More awesomeness by Michelle Obama


Really lovely few minutes from Michelle’s appearance on Regis and Kelly this morning:


Let’s move!


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  1. {{{{love U BWD}}}

    Thank you so much for the video on Flotus. She really knows her man. How lucky we are to have two terrific grown ups in the WH.

  2. I just love her- period. Look at all the children in America and around the world being hugged by this warm-hearted Lady.. she is touching so many young lives in a very personal way- she is THE Very BEST of America, imo.

  3. Wow. Needless to say, I have an exponentially high regard for FLOTUS and interviews of that type are why. She strikes me as just so incredibly genuine, and the role which she plays in helping POTUS to “compartmentalize” in order to preserve his calm and focus is of invaluable benefit to this country, and to this world. This is a woman who really is just as superlative as her husband, yet she doesn’t strike me as one of these severe or judgmental people, she seems more laid back and to take herself way less seriously than is sometimes depicted in the media. This country would be crazy to not reelect these people, and we’d be crazy to not put forth the energy and resources to make sure that the country understands that, lol.

  4. I really how she talks about our President.. his personality. I got a feeling ole Regis was trying to infer that O’reilly pinned POTUS a tad.. and Michelle turned that idea right on its tiny little head. Fat Chance Regis.

  5. Well said gn.. and of course I AGREE. They are a remarkable team.. and we’d better make damn sure we have them for the next 6 years. I’m all in for the long haul.

  6. Wow! I loved the way she described the Presidents strengths at the end of the R & K interview. Beautifully, beautifully said.

  7. It isn’t often you get a First Lady who is as subtlely involved in what the President does as she is. Hilary was obviously involved, but in a blatant (not meant negatively) way.

    They are a team and a fantastic one at that.

  8. Mrs. Obama is like a warm spring day when the flowering trees and bluebells make your heart ache and the earth smells fresh after months of snow and days of zero degree temps like we have today.

  9. Michelle Obama’s impressive intelligence and warmth aside, every time I see those lovely legs of hers, those smooth arms, her dark eyes in that beautiful face — I get melanin envy.

    Never mind the beauty, I could never even get a decent TAN. for pete’s sake.

  10. She was great. Now we know why he is so secure in who he is and able to do his job so well. The woman behind the man is now the woman beside the man.
    Thank you for giving up your personal life for this country so many of us love and respect you.

  11. Oh that’s a terrific insight; that’s the word: subtlety. It’s clear from many of POTUS’ remarks that FLOTUS is a huge influence on his decision-making. Yet this is not done in an ostentatious fashion.

    I’m not the hugest fan of either Clinton, but I think that some of the battles which Hillary engaged in order to break out of the cookie-cutter First Lady mode while facing voluminous heaps of misogyny did help pave the way for our current First Lady having room to be herself and discard some pre-Clinton conventions.

    FLOTUS’ subtlety: really great way of phrasing it.

  12. Ok family i have a dilema, that needs your opinion. my has a new teacher. The teacher’s first week, he told the class that if they did’nt score high on the SAT they will be flipping burgers. my son found it to be offensive, and said that it was not alarm for me to meet with the teacher because he did’nt single him out. The second day he called me and said that the class was making cat calls and he called. I then asked Why was it Josh( my son). he said no,he was’nt sure. He was calling parents, i then stated that i will speak to him(josh). today josh came out of school and stated that he was pulled out of class, and asked if he threw a book at this same teacher. i called the dean of student to express my disapproval of this matter and if he had done this why the teacher did’nt call me when he spoke to me the day before. My son is a junior, he is so upset that they would think he would do something like that. So am I,he had tears in his eyes. I called for a meeting with the Teacher and the dean of student. His other Teacher defended him and said this is not of joshua character. Question Am i over reacting to this or should i let things alone. He was not suspended or sent to the principle. The dean stated he just wanted to hear his side. Negative Accusation are thrown often at African American boys and i will not approach this as a race issue. These kinds of accusation is thrown up often and it seems as though he has to prove people wrong all the time and he does without blame the color of his skin. He made a comment that got me thinking . The comment was People always want to think the worst of me or generalize. I then asked him was he offended that they thought he did that. He stated Yes.

  13. Don’t even listen to that nonesense, just tell your kidds they are inteligent, lovely and smart. That is enough. Forget the other guy my dear! You need to be in control of the situation. Do it yourself!!

  14. GOP releases their spending cuts:

    The cuts will be part of the spending bill the House plans to vote on next week to keep the government running through the rest of this year. The current spending bill expires March 4th.

    Some of the highlights on the GOP spending cut list: EPA , $1.6 billion; Job Training Programs, $2 billion; Community Health Centers, $1.3 billion; High Speed Rail, $1 billion; Family Planning, $327 million; National Institutes of Health, $1 billion; NASA, $374 million; IRS, $593 million.

    In other words, anything that we did not pass, we will cut! Jeesh!

  15. I would start off as non-confrontationally as possible, and explain that whether they mean your son any offense or not, he *feels* that he is made to dispel a pre-conceived negative perception and is uncomfortable. As the child in the situation, it is the educational professionals’ responsibility to address his feelings and concerns regardless of whether they think or don’t think that those feelings and concerns are merited, and it is their responsibility to provide an environment in which your son is comfortable enough to adequately learn. Take your meeting with them from that vantage point, making any defensiveness or “I didn’t mean that” on their part secondary to the issue of your son’s comfort and ability to learn, and what they might do to enhance that.

  16. By JOHN BRESNAHAN & JAKE SHERMAN | 2/9/11 11:17 AM EST Updated: 2/9/11 5:36 PM EST
    House Republicans endured another embarrassing floor loss Wednesday, one day after a vote on the Patriot Act failed on their watch.

    A bill that would retrieve money already paid to the United Nations failed Wednesday afternoon 259-169, 290 votes were needed for passage. The bill is the third to fail under House stewardship this week. The U.N. bill would have return $179 million that was paid into the U.N. tax equalization fund.

    Read more:


  17. Thanks for that link.

    Here’s the entire list of cuts:
    Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies   -$30M
    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy   -$899M
    Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability   -$49M
    Nuclear Energy   -$169M
    Fossil Energy Research   -$31M
    Clean Coal Technology   -$18M
    Strategic Petroleum Reserve   -$15M
    Energy Information Administration   -$34M
    Office of Science   -$1.1B
    Power Marketing Administrations   -$52M
    Department of Treasury   -$268M
    Internal Revenue Service   -$593M
    Treasury Forfeiture Fund   -$338M
    GSA Federal Buildings Fund   -$1.7B
    ONDCP   -$69M
    International Trade Administration   -$93M
    Economic Development Assistance   -$16M
    Minority Business Development Agency   -$2M
    National Institute of Standards and Technology   -$186M
    NOAA   -$336M
    National Drug Intelligence Center   -$11M
    Law Enforcement Wireless Communications   -$52M
    US Marshals Service   -$10M
    FBI   -$74M
    State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance   -$256M
    Juvenile Justice   -$2.3M
    COPS   -$600M
    NASA   -$379M
    NSF   -$139M
    Legal Services Corporation   -$75M
    EPA   -$1.6B
    Food Safety and Inspection Services   -$53M
    Farm Service Agency   -$201M
    Agriculture Research   -$246M
    Natural Resource Conservation Service   -$46M
    Rural Development Programs   -$237M
    WIC   -$758M
    International Food Aid grants   -$544M
    FDA   -$220M
    Land and Water Conservation Fund   -$348M
    National Archives and Record Service   -$20M
    DOE Loan Guarantee Authority   -$1.4B
    EPA ENERGY STAR   -$7.4M
    EPA GHG Reporting Registry   -$9M
    USGS   -$27M
    EPA Cap and Trade Technical Assistance   -$5M
    EPA State and Local Air Quality Management   -$25M
    Fish and Wildlife Service   -$72M
    Smithsonian   -$7.3M
    National Park Service   -$51M
    Clean Water State Revolving Fund   -$700M
    Drinking Water State Revolving Fund   -$250M
    EPA Brownfields   -$48M
    Forest Service   -$38M
    National Endowment for the Arts   -$6M
    National Endowment for the Humanities   -$6M
    Job Training Programs  -$2B
    Community Health Centers  -$1.3B
    Maternal and Child Health Block Grants  -$210M
    Family Planning  -$327M
    Poison Control Centers  -$27M
    CDC   -$755M
    NIH   -$1B
    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services   -$96M
    LIHEAP Contingency fund   -$400M
    Community Services Block Grant   -$405M
    High Speed Rail   -$1B
    FAA Next Gen   -$234M
    Amtrak   -$224M
    HUD Community Development Fund   -$530M

  18. Joan,

    You’re wonderful just the way you are, and this comes from one of your chocolate Obama-loving sisters! I can only hope to be as beautiful and aware as you are when I’m your age. Honey, you put many younger women to shame!!

  19. Beautiful interview with our brilliant and articulate First Lady, a warm and generous person.

    The commercial was extremely well done. “They’re socializing our children! Everybody panic! The gubmint’s indoctrinating our young to choose healthy food instead of sugary drinks and processed garbage!!”

  20. Tulips, First, sorry your son is having problems and sorry you have to be upset.
    Second, my daughter has had some similar kind of problems with her children’s teachers from time to time. She has found it best to go straight over to the school on the first sign of trouble and she plops herself down in the Principal’s office and politely demands a meeting between herself, the teacher and the principal and won’t leave until it happens.

    When they understand you mean it and want to resolve the problem, the meeting happens and things get resolved early. The teacher needs to understand why your son is upset and you need to hear what the teacher has to say about it, and it all needs to be said in front of the Principal. Then you can work on what it will take to fix it.

    If you wait and the phone calls go back and forth and the days go by, it can and usually will get worse. Most teachers are terrific but some can be awful.

    Right now my daughter is dealing with a son who is bored out of his mind because he is so far ahead of his peers and the school district is going to have to do something about it but are fighting it. My daughter is down there on an almost daily basis and she won’t back off until something positive is arranged.

  21. Thanks Gn, I thought that i would lead with him being uncomfortable too. I told my son this is just a experinece in life that you will have to deal with using a positive manner.

  22. I taught high school for 33 years until 2009, and I know teaching and teachers. I think that you should arrange a conference with Joshua’s teachers, the dean, Joshua, and yourself to get to the bottom of this. Write your questions down before going to the conference and assure the school officials that the meeting is not meant to be a witch hunt, but that you would like to discover what is going on with Joshua because he’s never been involved in anything like this before. Having all parties who know Joshua in the meeting will allow for an open discussion and will reduce the he said/she said factor.

    I will tell you, ms4t, that not everyone who teaches is meant to be in a classroom. I saw this for myself over the 33 year period I spent in the classroom. I strongly suggest you follow up on this because it is a long time until the school year ends, and I don’t think it’s a good thing for Joshua to come home in tears, upset about this issue and having to interact with the same teacher for the rest of the school year. If you’re not satisfied with what you hear in the conference regarding this teacher, I’d suggest either a class or course change, and please, keep in mind that when problems arise between students and teachers, it’s not always the child at fault.

    I worked with some teachers who did the kinds of things that Josh says this teacher did, some of them were very judgmental and as mean as snakes, and I often wondered why they chose teaching as a profession. My last principal would make these kinds of comments about kids of color in faculty meetings. It was my philosophy when I was in the classroom that every kid deserved the right to be viewed and treated as an individual. I encouraged all of my students to do their best at all times, and I always avoided making comments based on differences in race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference. Bottom line, ms4t, Joshua deserves to be treated as an individual and should not be judged by the the actions/performance of anyone else except himself.

  23. Well, gn, that list of cuts should put the US solidly back into the 18th century.

  24. Ill be the first to say his other Teachers are great and the school is great. I need to meet him and read him. I will also recommend to the school that a letter stating that a big change like a new teacher need to be told to the parents and an opportunity to meet the parents should have been arranged. Joshua was very fond of the teacher that left.

  25. I have no doubt but that there’s a possibility that there’s some funny business going on, don’t get me wrong, and it quite frankly pisses me off to read stories of this type, with kids crying over bad behavior on the part of a teacher. But as you know and I know, going in with both guns blazing is just going to put them on the defensive when they need to be focused on a solution in terms of being aware of your son’s feelings, are able to validate those feelings even if they disagree, and tailor their behavior to ensure that he is in an environment which facilitates learning. That’s my two cents.

  26. I think GN’s suggestions are wonderful. Great idea to politely but surely put it on the grownups (one hopes) in the school to create the proper environment for Josh to learn and feel good about himself. Maybe include a teacher or a coach who knows Josh well. My heart goes out to both of you.

  27. FLOTUS is simply the best, better than all the rest. She was flawless on the TODAY show (I think Matt has a crush on her, just like Chris Matthews) and awesome on Regis and Kelly (those two make it so easy).

    She is a truther (she tells the truth with passion and grace), I love this woman.

  28. Thanks, jovie.

    It serves them right for trying to ram these bills through the House. I found it interesting that Peter King was lobbying members to vote against the bill because it’s in his state. I think there will be others in the GOP caucus who may end up doing the same thing as bills are brought up for votes involving the spending of money in the individual states.

    I find it very amusing that Boehner is still blaming the democrats because neither he nor Cantor can get their bills through. Karma can sometimes be a mean old beyotch. I loved Boehner’s response when he was queried about the procedural motion requiring a 2/3 vote. In the comment right before this one, he was making excuses about the short amount of time he’s been the Speaker and blaming his party’s failures on democrats. I guess he didn’t think about how they felt when he refused to vote on simple things that made sense in the past 2 years, like the ARRA and HCR. Now he gets to feel the frustration the democrats felt when he was skrooing them over.

    From Politico:

    When asked why Republicans put the bill on the floor under a procedural motion that required two-thirds majority to pass, Boehner didn’t have an answer.

    Boehner hasn’t shown himself to be knowledgeable about much of anything since I’ve been paying attention to him. I wouldn’t find it impossible to believe that he was only a figurehead when he was the Speaker the first time.

  29. So glad Matt Lauer is being called out for his choice of interview questions, which I would call not well thought out and more or less lazy.

    What may be part of the “problem” is that we have such an accessible First Family. The old “give them an inch, they take a mile” warning your grandmother used to give you!

    I’m sure we’ll all “survive” this presidency, but sometimes I just have to go take a walk to keep my sanity.

  30. There was a good discussion in the last few days about why anyone wouldn’t want our country to be well educated, and I just came across this quote from Nelson Mandela: ‎”Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” There are powers that do very well in the world the way it is, and they want it to stay that way.

  31. What is the big deal that the first kids are not on face book. Wow this country must be bored.

  32. She is wonderful. I completely agree with those that say she makes the President, more human. I don’t see a problem with his humanity as is, but when she talks about him, I believe every word because she tells the whole truth! She knows him better than anyone else. I believe her when she says others things too, but she tells the truth. I know that sounds so elementary, but she ooozes truth.

  33. 758 million cut to WIC??? Are they crazy??? “let the children starve!” – house repubs.

  34. As a retired teacher one more piece of advice,have your son attend the meeting if he wants. Just remind him to stay cool and not call the teacher a liar. Everyone will leave the meeting with the same info.

  35. I think you’re exactly right; he wanted something “interesting” to discuss. My issue is with people who like to second-guess parents (moms especially) when they make certain choices to better their families which the peanut gallery might find questionable, especially pertaining to career choices. I don’t like to see mothers being made to feel guilty or that due to this or that choice, they are robbing their children. This puts constraints on women which IMO are unnecessary because as FLOTUS pointed out, plenty of First Ladies have raised wonderful kids in the WH. I’m glad that the xxfactor blogger spoke up about this.

  36. Short and simple, lol. You know how get to the point, starm. I agree with Jacqueline in that it was just a lazy question.

  37. If my sister thinks about me this way, then I will never need anyones aproval for who I am: I love these poeple…

  38. No, no, no. The IRS needs that money. For the first time since Nixon they have been allowed to go after the big tax cheats and collect tax on lots of money, particularly the money hidden away in Switzerland and other places. The Repubs, of course, who have been busy hiding money, don’t want that to happen, so they want to defund the IRS.

  39. THanks BWD The FLOTUS of the 21st century, and best ever Smart beautiful and yes they can.

  40. Love Maya (and she does remind me of Malia). I truly love the Obama-Ng-Robinson clan, all such wonderful and intelligent people.

  41. The First Lady was awesome. She is so poised, gracious, beautiful, and strong. She and the President not only have a wonderful family, they make an incredible team. She works right beside him for all of us, especially for the children.

    I would think the Let’s Move video would really appeal to children. Is it on television? Anyone have children who have seen it. It shows the message in a really fun and effective way.

    Our FLOTUS is doing a great job. Thanks for this post, bwd. I wasn’t aware of either video.

  42. Completely off topic. I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman in my county who has an activist pedigree going back to the 60’s…his resumé is truly impressive. I asked his advice on how to emotionally cope with people I canvass who simply refuse to give our President any credit for the work he’s done. Specifically the ones who are in the ‘we didn’t get single-payer/public option’ whiney camp. I thought his answer was very Obama-like. He said, “It’s just noise. Ignore it.” (paraphrase) “Don’t let it get between you and where you are going, or what you want.”

    I hope I can internalize that very good advice. Thought others could benefit from it, too.

  43. Looking at the above posted list of GOP proposed cuts and the one that jumps out at me is the 2 Billion they want to cut from Jobs training programs? That’s a head-scratcher to me.

    Some of that stuff is purely political like Family planning and IRS, but what about the law and order stuff like the FBI and U.S. Marshals, State and Local Law enforcement assistance? Isn’t that completely counter to their Law and Order agenda. Did something change about the GOP while I wasn’t looking?

  44. The Republican Party is the biggest threat to economic recovery in the United States. They want to blunt the recovery for purely partisan reasons. What they are trying to do is Un-American.

    The Republican Party talked incessantly about jobs during the midterms. So far the 112th congress has done NOTHING about job creation. So far the 112th congress has focused on culture war issues like abortion and unraveling the Affordable Care Act (which is already improving the lives of Americans). Are the American people aware of this? Is this what they voted for?

  45. Its doubtful imo that the American people are aware of it, and probably won’t be made aware by the media- its going to be up to us- all the way.

    My understanding is that tonight the media, via Chris Matthews was more focused on a poll that says President Obama is a secret Muslim… thus what the republicans are trying to do to this country.. is conveniently ignored.

    Which is why I’ve come to appreciate Facebook.. and though I don’t twitter- I think its important.. more and more we have to connect ourselves to one another and get the facts out.. imo.

  46. BWD and other pragmati websites are springing up like rabbits and are doing an amazing job of getting the facts out about the accomplishments of President Obama and his administration. Collectively, they are clearly making a difference. The BWD blogroll is outstanding.

    What troubles me is that the Democrats still have not been able to find a way to circumvent the media firewall. I just refuse to believe there is nothing that can be done about this. Where are the Democratic strategists? Where are the out of the box thinkers?

    The Republicans lie and distort with ease and they have remarkable message discipline. The Democrats have the facts on their side, but the message discipline is lacking.

    BTW, I was watching Tweety and it was painful. That Frank Luntz focus group was just regurgitating all of the right wing talking points. Clearly they got all of their news from Fox. Pathetic.

  47. More talk of an ‘orderly transition’: The White House released this statement Wednesday night about President Obama’s phone call with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: “The President spoke today with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia about the situation in Egypt. The President emphasized the importance of taking immediate steps toward an orderly transition that is meaningful, lasting, legitimate, and responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people. The President also reaffirmed the long-term commitment of the United States to peace and security in the region.”


  48. With unrest continuing in Egypt, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak came to Washington for meetings with top administration officials. The White House readout:

    “National Security Advisor Donilon, Secretary of State Clinton, and Secretary of Defense Gates met jointly today with Israeli Minister of Defense Barak. They stressed the United States’ unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security, including through our continued support for Israel’s military, and the unprecedented security cooperation between our two governments. Mr. Donilon, Secretary Clinton, and Secretary Gates discussed with Minister Barak the latest developments in Egypt, the need to move forward on Middle East peace, our efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and other regional and bilateral issues. They agreed that the U.S. and Israel would continue to consult closely on common challenges and issues across our shared agenda.”


  49. Not only Fox. I read about Lee on MSNBC a couple of hours ago.. and no where did I find within the article any mention of Lee’s party..(which was my only reason for even clicking on the article) until the very end of the article when it mentioned “Speaker Bohner”.

    I wrote a comment on the article telling MSNBC what a chump move it was to omit the Congressman’s party- but so damn typical anymore of the ‘media’ protecting Republicans.

  50. and No Heart. Women with infant children (who use WIC) are just nameless faceless $$$ bills to these cretins. I wonder if when they sit down at home to refine their budget- if the healthy, nutritious part of their food budget for their families is the first thing they cross off? Somehow I doubt it. But its okay for 758 million dollars taken literally out of the mouths of BABIES is just okie doke.

    I am interested in how much the WIC budget is in it’s entirety.

  51. Good advice, GN. I think the key is to approach the problem as one you want to work with the school to solve and not as a confrontation. Make it clear that the situation is affecting your son and his ability to learn and that you are reaching out to the teacher and dean in an attempt to rectify the situation. If you approach them as partners and not adversaries, even if you believe they are at fault, you will get better results for your son. Good luck!

  52. Mrs Obama here in ALPHARETTA GEORGIA TODAY Celebrating the 1st year of LETS MOVE

    I wish I could have seen her today…

  53. Matt Lauer had a chance to interview the First Lady and he blew it. Our media really sucks, doesn’t it? I think Michelle handled it really, really well and hopefully it will stop the next idiot who interviews from going on the same topic.

  54. Yes, they feel free to go after the women and children, the health care and infrastructure but don’t you dare try to tax any billionaires! You really have to wonder how they managed to grow up completely devoid of conscience.

  55. HI Tulips

    I also am a teacher and my first reaction was that the teacher did not have much “classroom control”. If there were incidents of cat calls and book throwing somethings wrong. Students will cooperate if the teacher is a good leader, sets class ground rules, has an organized curriculum, and treats the students with respect.

    Usually there are a few kids who push and see what they can get away with but if nipped in the bud things settle down. I think it would be good to meet with the teacher and principal so administration can become aware of what is going on in the classroom. Maybe the teacher needs some peer support and training.

    I am sure your son did not do what he was accused of, as a Mom I would not be happy having him in a class where rude behavior is tolerated, it’s hard to learn in that environment.

    Hang in There ;->

  56. These are the same jokers who preach the right to life until the baby is born then starve them.

  57. Now that is an excellent point Sonja. these indeed are the same screwy bunch attempting to prevent women from freedom of choice of their own bodies.. forcing women to give birth under whatever circumstances.. those may well be the same women who would need WIC for those newborn babies.. and yet voila! They’re attempting to defund WIC for all of them. We can’t let this go quietly away.. we really need to make noise on it imo. I have to read more about what the abortion bs bill they’re pushing is all about.. and then connect it with this 758 million cut to WIC- and then get it out on facebook, etc.

    Well done Sonja, great catch. they are just shameful. What can their wives and daughters possibly think of them??

  58. The GOP plan is to expel illegal aliens and then give those jobs to unemployed Americans under the exact same wages and working conditions. Hence all the noise about repealing minimum wage laws, workplace safety, busting unions, cancelling all forms of public assistance including job training. They want a cheap exploitable, but American, underclass.

  59. We have a beautiful FLOTUS in physical beauty, intellectual beauty, and a flawless love for people. What a blessing we have in our First Family.

  60. I find the line of questioning disturbing, but in all fairness I think most First Families with young children get similar questions. Of course, not all First Ladies are as accessible as dear Michelle. All I remember about Laura Bush is when she surfaced to do fundraising. Otherwise you never saw her, except for very controlled and structured interviews.

  61. Did ya love Boehner’s whining? “We’ve only been in the majority for four weeks”, sniffle, whine.

    Do any of you remember them being kind to Pelosi, giving her ‘more time?’ They sure as hell had enough time to try to kill HCR.

    Lying bastards. Every last one of them.

  62. Speaking of MSM, I tried watching Lawrence’s show tonight. What the hell has happened to him? He was doing a segment on the Lee resignation and did at first reference the Republicans who are still in office after much worse. But then when discussing it, he made sure to say that “Democrats do it, too”.

    And to my abject horror — Dana Milbank?!?! Jane Hamsher, and now Dana Milbank back on MSNBC?! Keith canned him for lying journalism a few years ago. But Lawrence O’Donnell, who I used to respect, has decided that this Republican-loving jerk deserves time on the tube.

    Let’s be clear: it’s no longer a protest to turn off the 7:00 hour on MSNBC. Lawrence O’Donnell has lost me all on his own.

  63. But how does that advice transfer into getting our President reelected?

    Just ignoring it as noise — we do that at our own peril. There are many times during a frustrating day when we have to tune it out — I get that. But it’s a problem and I’m afraid your friend didn’t offer a solution.

  64. I ignore it insofar as it adds nothing to my new media experience. Door to door in real life? I personally use empathy and I use jokes. OFA can add a tremendous amount of guidance in this respect on the ground level, nothing to add to that; people, just join campaign activities and you’ll be fine!

  65. He wasn’t offering a solution. He was helping me cope with my own emotional attachment to the President and taking the comments of these people personally.

    Sure, we have to address the issues of people who aren’t particularly supportive of the President right now because of their single issue approach, or their tantrums, but the point is to NOT let their tantrums stop us from doing the work that needs to be done.

  66. She’s unbelievable. Powerful yet down-to-earth speech.

    She’s having an impact everywhere she goes.

  67. Thank you SO MUCH, BWD, I’ve been so busy, haven’t been able to check in as much I’d like, but know I can always count on checking in for some great links and photos when I do. Let’s Move is terrific, Michelle Obama is a gift to us (how does anyone feel about the suggestions out there that she is known more for her fashion than her policy?). Continue to feel lucky, 🙂

  68. Saudi Prince told POTUS to NOT press the Mubarak situation or they will prop up Mubarak! WTF? NOW we know why the conservatives went off on POTUS about this last week! I have a feeling they got to clinton too. Hence, the rumors of figthing between the State dept and the WH!
    Oil, again!

  69. Jovie
    where is the link to this, we need to know so that we can help Potus to take action against the Corporate owned and foreign oil machine?

  70. Holy Moly. That ass. Is this supposed to be friendly advice or is he trying to worry Michelle? Or is the rat trying to get Obama out of the white house. This is insane. I am blowing hot steam on my monitor.

  71. I agree with you that my girl Hillary had to take the “in your face” approach to her role as first lady. She received heavy push back and criticism in every thing she attemped. I
    say thanks to Hillary our current fabulous first lady is having an easier experience.
    Vee Pea

  72. Hey, BWD and ‘BWD’ community…

    Although this is DK, it’s a MUST READ, PASS IT ON, SPREAD THE WORD, and in fact, we need to GET SERIOUS about joinin’ OFA and/or some other grassroots organization, at the local/state/federal-level, to unite against The “Dumbin’ Down'” GOPTeaParty!

    @WarOnErrorDKos: 80 Years Planning: GOP 2012 Scrooge Class Sweep

    Eighty years of planning for the 2012 election that takes place in about 20 months.

    Maybe I’ve missed it, BUT WHERE ARE WE GATHERING, PLANNING, AND WORKING now? Have we thrown in the towel? Are we all UP with Third World Status? What??

    I have a lot of research but as most seem to discount The Grand Plan unfolding, I won’t bother to spend a lot of time making a case.

    If you are interested, you will find that Abraham Vereide (founder of The Family), Fred Koch (one of the John Birch Society founders), Doug Coe (Vereides successor), have been working quietly for 80 years to end any/all Unions and social safety nets and privatize everything, including education K – 12. Their billionaire friends, like Peter G. Peterson are their helpers. You see, they equate Unions and progressives with Communists.

    And they are about to succeed. From what I can see not only are liberals/progressives fractured, they are disheartened, and even in disbelief at things like extending tax breaks for those 2% earning more than $250,000 a year…

    The Ozzie and Harriet America: Post WWII – 1980

    The American tax rate was very progressive, wages paid a man supported a family, housing was affordable, workers had rights to vacation and medical insurance/care.

    Good grief, Nixon insured housing cost fairness. Well, we see what that got him.

    Based on the now known history of Veriede’s work, thanks to Sharlett’s work.

    The minute the ink dried on the Social Security Act, the monied and powerful began concocting the antidote:

    Use/twist religion to enroll wealthy people w/promises of forgiveness and King-like worthiness AND use religion and wedge issues to enroll the religious masses to vote against their own best interest.

    And they are winning.

    Look around.


    Is alive and well.

    They belong to all political parties.

    80 years of brainwashing works.


    Is HUGE.

    And most of the states now have GOP governors…

    The social safety net is at risk of being shredded.

    Kansas, the home of the Kochs, has ended pensions for state workers.

    Kentucky Senate Votes to End Public Employee Pensions

    AND WHERE IS OUR ORGANIZATION that even comes close to


    And, there’s this:

    @Karoli: In case you hadn’t heard, new WI GOP gov has threatened to call out national guard if they protest his union-busting…

    @thinkprogress: Wisconsin Gov. Walker Threatens To Deploy National Guard As ‘Intimidation Force’ Against Workers’ Unions…

    You know, these GOPTeaParty-elected officials… governors, mayors, state/federal legislators, et al… need to be constitutionally-recalled like yesterday! They have “lost their minds”…

  73. Sorry BWD, the above post is in the wrong thread… 😦

    Can you move it to ‘Thursday Morning Mishmash and A Call-To-Action (UPDATED)’ Thread?

    If you cannot do it, please delete it, and I’ll redo it.


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