterdam to Paris – but that is a long time ago (like 20 years).

    And then, the train (a Grande Vitesse) isn’t even fast until after Brussels.

    You know, it’s just amazing standing in the restaurant car of the train, moving at 300 km/h and drinking a beer – and wondering why all the trucks on the highway parallel to the tracks, are parked.


  50. I would love to see either Tim (Kaine or Perriello) run in my state. They both would be phenomenal candidates. Kaine would have the edge in name recognition, while Perriello has the energy and passion. I loved Perriello’s campaign for House last year, and his unwavering support of POTUS. Hopefully he raised his profile enough to win in a tough election.

    Either way, we would have a great shot at keeping this seat.

  51. ^Mel Osorio, I agree w/ya about All Things Obama…

    And, b/c BHO is our President, at this critical time, I wished there wasn’t any term limits! 😉

  52. Nobody really knew Kaine was head of the DNC except for us political junkies, lol. And Virginians have a pretty good opinion of him as former governor. You can only serve one 4-year term as governor, and it’s not uncommon for ex-govs to move into the Senate.

    His name recognition is great — I see Kaine bumper stickers quite often, anecdotally-speaking — which would go far in this state.

    I also love Tim Perriello, and I saw that he is being drafted to run downthread. He’s newer, not as well-known, but I think he could put together a fantastic campaign.

    I think that with either of these Tims there would be a great chance of holding the seat.

  53. Me too! Like I always say, look what he did in TWO yrs? He packed four years in two, at this rate we’re going to get 16yrs out of him being in office for 8 yrs. I think he deserves a rest and pray we don’t put another (R) in to un-do it.

  54. The Egyptian protesters attract their own trolls:

    I wonder if they call them trolls [in Egyptian] or if they have another name for them? Perhaps not a name that can be used in more polite society.

  55. Proud of obama, that was such a funny. My favorite part of the article: “it was”
    the weeper of the house is such an idiot

  56. Jovie, I found this part of the article particularly delicious:

    {[To be offended by this is to be troubled by the basics of the American economy. To whine about this is to complain just to hear one’s own voice.

    Also note the timing — the bewildered Majority Leader decided to bemoan the president’s remarks the day before a White House meeting between Obama, Cantor, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

    Cantor said he intends to bring up his concerns with Obama directly. It’ll be a riveting discussion, I’m sure, just so long as the president remembers not to use any big words.]}

    Cantor is such a dunce

  57. El Salvador is my birth country and ( I am a US citizen too) I appreciated when President Funes said to President Obama that he was going to take care of his country b/c President Obama had too much to deal with here in the USA, that was early in 2009. I hope that President Funes is still in the same mode when President Obama visits my other country.

    I care for the whole world not just two countries but it was refreshing to hear back then President Funes not beg for help as other previous presidents of El Salvador have done. Back in the day President Duarte came over to the US and kissed the USA flag in front of President Reagan BUT 75,000 people were killed in El Salvador because of the right wing in the US (Reagan) AND that included Bishop Romero plus 13 US-nuns.
    I have to admit that I am not that religious and get kind of uptight when basic human………………….

    Obama/Biden 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Thanks, Aquagranny911, yes it was…

    And, TiMT, your ‘The President IS Always In Arm’s Reach’ diary w/’PBHO’s accomplishments’ vid clips was “tha bomb!” 😉

  59. Wow Nonie,

    I read the article and found it amusing that the freshman rethugliteabaggers who rode in on defeating healthcare are finding out that Fox News and the MSM lied to them about the healthcare bill. What is so sad are the folks who left comments on how evil Obama care is yet they don’t state why or they can afford healthcare and the hell with everyone else. I assume they never had to use too much of their private healthcare or they are rich like Rush, Hannity, Glenn and Bill O they can pay whatever the cost may be. These people apparently don’t live in the world with the rest of us.

  60. Thanks for the link, Tulips. It is really gratifying to learn that people, and especially young people, are beginning to see through the idiocy of people like Beck, Hannity, and the grand daddy of all the right wing talkers, Rush Limbaugh. I am ashamed that the majority of people listening to, and supporting, these demagogues are in my age group. I really wonder what happened to us. How did many people, in my generation, who experienced the visionary leadership of JFK, MLK and RFK, turn out to be rabid followers of the preachers of ignorance, hate, selfishness, backwardness and divisiveness? I am glad that young people (and I hope some of us oldies too) are rejecting these merchants of hate who have been talking, non-stop, for two years, peddling lies about President Obama.

  61. Aquagranny911,

    Thanks for highlighting this great post by TiMT at TPV. It is a must read for every one. The videos should be shared with everyone to spread the good news of all the President’s accomplishments that have not been widely shared with the American people. I always value your comments!

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